rhce7321Well,... just installed my 1st edubuntu.   Installed 8.04 desktop amd64 & added all the stuff on the add-on CD.  Question, where is the thin client mgr mentioned in:10:58
rhce7321http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/ltsp-tcm.html  ???10:59
rhce7321...and also, I don't have the directories /etc/ltsp or /opt/ltsp yet.   Have I missed something important?11:07
rhce7320Think I found what I wanted...13:12
rhce7320sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server13:12
rhce7320 sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i38613:12
rhce7320wainting now for client to build.  This client build is pulling all the stuff down from the net.  Would it use the CDROM if I had the installer CD in it?13:14
ograif you have an i386 CD, do mount /cdrom and use "sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386 --mirror file:///cdrom"13:18
ogra(note that only works with the alternate CD, not the desktop CD)13:19
rhce7320ogra: Aha! there is a way to do it! thanx.13:43
coregsorry edubuntu class room edition it's a live with ltsp working out of the box?16:36
* LaserJock rings ogra's doorbell16:38
Fritz87the latest edition of edubuntu is an add on for ubuntu16:39
Fritz87but once its in everything works16:39
Fritz87I think the previous version has a live CD16:40
coregthe question is, I'v eto install it to try ltsp?16:40
LaserJockcoreg: To install LTSP you just need the Ubuntu Alternate CD16:41
coregthere is not a way to have a live cd with dhcp and ltsp already installed? I don't want to install nothing on pc for now16:42
coregits just for test16:43
LaserJockit might be possible, but it's not very easy16:43
LaserJockyou could take the Ubuntu Desktop CD, and then install ltsp-server-standalone16:44
LaserJockI think though that means you have to do more configuration that you would if you just installed from the Ubuntu Alternate CD16:48
LaserJockogra: do you know why we're messing with the .po files in tuxtype?19:24
ograno, not really19:24
LaserJockaren't the .po files taken from Rosetta?19:24
ogrado we ?19:24
ograyeah, i would think so ...they should be in one of the langpacks19:24
ograwhats wrong ?19:24
ogra(sorry, i woud have pung, but just returned from shopping and had a buch of conf calls)19:25
LaserJockwell, I was wanting to sponsor the merge ^^ but I wanted to check with you first about the .po stuff19:25
LaserJockogra: np19:25
ograah, there is a merge issue with greek and malayalam19:26
ograyeah, i remember that19:26
LaserJockbut why would that cause problems? do we not translate tuxtype in Rosetta?19:26
ograit causes probs with MoM, not with rosetta19:26
ograthat could as well get dropped19:27
ograi bet19:27
ograbut it wont do harm if its there iirc its only three lines or so and only utf8 chars19:27
LaserJockwell, it's a rather large part of the the debdiff I linked too19:28
ograi only looked at the changelog ... one sec19:28
LaserJockI wasn't sure if that was due to a bad merge or if we really wanted all that19:28
ogragreek is three lines19:29
ograi cant judge malayam19:30
ograbut malayam seems to be mostly whitespace diff19:30
LaserJockI don't understand why MoM would have an issue19:31
ograintresting that swedish is in there19:31
LaserJockI would think removing diff would be a +19:31
ograbut not mentioned in the changelog19:31
ograwell, only whitespace as well19:32
LaserJockI don't particularly like removing translation attribution either19:32
LaserJockas in malayalam19:32
ograwe should really take debians files19:34
ograso we lose the diff19:34
LaserJockok, so there isn't .pot file in the source19:35
LaserJockbut there's a lang.po file that looks like it's a .pot19:36
ograwe should probably ping holger19:37
LaserJockso tuxtype isn't being translated in Rosetta19:37
LaserJockas far as I can tell19:37
LaserJockso if we renamed that to .pot then it should get picked up and we'd be using the regular langpack system19:37
ograyeah, but we should coordinate with holger so he does it in debian and we finally lose that MoM crap19:39
LaserJockogra: sounds good, do you have time to do that? or should I19:47
ograi would appreciate if someone else could ... but i wouldnt dre to ask you :)19:48
LaserJockogra: I can send an email19:49
LaserJockbtw, it's looking less likely I can make it to UDS :(19:49
LaserJockI thought it was going to be scheduled the next week19:50
LaserJockbut instead it's scheduled for finals week here19:50
LaserJockand I'm proctoring/grading/teaching19:50
ogrameh :/19:50
ograand we pushed it to december already19:50
LaserJockyeah, it actually would've been better a week or two earlier :-)19:51
LaserJockbut I'll see if I can get a couple days away19:51
LaserJockbut I'm sure I can't make the whole week19:51
ograseems to be your curse that you can never attand a mountinview UDS completely then19:51
LaserJockyeah, really weird considering how close it is19:52

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