lifelessGaryvdM: the index layer does have a cache of its own, and the majority of the cost of traversing is disk io and parsing, yes.00:00
lifelessGaryvdM: but with a big enough data set, the cache can be exhausted, which would lead to duplicate IO00:00
pooliegood morning00:01
GaryvdMSo should I send a patch?00:01
lifelessGaryvdM: if you've written the code, sure - we can examine it00:01
pooliespiv, lifeless, call in a sec00:03
Spazya but that's at the cost of higher latency00:05
Spazwrong channel00:05
mwhudsonSpaz: that would be an appropriate comment in here /quite/ a lot of the time :)00:06
Spazmwhudson, it was related to OS dev00:08
Spaznot sure you would be interested :p00:08
lifelesspoolie: sure, call is fine00:16
pooliecalling you...00:20
Macarsehi, which is the best way to: If I delete a file, to get it back?00:54
poolieMacarse, bzr revert FILENAME00:55
Macarsepoolie: thanx00:58
thumperpoolie, spiv: how is the work on the smart server working with stacked branches?03:07
spivthumper: poolie knows the most about that I think03:10
thumperspiv: ok, thanks03:10
mwhudsonafaik the branch is approved03:10
* mwhudson pokes around in bb03:10
pooliethumper, not sure if you saw that04:18
pooliemy net connection seems to be flapping again...04:18
pooliethumper, bug 261315 is in review, i'll merge it for 1.704:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261315 in bzr "getting a stacked branch over the smart protocol fails with "Could not install revisions"" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26131504:18
thumperpoolie: great04:45
* igc lunch04:48
BahamutZEROHello fellow Bzr users. I have a strange problem, and would need some assistance.05:52
BahamutZEROI setup a shared repository with the 1.6.1-rich-root format.05:54
BahamutZEROMy partner created a local branch on his machine with just bzr init, and then pushed to that repository.05:54
BahamutZERODoing a bzr info on this remote branch (inside that shared repository) indicates the branch format is "unnamed"05:54
bob2they're using 1.6?05:55
BahamutZEROTrying to branch that remote branch on my machine then yields a ERROR: KnitPackRepository (url) is not compatible with RemoteRepository(url) error.05:55
BahamutZEROYes, they should be.05:55
BahamutZEROThey downloaded the latest Bzr for Windows binary.05:55
BahamutZEROSo, after that first failure, I bzr upgrade --format 1.6.1-rich-root inside the shared repository branch05:56
BahamutZEROIt seemed to succeed, and a bzr info on it now reports the format is 1.6.1-rich-root05:56
BahamutZEROhowever, trying to branch from that yields the same error, with the addition of the error message "different rich-root support"05:56
bob2you get that error when trying to branch using 1.6.1?05:58
spivIs there a shared repository locally?  Why are you using 1.6.1-rich-root?05:59
BahamutZEROThe shared repository is on my machine, so it is "local" in that sense05:59
BahamutZEROI have no idea :p05:59
BahamutZEROIt seems it is required for bzr-svn support, but I am quite new at Bzr. Should I just leave it at the default format?06:00
spivTHe "different rich-root support" message is saying that the local repository is in a format that's incompatible with the remote format.06:00
spivAh, if you're using branches from bzr-svn, then yes you do need a format with rich-root support such as 1.6.1-rich-root.06:01
BahamutZEROif there is no local repository, will the branch command create one?06:01
BahamutZEROAnd if so, it would likely pick the default format06:01
BahamutZEROleading to that error06:01
spivRight.  (Even a standalone branch has a repository, it just isn't shared with any other branches.)06:01
BahamutZEROAnd my current situation is a pure Bzr scenario; in that case, which format is preferable?06:01
spivIf you're not using any plugins, then the default format created by "bzr init" is fine.06:02
BahamutZEROyeah, so I would have to bzr init --format... then branch from inside there, provide the --format to the branch command06:02
BahamutZEROnoted, thank you06:02
spivChoosing a non-default format is really a "you should understand why you are doing this" situation :)06:03
BahamutZEROhaha, or a RTFM :p06:03
vilagoood morning bazaar !06:49
pooliehello vila!06:50
poolielifeless, i finished your book, it was pretty good06:50
vilapoolie: that's the second time you said so, now I'm curious :) What is this book about, what's the title ?06:51
poolie"Leadership and Self Deception"06:52
vilathks :)06:55
pooliei can give you a synopsis but i think robert is reluctant to disclose any spoilers06:57
pooliethe narrative form perhaps makes it a bit hard to express other than in examples but i think the key message is06:58
poolieconsistent with writers about mindfulness06:58
vilahehe, just read the abstract and bookmarked it for later, if you both enjoyed it, it's quite enough reviews to try it :)06:59
pooliethat if you notice you're doing something unpleasant, (making yourself) feel bad, or frustrated with other people06:59
