NBrepresenthi, how can i revert to the default video drivers?00:00
xompIndyGunFreak, yes, after disabling desktop affects they have returned00:00
alex-weejNBrepresent: you should just be able to untick it in Hardware Drivers00:00
lin1maxflax: right click on the tab and select move00:00
xompIndyGunFreak, but I would like my desktop effects :( I guess that's a no-no since it makes them disappear?00:00
omaranybody knows any ubuntu documentation for C/C++ ?00:00
mojo_from 2.5 to 2.0 mb00:00
IndyGunFreakxomp: so its a compiz issue.. honestly, i had that problem a long time ago, but don't recall how i resolved it.00:00
NBrepresenta video card driver doesn't show up under hardware drivers00:00
mojo_i need a command to downsize pdfs.00:00
mojo_from 2.5 to 2.0 mb00:00
ircbinIs there any way to run a bash script automatically every time I log in into gnome? It should be run as non-root account...00:00
omarreference or something like that00:00
lin1can someone help me with this? http://lint4690.deviantart.com/art/screwup-9721044800:00
NBrepresentalex-weej: ^00:00
xompIndyGunFreak, ah ok, I shall go bug them :) Thanks00:00
IndyGunFreakxomp: lol..00:01
alex-weejNBrepresent: that sounds like a bug if you installed the driver via that same tool00:01
IndyGunFreak!compiz | xomp try asking ehre00:01
ubottuxomp try asking ehre: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:01
maxflaxlin1 : that does only move it.. it's still to small.. only a fourth of the normalsizse00:01
omarSuperPC, were you answering me ?00:01
kadoskrackerif anyone could help me with a NVIDIA VIDEO DRIVER question PM me plz00:01
NBrepresentalex-weej: i didn't install using the tool, i tried Envy, but I guess my card isn't supported by that00:01
xomp2 steps ahead of yah herr IndyGunFreak :300:01
maxflaxlin1 : I want it back to default00:01
ScheissDroge1ircbin : u can create a user-exutable sh-script an put it in rc.local00:01
NBrepresenti also used envy to try and uninstall, but no luck, everything's still at a low resolution00:01
maxflaxlin1 : like before I accidently removed it00:01
alex-weejNBrepresent: envy... already out of supported territory!00:01
ScheissDroge1ircbin : see also #bash00:02
kadoskrackerlooking for help with NVIDIA video drivers00:02
ircbinScheissDroge1, ok00:02
maxflaxlin1 : seems to bee impossible thou.. perhaps editing some files.. if I knew where to find them00:02
alex-weejNBrepresent: if you want to strong-arm it, you can uninstall the package providing your driver and reconfigure your xorg config00:02
NBrepresenthow do i find which package provides the driver?00:02
alex-weejNBrepresent: which card and driver are you using?00:03
ScheissDroge1NBpresent: or check for old xorg.confs00:03
n3himahey guys00:03
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:03
NBrepresentscheiss, yeah, it might have been backed up first by envy...00:03
maxflaxthis question should be an easy one to answer, come on00:03
soundrayircbin: I don't think ScheissDroge1's solution is optimal00:03
maxflaxor do I need to reinstall the whole damn ubuntu00:03
tritiumpatience, maxflax00:04
ircbinsoundray, and so?00:04
alex-weejNBrepresent: run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to fiddle with your driver options etc.00:04
NBrepresentk, will do00:04
n3himahow does ubiquity add windows partitions to menu.lst, and is there an easy way to do it manually from within ubuntu (runnig hardy)00:04
soundrayircbin: if you want to run a script on login, create it either in $HOME/bin or /usr/local/bin, then add it in System-Preferences-Session-Startup Programs00:04
alex-weejor simply delete your /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you feel like trying your luck with autoconfiguration00:04
alex-weejNBrepresent: ^00:04
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maxflaxtritium - something thats getting thinner by the moment now00:04
NBrepresentalex-weej: autoconfig worked the first time around, i don't see why it wouldn't work again00:05
ircbinsoundray, OK, I'll try it...00:05
tritiumfelix-da-catz_zz: please quit the nick spam00:05
soundrayircbin: alternatively, "touch ~/.gnomerc ; chmod +x ~/.gnomerc' and run your command from that file.00:05
tritium!conduct | maxflax00:05
ubottumaxflax: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/00:05
jinHi, what tool can I use to split a video into two parts?00:05
Area_51?when i enter into tty1 login and perform su login it say s it is no ath... it never asked me for root at install only user account password00:05
alex-weejmaxflax: screenshot of your problem?00:06
PrivateVoidlooking for advice on getting a Linksys WPC11 working - its an RTL8180L chipset00:06
carandraugArea_51: root account is disabled by default in Ubuntu00:06
ircbinsoundray, ok, thanks! I'll try it...00:06
maxflaxwhere do I find the configfiles for the panels?00:07
n3himaArea_51, use sudo instead00:07
Area_51how do you fic00:07
tritium!sudo | Area_5100:07
alex-weejmaxflax: gconf00:07
ubottuArea_51: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)00:07
Area_51not su00:07
carandraugArea_51: fic?00:07
maxflaxalex-weej : so the settings of each addin to the panels can be found there?00:07
carandraugArea_51: there's nothing to fix. It's a security thing having sudo disabled by default.00:08
alex-weejmaxflax: if you describe your problem better i can help you more00:08
n3himaArea_51, if you want a root shell, run sudo su -00:08
tritiumn3hima: no, sudo -i00:08
alex-weejn3hima: you mean sudo -s00:08
soundray!rootshell | n3hima00:08
ubottun3hima: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)00:08
n3himaok ok!00:08
tritiumalex-weej: sudo -i00:08
craigbass1976besides xsane, what can I use to scan things?  I've scanned before wiht this computer and scanner, and I thinkI had to use something else.  Can't remember what it was00:08
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alex-weejsudo -s00:08
soundray!rootshell | alex-weej00:08
ubottualex-weej: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)00:08
tritiumalex-weej: ^^^00:08
Area_51shorewall won't let me config.. it without root privelges00:08
Area_51i will try sudo su00:09
zcat[1]problem; my laptop has ati rage mobility chipset; if I boot up with an external monitor it freezes just after I log in. This seems to be caused by the 'clone display' setting, if I log in without the externam screen, turn that off, then plug the screen in, log out and back in, sometimes everything works. But something keeps turning 'clone display' back on. What?00:09
tritiumArea_51: no, read above info on !rootshell00:09
alex-weejsudo -s00:09
alex-weej-i is for -idiots00:09
tritiumalex-weej: stop00:09
soundraycraigbass1976: scanimage (command line) or xscanimage perhaps00:09
mitCan't open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory   <- mplayer says that, whats wrong?00:09
carandraugArea_51: take a look at that page from ubottu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo to know about it. If you want to activate root account, enter "sudo pssword ******" where ***** is root password00:09
maxflaxalex-weej : the windows list addin to the lower panel is not wide enough, all the tabs are to small and doesn't fill out to the right as before00:09
zcat[1]what is the difference between sudo -i and sudo -s ?00:09
maxflaxalex-weej : I only see "..." in the boxes00:10
craigbass1976soundray, that stil seems to be using the sane backend.00:10
joejoecircusboyzcat[1]: -s is for 'suckage'00:10
Jadedanyone ever tried to go from debian -> ubuntu on a live runnign system ?00:10
alex-weejmaxflax: that sounds as if whatever is to the right of the window list is taking up the space00:10
alex-weejmaxflax: what is the panel applet immediately to the right00:10
zcat[1]they both appear to do -exactly- the same thing00:10
carandraugArea_51: sorry, the command is only "sudo passwd"00:10
soundrayzcat[1]: the difference is documented in man sudo00:10
alex-weejsudo -s is for SHell, sudo -i is for "simulate initial login", changing your current directory and doing all sorts of other pointless confusing shit00:10
maxflaxalex-weej : I have none to the right except the workspace addin00:10
OrangeKyozcat[1]: you tried the man sudo page right?00:11
tritium!language | alex-weej00:11
ubottualex-weej: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:11
alex-weejmaxflax: they are called "applets" btw00:11
zcat[1]anyhow.. my question about 'clone display' -- any answers?00:11
Area_51zcat[1] | I used kubuntu on my cf48 panisonic tough book which has the same moble chipset00:11
n3himarepeat... how does ubiquity add windows partitions to menu.lst, and is there an easy way to do it manually from within ubuntu (runnig hardy)00:11
DIFH-icerootzcat[1]: man sudo00:11
Area_51works fine ok00:11
maxflaxalex-weej : ok00:11
alex-weejmaxflax: you see, there is no panel configuration for the width of an applet...00:11
zcat[1]this is really pissing me off btw; if I boot from the live CD I have no problems at all with the external display either00:11
Area_51ok i am going to go read up on that page00:11
ScheissDroge1zcat: little outdated, but good ideas : !dualhead00:11
alex-weejmaxflax: try adding the Window List applet to the space and see what happens00:12
Area_51I am sure i can change with nano orvim00:12
Area_51my keyboard and this rolling tray suck00:12
zcat[1]I don't want dual-head. I want xorg to act as if I have only ONE display and just let the chipset do whatever it did right trough the whole startup process...00:12
OrangeKyomaxflax: i dunno did you try right clicking the panel, selecting properites, and adjusting the width in pixels?00:12
maxflaxalex-weej : Now I have to list of the same , and both are small in size.00:13
OrangeKyomaxflax: you can change it to something really big like 96 , if you need 4 rows of program tabs00:13
zcat[1]because it's only when ubuntu tries to get all clever and handle the second display for me that things get screwed up.. it locks up hard and ONLY holding the power button for four seconds will get me out again.. not even sysreq sequences work00:13
ScheissDroge1zcat:maybe try to copy live's xorg.conf ?!00:13
zcat[1]and nothing gets logged about it00:13
zcat[1]ScheissDroge1: ubuntu keeps changing it though. I should set it immutable perhaps?00:14
alex-weejmaxflax: can you add a new panel and try it?00:14
zcat[1]btw now using gNewSense and it seems to have exactly the same problem too00:14
alex-weejmaxflax: just context-click the space in a panel and choose New Panel00:15
ScheissDroge1zcat: ?? no log   /var/log/xorg.conf0.log ?  if you don't configure, ubuntu shouldn't change xorg00:15
zcat[1]ScheissDroge1: it just locks up HARD a few seconds after login. Nothing gets logged anywhere.00:15
n3himazcat[1], have you tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:15
zcat[1]n3hima: duh00:15
ScheissDroge1zcat:tried xorg from live ?00:16
joejoecircusboyzcat[1]: just ran a few tests....    one big diff between sudo -i and sudo -s, is that 'sudo -s' does NOT set your environment correctly for root. Instead it assumes the calling user's enviroment.  (This matters if you expect 'cd ~' to go to /root, as it should)00:16
maxflaxOrangeKyo : that only makes it higher not wider..00:16
alex-weejjoejoecircusboy:  "SHOULD" is subjective.00:16
zcat[1]ScheissDroge1: All I want to know is what smartarse autoconfig shit is turning the 'clone display' feature on, so I can dissable that00:16
maxflaxalex-weej : it might be something with the expand option..00:16
alex-weejpersonally I consider root to be a state, not a different user.00:17
joejoecircusboyalex-weej:  $HOME    *should* match the entry for your uid in /etc/passwd.  Anything else is *idiotic*00:17
zcat[1].. because it works prefectly without it, and locks up 100% consistently when it's on and I have a seconds display attched00:17
ScheissDroge1zcat: your g-card ? which driver ?00:17
n3himazcat[1], System > Preferences > Screen Resolution?00:17
alex-weejjoejoecircusboy: then use -idiot, that's fine by me.00:17
zcat[1]n3hima: yes. I can turn it off. Something keeps turning it back on.00:17
joejoecircusboyalex-weej: and you use -suckage, fine by me ;)00:17
zcat[1]ATI rage mobility00:17
n3himaguys, calm down about sudo, you can almost smell the nerd rage00:18
alex-weejmaxflax: panel applets don't have an expand option00:18
alex-weejpanels on the other hand do00:18
ScheissDroge1zcat : is there no ati-control-center ?00:18
maxflaxalex-weej - nope.. but the panel have00:18
joejoecircusboyn3hima: I'm just playing along... As if it matters either way ;)00:18
Spongytheres a Catalyst Control Center for ATI00:18
alex-weejmaxflax: so with an expanded panel, add the window list00:18
alex-weejand does it work properly?00:18
ScheissDroge1zcat : is there no ati-control-center ?  Spongy: theres a Catalyst Control Center for ATI00:19
zcat[1]hmm.. using Fre drives, this card has absolutely no 3d support and non-free drivers don't work at all with it00:19
zcat[1]*free drivers00:19
n3himazcat[1], displayconfig-gtk?00:19
SpongyI think you can get the CCC via Add/Remove Programs, otherwise it should be in Synaptic. (I'm not sure what the question about it is.)00:19
ScheissDroge1zcat : evr checked ati HP for linux driver ?00:19
MellowYellowI am having an issue with hibernate on my laptop and could use some assistance figuring out what is going on, anyone available?00:20
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zcat[1]something in Ubuntu keeps turning "clone display' feature on. It doesn't turn that on with the live CD and the display works exactly how I want it to work when the 'clone display 'feature is off.....00:20
Jordan_UMellowYellow: What problem are you having specifically?00:20
ScheissDroge1zcat: paste your xorg.conf00:20
zcat[1]but when I reboot, the fscking 'clone display' is back on and it locks up as soon as I log in again00:20
MellowYellowBasically instead of hibernating it seems to be blanking the screen, and when I move the mouse it prompts for my password to "unlock" the computer00:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:21
maxflaxalex-weej: I got it fixed... removing the panel and then adding it all again fixed it00:21
alex-weejmaxflax: i've a feeling there was some applet on the panel that you couldn't see that was stealing space00:21
alex-weejmaxflax: but if recreating that panel has fixed it, sorted00:21
zcat[1]What's the package in ubuntu that keeps messing with xorg config? I want to remove that I think00:22
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Does the screen flicker a few times before X starts ( might be that it is not starting with your xorg.conf at all then ignoring it )00:22
OsseCould someone help me converting a AVI to a 3gp?00:23
OrangeKyomellowyellow: sounds like your computer is locking instead of hibernating. does this still happen when you click the red power symbol in the top right and click hibernate?00:23
zcat[1]Jordan_U: it starts prefectly. I only have a problem after I log in, then some asshat piese of shit smartarse autoconfig thing turns 'clone display' back on.00:23
zcat[1]up until I log in, everything works -perfectly-00:23
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: ok tell me what happens when you click lock computer instead. is it the same thing?00:23
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Ahh, so it's an xrandr thing00:23
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: lockscreen*00:24
n3himazcat[1], try completely removing (--purge) xserver-xorg, booting back up and then reinstalling00:24
MellowYellowOrangeKyo, yep00:24
MellowYellowsame exact thing00:24
OsseCould someone help me converting a AVI to a 3gp?00:24
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: hmm tricky...00:24
ScheissDroge1zcat: your xorg.conf looks very sparse to me, I would first check for a driver from ati as they provide a controlcenter for all that settings00:24
zcat[1]this is on a brand new install, all I've done is update00:24
Jordan_Un3hima: zcat[1] I doubt that will do anything since it seems to be a user preference00:24
n3himazcat[1], forget what I just said00:24
n3himaJordan_U, yeah I just realised that00:24
MellowYellowI am going to try running the hibernate.sh file if I time out then maybe it worked00:24
zcat[1]and the nonfree ati drivers do not do anything with this card00:25
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Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Can you try creating a new user and log in with it?00:25
n3himasounds like gnome settings daemon or gnome-session00:25
kindofabuzzi wonder if nvidias drivers will be better than ubuntu's restricted.  or are they the same?00:26
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: LOL i tried clicking on MY hibernate and my comp crashed =\00:26
zcat[1]I _am_ a new user, on a new install. I've just installed gNewSense this morning and I have exactly the same problem I had in Ubuntu.00:27
zcat[1]so it's some xorg autoconfig nonsense00:27
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: It's probably whatever config is controlled by gnome-display-properties00:27
OsseCould someone help me converting a AVI to a 3gp?00:27
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: how do you usually hibernate your computer? did you try the sleep button on your keyboard?00:27
Faustnot sure00:27
tritium!repeat | Osse00:27
ubottuOsse: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:27
darren__MrKennie: just to say thanks again for your help00:27
n3himazcat[1], I think I might get flamed for this, but give kde a try and see if it still does it00:27
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Try doing an "xint" from the console, you probably won't have a problem until you run "gnome-session"00:28
darren__and to firestart thanks again00:28
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Sorry, "xinit"00:28
thefoolwell that didn't work... the screen just went white when I ran /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh00:28
thefooland locked up of course00:28
zcat[1]Umm.. gdm is find .. everything from the BIOS splash to the GDM login screen comes up perfectly on both displays. I only have a problem after I log in00:29
OrangeKyothefool: are you mellowyellow o.O00:29
zcat[1]bloody gnome trying to be too smart00:29
thefoollol yea, sorry didn't give me my nick back, guess it is still in use00:29
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MellowYellowthere we go00:29
OrangeKyothefool: lol k00:29
m0u5ehey, where would we go to recommend new bootsplash ideas for intrepid? :)00:29
colaserI have some weirdly corrupted files for one of my packages in /var/lib/dpkg/info, and dpkg won't let me install or uninstall anything because of them. python-at-spi.{list,md5sum,postinst,prerm} each have really weird ls listings (like ?--s--x-wT for the mode, nonexistent users and groups with numbers for names, and >2 gigabytes for size). I can't move, overwrite, or delete them, even as root (I get "Operation not permitted"). What should00:29
MellowYellowso any ideas?00:30
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: Here's what i said while you were gone: LOL i tried clicking on MY hibernate and my comp crashed =\00:30
OrangeKyoMellowYellow: how do you usually hibernate your computer? did you try the sleep button on your keyboard?00:30
usserOsse, what do you want to convert?00:30
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: "log in" with xinit ( it won't start gnome so there should be no problem ) then try changing the settings by running "gnome-display-properties" ( then again I don't know if that will work without starting the rest of gnome but it's worth a try )00:30
Osseusser - An AVI.00:30
OrangeKyothe fool: i meant thefool: not mellowyellow:00:30
Osseusser - To a 3GP video, sorry.00:30
Python77Hi everyone, new to linux here00:31
musikgoatanyone know how to get the peak memory usage from a running script?00:31
YamakiriHow do I use DISPLAY to control X-server through the console?00:31
MellowYellowwell I only have a power button on the keyboard, but usually I have things set to hibernate when I close the lid. Either that or I hit the power button it prompts me and I choose hibernate00:31
Jordan_UYamakiri: export DISPLAY=:0.000:31
usserOsse, right do u have any tool that u prefer to use?00:32
Python77Does anyone know of any good python tutorials or e-books I can start with for a beginner programmer?00:32
MellowYellowjust so you know this is the first time I have tried hibernating in 8.0400:32
usserPython77, diveintoPython is pretty good introduction00:32
YamakiriJordan_U: root@hemlock:/var/www# export DISPLAY=:0.0 root@hemlock:/var/www# firefox 'www.google.com' No protocol specified Error: cannot open display: :0.000:32
Osseusser - I've never converted a video before, so any recommendations will do. I'd prefer an easy one, a GUI would be nice.00:32
Jordan_UYamakiri: Why are you logged in as root? NEVER run firefox as root!00:33
usserOsse, only thing i can suggest is without gui, ffmpeg00:33
YamakiriJordan_U: ok00:33
Python77diveintopython eh?00:33
musikgoatPython77: are you familiar with some coding?00:33
Python77let me look it up here....00:33
Osseusser - Is there an easy way with that? =)00:33
Python77I did the first 3 chapters of learning C00:33
usserOsse, yea its pretty straightforward00:33
Python77but since i am majoring in web development for college I was told I should focus all my coding into net coding00:33
Yamakirioh it works thanks00:34
Python77starting with python00:34
usserPython77, python is not exactly net, php is :)00:34
usserPython77, but thats entirely subjective00:34
Python77true, but it can be used for net right?00:34
Osseusser - An easy command?00:34
musikgoatpython can be written into server side apps00:34
n3himaYamakiri, how did you get it to work?00:34
MellowYellowPython77, yea, but so can C00:35
zcat[1]OK, If I run gnome-display-properties and turn off clone-display and save that and then imediately run it again, 'clone display' as ticked again. wtf?00:35
Yamakirin3hima: getting out of root :p    su andrew00:35
n3himazcat[1], hahaha00:35
MellowYellowOrangeKyo, so hibernate does not work for you either00:35
usserOsse, do this sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list00:35
zcat[1]this is reeally pissing me off00:35
echelonhow do i update the apt-cache?00:35
OrangeKyomellowyellow: it works when i press the crescent moon on my keyboard00:35
usserOsse, this will add a medibuntu repository from which u'll install ffmpeg00:35
Osseusser - I just got ffmpeg installed now =)00:36
usserOsse, from medibuntu?00:36
usserOsse, the one in the repositories is crippled00:36
musikgoatPython77: python is a good language to learn, but you should more look at developing algorithms, no matter what language,  as if you understand algorithms, you can figure out how to code in many languages00:36
zcat[1]at least before it would stay OFF until I rebooted. Not it comck on right away.es ba00:36
Osseusser - Oh, okay. Two seconds, I'll follow your directions.00:37
zcat[1]stupid touchpad00:37
Python77Could you exploit on that a little more?00:37
MellowYellowbut python is a pretty good language for that in that it is good at getting out of the way and letting you design algorithms. I often use it as pseudo code...00:37
Osseusser - Did the wget.00:37
MellowYellowPython77, you mean extrapolate?00:37
usserOsse, yea but u have to completely reinstall it, cause my method leaves some old packages behind00:37
Osseusser - Okay, synaptic - remove?00:37
joejoecircusboyMellowYellow: Can you recommend any good resources on algorithms?00:38
echelonis ffmpeg-php in the repositories?00:38
Python77hehe, well I want to become a complete computer geek, I was told the journey to becoming that is to learn computer programming, I am also majoring in web development in college, so wanted to pick languages that I could use and would benefit my major00:38
Osseusser - Should I remove the current ffmpeg with synaptic or a-g remove?00:38
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: I think I found the config file at least00:38
n3himazcat[1], ok, open up gconf-editor and try to find the clone screens option somehere00:39
usserOsse, sudo apt-get remove libswscale1d libpostproc1d libavutil1d libavformat1d libavcodec1d ffmpeg00:39
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MellowYellowjoejoecircusboy, not really, haven't read anything on it in about 10 years00:39
bastid_raZor!info ffmpeg00:39
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): multimedia player, server and encoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7.1 (hardy), package size 187 kB, installed size 664 kB00:39
Python77musikgoat could you exploit on algorithms?00:39
Python77what you meant by that00:39
usserPython77, yea python can be used for net but its not its primary use00:39
joejoecircusboyMellowYellow: ah, thanks anyway00:39
Osseusser - Okay, done.00:39
usserOsse, nice00:40
Python77usser, what is nets primary use? Xhtml? php right?00:40
usserOsse, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update00:40
usserPython77, php, java00:40
MellowYellowPython77, well python is pretty easy to pick up, not sure how useful it will be for web development though. PHP on the otherhand would be a good thing to learn, and it should not be too dificult for you as the syntax is quite similar to C... at least at first00:40
Osseusser - Done.00:40
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: The file seems to be ~/.config/monitors.xml00:40
usserOsse, sweet now sudo apt-get install ffmpeg00:41
musikgoatPython77: sorry, afk,  algorithms are how programs work, it is core to programming00:41
echelonwhat's phpize?00:41
Osseusser - Done00:41
usserPython77, python is awesome for quick and dirty gui programming00:41
Python77could you all define gui programming?00:41
echeloncan't you take this elsewhere?00:42
Python77like, can't all programming languages kind of do the same thing?00:42
musikgoatmaking a web app that you access from a client browser00:42
usserOsse, ok do dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg the packages that u removed at first should have this version 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7.1+medibuntu100:42
Python77ok so web application that you can access from client browser00:42
musikgoatPython77: no00:42
n3himaPython77, all languages are equal, but some languages are more equal than others00:42
Chousukethis is offtopic.00:42
Osseusser - There is a list of that version there, yes.00:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:42
OrangeKyopython77: nah i learned that java you can't manage the memory, it sort of just does it on its own without your control00:42
usserOsse, cool now lets try to convert a file00:43
Osseusser - Awesome! \o/00:43
ChousukeOrangeKyo: that's known as garbage collection :)00:43
Python77hmm... ok let me ask this question, If I want to become a complete computer geek (White-hat hacker) where should I start? what should I start learning? I was told programming00:43
zcat[1]zcat@mbeki:~$ sudo chattr -i .gnome2/monitors.xml   --- Wonder if that'll stop it?00:43
usserOsse,  ffmpeg -i filename.avi -vcodec h263 -vb 600000 -ar 8000 -ac 1 test.3gp00:43
ChousukePython77: just have an interest in all things computer'y00:43
usserOsse, -i filename.avi specifies the input file u want to convert00:44
ChousukePython77: electronics works too00:44
MellowYellowPython77, but programming is the start of serious computer geekery00:44
ChousukePython77: programming is a good skill for a hacker, though.00:44
ChousukePython77: start with lisp!00:44
chetnickguys, which program for burning you would recomend?00:44
Python77Chousuke, I just feel like I am not being productive with my time, not really feeling like I understand everything00:44
OrangeKyopython77 you should learn how to use the terminal and program in c++. try downloading a c++ book00:44
Python77what is lisp?00:44
musikgoatthere is too many different directions to go,  but most tend to go towards programming and hardware modding00:44
MellowYellowChousuke, I did!00:44
usserOsse, -vcodec h263 specifies the codec of the output file, 3gp uses h26300:44
Python77hardware modding?00:44
ChousukeOrangeKyo: no, not C++ :((((00:44
musikgoatChousuke: thats mean!00:44
MellowYellowthe greatest language made by man00:44
Osseusser - "Error while opening codec for output stream #0.0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height"00:45
usserOsse, -vb 600000 specifies video bitrate in this case 600Kbps00:45
ChousukeC++ is an awful language to start with00:45
joejoecircusboyPython77: You'll want to be familiar with operating systems, programming languages, and networking. You'll want to learn and experience multiple variants of each domain00:45
MellowYellowlisp is beauty incarnate00:45
Python77I know that linux kernel was programed with C00:45
chetnickPython77, lisp is programming language, usually used for artificial inteligence00:45
=== azharcs is now known as azhar27
usserOsse, whats the line right before that?00:45
Python77whow AI?00:45
Chousukelisp is a family of languages, actually.00:45
Chousukeas well as being a language00:45
Python77so should I learn python first or lisp?00:45
Osseusser - "Valid sizes are 128x96, 176x144, 352x288, 704x576, and 1408x1152. Try H.263+."00:45
n3hima>>> #ubuntu-offtopic00:45
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Can you pastebin your ~/.config/monitors.xml ?00:46
ChousukePython77: whatever you like :)00:46
OsseShould i try "+"?00:46
Python77And does anyone have any good links to learning how to use terminal?00:46
KenBW2why is Ubuntu telling me i can use Restricted ATI graphics drivers when I'm managing fine OOTB?00:46
ChousukePython77: those are good choices though.00:46
MellowYellowhttp://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book.html is how I learned lisp, great book00:46
usserOsse, oh ok seems h263 is picky about the resolution00:46
chetnickguys, which program for burning you would recommend?00:46
ChousukePython77: start with MellowYellow's URL00:46
musikgoatPython77: it depends what you want to do,  you originally said web development -> therefore learn server side scripting languages, like php, jsp, and asp00:46
ChousukePython77: SICP is *the* book on programming00:46
ChousukePython77: it's not *easy*, but it's good :)00:47
MellowYellowbah, I read it in high school00:47
musikgoatPython77: and javascript+html+css00:47
n3hima!offtopic | Python7700:47
ubottuPython77: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:47
usserOsse, modify your command to look like this ffmpeg -i filename.avi -vcodec h263 -s 352x288 -vb 600000 -ar 8000 -ac 1 test.3gp00:47
jokercan some one tell me the easy way to upgrade bluez to the Bluez4.300:47
MellowYellowof course it was a slightly older version...00:47
ChousukeMellowYellow: SICP is still not easy, you're just smart.00:47
chetnickPython77, you should start with some basics first, try "Computer Science Illuminate" its a good introduction00:47
usserOsse, note -s 352x288 that specifies the output video resolution00:47
ErikWestrupWould this be a correct crontab entry if I want to run a command every 45 minute? http://paste.ubuntu.com/44042/00:47
Python77sorry obottu00:48
krunchyfroghi there00:48
ChousukeMellowYellow: of course, I'm not saying it's exactly difficult either; It just requires effort :)00:48
Python77computer science illuminate?00:48
Chousukeanyway, time for me to sleep00:48
Osseusser - I get alot of "[h263 @ 0xb7e1a9a8]warning, clipping 1 dct coefficients to -127..127"00:48
musikgoatilluminated i think00:48
Python77thanks for info00:48
MellowYellowChousuke, lol, actually the first chapter gave me headaches. I could not figure out why any human being woul design a language that does math like lisp00:48
MUAlguem ai00:48
usserOsse, thats normal00:48
MUme ajuda00:48
MUsou portugues00:49
ChousukeMellowYellow: oh you didn't like prefix notation? :p00:49
MUAlguem ai00:49
MUme ajuda00:49
Osseusser - Well, It looks like it is working, thanks alot! =)00:49
spiritssighthow can I see the available wireless networks00:49
MUsou portugues00:49
n3hima!po | MU00:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about po00:49
MellowYellowI love it now but...00:49
n3himashit what's portuguese?00:49
n3hima!pt | MU00:49
tritium!language | n3hima00:49
ubottuMU: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:49
ubottun3hima: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:50
echelonHEY! who took phpize out of the php package??00:50
zcat[1]well bugger me, making the display.xml immutable WORKED.00:50
ChousukeMellowYellow: well people always have problems accepting *different* things :)00:50
echelonthat's why i never install ubuntu on my own PCs00:50
MellowYellowechelon, what!?!? when did they do that?00:50
n3himaMU, /join #ubuntu-br00:50
echelonMellowYellow: what?00:50
spiritssightDoes any one know what I need to do to see the different networks (wireless)00:51
zcat[1]but I'd really rather find out what piece of shit is changing my settings to 'clone display' every login!00:51
MellowYellowtake phpize out?00:51
krunchyfrogI think I pooped my xserver installation.  I was trying to install frets on fire but it kept crashing so I thought it was my opengl that was wrong so I tried to fix it but now my xconfig doesn't even want to take the proprietary nvidia driver correctly.  Every bootup I get prompted by a dialog box saying my config is not ok but whatever I do in there doesn't fix anything00:51
tritiumzcat[1]: watch the language, please00:51
usserOsse, np mgiht also add -ab 6400000:51
Osseusser - What does that do?00:52
zcat[1]so, anybody know what part of gnome is automatically detecting the second monitor and overriding the setting I explicitly set?00:52
usserOsse, sets the bitrate of audio stream to 64kbps00:52
zcat[1]tritium: sorry; very very annoyed here00:52
OsseThanks usser.00:52
KenBW2for me to view php files will sudo apt-get install php5 install apache et al for me?00:52
krunchyfrogI just want to re create my xorg.conf that was working fine on my card's s-video out to my tv (since my tv is my main display)00:52
MellowYellowzcat[1], do you have twinview or xinearama installed?00:53
usserOsse, no problem00:53
KattollikisdI have problems with a plugging in my amsn called "transparent", can someone help me pleaces?00:54
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: Can you pastebin your ~/.config/monitors.xml ?00:54
evsthomascan anyone here assist me in signing the code of conduct? I've gotten all the way to the Signed Code section but it says "The signed text does not match the Code of Conduct. Make sure that you signed the correct text (white space differences are acceptable).00:54
zcat[1]MellowYellow: not intentionally. This is a brand new gNewSense install, only free drivers, and updates. And it's doing exactly the same thing as Ubuntu was; everything works perfectly on both displays right up until I log in. xorg thinks it only has one display, the ATI card handles both outputs....00:54
MellowYellowkrunchyfrog, boot without a gui and reconfigure  xorg using xorgcfg00:55
KattollikisdI have problems with a plugging in my amsn called "transparent", can someone help me pleaces?00:55
krunchyfrogaha!  thanks MellowYellow00:55
zcat[1].. after I log in 'something' detects the second monitor and turns on 'clone display' which makes the whole laptop freeze totally and I have to power cycle it00:55
Windsurfer619My sister installed skype a week agoish, and she just noticed that it takes ages to boot (more than 4 minutes, where it was less than a minute before) as it is just hanging on a black screen. Any idea why or how to fix?00:55
