technomenschis allen in here?01:10
mdkemorning all11:22
mdketechnomensch: I think Allan is right about the link text in the Basics section of the WikiGuide draft, I'm going to adopt his text and move the draft to the real page now11:23
mdketechnomensch: thanks for your work on it11:23
technomenschmorning mdke11:33
technomenschI just got up.  looks like I forgot to log out.11:33
technomenschI was just responding to him with my comments11:33
technomenschand I just forwarded you a copy of my response to him11:34
mdketechnomensch: if you've sent it to the list I will get it already11:38
technomenschI think I sent it to just you.11:39
technomenschbut it was good to see the proper way to do the update11:40
technomenscha good example and I will keep that in mind as I continue to improve the home page, if there is no objections, but I will move future changes to a "Drafts" version of it instead.11:41
mdketechnomensch: cool. A basic guideline is that if you are making major changes to something like the front page of the wiki, or a high visibility page, or the WikiGuide, to make the proposal first on the mailing list with an explanation. Using a Draft page works great11:42
technomensch::nod:: understood. thanks.11:44
technomenschhave you gotten a chance to look at what I did so far with that page?11:44
technomenschit's about 645am here on the east coast11:44
mdkeno, not yet. It's late here but I have a busy day unfortunately. Maybe this evening11:45
mdkegtg now, see you later on11:46
technomenschanyone know how to set up a redirect from wiki.ubuntu.com page to a help.ubuntu.com article?11:58
mdketechnomensch: instructions should be on wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryDocumentation12:18
technomenschyea, found them before you siad it, thanks12:21
technomenschafternoon all21:48

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