Satirenine97531_Hi, I have a Creative Labs SB X-Fi and I just installed the latest version of Ubuntu.  How do I make sound work?00:00
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h4x0rT2:Did Anything Change00:01
YanchoCan I put a screen (execute a command and detach) to load at bootup please?00:02
PrasTyDioOnsomeone could show me a tutorial installing ubuntu 8.04 with windows xp already installed!00:02
FloodBot2PrasTyDioOn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:02
Durayneit works automatically doenst it?00:02
Cabezonsatirenine:  i have the same problem :)00:02
Cabezonyou have to run an installer file00:03
Cabezonbut, you have to go to the directory you've unpacked the tar.gz file and run sudo ./installer00:03
h4x0rT2:Are You Still Here00:03
Satirenine97531_Cabezon: You were able to get it to work?00:03
Cabezonmy problem is, it comes back after finding GCC and says the C compiler cannot create execuatbles00:03
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ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:04
jribCabezon: install build-essential00:04
Cabezonjrib:  is that the command i type?00:04
Doonzcan someone help me with try to mount my raid array... not sure what the msg means http://paste.ubuntu.com/43484/00:05
jribCabezon: no.  sudo apt-get install build-essential00:05
jrib!apt > Cabezon00:05
ubottuCabezon, please see my private message00:05
fulldhello I am using xubuntu (alt install). wpa supplicant is installed and I can see my network in the systray widget, but how do I configure WPA?00:05
T2h4x0r: yes i'm in ubuntu using the live cd now, i tried youtube asked me to install adobe flash player so i am going to download this from the web instead of using the synaptic pakager this time00:05
T2i'll tell u how it goes00:06
compu73rg33kcould someone please read my networking problem that I've posted here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5728606#post5728606 adn try to help me out?00:06
Guest88090T2 dont do that man00:06
Guest88090adobe doesn't provide any ubuntu packages on their website last i checked00:06
kitchethe issue with Flash on Ubuntu is pulseaudio really pulse audio is a major fail right now00:07
h4x0rGuest88090: The Actually Do00:07
Cabezonjrib:  thanks much....it's been driving me nuts :)  i recently installed ubuntu after going for a few years outside of any *nix system, so i've had to jog my memory on a few things00:07
Guest88090h4x0r, cool, they didn't before00:07
Guest88090it was really confusing when people went to youtube and were directed to this download page, and they could only get rpm or source packages00:08
h4x0rGuest88090: Its Nice That They Finaly Put It Up00:08
powertool08what file do I edit to disable daemons at startup?00:08
jribpowertool08: system -> administration -> services, or read 'man update-rc.d', or use sysv-rc-conf00:08
Guest88090because youtube has this script running and doesnt even attempt to play any flash files unless you have it insalled00:08
powertool08jrib: thanks00:09
Doonzcan someone help me with try to mount my raid array... not sure what the msg means http://paste.ubuntu.com/43484/00:10
RYknowHey guys, I need some help getting my SATA drives to mount.00:10
RYknowGives me an error saying I don't have permission to mount the drives.00:10
Doonzsudo mount00:11
TrinithisWhat is the command line way of opening a pdf file... I can't figure out the name of the binary00:11
jribTrinithis: just use gnome-open or xdg-open.  But 'evince' is the default pdf viewer00:11
Trinithisah thx00:11
cryingtuxi have a distorted display after nvidia driver installation on hardy00:12
cryingtuxis there any fix for that?00:12
RYknowAnyone be able to help me mount a couple HD's?00:13
webfarmerdoes anyone know how to get the routers SSID using ubuntu00:13
webfarmerI have a D-LINK ADSL Router00:14
webfarmerreally need the SSID00:14
webfarmercan't find it anywhere00:14
webfarmereven on the routers admin web console00:14
davidstrauss__Is there a good dnsmasq IRC channel?00:14
Cabezonwell, i got farther than before, but it still came back make: *** [all/install] Error 200:14
kitchewebfarmer: probably dlink if you didn't set it00:15
mrkikoHi all! Can someone tell me why kernels shipped with ubuntu will name even ide disk as /dev/sx?, even if scsi emulation is not active? Yes, I looked the config file...00:16
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:16
k3rnelpanicglitsj16: you still there?00:17
kitchemrkiko: because that's how linux names drives now00:17
RYknowNeed some help getting my SATA drives to mount? Can anyone help?00:17
kitchemrkiko: the driver is called libata00:17
Miyavix3Does anyone know a channel for networking problems?00:18
mrkikokitche: ... but if I compile my vanilla kernel, I can see sata disk as /dev/sd? and ide ones as /dev/hd?, as it always has been00:18
kitchemrkiko: yes because you didn't enable libata which is the new driver, when you built your own kernel you used the older driver00:18
k3rnelpanichas anyone had problems downloading pkg files when upgrading to hardy from gutsy? i need 2 pkgs and they wont download, not even manually00:18
mrkikokitche: ah ok... but will libata handle even old ide disks?00:19
kitchemrkiko: yes, just will name them /dev/sdX00:19
mrkikokitche: thank you. Aniway what's the correct option' I can see libata loaded in my dmesg00:19
mrkikoand the ata_piix module I'm using is handling my sata disks using libata it seems00:20
kitchemrkiko: either way but soon the old way is actually being removed from the kernel00:20
Miyavix3Does an IRC chat for wireless help exist?00:20
Doonzsudo mount00:20
Doonzcan someone help me with try to mount my raid array... not sure what the msg means http://paste.ubuntu.com/43484/00:20
ScuniziMiyavix3: if is't ubuntu related.. right here.00:21
cryingtuxso anybody knows how to fix display issue for hardy?00:21
Miyavix3It's not00:21
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T2Guest88090: why did you not want me to install adobe flash player00:21
djhashMiyavix3: join #networking00:21
ScuniziMiyavix3: try #wireless.. I just logged in there and there are 66 people.00:21
T2h4x0r: still no luck no sound00:21
k3rnelpaniccan someone check if any of these mirrors work to download. i get the window to save or open but then it doesnt dl and hangs. http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/usplash-theme-ubuntu/download00:22
vinu76jsrI have video problems with my hardy00:22
h4x0rT2:thats strange Do You Have Good Conections00:22
Guest88090T2 nvm, it was the method i was objecting against00:22
Guest88090but apparently adobe has finally updated00:22
T2Guest88090: do you instead like installing packages from the syanptic pakager?00:23
vinu76jsr@k3rnelpanici got it downloaded only 76 kb00:23
jimdbanyone know of a solid guide on how to get the original iphone working with ubuntu 8.04?00:23
T2h4x0r: yes very good connection00:23
k3rnelpanicvindictive: the whole thing?00:23
k3rnelpanicmine sometimes downloads only 30% then hangs :-/00:23
k3rnelpanicvindictive: can you download this one then? http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/brasero/download00:24
zynergiwhen did JustEdge stop hosting IRC00:24
h4x0rT2:Did You Try The Headphone Port00:24
powertool08if a service is listed as running in runlevel 4 and 5 does that mean its started in 4, and a second instance is started in 5?00:24
k3rnelpanicoops i meant vinu76jsr not vindictive00:25
k3rnelpanicdamn auto complete :P00:25
Starnestommypowertool08: that means that it starts if your system starts in runlevel 4 or runlevel 500:25
powertool08or is it more like it runs only in the checked runlevels so if 2,3,4 are checked it starts it 2, runs in 3 and stops in 4?00:25
Guest88090T2, yes that's usually the best way00:26
mrkikokitche: I'll try it now00:26
T2h4x0r: yes, still no sound is there packages that i may need to install like libasound or other prepacked programs in ubuntu?00:26
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: you still there?00:26
vinu76jsr@k3rnelpanic ya 683 kb00:26
powertool08Starnestommy: so during bootup the service starts in 4, then the system goes to runlevel 5 and if the service is already running from 4 it does nothing, otherwise it starts it?00:26
vinu76jsri m using kernel.org mirror00:27
Starnestommypowertool08: I think it might be stopped thenh started again00:27
h4x0rT2:Everything Should be working.00:27
kitchepowertool08: starts in all of them starts in 2 starts in 3 starts in 4. the runlevels won't work unless you go to that runlevel with init00:27
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: i trued that, and about 10 other ones. could you email me the 2 pkgs maybe?00:27
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vinu76jsrtell me your id00:28
djhashhey.. is there a way to revert to the state of ubuntu when it was cleanly installed? i'd rather not go through a full format and re-installation...00:28
T2h4x0r: how about sound drivers how do i check my driver in ubuntu00:28
powertool08Starnestommy: then why are things like kdm, klogd, hal checked in almost all runlevels? isn't that excessive stopping and starting? or is it to ensure its running no matter which runlevel you go to?00:29
h4x0rT2:system adminastration Hardware drivers00:29
Starnestommypowertool08: it's to make sure that they're always runnig except in single-user mode or runlevel 100:29
T2h4x0r: says no proprietary drivers used on this application00:30
Starnestommypowertool08: usually, you wouldn't need to use anything besides runlevels 0, 2, or 600:30
powertool08Starnestommy: ok, thanks00:30
user_So I'm installing Ubuntu Hardy on my brother's laptop. Will Wireless work because he always uses wireless?00:30
T2h4x0r: says no proprietary drivers are in use on this system00:30
usseruser_, why dont u consult the list of supported hardware00:31
johnny_mnemonicokay this has stumped me for a while: I have proftpd will start fine when I do sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd start but at boot, it won't work, it says failed processing config file at /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf00:31
jribuser_: depends on the wireless card really.  You should wait and see00:31
usser!wifi | user_00:31
ubottuuser_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:31
h4x0rT2: Then It should be working00:32
ckyleuser_: wireless worked by default on my IBM Thinkpad laptop...00:32
* mrkiko wonders if he will be able to see his ide disk after the kexec :D00:33
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vinu76jsrk3rnelpanic packages sent00:34
user_But if his Wireless card is not supported, is there a way to make it work? :S00:34
jribuser_: the docs tell you how00:34
user_Oh, ok! xD :D =]00:35
user_Btw, why is Wireless a problem with Ubuntu? If Windows can do it, then why not Ubuntu? :/00:35
jribuser_: hardware manufacturers are unfriendly00:35
vindictivehow would I use sudo to allow a user to execute a perl script without having to input password or anything00:35
mrkikoOk guys - with those new ignore settings I may be able to reply even to messages someone of you may write to me00:36
h4x0rT2: I Need To Go. Sorry. I Have To Go. Kids Birthday00:36
qrvindictive: man sudoers for all you ever need to know about how to do that00:36
starenkavindictive: f.e there are no harware specifiactions and hw vendors dont ship linux drivers? :)))00:36
chinohow do i download a deb and all it's dependencies for storage ?00:36
Brunershi, this might not be a directly ubuntu question but here goes, im getting some wierd bugs on 4chan.org and only when using styles, screenshot http://lasseb.tihlde.org/firefox.png . anything i can do to fix this? Firefox 3.0.1 & Ubuntu 4.2.3-200:36
jribvindictive: did you try using NOPASSWD in sudoers for it?  (see 'man sudoers' if you have not)00:36
T2h4x0r: ok no worries00:36
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: that is unbelievable. i download any other pkg and its fine. but those 2 for some reason will not download :-/ from any source even yahoo mail00:36
vinu76jsrok wait a minute00:36
noname12I want to install ubuntu for a friend who has poor internet access.  Is there a way to get all the updates to 8.04, and put them on a CD or DVD?00:37
vindictivejrib: yeah, I tried NOPASSWD and I even specified the path to the script... still no luck... what happens if the script I let the user execute is privilaged?00:37
mrkikochino: apt-get -f --download-only install name00:37
mrkikoor, if you have the package00:37
T2can anyone help me with getting sound up on firefox through ubuntu?00:37
k3rnelpanicnoname12: just download the 8.04 iso00:37
jribvindictive: what do you mean by "privileged"?00:37
vindictivejrib: so I create a shell script that allows the user to turn off and on services... how does that work?00:37
mrkikoapt-get -f --reinstall --download-only install package00:37
mrkikoapt-get -f --reinstall --download-only install package...00:38
mcquaidok samba was bugging me so I sent up an anonymous ftp using VSFTP, i don't want to muck with users, I just set it up to allow anonymous access00:38
rconan_what can i do about a hidden file in one of my ntfs filesystems called .fuse_hiddenXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, where Xs are all digits? When i delete it it just gets replaced by the same with a higher number. I can't delete the folder it is in because it is not empty.00:38
noname12k3rnelpanic: Yes, but after installing it, I would need to update the packages, and as I said, his link sucks.00:38
mcquaidbut I don't want to upload to /home/ftp i want to upload to another partition entirely00:38
vindictivejrib: my entry looks like this:  userALL=NOPASSWD:/opt/scripts/serviceHelper.pl00:38
chinomrkiko:  -f and --force-yes dont work00:38
AngryChadsudo apt-get remove republicans00:38
mcquaidso I made a sym link under /home/ftp to the part where I want to upload files but it's not allowing that00:38
historconan_: its created by fuse which you are using the read the filesystem.00:38
vinu76jsrkernalpanic try this http://profile.iiita.ac.in/IIT2006117/braseroandusplash.zip00:39
glitsj16noname12: there's a package called aptoncd that might be of use in that situation00:39
histomcquaid: does the user have permissions to the target?00:39
jribvindictive: you need some spaces00:39
mcquaidis there somewhere to explicitly specify which dirs one wants to use with VSFTP?00:39
histomcquaid: permissions to the symlink won't matter00:39
histomcquaid: you may want to check /etc for a config file00:39
mrkikochino: 'don't work' doesn't help me understand why00:39
mcquaidyes rw all on the target00:39
vinu76jsrnoname12 or we can set apt-proxy00:39
rconan_histo, how can i delete the folder with it in? It wont go away.00:39
mcquaidyes i've checked the config file00:39
historconan_: rm -r00:39
chinomrkiko:  cause -f is not force00:39
mrkikochino: PM me if you can00:39
historconan_: rm -rf foldername00:40
firelogQuestion:  what's a good app to view csv files with?       (something simplistic that'll replace Excel)00:40
rconan_histo, that gives: rm: cannot remove directory `foldername': File exists00:40
histofirelog: open office calc00:40
mrkikofirelog: gnumeric / oleo?00:40
fireloghisto, is there something more lightweight?00:40
historconan_: yeah you would replace foldername withthe name of the folder00:40
jribvindictive: here is mine:   jrib ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/revoco00:40
histofirelog: try searching synaptic perhaps?00:40
firelogmrkiko, histo:  thanks much!00:41
T2can anyone help00:41
mcquaidi can't even look in the sym linked dir via ftp, it just says failed to open00:41
rconan_histo, i did, sorry that was a little ambiguous00:41
vindictivethanks jrib00:41
vindictivejrib: I give it a shot00:41
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: haha thanks man, so why wouldnt those files download? how are they being blocked?00:41
YanchoAnyone can help me with this script please : http://pastebin.com/d443dca1 ? I'm trying to screen a process from init.d .. the file is +x and is owned by root00:41
ScheissDrogen!ask > T200:41
historconan_: is it possible you don't have write access to the ntfs drive?00:41
ubottuT2, please see my private message00:41
MortenB_anyone know how far away alpha 5 still is?00:42
rconan_histo, no00:42
vinu76jsrdont know maybe something with your firewall or gmail permissions,u know they block .exe files00:42
historconan_: okay well what is the exact error you get? file exist?00:42
rconan_histo, if i try to delete the directory, yes, if i delete the file it just comes back with a different number00:43
Jordan_UYancho: su creates a new shell, the other commands in your script won't execute until after that shell exits, same with screen00:43
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RadishRabbit1how to start a job in ssh that keeps running after you log out?00:43
Jordan_URadishRabbit1: command & disown00:44
mrkikoRadishRabbit1: with some versions of bash I was doing it with the standard & operator. Unless, try dtach00:44
noname12glitsj16: thanks, aptoncd looks very promising!00:44
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: hmm but i tried other deb files and they downloaded fine00:44
k3rnelpanicweird, really weird00:44
historconan: I have no idea wth that means file exist. You should be able to delete a directory with rm -rf00:44
YanchoJordan_U so how should i go about it .. do u have any points pelase?00:45
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: thanks a lot for the help i'm gonna try and upgrade to hardy now00:45
glitsj16noname12: you're welcome, something i've used on machines with poor or no connection, works great00:45
Jordan_UYancho: You probably want to use "su -c" and "screen <command>"00:45
rconanhisto, well as i have now learnt those files are ones which have been deleted but are still in use by a program. apparently fuse doesn't hide these from the user. lsof to find out which program then closing and restarting it has fixed the issue00:45
Yanchoso there is no need to detach screen ?00:46
historconan: that would make sense then.00:46
spadewarriorHi. Is there a way to add custom commands to the thunar/xfce context menu?00:46
meoblast001what is this00:46
meoblast001kdenlive: / / / / / SAVING RECOVERY FILE00:46
meoblast001KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...00:46
rconanhisto, it seems the deluge web interface has a bug where it didn't close the file00:46
vinu76jsrya upgrade, after all its free00:47
glitsj16spadewarrior: thunar has 'custom actions', reachable via the edit menu00:47
spadewarriorglitsj16, thanks! I'll take a look there00:47
k3rnelpanicvinu76jsr: yea i couldnt cause of those 2 files, now it should work....hopefully00:47
vinu76jsranybody how to configure samba to authenticate via ldap00:47
YanchoJordan_U something like this : http://pastebin.com/d27965a58 ?00:48
Karkuksorry got DC00:48
noname12glitsj16: so I guess the idea is, I have to have a machine that already has the desired packages installed and cached on it?  Then aptoncd will copy them from the cache to a disk...  Are packages normally left in the cache after installing/upgrading?00:48
grizlo42if flash 4 linux any good00:49
glitsj16noname12: yes, that's exactly how it works .. unless you changed the defaults apt caches packages00:49
vinu76jsr@kernalpanic it'll work for sure00:49
Jordan_UYancho: Not quite, su -c takes the command to be run as a parameter, the same way screen is, so it should all be on one line00:49
vinu76jsr?????vmware for hardy?????00:49
glitsj16noname12: they're at /var/cache/apt/archives00:49
Yanchosu -c screen tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth=thesis,/usr/local/trac/thesis/.htpasswd,/usr/local/trac/thesis /usr/local/trac/thesis & <- like this?00:50
YanchoJordan_U but that will start as user root not as user yancho no?00:50
Falstaff_On another ubuntu system I found a program that allowed me to change the monitor settings I thinik it was some kindo of kde program ... can someone help me find the program again??00:50
Jordan_UYancho: You need to put quotes around the command so it doesn't interpret it as multiple arguments00:50
ScheissDrogenFalstaff: displayconfig-gtk00:51
Yanchoow great :)00:51
Jordan_UYancho: You can still pass another argument for the user to run it as00:51
vinu76jsrwho was vinoo00:51
Falstaff_Thank you very much!!00:51
CaptainMorganhow can I control temperatures? I ran top but it only showed me some programs there using at most 10% of the CPU... although my system was on all day, it was abnormally hot and I can't figure out why00:51
ScheissDrogenFalstaff: backup xorg.conf before using00:51
YanchoJordan_U something like this ey : su -u yancho -c "screen tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth=thesis,/usr/local/trac/thesis/.htpasswd,/usr/local/trac/thesis /usr/local/trac/thesis &" ?00:52
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noname12glitsj16: Hmm...  I only have 149 packages in that directory, hard to believe that's all I've installed or upgraded...  Maybe I cleaned it at some point?  (Does it ever get cleaned automatically?)00:52
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YanchoJordan_U without the -u :)00:52
ScheissDrogenCaptainMorgan: install lmsensors, use conky00:52
ScheissDrogenCaptainMorgan: package to read from hw-chips00:53
Jordan_UYancho: That looks close, I am not sure that the '&' will background the app since you are not passing the command to a shell but directly to screen, is there a reason for backgrounding the command?00:53
glitsj16noname12: synaptic has a menu item to clean those out yes, i don't know for sure if apt does that automatically00:53
YanchoJordan_U nope .. trying to remove it00:53
CaptainMorganScheissDrogen, synaptic is only showing me wmsensors.... should I install that?00:54
k3rnelpanici love how you can upgrade your whole system while still using it :-D00:54
KarkukAnyone here is familiar with unicode and iso's?00:55
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YanchoJordan_U i ran the script but it loaded the screen and did not detach .. should i do ; after the first command and then screen -d ?00:55
Jordan_U!anyone | Karkuk00:55
ubottuKarkuk: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:55
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: what are you currently using ? hardy ?00:56
glitsj16noname12: if the machine you're going to install the packages on is a different ubuntu version, there are other options, like uck (uck.sourceforge.net) to roll your own bootable liveCD with additional stuff you choose00:56
CaptainMorganScheissDrogen, synaptic is only showing me wmsensors.... should I install that?00:56
vinu76jsrvmware server or even vmware player  for hardy**** where's the deb00:56
zack1403hey all, is it possible for a bash script to provide input for a program? Ie, act as if I am typing a password and pressing enter00:56
KarkukBasically my language has special charectors that are not for Linux all together. I was wondering if someone has some idea so that they can guide me where to start to encode my language so that it can be used for Linux00:57
Jordan_UYancho: Just use screen -d to start it detached00:57
ScheissDrogenCaptainMorgan: lm-sensors00:57
Brunersthis might not be a directly ubuntu question but here goes, im getting some wierd screen bugs on some pages and only when pagestyles is enabled, screenshot http://lasseb.tihlde.org/firefox.png . anything i can do to fix this? Firefox 3.0.1 & Ubuntu 4.2.3-200:57
Jordan_UYancho: so screen -d <command>00:57
ScheissDrogenCaptainMorgan: see also : conky  and gkrellm00:57
Jordan_UYancho: Wait, nvm00:58
YanchoJordan_U : su yancho -c "screen -S tracdimon -d tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth=thesis,/usr/local/trac/thesis/.htpasswd,/usr/local/trac/thesis /usr/local/trac/thesis" ?00:58
FusedGuys, I had Fluxbox 1.0.0-3 installed on my Ubuntu system. Well, I found out that Fluxbox has a newer version ( and I downlaoded & installed it. Then I removed the 1.0.0-3 version. If I do "fluxbox -v", it shows that I have Fluxbox properly installed; however, when I logout or restart to attempt to change my session to Fluxbox, it isn't in the list of available sessions.00:58
FusedAnyone know what to do from this point?00:58
ScheissDrogenCaptainMorgan: search adept looking up lm00:58
kitcheFused: make the fluxbox.xsession file most likely00:58
FusedHow would I go about doing that, kitche?00:58
jribFused: there are directions in the fluxbox docs on their site00:58
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: im currently on 7.10 gutsy upgrading as we speak to hardy00:58
YanchoJordan_U -d is trying to reconnect with another00:58
vinu76jsrdo do do - it00:59
noname12glitsj16: Thanks.  I have another system I need to install (that does have a good link), so I guess I'll use that for aptoncd.  Thanks again!00:59
k3rnelpanicwell its doing it, could of had this a week ago but those 2 damn pkgs wouldnt download. i was at nerves end00:59
Jordan_UYancho: Make that "screen -d -m <command>"00:59
jribFused: here you go: http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php/GDM00:59
meoblast001ok.. i gave my friend an ubuntu disk that worked on my sisters computer.... and it says Invalid Disk on his computer01:00
meoblast001wtf's up?01:00
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: though there are working howtos, if you don't have a large amount of data with no way to backup (e.g. extra parti on large HD) i would prefer a fresh install, for apps see !cloning01:00
jribmeoblast001: did you run "verify the integrity of the cd" from the cd's boot menu?01:00
vinu76jsrmeoblast :  may be it's a different architecture01:00
meoblast001vinu76jsr: he said he has intel01:00
meoblast001this is i38601:01
YanchoJordan_U it didnt detach .. i ended up seeing the output01:01
almostdvsfirefox does a search from my isp when something is typed into the location bar that is not an address. On windows it does an I'm feeling lucky search. How do i obtain the same functionality01:01
td123meoblast001: that's not architecture, he means 32 or 64 bit...01:01
meoblast001i gave him a 32 bit01:01
vinu76jsrkernelpanic : then i did something good today01:01
Jordan_UYancho: what is the exact command you are running now?01:01
ScheissDrogen meoblast001:did you/he used the self check option from cd bootup ??01:01
td123meoblast001: what kind of computer does your friend have?01:01
vinu76jsri mean his architecture01:01
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: yea i dont have much on my linux partition. its mainly in xp. so if it f's up no big loss01:01
meoblast001td123: emachines01:01
vinu76jsr32 64 sparc01:01
ethana2every time i boot up, my system says something about my fs01:02
ScheissDrogen!cloning > k3rnelpanic01:02
ethana2followed by 'not automatically fixing this'01:02
FusedCreate the file: /etc/gdm/Sessions/fluxbox with contents:01:02
FusedThere is no /etc/gdm/Sessions01:02
meoblast001td123: the disc said 30 defective packages on my sisters computer but everything worked fine and there are no problems on her computer01:02
jribethana2: you need to write down the exact error message01:02
Jordan_UFused: Is this a laptop?01:02
jribethana2: or take a picture01:02
ethana2jrib: where's the boot log?01:02
* ethana2 is looking through /var/log for it01:03
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: i would set up an extra parti for user data.. how big is your hd ? space for ubuntu ?01:03
almostdvsfirefox does a search from my isp when something is typed into the location bar that is not an address. On windows it does an I'm feeling lucky search. How do i obtain the same functionality01:03
YanchoJordan_U : su yancho -c "screen -d -m -S tracdimon; tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth=thesis,/usr/local/trac/thesis/.htpasswd,/usr/local/trac/thesis /usr/local/trac/thesis"01:03
Schuenemannhey, how do I get out of qemu's window after I click inside it?01:03
td123meoblast001: ... it doesn't matter what you did, the problem is that it has 30 defective packages... and some other parts of the disk, (not packages) have been corrupt and are dangerous... you should throw that cd away and create one that has no errors01:03
meoblast001td123: my CD burner broke01:04
jribethana2: check dmesg01:04
meoblast001td123: how do i convert ppl to ubuntu now?01:04
YanchoJordan_U foudn the problem .. the ; after tracdimon :)01:04
td123meoblast001: then use windows till you can get one01:04
ethana2jrib: how do i do that?01:04
Jordan_UYancho: No semicolon, the reason you are seeing the output is not because the screen is attached but because you aren't running the command in screen :)01:04
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: yea, like i said i have hardly anything in ubuntu apart from like 4 songs and 3 photos but i understand what you're saying01:04
meoblast001td123: i give up... ppl probably dont even want ubuntu anyways01:04
Fusedjrib: /etc/gdm/Sessions doesn't exist as a directory, and that's where it's telling me to put the fluxbox file.01:04
jribethana2: type 'dmesg'.  Check /var/log/messages too01:04
Yanchothanks alot for ur help Jordan_U :))) ill try to restart the pc to see if it works now01:04
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: space for ubuntu ?01:04
jribFused: create it.  If it doesn't work, then find out where the fluxbox in the repositories put its session file01:05
Jordan_UYancho: np, it can be tricky stiringing commands together like that :)01:05
td123meoblast001: do you even help them (support / resources)01:05
almostdvsmeoblast001: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/08/27/create-a-bootable-usb-drive-or-memory-card/01:05
jribFused: hint: /usr/share/xsessions/01:05
meoblast001lost my USB drive01:05
meoblast001USB flash01:05
meoblast001whatever its called01:05
FusedSo I need to make one fluxbox.desktop01:06
FusedWith the file contents on that page?01:06
jribFused: sure01:06
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: 20gb or so01:06
td123meoblast001: then just throw that cd away, and I would reinstall your sisters os because using a defective cd has soo much potential damage... (corrupt packages are the least of your worries)01:06
vinu76jsranybody know vmware server for hardy01:06
jribFused: use the "There is another way" method01:07
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: do a fresh install then01:07
td123meoblast001: you should know these things before even laying a hand on another person's computer01:07
vinu76jsrScheissDrogen : 101:07
KarkukI cannot find my language script on any of Linux distribution and I would like to develop one. I am wondering if anyone has any idea on how to go on about this?!01:07
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: its already upgrading01:07
meoblast001td123: she needed the computer fixed immediately01:07
ScheissDrogen!grub > k3rnelpanic01:07
meoblast001im having a terrible day01:08
td123meoblast001: then your job is to get an uncorrupt cd01:08
meoblast001td123: where01:08
ethana2jrib: neither are showing me what I'm looking for01:08
td123meoblast001: ask a friend if you can burn something...01:08
meoblast001ted123: wait 3 fucking weeks for canonical?01:08
jribethana2: then just reboot and write it down01:08
RYknowCan someone help me out. I've got a strange problem with mounting my SATA drives.01:08
ethana2it goes by too fast to even read it01:08
jribmeoblast001: you can buy one on amazon or ask your local LUG01:08
Picimeoblast001: No need for that language01:08
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic: already upgrading ? changed sources.list ? the f.. is you'll never can be 100% shure what is causing a prob...01:09
Jordan_U!ohmy | meoblast00101:09
ubottumeoblast001: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:09
RYknowI've been able to get one of them to mount, but I can't get the second one to mount.01:09
ethana2jrib: it's not logged anywhere?01:09
ferran_Hi! can someone help me with an hdd problem?.... "can't read superblock"01:09
meoblast001td123: "hey.. im gonna send you a 700 meg file and your gonna download it and burn it to a CD"... yeah.. that will work considering most of my friends dont like me that much01:09
jribethana2: those are the two places I know to look01:09
meoblast001do i even have real friends01:09
meoblast001jrib: poor01:09
ethana2meoblast001: pay them01:09
jribethana2: I think you can press the PAUSE|BREAK button on your keyboard01:09
RYknowI don't even know how I got it to mount.01:09
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: why can't you just download the Cd ?01:09
td123meoblast001: then your job is to find some friends that will like you....01:09
ScheissDrogen RYknow:paste output fdisk -l  and your fstab01:09
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: why cant i just download a CD burner01:10
WDCHow do I connect a USB device in Vbox when it's grayed out?01:10
FusedOkay. I have the fluxbox.desktop in /usr/share/xsessions01:10
FusedQuestion, though.01:10
jribmeoblast001: find a friend with a cd burner or ask your local LUG01:10
ferran_can someone help me with an hdd problem?.... "can't read superblock"01:10
FusedIt has "/usr/bin/startfluxbox" in those contents, but there is no "startfluxbox"01:10
meoblast001wth is a LUG?01:10
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: your local LUG is a good place to start01:10
Jordan_Umeoblast001: Linux user group01:10
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: linux user group01:10
YanchoJordan_U server restarted but it did not auto start :( however if i run the script it works01:10
ethana2jrib: i know it has something to do with my filesystem--  and I have a GParted 0.3.7-7 LiveCD right here....01:10
meoblast001i'll ask my LoCo01:10
td123meoblast001: you did not just say "why cant i just download a CD burner" omg, that's gotta be the stupidest thing you can say01:10
jribmeoblast001: sure01:10
ScheissDrogenferran_: boot into live, make shure hd isn't mounted, see man e2fsck01:11
Jordan_Utd123: It was a joke01:11
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: where do you live?01:11
jribIndyGunFreak: scary :)01:11
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: ohio01:11
Fusedjrib: Do you know how to fix that issue?01:11
td123meoblast001: you don't know it yet, but your quote is tomarrow's digg head line01:11
ussertd123, actually its not, as the old saying goes any hardware can be emulated by software and vice versa01:11
meoblast001im not telling you anymore01:11
almostdvsfirefox does a search from my isp when something is typed into the location bar that is not an address. On windows it does an I'm feeling lucky search. How do i obtain the same functionality01:11
meoblast001td123: what quote?01:11
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: you should have a local lug there.01:11
td123meoblast001: why cant i just download a CD burner01:11
jribFused: edit it.  It's leftover from the repository's version of fluxbox because you didn't purge it01:11
ethana2almostdvs: i have a friend with the same problem01:12
* IndyGunFreak thought everybody had at least a CD burner nowdays01:12
td123usser: I don't think you understand the context01:12
ScheissDrogenmeoablast: seee !usb for an adventure...01:12
meoblast001td123: yay.. at least a website will love me for a day01:12
FusedEdit what?01:12
FusedThere's no startfluxbox in /usr/bin/01:12
Fusedbut there is a startfluxbox in /usr/local/bin/01:12
mrkikoAnd after some troubles with disk mappings, I'm back again01:13
FusedShould I just change it to go there instead?01:13
jribFused: exactly01:13
kitcheFused: yep01:13
vinu76jsralmostdvs: its doing same in linux01:13
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: 2 files didnt download during upgrade for whatever reason. everything else dl'ed fine. i tried different pkgs and they downloaded no problem. i have no idea why that happened, do you?01:13
ussertd123, nope no context our prof presented it as an absolute truth... i was being ironic though nvm01:13
DOT3CHanyone familiar with using the screenlet manager?01:13
mrkikokitche: thank for your help. How did you learn the libata fact?01:13
Jordan_Utd123: I think you are the one who does not understand the context actually...01:13
almostdvsvinu76jsr: it does an i'm feeling lucky search for you?01:13
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: i'll try to download them again just to see if its different, i think it was my connection for some reason cause they didnt download not even in xp01:13
td123meoblast001: ok so here's the summary of what you have to do, get an ubuntu cd (not corrupt) and use it. If you don't have friends get some, if that fails, find a lug, if the lug dislikes you also, install windows and tattoo "FAIL" on your forehead01:13
FusedOkay. Edited.01:14
vinu76jsralmostdvs : ya01:14
meoblast001td123: my mom said she'd try to sneak a CD burner from work to borrow01:14
FusedSo now it should work properly, correct?01:14
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: PM me your address(if you're comfortable), i'll drop you a CD in the mail tomorrow.01:14
