ScottKapachelogger: Looks good to me.00:02
EagleScreenhello people, now in Kubuntu Intrepid, if you want ot install sun-java6-plugin, it installs firefox, ubufox and all their dependences, this is becouse sun-java6-plugin has firefox as dependence and does not has konqueror, i have made a patch to change it in debian/rules00:19
apacheloggerEagleScreen: debian/rules?00:21
EagleScreendebian/control sorry00:22
apacheloggerEagleScreen: file a bug report against the source package of sun-java6-plugin and attach the patch00:23
EagleScreeni alreadu have filed a report00:23
EagleScreeni am now testing my patch00:23
apacheloggerScottK: thank you00:26
EagleScreenit seems that my patch works well :D00:38
vorianapachelogger: you could just do - Depends: *00:50
apacheloggervorian: rly?00:51
vorianwhy not?00:51
apacheloggervorian: do you have any MIRs to write?00:52
vorianyou are about to install 33,287 packages.  Do you wwant to proceed?00:52
vorianno, i don't00:52
vorianto both questions00:53
apacheloggerI think I am notsober enough to checkout all of kde www00:53
apacheloggeroh my00:54
apacheloggerme@apoc { ~/src/svn/kde }$ svn up www00:54
apacheloggerA    www00:54
* apachelogger is wondering why he keeps deleting that folder anyway00:55
voriani like your bash00:55
apacheloggerme too, it also shows how many screen windows I have opened :D00:57
apacheloggerif I had any of course00:57
vorianscreen the screen the screen00:58
apacheloggerme@apoc [scr:1] { ~/src/svn/kde }$00:58
voriancolours too?00:58
apacheloggereverything green, the @ is red and the [scr:1] is yellow00:58
* apachelogger likes fancy prompts :D00:59
vorianlooks like we need a ffe on plasmoid-qalculate, kio-bookmarks, plasmoid-wifi/weather00:59
neversfeldeffe = feature freeze exception?01:00
apacheloggervorian: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/snapshot093.png01:00
apacheloggerneversfelde: yus01:01
apacheloggervorian: kio already got one01:01
apacheloggerat least I uploaded something with 2.1 recently IIRC01:01
vorianmy eyes01:01
neversfeldeah, I had to think about it 2 or 3 minutes :)01:01
apacheloggervorian: the bottom green is a bit awful, isn't it :P01:02
vorianyeah :)01:02
apacheloggermakes me know that this is the remote screen01:02
* apachelogger always confused his local ones with his remote ones01:02
vorianAdvocated   September 05 17:36  apachelogger  01:02
vorianAll good.01:02
vorianUploaded, archived.01:02
vorianThank you!01:02
voriannot archived01:02
voriani can do it real quicklike01:03
apacheloggerpretty please01:03
apacheloggerthinking about it ... revu should have an automagic archive trigger01:04
goatsocksapachelogger: that konqueror screenshot is hideous :)01:04
apacheloggerlike "Gone it be!01:04
apacheloggergoatsocks: it is tango01:05
apacheloggeryou know, I had to take an oath to scream everytime I see tango when I joined oxygen01:05
apacheloggerdoing that screenshot was pretty exhausting01:05
goatsocksit makes konqueror look like *gasp* epiphany01:06
apacheloggerit certainly does slower rendering though ;-)01:06
vorianoh noes!01:06
apacheloggerbtw, did I already show-off my all new Vbox?01:07
apacheloggerbeautiful, isn't it :D01:08
goatsocksit's using qt4 now?01:08
apacheloggervbox 2.0 only got released recently01:09
goatsockswhere's the deb?01:09
voriani fully expected to see iATKOS01:09
* apachelogger seriously doesn't get that one01:10
goatsocksyou're right, 2.0... they just released 1.6.6 the other day, guess they're on a roll :)01:10
* apachelogger is wondering how long it would take to checkout kde www with git01:11
goatsocksis the intrepid iso boot problem under vbox fixed now?01:11
vorianvbox is the devil01:11
apacheloggergoatsocks: no01:12
apacheloggerI am really wondering if it is the kernel devs breaking compatibility all the time or the vbox devs doing non-future-proof development01:12
apacheloggerhardy didn't work either until some weeks before release01:12
goatsocksapachelogger: i see 2.0 supports 64 bit guests, has anyone tried x86_64 intrepid yet?01:16
goatsockswould be funny if it worked01:16
apacheloggerif canonical would buy me a 64big host... ;-)01:16
voriani run 64bit intrepid01:17
apacheloggervorian: install vbox and try running a 64bit intrepid :P01:17
vorianbot not with the devil vbox01:17
goatsocksi'll try it then01:18
apacheloggervorian: why do you thin the vbox is the devil?01:18
vorianwell, spell it backwards01:18
vorianthat's just wrong01:18
apacheloggerkubuntu -> utnubuk01:19
voriandon't scare me like that01:19
apacheloggersounds like a vampire name01:19
vorianor a Hockey team01:19
apacheloggeror a bug tracker01:20
vorianok, i'll buy that01:20
apacheloggerthey have uberfancy names like bugzilla and mantis and malone01:20
vorianmaybe a team that helps kubuntu give back to debian?01:20
apacheloggerhow does that relate to utnubuk01:21
goatsockswell i'm glad virtualbox.org is now hosting the sun version, but no intrepid, so i guess i'll have to build the OSE version :/01:21
apacheloggergoatsocks: hardly a heron version should work on intrepid as well01:22
* apachelogger thinks about watching a reel big fish01:22
goatsocksoh nice new registration form01:34
vorianok fine01:36
voriandevil box01:36
goatsocksvorian: but registration dialogs are surely of the devil?01:37
vorianyes always01:37
vorianwho are you?01:37
voriantoo big01:37
goatsocksi am a tool of the devil01:37
apachelogger<-- devil?01:37
vorianthe devils servant01:37
apacheloggerkio slaves ftw!01:38
vorianvbox slave01:38
apacheloggervirtual host -> virtual guest -> virtual node -> virtual slave01:38
apacheloggerjust think about it, a virtual cluster...01:39
goatsocksthe hardy deb seems to work, except the USB config01:39
apacheloggerwho needs usb anyway01:39
goatsocksbut i'm not using usb for any guest stuff so01:39
* apachelogger hands vorian and goatsocks a devil cookie01:43
* goatsocks eats devil cookie and wonders why the intrepid iso complains it's running on i68601:45
* goatsocks checks again... yep, installed the vbox for amd6401:46
goatsocksthis could be a hint as to what's wrong01:46
* apachelogger is skanking in the channel01:48
goatsocksjust to be sure i'll try a different 64bit distro iso01:49
apacheloggermaybe the sun broke the devil01:50
* goatsocks sucks up all of fedora's bandwidth01:50
apacheloggeryou shouldn't do that01:51
apacheloggerI am having an affair with fedora01:51
apacheloggerbut don't tell anyone01:51
goatsocksbah, they're topping out around 1 Mbps01:53
goatsocksoh, 7.2 Mbps01:55
JontheEchidnavorian: I got a ffe for kio-bookmarks and got 0.2.1 uploaded the other day02:03
