Chrisssshello, i've got a little question related on upstart20:55
Chrissssis there a way to limit the number where upstart tries to respawn a process?20:56
Chrissssin my case i establish a vpn connection via vpnc, since vpnc drops sometime the connection i use upstart to respawn vpnc20:56
Chrissssbut i noticed that in some cases the connection can't be establised and upstart respawns vpnc over and over again20:57
tholme_yes there is21:01
tholme_i think...21:02
tholme_theres a respawn limit you can use21:02
Chrissssah, just found it...21:03
Chrissssrespawn limit 10 521:03
Chrissss[...]so we limit it’s respawning to 10 times in 5 seconds (which happens to be the default).21:03
Chrisssstholme_, thanks for the push into the right direction, cu21:07
tholme_np :)21:07

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