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ron_oyada yada, trying # gdmflexiserver --xnest    ..... everything works well except the "nested" window is buggy and then just quits...00:51
ron_oI'd like to get Xnest to work under a different name.00:51
ron_o*a parallel login00:52
jerikodoes anyone know how to get rid of the restricted drivers icon in the system tray?00:53
jerikodunno is "system tray" is the right term00:53
ron_oon your panel?00:54
ron_oright click on it..00:54
jerikoit's the most useless icon00:54
ron_ois it on your panel?00:54
jerikonext to the clock00:54
jerikowhere active applets are00:55
ron_oweird.. don't know. Sorry.00:55
* jeriko grinds teeth00:55
ron_oI can right click on everything in my system tray and quit it if I like.00:57
jerikoi can also, just not on the restricted drivers applet00:59
jerikotho the nm-applet won't doesn't give me option to quit01:00
jerikoi only have nm-applet, pidgin, and this stupid restricted drivers01:00
ron_oI think *ubuntu is telling you something.01:02
ron_oit's telling you need to update something or d/l some app, like when you need to upgrade..01:02
jerikotelling me to punch it in the face :p01:02
ron_o"Most of the time, Ubuntu will detect the need to install a restricted driver automatically. You'll see a notification on the system tray asking you to review what drivers are to be installed, and Ubuntu will take care of downloading and installing them."01:02
jerikono i have the restricted driver already loaded01:03
ron_owell, go figure.01:03
jerikoand system is up to date01:03
ron_oit's fricking buggy. :)01:03
jerikoi think it's new "feature" in 8.0401:03
jerikoi don't remember the icon previously01:03
ron_oahh, well, that explains it.01:03
ron_o8.04 has some bugs..01:04
jerikoi'm just not sure where to look to disable01:04
jerikosince the applet doesn't seem to have context menu for right click01:04
ron_oI ain't upgrading (maybe never) to 8xx just yet.01:04
ron_oI don't think you can.01:04
jerikoit's not so bad really01:05
jerikofirst time dist upgrade didn't break stuff for me01:06
ron_oI really hate thinking about upgrading. I may just never do it.01:09
ron_ojust keep fricking updating apps and the hell with the upgrade...01:09
ron_obut eventually I'll be left fricking behind; that's what I'm afraid of.01:09
jerikoyea making big jumps is when stuff breaks usually01:11
jerikojust take an image of your system before the upgrade01:12
ron_oI"m not prepared to do that right now.01:14
ron_oI've got bigger fish to fry. :)01:14
jerikoi hear ya01:15
jerikoi just made the jump to 8.04 on desktop this week01:15
{zEr0-x}hi everybody!01:18
{zEr0-x}have anybody installed xubuntu on a pendrive?01:21
{zEr0-x}and how was it? did it run?01:22
bytor4232{zEr0-x}: I installed xubuntu gutsy on a USB drive.  Worked great, since Xubuntu installs on less than 2 gigs.01:31
bytor4232{zEr0-x}: Pen drive, I should say.  Cruiser micro.01:32
{zEr0-x}bytor4232, wich tool did you use?01:32
bytor4232{zEr0-x}: I just ran the installer.01:33
{zEr0-x}no no, I mean, how did you do it? Directly install from the liveCD ?01:36
zoredache_bytor4232: you  must be one of the fortunate few that it actually works for...  My BIOS didn't seem to like it when I tried installing that way01:37
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{zEr0-x}zoredache_ I guess is not the BIOS who dunnot allows you to install, maybe for boot01:40
^paradox^ok ive screwed up and need some help01:57
xindoi'm having a problem on a dell laptop with adjusting brightness by holding the fn key. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity?01:57
^paradox^ive managed to remove my applications menu in the top panel01:57
^paradox^how do i put it back?01:58
bytor4232right click on the panel01:59
bytor4232^paradox^: Right click on the panel01:59
bytor4232^paradox^: Click on "Add new item"02:00
bytor4232^paradox^: Then drag the "Xfce Menu" back to the panel.02:00
bytor4232^paradox^: You can rename it to "Applications" by right clicking on it and going to "Properties"02:00
^paradox^ok but i dont know where it went02:01
bytor4232^paradox^: That "Applications" menu is the "Xfce Menu" which can be added to the panel via "Add New Item"02:02
^paradox^whats it called in there?02:03
xindois there any way to configure a touch pad in xfce? or a command line way?02:04
^paradox^is it launcher?02:05
^paradox^oh i found it lol02:07
^paradox^bytor4232: i need a little more help if u dont mind giving me hand02:10
slimjimflimHi.  Has anybody dealt with Hardy, possibly only 64 bit, not liking java and firefox 3?02:13
^paradox^ok well thats one thing fixed02:18
^paradox^in settings manager user interface i upped the font size and it now appears that the S in applications is half cut off by gray02:20
