* nedko is badly surprised that vcs-imports is not supporting mirroring of svn:// urls00:03
mwhudsonnedko: what00:04
nedkomwhudson: i get "The URI scheme "svn" is not allowed. Only URIs with the following schemes may be used: bzr+ssh, ftp, http, https, sftp"00:05
nedkowhen trying to register svn branch for mirroring00:05
wgrantThat doesn't sound like you're registering a vcs-import.00:05
mwhudsonright, that sounds like +addbranch00:06
mwhudsonnedko: you want https://code.edge.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new00:07
nedkoyes it is addbranch00:08
nedkomwhudson: should i ask here for vcs-import branches review or this should happen somehow automatically?00:11
nedkohttps://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/lash/trunk is the branch pending for review00:39
evsthomasCan anyone help with the CoC signature process?01:08
evsthomasI'm getting an error msg when I try to submit the signed code01:09
evsthomas"The signed text does not match the Code of Conduct. Make sure that you signed the correct text..."01:09
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evsthomasanybody here?01:32
cody-somervilleCan you pastebin what you're trying to input?01:39
evsthomasyeah. how do I pastebin?01:39
evsthomassry. my first time01:40
evsthomask i did it01:42
evsthomasit's not showing everything that I copied though01:43
cody-somervilleevsthomas, try starting from scratch01:47
evsthomasI'm not sure what you mean exactly?01:47
cody-somervilleevsthomas, Get rid of what you have01:49
evsthomasand start from step 1?01:49
cody-somervilleTake a brand new copy of the text you're trying to sign01:49
cody-somervillesign it01:49
cody-somervilleand try getting launchpad to accept it again01:49
evsthomasdo I copy the text straight out of the txt file?01:50
evsthomasor do i need to do the --clearsign thing?01:50
cody-somervilleDownload the file01:50
cody-somervilleand use gpg to sign it01:50
evsthomask, just did01:50
cody-somervillethen copy and paste that output into the text box in launchpad01:50
evsthomashow do you use gpg to sign it? incase I'm doing that wrong01:51
evsthomasI used gpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt01:51
evsthomason the terminal01:52
cody-somervillegpg --clearsign < UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt01:52
evsthomasok. I copied and pasted the output and no luck01:53
evsthomasi;ll try version 1.0 real quick too01:54
evsthomassame error "The signed text does not match the Code of Conduct. Make sure that you signed the correct text (white space differences are acceptable)."01:55
evsthomasheres the pastbin of what i did01:55
evsthomasanybody else have any ideas?02:04
vinu76jsrwher to start05:17
wgrantIt likely depends on what you want to do.05:20
vinu76jsrI just want to develop plugin for learning purposes, adn two options currently, Geertjan's book and this link05:24
vinu76jsrwhich is also suggested by him05:25
vinu76jsrgot to go for breakfast :last five minute, 'll be returning plz reply!!!!05:26
vinu76jsrwgrant :  tell me, i am starting off05:39
vinu76jsrsorry wrong place, must be confusing intrepid interface05:59
vinu76jsrdid not sleep whole nice sorry again05:59
adamHi. I'm in the process of hosting my code (bzr branch) at Launchpad, and encoundering some difficuties07:02
adamfollowing the instructions at https://help.launchpad.net/CreatingAHostedBranch07:03
adamI get "[user] doesn't have a registered SSH key"07:03
adamhow do I register an SSH key?07:03
stdinadam: this page should explain it https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair07:05
adamstdin: thanks.07:05
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nedkovcs-imports branch https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/lash/trunk is still in pending review state, can someone please review it?10:22
mwhudsonnedko: it's sunday10:54
mwhudsonnedko: but, done10:56
nedkomwhudson: thank you10:56
nedkomwhudson: to my original question, should i ask here for review here or i should wait... until next work day for example?10:56
mwhudsonnedko: waiting one working day usually works pretty well10:57
nedkowhy is manual review needed at all?11:00
mwhudsonto stop someone typing 'http://svn.debian.org/' or 'http://svn.apache.org/'11:06
nedkomwhudson: you mean submiting things more than once? or you mean importing large repos?11:16
mwhudsonnedko: the latter11:17
mwhudsonnedko: it has a history of upsetting the admins of servers hosted said repos...11:17
nedkoso it is not about launchapd resources but about resources of pulled repo server?11:18
mwhudsonwell, a bit of both11:21
spivYeah.  Checking out the root of a SVN repo that hosts many large projects with many branches and tags wastes a lot of time and bandwidth on both ends.11:21