JontheEchidnaWe need to reupload wifi/weather anyway since they're busted since they were compiled with 4.0.9802:04
JontheEchidnaso it could be counted as a bug02:04
voriancan you file an ffe?02:06
vorianplease :)02:06
JontheEchidnafor weather/wifi? sure, I guess02:06
JontheEchidnavorian: there is a bug for weather not working already02:10
goatsocksheh the fedora 9 x86_64 guest does the same thing... "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU."02:11
goatsockscould be this hardy package... i'll try compiling OSE from scratch02:12
vorianJontheEchidna: sweet!02:13
* JontheEchidna gets on preparing a rebuild package for weather02:15
JontheEchidnavorian: bug 26271002:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262710 in plasmoid-weather "[intrepid] plasmoid-weather does not start, unknow applet" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26271002:21
JontheEchidnaforgot to actually remove the cdbs folder02:21
JontheEchidnaok, got a good debdiff up & deleted the old one02:23
apacheloggerthat sounds weird02:28
ScottKJontheEchidna: That's a bug, so it's fine to upload (the bookmarks thing).02:39
JontheEchidnaScottK: bookmarks already got sponsored/uploaded02:40
ScottKMisunderstood the conversation then.02:40
ScottKwifi/weather then.02:40
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
ScottKWahoo.  Only 8 hours to build kdepim for Hardy Backports on hppa.04:22
seelewow, lots of kde love in this week's ubuntu weekly newsletter04:28
seelehuh, linked to my talk at akademy too04:28
seelegood thing my webserver is back up :-/04:29
ScottKseele: Did you see the discussion about Adept icon changes here a day or so ago?04:39
seeleScottK: i was here when they discussed what it could look like, but don't remember any conclusions04:41
ScottKOK.  I was hoping you'd have some advice.04:41
seelenot really until i see a picture04:42
seelethey could ask one of the oxygen people to come up with a concept04:42
ScottKMaybe mornfall and goatsocks can make some.04:42
seeledunno if kwwii could help them either04:42
ScottKPersonally, I mostly use apt-get, so it doesn't affect me much, but I think it's an important thing to get right.04:43
seeledouble yes (i use apt-get too, but it would help to have a good icon as well)04:43
ScottKSince they were arguing about usability, I thought you'd be a good referee.04:44
seeleyeah, we had diverging opinions on what direction the arrow should point04:46
seelei forget who, but someone thought it should point up because of "update", but i thought it should point down because you download updates04:47
seeleup is used in other places as "send" or "upload"04:47
ScottKI've successfully avoided having an opinion.04:49
ScottKSo while you all are having fun on the bleeding edge, I'm trying to get kde 3.5.10 to build on hppa.04:52
ScottKFor Hardy.04:52
goatsocksoh i have pix04:58
goatsocksone sec04:58
goatsocksseele: here's the result of my patch in adept-manager: http://img.flashtux.org/img132690cda68x389afd17.png05:00
goatsocksseele: and adept updater: http://img.flashtux.org/img132690cea6bxe34ea603.png05:00
goatsocksthe status icons now match the big icons in the leftmost pane, which is the user's selected kde icon theme (oxygen in this case)05:01
goatsocksi could make some screenies of unpatched adept, but i assume you already have it installed05:02
seeleoh, i thought you guys were talking about a general application and notification icon05:04
goatsocksi used an "up" arrow to indicate packages marked for upgrade because that's what synaptic does and i figure it wouldn't be good to have ubuntu's 2 major package manager gui's to have conflicting meanings05:04
goatsocksseele: oh no that was someone else's discussion the other day :)05:05
seeledo the icons in the list view include tooltips?05:05
goatsocksyeah, the tooltips are good and descriptive05:05
goatsockswait, in the list view i haven't tested05:05
seeleand they show in the list, not just the key?05:05
* goatsocks tests05:06
goatsocksok no tooltips in the list, but the key has tooltips05:06
goatsocksit would be trivial to add them to the list too05:06
seelethey need to be on the list05:07
seeleotherwise you have to go back and forth from the list to the key to figure out what it means05:07
seelewhich defeats the purpose of having them there instead of a label.  it's supposed to help you scan and make a selection and do an action faster, not slow you down05:08
seeleit also makes it harder to learn the icons because people will get sick of referring back to the key constantly instead of easily checking the tooltip in context05:09
goatsockssounds good, i'll send a patch to mornfall (since tooltips are orthogonal to our differences on iconography ;)05:09
seeleshould go to bed, was up way too late the other night05:10
* seele waves.05:10
mornfallOh, that's an oh-so-useless suggestion again.06:59
mornfallAnd it's not a f-ing key, either. Maybe people should try using the app before giving usability advice. D'oh.06:59
goatsocksmornfall: right, but it's a key in the sense that it's the only place the status icons are identified (via tooltips)07:05
mornfallWell, the icon's meaning is typed out in each list item.07:09
goatsocksmornfall: also true, however which text? for instance, if the icon in the list is a "remove" icon, the text will say "installed -- remove", and there is an icon for "installed" as well as "remove"07:10
goatsocksbut that also ties into my opinion that there's redundant information there that could be hidden (and revealed via tooltip like seele suggested)07:12
goatsocksbecause the redundant information (as in the case i just described) could confuse uers07:12
goatsocksyou could take another approach and ditch the tooltips, and replace for example "installed -- remove" with simply "Marked for removal", since obviously adept will only allow you to remove a package if it's currently installed07:16
mornfallgoatsocks: Not so obviously, as that's not true.07:16
goatsockshow would it be meaningful to remove a non-installed package?07:17
mornfallgoatsocks: There's also "upgradable" and "broken" as states in which a package can be removed.07:17
goatsocksin both cases the package is installed however, and if the user marks it for removal it hardly matters whether it's broken, upgradable, or installed properly07:18
goatsocksthe real problem is having to use a single icon to convey two different things: status and action07:20
goatsockspackagekit avoids that by using an icon for the status and a checkbox next to it for action07:21
goatsocksnot sure i find that usable though07:22
goatsockstwo icons might work: http://packagekit.org/img/kpk-information.png07:26
