PaulrfHi!  I have Apache2 installed on Ubuntu.. works fine internally - can't see it outside DLink DIR655 router...  Virtual Server set up and pointing to port 80 on Apache...  does anyone have any suggestions?00:08
PaulrfMe thinks all are asleep :-)00:11
Gargoylewhat error do you get?00:11
PaulrfIt times out00:12
GargoyleAre you really testing from outside, or are you trying to see it yourself from inside?00:12
PaulrfWell I went to dyndns and tried their port test... it indicated hmm just a sec00:13
PaulrfSorry - it indicates: was refused.00:14
PaulrfVerified IP correct...00:15
GargoyleYou would need to double check your router settings... no firewall rules overriding the port foraward? and you deffo have your internal IP correct?00:17
PaulrfYes.. internal ip def right...  I have not set up firewall.. it's not enabled by default, true?00:18
Paulrfoh you mean on router00:18
GargoyleI don't mean ubuntu, on the router00:18
PaulrfNo...  I don't think there's anything in the router settings...  though I'm not certain it isn't the issue00:19
GargoyleSo from your machine, you can access the server using 192.168.... or 10.x.x or whatever?00:20
PaulrfYes.. the internal server is I can see that from any computer inside the firewall00:20
GargoylePaulrf: And you have the gateway setup in ubunti correctly to point to your router?00:21
PaulrfYes... the server access the net fine...00:21
PaulrfActually, I'm on it now00:22
PaulrfI appreciate your help Gargoyle00:24
GargoyleDo you see apache listed if you do "netstat -tl"00:25
Gargoyleactually, do -tln00:26
GargoyleI can't remember if apache listenes on all IP's by default or not00:27
Gargoyleyou should have in the local address column.00:30
Gargoyleanother good start would be to make sure that your ISP does not block any inbound ports.00:34
Paulrfpaulrf@paulrf:/etc/apache2$ sudo netstat -tanp |grep apache00:34
Paulrftcp        0      0 *               LISTEN00:34
PaulrfThey say they don't block ports00:34
Gargoylethat is not listening on port 80. Did you forward external port 80 to 10001?00:35
PaulrfI did as a test, but I thought I changed it back.. just a sec00:36
Paulrfports.conf indicates listening on 80...00:37
Paulrfwhere would it pull hte 10001 from?00:37
Paulrfhmmm I probably didn't restart apache after I made the change00:38
Paulrftcp        0      0*               LISTEN      9163/apache200:39
PaulrfThat looks better00:39
GargoyleProbably wouldn't hurt to reboot your router after you have checked the port forward. Unless you can check the routing tables in your router to make sure it has accepted the update.00:47
Paulr1Okay - I just rebooted00:52
Paulr1Open port report still showing as refused00:53
GargoyleDo you know howto use nmap?00:55
Paulr1I don't but I see it's a scanner00:57
Paulr1You think the isp may have ports blocked?00:57
GargoyleYup. You could use it to check that your router does actually have 80 open...00:58
Gargoyleit's not 100% since your router might be blocking scans00:58
Gargoylewant me to check from here?00:58
Paulr1sure that may be quicker00:58
Paulr1if you don't mind00:58
Gargoyledoesn't look open01:01
Gargoyle25,139,445,593 are showing as open.01:01
Paulr1Not sure why 25 would be open01:01
Gargoylewell, they show as filtered, not open01:02
Paulr1Okay.. thanks...  not sure where to go from here...01:03
GargoyleI'm not that great with nmap, I just use it for basic port testing when I can't run a netstat on the local machine01:03
Gargoylewhere did you enter the rule?01:04
Paulr1the rule?01:04
GargoyleOn your router?01:05
GargoyleUnder port forwarding or application rules?01:06
Paulr1They have an option for " virtual servers" ...  I also tried port forwarding01:06
Paulr1Virtual Servers just automates the port and type of traffic01:07
Gargoyleso under virtual servers you had port 80 in both boxes, and for the IP address, and always for schedule and allow all for inbound filter?01:08
Gargoyleand protocol as tcp?01:08
Paulr1So as far as ubuntu is concerned, if I can see the static page from http://localhost/ and I have the correct port in /etc/ports.conf then all should be fine?01:11
GargoylePaulr1: try just incase01:11
Paulr1That works fine internally01:12
