Peng_Hmm. bzrlib.plugins.search.index.index_url() should support possible_transports. cmd_index wastes a transport just to parse the URL.03:29
Peng_Or I guess index_url should just take a transport directly.03:32
cammoblammo`bzr ignored` seems to list the ignored file then the rule for identifying it. Is there any way the rule can be stripped from the output without resorting to awk or the like?06:30
fullermdPerhaps you want ls --ignored06:36
cammoblammofullermd: Thanks! That's perfect.06:48
adamcan I set bzr to ignore .pyc on *all* newly created projects?06:50
fullermdDepends on what exactly you're asking.06:51
fullermdYou can add .pyc to your personal ignores.  You could theoretically hack bzr to add .pyc system-wide.06:51
fullermdBut there's no way to make a new projects spring into being with a .bzrignore handling .pyc's. no.06:51
adamah, too bad.06:52
adamI was thinking about the ~/.subversion/config ignore settings.06:52
adamso I understand bzr doesn't have the equivalent.06:52
fullermdThere's the list in ~/.bazaar/ignore that covers yourself06:52
fullermd(of course, it actually contains .pyc already...)06:52
fullermdBut that doesn't do anything for other people, of course.06:52
adamfullermd: ah, awesome.06:54
adamso yeah, that would basically be the equivalent :)06:54
adamthat list exists, and includes .py[co]06:54
adamyet for some reason, they aren't being ignored.06:54
adamfullermd: oh, I know what happened.06:55
adamI did `bzr add *`06:55
fullermdAh, yeah, that would do it   :)06:55
adamfullermd: once you did `bzr init` at the root of a source tree you'd like to VC entirely, what would you do then?06:56
adamhow would you add everything, every nested file and directly, except those in ~/.bazaar/ignore?06:56
fullermd'bzr add' by itself.06:56
adamah, hah.06:56
fullermd'add' with no args is what uses the ignore list.  'add' of specific files never does.06:57
adamfullermd: that's awesome.06:57
adambzr is so convenient, I'm happy I chose it.06:57
adamthanks a bunch.06:57
fullermdnp  :)06:58
fullermd(actually, I think that phrasing is a little off...)06:58
fullermdIf specific files are named on the 'add' command line (e.g. "bzr add foo.pyc"), ignores have no power.06:58
fullermdIf they're not ("bzr add", "bzr add somedir/"), then ignores determine which of the found files (add is recursive) get added.06:59
* adam nods06:59
fullermdGuardrails without straitjackets.06:59
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evgeI have bzr branch on test server and want to force something like post commit hook to auto update this branch after each remote commit, so the server is serving up to date content ?14:01
bob2there's an update-after-push plugin14:04
LeoNerd.oO( Why is that a question? )14:04
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mamatata_arghh... big emergency here! did a 'bzr add' but wanted to go back to ignore some. without thinking much did a 'bzr revert' now all my changes (lots) are reverted :S anything i can do??15:05
fullermdThey'll be around in backup files.15:06
fullermdwhatever.~1~ or the like.15:07
mamatata_love you fuller!15:08
mamatata_is there a quick way to replace all 26 of them?15:11
LarstiQnot from bzr that I know, but with shell scripting, sure15:12
mamatata_hmm okay... gotta take a break before i erase all those with a wacky shell script...15:13
LarstiQmamatata_: right, I suggest you cp -a your working tree before you do anything else :)15:13
LarstiQor at the very least your backup files15:14
olejorgenbbzr ls simply lists the files in the directory?16:27
olejorgenbor have I somehow managed to add all the files16:27
olejorgenbif 1 is the case, how to I check what files are versioned? (without pulling to a empty location)16:28
fullermdls --versioned shows which files are versioned.16:30
olejorgenbfullermd: thank. (guess that actually was pretty easy to find in the manpage. Sorry)16:31
olejorgenbwhat is the purpose of ls (without --versioned) though?16:32
fullermdWell, it lists the files in the tree.  With no options, it's probably not used much.16:35
fullermdIt's usually used with one of the filters.16:35
Lani78I installed Loggerhead using "sudo python setup.py install". It seems to me that loggerhead want to have the loggerhead.conf in "/usr/bin". Is there anyway to have it look for the configuration file in "/etc"?17:17
Lani78It also seems that it wants to write a "loggerhead.pid" file in the /usr/bin folder. Is this really advisable? I would like to redirect that file to something like "/var/lib/loggerhead/loggerhead.pid", can that be done as well?17:19
stefanlsddoes bzr have anything like  gitk ?17:30
beunostefanlsd, bzr-gtk17:32
beunoand qbzr17:32
stefanlsdbeuno: which would u recommend?17:32
beunostefanlsd, bzr-gtk has more features17:33
beunoso bzr-gtk  :)17:33
stefanlsdbeuno: kk. thanks :)17:33