^paradox^how can i fix so that one button doesnt look like it runs into another?02:21
xindotry "move "02:24
xindoright click and choose "move"02:24
^paradox^apparently right clicking then clicking properties straightened it out02:29
^paradox^i didnt change anything though02:29
xindonever dealt with 64, there is some info in the ubuntu forum concerning getting it going though02:30
^paradox^theres a ubuntu channel on dalnet network as well02:30
^paradox^u might try there too02:30
xaer0anyone have a quick fix for "HAL Failure" on load?02:30
^paradox^well now that everythings back to normal i gotta tell u im liking xubuntu02:32
xindoyea, xfce is quick02:33
slimjimflimi think i found another 'fix'02:33
slimjimflimmaybe this one will work02:33
^paradox^and fun too when im not screwing it up02:33
xaer0darn HAL02:33
xindoeasier to figure out than gnome for me02:33
^paradox^i still have gnome, but id heard about much better speed so i thought id try it02:34
^paradox^so xfce can run everything gnome can?02:35
xaer0i use AWN, Compiz, Amarok, Banshee, WINE02:36
xaer0Emerald, Flock....02:36
xindothank so, certain things from gnome might require a few gnome libraries02:36
xaer0xubuntu has to use GNOME libraries02:36
^paradox^well if thats all its a good trade off02:36
xaer0look at your process manager... has to use things like gnome-screensaver02:36
xindoall the same ones?02:36
xindoah, ok02:36
^paradox^i dont use a scrensaver02:37
^paradox^i just turn off the monitor02:37
xaer0well good to disable it so it doesnt use it02:37
xaer0also uses gnome-power-management02:38
^paradox^i just see a need for one02:38
xindoi'd like one that pops up a few selected sysmons in a fullscreen display02:39
xaer0some things in xubuntu use GNOME programs02:39
^paradox^im new to linux. ive been using it about six months now02:39
^paradox^ive found alot of great features i never had in windows02:40
xaer0im some what relatively new...02:40
xaer0used xubuntu and ubuntu back when 6.1002:40
xindoyes, you can really control every little detail02:40
^paradox^but i wasnt going to use vista02:41
xaer0well i gotta try to get HAL working again02:41
^paradox^vistas a damn mess if u ask me02:41
xindoha, yea, got it installed, still dual booting, but seriously considering linux only02:42
^paradox^how in the hell mr softy gets away with charging $200 for useless cruft is beyond me02:43
^paradox^if more ppl could just try a few distros theyd quickly switch i believe02:44
^paradox^and i dont mean those damndable live cds02:44
slimjimflimubuntu comes on a livecd02:44
slimjimflimeven xubuntu02:44
slimjimflimi take it you've never used knoppix02:45
^paradox^im sorry but until its installed on te hard drive it sucks02:45
slimjimflimnot true02:45
slimjimflimthere's a time and a place for everything02:45
^paradox^not the os02:45
^paradox^just the speed02:45
slimjimflimhave you ever tried to reset a password that you forgot?02:46
slimjimflimeven on xp?02:46
slimjimflimlivecds are great for that02:46
slimjimflimand for data recovery02:46
^paradox^ive got a great head for numbers and passwords. i havent run into that problem yet02:46
slimjimflimor if your friend has some crappy ms distro and you wanna come over and surf the webz w/o waiting 1/2 hr. a page02:47
slimjimflimit's only a matter of time02:47
^paradox^lol yeh i guess so02:47
slimjimflimpoint is, if you did, that would be the time and the place02:47
^paradox^so what is knoppix?02:47
slimjimflimlivecds let people that have no clue about linux have a taste and see how fast it really is02:48
slimjimflimknoppix is a distro specifically designed to fit on a cd02:48
slimjimflimthere's also knoppix std which is security-centered02:48
^paradox^is it unix or linux or something different?02:49
slimjimflimbut don't expect all your audio/video stuff to work w/ that02:49
slimjimflimdebian based iirc02:49
slimjimflimyea it is02:49
^paradox^but its very good for rescue purposes02:49
slimjimflimso it's a lot like ubuntu, which is also debian based02:49
slimjimflimand since it gets copied to memory you can still add packages on the fly02:50
slimjimflimthey just disappear when you reboot, of course, but you can run a webserver ftp server w/e from it...it's a full fledged linux02:50
slimjimflimsay your dog steps on the wrong key and deletes your term paper....just get out your knoppix02:51
^paradox^is it true that a unix used to cost like $100002:51
slimjimflimthere have been proprietary versions02:52
slimjimflimsolaris used to be02:52
slimjimflimhp-ux i think still is02:52
^paradox^i only know a little about it02:52
^paradox^i think at&t created unix like in early 70's02:53
slimjimflimi don't mind helping02:53
