Dragothien[Zog]hail comrades01:01
Dragothien[Zog]Just started researching mythbuntu..had a few questions01:02
Dragothien[Zog]I jsut got an HDTV and a Comcast HDcable box with DVR and am paying more than I'd like monlthy for it. If I were to build a mythbuntu box with an HDHomeRun would I be able to get most hd channels still without paying anyone? And would the quality be good?01:04
ian_001i was wondering how i set up netflix with mythbuntu, i know i need to run the setup script but i dont know how to find it or where it is installed with mythbuntu01:10
ian_001im sorry i found it, it was in /usr/share/.../mythflix and not /usr/share/local01:12
ian_001I now have my rss correctly set up and i thought i had run netflix.pl correctly, it returned status: 200 but whenever i try to modify my queue it restarts x, is this a known issue?01:27
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joe__just installed mythbunutu.  If I press 'Esc' while a video is playing it crashes the frontend.  Am I missing an update?04:18
egghead2mythbuntu 8.04 fe is crashing somtimes playing iso dvd files, anyone know if this is an issue with myth, or maybe my myth setup, dvd  iso creation or internal player?04:52
tgm4883_laptopegghead2, i've had issues like that with the internal player, I myself prefer xine04:56
egghead2tgm, cool ill try that04:57
egghead2do u remeber the command line?04:58
tgm4883_laptopgoogle mythtv xine04:58
tgm4883_laptopit will take you right to it04:58
tgm4883_laptoplike first link04:58
tgm4883_laptophow to setup mythtv and xine04:58
egghead2k, thnaks :)04:58
egghead2tgm, thanks again, that worked great05:27
syazli7hi, anyone knows why my hauppauge pvr-150 on ubuntu 8.04.1 kernel 2.4.24-19 doesn't scan on the tuner07:33
syazli7i have ivtv-utils installed, do i need to recompile ivtv?07:33
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Lemontcan anyone recommend an agp geforce card that will output 1920x1080 out the dvi port?  It seems that some cards output higher resolutions with the vga port than with the dvi port.15:20
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Arthur1hi people. Is there a way to use the remote control with VLC?16:13
Arthur1(all I can manage is to pause.... )16:13
superm1yeah it is16:14
superm1you might have to customize ~/.lirc/vlc a little then16:15
superm1open it up in a text editor and modify the button mappings in it16:15
superm1it's loaded whenever you start VLC, so make some tweaks, then reload VLC and try16:15
Arthur1I can see that at each look there two important things:16:16
Arthur1button and config16:16
Arthur1button is the Remote Control button?16:16
superm1yeah it should match up to all buttons listed in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf16:16
Arthur1there is nothing in lircd.conf....16:18
Arthur1except of: include /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb16:18
iamlindoro_Are the trunk builds still suspended?  (Or, secondarily, is there another PPA that is maintaining them currently16:18
foxbuntu_vmiamlindoro_, iirc the trunk builds arent being done right now but will be back soon16:19
superm1Arthur1, right so look in /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb16:20
foxbuntu_vmArthur1, thats because added include support to lirc so the default now is just that for the remote you select, you can enter information in that file for your remote but its suggested to use the include method16:20
iamlindoro_foxbuntu_vm: ok, thanks16:20
superm1Arthur1, particularly what buttons were you expecting to work in VLC that weren't though?16:21
superm1i mean its a matter of changing a few key bindings generally16:21
Arthur1ok. so... actually every button is already configured there. why only "esc" and "pause" working?16:21
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, hey...didnt know you were even going to be around16:21
foxbuntu_vmArthur1, you need to look at ~/.lirc/vlc to find out16:21
superm1foxbuntu_vm, well due to some complications i was stranded in chicago for a bit16:21
Arthur1not working (and important): Play, forward...16:21
superm1foxbuntu_vm, so this morning i dont have anything planned until lunch16:22
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, ah...thats too bad16:22
superm1foxbuntu_vm, yeah; but couldn't have picked a more convenient city to get stuck in16:22
superm1foxbuntu_vm, good excuse to see family and all16:23
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, yeah i suppose16:23
jphillipsuperm1 were you able to grab the iso at some point16:23
superm1jphillip, yeah i did last night16:23
superm1and ubiquity is all borked up16:23
Arthur1foxbuntu_vm and superml: thanks. I'll look it again. maybe I have a mistake16:24
superm1jphillip, but i did manage to write a majority of the graphics driver enablement code16:24
superm1i think that it should work, but i cant test until these overarching issues in ubiquity are fixed16:25
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, yeah my brother was going to fly into town this weekend but many flights are being canceled ot thre due to the hurricane that is expected to hit land early next week16:26
