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NCommanderdoko, mind if I ask some glibc questions?00:27
dokojust ask00:28
NCommanderdoko, to configure glibc to go into /lib32, vs /lib, it appears I need to set a few configure flags, but I'm kinda stumped on which ones those might be, and I was hoping you would know00:30
dokohmm, the current glibc package should work fine. afaicr we move things around after the build00:31
NCommanderdoko, I'm not building the package, sourceful build; I'm rebootstrapping the toolchain from scratch using a different set of CFLAGS (-fPIE/-fPIC enabled by default)00:35
dokosorry, don't know this by heart00:36
* NCommander nods00:37
NCommanderYou work more with GCC itself vs. glibc if memory serves00:37
dokoand it's 2am here, so maybe post to the list00:38
NCommanderdoko, you always ack my m68k toolchain patchs in Debian so thank you for that and your assistance ;-)00:38
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ScottKdoko: Still no luck on lpia.  I retried clamav and it failed with the same error and I don't see any successful lpia builds today.  I verified from the build log that gcc-4.3 4.3.2-1ubuntu4 was used.02:35
NCommanderdoko, is there a way I can place the -fPIE flag somewhere will it will only affect compilation and linking against 64-bit (-m64) targets, but not the 32-bit ones in a biarch compiler05:05
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ScottKdoko: Not just lpia either: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17356138/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-ia64.kdelibs_4%3A3.5.10-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz05:27
lukehasnonameso is it known/acceptable that I can't put LVM on top of encryption?07:38
cjwatsonlukehasnoname: known, bug 267048. I think it's also Debian bug 494910 which would make it an easy fix; I'll look at it when I'm more awake07:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267048 in partman-crypto "partman-lvm cannot access luks-crypted newly-created partition" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26704807:54
ubottuDebian bug 494910 in partman-crypto "partman-crypto: No longer allows to manually create LVM on crypto setup" [Serious,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49491007:54
lukehasnonamemk, just wanted to make sure that was a predictable occurance.07:59
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geserdoko: should gcc-4.3 (4.3.2-1ubuntu4) be good again?09:46
ScottKgeser: It's not.14:23
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dokogeser, ScottK: what does 'ls -l /usr/lib/gcc/*' say on your local machine?14:40
geseron my local machine the symlinks are there14:42
dokogeser, ScottK: thanks, sent email to ubuntu-devel. but I suppose we'lll have to wait for infinity or cprov-afk to have a look at the buildds15:11
ScottKdoko: I also see the problem on ia64 and hppa:15:17
ScottKAdditionally, it looks like primero (hppa) is broken in it's own special way as Hardy builds are dying there due to CHROOT problems.15:19
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EagleSni am making a patch for a package, i am using: diff original.source.folder edited.source.folder > patch.diff16:55
EagleSni am using it well?16:55
cjwatsonEagleSn: diff -ru16:59
cjwatson(never use diff without the -u option)16:59
cjwatsonif you created new files, diff -ruN17:00
EagleSn-run == -Nur17:00
cjwatsonincorrect, -n != -N17:00
EagleSnthanks you17:01
EagleSn if i want to build a new binary debian package with my patch applied, i think i have to make debian/patched folder and copy my patch into, then debuild will apply my patch automatically, am i right?17:12
ion_pitti, tkamppeter: Rebased the CUPS patch again.17:13
cjwatsonif there isn't a debian/patches directory already, you should just apply the patch rather than adding a patch system17:13
EagleSncjwatson than my patch wont be in the sources17:16
ion_pitti: Btw, using ${vcs}-buildpackage or equivalent would entirely remove the possibility of local changes sneaking into diff.gz. :-)17:30
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ftasince 2.6.27, top and ps are acting strangely... http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/top.gif18:55
fta(look at %cpu)18:55
cjwatsonEagleSn: what makes you say your patch won't be in the source if you just apply it directly?19:27
cjwatsonEagleSn: (obviously if there already is a debian/patches/ directory then it's usually best to add the patch there.)19:27
EagleSnthen i apply my patch directly to sources19:32
EagleSnpatch -p1 routr/to/my/patch19:32
EagleSni will submit my patch in Launchpad, then i want to make it correctly19:32
cjwatsonEagleSn: you should follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff, then19:34
EagleSni already have read it19:35
EagleSnbut the patches i usually see in surces are not debdiff, they are diff or patch extension19:36
cjwatsonit's the same format19:36
cjwatsonyou can apply any of them with patch19:37
cjwatsonthe debdiff program just ensures some basic level of consistency in how the patch is created, and so is preferred for patches submitted as Ubuntu bug reports19:37
EagleSngpg gives me error at singing, it is as my passphrase was incorrect19:56
EagleSnis any way to see my passphare for gpg? i dont use it since much time ago, may be i am typing it wrongly19:57
jpdsNo, when you lose a passphrase, the key is useless.19:57
EagleSnany quickly way to gpg ask me for password and can try multiple?19:58
jpdsThe option: "--passphrase-repeat N" might help.19:59
jpdsNo, that's a gpg option.20:00
EagleSn--passphrase-repeat N must be typed in debuild command?20:02
