anom01yso if it crashes again I will run dmesg and paste the output to pastebin for you guys, sound good ?00:00
ign0ramusanom01y: that's your best bet.00:00
anom01y(er not if, I mean when)00:00
davidedmundsonheh, lets hope00:00
davidedmundsonalso final solution00:01
davidedmundsonupgrade to intrepid...00:01
ign0ramusor the latest kernel... but neither one can promise anything00:01
fannagogannabtw, what kind of card do you have?00:01
davidedmundsonsome VIA onboard thing.00:01
anom01ythat is dmesg output00:02
anom01ybecause alsa did just recently crash (1 hr ago)00:02
anom01ywell a few times today actually00:02
davidedmundson[   82.520698] hda-intel: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead.00:02
davidedmundsonanom01y: fyi it's not alsa crashing - it's the "driver" to the soundcard00:03
davidedmundsonbut that's fairly incidental as far as you're concerned I imagine!00:04
anom01yok great looks like we are getting somewhere00:04
davidedmundsongood news -  intrepid kernel may well fix it...00:04
davidedmundsonas new = better00:04
davidedmundsonalso you have something to type into google00:04
davidedmundsonand next time it crashes run00:04
anom01ywell I did change sound cards without reinstalling alsa00:04
ign0ramusanom01y: that could do it!  XD00:05
Darkrift2hrmmmm, anyone know if magiciso is in the repos?00:05
davidedmundsonsudo modprobe -r snd-hda-intel ;  sudo modprobe snd-had-intel00:05
Darkrift2apt-cache didnt seem to find it, but i didnt know if there was another way to find out00:05
ign0ramusDarkrift2: I'm sure it's in *some* repos... I don't get what you mean.00:06
davidedmundsonign0ramus: it's a driver logging messages though...00:06
Darkrift2id rather install it using apt if possible, but cant fidn it... not sure how to find out which repo would have it.... im used to just using what is available00:06
ign0ramusanom01y: typo00:07
davidedmundsonno, it's not00:07
Darkrift2is there a site or method of searching for other repos?00:07
ign0ramus'snd-had-intel' ?00:07
davidedmundsonoh yeah00:07
anom01yahh thanks00:07
davidedmundsonbut the first part still failed00:07
anom01yFATAL: Module snd_hda_intel is in use.00:08
ign0ramuswhat's the command to stop running a module00:08
davidedmundsonmodprobe -r00:08
davidedmundsonbut it requires no apps are using that modeul00:08
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
davidedmundsonyou'll need to sudo /etc/init.d/alsa stop00:08
davidedmundsonclose amarok00:08
Darkrift2oh, didnt know magiciso wasnt free... nvm00:09
ign0ramusDarkrift2: what are you trying to do?00:09
Darkrift2burn a uif file00:09
anom01y /etc/init.d/alsa not found00:09
ign0ramusDarkrift2: ok, hang on00:09
davidedmundsonurgh. I gotta be going00:09
davidedmundsonyou've got a line to type into google00:10
davidedmundsonand I really recommend upgrading (just the kernel(?)) to intrepid00:10
anom01yok how do I do this ?00:10
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages00:10
davidedmundsonpah, that wasn't very helpful00:10
davidedmundsonhold on.00:11
ign0ramusDarkrift2: see: http://wesleybailey.com/articles/convert-uif-to-iso00:12
anom01yI tried following the instructions in that link before but I coulnd't get past the first stage lol00:12
anom01yClick on System > Administration > Update Manager > Click on Check button > Apply all updates including kernel.00:12
anom01ywhere is this "update manager" ???00:13
ign0ramusanom01y: it was written for GNOME00:14
anom01yahh so what do I do for KDE ?00:14
ign0ramusanom01y: you can find kernels in Adept by searching for "linux-image" and finding the latest one (highest number)00:14
ign0ramusanom01y: or you could "roll your own", but i strongly discourage it if you're not sure what you're doing00:15
intelikeywhat's the syntax for a url to search for a key word on google.com ?00:15
anom01ywell hopefully this fixes the sound issue00:15
Darkrift2ill check that out ign0ramus but the thread i was reading said that the convert rarely works and magiciso was the best way... hopefully that was wrong00:16
ign0ramusintelikey: i'm not sure i understand your question00:16
anom01ywhich, I believe, was caused from me changing sound cards without reconfiguring alsa (it just seemed to work, but it crashes once in a while)00:16
ign0ramusanom01y: you can always purge and reinstall alsa, hopefully it will reconfigure itself properly as it did the first time00:17
intelikeyign0ramus like say you want to search for "blah" for example.    http://google.com/search%blah  ???00:17
ign0ramusDarkrift2: do you own a copy of magiciso for Windows?00:17
Darkrift2nope, thats why im trying this00:17
intelikeywhat's the url syntax00:17
Darkrift2rather try and stay with free sw00:17
ign0ramusDarkrift2: check google to see if mencoder can do this for you.  it's pretty robust00:18
favroDarkrift2: there is a shareware version of magiciso that'll work in wine00:18
ign0ramusintelikey: the way you're describing it, if you wanted to search for 'blah', you just type it in the search bar... i must not understand your question properly  :/00:19
Darkrift2hrmmm, good to know... now i have a few options to try00:19
Darkrift2thx again guys00:19
ign0ramusDarkrift2: yeah, i believe that magiciso has a 30 day trial, so you can at least get some work done for right now00:19
Darkrift2i need it once lol, so taht would work great00:20
intelikeyign0ramus what search bar does the command line have ?00:20
ign0ramusintelikey: ohhh... from a shell!  that makes more sense.  you didn't say CLI00:20
Darkrift2my mother in laws xp restore cd is dead, so im having to dl an xp iso and the one i found that is oem and sp3 is in uif, so thats what all this is about00:20
Darkrift2i need to try to use her cdkey, so i had to pick sp3/oem00:20
intelikeyign0ramus it shouldn't matter where the url is called from00:21
ign0ramusintelikey: it matters if you're using a browser00:21
anom01yok in adept_manager, there is linux-image-2.6.24-19 386,generic,openvz,rt,server,virtual,and xen00:22
anom01ywhich one should I pick ?00:22
intelikeyign0ramus why ?   why would using a browser to retrieve a page be different than using wget  ?00:22
intelikeyor curl ?00:22
anom01yor should I just upgrade linux-image-generic ???00:22
intelikeythe remote host shouldn't care whether you have a browser or not00:22
anom01yas it says "upgradable" beside it00:22
ign0ramusintelikey: google uses "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=KEYWORD" In English, anyway00:23
intelikeyign0ramus k thanks.00:23
ign0ramusintelikey: np00:23
ign0ramusanom01y: generic should be good for you00:23
ign0ramusanom01y: and you know that when you upgrade your kernel, you must reboot, right?00:24
anom01yyes, do I have to uninstall the old kernel ?00:24
Hamrano kidding!00:24
ign0ramusintelikey: no, you don't have to00:24
Hamrano need to00:24
ign0ramusHamra: you again!00:25
Hamrai'm everywhere00:25
anom01yso just install linux-image-2.6.24-19 generic ?00:25
ign0ramusanom01y: keep in mind that when GRUB starts up, you will have your choice of kernel to load00:25
ign0ramusanom01y: yup00:25
anom01yok thanks guys00:25
ign0ramusanom01y: np.  hope that fixes your sound issue00:25
anom01yyeah the current kernel is 2.6.24-1600:26
ign0ramusHamra: you still in #xkcd?00:26
Hamra2.6.24-19 is the only kernel that hibernate worked with for me00:26
ign0ramusHamra: i didn't like the vibe there today00:26
Hamrai was too drowsy to catch up with everything there00:27
ign0ramusHamra: i'm with ya.  i like this channel because it moves slowwww  :-)00:27
Hamrayes, it works better for slow heads like me :P even better, is mailing lists, i participate there a lot00:28
ign0ramusHamra: do you have any idea how to stop my laptop screen from timing out after like 15 minutes?  There's no option in Power Saver, and I've disabled the screen saver00:29
ign0ramusHamra: I'm trying to play Earthbound, and i have to keep tapping the touchpad to bring my display back00:29
Hamracould be a BIOS option00:29
ign0ramusHamra: haven't checked in there in a while.  you could be right00:29
Hamracheck the acpi power options in the BIOS00:30
ign0ramusHamra: i think i'll do that now... it's been bothering me.  I've been playing Earthbound for a few days now.  I have no idea why I didn't play it as a kid00:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inetlikey00:34
=== ubuntu is now known as anom01y
anom01yhey guys Im on the live cd right now because my grub is broken00:35
Digit4lIs there any program for managing rapidshare links ?00:35
anom01ywhen installing the latest kernel in adept_manager, It asked if I wanted to keep the same menu.1st or use the one to be installed, I selected install the new one00:35
Hamrawhat went wrong?00:36
Hamrarapidshare links need managing?00:36
anom01ywell when I reset, It went to some basic grub menu, and every selection I tried (kernel) it sayd file not found00:36
anom01yso my menu.1st got overwritten from installing the new kernel, now its broke00:37
anom01ymaybe there is a backup00:37
anom01ywhat directory is menu.1st located at ?00:38
Hamrado you know your partition scheme or not sure about it?00:38
anom01yHamra: not sure00:39
Hamrain /boot/grub/menu.lst , but of course you can't look for it in that directory when using livecd00:39
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:39
anom01yok there is a menu.1st~ but, it will not show my latest kernel that I just installed00:39
Hamrado you have 1 hard disk or 2?00:39
intelikeyhmmm        ****** Forbidden ******00:39
intelikey     Your client does not have permission to get URL00:39
intelikeymissing cookies or something...00:39
anom01yHamra: I have 300:39
anom01yIm just going to copy menu.1st~ overtop of menu.1st00:40
Hamraand kubuntu is installed on which one? first, second, third?00:40
draikHello all00:40
draikI have a minor issue with Kaffeine. I keep getting this error message:00:40
draikThis DVD Video is encrypted. To be able to watch it you will need to install libdvdcss by running from a console: sudo /usr/share/doc/kaffeine/install-css.sh. In some countries it is illegal to install the decryption software without permission from the video copyright holder.00:40
Digit4lIs there any program for managing rapidshare links ?00:40
draikI never got this error in the past. I did as instructed and it still gives me the same error message when I pop in a backup DVD.00:41
Hamradraik: try in a terminal   sudo apt-get install libdvdcss200:41
draikHamra: libdvdcss2 is already the newest version.00:42
ign0ramushey draik!00:42
draikign0ramus: Hey buddy. How's it been?00:42
Hamraso any luck ign0ramus?00:43
ign0ramusbusy.... good, but busy00:43
ign0ramusHamra: nothing in the bios... no acpi options at all, actually.00:43
draikBusy proves you're doing something00:43
ign0ramusHamra: a pretty sh*tty bios if you ask me ;)00:43
ign0ramusdraik: ... and that's why i 'deserve' a few drinks after work :)00:44
draikOnly a few, huh?00:44
ign0ramusdraik: on weekdays, yes.  weekends, otoh...00:44
Hamraisn't there any python script like that of xkcd? the one that moves the mouse every few seconds?00:44
ign0ramusHamra: what a script to play a practical joke on someone?00:45
ign0ramusHamra: oh, i see, to stop the display from timing out... XD00:45
anom01yhow can I tell if I am running from the latest kernel ?00:45
Hamrano, a script to keep the monitor from turning off, or screensavers running00:45
ign0ramus--------.21 is the latest in the repos00:45
Digit4lIs there any program for managing rapidshare links ?00:46
ign0ramusanom01y: to check what you're running,  * uname -a *00:46
Hamrawhat does one manage in rapidshare links?00:46
ign0ramusdraik: the command you were trying to remember (like 3 weeks ago) is * dpkg -l *00:47
draikWhat was I trying to do?00:47
anom01yok its still running from the old kernel, I was going to just reinstall the latest linux-image package because my grub got broke and I had to overwrite the menu.lst with the old one00:47
ign0ramusdraik: see if you had any packages named "x" installed00:47
ign0ramusdraik: we decided to go the n00b route and check Adept00:47
draikHaha. Oh yeah00:48
ign0ramusbut it's * dpkg -l *00:48
gx009time to see if i can make 8.10 install kde from gnome00:48
ign0ramusdraik: i don't know why i just thought of that...00:48
draikThe buzz wore off?00:48
ign0ramusdraik: yeah, but i'm off to the bar after i eat.  Damn hurricane storms here00:49
draikI was out in San Antonio this weekend. Couldn't leave on Monday due to all refugees going to the shelter in SATX00:49
ign0ramusdraik: o_O  Sucks, dude.00:49
draikNot really. I was with my girl and it all worked out :)00:50
ign0ramusdraik: haha00:50
ign0ramusdraik: hey, do you know how to stop my display from timing out (like when playing games or watching movies)?00:50
gx009yours.. lol.. i got 3 OSes in one puter .. that beats your weekend00:50
ign0ramusdraik: i've disabled the screen saver, and there's no option in Power Manager...00:51
draikign0ramus: It shouldn't time out at all when playing DVDs.00:51
draikign0ramus: Check your DVD app00:51
ign0ramusdraik: no, but when watching stuff on hulu or whatever (streaming flash) it will00:51
draikWhat the deuce?00:51
ign0ramusanom01y: any luck on the sound?00:52
anom01yok sorry how can I check which kernel I am running again ?00:52
anom01yIm still trying to get the kernel to work :)00:52
ign0ramus* uname -a *00:52
anom01y(grub) I mean00:52
anom01yhmm still running the old one for some reason00:53
ign0ramusanom01y: you can uninstall your old kernel and do a * sudo update-grub *00:53
Hamraanom01y: you booted the system? right? you/re not in the livecd anymore?00:53
ign0ramusanom01y: is GRUB giving you the option of booting into the new kernel?00:54
Gigant0rhas anyone here got experience getting infa red remotes to work in ubuntu?00:54
Ashexany way to have apt check for updates and automatically upgrade without every prompting me to update or enter a password?00:55
ign0ramusGigant0r: what, for like MythTV or something?00:55
Gigant0rign0ramus: xbmc actually00:55
ign0ramusGigant0r: hmmm.... :/00:55
Gigant0rwell, more specifically00:55
Gigant0rif i run lsusb00:55
Gigant0rand the device is not shown, is that the o/s not physically seeing it, or is there some configuration required before lsusb will show it00:56
draikAnyone know how I can rid myself of that message from Kaffeine?00:56
ign0ramusGigant0r: i have no idea with xmbc.  sorry man.00:57
anom01ybtw: what is the proper way to run adept_manager ? I try kdesu adept_manager I get frequent crashes, same with sude adept_manager00:57
HamraAshex: k-menu-->system-->adept manager , click the adept menu, choose manage repositories , updates tab, choose the appropriate choice00:57
Gigant0rits not really an xbmc query tho..i can do the xbmc part if i can get the o/s to see it at all00:57
Gigant0rdw i'll do some more googling00:57
ign0ramusanom01y: * Adept Manager *00:57
ign0ramusanom01y: Adept is known for crashing, btw  ;-)00:58
AshexHamra, do I need the notifier running? or does it just add to cron?00:58
anom01yok thats good00:58
anom01yso its not just me00:58
HamraAshex: the notifier might notify you of updates, but if you chose to let adept download and install automatically, you need'nt worry about the notifier no more00:59
ign0ramusanom01y: On Feisty, every time i checked a box to add a repository, Adept would crash, and I would have to re-open it to tick another box... It's gotten better since then, but not much00:59
AshexHamra, okay, thanks :) I don't use the notifier so was curious01:00
AshexI update when I remember, but decided that it's safe to just let it update itself01:00
gx009maybe you need to try a different puter01:00
Hamraign0ramus: it still does with me, this happens after you manually edit your sources.list01:00
HamraBTW, 3rd party repos, where are these stored? they aren't in sources.list01:01
ign0ramusHamra: that would explain it!01:01
Hamraanom01y: hope it's good news you bring01:02
anom01yok I uninstalled the old kernel packages and ran sudo update-grub01:02
anom01ybut I am still running from the old kernel01:02
anom01yI never did hit esc to pull up the grub menu though01:02
anom01yI just let it run through01:03
Hamrawhat's the point?01:03
anom01yhow do I get it to run by default the latest kernel that I just installed ?01:03
intelikeyHamra third party repos are called multiverse01:04
anom01yhmm I will be right back I am going to reset and try entering the grub menu01:04
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:04
ign0ramushow is he running on the old kernel if he uninstalled it? s:01:04
Hamragood question01:05
intelikeyign0ramus that's not a question. the question is will he be able to boot if he removed the running kernel01:05
intelikeyanyone can remove the running kernel.   it's already loaded/running.01:06
ign0ramusintelikey: he did install the latest one, but said he uninstalled his old one...01:06
ign0ramus...and he's back01:06
intelikeyyes but you should never remove what's running until you have confirmed that the new can replace it.01:06
anom01yok I installed the latest kernel via adept, uninstalled the old kernel, ran update-grub, but I do not see the latest kernel in the grub menu upon bootup01:06
fiXXXerMetHow do I cycle to the next screen using the keyboard?01:06
fiXXXerMetEr, not screen, but desktop / workspace01:06
intelikeythat's just common sense01:06
Hamraso what kernel are you running now?01:07
ign0ramusintelikey: right.  that's what i think he did, but i don't see how he's loading the old kernel if it's been uninstalled... (he's been rebooting over and over)01:07
ign0ramusfiXXXerMet: alt+tab01:07
anom01yI will double check adept01:07
ign0ramuserr.. ctrl+tab01:08
intelikeyfiXXXerMet it's actually adjustable.  kcontrol can be used to get there.   or khotkeys i think01:08
anom01yhmm ok linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic is still installed, I guess I cannot uninstall it while its running from it ?01:08
anom01y(thats the old one btw)01:09
intelikeyanom01y yeah you can.  but you probably shouldnt01:09
ign0ramusanom01y: install the latest version, boot to it from GRUB,and if it works, you can uninstall the old one01:09
Hamraanom01y: go to /boot , check what kernel images exist there, and manually edit the menu.lst file01:09
intelikeyanom01y never remove an older kernel until you have ironed the bugs out of the new one.01:10
Hamrajust copy paste the existing entry, and change the numbers in it01:10
intelikeyHamra or use   sudo update-grub01:10
anom01ythat update-grub doesnt work,01:11
anom01yI just edited menu.lst and changed all "24-16" to "24-19"01:11
Hamrasomething is not working right with update-grub01:12
anom01yyeah it did nothing for me01:12
Hamradid you make sure you kept a 24-16 entry though?01:12
fiXXXerMetintelikey: How do I change the hotkey in kcontrol?01:12
Hamrayou need to keep a fail-safe option in case 24-19 didn't work01:12
anom01yno I just changed them all to 24-1901:12
fiXXXerMetI looked through and can't find it01:12
intelikey<anom01y> I just edited menu.lst and changed all "24-16" to "24-19"  <<< very bad idea01:12
Hamracopy paste the few lines, and make sure you have a 24-16 entry and a 24-19 entry01:13
ign0ramusfiXXXerMet: in kcontrol, search "keyboard shortcuts"01:13
anom01yhmm ok I will try that01:13
intelikeyfiXXXerMet i'm sorry. if you can't find it there try khotkeys   it should be easier for you01:13
fiXXXerMetintelikey: Found it in kcontrol.  Thanks!01:17
Hamrai gtg for now01:18
Hamragood night everyone01:18
Hamrait's 3:20 am here01:18
JudoCan anyone tell me what packages I need to get Dragon Player to actual work?01:22
anom01yok so I did what you told me to do (copy and past stuff inside the menu.1st)01:22
anom01ybut, when I try to run off the newest kernel, It puts me to a prompt and doesnt load kde01:22
anom01yasking me to log int01:23
intelikey!ati | anom01y01:23
ubottuanom01y: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:23
ign0ramusanom01y: Hamra, the person suggesting that has left01:23
intelikeyvidio driver issue most likely01:23
anom01ywell my xorg.con never changed01:23
intelikeyanom01y of course not01:23
intelikeywhat does that have to do with anything ?01:24
anom01yisnt there a step by step instruction manual to upgrade the kernel anywhere ?01:24
intelikeyanom01y normaly it's one step    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:24
ign0ramusanom01y: i would recommend reinstalling your kernels from adept, and then running * sudo update-grub *.  This is a very simple process, and should clean out your (probably) corrupted conf file01:25
intelikeywell   two if you need to   sudo apt-get update   #first01:25
ign0ramusintelikey: when you install a new kernel, doesn't APT offer to 'fix' your GRUB for you?01:25
anom01yyes I selected "install newer menu.lst" and I coulnd't turn my computer on01:26
intelikeyoffer ?   i thought that was automatic unless you messed with the /boot/grub/menu.lst or /etc/kernel*   and disabled it01:26
anom01yso I copied the backup menu.lst~ over menu.lst01:26
ign0ramusintelikey:  you may be right01:26
anom01yand manually edited it from there, copying and pasting the existing items and replacing the .16 to .1901:26
intelikeyanom01y what vidio chip ?01:27
ign0ramusanom01y: i know what someone else told you, but for this, you *do not* have to manually edit a config file01:27
ign0ramusanom01y: it will only complicate things if you're new to the process01:27