vinu76jsrbut as you know there nmust be a space in your search01:14
kitchemrkiko: umm it's pretty well known definitely to the people that actually used/work on a Linux Distro01:14
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic:  changed sources.list ?   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:14
td123Jordan_U: how do I not understand the context of my conversation with meoblast00101:14
meoblast001i win01:14
meoblast001my moms coworker who uses the cd burner never even uses the cd burner01:15
td123meoblast001: yes, yes you do, now finish your cookie01:15
BAD^man^can anyone tell how to mount a vista partiion please for a laptop??01:15
mrkikokitche: Oh... I try to read and inform myself more as possible on the kernel, since I'm interested on it, but I never knew this fact..01:15
meoblast001ok that was worded weird01:15
meoblast001but the CD burner should be attatched to my moms coworkers computer01:15
vinu76jsrin ubuntu it is automounted after a clean shutdown01:15
k3rnelpanicScheissDrogen: i tried to download them manually from here http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/usplash-theme-ubuntu/download and here http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/brasero/download and no go01:15
meoblast001and its not even plugged in01:15
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: well, if it doesn't work out,t he offer stands01:15
k3rnelpanicin both ubuntu and xp01:15
almostdvsvinu76jsr: that's odd, mine still does an isp search. people keep saying it's my isp's fault but it doesn't do this in windows01:16
usserBAD^man^, sudo ntfs-3g /dev/<part_name> /mountpoint01:16
Jordan_Utd123: <IndyGunFreak> meoblast001: why can't you just download the Cd ? <meoblast001> IndyGunFreak: why cant i just download a CD burner01:16
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: i dont need more ppl tapping on my windows01:16
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: why the hell would i tap on your windows?01:16
BAD^man^usser: funny it dont work...does it need the username / password login of vista?01:16
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: who knows01:16
usserBAD^man^, if u used bitlocker on vista then its gonna fail01:16
=== Mc_abyss is now known as Outcast-NFH
NutzebahnDoes anyone know of any programs other than Audacity that can convert FLAC files to MP3? (Audacity won't work)01:17
usserBAD^man^, but other than that all should be well, what does it say?01:17
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: well, i've mailed cd's to people in this room many times, and i can assure you, i keep my ass out of ohio, but it makes no difference to me.01:17
FusedGuys, that didn't work.01:17
usserNutzebahn, ffmpeg01:17
glitsj16almostdvs: in firefox, go to the about:config page, and check the value of the keyword.URL key01:17
ScheissDrogenk3rnelpanic:  http://pastebin.com/f7f2015ab  , expect from the partners repo  yours should look similar01:17
Jordan_UNutzebahn: mencoder01:17
FusedIt said something about my session lasted less than 10 seconds, and if I didn't log myself out, there was an error or something.01:17
FusedI'm about to check the log.01:17
NutzebahnSomething with a GUI.01:17
BAD^man^hmm bitblocker...hmmm i think thats on by default on the sony laptop01:17
BAD^man^anything with a gui?01:17
td123Jordan_U: consider that the characters came from meoblast001's keyboard01:17
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: well.. my friend isnt even allowed to have ubuntu on his computer01:17
vinu76jsrhow to update from gutsy to hardy01:17
DougyIs there any app like MS Infopath for Linux?01:17
DougyI need an app that does forms like that01:17
usserBAD^man^, a gui?01:17
NeoStriderhey folks...whats the best replacement for timidity for pulse-audio?01:17
BAD^man^i tried the one in gnome but it does not list the sda2 partition01:17
IndyGunFreakmeoblast001: are you puttting this on your cmoputer, or on your friends?01:17
meoblast001my friends01:17
meoblast001he wants it01:18
YanchoJordan_U server restarted but it did not auto start :( however if i run the script it works - any idea what i can do please? if in init.d one of the scripts fail .. does it stop the loading of the rest?01:18
meoblast001but his mom wont let him01:18
meoblast001IndyGunFreak: she said "no one even knows what ubuntu is" lolololol01:18
vinoohey, can you guys help me? i have ubuntu installed in a hd with grub, i want to be able to boot from arch, in another disk, with this grub01:18
Jordan_Utd123: To clarify things, do you or do you not realize that he was being sarcastic?01:18
pldyou cant01:18
td123Jordan_U: of course I don't know that01:18
almostdvsglitsj16: http://www.google.com/search?btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky&q=01:18
mrkikovinoo: huffff01:19
* td123 eagerly awaits Jordan_U's response01:19
BAD^man^its sda2 but it wont list in the storage devince under the control center....its very weird01:19
almostdvsglitsj16: i just changed that like 15 min ago; does it require a ff restart?01:19
ticoHi. I've ran: mkntfs -v /dev/sda1 and it says Time: jiffies clocksource has been installed and now its stuck there but I see hard drive activity. Is it formatting now?01:19
vinoomrkiko, hm?01:19
BAD^man^all moms are retards dont remind me!!!!!!!!!!!!101:19
mrkikoBAD^man^: ... fdisk?01:19
glitsj16almostdvs: i guess not, should be active straight away01:19
olivieri'm looking for help. i have problem with /libstdc++.so.5 library.01:19
BAD^man^wont list it01:19
mrkikoBAD^man^: may be your disk uses a strange partition table type01:20
BAD^man^oh yea01:20
BAD^man^it does01:20
BAD^man^with a * since where the bootloader is installed....01:20
mrkikoWhat partition table type are you using?01:20
td123BAD^man^:  you mean all mom's are technically challenged?? (well, at least 98%) :D01:20
meoblast001Wubi crashed a milion times on his computer01:20
meoblast001not recommending that ever again01:20
BAD^man^it does..its a laptop the partition is looped i cannot access the recvery parition but who cares..i want to access the vista parition01:20
DougyIs there any app like MS Infopath for Linux? I need an app that does forms like that.01:20
BAD^man^td: lol01:20
jribvinoo: do you happen to have a separate partition for /boot?01:20
BAD^man^start block at 232001:21
td123meoblast001: what do you use for your desktop computer?01:21
vinoojrib, no =/01:21
BAD^man^very beginging of the disk...man i cant type......01:21
vinu76jsrvmaware for hardy????01:21
meoblast001td123: me or my friend?01:21
td123meoblast001: you01:21
BAD^man^i love ubuntu!!!! btw...01:21
vinu76jsrvmware player for hardy???01:21
clouder`grrWhen I do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg it never asks me about display, just about my keyboard and then quits.  How do I get it to ask me about screen resolution and such?01:21
olivieri'm looking for help. i have problem with /libstdc++.so.5 library.01:21
glitsj16almostdvs: that keyword.URL key has a related boolean one called "keyword.enabled" that must be set to true for the former to work ..01:21
meoblast001td123: Ubuntu Hardy Haron01:21
usservinu76jsr, yes01:21
almostdvsglitsj16: it is01:21
olivieranybody can help me, please01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about channel01:21
vinu76jsrhow to install it01:21
td123meoblast001: so you should have a spare cd from the install right?!??!?!?!01:22
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines01:22
Fusedjrib: I can't seem to find anything about why it wouldn't have started up.01:22
jribvinoo: hmm, I have the same setup but setup a separate partition.  I'm not sure what the best way to do it is if it's on a different partition.  This may be easy for #grub though01:22
meoblast001td123: i used a flash drive when i had it..... and dell sent me a cd burner that broke very quickly... in other words... if my computer crashes.... im f*cked01:22
jribFused: are you sure fluxbox works?01:22
vinu76jsrhow to install vmware player in hardy, earlier it was in repos but now no luck01:22
Neo_hello all, i need a tad bit of help with samba01:22
vinoojrib, ok, danke01:22
olivieralguien que me pueda ayudar ?01:22
Neo_the folks in #samba are dead01:22
jrib!es | olivier01:22
ubottuolivier: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:22
ScheissDrogen!paste >  RYknow01:23
Fusedfluxbox works when I type it in..01:23
BAD^man^but samba is not..ohhhh!d01:23
ticoHi. I've ran: mkntfs -v /dev/sda1 and it says Time: jiffies clocksource has been installed and now its stuck there but I see hard drive activity. Is it formatting now?01:23
FusedIt just won't open up since it already has a window manager working.01:23
Ensamblador!es > Ensamblador01:23
ubottuEnsamblador, please see my private message01:23
td123meoblast001: ok, so this is your mission, go buy a cd writer or get friends that will let you burn ubuntu01:23
Neo_for some reason i can't access my shares from one server, but i can access them from another computer...01:23
LjLolivier: /join #ubuntu-es01:23
usservinu76jsr, http://czarism.com/easy-peasy-vmwareplayer-vmplayer-ubuntu-hardy-80401:23
Ensamblador!paste | Ensamblador01:23
usservinu76jsr, first link on google01:23
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:23
grobda24Is Xchat window --> ignore list supposed to block nicks in all tabs ?01:24
NeoStriderFYI - wildmidi replaces timidity on pulse-audio01:24
meoblast001td123: my mom is borrowing one from her work since her coworker (the one who is supposed to use it), doesnt even keep it plugged in and never uses it01:24
BAD^man^this gene and wolverine x-men scene is hootttttt01:24
FusedHm.. I guess I can attempt it again.01:24
BAD^man^sorry *ahem*01:24
jribFused: well you don't know if the thing you compiled is broken somehow.  I would start in fluxbox without going through gdm and see what happens (use startx, see the docs)01:24
td123meoblast001: ok, then don't touch anything on anyone's computer till you have a verified cd01:24
usserBAD^man^, its offtopic, but we have a channel for that #ubuntu-offtopic01:25
Fusedstartx `which fluxbox` -- :1?01:25
BAD^man^lol im in01:25
BAD^man^what about the ntfs parition?01:25
meoblast001td123: why cant kdenlive play video on my screen01:25
meoblast001its all blue01:25
td123meoblast001: turn off visual effects01:25
meoblast001that shouldnt be necessary01:26
meoblast001but i will01:26
td123did you spell kdenlive right, or do you mean kde?01:26
ussermeoblast001, let me guess intel?01:26
jribFused: http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php/Start_fluxbox_from_the_command_line01:26
meoblast001usser: im going nvidia next time01:26
=== Outcast-NFH is now known as Mc_Abyss
vinu76jsrI means isn't there a deb or something, for some reason these methods not worked really wel on my old machine01:26
ussermeoblast001, or ati01:26
td123meoblast001: it can be a ton of things, it's like saying whats wrong with the mouse, it doesn't work01:26
meoblast001all the hardware i have i bought when i had windows01:27
ussermeoblast001, but ait is way to far in the future01:27
ticohow long would you say mkntfs would take to format a 160gb drive?01:27
Fusedjrib: Should I input the "exec /etc/X11/Xsession /usr/bin/startfluxbox" line, along with the 2nd part of the "http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php/GDM" file (the talk about "sudo gedit /usr/share/xsession/fluxbox.desktop" for Ubuntu/Debian users)?01:27
meoblast001KdenLive---- the most buggy piece of software you have to have01:28
* td123 is done trolling :D01:28
FusedBecause all I had was the 2nd part. I thought it meant to overwrite the "exec" with the 2nd part of that.01:28
jribFused: I don't understand what you just said.  Do what you are proposing and pastebin it to show me01:28
botoxxdid somebody know how i can boost my alsa sound ??? i want more then 100%01:28
td123meoblast001: oh ya, that, don't you know that kde 4 is still really buggy, compared to say gnome01:28
jribhmm % percent hmm01:29
meoblast001td123: i hate KDE01:29
Spacyhi all - got small but really strange problem - i've been working with linux for years, i'm even developing in variuous high level languages but this one got me.01:29
botoxxdid somebody know how i can boost my alsa sound ??? i want more then 100% please please help me01:29
jrib!repeat | botoxx01:29
ubottubotoxx: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:29
meoblast001td123: but there apps are easy to use and have a lot of features01:29
* meoblast001 cries01:29
meoblast001not litterally01:29
td123meoblast001: you know that you can use kde apps within gnome desktop?01:30
Jordan_USpacy: Well don't just leave us hanging :)01:30
meoblast001td123: uhhh.. thats what im doing01:30
FusedThat's what I'm saying, jrib.01:30
td123meoblast001: you said you were using kdelive01:30
meoblast001td123: i said KdenLive is buggy... i didnt say i was running KDE01:30
SpacyI'm trying to start an app (skype) and bash tells me, "No such file or directory" - the file is there i can ls -al it, i can cat skype>skype2 it, file skype shows its an elf exe, but if i exec /usr/bin/skype its telling me the file isn't there01:30
* BAD^man^ HMM01:30
BAD^man^i still dont understand why cant i mount01:31
BAD^man^oh crap01:31
td123meoblast001: ***ugh stop adding in details irrelevant to the conversation GRRR01:31
BAD^man^i think i destroyed it01:31
Spacyi even straced skype first line is "execve("/usr/bin/skype", ["skype"], [/* 17 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)"01:31
BAD^man^the partion01:31
jribFused: the top one01:31
SpacyI guess it's a wrong interpretation of something, but i don't get it . anybody an idea?01:31
* td123 is now done trolling (For real this time.).01:31
FusedThat's what I have right now.. but it didn't work.01:31
FusedLet me see if I can c&p the error log.01:32
jribFused: get rid of those comments at the top though, they don't really make sense01:32
favroFused: what does   which startfluxbox   return?01:32
Jordan_USpacy: Can you run script and pastebin what exactly you are doing to try to run skype and the errors it gives etc ?01:32
meoblast001td123: what do KDE and Fedora have in common?01:33
ticoI ran mknfts about 15 min ago and now it started to say 1%, is this normal?01:33
Dougyntfs :(01:33
MasterFruityLooptico: Probably not. Reboot.01:34
MasterFruityLoopTry again.01:34
Fusedjrib: http://gpaste.com/p/5bf8f is what the error file looks like that Fluxbox referred me to.01:34
vinu76jsri m using pidgin01:35
ticoMasterFruityLoop: just to make sure, its not been at 1% for 15 minutes, it took 15 min for 1% to show.01:35
vinu76jsranybody tell me how to me change a channel01:35
ticoMasterFruityLoop: reboot still?01:35
jribFused: where?01:35
jribFused: yes, where is the issue?01:36
DOT3CHanyone know anything up setting up a keyboards hot keys01:36
FusedI don' tknow.01:36
DOT3CHon here01:36
FusedThat's what the thing told me to look in.01:36
jribFused: try what I suggested before with .xinitrc01:36
FusedWhat did you suggest?01:36
grobda24DOT3CH, I've seen it on the Ubuntu wiki.01:37
Luciferanyone know anything about glade/ GTK+?01:37
jribFused: do this first: http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php/Start_fluxbox_from_the_command_line01:37
jribLucifer: best to just ask the channel your question01:37
Jordan_USpacy: Why is the first thing that skype does to exec itself?01:37
LuciferI used ubuntu on a virtual machine....I sorta had some problems resizing glade01:38
Lucifernormally, I wouldn't care, but since glade isn't resized01:38
SpacyJordan_U: It isn't? btw. the script is at http://spacy.homeip.net/skype.script01:38
LuciferI don't have access to some of the functions01:38
Luciferany ideas?01:38
jribLucifer: does it happen outside of a virtual machine?01:38
Luciferthe reason I'm using a VM01:38
jribLucifer: don't use enter to break up your thoughts as it makes it harder to follow what you are saying01:38
vinu76jsrgotta go restart01:38
LuciferI don't use linux01:38
Lucifer(vista user)01:39
LuciferI was in .dll hell01:39
FloodBot2Lucifer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
MasterFruityLooptico: Yes... that doesn't sound right... could be a driver interference. Happens with my computer all the time.01:39
jrib(stop pressing enter)01:39
jribLucifer: take a screenshot, it's hard to understand what is wrong01:39
ticoMasterFruityLoop: if it keeps happening, what can i do?01:40
Fusedfused@fused-desktop:/usr/local/bin$ echo "exec startfluxbox" > ~/.xinitrc01:40
FusedAfter I did that01:40
Fusedfused@fused-desktop:/usr/local/bin$ came back.01:40
FusedSo that should be done, right?01:40
MasterFruityLoopTry it from command line...01:41
MasterFruityLoopI mean, go down to just the command line.01:41
MasterFruityLoopNo UI.01:41
MasterFruityLoopTry it then.01:41
MasterFruityLoopBut, after a reboot, of course.01:41
SpacyJordan_U: How come you think skype executes itself? The strace line? the first one should always be the execve call from bash ;) (Working example: execve("/bin/ls", ["ls"], [/* 22 vars */]) = 0)01:41
Fusedfused@fused-desktop:~$ startfluxbox01:42
Fused/home/fused/.fluxbox/startup: 12: /usr/bin/fbsetroot: not found01:42
Fusedexec: 47: /usr/bin/fluxbox: not found01:42
ticoMasterFruityLoop: I am in a command line, its running in a script, ive created a rescue cd01:42
jribFused: that's ok... Now drop to a tty (ctrl-alt-f1) and do 'startx -- :1'.  ctrl-alt-f7 should get you back here but let the new X load first and see what happens01:42
Spacyanybody else wants to join this bug hunt xD01:43
timmahello, I have "ERROR: / is world writable!"  when I type "sudo ufw enable"01:43
moosenI'm having some problems with my X-server here, was wondering if someone might help me configure it correctly, or find the bug. Here is my xserver config and my lspci listing: http://pastie.org/26638001:43
zhaowmsudo and su?01:43
FusedOkay.. It gave some errors.01:43
jribtimma: why is / world writable?01:44
ticoMasterFruityLoop: should i paste the script?01:44
zhaowmHello, FUSED01:44
Jordan_Utimma: What is the output of "ls -ld /" ?01:44
jrib!who | Fused01:44
ubottuFused: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:44
timmajrib, I a new to ubuntu and firewalls, so I do not know01:44
moosenthe problem is that when I play something in the video player the xserver crashes completely and doesn't reboot01:44
zhaowmubuntu,It's my other os01:44
jribtimma: have you ever run a command with "chmod" in it?01:44
wildrussianWhat the best book to read about Linux and goes in detail about Ubuntu01:44
zhaowmbefore now,I used win01:45
FusedThis is just a general question, though, jrib..01:45
jribwildrussian: help.ubuntu.com01:45
LanlostI still can't figure out how to clear any space on /01:45
zhaowmchmod u+x?01:45
timmaJordan_U drwxrwxrwx 21 root root 4096 2008-09-01 11:25 /01:45
MasterFruityLooptico: send it to me, privately.01:45
zhaowmchmod 777?01:45
FusedI'm just trying to figure out why it will not work.01:45
timmajrib yes01:45
LanlostI've had this problem for like 3 days now... I'm using the disk usage analyzer.. but none of it makes any sense to me..01:45
FusedMasterFruityLoop: The 'startx -- :1'01:45
Fuseddidn't work01:45
Jordan_Utimma: Ok, that is very bad01:45
jribFused: I can't help you if I don't see your responses01:45
Fuseder *jrib01:45
LanlostI mean.. I understand what it is showing and everything.. but the information it gives isn't correct..01:45
FusedSorry, jrib.01:46
zhaowmjrib,may I make friend with you01:46
jribFused: yes, but you said it gave you errors.  What are they?01:46
timmaJordan_U what part?01:46
LanlostIt says / is 100% used.. but it includes /usr and /home and stuff under that.. which I have mounted to different partitions01:46
LanlostI'm just so confused.. I haven't added any software for probably a week.. haven't installed any new hardware or anything01:46
Jordan_Utimma: / should not be writable by all users, it is a huge security vulnerability01:46
Lanlostand I have always had like 20% free on /.. and all of a suddon now I can't even open synaptic or brasero or like any program because I don't have any space on /01:47
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:47
moosendo you guys have any idea about what I should do to find out why my xserver is crashing?01:47
jribmoosen: does it fail to load?01:47
jribyanghongchao: english only here01:48
zhaowmHere,must be eng01:48
zhaowm!zh,what's the meaning?01:48
lenswipeanyone know anything about tilda here?01:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:48
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:48
lenswipetilda tilda tilda tilda01:48
moosenjrib, the totem video player causes it to crash to a black screen where ctrl-alt-bkspc or ctrl-alt-f1 won't respond01:49
zhaowmubottu is a robot?01:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is a robot?01:49
Fusedjrib: It basically returns this error:01:49
lenswipeircleuser: what do u want to know?01:49
Fused/home/fused/.fluxbox/startup: 12: /usr/bin/fbsetroot: not found01:49
Fusedexec: 47: /usr/bin/fluxbox: not found01:49
jribircleuser: fix your capslock01:49
SpacyJordan_U: Still there? :)01:49
b3z3rk3rwhat u need help with ircleuser?01:49
Fusedjrib: That's all that I can see it erroring with.01:49
jStefanzhaowm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zh01:49
Jordan_USpacy: Yes01:49
lenswipeI cant get tilda to work01:49
moosenit happens when the player is used to play mp3s or when it plays videos, and whenever it is embedded in a browser01:49
ScheissDrogen!brain | zhaowm01:49
ubottuzhaowm: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:49
lenswipeor it does01:49
IMTheNachoMansomeone told me of an app to try on the ubuntu cd to see to check cpu fan usage and all that for my macbook pro...anyone remember it?01:49
lenswipeit wont take focus when it comes up01:49
ircleuserInstallin ubuntu and i hasd windows on my drive before01:49
lenswipeanyone knkow how to do that?01:49
SpacyJordan_U: Missed my last message? Or no clue? ;)01:50
b3z3rk3rircleuser: what version?01:50
ircleuseras well as various data with ntfs format01:50
ircleuserid like to avoid losing that data01:50
^paradox^i need some serious help01:50
bastid_raZorIMTheNachoMan; lmsensors maybe?01:50
moosenalso, sometimes restarting the xserver with ctrl-alt-backspace will sometimes cause n unresponsive blackscreen instead of bringing up GDM01:50
jribmoosen:I usually blame video drivers for that.  Which one are you using?01:50
meoblast001why cant i force an earlier version of kdenlive?01:50
ircleuserim at the point now where i select how to partition the drive(s)01:51
Jordan_USpacy: It's really odd, can you try in dash?01:51
FusedCan I just do "nano startfluxbox" and change the "/usr/bin/fluxbox" to "/usr/local/bin/fluxbox"?01:51
Fusedjrib: Can I just do "nano startfluxbox" and change the "/usr/bin/fluxbox" to "/usr/local/bin/fluxbox"?*01:51
ircleuseri have 2 drives01:51
^paradox^im using xubuntu desktop and ive managed to remove my applications menu from the top panel. how do i put it back?01:51
jribFused: you compiled it wrong if that's the case01:51
FusedKeep forgetting to mention your name with it.01:51
FusedSo I should reinstall it again?01:51
zhaowmsorry,but i like here.one,I can learn about ubuntu,other, I can study english01:51
ircleuseri have 2 but theres programs and documents on both01:52
jribFused: you're sure 'startfluxbox' from the repositories is gone right?01:52
IMTheNachoManbastid_raZor: thanks..il try that01:52
ircleuseri want to get rid of my windows installation01:52
Fusedjrib: I didn't get this version from the Ubuntu repository. It came straight from http://www.fluxbox.org/download01:52
ircleuserits damaged01:52
Schuenemannircleuser, congrats01:52
jribFused: yes, I know.  But is startfluxbox leftover from before?01:52
ircleuserbut i have documents and programs i wanna save01:52
FusedNot that I know of.01:53
ircleuserany way to do that01:53
Jordan_USpacy: I see you tried ./skype so it shouldn't matter, but what is in your PATH ?01:53
FusedIt could be.. but I don't think so..01:53
jribFused: does there exist one in /usr/bin/?01:53
Schuenemannircleuser, can't you copy them?01:53
abarberI ran a program with the --fullscreen parameter, and it doesn't fit right on the screen, what paramaters can I use to stop it from doing this01:53
^paradox^anyway to put it back01:53
ircleuseri cant boot using windows01:53
Schuenemannircleuser, you can mount its partition in linux and then copy the stuff you need01:54
Fusedjrib: No, there is only one in /usr/local/bin.01:54
ircleuserdo i just have to give up on one partition?01:54
b3z3rk3rso u want to use an ubuntu disk to boot, so u cant rescue your files ircleuser?01:54
doggymenzwhen is alpha5 announced?01:54
jribFused: try moving the ~/.fluxbox to ~/.fluxbox.old and see if it still happens.  If it does, there's something up with your compile01:54
AliAkgunCan you explain me logic how must I install SpamAssassin smtpgateway in windows Exchange network.01:54
SpacyJordan_U: Basically same result in dash "Not found" - ls works ok. - even though it should not matter: PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin01:54
Schuenemannircleuser, by give up you mean erase the partition?01:54
jribAliAkgun: where is ubuntu?01:54
ircleuseri want to stop using windows all together01:54
ircleuserbut the documents on there i would like to save01:55
AliAkgunsmtpgateway will be01:55
moosenjrib: http://pastie.org/266380 this is my xserver listing, and under the device section it says "Configured Video Device" which is a little confusing to me. The card is an integrated intel 855GM, and the video modules I see loaded are intel_agp and agpart01:55
ircleuserand open using wine01:55
Jordan_USpacy: That is truly bizarre01:55
Schuenemannircleuser, so, you have to mount its partition in linux and then copy the files01:55
Bogus8is it possible that an update to perl would screw up my irssi scripts?  this is all via apt?01:55
FusedOkay, jrib, Let me attempt it again.01:55
jribmoosen: don't know then.  You can check ~/.xsession-errors01:55
methodshow do i change settings like the timeout for my screen going darker on my latop ?01:55
Jordan_USpacy: Side effect of a rootkit possibly?01:55
FusedThank you, jrib.01:56
jribmethods: system -> preferences -> power management01:56
FusedIt works now.01:56
SpacyJordan_U: Thank you - I even thought i had unlearned 15years of linux use (cause of too much j2ee coding recently ;))01:56
jribFused: oh, ok cool :)01:56
FusedBe right back. Thank again, jrib.01:56
ircleuserschuenemon how do i do that without erasing the partition to install windows01:56
moosenhmm, jrib, this is interesting: I also have the i915 module running, though it's a intel 855GM01:56
moosenjrib: I'll check it out01:57
Schuenemannircleuser, check if isn't already mounted at /media01:57
methodsdoes suspend constitute powering down ?01:57
SpacyJordan_U: That was the first thing that came to my mind, too. But 1st it did run some hours ago - 2nd im sitting behind a ubuntu firewall server so that's somewhat unlikely01:57
ircleuserby booting from the hard drive?01:57
user_Where are all the programs stored?01:57
user_I mean all the applications01:57
user_Like, in windows there is Program Files?01:58
Schuenemannircleuser, no, use nautilus and open /media01:58
ircleuserdo i need to download nautalis first then01:58
Schuenemannircleuser, what OS are you using now?01:58
methodsjrib:  isn't there a better power manager... i forget hte name of it01:59
ircleuseri had windows01:59
Schuenemannthen how are you talking here?01:59
ircleuseri dont knoow how it happened01:59
jribmethods: not that I know of01:59
ircleuseron another comp01:59
Schuenemannand you have ubuntu on your comp?01:59
ircleuserdifferent computers (mac OSX)01:59
ircleuseri have ubuntu on a boot disk in my comp that had windows but can no longer boot using windows02:00
methodsdude my desktop keeps crashing using the live cd is this normal ?02:00
methodsi think it might be nx client02:00
Schuenemannircleuser, you mean you have a ubuntu live cd?02:00
SpacyJordan_U: And i guess a rootkit wouldn't block skype and leave everything else i tried till now untouched02:00
ircleusernot sure02:01
ircleusernew to linux02:01
user_Where are all the programs stored like Rhythmbox etc... like in windows there is Program Files?02:01
Schuenemannircleuser, what do you mean by "boot disk" ?02:01
Jordan_USpacy: It might, there might be a bug in whatever modification the rootkit made to hide its files02:01
ircleuserits an iso i downloaded to install ubuntu02:01
ircleuserand burnt to a cd02:01
Schuenemannis it on a cd?02:01
Schuenemannyes, that's a live cd02:01
jStefanircleuser, did you try taking the cd out?02:02
cortDoes anyone know where I can get some help with Thunderbird? I can't remember my gmail account which I am connecting to through thunderbird via IMAP. For whatever reason the IMAP part lost the password but the SMTP part didn't so I can send mail through my gmail in thunderbird but I can't receive it. Is there a way to view the saved passwords in thunderbird?02:02
Schuenemannso, you want to erase windows and install ubuntu, but you want to copy your files before doing that?02:02
ircleuserboot cd is windows lingo for a cd that the computer uses to start02:02
ircleusercan it be done?02:02
Schuenemannwell, yes...02:02
cilkaycort: No, there isn't. Just change your Gmail password using your browser.02:03
Jordan_USpacy: Have you tried chckrootkit just in case?02:03
SpacyJordan_U: Hm you're right - any good recommendation for a scanning tool?02:03
Schuenemannircleuser, I would use the livecd to boot ubuntu, then copy the files to a pendrive and then erase windows' partiton02:03
SpacyJordan_U: nope not yet - will do in a moment02:03
cortcilkay: I would if I could remember it :) catch 2202:03
kindofabuzzrkhunter or chkrootkit02:03
Schuenemannare there too many files?02:03
thorny_sunis there a faster way to do this:? 'cp blah.txt blah/blah/blah/blah/blah.txt; cd blah/blah/blah/blah' ? i.e. is there some quick way to cd down into the directory you just copied to?02:03
ircleuserone drive has 32 GB taken and the other 2402:04
ircleuserwhat do you mean pen drive?02:04
SchuenemannUSB flash drive02:04
Schuenemannor stick, or whatever it's called where you live02:04
ircleuserthen yes theres too many files02:04
cilkaycort: Let me guess, you don't have another email address associated with your Gmail account so you can't do a password reset either. If so, in the very unlikely event Google will reset the password for you, you're stuck. You might to try hypnosis. :)02:04
Picithorny_sun: not really... but remember that tab-complete works on the terminal, it makes things a lot faster02:05
jStefanircleuser, Schuenemann: or a removable USB hard drive?02:05
SchuenemannjStefan, or data traveler02:05
ircleuseri think i have an option02:05
thorny_sunPici: thanks-- was hoping for something faster than tab complete-- guess i could always create my own command that does both at once..02:05
Schuenemannircleuser, if you can copy them all to your usb stick, then it's done02:05
ircleuseri have 2 hard drives and an enclosure02:05
Schuenemannwhat does the second HD have?02:06
SpacyJordan_U: nothing found02:06
Jordan_Uthorny_sun: cd $(dirname $_)02:06
cortcilkay: I do but for what ever reason that email address is not receiving emails. It's a redirect to a work account. I was just hoping there was a quick fix to this mess. Like viewing saved passwords in Firefox02:06
hedgiehey, how can i search everywhere includeing within achieves?02:06
ircleuserthe primary has windows on it and more files than the second02:06
timmaoh.....!  I just.  You make me realize, Jordan_U.  Should I do a chmod 755 or 744 ?02:06
Schuenemannircleuser, the 2nd doesn't have any OS installed?02:06
ircleuserthats righty02:07
Schuenemannthen you can copy things to the 2nd02:07
taishi28012I'm having a problem setting up mpd/ncmpc.  I run "mpd --create-db" and it all goes good but when I fire up ncmpc there is nothing in the browse buffer.02:07
ircleusercant boot using the windows installation02:07
Schuenemannircleuser, you boot using ubuntu cd02:08
ircleuseris that in the first menu on the disk?02:08
SchuenemannI think yes02:08
Schuenemannstart or install, something like that02:08
ircleuserim gonna go try that02:09
ircleuserill be back if it doesnt happen02:09
cilkaycort: I've never seen such an option. The only thing that lets me see saved passwords is KWallet, which itself is password protected. The password reset email might be caught by your spam filter at work and ending up in a spam box somewhere.02:09
thorny_sunJordan_U: thanks!! that's a good idea!! didn't realize about $_02:09
Jordan_Uthorny_sun: np02:09
Schuenemannircleuser, is the 2nd comp next to you too?02:09
cortcilkay: I thought so but the setup for me lets pretty much everything through. I'll have the sys admin check in the morning. Is KWallet like password safe?02:11
Lollipopzmkdir for folder02:11
Lollipopzand for files?02:11
Lollipopzplease : )02:11
Spacyno kernel or bash hackerz here? xD02:11
jribLollipopz: touch02:12
Lollipopzyay thanks jrib!02:12
BabamI have an Q: My LiveCD has a file error, and is failing at 54% of the install, I was wondering if it was possible to run a install from within in the LiveDisk, but not using the live disk, but a installer saved to the hard disk.02:12
cilkaycort: You wouldn't know what isn't getting through, would you? Password reset emails look an awful lot like spam or a phishing attempt to dumb spam filters. KWallet is a means of storing passwords in a supposedly secure fashion in KDE.02:13
Jordan_USpacy: Might try ##linux02:13
BabamAny one?02:14
SpacyJordan_U: Whow you can read my mind ;) was about to ask for other server/channels :) haven't been on the irc for quite some time02:14
jwshello. trying to change fonts in eterm. eterm*font: doesnt work in xdefaults, just woundering if they is another alias02:14
jStefanBabam, are you installing using wubi?02:15
Babam@j: No, it's a fresh slate HDD , live disk is 8.04, it has a disk error, so if fails at 54% install, I was wondering if it was possible to run a installer stored on the HDD from with in the liveCD shell02:16
ircleusercant find how to boot from cd02:17
Schuenemannircleuser, what happened02:17
ircleuserwould that be mount and execute cd rom?02:17
Schuenemanndid you boot from cd? you have to restart your machine for that02:17
ircleuserthere doesnt seem to be an option to boot from cd without installing ubuntu02:18
BabamjStefan: Did you get all that?02:18
jStefanBabam, don't know how to help you. But if you already have the iso download, I suggest burining again, and try using validation if your burning software supports it02:18
Schuenemannircleuser, it should be the first... did you try it?02:18
ircleuserfirst is install ubunto02:18
jStefanBabam, a blank cd isn't too expensive these days :P02:18
BabamWell the iso happens to be gone, graah gonna have to re download it02:18
jrgpmy installer is stuck on creating ext3 file system for /, what do I do? I've got really important stuff on other partitions in that drive.02:18
Schuenemannircleuser, I think that is both start and install. Try it02:18
ircleuseri got there02:19
Babam<-- 15, no income, going to try Re Writing the disk (yay for RW's!)02:19
Schuenemannthere where?02:19
amenadojrgp-> you did make a backup before doing this thing right?02:19
branigincan somebody help me get xubuntu 8.10 alpha to stop saving sessions02:19
ircleuserthen it started continuing install02:19
ircleuserso i went to the main menu02:19
Daisuke_Idojrgp: it can take some time, especially if you're resizing another partition to make room02:20
Schuenemannircleuser, so it started ubuntu?02:20
ircleuserand followed the option "execute and mount cdrom"02:20
jrgpit has 2 partitions (/ and /home), the latter is huge, I'm deleting the former and creating two partitions in its place02:20
ircleuserit started the installation process yes02:20
jStefan!intrepid | branigin02:20
ubottubranigin: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!02:20
branigink thanks02:20
jrgp(it's stuck at 33% and not moving)02:20
Schuenemannircleuser, did it open ubuntu with an interface similar to windows?02:20
ircleuserblue red and grey you mean?02:21
user_Does anybody know how to make it so that at the top panel on the left it will say which program is active now like in Mac OS X? Like, if I am running pidgin, to say at the top left Pidgin?02:21
Schuenemannircleuser, I don't remember the colours exacly, but it shows the time on the right side, has a "start" menu, etc?02:21
christozwhat is the name of the "adobe pdf viewer" package?02:21
user_I saw it that they do it in themes, but I have no idea how :p02:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about adobe02:22
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)02:22
timmaJordan_U sorry.  what should I do?02:22
updatesQuestion: I use Xinerama in xorg.conf. I use 3 monitors and all Screen01, Screen02 RightOf Screen01 and Screen03 RightOf Screen02. When I move th cursor from Screen01 to Screen03, it's ok but cursor won't go back to Screen01, just Screen02 and 03. Anyway please?02:22