poolieit may be a clue that you're twisting yourself up to justify something that's not actually true, or a decision you don't really believe in06:59
vila'doing something unpleasant" ? Because *you* feel that unpleasant or others feel that unpleasant ?07:00
pooliewell, either, but i had in mind07:00
pooliethe former07:01
vilaI see07:02
pooliefor instance, sometimes i keep working late on something in a bloody-minded way, without really enjoying it or necessarily being more productive07:03
poolieif you asked me at this moment i'd say it's because i really want to fix this bug or whatever it is07:04
pooliethey suggest that if i thought about it more clearly, my motivation might really be to prove to myself that i work hard, or something like that07:04
poolielifeless, would you agree with that summary?07:08
vilaquality vs quantity, a life's work ;)07:09
lifelesspoolie: its an interesting take on it, its not the take I have07:12
lifelessvila: I suggest grabbing it and reading it :)07:12
* vila stretch his arm across earth but fails to grab :D07:13
kwwiiso what does one do when bzr says that it is unable to obtain lock (for 65 hours, 53 minutes) and the bzr break-lock command doesn't work?07:43
spivkwwii: break-lock should work07:43
spivDoes it give an error, or just silently fail to break the lock?07:44
kwwiispiv: it says bzr ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url ...07:44
spivkwwii: ah, let me guess, this is on Launchpad?07:44
kwwiispiv: yes :-)07:45
spivkwwii: Don't use the "lp-1234://..." URL with bzr break-lock, just use the regular URL you use to access the branch.07:45
spive.g. "lp:foo" or "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/...".07:46
mwhudsonspiv: going to need a bzr dev's help to fix that bug :)07:46
spivThe error message that suggests break-lock is a bit misleading, it's a known bug.07:46
spivmwhudson may even have the bug number handy ;)07:46
spiv(The error message that suggests *the wrong URL* for break-lock, that is.  Suggesting break-lock is entirely appropriate.)07:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250451 in bzr "bzr suggests wrong URL for break-lock with a LP hosted branch" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:47
kwwiispiv: wonderful! that worked, thanks :-)07:48
kwwiiyou made my morning07:48
spivWho needs search APIs when you have lp devs to find bugs for you? :)07:48
spivkwwii: glad I could help.07:48
mwhudsonspiv: i'm sure you know this, but the programmatic api for locks in bzr is *terrible*07:48
spiv"Patches welcomed."07:49
mwhudsonunfortunately it smells like an area which risks "patches argued about for weeks"07:50
spivThat's why I didn't say "Patches accepted" ;)07:51
lifelessI don't think it would be argued over07:51
spivActually, I don't think it's so terrible.07:51
AfCOh boy, I'm totally going to use that in my next big public keynote rant :)07:51
mwhudson(also, no time, as usual)07:51
spiv(But I wouldn't want reality to get in the way of a joke)07:51
AfCspiv: (no fear :))07:52
lifelessnight everyone07:59
pooliemwhudson, what kind of thing are you talking about with the lock api?08:02
mwhudsonpoolie: breaking a lock requires installing a ui factory and using a specific lock id requires setting an environment variable are the ones i remember08:11
lifelessmwhudson: environment variable?!08:12
mwhudsonlifeless: BZR_EMAIL iirc08:12
lifelesslock ids should be random always08:12
mwhudsonwell not lock id perhaps08:14
mwhudsonthe <whoever> in "this branch was locked at 8:54pm by <whoever>"08:14
lifelessoh sure08:16
markhheh - 'bzr co -v' doesn't appear very verbose - it is still silent if the checkout succeeds.08:25
jmlif a working tree falls in the woods etc etc08:28
lifelessjml: its a bear ?08:33
* jml could do with a beer08:41
jmlnot sure what I'd do with a mute, narcoleptic forest bear though.08:41
jmllifeless: want to talk about testresources?08:42
pooliejml, want a quick call?08:42
jmlpoolie: sure, why not.08:43
lifelessjml: if we're quick, raid is at 608:44
pooliei prefer raid 1...08:44
lifelesssunwell time :)08:45
lifeless>>>>> raid 108:45
jmllifeless: poolie got me first. some other time.08:47
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d3koHi to all!09:35
d3koI don't know if this is the right place, but I have a very strange error using bazaar and I didn't found anything on google or forum....09:36
d3koThis is the error:09:37
d3kodarkstar:/opt/ezechiele# bzr check09:37
d3koChecking working tree at 'file:///opt/ezechiele/'.09:37
d3kobzr: ERROR: not well-formed (invalid token): line 10892, column 7409:37
d3koAny suggestion?09:38
poolied3ko: please file a bug on launchpad.net including the traceback from ~/.bzr.log, and post the number here?09:38
d3kook, I do it asap and I post the number. Thank you very much.09:40
jonnydeehi, I tried to use "bzr shell" on windows but invoking this command returns with "ERROR: No module named readline". I did some research and it turns out that the python installation for windows does not ship with such a library (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/readline/2.5.1): "[...]f you are using Windows, which also ships without GNU readline, you might want to consider using the pyreadline module instead, which is a readline replace09:51