intelikeyand this new kernel   did it come from the repos and did a linux-restricted* of the same version come with it ?01:28
ign0ramusintelikey: he installed the latest version of his current kernel (generic)01:28
anom01y? I dont know I just installed linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic01:28
ign0ramusthe newest is 2.6.24-2101:28
anom01ywell I never seen that there01:29
intelikeyif the answer to either of those ^ is no. then you have no vidio driver "nvidia" for that kernel.   i.e. xorg can't start.01:29
anom01yahh maybe I forgot apt-get update01:29
ign0ramusanom01y: do that, and then a dist-upgrade01:29
anom01yok will that fix the kernel (properly install it ) ?01:30
ign0ramusanom01y: hopefully :)01:30
intelikeyit should install the latest "supported" kernel01:30
anom01yshould I just change menu.lst to the way it used to be (remove the entries for the new kernel ) ?01:30
ign0ramusanom01y: if it asks you if you want it to edit your grub, say yes01:30
gx009you can edit /part fail01:30
intelikey+ restricted nvidia driver01:30
ign0ramusintelikey: is that necessary to boot X?  Does a livecd have the nvidia driver?01:31
anom01yI can use a live cd01:31
intelikeyif you use "nvidia" as your driver   yes01:31
intelikeyif you use "vesa"  or  "nv"  then no.01:32
anom01yI hate doing dist-upgrades they scare me01:32
ign0ramusintelikey: so the livecd includes the nvidia restricted driver, but the generic kernel does not.  is that correct?01:32
intelikeydon't be alarmed  apt-get dist-upgrade is not a version upgrade01:33
anom01yI still dont think its going to do much about the kernel01:33
intelikeyonly if you change the sources.list to a new version will that happen01:33
intelikeyanom01y we'll see.01:33
intelikeyanom01y catch me up.   what was the "origenal" issue ?01:34
anom01yintelikey: I just installed the latest linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic, and I was aksed what to do with menu.lst, I selected update to the new one (not default selection)01:35
* intelikey taps desk on fingrenail01:35
anom01ymy grub broke, so I had to manually edit the menu.lst to fix it01:35
anom01ythen I tried sudo update-grub, that did nothing01:35
anom01ythen I tried editing the menu.1st and changing .16 to .19 and rebooting01:36
anom01ythat put me to a login prompt in a shell (kde didn't load)01:36
anom01yso now I am just doing a dist-upgrade01:36
intelikeyso a kernel upgrade is/was the origenal problem ?01:36
=== romin is now known as poroto
intelikeyanom01y do you have pastebinit installed ?01:37
intelikey!info pastebinit01:37
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 84 kB01:37
anom01yI dont know I might just reinstall the entire thing all this work seems useless01:38
intelikeyit is useless.01:38
intelikeycomputers are useless01:38
anom01yeverything I try breaks something01:38
ign0ramusanom01y: you did the update && upgrade?01:38
anom01yI am in the middle of a upgrade right now01:39
ign0ramusthis is simple stuff... you really shouldn't give up this easilhy01:39
anom01yI've been at it for 2 hours lol01:39
ign0ramusanom01y: ok, hang tight... did the upgrade include the newest kernel?01:39
ign0ramusit should have.01:39
anom01yI didnt see it because I already installed it manually01:39
ign0ramusanom01y: you said you didn't have the newest kernel installed because you didn't update!01:40
ign0ramusanom01y: i think a communication issue is causing the bulk of the problems01:40
intelikeycomputers are useless, time consuming, diversions; that have robbed us of our familes and friends, stolen our money, and ruined our ability to think clearly.      or maybe not.01:41
anom01yign0ramus: sorry yeah I did the update and checked if the kernel I installed was the latest and it was01:42
ign0ramusanom01y: ok, so has the upgrade completed?01:43
anom01y(sorry) yeah that was not an issue, I think I just did an update yesterday or something anyway01:43
intelikeyanom01y tell me when the upgrade completes01:43
anom01ynope just about01:43
ign0ramusanom01y: if you updated yesterday -21 would've been in your repos! GAH!01:43
ign0ramusanom01y: ok, it's done?01:43
intelikeythat's % of the dl process01:44
anom01yhmm yeah I did an update and I never saw anything over .1901:44
anom01yI have a feeling my system is going to be screwed after this upgrade01:45
intelikeynot unless you screwed the sources.list01:46
ign0ramusanom01y: couldn't be worse than what you've done manually :)01:46
intelikeyign0ramus wanna bet01:46
anom01ySetting up linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-19-generic (2.6.24-19.28) ...01:46
ign0ramusintelikey: no thanks:)01:46
anom01ythat was outputted :)01:46
anom01yok DONE !01:47
ign0ramusok... i don't know what you were doing before.  installing a package is kind of the easy part about linux01:47
anom01ywell I've installed many packages, but getting grub to detect the kernel I just installed wasn't easy01:47
intelikeyanom01y good.  copy your menu.lst some place safe  /root maybe   and sudo update-grub01:48
ign0ramus* sudo update-grub *01:48
ign0ramuswhat intelikey said.01:48
intelikeyor move it there would be even better01:48
anom01yok update-grub looks like it worked01:48
ign0ramusof course it did...01:48
anom01yyeah I just copied it01:48
intelikeyanom01y test it.01:49
anom01yok brb thanks01:49
intelikeywe'll be hidding here some place01:49
ign0ramuswow.  installing a package in just under 3 hours!  you saw it here first01:49
ign0ramusi wanna help the kid, but my god...01:50
intelikeyign0ramus some times the help here can run you around the block first     you know that.01:50
WaSTe[bRe]hi all01:50
WaSTe[bRe]how to opet theme manager in kubuntu?01:50
WaSTe[bRe]kde theme manager?01:50
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:50
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes01:50
intelikeyerr not sure that's it...01:51
WaSTe[bRe]no themes, i install a theme and whete to find it to use it?01:51
WaSTe[bRe]there is not theme manager unde system settings01:51
intelikeyyeah that's it    ^01:51
ign0ramusWaSTe[bRe]: kcontrol - kdmtheme manager01:51
ign0ramusWaSTe[bRe]: make sure your themes are kdm compatible and you'll be set01:52
intelikeyor kcontrol > look & feel > themes    depending01:52
intelikeycould be kde not kdm01:52
WaSTe[bRe]its kdm01:52
anom01yk cool all looks good I think01:52
anom01yand, its running from 24.1901:53
ign0ramusanom01y: good.  now for your alsa issue...01:53
intelikeyanom01y so you have other issues    or no ?01:53
anom01yok the sound is working now01:53
anom01ythe only way I can test it is by seeing if it ever crashes again01:53
* ign0ramus praises Shuttleworth01:53
anom01yso, if that happens I will be back01:53
intelikeyanom01y and you have a junk kernel lying around ?01:54
anom01ythanks again for your guys help and patience01:54
anom01yyeah I guess I will manually remove that old kernel when I get back01:54
ign0ramusanom01y: hang on...01:54
anom01ywhen I apt-remove the old kernel just run update-grub again ?01:54
intelikeyanom01y k.   if all is well with you,   all is well with me.01:54
ign0ramusanom01y: yes.01:55
anom01ythanks guys01:55
anom01ygreatly appreciate it01:55
* ign0ramus breathes a sigh of relief01:55
intelikeynow i'll go back to trying to write a google script01:56
ign0ramusi'm going to get some hard liquor  ;)01:56
ibkanatI am having trouble playing dvd(movies) on my drive.  I installed the restricted drivers but doesnt work in kubuntu or windows?  Just got it back from hp?01:56
ibkanatbut it reads dvd data01:57
ign0ramusyou have libdvdcss installed?01:57
intelikeyheh   doesn't work in linux or windows     so it must be software related....      what's wrong with that logic ?01:57
ign0ramusintelikey: ha- didn't catch that part01:57
dr_willisYou need the decss stuff. not just restricted drivers to play dvd.01:57
ign0ramusibkanat: if it doesn't work in either OS, it's a hardware issue01:58
ibkanatthats what I would think but data not movies?01:58
intelikeymaybe they didn't get the cable connected propperly    does "eject" work ?01:58
ibkanatmakes me wonder if they didnt send me the decoder for windows01:58
ign0ramusibkanat: a burned disc or a store-bought dvd?01:58
ibkanateject is fine cds fine01:58
ibkanatstore dvds01:59
ign0ramusibkanat: you've tried more than one, i take it?01:59
ibkanatones that worked fine and work fine on other drives01:59
ign0ramusibkanat: latest firmware for your drive (at least in windows)?01:59
ibkanathmm yeah I guess that is the next thing to do02:00
ibkanatregion code is set right02:00
ibkanatto 102:00
ign0ramusibkanat: if you can get it to work at least in windows, you can then say its a software problem02:00
ibkanatis there anything else I am missing.02:00
=== david is now known as Guest37092
ibkanatthanks for your help will try in a bit, pizza calls02:01
ibkanatand guiness02:01
intelikeyign0ramus not to fast there,    drm works in windows   is that a software issue in linux ???02:01
* ibkanat is away: Gone away for now.02:01
=== ibkanat is now known as ibkanat_away
ign0ramusintelikey: true :P02:01
* intelikey still want's a good use for the fritz chip02:02
* ign0ramus had to wikipedia that one02:03
intelikeymaybe hd encription or something that hardware could accelerate...02:03
intelikeyign0ramus fritz chip = locus of DRM02:03
ign0ramusintelikey: yeah- i had to look that one up02:04
ign0ramusintelikey: No OEMs actually use this, right?02:04
intelikeyall new oem's02:05
ign0ramusintelikey: and it's tied to the optical drive?02:05
intelikeyit's on the mobo02:05
ign0ramusouch :/02:05
intelikeyyeah.    where you been hidding ?02:06
ign0ramusintelikey: in linux02:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about drm02:06
ign0ramusintelikey: i still have a small xp partition, but that's pretty much for syncing the phone, and troubleshooting friends and family's computer problems02:07
* intelikey encodes ubottu into fritz chip02:07
ign0ramussee? even ubottu doesn't know about it!02:07
intelikeyheh if i could do what i just wrote, ubottu would be aware of all i/o activity02:08
ign0ramus'ubotto has become self-aware'02:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about halsnack02:08
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:08
intelikeyyou're right !02:09
intelikeysad fact is that most windows users (and thus drm users) don't know anything about it.02:11
ign0ramusintelikey: according to wikipedia, the fritz chip cannot run in the background on it's own- it must be activated by the user... ?02:16
intelikeyign0ramus or the os.    i.e. it is not an os of it's own running a vm or anything like that.02:18
ign0ramusintelikey: "the TPM chip cannot be enabled via software alone - a "physical presence request" operation is required, whereby a human sitting at the computer must acknowledge the request to activate the device via a prompt at BIOS level"02:19
ign0ramusintelikey: also interesting- TPM and Linux: the TPM chip cannot be enabled via software alone - a "physical presence request" operation is required, whereby a human sitting at the computer must acknowledge the request to activate the device via a prompt at BIOS level02:20
ign0ramusdoh. :/02:20
dr_willisi have to wonder about how thats even doable..  They are saying the user Must go into the bios screens and activate it?02:20
ign0ramusdr_willis: i dunno.  I had never even heard of the 'fritz chip' until 10 minutes ago02:21
intelikeypfft.  windows has been manipulating bios's for years02:21
ign0ramusintelikey: did you see the article i just posted?  a few linux keynote speakers are saying TPM can be good for linux.  that makes me a little uneasy...02:22
intelikeyboot a vesta recovery disk and bang you can't boot from cd until you go back into bios and set it to boot cdrom first....02:22
ign0ramusintelikey: vista is the reason i primarily run Linux.  I actually enjoyed most of my time in XP, and still use it everyday at work02:23
intelikeyxp is almost as "we own you"ish as vesta02:23
ign0ramusintelikey: not for what i need it to do... i get what you mean, but i never got that feeling02:24
ign0ramusnot like i do with Vista, anyway02:24
intelikeyyeah vesta is worse  but xp is there.   it started with 2k  really02:27
intelikeyjust been progressing02:27
ign0ramusintelikey: i agree.  i guess its like xp is america to me- where i came from, the language i know, and linux is some exotic location where everything is actually better, but I'm still not totally used to everything02:28
ign0ramusi've been using linux for less than 2 years02:29
ign0ramusxp since it came out (2002?)02:29
intelikeyign0ramus heh  i like the parable :)     to me linux is home now even though i'm new to it.   only been using linux for about 10 years, but i'm not really comfortable anywhere else.02:31
ign0ramus10 years?02:31
ign0ramusslackware? debian?02:31
intelikeyredhat mandrake slackware debian ubuntu02:32
intelikeyon dialup so gentoo seemed out of the question02:32
ign0ramuswow.  i tried debian and didn't 'get' it (it was my first experience with linux), then i tried fedora (didn't like it), and have been using Kubuntu for just over a year02:33
ign0ramusintelikey: there is no mandrake any more, is there?02:33
intelikeyign0ramus actually my first experance with a non-M$ system was a test run of "plan9"  heh you talk about "not getting it"  there went i.02:34
intelikeyign0ramus it's now mandriva  when the name changed i did too02:34
ign0ramusintelikey: another thing i've never even heard of - plan902:34
intelikeyign0ramus :)))02:35
Darkrift2for soem odd reason i dont think my dvd burner is recognized by kubuntu02:35
intelikeyDarkrift2 why so ?      sudo lshw | less02:35
Darkrift2k3b shows it as a cd burner, and it isnt letting me burn an iso02:35
intelikeyDarkrift2 that command will let you see what linux recognises in your box02:36
avihaybIs reading eddected Darkrift202:36
ign0ramusaffected.  ;)02:36
Darkrift2             description: DVD-RAM writer             product: DVDRAM GSA-4084N02:37
* intelikey elects to effect the affect of the edict02:37
Darkrift2so its detected but not letting me click the burn button02:37
Darkrift2trying to burn an iso to dvd using k3b02:37
Darkrift2says please insert blank cd-r media02:37
dr_willisit is a dvd-iso file or a cd iso file?02:38
Darkrift2i didnt knwo that mattered02:38
Darkrift2ive burnt 200mb iso's to dvd before02:38
dr_willisive never managed to burn a cd.iso to a dvd befor. (and have them work) i did it once by mistake. :)02:38
Darkrift2well that sucks02:39
Darkrift2all i have is blank dvds and i need an xp cd :(02:39
intelikeyDarkrift2 could also be group issue   are you in the cdrom group ?02:39
Darkrift2hrmmmm, good q02:39
intelikeycommand    groups02:39
ign0ramusDarkrift2: in k3b, does it have your optical drive listed in the top left corner?02:40
Darkrift2yes, and says under it: empty dvd+r media02:40
intelikeya medium media of course02:40
Darkrift2figured it out02:41
ign0ramusDarkrift2: well...02:41
Darkrift2the only "iso" option on front page was "cd rom iso"02:41
Darkrift2so i chose that..... but if i choose dvd rom iso02:41
Darkrift2it lets me click burn02:41
ign0ramusdr_willis just asked you about that XD02:41
Darkrift2no, you said in top left if it said my dvd drive02:42
Darkrift2which it did02:42
intelikeyno body listens to dr_willis02:42
Darkrift2but the project was the wrong type02:42
ign0ramusDarkrift2: not what i asked, what dr_willis asked... doesn't matter.  it's fixed!02:42
intelikeysomething is odd about this convo.    four of us have the same liength nicknames ...02:42
Darkrift2especially with xchat02:43
* ign0ramus doesn't used fixed-width :(02:43
ign0ramusDarkrift2: [9:38PM] <dr_willis> it is a dvd-iso file or a cd iso file?02:43
Darkrift2i wish i could just throw kubuntu on her laptop02:47
Darkrift2i could make it look like xp and she might not know for a while.....02:47
Darkrift2but if some jackass tries to get her to install something, things would get complicated for her and she would call me up :(02:47
ign0ramushow do i get nickserv to send my password to my email?02:50
=== root is now known as Guest92550
intelikeyign0ramus /msg nickserv help   should help with that02:50
ign0ramusintelikey: no luck... everything i've tried requires my current pw02:52
ign0ramusSENDPASS - "[Notice] -NickServ- You are not authorized to perform this operation"  WTF?02:55
intelikeyign0ramus idk.  /join #freenode    and ask an op02:55
intelikeyi don't think they like my email address02:56
intelikeyroot@localhost  :)))02:56
=== romin is now known as poroto
ign0ramusintelikey: well, that was easy- an OP just sent it directly to me.  sweet!02:59
intelikeyheh that's what i would have done    maybe.03:00
intelikeyof course if i spoofed your ip and ask the same question i could then easily hijack your nick...03:01
ign0ramusintelikey: i meant 'he sent it directly to my email'03:01
intelikeyo ok.03:02
ign0ramuswho would want my nick anyway?!? :P03:02
ign0ramusalright off to the bar. gnite all03:02
DeoKanonguys i want to repair my windows boot and i am thinking this code might help me03:08
DeoKanonWIN => MBR & !WIN!  :(((((((((((((((((03:08
DeoKanonwhere do i input it... i do have super grub disk03:08
DeoKanonor am i totally lost right now?03:08
mr---t-hi intellibob203:11
intelikeymr---t- .03:12
intelikeyDeoKanon i think you are totally lost right now03:12
intelikeyDeoKanon use the windows facility to repair your mbr03:13
mr---t-Is there a channel for the 8.10 release?03:13
intelikeyDeoKanon older versions    fdisk /mbr      newer versions   fixmbr03:13
intelikeymr---t- yeah   +103:14
intelikeymr---t- #ubuntu+103:14
mr---t-ok they sent me a link to test the new version but I can't make it boot03:15
DeoKanonlol... intelikey.. the guy who helped me yesterday... thanks... but...03:16
DeoKanoni cant use recovery console03:16
DeoKanoni must be doing something wrong03:16
DeoKanoni cant seem to boot from my winxp cd03:16
intelikeyDeoKanon again may i sujest you ask in   ##windows03:16
=== patrick is now known as Guest23010
DeoKanonin there right now03:17
DeoKanongetting help from wherever i can03:18
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
intelikeyk well i can't   so good luck with it.03:18
mr---t-what happens when you start with the cd?03:18
DeoKanonokay what happens is that a black screen comes up wit hthe msg that grup is loading and then it just stops and a script shows that there is a stage 1.5 error 1703:20
mr---t-did you change your bios to boot from cd first03:20
DeoKanonand btw i formatted all linux partitions03:21
intelikeyand it does that with the windows cd in ?03:21
mr---t-are you sure you have a good cd?03:21
DeoKanonit's a good cd, used it to install winxp... so now i only have windows installed on my laptop03:22
master_I noticed the KDE4 start menu doesn't update automatically after new software installation.  Is this a bug or intentional?03:22
DeoKanonyes once i put my cd in it just hangs at the error 1703:22
DeoKanonmaster.. are you talking about my situation? i am a total noob, i might now be able to answer you03:22
intelikeymaster_ neither.  it's just slow to update.   and some apps don't appear in kmenu unless you change the settings to show all03:23
intelikeyDeoKanon no.  he's not addressing you.03:23
DeoKanonokay.. sorry... i tried super grub, ultimate boot cd, winxp even live cd nothing seems to work03:23
master_I prefer the old KDE start menu.. definitely.. but lots of other stuff to love in kde303:23
master_kde4 i mean03:23
intelikeyDeoKanon but it does boot the supergrub cd ok ?03:24
intelikeymaster_ also kde4 has it's own channel   #kubuntu-kde403:24
intelikeyjust an fyi03:24
master_oh.. ok. great.03:25
mr---t-the windows cd should boot to install if enabled in bios grub is on the hd03:25
DeoKanonwell, a light comes on likey telling me something is going on my HD but then nothing changes at the screen03:25
intelikeymr---t- yes but do notice that he also has a supergrub cd on hand.  you might want to test with that03:26
* mr---t- grub error means hes getting to hd?03:27
intelikeymr---t- yes03:27
DeoKanonwell grub is trying to boot from a place that doesnt exist anymore03:27
DeoKanonor that's empty03:27
intelikeymr---t- he had linux + grub installed    wiped out linux without fixing his mbr first     just the history03:28
mr---t-if he's booting with a windows cd and the cd drive is listed a the first device he should never even get to grub03:29
DeoKanoni made cd rom as my first choice for booting03:30
DeoKanonin bios03:30
mr---t-try disabling the hd as a boot device in bios maybe, boot to the cd run fixboot03:30
mr---t-do you have data stuck in there?03:31
intelikeyhey DeoKanon i just had a thought.  (as another option)   there used to be a boot loader called "bootit ng" free dl on the web,   with it one could fix the mbr and then windows should boot.     err but you still have to boot it somehow.      ;/03:31
DeoKanoni wonder why i cant boot03:32
intelikeyDeoKanon test the disk in another box ?03:32
intelikeywill it boot there ?03:32
intelikeyand is it a bootable dvd in a cdrom drive    cause that don't work03:33
intelikeyand if i think of anything else i'll but in again.03:33
mr---t-can you download to burn a cd on another box?03:33
DeoKanoni am going to try booting in antoher computer03:33
* mr---t- would burn a copy of knoppix and run mc from that disk to fix it03:34
mr---t-midnight commander03:36
