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nellerywhat is the intrepid deb-src line?00:15
nelleryfor getting the most up to date source's00:15
NCommandergeser, what was the package you had FTBFS issues on?00:23
xxx__it is possible to ask some questions about system-developing there ?02:09
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cody-somervillewhere is there?02:10
_ironit means in this chatroom02:11
_ironcause i wrote a daemon process in c02:12
_ironand this daemon could also useful for ubuntu02:12
ZirodayI have built some packages using pbuilder, how do I test them? (and sorry if its a stupid question)04:06
crimsunZiroday: install them in a target chroot04:08
Zirodaycrimsun: guide?04:08
Zirodayor some pointers?04:16
crimsunZiroday: do you keep a separate target chroot around?04:18
crimsunZiroday: you may also wish to look at the pbuilder hooks to install the built deb04:19
Zirodaycrimsun: not sure what that is, am reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto now04:19
Zirodayhmm I see alot of .debs in /var/cache/pbuilder/result do I just install them?04:20
crimsunZiroday: you can create a separate target chroot for testing, or you can use pbuilder's.  With regards to the debs you create, if you wish to install them into the target chroot, you could, but you'll probably find /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/B91dpkg-i and /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/B92test-pkg useful as starting points.04:27
Zirodaycrimsun: thanks a load04:28
* Ziroday goes off to read04:28
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ApOgEE-hi all06:05
ApOgEE-I'm trying to package a program... can anyone here mentor me?06:06
jscinozHi guys06:55
jscinozis REVU having issue lately?06:55
ApOgEE-greetings ubuntu motu08:52
geserNCommander: it's freeradius, I wanted to sync the last package from Debian (the current package in Ubuntu shows the same problem)09:09
NCommandergeser, link to build log?09:10
geserNCommander: one moment, didn't save one09:10
geserit fails because freeradius checks if it got linked with libssl (which is the case in Ubuntu)09:11
NCommanderDoes it FTBFS on Debian as well?09:11
geserno, because there it doesn't get linked with openssl09:12
NCommanderbut why does it get linked with openssl on Ubuntu, it has the same license issue09:13
geserthe problems seems to be that libtool makes from "-lsnmp" in Debian "/usr/lib/libsnmp.so" while in Ubuntu "/usr/lib/libsnmp.so -lcrypto"09:13
NCommanderI assume we don't want SSL, right?09:15
NCommandergeser, link to Debian dsc?09:15
NCommander(is it a merge, or a sync)09:15
geserNCommander: sync (if it doesn't need new changes), http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/f/freeradius/freeradius_2.0.4+dfsg-5.dsc09:16
NCommandersounds like fun09:17
geserNCommander: log online: http://www.bienia.de/tmp/freeradius.log09:21
geserNCommander: search for "-o radiusd " in both logs to find the place where I assume the problem09:25
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NCommandergeser, I'm building it on now09:47
NCommandergeser, builds fine here09:50
NCommanderlet me retry in pbuilder09:50
NCommanderIt apepars its not properly obeying the "without-openssl" flag09:59
geserso you could reproduce it?10:00
geserany idea why?10:01
NCommandernot a clue10:01
NCommanderUnless the test itself is screwy10:02
geseryour first (successful) build was also with dash? or was it with bash?10:02
NCommanderNo, I was wrong about it being successful10:02
NCommanderI didn't catch the "links with openssl"10:03
NCommanderIt might be an over zealous libtool10:04
geserI experimented inside my pbuilder and removing /usr/lib/libsnmp.la seemed to help10:04
geserbut when I compared /usr/lib/libsnmp.la from Debian and Ubuntu they looked identical10:05
NCommanderit looks like one of freeradius depends links against openssl10:05
NCommander# Libraries that this one depends upon.10:05
NCommanderdependency_libs=' -lcrypto'10:05
NCommanderSo snmp links against openssl10:05
NCommandergeser, http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libsnmp15 - yup10:06
NCommanderThat's a rather ugly licensing situation10:07
geserNCommander: http://packages.debian.org/sid/libsnmp15 too10:08
NCommanderAre you sure freeradius is available on all arcihtectures in Debian?10:08
geseryes http://packages.debian.org/sid/freeradius10:09
geserand I also compared the Debian build log with mine10:09
NCommanderI see a potential license violation on libsnmp10:09
NCommanderlibsnmp doesn't have the openssl notices10:10