AquahallicMornin' folks16:26
foxbuntu_vmhi Aquahallic16:27
Aquahallichad the unfortunate "Drive Crash" hit me lastnight on my backend server16:27
AquahallicI can still see my data and I'm moving it all off as we speak16:27
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, I need to post this on my site until I get time to make a proper package for it, but I wrote a perl script to use the channel binary to work around the PVR-xxx audio instability, works pretty well too16:28
foxbuntu_vmAquahallic, ouch16:28
lagafoxbuntu_vm: what's wrong with getting a proper fix? ;)16:29
superm1foxbuntu_vm, what is that?16:29
AquahallicI was on gutsy but did upgrade my mythtv and I'm going to reinstall with hardy server edition then add mythbackend as a package16:29
Aquahallicmy question is the mythconverg db16:29
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, well with PVR-xxx cards there is an intermitant issue where the sound is garbage on a recording/livetv but switching inputs/channels will reset it and make it work again16:30
AquahallicI'm going to keep this current installation files in a dir on my network so I can get to all my old config files16:30
jphillipfoxbuntu_vm does the depend on cetain inputs or somthing, cause I've never seen it on my 150 or 35016:30
Aquahallicunless there's some util I can install that will let me export out everything myth?16:30
foxbuntu_vmlaga, it has been a known issue with the cards and mythtv for a long time and no one seems to want to fix it16:30
superm1foxbuntu_vm, so what's your solution?16:31
foxbuntu_vmjphillip, I think its the Comp. Inputs16:31
lagafoxbuntu_vm: maybe just a call in the recorder code to reset the inputs.. dunno16:31
jphillipthat makes sense16:31
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, my perl script uses the normal channel binary but when it does it changes the audio input to a dead input and back to live one after the pid for channel is done16:32
Arthur1foxbuntu_vm and superml: ok... just one thing is not working for me while using the remote control with VLC:16:32
Arthur1after pausing - I can't resume playing using the RC. (i'm able to resume using the keyboard)16:32
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, i got the idea from the mythtv wiki and modified it to make it work more universally16:33
superm1foxbuntu_vm, why not find the root cause of the bug instead?16:33
Aquahallicis there a way I can export out all my settings for my backend and import them back in?16:33
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, well I suxor @ C/C++16:33
Aquahallicalso for the mythconverg do I just copy my existing file into the new installation or is there an import process I need to take?16:33
jphillipAquahallic do a mysql dump of mythconverg db16:34
foxbuntu_vmsuperm1, I have the intention of working that way but this is a simple work around until then16:34
jphillipAquahallic were you running 0.21?16:34
Aquahallicand then just re-import it back into the new db?16:34
Aquahallicso my db is already upgraded16:35
Arthur1hi people. I need a little help with a remote control while using VLC as a player. I managed to activate the RC, but I can't resume playing after pausing. any Ideas why?16:35
jphillipya just install your new system then restore the mysql dump16:35
foxbuntu_vmArthur1, you need to make sure that your ~/.lirc/vlc has the right key presses mapped for pause/play in most of the apps they can be the same but iirc in vlc they are seperate keys16:35
foxbuntu_vmArthur1, please ask a question and wait for an answer, we will get back to you but asking the same thing more than once in a 60 minute period is rude16:37
jphillipwhere the heck did zinn go16:37
ZinnI am alive.16:37
foxbuntu_vmhe's just taking his morning nap16:38
Arthur1foxbuntu_vm: I was not asking again. just clarified the original questions :-)16:38
jphillipya I dunno, I had a dns issue yesterday, he coulda been gone since then16:38
jphillipodd that the autorejoin didn't kick in16:38
foxbuntu_vmjphillip, you have got to stop messing around with your router then16:44
jphillipfoxbuntu_vm that doesn't run at home though16:48
jphillipsomething got busted between me and the server lasterday16:49
foxbuntu_vmjphillip, ah16:51
Arthur1I found it!!16:55
Arthur1in order to resume playing using the remote control after pause - the VLC need to have a definition of the shortkey  - "play only"16:56
Arthur1regardless to the appear in ~/.lirc/vlc16:56
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Aquahallicwhen viewing livetv.. I know it sets down a mpg file that it's actually capturing in the background... this file goes into the same dir as the recordings you schedule is say... mythweb or from the guide... am I correct?18:56
foxbuntu_vmAquahallic, it depends on what you setup the Storage Dir as, previous to .21 that was true, however in .21 it can be anything18:58
Aquahallicso the storage dir controls the recordings?19:02
Aquahallicor the livetv?19:02
Aquahallick.. I'll go read up on that19:03
foxbuntu_vmthere is a storage dir for live tv and one for recordings19:03