ircleuserits a lot more like DOS with colors02:22
user_lol :p02:22
Schuenemannircleuser, it's hard to say something without seeing... what was written on the screen?02:22
methodsthis middle mouse button on my laptop has 4 way switch how can i remap what the buttons do ?02:22
ircleuserat the begining?02:23
computerwhat is a good pdf editor?02:23
Schuenemannafter you chose install ubuntu, what happened exacly?02:23
Jordan_Utimma: Did you only change the permissions on / or did you change them recursively?02:23
SchuenemannI think it should start ubuntu with a GUI02:23
Daisuke_Idoupdates: can you set a screen as left of another screen?02:24
Daisuke_Idoperhaps having the primary monitor in the middle would help eliminate the issues, since after going from 2 to 3 it appears to forget there's a 102:24
timmaJordan_U "sudo chown 744 /" now my problem is the "bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Permission denied"02:24
ircleuserhave you installed windows before where you need to format a partition and its all kinda bluescreen-esque02:24
Daisuke_IdoSchuenemann: sounds like he grabbed the alternate install cd rather than the livecd02:25
SchuenemannDaisuke_Ido, oh... I never used that one02:25
ircleuseri think thats right02:25
SchuenemannDaisuke_Ido, is the alternated cd bootable?02:26
ircleuserso if i get a live cd i can boot to a desktop and move all my data without formatting02:26
timmaJordan_U I will have to restart in system rescue or something.02:26
timmaback in ten02:26
Jordan_Utimma: If you only changed the permissions for / then just "sudo chmod 0755 /", if you changed them recursively, re-install02:27
ScheissDrogen!alternate > Schuenemann02:27
ubottuSchuenemann, please see my private message02:27
SchuenemannScheissDrogen, I mean can you start ubuntu with it?02:27
Drako_manyone with a blackberry and use it as bt modem?02:27
Schuenemannoh... it's text-mode02:27
Schuenemannircleuser, I guess you'll have to download and burn the livecd02:28
ircleuserwhere can i get that?02:28
ScheissDrogenSchuenemann: also , but the repair options of the standard Installer i like better... shot grub ?02:28
usserJordan_U, cant u boot into live cd and chroot02:28
SchuenemannScheissDrogen, not me, he screwed up his windows and wants to save files before installing ubuntu02:29
SpacyJordan_U: a quick question - i've downgraded libasound2 to install libasound2-dev to compile kvm+qemu - to exclude that change from being relevant to my problem, i'd like to reinstall the newest version of libasound2, but apt-get install tells me, i've already got the newest one? is 1.0.15-3ubuntu4 really it? (dpkg -l)02:29
ScheissDrogenSchuenemann: for that the alternate does fine, too02:29
SchuenemannScheissDrogen, but with no GUI?02:29
ircleuserill just get a live cd02:30
Schuenemannircleuser, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download02:30
Syco54645_AAOcasao: you around?02:30
ircleuserwhere can i download one fastest?02:30
casaoSyco54645_AAO: yes02:30
AgentZedHi folks, I'm about to install Ubuntu 8.04, but I have a wee question.  I have 3 hard drives in my PC, sdb and sdc are RAID'd together and are full of very important things, while sda is separate from the RAID and currently blank.  I want to install onto sda, but when I select 'New partition table' it tells me 'If you procede with creating a new partition table on the device, then all current partitions will be removed'.  I just want to be absolutely cert02:30
AgentZedrring to the blank drive, and isn't including the other two drives under the umbrella of 'all partitions'.02:30
ScheissDrogenSchuenemann: thats your decision, wherever use a terminal or a gui02:30
Syco54645_AAOcasao: incoming pm02:30
SchuenemannScheissDrogen, can the alternate use a GUI (nautilus, for example) without installing?02:31
ircleuserive been here02:31
ircleuseri cecked the box02:31
ScheissDrogenSchuenemann: yes02:31
SchuenemannScheissDrogen, how can he do t hat?02:32
ScheissDrogenAgentZed:simply unplug the full ones.. lol 200% shure02:32
PiciSchuenemann: The alternate CD is not a LiveCD.02:32
musikgoatAgentZed: ^^ agreed02:32
SchuenemannPici, so he cannot do it?02:32
ircleuserso i download that02:32
musikgoatAgentZed: you can also look at first detected in bios02:32
ircleuserburn it to CD02:32
PiciSchuenemann: Correct.02:32
ircleuserand boot up form there02:33
Schuenemannircleuser, yes, but do not check that box02:33
ircleuserthen i can transfer all my windows data to one drive?02:33
Schuenemannyes, exacly02:33
timmaokay Jordan_U what is your solution?  I did "sudo chown 755 /"02:33
ircleuserive been meaning to switch to an open source os for years02:34
Schuenemannyou'd better come here when you have it burnt02:34
AgentZedWell, the other two HDs have Windoze installed on them, so I need them plugged in for Grub to get set up properly.  I think.02:34
Jordan_Utimma: Did you only change / or did you do a recursive change ( when you first changed it to world writable ) ?02:34
ScheissDrogenircleuser:for pure live - cds knoppix is very handy02:35
Jordan_USpacy: Yes, that's the newest version02:35
komputesScheissDrogen: what do you mean by "pure" ?02:35
ircleuserso i use the knoppix to save data and the alternate to install later?02:36
timmaJordan_U only /02:36
timmaJordan_U I did 744 at first and everything slowly stopped working02:36
AquahallicEvenin' folks02:37
ircleuserby  pure live you mean it is live cd only right?02:37
ircleuseron knoppix?02:37
Aquahallicif I have a drive in a machine and I'm not sure what filesystem is on it.. what's the easiest way to determine this via CLI??02:37
Schuenemannknoppix can be installed too02:37
ScheissDrogenkomputes: I found it to often have even bigger hardwaresupport out of the box , and yes special designed for that02:37
SchuenemannAquahallic, fdisk -l02:38
* Schuenemann wishes he had a canonical store near him02:40
updatesDaisuke_Ido, i also tried screen01, screen 02 LeftOf screen01, screen03 RightOf screen0102:40
timmaJordan_U thank you02:41
AquahallicWHOAH... my /dev/sdb shows it doesn't have a valid partition table.. yet I'm able to read files off it... I "believe" I set this up with xfs.. is there a way I can check this disk?02:41
Daisuke_Idoupdates: yeah, that would have been about my only suggestion :\02:41
updatesDaisuke_Ido, thanks anyway :)02:42
PhrosbyteI am using Nvidia X server and I have 2 X screens. I would like a specific application (MythTV) to always open in X Screen 1, and make it the active window. Any command options I could add?02:42
powertool08I generated new ssh keys with "ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key" and upon restarting sshd it says it could not load the host key. How do I find out why its failing?02:42
quaalhave any of you imaged a linux install and then installed it in a vmware session02:43
qr_Phrosbyte: do you have 2 X servers running or just two displays with a single server?02:44
_Zeus_quaal: no02:44
`hedgiehow do u search using multiple terms using the built in search is it "*.jpg *.gif"02:45
_Zeus_`hedgie: in what?02:45
Phrosbyte2 X servers running sorry02:45
quaal_Zeus_, think its possible?02:45
_Zeus_quaal: yes02:45
`hedgiejust the search for files thing02:45
quaal_Zeus_, I was planning on using clonezilla02:45
_Zeus_`hedgie: i think so02:45
qr_Phrosbyte: you should be able to do DISPLAY=theoneyouwant commandtostartmythtv to get it to start in the Xserver you want02:45
_Zeus_!locate | `hedgie02:46
ubottu`hedgie: locate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb02:46
_Zeus_just type locate .jpg02:46
SephrI've been looking for an ubuntu 8.04.1 64bit torrent that has at least 100 seeds, does anyone know of one?02:47
jerroldim looking for a way to show the login/welcome screen after x mins of inactivity - say 5mins screensaver 10mins login screen - any help would be appreciated02:47
_Zeus_Sephr: why don't you just download it without a torrent?02:48
mibanyone knows where to install Graphviz02:48
Sephrbecause the downloads always give out at around 2gb for me02:48
mibim using fesity02:48
_Zeus_!info graphviz02:48
ubottugraphviz (source: graphviz): rich set of graph drawing tools. In component main, is optional. Version 2.16-3ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 385 kB, installed size 1048 kB02:48
* Sephi goes back to watching fma02:48
_Zeus_Sephr: you're using IE aren't you02:48
_Zeus_really? huh02:48
_Zeus_use wget02:48
Sephrwell I'm using downthemall on fx302:49
mibi try sudo apt-get install graphviz but coundt found02:49
Sephrmight be a problem with downthemall02:49
_Zeus_mib: run sudo apt-get update02:49
Sephrwell anywho, my question wasn't how can I get a good direct download, it was where I can get a good 8.04.1 64bit iso torrent02:50
mibZeus: ive done that02:50
Schuenemannmib, try apt-cache search graphviz02:50
_Zeus_Sephr: no idea02:50
jStefanSephr, i find the ubuntu torrents more reliable then direct, but i always download my images on release day :D02:50
ShinjinAkageI have Java installed on my computer and it works but firefox won't use it for some reason. Can someone help?02:50
mib Schuenemann: ive try the cache and it prints out something02:51
Schuenemannmib, prints out the correct package name?02:51
_Zeus_ShinjinAkage: what makes you think it works?02:51
Schuenemann!pastebin | mib02:51
ubottumib: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:51
Sephrjust a general search for the terms ubuntu 64bit give almost no results on all torrent sites02:51
ShinjinAkageBecause I've used the java enviroment to run a downloaded java application.02:52
SchuenemannShinjinAkage, I think you need to create a symlink to a .so file02:52
Jordan_UShinjinAkage: Do you have the FF plugin installed?02:52
musikgoatSephr: ubuntu provides a torrent file02:52
Sephrmusikgoat: with 3 seeds02:52
Jordan_U!java | ShinjinAkage02:52
ubottuShinjinAkage: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:52
Aquahallicif I have a drive with xfs file system on it.. and I do a fdisk -l and it comes back as does not have a valid partition table on it... is there a way I can repair with without any data loss... I can read and write the drive right now...02:53
musikgoatSephr: check linuxtracker?02:53
ShinjinAkageI already installed that...02:53
Schuenemannmib, it doesn't seem to be any of them02:53
cilkayAquahallic: The obvious thing to do is to get the data off that disk ASAP then fiddle with it.02:53
_Zeus_Aquahallic: I would recommend copying all the files off then formatting and putting it back in02:53
mibgraphviz-cairo ?02:53
_Zeus_crap ninja'd :-P02:53
* Aquahallic knew that was coming....LOL02:54
_Zeus_mib: go to System > Administration > Software Sources02:54
Aquahallicyeah.... well.. time to tax the network...:P02:54
SchuenemannShinjinAkage, go to the jre directory. There should be a libsomething.so file02:54
_Zeus_mib: and enable all 4 checkboxes on the first page02:54
jerroldim looking for a way to show the login/welcome screen after x mins of inactivity - say 5mins screensaver 10mins login screen - any help would be appreciated02:54
_Zeus_jerrold: hmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,02:55
ShinjinAkageWhere does java install?02:55
jerroldim hoping its even possible - i dont see why not - but im having a hell of a time finding something useful on google02:55
Sephrfound a 2xx seeded ubuntu 64bit on linuxtracker02:56
SchuenemannShinjinAkage, /usr/lib/jvm/02:56
Schuenemannmine is /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/plugin/i386/ns702:56
IMTheNachoMandoes anyone know of a custom live cd/install for linux for a macbook pro?02:57
ShinjinAkageSchuenemann: I have that file. What am I supposed to do with it now?02:57
_Zeus_jerrold: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-530973.html02:58
SchuenemannShinjinAkage, create a symlink to it under ~/.mozilla/plugins02:58
mrpI am trying to connect my ubuntu box to a Cisco router via serial ports.  But dmesg shows no serial ports being detected.  What can I do to debug?02:58
DEViUSi need help, my webcam stopped working in linux (but works in windows) after a while of installation02:58
_Zeus_mrp: why are you using serial to connect to a router?02:58
Schuenemannthe file name is libjavaplugin_oji.so02:59
mrp_Zeus_, Because I don't know the IP address of it and it isn't connected to anything, so I'm going into its console port.02:59
magichereHey , guys , How to re-identify the hal   usb disk , and send the message to dbus ?02:59
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DEViUSplz, i need help, my webcam stopped working in linux (but works in windows) after a while of installation03:00
jaakkomedoes anybody know how to force ping return its "unknown host" error to a file? "ping something.com > else.log" doesn't work03:02
DEViUSanyone plz, i need help, my webcam stopped working in linux (but works in windows) after a while of installation03:02
jerroldzeus: thanks much! ill look into that :)03:02
qr_jaakkome: ping whatever 2>&1 > file03:02
jaakkomeif it finds the host, it writes to the file with that command obviously03:02
mgolischjaakkome: errors are printed to stderr and > only redirects stdout03:02
qr_jaakkome: 2>&1 merges stderr into stdout03:02
DEViUSanyone who can help me re-install my webcam03:03
jaakkomeaa, that's just what I needed, thanks!03:03
komputesDEViUS: what do you mean by "stopped working"03:04
daaaman64Is there a way to reset X without reseting my session?  Currently I'm using ctrl-alt-backspace and it kills my session.03:04
scientusany "email stacks" so you dont have to install everything and configure it03:05
scientusjust does the whole thing in a few clicks?03:05
DEViUSkomputes: i used it for a while then, without reason it dosen't function anymore with cheese03:05
daaaman64scientus, well then how's that?03:05
l3dthis may be a stupid question but is it possible to use  a screensaver as a wallpaper?03:05
komputesDEViUS: does it work with skype or VLC?03:05
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
scientus? daaaman6403:05
_Zeus_l3d: Take a SS of the wallpaper03:06
komputesDEViUS: what make/model cam03:06
DEViUSkomputes: let me check03:06
daaaman64scientus, ou weren't talking to me apparently. Sorry03:06
DEViUSkomputes: Acer Crystal Eye (Bison)03:06
scientusdaaaman64, yeah they go hand in hand daaman unless you do thuff in the ttys03:06
l3d_Zeus : well and also make it animated03:06
scientussome programs--geidt, firfox can resume sesisons though03:06
daaaman64scientus, thanks!03:06
komputesDEViUS: i take it that's an integrated cam on a laptop?03:06
scientusany "email stacks" so you dont have to install everything and configure it03:07
scientusjust does the whole thing in a few clicks?03:07
DEViUSkomputes: indeed it is03:07
scientusshould be easy cause its so common03:07
DEViUSkomputes: it dosent work in neither skype nor vlc03:07
komputesDEViUS: try installing VLC then do Open > Capture Device and change the device to /dev/video003:07
jaakkomeqr_: I still seem to be doing it wrong :(03:08
DEViUSkomputes: i have vlc installed and tried but with failiure03:08
komputesDEViUS: it should already be on /dev/video, you just need to change it to /dev/video0 (zero not O)03:08
wersis intel GMA X3100 good enough for pcsx2? :D03:09
PenolHow to download everything from a FTP to /home/range/files03:09
jaakkomeI even tried pasting your line and it doesn't do anything differently from my earlier attempt03:09
komputesPenol: what ftp program do you want to use?03:09
DEViUSkomputes: there dosent seem to be any "video" entry under "dev"03:09
mahnamahnahi, i set up my hauppauge 950 tv tuner, using the linuxtv.org drivers, i got the analog tuner working, but it is without sound, I can't use the conventional sox fix because there is no dsp103:09
Penolkomputes: the client in terminal03:10
qr_jaakkome: interesting ... I can't get it to work either with ping.  I'm not sure what's going on actually, I've never had a problem doing this before.03:10
marculeshi there03:11
Aeron_wwapi go the Ubuntu 8.04 cd in the mail today.  Is there an easy way to "upgrade" from 7.04 using the cd?  i have my stuff backed up on another dvd03:11
Sladehey marcules03:11
_Zeus_Aeron_wwap: no03:12
_Zeus_Aeron_wwap: if you want to update, use update-manager -d03:12
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:12
T2hello, i have a problem with sound on ubuntu, i can hear sound on firefox, but not mp3's from cd can anyone help please?03:13
_Zeus_!info lame03:13
ubottulame (source: lame): LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.97-0.0 (hardy), package size 268 kB, installed size 728 kB03:13
DEViUSkomputes: this is as far as i can get          http://pastebin.com/d709340703:13
_Zeus_install lame, T203:13
* Dragon_Master takes a deep breath03:14
stavrosi'm new to this (Linux) i more use to microsoft03:14
marculeshuhu Slade :D03:14
Dragon_MasterI need help getting firefox to detect java03:14
jaakkomeqr_: ping something 2> file seemed to work though...03:14
DOT3CHanyone know how to get the window tray back up on the bottom of the screen in gnome after its been removed03:14
T2Zeus: is there a prepackaged one in ubuntu03:14
joustin right clik on top panel and choose add panel03:14
joustinerr new panel03:15
=== brobison is now known as grayeul
qr_jaakkome: ahh, try ping something > file 2>&1 , that seems to work for me.03:15
qr_jaakkome: apparently order is important here.03:15
XangDOT3CH: In a panel on the bottom?03:15
stavrosanyone knows how do use aircrack03:15
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
XangDOT3CH: Right click and select "Add to panel.."03:15
luquiI'm trying to remove nautilus from my gnome session (by setting its style to trash), but it keeps coming back!03:15
DOT3CHno no, the entire bar03:15
SchuenemannDragon_Master, you have to make a symlink from /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin_oji.so to ~/.mozilla/plugins03:16
joustinang that works if the panel is there, click on the exsisting panel and choose new panel03:16
luquii.e. set its style to trash, log out, log back in (and it's not there), log out, log back in (it's back!)03:16
luquihow do I get rid of it!?03:16
Dragon_MasterSchuenemann, I already did03:16
arvind_khadrihi, does SQUID have GUI??03:16
XangDOT3CH: RIght click the top panel and select "New Panel"03:16
SladeDOT3CH: click on the bottom and click New Panel03:16
DEViUSkomputes: are we going to solve this?03:16
DOT3CHXang: ok that worked i think03:16
Sladeand move the panel to the bottom, then Right click on thew new panel, and click Add To Panel  to add the things you want to add03:16
komputesDEViUS: trying03:17
SchuenemannDragon_Master, and?03:17
jaakkomeqr_ great, now it's doing just what I wanted (and I learned something) thanks again!03:17
XangDOT3CH: Then what Slade said :)03:17
DOT3CHXang: i meant the actuall bottom bar that docked windows just like in windows xp03:17
Dragon_Masterwhy do you think I'm here for this ;)03:17
qr_jaakkome: cheers!03:17
DEViUSkomputes: as far as i understood there isnt any /dev/video0  nor03:17
SchuenemannDragon_Master, are you sure java is working?03:17
DEViUSkomputes: any /dev/video03:17
XangDOT3CH: That is a combo of a bottom panel and an addon called: Window List03:17
SladeDOT3CH: we just told you. When you click Add To panel there's a thing for window lists03:17
komputesDEViUS: you are correvt03:18
DEViUSkomputes: how can we create/make these properly03:18
DEViUSkomputes: as in character devices03:18
komputesDEViUS: well the driver (usually video4linux) takes care of detecting and creting the device03:19
Sladeluqui: how are you setting its style to trash? and also, is this a theme?03:19
komputesDEViUS: is there a switch or keyboard function key that turns the webcam on/off ?03:19
luquiSlade, using gnome-session-properties03:19
luquiSlade, is what a theme?03:19
DEViUSkomputes: no there isn't03:19
tarelerulzWhat is good transcoder with a gui ?03:20
Sladeluqui: your nautilus style. Did you download it from gnome-look.org or something similar?03:20
komputestarelerulz: acidrip03:20
DEViUSkomputes:  something went wrong recently, is it possible to have   v4l   reconfigure the webcam or something like that03:20
luquiSlade, ... nautilus... style?   I did install a theme, maybe that's it.  But I think it's just a gtk theme.03:20
tarelerulzKomputes , is that for  ripping movies or converting .avi you all ready have ? I want it for the ipod03:21
Sladeluqui: you may want to try using another theme and see if it fixes the problem. if it does, you may even know where to go from there so you can use the previous theme without it affecting nautilus.03:21
cloroxcowboy"DCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 0"03:21
christozI'm looking for a good shell-script book (or e-book) for beginners, any suggestions?03:21
komputestarelerulz: both, rip DVD or convert video03:21
luquiSlade, okay thanks03:21
Schuenemannwhy does ubuntu refer to my hard drives as sda, sdb and not hda, hdb?03:22
Sladeluqui: no problem. If you're trying to get rid of nautilus all together, what do you plan to use?03:22
IMTheNachoManSchuenemann: are they serial ATA ?03:22
luquiSlade, xmonad ;-)03:22
Schuenemannnope IDE03:22
IMTheNachoManSchuenemann: word...i dont know03:22
joustinisnt that a good in the current kernal that causes that?03:22
joustingoof i meant03:22
komputesSchuenemann: there was a change at some point and even IDE disks stared being labeled as SCSI  disks, i ask myself why as well, but al least now it's always standard...03:22
mahnamahnahi, can someone help me get my hauppauge tv-tuner working?03:23
qr_Schuenemann: newish kernels like to call all kinds of things sdx instead of hdx ...03:23
Sladeluqui: your other option, tho IMO undesirable is to uninstall nautilus and install xmonad. Create a symbolic link of xmonad and call it nautilus.03:23
Sladeluqui: ie: ln -s /usr/bin/xmonad /usr/bin/nautilus03:23
luquiyeah, first, that's system wide, and second, eeww :-)03:23
Schuenemannhow would the usb sticks be referred now? sdc?03:24
luquitrying your suggestion Slade03:24
Sladeluqui: hence why i said undesirable :)03:24
Dragon_MasterI hate java atm03:25
SchuenemannDragon_Master, is java working or not?03:26
morningwalkerAre there really no graphic drivers for VIA Unichrome graphic card??03:26
Schuenemannthen how do you expect it to work with firefox?03:27
Dragon_Masterits not being detected03:27
Schuenemannis it installed?03:27
Dragon_Masterits installed03:27
Schuenemannand it doesn't work03:27
Schuenemanntype java -version03:28
amthi, my ethernet connection is not working. I have a toshiba P305-S8842. I tried posting in the ubuntu forums but got no reply so far. ANy help would be appreciated.03:28
morningwalkeramt: is it a static ip address or dynamic ip address??03:29
Theanyone knows about aircrack????03:30
Schuenemannnew drug?03:30
amtmorningwalker, i connect to a LAN, so i supposed static? i am not sure03:30
morningwalkeramt, static ip or dynamic ip??03:30
sudobashso I have an alienware laptop with an SD card plugged in and it will mount and start to read from it but then it locks up and cant read the files... when I try to cp the pics to desktop from bash it tells me there is i/o error... but it will cp like 1 random pic and not the rest... it reads from windows but not from here... and when i try to mount it says superblock error... but it will work with -t vfat -f03:30
Dragon_MasterI installed it manually03:30
hydroponicsI have a question about the Ubuntu graphic settings...03:31
morningwalkeron the gnome panel there is a network icon with is resembled by 2computer one before the other.03:31
Slade!hi stylianos03:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi stylianos03:31
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:31
stylianosIs there a way to get cairo-dock running as soon as i login through my account?03:31
freakachuhey everyone03:31
SchuenemannDragon_Master, what does java -version tell you?03:31
morningwalkerjust follow that03:32
Dragon_Masterculd not find it in these packages03:32
morningwalkerif you can be patient enough i am already making a tutorial for internet config, purely for static ip address03:32
Dragon_Masterbut it is installed03:32
Sladestylianos: yes, go to System, Preferences, Sessions03:33
Sladeadd it there03:33
amtmorningwalker, when i connect the ethernet cable, the little lights don't even blink, so i'm not sure if this is connection configuration03:33
stylianosslade: oh, thanks! :D =]03:33
Sladestylianos: you're welcome03:33
=== The is now known as XXX
mahnamahnahi, anyone have time to help with a tv-tuner issue?03:34
arvind_khadriamt, try sudo dhclient eth003:34
Ven]n^is dell's ubuntu version available to the masses?03:34
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T2hi whats a good mp3 player on ubuntu03:34
arvind_khadriT2, there are dozens of them03:35
=== Guest33154 is now known as xxx
powertool08how do I generate new openssh host keys?03:37
laserbeaki'm a windows noob03:37
T2arvind_khadri: can you list a few03:37
laserbeakand i'm using linux now03:37
arcfideHello all, I'm having trouble finding an i386 library for libcurses so that I can run an i386 app on x86_64. Can anyone point me to the right way?03:37
pldany of you guys are watching the Republican Convention?03:37
P0iS0NiVYGo Obama :D03:38
ubottuPlease take political discussion to ##politics. Thank you!03:38
almondbrotlistening on the radio03:38
laserbeakbut i'm trying to install the latest ubuntu03:38
laserbeakfrom my hd03:38
laserbeaki found an example03:38
laserbeakbut i'm using suse03:38
laserbeakand it's an example for ubuntu03:38
ech0dishI am having an irq conflict when I boot up, conflict is between ndiswrapper and something else that i am not sure of. i have blacklisted f32 and ssb and had ndiswrapper added to modules but now it is conflicting. is there any way i can add ndiswrapper to auto launch after i log into my gui?03:39
T2how can i install iTunes in ubuntu?03:39
laserbeakwhat's the difference between hda and sda?03:39
almondbrotT2: itunes doesn't run on linux03:39
LinuxMercedesT2--the only way you can do that is by using wine03:39
qr_laserbeak: 11 letters03:39
laserbeakthat was good :)03:40
jStefanarcfide, did you try package ia32-libs ?03:40
LinuxMercedesT2: and it doesn't work all that well, IMHO03:40
Dragon_Masterwhen I installed iTunes on Wine (Kubuntu) it was going nuts03:40
laserbeakqr_ but what's that mean03:40
almondbrotlaserbeak: hd* is IDE and sd* is SCSI (not necessarily for real, but using the interface)03:40
LinuxMercedesDragon_Master, that's my experience as well =[03:40
Dragon_Masterlike black screens03:40
Dragon_Masterand all03:40
komputesLinuxMercedes: you got itunes to work through wine? what version of itunes?03:40
qr_laserbeak: seriously though, it used to be hdx was for IDE drives and sdx was for SATA, but newish kernels like to call most everything sdx regardless03:41
ech0dishhad to disable the wifi adapter in the bios to boot up03:41
Dragon_Masterkomputes, its screws up though03:41
laserbeakoh ok03:41
laserbeakyeah i suspected that cause i have SATA03:41
LinuxMercedeskomputes, IIRC it's something like 7.6.  I don't use it at all now, since my iPod died03:41
laserbeaknext question is why is there sda5 and sda7??03:41
almondbroti have SATA, too, i had to change the mode to RAID from IDE, otherwise it wouldn't load linux at all03:41
laserbeakthere are 2 partitions and a swap03:41
Dragon_MasterLinuxMercedes, I stepped on my iPod Touch03:42
scribawfWhere do I find Printer Compatability listing for Linux?03:42
LinuxMercedesDragon_Master, ouch!03:42
Dragon_MasterIT still works03:42
komputesLinuxMercedes: Dragon_Master: I'm moving away from iBloatTunes since it's now like 80MB and started out being like 4 or 7 mb03:42
Dragon_Masterkomputes, because you have to get QuickTime too03:42
LinuxMercedesYeah, iTunes is horrible03:43
jStefan!print | scribawf03:43
ubottuscribawf: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:43
LinuxMercedesI tried downloading it on dialup and gave up =]03:43
Dragon_MasterI think Amarok can sync an iPod03:43
scribawfubottu: Thank You03:43
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:43
komputesLinuxMercedes: Dragon_Master: all i want is a quick mp3 player, it doesn't offer me that any more... but i have ratings and playlists that I want to bring in, that's whats really stopping me03:43
almondbrotno matter how crappy it is, iTunes' playback is pretty good03:43
almondbrotother audio software (on my mac) used to produce audio dropouts under heavy load, itunes never did03:43
Dragon_Masterkomputes, Creative Zen =P03:43
Wop1995can some one help me please?03:44
Dragon_Masterthat should work03:44
komputesDragon_Master: nono not an mp3 player, an mp3 program...03:44
LinuxMercedeskomputes: I use Rhythmbox03:44
Wop1995I need to make a visul basic program compile03:44
Dragon_MasterAmarok, or Kaffiene is my faves03:44
komputesDragon_Master: Amarok is ok, hate the side pane03:44
Dragon_Masterbut for non saved playlist03:45
Dragon_MasterI use VLC03:45
komputesDragon_Master: kind of like the logic behind itunes, kind of like how rhytmbox displays the library and the playlists... at the same time amarok has awesome plugins03:45
zelrikriandoI have no more sound03:45
Wop1995make it work please03:45
eetfunkhello all.  I have 80 gigs of data I want to archive, compress and span into 100 meg files.  What would be the best tool for that?  I think tar can't split into different files when compressing.  I don't want to use split after creating a huge archive either, it'll be too slow and too big.03:46
scribawfubottu: U still Here?03:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about u still here?03:46
jigphello if i have installed something and its not working or with errors , ill just rm -rf the folder?03:46
zelrikriandoThe mp3 are all giving error messages03:46
zelrikriandoand I dont get anymore sound03:46
komputeszelrikriando: is this a fresh ubuntu installation?03:47
Dragon_Masterkomputes, I <3 VLC03:47
laserbeakHere's my grub menu.lst file. i've tried to make a custom entry and have my initrd.gz and vmlinuz files along with the ubuntu .iso file in the /home directory on sda7 and i'm trying to show grub how to get to it  http://rafb.net/p/XZEWp652.html03:47
zelrikriandokomputes, not at all..03:47
Syco54645_AAOcan anyone tell me what the ubuntu kernel hacks are exactly?03:47
Dragon_Masterbeen using it since my Window's days03:47
Syco54645_AAOis there a list?03:47
zelrikriandokomputes, it didnt use to do that before...03:47
LinuxMercedesWop1995, that's Visual Basic, which is Windows only.  Don't expect any help from a linux channel.  If nothing else try #windows03:47
komputesDragon_Master: don't get me wron I effin' love VLC, but as a music library, not that great03:47
Dragon_MasterI know03:48
Dragon_Mastergotta reload everytime03:48
zelrikriandokomputes, it can only be an update or some random crash03:48
scribawfHave a KonicaMinolta Laser MC2300DL does not appear to be supported for Linux, any workarounds?03:48
Dragon_Masterwhat I do is put a folder called music in Documents, and turn the folders to playlist and use open directory03:48
Dragon_Masterlike...Music > 90's > Bands > Songs03:49
Dragon_Masterthen narrow down what I want and use open directory03:49
BrianMWso i've got problems, i'm sort guessing in usplash, but i've really no idea03:50
ahtmly2kis there opera browser for hardy heron 64? whts the command to download it?03:51
mahnamahnahi, can anyone help me fix my hauppauge tv-tuner? or point me in a better place to get help?03:52
BrianMW8.04, used wubi (after trying from cd itself, since i couldn't see anything).  wubi did fine installing + adding the boot option, boots up and gets to splash screen (think this screen:   http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/encryptedubuntuseventen-large_034.png)03:52
arcfideDoes anyone know how to get the 32-bit version of libcurses onto my Ubunto installation?03:52
BrianMWbut it never asks for password, the screen(s) just go dead and blank, one saying no input signal the other saying input out of signal range03:52
arcfideIt's an x86_64 machine.03:52
BrianMWany ideas?03:52
warp_spanybody have any good pointers on where to find backtrax for hardy heron?03:53
Slademahnamahna: try opera.com?03:53
_Tombacktrack is its own distro03:53
=== nima is now known as jeong-ho
warp_spsorry not backtrax but automatix?03:53
mahnamahnawait, what on opera?03:53
_Tomunless your speaking of something else03:53
TMNi'm about to install ubuntu using entire hard disk - should i defrag my existing ntfs partition before that or is it completely unnecessary?03:56
BrianMWperhaps due to the gpu, hd radeon 4850, i need to change the resolution?03:56
amenadoTMN-> no need,03:56
lazarus_lupineHey all, got a sound issue. On a fresh install of Kubuntu I have no sound. I switched from a soundcard to onboard sound, and checked my connections and audio cables. Ubuntu sees my soundcard and loads to correct driver but no sound!! anybody feel like helping? I'm using a Via chipset w/ the ac97 codec.03:56
warp_spjust looking for automatix for hardy heron.... any ideas?03:56
robert__does anyone know how to change the shortcuts in compiz?03:56
robert__every time i try nothing shows in the edit box and it says invalid03:57
wickedpuppyanyone knows whats r!:: prompt is???03:57
laserbeakwhy the hell am i killing myself over an hdd install when i have blank cds?03:57
robert__does anyone know how to edit the compiz shortcuts?03:57
=== XXX is now known as Guest88331
robert__does anyone know how to edit the compiz shortcuts?03:58
EagleSnuse compizconfig03:58
=== Guest88331 is now known as stavros
bubaphexhi all, any one able to tell me why i got this message when using apt-get install in terminal sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 003:58
robert__does anyone know how to edit the compiz shortcuts?03:59
_Tomcompiz... go to the settings manager (compizconfig), 2x click on the item, then check all the tabs, you'll see the shortcuts there. hope that helps robert__03:59
stavrosanyone knows about aircrack???04:00
_Tomrobert__ system, preferences, advanced desktop effects settings04:01
wickedpuppyanyone knows whats r!:: prompt is???04:01
_Tomstavros, aircrack is pretty intense to learn, google youtube aircrack and you'll find all you need to get started04:02
stavrosthe thing is i understand about aircrack only wap not wpa04:02
_Tomwickedpuppy, it sounds like you set the prompt to something nonstandard, restart your terminal and see if its still there04:03
_Tomor how did you get to it?04:03
wickedpuppy_Tom, i am helping someone and he got that prompt ... i have never seen that before so i am seeing if thats a program/language prompt like python prompt04:04
stavrosfirst of all i bought the acer aspireone04:04
stavrosthen i got ubuntu installled04:04
stavrosthen i installed aircrack04:04
djhashwhat is a GUI program for sftp?04:04
stavrosfrom that on it is easy to be on the terminal doing the cammands04:05
robert__the rain effect don't work. i changed it to control space04:05
_Tomwickedpuppy I think you're friend set his prompt wrong, i would try the whoami command, if he is in another type of prog that wont work, standard shell should tell you who you are04:05
wickedpuppy_Tom, thanks for the tip04:05
_TomI hope its useful04:06
djhashok.. question worded wrong.. what program to use for sftp.. GUI.. (non terminal)04:06
wickedpuppythat might be it04:06
T2is anyone familiar with running synergy in ubuntu to control 2 complters?04:06
_Tomdjhash try gftp, I've heard good things about it04:07
_Tomdjhash I havent used it though04:08
djhash_Tom: thanks.. i'll give it a try04:08
* wickedpuppy seconds gftp04:09
wickedpuppy_Tom, his whoami returns root ... probably someone played with his prompt .. thanks04:09
jigphello how to play some file .ots ? vlc cannot recognize .ots files. (music)04:10
djhash_Tom: neat little thing.. not much for eye candy.. but sure will get things done.. :-)04:12
aroddmplayer might play them04:12
stavroshow to speed up ubuntu04:13
danbhfivestavros: buy a faster computer?04:13
VanessaEgood evening.  Question:04:13
=== foetus is now known as Guest11617
stavrosno no no is there a way04:14
sales_guyI went to system settings, entered administrator mode, told it duplicate display on second display device... it told me I needed to log out and restart xserver. I logged out, got a grey screen... nothing I could do from there, so I had to power the machine down. When powering back up the video keeps refreshing and refreshing but is unable to start so it goes to command line mode04:14
danbhfivestavros: whats going slow for you?04:14
VanessaEI have an Epson CX6400.  Memory cards work fine via it with Ubuntu (as USB mass storage)....except this new SD card I picked up.04:14
stavrosruning applications04:14
tj83hello all, I have added a secondary group to my main user... and upon reboot it now is not in the "sudoer" file, any suggestions to restore this?04:14
VanessaEprinter doesn't see it, computer doesn't show anything in dmesg that indicates that it can see it.  I think the card is merely unformatted, but how do I fix this?04:14
