superspuckCan someone help me out with this: http://pastebin.ca/1196001 ? wiki is a bit confusing, I'm trying to use a ladspa plugin, trying to figure out what the right syntax is for my .asoundrc00:33
stuff_happenscan anyone here help me with broadcom driver issues?01:31
Rakeerhey guys, can someone tell me how to install java jre2 v5/6? I need it for compiling, but I'm having trouble finding the pkg's/pkg name..01:51
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository01:52
Rakeerok I found sun-java6-jre but is that jre2?01:59
favro!info sun-java6-jre02:00
ubottusun-java6-jre (source: sun-java6): Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture independent files). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-06-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 6185 kB, installed size 14188 kB02:00
Rakeerfavro, I am following this guide to compile gnashhttp://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/manual/gnashref.html#build02:02
Rakeeroops, http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/manual/gnashref.html#build02:03
Rakeersays I need JRE2, cant find it on sun, cant find the pkg..I found this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java but wrong pkg names, and NOWHERE do I get a clear answer to what are the pkg names for jre2 v5/6 in ubuntu02:04
favroI just googled jre2 and am having a read02:05
Rakeeri found a note on javachannel.net for ubuntu but the pkg names are wrong02:06
cody-somervilleyes it is02:09
cody-somervilleerr, sorta02:09
cody-somervillejre2 actually refers to version 5 of Java02:09
cody-somervilleJust install xubuntu-restricted-extras :P02:10
solotimhello group, is there anyone use empathy on xu?02:17
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Rakeercody-somerville: the whole thing? :P02:26
cody-somervillesure :-]02:27
cody-somervillesolotim, I don't.02:27
cody-somervilleRakeer, It has lots of other goodies you probably want anyhow02:27
RakeerYou have been invited to #stupiditypwns by Spencerical (kubrick.freenode.net)02:29
Rakeerwtf is that crap, this is a help channel02:29
tjbhi everyone. i have a p3 700mhz box with 256mb ram. you think it's powerful enough to run ubuntu server with virtualbox and run xubuntu as a web server as a virtualbox guest os? or would i be pushing the hardware a bit much?02:38
tjbi like the idea of taking snapshots of the guest os and restoring it if i do somethign stupid.02:38
cody-somervilleRakeer, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras02:46
RakeerE: Couldn't find package xubuntu-restricted-extras02:47
cody-somervilleCan you pastebin apt-cache policy?02:48
cody-somervilleIt was introduced in 7.1002:52
cody-somervilleYou're using Feisty. There has been two releases since Feisty and we're preparing for a third this October.02:53
Rakeerindeed. Im on a ps3. :P02:53
cody-somervilleRakeer, You can upgrade to Hardy03:09
Rakeeryes, I can...and I will no longer enjoy the very nice level of ubuntu experienc eon a PS3 I am getting..03:12
Rakeerhave already gone that route and went back....intrepid is supposed to be much nicer03:12
Rakeerthough I havent personally had time to experiment with the kernel..03:12
Rakeereverything I am doing here is to produce a .deb for all the ps3'ers to install and get full flash support in firefox03:13
cody-somervilleWhat needs to be done to do that?03:15
Rakeerffmpeg compiled then added to gnash source, reconf and compile03:18
cody-somervilleYou can't distribute that though, can you?03:22
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RakeerI have to learn to do it so I can write a complete 'noob' tutorial for others to follow on just how to compile it...03:24
Rakeerbecuase no, in the u.s. at least, I can't distribute it03:24
Rakeerbut I have seen those sorts of things pop up on torrents...not that I would have anything to do with that in this country03:25
cody-somervilleRakeer, Well, download the source code03:28
cody-somervilleIt is probably a compile time option03:28
Rakeerwell, I'm being told I don't need it, since it use is for making doc's03:29
Rakeerand I don't /need/ to compile the doc's03:29
RakeerI'm following the gnash guide, and it doesn't make too much room to tell you what you really need/don't need in reality..03:31
cody-somervilleOnce again03:35
cody-somervilleThats probably just a compile time option03:36
nblis there a better powermanagment tool, I'm on a desktop but i would like have better controll of the hdd power03:52
nblmy bios is conflicting with something, so i had to set them always on in the bios03:52
xdanielnbl: this link may be helpful -- seems like some other people were asking the same thing: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=38734603:54
nblso use laptop-mode-tools? i heard of it before but it seems odd since im on a desktop04:00
xdanielnbl: really not sure... but its worth a try04:01
