slangasekis anyone here testing edubuntu/xubuntu/ubuntustudio?01:34
slangasekstgraber: is the edubuntu add-on test-case current?  I don't seem to get any pop-ups, at least under VMware.05:36
sorenliw: Yes, kvm supports ACPI. However, whether it's enabled depends on a few things. If you invoke kvm from the command line, it's enabled by default. If you create your vm from virt-manager, you need to *not* choose either WinXP, Win2k, or MS-DOS as they all get ACPI switched off.07:19
sorenliw: In mathiaz' domain definition ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/43423/ ), you can see <features><acpi /></features>.07:20
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liwI have a broken hard disk on my desktop machine, and I don't know long it will take to get this fixed, so I do not know when I'll be able to resume ISO testing10:47
heno_liw: golden opportunity to by a SSD!10:52
liwheno_, I'm going to reinstall on a USB stick, actually :)10:52
heno_I just go a 128GB one - fast and quiet :)10:52
liwactual SSD disks seem too expensive for me at the moment, though, for the kinds of sizes I want on that machine (several hundreds of gigabytes)10:54
heno_liw: I combine it with a 500GB standard drive, for storing large stuff - the SSD was about £34011:13
slangasekdoes anyone here have time to test the edubuntu i386 addon today?11:32
heno_slangasek: I'll have a go11:34
slangasekgreat, thanks11:34
heno_gah, I'm getting no DL speed from cdimage ATM11:43
liwheno_, out of curiosity: what is the read and write speed like in your SSD?11:50
heno_liw: http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=55VL11:53
liwthat is indeed pretty fast11:54
heno_The Edubuntu addon installer launches fine, but it does try to grab additional packages from the archive, rather than getting it all from the CD (which I assume it should)12:15
heno_and since the archive is dead slow for me now, it's taking some time ...12:16
heno_not an alpha-blocker IMO, but a bug that should be fixed <- slangasek12:17
heno_specifically it's the tex packages12:17
heno_I guess that's a seed or dependency bug - where should I file that?12:18
heno_cjwatson: ^ your view? also we should finally remove the WinFOSS stuff from there12:20
cjwatsonheno_: could I have specific package names?12:22
heno_cjwatson: texlive-common, texlive-base-bin, texlive-doc-base at least12:24
heno_cjwatson: and tex-common I think12:25
cjwatsonheno_: which package(s) did you ask it to install?12:26
stgraberslangasek: the testcase for edubuntu should be up to date as in I haven't heard of any change to the CD for a while. Maybe gnome-app-install behavior changed though.12:28
heno_cjwatson: edubuntu-desktop, via the addon auto-installer12:29
cjwatsonstgraber: Steve rebuilt it this morning due to an update-manager bug12:29
heno_btw, changing to the main mirror helped fix the speed issue12:29
heno_so it's working fine now - but I think we should have a network-less test case for all CDs actually12:30
* heno_ makes a note12:30
cjwatsonheno_: very odd; it's not showing up in germinate12:31
cjwatsonit's in all/all+extra (trivially), boot.build-depends, development, and installer.build-depends, but nothing that's in the chain from desktop-addon12:32
heno_cjwatson: could it be a quirk of me having it set to use the US mirror?12:32
cjwatsonI can't think why12:32
cjwatsonit could be some kind of dependency skew between different versions of some relevant package; but http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/project/trace/ shows the US mirror being up-to-date12:33
liwthat's weird... my newly installed system has an empty -etc12:34
liwer, /etc12:34
liwwith the hardy installer, though12:34
heno_Anyway, the install completed successfully now, so I think it's good enough for alpha 512:37
termitorhave this bug "dpkg: ../../src/packages.c :221 : process_queue:  L'assertion « dependtry <= 4 » a échoué." someelse have solve it ?12:37
termitorroot@proton:/home/termitor# dpkg -a --configure12:38
termitordpkg: ../../src/packages.c :221 : process_queue:  L'assertion « dependtry <= 4 » a échoué.12:38
termitorAbandon (core dumped)12:38
termitorno cool12:38
heno_termitor: do you have a bug #? Looks like bug 264923 is a dupe of it12:39
lirelhi, when i rsync the current amd64 intrepid livecd i get this checksum 1ed0adc89cac5e3357a6661f4f3685fd which is not reported in the MD5SUMS file, should i download it again, or is the MD5SUMS file out of sync?12:40
termitorheno_: i'm use chroot for dist-upgrade12:43
termitorheno_: but now , i'm on intrepid (boot on)12:44
termitorheno_: remove cups solve the bug for me12:54
heno_termitor: ok, sounds like a different problem then (or at least triggered differently)12:55
lirelokay, the file i had was corrupted13:11
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sbeattieheno_: does the SSD improve on the disk access speed issue you were seeing with multiple vms running at the same time?16:00
heno_sbeattie: not sure - I've only tried two at once so far16:01
heno_having a read-from (isos) and write-to disc (vm images) will probably help16:02
heno_a raid setup may not be needed16:02
heno_I'll set it up to read from the plate drive and write to the SSD I think16:03
sbeattieokay, let me know how it goes, as I was seeing the same issue running 4 vms on a quad core machine.16:04
cody-somervilleXubuntu needs some amd64 folks to help test :-) please.16:10
sbeattiecody-somerville: is it known and expected that usplash has the ubuntu logo rather than xubuntu?16:59
cody-somervilleIt is a known issue :-]16:59
sbeattieaiee, large fonts!17:09
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