mr---t-it's powerful03:37
DeoKanonill check that one too03:37
nejode...it's powerful but you can't fix your MBR with it03:37
mr---t-no but he can maybe see what's wrong03:38
master_How can I get the flash plugin for firefox 3?03:39
mr---t-intelikey: whats a 594?03:39
mr---t-for what?03:42
intelikeyi'm not sure   but Agent_bob would probably know  :)03:42
mr---t-pm me if you have to03:42
SixzeroMaster, go to adobe.com03:42
Sixzeroin Firefox and look up flash player03:43
shadowhywindhay all having a bit of a problem.. my ssh when i add the portnumber at the end i get Name or service not known03:43
master_dang it.. how can I get flash installed?03:46
SixzeroI just told you man, hold on and I'll post the link03:46
master_thanks in advance03:47
SixzeroWhat are you running?03:47
mr---t-did they fix the problems with ff3?03:47
SixzeroWhich ones?03:48
mr---t-I had to do something funky to get flash workin03:48
SixzeroI dunno, I didn't have any trouble after my kubuntu installs last week, so I'd assume they took care of it.03:49
mr---t-the download installer from adobe tried to use an old file name or such03:49
mr---t-if you install it manually i think it's fine03:49
SixzeroI had to install it last night to get on an electrical chat room and it seemed to work pretty well.03:49
SixzeroYou still gotta manually install it.  The auto-install won't find the link.03:50
intelikeywow.   high yeld charge just went up some place near here.03:50
mr---t-did you use the installer from adobe?03:50
mr---t-then they must have fixed it03:51
dr_willisadobe seems good at breaking things03:52
SixzeroBTW, the tech who "supposedly" turned off my power and turned it back on...he's in some deep.  I guess instead of pulling the meter, he got lazy and just decided to put some rubber boots on the blades and stick it back in the socket, so when he came to reconnect, he changed the lockout tag, but never removed the rubber boots.03:52
* DeoKanon is sorry he's taking a long time, he had to get another computer because he needs this one still on03:52
SixzeroSo, mystery solved, mr---t-.03:53
mr---t-so it was weird03:54
=== alec is now known as alec_
alec_Hi there everybody!03:55
alec_Any one can helpme to share a printer in ubuntu?03:56
=== alec_ is now known as MrAlks
jayjayCould sone please tell me how to change GIMP from english to german language03:57
SixzeroI'd like to know the answer to this as well.  I just wiped my xp partition on my other comp to run kubuntu on as well.03:58
intelikeySixzero "like to know the answer to"  generally implies a question   i dont see a question.04:01
DeoKanonmaybe he has the same prob as me :')04:02
intelikeyjayjay i18 "locales" packages for gimp04:02
jayjayor me :-P04:02
intelikeyjayjay and that's a guess.04:03
intelikey!info gimp-help-de04:03
ubottugimp-help-de (source: gimp-help): Documentation for the GIMP (German). In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.0-2 (hardy), package size 15372 kB, installed size 24704 kB04:03
intelikeybut i dont see an i18 for gimp   so hopefully changing kde to de will change gimp too ?04:04
SixzeroOh, the same question alec_ has, about sharing a printer in kubuntu.04:04
jayjayAdept says its installed already04:05
jayjay..but in the application everything is still english04:05
DeoKanoni think it's time i get a new computer04:05
DeoKanonnothing is working to get rid of my freaking grub error04:05
intelikeyjayjay humm i dont know then.   maybe someone in #ubuntu knows   gimp is not a kde app04:05
DeoKanonnot even that mc program someone suggested04:06
mr---t-!de maybe04:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about de maybe04:06
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de04:06
dunasSo how's 4.1.1?04:06
intelikeyDeoKanon can you boot the supergrub cd in that computer ?04:06
jayjayyea I know, its my first day /night with Kubuntu, used ubuntu before04:06
dunasThinking about giving Kubuntu a try- Ubuntu always gives me... problems...- but I'm not 100% sure about KDE4.1.1 and I don't think it comes with any of the Live discs.04:07
intelikeyDeoKanon does it load grub there or do you not get that far ?04:07
intelikey!kde4 | dunas the remix cd might have a test flight of kde4   idk.04:08
ubottudunas the remix cd might have a test flight of kde4   idk.: KDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde404:08
DeoKanondoes not do anything... trying it again for the millionth time...04:09
DeoKanonopps something happened04:09
DeoKanoni mean oops04:09
DeoKanonbut i am using another computer04:10
DeoKanonnot the one wit hthe error on it04:10
DeoKanonso there's nothing wrong wit hthe cd04:10
intelikeyok do you have a grub prompt ?04:10
DeoKanonit's asking me to install kubuntu04:10
jayjayThanks folks, try tomorrow Godd night!04:10
intelikeyand it doesn't do that in the borked box ?04:10
DeoKanoni mean no...04:11
DeoKanonhard to answer that question... cd dosnt work in the laptop wit hthe formatted box04:11
=== patrick is now known as Guest51323
mnwhat do I need to use flash stuff on kubuntu on FF3?04:11
intelikeyjayjay i don't know what to tell you then.     if you can't get it to boot anything then....    ummm....   it's broke!      ;/04:12
intelikeysorry not jayjay but DeoKanon04:12
DeoKanonwait jay jay?04:12
DeoKanonthat's what i was scared of04:12
* DeoKanon blows my brains out...Deo is dead04:12
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:13
DeoKanonbut i know for a fact that windows works04:13
DeoKanoni formatted linux in windows04:13
DeoKanonusing diskmanager04:13
intelikeyDeoKanon yes but you have to boot something.   floppy cd dvd hdd   ... something   to fix your mbr.04:13
DeoKanonso windows is wroking... the only problem i have is the grub trying to read something that doesnt exist04:14
DeoKanondamn it04:14
DeoKanonhold on04:14
SixzeroThere's a few grub editors out there that act as boot discs that might be able to help.  Do you want me to look up the link where I found them>?04:15
intelikeySixzero he can't boot anything04:15
intelikeylike the cdrom drive is dead or something04:15
Sixzerosorry, i've been flipping between rooms.04:15
intelikeyit's a lappy with one hd and a borked grub on that.04:15
intelikeyDeoKanon can it boot a usb device ?    and do you have a flash stick ?04:16
DeoKanonso stupid... why did i format something without checking potential problems04:16
DeoKanoni have usb mp304:16
DeoKanoni could try04:17
intelikeyhmmm i doubt we can use that with your lever of experteeze   ;/04:17
DeoKanoni tried plugging the mp3 in there and the computer detected it... i moved SGD files there but nothing happend04:17
intelikeyi mean as a boot device   ^04:18
* mr---t- wonders where is that lever?04:18
MrAlksso anybody can helpme to share a printer??04:18
intelikeyMrAlks with ?04:18
DeoKanonhmmm... i dont know, i didnt even know i could boot from a usb flash04:18
intelikey!printer | MrAlks04:19
ubottuMrAlks: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:19
intelikeylast two links MrAlks ^04:19
DeoKanonhey intelikey i just scanned my SGD with the feature that detects defects in cd and it found one error04:20
DeoKanoni burned the cd using power iso... low speed04:20
DeoKanondo you know of common errors that might happen in those instance?04:20
dunasI was having trouble with Ubuntu, with the X server. Using Envy drivers, and an Acer P191w 1440x900, Nvidia GeForce 7100, but it insisted that it should default to 800x600, making me reset it every time I logged in.04:21
intelikeyno i'm not familear with "power iso"   (intelikey doesn't do windows)04:21
intelikeydunas that's a common issue  check the wiki for it ?04:22
intelikeydunas i don't off hand know the fix   but i'm sure it's posted.04:22
intelikeyhmmm that blast was several miles from here...04:23
intelikeyDeoKanon as per being able to boot from .*  most modern laptops can boot from "usb net cd dvd and hdd" (most no longer have floppy drives)    but that's all dependant on your bios.04:30
crazy_busI've got a logitech usb headset.  The volume buttons however only make the master volume go up and down.  This doesn't affect the usb headset however as it's got a different speaker volume slider in kmix.  How can I set the buttons to use that instead?04:31
=== romin is now known as poroto
Sixzerowhat's your question, dunas?04:38
dr_willisdunas,  ive noticed that issue being asked several times in the last few days..even seen it myself.. Not sure whats going on. Perhaps some update messed somthing up.04:41
dr_willisand i was even using a hand made xorg.conf file.    I need to boot my other nvidia machines and see if they have the same issue now.04:42
SixzeroMine finally works under Kubuntu with driver version 169.1204:43
intelikeymr---t- heh yeah some times i wish i could say more.  but if i told you then i'd have to kill you.  and neither of us want that  :)))04:46
shadowhywindhay all having a pit of a problem with ssh, i do ssh -p#### i get ssh:connect to host -p#### port 22: connection refused04:47
mr---t-I'm ready04:47
mr---t-got myylist of questions for yashua04:48
* mr---t- thinks he closed a pm you were sending04:49
dr_willisHmm... someone in #ubuntu is saying they deleted the 'root' account with userdel... is that even possible?04:49
shadowhywinddr_willis: i would think it wouldn't allow him to delete the account that was issueing the command04:50
dr_willisIm Thinking  he may be a bit confused..  even if one deleted the /root directory the root account still exists wouldent it? Unless it also removed the root entry in passwd? that dont make sence however...04:51
dr_willisthe whole question dosent make sence.. but i cant get  any clearer explination.04:51
intelikeydr_willis in theory   if there is no safty check on that04:51
intelikeyi mean i have one box with no root account04:52
dr_willisIm just trying to think what userdel on root, would actually delete. /root/  and the entrys in passwd files and groups. but anyting else?04:52
dr_willisone of those things ive never dared to actually try. :)04:53
dr_willisits amazing the problems new users manage to do to theirselfs.04:53
shadowhywindhehe, try on a live cd?04:53
intelikeydr_willis without switches it wont even get the dir /root     but yes entry in shadow and passwd04:53
dr_willishmm.. ubuntu does have a entry for root in those files.. even tho direct liogging in as root is disabled.. that makes a little more sence now.04:54
intelikeydr_willis oh i have a little black book full of "never do this"'s for linux  :)04:54
dr_willisbut would that break the first users 'sudo' rights?  whichis what he also said happened.04:54
intelikeydirrect logging in is disabled by locking the password   not by removing the account04:54
dr_willisRight. So hes removed the account it seems. :)04:55
dr_willishe could boot live cd, chroot in, adduser root  ?04:55
intelikeythat will break all users sudo rights04:55
dr_willisheh.. that seems a weird fix.. and may not work right04:55
intelikeyi don't think chroot as root will work if there is not root account there...   i could be wrong tho04:56
dr_willisplus the UID would be wrong..04:56
dr_willis'somthing to try on a linux system befor you reformat'  howto list.04:56
intelikeyyou can specify uid   but the real fix is much more simple.04:56
intelikeyboot a live cd   mount the system on /mnt and      cp /mnt/etc/passwd~ /mnt/etc/passwd04:57
intelikeysame with shadow and your done04:57
SkEmOhow can i make a partition on kubuntu? gparted?04:57
dr_willisSkEmO,  i tend to use gparted live cd to do partitioning work.04:57
intelikeySkEmO click on the empth space and select new04:57
* intelikey tends to use cfdisk04:58
SkEmObut, can i make a partition and then run the live cd?04:58
intelikeyyou can  if you have a place to put the new partition04:58
SkEmOwell i only have 1 drive now, so, i wanna make it 204:59
SkEmO1 for linux and 1 for windows04:59
* intelikey doesn't use the bloody things any more anyway04:59
dr_willisYou resize the existing partition, to free up space to make a new partition.04:59
dr_willisI thoght the installer could do this automatically05:00
dr_willisbackup imporntant stuff, defrag/scandisk, let installer resize.. is the easy way05:00
SkEmOyes, but that will delete the existent files to make the partition05:00
intelikeyuse a chopping ax or a cutting toarch  and make two drives out of the one drive ???05:00
intelikeyerrr no that would be making two peaces of a drive....05:01
intelikeyi don't think you can make two drives out of one drive without some new hardware added05:01
dr_willisintelikey,  you are confuseing him even more. :)05:01
SkEmOwell this pc had originally 2 drives05:02
intelikeyok ok...    drive != partition05:02
dr_willisSkEmO,  windows uses the term 'drive' to mean what we call 'filesystem'05:02
SkEmOafter forced formatting i only got one05:02
dr_willisYou can have one harddrive - divided into several filesystems.  which windows would call C: D: and so on..  windows missnames tehm as being drives..05:02
dr_willisC: and D: are partitions/filesystems  ON the hard drive.05:03
intelikeyand i wasn't really confusing him.  he was confused, i was just bringing it to light.05:03
dr_willisI try to use the term 'hard drive' :)05:03
intelikeyin an intelikey sort of way.   &05:03
dr_willisand i confuse the window users at work when i mentoon the C: partition.05:03
* mr---t- they actually call them volumes05:03
SkEmOwell i mean, create a partition on one hard drive to make 2 filesystems05:03
dr_willisvolumes.. thats SO much clearer. :) :)05:04
dr_williswhat does sound volume have to do with the drives!05:04
intelikeySkEmO correct   and yes the kubuntu installer program (ubiquity) can do that05:04
dr_willisSkEmO,  gparted can easially do that.. the installer can do that.05:04
mr---t- :-) didn't sat I liked it05:04
dunasBack, had to deal with some things. The X server is what's really keeping me off Kubuntu right now, I think.05:04
intelikeySkEmO ubiquity uses gparted for it's partitioning work.05:05
dr_willismr---t-,  and i saw somthng else..  like.. soft links, are called 'unions' under windows terms? where did i see that..05:05
SkEmOwell i have ubuntu, well kubuntu and i want to install windows05:05
alistairWhat settings file are file associations stored under pse?05:05
mr---t-hey I have to make a living with the m$ crap05:05
dr_willisSkEmO,  its 'best' to have windows installed first, then linux, on the 2nd partition of the drive. Windoes can get cranky if its not first. :)05:06
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SkEmOdr_willis:  i Agrajag`05:06
intelikeyalistair konqueror's menu  configure konqueror    file manager tab05:06
SkEmOok, lets try05:06
mr---t-can't get an answer in +105:07
intelikeyalistair if you can use that.  if it has to be external access i'm not sure what file in ~/.kde/share/configs/ holds that info  but the main meta data is probably in /usr/share/apps/kde    not sure  i never looked for it.05:08
SkEmOdoesent let me create a new partition05:08
alistairintelikey, brilliant just fixed some errant entries i had put in using that info. Its very odd you cant fix in system settings that should be a bug05:09
SkEmOthe "new" command cant be selected05:09
mr---t-SkEmO: are you tring to create the part in windoz05:10
SkEmOstupid me, can make a partition while running the volume duh05:10
intelikeyalistair well not really   it's konqueror specific so that's where the settings should be.   and i think you can get there through kcontrol  if you look closely05:10
SkEmOmr---t-:  no, on kubuntu05:10
intelikeybut i do confess that i don't use kde much05:10
SkEmOanyway, i must restart to use the live cd05:11
=== lais is now known as Atena
alistairintelikey, what Im saying is the settings relate to a  system wide event and as such one would expect to be able to change within system settings which you cant. thanks vm for the info I would never have thought of that!05:14
intelikeyfile assocations apply system wide ?    as per not in konqueror ???05:18
intelikeywhat do i not understand about that ?05:18
intelikey<intelikey> and who knows if the twin is a fool for wisdom or if justice has any children05:21
haruneed help!! how to setting c/python invironment??05:21
haruthere have some python programer or c programer??05:22
intelikey#python and #C++   or wait here a little while one might stumble through05:23
corigoQuick Tutorial: how to remote across my LAN to my other machine and copy files/05:24
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:24
dr_willisssh and winscp (if using windows) is fairly easy to get going. :)05:25
corigossh is a protocal, how about an Application?05:26
DarkShinigamiIs there a fix for Kaffeine's message for not being able to play a DVD? I have libdvdcss2 installed and current.05:26
DarkShinigamicorigo: VNC?05:27
corigoNo Windoze... Kubuntu Laptop and Ubuntu Desktop05:27
intelikeyssh is alos a linux command05:27
corigoI'm not comman lining around this many files05:27
DarkShinigamiIf you want a "gui", you can use Krdc and Krfb05:28
* DarkShinigami loves using SSH with the 2 laptops and 1 desktop here at home.05:28
intelikeycorigo konqueror uses the ssh protocol too    fish://hostname05:29
corigointelikey: Could not connect using fish and IP#05:30
intelikeyno ssh server running there ?05:31
corigoYou all understand that Windoze machines automatically network into a workgroup that can be browsed easily from the file browser, and the Apple has had this ability for 20 years now out of the box in AppleTalk. Is there no default way to see these two machines on a LAN without downloading a bunch of other applications?05:32
corigointelikey: of course not, unless that is available by default05:33
intelikeycorigo not trying to sound obtuse, but ssh is your friend,  if you don't take the time to learn it  (and it doesn't take long) you will always be doing things the hard way.05:33
DarkShinigamicorigo: Linux has been doing it for a much longer time than Windows and Apple. It's *very* simple to install ssh if you don't alreay have it.05:33
intelikey!samba | corigo05:33
ubottucorigo: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:33
intelikeybut all you need is a ssh server on each box and you have complete continuity05:34
corigoubottu: silly robot Windows are not for you05:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:34
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:35
=== romin is now known as poroto
intelikey!info sshfs05:36
ubottusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9-1 (hardy), package size 31 kB, installed size 116 kB05:36
corigoDarkShinigami: Linux hasn't been doing it longer than Apple, Apple was doing it before there was a Linux. And installing anything on Linux is not simple. Just figuring out which Samba protocols need to be installed is like duck shooting in the dark. so you're all telling me that Ubuntu/Kubuntu out of the box has no way to share files over a private LAN?05:36
corigointelikey: samba server?05:37
corigoI have to run a server?05:37
intelikeycorigo if you want windows to natively piddle around in linux you have to run a samba server   if you want any box to access any other box there has to be some server on the target or the host can't access it05:38
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:39
intelikeymaybe you don't define server the same as we do05:39
corigointelikey: there are no Windoze involved. This is a Linux forum. Why does everybody keep talking about windows?05:39
corigoKubuntu Laptop -> Ubuntu Desktop... I need to copy files from one to the other05:39
intelikeycorigo then use ssh05:39
intelikeycorigo just install  ssh on each box        sudo apt-get install ssh05:40
intelikeyand then you can "scp" copy files  "ssh" remote login  "fish" copy files via konqueror    and even "me" remote admin the other box05:41
dr_willisLinux to linux transfers.. scp - easy to do. :)05:41
corigotutuorials are ... where?05:42
dr_willissshfs is also handy05:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sshfs05:42
dr_willistheres a sshfs ubuntu wiki page.05:42
dr_willisor check out one of the 1000s of 'scp' 'ssh' tutorial pages out.05:42
intelikeyyeah but sshfs is over kill for what he's doing05:42
dr_willisI always have to look one up to rember the proper syntax. i always leave out a : or @05:42
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE05:43
dr_willishandy quick ref sheet to print out :)05:43
DarkShinigamiAfter ssh, I have used fish and turned a laptop into a Public File Server for music I want to hear at work.05:43
intelikeydr_willis heh.   scp root@localhost:/dev/mem .    here's you some more memory  :)))05:43
scrotenano question, how do i display the line number the cursor is on ?05:43
DarkShinigamidr_willis: Great ref. How can I download it?05:45
dr_willisDarkShinigami,  use the buttons :) that site is a bit cojnfusing.. took me a few min to find the PRINT optionunder one of the tabs05:46
intelikeywget http://www.scribd.com/doc/3604/openssh-Quick-Ref05:46
dr_willisipaper -> print is what i just did. :)05:46
corigoAnother question... If I disabled the application that automatically checks for updates, how can I re-enable it?05:47
* intelikey seldom powers the monitor on more than one box any more.05:47
DarkShinigamiI don't get it. I click on Download and it does nothing. Is this a Firefox issue or just me?05:47
dr_willisI think the site wants you to register to download05:48