stavrosplus there is a problem with update manager04:15
danbhfivesales_guy: have you tried reconfiguring xorg?  to get back to normal?04:15
danbhfivestavros: whats the problem?04:15
aroddVanessaE mkfs.msdos04:15
sales_guydanbhfive: and that would be done how?04:15
stavrosok we04:15
VanessaEarodd: the computer doesn't even *see* the card, so I can't even fdisk, let alone mkfs.*04:15
foetus58I need a program like ARES, which one would be the better option?04:16
VanessaEthese SD cards confuse me :-/04:16
stavrosok when going to the update manager it doesn't do nothing04:16
OdditieCan anyone help me with something in OpenOffice? Is there anyway to change the way it rounds numbers? by default it rounds up, i need it to round down04:16
stavrosbut it shows there is an update04:16
ASrockok i used vmware in ubuntu with windows xp pro and used my external usb drive with it and the external hard drive hasent worked sence04:16
aroddvanessaE: unformatted cards will show up in dmesg04:17
danbhfive!xconfig | sales_guy04:17
ubottusales_guy: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes04:17
VanessaEaordd:  then my printer (which serves as the card reader) must be the issue :-/04:17
* VanessaE sighs04:17
aroddlsusb and look for the card reader on the usb bus04:17
danbhfivestavros: isnt there a button you can press to start the update?04:17
aroddto see that it's recognized04:17
VanessaEarodd: it is.04:18
Odditieactually i asked that wrong, I don't need it to round at all is the issue04:18
VanessaEOther types of cards (e.g. CF or SM) work fine with it.04:18
aroddyou should be able to mkfs.msdos /dev/sdc no?04:18
IdleOnestavros: you either click install or click on check for it to check the repositories again04:18
aroddno need to make a partition04:18
VanessaEeh?  /dev/sdc without a partition number????04:19
_Tomwickedpuppy I would of course, reccomend that he not use root as a primary account, and create a different, non administrative account for that stuff04:19
VanessaEok, I didn't try that04:19
Prosehaving trouble printing through samba. While shares can be accessed fine, but priting gives this error in CUPS: "Session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE"04:19
ahtmly2khelp... why cant i access opera's cache folder like i could on windows?04:19
stavrosyes but from there on it says three update so as i go on to update it it doesn't do nothing04:19
l0flsany one ere wanna help me with a completely non ubuntu related issue?04:19
ahtmly2ki typed the address and it wont go04:19
VanessaE/dev/sdc: No medium found04:19
Prosel0fls: what is it ?04:19
=== jimmygoon is now known as joejoejoe
aroddVanessaE: does the card have any read only mode04:19
wickedpuppy_Tom, he was from fedora and had a bad habit of logging in as root ... thats not fedora fault btw ... so no flaming here .. bad user habit04:19
danbhfiveOdditie: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/How_Tos/Calc:_FLOOR_function04:20
l0flsi need somone to read a 2 minute speach and give me a opinion04:20
VanessaEarodd: yes, but it is set for "unlock",04:20
Prosel0fls: pastebin?04:20
IdleOnel0fls: put it in a pastebin04:20
danbhfiveOdditie: see also the see also04:20
Proseand context ?04:20
Odditiethank you04:20
Prosel0fls: you gotta also give the context04:20
l0flswhats a pastebin?04:20
danbhfivel0fls: prepare to have several people tell you!04:21
=== Wek`Away is now known as YahWek
aroddVanessaE: try gparted to initialize the disk04:21
l0flsi had to intierview a kid for fundamentals of speach class and make a 2 minute speach about it04:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:21
joustinanyone know a dvd player that will actually work in ubuntu04:21
joustinwait let me rephrase that04:21
aroddVanessaE: set it as mbr04:21
l0flskk ill make a pastebin now04:22
joustinone that works with a disc that is set to region104:22
OdditieINT is what I was looking for, Thanks a lot dan04:22
Prosel0fls: it's a page http://pastebin.com/m558a494c04:22
Prosejoustin: isn't region1 North America04:22
VanessaEok...installing gparted.04:22
l0flsthats it there04:22
arodddidn't think of that04:22
l0flscan you guys pm me any ideas any critisim at all is helpfull04:23
sales_guywhat is the command line command to shutdown or restart the computer?04:23
VanessaEgparted does not show the card.04:23
l0flsany ideas to make it last longer too thats currently like 1:20 i need a full 2 minutres04:23
VanessaEjust my two hard disks.04:23
_Tom<joustin> try vlc, I think it runs on linux04:23
l0flsit does04:23
joustinit works fine, but it cannot play any disc that has copy protection, kinda sucks04:23
aroddi know i've done it before04:24
amanullausing this command i would like to configure my graphics card04:24
amanulla sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.config04:24
_Tom<joustin> well, i dunno then04:24
amanullai have cahnged something there but when im trying to save its showing this04:24
_Tom<sales_guy> shutdown -h no04:24
ahtmly2khelp... why cant i access opera's cache folder like i could on windows?  i typed the address and it wont go: /home/ahtmly2k/.opera/cache4/04:24
prince_jammysl0fls: exactly what does that have to do with ubuntu?04:24
Aquahallicevenin' folks....04:25
amanullaCould not save the file /etc/x11/xorg.config.04:25
amanullaUnexpected error: File not found04:25
Doonzcan someone help me with try to mount my raid array... not sure what the msg means http://paste.ubuntu.com/43484/04:25
HymnToLifeahtmly2k: where do you type the path?04:25
amanullawhat to do any one pls/04:25
Aquahallicis it normal to see a disk identifier as 0x0000000004:25
_Tom<sales_guy> shutdown --help04:25
Prosel0fls: whos this Nahliek dude ?04:25
l0flsprince_jammys: nothing i said that04:26
prince_jammysl0fls: so why are you pasting it here?04:26
amanullausing this command i would like to configure my graphics card04:26
amanulla  sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.config  i have cahnged something there but when im trying to save its showing this04:26
amanulla message  Could not save the file /etc/x11/xorg.config.  Unexpected error: File not found what to do any one pls/04:26
joustinevrything i try to enable dvd playback wont work04:26
l0flsProse: nahliek is a kid in my class i had to interview and write a speach about04:26
l0flsi need somone to read it and tell me what the think04:26
Armored_AzraelHow does one install 32-bit libs under 64-bit ubuntu?04:26
ahtmly2koops got it04:26
Prosel0fls: yeah it's an okay speech04:27
Armored_AzraelI can't get the latest WINE to build due to lack of 32-bit freetype.04:27
Prosel0fls: a little quitch but all speeches tend to do that :P :)04:27
hide1713hi. How could I update man page database. Now I can read man page by input full name.But I can't search man page by man -k04:27
l0flsProse: what do you mean by quitch?04:28
prince_jammyskitch. this isn't a channel for literary discussion.04:28
hide1713How to update man -k database?04:28
l0flssorrry jeeez04:28
amanullaalso when i closed it with out saving and reopened it its showing an empty file what to do?04:28
BrianMWcan anyone point me in the right direction for changing usplash resolution, perhaps updating initramfs (does update-initramfs -u sound good?)04:28
Armored_AzraelNevermind, I seem to have it. How does one change the library search path?04:28
prince_jammyskitsch, rather04:28
Proseprince_jammys: didnt know to spell that in english, I though french would do just fine04:28
l0flsthanks anyway guys04:28
prince_jammysProse: yeah, i messed it up too. it's a german word04:29
hide1713Hi. anyone can help me. I googled but couldn't find answer04:29
amanullaany one for mee?04:29
Prosel0fls: look up kitsch, I think youll understand.. it doesn't mean it's bad... aside from that it's a good short description of a standard ambitious guy04:29
hide1713How to update man -k database?04:29
aroddVanessaE: try parted from cli using parted /dev/sdc then using mklabel msdos04:30
Xcercawhats a good way to find out what location you have for each device (/dev/??), I'm trying to set up an IR receiver and i just need to fill the field in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf that says REMOTE_DEVICE=   ,  any tips ?04:30
aroddVanessaE: then you can add a new partition from parted cli also04:30
VanessaEError: Error opening /dev/sdc: No medium found04:30
arodddoesn't see the card for some reason04:31
aroddwell it can't be that its not formatted then...04:31
hide1713well. How to update man -k database. I try updatedb but can't work04:32
Armored_Azraelnvm got it04:32
aroddupdatedb is for locate04:32
hide1713ok. I didn't find makewhatis in my system04:32
hide1713arodd, What kind of tool to update man page database?04:33
Flannelhide1713: mandb is the command04:33
DabbuIn sun virtualBox i have created a "vbox0" network interface for root user,but when i restart my computer i have to create this again.i used the command  "  sudo VBoxAddIF vbox0 root br0" for creating the interface04:33
_Tomtheres only room enough for one tom here04:34
hide1713OK sudo mandb works04:35
hide1713Thanks guys04:35
CorbinFoxdoes gcc compile differently than microsoft visual studio?  i'm getting errors in gcc about my C code that i dont get in MS visual studio04:35
amanullaany one using VMWARE or WINE here/04:36
morningwalkerhow can i mount all my partitions on ubuntu04:36
_Tomavoid wine if oyu can04:36
Flannelmorningwalker: sudo mount -a04:36
VanessaEarodd: any other ideas?04:36
amanullamorningwalker:got o partition editor in system->administrator04:36
FlannelCorbinFox: Likely, yes.  If you want to come to #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss specific errors, or ##C04:37
aroddVanessaE: not really, i always thought of card readers as rather generic in their operation04:37
amanullamorningwalker:can u find it?04:37
VanessaEsigh :(04:37
_Tombut vmware is nice04:37
morningwalkerFlannel, i did run sudo mount -a04:37
amanulla_Tom:do u use vmware?04:38
aroddshould just prevent the block device04:38
morningwalkerbut i want the mounted permanently04:38
eydaimonif I go to Administration | network  and change settings, it doesn't work. I end up having to use ifconfig and route to set the IP. how come? what am I doing wrong?04:38
Flannelmorningwalker: You need to put them in your fstab04:38
meoblast001if im in ssh... how can i make a wget process start and then continue after i close the ssh session?04:38
morningwalkerflannel: guide me please?04:38
Xcercaif im trying to look at a device in the /dev/ folder is there a way to see what it is ?04:38
airtonixmeoblast001, with a program called screen04:38
aroddmeoblast001: use screen04:38
Flannelmeoblast001: You need to use screen or nohup04:38
EagleSncomo pongo applets bonitos en Gnome?04:39
meoblast001explain screen04:39
Flannelmorningwalker: Its /etc/fstab, and its actually fairly self explanatory.  What sort of partitions are these?04:39
EagleSnhay alguno que te muestre las fases de la Luna como en KDE4?04:39
airtonixscreen is like remote virtual terminals04:39
Xcercaim in /dev/input and did ls and i want to see what each one is04:39
aroddmeoblast001: apt-get install screen04:39
Flannel!es | EagleSn04:39
ubottuEagleSn: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:39
morningwalkerFlannel, NTFS partitions04:39
meoblast001arodd: nevermind.. my webmin has a downloading manager.. i can use that04:39
airtonixmeoblast001, screen is like having tabs on a ssh sessions...04:39
Flannel!ntfs-3g | morningwalker04:40
ubottumorningwalker: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions04:40
aroddmeoblast001: you would run screen on the remote host04:40
Flannelmorningwalker: that page will explain how to add them to your fstab04:40
FusedIf I wanted to dual boot OpenSUSE, I can just create another partition, install, reboot, and it should be in the grub menu. Right?04:40
powertool08when I generate new ssh host keys with a passphrase the key won't load, without a passphrase it works fine, why won't it accept the passphrase?04:40
aroddFused: probably not04:40
FusedHow can I get it to work?04:41
FlannelFused: You'll have to add it to your menu, the detection stuff only happens at install.04:41
aroddFused: you may need to create a custom grub menu.lst that points to both installs partitions/kernels04:41
Fusedarodd or Flannel: how do I go about doing this?04:41
lowluxwhy does firefox crash when i am using youtube.com or stickam.com it locks up and stops working... like a freeze? this has been happing for about 2 to 3 years and is getting worse.... i am using the latest Ubuntu..  Ubuntu needs to fix this.  and quit ignoring it.04:41
aroddlowlux: you can install the flash 10 beta which doesn't do this04:42
arooni-mobilehow do i edit a mp3 file on ubuntu hardy?  i want to cut off the end and then fade it out.  what software is easiest to do this?04:42
Flannellowlux: It's likely due to flash.04:42
Flannelarooni-mobile: Try audacity04:42
themoebiushey, half my music collection just stopped working and rhythmbox says "internal GStreamer problem; file a bug" How can I get more info?04:42
kbrosnanarodd: the flash 10 plugin should not be recommended till firefox 3.0.2 is released, there is a common crasher in 3.0.104:42
richal¿aqui no habla nadie español?04:43
Flannel!es | richal04:43
ubotturichal: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:43
eydaimonFlannel: any ideas?04:43
aroddFused: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Multi_Distribution_Boot_Howto04:44
aroddkbrosnan: there is a common crasher if you don't use flash 10 ;)04:44
aroddkbrosnan: comes down to usability, I haven't had mine crash yet, however flash 9 crashed all the time04:44
aroddkbrosnan: depends on the pages you visit I suppose04:45
kbrosnanarodd: no, flash 10 is bad for builds less than 3.0.104:45
cilkayFused: I didn't catch the beginning of the thread. Why do you want multiple distros? Are you evaluating? Running them as desktops or servers?04:45
aroddkbrosnan: which is the current version...no?04:45
kbrosnanarodd: 3.0.104:46
FusedI want to dual Ubuntu/OpenSUSE, just to see what OpenSUSE looks like.04:46
kbrosnanarodd: http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/2008/08/windowless_mode_fix.html04:46
cilkayFused: Why not try a live CD then?04:46
lowluxhow do i install flash player 10?04:47
l3dok I was wondering has any one used remastersys?04:47
FusedI am downloading the live CD of it, but I'm just wanting to find out, in case I do want to intall it.04:47
cilkayFused: Virtual machines are pretty for dealing with this too.04:47
aroddkbrosnan: As a reminder, Firefox 3.0.1 has a known crash problem with a wide variety of windowless mode SWFs.04:47
cilkaylowlux: Why does "Ubuntu have to fix this" when "this" has nothing to do with Ubuntu? It's Flash, which is a pain on *every* operating system.04:47
aroddkbrosnan: they must not be very common04:47
cilkayFused: I meant that VMs are pretty good for that use.04:48
kbrosnanarodd: also flash 10 on x64 is tricky from what i have heard. So checking what kernel people are running would be good too.04:48
kbrosnanarodd: mostly used in fulscreen flash video04:48
cilkayFused: E.g. virtualbox, VMWare Server (free) are a couple of options.04:48
lowluxohh the blame game.... why don't linux just come out with there own standard of flash.04:48
aroddlowlux: theora is the answer...04:49
FusedBe right back.04:49
kbrosnanlowlux: svg + <video>04:49
l3dok lets say my login window will not let me make any changes to it I mean it does work but it seems to be locked. its there a file i have to get write permissions for to change it ?04:49
danbhfivelowlux: this is a support room, you should ask your question in #ubuntu-offtopic04:49
powertool08why can't i create a new host key with a passphrase?04:49
EruditeHermithey, does anyone have recommendations for which laptop one should get?04:50
FlannelEruditeHermit: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the proper place to ask that04:51
AAApowertool08  you can, just hit enter at the prompt04:51
Greyspacebt3Dumb question, In the BIOS there are several options concerning SATA's Hard drives and I just got a new computer; and I am baffled by these SATA options,,, I have Three SATA drives of 750 GB's and I want to Duel boot Ubuntu and Vista, Does it matter how I configure the SATA drives in the BIOS?04:51
Bogus8how do I reset grub to load a previous kernel?04:51
eydaimonseriously, can noone help me with this? I would think this is pretty fundamental :/04:51
powertool08AAA: well I can generate one with a passphrase, but sshd won't load it04:51
AAAGreyspacebt3  linux will hook you up. don't sweat the bios04:52
danbhfiveeydaimon: whats this?04:52
FlannelBogus8: just select it in your menu.lst.  If you want to change the default, there's a 'default' selection in the menu.lst04:52
lowluxhell windows is more stable then this crap... ubuntu is getting worse then windows04:52
powertool08AAA: $ sudo ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key04:52
eydaimondanbhfive: if I go to Administration | network  and change settings, it doesn't work. I end up having to use ifconfig and route to set the IP. how come? what am I doing wrong?04:52
AAApowertool08  ssh-add /path/to/key04:52
aroddlowlux: seriously?04:52
Bogus8Flannel: I only have one :(04:52
eydaimondanbhfive: network settings, that is04:52
FlannelBogus8: You only have one kernel showing?04:52
FlannelBogus8: did you remove the old linux-image packages?04:52
Bogus8Flannel: that's how all other variations I've worked with had worked but I only have one her04:52
danbhfiveeydaimon: what version are you using?04:52
l3dok lets say my login window will not let me make any changes to it I mean it does work but it seems to be locked. its there a file i have to get write permissions for to change it ?04:52
powertool08AAA: I use that command, if I give it a passphrase then I get "Could not load host key" if I don't give it a phrase, it works04:53
Bogus8Flannel: no, I just did a recent apt-get04:53
phantomcircuitlowlux, you must be doing some very ridiculous shit04:53
Greyspacebt3AAA thanks,,, but what option did your choose04:53
Flannelphantomcircuit: Please watch your language04:53
FlannelBogus8: Do you have more than one kernel in /boot?04:53
AAApowertool08  check your ~/.ssh/config and see if you have something preventing that04:53
lowluxthey need to fix what is out now instead of releasing 8.10 9.00 10.0004:53
Bogus8Flannel: I have a initrd.img-2.6.24-19-server.bak04:53
Proseso why would a print share spit this out in cups when I try to print :"Session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE"04:53
Flannellowlux: Please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.04:54
eydaimondanbhfive: I just installed it now. 8.04 ?04:54
danbhfiveI've had stability issues with ubuntu too....   but it might be my wireless card, but STILL, it freezes my whole system04:54
AAAGreyspacebt3  I generally ignore those settings entirely04:54
FlannelBogus8: but only one actual image?04:54
AAAGreyspacebt3  YMMV04:54
Bogus8Flannel: I guess so04:54
GomoXI could use some help04:54
powertool08AAA: what would prevent it? example?04:54
FlannelBogus8: Uh, that's... different.  What problem are you having then, with said kernel?04:54
Flannel!ask | GomoX04:54
ubottuGomoX: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:54
GomoX1) i installed uswsusp and splashy and after removing the packages i lost the ubuntu splash screen04:54
danbhfiveeydaimon: sorry, i have no idea04:55
GomoXWould like to get it back :)04:55
phantomcircuitI want to make a list with checkboxes next to the list items in open office, how can i do that?04:55
Bogus8Flannel: well, an irssi script "broke" after a reboot and I'm trying to narrow down why04:55
AAApowertool08  not really sure, there shouldn't be anything in that config that would. it was just the first thing I thought of.   you said load into sshd. sshd is the server and doesn't give a damn about your keys. did you mistype?04:55
Greyspacebt3AAA, I bet you only have one SATA04:55
nnullanyway to to record desktop to a avi or other common viewable format?04:55
l3dok lets say my login window will not let me make any changes to it I mean it does work but it seems to be locked. its there a file i have to get write permissions for to change it ?04:55
Bogus8Flannel: here is what my apt log says about the kernel update http://www.pastebin.ca/119440104:55
cilkaylowlux: Obviously you haven't read "How to Make Friend and Influence People". You don't come into a support channel asking for *free* help for an OS for which you paid nothing and then whine about how bad it is, how Windows is better, how "linux should fix it", as if "linux" were some corporate entity that owed you something. You, sir, are an ignoramus.04:56
eydaimondanbhfive: alright. thanks for looking04:56
AAAGreyspacebt3  I have funky configs =p take my advice with a grain of salt.  linux _should_ do the right thing given you have kernel support which I assume you do04:56
eydaimondanbhfive: but that's how it's supposed to work, right?04:56
deokanoni guess it`s a bad time to ask a noob question04:56
powertool08AAA: I'm trying to generate a new HOST key, not a regular key, and when i restart the server it says it could not load the new key, unless I generate it without the passphrase. Do host keys not normally have passphrases and user keys do?04:57
cilkaydeokanon: Not at all.04:57
ekowHey does anyone know an effective method of speeding up the boot process?04:57
FlannelBogus8: Mmmm, its because the new one is the same... as the old one.  At least, version-wise.  They've switched to doing it that way, and I honestly don't know why.  You can copy the various .bak files to be ther own entries, and then do update-grub04:57
ckyleekow: overclocking to 5 Ghz?04:57
Greyspacebt3AAA How did your underline,, kewl,, What IRC program / application are you using04:57
eydaimonFlannel: how about you, any ideas?04:57
FlannelBogus8: a decent enough entry name would be 2.6.24-19-36 or something04:57
FlannelBogus8: that'd be plus whatever the other stuff was,of course.04:58
ekowckyle: What is overclocking?04:58
cilkaydeokanon: Most people are generally very nice when they ask and don't whine and their respect is returned with generous support and respect so feel free to ask for help.04:58
AAApowertool08  that sounds like a permissions issue.  I think you want the key to be 0600 (check me on that) see what ther perms are, they should be very conserved04:58
Bogus8Flannel: I tried to copy the top entry down to a 4th entry and just add the .bak to the end of the initrd line04:58
danbhfiveeydaimon: you would think.  Personally, once I get my netconnection setup, it doesnt change on me.  So I don't deal with it that much...04:58
AAAGreyspacebt3  most clients let your use '_'at the beginning and the end'_' like _this_04:58
Greyspacebt3let see _thank you AAA_04:59
prince_jammysGreyspacebt3: that was done by your client, not _his_ :)04:59
AAAGreyspacebt3  happy hacking :)04:59
* Greyspacebt3 thank you04:59
FlannelBogus8: Seems like a slim chance that a kernel upgrade would break an irssi script though, to be honest.04:59
eydaimondanbhfive: I know what you mean. I guess I have to figure out what files to change instead and just not rely on it04:59
ckyleekow: I said that somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Overclocking is setting the FSB or multiplier of your cpu to a value higher than it's rated for. Not recommended in most cases, except the occassional enthusiast.04:59
danbhfiveeydaimon: is it changing on every reboot?04:59
nnullanyway to to record desktop to a avi or other common viewable format?04:59
powertool08AAA: its not permissions because it works without the passphrase, changed them anyway but it didn't help05:00
Bogus8Flannel: well, I even created a new user and tried to run the script there and still same error... it worked one day and then power went out and my UPS is apparently shot so I had to "reboot" and after that I started getting the error05:00
eydaimondanbhfive: I've only booted once, but I don't imagine setting it with ifconfig/route would be persistent without saving the configs somewhere :)05:00
FlannelBogus8: did you fsck?05:00
ekowckyle: probably not the best idea for laptops eh?05:00
Bogus8Flannel: don't think so... it's headless so if it was a forced fsck I wouldn't have seen it05:00
AAApowertool08  ah! look at /etc/sshd/sshd_config (or whatever) and look for the setting that talke about the type of auth you wanna use.  I think that is the deal05:01
ckyleekow: correct05:01
cilkayckyle: Overclocking is a necessity because four 2.5GHz cores is simply not enough for Vista :)05:01
FlannelBogus8: alright, well, try that.  Since power outages do funny things.  sudo touch /forcefsck, and then reboot05:01
AAAcilkay  that is a simple fix. install linux or force your user to ;)05:01
_Tomthats not nice05:02
Bogus8Flannel: ok, well it's this box... so I'll give it a go and see... I actually have a monitor hooked up right now since that previous grub edit didn't work (reminds me that I need to go fix that ;) )05:02
deokanonah thanks cilkay... okay i installed kubuntu on my laptop, i created a partition ntfs and everything was going fine... but then the password that i setup for my user account didnt work.... so i decided to go back in my winxp OS in disk management and formatted every partition that had linux on it... and when i restarted my computer i get an grub error 17 stage 1.505:02
GomoXnnull: apt-cache search screencast05:02
nnullGomoX, will i be able to find it in synaptic or?05:02
Bogus8"I'll be back" ;)05:02
Flannel!screencast | nnull05:02
ubottunnull: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.05:02
danbhfiveeydaimon: I thought ifconfig saves its stuff in /etc/network/interfaces...05:03
arodddeokanon: you need to do a fixmbr from your xp install cd05:03
nnullty flannel, gomox05:03
cilkayAAA: But I won't be a l33t haX0r if I don't have a liquid nitrogen CPU cooler and RAM with laser cut heat sinks made of that rarest of alloys that all German cars are made of, Unobtainium.05:03
ekowI was thinking more along the lines of changing some kind of default settings to magically increase my boot up time significantly =)05:03
AAAcilkay  but you can pretend to be one on the internet!05:03
Greyspacebt3I have Three SATA drives, Windows sees all of them and wants me to configure them before I can USE ALL three SATA, forcing me to make a choice,,, to MIRROR and other configurations.. etc05:04
Greyspacebt3Ok, I'll do it the hard way and read05:04
AAAekow  hack your bios!!!05:04
powertool08AAA: I don't get it, my sshd_config was working fine, the only thing i've done is delete all my keys and try to generate new ones05:04
eydaimondanbhfive: looks like it's got good stuff in there. well, I'll see on reboot. I don't think my freebsd machine stores it anywhere, and it's been awhile since I used debian stuffs :P05:04
aroddGreyspacebt3: try not to initialize as dynamic05:04
AAAGreyspacebt3  step 1) remove windows05:04
Greyspacebt3AAA I am in College, I need windows05:05
AAApowertool08  and you restared sshd and it still pukes? did you turn on mad debugging? -ddd _I think_05:05
CycomGreyspacebt3: for what?05:05
ckylestep 2: burn your Windows cd and swear allegiance to lINUX05:05
Greyspacebt3Arood,, thank you for that05:05
AAAGreyspacebt3  bah!!05:05
cilkaydeokanon: I presume you want to boot into Windows now. You'll have to restore the master boot record so that Windows will boot. Grub is attempting to find a boot image on a partition that no longer exists.05:05
CycomGreyspacebt3: seriously. What do you need windows for?05:05
AAAGreyspacebt3  does your college have a citrix network with doze apps?05:05
Greyspacebt3CYCom, all the Electronic programs05:05
CycomGreyspacebt3: ah, bummer. Real applications.05:06
Greyspacebt3that the College requires05:06
Cycomwait, like for classes?05:06
AAAGreyspacebt3  make them give it to you over some middleware then05:06
Greyspacebt3Like for Circuit creation and more05:06
powertool08AAA: I've been starting it with sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start, how do I add -ddd to this?05:06
Cycomoh, ok05:06
deokanoncilkay tell how i go about that, ive tried the multiple boot menu and put in my xp install cd but nothing seems to work... i even tried network booting but i always end up on the screen where the erro 17 is displayed :(05:06
AAApowertool08  restart05:07
Greyspacebt3You have to pass knowing the Applications05:07
ckyleThere are several linux apps for circuit creation05:07
AAApowertool08  sorry05:07
TempusrnameHey i have a problem when i removed a UBUNTU harddrive from one machine and put it in another machine to boot05:07
Greyspacebt3I know,, they aren't on the College course list05:07
nullHead|busywhen's the new ISO supposed to be out?05:07
AAApowertool08  so just start sshd with option that run it in the foreground in debug mode, use the --help to find them05:07
FlannelGreyspacebt3: What sort of circuit creation are you talking about?  SPICE? Eagle?05:07
AAApowertool08  it will run in your term and you can see the details of the breakage05:08
FlannelnullHead|busy: For intrepid?  #ubuntu+1 for intrepid questions05:08
Greyspacebt3and they are very old.. Spice Eagel05:08
FlannelGreyspacebt3: spice is in the repos.  EAGLE is available for linux, although only in a bin I believe, you'd have to check cadsoft's page.05:08
Tempusrnamewhen i put a existing harddrive with ubuntu 7.10 installed into another box and booted it would boot find till it got to running local scrips it would just stay there and not move further in the boot. Should i reconfigure xorg?05:08
Greyspacebt3Microchip,,, workbench05:09
Tempusrnamefine^ not find05:09
AAATempusrname  edit your /etc/fstab and comment# out the drive that doesn't exist any more05:09
Greyspacebt3I have to reboot,,, there are tons of courses and software that must be used in the next four years05:09
=== Charitwo is now known as o_q
cilkaydeokanon: http://www.markwilson.co.uk/blog/2006/04/restoring-windows-xp-master-boot.htm found via: http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=restore+master+boot+record+windows+linux&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-805:09
Greyspacebt3I have tried wine and it doesn't always work05:10
AAAGreyspacebt3  ON LINUX!!! :)05:10
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:10
TempusrnameAAA i am right now in recovery mode so what exactly do i do? (i'm bad at terminal)05:10
deokanonhey cilkay.. thanks.. i jus talked to someone in the kubuntu channel and they told me exactly what you told me to do... thanks dude will do05:10
cilkayHave fun.05:10
AAATempusrname  ok. first lets see how you are set. touch /tmp/test05:11
cilkayGreyspacebt3: For those few Windows apps you might have to run, you can run Windows in Virtualbox or Qemu just fine.05:11
AAATempusrname  does that create a new file in the /tmp dir?05:11
Kira[work]good day05:11
TempusrnameAAA it gives me a permission denied05:11
powertool08AAA: I think I found it: debug3: Not a RSA1 key file /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.05:11
prince_jammysPeople have hard drives with tons of space nowadays. There's no reason they shouldn05:12
AAATempusrname  ok, you are prolly mounted in read-only mode05:12
AAApowertool08  sweet!05:12
cilkayGreyspacebt3: if you have a machine with the x86 virtualization extensions, VT for Intel, I forget what for AMD, you can run Windows at native speed using kvm and qemu.05:12
TempusrnameHow do i get out AA05:12
prince_jammys... 't install windows if they have it, and they want to.05:12
AAATempusrname  you need to mount your shit rw to fix this05:12
powertool08AAA: I want ssh2 tho so I don't want the rsa1 key05:12
TempusrnameHow do i get out AAA05:12
Kira[work]I'm reading an Apache + suExec + Fastcgi + PHP HOWTO here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34116405:12
AAATempusrname  hang with me, I'll tell you :)05:12
FlannelKira[work]: What's wrong with regular LAMP?05:12
Kira[work]The guy mentions "starter script", but doesn't say what file name I should give it.05:12
Greyspacebt3cilkay http://pastebin.com/m95a365005:13
AAATempusrname  mount -o remount, rw /05:13
TempusrnameAAA k, there is a 100% chance not to lose the files right? There is important pictures05:13
Greyspacebt3cilkay,, the perfect machine05:13
Legendarioevery time I turn on my computer, it uses gtk theme instead of emerald. Then i have to type "emerald --replace" on terminal. Does anyone knows how to correct it?05:13
AAATempusrname  I will keep that in mind, I won't lead you in the wrong way05:13
Kira[work]Flannel: suexec is more secure (when configured correctly) for the overall system, no?05:13
Tempusrnamek thanks AAA05:13
AAATempusrname  mount -o remount, rw /05:13
TempusrnameAAA did that, was i supost to see any text scrolling?05:14
AAATempusrname  that should remount your disk in read-write mode05:14
cilkayGreyspacebt3: Oh, you're one of those liquid nitrogen cooled CPU guys :) Yes, that machine will work very well. More RAM, of course, will be better if you intend to run Vista in the VM.05:14
AAATempusrname  now touch /tmp/test again05:14
cilkayGreyspacebt3: And you'll need the appropriate version of Vista (not Home Basic but don't recall which one) to run it in a virtual machine, if you care about running Vista at all.05:15
TempusrnameAAA do i include touch or just /tmp/test05:15
FlannelKira[work]: That depends on a bunch of variables.  Whatare you going to be doing with your server?05:15
AAATempusrname  $> touch /tmp/test05:15
Greyspacebt3More RAM ,, it have 4 GB RAM and 2.5 TB Hard drive05:15
AAATempusrname  "$>" is your prompt05:15
TempusrnameAAA  all it does is goes to another text promt nothing else05:15
amenadowhose familiar with creating udev rules? can you assist me with it? do you know if it can use same info as lshal does? my rules seem to not make a difference05:16
Greyspacebt3Ok, cilkay thanks for your help05:16
=== nullHead|busy is now known as NullHead
OmgItsAsharkhey guys i just downloaded the openoffice.tar.gz it is currently sitting on my desktop what is the command to install it??05:16
AAATempusrname  $>  ls -l /tmp/test05:16
cilkayGreyspacebt3: Oh, I thought I only saw 2GB. 4GB should be enough then.05:16
cilkayOmgItsAshark: Don't install that one.05:16
AAATempusrname  if it gives you info, that is good just tell me05:16
amenadoOmgItsAshark-> thats a source file? you have to then compille it. pick up a binary instead05:16
cilkayOmgItsAshark: OOo is in the Ubuntu repo, install that.05:17
TempusrnameAAA it says -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 sept 4 22:15 /tmp/test05:17
phayzcan anyone tell me what package provides the following menu option -> System -> Administration -> Services ??05:17
ckyleI have 8GB DDR2 on my box... _just_ to make sure it will run Vista smoothly.05:17
Greyspacebt3cilkay there was only two orders of Ram but it comes two to a package,, you ok05:17
AAATempusrname  excellent! now do $> vim /etc/fstab05:17
Apriansyahmet puasa05:17
Greyspacebt3ckyle how much hard drive do you have05:17
Tempusrnamealright AAA done05:17
OmgItsAsharkim trying to install it on xubuntu but nobody is in there channel right now.. where would i find the right open office to install05:17
cilkayGreyspacebt3: That machine would make a good Hackintosh too.05:18
amenadoOmgItsAshark-> use the synaptic to download the app05:18
AAATempusrname  on now you need to /query AAA and paste all that into private chat, and I'll help you05:18
TempusrnameHow can i paste that? Its on a diffrent machine05:18
Greyspacebt3Its my BACK TRACK Three machine cilkay05:18
=== MOAR-f00li5h is now known as f00li5h
Greyspacebt3cilkay wink wink05:19
OmgItsAsharkamenado | i have no idea what that means05:19
cilkayWhatever that is.05:19
OmgItsAsharkim way new to this stuffs o i am not sure what you mean by that05:19
AAATempusrname  look at your new chat window05:19
VanessaEok, leaving the SD card aside for the moment.   I also need to "share" this printer such that my husband's computer can print to it also. It's already set up and working beautifully on my box, but I can't figure out how to get my husband's box to see it.  Both machines run Kubuntu.05:19
dsl913can i use damn small linux to edit files on a hard drive after booting from a cd ?05:19
Greyspacebt3cilkay google remote-exploit05:19
ckyleGreyspacedbt3: dual velociraptors ... only 600GB,.. but fast.05:19
VanessaEdsl913, generally, yes, if the files aren't sensitive to end-of-line marks05:19
amenadoOmgItsAshark-> click on Applicatins->Add/Remove and search for openoffice05:19
VanessaE(DOS/windows uses a different code than Unix/Linux)05:19
amenadodsl913-> yes05:19
VanessaEmount the drive somewhere and edit the file :-)05:20
amenadodsl913-> if dsl has vim use that or pico ?05:20
cwilluVanessaE, I can't say for sure under kubuntu, but under ubuntu, under printing | server, you tell it to publish connected printers, and then on the other computer, you tell it to show remotely published printers, and it should show up in a few minutes05:20
VanessaEe.g. mkdir /mnt/mydrive && mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/mydrive05:20