Odd_Blokejonnydee: You got cut off at 'readline replace'.09:51
Odd_BlokeBut that sounds like something worth filing a bug for.09:51
Odd_BlokeAssuming, of course, that one isn't already there.09:51
jonnydeeOdd_Bloke: what do you mean with "cut off at 'readline replace'"? Is it the python line in Bazaar which produces this error?09:52
mwhudsonjonnydee: each line in irc can only be so long09:53
mwhudsonjonnydee: so your long line got truncated09:53
jonnydeeok, I see. So here is my complete text again:09:54
jonnydeehi, I tried to use "bzr shell" on windows but invoking this command returns with "ERROR: No module named readline"09:54
jonnydeeI did some research and it turns out that the python installation for windows does not ship with such a library (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/readline/2.5.1)09:54
jonnydee"[...]f you are using Windows, which also ships without GNU readline, you might want to consider using the pyreadline module09:54
jonnydeeinstead, which is a readline replacement written in pure Python that interacts with the Windows clipboard."09:54
jonnydeethat's it :)09:55
Odd_BlokeFile a bug. :)09:55
jonnydeeok, so I will look for a corresponding bug and file one if no one does exist09:55
jonnydeethanks for your help :)09:56
d3kopoolie: ok, I posted the bug. Bug number is 267670, link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/26767010:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267670 in bzr "bzr check and revert fails with "ERROR: not well-formed (invalid token)"" [Undecided,New]10:01
jonnydeeOdd_Bloke: I've posted the bug now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/26767410:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267674 in bzr "Invoking "bzr shell" on Windows returns "bzr: ERROR: No module named readline"" [Undecided,New]10:08
Odd_Blokemarkh: ^10:08
awilkinsAnyone know of a way of making urllib NOT use a proxy on windows?10:11
awilkinsjonnydee: You need to install pyreadline then it works.10:12
jonnydeeso pyreadline is compatible with gnu readline?10:12
awilkinsjonnydee: I can't recall, I did this a while ago10:13
jonnydeeok, I will try it... thanks a lot for your help10:13
awilkinsBut possibly not windows...10:14
awilkinsOh, wait, PyReadline is for Windows...10:14
jonnydeehey, wow!! it works!!! :) :) :)10:14
jonnydeeSo what should I do with the bug report?10:15
awilkinsMaybe put a comment on it suggesting that Windows users should install PyReadline?10:15
awilkins(the error message could say this too)10:16
jakobd3ko: what is in the directory in the non-working example??10:16
jonnydeeMaybe change it such that Bazaar should somehow tell windows users to download and install this library in order to mak the 'shell' command work10:16
jakobd3ko: since the bzr add command gives no feedback, it seems that you're committing an empty branch, which shouldn't work to begin with10:16
jakobd3ko: at least, I get  bzr: ERROR: no changes to commit. use --unchanged to commit anyhow10:17
d3kojakob: no, the add command works well and gives me complete output10:17
jakobso what is the output??10:17
d3kojakob: in the log there is the complete output, I put the [...] because the project is quite big10:17
jakob:P aah, went too fast :P10:18
jakobd3ko: could it have something to do with keymapper/priva.####OD#10:21
jakobwhere the #'s are some strange characters that my browser can't print??10:22
d3kojakob: yes, maybe10:23
d3koi try to delete that file, is not fundamental10:23
spivd3ko, jakob: yes, I'd say that filename is likely to be the problem10:24
d3kojakob, spiv: YES! check now is working!10:25
d3koI try some change and then revert10:25
spivI don't think 0x08 in ASCII can be represented in XML files, and bzr uses XML for recording the inventory.10:25
awilkinsXML? Urrrgh.10:26
spivbzr ought to give a better error in this case, and give it sooner.10:26
awilkinsAnd use less XML!!!!10:26
jszakmeisterawilkins: +1!10:26
spivawilkins: yeah, there's a new inventory format that gets worked on from time to time.10:26
d3kospiv, jakob: yes, all seems working!10:27
spivIf you ask on the list poolie or someone can probably post an update on where it's at.10:27
awilkinsI know that SVN went from XML wc metadata to K/V pairs and gained lots of performance10:28
d3koThat was a spurious file, I think too that bzr ought give an error earlier10:28
d3koThank you all!! So fast :)10:30
spivI think SVN used XML alot more heavily than bzr is using it.10:30
d3koMaybe file names should encoded in some way, like Base64?10:31
jszakmeisterspiv: yeah, it was littered all through-out the working copy.  It's still used between mod_dav and the client too.10:31
spivIIRC it's certainly visible in the profiles of certain operations, but perhaps surprisingly not as dominant as one's "yuck XML yuck" intuition might lead you to expect :)10:31