nbl"laptop mode tools will automatically start when your laptop goes into battery mode."04:01
nblwont work04:02
nblbut this may hdparm04:02
xdanielnbl: bummer... maybe something else in that thread may help, but that's beyond my knowledge04:02
TMN__is there a way to configure shortcut for minimizing current window?04:19
nblis there a way to get a Network places like there is in ubuntu, in xubuntu04:36
cody-somervilleWe're working on that for Intrepid04:37
nblis it in the alpha release now?04:38
cody-somervilleNot that feature, no04:39
cody-somervilleIt might not make Intrepid unfortunately04:39
cody-somervilleI have my fingers crossed04:40
nblwhy would it not? it should just for ease of use.04:42
cody-somervillenbl, It isn't that I don't want to give you every feature you might want with a useful feature to boot04:45
cody-somervilleHowever, I've yet to test the work being done04:46
cody-somervilleFeature freeze has passed and the work on it isn't even done yet04:46
nbloh, since xubuntu should be light weight, no need to have04:46
cody-somervilleno, it has nothing to do with that04:46
cody-somervilleIt has to do with it being stable and ready enough for me to include it. People would rather not have the feature than have a buggy operating system they can't use.04:47
cody-somervillelet alone the code actually being done :P04:47
nbli'm trying to do mount a shared folder, and i get a cifs retern error -2205:19
nblany clue what that is?05:19
nblsmbfs need05:39
Dabbui am not able to access network places in xubuntu05:44
Dabbuany help05:45
Dabbuany man here05:46
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about networkplaces05:47
Dabbu !network places05:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about network places05:48
j00baccawhat is the name of the tool that monitors the battery status in the system tray so i can remove it06:06
j00baccaand also how can you hide the wireless status in the system tray06:07
anom01ycurrently I am running kde, and I was wondering if I could install xfce and run it instead of kde, but have the ability to pick what I wanted to use06:18
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blakeXsup yo08:14
blakeXthis ya boy blake08:14
blakeXIRC is so foolish08:17
favropot calling the kettle black methinks :)08:25
blakeXno, not really08:32
blakeXi'm not a chat protocol08:32
blakeXmore like the water in the kettle calling the kettle black08:32
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=== blakeX is now known as tuna-fish
DefinitelyHello, i just installed Xubuntu, anyone can explain me how to add one more langugage to keyboard tool ?09:15
Definitelyhmm ?09:36
=== leche_y_galletas is now known as leche
DefinitelyHow to change theme in Xubuntu ?10:50
JinKazamaDefinitely: Settings -> Settings Manager -> User Interface11:06
Definitelyaaa ok i found now ;]11:07
DefinitelyjinKazama: Hmm after i add files which i need into .themes and .icons probably i need to log out and log in  ?11:07
Definitelybrb relogining11:09
edWhen I launch nautilus from inside XFCE, my wallpaper changes and XFCE doesn't seem to be managing the desktop anymore.11:53
edI wonder why that is.11:53
Myrttiwhy do you launch nautilus then ;-)12:02
edBecause I'm conditioned to.12:09
edIt has become my instinct to type 'sudo nautilus' when I need to do file management at root.12:10
edI have gone totally, utterly and absolutely bonkers mad.12:10
Myrttia) do not use sudo with a graphical application12:10
edah yes12:11
Myrttib) gksudo mousepad .bashrc; alias nautilus='thunar`12:11
edah good idea12:11
edSo that'll only affect how bash does things, not how Gnome will, right?12:13
edThis is a quiet channel, isn't it? What sort of popularity do Xubuntu and Kubuntu have compared to Ubuntu? Because it's only a DE change...13:09
pleia2ed: I can't speak to actualy popularity numbers, but typically support questions are not xubuntu specific (ie - not about xfce) so people are able to use the more general support forums for help13:15
edI see.13:16
edYeah, that' sane I guess.13:16
MyrttiI personally always wonder why people are asking questions about printing or such in here :-) for me xubuntu, ubuntu and kubuntu are all just buntu's with a different colour frosting :-P13:17
Myrttiand actually I do like xubuntu the best, even when I use Gnome on my desktop computer13:18
MyrttiBen_Cs: hello13:18
Ben_Cshow can i login in xfce through terminal? (login inside login)13:19
vinnlBen_Cs, you mean as another user?13:19
Ben_Csor myself?13:19
vinnlBen_Cs, when you open a terminal window it's ran as yourself by default13:19
xindoi restarted my laptop, now my taskbar/menubar is missing, anyone have any ideas?13:21
vinnlxindo, press Alt+F2 then run "xfce4-panel"13:21
xindovinnl: that did it, thank you13:22
xindoany idea why it might have done this?13:22
vinnlNope, happens a lot unfortunately :(13:22