cilkayckyle: if you're running 32 bit Vista, it will NOT use more than 3GB. In a recent Service Pack, MS added code to report more than 3GB but the OS can still only use up to a maximum of 3GB. For an OS that needs 2GB to be comfortable, 3GB doesn't seem like much headroom, does it?05:20
Greyspacebt3Cilkay,,, join " remote-exploit " on IRC05:20
cwilluVanessaE, so look for 'publishy' type settings under the printing menus :p05:20
dsl913so am i root on the live cd?05:20
amenadowell if you sudo05:21
_TomGreyspacebt3, what server is remote exploit on?05:21
Kira[work]Flannel: multiple web applications (PHP and Servlet) written by different teams of people, with online payment functionality. Possible multiple virtual hosts.05:21
_TomGreyspacebt3, thanks05:21
powertool08AAA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43537/ I'm confused, I don't want to use ssh v1 because of vulnerabilities, and adding a passphrase to my host key shouldn't change whether its rsa1 or rsa05:21
ckylecilkay: i sent in the requisite $10.95 for the privilege of getting the 64-bit bit Vista DVD... that IMHO should've been in the box to begin with.05:21
VanessaEcwillu, I'm looking...and getting lost :-/05:21
Greyspacebt3just JOIN remote-exploit and your there05:21
Greyspacebt3I assuming that your one freenode05:22
dsl913tried mkdir, got permission denied05:22
Greyspacebt3your welcome05:22
cwilludsl913, sudo ...05:22
cilkayckyle: You're a rare bird. Most people are running 32 bit Vista blissfully ignorant to how crippled a system they have.05:22
AAApowertool08  lemme look05:22
cwilluVanessaE, you might have more luck in #kubuntu re: printing settings05:22
VanessaEyeah, I suppose I should look there :)05:22
ckylecilkay: such sadness in the world...05:23
Skiduwhat's the command to launch the screen resolution dialog?05:23
SkiduI have a badly adjusted monitor and all my menus are off the screen, but if I can launch it I can get it under control05:24
dsl913where does the filesystem type go in a mount command?05:24
AAApowertool08  your sshd wants ssh v1 (RSA) and your private key is ssh 2 (DSA). I missed the output earilear, do you have an DSA key? if so that is the problem05:24
cwilludsl913, -t <type>05:24
amenadodsl913-> after the option -t05:24
amenadowhose familiar with creating udev rules? can you assist me with it? do you know if it can use same info as lshal does? my rules seem to not make a difference05:25
Skiduhrm. that wasn't it...05:25
Greyspacebt3TOM Read the WIKI First,, is the best way to get started..05:25
powertool08AAA: how can i make it want a ssh 2 key only, no i don't have a DSA key yet but I did earlier and it failed too, I'll generate one and see what changes05:25
Greyspacebt3ALL Thank you  * ALL *05:26
Skiduhow do I force it to use a higher res than it thinks the monitor can han dle?05:26
Greyspacebt3I am going to apply what I have learned05:26
FusedDoes anyone know where I can get the latest bcm43xx driver?05:26
FusedI need to get it, so I can do a fresh install of Ubuntu.05:26
AAApowertool08  the is in your sshd_config05:26
Greyspacebt3AAA I don't know what my sshd_config is ,,,05:27
Greyspacebt3Thanks AAA05:27
Greyspacebt3I'll be back in two days05:27
Greyspacebt3to let you know how the Ubuntu install went05:27
Bogus8Flannel: well, fsck didn't help :(05:28
SkiduI have a perfectly good monitor, how do I convince ubuntu that it can run 1600x1200/05:28
AAAGreyspacebt3  oops, wrong nic ;)05:28
prince_jammys!fixres | Skidu05:28
ubottuSkidu: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto05:28
AAApowertool08  it is in your sshd_config05:29
celia_tuxhow can grep can just tell me  (by true or false) if has found a match in a file?05:29
AAApowertool08  you tell it to all ssh 1,205:29
dsl913i guess i can't mount my filesystem because jfs is not supported by the kernel05:29
prince_jammyscelia_tux: if grep -q pattern filename; then echo "It's there"; fi05:30
powertool08AAA: which line specifically? I have it set to Protocol 2 in the protocol section05:30
Cpudan80celia_tux: The exit code, exits 1 if no match05:30
celia_tuxthanks prince05:30
AAApowertool08  debug3: Not a RSA1 key file /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key. it is asking for proto 105:30
error404notfoundthe port 53 is used for what? is it for dns-query on dns server/05:30
prince_jammyscelia_tux: welcome. it's like Cpudan80 said05:31
Chaplin2i have one hard drvie05:31
Chaplin2vista is currently on it05:31
Chaplin2and about to install ubunutiu05:31
FloodBot2Chaplin2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
Chaplin2what do i do05:31
Chaplin2guided resize?05:31
powertool08AAA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43543/ both rsa & dsa keys fail05:31
jtmoneyChaplin2: and pray to FSM for guidance05:32
Cpudan80celia_tux: It exits 2 if there is an error btw05:32
AAApowertool08  looking05:32
Chaplin2ok and i wont lose anything from windows right?05:32
powertool08AAA: I saw that, why is it asking for protocol 1? my sshd_config says protocol 2 only05:32
Chaplin2whats a good amount of space05:32
Chaplin2to use?05:32
Chaplin2considering i wont have many large files05:32
_Tomfor what?05:32
AAApowertool08  did you stop it first?05:32
_TomChaplin2, how big is your HD, how big is windows05:33
celia_tuxthanks Cpudan8005:33
Chaplin2250 gb05:33
bobertdosChaplin2: you shouldn't -- 15-20 Gigs is usually enough, unless you have HUGE videos or something.05:33
powertool08AAA: yes05:33
Chaplin2ok 29 gig05:33
_TomI would reccomend 20 GB Chaplin205:33
Chaplin2so now its going to repartioin drive05:33
Chaplin2i wont losr anything right?05:33
Kurtyou'll need a linux-swap partition as well05:34
Chaplin2linux swap partition?05:34
_TomChaplin2, ubuntu has no problem reading ntfs, so you can still store stuff on the win partitions05:34
Chaplin2how do i make that?05:34
bobertdosChaplin2: You can do it in the wizard with the rest of the installatiion.05:34
_Tomit should be part of the "guided resize" thing05:34
Chaplin2im using desptop version05:34
_Tomthats OK05:35
Chaplin2but want to start learning for the server edition05:35
Chaplin2is there a big difference?05:35
Cpudan80no - no difference at all05:35
Kurtlol yes05:35
KurtI would call X a difference05:35
FlannelChaplin2: You can learn the server edition while still having the desktop edition installed.05:35
Cpudan80Chaplin2: Just dont use X05:35
bobertdosChaplin2: You'll basically want to get really comfortable with the command line.05:35
Chaplin2whats X?05:35
AAApowertool08  run it in debug mode again and paste the output05:35
Cpudan80Chaplin2: the graphical env05:35
_Tompoint + click05:35
celia_tuxheyyy prince?!05:36
AAApowertool08  and also, for fun do this $> netstat -lt| grep ssh05:36
Cpudan80Chaplin2: If you hit CTRL+F1 you get a plain prompt, which is basically what server would be05:36
Cpudan80Chaplin2: CTRL+F7 (or maybe F8) to return to normal mode05:36
cilkayChaplin2: If you care about preserving that Vista installation, don't resize that drive just yet. I'm going to try to find a post to the local LUG mailing list a friend made recently.05:36
bobertdosChaplin2: So practice on the Desktop edition first, and switch when you feel you're ready.05:36
Chaplin2ok will do, so im partioning now05:36
chinoisn't there a setting to stop the mouse pad from reacting within a certain delay of a keystroke ?05:36
Chaplin230 gig05:36
Chaplin2i think it will take a while05:36
FlannelChaplin2: you can run any servers you want from a desktop install.  There's no need to dual boot, that's a waste of harddrive space.05:36
FlannelChaplin2: Linux doesn't differentiate between "desktops" and "servers" they're just programs that are being run.05:37
KurtI've never done the guided resize option (always manual)...I assume it sets a good amount of swap for you?05:37
Chaplin2ok so in server mode no gui05:37
Chaplin2which means less resources05:37
Kurtyes, server install takes up very little space compared to desktop install05:37
celia_tuxhow can this script tell me that just 'lala' has been found (not lal or la or al...) --- command: if grep -q 'lala' /var/log/auth.log; then echo "It's there"; fi05:38
bobertdosChaplin2: What Flannel says is true, but I guess I'm just saying, if you ever end up being forced in to server-only, you just have to get used to less "luxuries."05:38
jtmoneyuhm, the kernel is different for the server edition05:38
jtmoneybut yeah, it shouldn't matter either way05:38
powertool08AAA: stopped it and started again, get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43546/05:38
Chaplin2amd a;sp in ext3, its hard to get a file back if you delete right?05:38
Flanneljtmoney: The kernel has different settings, and they only affect hardware compatability and performance.05:38
rredd4installing hardy on sdb.  Will grub install on sda or do i have to do something to make it go to sda?05:38
Kurtcelia_tux: That script should do it as is...does it not?05:38
ASrocki installed fedora on a second hard drive and it wrote over my ubuntu grub settings so i cant boot into ubuntu any more, how can i restore it?05:39
powertool08AAA: netstat command returns nothing05:39
baianotem algum brasileiro nisso aqui?05:39
prince_jammys!br | baiano05:39
ubottubaiano: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:39
Chaplin2also, if i want to do a clean wipe of both windows and nux05:40
Kurtrm usually sends things to /dev/null, and yes it's pretty hard to get things back from there :005:40
Chaplin2would i just run the windows installation to repartion drive?05:40
bobertdosASrock: Well, you can reinstall grub via an Ubuntu LiveCD if you want. You could also add an entry for Ubuntu into Fedora's menu.lst OR chainload Fedora's grub.05:40
AAApowertool08  what does this return? $> file /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key05:40
prince_jammysbaiano: /join #ubuntu-br05:41
KurtI don't think windows comes with a partition editor05:41
celia_tuxin 'grep lala /home/file' grep also search for lal  or la, what can i do to just search for 'lala'????05:41
powertool08AAA: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key: writable, regular file, no read permission05:41
ASrockbobertdos: i tried installing grub from the live cd and that didnt work it said it couldnt mount the partition, how do i add entries to grub?05:41
powertool08AAA: run with sudo: ASCII text05:42
djhashrredd4: by default it'll install in sda, but just at the end of the questions and partition questions.. there is an advanced button05:42
prince_jammyscelia_tux: it's the other way around. grep 'la' will match 'lala', but grep 'lala' won't necessarily match 'la'05:42
djhashASrock: /boot/grub/menu.lst05:42
celia_tuxoppps yes sorry05:42
rredd4djhash  its installing software now, past partition stuff...05:43
bobertdosASrock:: One way or another, you are going to need to know which partition (according to Grub) Ubuntu is sitting on.05:43
prince_jammyscelia_tux: try grep -wq ....05:43
celia_tuxthanks prince05:43
rredd4djhash  too late?05:43
djhashrredd4: it'll do the grub automatically05:43
Kurtcelia_tux: I think the -q will cause the if statement to always return false05:43
rredd4djhash  ok05:43
prince_jammyscelia_tux: that will match lala as a 'word' (see man grep for what grep thinks a word is)05:43
djhashrredd4: its not the end of the world though.. :-)05:44
rredd4djhash  really..... lol05:44
AAApowertool08  if you cat the rsa and dsa do they look like private keys? (dsa should be shorter than rsa)05:44
AAApowertool08  Bind to port 22 on failed: Address already in use.05:45
AAApowertool08  that is why I wanted the netsat output =p05:45
powertool08AAA: $ sudo cat /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key05:46
powertool08-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----05:46
AAApowertool08  you are already running sshd05:46
cilkayChaplin2: Before resizing, read this: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.org.user-groups.linux.tolug/40948/match=thinkpad+tablet05:46
powertool08AAA: it didn't give me any results with the netstat05:46
ASrockwell i didnt really have anything of importance on my ubuntu installation if i reinstall ubuntu will that overwrite my fedora boot loader?05:46
KurtNevermind, no it doesn't :)05:46
AAApowertool08  $> ps auxww | grep ssh05:46
powertool08AAA: I'll look for more instances and kill them05:46
cilkayChaplin2: It doesn't matter that the machine in question is a ThinkPad. The issue is Vista.05:46
_TomVista -105:46
AAApowertool08  netstat -l05:46
bobertdosASrock: I would guess so, but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that.05:47
djacidjacdoes anybody know why Evolution won't import .vcf files?05:48
bobertdosASrock:: Of course, if you completely reformat, yes it will.05:48
bobertdosASrock: Assuming Grub isn't actually on the MBR.05:48
seaninseattleHello all.05:49
powertool08AAA: ok, got them all05:49
FusedMy friend made that up.05:49
ASrockidk, i kinda like fedora, i will just let it go for a few days and see what i think then i might just put fedora on the main drive instead05:49
AAApowertool08  now I'm thinking it will work for you :)05:49
VanessaEHow do I fully and completely restore all of the default configs regarding cups?05:50
AAApowertool08  that is why restart is best. /etc/init.d/sshd restart05:50
bobertdosseaninseattle: May we help you?05:50
seaninseattleSo, I've got an unusual problem.  Major cool points goes to anyone who can assist me in resolving it.  Six instances of nm-applet run each time I log into Ubuntu my laptop.05:51
arooni-mobilei'm getting an error on my t61 (running with intel hda)... error is: "Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate." even though there are no other audio programs open :(( how do i fix?05:51
seaninseattlebobertdos:  there's my question.  I was trying to phrase it well.  sorry for the delay.05:51
bombshelter13Can I have gnome but have gvfs turned off?05:51
bombshelter13I don' really use it, and occasionally it interferes...05:51
seaninseattleI just don't know how to get rid of them, and what files I can check.05:52
dfgasalright i want to install 64bit ubuntu on a different hard drive, however i want to still have access to 32bit, will grub see the 32bit and put it in the menu or no?05:52
Chaplin2ok just installed05:53
bdizzlehi, is there a program similar to character map on ubuntu or kubuntu?05:53
powertool08AAA: starting in debug mode it still said address in use :/05:53
Chaplin2it says "new restricted drivers in use"05:53
bobertdosseaninseattle: and it doesn't matter whether you're logging in or booting?05:53
AAApowertool08  hrm. is localhost up? ifconfig l005:53
powertool08AAA: yes05:54
AAApowertool08  er lo....05:54
seaninseattlebobertdos:  well, I only see them when I boot into ubuntu and log in (because I dual boot xp and ubuntu)05:54
bobertdosbdizzle: Ubuntu has a character map preinstalled.05:54
prince_jammysbdizzle: yes, both ubuntu and kubuntu have character map apps. in gnome, i think it's gucharmap05:55
bobertdosseaninseattle: Have you looked at the processes list to see if six instances are actually there?05:55
AAApowertool08  and netstat -l | grep 22 shows nothing??? serious?05:55
seaninseattleyes, that's how I know what PIDs to kill.  :)05:55
seaninseattleSorry.  [bobertdos]: yes, that's how I know what PIDs to kill.  :)05:55
=== t33x is now known as tee
powertool08AAA: unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     5213223  /var/run/cups/cups.sock05:56
powertool08AAA: unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     5728352  /tmp/.ICE-unix/dcop30182-122056813305:56
seaninseattleHow to send a private / direct msg on IRC?05:56
AAAahtmly2k  cups? haha05:56
bobertdosseaninseattle: interesting05:56
AAApowertool08  but that ain't the problem. this seems fishy05:57
prince_jammysseaninseattle: /msg whoever some message (or /query)05:57
=== tee is now known as t33x
powertool08AAA: why is cups on port 22?05:57
poorUbuntuUserhi I am having a very anoying error related to SQUASHFS on start up,  I have 2 copy of ubuntu 8.4, one i spend some money and other one i downloaded and burned, none of them worked.. still, i get the same SQUASHFS error, does anyone know how to make my ubuntu boot?05:57
AAApowertool08  it's not. grep 22 matched  LISTENING     521322305:57
bobertdosseaninseattle: It's listed under Startup programs just once, I hope......? (System->Preferences->Sessions->Startup Porgrams)05:57
powertool08AAA: oh05:57
Chaplin2what is the shortcut for the console?05:58
abchirkhm anyone knows a program with a gui to convert from .flv into .avi or else?05:58
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: What's the error message say?05:58
AAApowertool08  start sshd in debug mode now that you have all process's stopped.  we are missing something rudimentary05:58
AAApowertool08  is DNS setup properly on this box?05:59
powertool08AAA: ok, I can't get debug mode with /etc/init.d/ssh start, i've been using /usr/sbin/sshd -ddd05:59
poorUbuntuUsermany many erros like this --> SQUASHFS error: sb_bread failed reading block 0x9d7f305:59
powertool08AAA: as far as I know it is... I can browse without issues05:59
Twister10130anyone here?06:00
poorUbuntuUserkurt many errors like this -> SQUASHFS error: sb_bread failed reading block 0x9d7f306:00
annie_gHi - Does anyone know if Hardy Heron can be installed on a Asus eee PC901 ? ? ?06:00
Twister10130hey does anyone know anything about grub?06:01
AAApowertool08  hrm... what happens when you ssh -vvv localhost ?06:01
bofh80annie_g, i believe you'll want to look for the ubuntu remix edition. but the basic answer is yes06:01
subbyhow do i tell what Ubuntu version i am running06:01
=== Someone is now known as Guest62967
prince_jammyssubby: lsb_release -a06:01
Twister10130anyone know how to diagnose error 17 in grub?06:01
subbysweet. cheers06:01
powertool08AAA: sshd -ddd --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/43549/06:02
bofh80annie_g, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC           http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/index.php5?title=Main_Page06:02
Chaplin2how do i enable wireless?06:02
annie_gbofh80: Sounds good! do you have a friend or know someone who actually did this - or have you read this through google searches, etc ? ? ?06:03
jiangdoes any one know how to add an icon on the right hand corner showing the date?06:04
bobertdosChaplin2: What adapter do you have?06:04
bofh80annie_g, i've been looking into it recently. as i said, i don't follow these, i am waiting to get my hands on the ubuntu remix edition . . .1 sec06:04
powertool08AAA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43550/06:04
AAApowertool08  lemme look. I'm about ready for bed tonight...06:04
annie_gbofh80: ok -06:04
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: Does it look like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/172937 ?06:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172937 in linux "SQUASHFS error while booting from live cd" [High,Invalid]06:05
bofh80annie_g, http://www.canonical.com/netbooks06:05
AAApowertool08  debug2: key_type_from_name: unknown key type '-----BEGIN'06:05
AAApowertool08  debug3: key_read: missing whitespace :: you hosed something new :)06:05
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: That seems to be a rather bad bug...the bottom comment suggests it is fixable by extending the block size using mksquashfs06:05
AAApowertool08  I'm starting to think your ssh keys or filesystem is smoking crack06:06
seaninseattleSo, here's a better question for all you not-so-noobs:  What are the different places that a program could have been executed along the way from Boot (Grub) > GDM Login > Gnome Window Mgr Session?06:07
powertool08AAA: I'm not sure what I did... I decided I wanted to change all my keys, so I deleted all the host keys in /etc/ssh/ then I deleted all the user keys in /home/user/.ssh/ generated new ones with the commands I gave you at the start and then when I started the server it rejected the keys06:07
annie_gbofh80: umm this looks very interesting - might be above me with the coding at this point - but getting better with using Terminal......06:07
poorUbuntuUserKurt but how can i do that?06:07
Flannel!startup | seaninseattle06:07
ubottuseaninseattle: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:07
Flannel!bum | seaninseattle06:07
ubottuseaninseattle: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto06:07
powertool08AAA: I haven't made new user keys but I figured after the server with host keys was running again then I'd get users connected06:08
tagIs there any way I can give a user two uids? :-)06:08
Flanneltag: why do you want to do that?06:08
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: without being able to boot into a linux distribution? no idea :\06:08
tagFlannel: sshfs and conflicting uids between systems06:08
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: it's apparently an upstream bug and not Ubuntu-specific06:09
tagmy account on my server has the uid of a defunct account here, I don't feel like changing my uid at either location because it'd be a big permissions mess06:09
Flanneltag: Ah.  Unfortunately not that I'm aware of.  Supposed to just keep UIDs the same ;)06:09
AAApowertool08  you may consider doing something like $> dpkg-reconfigure ssh-server (or similar) I think your config is kinda hosed ;)06:09
Flanneltag: there may be another way, I don't know of it though.06:09
poorUbuntuUserKurt i have the original ubuntu 8.04 , how isnt that ubuntu related?06:09
annie_gbofh80: You know if there is a way to load Hardy Heron to a SD card and boot to it and run?06:09
powertool08AAA: ya that would probably be easiest...06:09
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: I mean, it is a problem with squashfs in general, both on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions06:10
powertool08AAA: Thanks for you help06:10
kindofabuzzwith rw,users,exec i should have all access to a drive right?06:10
nnullanyone tell me why firestarter FAILs on the boot sequence? says stopping firestarter done. starting firestarter fail... then fails again later06:11
poorUbuntuUserKurt will i be stucked on windows xp forever?06:11
AAAkindofabuzz  nope06:11
AAAkindofabuzz  a drive does not equal a filesystem06:11
seaninseattleAnyone know how to use cat and grep to recursively search through text files for a particular string?06:11
kindofabuzzAAA, what else do i need?06:11
AAApowertool08  good luck!06:11
prince_jammysseaninseattle: grep -r pattern directoryname06:12
sekyourboxDoes anyone use freenode hidden services here?06:12
AAAkindofabuzz  what do you want to do? do you have the bios password? the drive encryption password? and the root password? what esle do you need?06:12
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: I'm checking on the developer's website for it to see if it's a known issue (if not I'll report it for you)06:13
kindofabuzzAAA, i want to be able to rw and create folders on the drive, i have it mounted to ~/stuff06:13
AAAseaninseattle  are the particular files with simailar names you want to look at? that would make it easier and less disk intensive06:13
Flannelsekyourbox: That's not really on topic for this channel06:13
sekyourboxI know but #freenode doesnt help06:14
AAAkindofabuzz  ok then if you have $USERNAME set as the rw in rw-XX-XX you are set06:14
tagFlannel: luckily I can use sshfs -ouid=$UID06:14
sekyourboxThey dont know how to use it and the webpage has hazy instructions06:14
Flannelsekyourbox: That doesn't make it ok to ask here.  There are a number of other channels, like #ubuntu-offtopic06:14
kindofabuzzAAA, this is a drive06:14
AAAkindofabuzz  edit /etc/fstab to relect the proper permission . if it is already mounted do $> ls -l /mount/point and let us know where it is mounted06:16
seaninseattleprince_jammys:  Thanks for your help.  I really appreciate it.  Take Care!06:16
AAAkindofabuzz  sorry, the permissions of the diretory, not "where its mounted"06:16
kindofabuzzAAA, so what do i need other than rw,users,exec? i figure users would covor my user name06:16
poorUbuntuUserKurt can u tell me what is the website url?06:17
kindofabuzzAAA, oh so i need to change the permissions of where it is in /dev?06:17
AAAkindofabuzz  that is fine if you are the only one useing it. but if other want to use it you'll need to edit the _group_ perms06:17
prince_jammyspoorUbuntuUser: do you want the url for basic ssh setup in ubuntu?06:18
KurtpoorUbuntuUser: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/06:18
prince_jammysoh, ok.06:18
kindofabuzzAAA, why does rw,users,exec not work?06:18
mespejelanyone know if google chrome is coming for linux?06:18
Kurtmespejel: yes, eventually06:18
kindofabuzzmespejel, if you'd actually read about chrome you'd know your answer. yes06:18
tanathi've installed music-applet, but i can't find it in the add to panel thing. any suggestions?06:19
AAAkindofabuzz  look in the output of $> mount  then do ls -l /mount/point/you/found and then chown user.group /mount/point/you/just/found (user.group being the user and group...) and make sure it is set 744 (exec gets set on the file level normally)06:19
AAAer kindofabuzz 76606:20
Kurtit'll be quite a while before chrome's available in linux though06:20
tanathit works fairly well in wine06:20
Kurttrue, I mean natively06:20
tanathi didn't get flash working though06:20
AAA1 = exec ; 2 = write ; 4 = read06:21
mespejel"There is no [emphasis in original] working Chromium-based browser on Linux," says the build documentation, in red type within a bordered box, no less.06:21
Kurtthere ya go ;) but it's a stated intent to release a linux version (eventually)06:21
tanaththey were forced to release early 'cause it was leaked06:22
kindofabuzzAAA, but if the mount is in ~ already shouldn't i have access?06:22
LSD|Ninjamespejel: the code is there, there's just no UI to bundle it all up on anything but Windows right now06:22
zynergiyou know06:23
kindofabuzzAAA, ok i got it, thanks06:23
AAAkindofabuzz  prolly not cause you mounted it as root. check ls -l ~/mount (or whatever006:23
zynergii've never understood why its cheaper to rent a dedicated server w/ more bw than it is to colocate your OWN with less bw06:23
blackdreamhas anyone heard of 'unmass' it's an 3d model extractor for video games06:23
tanathi've installed music-applet, but i can't find it in the add to panel thing. am i doing it wrong? :P06:24
AAAkindofabuzz  you'll have to umount /path ; mount /dev/foo /path for the perms to take affect06:24
kindofabuzzAAA, i just did sudo chmod 766 ~/stuff06:25
dade`shouldn't there be ubuntu intrepid alpha 5 out ?06:25
tanathzynergi, bulk-buying & such = discounts?06:26
prince_jammystanath: i don't know, but the description says it's a gnome-panel applet, so i assume it should be there. check if it has a man page.06:26
AAAkindofabuzz  that will only change ~/stuff and not ~/stuff/morestuff06:26
tanathprince_jammys, nope06:26
kindofabuzzchmod -R?06:26
AAAkindofabuzz  man chmod :)06:26
prince_jammystanath: you installed it through apt?06:26
tanathprince_jammys, aptitude, yes06:27
Pie-rateiphone is pissing me off, there's no way at all to sync with it from linux and there's no way to run itunes well06:27
FusedThere's a slug in the house.06:27
prince_jammystanath: sorry, i don't know. just threw out the man page suggestion, since some do have them.06:27
kindofabuzzAAA, now it seems like sdb1 isn't even associtaed with ~/stuff now06:28
tanathprince_jammys, you'd think it would. package seems useless :-/06:28
AAAkindofabuzz  well, did you umount it?06:28
tanathanyone know of a decent gnome-panel applet to control media players/06:28
kindofabuzzAAA, yeah tehn i ran sudo mount -a06:28
AAAkindofabuzz  is it in your /etc/fstab?06:29
kindofabuzzAAA, yes06:29
AAAkindofabuzz  with what perms =p06:29
prince_jammystanath: if you're desperate, try dpkg -L music-applet. that'll show the files that were installed. perhaps it put some documentation in /usr/share/doc06:29
AAAkindofabuzz  you chmod ~stuff NOT /dev/sdb1 ;)06:30
kindofabuzzAAA, /dev/sdb1 /home/jason/stuff      ext3    rw,users,exec        0       206:30
prince_jammystanath: some kind of manual of FAQ06:30
tanathprince_jammys, i already did actually, but didn't think to look at that :-/06:30
AAAkindofabuzz  you did it while mounted, is it still the same perms?06:30
kindofabuzzAAA, yes06:30
AAAkindofabuzz  do $> mount /home/jason/stuff06:31
AAAkindofabuzz  and then $> ls -ls /home/jason/stuff06:31
tanathprince_jammys, bah, just a little useless readme, with supported players06:31
AAAkindofabuzz  d0h, ls -ld06:31
prince_jammystanath: i predict this applet won't be installed for long ;)06:31
tanathprince_jammys, lol06:32
kindofabuzzAAA, hmm i try to cd to it and i get permission denied06:32
nnullanyone tell me why firestarter FAILs on the boot sequence? says stopping firestarter done. starting firestarter fail... then fails again later06:32
ahtmly2ksudo apt-get install flash06:32
tanathprince_jammys, i might leave it and check again after it updates06:32
AAAkindofabuzz  $> ls -ld /home/jason/stuff :: and paste the relevant output06:32
mespejeli found this for everyone who want to give a try to google chrome06:33
kindofabuzzAAA, drwxrw-rw- 12 root root 4096 2008-08-31 19:00 /home/jason/stuff06:33
kindofabuzzowned by root now06:33
mespejeli will try it right now, i hope it works06:33
tanathmespejel, does it say how to get flash working?06:33
AAAkindofabuzz  yes, I see that ; $> umount /home/jason/stuff06:33
ahtmly2khow can i update my flash codec in terminal?06:33
ahtmly2ki cant watch metacafe.com06:33
kindofabuzzAAA, ok dismounted06:34
AAAkindofabuzz  ls -ld /home/jason/stuff and make sure it is proper06:34
ahtmly2k how can i update my flash codec in terminal?  i cant watch metacafe.com06:34
kindofabuzzAAA, ok jason now06:34
tanathahtmly2k, sudo aptitude install flashplugin (or flashplugin-nonfree)06:34
kindofabuzzdrwxr-xr-x 2 jason jason 4096 2008-08-21 21:52 /home/jason/stuff06:34
tanathahtmly2k, run sudo aptitude update, to make sure package info is up-to-date06:35
AAAkindofabuzz  $> fdisk -l /dev/sdb1 :: it shows a linux filesystem, right?06:35
kindofabuzzAAA, Cannot open /dev/sdb106:36
tanathnnull, firestarter is terrible. if you can deal without a GUI, try arno-iptables-firewall06:36
AAAkindofabuzz  that is cause I'm drunk.. fdisk -l /dev/sdb06:36
kindofabuzzAAA, same, should i sudo it?06:37
Chaplin2ok problem06:37
Kurt*walks back in late* kindofbuzz I assume you've tried sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /some/other/place ?06:37
Chaplin2ii only have one hd06:37
nnulltanath, pretty sure it comes installed with hardy :< had nothing ut trouble with it06:37
Chaplin2i iunstal;led ubuntu on to that partioin06:37
Chaplin2now i want to start fresh06:37
Chaplin2and wipw the whole drive06:37
kindofabuzzKurt, not yet, i had it mounted, just could'nt make folders06:37
Chaplin2so i can isntlal vista fresh06:37
Chaplin2how do i do that?06:37
Chaplin2i screwed up06:37
tanathnnull, did it? i wouldn't know, i used ubuntu-minimal to get rid of things i didn't want06:37
kindofabuzzAAA, yes linux system06:37
Chaplin2and made my vista partioitn 30gb only06:38
nnulli need to know how to like reset ip tables to how they were when i got linux06:38
bclI seem to have a problem :) Tried upgrading from 6.06LTS to 8.04LTS using the GUI upgrade tool. It appears to have hung while setting up ivman06:38
amerineseif i'm running ubuntu desktop right now, can someone tell me how i can go into console mode temporarily (i.e. not be running x server)?06:38
AAAkindofabuzz  are you trying to mount this drive as your normal user? do this. $> sudo mount | grep stuff  :: if it ain't listed do $> sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home/jason/stuff ; dmesg | tail -n1306:38
salmon'v had ubuntu for almost half a year now and the funny thing is today was the first time i tried to play a dvd, it don't work. trying to play it in totem, when i try to play a dvd the program locks up and i have to force quit. what should i do?06:38
prince_jammyssalmon: did you install the necessary libraries?06:39
bclsalmon: have you installed the non-free DVD support?06:39
tanathnnull, you can try 'sudo ubuntu-firewall stop'06:39
kindofabuzzAAA, yes as a user, now with it mounted i get permission denied06:39
tanathnnull, i think the default just allows everything06:40
salmoni would have to say no on the support but thank you both06:40
bclsalmon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats06:40
nnulldont think so tanath06:40
amerinesewhat i'm looking for is probably the equivalent of rebooting windows in safe mode with command prompt only06:40
amerinesenot sure what that's called in ubuntu06:40
tanathnnull, try 'sudo ubuntu-firewall restart'06:40
prince_jammys!medibuntu | salmon: you have to add the medibuntu repository:06:40
ubottusalmon: you have to add the medibuntu repository:: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:40
bclamerinese: ctrl-alt-f106:41
Kurtkindofbuzz, are you in the fuse group?06:41
alexk0i'm writing a test script for a program that takes console input, and i'd like to redirect both the input AND the output to a file. the input is echoed to the terminal but isn't actually contained in the output stream. is there a way to combine them?06:41
tanathbcl, not the same, and that doesn't tell him how to get back06:41
bclamerinese: alt-f7 to return to X06:41
kindofabuzzKurt, no idea what that is06:41
tanath...there we go06:41
clarence_The Ubuntu I have not been able to show the success of Ubuntu effects06:41
tanathamerinese, ctrl+alt+f7 though06:42
kindofabuzzKurt, it was working until i came in here just wanting to create folders on it lol06:42
prince_jammysalexk0: ask in the irc channel of your script's language06:42
AAAkindofabuzz  well, I'm not sure what is going on. I do know this, you should not be mounting drives in your homedir. you should be using /media or /mnt creating the mointpoints as with the appropriate group permisions.  I really think your problem is that you are trying to mount a /dev in your homedir and your OS don't like it06:42
kindofabuzzAAA, it was working! lol06:42
djhashamerinese: what you want is basically single user mode.. you can choose it in grub.06:42
Kurttry going to System > Administration > Users and Groups and adding yourself to the fuse group06:43
AAAkindofabuzz  you still shouldn't be mounting devices in your homedir!!06:43
kindofabuzzAAA, why not?06:43
alexk0prince_jammys: it's just a shell script, and i think it has more to do with input/output streams than the shell06:43
bclAAA you can mount anywhere.06:43
prince_jammysalexk0: how are you reading the input?06:43
AAAkindofabuzz  because it is very nonstanard and stuff you can't think of now will break one day because of it, ,trust me ;)06:44
bclthey just won't get 'managed', you'll have to manually umount them.06:44
AAAbcl  yup06:44
alexk0prince_jammys: the program being tested is a Java program, it gets its input from standard input06:44
kindofabuzzAAA, so just mountin a hd i use just for storage in a home dir will break?06:44
AAAbcl  mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp works, but you prolly don't wanna do it ;)06:44
kindofabuzzevidently it will, was working until you had me chowning and chmodinging lol06:45
AAAkindofabuzz  not necessarily, it is just a poor practice06:45
bclAAA: It depends on what you are trying to do, in that case you'll lose the X sockets at the least.06:45
kindofabuzzAAA, ok help me fix this then please06:45
geekknewbie: Can anyone here help with PC to TV(lcd42") vga to vga06:45
AAAbcl  just saying, there is a structure for reasons06:46
bclanyone with a clue to my upgrade trouble? hanging at setting up ivman?06:46
djhash!anyone | geekk06:46
ubottugeekk: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:46
AAAkindofabuzz  no, it was not working :)06:47
kindofabuzzAAA, it was working, alot better than it is now! now i get nothing lol06:47
kindofabuzzi can't even cd to it06:47
bclkindofabuzz: what are you trying to do?06:48
kindofabuzzwell i was just trying to make it to where i can create folders in a drive i have mounted06:48
AAAkindofabuzz  then $> mkdir -p /mnt/stuff ; mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/stuff06:48
clarence_How can we have all the Ubuntu set of special effects06:48
kindofabuzzbut now i can't even see the stuff in the drive06:48
clarence_How can we have all the Ubuntu set of special effects06:48
amerineseso ctrl+alt+f1 is a really neat trick, only thing is, how can i go into console mode but no longer be running x-server?06:48
Flannelamerinese: once there, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm tsop06:48
Flannelamerinese: er, stop.06:49
bclkindofabuzz: is it still mounted? check output of mount06:49
bclamerinese: init 306:49
amerineseflannel: ok, thanks a bunch06:49
AAAamerinese  /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:49
djhashamerinese: in grub choose "single"06:49
bclthat will restart init without X06:49
powertool08AAA: I suppose I found my problem06:49