^paradox^interesting facts02:53
^paradox^i like watching different OSs02:54
^paradox^ive been watching haiku and reactos02:54
^paradox^reactos is very interesting02:54
slimjimflimoss http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source#History02:55
^paradox^not as an os for me02:55
slimjimflimi'm not familiar with those02:55
^paradox^but because it looks like theyre making a windows like operating system02:55
^paradox^haiku is supposedly an open source version of the Be operating system that went bankrupt02:57
^paradox^reactos to my knowledge is a windows nt like os02:58
^paradox^its funny though how reactos downplays linux02:59
^paradox^but they are fun to watch03:00
^paradox^when i read about reactos i cant understand exactly what it is theyre trying to achieve03:02
^paradox^they give alot of details, but yet theyre vague about their ultimate goal03:03
^paradox^can u make any sense of it?03:05
^paradox^i read thar open source history03:56
^paradox^its all very interesting03:56
zynergisomething that looks like windows that you don't have to buy/download/steal/rob your neighbor for04:35
slimjimflim^paradox^ didn't mean to leave you hangin, had some shit to take care of04:35
OmgItsAsharkhey guys i just downloaded the openoffice.tar.gz it is currently sitting on my desktop what is the command to install it??05:14
favroOmgItsAshark: the one in the repos missing something you need?05:17
OmgItsAsharkwhat do you mean05:19
OmgItsAsharki just downloaded the file and i dont know what to do with it now05:19
ubottua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org05:20
favroOmgItsAshark: ^^05:20
OmgItsAsharkthanks guys always wonderful and helpful05:20
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!05:21
favroOmgItsAshark: ^^05:21
OmgItsAsharkthanks guy s05:21
OmgItsAsharkgod im loving linux05:21
nbli just installed xubuntu06:09
nbland i found out one of my nic cards was not working because my MoBo was not pci 2.2, so i swap nics from another computer06:10
nblthis time i know the nic is getting power but when i do ifconfig i dont see it06:11
nbllshw -C network, shows both my nics, but one is unclaimed06:12
favrois it listed in the file /etc/network/interfaces?06:12
nblhow do i claim it, with out reinstalling xubuntu again06:12
nbli dont think so, i will look06:12
nblin that file it starts with auto lo06:13
nbliface lo inet loopback06:14
favrothen   gksu mousepad /etc/network/interfaces   and add an entry for it - call it eth106:14
nblim very new to this concept, what is that i'm doing? and how should the file look?06:15
favroyou are editing a file graphically with admin rights - and the entry for the second nic should look like the entry for the first except it will be called eth106:16
nblok.... reboot?06:19
favrono - sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart06:20
nbland why dont i see an entry for eth0 in that file06:21
favroyou should have auto lo and auto eth0 and auto eth106:22
nblno auto eth0, but i'm getting no such devices for eth1 when i ran that06:25
favrowhat does ifconfig show now?06:25
favrowhat does    sudo lshw | grep eth   tell you?06:32
nblfavro: here is lspci and lshw06:33
favroyou get more info with sudo lshw06:33
nbllittle different then what you just said, hold on a sec06:33
favronbl: don't worry :)06:36
nblnothing about eth106:36
nblso what do you think is wrong? not seated well in the PCI slot? Bad Drivers? IRQ conflitions?06:38
favrolspci sees it so it's in the slot ok06:38
nblthis is on an older pc that built from scratch parts,06:38
favrotry calling it eth2 instead06:38
nbli know both cards are good06:38
nblis it odd that i dont have eth0 in that file, yet it is still showing up in ifconfig06:39
favro"There is already a pid file /var/run/dhclient.eth1.pid with pid 134519072" - makes me think try eth206:39
favroyeh - no eth0 in interfaces is strange06:39
nblsame thing06:42
nbldo you want to see that file, it is only 4 lines, so i cant imagine i screwed up too much, pluse this is a fresh install06:43
ozkughi installed mysql-server, mysql php5 atd apache2, and all installed well, however it cannot open php files on the browser, it just asks me where i want to save the file06:44
ozkughany help?06:45
nbli added eth0 to that interfaces file along with eth1 and eth2/06:47
nblit renewed my connection on eth0 but could not find eth1 or eth206:47
favrowell remove the eth2 entries for now06:50
favrosounds like that nick card might need a module loaded06:51
nbli just switched cables, and same problem06:51
nblwhat does that mean? module loaded06:51
zoredacheit means the software needed to enable it isn't running or not available06:55
zoredacheozkugh: did apache get restarted?06:57