goatsocksand you could overlay a warning icon or up arrow icon on top of the package for broken/upgradable packages07:27
mornfallWell, I think the interface is just fine. When someone comes with an usability survey identifying real problems, I will think about changing the concepts. Till then, it's just "I think users think like this" which has very low credibility. Moreover, it's a few weeks too late, since the software is frozen since beta1 (as I have announced on several occasions). If someone is willing to gather some actual data for 3.1, the better.07:34
mornfallYou see, I hear lots of opinions about what I should change, they often conflict and the suggestors are often highly convinced that they are the most right of all.07:35
mornfallI do have limited time to work on adept, and as you see, beta 2 is slipping considerably. It would make sense to spend time on it, since it should have been out by last friday I guess.07:36
goatsocksfair enough... as i said it works for me on a technical level, but as for the gui, some parts of it hurt my brain ;)07:38
seaLneas mentioned on a kde irc channel there seems to be a problem with the extragear-plasma on hardy you just get a black blob which if you click on you just get the option to "remove this unknown plasmoid" this happens to me with the twitter one, it looks like the package is still from 4:4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2 with no new 4.1.1 package available which is presumably causing the problem?08:23
seaLneNightrose: did you say twitter plasmoid worked for you in hardy?08:29
NightroseseaLne: jep08:30
Nightrosebut i have it added for a while already08:30
Nightroseand I am so not going to remove and readd it :P08:30
Nightroseadded since at least 4.108:30
Nightroseor do you want me to check the package version?08:31
NightroseseaLne: it is kdeplasma-addons now08:34
Nightroseshould have upgraded though without problems...08:34
seaLneah yeah it sort of works if you ignore the fact that plasma workspace then crashed after adding for me08:52
seaLnehmm its if i mouse over it that plasma crashes weird08:53
seaLnebut analog clock is fine maybe its a result of having the old version of the plasmoid loaded? i don't know enough about plasma...08:55
Nightroseme neither08:58
seaLnei'd have thought the crashes and restarts should have flushed that though weird08:59
Nightrosehey danimo :)10:17
* danimo tries to figure out why okular in hardy doesn't want to load any backend except for ps10:18
danimoNightrose: are you maybe not already on intrepid? :)10:23
Nightrosedanimo: nope - still hardy here10:24
danimoNightrose: does okular work for you?10:24
Nightroseand probably staying with it for another while ;-)10:24
danimo(with pdf)10:24
Nightrosejep worksforme10:24
Nightrosetrid kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental?10:25
danimoNightrose: reinstallation helped :)10:26
Nightroseheh ok10:26
Riddellooh, I read all my outstanding e-mail this morning10:38
Riddellsmarter: you asked about libfacile-ocaml-dev, a while ago ocaml was wanted out of main but I see it's still in there so that shouldn't be a reason for not putting facile in main, fancy writing a MIR?10:40
smarterhey Riddell10:40
smarterI've never written one :)10:41
Riddellsmarter: start a wiki page FacilyMainInclusionReport  and use the MainInclusionTemplate, fill in the blanks10:42
RiddellJontheEchidna: kolourpaint patch uploaded10:47
RiddellI wonder if gcc is working this morning10:50
seaLneon intrepid i keep having kdeartwork-theme-icon installed then later removed due to conflicts :(10:58
seaLnesince upgrading to intrepid konqueror looks like http://personal.cis.strath.ac.uk/~kd/tmp/konq.png and dosen't do anything.  anyone else seen this?11:05
RiddellseaLne !11:13
Riddellkdeartwork-theme-icon conflicts with kdelibs from KDE 3 so understandable that it gets removed11:14
Riddellbut that shouldn't affect konqueror11:14
RiddellseaLne: do you have kubuntu-desktop entirely installed?11:14
Riddellgcc still broken, not a great time to upload anything11:16
Riddellor dist-upgrade11:18
seaLnewell kubuntu-desktop isn't complaining if i try a reinstall of it so i guess its fine11:29
RiddellseaLne: is konqueror fully installed11:31
Riddell(shot in the dark)11:31
seaLnekonqueror is already the newest version11:32
Riddellnext I'd try removing ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc  then ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/11:32
Riddell(save bookmarks.xml if you care about it)11:32
seaLnedeleting ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/ worked i guess its something weird with me if no one else saw it11:34
Riddellmore likely something weird with upgrade :(11:35
Riddellmvo said he would get hardy kubuntu-desktop-kde4 to intrepid kubuntu-desktop upgrades working in the dist upgrade tool11:36
Riddellthen we should work out an upgrade testing plan with the QA team11:36
seaLnehas it inproved much in the last week? my expierience of the upgrade couldn't be done by users11:37
RiddellI moaned to him about the problems you had and that's what he's working on11:38
seaLneyou saw my reply with the disk space bug no?11:39
smarterRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportFacile :)11:43
Riddellsmarter: perfect, can you subscribe ubuntu-mir to that bug?11:46
apacheloggerRiddell: please retry kdelibs12:03
Riddellapachelogger: you think gcc is fixed?12:04
apacheloggerwell, apparently kdelibs built on 2 arches12:04
Riddellkdegraphics failed an hour ago12:04
ScottKTwo archs never got infected with the bad GCC.12:04
apacheloggerWhy doesn't doko just revert the error causing change?12:05
ScottKHe tried.12:05
ScottKIt apparently will take some manual intervention on the buildd's.12:06
ScottKSee http://tinyurl.com/6jjs2k12:06
apacheloggerNow that is one awesome breakage :|12:07
apacheloggerBtw, I am currently downloading our new KDE 4.1.1 Remix CD12:08
Riddellapachelogger: ooh12:09
apacheloggerRiddell: made in germany ;-)12:18
* apachelogger suspects broken stuff all over the place12:18
* goatsocks suspects stuff12:19
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apacheloggerranting helps at times12:32
apacheloggerRiddell: kubuntu-restricted-extras doesn't need to depend on sun-java6-plugin, it only needs the -jre and the java path set in konqueror's config12:33
Riddellapachelogger: presumably java still needs to be installed?12:35
Riddellof course we have openjdk in main now12:35
apacheloggerRiddell: yes a JRE is needed12:36
apacheloggerI don't know about the compatibility of openjdk though12:36
apacheloggerRiddell: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/osiris/snapshot139.png12:38