zcat[1]All I want it to know what's cahnging that setting so I can dissable it00:55
MellowYellowzcat[1], ick00:55
zcat[1]right now I have the monitor.xml set immutable and it's working exactly how I want. But that's not a real solution, it's an ugly hack00:56
ozkelligirlhi all00:56
MellowYellowzcat[1], lol00:56
evsthomasWhat constitutes a signature on the Code of Conduct?00:56
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:56
echelonwhat package contains the ffmpeg headers?00:56
jgedeonI'm normally a gnome user but thought I would give Kubuntu a try on another system...  Should I do Kde4 or not?00:57
zcat[1]perhaps I should just file a bug?00:57
KattollikisdI have problems with a plugging in my amsn called "transparent", can someone help me pleaces?00:57
n3himazcat[1], it's a hack, but every system is a bit ugly00:57
krunchyfrogis there some kind of xorg.conf generator on the net?00:57
KattollikisdI have problems with a plugging in my amsn called "transparent", can someone help me pleaces?00:57
zcat[1]I should not have to set config files immutable. Gnome should NOT be overriding my settings on a whim!00:57
wersdaluvI'm trying to connect computers connected to a common netgear router via ssh. how do I know each comp00:57
n3himaI totally agree00:58
ozkelligirlubottu what is the best place to get 3D fx for ubuntu ?00:58
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:58
MellowYellowzcat[1], I would do kde4 and then file a bug, it would be good to be able to "prove" that gnome is doing the modifying. Otherwise you really don't know where to file the bug to.00:58
alicevhow can i md5 unhash00:58
Digit4lIt's there any program to manage rapidshare links ???00:58
MellowYellowalicev, huh?00:58
jribalicev: doesn't make sense00:58
zcat[1]MellowYellow: every time I run gnome-display-settings it turns it back on, even after I explicitly turn it off.00:58
echelonWHERE ARE the ffmpeg HEADERS?00:59
jribDigit4l: not a public one, no00:59
zcat[1]going to file a bug now.00:59
KattollikisdI can I put a transparent background on the Nautilus?00:59
MellowYellowooh there we go... ok can you run gnome-display-settings from terminal with verbose output? Maybe you can figure out what it calls that way01:00
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: of course01:00
spiritssightHELP, I am trying to see wireless networks please help01:00
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak>  how?01:00
porotoHi i need help, installed a theme,  but i want the bar transparent, and when i put the transparence, the side of applications, system and the clock area , stays the same! thenks01:00
n3himaspiritssight, what's the problem?01:00
echelonmaybe ubuntu should quit marketing their product to businesses so real admins don't have to deal with its poor package maintenance01:00
evsthomasI realize this is trivial for everyone but I can't figure out the signing process... is there another chat for this?01:00
zcat[1]gnome-display-settings has no manpage and no --help or -h option. suggestions?01:00
Jordan_Uspiritssight: What wireless chipset?01:00
spiritssightechelon: I can not seem to get it to show the networks in the area for wireless01:01
MellowYellowspiritssight, that was the lamest way to ask for help I have seen in a while01:01
teqsupportHELP... I'd really love to get the 3d desktop working on Gos01:01
Jordan_Uzcat[1]: No idea, I had to strace the damn thing just to figure out that it was writing to monitors.xml :)01:01
MellowYellowspiritssight, try formulating a coherent question rather than just saying help01:01
jribDigit4l: if you have an account, you can setup wget to automatically login I believe01:01
zcat[1]sorry, gnome-display-properties01:01
echelonspiritssight: gee, i really wanted to know01:01
echelon 01:01
echelon 01:01
MellowYellowzcat[1], hmm -v is standard...01:02
kindofabuzzi installed nvidia's drivers, now all i have is 800x600 help! =)01:02
spiritssightechelon, I answered01:02
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: oi know it can be done, but now i can't remember how..lol01:02
jrib!fixres > kindofabuzz01:02
ubottukindofabuzz, please see my private message01:02
zcat[1]-v doesn't work. nor -V or --help or -h or --gnome-developers-are-retarded-monkey-spankers01:02
usserOsse, what resolution do u need 3gp files in? is it fixed? is it for ipod or something?01:02
echelonyou guys are useless01:02
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak>  ohhh ok01:03
evsthomascan anyone see my text? this can't be this difficult... its the very first step...01:03
zcat[1]it doesn't seem to accept any options at all01:03
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak>  thanks anyway01:03
spiritssightechelon:  can you pm me so I can see what your questions are easer thanks01:03
Osseusser - I don't really know, was just going to find that out =)01:03
porotoHi i need help, installed a theme,  but i want the bar transparent, and when i put the transparence, the side of applications, system and the clock area , stays the same! thenks01:03
droopsta915whats the best linux program to make and record music in a studio?01:03
ozkelligirlanyone know of a good 3D setup for ubuntu and where to get it?01:03
zcat[1]bah, going to go calm down for a while, I can't file a bug report when I'm thips issed off.01:04
usserOsse, cause i was just writing a gui tool for almost the same purposes, it is for my video player. i can adjust it to your causes01:04
Osseusser - I just know that it is a 3 inch screen.01:04
Osseusser - Sounds awesome :O01:04
MellowYellowozkelligirl, what do you mean by 3d? You want things popping out at you? you want a spiffy rotating cube? You want a 3d world you can walk around in?01:04
droopsta915lol mellowyellow :)01:05
usserOsse, just find out resolution and i can give it to u01:05
Osseusser - PM'd a link.01:05
OsseOkay =)01:05
ozkelligirlyes that sounds good01:05
MellowYellowdroopsta915, as far as studio recording I have no idea, all I have ever used was audacit01:05
KattollikisdCan someone tell me how to put a transparent background in the nautilus pleases? :S01:05
stepa1My Computer wasn't operating and I shut it off with the button.  Now when i turn it one, i get NTLDR is missing error.  Do I need to reinstall grub?  (I only have a Ubuntu installation, no windows, but i do have an NTFS formated drive)01:06
droopsta915anyone ever try rosegarden to make music?01:06
KattollikisdCan someone tell me how to put a transparent background in the nautilus pleases? :S01:07
Osseusser - Is there some program that can list me the needed info about video files? Dimensions, codecs and such?01:07
droopsta915mellowyellow: thanks, use audacity,  i like that program01:07
ASrocki am getting a new wireless router and wireless pci card for my desktop what do you guys recommend?01:08
usserOsse, if u have any video files encoded to play on this device u can use vlc to obtain that info01:08
Osseusser - Okay, how exactly?01:08
Jordan_UASrock: Wireless G or pre-N ?01:09
ozkelligirlmellow i'm new to this how do i get that?01:09
christozIs Ubuntu safe from virus-spyware threads?01:09
Jordan_Uchristoz: Yes01:09
ASrockright now im using wireless G but is there such a thing as a wireless N router that laptops with G cards could still connect to?01:09
christozJordan_U ok agree, but why?01:09
usserOsse, open the file with vlc go to view->Stream and media info01:09
Osseusser - Okay, two secs.01:10
usserOsse, advanced information01:10
KattollikisdCan someone tell me how to put a transparent background in the nautilus pleases? :S01:10
MellowYellowASrock, all wireless N routers are backwards compatible01:10
Jordan_U!virus | christoz01:10
ubottuchristoz: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:10
ASrockand what are the advantages of N01:10
Osseusser - 320x24001:11
n3himaASrock, faster, better range01:11
MellowYellowozkelligirl, did you seriously just say "yes that sounds good?" I give you a list as examples for clarification purposes and your answer is YES!?01:11
ASrockhow much better range?01:11
usserOsse, cool and u sure its 3gp not divx cause i see in the specs it plays divx01:11
MellowYellowwell lets put it this way I have a better connection to my neighbors N router than I do to my G router 5 feet away from me01:12
Osseusser - Yeah, I tried adding a regular .avi, I don't think it'll play that..01:12
usserOsse, did it have any sample video files on it?01:12
* MellowYellow slaps ozkelligirl with a large trout01:13
usserOsse, were they 3gp?01:13
linxehMellowYellow: try a different channel ?01:13
Osseusser - No sample vid's as far as I know.01:13
ozkelligirlnot nice01:13
MellowYellowlinxeh, ?01:13
blakeXis empathy going to replace pidgin for 8.04?01:13
linxehMellowYellow: there are 11 channels01:13
blakeXi hope so, pidgin is really pissing me off01:13
LrdMtrodIs there an easy way to do a netboot installation of newest Ubuntu? Cause my CD-drive in my laptop just doesn't want to read correctly except in very rare moments.01:14
linxehMellowYellow: maybe you are on a channel that is already crappy (assuming you are complaining about bad speeds to your router)01:14
blakeXthey call me mellow yellow01:14
MellowYellowlinxeh, ah, wasn't sure what you were referring to.01:14
Jordan_U!install | LrdMtrod01:14
ubottuLrdMtrod: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:14
blakeXim looking forward to empathy replacing pidgin :-)01:14
KattollikisdCan someone tell me how to put a transparent background in the nautilus pleases? :S01:14
MellowYellowblakeX, whats the difference?01:15
linxehblakeX: empathy looks quite nice01:15
w0ltCan anyone explain to me why it is when I ping an address, it resolves to  ??01:15
blakeXthe difference is pidgin has refused to make their product better for years01:15
linxehMellowYellow: pidgin is awful :/01:15
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: maybe you can't,i thought you could.01:15
MellowYellowwell that sure is a difference, I figured it had more features or something. I gave up on it looking nice01:15
IndyGunFreaksomeone prolly woulda responded by now if you could.01:15
blakeXi honestly hope that when empathy replaces pidgin, pidgin will try and compete01:15
linxehthe pidgin guys do some really cool stuff with the protocol handling and libraries but their gui skills live a lot to be desired01:16
usserOsse, ok lets try 3gp then01:16
OsseSounds good usser =)01:16
MellowYellowgah, gtg01:16
blakeXlinxeh: i like the way pidgin looks, that's not the problem01:16
linxehAdium on OSX is a good IM client built on the pidgin libraries01:16
linxehblakeX: its not how it looks, its how it works. GUI design isnt about looks, it is about ergonomics and aesthetics just as much as anything else01:16
ozkelligirlok so what is the best graphic package then?01:16
blakeXim in pidgin trying to rub it into the developers faces, i have been warning them for some time now01:17
shey^5 Ubuntunians.01:17
blakeX#pidgin that is, haha01:17
linxehozkelligirl: photoshop01:17
linxehozkelligirl: and lightroom01:17
linxehozkelligirl: YMMV01:18
Osseusser - Will there be a public release of this? =)01:18
wersi want to connect two computers via ssh. how do I know the ip of each computer? this is my ifconfig in this computer http://paste.ubuntu.com/44050/ . both are running ubuntu hardy01:18
ozkelligirlsorry 3D package?01:18
linxehozkelligirl: 3dsmax ?01:18
blakeXlol this nigga01:19
blakeXdamn yo!01:19
sheywers: wlan001:19
n3himawers, do you have physical access to the other box?01:19
ozkelligirlhow do i load it?01:19
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak> what?01:19
linxehozkelligirl: you buy it.01:19
wersshey, which one there?01:19
wersn3hima, yep01:19
linxehozkelligirl: there is blender that is opensource01:19
sheywers: is that system.01:19
jgedeonwers, does your router show who it hands addresses to?  Can look there..  Or look for the IP address on the other computer unless you can resolve with name.01:19
porotoHi, why awn does not work?01:19
n3himawers, check the ip of the other box by running ifconfig01:19
linxehmight not be what you want though01:19
usserOsse, hehe, sure... here save this as converter.py http://pastebin.com/m42d9a58501:19
mertheris there a better network scanning program then pyNeighborhood?01:19
linxehozkelligirl: http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/01:19
sheywers: look at the inet addr: line.01:19
ozkelligirlhow do i get it?01:19
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: making nautilus transparent01:19
n3himawers, then you have your ip01:20
Kattollikisda background transparent01:20
LjLblakeX, retune the language and attitude please...01:20
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak> a background transparent01:20
linxehozkelligirl: maybe apt-get install blender? dunno, I dont use it01:20
blakeXLjL: nigger, nigger, nigger!01:20
Osseusser - Saved.01:20
ozkelligirli'll look now thanks01:20
sheybless you LjL01:21
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: weren't you wondering how to make nautilus have a transparent background?01:21
usserOsse, nice one more thing u need to do is sudo apt-get install python python-wxtool01:22
stuff_happensis this the room to go to if I need help with getting my broadcom wireless working?01:22
Osseusser - couldn't find package.01:22
LjLstuff_happens: if that's while using Ubuntu, yes01:22
sheystuff_happens: do you have the restricted driver working?01:22
stuff_happensis Xubuntu ok?01:22
shey... aaand what LjL said.01:22
spiritssightechelon: Just in case you did not get my msg, I said I was having trouble viewing wireless networks that are in the area, I also asked if you could pm me as there is to much traffic here that I will most likly miss your msgs01:22
Kattollikisd<IndyGunFreak> yea... for example... I open the Home And I see theres folders i the background is transparent... that's what I want to do... you know how? :S01:23
IndyGunFreakstuff_happens: its not bad.. but not really that much "lighter" than gnome if you ask me01:23
usserOsse, sudo apt-get install python-wxtools01:23
LjLstuff_happens: sure, although there is a #xubuntu channel too (but i do not believe - although i know nothing about wireless cards - there's very many difference when configuring that)01:23
usserOsse, ?01:23
IndyGunFreakKattollikisd: i know, and that what i'm saying, i don't think its possible, i thought it was;01:23
wersshey and n3hima . i tried browsing this computer's contents by opening "ssh://" using the other computer but it nautilus (on the other computer) said that it can't be displayed because the host cant be found. any idea why?01:23
Osseusser - Yep, sorry. Misspelled it.01:23
favroKattollikisd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60714001:23
n3himawers, no01:24
sheywers: ermm.. 1.2 is the PC you are on.01:24
jribKattollikisd, IndyGunFreak: there once existed patches but I don't know if they were ever included.  Best bet is probably to find the bug on gnome's tracker and see what happened01:24
stuff_happensI was using b43  but its suuuper slow and very weak signal. I tried using the actualy broadcom drivers using various tutorials on ubuntuforums and it works, it detects the networks but I need to restart networking to connect to unprotected ones otherwise whole comp freezes. Once I do I can connect and use internet as long as its an unprotected access point.01:24
sheywers: do you have physical access to the other PC?01:24
Osseusser - Okay, now?01:24
stuff_happensIf I try to connect to WPA type it freezes system and have to as usual force a power down01:25
wersshey, yep01:25
usserOsse, now chmod a+x converter.py01:25
sheystuff_happens: I am having troubles with the Broadcom drivers as well, and to be honest I havent had the time to tweak out the issue yet.01:25
usserOsse, and u should be able to double click on it and run01:25
sheywers: sudo ifconfig on that pc.01:25
Osseusser - Nothing happens?01:26
usserOsse, open terminal and try python filename_u_saved_as.py01:26
wersdaluvshey, this is wers on the other computer. here it is  http://paste.ubuntu.com/44043/01:26
OsseThanks usser =)01:27
Mc_abysssorry wrong window lol01:27
usserOsse, it works? double clicking should work as well01:27
sheywersdaluv: that address is
sheywersdaluv: well call that one PC201:27
balooganHey all! I'm trying to access a usb hd mounted on a computer I call truthsayer though nfs01:28
balooganand it isn't working!!01:28
stuff_happenswould it be possible for me to try the same thing but with no desktop just pure commandline and see if it still freezes anything. I am starting to think it's the network manager that is causing the freezes since onlt after I restart it can I safely connect to unprotected networks without it freezing01:28
Osseusser - Works, trying to convert a file as we speak =)01:28
Eli2__how can i hide partitions used in a software raid from places->removable media ?01:28
sheywersdaluv: from PC2 in console, type ping -c3
wersdaluvuhum. shey, i want to transfer files from pc 2 to pc 1. how do I do that? they both have openssh now01:28
wersdaluvokay shey01:28
sheywersdaluv: see if you get a responce.01:29
DarkShadow791anyone have any tips for a novice linux user to start expanding his linux knowledge? like learning commands and stuff like that01:29
Osseusser - Doesn't work to double click.01:29
Kattollikisd<favro> <IndyGunFreak> <jrib> I Have to use Compiz so then I can put a transparent background in nautilus. so that s why I can't see my transparent amsn either, I don't have a great grafic card in my PC, can I use the compiz anyway?01:29
evsthomaslooking for help with signing the Code of Conduct. The error is "The signed text does not match the Code of Conduct..."01:29
evsthomasI've tried signing both 1.0.1 and 1.001:29
usserOsse, did u do chmod a+x filename_u_saved_as.py ?01:30
Osseusser - Yes.01:30
wersdaluvshey http://paste.ubuntu.com/44055/01:30
aitdDArkShadow791: google Linux shell, command line, tutorials usually brings up a wealth of info01:30
Eli2__anybody any ideas ?01:30
Kattollikisd<favro> <IndyGunFreak> <jrib> I Have to use Compiz so then I can put a transparent background in nautilus. so that s why I can't see my transparent amsn either, I don't have a great grafic card in my PC, can I use the compiz anyway?01:31
Osseusser - Doesn't really matter, I've made an alias, I run and handle most things through the terminal anyways.01:31
evsthomasAnybody?? this is like the first hurdle out of the gate.01:31
floppyearshi guys01:31
aitdDarkShadow791: also read the man pages or info pages01:31
sheywersdaluv: are they on the same network?01:31
floppyearsis there a command that I can issue to figure out the type of dvd burner that my ubuntu machine has ?01:31
stepa1I shut off my computer with the button, and now I can't boot into it.  I think i might need to reinstall grub. Help01:31
favro!compiz > Kattollikisd01:31
ubottuKattollikisd, please see my private message01:31
wersdaluvshey, connected to the same router. this one's connected via lan. pc 1 is connected via wifi01:32
ScheissDroge1stepa1:exact error message ?01:32
stepa1ScheissDroge1: I get an "NTLDR is missing" error, but thats only because i have another NTFS drive connected.01:33
stepa1ScheissDroge1: I do not have another OS on the compt01:33
sheygoto pc1 and type in ping -c3
Osseusser - Well, thanks for the help, appriciate it alot! I'll be glad to help you out testing your software, just can't right now, abit late. Gotta go.01:33
Osseusser - Let me know if you need any help. Cheers.01:33
ScheissDroge1stepa1: why do you use grub for a win machine ?01:33
ePaxstepa1: What did you do before you got NTLDR missing?01:34
usserOsse, np, just as long as it works for u im happy01:34
OsseCheers mate =)01:34
stepa1ScheissDroge1: I have Ubuntu installed, but another drive is just formated as NTFS01:34
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ScheissDroge1!grub > stepa101:34
ubottustepa1, please see my private message01:34
stepa1ePax: The computer worked fine.  But when is just froze all the windows, i shut if off with the power button and thats when this happened01:34
ePaxstepa1: What OS's do you use?01:35
=== The-Trollinator is now known as WastePotatoe
stepa1ePax: only Ubuntu01:35
mertheris there a better network browser then pyNeighborhood?01:35
ScheissDroge1stepa1: cold shut off, could also try repair option from livecd, e2fsck or supergrubdisk01:35
adantedoes anybody know where i can get a copy of the .config used to bulid the ubuntu 8.04 kernel? the one in /boot does not seem to correspond to it01:35
stepa1ScheissDroge1: when I do the second command, i get find /boot/grub/stage101:36
ePaxstepa1: Use your ubuntu cd end rewrite/reinstall grub and it should be ok.01:36
sanderis there a way to capture a video from a webcam in msn??? an program like hycam2 for windows?01:36
stepa1ScheissDroge1: woops, i mean, Error 15: file not found01:36
ScheissDroge1stepa1:second cmd?01:36
stepa1ScheissDroge1: "find /boot/grub/stage1"01:37
evsthomasDoes it matter if I sign the launchpad code of conduct?01:37
evsthomaswhat does it make available01:37
sandersome know about a program that capture video from the webcam in msn?01:37
ScheissDroge1stepa1:most probably you crashed the filesystem by that power of, got a live-cd handy ?01:38
stepa1ScheissDroge1: Do you think super grub disk would work better?01:38
wersshey, maybe, its a firewall issue. how do i disable it?01:38
sanderi try xvidcap but this only record the desktop and mouse movements, not a active video from webcam... some know how to do this?01:38
stepa1ScheissDroge1: I'm using one right now01:38
sheywers: did you install a firewall? Ubuntu does not come default with a firewall.01:38
ScheissDroge1stepa1:sg-disk has more options, but also searches for those files01:38
wersshey,  nope but i saw something from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto01:39
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ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:39
sheyyeah well...01:39
wersmaybe, it's the router that has firewall01:39
sanderplease, i need a program that capture webcam imagens from msn01:39
ScheissDroge1stepa1:make shure hd isnt mounted first, run e2fsck01:39
sheywers: which router do you have?01:39
sheywers: but even still, routers dont usually block internal traffic.01:39
rzecwhat would be consider a high server load on a install of a none gui linux(for a web server).  I was told that it should be below 2 but my new hosting provider tells me not to worry unless is goe above 30 which seems really really high from what i have been told, that that guy right that i should not worry until it is above 30?01:40
wersshey, netgear wgr614 v701:40
stepa1ScheissDroge1: I've never done that before, do i do automatic repair when i type in e2fsck01:40
ScheissDroge1stepa1:open a terminal01:40
ePaxsander: For ubuntu?01:41
aitdsander: http://johnbokma.com/messenger/capturingwebcam.html google works well01:41
sheywers: ughh, netgear. But even still like I said, routers do not usually block internal traffic.01:41
sanderePax: yes01:41
jgedeonwers, runt sudo iptables -L if it is running it will tell you if you if you have a firewall running iptables01:41
ePaxsander: sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop01:41
ScheissDroge1stepa1:paste outpu from : fdisk -l01:41
sheywers: is there any way possible to hook up the wireless one via cat5?01:41
sanderePax: recordmydesktop not work for recording video01:41
aitdsander: http://johnbokma.com/messenger/capturingwebcam.html google works well01:42
sanderaitd: hey man, this program is very nice... it is for linux?01:42
ePaxsender: Then try with instanbul.01:42
wersshey, sorry. i dont even know what cat6 is. hehe01:42
stepa1ScheissDroge1: i get no output01:42
sanderaitd: i already try google, but only finded for windows01:42
sheycat 5 == ethernet, wired connection01:42
Rakeerwhat is the correct pkg name for JRE2 v5/v6?01:42
aitdsander: I thought your first message asked about something that would work in a windows environment01:42
Rakeerneeded for compiling01:43
ScheissDroge1stepa1 paste outpu from :sudo  fdisk -l01:43
aitdsanders: my mistake01:43
wersjgedeon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44063/ . does it look right? hehe01:43
sanderaitd: but this is for windows?01:43
stepa1ScheissDroge1: ohh, sorry about that, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44064/01:43
jgedeonYes that is normal01:44
sanderaitd: i need a aprogram that capture video from webcam in msn for linux man...01:44
wersoooh. shey, you mean,connect them directly with a lan cable?01:44
jgedeonwers can ping the other system.01:44
wersjgedeon, does that mean that it doesnt have a firewall?01:44
ePaxsander: trry instanbul as well. sudo apt-get install istanbul01:45
Mc_abysssander if your using amsn it should auto log the webcam chat havent tried it myself tho01:45
jgedeonwers that is showing that you do have IPtables running.  But no settings so it is like there is no firewall.01:45
sheyjgedeon: we tried that, no responce.01:45
ScheissDroge1stepa1 :k, the sde 80gb is ur ubuntu-drive, paste output from : sudo mount01:45
sanderaitd: for linux i cant find anythink in google01:45
jgedeonshey, physical access to the system?01:45
aitdsander: I used to have a Linux webcam link... let me look somemore01:45
stepa1ScheissDroge1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44065/01:45
sheyjgedeon: he has physical access to both, but one is wireless, the other is hardwired.01:45
sanderMc_abyss: yes, but not onlly for amsnm i need to record from skype too.. sorry for the question01:45
sanderePax: thanks, i will download here and try now01:46
sanderePax: thanks for the tip01:46
jgedeonshey that is fine.  He has the actual IP address of the other?01:46
sheyjgedeon: I asked him to ping -c3 (other sys ip) an he got no responce from either.01:46
sheypc2 is
sheypc1 is 1.201:46
ScheissDroge1stepa1 :k, e2fsck -p /dev/sde01:46
Mc_abysssander lol np ill look see what I can find01:46
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : sudo e2fsck -p /dev/sde01:46
jgedeonshey, openssh-server is installed?01:47
sheygood, I can go eat my yodels now.01:47
sheyjgedeon: he claims so.01:47
wersjgedeon, yeap01:47
sanderePax: did not find the instanbul package :(01:47
jgedeonFrom pc2 can you ping pc1?01:47
wersjgedeon, nope01:48
sanderePax: but i find the website http://live.gnome.org/Istanbul01:48
jgedeonwers,  what system are you on now.  PC1 or 201:48
stepa1ScheissDroge1: hmm, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44066/ , i dont know if that worked but from past times i think my ubuntu drive is sda01:48
habitHello. I'm searching some easy application to convert video files to *.mp4 files for mobile device. Advice me please.01:48
wersjgedeon, on pc 1 now01:48
jgedeonwers can you ping anything from PC2?01:49
sheypc1 == wifi01:49
ePaxsander: Go to add/remove software. Klick on "all sofrtware" then write istanbul and you will find it. Then just install it.01:49
sheyanyone want a yodel?01:49
wersjgedeon, uhm. i am online on pc201:49
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : apps>gparted  for checking the right drive01:49
jgedeonshey, they are both on same subnet..  Given from the same router.01:49
aitdsander: Seem to have lost the link I had in mind, however Ubuntu package manager has "Cheese" and "camstream". I have not installed them but was looking at the packages some months back for a project I was considering01:49
sanderePax: thanks, i got know in my repo istanbul01:49
sheyjgedeon: I beleive so.01:49
jgedeonwers what does IPtables on PC2 show??  Same?01:49
sanderaitd: very thanks man, i will try here, after test the istanbul program01:50
sheywerspc2: sudo apt-get install ssh01:51
sheyon both PC's01:51
wersjgedeon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44063/ on pc 101:51
aitdI have used istanbul. Seemed to work well on a machine that I had a work.01:51
stepa1ScheissDroge1: they only one that is showing up is my NTFS formated drive01:51
wersokay shey. i dont have ssh afaik01:51
stepa1ScheissDroge1: its actually showing as sde101:51
jgedeonwers, sudo apt-get install openssh-server on both systems.01:51
sheyjgedeon: on PC2 he has multple connections as well.01:51
sheyI fergot to mention that01:52
usserwers, still trying to do that transfer01:52
jgedeonshey what do you mean?01:52
sheyask him to pastebin an ifconfig from pc2.01:52
wersjgedeon, done that01:52
werspc2jgedeon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44069/ on pc 201:52
=== shey is now known as shey|afk
wersi have ssh already in 2 pcs01:53
shey|afkjgedeon: I think we need to see which connection is the active one on PC2.01:54
=== kryogeniks is now known as ks
jgedeonwers, ok IPtables blank on both sides...  KEWL...  ok  /etc/init.d/ssh start01:54
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : thats bad, so next you should unplug ur ntfs drive and check for your main hd in bios01:54
wersjgedeon, i'll do that on both pcs?01:55
jgedeonwers, sure.01:55
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : ntfs was a usb, nor ?01:55
werspc2jgedeon, done01:55
jgedeonIf the router is the only system handing out DHCP he will be on same subnet...  He didn't set static Address did he?01:56
stepa1ScheissDroge1:  no unfortunatly the two drives that i have are identical and its not USB01:56
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : anyway, then reboot into bios setup and check if they both show up there01:56
wersjgedeon, i'm sorry but i dont know01:56
jgedeonwers, can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces please from both systems.01:57
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : I will have another coffee meanwhile,,01:57
stepa1ScheissDroge1: okay, but im going to have to log of, is there anything else i should do if it does show up?01:57
stepa1ScheissDroge1: :-D01:57
wersjgedeon, auto lo01:58
wersiface lo inet loopback on pc 101:58
ScheissDroge1stepa1 : check this up first if bad check cables :P01:58
stepa1ScheissDroge1: okay, talk to you soon01:58
jgedeonwers and then pastebin the results of of arp -a01:59
jgedeonwers, it should say more than that.01:59
werspc2jgedeon, on pc 2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/44071/01:59
sdlsDoes Ubuntu run disk-intensive maintaince when the screensaver is on?  If so, what is it and how can I turn it off?01:59
jgedeonOK...  I see now.02:00
werspc2jgedeon, on pc 2 ? ( at 00:1B:2F:65:A2:A6 [ether] on wlan002:00
wersjgedeon, on pc 1 ? ( at 00:1B:2F:65:A2:A6 [ether] on wlan002:00
wers? ( at <incomplete> on wlan002:00
sanderePax: the istanbul not worked fine man, i test here and when i will record a webcam, this only record a freezed video, not the motions.. :(02:00
ScheissDroge1sdls: it runs same then without scrsver (expt scrs of course)02:01
jgedeontry to ping the 1.4 system02:01
sanderePax: i need something like this in linux: http://www.eatcam.com/webcam-recorder-msn.htm02:01
evsthomashas anyone here faced the issue with signing the code of conduct?02:01
evsthomasi've searched high and low and still no answers02:01
ePaxsender: Then try to check the options or something.02:01
josspykersander, try zoneminder.it's in the repos02:01
sdlsScheissDroge: Thanks.  I should run a script to find out what is running when I lock the screen.  As sometimes I can't even log back in without several minute wait time.02:02
sanderjosspyker: thanks man, i will test here02:02
wersjgedeon, waht's the 1.4 system? how do i do that? btw, pc2 is connected wirelessly too now02:02
sanderaitd: the cheeser and camstreen did not worked fine here :(02:02
josspykersander, you also need mysql02:03
jgedeonwers, 1.4 is the system on your network.02:03
wersoh yah. wait02:03
sanderjosspyker: mysql?? OMG02:03
jgedeonwers, does ifconfig on either system show
azhar27!info | zoneminder02:04
ubottuzoneminder: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>02:04
werspc2jgedeon, yep. here02:04
emmaAny ideas on how to make mplayer the default movie player?02:04
jgedeonok try to ping the other system.02:05
sanderjosspyker: man, this is not what i need.. i need only a program that grab some piece of screen running a video like in webcam, that save this piece in a video file02:05
sanderjosspyker: this zoneminder is a camera security program...02:05
werspc2jgedeon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44074/02:05
josspykersander, yep02:06
Andrilhello all02:06
Andril what's the best Nvidia card for Ubunt?02:06
sanderjosspyker: i need something like this for linux: http://www.eatcam.com/webcam-recorder-msn.htm   understand-me ?02:06
wersjgedeon, from here on pc1 http://paste.ubuntu.com/44075/02:06
wersstill destination host unreachable on both02:06
musikgoatAndril: all really are useful02:06
evsthomasneed coc signing help if anyone understands the errors02:07
jgedeonYour trying to ssh to a PC running in VBx?02:07
musikgoatAndril: i'm not sure of issues with the gt200 chipsets, but any before run fine02:07
sanderfor windows have many, but in linux i never seen nothing similar02:07
Andrilnot really I have Nvidia AGP 7600 GS and there are glitches02:07
musikgoatare the glitches with the specific card, or with nvidia drivers?02:08
Drk_GuyAndril, 7600 AGP?02:08
josspykerandatche, i have used 8600 and 8800 without problems02:08
musikgoatyes, they exist02:08
Drk_GuyAndril, thought they only did PCIE now02:08
linkmaster03what is the command to start tightvncviewer?02:08
jgedeonwers, are these two physical machines or two and a virutual?02:09
musikgoat7600's are about the highest agp you can get... don't think there were 7800's02:09
Andrilyep 7600 GS256MB DD202:09
wersjgedeon, ssh wers@
wersssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host02:09
wersjgedeon, two laptops02:09
Andrilhow about this http://www.tomshardware.com/news/GeForce-9400-nVidia,6255.html02:09
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sanderaitd: camstream is a very good program but not for what i need, but thanks,  this app is very util02:09
musikgoatAndril: I used to run a 6600 pci-e, now a 9800gx2, and they both run great02:10
Andrilbasicalliy i want to build a new machine just for Ubuntu02:10
=== _0010111 is now known as Rezagrats
shey|afkjgedeon: can he ping them yet/02:10
=== shey|afk is now known as shey
Drk_GuyAndril, "Made for Ubuntu" Machine?02:10
musikgoatAndril: but i don't recommend the 9800gx2, its a crap card02:10
dataspyI have a question about creating a launcher icon on the desktop02:10
RezagratsI have a load of *.fon files i got from a windows xp pro computer... how can i convert them to *.ttf ?02:10
jgedeonshey, no...  But looks like a virual system or back interface config.02:10
Pelodataspy, just ask it02:10
Drk_Guy!fonts | Rezagrats02:10
ubottuRezagrats: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:10
jgedeonwers, try to ssh
Andrilso give me your card model musikgoat02:11
Andrili want the "Made for Ubuntu" specs02:11
dataspyI want to create a launcher that runs the command "/opt/lampp/lampp start"02:11
PeloAndril, do you mean the system requirements ?02:11
Drk_GuyAndril, then supress everything named nvidia graphics card, and use a msi board02:11
wersjgedeon, ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host02:11
dataspybut I need su privelages to do it so it won't launch02:11
dataspycan I only do that from command line02:12
Pelodataspy, gksu /opt/....02:12
Drk_GuyAndril, msi boards use nforce chipsets, whuch have open-source drivers02:12
dataspythanks, I'll try that02:12
musikgoatAndril: BFGR981024GX2E02:12
Andrilok Drk_Guy good info02:12
Drk_GuyAndril, No problems02:12
Pelodataspy, and next time , please keep your questions on one line this is a big channel02:12
werspc2jgedeon, oh my! it worked on pc 2! hahahhha02:12