zoredacheozkugh: also make sure you installed libapache2-mod-php506:57
favronbl: try ifconfig eth1 up then ifconfig to see if it worked07:01
nbli get an error of no such device07:02
zoredachewhat type of network cards do you have?07:03
nblhmmm... kingstone i think is one07:04
nblthey are both 10/10007:04
favronbl: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/debian-install-network-not-detected-110910/ - I'm reading this07:04
favronot much around about your card07:05
zoredachethe link speed is far less important then the manufacturer/model/chipset information for the adapter07:05
nblzoredache: check this out http://pastebin.com/d7c41d15c07:05
nbli realy dont know to much about them, i just bought a new gigabit rosewell with WOL for this computer, but after installing xubuntu i came to find out that the card is pci 2.2 and will not work with my pci 2.1 slot07:06
zoredachehmm... and the address is assigned to the working card?07:07
nblso i swaped the card with another computer, did not realy glanced at the name07:07
nblthat is on one of my eth cards07:07
zoredachedo a 'lsmod | tulip' and see if anything shows up...07:09
zoredachetry running 'modprobe tulip' and then running ifconfig07:09
nblif you dont mind can you explain what that is and what it does so i can learn a little bit more about the linux world07:10
zoredachelsmod tells you want drivers are loaded...  modprobe will try and load a driver.  tulip is the driver that I think may be needed for the LNE100TX card you have07:11
zoredacheof course run both lsmod/modprobe as root or with sudo07:12
nblso i should apt-get tulip07:12
zoredachethe driver usually comes as part of the kernel package.  All I am suggesting is that you try loading it07:13
zoredacheso 'sudo modprobe tulip'07:14
nblok... should i see something happen, any kind of return from that command?07:15
zoredachegenerally on the unix command line if you see nothing after running a command that is a good thing07:15
zoredacheyou only see things if there was an error07:15
nblok, good07:16
zoredacheanyway after running try running something like 'ifconfig -a -s' to see if you have more then 1 interface07:17
nbleth0 mru lo ru show up07:19
favronow I would do  lsmod | grep tulip07:21
nbl \tulip "a number" 007:22
favroso it's installed? - sudo ifconfig eth1 up   then   ifconfig07:22
nbltulip        53536 007:22
ushimitsudokiI need some help figuring out why a few apps run but do not "show up"? That is the process appear in ps, and they seem to be working, but the windows are not displayed. Not sure where to start troubleshooting this issue07:23
favronbl: sudo ifconfig eth1 up   then   ifconfig07:23
nbli did07:23
nblno such device07:24
nbli did it for eth2 also, and the same07:24
nblany more ideas?07:25
nblThanks for both of your help, favro zoredache07:25
zoredachetry another network card?07:25
zoredacheperhaps one that matches the card you already have07:26
favronbl: from - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/debian-install-network-not-detected-110910/ - "I loded dmfe with mode=4 (force 10 mbit full duplex) and it worked like a charm after that." whatever that means07:27
nbli dont think i have another that will work with this pc, but i will try putting the card in a different  slot zoredache07:28
nblfavro: if you dont know i surly dont know07:31
favronbl: I thought zoredache might maybe07:31
nbljust another thought i had this nic card working before in ubuntu 6 lts07:32
nblbut im about to go, will be on later07:34
nblshould i de modeprobe tulip07:34
nblsince that did not work07:35
nblone more thing, could it be that this computer is overclocked?07:40
nblnot by much, stock speed is 500mhz it is at 560 now07:41
KlimJayWould Xubuntu be a more "basic" GUI , yet have enough things to build upon , and not come with Kcrapapp1,Kcrappapp2,Kthis,Kthat ?07:51
KlimJayAnd does it have a Wubi installer?07:52
KlimJay(included in the basic disk)07:52
JinKazamahi all08:02
JinKazamai have instaled xubuntu and yesterday i have install windows xp on the same pc. now its boot dyrectly windows and i have not choice which OS to start. how to fix this ?08:04
jarnosJinKazama, boot from desktop cd and install grub again.08:08
JinKazamayes , i booted form live cd. and now i dont know what to do ... :)08:09
OmfgItsASharkhow do i change the color of the two bars and how do i change just the font on those two bars08:11
cacahuatehello.. when i booting.. this module "piix4_smbus" stays for like 8 seconds.. and its failed.. i think i dont need it.. how can i delete it, so my boot go faster08:13
OmfgItsAShark hey can anybody help me with xubuntu stuff08:14
OmfgItsASharki wanna change the color of the panels and the opacity but the i cant fingure out how too08:15