spivI haven't looked at that data recently, though.  I know it's something we plan to replace, it just hasn't got to the top of the list of things to do.10:32
jszakmeisterOh, I believe you.  I just have a personal disgust for XML... seems to be everyone's hammer in the corporate environment. :-)10:33
poolienight all10:34
spivjszakmeister: yeah.  Our working copy state is in mostly in a single binary file, rather than scattered in lots of little files all through the tree.10:34
d3kospiv, jszakmeister, jakob: what I have to do with bug report?10:34
d3koI can give the solution10:34
d3koHave i to do something else?10:34
spivd3ko: please do explain your workaround, i.e. that it was just that one file name that was the problem.10:35
d3konight, poolie! Here is 11:35 AM :)10:35
spivd3ko: that's all you need to do10:35
spivpoolie: g'night10:35
jszakmeisterspiv: Which is a great idea. :-)  I've wanted to switch since SVK showed how keep it more central could be a boon.  But the WC code is more than I can take on right now.10:36
awilkinsMaybe we should do a protocl buffers version...10:41
awilkinsI've been meaning to experiment with proto for one of my own concerns - it's presently large, enterprisey, messages in XML10:42
awilkinsBut I'm not sure the underlying technology deserves to have it's life prolonged by being given a good serialization10:42
awilkinsAs far as I'm concerned, the more it sucks, the sooner we can move onto something better.10:43
d3kospiv: ok, I've added a comment with the explanation, I cannot change the status of the bug, maybe you can10:45
d3koI don't know if you are also developers, but... i love bazaar :) - great software!10:47
spivLots of us here are (including me).10:48
spivSo, thanks! :)10:48
spivd3ko: I've updated the bug status.  Thanks for the report.10:50
d3koThanks to you all :) - for support and software. Hope this helps other people.10:52
speakmanhi! any bzr-trac devs inhere?10:53
d3koNow I have to go (I have to fix some bugs in my own software!). Bye!10:53
speakmani've run into a strange bug and I don't know how to make a proper bug report with it.10:57
speakmanshort: I can't see changesets in branches, but in trunk it's ok.10:58
jakobdoes anyone have some experience with setting up authentication.conf files?11:13
jakobi'm trying for http, but bzr doesn't seem to do anything with it11:14
spivvila: ^11:16
* spiv -> food11:16
Pilkydoes anyone know what the state of the bzr-git plugin is?11:48
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vilajakob: what are you trying to do and what doesn't work ?12:01
Odd_BlokePilky: Very much alpha still, IIUC.12:07
Odd_Blokejelmer would know more.12:07
Pilkyok, thanks12:07
jakobvila: from the manual I suspected that if I do eg bzr co http://jakob@host/bzr_repos I wouldn't have to type a password, if I have an authentication.conf file with user=jakob,password=pass12:15
vilajakob: that's the idea yes12:15
jakobwell..... it doesn't work; maybe I need to set somewhere where my authentication.conf resides?12:16
vila*what* doesn't work ? :) and authentication.conf is in ~/.bazaar directory12:16
jakobaha, the command works, but I still have to type the password12:17
jakob(actually.... twice)12:17
vilathat means bzr couldn't find the right section in your file, how does it look ?12:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:18
jakobwhere I left out the actual pass.... that's all; I removed all the other options, to make things default12:19
jakobactually.... I found the answer already12:20
vilaAnd it is ?12:20
vilaI was about to advice using -Dauth so that the section used is shown, that helps debug the authentication.conf file12:21
jakobwell... I'm not sure yet what the precize answer is...12:22
jakobI went on to try to let the name of the section in the auth file exactly match the name of the domain as set in the .htaccess file12:23
jakobthen i suddenly started working12:23
jakobbut now I changed things back and it still works :P12:23
vilathe name in the file is just a comment really12:23
vilamay be you didn't save your file ? (I hate me when I do that :)12:24
vilaDoes using -Dauth shows you the relevant section name ?12:24
vilatry bzr info or bzr revno12:24
vilawith the right location added of course12:25
jakob-Dauth doesn't give any extra info....12:25
vilasorry, it's in the .bzr.log file12:26
vilanot on the screen12:26
jakobboth info and revno work like a charm12:27
jakob(I tried them on the remote location; assuming that was what you meant)12:27
vilaevery command should work the same, if revno works and not another, that's a bug12:27
vilas/work the same/& regarding authentication :)/12:28
jakobwell, indeed the [bzr-repos] section is used12:28
jakobweird... but what the hey.... things work as expected, so I'm happy now12:29
jakobeven though it remains a bit of a mystery what was going on previously12:29
vilagood, so your file is correct, be aware though, that your section is really a catch-all and will apply to all schemes12:29
jakobI know.... now that things work again, I'll put in details :)12:30