RiddellQt 4 goodness?12:39
apacheloggeryeah, that too ;-) http://aplg.kollide.net/images/osiris/snapshot138.png12:41
apacheloggerbut most importantly KDE 4.1.1 goodness12:41
Riddellgo 4.1.1!12:42
apacheloggerhm, for every step of ubiquity it adds a new battery plasmoid12:48
apacheloggerI am at step 4 apparently ;-)12:48
apacheloggerRiddell: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/osiris/snapshot140.png12:56
Riddellmm but whyever?12:56
apacheloggerxsession-errors doesn't tell, I'll reboot and check plasma's stdout12:58
seelemornfall: i have used it and i thought it was a key13:14
seeleits the only place you can figure out what the icons mean13:14
mornfallNow, there are only 3 icons by default in manager: not installed, installed and upgradable. Is it *really* so hard to figure that the color-keyed text goes with the icon? When you choose an action, the icon of the item changes. I can imagine there are people who wouldn't notice the causality, but... I mean, is it really such a problem?13:20
mornfallAnd when they don't figure what the icons mean, does it matter at all?13:21
apacheloggerRiddell: doesn't happen now -.-13:21
apacheloggerreally odd issue13:21
mornfallseele: I have been surprised as how many issues users will either ignore or work around. The icon "issue" really seems petty to me.13:23
mornfallBut maybe you could come up with use-cases where they really pose a problem?13:24
seeleargh.. what besides adept-manager and apt-get would lock sources.list?13:26
* seele reboots13:26
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: some of the readers of your blog are "geniuses"13:27
apacheloggerthe readers might be, the commenters not so much :P13:28
apacheloggeronly saw one so far13:28
JontheEchidnaI saw:13:29
JontheEchidna-One person suggesting you switch distros13:29
JontheEchidna-One person just not getting it and calling you a crybaby13:29
apacheloggerI saw: One person telling me that we don't even need that stupid java plugin, which doesn't essentially solve the original issue but helps improve kubuntu ;-)13:33
ScottKapachelogger: It does occur to me that since the Java thing pulled in Firefox you can finish your MIR on the wiki now.13:34
apacheloggerScottK: I didn't install, neversfelde told me about it13:35
seeleis it just me or are ubuntu sources really slow?13:59
Hobbseeubuntu sources?14:00
Hobbseeapachelogger: awww.14:00
Hobbseeapachelogger: i thought you'd be used to such things by now, running kubuntu14:01
seeleHobbsee: sources.list sources are really slow for me and i'm not having any problems with my other computers14:01
Hobbseeseele: strange.  did you try a different mirror?14:03
apacheloggerHobbsee: I'll never be, and I will certainly never stop doing lobbying towards humanity for the the towards humanity distribution14:03
Hobbseeapachelogger: good luck...14:03
apacheloggerit just doesn't messure up to my expectations of a free desktop if one part doesn't care about the other14:03
Hobbseei'm sure it was an innocent oversight.14:04
apacheloggerHobbsee: there are too many of those IMHO14:05
apacheloggerif I talk about free desktop browsers I think about firefox and epiphany and konqueror, not xulrunner for example14:05
Riddellit should depend on www-browser not a horrible long list of browsers14:07
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, did you upload the 4.1.1 l10n stuff yet?14:08
Riddellapachelogger: hum, seems I didn't14:09
apacheloggerRiddell: I'll poke you once gcc is fixed14:09
seelemornfall: i'll have to get back to you, my intrepid install is messed up14:11
Hobbseeapachelogger: i know...14:11
* Riddell hugs mornfall 14:11
* apachelogger added extra information to the kde 4.1.1 news14:20
Riddellhi rdieter, have you tried system-config-printer-kde at all?14:23
rdieterRiddell: no, not yet.14:24
apacheloggerryanakca: I fixed the support links at http://www.kubuntu.org/about14:34
apacheloggerryanakca: and the policy link at http://www.kubuntu.org/legal14:36
Riddell!!!~~~~>Bat L10n WARNING: zh_TW not yet in the archives - please package manually!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:01
Riddellapachelogger: beastie somewhere in there15:01
nixternalgood morning15:09
Riddellwhy hello nixternal15:14
jjessemorning nixternal15:17
apacheloggerhola nixternal15:17
apacheloggernixternal: please fix the icons in the join us bar at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu15:17
Hobbseehey visternal!15:18
goatsocksRiddell: i have a patch for your software-properties-kde port, mostly consistency and cleanup... shall i mail it to you, or are you gonna give me the finger like mornfall? :)15:22
nixternalapachelogger: what icons are you talking about?15:24
apacheloggerleft and right of  Join us in the #kubuntu chat room for support, or the #kubuntu-devel chat room for development.15:25
apacheloggerthe ones that are broken :P15:25
nixternalapachelogger: someone needs to fix the icons, ie. the wiki administrator15:26
apacheloggerso, who is a wiki admin?15:27
* apachelogger is wondering why everything needs to be so different and why that icon disappeared in the first place15:27
apacheloggerso complicate even15:27
* apachelogger got too much coffee15:28
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Riddellgoatsocks: putting it in a bzr branch would be the most proper way, else e-mail or pastebin is fine15:48
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
=== mcas is now known as mcas_away
apacheloggerthat happens when I think to understand python15:52
JontheEchidnaRiddell: what tool is handling dist-upgrades in Intrepid?15:53
goatsocksRiddell: i'm not set up for bzr atm, i'll mail it this time15:53
goatsocksRiddell: sent15:54
RiddellJontheEchidna: the dist upgrade tool :)15:54
JontheEchidnaRiddell: thanks, triaging some adept bugs so I was wondering where to put the dist-upgrade related beasties15:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: adept does the "time to dist ugprade" and showing the release notes bit, the tool does the job itself and comes from the update-manager source15:58
JontheEchidnawhoa, update-manager has a lot of bugs...16:00
jjesseJontheEchidna: is that your next task to triage?16:01
* JontheEchidna is guessing they're all ubuntu bugs16:01
jjesseJontheEchidna: also did your app for ubuntu-bugsquad get approved?16:01
JontheEchidnajjesse: hasn't been processed yet16:01
jjesseJontheEchidna: ah16:02
Riddellhow long has that taken?16:02
jjesseJontheEchidna: hrm i thought i saw discussoin on that, ping bdmurry?16:02
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I sent the application in on the 30th16:02