nedkochecking how much revisions has svn url, *once*, and making decision on this is trivial, there can be limit of max revisions to import without manual review, say 100011:23
spivWell, many correct URLs will have more than 1000 revisions.11:26
spivIt's hard to find a good automatic heuristic because there are some very large projects out there.11:26
spivI'm sure we could do better.11:27
nedkoso only large projects will need review, isnt this better than current situation?11:27
mwhudsonat least we stay on top of imports much better now, with the new system11:28
spivI think there was a suggestion at some point that URLs that end in "/trunk" should be assumed to be sane.11:28
mwhudsonunfortunately it was a bit sillier than that11:29
mwhudsonurls that *didn't* contain 'trunk' were assumed to be insane11:29
spivOh, right, as in rejected outright?11:29
spivYeah, that was a bit silly.11:30
nedkocant only "strange" urls require human review?11:30
spivI shouldn't really be making you think about work on a Sunday night, but I think it's probably worth considering if we can auto-approve URLs that end in "/trunk".11:30
spivi.e strictly more relaxed than the status quo.11:31
mwhudsonoh look, a bug tracker!11:31
spivmwhudson: this is a feature ;)11:31
mwhudsonalso, no, because the svn.apache.org admins hate us enough already11:31
nedkoyou can "blacklist" some svn servers too11:32
spivSo many things I'm happily ignorant of :)11:32
mwhudsonnedko: many things are possible, yes11:32
wgrantWe could always just make everybody use bzr. That works11:37
nedkoit is not possible though11:43
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gourhi, we would like that all the generated bug-reports from the application go to the project's bug tracker at lP: if i understand correctly, all what is required is to send email to new@bugs.launchpad.net address and include 'affects projectname' line in the body. is it true?12:54
kiko-afkgour, filing new bugs requires gpg-signed email, but I suggest you instead use the API to file a bug: https://help.launchpad.net/API13:03
gourkiko-afk: huh, that's very inconvenient forcing end-user to have gpg-signed email for automatic bug-report :-/13:14
Hobbseegour: because you'd like me to forge your email address, and send a whole lot of stuff as you, that stays there forever?13:15
Hobbseei see your point, though.13:15
wgrantThere's always the apport method, of course.13:16
kiko-afkthe apport method requires you complete using the web browser, though13:16
kiko-afkif it's to be totally automated the API is the way to go13:16
kiko-afkHobbsee, it's annoying to require him to gpg-sign, yeah. maybe SPF would minimize the risk13:17
wgrantDoesn't the API require a web browser to authorize the oauth token?13:17
kiko-afkwgrant, only once13:17
gourweb is not convenient for automatic bug-report, it should be made as simple as possible for end (non-savvy) suers13:17
* Hobbsee won't comment on non-savvy users, and bug reporting, as a general concept.13:18
gourdo you know if savannah's tracker has email interface?13:18
gourHobbsee: those 'bug reports' are unhandled exceptions, so end-user is just clicking 'send' to send traces to the tracker13:19
Hobbseegour: ah, right.13:19
Hobbseegour: that's probably OK then, as you probably won't require any more information form them.13:19
gouri already prepared my 1st python patch by changing email address  to LP and including 'affects projectname' in the body :-(13:20
gourHobbsee: still, i'm not sure how to use API to use LP tracker instead of sending to devel-list13:21
* gour is trying to push the project more to LP and eventually to bzr (from CVS)13:21
Hobbseegour: i've not used the api, so i don't know :)13:21
* Hobbsee tends to sign everything by default, so doesn't really have experience in what you're doing13:21
gouri see13:21
gourhere http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnumed-devel/2008-09/msg00109.html is example of automatic bug report13:23
gourand here is the code which handles it http://rafb.net/p/rfMtLy78.html13:23
wgrantHow is the Launchpad web UI sufficiently difficult to be a hindrance?13:24
Hobbseewgrant: it keeps changing?13:24
wgrantNot that part of the UI,13:25
wgrantAnd I'm not sure of the relevance of that statement.13:25
HobbseeI guess "ease of learning the launchpad way" would be a better statement.13:26
spivPossibly a bug tracker doesn't necessarily make for a great automatic backtrace collector.  I guess it depends a bit on how the backtraces will be processed.13:27
wgrantapport makes a right mess of Ubuntu bugs.13:28
wgrantDozens of duplicates.13:28
wgrantA separate crash tracker would likely be better.13:28