vilaok, let us know how it turns out :)12:30
jakobooh... one thing... can I use wildcards in the authentication.conf file12:33
jakoblike eg: host=www.*astro.rug.nl to allow catching www.astro.rug.nl as well as www.intra.astro.rug.nl?12:33
jakobhmm... apparently not :(12:35
vilajakob: hmm, no, but you can use .astro.rug.nl (note the leadind dot) to match the domain12:36
jakobvila: aah.. thanks! works like a charm :)12:36
vilahappy to help ((c) jam)12:37
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gnomefreakhow long should i wait for deletion of a branch? seems like everytime i push it goes to rev. 2 after deleting branch and im trying to make this rev 112:50
gnomefreaki trie --overwrite but still made it rev 212:50
awilkinsgnomefreak: When you push, it pushes your local revisions ; if your local branch is at r2, a new branch you push will be at r213:03
gnomefreakah thats right13:03
awilkinsgnomefreak: If you want it to be r1, make an empty branch and merge your r2 branch into ti13:03
gnomefreakno r2 now that i think since i want upstream r1 and r2 for this comit13:04
awilkinsOr since it's pretty young, why not trash the .bzr folder and re-init/add/commit13:04
jakobvila: I see you're one of the main developers of the web-dav plugin?13:06
jakobvila: any idea what the following means:13:07
jakobbzr: ERROR: http://www.intra.astro.rug.nl/%7Ejakobb/bzr_repos/repos1/.bzr/branch is permanently redirected to http://www.intra.astro.rug.nl/~jakobb/bzr_repos/repos1/.bzr/branch13:07
vilaapache2 humor13:07
jakobthat's what I was afraid of :/13:07
vilayou asked for 'blah blah', that's a directory, please use 'blah blah/'13:07
jakoblet me first ask if I use the plugin right: this is what I'm trying:13:08
jakobbzr push http+webdav://jakob@www.intra.astro.rug.nl/~jakobb/bzr_repos/repos1/13:09
vilaif you control the apache2 server you can use 'DirectorySlash Off' to tell him, you're working not joking :)13:09
jakobnope, I'm just a user.... that's the whole reason for going bzr13:09
jakobI want my repos accessible over http, such that I can let others access them as well, but still have some control over who accesses them through .htaccess13:10
vilait shouldn't error then, can you file a bug with the traceback and the relevant part of the log while running bzr push -Dhttp <etc>13:10
jakobthat's very much impossible with svn13:10
vilafile it against bzr-webdav, not bzr13:10
jakobwhat error message should I get if the webserver is not webdav-enabled?13:11
jakobanother one?13:11
vilaerrr, I don't remember exactly, certainly something like 50113:11
markhawilkins: you still here?13:11
vilabut I don't understand why a redirected leads to an error, that's why I ask for the traceback and the log13:12
jakobI'll file a bug asap13:12
jakobwell.... as far as I can tell it's not even a redirection by the way :P13:13
vilajakob: one thing you can try is to define a <Directory> section in your .htaccess (if your server allows it)13:13
jakobit's just the ~ that is replaced with %7E13:13
vilatake a look at the NOTES file in the webdav plugin13:13
vilahmm, where is that %7e coming from ? Did you type it or does it come from a remembered location ?13:15
jakobno, it's something that bzr does all over the place13:18
fullermdSeems to me that bzr URL-escapes ~ at the drop of a hat.13:19
awilkinsmarkh: Yes13:19
jakobvila: what do the Alias /bzr /src/DAV precisely do? Do they need to be changed for my particular installation or is it some standard stuff?13:20
vilafullermd, jakob : pedantically speaking '~' in an url should be escaped, that's what bzr does silently (mostly silently) . I'm still wondering why the http server can return an invalid url...13:21
vilajakob: forget the alias, it's just a short cut, you don't need it in your case13:21
jakobvila: before I actually didn't check the NOTES..... very bad, always RTFM :P13:28
vilaWell, the fine manual is not that good for that plugin :-) Patches welcome :)13:29
jakobvila: but apparently the 'DAV on' is needed? that actually gives me back a 50013:29
jakobI'll have to check with system management first I guess :/13:30
vilaDAV on is what *activates* dav, if the server doesn't support it... yes, you need to check with system management13:30
vilabut if you do, tell them to use DirectorySlash Off at the minimum, DavDepthInfinity on is also needed to support packs13:31
vilajakob: rug == royal university groningen ?13:33
vilaha, no, rijksuniversiteit groningen :) Should translate as above though...13:34
jakobvila: well, actually we don't have much to do with the university13:36
jakobthe astro-domain is for astronomy and we have our seperate system13:37
jakoblinux instead of win***&@#$!#@13:37
vilajakob: well, the question was more: *can* you get in touch easily the sys-admins to allow such modifications13:38
vilajakob: you connection is noisy, strange chars at the end of your previous message13:38
jakoband our own web-server....... which should support dav I was promised some time ago13:38
vilaapache2 ?13:38
jakobvila: aaaah, yes sure, the're right accross the hall :)13:38