jgedeonok wers... on PC 2 run cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.OLD02:12
Drk_GuyAndril, still, for now, you won't have any made for ubuntu machine02:12
zynergianyone know a free way to fax from the net?02:13
Drk_GuyAndril, you will still need closed-source drivers02:13
Andrilthanks musikgoat - addng this to my list02:13
Drk_GuyAndril, Unless you use intel chipsets02:13
Pelozynergi, try google02:13
jgedeonwerspc2, yes your network/interfaces config look borked...02:13
Andrilwhat about Envy-NG?02:13
jgedeonone of your systems is 1.25402:13
Andrili like Nvidia chipsets02:13
Drk_GuyAndril, They just install nvidia drivers with a different way :p02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about envy-ng02:13
sandersomebody know a program like this for linux??? http://www.eatcam.com/webcam-recorder-msn.htm02:13
vbman11does anyone know of a SMART board notebook like application02:13
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk02:14
PeloAndril, asus boards also work well with ubuntu, I recommend something will a full intel chipset, very little , if any , hassle02:14
Drk_GuyAndril, can i pm you?02:14
Andrili used it before but it didnt and it worked well02:14
Andrilgood I like Asus alot02:14
Drk_GuyMSI -> Asus02:14
swilkyhey guys i am  using a 500GB hdd in a samba file server, i have only used about 10 gigs but when i use DF is displays as 39 GB's used02:14
ElBuchoneed help loading Realplayer .rpm file02:14
dataspyPelo, sorry about that, and thanks for the help!!!02:14
jgedeonwers, I'm going to do a little testing.  but I think your network config on pc 2 is borked.02:14
werspc2jgedeon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44078/02:14
Andrilgonna build the Ubun2 rig this weekend02:14
vbman11does anyone know of a SMART board notebook like application02:14
Drk_Guy!alien | ElBucho02:14
ubottuElBucho: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:14
* Pelo likes asus products but has had a bad experience with customer support / RMA dept02:15
Andrilthanks all02:15
* Drk_Guy loves MSI02:15
ArnellHi all02:15
werscan I just rease the /etc/network/interfaces on pc2?02:15
vbman11does anyone know of a SMART board notebook like application02:15
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:15
ArnellI have a newbie question02:15
Drk_Guyvbman11, SMART as the HD info implementation?02:15
PeloArnell, just ask it , in one line preferably02:16
Drk_Guy!ask | Arnell02:16
ubottuArnell: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:16
jgedeonwers, no you going to have to rewrite it..  Not hard.  Let me do a little testing since I have VBx installed also.02:16
* Pelo takes away Drk_Guy 's bot priviledges02:16
vbman11Drk_Guy: no the the Notebook software for the SMART Board02:16
* Drk_Guy asks: Why?! :(02:16
jgedeonwers, did you do that cp command yet?02:16
Drk_Guyvbman11, :)02:16
Drk_GuyNo luck02:16
Arnellsorry, Trying to install ubuntu but install stops at command line (INITRAMFS) What's goiing on?02:17
vbman11Drk_Guy: well thanks anyways02:17
Drk_GuyArnell, Have you tried testing your RAM?02:17
Drk_Guyvbman11, np02:17
Arnellnot yet02:17
Drk_GuyArnell, That's not usual02:17
Drk_GuyArnell, take the time to do it02:18
=== avis- is now known as avis
Arnellis that done at the install screen options?02:18
rezasalamii need to install lammps http://lammps.sandia.gov/02:18
rezasalamican help me?02:18
jgedeonArnell it looks like busybox02:18
Drk_GuyArnell, the cd asks you whether you want to install or check the cd/ram02:18
Arnellyes... that's it. it stops there all the time02:18
Pelotry booting the live cd with the noacpi option ,  just hit  f6 from the boot menu and then add acpi=no to the end of the line , or maybe it's acpi=off,   check in the forum02:18
wersjgedeon, what cp command? to erase? nope02:18
Drk_Guy!memtest | Arnell02:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about memtest02:19
Drk_Guy!memtest86 | Arnell02:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about memtest8602:19
jgedeonwers, cp is copy02:19
sdlsScheissDroge1: lol, I figured it out.  Apparently I had the screensaver of "Pictures Folder" set, which was not properly set.  It would appear that the program was searching frantically through empty directories to show pictures!02:19
jgedeonwers, are you in the states?02:19
PeloDrk_Guy, your bot priviledges are revoqued,  you can'T do that anymore ;-)02:19
ArnellK. I'll check the ram and get back to you guys. Thanks!02:19
Drk_GuyPelo, usually, the kernel suggests to turn off that feature by itself02:19
Drk_GuyPelo, why?02:19
ScheissDroge1sdls: expect the screensvr of course, nice..lol02:20
vengeri got BF2 to start up, am using todays winehacks git, yet didn't have a cursor so i killed it now i get a "wine client error:9: write: Invalid argument" and BF2 is hung on a black screen before the logo appears02:20
ArnellAlso, where is the best resource for a newb like me to learn everything I need to run Linux?02:20
wersjgedeon, nope. i'm in indonesia right now on vacation02:21
jgedeonArnell, Google.com02:21
Pelorezasalami, do you need to compile this manualy , that's usualy the case with tar.gz files , do you know different ?02:21
jgedeonOK I'll PM you so we don't flood the channel.02:21
ArnellAwesome, thanks guys. be back later.02:21
PeloArnell, this might be helpfull to start with  http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php02:21
* Pelo is a slow typer tonight02:22
jribArnell: help.ubuntu.com02:22
dr_willis!training | Arnell02:22
jgedeonwers, check PM02:22
ubottuArnell: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training02:22
ArnellGreat, thanks ugys02:23
* Pelo wonders why he's giving advice , he can't even compile a cvx02:23
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MellowYellowI am having a problem with my microphone port not working under ubuntu, versions prior to 8.04 I had to recompile alsa so having working sound is an improvement. But I would also like to use my mic02:24
PeloMellowYellow,  have you checked the alsa settings to make sure the mic isnT' just muted ?02:24
MellowYellowI have no idea how to go about solving this as all the info that I have found is for older versions02:24
MellowYellowPelo, yep :)02:24
PeloMellowYellow, just checking , I like to start with the easy stuff02:25
luquiI'm having trouble getting the brightness to change on my laptop.  Is there any way to control it via /proc or something, so I can try things?02:25
PeloMellowYellow,  removing pulseaudio might be a solution ,02:25
MellowYellowPelo, well it actually was muted so I am glad I ran alsamixer, it just wasn't a fix :)02:26
sanderthanks, i got to do what i want with recordmydesktop, this program can record live webcam from msn :D02:26
sanderthanks for all02:26
sanderpart #ubuntu02:26
Peloluqui,  there is apackage called smartdimmer for nvidia cards02:26
luquiPelo, just found the proc entry, and thanks!02:27
MellowYellowPelo, removed pulseaudio, no difference02:27
PeloMellowYellow,  you mght also want to check the same from the volume icon in the top panel02:27
MellowYellowPelo, everything is good there as well02:29
PeloMellowYellow,  I'm affraid that's the extent of my knowledge of sound/recording trouble shooting02:29
MellowYellowheh, aw well :)02:29
Pelo!hi | meatfrog02:30
ubottumeatfrog: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:30
meatfrogany1 know if amd athlon xp is 64 bit?02:30
PeloI don'T think athlon cpus are 64 bits,  they are like celerons for intel02:30
nuno_nuneshi | nuno_nunes02:31
* Pelo is usualy wrong about these things 02:31
MellowYellowmeatfrog, they can be... not all are...02:31
musikgoatPelo: thats incorrect02:31
nuno_nunes!hi | nuno_nunes02:31
ubottununo_nunes, please see my private message02:31
musikgoatPelo: there are athlon 64-bit cpus02:31
Pelomusikgoat, like I said I'm usualy wrong about these things02:31
musikgoatsemprons are like celerons02:31
meatfrogive been beating my head against the internet trying to figure it out02:31
nuno_nunesThis ubuntu to install for Celeron 1.7 GHz with 256 Mb...02:32
nuno_nunesplz help...02:32
Pelomeatfrog, do you know what your cpu model is , beyond saying it's an athlon,  speed and such might help02:32
ScheissDroge1nuno_nunes: whats your prob ?02:32
swilkycan someone help me, i have a file server and linux is saying i have used 39GB when iv only copied about 10 GB to the hdd http://pastebin.com/d1041e58502:32
MellowYellowmeatfrog, well why does it matter to you? some athlons are 64 bit most are not. It depends on the model, they are all quite clearly labeled when they are 64 bit02:33
Pelonuno_nunes,  there should be no problem to install ubuntu on that system,  it meats the specs02:33
meatfroghmmm lemmie check02:33
hitman1985hi guys, i have a kinda funny problem over here : ubuntu hardy 8.04 cd gives me the following line :02:33
hitman1985140.350537] Kernel Panic - not synching Attempted to kill the idle task!02:33
nuno_nunesThis install for pc02:33
mactimesPelo: Hum.  I don't think he wants to make a barbecue out of his system... ^^02:33
nuno_nunesGraphical card is a intel...02:34
meatfrogAMD Athlon XP 3000+ (2.17 GHz); RAM installed: 512 MB DDR SDRAM02:34
Pelomactimes, ? what ?02:34
ScheissDroge1nuno_nunes: check with a live cd first, then install, should work02:34
musikgoatmeatfrog: that is not 64bit02:34
mactimesPelo: You told nuno_nunes that his system _meats_ the specs....02:35
Pelomeatfrog, when it doubt instll i386 it will work on a 64bit system anyway02:35
Pelomactimes, it's late I'm tired, I'm french, I make typos02:35
nuno_nunesthis pc is using 256 mb ram, Intel celeon 1.7 GHz...02:35
mactimesPelo: I'm just teasing you.  Brazilian here.02:36
nuno_nunesThis version this to download02:36
musikgoatnuno_nunes: what do you want?02:36
Pelonuno_nunes, ubuntu 8.04  i386 desktop02:36
musikgoat*what are you asking?02:36
Pelonuno_nunes, actualy ,  8.04.102:36
Pelomusikgoat, he's asking which iso to dl02:37
meatfrogthanks again :)02:37
musikgoatahh, thanks pelo02:37
nuno_nunesthis a live cd is a not work...02:38
=== WastePotato is now known as iPWN3D
nuno_nunesthis a download this a alternate...02:38
nuno_nunesyes or no...02:38
Pelonuno_nunes,  alternate would work but it is a text installer02:38
Pelo!pt | nuno_nunes02:38
ubottununo_nunes: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:38
hitman1985[140.350537] Kernel Panic - not synching Attempted to kill the idle task! < anyone got an idea ?02:39
Pelonuno_nunes,  there is a protugese channel if that helps02:39
stickboyI'm trying to get cod4 to run in wine. The problem is that I don't have the cd, just the iso. and It's on another computer. i'm splitting the iso into rar archives and moving them over here. but i'm not sure how to install it then. someone in #winehq said to try cdemu but i can't install it. any ideas??02:39
nuno_nunestanks for help...02:39
Spencerical sup02:40
hitman1985stickboy, ever heard of copyright ?02:40
Pelo!iso | stickboy  but I'm not sure you can install from an iso on wine maybe if you mount it to /media/cdrom02:40
ubottustickboy  but I'm not sure you can install from an iso on wine maybe if you mount it to /media/cdrom: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:40
Mr_Awesomeis there any way to recover a file from gedit if my computer was shut off unexpectedly?02:40
SpencericalA person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.02:41
dr_willisstickboy,  if that game has any disk-based copy protection - it proberly wont run ..      if its 'cracked' you need to rebuild the iso file on the machine and mount it. and then isntall from the cd image.02:41
stickboy<hitman1985> don't have the install cd with me, i'm at college and i left it at home.02:41
stickboydr_willis : i've read that no cds crack for it work in wine02:41
* Pelo warns stickboy about talk of warez and cracks and such on the freenode network 02:42
dr_willisstickboy,   i dont have the game so no idea on what protextion if any it has.. I doubt if what you are going to do will work. have your parents mail you the actual disk is the best bet.02:42
dr_willisDisk Protextion is the  #1 reason i dont game on the pc much any more.02:43
stickboydr_willis : i've purposely not bought games with over the top drm. like bioshock02:44
dr_willisSadly ive had to  actually FIND cracks for games i legally own to just play the things.   :( i tend to use steam now a days to buy games02:45
stickboydr_willis that's the problem i'm having now. i own, i want to play it.02:45
dr_willisBut this is more wine related then ubuntu. :) so ive said all i can say02:45
dr_willisstickboy,  your problem is you frogot your legally bought disk at home. :)02:46
stickboydr_willis true, but still requires a crack.02:46
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jessid!backUp | jessid02:48
ubottujessid, please see my private message02:48
mushroomblueanyone know the best way to get a list of currently-installed packages?02:49
jessidhello. i have installed ubuntu 7.10 in a usb pendrive and i would like to make a complete backup of that. Some ideas? is there any gui tool for that? thanks02:50
mushroomblueI was thinking a list I could either parse, or pipe to a txt file02:50
Pelomushroomblue, open synaptic,  click the status button on the bottom left,  select installed , then click the column header of the first column02:50
mushroombluePelo: would it be possible to get that outputted to a text file?02:50
mushroombluethere has to be a command.02:50
mushroombluebut I can't find one in the man page.02:50
meatfrogdoes the upgrade let you chose i386 or 64bit version (8.10) ?02:50
sheymeatfrog: I beleive it goes by the currently installed version02:51
Pelomushroomblue,  try this  dpkg --get-selections > mypackages   then check your /home for  mypackages02:52
ScheissDroge1!clone > mushroomblue:02:52
ussermushroomblue, dpkg -l > ~/mypackages02:52
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Pelowhat's the trigger to get the instructions for making a localized cd ?02:53
=== tux is now known as tux____
Impy^Hi i don't suppose anyone could help me? I'm trying to install gtk2hack(nethack) from a tar file but i keep getting errors when i type ./configure and make02:55
sheyImpy^: pastebin the error02:55
nathanielneallim having trouble playing DVD's02:55
PeloImpy^, what,s the error you get from ./configure ?02:55
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:55
Pelo!dvd | nathanielneall  please not the second task in the instalation02:56
ScheissDroge1Impy^: missing packets ?02:56
ubottunathanielneall  please not the second task in the instalation: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:56
Impy^ahh when i do ./configure it says bash: ./configure: No such file or directory02:56
nathanielneallwhen i open a disk in movie player it tells me: an error has occurred, could not read from resource02:56
Pelonathanielneall, actualy , just run this command  in the terminal and all should be fine sudo apt-get install totem-xine libdvdread3 libxine1-ffmpeg && sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh02:56
ScheissDroge1Impy^: cd to the right dir and had it exutable see also !compile02:57
nathanielneallwhats the password?02:58
Impy^i need to find the directory with !compile in?02:59
Impy^sorry i'm pretty new to all this :(02:59
Pelonathanielneall, your own password02:59
xorkHello! a question - i have an exteral firewire drive that disappears randomly - a reboot of my machine will always bring it back.. is there anyway to execute whatever is happening in the reboot process to bring it back....without rebooting?02:59
nathanielneallis that always the case when it says sudo pass?02:59
PeloImpy^, did you install build-essential ? yes, ok ,  you have your tar.gz file,  extract it , you'll get a new dir,  cd to that dir02:59
Pelonathanielneall, yes03:00
Pelonathanielneall, sudo is the way ubuntu runs root commands,  whithout loging in as root,03:00
Impy^what's build-essential? i extracted the tar to desktop and go a folder and i cd into that folder03:00
j_humphreyhow well does 8.04 support ntfs?03:00
PeloImpy^, build-essential is the package that contains the stuff you need to manualy compile an app03:00
usserj_humphrey, basic read/write support is there03:01
PeloImpy^, sudo apt-get install build-essential03:01
Drk_Guyj_humphrey, write support, limited debugging support03:01
bobertdosj_humphrey: yeah, reasonably well03:01
Drk_Guyj_humphrey, obviusly, read support is there too03:01
j_humphreyIf I have a media, ntfs partition, will ubuntu handle it well, or should i just make it fat32?03:01
RezagratsDrk_Guy, that link didn't help (the fonts one), i still want to convert .FON to .TTF03:01
Impy^Ahh okay i'm downloading that right now pelo :)03:01
nathanielneallwill this help with more than dvd's because i got a similar problem on an audio cd03:01
j_humphreythe partition will be read by vista and ubuntu03:01
ScheissDroge1xork : automount it in fstab ?03:01
bobertdosj_humphrey: Although it tends to be a little less reliable with external drives. Internal drives work just fine.03:02
bobertdosj_humphrey: Most of the time, if there are problems, it usually has to do with automounting.03:02
nathanielneallj_humphrey: if you get virtualbox you can run any environment03:02
Impy^Pelo i installed build-essential now i cd into the directory what do i do now? when i type ./configure it says no such file or directory03:02
Impy^ahh make is doing something now :o03:03
Impy^i got 2 errors back from type make pelo03:03
PeloImpy^, check in the folder,  look for an install file,  or INSTALL , read it , the install proceedure might not require you to compile manualy ,  there might be a bin or a .sh file03:03
ScheissDroge1Impy^: also see ls for a possible readme03:04
PeloImpy^, give me the link to the tar.gz so I can have a look03:04
xorkwhat's the command if i want to mount /dev/sdd to /blah?03:04
xorki tried sudo mount /dev/sdd /blah03:04
nathanielneallim interested in learning more about linux, like- how does terminal work: does it need a network or are all commands programmed into ubuntu03:04
Impy^am i allowed to paste the link here?03:05
PeloImpy^, yes03:05
bobertdosxork: Does the directory you're mounting to exist?03:05
xorkbobertdos, yup03:05
bobertdosxork: What error do you get?03:05
=== qweqweqwe is now known as qweqweqwe_bot
nathanielneallPelo: that command got an error03:06
xorkmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd,03:06
xork       missing codepage or helper program, or other error03:06
xork       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try03:06
xork       dmesg | tail  or so03:06
FloodBot2xork: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
=== iPWN3D is now known as iFail
Pelonathanielneall, what,s the error03:06
yatesis there a special ubuntu version for laptops or do i just use the desktop d/l?03:06
PeloImpy^, gimme a few min to dl it , slow connection03:06
nathanielneallsays: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:06
j_humphreyyates: just use the desktop version03:06
Peloyates, regular desktop03:06
ScheissDroge1xork : filesystem ? put the directory /blah on first ?03:06
Impy^ahh okay no problem pelo thanks for helping me :)03:06
Pelonathanielneall, commands are run with sudo ?03:07
nathanielneallerror 7703:07
xorkScheissDroge1, ext3... what do you mean put it on first?03:07
theCarpentercan i apt-get install older kernel versions?03:07
PelotheCarpenter, yes03:07
yatesdoes 8.04 support bcm wireless cards in a laptop?03:07
nathanielneallnot sure what that means03:07
MikeGeigHello, I need some assistance getting grub to work with my XP dual boot03:07
theCarpenterPelo: What's the package(s)?03:07
ScheissDroge1xork : sudo mkdir /mnt/blah                                      ,e.g03:07
yatesPelo: thanks.03:07
theCarpenterPelo: I want to install 2.403:07
xorkoh, well it's definitely there03:07
Drk_GuyRezagrats, ummm, sorry for late reply, but maybe ubuntu can handle FON by itself03:08
xorkbut if i "ls" in the directory i get "ls: reading directory .: Input/output error" because my external disappears sometimes03:08
xorkso i'm just trying to bring it back03:08
Qsteris nautilus and openbox the same? or am i just totally confused03:08
YamakiriHow do I remove sudo from a user when running root?03:08
ScheissDroge1sudo mount /dev/sdd   /mnt/blah                  ,xork03:08
nathanielneallchecking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:08
nathanielneallSee `config.log' for more details.03:08
nathanielneallmake: *** [build-stamp] Error 7703:08
kitcheQster your confused03:08
yatesis gnome the desktop used in 8.04 desktop?03:08
RezagratsDrk_Guy, so you're saying that i can use *.fon and *.ttf ??03:08
bobertdosMikeGeig: What seems to be the issue?03:08
tsuna27i am getting a error in totem, it says it could demultiplex stream how can i fix it??03:08
nathanielneallthats the exact error i get03:08
xorkok.. i'll try it in a new dir03:09
kitcheyates: gnome is the desktop used in all ubuntu03:09
PelotheCarpenter, not sure you can run 8.04 on it , all pacakges are set for 2.603:09
ScheissDroge1xork : paste output from : fdisk -l03:09
xork/mnt/blah instead of /blah03:09
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:09
theCarpenterPelo: Gotcha...03:09
MikeGeigbobert: I have XP and Ubuntu installed on the same drive in different partitions of an IDE drive, yet it boots directly into XP, I do not get a grub menu03:09
ScheissDroge1xork : paste output from : sudo fdisk -l03:09
PelotheCarpenter, 2.4 kernels probably aren'T even in the repos03:09
MikeGeigbobert: how can I get grub working?03:09
xorkScheissDroge1,  here's the important part Disk /dev/sdd: 400.0 GB, 400088457216 bytes03:09
xork255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 48641 cylinders03:09
xorkUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes03:09
xorkDisk identifier: 0x5892953e03:09
xork   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System03:09
FloodBot2xork: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:09
xork/dev/sdd1               1       48641   390708801   83  Linux03:09
bobertdosYamakiri: Well, where Ubuntu is concerned, you usually remove the user from the admin group.03:10
theCarpenterPelo: that would explain my not being able to find them =-]03:10
=== qweqweqwe_bot is now known as qweqweqwe
Yamakiribobertdos: how do I do that?03:10
YamakiriSorry, I'm a newbie03:10
thomcHey I accidentally deleted some files on an encrypted fat32 partition, any ideas how I might recover them?03:10
PeloImpy^,  ok that one is a bit over my head,  I recommend you check their website for faq or forum or install instrucitons , or even an irc channel03:10
Pelonathanielneall, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel03:10
ScheissDroge1!grub | mikeGeig03:10
ubottumikeGeig: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:10
bobertdosMikeGeig: very common problem, here comes the factoid!! :)03:10
yatesis 8.04 based on ext3 filesystem?03:10
bobertdos!grub > MikeGeig03:10
ubottuMikeGeig, please see my private message03:10
Impy^okie dokie pelo thanks for trying though buddy :)03:10
Till10185any one know what could cause pidgin to not conect to yahoo something about it trying to use a japan server and will not conect to a usa server03:10
nathanielneallwell does that error look at all familiar to you?03:11
MikeGeigbobert: I have been to those sties and I have tried those options, none are working03:11
Pelonathanielneall, ok you see that && in the middle of the command I gave you ,  it means those are actual 2 commands,  run them seperately03:11
MikeGeigI am very frustrated because I dont know what all these hd0, sda, etc are03:11
nathanielneallill try that03:11
xorkis there some script in /etc/init.d that handles firewire during boot process i can re-execute?03:11
ScheissDroge1sudo mount /dev/sdd   /mnt/blah                  ,xork, or whatever your mountp is called doesnt work ?03:12
bobertdosMikeGeig: You did it from a LiveCD, right?03:12
xorknope, gives me error i pasted earlier03:12
Pelonathanielneall, also please use my nick when talking to me, this is a busy channel, it makes it easier to keep up03:12
Till10185any one got any idea what could be the problem i did have it working perfectly but its screwed up dont know what the problem is03:12
MikeGeigbobert: yes03:12
ScheissDroge1!who > xork03:12
ubottuxork, please see my private message03:12
yatesfyi: i'm a new convert from fedora.03:13
nathanielneallPelo: can you resend that command i overrode it on the clipboard03:13
ScheissDroge1xork, did you "hot" unplugged the drive ?03:13
PeloTill10185, make sure it is uptodate,  there was a similar problem with amsn a few weeks ago , update took care of it03:13
xorkScheissDroge1, nope, i didn't.. this just happens at random03:13
xorkScheissDroge1, it happens in windows too? i think it's an issue w/ my firewire card maybe03:13
Pelonathanielneall, sudo apt-get install totem-xine libdvdread3 libxine1-ffmpeg                      sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh03:13
yatestell me i'm doing the right thing...03:14
xorkScheissDroge1, but surely there's something in the boot process that initializes it... that i can run without actually rebooting?03:14
Drk_GuyRezagrats, Maybe03:14
Till10185k il check i think i know what i did that screwed it up i put in a japanese text in my available icon and after that it didnt work03:14
Yamakirihow do I remove a user from the admin group?03:14
ScheissDroge1xork: no further idea then, sry,  I would try to have it listed in fstab03:14
bobertdosMikeGeig: When you attempted to reinstall grub, what partition did the find command locate?03:15
Till10185most chat servers are still buggy but hopefully they can fix it sooner or later03:15
xorkScheissDroge1, i do have it there ;\ it's just strange it's still listed in fdisk -l03:15
nathanielneallPelo: i get the same error on the second command03:15
stuff_happenshow do I find out my motherboard manufacturer through Linux? There are programs like sisoft sandra for Windows, but I can't find anything like that for linux that will give information about the motherboard.03:15
ScheissDroge1xork, a simple: sudo  mount -a             ??03:15
xorkScheissDroge1, nope :(\03:16
Nutt718how do I set my login automatically in UBUNTU03:16
danbh_intrepidstuff_happens: dohickey is a lesser known option03:16
ScheissDroge1stuff_happens: hwinfo03:16
Pelonathanielneall, ok  type  locate libdvdread3 ( in the terminal ) and make sure that the right path is in the command03:16
=== basshunter_ is now known as YahWek
UOX3Guest7920Ihave a question...03:16
MikeGeigbobert: find does not work, I get a "file not found"03:16
Till10185do you go to synaptic manager to find the update to pidgin03:16
xorkanyone familiar w/ the boot scripts in /etc/init.d and which might handle firewire & external drives?03:16
UOX3Guest7920Can anyone answer a question for me?03:17
xorkor pci cards, even?03:17
bobertdosYamakiri: There are command line commands for this too, but I'd just do it graphically. System->Administration->Users and Groups. Unlock it, Manage Groups, open the admin group, and uncheck the user.03:17
ScheissDroge1xork, sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/fstab03:17
MikeGeigbobert: likewise, /boot/grub does not exist03:17
PeloUOX3Guest7920, just ask03:17
yatesYamakiri: system-config-users03:17
Yamakiribobertdos: if I only have SSH access?03:17
nathanielneallPelo, is there an exact directory i want it to be in?03:18
xorkScheissDroge1, /dev/vds400/vds400ext3defaults00 is the important line03:18
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
bobertdosYamakiri: Then one of us is going to have to look up the commands :p03:18
yatesYamakiri: is your source machine running a x server?03:18
Yamakiriyates: yes03:18
Pelonathanielneall,it's already suppose to be there , the command might just not match whre it is03:18
xorkScheissDroge1, i have a udev rule setup to create /dev/vds400 based on the firewire id03:18
yatesYamakiri: then you can run the x tunneling version of ssh: ssh -XC destmachine03:19
Pelonathanielneall, try running  sudo apt-get install build-essential ,  just incase you might bemissing the compiler03:19
Till10185do you have to go to synaptic manager to find the auto update to fix the problem with pidgin03:19
nathanielneallPelo, yes a list of files and folders came up03:19
xorkoh god, that was easy03:19
Jordan_U!ask | UOX3Guest792003:19
ubottuUOX3Guest7920: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:19
danbh_intrepidTill10185: try a regular update03:19
yatesYamakiri: then when you run an x client on the remote machine, it'll display on your source machine.03:19
xorkScheissDroge1, solution is this - sudo mount /dev/vds400 /vds400 ;)03:19
xorkScheissDroge1, lol thanks for your help03:19
Pelonathanielneall, check that  install-css.sh is listed03:19
ScheissDroge1xork: see, ever tried directly ? or as a changeable via uuid ?03:19
phantomcircuitMy microphone isnt working03:20
nathanielneallPelo, it is03:20
habernetis vmware not in the ubuntu repo's?03:20
yatesYamakiri: so just ssh -XC into the remote, then run system-config-users.03:20
thomc I accidentally deleted some files on an encrypted fat32 partition, any ideas how I might recover them?03:20
phantomcircuit"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."03:20
Yamakiriyates: ok thanks03:20
Jordan_Uhabernet: vmware is proprietary03:20
ScheissDroge1stuff_happens: hwinfo  -got done with that ?03:20
yatesYamakiri: good luck.03:20
Pelonathanielneall, I'm stumped,  the only other thing I can think of suggesting is for you to go into add/remove and isntalling the restricted extras from there,  I think dvd support is incluced ,03:20
Jordan_Uhabernet: virtualbox open source edition is in the repos though03:20
UOX3Guest7920has anyone tried playing ultima online through UOx3?03:20
EfremWhy don't you answer your phone Jordan03:21
MikeGeigbobert: is there anyway to reinstall grub without a floppy?03:21
nathanielneallthere a package name i can search for?03:21
Pelonathanielneall, just search for extra03:21
yatesYamakiri: PS: I used the wrong term. ssh -XC uses "X11 port forwarding".03:22
yatesnot tunneling03:22
Eli_what is command to extract zip file?03:22
Eli_xvf filename03:23
yatesEli_ unzip03:23
PeloEli_, just right click it and extract03:23
Yamakiriyates: what's different then?03:23
Eli_in the cli03:23
dr_willisEli_,  you may wan tto check out the 'unp' command you can install.03:23
dr_willisEli_,  the command is 'unzip' for .zip files03:23
Eli_that was easy in cli03:23
yatesYamakiri: no difference in the command - just my terminology was wrong.03:23
Yamakirioh okk03:24
yatesYamakiri: have you tried it yet? It's totally cool.03:24
Pelopast my bedtime,  good night fooks,   nathanielneall best of luck03:24
MikeGeigI type is grub-install and it asks me wat device to install to. What should I use?03:24
Yamakiriyates: no not yet, the target machine is off ATM03:24
yatesYamakiri: are you going over the internet to a remote machine far away, or is this machine on your local network?03:25
Yamakirifar away03:25
yatesYamakiri: Well, if the destination machine is on a home network with a router, you have to ensure port 22 is opened up on the router.03:27
YamakiriIt is03:27
MikeGeigcan anyone please assist me with GRUB?03:28
yatesanyone know of a command-line method of writing an iso file to a cd?03:28
MikeGeigi have been at this all day and I cant even get into ubuntu yet03:28
nnullanyone tell me where id view my boot log? like the screen that OK's or FAILs starting services on boot?03:28
tsuna27i have a problem w/ totem i cannot play a file due 2 an error called demultiplex system03:29
yatesMikeGeig: what is your problem?03:29
danbh_intrepid!burning | yates03:29
ubottuyates: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:29
bobertdosMikeGeig: If /boot/grub does not exist, your initial install DID NOT succeed.03:29
nnulltsuna27, what kind of file is it03:30
danbh_intrepid!patience > tsuna2703:30
ubottutsuna27, please see my private message03:30
yatesdanbh_intrepid: are those command-line methods? they sound like gui thingies.03:30
nnullnever heard of it :x03:30
nnullanyone tell me where id view my boot log? like the screen that OK's or FAILs starting services on boot?03:30
MikeGeigbobertos: I just ran grub-install /dev/hda and it failed with a "/dev/hda" does not exist. However, since doing that, /boot/grub is now there. The only thing inside is device.map though03:30
bolrogthis function takes an array of chars (aka a string) as its parameter, right?    int QMConnectLocal(char * account);03:31
danbh_intrepid!terminal > yates      a terminal is a command line, same thing03:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:31
nnullMikeGeig, u dual booting?03:31
MikeGeignnull: yes03:31
nnulljust install it from windows hehe03:31
danbh_intrepid!terminal  > danbh_intrepid03:32
ubottudanbh_intrepid, please see my private message03:32
bobertdosnnull: /var/log/boot (and bootstrap if you need to look at it)03:32
MikeGeignull: got a guide that migth assist me in doing that?03:32
yatesMikeGeig: when you reboot, are you seeing a screen from grub asking which OS to load?03:32
MikeGeigyates: no03:32
nnullbobertdos, cheers mate ill try that03:32
zcat[1]Yay. The bug I was complaining about this morning, found it in launchpad, acknowledged and fixed in Intrepid / backports. I feel less annoyed now03:32
MikeGeigyates: goes staright into windows03:32
yatesMikeGeig: then grub must not be properly installed.03:33
MikeGeigyates: I am well aware, thats why I am here03:33
bobertdosbolrog: Correct, but this is not the best channel for that type of question.03:33
yatesMikeGeig: you mentioend running grub-install - was that from windows?03:33
danbh_intrepid!fixgrub > MikeGeig have you seen this factoid?03:33
ubottuMikeGeig, please see my private message03:33
jgedeonYou can always edit your boot.ini file if you know where its Ubuntu is installed.03:33
MikeGeigyates: no, ubuntu, I am in the live CD03:33
MikeGeigdanbh: yes, thank you03:34
danbh_intrepiddoesnt work?03:34
bolrogbobertdos: true, but thanks.03:34
MikeGeigdanbh: nope03:34
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: care to say how it fails?03:35
nnullbobertdos, boot says nothing has been logged :s03:35
MikeGeigdanhb: which part?03:35
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: exactly03:36
MikeGeigdanhb: I am not sure I understand you03:36
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: which part fails?03:36
bobertdosnnull: What are you looking for, exactly?03:37
yatesMikeGeig: sorry - can't help you further - too ignorant on grub.03:37
MikeGeigdanhb: I am not sure I understand yet, every part of everything even remotely having to do with grub fails. I have been at this for 8 hours now03:37
MikeGeigdanhb: grub-install /dev/hda tells me there is no /dev/hda03:37
nnullbobertdos, when i boot i see problems with firestarter many times red FAILS and id like to find out whats going on there03:37
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: what happens at step 4?03:37
nnullpause does not allow me to see03:37
Jessicatzhi, I'm having networking issues with my RealTek 8168/8111 on-board chip in 8.0403:38
MikeGeigdanhb: find /boot/grub/stage1 returns "no such file"03:38
wersdaluvjgedeon, hahaha! i can open on pc1 now :D03:38
jgedeonwersdaluv, Kewl.03:38
=== Branimir is now known as dead_pirates
yatesMikeGeig: under Unbuntu/Live: what do you see when from "ls /dev"?03:38
ScheissDroge1nnull: nothing serious, firestarter needs root access is one reason, the other is a message when network is still unreachable03:38
yatesMikeGeig: can you pastebin it?03:38
MikeGeigyates: bout 50 folders03:38
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l  ?03:39