RiddellJontheEchidna: who's supposed to process it?16:04
* JontheEchidna shrugs16:04
jjessecheckign my email16:04
Riddellwell where do you send the application?16:04
jjessei know we discussed it16:04
Riddelljjesse: who's we?16:04
jjesseubuntu-bugcontrol mailing list16:05
jjesse+1's from everyone that responded i thought, but checking email16:05
jjesseencidnaman correct?16:06
JontheEchidnaechidnaman, ya16:06
jjessesent an email assking for status update16:08
Riddellgoatsocks: applied thanks16:26
Riddellgoatsocks: if you fancy fixing the rendering on the Find Best Server (and having the Ok button get enabled when it finds one) that would be most welcome16:27
goatsocksRiddell: yeah i'll check that out, and if you don't mind i'd like to take a crack at unimplemented stuff like Release Upgrade, get this sucker closer to feature parity with the gtk version16:32
Riddellgoatsocks: Release Upgrade?16:34
goatsocksyeah, that little bit on the Updates tab in the gtk version, at the very bottom16:35
Riddellgoatsocks: do you know what that actually changes?16:36
RiddellJontheEchidna: are you or do you plan to discuss bug 248792 with Debian?16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248792 in kdenetwork "Binary package knewsticker should be renamed to plasmoid-knewsticker" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24879216:39
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I did, nothing seemed to come of the discussion though16:39
goatsocksRiddell: haven't looked at it, but i figured it hooked into update-notifier or something16:39
Riddellgoatsocks: whatever it does, make sure it's what update-notifier-kde expects then :)16:40
goatsocksRiddell: will do16:41
goatsocksRiddell: also, what do you think about replacing the QFileDialogs with KFileDialog?16:42
Riddellgoatsocks: where?16:42
Riddelloh, import key16:42
Riddellgoatsocks: yes please16:43
goatsocksRiddell: ok... where's the bzr branch you're working from?16:46
Riddellgoatsocks: code.launchpad.net/software-properties16:50
goatsocksrighty, thanks16:50
Riddelljjesse, JontheEchidna, yuriy: beastie triage knowledge.  can I unsubscribe ubuntu-sponsors-main from bug 248792?16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248792 in kdenetwork "Binary package knewsticker should be renamed to plasmoid-knewsticker" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24879216:53
JontheEchidnaRiddell: yeah16:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: how?16:57
JontheEchidnauh, you might need to be in the group16:58
JontheEchidnaScott knows how16:58
Riddella group I can't join16:58
Riddellfabo: have you looked at libical 0.32?17:16
ScottKRiddell and JontheEchidna: I unsubb'ed u-m-s.17:25
Riddellthanks ScottK17:27
ScottKRiddell: No problem.  That's actually the main reason I bothered to get added.17:29
Riddellseems like an imperfect system17:30
ScottKIt does, but then that's Launchpad. ;-)17:31
ScottKThe team I feel the most for is ubuntu-archive.  I see stuff they're subscribed to all the time that I know isn't ready for them.17:31
ScottKNothing I can do though.17:31
ScottKI'd imagine you know all about that one though.17:32
Riddellmm, and that can lead to problems too, I might sync something before it's been approved17:33
ScottKPersonally, I've considered it might be useful to special case ubuntu-archive and allow motu/core-dev to unsub them from things.17:34
ScottKI've never gotten to writing the proposal up though.17:34
ScottKUntil now I guess.17:34
RiddellI don't see why bug triagers can't unsubscribe anyone, they can subscribe anyone17:34
ScottKTrue.  Generally actions should be reversible.17:35
ScottKOTOH, if I subscribe to something I don't want someone else undoing that.17:35
ScottKI suspect that there's a right answer in there somewhere that's going to be painful to implement.17:36
Riddellno but bug triagers are already trusted through the beurocratic process that JontheEchidna is trying to get through17:36
Riddellmmm, smooth18:00
smarterapachelogger: looks cool, but it needs a "day" somewhere(maybe under the 51, in fine print?18:00
apacheloggerthat print would have to be very fine ;-)18:01
goatsockswhat's 51?18:25
Riddelldays until intrepid18:26
=== mcas_away is now known as mcas
smarterhmm, looks like Kvkbd is almost bug-free now :)18:38
smarterIf anyone wants to review, test or simply take a look to the KDE4 port of Kvkbd, the virtual keyboard, you can grab it from svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/utils/kvkbd :)18:40
seelei dont understand the new UDS sponsorship process.  is the next UDS going to focus on brainstorm topics only?19:38
Riddellseele: where's this?19:39
seeleRiddell: http://www.jonobacon.org/?p=127819:39
Riddell"days to go" would be better19:48
goatsocks"days left" sounds like it's expiring ;)19:49
goatsockslike cheese19:49
apachelogger'days to go' is too long19:50
seelewhat about "days until"19:50
seeleonly one letter longer than days left19:50
apacheloggerthat could work19:50
apacheloggerbut that read rather strange19:51
apacheloggerkubuntu 8.10, 51 days until.19:51
seelewhat if you put the 51 in a little calendar icon19:51
seeleand then said "to go" underneath?19:51
seeleso 51 [days] to go19:52
seelei think there is a day calendar icon in oxygen19:52
apacheloggeryeah, but it it greenish which doesn't go very well with our blueish19:52
apacheloggeremunkki: [20:51:53] <seele> what if you put the 51 in a little calendar icon19:52
apachelogger[20:52:00] <seele> and then said "to go" underneath?19:52
apachelogger[20:52:08] <seele> so 51 [days] to go19:52
goatsockshow about "88 years after the founding of the Communist Party of Australia"?19:55
emunkkicalendar icon? hmm19:55
emunkkisounds that it will come quite complicated19:55
emunkkishould fit in the circle19:56
apacheloggermay I note that we should add more colors to our color palette than blue19:56
emunkkior be below the logo19:56
jcastroNightrose: ping19:56
Nightrosejcastro: pong19:56
apacheloggeremunkki: I don't like the combination of blue and green19:56
apacheloggerat least not these19:56
jcastroNightrose: I've got something for you!19:56
jcastroNightrose: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bugs?search=Search&field.status_upstream=pending_bugwatch19:56
Nightrosewhat is it? ;-)19:56
* Nightrose looks19:57
apacheloggerthat looks like work :P19:57
jcastrook, this is a list of bugs where someone has determined it's upstream amarok, but haven't made a link.19:57
jcastroI was thinking, if you have 5-a-day or bug day people looking for something to do .... :)19:57
Nightrosejcastro: heh I though it was kittens or cookies or something equally nice :P19:57