intelikeycorigo permanant reenable or just  a one time check ?    sudo apt-get update ;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  <<< one timer05:48
dr_willistry wget http://www.scribd.com/doc/3604/openssh-Quick-Ref ?05:48
haruor try axel05:49
mr---t-nite all05:50
intelikeymr---t- rest well05:52
scrotenano question, how do i display the line number the cursor is on ?05:52
dr_willisscrote,  check the nano man pages..  it may not be possible05:53
intelikeyi didn't see anything in the rc file about it05:54
intelikeyand /etc/nanorc is not small by rc standards05:55
anom01yhey guys05:59
anom01yIm Back with the same problem we where trying to figure out earlier regarding alsa05:59
intelikeynot sure you'll get anyone in there but you might try  #alsa   the official channel      this one is about to dry up and blow away... and i'm went.06:00
intelikeytov yom !06:01
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ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels06:15
anom01ywhy is it that when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get different mixer settings every time06:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hamradio06:24
* dr_willis is a Tech-Nocode. :P06:26
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anom01ywhy is it that when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get different mixer settings every time06:46
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=== Guest93187 is now known as SkEmO
SkEmOwindows installation:failure06:57
anom01ycomputers are soooooooo needy06:57
anom01yyou have to put love into them06:58
SkEmOi like to smack them06:58
anom01yyeah no kidden, I see some of those vids on youtube06:59
anom01ykickin the livin shit out of their box06:59
anom01yfuck em06:59
anom01yI'd like to install a vagina drive in my computer06:59
stdin!language | anom01y07:00
ubottuanom01y: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:00
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K`zanHi folks, just installed apache2 and it apparently sees the server root, but doesn't see users public_html.  Worked when I installed it under the old 7.04 but under 8.?? there seems to be a problem.  Any suggestions appreciated!07:27
K`zanHeh, never mind, google was actually my friend for once :-).  Thanks anyhoo.07:32
baudthiefany recommended apps to rip a DVD to an ISO?07:35
baudthiefnot necessarily video, just a data DVD07:35
LynoureI think K3b should be able to do that...07:36
baudthiefNope :p07:36
baudthiefonly has the option to "rip video dvd"07:37
baudthiefnothing to dump a CD or DVD to ISO07:37
posingaspopularwhy would you want to rip a data cd as an iso anyway07:38
baudthiefposingaspopular: convenient / portable reburning, instead of riping contents, creating a new data disc, dropping files/folders - just burn the ISO07:39
baudthiefwait, K3B can do it, its just "hidden" heh07:40
baudthiefneed to go to "Copy DVD" then add an image file, then cancel before it asks you to insert a blank media07:41
dr_willisdd if=/dev/dvd of=/dvdfile.iso07:54
mrthaohi every body07:55
abby87mrthao: hello07:55
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posingaspopulardtp :p08:05
disturbthepeacehey :)08:05
disturbthepeacefinally i found a stable OS for my ICH8M laptop! :) now im a happy chappy!08:06
ubsafderi made an upgrade  firfox lost all my bookmark  and the go back button is always disabled08:09
=== robby is now known as disturbthepeace
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ockonalCan u help me with ati-drivers install?08:50
favro!ati | ockonal here's a good howto08:52
ubottuockonal here's a good howto: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:52
dr_willisfollowd/read the !ati stuff yet?08:53
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ockonalThanks, i'll see it08:53
ockonali have installed drivers, but after rebooting i saw only desktop08:53
ockonalwithout plasma etc.08:53
ockonalthan i changed in xorg.conf Driver "vesa"08:54
favroockonal: try the howto - there might be a step that is missed?08:54
=== anna_ is now known as anna__
ockonalfavro: i have kubuntu, does it chnage anything?08:55
dr_willisNot really.  perhaps the location in the menus, or some program names08:55
favroockonal: only the name tec like dr_willis says08:56
anna__who lives in aystrlia,nsw,syd?08:56
favro*etc even...08:56
ockonalfavro: ok, thanks08:56
ockonal#lspci | grep VGA08:57
ockonal02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV630 [Radeon HD 2600 Series]08:57
ockonalif you need this08:57
ockonalfavro: is it true way? :09:08
ockonalEnable accelerated the accelerated ATI graphics driver in the restricted-manager, then do:09:08
ockonalsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`09:08
ockonalsudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/volatile/fglrx.ko09:08
dr_willisYou may want to read all the docs.. not all are needed in all cases.09:11
dr_willisI normally just need to install the fglrx package i need.. and reboot.09:11
ockonali did it09:11
favroockonal: seems ok but no promises :)09:11
favroockonal: well done :)09:11
ockonalBut after rebooting i had crash09:11
ockonaland i saw only desktop09:12
favroockonal: is fglrx listed in /etc/modules?09:13
ockonalnano /etc/modules?09:13
dr_willisIf you saw the desktop.. then the drivers seem to be working.. perhaps its some other issue going on...09:14
ockonalfuse lp rtc09:14
dr_willisYoumight want to install some other window manager like 'icewm' and see if you can login using it as your desktop09:14
ockonaldr_willis: after chrashes i change in xorg.conf Driver "vesa"09:15
ockonalit works09:15
ockonalbut i can't change any configs09:15
ockonalwhen i did it, i had 16-bits colors09:15
dr_willisthats weird.09:15
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!09:17
nighty_I installed Kubuntu (Kde 4.1.1) on my removable Harddisk. I want it to use on diffrent PCs, is it possible to install nvidia and ati drivers for both cases?09:18
nighty_with opengl support09:18
ockonalblizzz: >ockonal: is fglrx listed in /etc/modules? - no09:18
blizzzockonal: ?09:18
ockonalblizzz: sorry, not for you09:19
HollowPointnighty I think that's going to be a trial and error situation09:20
favroockonal: try adding it and rebooting09:20
ockonalfavro: i'll try to do it09:21
HollowPointBy default it will of course detect new hardware on boot up and it will install whatever appropriate drivers it has available, but you'll most likely have to write an xorg.conf for each situation, then switch to the appropriate one on different machines and install the appropriate drivers09:21
nighty_HollowPoint: that was my problem, maybe i need not to start kdm by default09:22
=== oggy is now known as __oggy
HollowPointyeah that would work, or you could just boot up as normal, then while the splash screen is loading switch to VTY5, then login via console, install what you need to, then startx or reboot and allow kdm to start09:25
__oggyi'm having problems with keyboard shortcuts in compiz, i was monkeying around enabling/disabling compiz and now my "show main menu" and "run command" shortcuts don't work (alt+f1/f2)09:26
__oggythe rest of them work fine... anyone have any idea what could be going on?09:27
HollowPointCompiz although much better than it used to be is still pretty buggy __oggy, I hate to suggest the Windows fix but have you tried a reboot?09:29
ockonali did it09:29
__oggyhollowpoint: yes :D09:29
ockonal__oggy: ?09:29
__oggyi mean, yes i tried, but it doesn't work...09:29
__oggyockonal: i was responding to hollowpoint09:30
__oggytried running it from the terminal with --replace, still no cigar :(09:30
ockonalfavro: i had crash again09:30
Wickedwhats the best way to install kde4 onto kubuntu?09:31
nighty_HollowPoint: i keep this in my mind but i am looking for a better sollution so far.09:31
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde409:31
favroockonal: did you change xorg.conf back?09:31
ockonalfavro: no09:31
ockonali start plasma from console09:31
ngirardHi all, I need to convert 6 mpeg movies into avi with the 2 following constraints: (1) once converted the 6 avi files should fit 1 dvd ; and (2) I need to do this at the command-line because i'll be accessing my friend's machine (kubuntu 8.04) remotely via ssh. Any ideas ?09:31
ockonaland it works09:31
HollowPointI doubt you'll find one nighty, Linux is much better at transitioning from one PC to another than Windows but it still has issues, especially if you're using proprietary graphics drivers09:31
favroockonal: it still uses vesa/09:32
ockonalfavro: ? Now in Hardware drivers manager i have checked box at video card09:32
favroockonal: and with fglrx loaded at boot it it might work :)09:33
ockonalfavro: :) Now i changed my resolution to need09:33
favroockonal: :)09:34
ockonalfavro: but i still have one question: will i do it every loading?09:34
ockonalfavro: start plasma from the console09:34
favroockonal: it should - reboot to try/09:34
HollowPointngirard have you thought about getting him to stop his X display, then SSHing to his machine via putty with X forwarding working and running startx from the terminal?09:34
ockonali'm shure, that i'll have the same09:34
ngirardHollowPoint: unfortunately there's not enough bandwidth09:35
HollowPoint__oggy sorry but not sure then, I did used to use Compiz but I got a bit fed up of it not being consistant enough on my machine09:35
HollowPointhow about vnc then ngirard?09:35
HollowPointor kfrb?09:35
ockonalfavro: so, now i must reboot, and test it again>09:35
HollowPointsorry krfb*09:36
__oggyhollowpoint: tell me about it :( thanks anyways09:36
favroockonal: either reboot now or later :)09:36
HollowPointnp __oggy, I take it when you said you tried from the command line you meant compiz --replace?09:36
HollowPointand not emerald --replace09:36
ockonaland if i still have to start plasma from console? What  i may to do?09:36
ubottuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html09:37
dr_willismixxing kde4 and compiz ? Brave!09:37
__oggyhollowpoing: yes, compiz --replace.... haven't tried replacing emerald as well, i gather it only does decorations?09:37
HollowPointsort of, do you have the compiz control manger in the tray?09:37
dr_willis__oggy,  correct.09:37
__oggyin tray? no, i don't have one09:38
HollowPointI forget the name of it now it's been a while. Other than that __oggy I think there is a channel for it at #compiz-fusion ?09:38
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion09:38
favro!autostart > ockonal09:38
ubottuockonal, please see my private message09:38
ockonalubottu: ?09:39
__oggyhollowpoint: i believe you're thinking of ccm, that's where i'm try to set up my shortcuts, but...09:39
ockonalfavro: ? it'll help me?09:39
__oggythanks for the channel suggestion, gonna try there...09:39
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion09:39
__oggydr_willis: right, ccsm it is09:40
favroockonal: it will let you start plasma after login automatically09:40
ockonalubottu: thank09:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thank09:40
ockonalubottu: thanks ))09:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thanks ))09:40
ockonalfavro: ok ^_^ And the last, if you have a few time?09:41
favroheh :) sure09:41
dr_willisThis sounds like a Frankenstein-Desktop. :)09:41
ockonalcan you tell me again, how to test driver works?09:41
ockonalfavro: for example, is it really works now?>09:42
HollowPointI really don't get along with KDE4, I'm hoping they keep KDE3.x.x running for a while yet, otherwise I'll be forced to Gnome :(09:43
favroockonal: I'm along way away and can't see :) - if the driver gets loaded and xorg.conf asks for it it should work - the steps we did seem ok09:43
ockonalfavro: ok, and the last :) Now i have 1024x768 resolution, but i think, that windows-size too big, that it was in Windows with the same resolution09:45
favroockonal: try in konsole   xrandr -s 1280x1024   or the size you want :)09:46
ockonalfavro: thanks, it better09:49
ockonalfavro: but how can i save all this settings?09:49
favroockonal: they "should" be saved - if not you'll have to write an xorg.conf file09:50
favroask here about it :)09:50
ockonalfavro: :)09:50
ockonalfavro: thanks you very much! I'll try to reboot ))09:51
favrogood luck :)09:51
favroockonal: ^^09:51
ockonalfavro: :)09:51
lucaciao a tutti09:52
favro!it | luca09:53
ubottuluca: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)09:53
SkEmOwhich would be the best torrent client in kubuntu?09:56
ockonalfavro: after rebooting all my configuration had not save09:57
favroockonal: k one min09:57
ockonalfavro: i'm ever couldn't to start plasma from console09:57
HollowPointSkEmO google for azureus, don't install the one from the repos it's an older version, download the .deb from their site (I'm sure there is one from memory) and install that, nothing better in the torrent world09:58
SkEmOi was told ktorrent just like 1 minute ago xD09:59
HollowPointyeah that's an OK program thats installed in Kubuntu by default10:00
HollowPointso if you want an easy to use, already installed program use that10:00
HollowPointif you want something better use Azureus10:00
Darkrift2ktorrent is almost as good as utorrent10:00
SkEmOi'll try them both10:00
Darkrift2few things missing, but I like it10:00
SkEmOhehe well nothing beats utorrent10:00
HollowPointand Azureus is better than Utorreny Darkrift210:00
Darkrift2the option to download files with priority doesnt work, but most other features work fine10:01
HollowPointUtorrent installs in Kubuntu real easy with Wine anyway10:01
Darkrift2azureus is a memory hog10:01
HollowPointI used to use Utorrent all the time, both Windows and Linux, then I found Azureus and have never looked back10:01
zipperHollowPoint: if you by "better" mean "crash all the time, and generally run slow" then yeah10:01
Darkrift2might as well use IE as a browser while your at it10:01
HollowPointzipper, I've never had it crash on me, never had KTorrent crash on me either though10:01
Darkrift2utorrent is a great windows torrent client, and ktorrent is as close to its linux counterpart as ive seen10:02
Darkrift2and ive tried lots10:02
HollowPointDidn't like Ktorrent much tbh it bored me and wasn't configurable enough10:02
HollowPointgranted Azureus is a little more bloated than I like but it works incredibly well and is VERY configurable so for me it wins every time10:03
Darkrift2only thing that bothers me is the "download first" "download last" feature doesnt work10:03
HollowPointyeah that too10:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:03
ockonalfavro: ?10:04
SkEmOargh, i must go to sleep10:05
favroockonal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44140/ - a basic xorg.conf to get you started10:05
SkEmOhave a good night, time to crash here ;), bytes!10:05
favroockonal: back up the xorg.conf you have now and copy the pasted one10:05
ockonalok, thanks. And what i'll get with that xorg.conf?10:06
ockonalfavro: >The Paste you are looking for does not currently exist.10:07
favroockonal: I get there with http://paste.ubuntu.com/44140/10:08
Assurbanipalhi everyone!can someone plz guide me installing my hp printe?10:10
ockonalfavro: ok, now i have to replace my xorg.conf by yours, and reboot?10:10
favroockonal: yep - do you know how to backup files etc?10:11
ockonalyes))) sudo cp ... ... ^_^10:11
HollowPointAssurbanipal have you tried the HP Printing tools in your control centre?10:12
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i keep trying but doesnt work ..10:12
HollowPointhave you googled your model of printer to verify it can be installed?10:13
HollowPointsome models are renowned for not working in Linux, unfortunately although Linux installs the hardware it's capable of far better than Windows does it still cannot install some at all10:13
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, it's an hp photosmart 745010:14
HollowPointAssurbanipal: Allegedly it is supported by HPLIP in Kubuntu 8.04 and has a graphical installer within that program10:19
vadraoHi all, I have just uninstalled compiz and my kde window borders are gone. I could replace it with "kwin --replace". But this reverts back after rebooting. I would like to make this solution permanaent. Any suggestions ?10:19
HollowPointare you getting a specific error Assurbanipal?10:19
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i connect the printer and start hp tool...but doesnt work...will go through it once again and tell u10:19
HollowPointyou're trying to install it with USB connection right? Not parallel or network etc?10:20
Assurbanipalyep,it's usb10:21
vadraocan any one help me please10:22
HollowPointwhats the problem vadrao?10:23
vadraoI have just uninstalled compiz and my kde window borders are gone. I could replace it with "kwin --replace". But this reverts back after rebooting. I would like to make this solution permanaent. Any suggestions ?10:24
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, when i connect the usb i get this message"newprinter connected" abd then "printer ready to use" and have a printer icon on my task bar10:24
ockonalfale: :(10:24
HollowPointvadrao have you done kwin --replace & or kwin --replace10:24
dr_willisYep. threes a bug/issue if you remove compiz. It dosent set/remove some setting/script I recall vadrao10:24
dr_willisreinstall compiz, and just disable it.. or check the forums for the fix.  I recall there being some  script in /etc/ that needed to get removed/changed.10:25
HollowPointbut you can't print to it Assurbanipal?10:25
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, no i open hp device manager and it sees the printer.i will try printing the test page right?10:25
HollowPointI'd say re-installing compiz, then running kwin --replace &, then reboot and uninstall compiz if kwin is controlling everything will put it back to normal10:25
HollowPointyup go for it Assurbanipal10:26
ockonalfale: i took my xorg.conf from backUp10:26
dr_willisI wouldent bother uninstalling compiz. :)10:26
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, but it says photosmart 7400 and the printer is 7450.is it ok?10:26
HollowPointI would since he already has he obviously doesn't want it10:26
vadraoHollowPoint@ Thanks for the suggestions I will give it a try..10:26
vadraoand let you know10:26
HollowPoint7400 is the series Assurbanipal so yes I'd say that was fine10:26
vadraoI thought ther would be some script that I can possibly edit where in I can replace compiz with kwin and it starts it automatically10:26
HollowPointok vadrao10:27
dr_willisthat will just break it again I belive HollowPoint  - theres some script thats the issue.. if i rember right..  it was a few months ago in here about 4 of us reserched this issue10:27
vadraoAny other suggestions the dr_willis10:27
HollowPointfair enough dr_willis but I think the issue is that if you try to revert back to kwin after you've uninstalled Compiz it won't stick, whereas if you revert to Kwin while Compiz is installed, then uninstall compiz after a reboot I believe it should work10:27
dr_willisvadrao,  check the forums for the fix. or leave compiz installed.. or check the compiz support channel10:28
HollowPointidd ^^10:28
ockonalfale: any ideas?10:29
dr_willishave him make a new user and see if it works then for the new user.10:29
dr_willishe could also disable compiz from that .settings or was it .config  directory/file10:30
dr_willisI cant reboot to ubuntu to check at this time.. or i would look into it..10:30
ockonalfavro: ?10:30
HollowPointwhat are you in at the moment then dr_willis10:30
dr_willisusing vista  right now to do some Video work :)10:31
vadraodr_willis@ I am on kubuntu.10:31
HollowPointyou can't do video work in Linux?10:31
HollowPointsame difference vadrao10:31
vadraoI understand that there is some gconf_editor for ubuntu where in one could replace compiz with metacity10:31
favroockonal: didn't work? - what xorg.conf are you using now?10:31
ockonalfavro: yes, standart xorg.conf10:32
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, it orinted the test page...10:32
dr_willis \etc\X11\Xsession.d\25enable-compiz         <--------------------- I think had somthing to do with the problem.10:32
HollowPointvadrao, quite possibly, I haven't had Compiz installed on this particular install of Kubuntu and have never used Metacity10:32
HollowPointnice one Assurbanipal10:32
dr_willisi was thinking that script stayed around after you removed compiz . and it caused problems.10:32
dr_willisif [ -e $HOME/.kde/share/config/compizasWM ] ; then10:33
dr_willisexport KDEWM="/usr/bin/compiz"10:33
vadraoI think so too10:33
dr_willisif the user has that file.. then it tries to enable compiz.. which does not exist10:33
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, but it doesnt work smoothly...something is wrong...10:33
HollowPointkdmrc controls what windows manager is used though, once you install Compiz and revert to Kwin with kwin --replace & in the command line that script should write to kdmrc, then uninstall comiz which won't touch kdmrc and all should be well10:33
dr_willis remove that  $HOME/.kde/share/config/compizasWM  file perhaps?10:33
HollowPointI'd suggest a reboot between reverting to kwin and uninstalling compiz though10:33
ockonalfavro: maybe, the either way will be change my video card to nVidia? :-D10:34
dr_willisthat may be what the kwin --replace does..is remove that file also.10:34