jakobbut I'm figuring out some details about at least 2 other bugs right now.... sambaserver stuff :P13:40
vilaCheck with them then, and if they are affraid about the DavDepthInfinity, try to find a place where you can store all bzr related stuff, bzr itself uses a depth of max 3 or 413:40
jakobvila: isn't there some nice PHP-function that checks for webdav??13:40
jakobthe guy that actually admins the webserver is not at the institute today :(13:41
* vila knows nothing about PHP (not even the meaning of the TLA :)13:41
jakoboke... I'll find out....13:41
jakoband let you know of course ;)13:41
vilabut looking at the headers returned by the server should tell you (for which you just have to look at .bzr.log after issuing a bzr command with -Dhttp :)13:42
vilaexcept if the server is hiding itself...13:42
jakobin the last 2 years the system has been breached 3 times... so it just might do that13:44
jakobvila: DAV/2 it says13:52
vilafull header is ?13:53
jakobServer: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) mod_ssl/2.0.52 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP/4.3.9 mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.3.4 DAV/2 SVN/1.1.413:53
vilaI don't understand the '500' then :-(13:55
fullermdProbably means it doesn't allow fiddling with that setting in .htaccess.13:55
jakobI just found a website that also has some tests on it... I'll work through them first: http://www.howtoforge.com/setting-up-webdav-with-apache2-on-debian-etch13:56
vilafullermd: was wondering about that, but you know apache better than me :D13:56
fullermdOh, I dunno about that.  But I know how I've provoked 500's before   ;)13:57
vilahttp://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_dav.html says 'Context:directory' for the 'Dav on' directive. Does that forbids .htaccess ?13:58
fullermdNot necessarily, but it's probably under Options (seems to be the catchall), and that isn't AllowOverride'd for him there.13:58
fullermd(would be my guess, at any rate)13:59
fullermd(which is to say; it's not an Apache limitation, so much as a that-Apache-config limit)13:59
vilahttp://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/core.html#directory says 'Context:server config, virtual host'14:00
vilaI read that at forbidden in .htacess (which doesn't contradict your point)14:00
vilaOn the other hand the Dav Directive example is inside a <Location> 8-/14:02
jakobvila,fullermd: this cadaver-program says: 405 Method Not Allowed14:04
jakob(that's without the DAV on, just to see that it's maybe automatically enabled)14:04
jakobwith the DAV on, I immediately get an 50014:05
vilaFor what request ? (-Dhttp... )14:05
jakobooh, that's in another program, called cadaver14:08
jakobthat's apparently some sort of webdav-14:08
jakobsort of ftp for http-connections14:08
uniscriptIs there a way to get bzr-svn to only pull the head revision but keep things in true local .bzr (with no need to reaccess the svn repo) and then to push changes back up?14:09
uniscripti.e. without pulling the whole history14:11
vilajakob: ok, but what are you trying to do ? 500 is 'internal server error' I doubt you can debug that without looking at server logs14:12
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jakobvila: that's the problem; server logs are not accessible :(14:22
vilajakob: :-/ Even by asking kindly ? :)14:22
jakobvila: well, maybe if he is back at the institute... I usually can get a lot done with the admins, because I find many bugs for them, and often I also manage to find a solution, saving them time ;)14:26
vilajakob: ok, keep us informed anyway :)14:27
vilaand thanks for trying that hard :) Hopefully it will helps others once we understand the limitations.14:28
jakobvila: I'll keep y'all posted .......14:31
pickscrapeIf I bzr uncommit, should I be able to find the revision uncommitted in the shared repository?14:48
pickscrapeWhat is the best way to find it? bzr heads doesn't seem to be showing it.14:48
pickscrapeOoh, heads --all might help...14:49
johHi, I'm trying to push my repository to another machine with ssh:  bzr push --remember bzr+ssh://... but I get the following error: bzr: ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad protocol marker "error\x01Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad request 'bzr request 2'\n"15:12
johWhat's wrong? Version mismatch?15:12
johGot bzr 0.15 on the target and 1.3.1 on the client :P15:13
uwsWhy doesn't bzr+ssh://somehost/~/someproject work?15:13
uwsthe ~ is not expanded, and I need to provide a complete path to the branch :s15:13
markhawilkins: in case you happen to *still* be up - I'd love your review on my patch to solve the transport clone issues I send to the list on (my) Saturday.  But for now I must sleep...15:23
Odd_Blokeuws: It's a known problem, certainly.  Perhaps '~<username>/...'?15:41
uwsOdd_Bloke: that's just as bad ;)15:43
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PeakerWorkHey, is it possible to pull all revisions of all branches in some remote repository?16:52
