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morningwalkeraryamaan will take time getting started12:44
morningwalkerlets be patient12:44
jribyour friend left12:44
morningwalkerhe is coming12:46
morningwalkerjrib, arya entered12:47
jribhi aryamaangiri, let's talk here12:47
jribaryamaangiri: run 'apt-cache policy openssh-server'.  Then highlight the output with your mouse.  Then visit http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the output in the box by hitting the middle click on your mouse12:48
aryamaangirinow clik paste?12:49
jribput a name and then paste12:50
aryamaangiriname in poster?12:50
jribnow give me the url12:50
aryamaangiridownload as text ?12:50
jribdoes 'ssh localhost' give you an error of some kind or log you in after you enter your password?12:51
aryamaangiriit gives me an error12:52
jribwhat error?12:52
aryamaangiriit just keeps asking for passwrd12:52
jribare you sure you entered the password correctly?  check caps lock, etc12:52
aryamaangiriyeah i entered it proprly12:52
jribit's your user's password12:52
jribwhat does the command 'whoami' return?12:53
jriband you haven't edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config ?12:53
aryamaangirii dont even know wat that is12:54
jribaryamaangiri: can you try 'ssh localhost' one more time and be extra careful with typing in the password?  It should be working...12:54
aryamaangirissh localhost?12:54
aryamaangiriin terminal12:54
jribaryamaangiri: yeah12:54
aryamaangirithis is the ouput12:55
aryamaangiriLinux aryamaan-desktop 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 22:56:21 UTC 2008 i68612:55
aryamaangiriThe programs included with the Ubuntu system are free software;12:55
aryamaangirithe exact distribution terms for each program are described in the12:55
aryamaangiriindividual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.12:55
aryamaangiriUbuntu comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by12:55
aryamaangiriapplicable law.12:55
aryamaangiriTo access official Ubuntu documentation, please visit:12:55
jribgood you just used ssh, congatulations! :)12:55
jribhit ctrl-d to get out of it12:55
aryamaangiriok kool12:55
jribnow the issue lies with your router as morningwalker can't get to your computer12:56
jribyou need to forward port 22 on your router to your machine12:56
jribcheck portforward.com for instructions for your router12:56
jribyou want to setup "ssh server"12:56
jribusually you go to and set it up there, but routers vary, so check portforward.com12:57
aryamaangirii am on portforward.com12:57
aryamaangiriYour external IP address is
jribclick on "common ports"12:58
jribfind ssh12:58
jribthen look for your router12:59
aryamaangirii found ssh12:59
morningwalkerjrib, aryamaan... pune is a developing city in Maharashtra... power shedding has become a solution to avoid certain environmental problems... hence no current... hence GOTTA GO!!!12:59
aryamaangiribut it isn't a link12:59
jribfind the next one12:59
jribbye morningwalker12:59
morningwalkerbye jrib13:00
aryamaangiriok got it13:00
jribthat's a link, click on it13:00
morningwalkerthanks for sparing some time for the aryamaangiri13:00
morningwalkerbye again13:00
aryamaangirii clikd13:00
aryamaangiriit gives a list of routers or sumtin13:00
jribaryamaangiri: is your router on that list?13:00
aryamaangirii have D-Link13:01
aryamaangiriit isn't on the list13:01
jribaryamaangiri: there are close to 50 dlink routers there, choose one with a similar model number and see if the interface is the same on your router13:03
aryamaangiriwhere is it??13:03
jribat the bottom13:04
aryamaangirii got it13:04
aryamaangiriok i found mine13:04
aryamaangirii clikd on it13:04
jribthen you have to read13:04
aryamaangiriok dude13:05
aryamaangirii g2g13:05
aryamaangirithx a lot man13:05
morningwalkeru there?13:11
morningwalkerjrib, what happened with the ssh thing??13:18
jribmorningwalker: I got aryamaangiri to the portforward.com page.  He needs to forward port 22 on his router13:19
jribhe had to go though13:19
morningwalkerexplain it to me13:19
morningwalkeri will get it done for him13:19
jribthe ip you have for him is for his router13:20
jribso when you knock on port 22 on his router, his router needs to forward that to his computer running the ssh server13:20
jribthis is called port forwarding13:20
jribyou set it up throught the browser's interface, usually by going to while you are on the network13:20
jribportforward.com has instructions for many different routers as they all have different interfaces13:21
jribmorningwalker: about to go for a run, do you know what you need to do?13:21
jribmorningwalker: do you have a router?13:23
morningwalkera broadband modem13:23
morningwalkernot a router13:23
morningwalkerOH yes13:23
jribmorningwalker: have you ever used a router?13:23
morningwalkeri remember13:23
morningwalkeri know13:24
jribok, good13:24
morningwalkerhe has a router13:24
morningwalkerHe, has WIFI enabled in his place so a router is necessary.13:24
morningwalkerSo what about a router present there??13:24
jribyou need to configure it to forward port 22 to his computer running the ssh server13:25
morningwalkerso he has to manually configure his router??13:26
morningwalkerhow can he do that??13:26
morningwalkerany idea?13:26
jribvisit on his network and you will see the admin interface13:26
jribthe documentation for his router should also be useful.  But portforward.com has guides as well13:26
morningwalkerhe his to go to in the web address bar13:26
jribyes, usually13:27
morningwalkerand then change configurations??13:27
morningwalkerok cool13:27
jribto forward port 22 to his machine13:27
morningwalkeri understood13:27
morningwalkerdo you live in india, jrib??13:27
morningwalkerjrib, check out my site www.itech7.com13:28
jribno linux? :(13:28
jribnever mind13:29
morningwalkerif u r talking about the site content... its got linux as well13:29
jribah, I see13:30
morningwalkermy friend nilesh runs this site using his pentium 3 500mhx fedora(linux) box...13:30
morningwalkerjrib: you there?13:32
jribmorningwalker: yep, but I'm going to go for a run now13:34
jribbye morningwalker.  Ask #ubuntu if you get stuck13:34
morningwalkerjrib: thanks alot for your help13:34
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Brootuxhi @ all wann gibts hier denn seminare? hab grad davon gehört :)15:06
lagaubuntu developer week ist schon rum, aber es gibt öfters welche. siehe links im topic15:08
lagaund man spricht englisch ;)15:08
Dabbuis anything going here16:05
Dabbuis anything going here16:06
lagais anything going here16:06
jribDabbu, laga: nope, not now16:07
lagajrib: why not?16:07
jriblaga: there's nothing scheduled16:07
lagagood point.16:07
* laga j/k16:07
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