gouri'm thinking to add a new member to the team, e.g. crash-tracker and then forward all the bug-reports collected automatically to send to LP gpg-signed.13:35
gouris it possible to tag new bug report via email by using 'tag' ?13:40
Hobbseegour: see https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface13:40
gouri'm looking at it, but wonder if i can use 'tag' while reporting new bug?13:41
wgrantYou can.13:41
wgrantI don't think there are any that you can't.13:41
* wgrant checks.13:41
Hobbseei'd think so13:42
wgrantLooks like it.13:42
gourcool, cool13:43
gouranyone familiar with mailman's features...i didn't admin ml for a long time. howto filter all the incoming email with certain subject and move it gpg-signed to LP?13:46
LarstiQgour: I prefer using with_list13:47
LarstiQgour: does require python foo13:47
LarstiQwithlist even13:47
delfickhello everyone. I just noticed that the page that shows all the changes for my project, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~delfick/vigedit/vigedit-additions/changes/37?start_revid=37 shows all the revisions (37), whereas the main page for the project only shows up to rev 35, https://code.launchpad.net/~delfick/vigedit/vigedit-additions. And was wondering why that is? or is it just a matter of waiting a particular amount of time after bzr push13:49
gourLarstiQ: that's mailman's API?13:49
LarstiQgour: basically, see withlist --help on the machine running mailman13:50
gourLarstiQ: thanks13:50
LarstiQgour: I'm the position of being the owner of the machine that I run my lists on, if that is not the case I guess you don't have that option available to you13:50
gourLarstiQ: hmm, the devel list is on savannah13:51
LarstiQdelfick: I believe so.13:51
delfickLarstiQ: k then...13:51
LarstiQgour: then it requires more thought :)13:52
gourhuh, so many complications due to the fact that LP wants gpg-signed email for bug-reports :-/13:52
* LarstiQ goes outside13:52
delfickalso, while I'm here, everytime I do a bzr push it tells me "Format <RepositoryFormatKnit1> for lp-140211244:///~delfick/vigedit/vigedit-additions/.bzr is deprecated - please use 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance" but when I do bzr upgrade it says "bzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format."13:53
delfickwas wondering why ? :)13:54
LarstiQdelfick: which branch are you upgrading, the local or the remote one?14:20
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delfickLarstiQ: given that question, I assume I'm doing the command in the wrong place, I'm not completely sure, but I believe the answer is local15:38
kiko-afkdelfick, ignore that error message, it's an annoyance15:41
kiko-afkmwhudson, jml ^^15:41
LarstiQdelfick: try `bzr upgrade sftp://delfick@bazaar.launchpad.net/~delfick/bigedit/vigedit-additions/15:41
LarstiQor do what kiko says15:41
LarstiQdelfick: you don't _need_ to upgrade it per se15:41
delfickk then15:41
delfickthough as kiko-afk says, it's an annoyance :p15:42
LarstiQand in fact, if you want to collaborate with older clients, maybe you shouldn't15:42
LarstiQdelfick: yeah15:42
delfickwhat you mean by older clients?15:42
LarstiQdelfick: older bazaar clients aren't able to use the newest formats. Everything since 0.92 can use 0.92-packs, but 0.90 and older can't15:43
delfickok then15:43
delfickwill it effect the ability to merge with other branches that may not have upgraded yet?15:44
delfickgood :)15:44
delfickhmm, is it meant to take this long?15:54
delfickahh, yay, it moved past "making backup of tree history" :)15:56
delfickyay, no more error message :)16:08
delfickthnx for the help16:08
delfickI'm off to bed now, cya16:08
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loowhow can I add another affected package to a bug ?19:28
mdkeloow: "Also affects distribution"19:29
mdkeno problem19:30
loowmay I confirm a bug myself ?19:33
loow(in ubuntu) ?19:34
mdkeloow: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#Confirming19:35
mdkeloow: generally, you shouldn't confirm a bug that you yourself have reported19:35
loowokay, that's what I suspected.19:36
patpiiiiis anyone here able to reassign this project? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4401819:45
patpiiiiwe really need this :)19:45
beunopatpiiii, no one around now, but tomorrow we'll have admins around19:47
beunokiko-afk may pass by and look at his computer, if he does, he may be able to do so19:47
patpiiiithanks beuno, so i need to came here tomarrow?19:49
patpiiiikiko-afk: if you can do this then it would be great. Thanks in advance :)19:49
beunopatpiiii, tomorrow you'll have admins looking ar their computers  :)19:49
patpiiiiah, i get it19:52
patpiiiithanks, i will be going now. Thanks for help19:52
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