elkbuntuwho handles the locobots these days? the new singapore team would love one in their channel - #ubuntu-sg03:58
naliothelkbuntu: seems lately, the teams have been "rolling their own"04:02
Myrttino men jag måste kommentera att när jag kanske inte antar att förbjuda alla svärord, känns det lite främmande at nästan varannan ord i -se är svärord08:15
ockonalCan u help me with ati-drivers install?08:45
MyrttiUbuntu support is at #ubuntu08:49
Myrttiyou're welcome to ask your questions there08:50
ockonalok, thanks ;)08:50
cycloudyangand does anyone know where i can get the current murrine engine?11:39
cycloudyangi can not get it through svn in a terminal due to my ISP.11:40
cycloudyangor is there a great site providing the .deb?11:40
erUSULcycloudyang: help in #ubuntu this channel is for operators of ubuntu related channels11:40
erUSULcycloudyang: "/j #ubuntu" and ask there please11:41
cycloudyangoh, sorry for my mistake~11:41
cycloudyangi just know how to log in irc11:41
cycloudyangthanks all the same11:41
erUSULcycloudyang: no problem :)11:42
Zicthe IrcTeam on Launchpad is about International Ubuntu IRC Operator, or about Operator of #ubuntu channel ?11:44
erUSULZic: the later faik11:46
Myrttihm, both I think11:48
Myrttiif you're talking strictly about the launchpad team11:48
* erUSUL goes to join IrcTeam in launchpad11:51
Zicit's what I want to know about this team on launchpad :)11:52
Myrttiwhaddaya want to know?12:02
Zicif this launchpad team was for International operators, or just for #ubuntu and affiliated channels12:08
Zicto subscribe myself… or not :)12:08
MyrttiI still don't understand what you want to know12:09
Myrttiif it is for international operators - would you subscribe?12:09
Myrttiif it's for #ubuntu only - would you subscribe?12:10
Zicif it's for international operators, I should subscribe12:12
Zicif it's for #ubuntu only, I'm not concerned12:12
MyrttiZic: I don't see why you shouldn't subscribe to it13:03
ZicMyrtti: ok, thanks ;)13:33
doilgheasi'm from the german community for kubuntu (kubuntu-de.org) we have two users for the irc chan configuration, the old one "kubuntu-deIRC" and the new one "kubuntu-de"(which i had registered today) is it possible to drop both that we can use the old one again, cuz we miss the password :( and would it be possible to drop the chan #kubine, the owner is the old user. a collegue of mine told me he wants to have the user kubuntu-deIRC for the16:02
doilgheaschan configuration so we dont need the new one (kubuntu-de) any longer. thx a lot16:02
yell0wbazhang: so how would i go about solving the issue ?16:30
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PriceChildYay fun for me today it seems.16:50
PriceChildyell0w: one mo, let me look into it16:52
PriceChildyell0w: you are the only one in -vn?16:52
PriceChilddoilgheas: check the email address used when registering kubuntu-de16:53
PriceChildyell0w: can you point me to any info about ubuntu-vn?16:55
yell0wPriceChild: i'm sorry ?16:56
yell0w2008-0907_09:37 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Information on #ubuntu-vn:16:56
yell0w2008-0907_09:37 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Founder    : BuiSyPhong16:56
yell0w2008-0907_09:37 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Registered : Apr 02 02:08:05 2006 (2 years, 22 weeks, 5 days, 12:29:04 ago)16:56
yell0w2008-0907_09:37 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Last used  : Apr 02 02:08:05 2006 (2 years, 22 weeks, 5 days, 12:29:04 ago)16:56
PriceChildyell0w: That channel is reserved for the Ubuntu Viet Nam LoCo team. Does this team exist?16:57
yell0was far as i know, nope16:58
yell0wi am a vietnamese but i am not in vietnam16:58
yell0wi just want to help out since i'm on irc on freenode all the time16:58
PriceChildI would rather we gave that channel to someone from the Ubuntu-vn LoCo group than someone who isn't.16:59
yell0wi can't become one of the group can i ?16:59
yell0wsince i'm not physically there ?17:00
PriceChildWell then i think it will be pretty hard for you to participate in the -vn LoCo, which begs the question as to why you should run their channel.17:00
yell0woh because there are nobody present17:01
yell0was far as i know i'm the only vietnamese kid on here running ubuntu17:01
PriceChildThat channel is not for vietnamese kids. It is for the ubuntu-vn LoCo team.17:02
yell0wi understand that PriceChild17:03
yell0wi am just asking since i just want to help out17:03
PriceChildi think there are better ways to help out with a LoCo team than asking for ops.17:04
MyrttiWhere are you then if not in Vietnam?17:04
yell0wi just need to be able to set the topic17:04
PiciWhy do you need to set the topic?17:04
yell0wus Myrtti17:04
MyrttiOut of curiosity asking17:04
MyrttiOh ok17:04
yell0wPici: because one of them would come in, ask a question, and if i'm not there will just quit17:05
yell0wi don't think they're used to the idea of , ask and wait17:06
yell0wthat's pretty much the topic i want to set17:07
Zicmaybe just set the channel mode to -t17:07
Zicwithout op access17:07
Zics/without op access/let you change the topic without op access/17:08
yell0wthat'd work17:09
yell0wbut i don't have op so i can't change channel mode17:10
Myrttinalioth: ^18:44
naliothMyrtti: noted18:57
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filo1234hi guys23:18
filo1234guys someone have open an unofficial #ubuntu-it-bar23:19
filo1234we want close that23:20
filo1234how we can doit?23:20
erUSULnalioth: PriceChild ^^^^  ??23:22
naliothfilo1234: sure23:23
filo1234nalioth: how?23:24
filo1234nalioth: here there is only official chan in accord with freenode http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/GruppoIrc/Canali23:24
naliothfilo1234: seems to be taken care of23:27
filo1234nalioth: sorry i don't nderstand23:30
filo1234nalioth: can you thinking you for close it?23:32
filo1234nalioth: thanks23:36
filo1234i have see :)23:38
naliothSi è chiusa.23:38
filo1234nalioth: lol speak me in italian too?? :)23:38
naliothfilo1234: google translate23:39
filo1234ahhaa  so ok23:39
naliothGoogle traduce23:40
filo1234nalioth: non sempre bene lol23:41
filo1234nalioth: doesn't trnslate good sometimes :)23:42

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