Aquahallicnow.. I remember in older versions... if I was watching livetv.. and say I was half way through the show.. and I hit record... it would only start recording from there.. if I wanted to get the show from the beginning I had to rewind it.. then hit record.. is the same still true?19:05
Aquahallichrm... everyone sleepin'....:P19:32
feltisanyone ever try the Nyko BluWave remote with linux? I'm interested to see if the USB IR Dongle will work with lirc, I can't find anything about whether it works or not online.19:41
jphillipfeltis safe bet is when in doubt assume no19:43
feltisthats what I'm going on, I'm debating whether to just open the package and plug it in to see... its like 7$.19:44
joe__just installed mythbunutu.  If I press 'Esc' while a video is playing it crashes the frontend.  Am I missing an update?19:45
TelnetMantaCan anyone tell me how to rescan for new hardware? My nic isnt showing up.19:48
TelnetMantain ubuntu19:48
jphillipfeltis if you found out more info about it, it is possible that its just a mce based product or something19:49
feltisjphillip: looking through syslog now at the info.19:49
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Aquahallicif I have dir's on different servers that have videos in them that I want to see them all in mythtv... what's the best way to go about this?23:12
hadsNFS mount23:12
Aquahallicactually... sorry... same server... different physical disks23:12
hadsJust put the different folders in the video path23:13
hadse.g. /mnt/foo:/mnt/bar23:13
AquahallicOHHHHH... I can separate paths with ":".. ??23:14
AquahallicSWEET!.. I didn't realize that23:14
hadsYeah, small trick that.23:15
Aquahallicno KIDDING23:15
Aquahallicthat something new?23:15
Aquahallicand I can do that with any of the paths in myth?23:15
hadsI haven't tried with any others myself, possibly.23:16
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Aquahallicty ty ty ty23:19
Aquahallichere's another one for you on that same topic then also....23:20
Aquahallicif I have one large drive... and I have say... 2 dirs on it.. 'kids' and 'adults' on it.. and I have vids that correspond in each dir.... I make 2 dirs /mnt/video1 and mnt/video2 is it possible for me to mount say.. /mnt/video1 to /dev/sdd1/kids?23:22
hadsYes, I think, if I follow you. Why not just mount /mnt/disk and then have the kids/ and adults/ subdirectories below it show up in mythvideo though?23:25
Aquahallicor.. would I mount /dev/sdd1 on say... /mnt/media_drive/ and then drop links in /mnt/video1 and /mnt/video223:25
AquahallicI don't want the frontend that's in the kid's playroom to show our movies...23:25
hadsAh, well it's not really setup for that as the list comes from the database so the titles will be in there anyway. But if you don't make the files available then they won't be able to play them.23:26
hadsAnd ys, I'd probably just do it with symlinks or bind mounts.23:27
AquahallicI want to break out the movies in 2 different dir's so that they can only see their movies.. and the frontends that are on my laptop23:27
Aquahallicand the girlfriend's laptop and the frontend in our room to see both dir's23:27
Aquahallichrm... doesn't each frontend scan for vids?23:27
TooncisI have a strange video issue if someone wouldn't mind helping...the video fills my wide screen tv, but it's flattened down so everyone looks fat.  I've checked all my tv settings and can't compensate for it.  This is only when I watch live HD tv from my HDHomeRun.23:27
Aquahallichrm... or.. if I scan from any frontend.. does it populate one centralized table and all frontends see the updates?23:29
Aquahallicguess that makes sense really... or mythconverge would be a monster23:30
Aquahalliceven more so than it is...hehe23:30
hadsSo you need to make sure you have the files mounted or symlinked into the same place on each FE23:30
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Aquahallicyeah... or when they scan... it'll whipe mine out23:30
hadsLike I said, the kids will see the titles but if the files aren't there they won't be able to play them.23:31
hadsmyth isn't really made with multiple access levels in mind.23:31
Aquahallicso if I set on theirs... /mnt/video1 and on mine I set /mnt/video2 and /mnt/video1 then if they go to scan it's going to whipe mine out next time I go to look... isn't it?23:32
hadsYeah, tell them not to scan :)23:33
hadsYou could edit the menu item out from the XML if you wanted a more technical rather than social based approach.23:34
Aquahallicyeah.. I've already taken some of their buttons away....:P23:38
Aquahallicgot a 6 and 8 yr. old girl.. and a 10 yr. old boy... you'd be really surprised what those kids can figure out23:39
Aquahallicthe 6 yr. old started learning to spell at about 3 yrs. old cause she was mad she couldn't login to the computer herself....LOL23:40
Aquahallicso.. I had a drive blow the FAT lastnight.. that I'm repairing now... so I have some "down time" on the backend server. .. it's been running gutsy with mythtv-backend and been upgraded to .2123:41
