rsc_hi guys.14:55
thorwilkwwii: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/IntrepidCountdownBanners?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=tw_intrepid_countdown_04_spiral.png19:48
andreasnthorwil: I really like that idea19:53
rsc_wasn't really sure of that myself. when I first saw it, I thought "what were those dots for?" I thought it was clever when I figured it out, though.19:54
pwnguinreminds me of some of the proposed boot loader stuff19:55
rsc_the usplash where the ubuntu logo gets revealed in segments?19:55
pwnguini can't recall. maybe i'm thinking fedora19:55
rsc_(on the note of the countdown banner, I like the hand idea more.)19:56
thorwilthanks, andreasn, rsc_20:21
thorwilrsc_: i've been told that inside canonical, there is a preference for the dots20:21
pwnguini imagine there's some cultural things with counting on hands20:22
thorwili might be too much work to finish both, so i'd rather keep the hands for next time ;)20:22
thorwili know that there a varying techniques around the world. more interesting would be to know whether the western style i'm used to includes what would be offensive gestures somewhere20:29

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