emunkkiapachelogger, so, you want me to suggest something with the colors?19:57
* jcastro gives Nightrose a hug19:57
jcastrothat's all I got.19:57
* apachelogger hands jcastro some cookies for Nightrose19:58
Nightrosejcastro: alright - will see if I can find someone19:58
Nightrosea hug is fine with me19:58
* Nightrose hugs jcastro 19:58
apacheloggershe's way more productive with cookies really :P19:58
jcastroI was just thinking it would be useful for you19:58
jcastroI am slowly going through projects where someone has made a determination that it's upstream19:58
jcastrobut then no one makes a link19:58
jcastroand then a month later we find out there's a bug flailing someplace with a patch. :-/19:59
apacheloggeremunkki: I actually want an image :P19:59
emunkkican you send me the last svg you crafted?19:59
jcastrowhen these links are made they automatically show up in harvest under amarok, so (ideally) it means no lost patches19:59
emunkkion snapshot09820:00
emunkkii might have a huge idea20:00
apacheloggeremunkki: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/counter/ I also add the ubuntu font20:01
jcastroNightrose: if you can let me know if that list is actually useful to you that would help me help other people in making more useful lists. :D20:01
emunkkiapachelogger, ubuntu-title? i has that20:01
Nightrosejcastro: alright20:02
apacheloggeremunkki: I have a different version20:02
Nightrosejcastro: will have a closer look after getting a drink20:02
jcastrono worries!20:02
apacheloggerjcastro: most of the not-filed-upstream-but-marked-to-affect-upstream bugs in KDE are from me anyway ;-)20:02
emunkkiapachelogger, ok... is that newer or sth?20:02
apacheloggerNightrose: last one in that list is easy to fix20:02
jcastroapachelogger: heh.20:02
apacheloggerNightrose: the icon is in kdebase but should be in kdelibs, only option is to ship it with amarok, which might e considered for .1120:03
apacheloggeremunkki: yes, more complete and better looking and stuff20:03
emunkkiapachelogger, ok.20:04
Nightroseapachelogger: we both know it is not going to happen ;-)20:04
emunkkiapachelogger, why doesn't the font show up after fc-cache -fc ?20:06
apacheloggerNightrose: why not?20:07
apacheloggernot .11?20:07
apacheloggeremunkki: I dunno20:07
apacheloggeremunkki: restarted inkscape?20:07
Nightroseapachelogger: don't see it happening right now20:08
apacheloggeremunkki: no clue then20:08
apacheloggerNightrose: then leave a comment and mark the bug as triaged in LP20:08
emunkkiit shows after 3rd reset20:08
apacheloggermaybe someone stumbles upon it20:08
jpdsapachelogger: Do you have any idea what could be making Konq hiccup with OpenID?20:25
apacheloggercookie mess up would be most obvious20:27
apacheloggerthe thing is, it works with revu20:27
jpdsVery odd.20:28
emunkkiapachelogger, what if we go blue and pink?20:29
apacheloggeremunkki: pink only would be an option IMHO :P20:30
emunkkionly an option?20:30
emunkkiwhat about very yellowish green?20:31
apacheloggerwouldn't that be suseish20:32
blizzzor violett with pink-filled circles20:32
* apachelogger thinks any kind of green doesn't go very well with our kinds of blue20:32
emunkkitell me what goes20:32
emunkkiother than other blues20:33
emunkkior white or black20:33
apacheloggerjpds: I go to wiki.ubuntu.com -> get 5 cookies -> I login -> I don't get any new cookie20:34
apacheloggerso I guess konqueror doesn't get a session cookie20:34
jpdsapachelogger: I appear to have a cookie labeled: MOIN_SESSION.20:35
apacheloggerjpds: all in all 6 cookies I guess?20:36
* apachelogger notes that the cookie kcm is pretty buggy and doesn't show the content of the 5 cookies he got -.-20:37
jpdsapachelogger: Well - Firefox says I have 4 cookies.20:37
* jpds gives apachelogger a cookie.20:38
apachelogger\o/ now I have 6 :D20:38
apacheloggerjpds: either way, the different amount of cookies is a pretty good indication that something goes wrong there20:39
jpdsapachelogger: Probably a bug in konqueror then?20:40
apacheloggermight be20:40
apacheloggerI suggest getting in touch with a konqueror developer20:40
apacheloggerwe don't have full blown debug builds so I would have to build a debugging stack first20:41
jpdsapachelogger: Debug builds are at: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/20:46
apacheloggerjpds: I said full blown :P20:47
apacheloggerlike loads of kDebug in stdout20:47
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-banner-6.png20:49
emunkkithat's somehow different yet again.20:49
emunkkithough doesn't have the calendar icon20:49
emunkkijust doesn't fit there.20:49
apachelogger^ opinions please20:49
apacheloggeremunkki: I can't do a gradient20:50
emunkkio.O ?20:50
emunkkiah, ok20:50
emunkkithat's ok20:50
apacheloggerI am going to write my own script for intrepid+1, altering the SVG and then exporting it to PNG20:50
apacheloggerpixel editing is a pita20:51
emunkki"oh, didn't know that"20:51
emunkkihow easy is exporting svg to png on-the-fly?20:51
apacheloggerlet me rephrase that: automated pixedl editing is an uber pita20:51
apacheloggeremunkki: if inkscape is installed it is fairly easy20:51
emunkkiwell is it installed on the machine that should run the script20:52
apacheloggeryou just need to edit the svg and replace the text as necessary and then run inkscape with --no-gui20:52
apacheloggeremunkki: I don't know on which machine to run it yet ;-)20:52
* apachelogger pings seele and Riddell and JontheEchidna and Nightrose and everyone else20:53
jpdsapachelogger: If you find what the problem is; please put your results on the RT.20:53
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: pong20:53
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-banner-6.png20:54
Nightroseapachelogger: pong?20:54
apacheloggerthe emunkki needs feedback20:54
emunkkithe emunkki? o.O20:54
jpdsemunkki: Nice.20:54
JontheEchidnathe 8.10 looks a bit blurry and blendy-in though20:55
emunkkiJontheEchidna, i s'pose that the version number is kind of not the most important thing?20:56
Nightroseemunkki: isn't the number themost important thing?20:56
apacheloggerno, the days are20:56
emunkkiNightrose, days are20:56
apacheloggerbut the number isn't exactly minor20:56
Nightroseapachelogger: yea that was what I meant20:56
Nightroseimho it is not prominent enough20:56
apacheloggerpeopel probably want to know what they are waiting for20:56
Nightroseotherwise very nice20:56
emunkkiapachelogger, of?20:57
emunkkibetter than http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-banner-4b.png ?20:57
Nightrosei like that as well20:58
Nightrosemaybe even better than the other one20:59