jarnosJinKazama, you google (install grub from live cd) and find http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435108:18
OmfgItsASharkwould you know how to chhange the color and font color of the panels in xubuntu08:19
favroOmfgItsAShark: you change themes to do that generally08:27
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:27
JinKazamajarnos, thanx! its done, but naw i lost my Windows boot :)09:13
JinKazamai have not record for windows in my /boot/grub/menu.lst file . how to fox this ?09:22
JinKazamaim sorry for my bad english09:22
favroJinKazama: I'll paste mine09:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:25
favroJinKazama: http://paste.ubuntu.com/43577/ - add it right at the end09:25
JinKazamathanx . ill try now09:27
JinKazamafavro, now if i chose Win Xp from Grub menu,  retuns : Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format09:34
favroJinKazama: this line - root(hd0,0) - says the windows partition is the first one on the first hard disk - is that where your's is?09:36
JinKazamawindows and xubuntu are on the same hard drive, but diferent partitions. xubuntu is on partition 1 and win is on partition 209:36
favroJinKazama: then change the line so it reads - root(hd0,1)09:37
JinKazamaOK. ill try now09:37
JinKazama:D it works perfect now :) thanx alot favro :)09:40
favroJinKazama: glad to help :)09:40
jarnos_favro: Doesn't update-grub add Windows to menu.lst?10:39
favrojarnos: not in my experience - it tells you where it looks when you run it10:41
KlimJayDoes anyone know, when the next release will be out, will "Wubi" users be able to upgrade just like if they had real partitions and as easy as if they did ? Or will C:\host have to be redone completly from scratch ?10:41
NCommanderKlimJay, late October on intrepid, and you can simply upgrade10:48
NCommanderKlimJay, although last time I checked, LTS's (aka Hardy) will not prompt to upgrade to Intrepid when its released, you need to trigger it manually10:48
KlimJayNCommander: this will be as simple as running *ubuntu normally under EXT3 and swap partitions ?10:49
KlimJayWith NTFS (Wubi) install ?10:50
NCommanderKlimJay, as I said, you'll have to manually allow it to update to intrepid, but then its just a matter of running the updater10:50
NCommander(and taking a nap)10:50
NCommanderKlimJay, when intrepid is released, the README will have step by step directions on how to upgrade from Hardy10:50
KlimJayIn another words, in general, there should be no dificulties cause I did not use real partitions and used Wubi ?10:51
NCommanderPRetty much10:51
NCommanderWubi however is slower then real ext3/swap10:51
NCommanderSo the upgrade will take longer10:51
KlimJayWell, I am not at the point to where I want to give up windows.10:52
KlimJayI am more at the testing/seeing if I want to point10:52
KlimJaySo Wubi is best right now.10:52
NCommanderKlimJay, just remember, the installer these days can setup a real dualboot automatically10:52
NCommanderBut yeah, Wubi awesome like that10:53
KlimJayI can't seem to get the partitions right, perhaps there is a limit on partitions I can make ?10:53
KlimJayDell already has 2 partitions10:54
KlimJaythen NTFS, the main one.10:54
KlimJaySo I resize the NTFS, and get ext310:54
NCommanderFour is the traditional limit10:54
KlimJayBut then, the space left goes to "unusable"10:54
KlimJayThen that seems to be the problem.10:54
NCommanderJust stay with Wubi ;-)10:54
KlimJayCause I can't redo "unusable" to the swap10:54
NCommanderWell, strictly speaking, you don't need a seperate swap parition10:55
NCommanderYou can get by with a swapfile10:55
KlimJayThere's an option for that ?10:55
NCommanderKlimJay, not in the installer, but if you force the install to run without a swap, you can enable it on the first boot10:55
NCommander(you loose the ability howver to use hibernation)10:56
KlimJayI don't use that anyway.10:56
KlimJayOn Window, any OS10:56
NCommanderPersonally, I'd just stay with Wubi until your sure you want to make the switch10:57
KlimJayYeah.  There is some things that annoy me that make me wonder right now.10:57
NCommanderKlimJay, like?10:57
KlimJaySuch as getting my hardware to work10:58
NCommanderKlimJay, what's the gadget that doesn't work?10:58
KlimJayMy Scanner will make a sound like "I think I can, I think I can" then crap out10:58
KlimJaybefore it starts canning10:58
KlimJayCanoScan FB630U10:58
NCommanderScanning on LInux is so hit and miss its pathetic10:58
* NCommander has had nothing but trouble with SANE10:59
KlimJayMy Dell Photo Printer 540 don't work either10:59
NCommanderThat probably just needs some CUPS foo10:59
NCommandercheck out linuxprinting.org on that one10:59
KlimJayWasn't nothing there10:59