NCommandergeser, http://www.openssl.org/source/license.html10:11
gesernet-snmp has a BSD license10:13
geserNCommander: do you know if indirect linking to openssl is also a problem?10:31
NCommandergeser, I'd assume so10:32
NCommandergeser, doesn't matter, openssl has an adversing clause10:32
up_the_ironsOn a dapper box, I can get a package called 'rageircd', but on my new hardy box, I can't find it w/ apt-cache search.  I have "main restricted universe multiverse" in my sources.list, which should get me about everything10:32
up_the_ironsanyone know if this package was removed for some reason?10:33
geserNCommander: so what do you propose? file a bug in Debian?10:33
Flannelup_the_irons: homepage doesn't seem to exist. http://rageircd.sourceforge.net/  redirects to a dead link10:34
geserNCommander: freeradius has also some plugins like for postgres which links also against openssl10:34
up_the_ironsFlannel: hrm10:34
NCommandergeser, OpenSSL is rather ugly. I don't remember the adversing clause before, doesn't it make it non DFSG does it10:34
up_the_ironsFlannel: in dapper, it was in 'universe'.  I guess i'll just take the .deb from source and port it10:35
DktrKranzup_the_irons, debian 39534510:35
ubottuDebian bug 395345 in ftp.debian.org "ftp.debian.org: please remove rageircd from unstable" [Wishlist,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/39534510:35
up_the_ironsDktrKranz: ah thanks10:36
DktrKranzup_the_irons, it hasn't removed completely, but since it was dropped from unstable, Ubuntu removed it as well10:37
NCommanderDktrKranz, you know something about licenses, right?10:37
NCommanderDktrKranz, and when can we work on the GNAT license10:38
NCommanderer, transition10:38
DktrKranzNCommander, just basic stuff10:38
geserNCommander: debian/copyright for openssl looks like the license text on openssl.org10:38
DktrKranzNCommander, is it too early for you if we discuss about it about 14 UTC?10:40
NCommanderDktrKranz, I feel the adversing clause was a reason a license isn't DFSG compabiable10:40
NCommanderDktrKranz, nope10:40
DktrKranzNCommander, ok then... I'll be back when F1 grand-prix will be over10:40
* DktrKranz doesn't know Ferrari placed... looking now10:40
up_the_ironsDktrKranz: so is there an 'experimental' distribution i should add to sources.list10:41
DktrKranzup_the_irons, not for Ubuntu. You can grab sources from here (http://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/rageircd) and build it yourself with pbuilder/PPA10:43
up_the_ironsDktrKranz: gotcha, thanks10:43
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Aron__is there anyone here?11:08
Aron__anyone here?11:12
Aron__the clamav package in ubuntu hardy source is too old,the latest version is 0.94,but it in the source is version 0.9211:14
Aron__while using the clamav ,the program always tell me that : your software is out of date11:14
lagaAron__: i think scottk is the clamav maintainer for ubuntu11:16
Aron__is that means I should talk to him and he could solve the problem?11:17
Aron__laga: thank you11:19
nedkocan cdbs to run autogen.sh?11:53
jscinozhttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=google-gadgets yay it broke again11:56
jscinozwhy does this keep happening? revu breaks every time i upload a new version of my package.11:56
RainCTjscinoz: Fixed. It seems like you uploaded a .diff.gz and a .diff instead of .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz, and because of that the source can't be unpacked.13:17
jscinozRainCT, >_< even then it shouldnt epic fail like that and show the user a backtrace ;P13:18
RainCTyeah, that's fixed now13:19
lagahow did you manage to upload a .diff?13:21
jscinozi don't know...13:24
jscinozjust did debuild -S, then dput revu ../pathtodsc13:24
taconehello. what's the policy for placing a .cfg file in /etc, any link ? also will any file I put in /etc be reverted to default on a dpkg-reconfigure <packagename> ?13:25
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Adri2000does anyone know how useful is the .bzrignore file in ubuntu-dev-tools? looks like it isn't at all14:50
jpdsAdri2000: Yep, good point.14:51
Adri2000ok, so I'll just remove it14:52
jpdsAdri2000: Might have something to do with python-distutils.mk tho.14:53
jpdsRainCT: ^15:03
Adri2000well, I just tried building a (source) package with bzr-builddeb, that doesn't create any pycompat file15:04
Adri2000bzr log says .bzrignore was added by kees when releasing 0.28, but there is nothing about it either in the bzr commit message or in the debian changelog15:10