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nekohayohey, could anyone tell what went wrong? http://ecchi.ca:8000/1.png17:35
beunonekohayo, the packs error?17:36
beunoit happens sometimes17:36
nekohayobeuno: yeah, why? and how do we fix that?17:37
beunoyou just re-push and it gets fixed17:37
nekohayobeuno: are you sure? that error seems to have come up while issuing a "bzr push" command17:37
beunonekohayo, yeap, I'm sure. It's happen to me a few times17:38
beunowe haven't quite managed to figure out what causes it17:38
nekohayowhy does that happen? connection problems?17:38
beunolifeless, ^17:38
nekohayo(well, just curious)17:38
zbrownIs there a good way to bzr repo that you can push/pull from with users that don't actually have an account on the machine?18:16
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Lani78zbrown: If you are still there: I created a bzr account on my server and then access it with ssh and added the users public key to the bzr account.18:32
zbrownoh I see18:32
zbrownLani78: thats what I was thinking about doing, just wondered if anyone had other suggestions18:33
Lani78The drawback is that all users have the same access rights then.18:33
Lani78zbrown: thats the suggestion that I got some weeks back, but I'm fairly new to both linux and bzr, I'm learning bit by bit ;)18:34
zbrownLani78: ya, my main thing is I have one other collaborator on a project and am just looking for an easy way for us both to have access without giving out another account18:35
Lani78zbrown: I think that it would be easy to create an account for that project then, an account that doesn't have a password and that has no shell (/bin/false). And then ask your collaborator for his public ssh key so you can add both yours and his to that user account.18:37
Lani78This is manageable for small sites with few users and few projects. But I cannot use this at work, as it is to much administration. At least for me that doesn't know Linux. And access to projects changes daily. So I would love to see some nice administration tool where you easily could give read/write access to specific projects to single developers.18:39
nekohayoindeed, it seems that pushing again worked, beuno18:40
Lani78But I've understood that the bzr-team have tried to avoid any authentication code. They relay on the Linux or Apache for that.18:41
zbrownI haven't entirely settled on bzr yet either... we'll see18:41
zbrownit could also end up as a git repo18:42
Lani78zbrown: That made me remember that someone also suggested that you could make your project available through Apache, and have Apache control the access. But I don't know how to do that.18:42
Kosjerhi there, i just wanted to ask about the mac osx 10.5 installer binary distribution  why there isnt a 1.6.1 version out yet like with the 10.4 installer version. its still at 1.5.018:43
zbrownya... I like to avoid apache when I can18:43
zbrownKosjer: different maintainers and the 10.5 one probably hasn't gotten around ot it18:43
Kosjerahhh oki doki18:44
uliwitnessIs this the right place to ask about a weird message I'm getting trying to bzr push to a server?18:55
uliwitnessI get a few "FTP temporary error: 451 (...) Append/Restart not permitted, try again. Retrying." and then "bzr: ERROR: Transport error: FTP temporary error during APPEND (...)" followed by the same 451 append/restart message.18:57
uliwitnessIt worked fine on my old FTP server, but it seems BZR's FTP and my new server don't see eye-to-eye. Is there a way I can diagnose this further?19:00
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ericvwAm I able to change the committer information for previous revisions if someone's contact info changed?21:21
Odd_Blokeericvw: No, revisions are immutable.21:28
ericvwI could do the most recent by uncommit though and then change the commiter name thought, right?21:31
Odd_BlokeYes, provided no-one has branched from you.21:32
Odd_BlokeBecause you'll be creating a new revision.21:33
ericvwOdd_Bloke: thank!21:43
justdaveif I have a bzr checkout, and it's possibly been locally modified, and I want to update from the repo and overwrite whatever local changes I had, is there a way to do that with a checkout?21:47
justdaveI had been doing it with "bzr pull --overwrite" before21:48
lifelessjustdave: is this a valid rephrase: "I want to discard my changes and be up to date" ?21:48
justdavebut when switching to a different branch at one point, blew away the checkout and checked out again21:48
justdaveapparently the first one was a clone instead of a checkout and pull doesn't work on a checkout? :)21:48
justdavelifeless: yes, that's correct21:48
lifeless"bzr update; bzr revert"21:49
justdaveok, good enough. :)21:49
lifelesspull --overwrite doesn't discard uncommitted local edits, the above will21:50
lifelesswhich is why I rephrased for clarity21:50