NCommanderGenerally speaking, Dell printers either speak postscript or PCL10:59
NCommander(I've never encountered one that doesn't, although their inkjets might be the exception)11:00
KlimJayThis isn't an injet11:00
NCommanderTry using a generic postscript PPD, and see if your printer works11:00
KlimJayink jet11:00
KlimJayIt uh, like transfers on to photo paper.11:00
KlimJayI don't know what you call that11:01
NCommanderIf its a laser printer, 9/10s out of ten it supports Postscript11:01
NCommanderGot me11:01
NCommanderI recommend trying some generic drivers11:01
NCommanderYou usually get lucky11:01
KlimJayIt seems the photo printer is hardly supported anyway11:03
KlimJayeven for windows11:03
KlimJayCurrently, Windows Vista does not include drivers to support the Dell Photo Printer 540. Additionally, the Dell drivers that are available for the Dell Photo Printer 540 are only supported on a computer that is running one of the following operating systems:11:03
KlimJay    * Microsoft Windows® XP11:03
KlimJay    * Microsoft Windows 200011:03
NCommanderTry WINE on that printer11:04
NCommanderIt might work if LInux sees the printer as a USB device11:04
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:16
favrohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - this one might let you know if it is supported11:16
KlimJayI don't see it listed anywhere.11:20
favrodon't lose heart :)11:26
favroKlimJay: it seems sometimes the lexmark drivers will work... you'll need to experiment :)11:42
KlimJayOr, maybe just hook it up to one of the machines that can't be converted from XP11:45
favrothat'll work too :)11:46
KlimJayI however, want to be able to use the scanner atleast.11:48
KlimJaywithout waiting on someone to get done with their computer11:48
favrofrom my quick google search it seems your printer is one that was made when dell support was poor...11:56
KlimJayEven in windows11:57
favroapart from asking dell about it...11:58
KlimJayThey just give me the links to download the windows drivers.11:59
KlimJayI thought they where supposed to be all "ubuntu friendly" now ?11:59
favrothat's what I thought when I started a search - but they didn't work back through the models apparently12:00
KlimJayHell, they don't even have Vista support, I'm not thinking much is gonna happen12:03
KlimJayOther than taking the SD/MMC card and putting it in the photo printer itself12:03
KlimJaySeems I should get a Brother photo printers12:05
KlimJayI remember our IntellaFax worked perfect12:05
Ben_Cshow do i edit the xfce menu? the editor in "settings" shows only 5 entries. and has some "include" in the middle.13:09
QueopsNeed some help13:24
QueopsI just installed13:25
Queopsbut can't login as root13:25
Queopsin the terminal13:25
Queopstried all my passwords and doesnt work13:25
favrowith a little patcience...13:36
nblhey again14:22
xindohello all14:47
xindoI was wondering if there is a way to manage fonts, firefox in particular somewhat annoys me, the login and password box have a huge font, and the fonts used to render a page are really small14:48
xindoare fonts system wide, or do they vary from app to app?14:49
xindoI know you can use crt++ to increase the font size, but this sometimes breaks the page, and makes regular fonts even bigger14:50
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Ahmuckpostgresql will not start, any reason why?15:58
cody-somervilleI imagine the log files tell you :]15:59
* Ahmuck looks for a chainsaw16:02
=== hfsdo_ is now known as hfsdo
jarnosHi, I have printer parallel:/dev/lp0 installed on another printer. How do I install it on Xubuntu computer so that I can print in LAN?18:35
=== pingu is now known as Guest46749
Guest46749Hallo, anyone uses "Network manager" status plugin for the task bar?19:00
Guest46749it does not show my transfer here :(19:00
TheSheepGuest46749: you need to configure it19:02
TheSheepGuest46749: in particular, type 'eth0' in the 'device name' field19:03
Guest46749it's german, the second edit window?19:03
TheSheepthat is, if you are using wired network19:04
TheSheepfor wifi it would wlan0 or something19:04
ddelonyHmmm, most new users of Linux wouldn't know what their ethernet interface was.19:04
TheSheepddelony: yes, xubuntu is considerably less friendly to new users than ubuntu19:04
TheSheepddelony: doesn't take you by the hand so much19:05
Guest46749but it's beautiful :D19:05
ddelonyI love xubuntu because it's fast. :-)19:05
ddelonyUnfortunately, when I turn on compositing, it's slower than my similarly configured Mac laptop's Quartz.19:06
TheSheepddelony: apparently your graphics card doesn't have hardware acceleration for compositing, either in hardware or in drivers19:07