Adri2000committed and pushed15:21
ScottKGCC broken.  See http://tinyurl.com/6jjs2k for details.| https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Feature Freeze:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | QA targets available from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com | TODAY - Steady on: We're in Feature Freeze! | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, September 5th 20:00 UTC15:21
=== ScottK changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: GCC broken. See http://tinyurl.com/6jjs2k for details.| https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Feature Freeze: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | QA targets available from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com | TODAY - Steady on: We're in Feature Freeze! | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, September 5th 20:00 UTC
nhandlerScottK: As long as you are updating the topic, shouldn't the date of the next MOTU meeting be updated?15:32
ScottK-laptopnhandler: Go for it.15:34
ScottK-laptopnhandler: I was just worried about getting the info out on the gcc problem.15:35
nhandlerScottK-laptop: I didn't realize that topic protection was not enabled. I'll change the topic in a minute.15:35
mok0Any news on the gcc bug?16:14
ScottKJust what's in /topic16:16
=== nhandler changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: GCC broken. See http://tinyurl.com/6jjs2k for details.| https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Feature Freeze: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | QA targets available from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com | TODAY - Steady on: We're in Feature Freeze! | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, September 19th 04:00 UTC
dako3256I was reading the packaging guide and was wondering if the 'chroot' option for basic packaging would be a good way to go for a new person such as myself.16:21
mok0dako3256: absolutely16:30
mok0dako3256: You should install pbuilder16:30
dako3256I was going to ask about that16:30
dako3256Will it allow me to use Hardy?16:31
mok0dako3256: any distro you want16:31
dako3256Is there a simple package that I can start with?16:33
dako3256Or should I follow the guide?16:33
mok0dako3256: you mean a package to build in your new pbuilder?16:33
mok0dako3256: pick your favourite one...16:34
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dako3256Where would I go to download the package, or how would I know what the package name is?16:49
azeemwhich package?16:50
dako3256Say I wanted to get the Pidgin package16:50
azeemI still don't understand the question16:52
mok0dako3256: apt-get source pidgin16:52
dako3256OK. Thats what I was trying to get across. Sorry if these questions are kinda vague16:54
mok0dako3256:  another way is to find the URI of a .dsc file somewhere (f.ex.) packages.ubuntu.com, then use dget -x http://.... .dsc16:55
EagleSn i am making a patch for a package, i am using: diff original.source.folder edited.source.folder > patch.diff16:56
EagleSnam i using it well?16:56
mok0EagleSn: you may want to use debdiff16:56
EagleSnis there anu argument missing?16:56
taconeEagleSn: usually -Nur is used16:56
mok0EagleSn: diff -uNr16:56
taconeNur looks better than uNr >:-(16:57
EagleSnpreviously i remember i used diff and not debdif, what is he difference?16:57
mok0-urN :-P16:57
taconeEagleSn: one thing you could do is to look the contents of patch.diff and check if it contains what it should.16:58
mok0EagleSn: debdiff operates on .dsc files16:58
EagleSnthen i think i need diff16:58
taconeEagleSn: diff is fine.16:58
mok0EagleSn: and creates the diffs between the two source packages16:58
EagleSni initially used diff without arguments, and the patch.diff has not enought information16:59
mok0EagleSn: right16:59
taconeEagleSn: try with -Nur16:59
EagleSnokay, trying now16:59
EagleSnyes, now the patch seems to be complete17:01
dako3256Would you recommend that I use the '--variant=buildd' option?17:01
EagleSnand that is for..??17:02
dako3256chroot enviroment17:02
EagleSni am using pbuild17:02
EagleSni didnt typed that when i created chroot enviroment17:03
EagleSnis it important?17:03
stefanlsdCould anyone help me with some questions about doing an SRU into hardy.17:04
dako3256The howto just notes that is more closely mimics the environment of the official build machine.17:04
dako3256for the base tarball17:05
EagleSnyes, i have read it, but i didnt understand well what that means17:05
dako3256me  either thats why I asked17:05