xindowell thanks again for the fix13:22
vinnlMy pleasure ;)13:23
Ben_Csvinnl: no. if something requires me to logout and login to test it (ie: a command) instead of alt+ctrl +F4 , i want to be able to login again inside the current shell13:23
vinnlBen_Cs, perhaps "su <username>" will do the trick13:24
Ben_Csvinnl: nope13:25
vinnlOr first using su to change to another user and then using it to change back?13:25
Ben_Csvinnl: i'm the only user13:26
QigongAnyone have trouble getting xfce to know it has a wired connection to the net?13:26
vinnlBen_Cs, hmm, perhaps create another user? I'm sorry, I'm not at home in shell scripting13:26
Ben_Csvinnl: no way to open a new shell inside current one, and login?13:27
vinnlQigong, that's been the easiest thing I've found in Xubuntu :P13:27
Qigongodd.. I only have 2 options, wireless and ppp13:27
vinnlBen_Cs, perhaps "screen" or something, but I'm really to much of a noob in that area13:27
vinnlQigong, if you right-click the icon, have you enabled wired connections?13:27
Ben_Csvinnl: i see. thanks anyway. i've started learning shell scripting recently :)13:28
xindoQigong: does "ifconfig" return any info on eth0?13:28
Qigongbash.. ftw ;)13:28
Qigonglooking, I'm sure it did last night13:28
Qigongsec.. I only have 'Enable Networking on th eright click and it's checked13:29
vinnlAh, yes, I've got the same13:30
vinnlAre you sure the cable is plugged in correctly? ;-)13:30
Qigongyes, it worked great with kubuntu. I see no eth0, just ath013:31
xindoQigong: can you go to manual config?13:32
Qigongnot sure where.. I have Network settings up, but only show Wireless connection and p2p13:34
xindoleft click on the network connect icon, choose manual configuration13:34
Qigongyes, there.. it brings up the same, Network Settings.. then just the wireles and p2p is listed.13:35
QigongI've not found anything that allows me to setup or look at eth0.. I assumed it was all automatic.13:38
vinnlIt's supposed to be, yes13:39
Qigongit's almost like no eth0 stuff was loaded on install(?) I just added the network monitor applet to a panel and eth0 isn't recognized.13:43
xindoQigong: run lspci and see if it has your ethernet card13:44
Qigongethernet controller: Atheros Co.m13:46
Qigongthat's one of the limited, no support drivers13:47
xindonot an expert on these, but it may be a restricted driver, i know there is one for the wireless, but don't know about the wired cards13:49
Qigongok, ty.. still digging.13:49
xindofor instance, ubuntu installed my nvidia restricted automatically, i had to install it on xubuntu myself tho13:49
QigongMmm, I see. ok13:51
nblis there a simple way to test samba from linux to windows?14:06
nblevery time i try to mount the folder i time out14:07
xindonbl: can you ping the machines from each other?14:13
nblxindo yes, now how to i stop it!14:18
nblok, i was ping by ip, how to a ping by workgroup/computername14:25
=== Qigong is now known as cyix
nblany one?14:40
vinnlnbl, what?14:40
nbli cant get samba working yet14:41
nblevery time i mount the windows dir. i time out14:41
vinnlOh, sorry, can't help there :(14:41
hallo0123do you have a german channel?14:53
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat14:53
nbli never had som much trouble setting up samba before with ubuntu14:54
vinnl...and it's supposed to become easier with Xubuntu 8.1014:54
nblwell i was talking with some one else and he not sure it will make it into that build14:55
vinnlBut I'm crossing my fingers :)14:55
nbli installed ubuntu on two other computers in my mixed home network and it was easier to set up, then configuring two windows based machines14:57
hallo0123okay... i have installed xubuntu.... booted my very slow laptop.... and started shutting it down... now i just can see the xubuntu screen....14:57
hallo0123why is nt my laptop completly shutting down?14:57
hallo0123btw i had the same problem with opensuse14:58
vinnlhallo0123, what do you mean by "the Xubuntu screen"? You mean the progress bar with the Xubuntu logo above it?14:58
nblon a side note i never see that, since my monitor does not like the refresh rate14:59
vinnlhallo0123, which version of Xubuntu are you using? 7.04?15:00
vinnlRight... If you press Ctrl+Alt+F1, do you get a screen full of text? (No need to pm message btw)15:02
hallo0123nope  i dont15:03
vinnlEn what does the progress bar do? Is it full?15:04
hallo0123no, it isnt... it is still at the beginning15:04
hallo0123and there isnt anythink "moving"15:04
vinnlAnd how long have you waited for it to complete?15:05
hallo0123häm... the screen has been approximatly 15 min... i dont know... quite a long while. but should be around the same time i came in the channel15:06
viddhallo0123, im new to the troubleshooting so forgive if you already answered....how much ram?15:07
hallo0123should be 25615:07
viddlive cd install or alt?15:07