justdaveoh, I think I know what was going on...  because the original one was a clone, "bzr up" just updated locally and didn't actually pull anything from the upstream repo21:51
justdave--overwrite just makes pull to an update after updating the local repo doesn't it21:51
justdaveso since this one is a direct checkout and not a clone, "bzr up" by itself would be equivalent to what I was doing before.21:52
GaryvdMHi - Is it possible to split a file into 2, without losing annotate info?21:52
lifelessnearly equivalent21:53
lifelessjustdave: bzr up will turn local commits into a pending merge, as part of its mission to preserve the svn/cvs 'up && commit' pattern21:53
lifelessjustdave: which is why the revert command's discard of pending merges is needed to complete the reset21:53
justdavein theory there shouldn't be local edits anyway...  using it for a production website21:54
lifelessjustdave: instead, using revert --forget-merges makes it equivalent to pull --overwrite21:54
lifelessGaryvdM: hi, no, not yet.21:54
lifelessjustdave: cool21:54
justdavehmm, bzr update doesn't seem to take a tag/revision argument...21:55
lifelessthere is a patch in the bug tracker21:55
justdavemaybe that's why we did the pull thing, because it does21:55
lifelessif you want a branch that is conceptually able to differ from your trunk, use a branch not a checkout21:56
justdavethe website always updates to the same tag, so we check in as needed then when it's tested and ready to go live, we move the tag and the website picks it up21:56
lifelessIMO anyhow, pull is clearer when managing a mirror21:56
lifelessjustdave: ah; interesting21:56
lifelessjustdave: checkouts mirror the branch; if you used a branch rather than a tag it would work21:56
lifelessone branch for dev, one for tested21:57
justdaveI'll continue messing with this in a bit, need to travel, back online when I get there. :) (half hour or so)21:58
justdavethanks for the help :)21:58
GaryvdMIf I can see a way to make bzr faster, but it would require adding a parameter to and existing function22:22
GaryvdMand I could make the parameter optional22:23
GaryvdMwould a patch be rejected because it changes an api?22:24
lifelessno; see HACKING for a dscription of our api management22:24
lifelessis this hypothetical, or do you have an actual case of this?22:24
GaryvdMI have a actual case22:24
lifelesscare to elaborate ?22:24
GaryvdMSure - just give me a sec22:25
GaryvdMOk - in bzrlib/log.py22:28
GaryvdMin get_view_revisions and in _filter_revisions_touching_file_id22:29
GaryvdMwe do parent_map = .... graph.iter_ancestry...22:29
GaryvdMThis is slow22:29
GaryvdMI want to do it once in calculate_view_revisions22:30
lifelessa few news22:30
GaryvdMand pass it as a parameter to get_view_revisions and in _filter_revisions_touching_file_id22:30
lifelessfirstly, log got a bit rearranged recently22:30
lifelessmake sure you have the make_log_rev_iterator function in your log.py (if you have bzr.dev you're fine)22:31
lifelesshmm, are you saying that both get_view_revisions and _filter_revisions_touching_file_id both call the same underlying api ?22:31
GaryvdMI don't have make_log_rev_iterator in log.py22:31
GaryvdMYes - in the versions I have22:32
GaryvdMI have revno 3695 of bzr.dev22:33
lifelessyou should update :P22:33
lifelessanyhow, I've checked and ye, its still duplicated, on the same graph object no less22:34
lifelessI have22:34
lifelessdef make_log_rev_iterator22:34
lifelessin my log.py22:34
GaryvdMI was pulling from lp. Let me pull from the bzr site.22:35
lifelesslooking at this22:36
lifelessI think this could be integrated into the filter stack better, but that is separate and not needed to prevent the duplicate work22:36
lifelessand I think that this is a good thing to do22:36
lifelessas the _filter function is private you don't need to make parameters optional - its not frozen in any way22:36
GaryvdMSorry lifeless: where do I find HACKING ?22:45
mwhudsonso, what's the story with the transport api and url encoding?23:30
lifelessurls in urs out23:31
lifelessget_transport is magic23:31
lifelesslocal_abspath gets a local filename23:31
lifelessfilenames are unicode23:31
lifelessurls are octets as per std6623:31
mwhudsonthis doesn't seem to be covered by the transport_implementation tests23:34
* mwhudson tries to think23:34
lifelessshould be23:36
mwhudsoni think our transport is a bit funny when you give it unescaped paths23:38
mwhudsonbut actually dtrt when its inputs are properly escaped23:38
* jml focuses on something else, despite how tempting this discussion is.23:39
mwhudsonjml: you'll get your chance to think about this when you review the resulting branch :)23:39
GaryvdMlifeless: I tried making that change, but it made no difference to the speed. I the graph loading maybe cached?23:57
spivGood morning.23:59

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