djhashamerinese: you want the single user mode..06:49
AAApowertool08  yeah?06:49
amerinesecool, thanks guys06:49
kindofabuzzok just mounted it to /mnt/stuff, permission denied when cd'n into it06:49
Flannelclarence_: What do you mean?06:49
Flannelsingle user mode is *not* the same as "just without X"06:49
powertool08AAA: Well some more googling turned up an email from somebody with the same problem06:50
rogerrogerinit 1 != init 306:50
powertool08AAA: The host keys should be generated _without_ a passphrase, because06:50
powertool08otherwise sshd can't load them.06:50
AAAkindofabuzz  you have to chmod /mnt/stuff to the same group your user is in before you mount it06:50
clarence_Who wanna talk to me?06:50
djhashFlannel: his first question was about getting something like in windows, safe mode with command prompt only.. that is single user mode..06:50
Kurtkindofbuzz, have you tried changing ownership to yourself?06:50
Flannelrogerroger: Ubuntu runlevels 2-5 are the same.06:51
kindofabuzzKurt, you know you can use tab to autocomplete so you get my name right and so i see it =)06:51
powertool08AAA: makes sense I suppose, but I'm alittle bit password crazy06:51
bclamerinese: actually on ubuntu I'm not sure if 3 is right, their inittab defaults to 2 so you many not be able to do that.06:51
AAApowertool08  I have created many ssh keys for sshd without a passphrase, it does work.06:51
kindofabuzzAAA, so sudo chmod -R jason:jason /mnt/stuff06:51
Kurthaha sorry06:51
powertool08AAA: Ya but I was trying to create the host key with a passphrase06:51
AAApowertool08 /dev/urandum and entropy FTW!06:51
Flannelclarence_: This channel is not for chatting.  #ubuntu-offtopic is the place to go to chat.06:52
amerinesebcl: thanks for the heads up, if there's the option in grub i can select it manually or otherwise i will just stop gdm06:52
djhash!tw | clarence_06:52
ubottuclarence_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:52
AAAkindofabuzz  no! chmod acts on files, you want chown!06:52
bclkindofabuzz: that recursivly changed ownership of all the files on the drive, which may not be what you wanted.06:52
kindofabuzzdamnit, so what do i do? lol06:52
Kurtsudo chown <your username> /directory06:53
bclamerinese: /etc/inittab is what controls which init level. id:2:initdefault:06:53
bclkindofabuzz: is the drive empty? is it mounted?06:53
Flannelbcl: Only on dapper06:53
djhashbcl: why confuse the person more.. a simple question only deserves a simple answer.. safe mode command prompt only == single user mode..06:54
kindofabuzzbcl, there we go, i just had to rechown it06:54
clarence_I found that I simply open the xchat will automatically connect to this channel06:54
tanathanyone know a decent gnome applet to control media players?06:54
AAAkindofabuzz  chown and chmod are totally differetn, you are using them interchangably it seems06:54
tanathmusic-applet appears nonfunctional06:54
bcldjhash: because they many not know all the options.06:54
djhashclarence_: yes.. it is setup by default like that in ubuntu.06:54
bclsingle user isn't really safe anyway :)06:54
kindofabuzzAAA, well i just did chown jason /mnt/stuff and all seems well06:55
kindofabuzzwhy didn't you just say that in the first place? lol06:55
AAAkindofabuzz  you get what you pay for! ;)06:55
kindofabuzznow i should have rw,users,exec in fstab correct? and all should be ok?06:56
AAAkindofabuzz  I sure didn't do it on purpose =p06:56
clarence_I did not want to chat, I just want to ask questions only06:56
Kurtkindofabuzz: that's a hack...you shouldn't have to do that06:56
AAAkindofabuzz  yah06:56
kindofabuzzwell i had mount rw,users,exec in the first place but couldn't create files or folders06:56
Kurtnormally when you mount devices, they are still owned by root (just with permissions given for normal users)06:57
kindofabuzzoh maybe because ~/stuff was owned by root even though it was in ~?  but that was my original question. should't have rw,users,exec "overridden" that?06:57
AAAkindofabuzz  I dunno, that looks right to me I dont have anything to sanity check it against tho06:57
Losowskiok, important question which will help me decide which to install: Which OS operates 'faster" (not referring to boot time, but speed in running desktop applications, etc)...Ubuntu or OpenSuse...your answeres would be greatly appreciated...Thank you!06:58
kindofabuzzLosowski, that's like asking what color is the best06:58
Losowskikindofabuzz: It isn't06:58
tanathLosowski, shouldn't be much difference, and depends which apps you run06:58
AAAkindofabuzz  you prolly created the mount point as sudo?06:58
LosowskiBecause the fastest OS I've used in FreeBSDE06:59
KurtLosowski: I switched from OpenSuSE to Ubuntu a couple of years ago...at least at the time, I noticed an improvement in runtime with Ubuntu over OpenSuSE06:59
AAALosowski  how did you see that?06:59
kindofabuzzLosowski, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, plenty there tthat will discuss06:59
Losowskitanath: Let's use OpenOffice for example, Inkscape, Gimp06:59
AAALosowski  ok. but that ain't linux nor ubuntu07:00
LosowskiAAA: There are many cpu perfomance programs out there07:00
tanathLosowski, the same app on different *nixes shouldn't be much different. i meant if you were using, say, a kde app instead of a similar gnome version07:00
LosowskiAAA: Well, I'm only comparing Ubuntu and OpenSuse07:00
tanathLosowski, or a leightweight environment & window manager, as opposed to gnome or kde07:00
shadow420how can backup every piece of software I have installed through sudo apt-get install and in Add/Remove appilcations07:00
Kurtnot true.  Depending upon other processes running on a fresh install, the amount of time it takes to start and run the same program on different distros while take differing amounts of time07:01
AAALosowski  I have nothing but troll for ya ;)07:01
LosowskiI think it's a valid question, "which performs faster' ?07:02
LosowskiIn fact, speed is most important to me...not graphical eye candy07:03
tanathLosowski, if you want the best speed for your hardware, you might be best with an optimized build of slackware. it would take forever to compile everything though07:03
LosowskiI couldn't care less of OpenSuse has an elegant graphical installer for example07:03
rebel_kidmy computer just keeps locking up on me, i have no idea why07:03
bclrebel_kid: powersupply is going bad.07:03
bazhangLosowski, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here07:04
rebel_kidbcl, u serious its locking up as in the os and applications are freezing how is that power supply?07:04
thorny_su1how do i figure out where an executable file resides?  is there a simple command?07:04
thorny_su1assuming it is in my path somewhere07:04
tanaththorny_su1, 'which app'07:04
thorny_su1tanath: thank you!!!07:05
speedhunt3rI have a simple problem, don07:05
bclwhen the power to the cpu is flakey it commonly causes everything to freeze.07:05
rebel_kidbcl, damn it everything on this hunk a junk is dieing07:05
Losowskibazhang: My question is not off topic07:05
rebel_kidbcl, thanks guess i need a new power supply07:05
Losowskibazhang: I think it is a valid, relevant question07:05
shadow420hey bazhang07:05
bazhangLosowski, what is your ubuntu support question then07:06
speedhunt3rdon't know how to fix it... If banshee is running, any video i try to run in vlc...has no audio. If vlc is open, and I start banshee...it can't play any songs...  it's either one or the other that can work at one time... how can I fix this?07:06
bazhanghi shadow42007:06
LosowskiThere are some Linux distros out there that are 'bloated', and run slower than others07:06
LosowskiOpenSuse seems bloated compared to Ubuntu07:07
shadow420rebel_kid your system couldn't be bad as mine07:07
bazhangLosowski, that is a chat topic suited to #ubuntu-offtopic ; this is a support channel only.07:07
Losowskiok bazhang, thanks07:07
tanathLosowski, technically, you can customize any linux distro07:07
pauLabz_people, who would like to come with me and surf money on the net?i just wana have fun...07:07
bazhangpauLabz_, not here07:07
=== dedi_away is now known as Dedicated
shadow420is there a way to backup everything I have installed expect for the core system07:09
clarence__Extra Ubuntu is how to make the special effects07:09
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning07:09
* peepsalot sighs at broken virtualbox modules for the umpteenth time.07:10
shadow420bazhang thanks07:10
bazhang!ccsm | clarence__07:10
ubottuclarence__: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion07:10
neggeI have a problem with a cron job. I want to run the command "ntpdate ntp.eunet.fi >> /home/sam/Files/ntpupdate.log 2>&1" every two hours. If I run it manually, it works just like it should, but when cron runs it, the log says "/bin/sh: ntpdate: not found"... How is that possible?07:11
powertool08Is the correct syntax for scp? scp -vvv desktopuser@desktop:/path/to/remote/file localuser@locallappy:/path/to/anywhere07:11
clarence__I have downloaded07:11
tanathnegge, sounds like cron is running sh in front of your command, and therefore looking for a script called ntpdate07:12
tanathnegge, try gnome-schedule07:12
powertool08It tries to connect, prompts for password, and loses the connection after I enter password, tho debug says authentication succeeded07:12
powertool08do I have to have an ssh server on both hosts to transfer via scp?07:13
kindofabuzzok i fianlly got wpa2 working, but now every boot i have to choose connect to Other wireless network and put the info in, even though the network is showing.  at boot it tries to connect but doesn't.07:15
neggeI guess I have to make script that calls the command then...07:16
Aeron_wwapi'm looking for a list of recommended partitions, types and sizes on a desktop Ubuntu machine07:18
FlannelAeron_wwap: / /home and swap, swap depends on RAM, / and /home depend a little on how much HD space you have at your disposal07:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about interpid07:19
Flannel!intrepid | shadow42007:19
ubottushadow420: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!07:19
Guest8804286Hello, can anybody help me figure out how to get my wireless IPN2220 card working?07:20
mordofhow would i make it so when i create a new file in a folder, it inherits the owner user:group from the folder it's in?07:21
smp4488so i was messing with ubuntu-mobile now my gnome theme has huge font and all the windows have white backgrounds07:21
smp4488i have tried resetting the themes but it doesnt help07:21
oon_subuntu is the best..07:21
unopmordof, you can only set the group that way .. make the parent directory setgid07:22
mordofunop: that's what i need07:22
Aeron_wwapFlannel, what file system types? i think it has 512mb ram07:22
mordofunop: k.. hmm. i'll google that to find the command, ty07:23
unopmordof, chmod g+s directory07:23
mordofah ok, ty ^^07:23
FlannelAeron_wwap: 1G of swap for 512M ram.  ext3 for the other two (swap for swap)  Basically, you need about 10-20G for / and the rest can be home.07:23
dexterhey thers no option of speaking over mike in pidgin..can nyone help07:24
Aeron_wwapFlannel, i don't understand what you meant by "swap-for-swap"07:24
LSD|Ninjadexter: no video/voice in pidgin yet. Try again next year.07:24
mordofwhaaa... i'm getting this crontask message sent to my user over and over, lol07:24
kindofabuzzpidgin does not support voice or cams07:24
mordofi had a huge amount of identical messages x.x07:25
FlannelAeron_wwap: the filesystem for swap stuff is "swap"07:25
Aeron_wwapFlannel, oh, gotcha :D07:25
Aeron_wwapFlannel, thank you07:25
dexterthen in which messenger is voice/video it enabled07:25
Aeron_wwapFlannel, i'm going to wipe the drive clean tonight, install the new 8.04 i just got in the mail07:25
ushimitsudokiI need some help figuring out why a few apps run but do not "show up"? That is the process appear in ps, and they seem to be working, but the windows are not displayed. Not sure where to start troubleshooting this issue07:25
LSD|Ninjadexter: for what protocol?07:25
stalinhi.i want to copy the folder from desktop to opt.command please07:26
T2ello, are there any VOIP software through ubuntu?07:27
LSD|NinjaT2: Ekiga, Skype (through medibuntu), probably others07:27
arvind_khadrihow do i ssh into a machine behind a gateway?07:27
smp4488any ideas about my gnome font being big and colors messed07:28
LSD|Ninjadexter: aMSN (absolute garbage) and Mercury (haven't tried it but it can't be worse than aMSN) whill give you video/voice on MSN but as for others, no idea07:29
=== _anormallu is now known as anormallu
m0u5ewhere would I go to contribute ideas for ubuntu art?07:30
dexterLSD|Ninja; nd wat abt protocol had u been asking07:30
LSD|Ninjadexter: what IM protocol do you want video and voice over: MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, what?07:30
dexterLSD|Ninja; yahoo nd gtalk07:31
=== St_ is now known as boyZ
=== boyZ is now known as Boyz
LSD|Ninjadexter: dunno then, sorry :/07:31
dexterLSD|Ninja; no probs thanq man07:31
EatShroomscould anybody help with me wine07:32
EatShroomsI have to click buttons a million times for them to press in07:32
linthello can someone tell me why restart and shutdown have dissapeared from my shutdown screen menu?07:32
arvind_khadridoes SQUID have gui??07:32
LSD|Ninjaarvind_khadri: as in the proxy server? o_O07:33
kibibytehow to capture audio when im playing youtube movie07:33
crdlblint: do you have xserver-xgl installed?07:33
EatShroomskibibyte: vixy.net07:33
lintcrdlib: im not sure, how do i find out?07:33
GargantuaWhat's a good screen cap program?07:33
arvind_khadriLSD|Ninja, the app available in the repos...07:34
EatShroomsenter the youtube url and select .mp307:34
lintcrdlib: no i do not07:34
m0u5ewhere would I go to contribute ideas for ubuntu art?07:34
dexterLSD|Ninja; wat messengers do u use07:34
VanessaEok, my printer issue is sorted out.  Can someone help me set up networked scanning?07:35
VanessaE(it works on the server already)07:35
KlimJayDoes anyone know the current status of the upcoming Ubuntu version?  IE: Would it be coming out in a few weeks, and I'd be wasting my time downloading and installing it now ?07:36
LSD|Ninjadexter: Adium on OS X :P It's based on the same libpurple back end as pidgin but the lack of video/voice support doesn't bother me. I installed Skype for when I need those features.07:36
Gargantuaarvind_khadri, was that for me?07:36
Gargantuaerr nevermind07:36
lintcan somenoe tell me why shutdown and restart have dissapeared from my logout menu?07:36
KlimJayOr would be like in "Alpha"07:36
m0u5eKlimJay: intrepid is coming out in october07:37
m0u5eKlimJay: currently its alpha 407:37
d1g1talpsykolint right click on the panel and add it back07:38
KlimJaym0u5e: So another words, I might as well wait?07:38
m0u5eKlimJay: theres at least 1 more alpha till beta... and a few more weeks after that till RC07:38
m0u5eKlimJay: why dont you try hardy now?07:38
m0u5eKlimJay: its nice07:38
KlimJaym0u5e: I have limited bandwith , a "Fair Access Policy" of downloading 375 MBs in a "rolling 24 hour period"07:38
lintd1g1talpsyko: no way to do so07:39
FlannelKlimJay: You'll likely want to do Hardy then, and stick with it for at least a month after Intrepid is released.  The first few weeks are rather update-heavy07:39
KlimJaym0u5e: I have 2-5 AM of free downloading at about 122 KB/sec (IE: about 400 MBs per hour)07:39
administratorhow do i assign a class B ip as default for squid proxy?07:39
KlimJaySo I can get about 1 GB in is all a day.07:39
Twister10130hey anyone know abut how to fix grub error 17?07:40
m0u5eKlimJay:  that should be enough07:40
KlimJaybesides the hours that count.07:40
m0u5eKlimJay: just download ubuntu during that time, use torrents07:40
KlimJay(towards daily limitations)07:40
Smurfsloverhi there07:40
Smurfsloverubuntu broke my xserver07:40
Smurfsloverhow can i reset it?07:40
KlimJayTorrents and eMule, and some other P2P screw up my HN7000S somehow.07:40
KlimJay(Sat modem)07:40
FlannelKlimJay: I'd strongly recommend you try Hardy.  And also, if you like it enough, you can stick with it for two whole years and be able to upgrade directly to 10.04 when it comes out.07:41
KlimJayBut, I have been thinking that Xubuntu could be the best bet, I could add everything I wanted and use it more like a "basic" version.07:41
KlimJayAnd the GUI would make it faster?07:41
m0u5eKlimJay: mmm kinda... ive used xubuntu before07:41
m0u5eKlimJay: and ive tried xubuntu hardy as well07:41
m0u5eKlimJay: i recommend trying hardy with gnome though, gnomes gotton a lot better07:42
seekingtruthhello sinners07:42
KlimJaym0u5e: yeah, I don't have a Xubuntu disk (as they don't ship'em) though.07:42
m0u5eKlimJay: xubuntu is too minimalistic for my tastes... and its not *that* light on the resources anymore07:42
KlimJayI wanted to tear my screen apart when I tried Kubuntu.07:42
m0u5eKlimJay: haha i hear 4.1 is a lot better though07:42
administratorhow do i get the gui for squid3?07:42
LSD|NinjaKlimJay: KDE has that effect on people07:43
m0u5eanyone know how to enable mouse scroll for the pager?07:43
KlimJayLSD|Ninja: word.07:43
m0u5eoh and07:43
m0u5ewhere would I go to contribute ideas for ubuntu art?07:43
arvind_khadriLSD|Ninja, ya SQUID as in the proxy server07:43
administratorhow do i get the gui for squid? as in proxy server07:44
arvind_khadriLSD|Ninja, does it have a GUI??07:44
KlimJayThe most common annoying thing that I found in Ubuntu was I couldn't get rid of that minumize "box" effect.. that.. border growing smaller down to the er.. "task bar?"07:44
KlimJayEven on no visual affects07:45
linthi can someone help me? i am trying to move some files from my linux partition to my windows partition, is this possible?07:45
Xcercalint ,  yea ofcource07:45
linthow can i do it?07:45
KlimJayIs it possible to even get rid of that annoyance ?07:45
m0u5eKlimJay: oh... you can disable gnome animations07:46
Xcercacan you see the drive in PLaces ?07:46
m0u5eKlimJay: its somewhere under gconf-editor07:46
lintxceerca: i tried dragging and dropping the files in nautilus but it told eme the drive was read only07:46
tuxycopathehi guys07:46
xubiwhen i try to work a game with wine, it says "HTLM motor is unactivated"07:46
xubiwhat can i do07:46
m0u5edoes anyone know how to disable spinup of my optical drive when accessing places?07:46
KlimJayAlso, since I'd be using Wubi, would I be able to upgrade directly to the newer releases easily as if I had a real seperate partition ?07:46
m0u5ei dont want it to spinup unless i actually click on the dvd drive :/07:46
xubiwhen i try to work a game with wine, it says "HTLM motor is unactivated"07:47
xubihow can i activate HTML MOTOR07:47
m0u5eKlimJay: i dunno how upgrading with wubi works...07:47
Xcercalint , let me try somthin real quick07:47
Kira[work]You know how it is possible to detach a process from the terminal by using &?07:47
Kira[work]How do I use that in conjunction with sudo? Say, I want to use "sudo gedit", but also detach it from the terminal.07:48
m0u5eKira[work]: have you tried using alt+f2?07:49
Xcercalint i dunno man , i never had that problem , can you use the ntfs partions normaly though,  like run programs and stuff ?07:49
KlimJaym0u5e: also, about the comment about it Xubuntu being basic, I figure that's what I'd want.  Since little things annoy me.  And Kubuntu comes with Ksuperbrowserthatblows, Kthis,Kthat07:49
Kira[work]m0u5e: where? at the terminal or at the gedit window?07:49
m0u5eKira[work]: just press alt+f207:49
xubiwhen i try to work a game with wine, it says "HTLM motor is unactivated"07:49
xubihow can i activate HTML MOTOR07:49
GargantuaWhat's a good screen cap program?07:50
Xcercaxubi what game ?07:50
xubihunting unlimited 200907:50
stroggshello..need help on using projector on my ubuntu 8.04,i tried but failed.07:50
m0u5exubi: /join #winehq try there? :)07:50
lintXcerca: yes07:50
supertoneswhenever my hard disk gets touched especially when moving files/installing software/and downloading files my computer locks up and many processes go into disk sleep, this has made my new computer completely unusable anyone know how i can fix this?07:50
Kira[work]m0u5e: ah, so I press alt+f2 and sudo gedit there?07:50
m0u5eKlimJay: well you can try both i guess... download them during 2am-5am xD07:50
lintcan someone help me set the permissions on my windows partition so that i can copy files over to it?07:50
Xcercalint is the drive you want to copy it to on the desktop ?07:50
lintxcerca: yes07:51
m0u5eKira[work]: use gksu07:51
Xcercajust right click it and press properties and goto permisions and uncheck read only07:51
stroggsanyone knows how fix projector problem with hardy?07:52
stroggsam i d only one having a projector problem with hardy?07:53
m0u5eKlimJay: at 122kb, you should be able to download nearly a gig within 3 hours... each iso is only 700mb so if you use torrents, you will almost be able to finish in that time07:53
m0u5eKlimJay: 1286.71875 to be exact :D07:53
KlimJaym0u5e: that is about right, unless someone hops on to one of the other computers to do basic serfing.07:54
krishnais there a GUI version for Squid Proxy Server in Ubuntu???07:54
KlimJayor whatever07:54
* Kira[work] goes info gksu07:54
DBLobsterw sjz07:55
* Kira[work] is high on gksudo now07:55
m0u5eKira[work]: haha07:56
Xcercahow do you turn /dev/hiddev support on , is it not already by default ?07:57
T2hello, how do i seach for spyware on unbuntu, like spybot through windows?07:57
Xcercathere is no spyware07:57
Jordan_UT2: Did you download and install any spyware?07:58
KlimJaySpeaking of such, does Clam work better in linux , than ClamWin ? Anyone know?07:59
KlimJayif I was to just amuse myself by installing it07:59
T2KlimJay: no but how to i scan for it07:59
FlannelKlimJay: ClamAV is available07:59
Jordan_UT2: You can scan for windows spyware with ClamAV07:59
ubuntu_how do I reinstall my grub loader?  When I reinstalled windows, it killed it.08:00
Flannel!grub | ubuntu_, first link08:00
ubottuubuntu_, first link: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:00
KlimJayFlannel: does it still not scan on read/write like ClamWin?08:00
ubuntu_Flannel: hey man, how's your night going?08:00
FlannelKlimJay: I have no idea.  I don't use either.08:00
Flannelubuntu_: Howdy.  Doing fine.08:01
ubuntu_Flannel: this is Jeeves_Moss!!  I'm running a live CD.  I need a hand to reinstall Grub08:01
Flannelubuntu_: That link walks you through it, its real self explanatory and straight forward08:01
Flannelubuntu_: but, if you have questions, be sure to ask08:02
ubuntu_Flannel: is it grub-install <target parition>?08:02
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:03
krishnaclass B to be precise08:03
Flannelubuntu_: The first or second methods will work, yes.08:03
ubuntu_Flannel: right now when I try "grub-install /dev/disk/", I get /dev/disk/ does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.08:03
cryingtuxi have display issue with hardy for my nvidia card08:04
cryingtuxthere are 2 issues08:04
krishnaFlannel:can i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:04
Flannelubuntu_: disk being what?08:04
cryingtuxonly 800x600 display08:04
ahtmly2khelp please? i have a fingerprint reader on my laptop... how do i set it up?08:04
cryingtux2: distorted display08:05
cryingtuxis there any fix for that?08:05
Flannelahtmly2k: Look into thinkfinger08:05
adammw111Hi, I can't get my network card to work anymore. What steps should I try to resolve this?08:06
Flannelahtmly2k: go to synaptic, and search for "thinkfinger" there's a few packages, libraries, tools, etc.08:06
ubuntu_Flannel: when I look @ the gparted report, I see the orignal partition that my working install of Ubuntu is located on /dev/sda4 or @ /media/disk08:07
Flannelahtmly2k: you can use "apt-cache search thinkfinger" to search in the terminal, yes.08:07
cryingtuxFlannel: do you have clue for my issue?08:07
werswill an X3100 be enough for pcsx2?08:07
Flannelcryingtux: No08:08
cryingtuxits ok08:08
clarkKenthows it goin,08:08
clarkKent I seem to be having trouble getting samba permissions straight... Everything seems to be writable in SMB.conf but when I try to write from a windows computer it says "You do not have permission" , has anyone had this problem before?08:08
ahtmly2kahtmly2k@ahtmly2k-ubuntu64:~$ apt-cache search thinkfinger08:09
ahtmly2klibpam-thinkfinger - PAM module for the STMicroelectronics fingerprint reader08:09
ahtmly2klibthinkfinger-dev - development files for libthinkfinger08:09
ahtmly2klibthinkfinger-doc - documentation for libthinkfinger08:09
ahtmly2klibthinkfinger0 - library for the STMicroelectronics fingerprint reader08:09
ahtmly2kthinkfinger-tools - utilities for the STMicroelectronics fingerprint reader08:09
FloodBot2ahtmly2k: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
Expl0itedand get bluetooth hotsync to work with a treo 700p?08:09
VagilikHello hello all08:09
ubuntu_Flannel: did you have a good URL in mind?08:09
Flannelubuntu_: You only have one partition for Ubuntu? or do you have a separate /boot?08:09
EvensenI just installed GTK, and i lost all my themes?08:09
Vagiliki am new to linux...i have a question...how do i view windows network drives on ubuntu?08:10
crdlbEvensen: please define "installed GTK"08:10
Flannel!samba | Vagilik08:10
ubottuVagilik: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:10
Jordan_UEvensen: What did you do exactly?08:10
ubuntu_Flannel: ok, /dev/sda1 = windows (32Gb), /dev/sda2 = MythBuntu, /dev/sda3 = swap, /dev/sda4 = main Ubuntu install08:10
Flannelubuntu_: Mmmm, ok.  Use the first method on that page instead of the second.08:10
ubuntu_Flannel: URL again please?08:11
Evenseninstalled GTK+ 2.12 with GLib and Pango08:11
lintcan someone help me? i am having trouble mounting my cdrom drive08:11
Flannelubuntu_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows08:11
ubuntu_Flannel: thank you08:11
VagilikThank You all08:11
crdlbEvensen: how? do you mean that you installed the libgtk2.0-0 package in the ubuntu repositories?08:12
cacahuatehello.. when i booting.. this module "piix4_smbus" stays for like 8 seconds.. and its failed.. i think i dont need it.. how can i delete it, so my boot go faster08:12
mrkikolint: what kind of problem?08:12
Evensennah i compiled it08:13
ubuntu_Flannel: I'm getting Error 12 from grub08:13
crdlbEvensen: may I ask why?08:13
T2heelo, are there any good mBittorrent clients like Bitlord or Utorrent for ubuntu also can i install Limewire in ubuntu also?08:13
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:13
mrkikoT2: with a "apt-cache search torrent" you will get a lot of infos08:14
ahtmly2kcant download thinkfinger... y08:14
Flannelahtmly2k: thinkfinger isnt a package name.08:15
Kartagiswhat's the way to get the messages in another language when doing make?08:15
ubuntu_Flannel: how do I change the partition will boot to?  I want to change it from /dev/sda1 to /dev/sda408:15
corinthCan't get Cheese to display video from my webcam. Help?08:15
mrkikoKartagis: oh, I don't think applications involved in make are localizzable :D08:16
Flannelubuntu_: You mean which partition's MBR has grub on it?08:16
ahtmly2kim trying it again08:16
OmfgItsASharkhey can somebody help me out... i am running xubuntu right now and i wanna change the color of the panels and the text color on theh panels can anybody help me out08:16
ahtmly2kin synaptics08:16
OmfgItsASharkwill someone plz help me08:17
Flannel!repeat | OmfgItsAShark08:17
ubottuOmfgItsAShark: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience08:17
ahtmly2kgot it... but once intalled, where do i find it to set it up?08:18
corinth!patience | OmfgItsAShark08:18
ubottuOmfgItsAShark: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:18
OmfgItsASharki am08:18
mrkikoOmfgItsAShark: I simply have no ideas on what you should do...08:19
mrkikoOmfgItsAShark: try asking in #gnome08:20
larryI'm running 8.10 alpha 4, all nice and updated08:21
OmfgItsASharki thought it wasnt gnome though08:21
Flannelahtmly2k: you may or may not have to enable the PAM module, check /usr/share/doc/libpam-thinkfinger/README.Debian, and then thinkfinger-tools installed tf-tool, which you can use to enroll/etc08:21
crdlbmrkiko: for xubuntu? :)08:21
larryEverything works great except my Juniper VPN client08:21
FlannelOmfgItsAShark: it's not, its XFCE408:21
crdlblarry: intrepid support in #ubuntu+1 please08:21
OmfgItsASharkso hohw do i enable the pam mode08:21
larryjoin #ubuntu+108:22
larryd'oh!  am I a moron or what!08:22
OmfgItsASharkcrdlb is it cool if i pm you?08:22
hypernewbie8.04 apache package could do with better default config08:23
crdlbOmfgItsAShark: I don't know anything about xfce08:23
Flannelhypernewbie: Regarding what?08:23
platiusOmfgItsAShark, http://www.xfce.org/documentation/  you might look here08:23
dirty_bobquick question, if my built in wifi card isnt on the supported list, would it even pic up the wireless signal from my router? im showing nothing08:23
OmfgItsASharkyou said something about pam08:23
hypernewbieit should start right away08:23
FlannelOmfgItsAShark: not to you08:23
Flannelhypernewbie: it does08:23
hypernewbiebut no, u gotta config file before it starts08:23
mrkikoIf #xfce exist, try joining it :)08:23
seekingtruthhello sinners08:23
mrkikoad it exists!08:23
dusty_Morning all.  What is the correct what to install and configure dual monitor (22" LCD and 14" CRT doing 1680x1050 / 1024x768) in Ubuntu 8.04:  ATI Technologies Inc Mobilitiy Radeon HD 3450 <-- that is my card, I have been reading mixed opinions some say use xrandr, some say use opensource drivers so same use closed source, I am at a loss as to which route is the best ?08:24
mrkikodirty_bob: if you card is not displayed as a wifi interface, it will do nothing08:25
* mrkiko tries the bot command :D08:25
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:26
mrkikoeheheh, it worked!08:26
dirty_bobyeah its not on the list08:26
Flanneldirty_bob: That page links to a pretty thorough page on troubleshooting wifi08:27
Myrtti /lastlog sin08:27
Xcercais there a way to check if hiddev support is enabled ?08:28
mrkikodirty_bob: see pm08:28
Kartagismrkiko> FYI, LANG=ru make works08:29
mrkikoKartagis: very very good!08:29
mrkikoKartagis: infact I told it was a guess...08:29
Kartagismrkiko> the problem is i did LANG=EN make before and that didn't work08:30
mrkikoKartagis: aniway it all depends upon the apps make will call08:30
mrkikoKartagis: I don't know if my english is clean enough to be understood08:30
dusty_Morning all.  What is the correct what to install and configure dual monitor (22" LCD and 14" CRT doing 1680x1050 / 1024x768) in Ubuntu 8.04:  ATI Technologies Inc Mobilitiy Radeon HD 3450 <-- that is my card, I have been reading mixed opinions some say use xrandr, some say use opensource drivers so same use closed source, I am at a loss as to which route is the best ?08:31
mrkiko!repeat dusty_>08:31
ahtmly2kthnx all08:31
mrkikono :) invalid character, >08:31
dusty_mrkiko, Answer the question?08:32
dusty_It's a fairly common question, surely you know the answer? Then I wouldn't have to repeat :)08:32
mrkikodusty_: I personally don't use any monitor since I'm blind  (seriously)08:33
Pirate_Hunterhi trying to setup dansguardian based on this tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207008 but just wondering do i really need firehol considering it is another firewall just like ufw?08:33
Gargantuamrkiko, really?08:33
dirty_bobmrkiko pm sent with info on wifi card08:33
nileshpatilyes its again a firewall08:33
Gargantuado you use one of those programs that read things out to you?08:33
nileshpatilPirate_Hunter : what is your basic requirement?08:34
mrkikoGargantua: yes, see brltty08:34
XGaswow, awesome.08:34
Gargantuamrkiko, does it read things like "* yacc (n=andreas@ip-80-226-13-194.vodafone-net.de) has joined #ubuntu"?08:35
GargantuaThat would get really anoying.08:35
Pirate_Hunternileshpatil: huh? im just using dansguardian to filter content from the kids but based on that tut i need firehol i dont see the point if it is the same as ufw and i could simply input the iptable command direct into the system08:35
XGasand time consuming08:35
=== SoulSlayer is now known as anewbie
mrkikoGargantua: yes; infact I should set up the client to ignore them08:36
Gargantuamrkiko, als0 doez it annoi u wen ppl dunt spell thigs rite08:36
Splexanyone recommend a ddns provider?08:36
mrkikoGargantua: oh yes, they annoy me very much08:36
mrkikoGargantua: partially even because I'm not native english08:36
Gargantuamrkiko, how about when people use smilies?08:37
nileshpatilfilter contents like ?08:37
GargantuaWell, my friend, I'm sorry you can't experience the beauty of Compiz :(08:37
cacahuatehello... i have an error while booting.. and is taking like 8 seconds.. any idea how to get rid of it?08:38
cacahuate [    10.227318]  piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.3: Host SMBus controller not enabled!08:38
mrkikoGargantua: ohoho :D there are much more important things I will not experience. Aniway, for me smileis makes no sense, they are only combination of signs08:38
Pirate_Huntercan i have ufw and firehol running at the same time considering they are just frontend to iptables "i think they are frontends"?08:38
Gargantuamrkiko, I hear people that are blind develop better sense over-all, so no worries :)08:38
GargantuaI bet the command-line interface of linux is easier for blind people.08:39
dirty_bobi would imagine it would be. unless you me, i can see and i still get lost08:40
Pirate_HunterGargantua: if they are blind how can they read cat or error response?08:40
mrkikoGargantua: yes08:40
GargantuaPirate_Hunter, follow the conversation?08:40
mrkikoPirate_Hunter: see brltty08:40
Gargantuahe has it setup so it reads things08:40
nileshpatil<Pirate_Hunter> : they do work as frontends08:40
Gargantuaman it must really suck reading web pages though08:41
GargantuaOH SHIT08:41
FloodBot2Gargantua: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:41
nileshpatil<Pirate_Hunter> : that is why i wanted to know what type of contents you want to filter?08:41
FlannelGargantua: please keep non-support discussion out of this channel, thanks.08:41
lintcan someone help me? i am trying to eject my cdrmo from the drive but it says i cannot unmount the volume because i am not priveleged08:41
Pirate_HunterFlannel: ty i just realised it when i had to scroll up to look at the conversation08:41
GargantuaFlannel, there's no social channel I presume?08:42
FlannelPirate_Hunter: I doubt that should've been directed at me08:42
FlannelGargantua: There is.  #ubuntu-offtopic08:42
Gargantuaok :)08:42
zr0geeor ubuntu-forums ;P08:43
zr0geethe channel, I mean08:43
Gargantuabut mrkiko is not there :(08:43
Pirate_HunterFlannel: just saying that i was about to do it when i realised what they were talking about08:44
lintcan someone tell me why reboot and shutdown have dissapeared from my logout menu?08:44
mrkikoGargantua: sorry, reading...08:45
bartounetyop yop08:45
nileshpatillint> : did u try eject command08:45
nileshpatillint> if that doesnt work ..... try this ..... sudo eject08:46
bartounetque pensez vous de chrome?08:46
dirty_bobis sudo the modifier to tell the terminal to run as root?08:47
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:47
Jordan_Udirty_bob: Yes, but its actually a binary, not a "modifier" ( /usr/bin/sudo )08:48
Expl0itedanyone have any experience with bluetooth and a palm device.. Im ripping out my hair trying to figure this thing out.08:49
nileshpatil<Expl0ited> : what exactly are you looking out in bluetooth ?08:49
Expl0itedI want the thing to sync. it won't Ive read like 30 different suggestion I get the same errors.08:50
bindaasdirty_bob : u can do sudo anyuser and run commands that have privileges for that user08:50
dirty_bobgood to know08:50
bolroganybody know what target to write in a makefile to get make to compile all of the sources in a directory into their corresponding objects in another directory?08:50
Expl0itedi_bind error: /dev/pilot No such file or directory08:51
Expl0itedCheck your serial port and settings08:51
nileshpatil<Expl0ited> : what error are you getting ? and what are you trying ?08:51
Expl0itedI have, it doesn't work.08:51
dirty_bobif i can get video and sounds working, i can deal without the wifi08:51
Expl0itedIm not using a USB cable, Im using USB isntead.08:51
Expl0itederr bluettoth.08:51
Omar87How do I find out which version of Linux kernel I have?08:52
Expl0itedOmar87: uname -a08:52
favrolsb_release -a08:52
Expl0itedlol favro close :P08:52
mistformpidgin is muffed, the repos have a bugged release08:52
hangthedjOmar87, uname -r08:52
favroExpl0ited: I should read things first...08:53
karoogahi, what's the correct channel for getting help packaging python extensions?08:53
m0u5eanyone know how to use subtract in formulas for openspreadsheet?08:53
jussi01karooga: #ubuntu-motu perhaps08:53
Expl0itedkarooga: #python is where you want to go :P08:53
Xcercaanybody using lirc and a remote ?08:53
rampageoberonm0u5e: sorry what?08:53
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:53