jpdsForget it, I just remembered that option is used when creating keys.20:02
EagleSni ma lamost sure that i am typing well the pasphrase20:03
EagleSni have imported today my gpg key, may be i imported it bad20:03
EagleSni have 4 files: my-private.key; my-public.key; mykey-ASCII.asc and revoke-mykey.asc20:05
EagleSni also printed my key in ASCII in paper20:06
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EagleSni did gpg --import my-public.key20:15
EagleSngpg --import my-private.key20:15
EagleSnwas it enought for restoring my key?20:15
EagleSnis it possible that gpg is working bas in Intrepid?20:21
EagleSnworking bad *20:22
cjwatsonI've not heard any complaints from developers who use it all the time20:22
cjwatsoncheck gpg --list-secret-keys output to make sure it imported your secret key to the right place20:22
EagleSnright place?20:23
cjwatsongpg maintains two different keyrings, one for public keys and one for secret keys20:23
cjwatsongpg --list-secret-keys will show the contents of the secret keyring20:23
EagleSni ma sure that i am entering well my passphrase, i have done an experiment to know it, and gpg fails20:24
cjwatsonwhy do you care about the signature anyway?20:24
cjwatsonif you're just going to produce a debdiff, it doesn't matter if the signing step fails20:25
EagleSni think it is important20:25
cjwatsonthat only matters if you have upload privileges and are going to upload it to an archive20:25
EagleSnokay, but i would like to discover what is happening with my sign20:26
cjwatsonwhat is the error message from gpg?20:26
EagleSnit is in Spanish20:26
cjwatson'LC_ALL=C debsign'20:26
EagleSni think there is a coomand to all output in console to be in English20:27
cjwatsonexport LC_ALL=C20:27
EagleSnthat only affects to this terminal session?20:28
cjwatson(this is quite basic; you might want to go elsewhere for general Unix help)20:28
EagleSnwhen it ask me for pass, if i put it wrong intentionally, it warn me about it is incorrect, and ask for me again until 3 times20:30
cjwatsonif gpg is literally saying that your passphrase is wrong, then there are two possibilities: (1) you have another secret key with that UID etc., and gpg is using that rather than the one you expected (you can force it with 'debsign -kKEYID'), or (2) your passphrase is wrong20:30
EagleSnyes, but if i put the pass correctly, it do not tell me that it is incorrect, directtly gives me an error20:31
Mithrandiryou can set it permanently in ~/.devscripts by having DEBSIGN_KEYID=$yourkeyid there.20:31
Mithrandiryou need to provide us with the error if we're going to help you debug it.20:32
EagleSnyes, now20:32
EagleSnnow it is asking for pass, ok i am going to put it correctly20:32
EagleSnlook http://paste.ubuntu.com/44299/20:34
EagleSngpg: problem with the agent - disabling agent use20:37
EagleSnthat appears before i type passphrase20:37
cjwatsoncomment out use-agent in ~/.gnupg/options; or else (if you're intending to use an agent) configure the agent to keep your key for some reasonable amount of time, and prime it in advance by signing some random bit of text20:39
cjwatson(I use http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/tmp/gpg-refresh-cache for the latter purpose)20:39
EagleSni dont understand nothing lol20:40
EagleSnreading the link20:40
cjwatsonif you have no idea what I'm talking about, then make sure use-agent is not set in ~/.gnupg/options20:40
cjwatsonand if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then gpg-refresh-cache is unlikely to be of any use to you20:41
EagleSnok, what is agent than, wehere can i read some ?20:42
cjwatsonoh, meh, we use an agent by default now, that's a bit annoying20:42
cjwatsonEagleSn: I suggest just putting 'no-use-agent' at the end of ~/.gnupg/options (create that file if it doesn't already exist)20:43
EagleSnthere is not options file in ./gnupg20:43
cjwatsonas I just said, "create that file if it doesn't already exist"20:43
EagleSnoptions file does need any header?20:44
EagleSni did it20:44
EagleSntry debuild again?20:45
cjwatsonplease, this is a developer channel and we expect people to try things for themselves :)20:46
EagleSni am doing it..20:46
EagleSnexactly tha samep roblem is happening20:47
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EagleScreencjwatson it seems that ./gnupg file is being ignored, see the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44322/21:33
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cjwatsonEagleScreen: oh, I suppose it's ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf now22:07
EagleScreenyes, i already did it22:09
EagleScreenthere are no problem now22:09
EagleScreenthansk for your atention22:09
EagleScreeni think in Debian Agent is not used by default, may be by that i hadn't problems with this before, this is the first time I use debuild in an Ubuntu system22:10
EagleScreenwhere can i leanr the utility of gpg Agent?22:24
doggymenzlook, i have good idea for ubuntu to make it better22:33
EagleScreendoggymenz are you serious?22:49
doggymenzyou can choose color of volume partition, so you can have pink for porno, or maybe other color for something22:49
EagleScreeni think your idea is to can custom icon of disk drives?22:50
EagleScreenreport it to Launchpad and also in bugzilla22:50
doggymenzi request 10000 packages on launchpad, but nobody make them23:07
Ampelbeinhi there. i just tried uploading a source-package to my ppa but the build failed with the error "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables". Is there something broken with my package or with the buildsystem?23:49

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