ddelonyI didn't know there was special hardware or drivers just for compositing.19:07
ddelonyI thought acceleration would do the trick.19:07
TheSheepddelony: its 2d acceleration, different than 3d acceleration19:08
ddelonyAcceleration definitely works.19:08
ddelonyI mean 3d acceleration.19:08
TheSheepthen you might get better performance with compiz19:09
ddelonyThe card on my PC was made before compositing became popular and seems to be geared more toward 3d acceleration than compositing.19:09
ddelonyAh, great idea! Thanks. It's much smoother now!19:11
ddelonyUnfortunately, it appears that I can only have one workspace now.19:13
TheSheepddelony: but how large :)19:14
TheSheepddelony: compiz uses one huge workspace19:14
TheSheepddelony: you can set how many screens it has in compiz settings19:14
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Guest46749Another plugin question: Can i hide the dict book logo and havin just the edit panel there?19:27
ddelonyIt seems that compiz screwed up my settings. I had to add xfwm4 to my startup apps.19:30
TheSheepddelony: ouch19:31
TheSheepddelony: sorry19:31
ddelonyTheSheep: Don't worry, it's Linux. :-p19:32
ddelonyHmmm, what configuration files get read before the startup list?19:33
TheSheepddelony: session19:34
TheSheepddelony: it's saved in ~/.cache/session19:34
TheSheepand in /etc/xdg/xfce4-session19:35
ddelonyI'm trying to figure out what compiz screwed up.19:36
TheSheepddelony: it probably saved itself in your session, so xfwm4 doesn't start because it sees another window manager already running19:38
ddelonyHmmm, can't seem to find anything.19:40
Guest46749Do you know how to make the taskbar roll out when having set it but it doesnt work after some hours?19:40
TheSheepddelony: how about /usr/share/xsessions ?19:42
ddelonyI logged out and picked "Xfce session" and logged back in. It seems to be fine now.19:47
ddelonyThanks. :-)19:47
TheSheepddelony: ah, that's the .dmrc file :)19:49
ddelonyTheSheep: Thanks.20:06
nblmm i have two nics cards on my comp, i notice one nic does downstream while the other is up stream, is that common?20:24
nblone molre thing, what do you recommend for a backup softwear to back up 3 other computers on my network20:30
Odd-rationalenbl: rsync is great for backups20:31
nblsomething that is automatic, fast, but can run on a slow old computer20:31
Odd-rationaleor rdiff-backup20:31
Odd-rationaleyeah, rsync then.20:31
nbldo those have gui?20:31
Odd-rationaleschedule it with a cron job20:31
nbl<<--- linux n00b20:31
nbli was looking at Simple Backup Solution or Backup pc20:32
Odd-rationalenbl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync20:33
nblwhat is the difference between Incremental Backup and Archival backup20:36
Odd-rationalearchivial backup creates an archive. like a .tar file with all the backed up files in it20:36
Odd-rationaleincremental copies the changes files from one directory to another.20:37
jerikonbl: check out flexbackup20:37
jerikorsync is awesome as well20:37
nblis there a way to show my other computers on my network in xfce file manger, by using samba or something20:55
jerikoall linux computers?20:56
nbli have samba up now, but my xubuntu is denieing access from my WinXp machine, and i want to text from xubuntu to my shared files on a win comp.20:56
jerikolinux + win = samba20:57
jerikolin + lin = nfs20:57
Odd-rationaleor sshfs20:57
jerikojust mount remote drives and browse them as if they were local20:57
nblso the path would be smb://Computer_name/sharedFolderName20:58
jerikoit's been a while since i've samba'd, but yea something like that20:59
ddelonyjoin #xubuntu-devel21:20
tibetoineWhen I run a Wine application i have this kind or result : http://i38.tinypic.com/2d0chmc.jpg21:30
tibetoineI have an ATI video card with driver 8.6 catalyst21:30
ghetekhey guys im looking for a shell utility to help me organize my mp3 collection. i want somthing that will let me automate makign my directory structure (musichome/artist/album/01 Trackname.mp3)21:30
tibetoineMy ubuntu is the Hardy Heron21:30
tibetoineCould you help me someone ?21:31
bytor4232tibetoine: Wow.  That is really wierd.  Its got me beat.  Try #ubuntu21:37
bytor4232ghetek: That would be the holy grail of music organization indeed.  The only thing close that I've found is the most awesome easytag, but thats not a console based application, its gtk.21:37
=== favafro is now known as favro
ghetekbytor4232 too bad. all my music is stored on a ubuntu server and im having the hardest time trying to organize it all22:08
jerikounless you have perfect tags or perfect file names, full automation is impossible imho22:15
TheSheepthere are tools like cowbell that automate a large part of it22:25
Odd-rationaleeasytag ftw!22:44