Aquahallicif I want to upgrade it to Hardy can I just grab the Hardy install CD and slap it in and it will see the existing OS and just upgrade?23:42
hadsNa but you can use update-manager23:43
Aquahallicso let me ask you this.... this backend just sits in my basement and runs..... would there be any bennefits of using ubuntu server on it and running the backend?23:44
hadsNope, it's all the same packages.23:45
hadsIf you're running X on it you don't neeed to be though.23:45
Aquahallicis server just stripped down?23:45
Aquahallicwell I do vnc into it sometimes and use the gui from time to time23:46
tgm4883_laptopserver has no gui and a different kernel23:46
hadsWell the server doesn't run X by default.23:46
tgm4883_laptopwhich may or may not be a bad thing23:46
tgm4883_laptopi'm not sure, but being a server kernel they may not build in things like tuner support23:47
Aquahallicwell... mythbuntu gutsy is running on it right now23:47
Aquahallicbeen real good to me... was up 6 months and no issues until I had my drive yack23:47
hadsI don't recall the kernel differences of hand, but you can always install -generic rather than -server if you want. As I said it's all the same packages.23:47
hadsSo to answer your question, there's no reason to switch.23:48
tgm4883_laptophadi, right, but then whats the point of installing ubuntu server?23:48
hadstgm4883_laptop: Exactly :)23:48
AquahallicI started messing around with mythtv as a little tinker toy and something to coax me into learning linux... then the g'friend and kids got ahold of a frontend.... now I have to schedule maint. windows...LMAO23:49
tgm4883_laptopwell even though I didn't know it, I'm glad we're on the same page ;)23:49
tgm4883_laptopAquahallic, no, you need more hardware ;)23:49
Aquahallicthat's a real good call though... you're probably dead slam on target with the kernel not having the h/w support23:49
Aquahallicyou're right!23:49
AquahallicI have 11 computers running here23:49
tgm4883_laptoprunning a bed and breakfast?23:50
Aquahallichouse full of geeks!23:50
Aquahallickids too23:50
tgm4883_laptopheh, I just started counting my systems, nevermind ;)23:50
Aquahallicnow the kid wants me to put compiz cube on the frontend in the playroom23:51
Aquahallicyeah.. they add up QUICK!23:51
hadsI started virtualising, power adds up.23:51
AquahallicI do have a slave backend.. but.. when I have to take down the master downstairs.... I lose my large file store23:52
hadstgm4883_laptop: Yeah, sorry, my brain is cryptic sometimes :)23:52
Aquahallicyeah.. I did have iscsitarget setup with ESX and HA/virtual center setup here...:)23:52
Aquahallicwe got it at work so I wanted to learn it...:P23:52
Aquahallicnow with 4 frontends runnning... that's part of my reasoning for moving our movies to another drive23:53
Aquahallicmore spindles...:P23:53
Aquahallicif I put the livetv store on it's own drive... that takes care of the ringbuffer.. right?23:54
tgm4883_laptopAquahallic, I've got my music, movies, etc all on a file server seperate from my backend.  That way, If I need to do maintinance on one machine, the other is still available to watch something off of23:54
tgm4883_laptopalthough that will probably go away with .2223:55
hadsSame, movies, music etc. is all on the RAID5 in the cupboard.23:55
Aquahallicthat's why I'm thinking of setting up another iscsi23:55
hadsBTW, there's no such thing as the rungbuffer anymore :)23:55
Aquahallicwhat do you mean go away with .2223:55
davidfreemanHi.  About the mythstream-related "streamsniff" --does anyone know why it might be broken by the newer xulrunner or perhaps something in the network stack that is not based on the kernel?23:56
hadsLiveTV is recorded in seperate files per show.23:56
Aquahallicthe backends gonna replicate??23:56
tgm4883_laptopIn .22 there should be (crosses fingers) storage groups for media23:56
tgm4883_laptopso you don't have to mount movies and such on each frontend23:56
tgm4883_laptopinstead it will all stream from the backend23:56
hadstgm4883_laptop: Who's working on that?23:56
tgm4883_laptopthe side effect being that it will not be available either if the backend goes down23:57
Aquahallicahh.. can you say... trunking...23:57
hadsI haven't seen much talk relating to implementing it yet.23:57
Aquahallicgonna have to beef up the network23:57
hads(although it would be nice)23:57
tgm4883_laptophads, someone upstream.  I talked with them awhile ago about that.  I know I can look it up real easy if you want23:57
Aquahallicwell.. dinner's ready.. gonna go stuff my face.. bbiab..;)23:57
Aquahallicthx for your help guys!23:58
hadstgm4883_laptop: No drama.23:58
hadsI follow myth development reasonably closely.23:58
hadsAquahallic: np23:58
tgm4883_laptophads, "Share MythVideo/MythMusic-files between all frontends (via backend?), Thor is working on this so called MFD/MFE feature. It was planned to go into 0.16 (but didn't) Easily accomplished with NFS at the moment it is worked on this feature within the google summer of code mythtv projects. "23:59
tgm4883_laptopI might have talked to thor about it, but it really was about a year ago when I did23:59

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