Gargoylelocalhost = which is the loopback interface. That doesn't mean it is actually working on the network for real01:12
Paulr1I can access the page from any internal computer01:12
Paulr1with the ip01:12
Gargoylethen, unless I am forgetting something obvious, that should be OK01:13
Paulr1The router shows the IP router IP address as - I also see the web page when I enter that01:13
Paulr1I guess I'm back to a router issue then01:14
Paulr1baaaa humbug01:14
Gargoyleyou see your apache web page on also?01:14
Paulr1Yep - dlink does some translation... it shows that as my IP address (instead of the
Paulr1Almost sounds like the isp does have me blocked01:15
GargoyleI just tested mine using a standard apache install on 8.0401:16
Paulr1Well your's definitely does work01:16
Paulr1I've been at this for 2 days now lol01:17
GargoyleSo, out of the box - there is nothing ubuntu should be doing to throw a spanner in the works!01:17
Paulr1Well I have't configured iptables or anything...01:17
Paulr1fresh install yesterday01:18
Paulr1I tried port 8080 earlier.. that didn't help...01:18
GargoyleLooks like you are gonna have to google and see if anyone else has had issues...01:18
Paulr1Well you've helped me a lot anyway.. I really appreciate it01:18
Gargoyleno worries01:18
Paulr1Have a nice weekend!01:19
Gargoylecheers. and you01:19
ScottKsommer: New clamav (0.94) that doesn't build with php-clamavlib.02:01
ScottKsommer: I've put clamav in the team PPA if you want to see what's up and (please) fix it again.02:01
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ythe1300Hi all04:06
ythe1300I was wondering if anyone could point me in the proper direction, of how to make a Ubuntu webserver support server side VB-scripting04:08
ythe1300if that is possible04:08
NCommanderythe1300, if your talking ASP, there is a module for Apache to sorta have classic ASP support, but its slow, and generally speaking, if you need server side VB/ASP, you should be staying with Windows and IIS04:15
hadsOr changing scripting solutions :)04:16
ythe1300#NCommander ah I was not wanting to stay with windows but I don't know any PHP and my JAVA almost useless right now04:17
ythe1300so I think that I may have to start learning04:17
ythe1300because I want to throw server 2008 off a large building right now04:17
ythe1300Are there any good guides that you would suggest, or any languages to start off with?04:19
ythe1300Thankyou in advance04:19
NCommanderythe1300, what are you trying to do?04:21
ythe1300My friends and I are trying to build a website, but we know little about web development, so we where trying to stick with things that we knew, ( VB, HTML, and VS.net)04:23
NCommanderWell, VB is deperiated by Microsoft04:24
ythe1300but we are so angry about win 2008 server not doing anything that it says it's doing.04:24
ythe1300not to mention the updates, restarting the server without asking.04:24
ythe1300that we are ready to ditch all MS products04:25
ythe1300#NCommander: Yes but I was hoping that there would be some kind of translator ( or something) that would give us a chance to convert what we had already done.04:26
ythe1300I guess I don't really know what I want. I am really new to this.04:27
ythe1300I don't know if this will help,04:28
ythe1300but we are looking to create a site that will need a login, (kind of forum style)04:28
ythe1300and just for little apps that we want to create on the site04:28
ythe1300also we want to be able to remote login from outside the-network04:31
ythe1300NCommander, thank you for the help,  Hopefully I will be able to figure that out. :)04:57
ythe1300(off to read forums ttfn)04:58
chmacWhen I edit virtual hosts files using vim, some show syntax highlighting, some don't. Any suggestions what the difference is?05:03
chmacI don't have file installed on the sever so `file blah` doesn't work...05:03
Kamping_Kaiserwhat sort of virtual hosts files? and where are they located?05:32
mitanhello, is there a way to setup root access for samba, that is, a super-user access that can access entire / ?07:17
mitani tried creating "root" account with smbpasswd -a root ...07:18
mitanbut it still won't access07:18
mitanand i don't have invalid users = root in smb.conf anymore07:18