wersdaluvjgedeon, all i did was to reboot pc 2 :D03:39
MikeGeigdanhb: how do I pastebin03:39
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:39
wersdaluvwill this still work if i directly connect two comps with a lan cable?03:39
jgedeonwersdaluv, thought you did a restart on the networking.03:39
MikeGeigactually, no I cant, I am on my laptop and my PC is the one having troubles03:39
wersdaluvjgedeon, i think, i did that too. hehe03:39
MikeGeigthough I can answer any questions03:39
ScheissDroge1wersdaluv: without a switch use a patchcable03:40
jgedeonwersdaluv, you will have to use a cross over cable and set your IP's static.03:40
nnullScheissDroge1, ok but if i am to understand that on boot firestarter configurates the iptables as i have determined, and upon not starting on boot, my iptables would not be configured correctly until i open firestarter once booted?03:40
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: can you retype the results of sudo fdisk -l into a pastebin?  I think we kinda need to see the layout of your partitions03:40
MikeGeigdanhb: one moment03:40
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:41
ScheissDroge1nnull:unless you don't want to lower security you have to manually start it as root, but you can use ufw for that problem03:41
nnullScheissDroge1, i have ufw and firewall installed (ive never used ufw but am seriously thinking about it) is that a problem?03:42
nnullfirewall* firestarter03:42
MikeGeigdanhb: I just did03:42
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
MikeGeigdanhb: what do I do now?03:42
ScheissDroge1nnull: nope, sudo ufw enable03:42
danbh_intrepidpaste the link into the chat03:42
bobertdosnnull: Well one of those logs should be useful........maybe syslog?03:43
=== Snipe is now known as Xime
XimeI need help installing ubuntu03:43
Ximehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5741591#post5741591 should explain03:43
nnullbobertdos, nothing in syslog about firestarter03:43
MarcChow do I make it so my wireless network doesn't shut down when I suspend?03:43
MarcCor so the modules aren't removed03:44
nnullScheissDroge1, so i could uninstall firestarter would ufw replace it in the boot sequence?03:44
Ximeplease someone help me install ubuntu03:44
MikeGeigdanhb: does that help?03:44
danbh_intrepid!repeat > Xime03:45
ubottuXime, please see my private message03:45
Veynewhat directory is the bash history stored?03:45
usserVeyne, ~/.bash_history03:45
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: well, it looks like you have 3 harddisks, the first of which is where windows and ubuntu are located03:45
Veynekiller thx03:45
MikeGeigdanhb: yes03:45
corigoSo I installed an IDE PCI card and downloaded a driver (http://www.ite.com.tw/software_download/software_download2.asp#IT8212 ATA133 Controller) and now I have no idea what to do with the driver03:45
Ximeokay will someone help me please03:46
shadowhywindhay all having a bit of a problem.. my ssh when i add the portnumber at the end i get Name or service not known03:46
ScheissDroge1nnull:sudo ufw enable does it for u, whatever you still do or leave with firest.03:46
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: can you mount the ubuntu partition?03:47
Yamakiriyates: I did SSH -XC servername    then typed      system-config-users     root@hemlock:~# system-config-users -bash: system-config-users: command not found03:47
MikeGeigdanhb: how do I do that?03:47
Ximethis is so useless trying to get help here...03:47
MikeGeigdanhb: which one is the ubuntu one?03:47
Ziroday!attitude > Xim03:47
ubottuXim, please see my private message03:47
MikeGeigxime: it just takes time03:47
amenado!patience | Xime03:47
ubottuXime: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:47
ScheissDroge1nnull:see also man ufw03:47
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: sda603:47
Ximeno, no ones helping, no ones even saying like, ill be with you in a minute03:47
Nutt718I have a widget (67250-glass_theme.tar.gz) I want to install. I extracted to desktop but cannot run sudo apt-get install glass theme , I get cannot find file error. Any help is appreciated.03:47
Ximeits like taking to a brick wall03:47
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: Places > Computer       and see if you can mount it there03:48
amenadoXime do you know how to be patient?03:48
nnullScheissDroge1, cheers mate03:48
ScheissDroge1!ask | Xime03:48
ubottuXime: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:48
ZirodayXime: you may want to read on how to ask a good question on irc, posting links is usually not a good idea03:48
MikeGeigdanhb: forgive my ignorance, what command line will allow me to mount sda6?03:48
Ximeokay but could you ateleast say like, ill help you in a minute03:48
YamakiriHum, yates isn't on ATM. but can anyone help me with this?  I did SSH -XC servername  then typed  system-config-users root@hemlock:~# system-config-users -bash: system-config-users: command not found03:48
amenadoXime we are serving number 759 what number is yours?03:48
ZirodayXime: did you try the alternate cd and what does the busybox shell say?03:48
spiritssight2what do I need installed to view a windows file share directory03:49
Jordan_UMikeGeig: sudo mound /dev/sda6 /mountpoint/here/03:49
Ximeit says nothing but say help03:49
Ximefor help commands03:49
ScheissDroge1no, i've got 760, no its meee03:49
Ximethats all it say, and doesnt say any errors there03:49
wersjgedeon, got dc. i have a new problem. ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused03:49
ZirodayXime: okay, please address .Did you try the alternate cd?03:49
Nutt718is it possible to install a .tar.gz file in terminal without extracting it first?03:49
bobertdosYamakiri: Actually, you can also just disable the user's admin privileges in the user menu.03:49
Ximeno I used a cd ubuntu sent me03:49
ZirodayNutt718: no, you need to extract it03:49
danbh_intrepidXime: try ctrl+alt+f8     or f6    see if you see anything interesting there03:49
Yamakiribobertdos: how do I get to the user menu from the terminal?03:50
ZirodayXime: well try the alternate cd like recommended to you03:50
Ximeand tried a old ubuntu cd I installed ubuntu sucessfully with like a year ago and it didn't work03:50
MikeGeigjordan: what mount point should I use?03:50
Yamakiribobertdos: the PC in question is 600 miles away :p03:50
Ximealternative cd?03:50
mib_7g503oCan I setup /etc/network/interfaces to have multiple settings for any given interface? I'd like to set a static IP on a laptop, but I'd like it to fallback to dhcp if conditions aren't met (i.e. gateway doesn't exist)...03:50
phantomcircuit"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."03:50
Jordan_UMikeGeig: Doesn't matter really, if you are just doing it temporarily use /mnt03:50
amenadomib_7g503o-> its static or dhcp, not both03:51
Nutt718Ziroday: thanks, I tried extracting to desktop and running apt-get install command and it failes03:51
ZirodayXime: please address, can you please try the alternative installer03:51
bobertdosYamakiri: Oh wait, forget I said that. So, the command you'll need is usermod using the -G argument. Be careful though, you have to list every group you still want the user to be in. It will be removed from any groups you don't list that it is already a member of........03:51
mib_7g503oamenado: thanks03:51
MikeGeigdanhb: ok, it is mounted03:51
ZirodayNutt718: what are you trying to install?03:51
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: if you really spent 8 hours doing this, just reinstall.  Its faster and easier03:51
MikeGeigdanhb: I have reinstalled 10 times atleadt03:51
ScheissDroge1Nutt718:better but tarballs in /usr/src  or other subdirs03:51
Ximebut I have 512mb ram03:52
danbh_intrepid!home > MikeGeig having a separate /home makes reinstalling easy, since it saves your settings03:52
ubottuMikeGeig, please see my private message03:52
Jordan_Ucorigo: So I assume that your hardware doesn't work out of the box?03:52
Yamakiribobertdos: Um, I don't know all of the usergroups03:52
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: the install doesn't get it working for you?03:52
ZirodayXime: yes, but something in your computer may be incompatible with the graphical installer. Please try the alternate cd03:52
MikeGeigdanhb: nope, each time, same deal03:52
Ximeyou like pretty sure thats my ticket to installing ubuntu?03:52
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: oh, that changes things.  erm,  thats a bug03:53
ZirodayXime: I could try and diagnose your issue farther, but with no error messages and sparse computer information its very difficult03:53
MikeGeigdanhb: I have tried manually setting the partitions, I have tried letting the CD do it03:53
ZirodayXime: no I am not03:53
MikeGeigdanhb: I have tried every option on the disk03:53
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: is this newer hardware?03:53
ScheissDroge1Xime: does a live cd run ?03:53
Yamakiribobertdos: Anywhere I can see a list of all of these?  And could you give an example?03:53
dr_willisMikeGeig,  i tend to use gparted from a live cd and leave a portionof the hard drive 'unallocated' and let the installer use/partion that part of the drive as it wants.03:53
MikeGeigdanhb: newish03:53
MikeGeigdr_willis: tried it03:54
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: did you check the cd for errors?03:54
MikeGeigdanhb: all hardware is withing 1-3 years old03:54
Ximeyeah it runs03:54
MikeGeigdanhb: no, I will do that now03:54
Ximeziroday, I remember it saying something about ata2 error message when I ran a old ubuntu cd03:55
ubottuXime, please see my private message03:55
ZirodayXime: I am going to need something better then that sorry03:55
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: this isn't really a grub issue, this is a failed install.  Im sorry for leading you astray, I thought you had a successful install at some point03:55
Ximeerr well what is ata2?03:55
bobertdosYamakiri: Oh yeah. First, you can use: groups NameOfUser to see what groups the user is in. Then, an example of usermod would be like..........03:55
MikeGeigdanhb: it seems like a successful install03:55
MikeGeigdanhb: I have never received any install errors03:56
corigoYou know, I don't know. As it turns out I haven't plugged in the HD on that IDE. Will have to shut down.03:56
ScheissDroge1Xime: hd-standard and no prob03:56
Ximewell it gave some ata2 error03:56
Ximeso that has to do with my hdd?03:56
Jordan_Ucorigo: 95% of hardware that works at all in Linux works by default :)03:56
ScheissDroge1Xime: yes03:56
MikeGeigdanhb: how can I tell it if is successfull or not?03:56
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: yeah, but it doesn't work.  Which means its kinda out of my league.   If the cd has no errors, I'd suggest posting on launchpad03:56
_anthonycis there a webkit version of epiphany in the repos anywhere?03:57
MikeGeigdanhb: I did post on launchpad, they told me the same things you did03:57
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: link?03:57
Jordan_U_anthonyc: There is in intrepid if you want to backport it03:57
ZirodayXime: unless knowing the full error message, we cannot tell.03:57
_anthonychow do I do that?03:57
Ziroday!address > Xime03:57
Jordan_U!backport | _anthonyc03:57
ubottuxime, please see my private message03:57
ubottu_anthonyc: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging03:57
ScheissDroge1_anthonyc:  webkit ? ephi.. is in th repos03:57
_anthonycnot in hardy03:58
Jordan_U_anthonyc: Sorry, that was the wrong message03:58
bobertdosYamakiri: Let's say the user is a member of group 2 and you don't want him/her to be...........then it'd be like: usermod -G group1,group3,group4......... NameOfUser03:58
ScheissDroge1_anthonyc:  shure ? have it installed on another machine, searching apt now...03:58
Nutt718After extraction to desktop (glass theme), from terminal (@5thborocs-laptop:~/Desktop$  sudo apt-get install glass theme) results (Reading package lists... Done /Building dependency tree/ Reading state information... Done E: Couldn't find package glass) Any thoughts?03:59
Yamakiribobertdos: so the user looses all groups but group1,2,3,and 4 in that scenario?03:59
Jordan_U!prevu | _anthonyc03:59
ubottu_anthonyc: prevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details03:59
xdaniel_anthonyc: might also want to keep an eye out for when chrome is released for linux -- it uses webkit03:59
_anthonycumm I could just add the debian lnk to apt03:59
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: lets make this a bug.  Install should handle that for you.  You should not have to repair unless you installed windows AFTER you installed ubuntu.  To be clear, you did install ubuntu second, right?03:59
_anthonycchrome uses an older version03:59
_anthonycI want the acid3 passing one03:59
MikeGeigdanhb: yes, that is correct03:59
MikeGeigdanhb: no errors on the cd found03:59
xdaniel_anthonyc: ahhh.. okay04:00
bobertdosYamakiri: Yeah (if they were originally a member of other groups, of course)04:00
afzecould you please help me with somthing... i need to get devel packages so i can compile the make file to install kismet on my recently installed ubuntu...   isnt the a terminal command to get all the needed devel packages?04:00
_anthonycmay even just compile from source.04:00
Jordan_U_anthonyc: Just adding repos from other distros / versions is a bad idea unless you know there won't be conflicts04:00
ScheissDroge1_anthonyc:  no, but was no problem to install, its not in apt04:00
_anthonycI'm going for the source on this one04:00
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: and you choose the defaults for grub when installing?04:00
JustinTimeanyone know the simplest way to change a volume name of an ISO. Note the volume name is not the name of the iso but rather name after it mounts04:01
FalconsHello its me again i am having a problem with graphics driver from nvidia opengl works but the 3d accelation is not04:01
MikeGeigdanhb: there wasnt any mention of grub in the install, so, I assume the default options yes04:01
mistformfixme:dinput:joy_polldev joystick cannot handle type 4 event (code 4)04:01
afze? could anybody help me with getting ]devel packages04:02
mistformI'm trying to get epsxe working in Wine04:02
_anthonycmistform: #wine-hq04:02
_anthonycthats my territory :)04:02
_anthonycI'll help u there04:02
carl__can I have help installing xmms please04:03
biglinuxTE FODE04:03
kootanybody here develope with java?04:03
dr_willismistform,  i do belive theres playstation emulators native to linux also.  (not used one in years)04:03
afzeisnt there a terminal command to update the devel packages04:03
ussercarl__, xmms is not supported anymore04:03
kitchecarl__: just install audacious it's xmms but gtk2 instead04:03
biglinuxgostaria de comer uma buceta de alguma garota desta sala04:03
biglinuxxmms is my penis04:04
kootanyone use eclipse?04:04
_anthonycbiglinux: ENGLISH04:04
_anthonyckoot: I do04:04
kootdo you think you could help me with something?04:04
_anthonyc!spam | biglinux04:04
carl__ok how do I install this?04:04
ubottubiglinux: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...04:04
dmccollumany iptables ninja in here? I'm having trouble with openvpn.04:04
Yamakiribobertdos: what should be the output of that?04:04
_anthonyckoot: shoot04:04
dunasThe last few times I tried Ubuntu, 8.04 both times, on logout the GNOME panel would hang, and restarting the X server with ctrl-alt-backspace did nothing. In addition, the X server insisted on resetting to 800x600 every time I DID restart the X server. This kind of makes me a little wary of Ubuntu...04:04
ussercarl__, sudo apt-get install audacious04:04
_anthonycdmccollum: try firestarter04:04
afze!devel packages04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about devel packages04:04
biglinuxfuck you04:05
mistformdr_willis, epsxe has features others don't04:05
YamakiriI get root@hemlock:~# usermod -G adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin vboxusers lojjik Usage: usermod [options] LOGIN  Options:   (all the possible arguements)04:05
_anthonycany ops in here?04:05
biglinuxubottu - fuck you04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about update-devel04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fuck you04:05
ScheissDroge1!ot > biglinux04:05
ubottubiglinux, please see my private message04:05
dr_willismistform,  good luck then.04:05
kitche!ops | biglinux04:05
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bobertdosYamakiri: They literally have to be separated by commas, with no space between them.04:05
kitchewas doing the thing before you oped but was busy talking on twitter :)04:06
biglinux_the book is on the table04:07
MikeGeigdanhb: what should my next step be?04:07
_anthonyc!ops | biglinux_04:07
ubottubiglinux_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!04:07
biglinux_red hat04:07
dunasThe last few times I tried Ubuntu, 8.04 both times, on logout the GNOME panel would hang, and restarting the X server with ctrl-alt-backspace did nothing. In addition, the X server insisted on resetting to 800x600 every time I DID restart the X server. This kind of makes me a little wary of Ubuntu... can anyone tell me if there's some common error I'm making that'd result in that?04:07
_anthonycthis happens to me sometimes, dunas04:08
_anthonycyou use compiz?04:08
dunas_anthonyc: No, not when I was using Ubuntu.04:09
_anthonychmm. ok you use firefox 3?04:09
dunas_anthonyc: Yup.04:09
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: I converted it to a bug:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub/+bug/267320         Hopefully, someone will help you trouble shoot this04:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267320 in grub "Grub not installed after default install, (dual boot)" [Undecided,New]04:10
doggymenzdunas, in a month or two, 8.10 will be out, it includes new kernel, new gnome, new xserver04:10
dunasdoggymenz: Looking forward to that.04:10
doggymenzyeah, me too04:10
Python77how safe is it to download ebooks from torrents?04:10
doggymenzand soon firefox 3.1 is out with faster javascript and better porno support04:10
corigoJordan_U: not apparently, at least I don't see my drive listed in the media list04:10
MikeGeigdanhb: thank you04:10
_anthonycdunas: and flash, too, I'm guessing?04:11
theCarpenteranyone know where evince document viewer's default print to pdf location is?04:11
dunas_anthonyc: Yup.04:11
Python77Everyone, how safe is it to download torrents off of piratebay.org?04:11
FlatsHello, I am running HArdy Heron 8.04 2.6.24-20 generic on a dell laptop wit hthe intel proset 2200BG wireless adapter. I have the wireless adapter showing in network adapters as a Wireless connection and can configure both static and dhcp however #1) It bever connects and if I look in "edit wireless networks", it doesn't show any wireless networks found. Any idea how I can see if it's active and working?04:11
theCarpenterim trying to convert a 500 postscript file to pdf @_@04:11
doggymenzsoon also new openoffice 3.0 and mysql 5.104:11
doggymenzsoon new kde 4.204:11
_anthonycwell its a common thing between flash and gnome to smear X04:11
doggymenzsoon new python 3.004:11
danbh_intrepidPython77: try #ubuntu-offtopic04:11
afzehow can i use the apt-get command to get all sort of devel packages?04:11
doggymenzin few days xorg 7.504:11
dr_willisPython77,  depends on whats in the the torrent.04:12
Python77danbh_intrepid, i did, nobody answers04:12
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)04:12
dunasapt-get install something04:12
ScheissDroge1danbh_intrepid: ever tried super grub cd ? (your filed bug)04:12
kunimI HATE ATI! arg! radeonhd git head shows jibberish, fglrx crashes the whole computer on video playback and vesa is just plain slow. :~~~(04:12
dunasI'm guessing there's a way to install a number of them at once.04:12
doggymenzdanbh_intrepid, if you are using intrepid, you can goto #ubuntu+104:12
_anthonycdunas: if it does it, it IS an open bug somewhere, but you wanna hold down control+alt+sysrq and while holding them down hit U then S then B04:12
dr_willisPython77,  there are official ubuntu.torrent sites  if you are wanting to get the ubuntu iso files via torrent.04:12
_anthonycand that will safely unmount your drives, reset hardware and reboot04:12
mnwhat do I need to use flash stuff on kubuntu on FF3?04:13
kunimi wonder who on earth recommends this piece of **** to any linux user :(04:13
=== PatchLevel2 is now known as PatchLevel
Jordan_Ucorigo: Do you see it if you run "sudo fdisk -L" ?04:13
dunasWell, I think I'll just wait for 8.10- still annoyed about the X server issue.04:13
danbh_intrepidScheissDroge1: I dont know, you will have to ask Mike, but IMHO, grub should work after a clean install, no questions, or steps to repair.  Hence, the bug04:13
SuperQmn: apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:13
MikeGeigdanhb: one last question, during installation, do I want to put the boot loader on the disk, or on the specific partition of my linux install?04:13
doggymenzyeah, 8.10 has better xorg, it even runs on my computer without any config file!04:13
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: on the MBR, which maybe means "on the disk"  certainly not on the partition04:14
bobertdosmn: You can either install flashplugin-nonfree from the repos or just let firefox do it itself. If you go with flash 9, you'll want to install libflashsupport as well.04:14
KenBW2can you Suspend on a wubi install?04:14
_anthonycbut no hibernate04:14
MikeGeigdanhb: so if my options are /dev/sdc, /dev/sdc1, and /dev/sdc6, I should choose /dev/sdc?04:14
mnbobertdos: how do i get flash 904:14
dunasdoggymenz: But, obviously, the best choice is to wait for it to hit at least beta, I'm guessing.04:14
_anthonycbut its not reccomended unless you KNOW your hardware can handle it :p04:14
duiuWhat's a good program I can use to convert videos (mainly .iso, .flv, .avi and .mp4) to ipod-touch friendly formats?04:15
danbh_intrepiddoggymenz: if you are going to discuss intrepid, you should go to #ubuntu+104:15
matthewslfkillall amarokapp04:15
scifiguy951what kind of nmap scan would i do to find comps on my router?04:15
* kunim is so unhappy :(04:15
MellowYellowwhat is the easiest way to get a list of all active ips for a domain like www.facebook.com?04:15
danbh_intrepidMikeGeig: I dont know04:15
KenBW2_anthonyc: why doesnt hibernate work?04:15
ScheissDroge1danbh_intrepid: have no other experience, too,  though many different multi-boots behind me, there are these two, supergrub cd and another winbased-similar cd that always saved me until now -but always have my bootbackupped04:15
bobertdosmn: Apparently, flash is also included in ubuntu-extras, so either way.04:15
Kira*sigh* my server still doesn't have enough memory.04:16
_anthonycits because of the way wubi mounts an NTFS drive and runs from it04:16
usserMellowYellow, host facebook.com04:16
mnso sudo apt-get install ubuntu-extras?04:16
_anthonyccan't just dump everything there04:16
danbh_intrepidScheissDroge1: but have you ever had the ubuntu installer fail to install grub?  Thats never happened to me04:16
_anthonycI have04:16
bobertdosmn: Oh sorry, misread a previous post.04:16
_anthonychad a dell that protected the MBR of the HDD04:16
_anthonyctranslation: it just plain broke04:17
danbh_intrepidmn sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:17
bobertdosmn: Go into a terminal and type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree libflashsupport04:17
FlatsHello, I am running HArdy Heron 8.04 2.6.24-20 generic on a dell laptop wit hthe intel proset 2200BG wireless adapter. I have the wireless adapter showing in network adapters as a Wireless connection and can configure both static and dhcp however #1) It bever connects and if I look in "edit wireless networks", it doesn't show any wireless networks found. Any idea how I can see if it's active and working?04:17
ScheissDroge1danbh_intrepid: nope, but of couse shot evrything else from win to tc to any other loader04:17
_anthonycFlats: don't spam again04:17
corigoJordan_U: nope04:17
FlatsI waitied the normal 5 minutes. sorry04:18
_anthonycFlats: use an external wireless card, preferrably older04:18
ScheissDroge1Flats: sudo ifup eth004:18
_anthonycFlats: also reccomended is ndiswrapper, wifiradar, and another card ;)04:18
Flatsall the posts say the 2200BG is one of the best for ubuntu right out of the box04:19
danbh_intrepidFlats: check iwconfig04:19
danbh_intrepidFlats: see what is listed there04:19
Flatsunassociated ESSID:off/any04:20
FlatsPower management off04:20
danbh_intrepidFlats: do you kow the essid of the network you are trying to connect to?04:20
jgedeonFlats in terminal what does dmesg | grep Intel say about your Wireless card.04:20
Flatsyes, StayOff and the wep2 key04:20
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:21
danbh_intrepidFlats: maybe this: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid StagOff key your_key04:21
DefunctProcesshey wats the name of that firefox plugin hat makes websites think ur using a diffrent browser?04:21
danbh_intrepidFlats: *StayOff04:21
Flatswlan0 or eth1?04:22
danbh_intrepidDefunctProcess: I think it would have something to do with the "user agent string"04:22
DefunctProcessdanbh_intrepid, thanks04:22
danbh_intrepidFlats: whatever was listed in iwconfig04:22
jgedeonFlats wlan0 would be wireless and eth is wired ethernet04:23
jgedeonwireless can also be named ath on some cards.04:23
jgedeonBut intels wireless cards are normally wlan04:24
Flatssays eth1 on mine04:24
jgedeonFlats is it seeing your wireless card.04:24
danbh_intrepidFlats: if you want us to double check, just pastebin the results of iwconfig04:24
duiuWhat's a good program I can use to convert videos (mainly .iso, .flv, .avi and .mp4) to ipod-touch friendly formats? Any suggestions? A GUI would be nice...04:24
Flatsheh that computer isn't online but I'll type it. Stand by and thanks04:25
Flatssorry bout that, must of hit a wrong key04:26
danbh_intrepidduiu: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/iPodVideoEncoding04:27
=== o_q is now known as Charitwo
MikeGeigOK, so, after monkeying around some more, I finally got a grub menu to appear. All the entries are correct "ubuntu, recovery mode, and XP), however, when I choose any of them, I get a "Error 21: selected disk does not exist"04:28
jgedeonMikeGeig, can you pastebin a copy of the /boot/grub/menu.list04:32
FlatsSorry pastebin is http://paste.ubuntu.com/44096/ with the network card info04:32
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:32
danbh_intrepidFlats: go figure, its eth104:32
Flatseverything looks right to me, thats why I'm a bit stumped. Also, I don't have a hardware on/off switch, it's FN+F2 on the kybd in windows04:33
jgedeonFirst time I have seen that.04:33
MikeGeigjgedeon: I have to boot to live CD, one moment04:33
danbh_intrepidFlats: sudo iwconfig eth1 essid StayOff key your_key04:34
jgedeondanbh_intrepid, Wouldn't that only be for wep?04:34
MikeGeigbtw, do I have to type everyones name all the time, or is there a way to get it into my text box automatically04:35
danbh_intrepidjgedeon: I have no idea.  Its one of those, "works for me" kinda things04:35
Flatserror for wireless request "set Encode (8B2A): invalid arument "my password" and of course I'm using the proper password04:35
jgedeonMikeGeig, What do you mean.04:35
weboideMikeGeig: write some letters and then hit Tab, if you're using Xchat04:36
MikeGeigweboide: ah, thank you04:36
FlatsI am using WPA2 +TKIP if it matters04:36
jgedeonFlats can you manually enter the information in Network Manager?04:36
Flatsyes and I've done that04:36
jgedeonStill didn't connect?04:36
FlatsNo it's like the adapter isn't active04:37
Flatslike not turned on04:37
jgedeonHave you tried pressing FN+F2 it might be tied to the actuall system/04:37
redvamp128anyone want a challenge?04:37
Flatsalmost as if I did a FN+F2 in windows, it would work but not sure what Ubuntu's on/off switch is for the card if any04:37
bobertdosredvamp128: Challenges are what we're all about.04:38
redvamp128Okay I have a second hard drive-04:38
jgedeonFlats it might be tied to the hardware to turn it on.  Like the sound is normally.04:38
ScheissDroge1challenger, nasa,lol04:38
redvamp128I already have setup a Swap File of 2gig on it... but unless I use G-parted04:38
redvamp128Ubuntu won't use it04:39
MikeGeigjgedeon: well, under my live CD, there is no /boot/grub04:39
MikeGeigjgedeon: so...I cant paste it for you04:39
jgedeonMikeGeig, Mount the drive.04:39
Flatsno I can even ping the IP of the wireless adapter04:39
=== SudoKing is now known as Guest23506
MikeGeigjgedeon: which one?04:39
ScheissDroge1redvamp128:edited fstab ?04:39
Flatsbut can't get to the router04:39
Guest23506Is there a way to recover my deleted root account (sudo doesn't even work)?04:39
Flatsor gateway04:39
MikeGeigjgedeon: how can I tell which one?>04:39
redvamp128When I boot with my - Puppy LInux it automatically useses it04:39
=== Guest23506 is now known as SudoKing
jgedeonI've also had times that I had to restart networking after putting the information in manually in NM.04:40
ScheissDroge1redvamp128:a file which tells linux where are which partitions04:40
redvamp128also ran into isssue with a created JFS3 partion04:40
bobertdosredvamp128: Yes, fstab. Add an entry for the swap partition into fstab.04:40
redvamp128where it would not let me write to it04:41
Flatsthe /etc/init.d/networking stop and start?04:41
redvamp128so I ended up formating it to Fat3204:41
FlatsI did that a few times04:41
ScheissDroge1redvamp128:open a terminal...04:41
redvamp128scheiss can I pm you04:41
redvamp128so not to confuse it with other help going on04:41
jgedeonrestart is all you needed to do..  it does the stop and start04:42
FlatsOK I wasn't sure04:42
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:42
FlatsIs there a way to uninstall/reinstall the drivers ( not to sound like a windows junkie....but I am )04:43
MikeGeigjgedeon: ok, my menu.lst is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/44100/04:43
jStefanHello, I can get sound from all of my 5.1 speakers but I can't get surround to work correctly. Seems all it's doing is sending "Stereo" output to all my speakers. How can I get true 5.1 output?04:44
spiritssighthaving hard time seeing a windows share folder on ubuntu, any help would be great04:44
jgedeonMikeGeig, is this a large single drive?04:44
MikeGeigjgedeon: Yes, a large single drive with 2 partitions04:44
bobertdosspiritssight: Do you have Samba installed?04:44
spiritssightYes I believe so04:45
jStefanHow can I get true 5.1 sound output from Ubuntu?04:45
spiritssightI did it a little while ago so if it was not now it is04:45
bobertdosspiritssight: mshome workgroup, right?04:45
jgedeonMikeGeig, do you have a pastebin of your fsck?04:45
MikeGeigjgedeon: I can get it, where is fsck?04:46
SudoKingIs there a way to recover my deleted root account (sudo doesn't even work)?04:46
dr_willisSudoKing,  you mean you deleted your first user account? the one with sudo rights?04:46
jgedeonMikeGeig, hold on.04:46
dresjStefan: what are you playing?04:46
SudoKingwell I wasn't the one who did it but the root account (not the regular user account) was deleted04:46
jStefanDVD movie04:47
ambrosewhat irc do i go to, to get dhcp info04:47
dresjStefan: with what program?04:47
shyam_khi the metapackages language-support-foo contains those things worked with launchpad?04:47
jStefandres, totem04:47
dr_willisSudoKing,  err.. the first user under ubuntu has 'sudo' rights, and  does all the root stuff. You normally cant login directly as root.. and im not sure how you would 'delete' the root account.04:47
ambrosemy dhcp send me ip addresses that dont let me connect to the internet04:47
spiritssightbobertdos: yes I believe that is correct mshome or eagle_network in caps04:48
SudoKingdr_willis: I am not able to start/stop any services, nor su to root, or use sudo .. I am using the original account04:48
dresjStefan: have you gone into prefs-audio and chosen 5.1?04:48
dan__Hello all --- i'm new to irc --- can anyone recommend some networks to join to find channels with intellectual meaningful discussions ... ?? or am i fishing in the wrong place altogehter !!04:48
bobertdosspiritssight: Might just want to double check for Samba. So, it is Ubuntu that can't see a Windows share?04:48
ambroseany one04:48
SudoKingdr_willis: I'm pretty sure it was done using userdel04:48
* jgedeon wonders is hd2,5 should be hd2,204:48
jStefandres, yep04:48
dr_willisSudoKing,  you mean your 'first' users account now - no longer has 'sudo' access?04:48
SudoKingdr_willis: No I mean the root account is lost with the first user account intact04:48
spiritssightif you don't mind bobertdos I am going PM you as the traffice is a little tomuch for my eyes to follow04:48
Drk_GuyIs there any Stereo Mixer in Ubuntu?04:49
dresjStefan: ok.  what I can tell you is that I get 5.1 sound on some movies and not others and haven't figured out the pattern yet.  so I know it'll do it.04:49
SudoKingroot doesn't exist04:49
shadowhywindhay all having a pit of a problem with ssh, i do ssh -p#### i get ssh:connect to host -p#### port 22: connection refused04:49
ambroseHey set up a dhcp sever and it sends me ip addresses that dont allow me to connect to the internet04:49
dresjStefan: how many have you tried?04:49
Drk_GuyReally want a cool track that is only on a flash stream04:49
bobertdosspiritssight: that's fine04:49
jStefandres. i tried plenty, and also wav and ogg files on the internet04:49
ambroseits really weird04:49
jStefandres, i get ouput from all speakers, but it sounds like an upstream from stereo04:50
dresjStefan: have you looked at your sound card module options?04:50
MikeGeigjgedeon: was that emote intended for me?04:50
Drk_GuyIs there any Stereo Mixer in Ubuntu?04:50
jStefandres, where do i go?04:50
jgedeonMikeGeig, Just looking something up.04:50
weboideDrk_Guy: gnome-volume-control ?04:50
MikeGeigjgedeon: ok04:50
dresjStefan: look in alsa docs or at the alsa website for the options available for your sound card.04:51
Drk_Guyweboide, haven't tried that04:51
ximZiroday: you were talking to Xime not me04:51
jStefandres, this not something that can be fixed via gui?04:52
Drk_Guyweboide, nope04:52
dresjStefan: I don't know the gui that'll do it.04:52
ZirodayXim: yeah I know, apologies04:52
jgedeonon the mounted file system in /dev/ do you show hda or sda?04:52
MikeGeigjgedeon: how do I check that?04:53
jgedeonopen the drive on the computer with natuilus04:54
MikeGeigjgedeon: when I open it, it is listed as /media/disk/04:54
Drk_GuyIs there any Stereo Mixer in Ubuntu?04:54
doggymenzDrk_Guy, sorry no Ubuntu sucks04:56
jgedeonMikeGeig, does the system boot to any OS?04:56
ZirodayDrk_Guy: you mean an equalizer?04:56
Drk_Guydoggymenz, ubuntu is the only easy-to-use respectable distro, please respect04:56
MikeGeigjgedeon: nope04:56
doggymenzDrk_Guy, okay, there might be some Stereo Mixer in the repository, I dont know04:56
Drk_GuyZiroday, nope. in windows, stereo mixer grabs what you hear04:57
=== Sephi is now known as Sephi`AFK
jStefandres: i cant seem to find what i need on the alsa website04:57
jgedeonIn the grub menu.list try changing the hd2,5 to hd2,2 and do one step at a time and see if you can find the right partition.04:58
dresjStefan: what's your card?04:58
jStefanintegrated Realtek04:58
dr_willistheres a great many 'mixers' in the repoistories.   depends onyour needs I guess.04:58
* jgedeon remembers why I kept Windows and Linux off the same drive. LOL04:58
jStefani'll give you the chipset in a second04:58