hallo0123downloaded a few day ago15:08
viddwhich version?15:08
hallo0123thats the file's name: xubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i38615:09
vidd8.04, 7.10, 7.04, 6.06?15:09
viddand is this hang on reboot or install?15:09
hallo0123whilst shutting down.... (and i had the same prob with open suse)15:09
viddso install is complete, and you are trying to reboot?15:10
hallo0123install was completed, and the laptop did boot. the system was ready to work... then i shutted down (tryed to).15:10
viddso you had the system up once already15:11
viddkill power....and try to boot15:11
viddon a laptop, pull the power cord and drop the battery15:12
hallo0123too late... pushed the power button for a few sec15:12
viddthat *sould* work15:13
viddprovided of course that does not trigger "hybernate" via bios15:13
viddis it booting now?15:13
viddso something in your shutdown scripts is hanky15:14
hallo0123yeah... wicked... when i had suse on my laptop there was on the screen "not falid system" (something like that, just in german...15:15
viddlet me know when the system is up15:15
Revanyone knows how to browse the network with xubuntu?15:15
viddRev, samba15:15
hallo0123someone that (form the german ubuntu channel) i should try to edit the menu.list in the /boot/grup directory15:15
Revis that  a software vidd?15:16
hallo0123someone said^^15:16
viddrev yes15:16
Revi thought it was kind of a protocol15:16
Revapt-get install samba?15:16
hallo0123i should take the splash out of there15:16
viddrev dont know the specifics....i use ftp between my machines15:16
nblrev same problem here15:17
viddhallo0123, but the issue is shutting down...not booting up....right?15:17
nbli thinking to use pyNeighborhood15:17
hallo0123yeah.. my laptop is now read to work15:17
Revvidd that doesnt work15:17
Revi have it installed but cant launch oi15:17
vinnlnbl, Rev, try Googling for xubuntu and samba and variants, there are some posts that explain how to do it15:17
Revnbl, crap :/15:17
viddRev, you need an FTP server for it to work15:17
Revi did15:17
vinnl*and variants on that15:17
vinnlI believe grumpymole's were supposed to be good15:18
Revif its just a windows sharing folder, thats no ftp and that should work, shouldnt it?15:18
hallo0123so... should i do that?15:18
vinnlRev, it should with Samba15:18
viddhallo0123, so what you want to do is check the log files to see what the last command running was befor this last boot-up15:18
hallo0123where can i see the log?15:19
viddhallo0123, grub editing is for start-up issues, not shut-down15:19
viddi believe /var/log15:19
viddlet me check my system =]15:20
hallo0123okay.. seems to be right15:20
Revvidd,  nbl we already have the smbclient installed on xubuntu15:21
Revbut we need something to "view" the shares15:21
nblrev i tried this last night: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ComprehensiveSambaGuide15:21
viddRev, i cant help you with samba15:21
viddi dont use it15:21
nblyou may have better luck then me15:21
Revlike in gnome "shortcuts" -> networks servers15:21
viddi will never let my windows machines to access my linux boxes15:22
nblrev xubuntu does not have it yet! they wish to get it in 8.10 but it is unlikly15:23
Revthats retarded15:23
nblthis looks like to be a fix though, pyNeighbourhood15:23
viddhallo0123, im no good at reading logs....i dont know which one is relavent15:23
nblrev i would not complain, it is alot work these programers do to get ubuntu where it is today15:24
viddRev, if you want some gnome feature, add it!15:24
vinnl...or pay people to add it :P15:24
vinnl...or live without it and hope for the best :)15:24
vinnl(I usually do that :P)15:24
viddvinnl, me too....ftp FTW15:25
vinnlOne machine ftw :P15:25
hallo0123okay... i try to find out, which one the the right log....15:25
nblthe code and know how is out there, if you think you have a better idea, go with, and program15:25
vinnlnbl, that *is* a bit unreasonable15:25
Revnbl,  wait i could i have found something15:26
Revlemme see15:26
viddvinnl, i think hes saying get the program...not write it15:26
vinnlIn "and program" I interpreted "program" as a verb15:26
Revnbl, indeed, i browsed trhough a lot of forum posts in the ubuntu and french ubuntu forum15:27
Revand pyneighnourhood seems to be the best one15:28
Revi will give it a try15:28
hallo0123i got a question... is xubuntu not completly translated?15:28
hallo0123in german language?15:28
viddvinnl, any idea what log file to look at to see what program is failing to terminate during shutown?15:28
vinnlhallo0123, probably not, no15:29
vinnlBut I expect it is for the most part15:29
vinnlvidd, not by heart15:29
vinnlWasn't dmesg | tail something that could help when it comes to stuff like this?15:29
nbli meant to program it, but more likely adopt the the sources code that is already out there for ubuntu15:30
viddprobably (i havent had to troubleshoot this kind of stuff since 6.06!)15:30
