mdkeryanakca: the ~ubuntu-website team is currently bug supervisor for the kubuntu-webite project in Launchpad. Would it make sense to change that to the ~kubuntu-website team? I can't really do anything with kubuntu-website bugmail19:37
ryanakcamdke: most likely, I would, but I don't have any powers to change it...19:38
ryanakcamdke: who do I poke? Riddell?19:38
mdkeryanakca: I'm sure we can find something who can, hang on19:38
mdkeryanakca: yes, Riddell19:39
ryanakca*nod*, thanks :)19:39
thorwilnewz2000: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/IntrepidCountdownBanners?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=tw_intrepid_countdown_04_spiral.png19:47
thorwilnewz2000: you are not subscribed to that wiki page, right?19:48
nandthorwil: eh, nice countdowns :)19:48
thorwilnand: thanks19:48
* thorwil heads to the shower to be back in a bit19:49
mdkewow, beautiful19:49
nandlike the #2 series, especially the #2C19:49
mdkeI like #A19:49
Volansthorwil: great job! Maybe having 2 series also for K/Xubuntu ?19:50
mdkethorwil: but the circling dots may be interpreted as ripping off the Debian logo a little bit, which might cause problems19:50
Volansso the users that will put the banner in their site can choose the "theme"19:50
nandmdke: this didn't struck me as a debian logo19:51
mdkenand: no, it's not identical. But it is close enough that it will strike some people19:52
nandwell, if it's also some publicity for debian, it's even better :)19:52
mdkenand: I don't think that would be a possible effect. But we might get a few debian people complaining19:53
Volansalso the "hand" series is very good for me19:53
nandI don't see why they would complain...19:54
thorwilthank you, mdke20:20
thorwilleaving out everything where a few people might complain would leave us with a white canvas ^^20:24
mdkethorwil: true, but we can also be sensitive to particular issues which affect our community20:51
thorwilwell, the debian swirl faces the other direction. i wouldn't let them have sole rights to a spiral, anyway ;)20:53
thorwilgood night!21:03
ryanakcaCould someone with a pile web browsers help me test a few fixes to the kubuntu.org theme?21:21

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