m0u5eits really frustrating... i believe in excel the command is just =SUB... but SUB does not exist in ooo spread08:53
karoogathanks jussio01, Expl0ited :-)08:54
m0u5erampageoberon: how do i subract :/08:54
rampageoberonm0u5e: yes it doesn't exist, just make the numbers negative and use SUM08:54
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:54
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:54
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:54
krishnacan i use an IP thats something like instead of the default for a squid proxy???08:54
FloodBot2krishna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:55
m0u5erampageoberon: thats stupid :X08:55
ianm_is the 'bzr' command offered by the 'bzr' package now?  I thought it wasn't before08:55
Expl0itedso... bluetooth and my palm device Im out of luck on them08:55
m0u5erampageoberon: that completely defeats the purpose of using sub08:55
krishnaim going bonkers08:55
krishnaand im in a hurry someone hlp08:55
rampageoberonm0u5e: no its quite logical, as i can't see what logic subtract would use in regards to referencing08:55
rampageoberonm0u5e: you could always write your own function if need be and name it SUB08:56
Expl0ited!patience | krishna08:56
ubottukrishna: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:56
zcat[1]krishna: you use whatever is the IP address of the smachine squid is running on.. you can set it up as if you  want..08:56
m0u5erampageoberon: no because for example i have a spreadsheet of numbers, and i want to find the difference between the two08:56
zcat[1]krishna: or or even08:56
m0u5erampageoberon: i dont want to change my original value, i need the program to subtract the two to see if my difference is positive or negative08:56
rampageoberonm0u5e: so you have just 2 numbers? or a list of numbers?08:57
m0u5erampageoberon: it was just an example, but i have a list of numbers08:57
T2heelo, what other programs can i use in ubuntu instead of itunes to upload video files onto an iphone?08:57
rampageoberonm0u5e: use A - B ?08:57
m0u5erampageoberon: and i have other formulas depending on those #s so i cannot change them08:57
mistformkrishna, join #squid08:57
m0u5eoh lol?08:57
Expl0itedT2: there isn't nor will there ever be itunes for ubuntu08:57
rampageoberonm0u5e: not sure what the structure of the sheet is, could you show a sample08:58
m0u5erampageoberon: i just want to subtract a list of numbers (sorry if im confusing you)08:58
rampageoberonm0u5e: subtract them from what, and is it possible to see a sample file i could try help more after i look at the structure of the sheet (you can change labels and values)08:59
krishnasay if my adsl default gw is
m0u5erampageoberon: okay so lets say i have value which is stored in A1, i want A1 to be subtracted by B1:F109:00
m0u5erampageoberon: err okay let me pastebin lol09:00
zcat[1]krishna: what's the IP address of the machine that is running squid?09:00
krishnai want the proxy to serve requests same ip range09:01
ubottum0u5e, please see my private message09:01
krishnafirst of all i need to install squid on this sam machine09:01
krishnabut then i am on a network09:01
zcat[1]krishna: First of all, add this to your squid conf; acl our_networks src
Pirate_Hunterhow can i find out in terminal which directory is firefox.cfg located in?09:02
amerineseanyone have experience using an nvidia card to run two monitors?  i'd like to map a workspace to each monitor... is that possible?09:02
zcat[1]krishna: and then add this; http_access allow our_networks09:03
krishnazcat..thats too complex for me...09:03
krishnaim a zero in linux09:03
zcat[1]krishna: that will allow anyone in the network to access the progy.09:03
Xcercaamerinese   can't you use nvidia-settings ?09:04
Xcercait's best to sudo nvidia-settinfs09:05
amerinesexcerca: it's set to twinview right now... i mean, i don't see anything about workspaces09:05
krishnathat means if adsl ip is then can the proxy serve it on the same series of onwards?09:05
krishnaupto 255?09:05
bolroganybody know what target to write in a makefile to get make to compile all of the sources in a directory into their corresponding objects in another directory?09:05
zcat[1]krishna: well setting up a squid proxy requires some basic network knowledge. You might need to learn up a little or get someone to help you. Is there a LUG in your area?09:05
Xcercaamerinese that would be a gnome or compiz setting09:05
amerinesexcerca: yeah not sudo'ing really tripped me up09:06
zr0geeCan anyone tell me if the "Hibernate" button in the power-down-menu, is actually a true hibernation (meaning, it will safely power off my pc and save my progress), or do I still need to have power attached to it ? :p09:06
rampageoberonm0u5e: done the paste?09:06
amerineseit should be on by default or else you can't save settings09:06
krishnai know a person who helps me out but he is also not too sure about how to get GUI for squid09:06
zcat[1]krishna: yes .. means all of to will be aqble to access the proxy09:06
krishnathats gr809:06
zcat[1]I don't know of any GUI for squid. webmin might have some plugin for it..09:07
amerinesexcerca: where would i start to edit gnome or compiz settings?09:07
nileshpatil<zcat : TRY SQUIDGUARD09:07
nileshpatilzcat : even09:07
zcat[1]ummm squidguard is something totally different.. not a GUI configuration tool at all09:08
krishnaokay will try squidguard09:08
nileshpatil<krishna : hay krishana what are you trying to do ?09:09
bolrogzr0gee: it powers off your computer after storing everything in ram to your hard drive09:09
krishnatryin to install squidguard09:09
nileshpatilkrishna : are you just looking for GUI for squid ?09:09
nate_i installed a theme for ubuntu and its messed up my firefox the games are not the right colors how do i get rid of the theme on firefox?09:09
zcat[1]krishna: squidguard and/or dansguardian are filters for stopping people from accessing 'bad websites' through the proxy.09:09
krishnaim sorry09:09
Pirate_Hunterdoes firefox use the same directory for /usr/share/doc/firefox-3.0/firefox.cfg on all users or does it look elsewhere for each user?09:09
krishnai installed it09:09
krishnabut im dying to know how to get it to gui09:10
krishnacos im zero in cli09:10
zr0geebolrog: thanks alot - that's all I wanted to know09:10
bolrogzr0gee: yeah, the difference between hibernate and suspend is that in hibernate, your comp is powered off09:10
=== tee is now known as t33x
zr0geeYes - unfortunately, I have had bad experience with "hibernation" in a certain commercial OS ..09:11
chezerianwhat is the release dat ofr 8.10 ?09:11
krishnayes nilesh09:11
* sber bye09:12
Pirate_Huntercan someone answer my question if they know please?09:12
mistformchezerian, i though october?09:15
nileshpatilkrishana : there are webmin modules available for squid proxy server and squid report generator09:15
mistformhe's gone09:15
slamFISTPirate_Hunter: i would assume so, considering it's in /share/09:15
balle_how can i uninstall different window managers? for exemple fluxbox or kde?09:16
nileshpatilkrishna : for this you need to install webmin first and then get the module from webmin.com09:16
misse-Hi, I need som help regarding a 3ware 7506-8 controller card. I'm running ubuntu 8.04.1 server with the 24.6-19 kernel, and lspci finds the pci card, modinfo 3w_xxxx shows the module as loaded correctly. But I can't find my array using fdisk or any other tool I can think of. Anyone got an idea?09:16
krishnahow do i install that09:17
geniuswhy two of ubuntus register their hostnames on dhcp, and other two does not? how  to fix?09:17
jpdskrishna: FloodBot1 is a computer, he can not talk to you.09:17
krishnaim on xchan first time09:17
krishnaxchat first time09:17
* Lord-Meka is anyone here runing Conquer Online 2.0 under UBUNTU?09:17
methods2is there a way to save state to a usb pen drive from a live cd so that i can reboot ?   why i need to reboot baffles me too...09:18
Amomynousdoes anyone know where i might find a working realtek driver ko?09:19
* Lord-Meka is anyone here runing Conquer Online 2.0 under UBUNTU?09:19
Amomynousmethods2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:19
Pirate_HunterslamFIST: so would i but will need to check once i figure out why dansguardian is nto starting up09:20
methods2is there like a mouse pad configuration tool for changing how it behaives ?09:20
mistformyou want to configure your mouse pad?09:20
Amomynousyeah, just system>mouse09:21
AdvoWorkHi there, ive got a cronjob running at 8am,9am,10am,11am and 12 which runs a script.sh consisting of: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43575/ to mount the share. I have to do this every day because it loses the share when the client pc is turned off at night? also, if a user has a web browser open which uses the share, it wont let me mount and the cronjob fails,is there a way around this? cheers09:21
methods2Amomynous: i'm not looking for installing to a usb pen drive... i have a live cd in and i just want to simply save state... so wahtever changes were done are still there when i reboot with live cd + usb09:21
* Lord-Meka is anyone here runing Conquer Online 2.0 under UBUNTU 7.10?09:22
Amomynousmethods2: yeah, that's what the link is about... make the Persistant Home /media/whatever your drive is09:23
slamFISTmethods2: wouldn't that be easier to just have the OS installed on your pen drive09:23
methods2hm that mouse configuration has some things lacking... for one thing i thing it would be nice to have the pad disabled if a keystroke was detected within a certain timeout09:23
methods2slamFIST:  are you ok?09:23
Amomynouswhen you run the livecd again it should mount the usb disk at init and then look for the persistant home on there09:23
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?09:24
methods2yea i mean i'm testing out the system still09:24
methods2hey is it possible to like literally turn off my cdrom in my laptop ?09:25
mise_en_placeIsn't Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex  supposed to have already been released?09:25
legend2440Pirate_Hunter: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42862509:26
XGasmise_en_place: No, only development releases09:26
XGasmise_en_place: the number 8.10 means year 2008, October09:26
Pirate_Hunterlegend2440: thats the same thread im looking at :(09:27
lyywhat's a good indication of thrashing on a machine? I can tell if I listen to the machine but what if i'm remotely logged in?09:27
mise_en_placeoh... I guess it is a little delayed09:27
mise_en_placeI can't wait for the new driver release for the wifi09:27
MTecknologyPirate_Hunter: repeat09:27
XGasmise_en_place: Delayed? No, its not even the release date yet.09:27
Myrttikrishna: FloodBot1 is a *bot*09:27
slamFISTlyy: top command maybe?09:28
hangthedjPirate_Hunter: repeat09:28
slamFISTor.. htop is better09:28
lyyslamFIST: what should i look for in top?09:28
mise_en_placebleh nevermind... I am waiting anxiously09:28
slamFISTtells you cpu usage etc09:28
=== Abracadabr4 is now known as Abracadabra
lyyso if it's 100% cpu utilized it's thrashing?09:28
lyyis that gauranteed?09:29
slamFISTwhat exactly is your idea of thrashing09:29
ActionParsnipslamFIST: Pantera :D09:29
mise_en_placeyes lyy you probably have some serious resource consumption taking place09:30
* slamFIST pets htop09:31
lyyslamFIST: when a process needs to page out often09:31
lyyso often that other processes don't get enough time slice to do any work09:32
=== Q_Continuum is now known as Q_Contoxicated
tgillespiehi all, is anyone running ubuntu-netbook on an eee 901? Im looking to buy one but want to know what kind of battery life i can expect with the netbook optimizations09:33
LSD|Ninjatgillespie: over nine thousand09:33
ActionParsniptgillespie: i run eeeXubuntu and its fine09:34
ActionParsniptgillespie: depends what you do with it really09:34
slamFISTlyy: yea it's pretty accurate if that's what you were wondering09:34
tgillespieActionParsnip just at idle09:34
ActionParsniptgillespie: oh loads, atom cpus are sweeeeet09:34
ActionParsniptgillespie: ive got a 70109:34
ActionParsniptgillespie: theres a tonne of subnotebooks now, id look at those as well09:35
tgillespieActionParsnip: well... ive heard 7 hours thrown around, but I'm tending not to believe that...09:35
KenSentMeIs it possible to turn html code highlighting on in gedit for documents without .htm extension or doctype defined?09:35
tgillespieActionParsnip i just want the one with the highest battery life lol, the 901 seems a good bet09:35
methods2KenSentMe:  yes look in the menu09:36
KenSentMeAh, nevermind, lazy me09:36
tobywukIm trying to move a file from one directory to a different one. How do I referance the destination?09:36
tgillespieActionParsnip the hp one looks nice, but the linux version only has a 3 cell :(09:36
LSD|NinjaAt the very least get a 900, the 700 series Eee's are a joke09:36
untitledi just bought an aspire one09:36
ActionParsniptgillespie: id read reviews, dell kicked out mini inspuron and msi have their air09:36
untitledit actually is great... when you remove linpus09:36
tgillespieuntitled what battery life do you get?09:36
tobywukWould this be correct:  mv /downloads/file1.txt  ~/desktop.file1.txt   ?09:36
ActionParsniptgillespie: then buy the windows one, waste money on the license but get more battery life09:37
untitledages... well, 3 hours maybe09:37
tgillespieActionParsnip yea I was looking at the dell as wel, but only the windows one in the uk :(09:37
ActionParsniptgillespie: i dont use it mobile really09:37
untitledthis is 3 hours of lazarus, youtube and irc09:37
ActionParsniptgillespie: im from uk ;P09:37
LSD|Ninjait's not like you pay *that* much for the windows licences, MS sell them to companies like Asus, HP or whatever for peantus09:37
tgillespieuntitled hmm youtube with flash or gnash? cos flash eats my cpu like nothing else lol09:37
ActionParsniptgillespie: theres the olpc laptop09:37
tgillespieActionParsnip haha =)09:38
tgillespieLSD|Ninja true, but there still seems to be a fair difference09:38
tgillespieLSD|Ninja but that could be the 2gb of ram...09:38
untitledgnash i haven't tried... but i might well do09:38
tgillespieuntitled 3 hours with flash running seems good then09:38
ActionParsnipuntitled: yu could try nspluginwrapper withthe adobe one09:39
untitledtgillespie: essentially, you buy the linux one (white seems to be more likely to have samsung ssd)09:39
untitledtgillespie: then run this script http://www.aspireoneuser.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1256&st=0&sk=t&sd=a09:39
ActionParsnipuntitled: theres also a script to setup flash but i didnt have any success with it personally09:39
untitledand it removes all the acer shit09:39
hangthedjI'm sorry but gnash is a peice of crap.09:39
=== Omar1 is now known as Omar87
hangthedjLast update was what 2, 3 years ago?09:39
untitledActionParsnip: add livna repository (or multiverse for ubuntu)09:40
ActionParsniptgillespie: loads of users are boycotting the eee pc as they broke the gpl09:40
ActionParsnipuntitled: what for?09:40
untitledActionParsnip: and install gnash --nodeps09:40
ActionParsnipuntitled: i have flash09:40
tgillespieActionParsnip doesnt suprise me lol. what did they do?09:40
methods2so all this stuff is seriously running on a ramdisk right now? i mean i downloaded and installled various programs lol09:40
ActionParsniptgillespie: they modified some power management kernel module and wont give the source back09:41
untitledActionParsnip: sorry, i was on about free flash... oops09:41
untitledand about the eee, they also hid wireless driver source apparently09:41
tgillespieActionParsnip ah right, so maybe when that comes out ill get even more battery life? :-D09:41
untitledbut it's now up09:41
lyyslamFIST: thanks09:41
lyytime to sleep]09:42
ActionParsnipuntitled: well its already in the stock OS, so yeah09:42
ActionParsnipuntitled: sorry that was for tgillespie09:42
LynoureIs it normal that Istanbul is "in process of saving to disk" for a longer time than the actual duration of the clip?09:42
ActionParsniptgillespie: its already in the stock OS09:42
tgillespieActionParsnip no i mean when i install the netbook remix09:42
ActionParsniptgillespie: but i dont know about if yu installed say gentoo or somesuch09:42
ActionParsniptgillespie: never come across it09:43
untitledhow's the driver support in netbook remix?09:43
untitledin regards to intel chipset09:43
tgillespieuntitled you just install it over the top of stock ubuntu09:43
tgillespieuntitled oh you mean the atom optimizations?09:43
untitledaaaaaaah reet09:44
Amarth_hey i was wondering if anyone has experience in dual booting with installing windows after ubuntu is installed. i've run into a wall and extensive web searches have led to people suggesting i wipe the drive an?d start with xp before ubuntu. is there any other way09:44
untitledeither way... atom is basically pentium M and 945 so either way09:44
tgillespieuntitled apparently there are some optimizations for the atom cpu, but i dunno what they include09:44
=== sean is now known as Guest81208
ActionParsniptgillespie: id install fluxbox instead :D09:44
untitledi hate fluxbox...09:45
untitledalthough the last time i used it was in knoppix 309:45
tgillespieActionParsnip lol, the netbook wm looks quite neat actually09:45
tgillespiefrom a space saving perspective09:45
ActionParsnipuntitled:  i love a clean no messing wm09:46
Pie-ratewhat's the best way to install vmware player on ubuntu, rpm with alien or with the .tar?09:47
lasaryusHi.. I am trying to install .net framework on wine and i am getting the error x desktop not running please check the values in display or something.. Can someone help?09:47
ActionParsnipPie-rate: id go with .tar09:48
lasaryusX server09:48
lasaryusnot x desktop09:48
ActionParsnipPie-rate: id advise never use rpm in debian rigs09:48
Pie-rateActionParsnip: well alien converts them to .deb09:48
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest57631
ActionParsnipPie-rate: its similar but not the same once youve converted it09:49
T3hello, can anyone thelp me with why i am not able to view the bloomberg tv through the bloomberg.com website through ubuntu, my sound works on youtube and so not an issue with my sound card why does it not work on bloomberg tv?09:49
ActionParsnipPie-rate: and something like vmware, you want it stable09:49
ActionParsnipwhat plugin does it use?09:49
Guest57631can any one help in installing the open office 2 as i have downloaded and it's format is OOo_2.4.1_LinuxIntel_install_wJRE_en-US.tar.gz   now can any one guid me it's installation i tried all ways but unable to do so09:49
ubottua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org09:50
ActionParsnip!compile | Guest5763109:50
ubottuGuest57631: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:50
ActionParsnipGuest57631: its in repos dude09:50
Guest57631may i have the repos link09:50
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:50
ActionParsnip!info openoffice09:50
ubottuPackage openoffice does not exist in hardy09:50
jonaskoelkerhi all.  Where's the guidelines to making a Request For Packaging?  ISTR there being a wiki page or something, but google is failing me09:50
lasaryusanyone help with my X server problem in installing .net framework with wine?09:51
bolrog!info openoffice.org09:51
ubottuopenoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): OpenOffice.org Office suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4 kB, installed size 44 kB09:51
ActionParsnipGuest57631: search for it in synaptic09:51
C0nn0R_How is everyone ?09:51
Guest57631sir i need the dba tool as to do work with access file and i was guided to download the new open office base which i did but now em not able to install it09:52
ActionParsnipT3: its a video so you'll need plugins for your browser09:52
T3ActionParsnip: which plugins as other websites i can play the videos like youtube is fine09:52
=== EisNerd_ is now known as EisNerd
ActionParsnipT3: well i just checked it in xp with firefox, it says no video (i believe its caching)09:53
ActionParsnipT3: it is video: Windows Media Video 909:54
Ape3000What is the maximum amount of usable ram in 32 bit / x86 Ubuntu?09:55
Pie-ratestep 1 is: "Install the kernel modules packages. See Installing Software."09:55
Pie-rateWTF does it mean by the "kernel modules packages?"09:55
ActionParsnipt3: youtube uses flash, not vdeo09:55
geniuswhat program can i use that is similar to netstumbler?09:55
T3ActionPatsnip: i already have adobe flash player installed on ubuntu09:55
Ape3000My friend has 4 Gb ram, but ubuntu only shows 3.2 Gb.. It this normal?09:55
ActionParsnipApe3000: 4gb without anything funky09:55
slamFISTPie-rate: dont worry about that, i think you can go on to the next step09:55
ActionParsnipApe3000: you need to tweak your rig09:55
LSD|NinjaApe3000: perfectly normal under 32 bit09:56
favroGuest57631: if you double click the file file roller will unpack it - there normally is a readme to get you started09:56
Pie-rateslamFIST: that's totally confusing and should be removed09:56
jonaskoelkergenius: swscanner says it's compatible with netstumbler files; I don't know what either program does, but I'd assume it's something somewhat similar09:56
Pirate_Hunterhangthedj, MTecknology, legend2440: sorry back could you come back to help me please i got disconnected09:56
Pie-rateslamFIST: should either specify a package name or just be deleted09:56
Guest57631but in this i didn't find any thing sir favro :09:56
jonaskoelkergenius: what does netstumbler do, find wifi networks?09:56
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?09:56
ActionParsnip!info netstumbler09:57
AdvoWorkhow come you have to keep remounting samba shares if the client with the share going to the server is turned off every night?09:57
ubottuPackage netstumbler does not exist in hardy09:57
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: never used it man, sorry09:58
geniusno, i want to scan neiborhood, because someone is killing my wifi. netstumbler can show the graph of connection quality with some ap09:58
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Pirate_HunterActionParsnip: np09:58
ActionParsnipgenius: use your wireles tools to show signal strength09:59
ActionParsnipgenius: how would they kill your wifi09:59
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geniusActionParsnip: i don't sure. i want to check what is happening10:00
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:00
ActionParsnipgenius: turn on loggin in your AP10:00
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?10:01
Guest57631how can i go to default root user10:02
ActionParsnipGuest57631: youdon't, just use sudo or gksu10:02
ActionParsnipGuest57631: sudo for cli apps, gksu for gui10:02
Guest57631well i want to untar the package can any one help me out in dis10:03
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42862510:03
Guest57631the tar package is on  mysedktop10:03
ActionParsnipGuest57631: tar zxvf /path/to/file.tar10:04
ActionParsniphi Dreaml10:04
DreamLnrmy pavillion with gutsy does not get gateway address while connecting to wifi network10:04
DreamLnrit does get an ip10:04
DreamLnrbut no gw10:04
DreamLnrwhere may be the problem?10:05
DreamLnrbtw it doesnt get the gateway on a particular network10:06
DreamLnron my home network everything is ok10:06
jonaskoelkerDreamLnr: my first guess would be a badly configured dhcp server10:06
Pie-ratevmware installer asks too many questions10:06
ActionParsnipDreamLnr: id add it to /etc/network/interfaces10:07
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip: that only is if your using squid im using tinyproxy and i have looked at that thread10:07
DreamLnradmins said dhcp server is 100% ok10:07
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?10:07
ActionParsnipDreamLnr: under your wifi device name add gateway x.y.z.a10:07
ActionParsnipDreamLnr: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-debian-ubutnu-set-default-gateway-ipaddress/10:07
OhaiguizDCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 010:08
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NeophosI'm trying to install Subversion, but in the terminal it just says that libsvn1 can't be installed. When I try in Synaptic, it comes down to that libpq5 can't be installed because I'm lacking libldap2, but that package doesn't exist. Any ideas?10:08
DreamLnrand the strangest thing is that the  pc used to connect and get the gw a year ago, but now it doesnt10:09
ivoi have liveCd version that can't install on hard disk. is it possible to copy this liveCd to disk, and start like friom cdrom?10:09
ActionParsnipNeophos: http://www.nabble.com/Bug-482684:-installation-of-libldap2-with-apt-get-attempts-to-uninstall-essential-packages-td17447535.html10:10
ActionParsnipNeophos: http://groups.google.se/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/msg/d41c49506000e15d10:10
morningwalkerguys, how to use ssh?? is it ssh username@ipadd??10:11
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:12
pajamianmorningwalker: ssh user@host.com10:13
morningwalkeri thought it was ip address!!10:14
tommax1what's happend?10:15
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?10:15
morningwalkerguys how to use ssh??10:15
pajamianmorningwalker: you can use the IP address if you want, either one should work.10:15
tommax1ssh user@host10:15
morningwalkerssh (username)@(IP_ADDRESS) right??10:15
pajamianmorningwalker: yes, that should work.10:16
tommax1IP_ADDRESS can be like a name of host that u have mapped in /etc/hosts10:16
morningwalkeri was confused between ipaddress and host10:16
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please, dansguardian gives error when doing dpkg-reconfigure dansguardian it says "error connecting to parent proxy" how can i fix this?10:17
pajamianmorningwalker: either will work.  If it follows the format of an IP address then it will just connect, otherwise it will look up the IP address for you.10:17
Metatronanyone know how to tell Evolution which port the IMAP server users, google uses non defaults, i dont see it10:18
Metatronuses that is10:18
ubunt3Is it possible to install something using Live CD?10:19
pajamianubunt3: of course, what do you want to install?10:20
tommax1hi, a software for linux like "MS photo story 3"?10:20
kindofabuzzubunt3, i think you need the alternative.  you mean pull a pcakage?10:20
ubunt3pajamian, like flash.10:20
morningwalkerubuntu has which security enforcer in place of SELinux like in fedora...?10:20
pajamianubunt3: well, something like flash, yes, but flash itself is not on the live CD10:20
kindofabuzzubunt3, umm you're online now, why not just apt-get it?10:20
ubunt3pajamian, so i can't use it.10:21
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ubunt3kindofabuzz, well i know apt-get, but after install, can i use it.10:21
pajamian!flash | ubunt310:21
ubunt3Looks like it's pointless to install, because it's won't work.10:22
kindofabuzzubunt3, huh? why could't you?10:22
krishnahow do i enable gui for squid proxy??10:22
ubottuubunt3: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:22
kindofabuzzget the flash 10 rc10:22
Metatronim not real familar with ubuntu's live cd, but other distor's save data liek that to a  save file, so yes you keep your apps10:22
pajamianubunt3: of course.  There's lots of packages that aren't on the CD and you can use apt-get or syntaptic to install them directly off the internet.10:22
Metatroni think he means when he reboots from the live cd will he still have his apps10:23
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ubunt3pajamian, well, that i know and tried, but i installed bittorrent too, but still i can't nowhere to start using it.10:23
krishnacan anyone tell me if i can run the fast trade terminal of sharekhan through mozilla in ubuntu?10:23
kindofabuzzoh your asking if you install something while running live cd will it save? no10:23
pajamianubunt3: sorry, you mean you want to install it when using the live CD.  I thought you meant you just wanted to install it from the live CD.10:23
krishnain windows it requires jvm to run...in IE10:24
ubunt3Yep, i tried to ask that. :)10:24
krishnait doesnt run in mozilla on windows either10:24
pajamianubunt3: well, yes you can, but when you reboot you will loose it.10:24
ubunt3pajamian, that's not problem, i would like to use flash, when i use Live CD.10:25
Metatronsomebody jump start my brain, there must be a way in evolution to tell it what port to use for an imap server, i just dont see it10:25
Metatron do i stick it on the end or something, like imap.server.com:port10:26
pajamianubunt3: well, there may be a way to customize the live CD, I haven't tried it.  To be honest I don't recommend using the live CD on a regular basis, imo it's good for trialling ubuntu and for rescue, and recovery operations, etc.10:26
Metatroni thought there was a way to save a session to a file or usb device with live CD10:27
pajamianMetatron: maybe, I don't know10:27
ubunt3pajamian, i didn't mean to use it regulary, i could install it next to windows, but i think that i may ruin everything.10:28
pajamianubunt3: yeah, I understand, I just don't consider the live CD to be a great experience.  Boot time is long and apps tend to load very slowly off the live CD10:29
xkpei changed the dns on the network configuration interface, but after a litle while it changes back to something that does not work10:29
pajamian!hi | xkpe10:29
Metatronsearch on LiveCDPersistence in forums10:29
ubottuxkpe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:29
xkpehow can i make the changes that i made persistent?10:30
pajamianxkpe: how did you change the DNS?10:30
KlimJayDoes anyone know, when the next release will be out, will "Wubi" users be able to upgrade just like if they had real partitions and as easy as if they did ?10:30
Static_Can someone pls help this is my first time with *ix pgms.  I have loaded ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS onto a Pent. III with 512mb ram, once kernel is loaded I get a msg on screen ubuntu@ubuntu: ~$ _10:30
KlimJayOr will the Wubi ( C:/host/ ) have to be redone completly ?10:31
Static_What nextt?10:31
Metatronpuppylinux is a great live cd that saves sessions, whole things runs in 128 ram, dosent even hit the cd10:31
xkpepajamian,  leftt click on the network icont on gnome panel, then manual config, then DNS tab and changed it10:31
Metatronbut look here10:31
Metatronhttp://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/02/14/persistent-settings-and-files-with-livec ds/10:31
stethoHi - I have an Ubuntu box which I use as a music server. It has things like Ampache installed on it. I want to be able to rip my CDs on to it without using a monitor - put the CD in, some piece of software says "that's an audio CD" - copies the tracks to a directory and then ejects the CD. At the moment all the software I can find requires human interaction. Does anyone know of a package that will rip CDs without human interaction?10:31
stylianosCan somebody explain me how to get started with Compiz please?10:32
pajamianxkpe: as far as I know that should stay persistent, it does for me.10:32
Metatronsteho some of those programs probably allow scripting10:32
pajamianstetho: I would write a shell script to do it from the command line and have that run when you insert a CD10:33
ushimitsudokiHello - A program (qjackctl) runs for me but the window does not appear. If I run it with gksu, though, the window does appear. What could be causing this?10:33
Metatronanyone else have issues with update manager deciding what it wants to update, not what you check or uncheck, i REALY dont want to get the 26mb sun update now10:33
xkpepajamian, after less that 1 minute it changes back to what it was and internet stops working10:33
stylianosushimitsudoki: How do u run the program?10:33
stylianosI mean how do you run it and a window does not appear?10:34
stethoHow can I tell if an Audio CD has been inserted?10:34
pajamianxkpe: do you use DHCP to get your IP address?10:34
ushimitsudokistylianos: I have tried it both from the menu and the command line ... it is one command (qjackctl)10:34
ushimitsudokistylianos: I know I broke it somehow because it used to work fine. I'm just not sure how to find what I changed10:34
xkpepajamian, the wired connection it says roaming mode, im running ubuntu on vmware10:35
pajamianxkpe: I would try taking it off roaming mode and change it to either static or DHCP10:35
pajamianstetho: I think there's a setting that controls what application gets launched when an audio CD is inserted, it is set by default to Audio CD Extractor, you can write your own shell script and set it to that instead.10:36
stethopajamian: The box is built on Ubuntu server not a desktop version. Any ideas where this setting might be?10:38
pajamianstetho: hrmmmm, not right off the top of my head.  Maybe it's in fstab or a property of automount10:39
stethoThat's a good point. It's likely to be automount. I'll have a dig round. Thanks for your suggestions10:39
[nrx]anyone fancy helping me try and read data off 2 cd's that appear to be corrupt? :(10:39
powertool08how do I change a ports status from open to filtered?10:40
bullgard4What program is well suited to view pictures from .png files?10:40
pajamian[nrx]: I can give a couple pointers ...10:42
pajamian[nrx]: first clean the CDs as best as you can ...10:42
stylianosWhere is CCSM?10:42
[nrx]pajamian; so far I've cleaned the cd's, polished with a MF cloth - they're not badly scratched at all. I can read much worse CD's10:42
pajamian[nrx]: ok, if they are badly scratched you can take them to a video store and they will usually run them through their resurfacing machine for about $5 or less...10:43
pajamian[nrx]: you can use dd to copy the contents to a .iso image file10:43
[nrx]pajamian, not scratched :) - can't even read them properly. I get errors: end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 010:44
pajamian[nrx]: you can use conv=noerror with dd to get it to continue to copy the rest of the disk after it encounters an error.10:44
[nrx]I can't even mount it though :s10:44
pajamian[nrx]: you don't need to mount it for dd10:45
[nrx]can I PM you?10:45
pajamian[nrx]: once it copies you can try to mount the .iso image as loopback10:45
pajamian[nrx]: yeah, alright.10:45
Metatronpanjmain, there is a util called ivman for working with HAL, it might be something that can notify you10:47
Metatron"Ivman can be used to execute arbitrary commands when devices are added to or removed from your system, or when device properties change. "10:47
pajamianMetatron: stetho would be interested in that.10:48
Metatronoh, my eyes are crossing, i read wrong nick10:48
monostonedoes Xorg.O.log report ONLY xserver info? it will never show a kernel info/error message right?10:53
Gourlishello, i saw in youtube a video of ubuntu beryl. i have ubuntu normal, how can i move to ubuntu beryl ?10:54
bastiGourlis, just install beryl10:55
Gourlisberyl is a theme or an application ?10:55
Gourlisexternal on ubuntu ?10:55
Metatronyou might be thinking of compiz also, they are related somewhat10:55
Kartagiswhen I do apt-get remove tcl8.4, it will remove xchat too. how do I remove tcl only?10:56
clarence1what time is it?10:56
Metatroncompiz-beryl-fusion, windows managers that replace ubuntu defaults, have theme abilities of there own10:56
GourlisMetatron and basti, where can I find beryl?10:56
Gourlisi tried compiz but they are not working on my pc all effects10:56
bastiits in the repo10:56
Gourlisthats why i want to see beryl10:57
Gourlisbecause i loved it most in youtube :P10:57
Metatronberyl is outdated, its called something else now10:57
Metatroni think10:57
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion10:57
Metatroncompiz is the new beryl10:57
Gourlisok guys10:57
Gourlisthx a lot10:58
clarence1how to install another desktop Environment10:58
Metatronclarence1: such as?10:58
favroclarence1: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop  - or search in synaptic11:00
Metatronit is in the repository11:00
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE11:00
powertool08is it a bad idea to run wireshark as root?11:00
Gourlishow can i see if i have compiz fusion still installed on ubuntu? and how can i remove it if i want ubuntu later to be default?11:00
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clarence1ok.....I see11:01
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Metatroncompiz requires a command to start it, basicaly telling it to start and replace the ubuntu default, but it is only temp till next boot, you have to add a command to start it to make it perm, or run the command at will11:01
clarence1Do compiz fusion support ATI mobility X600 SE11:02
Gourlishow can i see if i have compiz fusion still installed on ubuntu? and how can i remove it if i want ubuntu later to be default?11:02
favro!packages > clarence111:02
ubottuclarence1, please see my private message11:02
Metatroncompiz --replace   is the command11:02
_MacTavish_How are you doing?11:06