hallo0123can i help with translating... or at least for myself (if people think i am not doing well enough=15:30
viddhallo0123, try dmesg | tail15:30
vinnlnbl, that's cool :)15:31
viddsee if that gives you any idea what might be locking your system on shutdown15:31
vinnlhallo0123, probably, the first step is to realize Xubuntu is made up of different applications which all can be translated individually15:31
vinnlhallo0123, then check which applications haven't been fully translated and contact the application's developers to see if you can help in translating15:31
vinnl(I did the same for Xfce in Dutch)15:31
Revnbl i found something else15:32
Revwant to know?15:32
nblrev http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413115:32
Revnbl, aparently we can install fuse and fusesmb15:32
Revthat will "mount" the network in a network folder in Home that we could browse trhough thunar15:33
nblyou got a link?15:33
Revu found it already15:33
Revyou understand frenc?15:33
nblrev i got to get going, if you find anything interesting pm it to me (if you dont mind)15:35
Revnbl, no problem, i will15:36
hallo0123i found something15:37
hallo0123unfortunately it is in german... so... but the solution should be (so someone says): xfce-setting-show session15:38
vinnlThat only allows you to configure Xfce's settings management I'd assume15:39
hallo0123mom... i am trying to translate15:39
hallo0123had the same problem after updating. my solution15:39
hallo0123[quote]xfce-setting-show session [/quote]15:40
superspuckcan anyone help me get 5.0 analog audio output? All I get is some weird 4.0-stereo, tried with this .asoundrc: http://pastebin.ca/1196441 but it didn't affect the sound at all. default and surroundXX don't get me any sound at all so I have to set default:CARD=AV200 in my media player to get any sound at all.15:40
^paradox^when playing videos in totem media player i only get video, no sound. whats going on?15:40
hallo0123"logout setting" set / not set a tick. then is works fine for me15:40
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:40
ron_ois it possible to use ddrescue to a directory on my partition /home rather than to another partition?15:41
vinnlhallo0123, you could try that, you can also reach it from the Settings Manager, then "Sessions and Startup" :P15:41
hallo0123after booting change it if need be again15:41
hallo0123but which setting15:43
vinnlhallo0123, "Automatically saave session on logout"15:44
vinnl(I suppose)15:44
^paradox^ubottu: where is the volume control in xubuntu?15:44
vinnl^paradox^, ubottu  is a bot15:45
vinnlNot a human :)15:45
^paradox^lol ok15:45
hallo0123alright, i m gonna try15:45
vinnl^paradox^, but you can add a plugin to the panel for volume control15:45
vinnlOh, but those instructions are for Ubuntu btw15:45
vidd^paradox^, you need to add it to the panel (which ever one you want)15:45
vinnl^paradox^, the links are what's important15:45
hallo0123hm... still the same event happening :-(15:45
^paradox^well im just trying to figure out why i only have video in totem and no sound15:45
vidd^paradox^, have you sound in other apps?15:46
vinnl^paradox^, have you turned the volume of Totem up? And you might also want to check the settings in that Volume Control panel plugin15:46
^paradox^yes in vlc and mplayer15:46
hallo0123hm... anyway... will it harm my hard disk, when i am pushing in the power button each time?15:46
vidd^paradox^, then totem is you issue, not the volume manager15:47
viddhallo0123, i dont believe so15:47
^paradox^how do i fix it?15:47
vinnl^paradox^, have you checked that Totem's volume is turned up?15:48
* vidd uninstalled it and installed gxine cuzz he could never get totem to work right15:48
^paradox^well let me check totems volume15:48
^paradox^the volume button is grayed out15:49
vinnl^paradox^, are you playing a file?15:51
^paradox^i have a video clip mpg on pause15:51
hallo0123anyway... i have an more important question... how to configurate a network...15:52
vinnl^paradox^, hmm, that's odd15:52
hallo0123cos xubu is saying: no network devices have been found15:52
vinnl^paradox^, you might want to file a bugreport on Totem15:52
^paradox^so totems not only for gnome?15:53
vinnlWell, it's a GNOME project, but it works in Xfce too15:53
vinnl(It does for me, anyway :)15:53
^paradox^ok ill file a bug report15:54
vinnl^paradox^, where are you doing that btw?15:54
^paradox^i was using bug report under help15:55
vinnlOh OK15:55
vinnlThat's probably fine :)15:55
^paradox^seems i need a launchpad account15:55
^paradox^okie let me sign up15:56
^paradox^alright submitted16:14
vinnlGreat :)16:15
^paradox^whats this xine? is there any media specifically for xfce?16:16
vinnl^paradox^, there's xfmedia16:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine16:16
^paradox^its ok bot go do ur bot things16:17