jon_high9000hello. i am a newbie and have just setup my Ubuntu Server this morning. if i make a mistake is there any to erase it?09:16
jon_high9000My apologies i found the site you mentioned for discussions.09:18
jon_high9000thanks again.09:18
NDRMRChi all i chat from italy, i am a system administrator on a big company, but i admin windows system and aix system09:22
NDRMRCi hope that this channel help me in the administration of linux system, tks all09:23
erik78seAnyone with some experience in aimk in here ? I'm about to try to build sun grid engine for ubuntu....10:07
erik78seLiving in GMT isnt't easy10:10
* delcoyote hi13:03
HedgeH0gIs sendmail installed on ubuntu-server by default14:53
jpdsWe use postfix for mail servers.14:57
jpds\o/ Drive-by support requests.14:57
lamontjpds: those are the best kind, no?15:57
ScottKHeya lamont.16:07
ScottKlamont: Did you see my ping the other day about my new master.cf scripts not making it into the .deb?16:08
lamontdpkg --contents postfix_2.5.5-1_i386.deb | grep add16:09
lamont-rwxr-xr-x root/root      4999 2008-09-03 08:28 ./usr/sbin/postfix-add-filter16:09
lamont-rwxr-xr-x root/root      3906 2008-09-03 08:28 ./usr/sbin/postfix-add-policy16:09
lamontsay again/16:09
lamontnow, the manpages?  that's a bug16:09
lamontwhich is fixed in -216:09
lamontI think16:09
lamontiz committed in anycase16:09
ScottKlamont: OK.  I must have been tired when I looked.  Thanks.16:16
ScottKSorry about that.16:16
lamontwell, manpages showed up when I went looking, since I really expected _4_ lines of output...16:17
lamontand afk.  bbl16:22
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g3gg0hi, maybe someone has an idea:   have a rootserver, i dont want to reboot. its running (without PAE support).  is there a chance to get a recent kernel running, which has automatic PAE detection?19:02
g3gg0i always end up with "Bad file descriptor" when adding the VM19:02
g3gg0tried to boot with vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-xen19:02
w8tahhi folks -- can someone please suggest a good piece of VPN Software that is a) easy to configure, b) has good cookbook docs for me to set it up on my hardy gateway, and c) would allow me to vpn in from either windows or linux?21:54
w8tahim having connection issues -- if i posted this already im sorry21:56
AlexGCgood evening gentlemen21:56
w8tahLooking for a good VPN program that will a) work well on my hardy gateway, b) has good cookbook documentation , and C) will allow me to connect from windows or linux21:56
AlexGCQ: I just finished a 6.06 server install.  Is there a default root pass? or did I miss it on install? I can't reboot the server or loginto it with root.22:00
Ian_Cornedefault, there is no root password22:00
Ian_Cornesudo su and passwd it22:00
Ian_Corneor put a live-cd in, chroot to it, and passwd it then :)22:00
AlexGCahh got it !  thanks Ian_Corne22:01
Ian_Cornenp :)22:01
AlexGCI appreciate it.22:01
J_5i have this: 'getty[8474]: tty1: input overrun" in /var/log/auth.log....can someone tell me what this is?22:38
Ian_Cornemy first _guess_ would be some1 tried to login with a very long username/password? :p22:40
J_5someone trying to hack my box I guess? I have tons of the same entrs all from today22:42
Ian_Corneyeah maybe, i don't know22:42
Ian_Cornebut they clearly failed :)22:43
J_5losers. i'll just turn off SSH for a while, they usually move on after a while22:43
J_5there is nothing on my box even worth hacking :P22:44
J_5weird, i am still getting the same message.  once a min. or so22:46
hadsBulk scans on ssh port are standard.22:46
hadsUse something like fail2ban if you're worried about it22:46
Ian_CorneJ_5 firewall them out?22:47
J_5yeah, i use denyhosts. i get several hits a day. i have just never seen this message22:47
J_5it doesn't show an ip or anything, just the message : getty[8512]: tty1: input overrun22:47
J_5the number changed though22:48
J_5what exactly is getty?22:49
J_5ha, hm oops. seems as if there was something laying on the keyboard at the box it's self, hitting all kinds of keys :)22:58
Ian_Cornegood one :p23:00
J_5this is what i get for cleaning. i was cleaning out some stuff and placed in on the keyboard23:00

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