CarlFKelements: I did that for a few weeks because the intrepid kernel had support for my wifi - worked fine 00:33
CarlFKfinally I just installed intrepid 00:33
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Syco54645_AAOhello, i am having trouble compiling the intrepid git of the kernel.  it is giving me an error that i have pasted here: http://pastebin.ca/1196487  does anyone have any ideas?16:45
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CarlFKSyco54645_AAO: did you see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild16:49
Syco54645_AAOCarlFK: i believe so, let me look at it.16:49
Syco54645_AAOon step 8 i did not use CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=N, but the rest of it i used16:51
Syco54645_AAOand it did not work16:51
Syco54645_AAOthe .config file that i am using is from
CarlFKyou did #5 make oldconfig ?16:52
Syco54645_AAOyes i did all of the steps up till 816:54
CarlFKwell, try 8 with the CON thing16:54
Syco54645_AAOisnt that just to help with compiling though, to speed it up.  that line would say not to use any16:55
Syco54645_AAOi believe16:55
CarlFKgood point 16:56
CarlFKiv compiled kernals, but no expert 16:56
Syco54645_AAOwell we shall see wat happens16:57
Syco54645_AAOit is odd that it would fail like that though16:57
Syco54645_AAOwell that didnt even start to compile16:58
CarlFKyou might want to try the .27-3 kernel source deb - which might be different 16:58
CarlFKthat's oss16:58
Syco54645_AAOi may grab the src deb16:59
Syco54645_AAOsee waht that will do16:59
Syco54645_AAOwell thanks for trying to help17:03
Syco54645_AAOtalking to another one of the kernel team for the aspire one to see what they got17:03
CarlFKgood luck - sorry i wasn't much help :)17:04
Syco54645_AAOlooks like we will need the luck, he is having an issue as well17:05
oussema-harbihi everyone17:40
oussema-harbii ve compiled the linux kernel from 2.6 sources ,but i cant get it to work17:41
oussema-harbiit loads everything ,but when mounting the rootfs ,it doesnt recognize the partition17:41
oussema-harbidoes anyone have any idea about what am i doing wrong ?17:42
CarlFKrecognize ?17:46
CarlFKcan you post your kernel/initrd files somewhere I can try them?17:47
oussema-harbiinfact i didnt make an intrd 17:51
oussema-harbicould that be the fault ?17:51
oussema-harbibecause i think mouting the rootfs is done before loading initrd in ram ,no ?17:52
oussema-harbithey are on http://radestn.homelinux.org/files/17:55
oussema-harbisoory they are on http://radestn.homelinux.org/drupal/files/17:56
oussema-harbiso Carl ?17:57
CarlFKum... shouldn't i see vmlunux and initrd.gz ?18:03
oussema-harbiisnt lfskernel. ... the equivalent for vmlinux18:04
oussema-harbiand for the intrd.gz ,i said i didnt update the initramfs18:04
oussema-harbimay be that's the error18:04
CarlFKput up what you are using 18:05
oussema-harbiwell now am using windows -the new grub couldn't load the old ubuntu either ,but i can see the files from windows18:07
oussema-harbii ll uppload the old ones -the workling ones18:07
CarlFKwhere working = doesnt recognize the partition, right?18:07
oussema-harbihere is the situation :18:09
oussema-harbii have a ubuntu hardy that works fine18:09
oussema-harbii tried to compile the kernel on a different partition ,and i updated the grub18:09
oussema-harbiwhen rebboted ,the kernel cant mount the partition of the new rootfs -where i put the new kernel18:10
oussema-harbiand even when i make grub >find /boot/grub/stage118:10
oussema-harbii get (hd0,1) ==> the working ubuntu18:11
oussema-harbiand (hd0,2) ==> here i put the new kernel ,with a new filesystem18:11
oussema-harbiso i make root(hd0,1) ,i wanted to recover the old one18:11
oussema-harbiand i did : grub>kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.26.24-generic root=/dev/sda2 ro single18:12
oussema-harbibut it says /dev/sda2 unrecognized18:12
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oussema-harbiNB: i did grub> setup  after doing (<grub>root(hd0,1) )18:13
oussema-harbido you get the situation ?18:13
CarlFKnot exactly - what happened to initrd.gz ?18:14
CarlFKsomething like initrd.img-2.6.24-19-generic18:14
oussema-harbii have initrd.img on / -on the working system root 18:15
oussema-harbiyes i have initrd.img-2.6.2418:15
oussema-harbiyes i have initrd.img-2.6.24-generic18:15
CarlFKare you using it?18:16