emunkkiit's more simple20:59
* Nightrose is afk again - taking care of the dishes20:59
JontheEchidnaemunkki: I think I like the 4b one21:02
apacheloggerwe still have the 'days left' issue though :S21:02
JontheEchidnathey're both nice though. ;-)21:02
emunkkihttp://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-banner-4b.png is updated21:02
emunkkiapachelogger, see ^^21:02
JontheEchidnadays to go21:02
apacheloggeremunkki: how does that go @ 130?21:02
emunkkiwe can still fiddle with the daysnumber font size21:04
emunkkiit can be smaller21:05
emunkkii also think that it's the old font i'm using on that one21:05
emunkkilemme check21:05
apacheloggerparsing failed21:07
apacheloggerusable, I guess21:08
emunkkiyeah me too21:08
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: what do you think?21:08
JontheEchidnaI think that's good21:09
apacheloggeremunkki: svg please21:10
emunkkifix the borders !!21:20
apacheloggerI hate borders21:20
apacheloggeremunkki: what is wrong with them?21:20
emunkkithe logo should be only inside the blue area21:21
emunkkilooks bad as it overlaps21:21
apacheloggerI am trying it on my blog21:21
apacheloggerbecause I think it looks better if it overlaps :P21:21
emunkkilet's ask the audience :P21:21
apacheloggerlooks horrible indeed21:22
apacheloggeremunkki: how do I mask it?21:22
emunkkisend me the svg21:23
Nightrosejcastro: ok I had a look at the bugs page - that indeed looks interesting - for Amarok it is currently not really useful since we are closing pretty much all 1.4 bugs due to being focused on Amarok 2 but once that is out and more bugs get in for 2 it will be useful - needs some promo though so people know they can search for bugs like this and maybe a link on the package pages ubuntu QA is working on21:23
emunkkii will add some magic into it21:23
=== mcas is now known as mcas_away
apacheloggeremunkki: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/counter/countdown-banner-7.svg21:25
emunkkihttp://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/svg/ -> 821:29
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_away
emunkkithat's it21:37
apacheloggerRiddell: can you add cron jobs to kubuntu.org?21:46
JontheEchidnayay. /me haz bugcontrol membership21:47
apacheloggercongrats JontheEchidna21:47
* apachelogger throws cookies through the channel21:47
* JontheEchidna 's firefox catches all the OpenID ones21:48
apacheloggernow I know21:48
apacheloggerfirefox eats all of the cookies21:48
apacheloggereven konqueror's21:48
* emunkki eats apacheloggers cookies21:48
* apachelogger looks at the counter21:49
apacheloggerthat thing is not moving21:49
apacheloggerno action21:49
apacheloggercan I haz a 24 like clock?21:49
emunkkimake it move then21:49
emunkkimake the gear move around21:49
apacheloggerlink the counter to kubuntu.org/intrepid-ibex or something and have a 24 like clock there21:49
* apachelogger is clock obsessed21:50
apacheloggerall KDE's fault -.-21:50
* emunkki is irc obsessed21:51
emunkkiall my own fault21:51
apacheloggerI still want a 24-like clock though21:51
apacheloggerblack page, blue digits21:51
emunkkido it! :P21:53
emunkkii could practice my ajax skillz21:53
emunkkithough that's really relatively easy to get the time21:53
emunkkibut which digits would you like21:54
emunkkisome graphic ones?21:54
Riddellapachelogger: no I don't have shell access to kubuntu.org21:55
Riddellapachelogger: php can be added but needs to be reviewed by a sysadmin21:55
apacheloggerI guess we could add a php script fetching the pictures when triggered from $remote via cron21:57
apacheloggerall far too difficult for my taste21:57
apacheloggeremunkki: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/snapshot099.png21:57
emunkkithose are some ugly digits21:58
apacheloggerthose are 24 digits!21:58
apacheloggerI never really watched 24 :P21:58
emunkkiwell, still not very sexy21:59
apacheloggerI know21:59
apacheloggerthe color also sucks21:59
apacheloggeremunkki: maybe we could get them glowing?21:59
apacheloggersome blur digit in the background21:59
* apachelogger is a fan of decent glow21:59
emunkkilike animated glowing whenever a digit has changed?21:59
apacheloggerup to you, just something glowy ;-)22:00
apacheloggermeanwhie I will go to batcave and watch short parts of 2422:00
emunkkihttp://typodermic.com/40.html like those numbers?22:00
emunkkihttp://typodermic.com/83.html or those?22:01
faboRiddell: I have uploaded libical 0.32 2 days ago22:01
fabohmm no, yesterday ;) => [2008-09-07] Accepted 0.32-1 in unstable22:03
apacheloggeremunkki: I like the latter22:03
emunkkiapachelogger, k22:04
emunkkichainprinter it is.22:04
emunkkii will play around with that maybe tomorrow22:04
emunkkii'm tired now :<22:05
apacheloggeroh noes, how can you be tired when I am uberexcited -.-22:05
jcastroNightrose: good to know, I am waiting for a few more things to land on the report and then telling everyone about it.22:05
emunkkiok sir, i'll launch my photoshop once again22:05
Nightrosejcastro: sounds good :)22:06
jcastrothere's the link if you're interested22:06
jcastrothe very last column is where I got the list of bugs from22:07
Nightroseah nice22:08
seeleRiddell: did you ever figure out if the toolbar icon problem a bug in system settings or something else?22:12
bobesponjado I need to keep the ppa packages to get kde 4.1 on intrepid?22:13
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock.png22:14
bobesponjaapachelogger: so kde4.1 is in the standard ubuntu repo?22:14
apacheloggeremunkki: less blur, and maybe make the blur black-blueish22:14
apacheloggeremunkki: the whole page should be pretty darkish IMHO22:15
apacheloggerbobesponja: actually it is the standard desktop for intrepid22:15
bobesponjacool, thanks for the info22:15
apacheloggeryou're welcome22:15
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock-2.png22:16
Riddellfabo: ah, package.d.o must not have caught up when I looked22:22
Riddellseele: icon problem?22:22
apacheloggeremunkki: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/snapshot100.png actually lighter than that22:22
seeleRiddell: the global setting for changing the labels doesn't work?22:22
seelemaybe i talked with someone else about it, i thought it was you..22:23
apacheloggeremunkki: I add too much black gradient, I think the blue should be darker than the one I used but in return more blue than black22:23
Riddellseele: mm, it's in our kdeglobals but KDE isn't paying attention to it unless it's in the kdeglobals in ~/.kde22:23
Riddellseele: I've no idea why, I'll look into it some more, if it doesn't work I can just patch the code and set it as hard set default22:23