phantomcircuit"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."04:58
MikeGeigjgedeon: when you say "one step at a time" do you mean, change menu.ls, then reboot and try, and repeat until I have found the right partition?04:58
jStefanRealtek ALC883 8 Channel Audio Codec04:59
BenalexMikeGeig you can change the partition to boot from at the grub menu it self... press E to edit each item in the menu04:59
jStefandres, see above04:59
arrixmy ubuntu PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD are using the same buffer. Selecting text will overwrite the ctrl+c clipboard. Is there a setting to separate them?04:59
doggymenzMikeGeig, maybe 'sudo fdisk -l' can be of help04:59
jgedeonMikeGeig, Yes.  I think it is either going to be hd2,2 hd2,3 or hd2,4 I think hd2,5 is the swap.05:00
jgedeondoggymenz, he is in livecd.05:00
MikeGeigjgedeon:  doggymenz: Benalex: trying it now05:00
jgedeoncan't fdisk a drive that isn't mounted.05:00
dr_willisarrix,  there are some clipboard tools that can manage those (gclipper perhaps?) is one.05:01
dresjStefan: what's the module name?  (lsmod | grep snd)05:01
Drk_Guyno one has any idea of how can i make a stereo mix recording?05:01
MikeGeigjgedeon: OK, I tried (hd2,2-6) and none worked05:02
arrixdr_willis: I tried glipper, but still the same. I didn't have this problem before. I think I accidentally made the primary and clipboard using the same buffer05:02
phantomcircuit"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."05:02
jStefandres, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44103/05:02
jStefandres, i also have a usb headset plugged in05:03
=== Neseth is now known as Neseth_
=== Neseth_ is now known as Neseth
jgedeonMikeGeig, Try hd2,105:04
MikeGeigjgedeon: did, didnt work05:04
jgedeonCould try them as hd0,0 and hd0,1 for a few up05:05
MikeGeigjgedeon: ok05:05
MikeGeigjgedeon: error 17: cannot mount selected partition05:06
EInsiderI have been trying to get my sound reworking for 7.04 with a dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove oss-linux which isn't installed.05:06
EInsider00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)05:06
rixxarme too05:06
jgedeonMikeGeig, What model computer is this?05:07
MikeGeigjgedeon: made it myself05:07
EInsiderany takers?05:07
aa28hey guys how can i  install libdvdcss205:07
jgedeonMikeGeig, What motherboard?05:07
usseraa28, go to medibuntu.org05:08
MikeGeigjgedeon: nvidia nforce05:08
usseraa28, repository howto05:08
MikeGeigjgedeon: WEG?05:08
ScheissDroge1aa28: PM me05:08
mnhey I just sudo apt-get installed ubuntu desktop and when I booted it defaulted to GNOME but I still have05:09
mnKDE install how do I make it give me a choice?05:09
EInsideranyone with oss-linux or alsa experience05:09
jgedeonMikeGeig, Wrong person...  LOL05:09
MikeGeigjgedeon: ah, ok05:10
jgedeonYour getting the grub menu..  Does it let you boot to Windows?05:10
MikeGeigjgedeon: no05:10
jgedeonAhhh...  OK...05:10
jgedeonHave you tried changing them from hd2 to hd0?05:11
bobertdosmn: It'll be an option under the Options menu at the login screen (Select Session)05:11
mnsomeone having problems gettin GRUB menu after reinstalling Win?05:11
bobertdosmn: Did you get flash working?05:11
_anthonycwell put some lube on it and see if that helps05:11
mnbobertdos: Yes, and ok thanks05:11
MikeGeigjgedeon: yes, and when I do the error message changes to "cannot mount selected partition"05:11
_anthonyc? oh shit wrong room sorry!05:11
scott_anybody else have a problem with ubuntu 8.0405:11
jgedeonMikeGeig,  that sounds like you would be getting closer to the correct partition then.05:12
mnMikeGeig: problem after reinstalling Windows?  I had the same problem05:12
MikeGeigmn: I didnt reinstall windows, but how did you fix it?05:12
=== blu2 is now known as Guest40982
mnIll paste the code05:13
zelrikriandocompiz isnt working anymore :/05:13
EInsideranyone familliar with hp laptop sound install on ubuntu?05:13
=== c is now known as Guest11351
jStefanHow can I get true 5.1 sound output from Ubuntu?05:13
hardcoredoes anyone know of any external dvd burners that work with ubuntu? or one that i can install with ndiswrapper?05:13
DeAd|warscott what kind of problems are u having05:13
=== voidmage-away is now known as voidmage
DeAd|warhardcore i'm pretty sure they all would work05:14
hardcorethanks, i'll check and see if i can find one for under a hundred dollars05:14
dresjStefan: found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=455327  ?05:15
MikeGeigjgedeon: WOAH!, Wait....hd0,5 booted me into ubuntu05:15
jStefandres: reading...05:15
hardcorei got my pci network adapter to work this morning, i'm sooooo proud haha05:15
jgedeonMikeGeig, Hd0,0 should take you to windows too.05:16
MikeGeigjgedeon: trying now05:16
EInsiderjgedeon any experience with alsa or oss-linux?05:16
jgedeonEInsider, No I don't use sound really.05:17
EInsiderknow anyone in here that could help?05:17
jStefandres. my sound is mixed before it gets to the speakers, eg: center channel is evenly split between left and right, and rear sounds are on left and right too05:17
dresjStefan: does "aplay -L" show surround51?05:17
bobertdosWhy would my usplash theme ONLY appear at 1024x768 and no other resolution?05:17
mnMikeGeig: Here http://paste.ubuntu.com/44105/05:17
EInsiderI messed around with ffmpeg and screwed my sound05:17
_anthonycI guess I could use some help:05:17
_anthonycubuntu skips my splash screen ever since I resized my sys partition05:17
_anthonycjust goes to text05:18
icedteais kerebos install by default on ubuntu? I don't see any conf files05:18
jStefandres, yes it does show05:18
_anthonyconly bad when I have to show it off, but still a pain05:18
bobertdos!sound > EInsider05:18
ubottuEInsider, please see my private message05:18
dresjStefan: may totem is outputting through esd/pulseaudio rather than directly to alsa.05:18
jgedeonEInsider, no I don't but the forums and other users here might..05:18
aa28hey guys i instlal libdvdcss205:18
aa28now when i try to play on mplayer05:18
aa28message is no stream found to handle url dvd://05:18
aa28what do i have to do now?05:18
ScheissDroge1aa28: pm me05:18
aa28msg ScheissDroge1 yes05:19
wng-My mpd randomly jumps in cpu usage on some song changes, normally it runs real low, 1-3%, but sometimes it jumps to 30% after switching songs05:19
Jordan_U_anthonyc: What do you mean by "just goes to text"?05:19
neoenderhello.. does anyone know how to remove a partially removed package?05:19
MikeGeigjgedeon: ok, when I try hd0,0 (should be XP) I get disk read error occured05:19
dewcoolhey can u guys tell me a IM software which supports webcam for msn and yahoo???05:19
_anthonycskips the ubuntu splash screen and goes right to the printk() messages05:19
jStefandres: how can i check that?05:19
jgedeonMikeGeig, Try hd0,105:19
neoenderi've been trying synaptic, apt get and none of them can remove it05:19
mndewcool YIM and MSN messenger05:20
wng-neoender: try reinstalling then removing, i bet that'd work05:20
dewcoolfor ubuntu05:20
dresjStefan: look in ~/.config/totem/xine_config05:20
neoenderwont let me reinstall because it sees that the package in installed and it messed up the install script05:20
Jordan_U_anthonyc: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline" ?05:20
neoenderthe package is OSS-linux05:20
mndewcool: you could use those in wine probably.  Does kopete not work?05:20
jStefandres, no such file05:21
dewcoolwill kopete work in ubuntu???05:21
dewcoolor just kubuntu05:21
zelrikriandodewcool, it will05:21
bobertdosneoender: Have you tried apt-get purge? How about dpkg purge?05:21
_anthonycsplash is at the end05:21
Dabbuhow to see network places in xubuntu05:21
neoenderyup, tried both05:21
EInsiderwould this help05:21
wng-neoender: try using apt-get with the --reinstall option?05:21
zelrikriandodewcool, some features will not work properly though (the keyring)05:21
_anthonycJordan_U: it "splashes" for a brief second, then before the loading bar finishes going back and forth, it goes text05:21
EInsiderfor you neoender05:22
icedteawhere are the kerberos conf files in ubuntu?05:22
EInsiderI have been trying to debug my own oss-linux05:22
dresjStefan: no such file and no such dir?05:22
Flannel_anthonyc: If it goes to text from a splash screen, that's usually because of some error.05:22
jStefandres: dir contains only a state.ini file05:22
MikeGeigjgedeon: when I use hd0,1 the screen says starting up... and it just sits ere05:22
dewcoolwill ubuntu ever have a complete IM software????05:22
_anthonycFlannel: I did resize the partition from a live CD05:23
neoenderthanks einsider.. ill try that05:23
hardcoredoes anyone know of a good place to find cheap external dvd burners?05:23
neoenderhaven't tried that yet05:23
_anthonycdewcool: pidgin05:23
jgedeonThe Windoes screen?05:23
neoenderso you're not having luck with OSS either eh?05:23
icedteahardcore, newegg.com?05:23
dewcoolpidgin doesnt have webcam support05:23
EInsiderI had it working...05:23
mnMikeGeig: did it work?05:23
neoenderi installed OSS while alsa was running05:23
dr_willishardcore,  get a external usb case. and  buy one you like to put in the case.05:23
neoenderand i dont know if i was supposed to unload also first05:23
neoenderor what05:23
Jordan_U_anthonyc: Perhaps try purging and re-installing usplash?05:23
EInsiderneonder - what is your sound card05:23
neoenderbut it didn't work05:23
neoenderits nvidia's built in05:23
EInsidertry lspci | grep Audio05:23
dresjStefan: you have totem-gstreamer or totem-xine installed?05:23
_anthonycyou mean via apt/dpkg?05:23
neoenderi was thinking at the hdaudio05:23
hardcorei don't know where to look for them though05:23
EInsidercan you get the output05:24
hardcoremaybe i'll check staples and office max05:24
hardcoreand wal mart05:24
EInsiderthere is a bug actually let me give you that to read as well05:24
jStefandres, totem-gstreamer05:24
_anthonycJordan_U: you mean via apt/dpkg?05:24
MikeGeigmn: I will try it now05:24
neoender00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0774 (rev a1)05:24
dr_willishardcore,  online would be cheaper. -  all those places tend to be overpriced. Walmart Might be 'ok'05:24
neoenderalso works for it05:24
dresjStefan: ah.  remove that and install totem-xine.05:24
neoenderalsa works for it05:24
darrenHi can any one help i have to wireless cards one built in and one usb i can connect with both, but the usb wireless does not show any signel strength,very annoying i have serched every were but can not find any one who has had the same problem05:25
neoenderbut its sounds super staticy05:25
Jordan_U_anthonyc: Yes05:25
neoenderlike there is a loose wire05:25
neoenderi read on a forum that OSS worked better for it05:25
hardcoreoh ok thanks05:25
jStefandres, i think it's a more fundamental problem as i get weird results from: speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav05:25
TrailWhispererI have a bunch of programs that are no longer needed and come up when I install something with apt to be autoremove. I don't want them to be removed, so is there someway to suppress the warning or keep them so to speak?05:25
EInsiderit will... however installing it05:25
EInsiderdo you get a permissions type issue?05:25
hardcoresome people may find this hard to believe, i found ubuntu to be much easier to set up and use than windows05:25
EInsiderdid you download it from oss-linux page?05:26
EInsiderhow are you installing it?05:26
dr_willishardcore,  i dint find it hard to belive at all05:26
Jordan_UTrailWhisperer: sudo apt-get install them or aptitude markauto them05:26
hardcoreoh ok cool05:26
jStefandres, will try switching totem05:26
TrailWhispererJordan_U, thanks :)05:26
MikeGeigjgedeon: any ideas?05:26
Jordan_UTrailWhisperer: np05:26
hardcorei found a dvd rw drive on ebay for 38 9805:26
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: Hold on working on something.05:27
darrenhi i have 2 wireless cards one built in and one usb i can connect to the internet with both but the usb wileless does not show can signel strength can any one help05:27
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: OK any ideas on what?05:27
MikeGeigjgedeon: what I should do now?05:27
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: BTW yes this is me just on a different system right now.05:27
neoenderi just d/l from the OSS website05:28
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: ok05:28
neoenderand i did sudo dpkg -i oss-linux05:28
EInsiderso what is your error?05:28
jgedeonMikeGeig, you don't want to know my honest answer do you?05:28
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: hd0,0 does not work, hd0,1 hangs my system05:28
MikeGeigjgedeon: feel free to give me your honest answer05:28
neoenderi forget the exact error message05:28
neoenderbut it was something like hardware not found05:28
jgedeonMikeGeig, What screen is showing when it freezes.05:28
Bob24is ther a way of playing 1 video file after the next etc on Mythbuntu?05:29
khinhey i would like to resize my vista partition to make room for another xp partition. however i opened up gparted in ubuntu and cannot resize the vista partition. how do i accomplish this05:29
Bob24i have too keep playing video files seperatley05:29
MikeGeigjgedeon:  starting up...05:29
jStefandres, totem-xine still gives mixed stereo05:29
neoenderanyone know how to search for a work in vi?05:29
neoenderi used to know vi05:29
neoenderbut it's been a while05:29
neoenderim looking for the oss linux line05:29
darrenkhin i belive you have to do it from a live cd gparted disk05:29
jgedeonMikeGeig, My honest answer would be to wave a finger at M$ and then your hand and just get rid of windows.  If you REALLY need it just run it in VirtualBox05:29
EInsiderjust use a slash05:29
joejoecircusboyneoender: try '/'05:29
arvind_khadrikhin, for resizing the partitions should be unmounted05:29
MikeGeigmn: no it doesnt05:29
EInsiderthat will grep05:29
neoenderfound it05:30
khinarvind_khadri i did unmount the vista partition05:30
hardcorei don't understand the whole virtual box thing05:30
Bob24is ther a way of playing 1 video file after the next etc on Mythbuntu?05:30
arvind_khadrikhin, a NTFS??05:30
MikeGeigjgedeon: lets put this into perspective, I didnt just spend my entire day trying to get windows to work, that was linux05:30
EInsiderI got my sound fixed05:30
jgedeonMikeGeig, And Linux works and windows doesn't.05:30
neoendercommand to delete entire line?05:30
neoenderin vi?05:30
khinarvind_khadri yes. i am in ubuntu. i cannot resize the unmounted ntfs05:30
Sn007akeNOOBIE question..... I'm trying to install A program i downloaded on Ubuntu (heardy heron)  it's a bin file..... And im unsure how to run the file ( having problems )05:30
joejoecircusboyneoender: google 'vi tutorial'05:31
arvind_khadrikhin, you need to have ntfs-3g05:31
EInsideralso neoender have you tried to uninstall alsa05:31
hardcoreanyone having trouble playing dvds just install vlc, it works just fine05:31
mnMikeGeig:  Hrmm, well the 5 is just what I had to use on my system.  You need to use the output of find /boot/grub/stagel05:31
EInsiderapt-get remove alsa-*05:31
EInsiderthat might work...05:31
MikeGeigjgedeon: yes, after 9 hours, I can hack grub to get ubuntu to load, I am not so sure linux is right for me05:31
Jordan_Uneoender: I recommend running "vimtutor"05:31
jgedeonMikeGeig, I wonder if the Windows partition was borked in some way with all the work on it the system.05:31
EInsiderI wonder if there is a coflect05:31
neoendershould i remove alsa first?05:31
khinarvind_khadri can i do it from a gparted live cd05:31
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: What's the problem?05:31
MikeGeigjgedeon: thats a possibility05:31
FlannelMikeGeig: Sorry, just got here.  Mind summarizing?  I doubt you'll need to hack anything.05:31
EInsiderI am not sure05:31
Dabbui just installed but i am not seeing computer and network places...any help05:31
EInsiderI just did it and it worked for me ..05:31
arvind_khadrikhin, yeah you can...thats the best way to do :)05:32
adantehello, how can i tell if my drives have dma enabled? hdparm gives teh HDIO_GET_DMA failed error05:32
EInsidernot sure if it will work for you05:32
Rat409Sn007ake: if its marked executable generally from same folder, ./bla.bin05:32
neoenderso you did apt-get remove alsa-*05:32
amanulla W h a t i s t h e fi n al ve r s i o n o f B S D ?05:32
=== Charitwo is now known as choo
Bob24is ther a way of playing 1 video file after the next etc on Mythbuntu?05:32
jgedeonMikeGeig, you could repair the windows system and the reinstall grub now that you know what the correct drive settings are.05:32
Guest11351I am writing a script shell and I am looking for a page where it up load audio english files, do you know where ?05:32
Bob24i have too keep playing video files seperatley05:32
neoenderwhile your soundcard was being driven by alsa?05:32
arvind_khadrikhin, and if you are using live cd you need to have ntfstools05:32
neoenderor do i have to ban the alsa modules and reboot before i remove alsa05:33
EInsiderno... I had already unistalled it05:33
jgedeonHmmmm...  MikeGeig what does the system do if you just try hd0 for the Windows boot????05:33
EInsiderI was messing around with codecs05:33
amanulla W h at i s t h e fi n al ve r s i o n o f B S D ?  any one plss05:33
MikeGeigjgedeon: yes... I may try that, the problem is I did so many things just to get a grub menu, I have no idea how to get back here05:33
=== mujtaba_ is now known as mujtaba
Sn007akeRat give me this in ( slow terms ) Im really Noob with the commands05:33
EInsiderI think they would just be pointers though...05:33
Jordan_Uamanulla: Which BSD?05:33
jgedeonWrite down hd0,505:33
hardcorei see compiz stuff on youtube that i don't find in the effects menu05:33
EInsiderbut I would love to get your error message05:33
MikeGeigjgedeon: what do you mean just hd0? like (hd0)? not (hd0,x)05:33
neoenderso how did you uninstall it the first time05:33
EInsidersudo apt-get remove alsa (tab to see all the alsa things installed)05:34
MikeGeigjgedeon: one second, let me try05:34
jgedeonMikeGeig, have you saved your menu.list?05:34
EInsiderso you might type "apt-get remove alsa-packages alsa-source" etc.05:34
Rat409Sn007ake: open gnome-terminal cd to the folder ./name.bin if it says no  permission chmod a+x name.bin then do ./name.bin again05:34
MikeGeigjgedeon: not that I am aware of05:34
gotamaHi! Where can I define the default session and language for a user working on a thin-client machine LTSP? I often have to select session and language but there should be another way for a default session. Help Please.05:34
neoenderand you can do this05:34
neoenderwhile alsa is running your sound card>?05:34
jgedeonThen save it so you don't have to keep working it to get in..05:34
arvind_khadrihardcore, most of the effects come from the latest compiz and compled plugins05:34
Bob24is ther a way of playing 1 video file after the next etc on Mythbuntu?05:34
jgedeonThat way Ubuntu will boot no matter what.05:34
EInsiderI think they are just pointers to the sound card05:34
EInsidermake sure all your sound programs are off05:35
EInsiderlike close them completely05:35
jStefangoing to restart, brb05:35
EInsiderI think when you run sudo it will take over though05:35
hardcoredoesn't updates give us the latest plugins?05:35
joejoecircusboyBob24: Two TV recordings, or two media viles?05:35
MikeGeigjgedeon: when I try hd0, I get "GRUB loading stage 1.5Read error"05:35
EInsiderso if you do a sudo apt-get remove it will probably kill and override everything05:35
hardcorei mean the latest compiz?05:35
EInsideranyone else have more experience than me...05:35
EInsiderI am programmer but no OS experience05:35
arvind_khadrihardcore, they give you the latest ones in the repos :)05:35
BiteMeBillThen it is something with hd0,105:35
neoenderim going to try it now05:35
MikeGeigFlannel: joejoecircusboy: basically, I have a grub menu (finally) and I can get ubuntu to load, but not XP, I get a read write error when I try05:36
hardcorei remember after i installed hardy heron i uninstalled evolution and my system froze. isn't that weird05:36
arvind_khadriEInsider, apt-get remove just un-installs the package05:36
hardcorei thought the latest repos come with updates05:36
grizlo42hi i have a dual boot05:36
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: Did you pastebin your grub.conf?05:36
neoenderwhen i did it05:36
hardcoreit is a supported app05:36
grizlo42and i want my windows shared folder to be shared while im in linux too05:36
neoenderit said it was going to remove ubuntu desktop05:36
neoenderso i figured i shouldn't do that05:37
grizlo42but when i try to share it05:37
arvind_khadrihardcore, repo's come with updates of whatever has been made Ubuntu usable05:37
grizlo42it says the permissions aren't right05:37
neoenderso i think i'll just remove alsa-base05:37
neoenderand see what happens05:37
hardcoreoh ok thanks05:37
FlannelMikeGeig: What's the exact error? And do you have your menu.lst and fdisk -l pastebinned somewhere?05:37
neoenderis that what you did?05:37
grizlo42and if i try to change them, it just changes them right back05:37
Bob24joejoecircusboy: i want to play all files in a folder05:37
hardcorehow do you type text where i see it in red?05:37
EInsidermake sure to remove all alsa items05:37
EInsiderare you prompted with more?05:37
MikeGeigjoejoecircusboy: no I didnt, I will, Flannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44100/05:37
arvind_khadri!tab | hardcore05:37
ubottuhardcore: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:37
joejoecircusboyBob24: Ah, not sure how to do that05:37
Flannelhardcore: that's all done by the client.  We include your name on the line.05:37
Flanneljoejoecircusboy: see the thing he just pasted05:38
hardcoreso i type tab, the name, then whatever i want?05:38
FlannelMikeGeig: Ubuntu doesn't use grub.conf, uses menu.lst instead05:38
neoenderwhat was the command you used to unisntall alsa?05:38
FlannelMikeGeig: and the output of sudo fdisk -l?05:38
neoenderi tried apt-get remove alsa05:38
EInsidersudo apt-get remove alsa-*05:38
EInsidertry that05:38
hardcoredid it work?05:38
raniclehello folks05:39
SurfnKidwhat is a good live usb iso program to set up my usb to boot to a live linux session?05:39
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: Ya, I meant the menu.lst (THinking of Redhat)05:39
arvind_khadrihardcore, no...first the few letters of the name then hit tab... so the name is completed05:39
hardcoreoh ok05:39
hardcorearvind_khadri, can ya see the red?05:39
ranicleanyone here have experience installing drivers? as far as compiling them that is05:39
arvind_khadrihardcore, ya :)05:39
BenalexSurfnKid use pendrivelinux.com05:39
hardcoreok cool, thanks man05:39
ScheissDroge1grizlo42:is there an entry inftab for that win-share ?05:39
arvind_khadriranicle, which drivers??05:39
neoenderthat gives me like 102 packages to remove05:40
hardcorearvind_khadri, ok cook, thanks man05:40
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: that is your old one.  You already know that you need to edit /boot/grub/menu.list and change hd2,5 to hd0,505:40
raniclethe HOSTap ones05:40
Jordan_U!anyone | ranicle05:40
neoenderkinda scary05:40
ubotturanicle: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:40
neoendershould i say yes?05:40
Sn007akeWow thanks rat that worked out for me ..... so ./  is just a command to run the file or something?05:40
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: there is for the entire partition, but not specifically for that folder05:40
raniclei am trying to install the drivers for a HOSTAP PRIZM card05:40
Jordan_Uneoender: Why are you removing alsa?05:40
EInsiderhmm lets slow it down a bit05:40
arvind_khadriSn007ake, not really ... '.' signifies present directory and '/' is the path05:40
ScheissDroge1grizlo42:partition /foldername ?  ur username ?05:41
MikeGeigFlannel: here is my fdisk http://paste.ubuntu.com/44112/05:41
arvind_khadriSn007ake, and if the filename after that is executable ...it executes :)05:41
Rat409Sn007ake: yes it means run the script and that its in the same folder your user is in,same working directory05:41
neoenderjordan, because i want to install OSS05:41
MikeGeigFlannel: here is my updated menu.ls http://paste.ubuntu.com/44113/05:41
FlannelMikeGeig: and you said Windows boot(ed|s) fine like this, assuming you took GRUB out?05:41
Dabbuis there any way i can acess network places in xubuntu ?05:42
neoenderEinsider, i was thinking of trying what this webpage says http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/10/get-better-sound-in-ubuntu-with-brand.html05:42
grizlo42# /dev/sda205:42
grizlo42UUID=D820ABF620ABDA30 /windows/c      ntfs    defaults,umask=000,gid=46 0       105:42
EInsiderthat would only be if you tried to install oss before and it failed somehow05:42
hardcoredid anyone else uninstall evolution and their system freeze on startup?05:42
FlannelMikeGeig: wait, that second one is your current menu.lst, and the fstab is your current fstab?  How did Linux get on hd0?05:42
SurfnKidDamn Small Linux is good?05:42
grizlo42but nothing specifically about all users/documents05:42
hardcorethat was on my toshiba laptop. i use ibm now05:42
neoenderEInsider so did you remove 102 packages?05:42
hardcoreworks great so far05:42
EInsidercancel out of there...05:42
EInsiderI want to get a better visual...05:43
MikeGeigFlannel: the emotion you just experienced has been the confusion of my entire day05:43
ScheissDroge1grizlo42           partition /foldername ?  ur username ?05:43
EInsidersudo apt-get remove alsa- (then hit tab05:43
hardcoresystem didn't freeze actually, it just showed the wallpaper and nothing else to click on, at all05:43
EInsidercan you copy and paste the packages05:43
EInsiderfrom your terminall?05:43
FlannelMikeGeig: Ok, so... Did you change your BIOS or something?  Are these all the same disk type (IDE, SATA, etc) or what?05:43
neoenderill pm to ya05:43
hardcorebut i learned my lesson and never uninstalled evolution sense05:43
BiteMeBillFlannel: those aren't his currents cause he hasn't saved it.05:43
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: I don't know what you mean by partition /foldername/ ur username?05:43
MikeGeigthe 250 gb is an IDE, the other 2 are SATA that are in a raid 105:43
MikeGeigFlannel: I dont know how to get ubuntu to recognize a raid05:44
ScheissDroge1grizlo42           whats the ntfs device called ? /dev/sdXXX .....05:44
FlannelMikeGeig: What disk does your BIOS boot to?  Ubuntu?05:44
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: actually, I made the changes and uploaded it05:44
FlannelMikeGeig: er, sdc?05:44
FlannelMikeGeig: Or, rather, where is stage1?05:44
MikeGeigFlannel: I dont know, it boots to a grub menu05:44
FlannelMikeGeig: What disk does your BIOS boot to?05:45
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: That's probably the strangest disk/grub setup I've seen :)05:45
MikeGeigFlannel: my IDE05:45
FlannelMikeGeig: So, the one with the slew of partitions, correct?05:45
MikeGeigFlannel: yes05:45
hardcorei hope making random comments don't get annoying, i do that sometimes05:45
MikeGeigjoejoecircusboy: thanks, I figured as much05:45
ggehello , when setting up a dual monitors config with ATI config for "big desktop" mode and not "dual head" mode , I wrongly run aticonfig --initial=dual-head etc instead of --dtop==horizontal --overlay-on=1 .  When I run now this last command it fails . How I can change to Big Desktop mode ?05:45
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: /dev/sda205:45
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: the ones you are showing in pastebin has hd2,5 as the drive and partition for ubuntu when you found it is hd0,505:45
FlannelMikeGeig: Alright.  Try changing your menu.lst to hd0,0 for windows, and comment out the mapping.05:45
FlannelBiteMeBill: the first one, not the second one.05:46
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: oh, I must have pasted the wrong link, I did upload the new one05:46
ksovieroare there any chat rooms to talk about ubuntu bugs, etc...?05:46
ScheissDroge1grizlo42           name of the folder (including path ) ?05:46
SurfnKidhi is Damn Small Linux is good?05:46
FlannelSurfnKid: Please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.05:47
MikeGeigFlannel: BiteMeBill I am in ubuntu now, how do I make changes to menu.ls, it says I do not have permission05:47
SurfnKidright on05:47
hardcorei found the funniest link i'll show yall05:47
FlannelMikeGeig: alt-f2, gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:47
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: Sudo05:47
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: of the shared drive in windows or of the mount point for the partition?05:47
Flannelhardcore: Please don't show it here.  This is a support channel, not a chat channel.  go to #ubuntu-offtopic for social chatter.05:47
hardcorehttp://www.stumbleupon.com/demo/?review=1#url=http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article09-115 i think yall will find this ammusing05:47
ScheissDroge1grizlo42           name of the folder (in windows)05:48
hardcoreoh ok, i'm sorry05:48
MikeGeigFlannel: do I also want to comment out the chainloader?05:48
ScheissDroge1grizlo42           name of the folder (including path ) ?05:48
neoendersent to you via pm05:48
Jordan_USurfnKid: I wouldn't use it as an installed distro, it's nice on a small USB key, the hardware support isn't as good as other distros but it's better with DSL-N which among other things uses linux 2.6 rather than 2.405:48
FlannelMikeGeig: no, leave that.  Just the two maps, and change it to hd0,005:48
grizlo42C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\05:48
grizlo42i want that entire folder and subfolders shared05:48
jStefandres, while the movie is playing, if i click the properties i see "Stereo" below "AC-3 audio"05:48
BiteMeBillMikeGeig: Not hd0,0 it was hd0,1 that get the startup screen for windows.05:49
Rat409 /cl05:49
dresjStefan: hrm.  I can't think of anything else.05:50
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\05:50
grizlo42i always forget the name part......05:50
icedteahow do you enable root login?05:50
jStefandres, thanks for the help05:50
joejoecircusboyicedtea: just use 'sudo -i'05:50
bobertdos!noroot | icedtea05:50
ubottuicedtea: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)05:50
ScheissDroge1grizlo42         ur username in ubuntu ?05:50
dresjStefan: sorry couldn't come up with a solution.05:50
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: Flannel: joejoecircusboy: Yes!, this is what did it http://paste.ubuntu.com/44114/05:50
Jordan_Uicedtea: Why do you want to log in as root?05:50
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: steve05:51
FlannelMikeGeig: right.  Everythign's working now, yes?05:51
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: Congrats!  (I was wondering about those maps, myself)05:51
bobertdos!rootsudo > icedtea05:51
ubottuicedtea, please see my private message05:51
icedteawell I just ran ntpdate and now sudo is complaining about a timestamp being to far in the future which is why I'm trying to run as root05:51
MikeGeigFlannel: yes, i can boot windows and I can boot ubuntu05:51
dunasHow often do you, on average, have to log out or reboot from your Ubuntu? Not counting turning off the computer overnight, if that's your thing (it's not mine, I just trust it to standby and be quiet.)05:52
joejoecircusboyFlannel: What were the map lines doing in there?05:52
MikeGeigI just clocked myself at 14 hours working on this05:52
* BiteMeBill wonders how when you did manual hd0,1 it showed the startup screen for windows and hung...05:52
FlannelMikeGeig: The issue is likely that your SATA and PATA drive numbers got swapped around somehow.05:52
ScheissDroge1grizlo42        sudo chown steve /dev/sdb/Documents and Settings\All Users\05:52
MikeGeigBiteMeBill: I have no idea myself, but im not going to look a gift horse in the mouth05:52
ScheissDroge1grizlo42         makes steve the owner of that folder05:52
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: thanks05:52
dr_willisFlannel,  ive seen those #'s change on one of my machines If i use the  F11 - to select boot disk option., whatever disk i pick gets moved to hd005:52
BiteMeBillWithout a doubt.05:52
Flanneljoejoecircusboy: the liveCD thought the partition it was booting windows was hd2,0, windows doesn't like not being on the first harddrive, so you can map them with grub to make windows not know anybere.05:52
Flanneljoejoecircusboy: any better that is.05:53
Flanneldr_willis: yeah, some BIOSes do that too.05:53
joejoecircusboyFlannel: ah.. thx05:53
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: but its supposed to be sda2 not sdb right?05:53
dr_willisFlannel,  had me SO confused :) for a while05:53
FlannelMikeGeig: so, if you want, you can go in and *delete* those map lines (that you commented out) so no one gets confused by them in the future.05:53
MikeGeigyou guys think YOU were confused?05:53
ScheissDroge1grizlo42        oh yeah05:53
MikeGeigFlannel: heh, ya, better go do that05:53
MikeGeigwell, I huge thanks to everyone who helped. I award you all 5 internets05:54
icedteabobertdos, so once su gets broken because of a clock issue with ntpdate will #ubuntu resolve all the issue of not having a root login to fix things?05:54
Flannelicedtea: do this: sudo -K05:55
Flannelicedtea: There's no reason to use the root account.05:55
=== sika is now known as sika-h
nikosapiWhy do I need to install some "resticted" packages to play Matroska video? The video contains Theora video and Vorbis audio so I don't understand why I should need to install anything...05:55
joejoecircusboyicedtea: clock issues? You using krb5?05:55
dr_willissomeone asked about this clock-date sudo issue the other day. :)  was there some ntp-issue going on?05:55
joejoecircusboyicedtea: Note that you don't need a root password to boot into single user mode05:56
MikeGeiggood night everyone05:56
=== choo is now known as sekrit
Flanneljoejoecircusboy: no, the sudo cache timestamp is checked, and ifits too far in the future, it has a safety, so it cant be tweaked05:56
joejoecircusboyMikeGeig: Later Mike05:56
icedteaI'm using ntpdate to get my clock update from an AD server05:56
icedteajoejoecircusboy, see ^^05:56
joejoecircusboyFlannel/icedtea: ah, ok05:56
icedteaFlannel: sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Sep  7 00:49:07 200805:57
Flannelicedtea: sudo -k, if that doesn't work, sudo -K05:57
icedteaFlannel: its lame having to type sudo all the time imo05:58
dunasHow often do you, on average, have to log out or reboot from your Ubuntu? Not counting turning off the computer overnight, if that's your thing (it's not mine, I just trust it to standby and be quiet.) I had problems with my last try at Ubuntu related to logging in/out and rebooting.05:58
icedteasu is great05:58
jgedeonFlannel, should be lower case05:58
joejoecircusboyicedtea: 'sudo -i' is the same as 'su -'05:58
Flanneljgedeon: first sudo -k, then sudo -K, it's both.  They do different, yet similar things.05:59
see_hey, my laptop toshiba satellite keep booting into read only hard disk05:59
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: i chowned it to me and then when i checked in nautilus, it was back to being root's file05:59
Flanneljgedeon: that is, if sudo -k doesn't work, try sudo -K05:59
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: every time i change the permissions it resets05:59
jgedeonFlannel, -K kills the timestamp entirely05:59
neoenderOSS is a no go05:59
Flanneljgedeon: Yes.06:00