^paradox^that things creeping me out16:17
^paradox^its not big issue, but whenever i click media totem is what automatically opens it16:18
^paradox^and i cant find a repeat function in the other players16:19
^paradox^is there a place in the menu bar to check to see if totems volume is turned up?16:23
vidd^paradox^, let me re-install totem and see16:24
vidd^paradox^, totem has a "sound" menu16:24
^paradox^volume up and down are grayed out as well16:25
viddsame on mine16:25
viddbut when i have it working on something, they become available16:26
^paradox^not for me16:27
^paradox^same happens with mp3s16:29
^paradox^totem always work in gnome though. i dont understand it16:30
^paradox^im having more ram and an ati radeon or some other 3D video card installed by geek squad in about a week16:32
viddlike i said....i always had issues with it, so i dont use it16:32
^paradox^they said they have linux guys16:32
^paradox^maybe by chance theyll have an answer16:32
viddis ati stuff linux freindly?16:33
vidddo you have gnome running on this sysem?16:33
^paradox^they said theyd find a good card that could handle the 3D mmorpg games that ive been wanting to try16:33
^paradox^yes i originally installed ubuntu16:34
^paradox^in the last few days i decided to try xubuntu-desktop16:34
viddand if you load ubuntu instead of xubuntu, sound works?16:34
^paradox^yeh no problems there16:35
MyrttiThen it might be pulseaudio16:35
vinnlOK that's seriously odd16:35
vinnlAh, good  thinking :)16:35
^paradox^ive been using linux for about 6 months16:35
viddso since you loaded xubuntu-desktop and found this issue, you switched back over to ubuntu and played sound16:35
^paradox^im very pleased with it16:35
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions16:35
^paradox^yes i tried it under ubuntu after the fact16:36
^paradox^works great under ubuntu16:36
^paradox^whys the bot following me like a lost puppy?16:37
viddthis "PulseAudio" think might be worth looking into16:37
vinnl^paradox^, when you say !<something> the bot replies16:37
vinnl^paradox^, I said !pulseaudio so ubottu  provided its information on PulseAudio16:37
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:38
^paradox^lol k16:38
MyrttiIts not totally troublefree even in gnome, Id be surprised if it were problemfree with gnome/xfce combo16:38
viddvinnl, does xubuntu use this pulseaudio?16:38
vinnlApparently not16:39
vinnlIt was just on the mailinglist IIRC16:39
^paradox^so then might be the problem?16:39
MyrttiIf you install clean xubuntu you dont get pulseaudio16:39
vidd^paradox^, try sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio16:40
viddthis should do one of 2 thing....16:40
vinnlvidd, not sure if that's wise16:40
vinnlIf he still intends to use Ubuntu, I don't know what effect that will have16:40
viddfix audio in xubuntu or break audio in ubuntu16:40
viddonce it is completely removed, test audio in both16:41
^paradox^i dont wanna break audio in ubuntu16:41
viddthen sudo apt-get install pulseaudio and retest16:41
vidd^paradox^, you will re-add it16:41
^paradox^ok let me get a terminal brb16:42
viddand dont be alarmed if it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop16:42
viddthat is just a meta-package that pulls all the componants in16:43
vinnl(But be sure to reinstall it afterwards)16:43
^paradox^got a phone call back in a few minutes16:43
viddvinnl, i will make sure he does16:44
viddmethinks the issue is that pulseaudio doesnt know about xubuntu....16:44
ron_owhy didn't I think of that before: sudo <name terminal> puts you in constant root. :)16:45
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vinnlron_o, or "sudo su" ;-)16:45
ron_ooh.. :)16:45
viddand reinstalling will make it work under both ubuntu and xubuntu16:45
ron_oI thought ubuntu didn't allow that. Was that before?16:45
vinnlAnd I believe there was also an argument for sudo16:45
vinnlI don't think so. There've always been plenty of ways to achieve it, but since it's not recommended it's not advertised either16:46
viddron_o, sudo su has always worked....at least since breezy when i came onboard16:46
ron_oahh, I think before then it didn't.16:46
ron_owhatever. thanks.16:46
ron_oI remember there was a big todo about it. You know, the whole windows thing of dummying a system down.16:47
viddhow many realeases were there b4 breezy?16:47
vinnlWarty and Hoary16:48
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viddso i only missed 216:48
vinnlI believe I stepped in just before Hoary (5.04?) was released16:48
vinnlAnd then switched to Xubuntu about the time of Breezy (5.10)16:48
viddxubuntu wasnt "offical" till 6.06 methinks16:49
vinnlNo it wasn't16:49
vinnlBut there was a xubuntu-desktop package for 5.1016:49
viddinteresting bit of trivia....i missed it then16:50
vinnlThat was when Jani Monoses was still working hard to get it released :)16:50