vadraoI will try your suggestion Hollowpoint10:34
dr_willisjust removing that file now. may fix his issue.10:34
HollowPointI'd agree with dr_willis that removing $HOME/.kde/share/config/compizasWM wouldn't hurt10:34
favroockonal: I've gone back to the ati driver 'cause there are bugs in the fglrx ones...10:34
dr_willisof course if he had 10+ other users...  things would get ugly. :)10:35
HollowPointAssurbanipal:  when you say it doesn't work smoothly you mean?10:35
HollowPointyeah just a bit10:35
ockonalfavro: sorry, i don't understand10:35
ockonalfavro: are there any ways to fix my problem?10:35
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i get error on the devices leds...10:35
HollowPointockonal > Intel chipsets are actually better than Nvidia so I hear. Apparently Intel have been working very closely with Linux on their graphics and audio drivers?10:36
HollowPointAssurbanipal: you get an error on the device LEDs?10:36
HollowPointas in the error light comes on?10:36
favroockonal: some people can use the fglrx drivers ok some can't from what I've read10:36
HollowPointATi drivers are notoriously bad for Linux, they've gotten a lot better lately but still not great10:36
vadraoHollowpoint@ there are other files as well in that directory.. like compizrc10:37
dr_willisa lot better = some times they actually work. :)10:37
vadraoCan I remove that too10:37
ockonalHollowPoint: but it'll be lately :)10:37
favroockonal: I use an xorg.conf with the ati driver so things are stable10:37
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i had red light blinking, don't know why... now i rebooted the printer and just printed through office nicely .... seems ok...10:37
HollowPointhowever did I pickup on part of your conversation earlier ockonal and favro that you're trying to enable compiz in KDE4? If so I doubt even Nvidia or Intel cards will work on that right now10:37
HollowPointlol yes dr_willis10:37
favroHollowPoint: I never new about the kde4 part of this...10:37
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, can i make this printer shared so other pc's running windows or linux can print on it?10:37
HollowPointvadrao I'd say if you don't want compiz just get rid of anything that says compiz, provided you don't currently have it installed10:38
ockonalHollowPoint:  i want to set my drivers, becaouse i can't work with Linux with my hertz now10:38
dr_willisCups can be used to share to other linux boxs , samba to share to other windows machines10:38
ockonalHollowPoint: now i have 75... It's too small10:38
HollowPointok one at a time now lol10:38
HollowPointAssurbanipal: yes you need to install samba and cups, if you google on how to share a printer in Linux you'll find a how to guide on it easily enough10:39
dr_willis!info samba-doc10:39
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.5 (hardy), package size 6844 kB, installed size 14788 kB10:39
HollowPointockonal you're on 75 hertz?10:39
dr_willisThe samba-doc package has books on the topic Assurbanipal  :)10:39
ockonalHollowPoint: yes10:39
HollowPointcan your monitor handle 75 hertz?10:39
ockonalHollowPoint: yes, but on Windows i can get 200 with this v-card10:40
dr_willisI thought Most LCD's only did 60. But i guess newer ones do higher...10:40
dr_willisNot sure i could tell the differance :)10:40
dr_willison a lcd at least.10:40
HollowPointyou can get 200 what?10:40
HollowPointyou certainly can't get 200 hertz because your monitor would fry10:41
ockonalHollowPoint: i really don't know, but in settings i could set 200 hz10:41
HollowPointsettings in Windows?10:42
ockonalbox: show settings, which your monitor can't set was unchecked10:42
ockonalHollowPoint: yes10:42
ockonalif i set to 80 or 90, it'll be very good10:43
HollowPointIf you go to K Menu > System Settings > Monitor and Display what does it say for refresh frequency on the right hand side?10:44
ockonalwait, pls. can you see the screen?10:44
HollowPointI can't see your screen now10:44
ockonalif i'll give you the link10:45
HollowPointgive me the link?10:45
* dr_willis checks the wiki pedia for lcd refresh rates...10:45
* HollowPoint starts to get worried10:45
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi
ockonalHollowPoint:  http://s39.radikal.ru/i083/0809/f9/6694668834bc.jpg10:47
HollowPointwhat the hell operating system are you using? That certainly isn't Kubuntu10:48
ockonalHollowPoint: ? Kubuntu10:48
HollowPointAnyway, you're refresh rate is currently set at 75hz, and I forgot this is KDE4 right?10:48
ockonalHollowPoint: yes10:49
HollowPointwell you seriously do NOT want to increase the refresh rate about 75 hz, normally I wouldn't even recommend that for a TFT/LCD monitor and certainly not if you're not sure what you're doing.10:50
HollowPointabout should be above sorry*10:50
dr_willisI was thinking most lcds only did 60. but i guess newer ones can do higher..10:50
HollowPointmost should still be set at 60 to be safe dr_willis10:50
ockonalHollowPoint: ok, and how can i use compiz?10:51
dr_willisHollowPoint,  from the wikipedia entry - its not really a freresh rate anyway. :)10:51
HollowPointunless of course you're in the states where nothing is earthed, constant dirty power out of the outlets and no fuses in anything lol10:51
HollowPointwhat's your graphics card ockonal?10:51
ockonalHollowPoint: radeon 2600 pro10:51
HollowPointexactly dr_willis it's basically a power setting10:51
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i made it sharing the printer...now i try printing from windows client machine and asks for drivers :( why are they necessary ?10:51
dr_willishttp://forum.beyond3d.com/archive/index.php/t-33826.html has some neat info on this discsssuin also10:53
HollowPointtry this ockonal10:54
ockonalHollowPoint: thanks, i'll see it now10:54
HollowPointit's a russian forum but the how-to is in English and seems to have worked for others with same or similar card10:54
HollowPointAssurbanipal: any machine that tries to print to a device needs drivers, your windows machine will need Windows drivers in order to print to the HP printer10:55
HollowPointjust as if the printer was installed on a Windows machine and shared over the network your Linux machine would need Linux drivers to print to it, not Windows ones10:55
ockonalHollowPoint:  ok, thank you. I'll try to do that10:55
HollowPointnp ockonal10:55
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_Angelus_what command plays swf files on kubuntu ?11:29
HollowPointyou need to install the swf player11:29
HollowPointthen open the swf file in that11:30
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ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:32
_Angelus_HollowPoint: like gnash? or there's something better?11:32
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, mate can u help me setup the client pc for network printing?? i cannot make it...11:34
HollowPoint_Angelus_ if you search the package database for flash you'll see the GNU swf player near the bottom of the list11:35
HollowPointI forget it's name11:35
HollowPointall you need Assurbanipal is to find the driver for the printer, so google for exactly but without the "" "download driver HP Photosmart Model" and obviously replace Model with the model number as I've forgotten it11:35
HollowPointthen when you try to install the shared printer and it asks for drivers, you select "Have Disk" in the installer menu and point it at the folder containing the printer driver you just downloaded11:36
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i am now trying with ubuntu in both machines... i think the server is ok...now need to do the client11:36
HollowPointYou've installed Kubuntu on the client PC as well?11:37
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, client is dual boot, xp and kubuntu are on...11:37
HollowPointand you're trying to get it to print from Kubuntu on the client machine?11:37
HollowPointyou'll need to install cups mate11:38
Assurbanipalcups is on! but dont know how to "find" the printer on the other machine11:38
HollowPointwhich version of Kubuntu is it/11:38
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, i open hp device manager, press add device, and then what?? i have 4.1 on the server and 3.5 on client. both on ubuntu 8.411:39
HollowPointyou should be able to open HPLIP from the K Menu, then add device and you should be able to choose network/ethernet/wireless option11:40
HollowPointat that point it should scan the network for Cups shared printers11:40
Assurbanipali get "no device found"11:41
Assurbanipalcould it be something on the server?11:41
HollowPointso the next thing to try is clicking the manual button11:41
HollowPointFind Manually the button should be11:41
HollowPointit'll ask you for the ip address or hostname of the printers host11:41
HollowPointif you have DNS setup and working properly the hostname should be fine but if not then hopefully the server is on a static IP?11:42
Assurbanipalboth pcs are on a rooter in my house,sharing a dls connection11:42
HollowPointok then well what's the router?11:42
HollowPointI know for a fact that Kubuntu does not work well on D-Link routers when it comes to DNS11:43
HollowPointit doesn't like the DNS stack of the router11:43
Assurbanipalit is a philips rooter11:43
HollowPointah unchartered territory for me then, does the server have a static IP address?11:43
Assurbanipali entered my servers local ip address in find manually but nothing11:44
HollowPointdid you setup the share on the server in Cups or just in Samba?11:44
HollowPointthey are very different11:44
Assurbanipallet me go through that again...11:44
HollowPointif you set up the share in Samba that explains why the Windows box found it, if you didn't set it up in Cups then the Linux box won't find it11:44
Assurbanipalso,how do i set it up in cups?11:45
HollowPointQuite straight forward in 3.5.9 but you're running KDE4.1 on the server right?11:46
HollowPointIn 3.5.9 you can configure it from the Control Centre/System Settings > Printers11:47
Assurbanipalbut in kde 4?11:47
HollowPointonce you have the Printers dialog open you need to click on the Print Server tab, then the network icon on the left hand side and you'll see a dialog called Cups server configuration11:47
HollowPointI'm not sure if it's the same in KDE4 or not mate, I've installed KDE4 a few times but didn't get on with it because I use my machine as a production machine and it just wasn't functional enough11:48
HollowPointhold on I'll boot my OpenSUSE virtual Machine, that uses KDE4 I'll take a look11:48
HollowPointthe main problem here is going to be that OpenSUSE uses Yast2 for every bloody thing so not sure I'll be able to get to the control centre like I could in Kubuntu, but we'll see, it's just booting up11:49
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HollowPointyeah seems to actually be more straight forward in KED411:51
HollowPointstill in the control centre, under Hardware > Printers then you'll see an option for CUPS Server Settings11:52
Assurbanipalcant find it mate...11:53
HollowPointhmmmmmm, if you have a look around the control centre you'll find the printer option in there, once you've found that it looks relatively straight forward, unfortunately like I said before OpenSUSE uses Yast2 for everything instead of just straight forward control centre11:54
Assurbanipali have nohitng like "printer" or "hardware" in system settings!11:55
HollowPointdoes the server have a monitor?11:57
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, maybe i found it11:57
Assurbanipali ve got "printer configuration - localhost11:57
HollowPointthat looks familiar, you might be able to configure it with the CUPS web interface though11:58
HollowPointtry opening a browser and going to server.local.ip.address:631/admin obviously replacing server.local.ip.address with it's ip address11:58
Assurbanipalok!i m on cups settings page with mozilla12:00
HollowPointshould be straight forward from there mate12:00
Assurbanipalwelll i don;t knwo...12:01
Assurbanipali see the printer here...12:01
Assurbanipalbut then what?12:01
HollowPointyou should be able to set it up as a shared printre12:02
HollowPointIf you've got the same cups web interface as me then you should see on the right hand side a load of tick boxes under the Server heading12:03
HollowPointone of which is "Share published printers connected to this system"12:03
Assurbanipali have that ticked12:03
HollowPointI'd recommend that being ticked and then click on the printers tab at the top12:03
HollowPointclick on the printer you want to publish and you'll see a load of buttons below it12:04
HollowPointclick the publish printer button12:04
Assurbanipalit says it is published12:04
HollowPointok, see if you can see if from the client12:04
Assurbanipali can only unpublish it12:04
Assurbanipalok, i go on the other pc now and following u12:05
Assurbanipali am on cups on add printer page12:05
HollowPointok so you go for network, then go for cups12:06
HollowPointyou should see the printer you just shared12:06
Assurbanipalok i see it!12:07
Assurbanipalit asks for a user name and password now..12:08
Assurbanipalit says it is requested by the server12:08
HollowPointyup, that'll be the username and password for the user on the server which has authority to print to it12:08
Assurbanipalok, now i ve choose it as the default printer on client12:09
Assurbanipalis it ready to work now?12:09
HollowPointshould be12:10
Assurbanipali try the test page through cups interface.it works. no how do i "save" these settings on the client?12:11
ActionParsniphey all12:12
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).12:12
HollowPointif you've installed the printer on the client it's saved mate12:12
Assurbanipalso i just close mozilla and the printer shoulf be on the installed printers list,right?12:13
HollowPointhi ActionParsnip12:13
ActionParsnipis there a kde equiv to firestarter? Firestarter appears to be a gnome app12:14
=== miguel is now known as Guest44710
ockonalHollowPoint: how to make .run-file running? :)12:15
ockonalchmod +12:16
HollowPointchmod +x12:16
HollowPointI've used it in KDE before ActionParsnip12:16
HollowPointit's in the repos12:16
AssurbanipalHollowPoint, seems to be working great! tnx mate/! i m gonna try doing it through windows now...12:17
HollowPointnp dude12:17
HollowPointglad I could help12:17
ActionParsnipHollowPoint: i ust dont wanna install any extra libs12:19
HollowPointah right, well you could always just use iptables12:20
ActionParsnipyeah i think thats gonna be the spec12:21
ActionParsnipi gots a router so i should be ok12:22
HollowPointyeah, always nice to have iptables configured though12:22
ActionParsnipif i use hdparm is it persistant or does the command need running every boot?12:24
neWbieanyone can give me a hand? ivegot a tedious line appearing in the centre of the screen when im watching clips on youtube for example12:25
neWbiei think its a flash prob, but not sure12:25
HollowPointdoes it appear accross the entire screen or just the video output?12:25
ockonalHollowPoint: can u help me with manual?12:25
neWbiejust the video12:25
HollowPointnot sure on that ActionParsnip but I think it should work on reboot12:25
HollowPointockonal manual?12:25
ockonalHollowPoint: http://www.ubuntu-rs.org/forum/viewthread.php?tid=284912:26
HollowPointneWbie, what graphics card are you using and what drivers?12:26
ockonalHollowPoint:  about ati-drivers installation12:26
neWbieHollowPoint: i correctly installed the nvidia drivers following the procedure, ivegot a geforce 9600 gt12:26
HollowPointyou're definitely running the nvidia drivers in /etc/X11/xorg.conf then neWbie?12:27
HollowPointockonal which part are you having trouble with mate?12:27
ockonalfrom 20.12:27
neWbieHollowPoint: i think so yes12:27
ockonalHollowPoint: I don't know, what i may to do next12:27
ockonalHollowPoint: there are no any changes in xorg.conf after step 20... May it be?12:28
neWbieHollowPoint: what that line could be?12:29
HollowPointone sec ockonal I'll take a look12:29
HollowPointneWbie it'll be in the device section under driver12:29
HollowPointit should say driver             nvidia            if it's setup properly12:29
neWbiedefine "device section" im a newbie, dunno much about kubuntu sorry12:30
HollowPointhave you run aticonfig from the command line ockonal?12:30
HollowPointah ok neWbie12:30
HollowPointopen a konsole terminal and type "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" but without the ""12:30
ockonalHollowPoint: yes, #aticonfig, but i saw how to use this 'function'12:30
HollowPointthen scroll down it and you'll see "Section Device"12:30
ockonalHollowPoint: aticonfig parameters12:30
HollowPointthen below that you'll see driver12:31
neWbieHollowPoint: open a konsole terminal and type "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" but without the "" that's for me?12:31
ockonalHollowPoint: wait, please12:31
HollowPointyes neWbie12:31
HollowPointok ockonal12:31
neWbiealright :D i feel like an idiot (without the "") hahahah12:31
neWbieim doing it12:31
ockonalHollowPoint: after typing: #aticonfig i got:12:32
ockonalockonal@WinCode:~/Рабочий стол/ati$ aticonfig12:32
ockonalUsage: aticonfig [OPTION] ...12:32
ockonalParses an existing X-Server configuration file and modifies it to operate with12:32
ockonalATI products.12:32
ockonal 12:32
ockonalThe following command-line options can be invoked as parameters:12:32
neWbieHollowPoint: do i have to pastebin it??12:32
ockonalHollowPoint: so , this command cant work without parameters12:33
ActionParsnip!ati | ockonal12:33
ubottuockonal: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:33
neWbieHollowPoint: do i have to pastebin it??12:33
ActionParsnipneWbie: if its your xorg.conf then yes12:34
HollowPointyes newbie12:34
ActionParsnipneWbie: you can use pastebinit too ;)12:34
ockonalHollowPoint: maybe i may to do this: aticonfig --initial?12:34
ockonalATI Initial Configuration:12:34
ockonal  --initial12:34
ockonal        Generate a default ATI device section in the configuration file which12:34
ockonal        is capable of loading the fglrx driver.12:34
ActionParsnipsudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:34
HollowPointthat sounds like a good idea ockonal, you need to use pastebin in future though when pasting config files and konsole output12:34
neWbielike this its quicker12:35
ActionParsnipneWbie: then you dont have to use a website, you will get a url on the command line12:35
ActionParsnipneWbie: theres more than that dude12:35
neWbieyes someone already made me installed that packet but apparently it wasnt working12:35
ockonalHollowPoint: sorry, i can't understand..... What i may to do now?12:35
ActionParsnipneWbie: kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:35
neWbieHollowPoint: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44161/12:35
ActionParsnipneWbie: paste the whole thing12:35
HollowPointneWbie: you have installed nvidia drivers correctly12:35
neWbieActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44162/12:36
ActionParsnipneWbie: ok, you need to specify resolution and refresh rate and it'll work12:36
ActionParsnipneWbie: are you still getting low resolution despite having the driver loaded?12:37
neWbieHollowPoint: I know but so why is there that line? and for example it doesnt let me upload images with imageshack i tried others but nothing i think i have a flash prob12:37
HollowPointI will therefore assume your first suspiscion that you may have a flash issue is probably the problem. If you type into konsole "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" you should see an improvement12:37
ActionParsnip!flash | neWbie12:37
ubottuneWbie: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash12:37
ActionParsnipneWbie: do you wanna fix nvidia drivers or flash?12:38
neWbieActionParsnip: yes, im still getting low resolution. how do i fix that?12:38
ActionParsnipneWbie: neWbie: http://pastebin.com/f16e7507112:38
ActionParsnipneWbie: thats mine no an nvidia card runing at 1024x76812:38
ActionParsnipneWbie: so you can use bits of mine to make yours work12:39
neWbieif i knew how to do it eheheh12:39
ActionParsnipneWbie: if yu look at my "Screen" section12:39
ActionParsnipyou'll see i have a tonne of lines you dont12:39
ActionParsnipneWbie: you'll need to run kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:39
ActionParsnipor you wont be allowed to save changes12:40
HollowPointneWbie: you've got the Nvidia Settings wizard installed so I'd use that instead of playing with your xorg.conf too much on your own, you could end up breaking your X server completely12:40
neWbieand then modify it manually?12:40
ActionParsnipneWbie: yeah12:40
ActionParsnipneWbie: id run sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak12:40
neWbiealright wait a second guys you are suggesting me two different things, i appreciate both your helps but dunno what's better... what should i do?12:40
ActionParsnipneWbie: this will backup the original configuration so you can roll back12:41
ActionParsnipneWbie: whichever you prefer12:41
neWbiei dunno ur the experts u tell me lol12:41
ActionParsnipneWbie: i cant tell you yur preference12:42
neWbiei trust both of ur suggestions12:42
ockonalHollowPoint: please, help12:42
neWbiehow can i have preferences on something that i dunno????12:42