Odd-rationale!info easytag22:45
ubottueasytag (source: easytag): viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.4-1 (hardy), package size 963 kB, installed size 3076 kB22:45
* bytor4232 loves easytag22:49
* Markopotamus hops up and down with glee. Favro, favro, everything is good, there are no problems, all is right \o/22:56
* Markopotamus finds something to break.22:56
favrohehe :022:56
Odd-rationale!yay | Markopotamus22:59
ubottuMarkopotamus: Glad you made it! :-)22:59
MarkopotamusHeheh, sorry, perhaps a lil over excited there.23:00
Odd-rationale!helpersnack | favro23:00
ubottufavro: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:00
MarkopotamusOn a more serious note, I'd really like to know more about the command line in Linux. Are there any good TUTs or guides that would help a newbie understand what's what?23:02
Markopotamuscheers, Odd-rationale, I'll take a look23:02
xindoghetek: musicbrainz.org23:03
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: don't try to learn it all in one day... just learn a bit, then use it... and come back and learn some more23:07
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: hehe yeah, I'll do that.23:08
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: I spent most of yesterday trying to get Samba working, between this Xubuntu laptop and my WIndows XP PC. Took ages but finally managed it, but only through a terminal Window. I picked up a few things but would really like to understand a whole lot more about what's going on.23:09
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: like what23:10
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: like all the syntax and all the... erm. Daemons (?). All the things you can call up and what they mean. And the dirrectory structure.23:11
MarkopotamusSo far I've mostly just been typing into the terminal window what people have been telling me to type, adapting it as necessary. I wan't to know why what I'm typing does what it does.23:12
Markopotamusand I want to know what to do in the first place :)23:13
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: one place you can learn a lot is by manpages. e.g., if you want to learn about the cp command try: man cp23:13
Odd-rationalealso, you can learn some stuff through: <command> --help23:13
Odd-rationalealthough some apps don't have a --help23:14
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Ok, cool. Ill remember that.23:14
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Mostly I've been resorting to 'help' to find a command and then 'help <command>' to find out more.23:15
Odd-rationalealthough manpages are not always the easiest thing to read...23:15
Odd-rationaleoh, and use q to exit the manpage23:15
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Oh hey, is there a key combination to bring up the terminal?23:15
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: you can make one. applications --> settings --> keyboard --> shorcuts23:16
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: you can make one. applications --> settings --> keyboard --> shorcuts23:17
Markopotamushaha whoops.23:17
Markopotamusremind me not to play with key combinations :p23:17
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Ok!23:18
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: I'm looking at the keyboard command menu and I've made a new theme and can add key commands to it, but I'm not clear how to make one to bring up the terminal. Any hints?23:26
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: make the command: terminal23:27
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: then make the key combo anythin you like that is not taken23:27
Odd-rationalelike ctrl+alt+t23:27
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: that simple? Cool!23:27
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: well, it only works becuase the command to to start the xfce-terminal it "terminal"23:28
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: if you were in gnome then you would do "gnome-terminal". in kde, "konsole"23:28
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Hrm. When I enter "terminal" as the command it comes back with "The command doesn't exist or the file is not executable !"23:29
Odd-rationaleMarkopotamus: hmm. can you run "terminal" in a terminal?23:30
Markopotamushowever when I type "Terminal" it comes back with "The program 'Terminal' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:23:31
Markopotamussudo apt-get install terminal.app"23:31
Odd-rationaleno. don't do that...23:31
Odd-rationalemaybe it is xfce4-terminal?23:31
MarkopotamusOdd-rationale: Yes, that works :)23:31

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