emunkkiapachelogger, don't really know what you're trying to say but i can guess.22:24
seeleargh, is bugs.kde.org still on a testing server?  it never works22:24
seeleRiddell: ok.. i think there is a bug on b.k.o about it not working, but i dont remember if the submitter was running ubuntu or something else22:25
seele(the global system settings option)22:25
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock-3.png22:26
Riddellseele: but it works if you set it per user no?22:26
seeleRiddell: no.22:26
apacheloggeremma: the font coloring needs to be more intense22:26
seeleit only works if you set it per application22:27
apacheloggeremunkki: ^22:27
apacheloggeremma: sorry22:27
Riddellseele: oh, well then no wonder it doesn't work globally either22:27
apacheloggeremunkki: though I have to say -3 has a kinda mysterious approach which is also kinda neat22:27
Riddellseele: but the text under default must be set somewhere and we can change that22:27
seeleRiddell: do we have default rc files for every app in the default profile or are most created the first time an app is launched?22:28
Riddellseele: not for every app, only those we change something for22:30
emunkkilol good one me22:30
emunkkii was working on cmyk palette22:30
seeleRiddell: would it be a big deal if we did have a default rc file for all the apps?22:31
seeleman, this stupid option is turning out to be a pain in the ass22:32
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock-4.png22:32
Riddellseele: well it would be pretty much impossible to cover all the apps22:33
Riddellseele: what's wrong with patching the code (from your point of view)?22:34
apacheloggeremunkki: maybe still a bit more intense + blur = good22:34
apacheloggerblur/glow that is22:34
emunkkinow you want more blur :P22:34
seeleRiddell: nothing besides time and resources22:34
apacheloggeremunkki: let me rephrase: more intense blur as well :P22:35
seeleRiddell: do you mean fixing the bug or hardcoding the config option?22:35
Riddellseele: hardcoding22:35
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock-5.png22:35
seeleRiddell: is that going to prevent users from changing the global option if they want?22:36
apacheloggeremma: more intense blue still22:36
apacheloggeremunkki: ^22:36
* apachelogger should go to bed22:36
emunkkiyour client sucks22:36
Riddellseele: no just a change from the current setting (of course global change is already broken)22:36
apacheloggerquassel autocompletion issue comes again22:36
emunkkitab should fill the last nick used first22:36
emunkkiapachelogger, http://emonk.fi/work/kubuntu/countdown-clock-6.png22:37
seeleRiddell: oh, well i guess that's ok22:37
apacheloggeremunkki: apparently implementing it is not that easy22:38
apacheloggeremunkki: and I like -6!22:38
seelenuno would probably appreciate a patch upstream since this was his idea.  but fixing the global option would probably be more important than just changing the hardcode default22:38
emunkkiapachelogger, is there any REAL reason to use quassel vs. irssi other than having gui?22:38
emunkkiapachelogger, i mean irssi in a shell, of course22:38
seeleugh, need food before i get another after-hours work-related phone call22:39
seeleapparently if you tell people that your roommate is gone for the week, they think you'll be working late to make up for boredom22:39
* seele head -> desks22:39
emunkkiapachelogger, let's continue tomorrow?22:40
apacheloggeremunkki: you can connect multiple clients a the same time, buffer log goes back to day 1 (i.e. you can scroll and scroll and scroll), you get all the gui goodness (systray notificaiton and stuff)22:40
apacheloggeremunkki: aye22:40
apacheloggeremunkki: thanks for the counter :D22:40
emunkkiwhy would you like to connect multiple clients?22:40
apacheloggerlaptop and workstation22:40
* apachelogger is working on both most of the time22:41
emunkkii still don't see why would you like to do that22:41
emunkkiyou can always detach/attach very easily if you have a shell connection open22:41
emunkki(normally up+enter)22:41
apacheloggerso I get notice of highlights :P22:41
emunkkiirssi can notice you of highlights as well22:41
emunkkibasically even in systray ;)22:42
apacheloggerthat is connect detact/attach + connect detach/attach vs. connect + connect22:42
emunkkiirssi is my favourite operating system22:42
emunkkierr.. i mean irc client22:42
emunkkiwell i've had blog updating scripts in irssi22:43
apacheloggerquassel got a chat monitor so I can track all the channels I am in without leaving my current one :P22:43
emunkkiirssi can have one as well ;)22:43
apacheloggerquassel is getting a lot richer scripting interface thanks to qtscript :P22:43
emunkkibah, perl is good ;)22:43
emunkkiand irssi/terminal is leetness22:43
emunkkimany people think you're doing something very important and hackish if you open a terminal22:44
apacheloggerquassel core remembers everything everytime so even if your connection goes wocka it will reconnect to the very same channels you were in last22:44
apacheloggeremunkki: one got a psuedo compolier plasmoid for that ;-)22:44
emunkkiirssi can do that as well ;)22:44
apacheloggeryah, sure :P22:45
apacheloggerthe difference is22:45
apacheloggerquassel does all that by default :P22:45
emunkkiso a modified irssi might just be even better than quassel? ;)22:45
emunkkiat least it can handle tabcompletion beter22:46
emunkki(even if it didn't fix your typos)22:46
apacheloggeroh well, just consider how young quassel is, and how good it messures up already ;-)22:46
* apachelogger is wondering if gcc will ever be fixed :|22:46
emunkkiwell it has a great clientbase to base on and compare to22:47
emunkkiso kind of it makes the development easier when you know what people want22:47
emunkkiand not introducing those new high-tech features all the time22:47
emunkkiand having to invent them22:47
emunkkilike, if microsoft decides to build a car, they'll prolly get the basic things right in a little time, because eg. wheel is invented22:48
emunkkiwhat i really lack22:49
emunkkiis synchronised notes app22:49
emunkkimuch like imap, but with notes22:50
apacheloggerakonadi + opensync should be able to do that at some point22:51
apacheloggerjpds: it appears to me kcookiejar doesn't want to be debugged22:51
emunkkiakonadi doesn't seem to be so light22:52
emunkkiif you only want notes22:52
emunkkimaybe i'll just code a quick php one22:53
emunkkior sth with web-interface22:53
emunkkithough that wouldn't work if i'm offline22:54
emunkkianyway, sleep ->22:54
emunkkisee you tomorrow22:54
apacheloggernini emunkki22:54

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