ActionParsnipneWbie: personally id just copy the lines from my xorg.conf to yours save, exit and reboot12:42
ActionParsnipneWbie: you need to try new things to test12:42
neWbieok so which lines exactly?12:42
ockonalHollowPoint: i saw log of drivers installation:12:43
ActionParsnipneWbie: copy from line 23 to 3912:43
HollowPointockonal all you need to do now is check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, and make sure the driver is set to frglx instead of vesa12:43
ockonalmake[2]: *** [/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o] Error 112:43
ockonalmake[1]: *** [_module_/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x] Error 212:43
ockonalmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic'12:43
ockonalmake: *** [kmod_build] Error 212:43
ockonalbuild failed with return value 212:43
ockonal[Error] Kernel Module : Failed to compile kernel module - please consult readme.12:43
ActionParsnipneWbie: and paste it in your "screen" section12:43
neWbiealright im doing it...12:43
ActionParsnipockonal: please use pastebin for large pieces of text12:43
ockonalActionParsnip: ok, sorry12:43
ActionParsnipneWbie: if you wanna give me a pastebin of the result i can check it for you12:44
ockonalHollowPoint: do you know, why building drivers has failed?12:44
neWbieok let me do it then ill pastebin it12:44
neWbiethank u12:44
ActionParsnipneWbie: np12:45
HollowPointprobably because you haven't got the right linux-headers installed you need to verify which kernel you have running currently and then check you have the right linux-headers installed12:46
ockonalHollowPoint: yesterday i've installed new linux-kernel12:46
neWbieActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44164/12:47
neWbieis that ok?12:47
HollowPointthen you probably need to update your linux-headers to the same version as your new kernel12:47
ockonalHollowPoint: they were update12:47
HollowPointjust because your kernel was updated doesn't mean your linux-headers were ockonal12:48
ActionParsnipneWbie: looks fine12:48
HollowPointlinux-headers are not installed by default12:48
ActionParsnipneWbie: save it and then reboot12:48
neWbiethe system?12:48
ockonalHollowPoint: how can i install them?12:48
ActionParsnipneWbie: i would, just to check its all good12:48
HollowPointdo you know which kernel version you currently have installed?12:49
ActionParsnipockonal: uname -a12:49
ockonalLinux WinCode 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 17:53:40 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:49
ActionParsnipockonal: im on Linux fileserver 2.6.24-21-generic #1 SMP Mon Aug 25 16:57:51 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:50
neWbiealright so ill reboot and come back12:50
neWbiesee you in one sec, i really hope is not all scr....d lol12:50
HollowPointthen you need to type in konsole apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic12:50
ActionParsnipneWbie: indeed, if its bad just copy back the xorg.conf you created when yuo began12:50
neWbieill be back in one minute12:50
neWbiei dunno how to do12:50
neWbieill come here to ask in case12:50
neWbiesee you in one min12:51
ActionParsnipneWbie: or just remove the ines you added12:51
ockonalУже установлена самая новая версия linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic.12:51
ockonalThey were installer12:51
ockonali've already had them12:52
HollowPointcan you pastebin the rest of the error message you got when trying to install the drivers?12:52
ockonalHollowPoint: log-file?12:53
HollowPointbut pastebin it12:53
HollowPointdon't paste it into here12:53
ockonalHollowPoint: :-D12:54
ActionParsnipneWbie: welcome back12:55
ActionParsnipneWbie: any good?12:55
kottlettanybody else experiences problems with kdesvn complaining about invalid utf-8 sequences? must have come with an update from within the last two weeks, mabe the 3.5.10 update12:55
neWbieActionParnsip: i dunno though... the screen its all wide12:56
ockonalHollowPoint: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44171/12:56
neWbieeverything its bigger, and wide12:56
rysiek|plhi guys12:56
ActionParsnipneWbie: more screen resolution?12:56
rysiek|planybody any pointers why ssh segfaults every single time I try to use it?12:56
neWbiebefore it was better, i could see better now it's all bigger even if the resolution is 1024 x (what it is)12:57
neWbieits too WIDE now12:57
HollowPointockonal did you run the installation as root?12:57
ockonalHollowPoint: sec12:58
ActionParsniptry tweaking your monitor to be thinner, it may be there12:59
neWbiehow do i do?12:59
ockonalHollowPoint: ockonal@WinCode:~/Рабочий стол/ati$ sudo ./ati-installer.sh 8.42.3 --install12:59
ActionParsnipneWbie: use the OSD and buttons12:59
ActionParsnipneWbie: its the menu in your monitors display12:59
ActionParsnipneWbie: is it a laptop?12:59
neWbiethe auto adjustment display button on the monitor?12:59
neWbieno its a desktop12:59
neWbiei tried it nothing happened12:59
ActionParsnipneWbie: ok cool, yeah jump in the menus to make the horizontal size smaller13:00
ActionParsnipwhat does xrandr --verbose output13:00
ubottuTOR is a project aiming to provide anonymous connections via specialized !proxies - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR for information and help - Note that TOR is blocked on most Ubuntu IRC channels, please see !hostmask and !tor-gpg13:00
neWbieno wait i didnt get u what do i have to do? sorry13:00
ActionParsnipneWbie: you need to use the buttons on your monitor to tweak the display13:01
ActionParsnipneWbie: what does xrandr --verbose output?13:01
neWbieno but its a resolution prob13:01
neWbieActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44174/13:02
ActionParsnipneWbie: try changing your refresh rate a little13:03
ActionParsnipneWbie: but you are running at 1024x76813:03
neWbiei no i read on the system settings but so why is it so wide?13:03
ActionParsnipneWbie: either a refresh rate is out or your monitor is projecting the image too wide, in which case yuo need to haul it ni with the buttons on the monitor13:04
ockonalHollowPoint: any ideas?13:05
neWbiethe screen is centered i see it all, is not that i am missing the sides as it would be if i had problems like that, its just WIDE13:05
ActionParsnipneWbie: it may be centred but the horizontal size may be too large13:06
ActionParsnipneWbie: just crank it in to test, if its not we'll try reconfiguring13:06
ActionParsnipneWbie: it takes seconds13:06
neWbiebut theres no option on the osd about the SIZE i can only move horizontally or vertically but not decide the size of it13:07
HollowPointsorry ockonal ATi is far from my favourite brand of graphics card, and it's now 12:10am here so I need to go to bed and get some sleep13:07
ockonalHollowPoint: ok, good luck ;)13:08
HollowPointI can only recommend you paste the last part of that logfile into google and see what it comes up with, I had to do that a couple of times with older Nvidia cards once or twice when they wouldn't take the binary drivers13:08
ockonalHollowPoint: thanks, i'll try it13:08
neWbieActionParsnip: ????13:09
ActionParsnipneWbie: use the menu on your monitor to find how to reduce horizontal size13:10
neWbieActionParsnip: im telling you in that menu there's no size reduction, only positioning13:10
ActionParsnipneWbie: weird13:11
neWbiepicture, colour, position, tracking and setup (of the osd window)13:12
neWbienothing else13:12
neWbieand in each of them there's no mentioning about "size" or "resize"13:12
ActionParsnipneWbie: ok kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:13
neWbiedo i have to pastebin it?13:13
ActionParsnipneWbie: nar its ok, i got it13:13
ActionParsnipneWbie: try adding _75.00 to each 1024x76813:13
neWbieoh sorry... i thought i had to13:13
ActionParsnipneWbie: so they all look like the top one13:13
ActionParsnipneWbie: no wories dude13:14
ActionParsnipneWbie: makes it all 75hz refresh13:14
ActionParsnipneWbie: does you monitor do 75hz at 1024x768?13:14
neWbiethe max it gives me according to my "system settings>monitor and display" is 52 hz i dont have such a high one as 75hz, the max is 52hz13:15
neWbiei guess this is the prob13:15
ActionParsnipthen chang 75.00 to 52.0013:15
ActionParsniplooks like it13:15
neWbiejust in the first or all of them?13:15
ActionParsnipyour monitor cant do 75hz like mine can13:16
ActionParsnipneWbie: yeah id add to them all13:16
neWbieweird... that a f....g expensive monitor lol13:16
ActionParsnip52hz isnt great man13:16
neWbiei no13:16
neWbienot at all13:17
neWbiewhen i was running XP it was working13:17
ActionParsnipneWbie: mind you mines a crt so :P13:17
ActionParsnipneWbie: just crank up slow and see what you can get13:17
neWbiewhatz the depth?13:17
neWbieit says depth: 2413:17
neWbiethen depth: 1613:17
neWbiecould that be?13:17
ActionParsnip24bit colour13:17
ActionParsnipyou can add one for 32bit if you want13:18
neWbieanyway now that i modified the xorg ill reboot and see, then ill get here again in one min. right13:18
ActionParsnipyeah cool13:18
neWbiecu in one min13:18
neWbieActionParsnip: now it got back as it was but i've just noticed i was wrong thinking it was too wide, it was just the resolution because now i have the one i had that it 1400x90013:22
ActionParsnipthen set that in xorg.conf13:22
neWbieyes can u retype the command plz?13:23
neWbieActionParsnip: kdesudo kate xorg.......???13:24
ActionParsnipneWbie: use your up cursor ;)13:24
neWbiei didnt no about that13:25
neWbieso now its weird because on the xorg says "1024x768_52.00" instead on the monitor dispaly settings it says "1400x900" 52hz... what do i do? uff13:26
ActionParsnipsounds ok, as long as you can do that refresh at that res13:27
neWbieit doesnt sound ok if on the xorg says a resolution which is not the same on the monitor display settings...13:27
neWbieam i right or wrong?13:28
ActionParsnipwhen you update xorg.conf you need to restart x server or reboot13:28
neWbiei did though13:29
neWbieand this is what i found after the reboot13:29
ActionParsnipif its wrong you can log on into single user mode (command line) and change it back13:29
ActionParsnipgive me your xorg.conf please13:29
Walzmynuse pastebin13:30
neWbiei changed the _75hz to _52hz as u said then restarted and what i found was the xorg says "1024x768_52.00" instead on the monitor dispaly settings it says "1400x900" 52hz...13:30
neWbiethis is how i modified http://paste.ubuntu.com/44183/ then i reboot and its still like this but in "system settings>monitor display" the resolution appears to be 1400x900 with 52hz13:31
ActionParsnipis the display itself ok?13:32
neWbieinstead of being 1024x768 as it is on the xorg13:32
neWbieyes the display seems ok13:32
ActionParsnipscrew it then13:32
neWbiebut its weird... 2 different resolution13:33
ActionParsnipif it aint broke dont fix it13:33
neWbiescrew it? what u mean?13:33
ActionParsnipi wouldnt argue if its doing right after a cold boot13:33
ActionParsnipscrew it == forget it13:33
ActionParsnipit is weird but if its ok then leave alone13:33
neWbieyes but... this is more a windows filosophy than a linux one lol13:34
=== forge is now known as Guest4764
Guest4764does anyone here run AVG for LInux? ...  is it any good?13:34
neWbieuse ClamAV13:34
neWbieinstead of AVG wich is incompatible with lots of apps13:35
ActionParsnipneWbie: you dont really need it unless you are running a samba share13:36
ActionParsnipwhich windows users will write to13:36
ActionParsnipneWbie: due to the user architecture of linux, users have limited access so viri wont be able to do much at all13:36
neWbieill try to change the 1024x768 on the xorg to 1400x900 and see what happens13:36
ActionParsnipneWbie: unless yuo log in as root like an idiot then you are ok13:36
Guest4764I have klamav installed13:37
neWbiewhat du think?13:37
Guest4764I was just curious about AVG thats all13:37
ActionParsnipneWbie: well you got a knowledge of whats what with xorg.conf, just ALWAYS backup conf files before you start messing around13:37
Guest4764(it has better detection than KlamAV13:37
=== Guest4764 is now known as ForgeAus
ActionParsnipGuest4764: klamAV is a gui for clamAV13:37
ForgeAusyes thats true13:38
ForgeAusits still not telling me anything about AVG under linux, if its worth it or not13:38
ActionParsnipForgeAus: you dont really need it unless yuo have windows systems writing to your system13:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about avg13:38
neWbiethank you actionparnsip13:38
ActionParsnipneWbie: awesome, glad we got there13:38
neWbiesorry mate13:39
ForgeAusActionParsnip, I'm omre thinking of courtesy not passing on malware, etc to windows users...13:39
ActionParsnipneWbie: just backup conf files so you can copy the original back if you need to back pedal13:39
ForgeAuseven if they don't affect linux doesn't mean that other users won't be infected from what I got...13:39
ActionParsnipForgeAus: you wont if you run as user you'll be pretty sound13:39
ActionParsnipForgeAus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus/Avg13:39
ForgeAusahh IC, its only a detection tool not a removal one13:41
ForgeAus(nless you buy the full vers I guess)13:41
ActionParsnipyou can always delete the infected file13:42
ActionParsnip!antivirus | ForgeAus13:42
ubottuForgeAus: antivirus is something you don't really need on Linux, unless you serve windows clients. ClamAV and aegis are decent linux virusscanners. Also see !linuxvirus13:42
ForgeAusapparnetly there's now smarter viruses/spyware for linux, they disable common scanners13:42
ForgeAuserm not linux windows sorry..13:43
ForgeAusa little scatterbrained right now13:43
ActionParsnipwindows is full of virus'13:43
ActionParsniptheres thousands, but you are running linux and they wont affect you13:43
ForgeAustheres one malware of some kind I heard was called windows XP 2008 ... it disables many common virus scanners13:44
ForgeAusAVG is one that is unaffected :)13:44
ActionParsnipForgeAus: wel thats on windows, you arent running windows so it wont affect you13:44
ActionParsnipForgeAus: and if you are logged in as user, any linux virii you get cannot edit system files as it will only have your access level. This is one strong reason to NEVER log on as root13:45
ActionParsnipForgeAus: people realise this the hard way, I enjoy laughing at them13:46
ForgeAusAP I know all that13:48
ForgeAusalthough there are some (few) viruses that actually do affect linux...13:49
ForgeAushowever I wasn't so concerned about a virus affecting my system as I was about passing on ones to other users13:49
ActionParsnipoh definately, www.sophos.com tells you about them13:49
xerosisI'm getting the screen not updating until I switch TTYs and back again, any ideas against what to log a bug?13:49
ForgeAusand coming from a windows background I do use wine13:49
biochemhow do I change my default browser from konqr to firefox13:50
ForgeAustheres a script in ubuntu forums13:50
ActionParsnipbiochem: theres an option to make sure it is the default browser13:50
ActionParsnipbiochem: you may have to set the browser in your apps13:51
biochemyes, there it is... under preferences13:51
ForgeAushttp://jatshergill.com/blog/2006/05/16/how-to-setup-the-default-web-browser-in-kubuntu/ shows a few ways13:51
ForgeAusgrrr I was just at the site that told me the tiny .sh script for switching filemanagers and browser defaults13:54
ActionParsnipjust change it in each app13:54
WaSTe[bRe]can i install windows drivers under kubuntu with wine?14:02
WaSTe[bRe]can i install windows drivers under kubuntu with wine?14:03
aotianlongyou can't14:05
ForgeAusWaSTe no... well not for use with linux's system14:05
WaSTe[bRe]i run the setup instalation for graphic driver and next > next > next :D14:05
aotianlonghave try sun vertual box14:05
ForgeAussome software drivers may install in wine but most for the purpose of getting a program to work not for device management, etc...14:05
WaSTe[bRe]can i use windows drivers for graphic and install in under linux?14:06
ForgeAusWaSTe I don't recommend you do that14:06
ForgeAusyou probably have a display manager, etc already on linux with your default desktop...14:06
WaSTe[bRe]there is no linux drivers for my graphiccard14:06
ForgeAus(I know kubuntu has KDE)14:07
WaSTe[bRe]yes i have14:07
ForgeAuswhat graphics card do you have?14:07
WaSTe[bRe]winfast pvr 6200 turbo cache14:07
ForgeAuswine uses KDE to display graphics...14:07
WaSTe[bRe]uses nvidia chisets14:07
ForgeAusuh, ok I havn't heard of that card but you might want to read up on14:07
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto14:07
ForgeAusthere may be some assistance there???14:08
WaSTe[bRe]linux uses drivers for nvidia 6x series14:08
ForgeAusWaSTe sounds like thats the chipset on your card, so thats probably why14:09
=== l is now known as Guest92961
WaSTe[bRe]05:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200 TurboCache14:10
ForgeAusis your problem that it isn't specific enough for you?14:11
ActionParsnipWaSTe[bRe]: yuo could use envyng-gtk14:12
WaSTe[bRe]i eneble the graphic drivers for linux14:12
WaSTe[bRe]but am not shure will it work perfectly14:12
ActionParsnipWaSTe[bRe]: nvidia works pretty well14:12
WaSTe[bRe]let say i can play direct3d games?14:14
WaSTe[bRe]newer ones or?14:14
ActionParsnipWaSTe[bRe]: indeed14:15
ActionParsnipWaSTe[bRe]: some games have native installers, some require wine and a little configuration14:15
ActionParsnipWaSTe[bRe]: if you got the cash you could buy cedega or crossover office14:16
lexhello ppl. anyoow how to work arorund hard disk wear and tear on kubuntu??? laptop hard drives beacuse of agressive power saving methods die faster. i want to disable that...14:17
ActionParsniplex: how does power saving affect hard drive access?14:19
BluesKajlex, sudo apt-get remove powernowd  , should work ...worked for me , then to check your cpu speed do : cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz , in the terminal14:19
lexthanx alot BluesKaj14:20
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: how are the two linked?14:21
lexso, after i delete that package, the clicking soung of my hard drive slowly dying on me will dissapear?14:21
ActionParsniplex: if its clicking, run another nightly backup then go buy a new drive14:22
ActionParsniplex: clicking drive == dying drive14:22
BluesKajActionParsnip, powernowd is the cpu stepping app that makes the cpu speed decision depending on l;oad requirements14:22
lexActionParsnip: power saving method does the hard drive head be removed from the disk.14:22
lexActionParsnip: it was working like that for two years now. since the day we met. (the day i bought it :))14:22
BluesKajlex dunno if defewating powernowd will help ..sounds like you drive is almost cooked14:23
ActionParsniplex: i see14:23
BluesKajlex, really, then it could be just an anomoly14:24
lexsome cycles: load cycles. every hard drive has a life spand of few couple thousands (two years normal use)and the agresive power saving method in ubuntu kills the hard drive in months.14:24
BluesKajlex, where did you see or hear that statement ?14:25
lexsorry for my noobidity for not knowing that.14:25
lexthere is a thread on the forum14:25
BluesKajgot a URL ?14:25
lexthat is a decease that ubuntu inheritted from debian father. it is deep inside the kernel14:26
lexsorry, no :(14:26
lexi am installing firefox, i will give you the link soon14:26
NinjaraMaybe you get asked about this all the time, but my searching isn't giving me much:  What's the easiest equivalent of a personal firewall in linux?  Always-deny & ask policy for programs, for instance.14:26
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).14:27
ActionParsnipNinjara: firestarter14:27
BluesKajlex, odd cuz windows does a similar thing , but i don't know how to defeat it14:27
NinjaraIsn't iptables more like just a packet filter though?14:27
ActionParsnipNinjara: it allows or denys packets based on filters but isnt that what a firewall does?14:28
NinjaraWill firestarter explicitly ask if I want to give executables a permission policy for internet access?  I thought it was just a firewall ruleset builder.14:28
ActionParsnipNinjara: yes you configure it then it does its thing14:28
NinjaraActionParsnip: "Personal firewall" is usually taken to mean the kind you find in windows, afaik.; one that asks for permissions for programs and generates policies for them.14:28
BluesKajif it was a packet filter what gives IPtables the ability to reject malware. How can it differntiate ?14:29
ActionParsnipNinjara: you can even block certain hosts from accessing certain protocols and ports on your system14:29
Ninjaraer, yeah..  Does it recognize which processes are trying to access what and remember that, or just ask "permit tcp port 80 outbound?" and from there on permit that for every process?14:30
NinjaraActionParsnip: I know *that*, I've used iptables before :p14:30
ActionParsnipNinjara: yuo can isolate apps or just leave it open outbound14:30
Ninjarahm, ok14:30
* ForgeAus wishes there was a wine-like abi but for OSX apps14:30
ActionParsnipNinjara: depends how thorough you want to be14:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 59695 in dell "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:30
lexthe link for life of hard drives on laptops14:31
ActionParsnipForgeAus: what app do you want from OSX?14:31
ForgeAusAP I don't know... are there any good ones? :)14:31
NinjaraSo thorough everything is strictly verboten und illegal unless I say otherwise.14:31