mok0dako3256: I didn't use the buildd variant17:05
EagleSni am trying to patch sun-java617:07
EagleSnthere arent any patch yet, there isn't debian/patches folder17:07
mok0dako3256: see man debootstrap and find the --variant option17:08
dako3256I tired to install devscripts but got an error the package cant be found17:10
EagleSnif i want to build a new binary debian package with my patch applied, i think i have to make debian/patched folder and copy my patch into, then debuild will apply my patch automatically, am i right?17:11
dako3256nevermind typo17:12
mok0EagleSn: yes, but you need to do something in debian/rules17:15
EagleSnyes, update changelog and sing it17:16
mok0EagleSn: are you using CDBS?17:17
EagleSni use dch -i to increment the changelog17:17
mok0EagleSn: I am talking about debian/rules17:18
EagleSni dont know what CDBS is17:18
mok0EagleSn: It's a macro system that makes the rules file very small17:19
mok0If not, you need to use quilt or dpatch, and that means defining some new targets in debian/rules17:20
mok0EagleSn: does the package already use a patch system?17:21
EagleSntha package ha not any patch17:46
mok1Then it's probably not worth adding one17:47
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Laneyapachelogger: I hit another build failure after fixing the patch, can't work round it18:44
lagahum. has intrepid alpha 5 been released already?18:49
apacheloggerLaney: yeah, gcc is broken18:49
LaneyWell I can get you a dediff rebasing the ..65.. patch if you like18:50
ScottKLaney: See /topic18:52
LaneyScottK: noted, thanks18:52
_rubenhmm .. cant seem to find any more indepth info on how to build source package for use with module-assistant, other than /usr/share/doc/module-assistant/HOWTO-DEVEL.gz18:54
_rubenguess i should just dive into some -source packages and go from there18:54
laga_ruben: DKMS is the kid on the block18:55
laga_ruben: superm1 hosted a session on dkms during ubuntu developer week, maybe the log will be useful for you18:55
Laneyapachelogger: Hmm, it doesn't fail in the way that that email describes (something about redefinition of struct 'flock' iirc, not at home to get at the log)18:55
_rubenDKMS, hmm, hadnt thought of that approach18:56
_rubenfound a dkms presentation by ben collins18:57
_ruben1.3G of ogg .. nice :p18:57
LaneyThere was a session on it in UDW earler in the week18:57
Laney(DKMS that is)18:57
_rubenLaney: yeah .. laga just said so as well :)18:58
LaneyOh yes, so he did18:58
_rubeni just threw "dkms ubuntu" in google :)18:58
* Laney is operating on little sleep18:58
_rubenhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/DkmsDriverPackage looks like a decent start as well .. now to find UDW logs19:00
_rubengot it19:00
EagleSni ma trying to patch sun-java6 to fix a small bug19:01
EagleSnsun-java6 has any patch before, so it hasn't debian/patches folder, how must I proceed?19:02
EagleSnshould i create debian/patches folder ans copy into my patch?19:05
dako3256Do I still need to setup debootstrapchroot if I have already setup pbuilder?19:13
a|wendako3256: pbuilder should handle everything for you19:36
dako3256OK. good thanks.19:47
karoogahi, when running lintian -Ivi on the deb I've just created I get "package-contains-empty-directory usr/bin/".20:01
karoogaanyone know how to remove this?20:01
sebnerkarooga: delete debian/dirs if it's ok ;)20:04
* cyberix asks for councelation20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267536 in pq "Arbitrary dependency on specific Wine version" [Undecided,New]20:05
karoogasebner: thanks.   I just did that.  It seems it is also creating a directory with the same name as my package in ./debian.  This can't be good?20:06
sebnerkarooga: did you debuild it without the "-S" option?20:07
karoogasebner:  I did.  Am i bad?20:08
sebnerkarooga: maybe. better to use the -S option so it's only generating source files and then you build it with pbuilder build *.dsc20:08
karoogasebner:  how do I track down errors now?  do I just check the pbuilder build errors?20:16
sebnerkarooga: sure20:16
karoogasebner:  i'm getting unmet dependencies for 'pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy'.  And two of my dependancies which I added are virtual packages.  Is this normal?20:19
sebnerkarooga: you question is easy to answer. Does it continue building?20:19
karoogasebner: it tries to continue, but I don't see anything in the pbuilder/result dir.  Says the that "pbuilder-satisfydepends failed".  I see it didn't try to install the depend packages.20:22