Jc2kPeakerWork: there is a multi-pull command in bzrtools, i dont know if that works for your needs or not16:54
PeakerWorkJc2k: I am just wondering, in the context of comparing "git fetch" with bzr's pull16:54
Jc2kyes, im watching that convo :)16:54
Jc2kPeakerWork: i think multi-pull will only pull branches you are interested in16:56
Jc2kPeakerWork: so i could get branches from all overthe place (not just the mainline repository)16:57
Jc2kPeakerWork: and bzr multi-pull will keep them all up to date16:57
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PeakerWorkJc2k: but it won't see new branches/etc16:57
Jc2kPeakerWork: i think so, but i dont normally care about other peoples branches myself16:58
Jc2kof course, when i set up bzr-mirror.gnome.org i did look at what would be needed to let people clone a full repository16:59
Jc2kits not much effort, from what i recall16:59
PeakerWorkI much prefer the bzr approach, but I've only used git for a day..17:02
PeakerWorkwhen starting with bzr, it was after trying arch, monotone, and a couple of others. I loved bzr because it was the first time I tried things, and they worked exactly as I'd expected17:03
PeakerWorknow with git, I'm puzzled by the CLI again17:03
Jc2ki set up bzr-mirror.gnome.org, git-mirror.gnome.org and hg-mirror.gnome.org17:03
Jc2kthats a lot of repositories17:03
Jc2kgit caused me the most pain17:03
Jc2kand it still isnt set up right17:03
PeakerWorkmaybe Pythoneers minds are wired differently :)17:03
Jc2ke.g. http://blogs.gnome.org/johncarr/2008/08/22/git-mirrror-making-it-suck-less/17:04
Jc2kPeakerWork: that entire conversation is annoying. does the entire conversation condense to "we think git is the best because everything is in one folder" ?17:14
PeakerWorkJc2k: well, there is the pre-fetching of remote branches that might be useful to you later, which is useful..17:18
Jc2kPeakerWork: well, tags would be pre-fetched obviously17:18
Jc2kPeakerWork: generally the number of branches to number i care about means that im pulling a lot of noise17:19
PeakerWorknoise is cheap :)17:20
PeakerWorkyou can merge the interesting stuff very quickly which is nice17:20
Jc2ki suppose17:21
Jc2kim not very familiar with the bzr code, but it looks fairly easy to code this up17:21
Jc2ki think the reason it hasnt is that the bzr guys have thought about it and just dont agree with the git model17:21
PeakerWorkthe switch working tree model is also nice for very large working trees17:22
robstais there a prepare-ChangeLog.pl with bzr support out there?17:25
LarstiQPeakerWork: swithcing working trees is a different problem from "clone a repository"17:32
PeakerWorkLarstiQ: yeah, it is also useful, though17:32
LarstiQPeakerWork: it is, and bzr does it as well.17:32
PeakerWorkLarstiQ: that's great, I love bzr.  Its still said that git scales better, so I have to put up with it for this large project, instead of bzr :(17:34
LarstiQPeakerWork: is that your decision, or collaboration with others?17:40
LarstiQPeakerWork: just curious17:40
PeakerWorkLarstiQ: well, a bunch of coworkers here (including me) want to move from perforce into something reasonable (read, dvcs)17:41
LarstiQPeakerWork: and the next question is then of course, did you try bzr and find it too slow, or was the decision to use git made based on expecting scaling problems?17:41
LarstiQPeakerWork: aha :)17:41
PeakerWorkI can try to convince them of a different decision, but the project is pretty large, and they're very afraid of having it be too slow with bzr, and being committed to a tool that might be too slow17:41
PeakerWorkwell, what if it grows too slow as the history grows, rapidly?17:41
PeakerWorkwe can't "try" to know that?17:42
* LarstiQ nods17:42
LarstiQPeakerWork: very understandable17:43
LarstiQPeakerWork: is it already sizeable? Or do you foresee it growing very fast?17:43
PeakerWorkits pretty large already, file-wise. History-wise, its in perforce and would be hard to extract17:44
PeakerWorkp4 keeps history on a per-file basis17:44
LarstiQPeakerWork: there used to be a p4 plugin for bzr, no clue if that is maintained17:44
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LarstiQPeakerWork: if you have some spare time, I'd be interested to know if that still works (and gives satisfactory results)18:03
PeakerWorkI'll try to remember to try that, I'll be off work here for a couple of weeks though18:03
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evgeI have create a authentication.conf in ~/.bazaar for sftp host, but bzr keep asking me for password, any ideas ?19:59
Verterokevge: I think ssh/sftp allways prompts for user input20:00
Verterokevge: if you have pub/priv keys, you can use a ssh-agent20:01
evgeyeah, this would be a solution for the future, the initial problem was that olive-gtk poped up an error when I tried to update that branch :/20:03
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Snaury__jelmer: do you plan on improving subversion error reporting in bzr-svn? I just received SubversionException: (None, 170001) and I spent quite some time to figure it was just Authorization error. ;)20:43