icedteajoejoecircusboy, sudo -i lets me avoid having to type sudo all the time?06:01
see_sudo anwser me06:01
Flannelicedtea: Is this a brand new install?06:01
icedteaFlannel: yes :)06:02
grizlo42ScheissDroge1: any ideas?06:02
ggeWhen setting up a dual monitors config with ATI config for "big desktop" mode and not "dual head" mode , I wrongly run aticonfig --initial=dual-head etc instead of --dtop==horizontal --overlay-on=1 .  When I run now this last command it fails . How I can change back to Big Desktop mode ?06:02
Flannelicedtea: Put up with sudo for a little bit.  In a small piece of time, you'll hardly use it at all.06:02
joejoecircusboyicedtea: 'sudo -i' will give you a root shell, exactly like 'su -' would....       'sudo -s' will give you a shell like 'su' would06:02
pjwaffle_Hi, I want to increase free software usage in my town sammamish starting with my Junior High I am a 7th grader... what are some tips to get people to try Ubuntu/SUSE... if there is a better place to ask please direct me06:02
icedteaI usually use debian, but I liked the ubuntu live cd so much I wanted to try it out on my nephews pc06:03
Flannelpjwaffle_: try Your LoCo team.  or even #ubuntu-locoteams in general06:03
josephHow can i find out what graphics card i have?06:03
icedteajoseph: type sudo lspci06:04
joejoecircusboyjoseph: 'lspci' should help06:04
neoenderanyone here familiar with OSS?06:04
jgedeonlspci | grep Grapics06:04
boogHi can someone show me how i  can install Java? im trying to play some yahoo games and it says i need java.06:04
Flannel!java | boog06:04
ubottuboog: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository06:04
joejoecircusboyboog: http://ubuntuguide.org/ is good for these types of things too06:05
jon_high9000anybody know how to set up ubuntu to download torrents?06:05
icedtea-k and -K aren't working06:05
Flannelicedtea: what is the exact command you're trying?06:06
=== ozo__ is now known as ozo2
jgedeonjon_high9000, transmission should be installed by default.  It will download torrents06:06
boogty guys for the help06:06
Flanneljon_high9000: there's a bittorrent client installed by default06:06
josephicedtea: Thank you for the help, however i still dont know the model of my graphics card06:07
jon_high9000Flannel : i had tried to free up ports on firestarter but nothing happened.06:07
bastid_raZorjoseph; lspci | grep vga06:07
icedteasudo -k || sudo -k cp somefile somefile.old || sudo -K || sudo -K cp ....etc06:07
icedteaFlannel, ^^06:07
Flannelicedtea: `sudo -k` and `sudo -K` are the right ones.  And then you tried sudo again, and it gave what error?06:08
bastid_raZorjoseph; VGA that is.06:08
icedteasudo: timestamp too far in the future: Sep  7 00:49:07 200806:08
Flannelicedtea: this is in a gnome-terminal or tty or what?06:09
jon_high9000Flannel : fyi, i could not get internet sharing enabled on firestarter. think that might be a problem?06:09
wng-Apparently the GDM theme I downloaded doesn't have a valid package file to install via gdmsetup, how would I go about installing it manually, there must be some directory i can extract it into06:10
Flanneljon_high9000: It may be contributing to your bittorrent problem.  But by default you don't have to do anything for bittorrent to work.06:10
jon_high9000ok. thanks06:11
EInsiderneoonder are you back06:11
=== cody_ is now known as icedtea
icedteasorry about that, X died switching to a tty06:12
anom01ywhy is it that when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get different mixer settings every time06:13
icedteaFlannel, it was on gnome-terminal which is why -k wasn't working06:13
icedteahrm only works on a tty06:14
icedteathats a pain06:14
Flannelicedtea: That's odd.  Shouldn't happen that way.06:14
Flannelicedtea: That actually sounds somewhat like a bug.  Mind filing one?06:14
icedteano not at all06:14
Flannel!bugs | icedtea06:15
ubottuicedtea: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots06:15
josephIm trying to play an online game called "runescape" it says the UbuntuAMD64 doesn't work well on the game. But im using the standard 32-bit intel version even though my processer is AMD6406:15
bytor4232I just installed on an Acer Travelmate.  The wireless will only work if I hit a button on the laptop to use the wireless device.  However, when I hit the button, network manager doesn't always recognize the wireless network right away.06:15
azhar27!java | boog06:15
ubottuboog: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository06:15
bytor4232Sometimes I have to hit the button on and off several times.06:16
icedteaare radeon drivers for X buggy? I can't remember ever have X crash before with nvidia open source or closed sources ones06:16
nketrying to boot a [faulty] computer from cd so i can install ubuntu - but won't boot from cd and can't access BIOS06:16
icedteaI'm using compiz with all the bells and whistles turned on06:16
nkewhat do you do in a case like this?06:16
tj83nke... what kind brand age of computer?06:16
nkelaptop ..06:17
nketj83: do you need brand etc? hang on06:17
bytor4232Anyone know how I can increase the polling of Network Manager?06:17
tj83nke, brand and age sometimes requires a certain key or key-combo that is not displayed at the splash screen.06:17
alicevhow can i karma use with ubuntu06:18
nketj83, how do i get it then? owner of computer not here now with me and i doubt he would know either...06:19
tj83i'm asking what the brand is... and how old it is nke i might be able to guess or we can look it up :)06:19
meoblast001Ubuntu 8.04 = Vista06:19
meoblast0017.10 ftw06:20
icedteaheh I was just going to upgrade to 8.0406:20
Jordan_Umeoblast001: How so?06:20
meoblast001icedtea: you'll regret it06:20
meoblast001Jordan_U: sound doesnt work worth shit06:20
=== M_28 is now known as Mr_Nice
meoblast001you want to go on youtube, and  then you want to open up audacity... NOOO you cant do that06:20
josephim setting ubuntu up for a friend i forgot how to get the "advanced desktop effects, any ideas?06:21
meoblast001cuz Flash just locked the fuck out of pulse06:21
* tj83 runs 8.04 smoothly... sometimes hardware issue may apply to one when not another.06:21
Jordan_Umeoblast001: Disable pulseaudio, problem solved :)06:21
meoblast001Jordan_U: is that even possible06:21
tj83nke, is that information available? who makes it?06:21
Jordan_Umeoblast001: Yes, System -> Preferences -> Sound06:21
nketj83: brand: evesham06:22
anom01ywhy is it that when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get different mixer settings every time06:22
nketj83: age: not more than 2 years06:22
phantomcircuit"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."06:22
meoblast001Jordan_U: cant find anything in there about puse06:22
tj83nke.. eek, will try to look that one up :) never heard of that brand06:22
Jordan_Umeoblast001: Just change all settings from automatic to ALSA06:22
nkeme neither tj83 :)06:22
josephhow do i setup compiz (desktop cube, fire, etc.) to start how can i get it06:22
meoblast001Jordan_U: it froze06:23
dr_willis!compiz | joseph06:23
ubottujoseph: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:23
Flanneljoseph: install either simple-ccsm or compizconfig-settings-manager to enable the cube and stuff.06:23
arvind_khadri!ccsm > joseph06:23
ubottujoseph, please see my private message06:23
meoblast001Jordan_U: ahh it wont go away06:23
josephThanks guys06:24
josephdoes anyone here have verizon FiOs wireless?06:25
kosharijoseph first thing you need is working 3d graphics06:25
tj83nke, what have you tried? esc? del? f10, 12?06:25
meoblast001Audacity still cant play shit06:25
tj83nke, also what model?06:25
jgedeonmeoblast001, watch the language06:25
nketj83: Z710006:26
nkesays here ..06:26
meoblast001jgedeon: maybe they need to stop changing sound systems on us every 2 years06:26
tj83nke, still looking06:26
nkethanks tj83 :)06:26
Jordan_Umeoblast001: It's only changed once06:26
dr_williswe should go back to those little speakers in side the cases!06:27
klosanyone into ltsp servers and cleints ?06:27
meoblast001woohoo Audacity locked up06:28
jgedeonklos, what is your questions about ltsp?06:28
Jordan_Umeoblast001: Are you sure you set everything to ALSA?06:29
klosi was wondering about how desktop effects and stuff06:29
FlynsarmyIs there like a 'run' or 'start' command you can use to execute programs from the terminal?06:29
meoblast001i feel like im operating a mac here06:29
klosdoes it work thru ltsp ?06:29
Jordan_Umeoblast001: You may need to log out06:29
jgedeonklos, no I don't think it does.  don't think you would want it too.06:29
arvind_khadriFlynsarmy, you just need to type the program name and it works06:29
joejoecircusboyFlynsarmy: try ALT+F2  (for a full shell, do applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)06:29
klosjgedeon, im thinking about building a myth tv box. and thought about running all my pc applications off this one aswell using ltsp06:30
tj83nke, the manufacture does not even offer a user manual online! tons of forums like "laptop wont boot......etc" doesnt look good... better just try some keys06:30
jgedeonklos, your basically sending all graphics over the network to a thinclient with minimal hardware \06:30
klosi could save enrgy and space etc, how do you think it would work, having one server serving my whole unit06:30
Flynsarmyarvind_khadri, I know that. It's to do with a c program i'm writing. execv() can't handle text files, only programs. which brings me back to my original question. need a run command that would 'execute' whatever youre trying to run06:30
nkeoh shit tj83 ... i have tried tht ...06:31
nkebut thanks so much!06:31
jgedeonklos, you could do that but you won't have the desktop effects.06:31
nkecan you paste some of those links?06:31
klosi prolly have one or two apple tvs as myth tv frontend and a thin client for my computing needs06:31
tj83nke i would try these in order esc, del, F2, ,F8, F10, F12 you have tried all of them?06:31
klosyea doenst matte rbaout the effects :)06:31
nketj83: can you paste some of those links?06:31
jgedeonNot sure how much media you would be piping either.06:31
joejoecircusboyFlynsarmy: you want to run a script from within a C program?06:31
nketj83: Yes :)06:31
Flynsarmyjoejoecircusboy, we're writing a bash program06:31
tj83nke just google the make and model.. you will hit them06:31
Jordan_UFlynsarmy: system06:32
tj83nke, also expect sound issues. saw some trouble there also with ubuntu06:32
joejoecircusboyFlynsarmy: use system()06:32
FlynsarmyJordan_U, joejoecircusboy we have to use execv06:32
klosis there anything i have to consider when buying a thin client ? i think the only thing they have to be able to is to boot thru the network, is this right ?06:32
Jordan_UFlynsarmy: Why?06:32
joejoecircusboyFlynsarmy: call /bin/bash then, with the script as a arg06:32
FlynsarmyJordan_U, it's a uni assignment06:32
nkethank tj8306:32
Jordan_UFlynsarmy: Ask your teacher :)06:33
jgedeonklos, pretty much.  there are a couple websites that you can find from google that will tell you what true thin clients work out of the box and what to avoid.06:33
tj83nke, does it have two memory modules in it? if you remove one it might throw you into setup option, you could then set your boot order and put the memory back in?06:33
Flynsarmyjoejoecircusboy, /bin/bash works. thanks :)06:33
klosok do you know any vendors who seel some nice thin clients, some less geek looking :)06:33
nketj83: sorry, not sure how to ook that up ...06:33
jgedeonklos, for my classrooms I use older school hardware and for the daycares I use true thinclients.06:33
joejoecircusboyFlynsarmy: Make sure you credit me in your assignment :P06:33
nketj83: do you mean remove some piece of the computer manually?06:34
meoblast001Audacity sux06:34
tj83nke, yes.. flip it over remove the memory cover and see if it has two modules06:34
Jordan_UFlynsarmy: And remember, this channel is logged and indexed by google ;)06:34
jgedeonklos, I don't think any of the thinclients look geek looking..  Heck you can mount them under the desk or table and no one sees them..06:34
FlynsarmyJordan_U, lol06:34
tj83try to remove all static from your body first! nke, something large and metal touch first.06:35
jgedeonklos, google and ebay are friends!  LOL06:35
klosok no worries06:35
klosthnaks for your time06:35
quallanyone run ubuntu on a thinkpad06:36
qualland can tell me why it wont turn the fan up higher when flash starts making my cpu go to 100C06:36
jgedeonklos, you can get alot of info from #edubuntu too.06:36
dr_willisquall,  i think theres a thinkpad specific forum on the ubuntu pages.06:36
Vladimir24anyone run ubuntu on a Pentium 3? I seem to be having issues installing06:36
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:36
jgedeonquall yes I do have a thinkpad with ubuntu.  And no it doesn't like the new kernel.06:36
qualljgedeon, i was on fedora 906:37
quallhaving the same issue06:37
qualli'm not sure whats up06:37
quallbut its really homo06:37
FloodBot2quall: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:37
tritiumquall: please stop with that sort of talk06:37
quallonly way it accelerates is if i run modprobe thinkpad_acpi fan_control=1 experimental=1 and then run the echo level disengage command06:38
=== cody_ is now known as icedtea
qualltritium, please calm down.06:38
icedteasweet jesus X does not like my video card06:38
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:38
Vladimir24i'm trying to install and as it starts the loading screen, it loads most of the way, and then freezes with lovely blue pixels all along the top06:38
tritiumquall: I won't tell you again06:38
joejoecircusboyquall: I agree, please refrain06:38
nketj83: looks like i'd need screwdrivers to remov anything ...06:38
nkei think i will come back on this ...06:38
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots06:39
josephIm having a problem with Ubuntu, when i try to click on something it shows the white hand that moves a window, i cant click on anything06:39
icedteaare radeon drivers stable or what?06:39
joejoecircusboyicedtea: which driver?06:40
tj83nke, heh ok... been working on computers for a long time.. i am sure there is some key that will get you in.... but its tricks like that that sometimes just might do the job.. and yes most of the time you have to remove a screw... and the cover or screw hole should me labeled with an "M"06:40
dr_willisicedtea,  I imagine it depends on the exact card.  ive not had any issues when using the radeon drivers.06:40
joejoecircusboyicedtea: (there are like 3 or 4 different radeon drivers)06:40
icedteaah, I'm new to the radeon series and ubuntu did all the magic during the install06:40
Blenderi have a problem my screen res is jumping back and forth without me doing anything? May someone with the same problem help me please.06:41
meoblast001i really need to find an operating system that works.. oh wait... none exist06:41
joejoecircusboyicedtea: I'm using the stock Ubuntu radeon now... haven't had any issues06:41
* tj83 radeon X1200 using "fglrx"06:41
meoblast001did they guy who invented comptuers think "i really want to piss ppl off for generations"06:41
Vladimir24anyone know how to solve "blue pixels of death" during the installation loading screen?06:42
quallmeoblast001, yes.06:42
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: don't be silly.. they just wanted to piss you off, not everyone06:42
josephim having a problem with ubuntu everytime i try to click on something its shows the white hand and it moves the windows06:42
icedteaaccording to xorg.conf, Driver "ati"06:42
meoblast001joejoecircusboy: typical06:42
qualland whoever said there is a thinkpad forum on ubuntu forums i dont see it06:42
tj83icedtea, "ati" is the old non 3D-accel driver06:42
bullgard4Is there still a justification for the existence of the xterm program as there is the program urxvt available?06:42
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: what's the problem anyway?06:43
meoblast001Audacity cant work with my audio device06:43
icedteatj83: really? strange it works with compiz ok. I assume there's a better one for a Radeon 1050?06:43
meoblast001and Ardour cant open OGG06:43
nw15062it is s#thinkpad-forum and yes it is there06:43
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: the sound editor, or that xmms clone?06:43
bullgard4quall: If you do not see it this is no prove that it does not exist.06:43
meoblast001the sound editor06:43
tj83icedtea, there is a limit to the card generation for that driver... not sure... would require some research... but if its pretty new.. i would certainly try the fglrx out.06:44
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: hmm... can't say I've had any problems with the editor (used it on 4 or 5 different systems now both 64bit and 32bit)06:44
icedteatj83: is that an open source driver or closed source?06:44
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: what's not working?06:45
Theebim having troube with my audio :\06:45
meoblast001cant detect audio device06:45
Blendercan someone please help with my problem as i'm tired of it.06:45
tj83its closed :( but its part of the linux-restricted-modules.. so you dont have to get it anywhere.. its available outta-box06:45
joejoecircusboymeoblast001: what sound card?06:45
meoblast001whatever dell put in this thing06:45
tj83its closed :( but its part of the linux-restricted-modules.. so you dont have to get it anywhere.. its available outta-box... icedtea06:45
Theebno idea, i have sony laptop, 4 years old06:45
nw15062blender what is the problem?06:46
icedteatj83: apt-get install linux-restricted-modules?06:46
Vladimir24Would Xubuntu be a better choice for a 500MHz P3 w/ 578MB RAM over regular ubuntu?06:46
icedteatj83: nonetheless it might be more reliabe than this ati driver thats not working so well with my x105006:46
Theebwhen i play music and open youtube for example, the the flash player wont have sound, and vice versa.06:46
dr_willisVladimir24,  proberly would. or use some even lighter desktop then xfce.  depending on the  job you are doing with it.06:46
meoblast001joejoecircusboy: finally.. jackd at 48000 Hz works06:46
tj83icedtea, all you should have to do is back up your old xorg.cong (sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.cong /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak) and then change "ati" to "fglrx" and restart06:47
Vladimir24just trying to have an internet machine06:47
icedteatj83: but do I have to apt-get anything? I'm on 7.x something06:47
Vladimir24I have an awesome PC for myself, but i want something for other people who come around to check facebook and email and the like06:47
Vladimir24without touching my stuff06:47
jbarberoHi; I wonder if anyone can point me to a troubleshooting guide to get wireless working with pcmcia. I've been using Linux for about 6 years, so it doesn't matter if the guide is technical. The pcmcia card is detected (via dmesg) but the wireless interface doesn't show up. This card has worked before on a suse system (different laptop though) fine for years. I can provide make & model if that helps.06:48
anom01ywhy is it that when I run alsa force-reload, and then kmix, I get different mixer settings every time06:48
nw15062Theeb there is a good tutorial on how to fix the flash audio issue on ubuntu's forum do a google search for it.06:48
Jordan_Ujbarbero: What chipset?06:48
tj83icedtea, be prepared to revert back to the old file from terminal should something go wrong... from terminal do it backwards (sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf).... i have only run 8.04, but i would check for updates first.. shouldnt have to apt anything06:49
jbarberoJordan_U: the card is a cisco aironet 340 series06:49
Theeb<nw15062> thanks, but i get the same problem when i run vbox and use the same audio engine, will that solve it also?06:49
Vladimir24alas i cannot pinpoint the problem on this computer, guess that's what i get for picking it up off the curb on trash night06:49
nw15062Theeb: try apt-get removing and installing pulse06:51
jbarberoJordan_U: or did I misunderstand your question?06:51
Jordan_UVladimir24: Yes, Xubuntu would be better06:51
tj83icedtea, apt-cache search fglrx returns this package amongst others "xorg-driver-fglrx"06:51
nketj83: i really appreciate your help, but since removing any screw might screw up the guaranee ;) and it is not my computer,i'm going to leave it here06:52
nkewill probably come back on this06:52
icedteatj83: ahh thanks06:52
Theebnw15062,  im using alsa mixer as main audio, and i changed the vbox audio option to pules, and i have no problems06:52
Theebpulse *06:52
Jordan_Ujbarbero: Sort of, what does lscpci say ( I think it's prism but I'm not sure )06:53
Theebi have alsa and pulse in the option, which device should i use06:53
tj83nke... hey, your customer... but really memory modules are user upgradeable and does not void warranty.06:53
nw15062I use pulse06:53
Vladimir24alright, i'll give Xubuntu a shot, hopefully avoid installation problems06:53
amenadojbarbero-> also try  sudo lshw -C network and see if the driver is loaded okay06:53
nw15062it is becoming the main sound backend06:53
jbarberoIt seems to be so.06:55
Theebhow do you make ur main audio device?06:55
Theebi only see master in the volume control, no mic or headphone06:55
meoblast001i give up on sound06:55
meoblast001i guess its one of those things you have to accept06:55
jbarberoamenado: lshw -C network prints info about the Cisco card06:55
nketj83: it is not my customer, it is a friend :) and i'm doing it for free of course because i enjoy recovering laptops with ubuntu live :) usually it works but this case has proven a bit frustrating..06:56
jbarberoIt identifies the make & model.06:56
amenadojbarbero-> and the driver?06:56
jbarberoamenado: how would I check that?06:56
Theebmeoblast001, having the same problem with sound?06:56
meoblast001sound in linux SUUUUUXX06:57
amenadojbarbero-> same command, look at the results carefully06:57
tj83nke, hey thats cool... serious.. the user manual (guessing your only allowed one printed copy at time of purchase) always tells you how to remove the memory modules.. look at your own laptops manual. :)06:57
tony-bnewbie ubuntu question - how can I create a key shortcut to open the "Computer - File Browser"?06:57
meoblast001tony-b: drag it from Places to Desktop?06:57
tj83nke, i'd even go as far as removing the HDD and place into a usb enclosure for proper testing. to eliminate possibility of machine error06:58
nketj83: i will, as soon as i see the owner :)06:58
tj83nke.. good luck.06:58
jbarberoamenado: there is no 'configuration:' entry (the configuration entry for eth0 has the word 'driver' in it)06:58
tony-bmeoblast001: thanks - that;s cool too - but I was looking for a keyboard shortcut too..06:58
meoblast001tony-b: uhh let me remember the programname06:58
nkethanks tj83 :)06:58
meoblast001its like... xkey something06:59
Theebtony-b,  System > preferences > keyboard shortcuts06:59
Theebdid you try that?06:59
amenadojbarbero-> can you paste in pastebin the results of your sudo lshw -C network06:59
tony-bTheeb: Yup - had a look - bit could only find a keyboard shortcut setting for "home"07:00
tony-bI think I need to create a keybinding for the command nautilus --no-desktop computer:07:00
Theebsorry im new to linux also :p07:00
Theebso what irc client is everyone using?07:00
tony-bTheeb: xchat-gnome07:01
jbarberoamenado: http://pastebin.com/m106a249b07:01
Theebhi master_07:02
DrDabblesAnybody in here using NatworkManager 0.7 with Hardy?07:03
amenadojbarbero-> you dont have the driver for your cisco 340 loaded07:03
master_hi there07:03
Jordan_U!anyone | DrDabbles07:03
ubottuDrDabbles: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:03
jbarberoamenado: right, and how would I got about loading it? I guess it's not automatic07:03
master_is there a way that I can find a Solaris-EDU server?07:03
master_right now I'm working on my laptop07:04
master_and I'm running a vmware Solaris07:04
amenadojbarbero-> i guess first thing is find out which chip that card uses and load it, or maybe use ndiswrapper?07:04
jbarberoamenado: I'll look into it and come back if I'm stuck07:04
DrDabblesJordan - I ask because it is not the official network manager released for Hardy, so if nobody here is running it, it would be a waste of energy to explain my situation.07:04
=== legendsohai_ is now known as legendsohai
ntendowhat happens when ubuntu names reach z?07:05
ntendoare things just started over?07:06
bullgard4Is there still a justification for the existence of the xterm program as there is the program urxvt available?07:06
Jordan_Untendo: I hope they start double letters, it will take a while but there is still hope for a Hungry Hungry Hippo!07:06
slopeis there a fixed XRandR that lets compiz/3d accelleration work with twinview on a tripple head rig?07:06
meoblast001i have no more time to play hide and seek with Ubuntu07:07
meoblast001good night07:07
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Jordan_Ubullgard4: urxvt isn't in main :)07:08
bullgard4Jordan_U: What is the reason for not being in main?07:08
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Don't know :)07:08
bullgard4Jordan_U: Thank you for commenting.07:09
drjones1234hey all. Hoping someone might be able to help me. My boot drive (IDE) looks to have physically died. I have a 4 disk raid5 array though (which appears to be fine). IF i stick a new boot drive in and reinstall ubuntu from scratch I'll be able to detect and use the array & data again, using mdadm, right?07:12
Vladimir24okay, think i solved the problem on this P3 machine. Disabled ACPI and ran in safe graphics mode07:13
Vladimir24i made it to the installation screen07:13
Kiramy server is choking on dcraw and netpbm now...07:14
Evilldrjones1234: I don't know if will do that automatically, but it's definitely doable with mdadm.07:14
DeAd|wari'm having problems with my wirless07:15
drjones1234Evill: cool. As long as I'm not going to lose my data. Thanks!07:15
DeAd|warscan and network manager shows the network manager there i have the right key07:15
DeAd|warbut it doesn't connect07:15
Evilldrjones1234: Yeah, I believe at worst, it will ignore it.07:15
=== cody_ is now known as icedtea
Evilldrjones1234: You did the right thing by having a separate OS drive. Makes things a lot simpler.07:16
Evilldrjones1234: I haven't done it recently, but from memory, I used the --assemble option.07:17
mitanis there a way to make a samba share for the entire /07:20
mitanwith root access?07:20
EvillI did an upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 and shortly after seeing the Heron screen, I get a white screen with a movable cursor and nothing else. Any idea what to look for?07:21
PauloRicardoAnyone know any free/commercial software (and not web app) like EasyProject Manager (http://www.orionbelt.com/easyProject.php) for Linux?07:23
master_<Evill>I had the same problem, I fixed it doing a noapic acpi=off07:23
jbarberoamenado: I found a thread with the info! http://ubuntu-utah.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=409247 thanks, I found it after searching with lshw network in my search terms07:23
jbarberoamenado: it's all fixed, it was an obscure bug but easy to fix07:23
master_I hope it will help you07:24
Evillmaster_: Interesting, where did you do that?07:25
amenadojbarbero cool..just curious what was the lil bug about?07:25
EvillNevermind, I'll give it a try.07:26
ShdwShinobiHas anyone installed a Hauppauge 1950 tv tuner?07:26
master_when the setting is going to boot up you should hit esc, then look for the boot sequence you may like07:27
master_hit edit and then at the very end of the line add noapic acpi=off07:27
Evillmaster_: Yep, got it, thanks. As it turns out, Google was in fact, my friend.07:27
master_I mean hehehe07:28
sheygoogle strikes again.07:28
sheygoogle: 1,000,000 user: 007:28
EvillNo change.07:30
sheyEvill: whats the problem?07:30
Evillshey: I did an upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 and shortly after seeing the Heron screen, I get a white screen with a movable cursor and nothing else.07:30
EvillIt wasn't pingable either.07:31
sheyare you getting any errors within gnome?07:31
EvillHow would I see them?07:31
sheygood point.07:32
sheyhow are you in irc now?07:32
sheyin console?07:32
EvillOS X machine. :)07:32
Evillie. Different comp.07:32
sheyEvill: is it still stuck in that white area now?07:32
Evillshey: It is.07:32
sheyhit cntrl-alt-f2 and see if you get a console.07:33
EvillYes, I do.07:33
sheycntrl-alt-f7 gets you back07:33
sheynow we can debug.07:33
EvillOkay, network is up for it. That's good.07:34
sheylooks like its a gnome issue.07:34
EvillMounted all my other drives with LVM2 on software RAID5.07:34
EvillSo it looks like it's healthy other than gnome, yeah.07:34
ShdwShinobiEvill, is your xorg configured properly?07:34
EvillShdwShinobi: Well, it was prior to the 8.04 update. :)07:35
EvillI ran xfix from recovery and that didn't change anything.07:35
ShdwShinobiOk, I've had problems with that WSOD when messing with the xorg.conf before.07:35
ShdwShinobiSo, I was just throwing that out there just in case.07:35
EvillI did mess with ATI drivers a bit trying to get TV-out working better.07:36
gz_hanghelp me07:36
EvillSo that may be part of the problem.07:36
sheyIve been pulling my hair out trying to get my SVideo out working.07:36
ShdwShinobimight be Evill, graphics drivers are always fun to mess with :/07:37
ShdwShinobigz_hang, what do you need help with?07:37
EvillOkay, here's another thing to mention.07:37
sheyuh oh07:37
EvillI did have auto-login enabled.07:37
EvillWith gnome.07:37
EvillNot for root, but for a user account.07:37
baudthiefany apps to rip CDs and DVDs to ISO images?07:37
EvillSo that may explain why I see the Ubuntu splash okay, but then weirdness ensues after that.07:38
MTHRFCKRserver irc.synirc.net07:38
sheyEvill: sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade07:38
sheyEvill: lets make sure everything is current.07:38
gz_hang I do not know English07:39
=== mike is now known as Guest54558
Evillshey: Hmm, before I try that, I was thinking if I can disable auto-login for now, it might give a good idea as to the problem.07:40
=== Dopppp is now known as Doppp
EvillI have a feeling it may be a per-user video issue, such that logging into gnome with root may work.07:40
sheyEvill: you can try that, but it would be an odd bug.07:40
EvillI did have screen sharing enabled for that user as well, so it could be something odd with that, too.07:41
sheyEvill: You may also want to check xorg's error logs.07:41
DOT3CHis their a limewire style program for linux p2p?07:41
sheyDOT3CH: limewire =)07:41
baudthiefDOT3CH: frostwire07:41
baudthieffrostwire rocks.07:41
shey*wire is all the same sh*t.07:42
baudthiefLimewire is crippleware07:42
baudthiefDOT3CH: http://www.frostwire.com/download/?os=ubuntu07:42
gz_hangWho can help me07:43
gz_hangWho knows Chinese07:43
sheygz_hang: what is the problem?07:43
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:44
JustinTime i have an iso that has a corrupted volume name which doesn't damage anything but it causes it not to work as expected07:44
JustinTime[02:44]  <JustinTime> from what i gather so far it's embeded somewhere tricky07:44
ompaulJustinTime, use torrent to rebuild your iso and start again07:45
=== mike is now known as Guest43980
=== Guest43980 is now known as mikeee
EvillOkay, found it. AutomaticLoginEnable in gdm.conf-custom.07:46
Evill /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom, that is.07:46
=== mike_ is now known as Guest57332
sheyEvill: ?07:47
JustinTimeompaul how would i use torrent to rebuild the iso?07:49
JustinTimethat doesn't make sense to me07:49
Evillshey: Just sorting out the "system administrator is not allowed to login from this screen" issue.07:49
ompaulJustinTime, you use torrent to confirm your image is intact and burn it again07:49
EvillBut at least I'm getting to the point of having a login screen now.07:49
=== kyo is now known as fixedy
JustinTimethe problem is that the volume name is too long and has a suspect | char that might be the problem in this case it's a rossetta stone it's not really corrupted i just want to change it07:50
fixedyI have this 750GB S-ATA HDD which my ubuntu won't find (during the installation in the partition manager and on a live CD with gparted)07:50
JustinTimefixedy what up man07:51
JustinTimedriver problems07:51
saurabhis there a patch like globalmenu for gtk which enables hiding the toolbars?07:51
* JustinTime kicks you07:51
* JustinTime kicks ompaul07:52
fixedyHi Justin07:52
ompaulJustinTime, is this intrepid ?07:52
JustinTimeit's amazing to me that changing a volume name is such a pain07:52
JustinTimenot sure what intrepid  is. a car07:52
JustinTimewell i'm calling it quits for now but07:53
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!07:53
ubottucedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega07:53
JustinTimeoh no it's a spanish lang cd for use with Rosetta stone07:53
JustinTimei'm dling a new version but i would like to know how to change the volume name just b/c07:54
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o07:54
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository07:54
JustinTimeompaul well or you could say 200 for a stupid cd is robbery07:55
josephim having a bit of trouble with GNOME. In the defaukt GNOME session i can click on limited things, and i cant right click, Please Help!!07:55
josephIm currently in failsafe07:55
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:56
fixedyI have this 750GB S-ATA HDD which my ubuntu won't find (during the installation in the partition manager and on a live CD with gparted), windows sees, formats and writes on it just fine. Anyone who can help me?07:56
dr_willisfixedy,  theres 'finding' it and theres 'mounting it' so you can access it.07:57
abby87fixedy: sudo fdisk -l07:57
dr_willisfixedy,  so this is a single 750gb filesystem with ntfs filesystem?07:57
fixedydr_willis, it's not finding it.07:57
Marcelcelhey frage geht icq auf ubuntu eigentlich07:57
abby87fixedy: type tht in the terminal07:57
Evillshey: Okay, you were right, no perceivable difference with another account.07:57
fixedyabby87: ok; I'll try that07:58
Marcelcelwer kann duetsch sprechen/schreiben07:58
sheyIm trying to see how you can view any xorg errors.07:58
EvillSame white screen, although the cursor does change over certain areas, so it appears to be a video issue.07:58
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:58
fixedyicq geht nicht auf ubuntu als programm07:58
fixedyaber du kannst pidgin benutzen07:58
sheyask abby8707:58
abby87!de | Marcelcel07:58
ubottuMarcelcel: please see above07:58
lopinHello!  I would like some help with removing PPPoE configuration data, and getting my wireless working again.  I was at a friends house, who requires PPPoE to connect to the internet, so I ran pppoeconf to configure the connection, and it worked, but now that I'm back home, my wireless card can't be seen, and isn't picking up wireless networks.  Any help?07:58
Evillshey: I did have a quick look through /var/log/Xorg.0.log but didn't see anything useful.07:58
abby87!de | fixedy07:58
ubottufixedy: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:58
sheyabby87: can you be of some assistance here? after splash screen.. gnome fails to load up. right now I have him in console.07:59
fixedyabby87: I was just answering his problem, but ok07:59
abby87shey: i;ll try my bes07:59
sheyabby87: how do we view any possible gnome errors?07:59
josephWould you have trouble with Ubuntu if u used the Standard personal computer (x86 architecture, PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM, SempronTM) and you had a 64AMD and not using the 64-bit amd version07:59