vinnlI might do a blog post on Xubuntu's history some time :)16:50
ron_othey really tricked everyone with that whole numbering scheme..16:50
viddbreezy was when the only install disk was the trusty "alt install"16:50
vinnlSeeing as it's about aligned with my history of using open source oeprating systems16:50
vinnlvidd, yep16:50
vinnlron_o, yeah it was kind of confusing16:51
ron_owhen I came on board in the beginning and #ubuntu was just filled to the capacity. You couldn't get a word in edge wise.16:51
ron_oand then they said, well 'it's still beta you know'..16:51
vinnlUbuntu was the first open source operating system I used, and then it was versioned 4.10 and I couldn't really follow16:51
vinnlIt took a long time to get acquainted with the whole thing :)16:51
vinnlAnd I hadn't even found out about IRC yet :P16:52
ron_omuch different than windows.. way better in the end. At first I was complaining about it like any old chap would.16:52
vinnlHehe, then again, I was only fourteen years old back then :P16:52
viddthe learning curve16:52
ron_owow, the idea that they would put all the apps in one repository and make sure they are malware free. And to think... ;->16:52
viddron_o, been that way for years16:53
vinnlNot on Windows16:53
ron_oI know, but that was my thought when I came over from windows.16:53
vidddebian (if im not mistaken) is older then SUSE16:53
ron_otried redhat back in the late 90s.. couldn't even get it running.16:53
ron_oand suse too.. but just barely running.16:53
viddmy first forlay into linux was redhat16:54
ron_othen ubuntu then zenwalk then sabayon (gentoo derivative) then back to xubuntu because I liked it so much.16:54
viddit worked great...till i tried to install something16:54
vinnlBtw, vidd, ron_o, shall we move to #xubuntu-offtopic?16:54
ron_owell I'm busy. :)16:55
^paradox^that was my grandparents16:55
^paradox^im a little worried about losing ubuntu-desktop16:55
vidddont be16:56
viddubuntu-desktop isnt a real app16:56
viddand we will put it back in a bit16:56
viddafter we finish the "without pulseaudio" test16:57
^paradox^ok ill go ahead run that command16:57
vinnlvidd, why with --purge btw?16:58
viddso he gets a "fresh" set of config files when he re-installs16:58
vinnlAh OK16:58
viddremoves the chance of the reinstall getting lazy =]16:59
viddand just using the existing files16:59
^paradox^the command was sudo apt-get install pulseaudio?16:59
vidd^paradox^,  sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio17:00
viddits already installed...we want to pull it17:01
^paradox^sorry just trying to locate a terminal. the menus are a little different17:06
^paradox^ok got it17:07
* vidd has brought the 6.06 menu with him17:08
vidd^paradox^, so you remember the steps?17:09
vidduninstall, test, reinstall, test17:10
^paradox^first i remove, then retest with totem17:10
* vidd has to step away for about 10-15 minutes17:10
viddthe command to remove is sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio17:11
viddyou want to test totem in both xubuntu and ubuntu17:11
viddthe command to re-install is sudo apt-get install pulseaudio17:12
viddand retest in both ubuntu and xubuntu17:12
viddand if removing pulseaudio removes ubuntu-desktop, the command to reinstall it is sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:13
viddbe back in a bit17:13
^paradox^im sorry guys i dont wanna do this. if i had someone more knowledgable than myself in the same room itd be a different story17:23
vinnl^paradox^, I can imagine17:23
vinnlI suppose you'll just have to use VLC or Mplayer instead of Totem17:23
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^paradox^hopefully the guys at geeksquad will be just as good as u guys. if i gotta pay a little extra for it so be it17:24
vidd^paradox^, im back17:25
^paradox^for the install of a gig of ram and a better video card they said itll cost $25017:25
vidd.... wow17:26
viddis that installed?17:26
viddand configured?17:26
^paradox^hi vidd i couldnt do it. im scared shitless17:26
vidd^paradox^, dont be afraid17:27
viddthere is nothing that commad does that apt-get install wont put back17:27
viddbut you might try sudo dpkg-reconfigure pulseaudio17:29
viddbut i never used thpulseaudio so i dont know what all is involved'17:29
vinnlI'm off guys, bye17:30
viddl8r vinnl17:30
^paradox^im just gonna use another player for now. how can i get it to "automatically" open with another program?17:31
viddright-click and choose "open with"17:31
viddselect the other app, and check the box for "set default" (or something similar)17:32
^paradox^if i had someone here who knows linux id let em go to town on it17:33
viddim not "on site" but im here17:33
^paradox^maybe u could remote me and look into it?17:35
viddyou would have to set up sshd on your system, give me a username and password, and add me to the "admin" group17:36