ForgeAustheres gotta be some reason ppl like apple macintosh computers14:31
ForgeAus(software reason I mean)...14:32
ActionParsnipForgeAus: then why want on api for osx if you dont know what there is14:32
ForgeAusbecause Linux doesn't run any of them...14:32
ActionParsnipForgeAus: it treats you like a complete idiot and all the hardware works out of the box14:32
NinjaraWell, thanks.  I'm gonna go eat and try this out.14:32
ActionParsnipForgeAus: to me its just overpriced hardware with an ok OS14:33
ForgeAuswhats PTC wildfire?14:34
ActionParsnipForgeAus: CAD software14:35
ActionParsniphi |-phreak-|14:35
=== mcas_away is now known as mcas
|-phreak-|anyone can help me?14:41
|-phreak-|with kubuntu: mysql+odbc+eclipse+tomcat+subversion14:42
|-phreak-|guys! anyone?14:45
|-phreak-|this aint help center irc?14:47
RurouniJoneswhoops, too fast for the run command14:47
ghostcube|-phreak-|: sup?14:47
|-phreak-|yo man14:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:47
|-phreak-|need help14:47
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.14:48
ghostcube|-phreak-|: whta is the problrm14:49
ghostcubemy keyboard semms jidding14:49
ghostcubeeh ?14:49
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines14:49
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.14:50
ghostcubethis eh is for me :D i dont get wat the hell is going on with my keyboard14:50
|-phreak-|can someone help me out to set up a web development environment on kubuntu?14:52
|-phreak-|can someone help me out to set up a web development environment on kubuntu?14:52
|-phreak-|can someone help me out to set up a web development environment on kubuntu?14:54
|-phreak-|can someone help me out to set up a web development environment on kubuntu?14:54
ghostcube|-phreak-|: ^^ this womt speed up thr hrlp14:54
ghostcubedamn keyboard14:54
Frekuhis question is too broad to answer14:55
BluesKaj|-phreak-| , stop it14:55
ghostcubei know this is heavy14:55
ghostcubetoo many tools14:55
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines14:55
|-phreak-|no man14:55
|-phreak-|just help14:55
Freku1st what you want to develop14:55
|-phreak-|ive som questions14:55
|-phreak-|thats all14:55
|-phreak-|html, jsp, mysql14:55
|-phreak-|and may be ml14:56
|-phreak-|xml too14:56
|-phreak-|now downloading eclipse14:56
ghostcubehave u tried quantas for php and html14:56
|-phreak-|no no wanna use eclipse man14:56
|-phreak-|the mother of all IDEs14:56
Frekuso you dont need help14:56
|-phreak-|dood... please :)14:56
aanderse|-phreak-|: you're developing html, jsp, mysql, and xml... you don't even need an ide, crack open a frikkin text editor14:57
zipperi cannot install the firmware/restricted drivers for my bcm4300 chip. http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/wl_apsta- doest exist anymore it seems. Anyone got that file, or know of another place where i can download it?14:57
RurouniJonesLets not turn this into a IDE/Editor war14:57
|-phreak-|need help on how to set up mysql, plus connector (odbc) plus, tomcat and svn14:57
ghostcubeoracle ?14:57
RurouniJonessudo apt-get install mysql svn14:57
|-phreak-|no man14:57
|-phreak-|not oracle14:58
jussi01|-phreak-|: start with installing eclipse - have you done that yet?14:58
RurouniJonessudo apt-get install eclipse mysql svn rather14:58
|-phreak-|installed eclipse-jee-ganymede-linu-gtk.tar.gz for web development14:58
ghostcubeeh ?14:58
|-phreak-|i know the sudo apt get shit man stop it14:58
jussi01|-phreak-|: Watch the language please14:58
BluesKaj!language | |-phreak-|14:59
ubottu|-phreak-|: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:59
ghostcube|-phreak-|: this is not an quakenet chan so please may watch the words :)14:59
|-phreak-|so need help man14:59
|-phreak-|that is all14:59
|-phreak-|you guys are not helping14:59
|-phreak-|just making caos on me15:00
RurouniJonesWelp, /ignore it is then15:00
ghostcubewe get this already , u not asking somehow the real prob15:00
ghostcubei never used the tools soi scnt help15:00
=== juho_ is now known as merk-
jussi01|-phreak-|: install eclipse, svn, and mysql - like RurouniJones said15:00
ghostcube:| and in the next seconds i will throw this damn keyboard out of my window15:00
merk-hello all15:00
Frekuopen window 1st15:01
merk-i have an asus aspire 5315 laptop and i'm trying to get my wlan working15:01
ghostcubeoh thx15:01
|-phreak-|dood downloading and installing is nothing15:01
ghostcubewhat then ?15:01
|-phreak-|just need a good guide to configure15:01
|-phreak-|the stuff15:01
|-phreak-|any known links? tutorials? guides?15:02
merk-the wlan card is atheros 802.11 and it says it's in restricted drivers15:02
ghostcubehave u tried google only to ask firmly15:02
jussi01|-phreak-|: the eclipse website has very good doccumentation15:02
|-phreak-|just dont want to make it by try try try15:02
merk-the drivers are enabled but the knetworkmanager doesn't still show any wlan's available15:02
|-phreak-|ok ill check it out15:02
merk-and my wlan is visible and open to use15:02
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:02
bazhanghttp://www.eclipse.org/documentation/ |-phreak-|15:03
haakonn_i asked this in #kde, but was directed here: i have recently switched to kde4 from kde3. one of the major pains is that i don't know how i can tell the automounter where i want my removable disks' mountpoints to be. in kde3 i could open a dialog and put in /media/foo for a specific disk, and that disk would from then on be mounted there. with kde4 i have no control and i have to fiddle with stupid symlinks if i want a static path to the fi15:11
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde415:11
haakonn_thanks :)15:11
RurouniJoneshaakonn_: Try the channel mentioned there. Sorry to redirect you again :)15:11
haakonn_i'm a patient guy, no problem ;)15:12
juho_ok, that wlan help didn't do any good15:12
juho_it says that all the drivers are present and the knetworkmanager is installed properly15:12
=== juho_ is now known as merk-
merk-does it matter in this business that the wlan card is working under proprietary drivers?15:14
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:15
=== khpelwak is now known as khpelwak_
khpelwak_hi everyone15:25
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper15:34
RurouniJonesWhat are the potential pitfalls of having Java5 AND Java6 on one machine?15:35
tdnHow do I get on with this problem: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/43858 I cannot get the drivers for my Ralink USB Wireless network adaptor to work properly. I suspect a bug in the kernel image provided by Ubuntu mirrors. Please help me on this.15:38
BluesKaj!wireless | tdn15:43
ubottutdn: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:43
romunovhum, where did my window bar go?15:44
tdnBluesKaj, did you read the URL? This does really not help me. I have already read that page and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/RalinkRT73 (the page it links to)15:44
bibsthahow do i share a folder15:47
bibsthalike two different users can access a common folder transparently15:48
bibsthawith read write modify15:48
Dragnslcrbibstha- could create a group with those two users and set the ownership of that directory to the group15:50
bibsthaDragnslcr what will happen if i write inside that directory15:53
bibsthawill the subdirectory have same group as the parent directory?15:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eclipse15:55
RurouniJonesHow do you get package info from the bot again?15:55
bazhang!info eclipse15:56
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 126 kB, installed size 416 kB15:56
RurouniJonesThanks bazhang16:02
=== rafi is now known as smoken0
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
RurouniJonesHow can I find where apt-get installed the jre5 binaries?16:07
RurouniJonesall I can see are the jre6 ones.16:07
aotianlong /usr/lib16:09
DarkShinigamiWhy does Kopete keep disconnecting from Yahoo, then when I try to login again, I get "Error 1: NS Name Lookup Failed"16:10
ForgeAusI guess you could go to sun or use apt:/ for edgy in your browser to find older packages16:10
ForgeAusnot sure how to get the deb's that way tho16:10
ForgeAusalso not sure why you'd want jre5 but then who am I to tell a user what they need?16:11
ForgeAusedgy or feisty were probably jre5 I guess16:12
RurouniJonesMaybe because a Java app I have to use doesn't play nicely with JRE616:12
zipperWhat happend to "http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/wl_apsta-" ? I'm pretty sure that file existed earlier today, but now its nowhere to be found which renders my wireless chip useless (broadcom bcm4300) =/. So if anyone know of anywhere else where i can download that file, it would be much appriciated16:12
jussi01RurouniJones: just do dkpg -L package name16:12
ForgeAussounds good enough to me16:13
ForgeAuswow openwrt? ... why not ddwrt?16:13
RurouniJonesCheers jussi0116:13
jussi01RurouniJones: no probs :)16:13
RurouniJonesSplendid, that did the trick16:14
zipperForgeAus: talking to me?16:16
zipperdunno, the script for fwcutter uses the openwrt url16:16
ForgeAusok I dunno aynthign about fwcutter and since its a wireless chip not a router it probably makes lots more sense16:17
zippergot in touch with an admin on openwrt, file should be there again now16:17
ForgeAushey dolo :)16:18
dolohows it goin forge16:18
ForgeAusuh... slowly16:18
dolodo u know is kubuntu and ubuntu realy that differnt16:19
zipperdolo: no, not "really" different. Its basicly the same system, but with different window managers. That said, kubuntu isn't always as polished as ubuntu, but its close16:20
dolowell i was wondering i used to use windows and there was this thing called task manager16:20
dololike if an app starts messing up i can end process16:21
dolois there something like that for ubuntu?16:21
zipper'ps aux' shows you a list of processes. Then you can use 'kill' to terminate processes16:21
dololast night google earth locked up and i had to unplug my pc to stop it16:21
dolowhen it locks up how do i start ps aux16:22
zipperor you could use 'htop' too i guess, havent too much experience with it, but i'd imagine so16:22
zipperhmm, you were not even able to open a terminal (konsole)?16:22
zipperif not, ctrl+alt+f1 should bring you to the console. You'll find the graphical interface at ctrl+alt+f716:23
=== supertux is now known as Guest35740
ForgeAuswhat can cause bootup to hang?16:27
ForgeAusafter (or perhaps even during) an fsck of /dev/sdb3 it always hangs...16:27
ForgeAusI can press ctrl+alt+delete to fix it16:27
=== romin is now known as poroto
doloctrl f116:28
dolobrought me to text prompt16:28
dolocoudlnt get back16:28
dolohad to restart the power strip16:29
=== patrick is now known as Guest85136
Guest85136hey anyone know how to use the lastest flash player16:29
elvalentinkennt einer nen nvidia treiber für kubuntuẞ16:31
elvalentinauf nvidia pageẞ16:32
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de16:32
jgedeoncan anyone tell me how to configure my monitor in KDE4 since the refresh rates were not found.16:34
anaWhat is this?:S16:39
bazhangkubuntu OS support ana16:39
mentalcichow to change resolution on konsoles (Ctrl+Alt+Fx) and does it have to do anything with KDE crashing when trying to return to it (Ctrl+Alt+F7)?16:45
=== emma_ is now known as emma
mentalcicany one alive here /16:56
ForgeAusuh wha? no16:56
mentalcichow to change resolution in konsoles?16:57
mentalcicI mean virtual terminals16:57
neWbieis there a chess client for linux?17:04
ForgeAusagh how do I unfix what fsck does to a disk? I should know better than to use it to fix things :(17:05
ForgeAusexactly 1.2 gig of fsck files in my root directory now (files that were functional before it tried to "Fix" things17:06
ForgeAusoddly it seems to know what the file types are but not their names17:06
WaSTe[bRe]i installed kbfx, and when i try to install theme i click apply and nothing happends17:07
WaSTe[bRe]i installed kbfx, and when i try to install theme i click apply and nothing happends17:09
MitsuoDeshoDeshosome of my ttys got messed up.. showing stange characters all over the screen17:11
Wickedis it safe to install kubuntu-kde4-desktop alongside normal kde?17:15
bazhangWicked, yes17:21
jussi01Wicked: I answered your question before? did you miss it?17:22
jussi01Wicked: (in #kubuntu-kde4)17:22
Wickedjussi01, yea. i had a power outage last night while i was sleep.17:24
Wickedbut thanks for th info!17:25
alejandro_a todos17:25
alejandro_sabeis alguna sala especifica para novatos17:26
cojones_does kubuntu have anything so that GTK apps look smoother in KDE?17:26
BluesKajtdn, not sure what your question is. I was away for a while.17:28
shadewindif i install kubuntu kde4 and later want to upgrade to an official version with kde4, is that easy to do?17:28
jussi01shadewind: please ask in #kubuntu-kde4 :)17:29
dthackerHi,  I'm looking for recomendations for a Bayesian spam filter to work with Kontact.  What package would you recommend?17:37
Tm_Tdthacker: spamassassin and bogofilter?17:40
=== rocknzen is now known as RocknLnX
=== romin is now known as poroto
mcscrufflo all, i have just installed google earth but every time i start it, it crashs X, does anyone know a fix18:00
=== l is now known as Guest25491
mcscruffx restarts so i dont see them18:02
Guest25491How can I install s\srivers to nVidia 8400GS M, I use kubuntu 8.0418:03
aotianlongmaybe the video card driver18:03
aotianlonggoogle earth need 3d18:04
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
TimSDoes ~.thumbnails belong to knoqueror?18:18
TimSIts taking up 500mb, I was wondering if it was safe to clear, it has hundreds of old files I never look at anymore.18:18
lexguys i screwed up and i need your precious help: regarding kdm: i installed a theme manager, selected a theme for my kdm. it worked fine two times. and now, when kdm starts, it sais: welcome to bla bla, and shows me the hideous no theme style! how  to fix this?18:21
lexi think i need to find a config file for kdm and change the value for the theme...18:22
lexplease help18:24
raemon~/.kde  ?18:24
lex"/etc/kde3/kdm" ?18:24
lexshould i dele these files, so theme manager displays the theme instead of that appears to be a login manager setup?18:25
lexin kcontrol there are two things for login manager: login manager and kdm theme manager. i want a theme manager to manage themes.18:26
=== romin is now known as poroto
arthursomaHola buen día18:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:32
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=== supertux_ is now known as Guest66064
=== accesso is now known as Fabio
=== Guest66064 is now known as supertux__
Fabioqualcuno saprebbe dirmi con che tasti si fa il log off in kubuntu?18:34
=== supertux__ is now known as guzman
Fabioqualcuno saprebbe dirmi con che tasti si fa il log off in kubuntu?18:34
Fabiociao Guzman18:34
Fabioc'e nessuno?18:35
ninuuzHi ! my kde crashes then i try to save a document, do any of you guys know why ? (openoffice)18:35
Fabioninuuz, I don't know, you know what are the button I have to press to do a logoff?18:36
ninuuzwhat do you mean?18:37
Fabiolike a restart, it's to save parametres i've changed in my kubuntu18:38
ninuuzoh, i do not happen to know that.18:38
Fabiook, thank you so18:38
=== patrick is now known as Guest15031
Fabiobut just an information, this is the english channel of kubuntu?18:39
zipperIf you are in an area with so many wireless networks available that knetworkmanager has to use 2 columns to show them all, it stops displaying the signal strenght of them all. Any way to fix this?18:46
MitsuoDeshoDeshoi've built qt4.4 today, where can i find my .profile file?18:48
MitsuoDeshoDeshoit says i need to edit it18:48
jussi01MitsuoDeshoDesho: no idea, but you do realise 4.4 is in hardy backports?18:49
voltywhat's the size of kubuntu with lot of apps (about) ?18:49
jussi01volty: well.... kinda hard to say, 2-5 gb?18:50
jussi01depends on the apps..18:50
jussi01could be more...18:50
DragnslcrMy / partition is using 6 GB18:50
jussi01there you are18:51
voltyso 5 should be enough, now have 3, ok, 6 thx :018:51
DragnslcrHaving both KDE3 and KDE4 is probably a fair chunk of that18:51
zipper2,6gb on a fresh install with only a few extra drivers and firefox installed18:51
zipperi'd say 10gb should be pretty safe.... it sucks running out of space18:51
DragnslcrMy /home partition is 75 GB18:51
mcscruffdont download so much then18:52
MitsuoDeshoDeshomy partition is 15gb, mostly used up by libs with debug18:52
MitsuoDeshoDeshosuch as boost/qt18:52
zipperi got a NTFS partition for storage.... can't use a proper filesystem since i need to access it from windows too =/18:52
voltyyap, asking only for progs, vars, tmp, etc.18:52
=== miguel is now known as Guest98995
manuel_how can i play with mplayer from minute 1.30 to minute 2.34 in loop mode?18:58
voltyfstab syntax accepts /dev/hdc... ?18:59
ActionParsnipyo yo yo19:00
zipperi think there is a guide for setting up fstab on ubuntu forums19:00
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions19:00
ActionParsniphey jussi0119:01
voltynever mind, just a question, i saw it uses blkid identifiers19:01
jussi01heya ActionParsnip19:02
accessoscusate il nome, devo cambiarlo...19:02
voltyzipper: just asking if it accepts /dev/hd syntax, it is so difficult to answer ?19:03
zippervolty, i dunno, is it difficult to ask without being condecendent or expecting people to be able to read your mind?19:03
accessoops, hem... how i can go to the italian channel of kubuntu?19:03
ign0ramus!it | accesso19:03
ubottuaccesso: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:03
ign0ramusnp.  ciao!19:04
zippervolty, man fstab19:06
voltyzipper: sorry, i wasn't clear, my question was probably stupid, was just asking if kubuntu forces to use blkid identifiers, do not need to read man fstab19:07
zippervolty, no such thing as a stupid question19:08
zipperbut as you say, you werent being very clear. Wasnt sure what your question was. But im glad you found your answer none the less19:08
voltythanks boy you have a nice place here to exercise :)19:09
voltyor :(19:09
giuseppe_SALVE RAGAZZI19:09
giuseppe_hops scusate il maiusc19:09
zipperI find the gym to be a much better place to exercise than irc =P19:10
voltybut you cannot fight frustration in gym19:10
=== stefan__ is now known as blackflag
jussi01!it | giuseppe_19:11
ubottugiuseppe_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:11
voltyi'm not used to irc very much, but noticed that nice guys answer or ignore, just frusty give indications like reading the base docs19:12
zippervolty, let me give you a hint: When you talk down to the people you are asking for help, you usually dont get a good result19:13
zipperand the answer IS where i said it was, so why are you bitching?19:13
voltyi'm going to boot sometimes with gentoo & sometimes with kubuntu, .kde on a shared partition ?19:16
ActionParsnipvolty: kde is a desktop environment. how do yuo get it on a shared environment19:19
RurouniJoneshe said .kde ...the config directory19:20
ActionParsnipoh yeah, fuzzy eye, my bad19:20
ActionParsnipi keep my ~/ on a seperate server. makes backups easier19:20
voltyActionParsnip: same pc, i have to migrate19:20
voltyi have all the relevant stuff on another partition though no ~/ (symlinks)19:22
=== phil is now known as phil19_
voltyok, i'll try19:22
reuthello. i need help with disk on key connection19:25
ActionParsnipvolty: same deal19:27
reuthello. can anyone please help me ?19:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)19:30
reutwhen i connect a usb to my kubuntu i have a pop up that say that the device is connected. but when i try to access into the device i cant read any of the folders and the files i see only ??????? as names. in other systems i can read the files (they are in hebrew) thanks19:31
ActionParsnipreut: if you run sudo fdisk -l do you see the card?19:33
reutyes i can see the card19:34
ActionParsnipreut: ok run mount19:34
voltyreut: do you have installed hebrew support in your kubuntu ?19:34
ActionParsnipis it mounted?19:34
reuti have installed hebrew support. i can create new files and folder (on my hd) in hebrew. but on the external drive i cant.19:35
reuti'm sorry for my english. the external drive is formated to fat32.19:36
voltywhat is the file system of that stick ?19:36
reuti tried it with 2 different drives  and it's the same19:36
volty:: /dev/hdaX /mnt/foo vfat umask=0111,dmask=0,codepage=862,iocharset=iso8859-8,rw,users 0 019:37
ActionParsnipvolty: nice one19:39
tindor_volty, but how does reut specify this usb-stick to be always mounted with that charset?19:39
voltythere seems to be a link that explains, if no solution i could opt for a simple script19:41
reuttindor its not that specific stick its all the sticks that in fat3219:41
tindor_thanks, I didn't see the link :)19:42
voltytindor_: if manually mounting it simple as /mnt/hebrew_stick19:42
tindor_reut, if I were to give my stick, it would be encoded in cp-125119:42
voltyi would change the filesystem19:43
tindor_volty, I know how to mount it manually. I don't know how to do it using GUI :)19:43
reutmaybe it's in cp-1251. i'll check. thank you all/ i'll read the link volty gave and i'll be back soon19:43
tindor_reut, no, it's not in cp125119:43
tindor_cp-1251 is Cyrillic19:43
voltyi have some nice russian music with all the names like ?????? :)19:44
tindor_volty, convmv did the job for me :)19:45