EvillAlthough gnome doesn't seem to think it has any problems.08:00
abby87shey: do 1 thing login and type startx08:00
Rajarajanhi, i want to launch the login screen in humming bird. I have set the display variable , what is the command to bring login screen ?08:00
sheyabby87: Evill =)08:00
Flanneljoseph: What?  No.  I don't think so.  You're saying you have 64bit hardware, but you're using 32bit OS?08:00
Marcelcelheybwer kann deutsch bitte mal privat melden brauche hilfe bitte08:00
EvillCheers, shey.08:00
FlannelMarcelcel: /join #ubuntu-de bitte08:00
abby87shey: you can check the logs in /var/log/08:01
sheyEvill: do that, if xorg crashes you will see an error08:01
Evillabby87: gnome is already running, and I have a console from that.08:01
josephFlannel: I have a 64-bit AMD pc and im not using the version of Ubuntu made for a 64-bit08:01
Flanneljoseph: That's fine.  Those processors run just fine with 32bit08:01
sheyEvill: you are still in the console I put you in?08:01
dr_willisjoseph,  should be no problems at all.. Most people dont use 64bit OS on their 64bit hardware.08:01
abby87Evill: so you want to get to normal X screen?08:01
sheyall he sees in a white screen and a moveable cursor08:02
EvillWell.. gnome boots up, shows the login screen.08:02
EvillThat works fine.08:02
ujosI have troubles with ntfs partitions. After some manipulation with ntfs partition Windows's chkdsk finds errors. I use ntfs-3g 1.271208:02
EvillOnce I log in, it goes white with moveable cursor.08:02
EvillThe cursor does change to eyebeam over certain places. So gnome probably thinks it is fine.08:02
abby87Evill: ur X is messed up i guess08:02
ujosis there other NTFS driver implementation rather than ntfs-3g?08:02
josephGuys, im having a huge problem with my PC when im not in failsafe gnome i cant right-click, or click on alot of things08:03
EvillI've been switching in and out of console using Ctrl-Alt-F2 & F7 as shey suggested.08:03
abby87Evill: u r missing some dependencies of x or some prime packages might be missing08:03
EvillBut naturally I can't startx as gnome is currently running.08:03
Evillabby87: This was an upgrade from a working 7.10 install.08:03
Evill(To 8.04)08:03
abby87Evill: u see no icons and stuff after ctrl + alt +f708:03
tj83Evill, how about the xorg.conf? can you pasebinit?08:03
icedteawhats that program that will let you spy on another programs sys or libcalls?08:04
josephGuys, im having a huge problem with my PC when im not in failsafe gnome i cant right-click, or click on alot of things08:04
icedteacan't recall atm08:04
abby87Evill: when did it start happening ? just after u upgraded?08:04
kindofabuzzanyone know where i can get a bunch of Emerald themes in one big file? sick of downloading individually.  Gutsy came with some. hardy = 008:04
Evillabby87: Yes.08:04
abby87joseph: coz its failsafe gnome ..its like safe mode of windows08:04
anon77 /server irc.partyvan.fm08:04
EvillI'm just trying apt-get update && apt-get upgrade now.08:04
abby87Evill: so dependencies must be clashing08:05
josephabby87: yes i no, its the only way i can do anything08:05
RajarajanEvill: can you reset X using alt+ctrl+backspace08:05
tj83Evill, sudo apt-get install pasebinit then pastebinit /etc/X11/Xorg.conf08:05
abby87Evill: no do sudo aptitude dist-upgrade08:05
EvillOkay, let me digest this. :)08:05
abby87joseph: ur normal gnome isn't working>08:06
sheywait, ubuntu has its own pastebin app?08:07
abby87shey: even i came to know just now :P08:07
sheywhere the hell have I been?08:07
shey<3 screen08:07
abby87Evill: do a dist-upgrade with aptitude and mostly u'll get ur probs fixed08:08
EvillOkay, ssh'd in from this machine so I at least have something I can copy paste with.08:08
icedteahow do you enable the bootup system text output when ubuntu starts?08:09
EvillOkay, Xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44125/08:09
fixedySo guys I am starting a live CD and it sends me in this weird busybox thing where I'm facing a command line saying (initramfs) , anyone know how to fix this?08:09
abby87fixedy: is ur grub messed up?08:09
icedteafixedy: are you sure the cd burned ok?08:09
abby87fixedy: oh sorry live cd08:10
abby87fixedy: my mistake08:10
tj83Evill, there is no defined video driver in your xorg.conf.. the default is vesa wish may not be supporting your card.. its a generic driver08:10
sheythats freakin awesome08:10
EvillWhat is this? A which-hunt? ;)08:10
tj83shey, TY08:11
fixedyicedtea: yeah, i used it just fine as live cd before. It's also a shipit cd08:11
EvillOkay, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace logs out that gnome session back to the login screen, so that's fine, but doesn't help anything.08:11
Evilltj83: Even though the login screen works fine?08:11
tj83yes Evill08:12
eviking5where is the "trash" folder located in Ubuntu?08:12
gaurav_hello everyone08:12
abby87Evill: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg08:12
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash08:12
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest36035
Evillabby87: Done.08:12
Guest36035is dere any way that i can make a os load on my usb mass storage pendrive and can boot any system with that08:12
eviking5ubottu: great! thanks a lot!08:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:13
donaqubottu: don't be so hard on yourself.08:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:14
EvillNo change from "dpkg-reconfigure xorg" that I can see, although I assume that will require restarting gnome, not just logging into a session.08:14
|Jackcan some on help me please?08:14
eviking5thanks, anyway!08:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ettiquete08:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:14
EvillI do have a few other xorg.conf files in /etc/X11, so I could try a few of those.08:15
|Jack!ask how do i install wine if i'm running linux from a .iso and a cd lol08:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:15
fixedySo guys I am starting a live CD and it sends me in this weird busybox thing where I'm facing a command line saying (initramfs) , anyone know how to fix this? The Cd was working just fine before08:15
Guest36035can any pne help in installing linux on my pendrive and booting system from pendrive08:15
Flannel|Jack: You install it just like you were running linux from anywhere else.08:16
|Jackhow do i install wine if i'm running linux from a .iso and a cd lol08:16
dr_willisfixedy,  i would check for dirt on the cd first.08:16
dr_willis|Jack,  sudo apt-get install wine (hope ya got a lot of ram)08:16
=== Guest36035 is now known as vibh
|Jackhow would i do that tho?08:16
sheyGuest36035: google Install Ubuntu USB Drive08:16
tj83Evill, just a suggestion.. i would start making backups of your file before making changes :) even with dpkg08:16
|Jackany one?08:17
morningwalkerhow can i reset Gnome completely to its default behaviour??08:17
gaurav_can any one help me08:17
EvillFWIW, this is an ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro.08:17
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest84016
morningwalkergaurav_, what's the problem??08:18
sheywew, nice card.08:18
|Jackhow do i make unbutu do taht bo change screen thing?08:18
EvillCheapest PCI-Express card I could find.08:18
shey|Jack: ?08:18
dr_willis|Jack,  you can install packages on a live cd setup.. if you have lots of free ram.  they will be gone when you reboot. so you may want to put the .debs somewhere on a drive.08:18
|Jacklike that space change thing08:18
Guest84016my prob is that i need to install linux on my usb pendive08:18
Guest84016can it be possible08:18
dr_willisGuest84016,  check out pendrivelinux.com08:19
shey|Jack: window switching?08:19
morningwalkerguest84016... very much possible08:19
dr_willisGuest40982,  theres lots of disrtos that can be installed to pendrive08:19
morningwalkerbut for ubuntu u need a pendrive atleast more than 4gb08:19
Guest84016can u name a simple and easy way and will it be able to boot with any systems08:19
Flannelmorningwalker: That's incorrect.08:19
EvillIf I do make a change to xorg.conf, is logging in from the gnome login screen sufficient to test it?08:19
EvillOr do I need to restart gnome somehow?08:20
dr_willisGuest84016,  there is no guaretee that pendrives will 'boot with any system' theres a large varity of systems out.08:20
Evillie. Is it per-session?08:20
sheyrestarting x should work08:20
morningwalkercan someone tell me how i can RESET my gnome to its default behaviour??08:20
tj83Evill, Ctrl+Alt+backspace should do the trick.. yes08:20
dr_willisEvill,  you should restart X if chaning xorg.conf,  either alt-ctrl-backspace at the GDM screen , or restart the gdm service08:20
Guest84016mr willis i mean08:20
dr_willis!tab | Guest8401608:20
Guest84016will it be a bootable pendive possible atleast for 1 or 2 sys08:20
ubottuGuest84016: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:20
Flannelmorningwalker: Default install of Ubuntu is 2.1G, but if you were going to do the casper thing, that compresses down to less than 700MB, like on the CD08:21
icedteaanyone here up for troubleshooting winbind?08:21
dr_willisGuest84016,  i have several pendrives that are bootable on most of my machines..   with several different disrtos.08:21
morningwalkerFlannel.. i seriously never knew that08:21
Evilltj83 and dr_willis, thanks.08:21
morningwalkerbut as its been recommended ubuntu needs a minimum of 4gbspace08:21
Guest84016okh can u simple guide me simple check points what shall i look at it and what not to and how to install08:21
tarelerulz_How do you upgrade from  One version of Ubuntu other version ?  Can you use synaptic to do that ?08:21
Flannel!upgrade | tel08:22
ubottutel: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:22
fixedydr_willis: the cd is clean like it just came out of the factory (which it sorta did), not a single scratch either08:22
Flanneltarelerulz_: sorry, that's for you.08:22
EvillOoh.. heh.08:22
bullgard4[digital typography] How is the distance from baseline to baseline called in English?08:22
dr_willisGuest84016,   if you dont have a very large pendrive. you may want to check out some other disrtos to put on it. check the pendrivelinux.com web site for tutorials on  putting ubuntu on a pendrive.08:22
DOT3CHanyone know of some desktop video capture programs08:22
cadsdo you guys know of a graphical package manager that is a little lighter than synaptic?08:22
morningwalkertarelerulz_ which version are u using now??08:22
EvillIt didn't like me pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace at the login screen.08:22
Evill"The greeter application appears to be crashing. Attempting to use a different one."08:22
Flannelbullgard4: #ubuntu-offtopic is the place to ask that.08:22
icedteahow do you enable the bootup system text output when ubuntu starts?08:22
dr_willisfixedy,  bummer.. Dust in the drive perhaps?  its weird that it worked once...08:23
EvillOh nevermind, it's okay now./08:23
EvillIt repeated that a few times.08:23
tarelerulz_morningwalker , I think I am Ubuntu 7.10 right now .08:23
dr_willisicedtea,  i pass the 'nofb' 'nosplash' and 'verbose' options to the kernel from the grub menu.08:23
ubunt2hello all08:23
fixedydr_willis: it worked yesterday! then it stopped working, and then it worked again. I hadn't taken it out in the meantime08:23
=== Roland755 is now known as Rolanditu
dr_willisfixedy,  i would be checking for loose wires/dust/other stuff also..  i had a drive with a slight cut on an ide cable once...08:24
icedteadr_willis: thanks08:24
=== cari is now known as cEw_5Ma
morningwalkertarelerulz_: if that's the case u can easily update going to the update manager available in system>administration>update manager... there should be a option button which should mention 'update to 8.04 or something like that.08:24
cadsif I want to take kde 4 for a testdrive, is it wise to install it using apt-get? Or should I install kubuntu onto a test partition?08:25
EvillHey, got it working.08:25
tj83Evill, nice... what did you do?08:25
EvillI just used an xorg.conf.1 file that happened to be in /etc/X11 :)08:25
EvillPrevious settings I guess.08:25
tj83:) Night all, Evill08:25
EvillI'll pastebinit.08:25
morningwalkercan some one please tell me how i can reset my gnome to default|?!?08:26
morningwalkerPLEASE SOME ONE TELL ME!!!08:26
PauloRicardoPeople, there is the inverse of gtk-qt-engine?! I like to see Qt apps like Gtk. =/08:26
dr_willismorningwalker,  you could delete all the .gnome* and .gtk* directories08:26
Evilltj83: Thanks108:26
morningwalkerdr_wills, i didnt get u08:26
Mister_DeathHey im haveing trouble updateding my Firefox beta to  Firefox 3.108:26
morningwalkerdr_wills, i want gnome to be the way it was when first installed...08:27
dr_willismorningwalker,  in your users home directory there are other directories  starting with .gnome and .gtk   move them somewhere else.. or delete them. this will TOTATLY delete all your settings for gnome and gtk08:27
EvillAnd dr_willis, abby87, and shey.08:27
fixedydr_willis: the cable seems fine08:27
morningwalkerand i restart??08:27
dr_willismorningwalker,  or make a new user, and copy their settings files over to the other user.08:27
dr_willismorningwalker,  just logout/back in08:27
ubunt2I'd like to setup ubuntu  to launch an .asx file in the totem movie player upon boot up and kick in full screen visulisation. Can anyone offer any ideas on how to do this?08:27
dr_willisfixedy,  somthing seems weird then. Not sure what else to check.08:27
R4kk00nPauloRicardo, it's called qgtkstyle08:28
fixedydr_willis: I have a 32bit version as well, I'm going to try see if that works08:28
R4kk00nworks for qt4 apps08:28
morningwalkeris it in .gnome and .gtk in root??08:28
dr_willismorningwalker,  itsin your USERS home directory /home/username08:28
PauloRicardoR4kk00n: Hmm, nice, thanks for the tip! :)08:29
_anthonycwell put some lube on it and see if that help.08:29
_anthonyc? dammit wrong channel!08:29
dr_willis_anthonyc,  sure it is......08:29
R4kk00nPauloRicardo, i've installed it from https://launchpad.net/~martin-espinoza/+archive08:30
ubunt2can any gurus help on my simple question?08:30
anwhow can I disable usb caching ?08:31
dr_willisubunt2,  make a custom  .desktop entry for gdm that launches exactly what you want. and make it autologin  into it.08:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtkrc08:31
dr_willisubunt2,  you were not real clear on the details. :)08:31
kindofabuzzanyone know how to install themes from gtkrc files?08:31
PauloRicardoR4kk00n: Wow, thanks again, he he he! :)08:32
=== t33x296 is now known as t33x
billithere are many themes available such as vista ,mac lemon etc08:32
billi 8-)08:32
Jowikindofabuzz, gtkrc is the definition filel for the gtk theme08:33
fixedydr_willis: the 32 bit live cd is running fine.08:33
dr_willisfixedy,  could be that one cd is just burnt badly  - or something..08:33
saurabhis there a patch like globalmenu for gtk which enables hiding the toolbars?08:33
kindofabuzzJowi, well i got this them but all the stuff is in individual folders and i noticed a gtkrc file.  just curious how to get it all installed.  do i have to insatll everything manually?08:33
Jowikindofabuzz, it is placed something like this: /home/user/.themes/theme-folder08:34
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:34
kindofabuzzJowi, so just place all the folders there along with the gtkrc and it will work?08:35
fixedydr_willis: I just found a solution for the poroblem for which I need the live CD part of it anyway. Thanks for your help!08:35
=== cody_ is now known as icedtea
Jowikindofabuzz, you place it all in the "theme-name" folder: /home/user/.themes/theme-name08:35
kindofabuzzJowi, ahh ok08:36
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
airtonixkindofabuzz, the folders inside a theme-folder should be referenced from within the gtkrc file. how ever the folders in a gnome-icon-theme folder, follow only one very exact convention08:39
Kartagishow do i re-build gtk-vnc after applying a patch to vinagre?08:39
=== lee__ is now known as V1nd1c74
kindofabuzzairtonix, yeah i figured it out thanks08:42
=== Martin__ is now known as kane77
alban_Hi..can someone tell me why this perl-script http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/downloads/rtorrent_fast_resume.pl doesnt work on my ubuntu 8,0408:44
alban_or how to make rtorrent not to check hash of incomplete files on every startup08:45
bolrogis the -fPIC flag required for building shared libraries?08:45
DIFH-icerootis /var/cache/apt/archives/ important? or can i delete it? because i am low at diskspace, can i disable this "caching" there?08:47
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: sudo apt-get clean08:47
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: that'll clear it for you.08:47
* dr_willis seconds what Flannel says08:47
DIFH-icerootFlannel: for what is it? and can i disable this?08:48
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: and yes, you can automatically have to clean itself out, in apt.conf08:48
NorthByNorthWestHi! I have a NVIDIA 8800 GTS but Im hjaving problems with refreshrates! My monitor runs @ 60 HZ but the NVIDIA-card @ 59.95 and that looks pretty bad.... but can I fix this?08:48
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: its your cache for apt.  apt downloads files, then installs them from the local thing, and doesn't delete them (in case you reinstall later)08:48
cadsis it safe to install the ubuntu-kde4-desktop package from the kubuntu users kde repository?08:48
DIFH-icerootFlannel: ok thanks08:48
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: You can disable it (or at least, have it clear often) through apt.conf08:48
cadserr, kubuntu-kde4-desktop, that is08:48
bonkhey, trying to install the grub bootloader, is it usually "sd0" that should be written to?08:49
Guest84016dear wills i didn't find that usb linux download08:49
bonkwith command root (sd0,1)08:49
DIFH-icerootFlannel: ok i will do, thank you08:49
dr_willisNorthByNorthWest,  how are you even telling these rates?  I got an 8800gtsxxx and have no issues.  I thought the 60 was just a rounded up #08:49
cadsI'm worried it'll screw up some of that hardware management stuff that gnome's got installed08:49
ockonalCan u help me with ati-drivers install?08:49
jubeDo the repositories for unsupported versions of ubuntu goes down when support ends? (for example, will the feisty repositories go offline next month?)08:49
cadswhat do you guys think, do any of you guys have kubuntu packages installed on top of ubuntu?08:49
Flanneljube: Yes, or it usually takes a month or so afterwards.  And the mirrors will go down first.08:50
dr_williscads,  i do that all the time. No issues.08:50
cadsvery good08:50
NorthByNorthWestdr_willis: my monitor meny says 60 Hz, NVIDIA X server setup says 59.95 Hz, and dragging windows aroud gives nasty scanlines08:50
Flanneljube: you really should schedule upgrades before then08:51
cadswhat do you think of kde4 dr_willis?08:51
jubeFlannel, yeah, I have an old computer as a backup server and it is running feisty. sort of debating just leaving it that way but on the other hand i guess upgrading would be the best thing to do.08:51
dr_williscads,  i will wait a while to strt using it.08:51
ockonalHi anyone :)  Can you help me with Ati-drivers install/configuration?08:52
cadsthat's what I feel I will find too, dr08:52
Flanneljube: If you upgrade to Hardy, you can get on the LTS cycle, and not have to upgrade for three years08:52
dr_willisNorthByNorthWest,  Im thinking you may be looking at the wrong place for your problems..  You may want to check the forums.  it could be some other config issue.08:52
cadsbut those screenshots do look pretty08:52
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
moncojhrim running vmware with a windows xp host it has vmware tools on it, when i move my mouse to and from the virtual machine and host, i get a small amount of lag which disrupts any audio playing in the vm.. is this normal? and how can i fix it?08:53
jubeFlannel, that's probably what I will do... just going to have to find some time to reinstall and resetup the backup functions08:53
dinxmanlymatt83: not mormal. and should be a windows related problem..08:54
=== Exteris is now known as issylO
=== Guest44123 is now known as Exteris
darrendcan I modify a group membership so that it takes effect without the user logging out and back in?08:56
afallenhopehad a question..08:57
dr_willisdarrend,  as a  quick 'work around' you could relogin that user in a terminal (with login, or ssh to localhost)   and have the proper groups in that terminal window only... but  eventually you need to log out/backin to get it fully set.08:58
afallenhopeif I create a folder named ".fonts" and put all my fonts in there... can I use them? I'm using them for GIMP and they seem to be working.. but let's say I deleted the folder on accident...08:58
afallenhopenothingo wuold mess up the system right?08:58
dr_willisMy fonts are in .fonts08:58
dr_willis:) try it and see.. move them somewhere else..08:58
=== Guest84016 is now known as gr8
dr_willisId hope most programs have defaults they use if they cant find a font08:58
gr8dear willis can u help me out in the usb linux i can't find the version for linux of usb08:59
darrenddr_willis: thx.  I thought if the terminal window had been configured as a 'login' window, this should work anyway (for the newly opened terminal).  I'll try the explicit login..08:59
dr_willisgr8,  you went to pendrivelinux.com ? you read their directions? You pick what disrto you want and follow their guide.08:59
R4kk00nockonal, did you try the ones from official repository?09:00
gr8i did that same but couldn't find that distro details for download i find the way to make the live usb drive dat's it09:00
dr_willisdarrend,  theres login shells, then theres normal shells..  :) then i guess theres how 'login' command works. or ssh does when it connects.. I jsut use this trick every so often when setting up fuse normally09:00
ockonalR4kk00n: нуы09:01
ockonalockonal: yes09:01
Theebi have no idea why my LAN is faster than my wireless in downloading files from the internet, even with speed test, it caps around 3xx kb/s09:01
ockonalR4kk00n: yes09:01
dr_willisgr8,  that made no sence to me what so ever.. You normally download the files they tell you to and follow the steps they say.   like...    http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/05/08/usb-ubuntu-804-persistent-install-via-the-live-cd/09:01
dr_willisgr8,  i normally use slax, or puppylinux onmy thumbdrives, not ubuntu. so i cant tell ya much more bout how ubuntu does it.09:02
danyaloi need help pls09:02
danyalohow to install limewire09:02
gr8okh thankx dear09:02
dr_willisdanyalo,  use frostfire instead. :)09:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about frostfire09:02
ubottulimewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.09:03
dr_willisfrost Wire. :) not fire. silly me.09:03
freshmeen_how to see .* files in xwindow09:03
danyalothxs a lot09:03
alban_hi..i have ubuntu 8,04 and cant run a perl script for rtorrent09:04
dr_willisfreshmeen_,  . files are consiodered hidden. Most file managers have a 'show hidden files' option09:04
dr_willisfreshmeen_,  or from terminal 'ls -a'09:04
barbarelladr_willis:frostfire sounds nicer :-)09:04
dr_willisbarbarella,  i think thats somthing else.. :)09:04
freshmeen_dr_willis: thank you!09:04
gr8is irc of linux can work on windows  ????09:04
legendsohaihi...anybody knows how to fix bad sector under linux? thx...09:04
dr_willisgr8,  Huh? there are irc clients for windows and linux. I use xchat in both OS's09:05
gr8thankx willis09:05
alban_http://paste.ubuntu.com/44134/ <- what does this perl error mean?09:06
=== Rajarajan__ is now known as Rajarajan
amanullai m using ubuntu i want to re install firefox i have some problem with it09:06
amanullawhat to do?09:07
dr_willisamanulla,  reinstalling will most likely not fix anything09:07
amanullawhat to type  in terminal09:07
dr_willisamanulla,  sudo apt-get remove firefox09:07
amanulladr_willis:recently i have installed many pop up blockers09:07
dr_willisamanulla,  if you installed them as a USER.. then they will remain installed.09:07
dr_willisuninstalling firefox will NOT reset the users firefox configs09:08
jiajiI mounted a floppy image as a loop device, when I want to add some files to it, "No space left on device" error occurred, what should I do?09:08
amanullaim facing security problem .....i cant open   many sites09:08
amanullawhat to do?09:08
Question1000Hello I would like to update to the latest firefox (number 3), I have downloded the files to my desktop and am unsure as to what to do from there to install firefox.  Can anyone help??09:08
amanullawhat user?09:08
NWMI am having trouble installing Ubuntu via Wubi, the error message is "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"09:08
dr_willisamanulla,  make a new user, see if firefox works for them.. if so.. remove the other  plugins the first user has installed.09:08
DIFH-icerootQuestion1000: why not use apt-get?09:09
danyalothe limewire  not working :S09:09
amanullahow to make a new user?09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about useradd09:09
dr_willisamanulla,  i do 'sudo adduser USERNAME'  but im oldskoo;09:09
amanullano i dont know09:09
Question1000I have done that, and it says that the currnet version is installed but it is only version
Question1000Current version*09:09
dr_willisQuestion1000,  what release of ubuntu are you using?09:09
jbarberoamenado: sorry, I had had to go. The bug was a conflict between an AES-related kernel module and the airo kernel module. Blocking the module and rebooting fixed it.09:09
amanullawhat oldsko?09:09
Question1000Sorry about the typo09:09
dr_willisoldskool :) doing it the CLI way09:10
DIFH-icerootQuestion1000: which ubuntu?09:10
CheironNot enough arguments to @.09:10
DIFH-icerootQuestion1000: i dont know if there is FF3 in the 7.10 repos, sorry09:10
Question1000Oh right09:11
DIFH-icerootQuestion1000: sudo apt-cache search firefox309:11
amanullaits aking for room number what is it?09:11
DIFH-icerootQuestion1000: this will tell you if there is ff3 and the paketname of it09:11
amanullaEnter the new value, or press ENTER for the default09:11
amanullaFull Name []: amanullaRoom Number []:09:11
dr_willisamanulla,  it doent matter.09:11
legendsohaihi...anybody knows how to fix hard disk bad sector under linux? helps are appreciated!!!09:11
geoaxishello, i have some linux ISOs and a working ubuntu system, is it possible to install from these ISOs another linux system while still in ubuntu09:11
amanullaany number?09:11
dr_willisamanulla,  just hit enter a few dozen times09:11
dr_willisit dosent Matter at all09:12
bazhanggeoaxis, use virtualbox09:12
danyalohow to install a program ?09:12
dr_willisdanyalo,  use the package manager. is the normal way to install new apps.09:12
bazhangdanyalo, using synaptic package manager09:12
amanullahow to run in that newly created user mode?09:12
dr_willisamanulla,  login as the new user.09:12
geoaxisbazhang:  i want to install on the actual machine, not in virtual mode09:12
cojones_does anyone here run GNOME and KDE on the same system?09:12
DIFH-icerootamanulla: login as this user or "su - nameoftheuser"09:13
dr_williscojones_,  all the time.. on every machine i got.09:13
geoaxisbazhang:  let me say i am trying to save my self from burning a DVD09:13
cojones_i've often read that it's not recommended but I want to know why09:13
bazhanggeoaxis, you can do that as well; just be careful not to delete ubuntu (need to burn iso to cd)09:13
Question1000Nope didn't get anything.09:13
DIFH-icerootcojones_: there  are no problems09:13
dr_williscojones_,  ive never seen it not be reccomdded.. and i cant think of any issues ive ever had.. other then lots of icons in the menus09:13
SkinnYPupHi What package can I find open gl headers?09:13
DIFH-icerootcojones_: ich have xfce4, gnome, kde3 and kde4 running on a machine09:13
geoaxisbazhang:  i can find my way around grub, so i am not worried about nuking my current ubuntu install09:14
afallenhopehey the default GIMP that comes with Ubuntu... is there a way of updating it to the latest/09:14
cojones_alright great... is there any way around the menu problems?09:14
amanullaeven i login as new user im getting same problem09:14
freshmeen_when I type "su" in terminal,but the passwd isn't the same as the passwd when I get to the system ,why09:14
amanullawhat to do?09:14
dr_williscojones_,  some dont consider it a problem. they want menu items for every thing thats installed..09:14
afallenhopeI know I can compile it...09:15
dr_willisfreshmeen_,  dont use su, use 'sudo'  to do root things09:15
cojones_dr_willis: right, when i've done it in the past though, I lose all organization (I like to keep things tidy ;))09:15
bazhangfreshmeen_, dont use su; use sudo09:15
cojones_that's what I mean09:15
DIFH-icerootfreshmeen_: su wants your rootpassword09:15
amanullawhat to do?09:15
Question1000That shouldn't mean that I couldn't install it firefox 3 as a file though does it??09:15
Question1000- it09:15
Question1000My typing is awful09:16
dr_willisamanulla,  be more verbose and concise  - would be a good idea.09:16
DIFH-icerootfreshmeen_: sudo su    this wants your userpassword09:16
freshmeen_but what is the rootpassword, am i not the administractor?09:16
bazhangDIFH-iceroot, that is not wise09:16
jiajiI mounted a floppy image as a loop device, when I want to add some files to it, "No space left on device" error occurred, what should I do?09:16
DIFH-icerootbazhang: why?09:16
bazhangDIFH-iceroot, freshmeen_ sudo -i if you must09:16
amanullawhat does this mean "verbose and concise"09:16
SkinnYPupWhat package can I find opengl headers in ? Having trouble locating it in synaptic. Hardy09:16
dr_willisamanulla,  if you installed firefox extensions system wide then youmay want to uninstall them.  Or you are having some network issues that are not firefox related.09:16
=== Locker is now known as Locker`
bazhangamanulla, ask questions with some substance; not just 'what to do?'09:17
DIFH-icerootbazhang: what is the difference betwenn sudo su  and sudo -i?09:17
moncojhrim running vmware with a windows xp host it has vmware tools on it, when i move my mouse to and from the virtual machine and host, i get a small amount of lag which disrupts any audio playing in the vm.. is this normal? and how can i fix it?09:17
moncojhrwindows xp guest sorry09:17
bazhangDIFH-iceroot, no need to create a root account; sudo -i creates a root shell for a limited period of time09:17
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  you do NOT want to use 'sudo su' :) no need for it.09:18
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: of course i want to use sudo su09:18
Question1000Another question, I tried to update to 8.04 and it was crashing so I have had to stay with 7.10.  What would be causing this to happen??09:18
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: e.g. i am configuration my server09:18
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/09:18
freshmeen_I tried sudo -i , then the terminal change to "#", not "$"09:19
dr_willissudo -i , is the proper way to get a root  shell.09:19
dr_willisfreshmeen_,  thats becaus root has a different prompt as a 'warning'09:19
dr_willisMy root user has a Bright RED prompt with flashy lights. :)09:19
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: or i am using sudo passwd and then i am using ssh with root as in debian, suse and so on09:20
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  then it dosent matter what you do.. good luck09:20
amanullaeven i just now removed firefox in terminal  sudo apt-get remove firefox its working why?09:20
dr_willisamanulla,  clarify that a bit.. 'its working why?' is not very clear.. you mean the removal worked? the firefox is still there?09:20
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: i just dont understad why sudo su is bad and sudo -i os good09:21
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: is good09:21
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  go read that url, and the 10000's of threads on the  topic.09:21
=== jin is now known as Gin
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: ok, i will09:21
dr_willis'security is a layered process'  is the 'gist' of the whole thing09:21
dr_willistheres a lot more to 'sudo' then 'the command ya gotta use to do root things also'  - sudo gets overlooked a lot for many tasks.09:22
freshmeen_I have a question, when I get into the operating system ,then I hear a small piece of music ,How to turn if off ?09:22
cadsI like the idea of not having an account on my computer the name of which anyone could potentially know09:22
Flannelfreshmeen_: go to "sounds"09:22
dr_williscads,  well the root account is there.. You jsut cant directly login  into it.09:23
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  'sudo su  '- is redundant for the most part also..   No need to spawn an extra process or 209:24
freshmeen_Flannel, thank you09:24
zynergidomain brokers are the scum of the earth09:24
kindofabuzzdude from bigdaddy got busted buying out domains and then reselling them09:25
kindofabuzzlike the VP09:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:26
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: thanks for the link, now i know why mailx is not working with sudo su :)09:26
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  there ya go! :)09:26
kindofabuzzoh i thought this was OT my bad!09:26
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dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  its all about the 'enviroment'  :) it seems to boil down to.09:27
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: but i will still use sudo passwd and a real root-shell for my servers, i am to lazy to login as user and became root09:27
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=== narniaaa is now known as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wickedhmm is there a reason ubuntu uses a older version of ktorrent?09:27
FlannelDIFH-iceroot: you're welcome to do that, but please don't recommend it here.09:27
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,  yoru security is your business.. set root to not needing a password to login if you want.. makes no differance to me.09:27
ginglei cant find synpatic package manager in ubutnu how to install it?09:27
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: so you say debian is not good for security?09:28
dr_willisgingle,  its installed by default.09:28
DIFH-icerootdr_willis: or any other dstribution with root-account?09:28
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,   go argue in the trehads and forums.. its all been rehashed over and over and over and over09:28
=== zahra is now known as nedaaaa
=== nedaaaa is now known as zahra
gingle i cant find it in system preferences09:29
ginglewhere can i?09:29
dr_willisDIFH-iceroot,     security is a layered process. sudo adds yet another layer of protection.09:29
=== Rajarajan__ is now known as Rajarajan
Flannelgingle: System >  Administration09:29
NWMI am attempting to install Ubuntu, I get to the part of the installer "Prepare Partitions" but no partitions show09:29
gingleFlannel:not even there09:29
ginglebut there s like "update manager"09:30
Flannelzahra: please stop that09:30
Flannelgingle: And this is Ubuntu?09:30
gingleubuntu 809:30
gingleim using09:30
gz_hang I love Ubuntu09:31
Flannelgingle: Alright, well, you can make sure its installed with: sudo apt-get install synaptic09:31