sebnerkarooga: make a logfile with the --logfile option and poste it here (pastservice)!20:23
karoogasebner: perhaps my depends are in universe repos?20:24
karoogasebner: pastservice?20:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)20:24
sebnerkarooga: have you enabled universe repos? look at your pbuilder.conf for that20:24
karoogasebner: I haven't enabled other repos.  Where is the conf file.20:27
sebnerkarooga: /etc/20:27
karoogasebner:  I see I don't have a ~/.pbuilderrc  either.  Is this necessary20:27
sebnerkarooga: well normally it isn't in /home but it really must be in /etc since it is necessary ;)20:29
karoogasebner:  ok I've got a pbuilderrc and buildd-config.sh in /etc/pbuilder but that's it.20:30
sebnerkarooga: pbuilderrc is the config file ;)20:30
sebnerkarooga: ah sry. not pbuilder.conf xD20:30
karoogasebner: :-)20:31
sebnernorsetto: \o/20:44
geserHi norsetto20:44
sebnergeser: "nachschub" for your ACK script :P20:44
sebnernorsetto: gcc b0rken. happened that ever before? /me is here since januar. just crazy20:55
norsettosebner: strangest things have happened20:56
sebnernorsetto: e.g?20:56
norsettosebner: a veal with two heads was born20:56
sebnerThis is the magic of opensource :D20:56
karoogasebner:  I've added the other repos but still getting problems.  (I did a pbuilder update before I reran it).  http://paste.ubuntu.com/44311/21:02
sebnerkarooga: you may have to use the development files "-dev"21:04
karoogasebner: ok, let me check.  I'm thinking the fortan compiler!21:07
karoogasebner: do I include both dev and non dev files?21:08
sebnerkarooga: depending on the dependency. but for your specific problem I'd try to use the -dev files (only)21:09
karoogasebner:  mmm... still the same.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/44320/21:15
pwnguinwould it be appropriate to subscribe a MOTU to a bug about a package they uploaded to debian but not ubuntu?21:17
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EagleScreeni have imported my gpg keytoday to a new installation of Intrepid, now when i am trying to build a package with debuild, i am obtaining an error from gpg21:28
karoogais there any specific order for Build-Depends items in debian/control?21:30
iuliankarooga: No21:32
karoogaiulian: should Depends: in the binary section have all the dependencies that are should in source (debian/control)?21:36
sebnerkarooga: post your debian/control please21:36
karoogasebner:  I think I have something wrong here.21:38
sebnerwb norsetto \o/21:40
norsettosebner: missed me?21:40
sebnerkarooga: hmm, I'm not very into python packaging but doesn't look false. strange21:40
sebnernorsetto: of course!21:40
karoogasebner: what about rules http://paste.ubuntu.com/44328/21:43
sebnerkarooga: they don't matter for now since there is a problem with the dependencies21:44
sebnernorsetto: may want to help?21:46
norsettosebner: hmm?21:46
sebnernorsetto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44320/21:46
norsettosebner: what is the problem?21:49
sebnernorsetto: ehm. it isn't building ^^21:49
norsettosebner: yes, but what is it?21:49
karooganorsetto:  python bindings for pgplot21:50
karooganorsetto:  scientific graphics libs21:50
karoogaI mean s/pgplot/pgplot5/21:51
sebnernorsetto: that's why I'm asking you ;)21:51
norsettokarooga: is it for intrepid? Why are you adding libg2c0-dev as a b-d?21:51
karooganorsetto: it's for hardy.21:52
karooganorsetto:  it was a test,  had libg2c0 before.21:52
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sebnernorsetto: so, what's your diagnosis?21:56
norsettokarooga: yes, but why do you need it?21:57
karooganorsetto:  I don't remember now...  :-)  I think it was complaining at some stage.  I just reran it now without and the error is still the same.21:59
karooganorsetto:  technically, unused packages shouldn't stop it building though?22:01
albert23´╗┐karooga: if you change the components in the pbuilder, you need to run "pbuilder update --override-config"22:01
karoogaalbert23, thanks I only ran pbuilder update22:03
karoogaalbert23: does this go for changes to repos etc in the pbuilder conf file?22:05
albert23karooga: yes, you added universe, so you must use --override-config22:05
* karooga is excited22:08
karoogaWoohoo.  It built!22:29
karooga´╗┐Thanks albert23, norsetto, sebner for your help.  Time-out for now.  Cheers22:29
* norsetto goes to bed too22:31
* sebner too xD22:31
EagleScreeni have creaded a debdiff patch, how can i now apply it ?23:55
directhexwith "patch"?23:59

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