oussema-harbiam checking18:16
oussema-harbihere is my menu.lst18:16
oussema-harbi#Begin /boot/grub/menu.lst18:16
oussema-harbi#By default boot the first menu entry18:16
oussema-harbidefault 018:16
oussema-harbi#Allow 30 seconds before booting the default18:16
oussema-harbitimeout 3018:16
oussema-harbiUse prettier colors18:16
oussema-harbicolor green/black light-green/black18:16
oussema-harbi#The first entry is for LFS18:17
oussema-harbititle LFS 6.318:17
oussema-harbiroot (hd0,2)18:17
CarlFKmake 18:17
oussema-harbikernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/sda318:17
oussema-harbi#The original Working system for backup18:17
oussema-harbititle Ubuntu Hardy18:17
oussema-harbiroot (hd0,1)18:17
oussema-harbikernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic 18:17
oussema-harbiroot=UUID=dd3c2ea0-b194-4e4e-b4c1-3f4a1dec9a33 ro quiet splash18:17
oussema-harbiinitrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.24-19-generic18:17
oussema-harbi# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux 18:17
CarlFKclsoe the chat window 18:17
oussema-harbi# on /dev/sda118:17
oussema-harbititle           Windows Vista/Longhorn (loader)18:17
oussema-harbiroot            (hd0,0)18:17
oussema-harbichainloader     +118:17
oussema-harbistop what ?18:17
oussema-harbiwhy ?18:17
oussema-harbiam i flooding ?18:17
oussema-harbiok 18:17
CarlFKoh boy.18:18
oussema-harbiis it ok ,now ?18:18
CarlFKyeah - use a paste bin 18:18
oussema-harbii dont know how to do it18:18
oussema-harbii ll put it on the address i gave you18:18
CarlFKhit that, paste, hit "Paste it", cut/paste the resuling url here18:19
oussema-harbii tried replacing root=UUID=dd3c2ea0-b194-4e4e-b4c1-3f4a1dec9a3 with root=/dev/sda2 ,but didnt work18:20
CarlFKyou probably need a initrd, unless you complied in the fs drivers 18:20
oussema-harbiin that case why i sdint work with ubuntu too ?18:21
oussema-harbii tried loading the second option (working ubuntu ..) but the kernel says unable to find device /dev/sda218:22
oussema-harbii upload the old working kernel and initrd18:26
CarlFKput those 2 files on your site18:26
CarlFKgood :)18:26
oussema-harbido you want the old device map?18:26
oussema-harbiit's there too18:27
oussema-harbiok now18:29
oussema-harbiare you trying to boot from those files ?18:33
CarlFKhttp://dev.personnelware.com/carl/a/qemu1.png 18:33
CarlFKthats what I get with lfskernel-
oussema-harbiyes except the block is(0,0)18:34
CarlFKoh right - i forgot  root=/dev/sda3 - jsut to be sure ill try that 18:35
CarlFKalthough it is pretty clear you need the fs drivers18:35
oussema-harbido you know what 's that EDD error ?18:35
oussema-harbiwait ill google on it18:35
CarlFKyou get nothing after "available partitions: " right? 18:37
oussema-harbii got nothing18:37
CarlFKyeah - thats cuz you don't have any drivers - which are typically in initrd 18:38
oussema-harbiok i ll update initramfs and try again 18:40
CarlFKinitrd is a ram disk that the kernel knows how to read - the drivers could also be included in the kernel, but that makes it bigger and stuff (exactly why initrd is used gets complicated.)18:40
CarlFKalso, you can use qemu to test 18:40
oussema-harbii guess intirrd is a minimal ramfs ,that the kernel uses to load and mount the original one18:40
oussema-harbiam i right ?18:40
oussema-harbiam on windows right now*i just have virtualbox18:41
oussema-harbii ll boot on grub18:41
oussema-harbiand try to recover the old one18:41
CarlFKjuser@dhcp85:~/a/radestn$ qemu -kernel vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic -initrd initrd.img-2.6.24-19-generic hda.qcow2 18:41
oussema-harbiand then chroot and update initramfs18:41
CarlFKlittle easier than having to get the files in/out of the VM disk 18:42
CarlFKi think virtualbox might be based on qemu, so you may already have qemu 18:42
oussema-harbivirtualbox is not done with qt18:43
oussema-harbiso they are not really the same18:43
oussema-harbianyway ,i ll reboot18:43
oussema-harbiand try to recover18:43
oussema-harbiThank you very much for your help :-)18:43
oussema-harbihave a good day / nice dreams :-)18:43
CarlFKgood luck 18:44
oussema-harbiThank you :-)18:44
_rubenhmm .. cant seem to find any more indepth info on how to build source package for use with module-assistant, other than /usr/share/doc/module-assistant/HOWTO-DEVEL.gz18:49

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