* dr_willis now pronunces gz_hang and Ubuntu as Operator and OS.. You may now boot the os...09:31
ginglewont synpatic package manager is visible if im in user mode?09:31
dr_willisgingle,  try running it from the terminal09:32
dr_willis'sudo synaptic'09:32
Flannelgksu synaptic09:32
dr_willisOhyea. :) heh09:32
dr_willissilly me09:32
gz_hangsudo apt-get install synaptic09:32
gingledr_willis:i m amanulla i have created new usr as u said09:32
ginglenow im in new usr mode09:32
ginglecalled gingle09:33
gz_hangsilly me09:33
dr_willisOnly the first initial user can run 'sudo'09:33
ngirardHi all, I need to convert 6 mpeg movies into avi with the 2 following constraints: (1) once converted the 6 avi files should fit 1 dvd ; and (2) I need to do this at the command-line because i'll be accessing my friend's machine (ubuntu 8.04) remotely via ssh. Any ideas ?09:33
ginglehere i cant find terminal09:33
Flannelgingle: Ah.  That'd do it, yeah.  non-admin users cannot use synaptic.09:33
dr_willisTerminalicon is in the menus somewhere.09:34
dr_willisbut that user cant run synaptic anyway09:34
Flannelgingle: As a non-admin user, you can't use sudo either.09:34
mindrapengirard: I imagine some ffmpeg script could do it... google09:34
gingleby the way i recieved this "the isd server could not be started because port 5800 is already in use"09:34
freshmeen_when I type sudo -i ,I get into the root shell with "#", and now how can I get back with prompt "$"09:34
dr_willisfreeman__,  logout command, or 'exit' command09:35
ginglewhat does it mean/09:35
Evillfreshmeen_: Or just Control-D.09:35
dr_willisfreeman__,  you have a shell on top of a shell. :) nestex..09:35
freshmeen_dr_willis, Evill, I got it09:35
* dr_willis wonders what an ISD server even is...09:36
albechhow would you route all http traffic from one network through another? the reason i am asking this is cause many sited are blocked here in thailand. i could create a proxy, but wouldnt that require every user to change his configuration?09:37
gingleISD SERVER ERROR by the way i recieved this "the isd server could not be started because port 5800 is already in use pls make sure that no otherapplication is using this port and try again"09:37
ginglewhat does this mean?09:37
freshmeen_when I type "top" , I only see part of the tasks, How to see all the tasks09:38
ginglewhen changing user modes09:38
dr_willis!info isd09:38
ubottuPackage isd does not exist in hardy09:38
albechfreshmeen_: ps -ef09:38
freshmeen_albech, good,thank you09:39
adi_does anybody know clustering on ubuntu?09:41
freshmeen_adi_, hello, I'm new here09:41
adi_i am new here too09:42
adi_i want to "join" few computers to create a powerful computer09:43
adi_(you know what i mean)09:43
gingleany one for my question?09:43
freshmeen_open .share .free09:43
gingle ISD SERVER ERROR by the way i recieved this "the isd server could not be started because port 5800 is already in use pls make sure that no otherapplication is using this port and try again09:43
dr_willisadi_,  I imagine a lot depends on what job you want them to do09:43
adi_lets say i want video editing09:44
adi_dr_willis: video editing and 3d rendering09:45
ethomasanyone know how to get around the "C compiler cannot create executables" error when trying to ./configure xchat?09:46
freshmeen_do somebody know c language09:46
Flannelethomas: You need to install build-essential09:47
Flannelfreshmeen_: try ##C09:47
breizefreshmeen_, whats the problem?09:47
ethomasFlannel: how would I go about that?09:47
Flannelethomas: first, what are you trying to install?09:47
ethomasI just started using linux today09:47
Flannelethomas: Alright.  You don't compile.  You use the repositories.09:47
freshmeen_when I read over the oreilly book "practical c language", what could I do after that09:48
Flannelethomas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto will get you started on how to start enjoying the thousands of pieces of software available to you at the click of a button09:48
Flannel!fr | ganiere09:48
ubottuganiere: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr09:48
breizefreshmeen_, start programming?09:48
ethomasawesome. thanks flannel09:48
R4kk00n!ru > me09:49
ubottuR4kk00n, please see my private message09:49
freshmeen_breize, yes, I want to write good codes for ubuntu, how could I learn09:49
breizefreshmeen_, experience09:49
freshmeen_breize, introduce some books?09:49
breizefreshmeen_, well, you read one, why don't you just start hacking?09:50
freshmeen_breize, how can I understand the head files , such as <stdio.h>09:50
freshmeen_It seems to me ,write head files is important09:51
breizefreshmeen_, you want to understand what they do or what they are there for?09:51
morningwalkerarent there any drivers of VIA Unichrome graphic card?? cant enable compiz09:51
=== Rajarajan__ is now known as Rajarajan
breizefreshmeen_, well, read your book again09:51
Kartagishow do i re-build gtk-vnc after applying a patch to vinagre?09:51
adi_anyone can help with the clustering?09:51
breizefreshmeen_, or google "c tutorial"09:51
dr_willismorningwalker,  ive heard bad things about the via stuff.09:51
morningwalkerdr_wills, its not just bad!!! its pathetic!!!09:52
freshmeen_breize, yes, when I read the files in /usr/lib/include , they are complex09:52
breizefreshmeen_, no need to read them, just use them09:52
freshmeen_breize, Is there some books introduce the functions in the head files09:53
breizefreshmeen_, don't know, google it09:53
dr_willisTHeres tons of books on C programming :)  I mean Literally TONS..09:53
freshmeen_breize, If I want to write a program has the same function as "ls", how could you write09:55
morningwalkeranyone, m stuck with really bad configurations on this comp of mine... anyone with some suggestion for good configurations for the new computer i planning on buying!!09:56
sheymorningwalker: you need to be a bit more clearer09:56
morningwalkeri'd like to buy a new cpu... what are the configurations i need to go for for best performance in ubuntu09:57
sheymorningwalker: default is always best.09:58
Kartagishello? how do i re-build gtk-vnc after applying a patch to vinagre? do I need to remove then re-install?09:58
ubottuTo renew the configuration of a package when installing, sudo apt-get remove --purge <package> && sudo apt-get install <package>. Note that you will lose ALL config files for that package. WARNING: This is dangerous, don't do this with core packages09:58
bubaphexhi all, im using gnome gui, ive some how managed to move my top pannel menu thing on the side and i cant seam to drag it back, is there a command in termanl which i can use to set it up ?09:58
bubaphexset it back)09:58
bubaphexset it back*09:59
morningwalkershrey, i mean to say... Hardware configurations i should opt for!!09:59
sheybubaphex: right click on an empty area on the toolbar and hit properties.09:59
sheymorningwalker: your best bet is to search google for hardware that linux definatly supports.10:00
domherreOn Wine forums i am suppose to apply http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=15516 this patch to wine.. but Im not sure what parts of it needs to be cut to be able to use git-apply10:00
breizefreshmeen_, why would you want it?10:01
bubaphexthanks shey worked perfect10:01
bazhang!hcl | morningwalker check here10:02
ubottumorningwalker check here: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:02
morningwalkerubottu: thanks a TON!!!10:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thanks a ton!!!10:02
freshmeen_breize, I just want to write some small programs,10:02
morningwalkerOopsy, i forgot... ubottu happens to be a BOT!!10:02
breizefreshmeen_, if you want to get started, why don't you take a look at the ls sourcecode?10:03
freshmeen_breize, I am a freshman, please tell me where is the ls sourcecode10:04
afallenhopeAnyone know where I can upgrade to the latest GIMP version?10:04
morningwalkerubottu: Epson scanner and printer10:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:04
morningwalkersomeone with any ideas to get my epson scanner and printer to work with ubuntu!!10:05
dr_willisafallenhope,  you could use the source and install it, or install it just for a single user, or use the autopackage, or klick 'methods' (but i reccomend using source)10:05
sheymorningwalker: is it an all-in-one?10:06
dr_willisafallenhope,  the ppa repositories may have a newer version also.. the gimp homepage may have links to newer .debs also10:06
afallenhopedr_willis, can't find the repos for it10:06
dr_willisafallenhope,  there may not be any. check the PPA stuff  perhaps.. or use source10:06
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.10:07
breizefreshmeen_, its part of coreutils10:08
dr_willisafallenhope,   gimp - 2.4.7-1ubuntu1   is on PPA it seems10:08
breizefreshmeen_, http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/10:08
morningwalkershrey-all in one!!10:09
afallenhopedr_willis, doesn't seem to be working i went to the site but can't find it10:09
shey<--- shey10:09
Skiessihow can I set dpkg architecture?10:09
sheymorningwalker: is it a printer/scanner/copier?10:09
morningwalkershrey, yes10:10
Skiessi*how can I set the dpkg architecture?10:10
sheymorningwalker: most likely you wont be able to, due to printers like that... they are reliant on the Operating systems.10:11
sheymorningwalker: google all-in-one printers and linux10:11
dr_willisMy old HP all in 1 worked good. :) but its 5+ yrs old now...10:12
morningwalkershrey, no proper prompts after searching on most of the search engines!!! my friend happens to have a similar all in on HP printer... he runs fedora and says it works perfectly fine!!10:12
dr_willisa lot depends on the exact printer10:12
sheydr_willis: yeah my old HP worked too, but no luck with any of the Lexmarks.10:12
dr_willisshey,  ive thrown out many lexmarks. (well given them away unopened) :)10:12
morningwalkerlooks like linux us really slow at coming out with proper drivers10:13
afallenhopedr_willis, I found a the latest binary at getdebs I was wondering if I can install those10:13
sheymorningwalker: you may also want to check and see if the HP linux printing system is installed on you syste,10:13
sheysystem too10:13
dr_willisafallenhope,  try it and see I guess..  I found some at the PPA site.10:13
sheymorningwalker: its not linux, its the corperate fucks that own the names.10:14
afallenhopedr_willis, I dont know how to add the repository though :-s10:14
dr_willisafallenhope,  no idea on getdeb. i dident think they had a repo.10:14
morningwalkeri doubt that the latest machines made for computers will work properly for linux, using ubuntu for three years ive noticed this...10:14
sheythey refuse to release the drivers to the open source community.10:14
morningwalkergood point shrey!!10:14
dr_willisafallenhope,  for the launchpad/ppa  - its shown right there on the page for the specific PPA user. https://launchpad.net/~like-a-dust/+archive10:14
sheyHP is slowly coming to realize this.10:14
morningwalkerEpson will never i guess!!10:15
sheyand its shey10:15
morningwalkerall they want is... LOTS OF MONEY, (i never ment that open source should be free)10:16
freshmeen_breize, thank you for intorducing me ,10:16
sheyopen source is free10:16
sheythats the threat.10:16
breizefreshmeen_, np10:16
Flannelmorningwalker, shey, mind taking the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic?  We try and keep this channel support-only.  Thanks.10:16
sheyFlannel: this was intended for printer support. Read up.10:17
sheyFlannel: but ok.10:17
afallenhopedr_willis, all I'm finding are binary10:18
Flannelmorningwalker: HP printers should work fine, and likely OOB.  HP has cooperated with FOSS with regards to drivers.10:19
morningwalkerSo thats mean... WAIT FOR EPSON DRIVERS???10:19
sheyI recommended he isntalled the HP Printing system.10:19
morningwalkeri can print but cant copy and stuff!!10:20
msshamsi have some files in a folder that are compound from text and number. like this ->"1218282326big"10:20
msshamsi want rename all of that files and change number section of each file name +2.10:20
msshamse.g. "503big" must be "505big". can you help me please that how can i do it?10:20
Flannelmsshams: You'll need to do full fledged scripting for that.  You'll likely have more luck in #bash10:22
dr_willishttps://launchpad.net/~like-a-dust/+archive   has  the   lines for the sources.list right there..  apt sources.list entries ..    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/like-a-dust/ubuntu hardy main     if  You trust them.10:22
dr_willisafallenhope,  see above.10:23
afallenhopesorry dr_willis must have missed that10:24
=== bolrog is now known as balrog
chilli_Hello talk please?10:25
afallenhopedr_willis, thanks for the help10:25
afallenhopechilli_, this isn't a place for chatting10:25
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org10:25
hateball!ot | chilli_10:25
ubottuchilli_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:25
chilli_i need some help10:25
afallenhopechilli_, what do you need?10:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:25
chilli_well its hard to explain but yeh10:26
chilli_i saw a screen shot of a desktop10:26
sheyI love these...10:26
sheyshow me the screenshot.10:26
chilli_let me get it10:26
chilli_i cant find10:28
chilli_give me just one min10:28
balrogis it okay to link one shared library against another shared library?   as in g --> libg --> libdb  ?10:28
chilli_this fails i cant find it10:29
chilli_it had like system infomation10:29
chilli_and i think xmms on it10:30
chilli_gdesklet i think?10:30
chilli_can anyone help me install gdesklet?10:30
Flannelchilli_: conky?10:30
chilli_conky? whats that?10:30
R4kk00nor gkrellm? might be anything10:31
chilli_ok nm10:31
chilli_i got it10:31
sebrockhow does diskless work regarding apt updates etc?10:34
ghalebhello, how can I create a simple remote method invocation to get 'df' for example10:35
BlaiseMy Desktop is far too bright, is there a way to change this, so I can see icons and windows Chrome properly10:36
dmoynehello since a few days I keep getting some error messages about my HD ATA : { DRDY ERR }... ?10:36
BlaiseI've checked my TFT settings and there shouldn't be a problem there10:37
dr_willisghaleb,  you may want to rephrase/clarify that question.10:37
ghalebdr_willis, I mean, I want a server to call another and get the disk status for example and print the result into a file10:38
dr_willisghaleb,  ssh can do that.10:38
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).10:39
ghalebdr_willis, to excute a command in anothe machine  and get back the result, right ?10:39
Falconslibdbus 1.2 is older then the 1.3 I have on the system now10:39
dr_willisghaleb,  yes. ive seen examples/docs/guides on how thtas doable with ssh.10:40
Falconsfirestarter will not load10:40
ghalebthank you really10:40
ghalebmaybe we need certificats or sth installed to be done10:40
fooolnew to ubuntu can't get sound for flash in firefox or sound skype10:40
dr_willisghaleb,  i saw examples on doign it with and without needing any passwords.10:41
ghalebsounds great .. thank you again10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keystarter10:41
sebastianhi, how can i change the sound theme?10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keywall10:41
dr_willisghaleb,  wow.. heres an example thats een usign df :) --> http://bashcurescancer.com/run_remote_commands_with_ssh.html10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keystart10:42
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Falconswhat is a good firewall anyone10:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about firewalls10:42
NoremorseI am having trouble with firefox in eeebuntu, it keeps freezing up giving me a grey window. I have tried the about:config changes to no avail, any ideas please? I have a 900 with a 30G hdd  no flash disk10:42
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).10:42
Ihavenonamefoool, go to synaptic package manager and download "libflashsupport"10:42
IhavenonameThen you'll get sound in firefox10:43
sebastianhow do i change the sound theme??10:43
ghalebwaw .. this is exactly what I want10:43
dr_willisghaleb,  google to the rescue10:43
aixossomebody look me?10:44
Falconsother then those10:44
ghalebyeah .. I was looking for RMI or sth .. I didn't know ssh can do that :D10:44
Falconsfirestarter will not load10:44
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aixossomebody look me?10:44
sheyFalcons: did you install it?10:44
sheyaixos: ask...10:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:44
aixosok lookme10:44
Falconsi tried but i have error unsatisfiable libdus 1-210:45
morningwalkersuggestion* use thunderbird instead of evolution... EVOLUTION, no good!!10:45
Falconsshould i uninstall the the 1.3 version that i saw in synaptic10:46
sebastianhow do i change the sound theme??10:46
sheysebastian: system > preferences > sound10:47
sheyFalcons: you have a prior version that broke?10:48
sebastianok thx10:49
sebastianbut thats not all the sound is it?10:49
Falconsi am going to use lokit instead10:50
Falconsso how do i open up a console in the gui10:51
sheyapplications > accesories > terminal10:51
Pirate_Hunterim trying to setup quota but on fstab when i need to change it do i make a new entry for /dev/sda2 pointing to /media/... or just do all modification on the current sda210:51
dr_willisPirate_Hunter,  you would modify the line thats mounting /dev/sda2 would be my guess..  otherwuse you will be mounting sda2 twice10:54
sebastianhow do i start the file browser as super user?10:55
balrogsebastian: goto Applications > Accessories > Terminal10:55
sheywhy would you want to?10:55
sebastianbut how do i start it?10:56
dr_willis I cant count the # of times ive seen people mess up things by running Nautilus as root.. :)10:56
balrogsebastian: then type "gksudo nautilus" (without the quotes) and hit enter, it will prompt you for the password10:56
sebastianok thx :D10:56
balrogsebastian: as dr_willis said, be careful...10:56
dr_willissebastian,  i would be sur to CLOSE that nautilus as soon as you are done doing the root-task you are doing.10:56
balrogthats good advise10:56
dr_willisYou could set up root user with a BRIGHT red color theme. :) as a warnning also.10:57
sebastianwhy is that?10:57
sheynever run anything as root.10:57
dr_willissebastian,  one miss click/delete/drag/drop with that file manager = messed up system.10:57
sebastianya :p10:57
balrogshey: including boot scripts?10:57
dr_willisIt pays to learn to do 'root' tasks in a terminal.10:57
sebastianim just replacing my sound theme :D10:57
sheydid I mention.. ever?10:57
Pirate_Hunterdr_willis: ok but doesnt that mean that / wont be mounted at startup because at the moment fstab show dev/sda1 by UUID mounted to /, if i chnage it to /home would it still pick up and not hose the sstem?10:57
sheybalrog: ughh10:58
dr_willissebastian why are you messing with whats basically a user setting?10:58
sebastianbecause i want my os x sound :)10:58
sheypeople confuse root with windows (so called) adminstrator.10:58
dr_willisPirate_Hunter,  im not clear on what you are doing.     sounds like you should backup your existing fstab to be safe.10:58
sheyholy smokes!10:59
Pirate_Hunterdr_willis: not setting up quota on ubuntu10:59
dr_willissebastian,  so err.. set the users sound configs?10:59
sheytheres Windows Exploder for linux?10:59
Pirate_Hunterdr_willis: *no10:59
sheyI mean Explorer.10:59
sebastianno because they dont have all the sound10:59
sheyfreudian slip.10:59
dr_willis<sebastian> - ok.. whatever... :) i give up on trying to figure this out..11:00
morningwalkershrey, windows has its own browser called internet explorer... its made by microsoft, why in the world would they want to make it open source??11:00
sheymorningwalker: shey   s    h    e    y11:00
sheyno r11:00
sheysudo apt-get remove r --purge11:00
SpCombI assume that it's possible to run IE on linux11:01
dr_willisalt-get me a beer.11:01
morningwalkerwhat does --purge do??11:01
dr_willisSpComb,   icky :P11:01
shey^5 dr_willis11:01
dr_willisSpComb,  wine can do it.  i hear...11:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quota11:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evolution11:02
morningwalker!evolution mail11:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evolution mail11:02
sheysmoke break, brb11:03
morningwalkercan someone tell me which one would be better?? thunderbird or evolution??11:03
GOrhskOFFhi!, tell me, whats error11:03
dr_willisGOrhskOFF,  its a good idea to at least summarize the problem. not just paste a url.11:04
morningwalkeri cant connect to my friends system using ssh??11:04
morningwalkeris there some configuration to be first made on the computer which i want to connect??11:05
dr_willismorningwalker,  if theres any routers/firewalls/ect. btween the 2. hey need to allow the connection11:05
verbositymorningwalker: is your friend behind a firewall that doesnt allow ssh11:05
dr_willismorningwalker,  he also needs ssh installed. :)11:05
betatest20Problem: (8.04) boot pause of 10 seconds at boot start. it began on 12th of august, when udevd was replaced by udevadm (autoupdate?) and the latter uses 10 seconds where bootchart shows nothing (visible) is done at. how can I make this behave like under udevd?11:05
sheymorningwalker: theres a few, routers, ports...11:05
Pirate_Huntercan someone provide me a tut on using quota in ubuntu please, google is not my friend :/11:05
hookarescould anyone help me? can't figure out how to make xchat remember session (channels) on exit... tried Uber Script from http://digdilem.org/irc/index.cgi?type=Xchat but its session saving feature does not work properly11:05
morningwalkerOH ok11:06
lulala_Hello everyone11:06
erUSULmorningwalker: and installing the ssh server and configuring it11:06
chilli_hello lulala11:07
lulala_What is the opposite of "user space"?11:07
verbosityis there a way to turn off the 3d effects? i cant get into x anymore..11:07
lulala_System space?11:07
chilli_i guess so11:07
lulala_Hi chilli_11:07
morningwalkerurUSUL: configure it what way??11:07
sheylulala_: non-user space11:07
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/11:07
chilli_lulala_ hello11:07
lulala_shey: there needs to be a different name11:08
chilli_how do you send the messages that are in yellow11:08
lulala_admin space?11:08
R4kk00nlulala_, "kernel space" i'd say11:08
chilli_google it lol11:08
lulala_R4kk00n: Hmm, could be. So in my case I wrote an installer for a program that you can install in "user space"11:08
lulala_So you don't need admin rights11:09
morningwalkerhow should i make exception on firewall port 22 so that i connect connect by ssh11:09
chilli_k i gotta go guys11:09
chilli_good night11:09
R4kk00ni guess this is an improper use for the "userspace" term11:09
lulala_R4kk00n: Is "kernel space" the right name to express the opposite of "user space"11:09
lulala_Aha, ok11:10
morningwalker how should i make exception on firewall port 22 so that i connect connect by ssh11:10
lulala_What do you reckon11:10
R4kk00nlulala_,  it's like this: http://www.google.com/search?q=define:+user+space11:11
peppe__Hi, Ubuntu can read FATX partition?11:11
IhavenonameHey anyone know a good program to convert a pdf file into a text file?11:12
kosharipeppe__ not as far is i have found11:12
lulala_R4kk00n: Well, so "user space" should be fine11:12
lulala_I guess I call the opposite "kernel space"11:12
damouwhat [rograms can i use on ubuntu to make a webpage? im new here:P11:12
peppe__koshari ok thanks.....it is for my xbox11:12
kosharipeppe__: not many other things use fatx, i take it the drive is locked11:13
damowhat programs can i use on ubuntu to make a webpage? im new here:P11:13
jribIhavenoname: pdftotext in the poppler-utils package11:13
morningwalkersomeone PLEASE help... how to make  firewall to allow connections from port 2211:13
peppe__dr_willis if i get mount -t fatx /dev/hda50 /mnt/E ...the filesystem fatx is wrong for ubuntu11:14
dr_willismorningwalker,  you could just turn off the firewall.. or open the port.11:14
damomorningwalker>: u have to go into your modem/router and change porta11:14
jribmorningwalker: the firewall has no rules defined by default, so port 22 is not blocked by default11:14
dr_willispeppe__,  that may be fatx is only avail on xbox-linux.11:14
morningwalkerhow to open port then??11:14
damowhat programs can i use on ubuntu to make a webpage?11:14
peppe__I must install an O.S. xbox-linux?? xebian??11:14
jribmorningwalker: for your router, see http://portforward.com/11:14
Starnestommymorningwalker: run something that listens on that port, e.g. sshd11:15
dr_willisdamo,  fire up the package manager and search for html editor. theres several11:15
NWMUbuntu does not detect my harddrive, "sudo fdisk -l" shows nothing, how can I install?11:15
ghalebmorningwalker,  sudo iptables -A  INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT11:15
dr_willisNWM,  what kind of drive is this? if the fdisk -l, dosent show it.. then well. thats not a good sign.11:16
dr_willisthat is an L as in list. :) in lower case..11:16
damodr_willis: what is the best for a beginner11:16
NWMdr_willis, nothing exotic, a SATA11:16
dr_willisdamo,  a good book on html codeing and a basic text editor.11:16
morningwalkerghaleb, there wont be any output to that??11:17
damono i want to do it the easy wau11:17
erUSULNWM: which controller is it attached to? can you see it on boot messages (dmesg) ?11:17
jribghaleb: you should check if he's defined any iptables rules first since ubuntu has none by default.  It's most likely a different issue11:17
dr_willisdamo,  that wasent what you asked however. :)11:17
ghalebjrib, yeah .. I thought I saw he wants to open a port11:17
NWMerUSUL, how would I find those things out?11:18
ghalebmorningwalker, sudo iptables -L11:18
damocan u help still>?11:18
dr_willisdamo,  a lot will depend totally on what you are doing exactly, how big a project.. kind of page.. ect...11:18
damoits small11:18
damojust a normal webpage11:18
morningwalkerthat will be the output??11:18
dr_willisdamo,  i rarely do more then the most basic of html tasks.   theres dozens if not hundereds of simple html editors out. or you can use abiword/openoffice to do it.11:18
GargantuaWhen I boot into my ubuntu install I get a sh commandline.11:19
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/11:19
erUSULNWM: "dmesg | less" to see kernel boot up msgs. "lspci" shows the controllers cards on the computer you can paste it on paste.ubuntu.com11:19
GargantuaMy /home is empty.11:19
KaRnAi m getting low volume i ubuntu, which is the best codec for mp311:19
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Pirate_Hunterhmm how do i remove and a private network ip and key from my system save on ssh?11:20
GargantuaAny idea why I'm getting this? any help is appericated.11:20
NWMerUSUL, I am using the CTRL-ALT-F2 terminal, so I cant paste, but lscpi mentions "SATA IDE Controllers"11:21
dusty_Does anyone know a good website to download backgrounds/wallpapers from ?11:21
Gargantuastartx doesn't work, the /bin dir has only like 10 files.11:21
bob1I have an old Win98 Frankenstein that I want to run Ubuntu on. I have a live CD and I everything seems to progress OK in "Safe mode"11:21
sheyNWM: sudo apt-get install pastebinit11:21
Gargantuadusty_, http://orz.4chan.org/wg/11:21
bob1Sorry then the CRT goes black11:21
Pirate_HunterGargantua: i doubt it is a ssh commandline more like something went wrong and you need to crrect it manually, you could always try startx and see if anything happens11:21
erUSULNWM: use pastebinit like shey said11:21
jribdusty_: art.gnome.org11:22
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:22
dr_willisbob1,  for some older machines. it may be better to use the alternative-installer cd.11:22
NWMerUSUL, it couldnt find the package11:22
GargantuaPirate_Hunter, I mean sh commandline.11:22
NWMerUSUL, running off of the LiveCD atm11:22
dusty_Thank you guys.11:22
Gargantuait gives a message then the commandline is something like "(initsomething) stdin".11:22
erUSULNWM: :| which kind of ide controler? intel; sis; via etc...11:22
bob1dr_willis, I'm not familiar. What is and where do I get it?11:23
erUSULGargantua: you are on the initrd very basic shell11:23
NWMerUSUL, intel11:23
erUSULNWM: did you look into dmesg output? intel controllers are well supported11:23
GargantuaerUSUL, yes I am.11:24
GargantuaI wonder why.11:24
Pirate_HunterGargantua: if your system starts up looking like dos/bash than it might mean many things x crashed and a simple startx command will work, you edited a file you shouldnt have and need to give it correct permission, however you havent explained much so its hard to know11:24
GargantuaIT was working beautifully a day ago.11:24
GargantuaPirate_Hunter, it's not bash.11:24
Gargantuait's a initd primitive shell.11:24
NWMerUSUL, running in command-line atm, the output is longer than the screen, nothing that I can see says anything relevant though11:24
GargantuaPirate_Hunter, [03:21:08] <Gargantua> startx doesn't work, the /bin dir has only like 10 files.11:25
erUSULNWM: thats what pagers were programmed for use "dmesg | less" and use spc bar to move11:25
GargantuaSo any ideae why tis might happen erUSUL?11:25
bob1dr_willis, I am booting up as we chat, It has stalled at a screen that talks about Ubuntu haveing no warenties11:26
vadimhi everyone. How can i make mp3 from audio cd?11:26
zmyrgelhas anyone succesfully compiled the latest awesome on ubuntu?11:27
erUSULGargantua: well may happen when linux does not find the hard disk (problem with the controller ...) or the partitions changed under linux feet or something like that ...11:27
sheyvadim: audio cd extractor11:27
NWMerUSUL, there are a few mentions of ata and scsi, what should I be looking for?11:27
erUSULGargantua: did you changed anything that can explain why it stoped working?11:27
GargantuaNot at all.11:28
GargantuaI cannot think of any reason.11:28
_empa__how do i set up dual screen in ubuntu with a intel 82855?11:28
bob1dr_willis, Kind, gental all knowinf dr_willis, Don't leave me now11:28
_empa__is that not supported yet?11:28
morningwalkerhow to update linux kernel??11:28
shey_empa__: google ubuntu multiple display11:29
jrib!alternate | bob111:29
ubottubob1: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent11:29
erUSULNWM: if the controller is intel somehing like ata_piix or ahci (lines beggining with)11:29
erUSULGargantua: changed something in the bios? repartitioning?11:29
Pirate_Hunterhow do i remove ip and key from save in ssh config?11:29
_empa__shey: just a lot of reading, been reading for some couple of hours already.  but this is not a function of ubuntu i suppose?11:29
morningwalker!linux kernal update11:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linuxkernel11:30
shey_empa__: if you go into the screens options in systems you can do it there.11:30
GargantuaThis is unlikely, BUT.11:30
shey_empa__: IF your hardware is setup properly.11:30
FloodBot2Gargantua: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:30
bob1dr_willis, I will look for it. Thanks!11:30
GargantuaI did install an ext3 driver on my Windows boot.11:30
morningwalkerhow to convert FAT32 to NTFS??11:31
jribmorningwalker: update-manager will tell you there is a new kernel package and you can update it there (like every other package in ubuntu)11:31
bob1jrib, just stuck on this page, no input from keyboard or mouse. I may d/l the other CD and give it a go.11:31
Ace_NoOnelastfmsubmitd question: How can I change the last.fm group after installing? I kinda messed that up during the initial setup11:31
jribbob1: if you did the "verify the integrity of the cd" check at the first boot screen from the dvd and it passed then the alt cd is the next thing to try11:32
xbxbis it possible to create a new block device that is a subset of another block device? For example, if I got /dev/sda1 and I want the bytes xxxx to yyyy of /dev/sda1 to form a new block device.11:32
jribbob1: s/dvd/cd probably11:32
bob1jrib, OK thanks!!!!!!11:32
Slartcan someone please check if the website http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/05/using-the-canoscan-lide-500f-with-mac-os-x-leopard/ makes firefox crawl.. try scrolling up and down... it's barely usable on my computer11:32
Pirate_Hunterhow do i remove ip and key from save through ssh?11:33
NWMerUSUL, there doesnt seem to be any mention of my hdd, it does mention my cdrom though11:33
NWMerUSUL, the cdrom is connected to the older drive-connection (I forgot name, the one with the wide cables)11:33
jribSlart: wfm in ephy11:33
Slartjrib: hmm.. thanks.. perhaps it's a firefox thing..11:34
jeff007bonjour à tous, je souhaite remplacer linux suze par hardy sur mon msi wind notebook pourriez vous m'aider? je n'aime pas la suze ;)11:34
Slart!fr | jeff00711:34
ubottujeff007: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr11:34
jribSlart: ok in firefox too11:34
erUSULSlart: my computer does not crawl but the page is heavy and the cpus go to 100%11:35
SlarterUSUL, jrib: thanks11:35
morningwalkerguys, i cant add this rules to iptables >> http://www.itech7.com/Security/Secure-your-Linux-Box-using-IPTables-Firewall11:36
erUSULNWM: ParalelATA vs SerialATA :). well i would recommend to check the bios and puth the sata controller in ahci mode if you can11:36
NWMok, ill try that11:36
jribmorningwalker: you seem to just be ignoring what people tell you for some reason.  What did 'sudo iptables -L' return for you?  use pastebin11:36
xbxbhow can I format a USB stick from within Linux? My file browser doesn't show that functionality11:37
Slartxbxb: you can use gparted to format it11:37
jribxbxb: use gparted11:37
morningwalkerjrib:pastebin site please??11:37
GargantuaSo do you suggest anything to start upon erUSUL?11:37
jribmorningwalker: paste.ubuntu.com11:37
morningwalkerjrib : http://paste.ubuntu.com/44152/11:39
NWMerUSUL, its an option has an option for AHCI, its currently set to disabled, Is their any risk to the data on that drive by changing the setting?11:39
jribmorningwalker: ok.  So are you still trying to setup ssh?11:39
erUSULGargantua: dunno really... if it worked and saddenly stoped to work ... is a mistery.. maybe you can boot into a livecd and check the health of your disk mount the ubuntu partition and check if everything is ok etc. gather some more info about the problem11:39
morningwalkernot for my pc11:39
morningwalkerjrib:one of my friends computer11:40
erUSULNWM: no; just changes the mode the sata controller is used by the drivers11:40
jrib!ssh > morningwalker11:40
ubottumorningwalker, please see my private message11:40
jribmorningwalker: are you on your friend's computer now?11:40
morningwalkerjrib: no. my own11:40
GargantuaerUSUL, hmmm, Checking it out from Windows, it apears very normal.11:41
morningwalkeri can connect to my computer from his, but not from mine to his11:41
Pirate_HunterGargantua: doesnt it give you any sort of explanation of what might be the problem?11:41
jribmorningwalker: then tell him to follow the wiki page I just gave you and tell him to come here if he has any trouble (or ask you).  You just need to install the openssh-server package and setup your router (see portforward.com and the wiki)11:41
cycloudyang and does anyone know where i can get the current murrine engine?11:42
cycloudyang i can not get it through svn in a terminal due to my ISP.11:42
GargantuaPirate_Hunter, I don't see anhing, nope.11:43
mrynit_will ubuntu 8.04 ever use newer kernels? anything above 2.6.2411:43
Gargantuathe strange thing is.11:43
jribcycloudyang: your isp blocks svn?11:43
GargantuaFrom within the sh commando, none of this apears, it appears as