viddthen you would need to make sure that port 22 is open and routed to that specific machine, and provide the IP address17:37
^paradox^how would i set up sshd?17:38
viddand the username, password and IP are best to be transmitted via PM17:38
viddsudo apt-get install openssh-server i believe17:40
indoanyone using the apple aluminum usb keyboard?17:42
^paradox^dang it someone else calling me. this my day off too17:48
^paradox^geeze my cousin needs a hand at his storage room. ill have to try this later this evening, but ill save the chat for referrence17:52
viddif its after 5pm eastern, i wont be available17:53
^paradox^ok np. at least my pc doesnt have a serious problem :D17:54
linko47hi there18:09
viddwhats up18:09
linko47not much. getting ready to wash some clothes18:10
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viddcan anyone recommend some kind of root kit detector?21:50
viddi use rkhunter, but would like to have a second tool21:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rootkit21:51
Myrttior whatever it was21:52
* Myrtti checks21:52
viddi just think its odd there are no updates for rkhunter in 3 months21:53
viddis that apt-get -able21:53
Myrttithat's where I looked it up21:53
vidddo you use it?21:54
Myrtti!info chkrootkit21:54
ubottuchkrootkit (source: chkrootkit): Checks for signs of rootkits on the local system. In component main, is optional. Version 0.47-1.1 (hardy), package size 264 kB, installed size 740 kB21:54
viddheh...you use anything?21:54
Myrttinope - I don't install stuff from outside sources21:54
Myrttiie. everything is from either launchpad ppa's or ubuntu official repositories21:55
viddso your linux box is never connected to the internet21:55
viddor windows machines?21:55
Myrttino windowses outside virtual machines21:55
viddmaybe im just paranoid21:56
Odd-rationaleif you have a strong password, and a disabled root account, you should be quite safe from rootkits...imo21:56
MyrttiI'm more worried about physical threats21:57
MyrttiI've got all my partitions encrypted and grub single user mode is also behind password21:57
viddthe only physical theat i have to worry about is the kid standing on the laptop bag with the lappy in it21:57
Myrttiso you don't ever leave home with your laptop then ;-)21:58
viddno....i never leave my laptop unattended21:58
Myrttifair enough21:58
viddif i left it home, id have to worry about the old lady finding all that prn21:59
Myrttiof course I've got a company policy watching behind my back that everything that might contain company stuff should be on encrypted media22:00
viddnever a bad polocy22:00
* vidd never bothered to encrypt hd's22:01
Myrttibut then again one of our clients has a company policy that everyone working on their products should be monitored with security cameras while they work22:01
viddhow would you rescue from an unbootable drive?22:01
Myrttiwhich *ROFL* is kinda hilarious thought since most of us work from home22:01
Myrttividd: I've got multiple backups22:02
viddso, basically, if the drive dies, the data is lost?22:03
Myrttione serverside, one separate encrypted hard drive, encrypted tarballs on DVD's22:03
vidd*data on that drive*22:03
Myrttiand same data on both my desktop and laptop22:03
Myrttiemails on the imap server... most of work stuff on svn...22:04
Myrtti I'm quite safe even if harddrives would fail :-)22:04
viddso it would seem22:05
Myrttibeauty of Linux - backups are really easy to do22:05
MyrttiI once formatted my / from under me22:06
viddbut in theory, would one be able to recover encrypted data from a failed hd?22:06
Myrttiif they can first decipher my strong >=12-charachter passwords22:07
viddim speaking from a you recover your own data from a failed hd22:08
MyrttiI don't22:08
viddbut you could if you had to?22:08
MyrttiI've got backups from where I recover22:08
Myrttiwhy bother - it's cheaper to get the data from the backups than to send the harddrive to data recovery experts22:09
viddbecause at the moment i dont have back-ups, and i dont have a data recovery expert22:10
viddif i decide to encrypt hd's, i need to know im not going to paint myself into a coner22:10
Myrttibackups are always a good idea, even if the harddrives were not encrypted22:11
MyrttiI've had backup system three years before I started encrypting my harddrives22:11
viddso basically, your not going to answer my question22:13
vidddoes anyone else know....can you use a live cd to recover data from an encrypted hd if you know the password?22:14
viddthank you...thats all i wanted to know22:15
viddi undersatnd that you , personally, would not22:15
Myrttigiven it has not failed physically and the tools in the live cd can recover data22:16
viddive had to recover data of laptop hd's that ran windows lots of times22:16
viddusually just a simple mount command to view them22:17
viddwell...im out22:25
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