jelmerSnaury__, it should already convert a 170001 error into a regular "Permission Denied" error20:44
jelmerSnaury__, if you get a traceback for 170001, please file a bug about it (and include the traceback)20:44
Snaury__Hmm. Then it could be a bug: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/44642/20:45
Snaury__I was trying to svn-push into a repository where I forgot to edit svnserve.conf and add write rights.20:45
jelmerSnaury__: Looks like we simply need to catch SubversionExceptions there and raise convert_error(ex)20:46
Snaury__So, do you want me to file a bug report or will you just fix it without one?20:49
Snaury__jelmer ^^20:49
jelmerSnaury__, please file a bug report20:49
jelmerSnaury__, I don't have time to look into it atm, and I would otherwise probably forget about it20:50
Snaury__jelmer: ok, doing it now20:50
Snaury__bug #26789920:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267899 in bzr-svn "svn-push has uncaught SubversionException 170001" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26789920:59
jelmerSnaury__, thanks!20:59
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jelmerSnaury[away], should be fixed in 0.4.13 with a bit of luck21:10
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a7phi everyone - I'm just wondering why I cannot a bug concerning the bzr-eclipse-plugin (when entering a comment, eclipse crushes regulary) - does anyone know this one?22:07
beunoa7p, sorry, you cannot what?22:07
Verteroka7p: just going to ask that ^22:08
Verterokhi beuno22:08
beunohiya Verterok  :)   how's your first day of vacation?22:08
a7p;) I cannot enter a Commit Comment22:08
nDuffa7p, "cannot a bug" -- you mean cannot file a bug? cannot find any references to a previously-filed report on that bug?22:09
a7pcannot find a bug22:09
nDuff*someone* is always first22:09
Verterokbeuno: it's ok...trying to get up to date with bzr-related things :)22:10
nDuffmight be you this time.22:10
beunoVerterok, that may take you a while  ;)22:10
a7pI had this behavior a few month ago, when I tried bazaar-eclipse and is still there, absolutly reproducible - It is impossible to use bzr with eclipse... I cannot believe no one else stubled upon this one.22:10
Verteroka7p: please file a bug. also if you have a stacktrace, that would be great22:11
Verteroka7p: I'll take a look ATM22:11
Verterokbeuno: indeed, tons of mails to read22:11
a7pbut if there is no obvious known reason (which I just did not see), I'll gladly file a bug.22:11
a7pVerterok: thx.22:12
Verteroka7p: I use bzr-eclipse to work on bzr-eclipse and never get into that bug :p22:12
a7pVerterok: okay, now I feel lonley *g*22:13
Verteroka7p: but if you can reproduce it, attach <workspace>/.metadata/.log and I'll try to reproduce it22:13
a7pI am running 1.7dev with eclipse-gandymede on osx - may be a rare setup.22:14
Verteroka7p: not at all. I'm with the exact setup :)22:14
Verteroka7p: OS X 10.4, bzr.dev and eclipse 3.422:14
a7psame, but osx 10.5.422:15
a7pVerterok: dcc, mail or should I attach it to a bug?22:16
Verteroka7p: please attach it to the bug22:17
a7pokay, l'll send you the LP-id in a minute22:17
Verteroka7p: great!, thanks22:19
a7pLP: 26792422:25
beunobug #26792422:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267924 in bzr-eclipse "Eclipse crushes when a Commit Comment is entered" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26792422:25
beunoyou have to know how to tickle ubottu the right way22:25
a7p@ Verterok - hope it helps ... if you have any further questions about my setup, feel free to contact me.22:25
a7pbeuno: been lazy the last months... all work no play ... *g*22:26
pickscrapebeuno: just out of interest, has the breadcrumbs stuff been looked at? I'm fully prepared to be told that it's naff and needs work. :)22:27
Verteroka7p: ok, I'll take a look as soon I finish a new the merge dialog. thanks22:27
beunoa7p, you can solve that by getting a job on what you play with22:27
beunopickscrape, ah, I suck. I'll get to it this week, I super-promise.22:28
beunoI've been slacking off on Loggerhead stuff22:28
pickscrapeno problem :)22:28
pickscrapeI do foresee there being problems with it. The template stuff is new to me, especially the macro side of things.22:28
beunoI'm sure we'll work it out pretty quickly, it was shaping up pretty well last time I peaked at it22:29
beunotomorrow seems like a good day for me to do some LH work22:29
pickscrapeAnyone have any idea how I might track down a segfault when running bzr qlog?22:46
a7pbeuno: if you are hireing for anything interessting, feel free to tell me *g* - currently I am doing "flash-shit", but the next paid project is going to be zope3-based ... and I am really happily looking forward to that.22:46
lifelessactionscript and python have a lot in common22:48
a7plifeless: but not enough ..22:58
a7pI also hate the flash-player and the adobe authoring enviroment22:58
spivGood morning.23:59

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