onlookerHey. I have a problem. My max resolution was for some reason 1024*768 on my GeForce 2 MX 400. I googled around and found this site: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xresprobe/+bug/49827 . Following the instructions, I've successfully upped my resolution, but now 3D stuff won't work. Any ideas?11:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 49827 in xresprobe "Available resolutions incompletely set to 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480" [High,Won't fix]11:06
mizipzorin Transmission, how do I add additional trackers to a torrent?11:07
sinanthere is something i don't understand. Doesn't X start before i login? How is it supposed to know what .xinitrc file to read, supposing i put it in my home folder?11:07
XGasmizipzor: See the Information section for the torrent11:08
mizipzorXGas: in the file?11:08
abe3khi, is there a terminal command or a tool that puts a string in the clipboard ?11:08
favrosinan: afaik X starts after you login11:08
XGasmizipzor: no, the torrent.11:08
XGasmizipzor: after you added it into Transmission11:08
sinanfavro: how does the gdmgreeter render, then? (i am actually asking :) )11:09
soundray!info xsel | abe3k11:09
ubottuabe3k: xsel (source: xsel): command-line tool to access X clipboard and selection buffers. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 18 kB, installed size 80 kB11:09
mizipzorXGas: i have a button called "Details", thats what you mean? I poked around a bit in there but couldnt find anything11:09
abe3kthank you guys11:09
XGasmizipzor: Yeah, that one11:09
favrosinan: it is limited to 16 colors until X starts afaik - so is limited to the vt colors11:10
_MacTavish_Nono why be silent?11:10
muxerWould using a working xorg.conf in Ubuntu also work under FreeBSD?11:10
combodoes anybody know how to set re-wind in KAFFEINE from about 20 seconds to 10 seconds? can't find that option :/11:11
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mizipzorXGas: hmm, the only field i could find that i could type something in is the "comment" filed... sounds like the wrong one11:12
jigphello how to hide the users from login bar?when i start my ubuntu there is a wizard that you will choose your nick which one to login into..how to hide my user name?thanks11:12
muxerWould a working xorg.conf in Ubuntu work in FreeBSD also?11:12
Metatronmuxer, ive never tried but i would say it could work11:13
BlinkHello, I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 and I want to install Ubuntu. But when I insert the CD and choose "Install Ubuntu" from the menu, it freezes there.11:13
BlinkIs that a known issue?11:13
morningwalkerssh isnt working for me11:14
muxerMetatron Alright, I guess I'll give it a shot anyway11:14
morningwalkerhow can i reinstall ssh?11:14
XGasmizipzor: Ah, it seem that you cannot add it in Transmission, you can try a different Bittorrent client like Deluge for example.11:14
VSpikejigp: System->Administration->Login Window11:14
soundraymorningwalker: describe the problem11:14
mizipzorXGas: ill take a look at deluge, thanks :)11:15
Metatronconnecting via ssh to the machine or to a remote machine11:15
soundrayjigp: like VSpike says, then on the Users tab, disable face browsing11:15
XGasStrange thing is, I remember seeing that option in Transmission11:15
morningwalkersoundray, after executing the command ssh (usrname)@(ipaddress)11:15
morningwalkerthere is no reply11:15
XGashmm, might be a different built11:15
soundraymorningwalker: you have to have sshd running on the machine to which you are trying to connect11:15
CanisLupusmorninwalker, reinstall: sudo aptitude reinstall ssh11:15
soundraymorningwalker: try 'sudo apt-get install ssh' to put that in place11:16
jigpsoundray : im not using gnome. im using kde... VSpike11:16
mizipzorXGas: apt-get didnt find deluge, is it in there?11:16
VSpikemorningwalker: sudo apt-get purge openssh-client && sudo apt-get install open ssh-client11:16
VSpikemorningwalker: assuming you mean client, not server11:16
Metatronmake sure the ssh machine doesnt have the ports blocked by a firewall, and of course like soundray said, its running threre, test from a diffrent mahcine if u can11:16
soundrayjigp: are you using kdm or gdm for logging in?11:16
VSpikemorningwalker: that will nuke most settings for ssh too11:16
XGasmizipzor: Full name in Ubuntu repo is: deluge-torrent11:16
sinani have created a .xinitrc in my home folder, and put this inside (http://pastie.org/266550), which to my understanding should present me with a terminal when i login, but it simply loads a normal gnome interface. What am i doing wrong?11:16
soundrayjigp: your question may be best asked in #kubuntu11:17
morningwalkerVspike nuke??11:17
mizipzorXGas: thanks, just fond that on the forum... is there a way to search in the repo?11:17
VSpikemorningwalker: if you want to really purge all settings, do "rm -r ~/.ssh" too11:17
VSpikemorningwalker: as in purge11:17
VSpikemorningwalker: remove11:17
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please I have installed dansguardian, firehol, tinyproxy and squid but it seems that all pages are being blocked11:17
BlinkHello, I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 and I want to install Ubuntu. But when I insert the CD and choose "Install Ubuntu" from the menu, it freezes there. Any help, please?11:18
VSpikejigp: there's a similar tool in kde control panel11:18
XGasmizipzor: Nope, I don't know, you can still use aptitude to search though.11:18
jigpsoundray : no no..i am using ubuntu and i just install the kde.im in gnome actually..i just select the kde :D11:18
VSpikejigp: do you get the kde login window or the gnome one?11:19
sinanAny can help me with xinitrc? I have created a .xinitrc in my home folder, and put this inside (http://pastie.org/266550), which to my understanding should present me with a terminal when i login, but it simply loads a normal gnome interface. What am i doing wrong?11:19
VSpikejigp: ps aux | grep [kg]dm11:19
jigpVSpike : kde11:19
jokkaaCould anyone help me how i can change the permissions on my harddrives? i have a new one and its automounted with my old ones, but i cant read and write in it. any help?11:19
soundraymorningwalker: please try my suggestion before you do any reinstalling11:20
Metatronsinana, all i can say is ubunut doesnt behave like many other distro's on how it boots and handles run levels, i still dont get it all they way11:20
soundray!newdrive | jokkaa11:20
ubottujokkaa: For help with adding a new hard disk drive to an installed system, refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive - see also !fstab11:20
Kira[work]Does Ubuntu store some kind of hardware ID of the SMBus controller somewhere?11:21
morningwalkersoundray' m running sudo apt-get install ssh now11:22
soundraysinan: by default, ubuntu ignores this and runs the default session. Try changing the session at login -- Failsafe gives you a terminal session.11:22
VSpikejigp: then you need to use the kde control panel tool or edit kdmrc directly .. http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-workspace/kdm/kdm-files.html11:23
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please I have installed dansguardian, firehol, tinyproxy and squid but it seems that all pages are being blocked "apparently if i remove squid dansguardian complains but than these tut dont explain how to configure squid - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207008, http://www.pilpi.net/journal/item-985.php"11:23
soundrayKira[work]: I don't really know, but I would look under /proc/bus/11:23
jokkaathe "etc/fstab" for my old drive and new are the same except drive names... one is sdc1 other is sda1, what could be wrong?11:24
sinansoundray: how do i change the session at login?11:24
soundrayjokkaa: did you look at the page ubottu gave you?11:24
soundraysinan: click on Options at the bottom left11:25
jokkaayeah but its confusing me11:25
jokkaalol nvm. i was on wron glink ^^11:25
jigpVSpike : my nick/loginname will hide?except for the other users :)11:25
sinansoundray: thanks 2A!11:26
indian_munndacan any one tell me how to open up a port in the router?11:26
magnetronindian_munnda, no, because it totally depends on your router. see http://portforward.com/ for instructions11:28
monostoneI somehow managed to mess up the keymappings for my logitech USB G11 keyboard media keys. Xorg.0.log is beggining to report a "(II) Unreported Prefix0 scancode: 0x22" message, i investigated a bit and saw that the hex codes the messages print are the keydown scancode of the media keys as detected by running "showkey -s". BUT xev does NOT detect the media keys anymore, on the other hand in gnome keyboard shortcuts the keys ARE dete11:29
monostonected, also running "lshal -m" does detect the keysym for all the media keys. Media players like Rythymbox continue to have the media keys working, but totem has lost them. Any pointers as to what the problem is? could this be a kernel keymap issue? or since the message appears in my Xorg.0.log, is it a X issue?11:29
VSpikejigp: oh, you want to hide just yours?11:31
VSpikejigp: not sure if you can do that11:32
jigpVSpike : yeah hehehe11:32
B|ackPanthercan anyone tell me why "man fgets" says there is no manual entry for fgets ?11:32
soundrayVSpike: it's possible in gdm. Not sure about kdm11:32
ubuntunewbie007recently i install oss latest version in ubuntu studio11:33
ubuntunewbie007and now its showing me oss mixer as default device but i want to revert back to alsa as mic not working in oss, what to do11:33
soundrayB|ackPanther: because there is no manual entry.11:34
jribB|ackPanther: install manpages-dev11:34
soundray!info manpages-dev | B|ackPanther11:34
ubottub|ackpanther: manpages-dev (source: manpages): Manual pages about using GNU/Linux for development. In component main, is optional. Version 2.77-1 (hardy), package size 1325 kB, installed size 2972 kB11:34
siavashthow can i convert a chm file into text ?11:35
B|ackPanthersoundray, thanks lots11:36
soundrayB|ackPanther: jrib deserves it more11:36
soundray!info archmage | siavasht11:36
ubottusiavasht: archmage (source: archmage): CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.1.9-1 (hardy), package size 22 kB, installed size 348 kB11:36
siavashtarchmage converts them into htm not text11:37
B|ackPantherjrib,thanks more.11:37
jribB|ackPanther: ha, no problem11:37
jigpthanks VSpike11:37
soundraysiavasht: from there, it's easy to convert to text, e.g. lynx -dump11:37
jigpsoundray : how to hide the nick or loginname?11:38
ushimitsudokiWhy would an application run the process when i launch it, but not draw it's window? However if I run it as root it runs both the process and shows the window?11:38
jigpsoundray : in gnome11:38
siavashtcan you redirect me to a manual or hpw to ? tnx11:38
pajamiansiavasht: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Compiled_HTML_Help#Extracting_to_HTML11:38
jribushimitsudoki: what application?  that's usually a sign of permission issues11:39
soundrayjigp: System-Administration-Login Window, on the Users tab, untick the /etc/passwd option and list all users you want to be visible.11:39
ushimitsudokijrib: qjackctl. it was working just a few days ago.11:39
soundraysiavasht: do your conversion with archmage, then 'lynx -dump helpfile.html >helpfile.txt'11:40
soundray!info lynx | siavasht11:40
ubottusiavasht: lynx (source: lynx): Text-mode WWW Browser. In component main, is optional. Version 2.8.6-2ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 1140 kB, installed size 4880 kB11:40
jribushimitsudoki: have you tried running it from a shell and looking for any output?11:40
pajamiansoundray: siavasht: links is better11:41
pajamian!info links11:41
ubottulinks (source: links2): Web browser running in text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1pre32-1 (hardy), package size 476 kB, installed size 1116 kB11:41
soundraypajamian: not for dumping11:41
jigpsoundray : thanks..no luck for kde? :) or how to tag it in google? like perfect search..been trying to search like "hinding user name kde and gnome" no luck11:41
ushimitsudokijrib: yes. from the shell there is only a warning which also appears with gksu and a web search says to just ignore (it is a "locale not found" message) There isn't any indication of an error11:41
pajamiansoundray: you can dump from links11:41
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me please I have installed dansguardian, firehol, tinyproxy and squid but it seems that all pages are being blocked "apparently if i remove squid dansguardian complains but than these tut dont explain how to configure squid - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207008, http://www.pilpi.net/journal/item-985.php", how can i stop that?11:41
soundrayjigp: ask in #kubuntu. No reason to be afraid.11:41
soundraypajamian: but lynx's dumps are better11:42
jribushimitsudoki: do you know where it keeps its config files in your HOME?11:42
ushimitsudokijrib: yes. in ~/.qt/qjackctlrc11:42
pajamiansoundray: I haven't noticed much of a difference ... but ok11:42
jribushimitsudoki: check permissions and ownership on ~/.qt and everything under it11:42
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:43
soundraypajamian: I use lynx -dump to read html mail in mutt all the time. It produces nicer formatted output -- links's is messy in comparison. Maybe I should try again, as links is being actively developed...11:43
ushimitsudokijrib: it looks like those directories belong to me. I did delete the config file tho, while trying to get it working11:44
ActionParsnipsoundray: tried lynx211:44
pajamiansoundray: I'll have a comparison when I get a chance11:44
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jribushimitsudoki: using a custom theme of some kind?  revert to the default and see if it still happens11:45
=== howsthisforanick is now known as kindofabuzz
soundrayActionParsnip: I was unaware of it. Is it any good?11:45
tamerhow i can add windows license to wine11:45
ActionParsnipsoundray: no idea, i've only heard of it11:46
ActionParsniptamer: how do you mean?11:46
Dr_Markeytamer: how do you mean?11:46
ubuntunewbie007hi action11:46
kindofabuzztamer, why would you need to?11:46
=== Dr_Markey is now known as eth01
jribushimitsudoki: what's the output of 'groups' as well?11:46
ubuntunewbie007i have install latest oss mixer now am not able to revert back to alsa11:46
ActionParsniphi ubuntunewbie00711:46
tamerto install some needed runtime11:46
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie007: check sound preference11:47
eth01runtime wouldn't require you have a license as such11:47
ubuntunewbie007i did11:47
ubuntunewbie007high definition audio ( oss mixer ) is there11:47
tamerwhen i open win door nothing i can install right11:47
soundrayActionParsnip: actually, it's what I'm using (Lynx Version 2.8.5rel.1 on feisty, Lynx Version 2.8.6rel.4 on hardy)11:47
ubuntunewbie007is there anyway to do something like restore of windows?11:47
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie007: does alsa not fly?11:47
ActionParsnipsoundray: haha nice11:48
siavashtsoundray:tnx ! that did the trick11:48
ubuntunewbie007alsa was working, but i installed oss to try it out now its giving me hard time uninstalling it11:48
eth01hmm? ;)11:48
Kira[work]my hardy vm is acting really strange since I moved it to another host11:48
Kira[work]when I run "gksudo gedit"11:48
soundray!enter | Kira[work]11:48
ubottuKira[work]: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:48
Kira[work]and click on the "Open" button (to open files)11:48
ubuntunewbie007when i modprobe intel_hda_sound it gives me error unknown symbol11:48
ActionParsnipKira[work]: try gksu gedit /path/to/file.txt11:49
Kira[work] the window disappears from the screen11:49
ushimitsudokijrib: no theme changes for a while. groups lists about a dozen including myusername adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin admin net dev powerdev vboxusers sambashare ventrilo usbusers11:49
qi- -11:50
jokkaaproblem solved! chmdd (orsomething like that) did the trick11:50
Kira[work]How do I rescue windows that have hidden themselves out of the area of the screen?11:51
ActionParsnipKira[work]: alt+tab11:51
monostoneI somehow managed to mess up the keymappings for my logitech USB G11 keyboard media keys. Xorg.0.log is beggining to report a "(II) Unreported Prefix0 scancode: 0x22" message, i investigated a bit and saw that the hex codes the messages print are the keydown scancode of the media keys as detected by running "showkey -s". BUT xev does NOT detect the media keys anymore, on the other hand in gnome keyboard shortcuts the keys ARE dete11:52
monostonected, also running "lshal -m" does detect the keysym for all the media keys. Media players like Rythymbox continue to have the media keys working, but totem has lost them. Any pointers as to what the problem is? could this be a kernel keymap issue? or since the message appears in my Xorg.0.log, is it a X issue?11:52
philippe_join #ubuntu-fr11:52
soundrayubuntunewbie007: when you want to experiment with software that isn't packaged, you should really think of how to go back to a sane configuration beforehand.11:53
Kira[work]the gedit process actually got killed.11:53
soundrayubuntunewbie007: now that the damage is done, I think the quickest way to get back may be to reinstall Ubuntu.11:53
ActionParsnipmonostone: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaKeys11:53
jribushimitsudoki: well you're not alone at least: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=31843 .  Not really sure what else to check11:53
ubuntunewbie007so there's no way now ? except re-installing? i followed the procedure to install it from help.ubuntu.com, thre's procedure to uninstall also, but its not working why?11:53
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie007: how did you install the oss stuff?11:54
soundrayubuntunewbie007: alternatively, look what 'linux-image-*' and 'linux-modules-*' packages you have installed and run a 'sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename' on them.11:54
ubuntunewbie007let me give u the link. here it is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound11:54
ubuntunewbie007check it sir11:54
soundrayubuntunewbie007: it would help if you said exactly what fails and how11:55
jribushimitsudoki: does jack have its own config file in your home maybe?  Try 'find ~/.* ! -user $USER'11:55
ushimitsudokijrib: yes that is my exact problem..let me check on that config file11:55
MarcoZI need to setup a X on a server with no display and tty0, does anybody know how do i do it? i want to be able to control it with freenx11:56
ubuntunewbie007ok soundray let me try :)11:56
ActionParsnipubuntunewbie007: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5539687&postcount=33111:56
tameri face installation failed in wine door every time i want to install anything11:56
tameranyone can help please11:57
soundrayMarcoZ: it would be much easier to set this up if you could connect a keyboard and monitor at least temporarily11:57
ActionParsniptamer: what you trying to install?11:57
MarcoZfact is i can't11:57
tamerAres fonts anything11:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
MarcoZthe server is a VPS, i don't have physical access to it11:57
ubuntunewbie007bro action i tried all that, its not working at all, all those commands saying that package is not installed11:57
soundrayMarcoZ: okay11:57
ActionParsniptamer: whats that?11:57
soundrayMarcoZ: have you considered X forwarding via ssh?11:57
tamerany package faled to install11:58
rampageoberonMarcoZ: YOu could install tightvnc server and then run gnome-panel11:58
MarcoZThat'd be an option, but i don't know how to set it up correctly.11:58
MarcoZbesides i'm on windows11:58
albechi have a strange network problem here.. i can connect to any website and all services like skype, msn etc are working.. but I cannot get http data from Google. I can ping and traceroute google just fine. Any suggestions?11:58
ubuntunewbie007i am doing reinstall of linux-image-*11:58
MarcoZso i need a client for windows :\11:58
ubuntunewbie007lets c11:58
rampageoberonMarcoZ: thats fine, putty and vncviewer for windows works11:58
soundrayMarcoZ: you can get an X server for Windows with cygwin11:58
ubuntunewbie007basically whenever we do something with hardware drivers? it effects linux-image? kernel? right?11:59
MarcoZhowever the problem is, let X startup with nothing11:59
rampageoberonMarcoZ: sudo aptitude install tightvncserver11:59
ubuntunewbie007be right back action and soundray :)11:59
ActionParsniptamer: do you mean ares the p2p client?11:59
uriel_hello, i have 2 harddisk 1 is 80gband the other is 160 empty i want to copy the data from 1 to another but i want each partition to be X2 what is the shortest way to do that what programs should i use ?11:59
ActionParsniptamer: its just a gnutella client12:00
ubottuGnutella clients: GTK-Gnutella (GTK, stand-alone), gifTui, giFToxic (GTK, based on giFT), Apollon (KDE, based on giFT), mldonkey-gui (GTK, based on MLDonkey), KMLDonkey (KDE, based on MLDonkey), !Limewire, !Frostwire (Java, not in the !repositories) - See also !P2P12:00
ushimitsudokijrib: that find doesn't show anything related i think12:00
ActionParsniptamer: do try to find open alternatives instead of running a great tonne of apps via wine12:00
ActionParsnipuriel_: create the partitions and dd them over12:01
tamerok how i can modify my applications menu in the top of the screen12:01
jribushimitsudoki: it shouldn't return anything unless you have a specific reason for having files owned by someone other than your user in your HOME12:01
MarcoZtightvnc seems to startup, but when i try to connect to it it refuses my connection.12:01
tamerbecause some not needed items are there12:01
ActionParsnipuriel_: or you could boot to livecd and cp it over but i think you'd have to reinstall grub12:01
jribtamer: right click on the ubuntu icon12:01
rampageoberonMarcoZ: how are you trying to connect12:01
soundraytamer: System-Preferences-Main Menu12:01
moDumasshey all, um anyone tried this "crome" google browser?12:01
moDumassany good12:01
frink_hey folks12:02
ActionParsnipuriel_: why not just keep both and remap /home to be on the new drive?12:02
uriel_if i will dd them12:02
MarcoZrealvnc, controlling if use protocol 3.3 is still enabled12:02
rampageoberonMarcoZ: how did you start tightvncserver?12:02
ushimitsudokijrib: lots of enemy-territory stuff and trash results ... that's about it12:02
uriel_will hte partition wont lose its size?12:02
XGasmoDumass: Really depends on how much you use, and your taste.12:02
soundraymoDumass: this is offtopic12:02
frink_Anybody noticed that if you search for "open office" on google the first hit is a sponsored link to www.openoffice.org-suite.com where you have to pay to download it...12:02
uriel_cause the 80 gb drive is dieing12:02
ActionParsnipuriel_: id websearch round but you should be ok12:02
XGasmoDumass: Chrome*12:02
MarcoZrampageoberon, is there something i need to specify when starting it?12:02
soundray!ot | frink_12:03
jribushimitsudoki: you should try starting jack some other way, using a different frontend and see if it works.  /me running out of ideas12:03
ubottufrink_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!12:03
XGasyeah, off-topic, ask somewhere else, lol.12:03
moDumasssoundray, you are awesome, i figured asking smart people was wise12:03
rampageoberonMarcoZ: tightvncserver :012:03
ActionParsnipuriel_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5493584#post549358412:03
* frink_ tuts12:03
uriel_thank alot12:03
soundraymoDumass: it is, but you should choose the right channel, since this one is flooded with on-topic requests already12:03
rampageoberonthen with win vncviewer.exe connect to <youraddress>:590012:03
ushimitsudokijrib: alright i appreciate it. if you think of anything just let me know ... i will continue to hack away :)12:03
rampageoberonMarcoZ:  then with win vncviewer.exe connect to <youraddress>:590012:04
moDumasssoundray, dont worry about it12:04
MarcoZA VNC server is already running as :012:04
prog077I had a question12:04
prog077 Do you read the files of windos on linux?12:04
ubuntunewbie007re-installing linux-image-* didnt help @ soundray12:04
ubuntunewbie007in sound preferences still oss mixer showing there not alsa one :-<12:04
uriel_but lets say each partitoin now is 20gb12:04
jribprog077: you mean from your windows install on another partition?12:04
rampageoberonMarcoZ: ok so can you not connect with vncviewer.exe from windows?12:04
uriel_and i want each to be 4012:04
uriel_u see ?12:04
ActionParsnipprog077: do you want to read your ntfs partition from linux?12:04
MarcoZYes, if i go :112:05
MarcoZand :5901 after the IP12:05
moDumassi would have thought that it would be release for linux first, bummer12:05
ActionParsnipuriel_: sure, that walkthrough should help. id do it  a better way and just install on the new drive and copy over what you need12:05
MarcoZstill, authentication failed, duh12:05
jribushimitsudoki: hmm, you could try to 'strace qjackctl' and see what it's doing at the end12:05
jribprog077: what are you trying to do exactly?12:05
DistroJockeyprog077, sometimes12:05
rampageoberonMarcoZ: what authentication are you using in your client/12:06
ActionParsnipprog077: do yo uhave a dual boot system and want to read the windows files in linux?12:06
MarcoZrealvnc's default12:06
ActionParsnipoh well12:07
rampageoberonMarcoZ: not sure what the problem is, try change the encryption method. Its working for me via linux vncviewer client but i have done it in windows before12:08
technoi tried to connect to internet using sudo pppoeconf  but it disconnects after few minutes !!!! please help12:08
hardcorefucks sake12:09
soundraytechno: try to find out from the log files why it disconnects12:09
soundray!language | hardcore12:09
ubottuhardcore: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:09
hardcorei cant change resolution anywhere, i cant install gfx card drivers and everytime i try to click something with my mouse the windows run away12:09
technocan u tell me the command12:09
soundraytechno: 'less /var/log/syslog'12:10
ActionParsniphardcore: what graphics card do you have?12:10
hardcorenvidia 8800 gt12:10
soundraytechno: there may also be a separate ppp log, I'm not sure. Look in /var/log12:10
ActionParsniphardcore; sudo apt-get install envyng-gtk; gksu envyng-gtk12:10
hardcorethats my problem12:10
hardcorei dont know where to put those commands12:10
hardcoreno tutorial tells that12:10
ActionParsniphardcore: in terminal12:11
xkpepajamian, i tryed  dhcp, and static, and i have the same problem, the eth1 defenitions dont change, its only the dhcp, that after a little while its changed12:11
hardcorei see12:11
Starchaserhi. does anybody know ubuntu repository with linuxdcpp?12:11
ActionParsnip!terminal | hardcore12:11
ubottuhardcore: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:11
ActionParsniphardcore: any code like that goes in terminal12:11
ActionParsniphardcore: you can copy / paste there too12:11
ActionParsnipas well as from12:11
soundray!info linuxdcpp | Starchaser12:11
ubottustarchaser: linuxdcpp (source: linuxdcpp): Port of the Windows file-sharing program, DC++. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1 (hardy), package size 1070 kB, installed size 3272 kB12:11
soundrayStarchaser: it's in universe ^^12:11
ActionParsniphardcore: envyng is great but you must rerun it after upgrading your kernel12:12
hardcoreoh shit, something happening, thanks a lot :D12:12
ioopshi all12:12
hardcoreno swearing yeye12:12
Pirate_Hunterhow can i speed up internet browsing "i heard opendns might do it"?12:12
kindofabuzzopendns will help12:12
hardcorethis ubuntu seems real nice but just takes some time12:12
ActionParsniphardcore: sweet, yeah if you upgrade your kerenl you'll need to swap the driver to the failsafe so you can get a gui to rerun envyng12:13
rampageoberonPirate_Hunter: all opendns will do is point you to the right place12:13
ActionParsniphardcore: you have a lot to learn but its fun12:13
Pirate_Hunterrampageoberon: ok so what can i use to speed up my internet?12:13
rampageoberonPirate_Hunter: to speed it up you need to get a faster line on both ends (more likely your end)12:13
ioopsI have a problem with the latest version 8,04, after booting I have the prompt (initramfs) It s my first time I saw this prompt I don t understand why it s coming now. The boot before was realy goot and I was unsing ubuntu.12:13
hardcorei love how everything here is opensource+legal12:13
MarcoZthanks for your help guys :D12:13
rampageoberonPirate_Hunter: there is no real way to speed up the connection otherwise12:13
ioopsI try to look on forum but sevral things and I am a bit lost12:13
ioopsabout my problem12:13
=== muxer is now known as sumix
ninuuzhow do i set no sound on a game if i run it from console/terminal?12:14
ActionParsniphardcore: not all is, crossover office, cedega and nvidia official drivers arent12:14
ioopssomebody can bring me their help please ? it would be very nice12:14
ActionParsnip!ask | loops12:14
ubottuloops: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:14
Oli``I'm trying to copy the contents of a dir to another keeping permissions (recursive). I don't want to copy the actual dir. I'm trying rsync but it doesn't grab the hidden files when I specify the origin path as /path/*12:14
soundrayioops: do you see any error message except the initramfs prompt?12:14
hardcoreoh ok, well anyway, time to reboot, thank you... this propably gets easier when i get decent resolution, 640x480 is killing me12:14
ActionParsnipOli``: co /path/to/folder /pathe/to/detination12:15
ioopssound yes, a lot of error mounting messge like /proc /sys or /root failed mount12:15
ioopssoundray: yes12:15
soundrayioops: what was the last thing you did before it stopped working?12:16
ActionParsnipOli``: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-592788.html12:16
ioopshumm I think I configure the os only for plugins stuff12:16
concaveis there a way to install .debs into my home directory as a non-root user?12:17
xkpei configured static ip, but my dns keeps changing after awhile no matter how many times i change it, what can be changing my dns?12:17
klezalauh yes12:17
soundrayOli``: give rsync the source as /path/ instead of /path/* and adapt the target12:17
ActionParsnipconcave: only root or sudo can install12:17
ioopssoundray: yes it s this right, but before I upgrade the ubuntu and the kernel changed12:17
concaveActionParsnip, off the top of my head, i'm wondering how .deb files are packaged.  would there be any potential in extracting them into my home directory?12:18
Starchasersoundray: thnx12:18
concave(although that would negate dependency handling, but oh well)12:18
ActionParsnipconcave: if you run groups in terminal you will see what groups you belong to, if you are in Admin then you can sudo / gksu stuff12:18
soundrayioops: can you boot the old kernel? It should still be on the grub menu.  You may have to hit Esc to see the grub menu during boot.12:18
Rioting_pacifistive removed a swap partion from /etc/fstabs but cryptsetup keeps looking for it12:18
ActionParsnipconcave: you can extract them, yes12:18
concaveActionParsnip, would i find that in the man page for dpkg or apt-get or ...?12:19
ioopssoundray: good question I did check12:19
ioopsI diidn t check12:19
ActionParsnipconcave: ar vx /path/to/file.deb12:19
Pirate_Hunterrampageoberon: np12:20
soundrayioops: if you do that, and it boots the old kernel, try 'sudo apt-get -f install' to see if this ties up any loose ends from the update.12:20
concaveawesome!  thanks ActionParsnip.  i forgot all about ar.12:20
ActionParsnipconcave: or use ark /path/to/file.deb12:20
ioopssoundray: ok I will do it12:20
concavewhat's the general opinion on setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, assuming local paths are set _last_ (and "standard" paths are set first)?12:21
ActionParsnipconcave: no idea, sorry12:21
ioopssoundray: normaly ubuntu don t remove the old kernel after upgrade ?12:22
concave(or does LD_LIBRARY_PATH only affect additional places to look for libs?  i.e., standard paths are checked first, and then afterwards, whatever is placed in LD_LIBRARY_PATH)12:22
pajamianconcave: standard paths are checked first, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is for additional places12:22
soundrayconcave: I've had to do it occasionally. By default, it's unset in ubuntu12:22
pajamianconcave: I take it back, actually LD_LIBRARY_PATH is checked first, I think12:23
ouaibe_stupid autoconnect...12:23
soundrayioops: that's right, it keeps them around to help with precisely the kind of problem you are experiencing.12:23
iixhow do i add a program to start up as service ?12:23
ioopssoundray: ok12:23
ioopsIwill try your solution12:23
soundrayioops: it only installs the new kernel and adapts the menu.lst so the new one will be booted.12:23
kmgI can't boot regularly or into recovery with any of the many kernels I have: my usplash segfaults with an "error 6."  anything I can do about this?12:24
hkBstdid alpah 5 get released?12:24
KoolDhow to restart a service??12:24
pajamianiix: if you want to start it as a service you need an init.d file for it, if you just want to start it when you log into gnome you goto System / Preferences / Sessions12:24
soundrayiix: you write a SysV init style script. There is a template in /etc/init.d/skeleton. 'man update-rc.d' to learn how to activate it.12:24
concaveah ha http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?ld.so+8; you're right pajamian12:25
pajamianKoolD: sudo /etc/init.d/servicename restart12:25
soundray!intrepid | hkBst12:25
ubottuhkBst: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!12:25
ioopssoundray: it will be possible to replace the new by the old iin the menu that s right ?12:25
KoolDpajamian: thanks12:25
pajamianconcave: it works that way so you can use non-standard locations for libraries and override specific libraries for specific programs.12:25
soundrayioops: yes, but for now you should just try to boot the old one by selecting it once.12:26
kmgI can't boot regularly or into recovery with any of the many kernels I have: my usplash segfaults with an "error 6."  anything I can do about this?12:26
concaveyeah, i was confused at first because i thought that LD_PRELOAD would be searched first, then "standard" locations, then LD_LIBRARY_PATH12:26
hkBstthanks soundray12:26
pajamianconcave: I'm not sure what LD_PRELOAD is to be honest.12:26
ioopssoundray: ok I will try and I say later because the computer is not in the same building12:27
concavepajamian, you can override shared libraries by setting it.12:27
ActionParsnipkmg: uninstall bootsplash in any boot you can get12:27
soundraykmg: your usplash segfaults? Are you sure?12:27
concavei think that LD_PRELOAD only applies to shared libs, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH applies to all libs?12:27
ActionParsnipkmg: you may need to boot to live cd to edit the files that kick it up12:27
Rioting_pacifistive removed a swap partion from /etc/fstabs but cryptsetup keeps looking for it12:27
pajamianconcave: at any rate, I've used LD_LIBRARY_PATH when I needed to compile a program from source and needed newer versions of libs than what comes with ubuntu.12:28
kmgActionParsnip: that's what I was afraid of.12:28
kmgsoundray: yeah, it says usplash is segfaulting12:28
ActionParsnipkmg: it may be the case if you cant get any sort of boot then youll have to carve it out then remove it12:28
ActionParsnipRioting_pacifist: http://linux.die.net/man/8/cryptsetup12:29
soundraykmg: perhaps you can hit E in the grub menu to edit the boot entry, then edit the kernel line to remove 'quiet splash'12:29
kmgActionParsnip: if I just uninstall the splash, then it will do a regular boot?12:29
ActionParsnipkmg: should do12:29
kmgsoundray: i'll try that12:29
concavethe problem i've run into, and i don't think i'm the first, is that when compiling vim as a regular user, i'm getting an error during ./configure regarding having no terminal library installed (like ncurses).  so it looks like i can either install ncurses-dev, or build it from source.  either way, since i'm a non-root user, i'm going to have to point to the right library during vim's ./configure.12:29
pajamianconcave: why not just install all the build dependancies for vim from apt?12:30
pajamianconcave: sudo apt-get build-dep vim12:30
Kartagishi again12:30
iturkhi there friends I am having problems trying to access a share drive mounted has vfat on fstab! Can someone have a look at this - http://pastebin.com/d47c77cd212:30
concavei'm not a sudoer :-/12:31
pajamianconcave: ahhh, I see12:31
concavebut i didn't know there was a build-dep option. that's kinda cool!12:31
pajamianconcave: and hence you can't install vim from apt either.12:32
Pirate_Hunteris it possible to have to firewalls runing without a problem i.e. firehol and ufw?12:32
soundrayconcave: Ubuntu is difficult for development if you aren't in the admin group12:32
pajamianconcave: good luck, sounds like you're being forced to do a lot of work for nothing.12:32
concavepajamian, yeah, i'm going to end up having to contact the sysadmin... *grumble*12:32
soundrayconcave: can't you download and