tindor_it converts file names from one encoding to another19:45
voltyi'll try it19:46
voltydo you know what's the state of dvd creation in linux19:46
voltyany nice apps to make dvds arround ?19:46
volty(and handles subtitles etc)19:47
tindor_no, I haven't created dvds in Linux :(19:47
favrodevede gets good reports19:48
favro!info devede19:48
ubottudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.6-0.0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1128 kB, installed size 2592 kB19:48
reutwhen i umount the external disk and mount it again using iocharset=utf8 i can read the file names. but is there any way to do it automaticly ?19:48
tindor_reut, look here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions19:49
tindor_although I haven't read it, it's in the article, given you by volty19:50
Ashexanyone know if it is possible to include other directories for browsing via katapult19:52
voltythx favro19:54
favronp :)19:54
=== root is now known as Guest40400
reutthank you very much. after the link that volty gave me i installed pysdm and easly configure the dok using gui.20:05
Saloomyhello all. Can anyone help me get compiz working on my laptop? I think i need to install GMA 950 drivers...20:05
sourcemakeris there a directory... where the oxygen icons are located?20:06
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
BluesKajSaloomy, try the #compiz-fusion chat , they have more info20:08
Saloomyoh, cool! Thanks BlueKaj20:08
BluesKajsourcemaker, on the anode20:08
sourcemakerBluesKaj: that's the answer I am looking for...20:10
BluesKajno sourcemaker , i was being funny ...maybe not so funny at that20:11
jussi01sourcemaker: sudo updatedb && locate oxygen20:11
sourcemakerjussi01: thanks20:11
sourcemakerBluesKaj:  /usr/lib/kde4/share/icons/oxygen :-)20:13
jussi01sourcemaker: glad you found it :)20:13
BluesKajsourcemaker, whatever "oxygen" is, I guess I'm not in the know :)20:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oxygen20:16
Deniseoxygen is very special program20:16
BluesKaj!info oxygen20:16
ubottuPackage oxygen does not exist in hardy20:16
sofieAbout 10 seconds after loggin in to my computer everything but the wallpaper disappears from the screen and I have to make a hard rebot. Mousepointer still active, but ctrl-alt-backspace freezes computer. Running compiz on ATI graphicscard with latest drivers. Anyone who has any hints?20:17
BluesKajxml editor20:17
Deniseit is not an open source20:17
jussi01BluesKaj: oxygen is the new theme for kde420:17
Tm_Tkde-icons-oxygen - Oxygen icon theme for KDE 420:17
mefisto__BluesKaj: oxygen is a set of icons. you can d/l the oxygen icon theme for kde3 at www.kdelook.org20:17
BluesKajkde4 gawd ...i hope it fails20:17
BluesKajkde4 is a big mistake IMO20:18
Tm_TBluesKaj: ot ->20:19
Denisebig mistake then20:19
Deniseopen souce20:19
Denisewide open20:19
Tm_TDenise: #kubuntu-offtopic please20:20
anom01yhow do I configure my tv tuner card ?20:23
jussi01!tv | anom01y20:25
ubottuanom01y: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out20:25
BluesKajanom01y, depends on the make and model ...ati tv cards seem to work ok with the TVTime app20:26
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy20:26
anom01ythat was what I used before20:26
SkEmOi cant watch videos as in youtube, what do I do? i already installed sun-java6-jre20:28
BluesKajSkEmO, install flashplugin-nonfree20:28
BluesKajSkEmO, and you'll need to Open Adept package manager, On the menu of that screen click on Adept -> Manage Repositories. Click the kubuntu software tab. Check all the boxes "X". The same goes for the third party software tab. Close, then in the terminal do "sudo apt-get update" .Now you have more sources for applications other than the defaults that came with Kubuntu.20:29
SkEmOright, i knew i was missing something, thanks BluesKaj20:29
SkEmOi didnt know that20:30
BluesKajSkEmO, it's not included in kubuntu default apps for legal reasons20:31
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories20:31
SkEmOi already have the flashplugin-nonfree installed20:36
SkEmObut, cant see videos20:36
ign0ramusskemo: have you restarted your browser?20:37
anom01yBluesKaj: its a Hauppauge20:38
ign0ramusanom01y: how's your alsa issue?20:38
SkEmOi think so20:38
SkEmObut, im restarting again20:38
anom01yign0ramus: I think its working better now!20:38
ign0ramusanom01y: good!  i think it was definitely switching sound cards without reconfiguring alsa that was your problem20:39
anom01yexcept when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get a different mixer setting every time I do that20:39
ign0ramusanom01y: what causes you to do that anyway?20:40
anom01yI think a flash video on youtube crashed the sound, but that fixed it no prob20:40
anom01yI find youtube and firefox crash the computer lots20:40
ign0ramusanom01y: flash has a pretty high crash rate for all of us20:41
anom01ywell, not lots, but they are the only things that do crash my computer20:41
ign0ramusanom01y: i find it's a little better with Flash10 RC than with Flash 920:41
anom01yhow do I install flash10 ?20:41
ign0ramusanom01y: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/20:42
ign0ramusanom01y: it also supports wmode and V4L2 (webcams) now too!20:42
anom01yahh cool20:42
anom01yhey do you know much about IVTV ?20:43
ign0ramusanom01y: honestly, not a thing :(20:43
anom01yI found instrutions so I will just follow them best as possilbe thanks20:43
ign0ramusanom01y: check here: http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Main_Page20:44
ign0ramusskemo: you still here?20:45
SkEmOits working now20:45
ign0ramusSkEmO:   :)20:45
SkEmOi think20:45
ign0ramusSkEmO: either it works or it doesn't...20:45
cosmofieldhow can I run a shell script automatic at boot without enter root password? In wich folder should I put the file?20:45
anom01yign0ramus: do I have to install that flash 10 for both users ?20:46
DarkShinigamiError 1 - name lookup failed20:46
ign0ramusanom01y: yes.  I'm almost positive, anyway.  it installs to /home/username/.mozilla20:46
DarkShinigamiI keep getting this error message with Kopete when I try to reconnect with Yahoo20:46
chxhi. i have created an installer on a stick from the alternate iso loosely based on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuServerFlashDriveInstaller and now it complains at the install the base system step that it can't determine the release. where does it try finding the release? how can I debug this? It's quiite a bit frustrating :(20:46
DarkShinigamiIs anyone else having that same issue with Kopete?20:48
neptunepinkAre the repos down for everyone or just me?20:48
SkEmOi never knew how to connect with kopete20:49
SkEmOthere is just no connect option20:49
marcobxbro1if i want to configure example dnswalk on my kde menu edit how can i make it execute command:? work path? run in terminal:? can someone assist me20:50
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testi_Which tool do you recommend to record videos from webcam?21:03
mrxmike i added a extension cable to my monitor, now it doesnt detect the right resolution anymore21:07
mrxmikei added a 'modeline' rule to my xorg.conf, but that doesnt seem to have any result21:07
mrxmikecould anyone please help me configure my monitor (for use without DPMS)? > i got a stinky cable21:08
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=== xyzzy is now known as alabaster
=== alabaster is now known as xyzzy99
DarkShinigamiThis is the error with Kopete when I try to reconnect to Yahoo "Error 1 - name lookup has failed"21:12
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy21:14
neptunepinkDarkShinigami: Yahoo changed is protocol or something, I think...21:15
DarkShinigamineptunepink: Know where I can get updated information?21:16
neptunepinkNo idea.21:17
pteagueis there a program i can run from the command line & get it to play a sound?21:17
neptunepinkmplayer? ogg123? I think they have to be installed though21:18
anom01yhi, I am trying to install ivtv and on the instructions page I am told to run this command: "sudo m-a a-i ivtv", I ran all the commands prior to this with no problems, but this command gives me an error saying a certain file does not exist, when in fact it does exist21:22
favropteague: aplay will play a .wav file from command line - aplay -l will tell the sound card it uses to do so21:22
pteaguek, ty21:23
uncleanhey if i have a Geforce 2 MX 100/200 which card in Hardy should I use?21:23
pteaguemplayer works, but plays it much too loud... looking through man file to see if i can set volume21:23
uncleanwhich driver i should say21:24
deokanonintelikey are yuo hereÉ21:24
favrounclean: it will default to the nv driver for that card afaik21:24
favropteague: alsamixer   will let you change volume too21:25
funkyouhi there! i have a Lenovo N200 here and Kubuntu 8.04.1-desktop, and the bootmenu on the CD just starts nothing... any ideas or tips?21:25
uncleanwell videos in youtube get real choppy21:25
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
pteaguei just need to set it for the 1 file... kteatime doesn't seem to want to play audio & just running `mplayer file:///usr/share/sounds/KDE_Notify.wav` is way too loud21:26
favropteague: type   alsamixer   it will let you turn it down21:27
uncleanfavro: videos in youtube are realy choppy i know its my grfx card... it just says nv21:28
pteaguedoesn't alsamixer set the volume for the entire system?21:28
favropteague: yep21:28
favrounclean: you could try the nvidia driver in the repo21:29
BuG3Rдобрый вечер21:30
BuG3Rесть тут кто? кто смогбы помочь, или даже побеседовать21:30
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke21:31
anom01yI am trying to set up my tv tuner card, but I can't get mplayer /dev/video0 to display anything21:34
anom01ythe instructions on the !ivtv link did not work21:35
DavidTalbot1hiho, i try out 8.10 a5 and after fixing a symbolic link problem with ifupdown, i doesn't get the connection in the outer space ;) i can ping and surf on my local server but everything else doesn't work21:35
DavidTalbot1any ideas?21:35
DavidTalbot1iptables has no rules defined21:36
cilkayHello. I have a fresh installation of Kubuntu Hardy on a Dell 745c. After all the updates have been applied, on reboot, all I see is a black screen when it attempts to restart X. I can't Ctrl-Alt-Bs. Num/caps lock don't have any effect. I can't ssh into the box. The only thing I can do is power cycle the machine and then reconfigure X but that only worked once. Now that doesn't work either. Any ideas?21:36
cilkayThe graphics chipset is Intel Q96521:37
favroDavidTalbot1: you might have more luck asking in #ubuntu+121:37
cilkayI want to deploy this in a school where I'm trying to replace Windows but I can't do that if I have such strange problems.21:37
DavidTalbot1@cilkay do you see a loading picture while starting?21:38
cilkayThe power light on the monitor is green, indicating video signal.21:39
cilkayDavidTalbot1: Actually, I started in rescue mode so I wouldn't expect to see the bootsplash, if that's what you were asking.21:39
cilkayThe kernel is 2.6.24-19 generic, in case that makes a difference.21:40
cilkayAnd I am seeing the kubuntu graphic while it's booting.21:41
cilkayAargh! This time, kdm started.21:41
cilkayVery annoying.21:41
DavidTalbot1no not realy i've got similar problems on my laptop disable the bootsplash in menu.lst and it should work21:41
cilkayThe only consequence of that is that people would see the "scary" boot time messages.21:43
cilkayNot a big deal I suppose but why is this happening I wonder.21:43
=== mcas is now known as mcas_away
cilkayI've never seen such problems and I've seen it on more than one distro.21:43
cilkayopenSuse 11 had the same problems.21:43
pteaguewell crap... trying to run mplayer causes kteatime to die & hang as a dead thread21:44
DavidTalbot1if i remember right there was a change in bootsplash mode and for some screens it now didn't work21:44
DavidTalbot1maybe it'll better in the next versions21:44
pteagueah, there we go... had to add a & to the end of the command >.>21:48
nightyis there an repository for openoffice 3 (beta) yet? Or do i really need to use the package from the developerpage?21:51
ciapsadmDoruHush: acuma merge21:52
ciapsadmNu am modificat bine21:52
ciapsadmIera si $21:52
favro!info openoffice.org21:53
ubottuopenoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): OpenOffice.org Office suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4 kB, installed size 44 kB21:53
=== rocknzen is now known as RocknLnX
nightyubottu: this is 2.4.1 i think?22:00
nightyi need the beta of ooo 3 for integratig roxtra features22:01
stdinnighty: it's not in the repositories, so you'll have to get it some other way22:01
nightystdin: ok no problem, i thought there might be a repository for better updating puposes. So i will get it from the developer page.22:02
nightybut i have another question, until now i only used gentoo linux, there was a tool in kde which seached for installed application (on demand) to complete the kmenu, is there something similar in kubuntu too?22:06
VermuxI boot my comp. with slackware 10. I have to edit boot.ini of win. how do I do that?22:07
Vermuxmy win wont boot22:07
VermuxIm running slackware from a cd22:07
favronighty: I use sudo update-menus in konsole for that22:07
nightyfavro: ahh ok thx i check this out22:07
VermuxI dont have kubuntu on  a CD only dvd, and my comp. has only CD drive22:07
stdinnighty: the package manager in Kubuntu is called Adept, you can access it from KMenu -> System -> Adept Manager22:08
favroVermux: there is ##slackware - they will know the tools available better22:09
nightyVermux: you can use every linux cd which supports your windows filesystem und has an editor22:09
nightymaybe you need ntfs-3g22:10
favroand mount the partition with windows on it22:10
saloomycan anyone help with ALPS touchpad drivers? my touchpad taps like mad.22:17
x-X-xhow do i check if i have usb2 ?22:17
Dragnslcrx-X-x- your motherboard's documentation, probably22:18
x-X-xdragnsclr thats in a dumpster 30 miles from my home. What i meant is how do i check using ubuntu ?22:18
stdinx-X-x: you can try doing "lspci |grep USB" and see if you get a line with "USB2" on it22:20
x-X-xk thnx dude22:20
x-X-xstdin i am using a laptop and it has 4 usb ports, "lspci | grep USB" says i have 1 usb2 port how do i knwo which one it is physically?22:23
Dragnslcrx-X-x- lspci most likely lists the USB controller, not individual ports22:24
stdinx-X-x: the ones with "#?" on them ar ports, there should be another line for the base controller22:24
stdineg: http://pastebin.com/f3a1483db, the last line is the controller (USB2) the others are the individual ports (which can also act as controllers)22:25
x-X-xdoes that mean that all ports are usb2 ? if the controller is usb2 ?22:26
stdinx-X-x: heh, snap22:26
stdinyeah, the'll all be USB222:26
x-X-xok thnx dude22:26
marcobxbro1can someone help me with the kde menu editor i want to run a program for the terminal. What do I type in a Command:? Work Path:? Terminal options:22:33
Walexmarcobxbro1: there should be already one or several, there are many different terminal window programs.22:37
marcobxbro1no what I need is to configure my own programs in the kde start menu22:37
marcobxbro1example dnswalk then I need to configure it to run in the kde menu editor22:38
favromarcobxbro1: you need to get the command that starts dnswalk in konsole and use it in the menu editor22:40
Vermuxfavro: how do I mount the win partition?22:40
favroVermux: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 media/windows - if it is ntfs and sdb1 and /media/windows exists :)22:42
=== paolo is now known as gringo
Vermuxfavro: mount: fs type ntfs-3g not supported by kernel22:44
marcobxbro1 yes favro I this in command22:45
favroVermux: is the windows partition ntfs?22:45
Vermuxfavro: yes, it should be22:46
favroVermux: sudo fdisk -l   will tell22:46
favroVermux: and what does   uname -r   return please - it will be the kernel number22:46
favroVermux: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g   will get it working22:48
Vermuxfavro: /dev/hda1 is hpfs/ntfs22:48
Vermuxfavro: 2.4.2622:48
favrok :)22:48
favroVermux: install ntfs-3g and try to mount22:49
Vermuxfavro: apt: no such a directory22:49
jhutchins2.4 kernel!?22:49
jhutchinsAh, slackware 10.22:50
Vermuxthe apt command doesnt work22:50
jhutchinsNot on slack.22:50
favroVermux: you have to ask in ##slackware for that then hehe22:51
jhutchinsVermux: what kind of hardware is it?22:51
Vermuxjhutchins: ??22:51
jhutchinscpu, ram, hd?22:52
=== harry is now known as Guest3
jhutchinsWondering if it's worth your effort to try to upgrade.22:53
azaghalhallo ?22:54
azaghalhi, bin neu hier und hab kein plan zum thema irc ?!22:55
Vermuxjhutchins: Im not trying to upgrade22:55
VermuxIm trying to boot win22:55
VermuxI guess I have to edit the boot.ini22:55
azaghalhello ?...how i can change to the german irc support ?22:56
favro!de | azaghal22:57
ubottuazaghal: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de22:57
jimymorrisonola tengo un problemilla22:57
jimymorrisonno veo youtube22:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:57
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:57
jimymorrisonalguien me puede ayudar22:57
favroazaghal: np :)22:57
jhutchinsVermux: grub or lilo?23:00
jay_hi leute23:08
jay_Kann mir jem. mit xubuntu helfen?23:09
jay_Ich habe den Samsung r70 und würde gerne wissen was ich machen muss um die Fn-Tasten, benutzen zu können23:09
jay_also zB Helligkeitssteuerung oder Lautstärkeregelung23:10
favro!de | jay_23:10
ubottujay_: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de23:10
favronp :)23:10
jay_can i also ask in english?23:10
favrosure :)23:10
jay_i have the samsung r7023:11
jay_and o want to use the Fn-Keys23:11
jay_e.g. sound adjustment etc23:11
jay_but what do i need to use these keys23:11
jay_i am a noob @ xubuntu :-D23:11
jay_thx for help...23:12
cis this the right place to ask for some ubuntu help? :)23:12
=== c is now known as Guest8349
jay_hope so23:12
Guest8349i'm interrested in how i can install the latest hardware drivers on my laptop. i just installed ubuntu23:13
Guest8349any help would be much appreciated23:13
Vermuxfavro: Im downloading kubuntu so I can mount with it23:19
=== linuxwizard_ is now known as linuxwizard
favroVermux: we'll have a clue about helping you then :)23:20
=== patrick is now known as Guest17020
=== Guest8349 is now known as enhazed
mefisto__is it possible to set up 2 soundcards so that all inputs are working for both, but output is just from one card? I suppose a jumper cable from output1 to input2 would work, but can I enable inputs on both cards?23:34
mefisto__btw, the 2 soundcards are not the same, and use different drivers23:38
wesleyhow can i install apt in kubuntu23:44
azaghalhallo ?^^23:44
neversfeldewesley: should be installed by default23:45
wesleyi don´t have it anymore because i wished to downgrade it23:46
neversfeldewesley: w00t? There was a big warning not to deinstall apt, or not?23:47
wesleyyes but either way it was failing after trying to upgrade to the kde4 version23:48
neversfelde? what was failing?23:48
wesleythe kde4 version off adept23:49
neversfeldewesley: backup /home and reinstall Kubuntu, that's the only way to get a clean Kubuntu  installation23:49
neversfeldewesley: intrepid?23:49
neversfeldeis apt really deinstalled?23:49
neversfeldedo a apt-cache policy apt23:50
wesleyno hardy23:50
wesleyapt is already removed yes trying to reinstall it23:50
neversfeldewesley you have an development version without apt?23:51
neversfeldedo a new installation, it is the better way23:51
wesleyno i use hardy herron ( its a shame you can remove apt )23:51
mefisto__how are you trying to reinstall without apt?23:51
neversfeldewesley: of cource you can, but there is a big warning23:52
wesleyfrom source23:52
wesleyneversfelde a warning doesnt work that should just be impossible23:52
neversfeldewesley: why, probably somebody do not want to use it?23:53
mefisto__maybe chroot could help installing apt? boot from livecd?23:53
wesleyneversfelde just because hardy should be a stable system it fails to protect the important parts and thats why osx and windows are more used that ubuntu23:54
mefisto__wesley: removing critical software from any system can be disastrous23:55
neversfeldewesley: if you want to remove apt, you have to confirm with a big written "YES", afaik23:55
neversfeldebetter protected than system32 or what it is called23:56
mefisto__in windows, just disabling a service from starting on boot can mean reinstalling (if it's an important service)23:57
MrKennie_I believe windows can restore critical files if they are deleted unless you delete them from cache too but I guess that's beside the point23:57
wesleyneverfelde what i mean its just to easy in linux to remove something in important in windows you can reinstall everthing23:57
favrowesley: you might be lucky and   sudo dpkg -i apt   might work23:57
neversfeldeIsn't there a repair function in Ubuntu?23:58
wesleynot really i believe and if it depends on apt ?23:58
neversfeldeI think itis on the live cd, but I cannot give a guarantee23:59
favroafaik you can get a chroot environment with the live cd - repair a brocken system - but if apt isn't working...23:59

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