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mefisto__favro: but it will be using apt from livecd, installing in chroot environment. that's what I would try first00:00
Schuenemannhey, I want to format an unformatted partition with qtparted but it says I have to unmount it first. How do I do that?00:01
MrKennie_if it's unformatted how can it be mounted?00:01
SchuenemannI don't know00:01
Schuenemannit had solaris before I deleted it00:01
mefisto__Schuenemann: can't you unmount in qtparted? right-click the partition00:02
Schuenemannmefisto__, only property is shown00:02
neversfeldeSchuenemann: whats sudo fdisk -l ?00:02
Schuenemannneversfelde, wait00:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kppp00:03
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !Pidgin00:03
Schuenemannneversfelde, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44361/00:04
favromn: dialup issues?00:04
neversfeldeSchuenemann: and you want to format /dev/hda6 ?00:04
Schuenemannthe error says: filesystem not correctly unmounted. You have to run e2fsck. Modifying a filesystem in this state can damage it.00:04
neversfeldehello allen00:05
Schuenemannneversfelde, no, it's just swap. I think it is /dev/hda2 now00:05
alleni just installed ubuntu but am having problems installing the gust additions, can anyone help?00:05
mnfavro: nah, someone was askin about it over at #ubuntu an hour or two ago and I was just lookin to find  out some more on it00:05
SchuenemannI didn't have any win95 partition00:05
mnim on satelite00:05
alleni am brand new to linux00:05
favromn: there is !dialup - check it with /msg ubottu !dialup00:06
Schuenemannneversfelde, it is 15 GB. It doesn't seem to be listed there00:06
MrKennie_allen: do you mean guest additions? are you using virtualbox or something?00:06
mnaiight, thx00:06
allenyes, sorry, using sun virtual box00:06
allenand yes, guest additions00:06
neversfeldeSchuenemann: mhh, it was a swap partition? Have you tried it with live cd?00:07
MrKennie_allen: I think ubuntu has all you need already00:07
allenhow do I get it to see a bigger screen size?00:07
Schuenemannneversfelde, no, it had opensolaris.00:07
Schuenemannneversfelde, take a look at this: http://img295.imageshack.us/my.php?image=qtpartedgz4.jpg00:08
neversfeldesure about hda2? hda6 has a solaris00:08
MrKennie_allen: under system settings00:08
Schuenemannneversfelde, please, take a look at that picture. It calls hda2 the union of hda5 and 600:09
alleni figured it out00:10
MrKennie_allen: you could install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils via adept too00:10
MrKennie_allen: not sure what you get because I've never run ubuntu using virtualbox00:10
allenmrkennie: thanks, i' got it to install. it was a basic linux issue using SH. I am brand new to the linux world00:11
neversfeldeSchuenemann: sorry, I do not use qtparted ,so I cannot trust it. Probably it is a mistake.00:11
Schuenemannneversfelde, what should I do?00:12
neversfeldeSchuenemann: boot a live cd and take a lokk at your partitions00:13
Schuenemannusing what?00:13
neversfeldeSchuenemann: fdisk00:13
Schuenemannneversfelde, but will fdisk show an unformatted partition?00:14
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MrKennie_cfdisk is a little more user friendly00:14
neversfeldeor parted00:15
Schuenemannit looks like DOS fdisk00:15
neversfeldethere are several tools00:15
Schuenemannlet me upload for you what cfdisk is showing00:15
Schuenemannhere: http://img261.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cfdiskmc6.jpg00:16
MrKennie_fdisk, cfdisk etc will show any partition formatted or not00:16
Schuenemannfdisk -l isn't showing it00:17
Schuenemannthere is a "free space" below hda6 there00:17
Schuenemannthat's the I wanted to format00:17
neversfeldesorry, 1:18 am here in Germany. Have to go. gn8 everybody00:18
Schuenemannalright, bye00:18
MrKennie_Schuenemann: you need to create a partition where the free space is00:18
SchuenemannMrKennie_, ok, I couldn't with qtparted, but cfdisk seems to be able00:19
SchuenemannMrKennie_, can you tell me what is the difference between a logical or primary partition?00:19
MrKennie_I don't really know the specifics00:20
MrKennie_I'm sure someone here does00:20
Schuenemannoh well, I'll make it logical as my ubuntu one is too00:22
grendal_primewhats the handy dandy pkg that makes shred an item in the right click menu?00:24
MrKennie_kgpg iirc00:25
bucketheadGood christ - 31 sec lag! Anybody know how to decode a base64-gzip? I try to gunzip it and it says its not a valid gzip.00:27
grendal_primehmmm nope that gives me the right click encrypt option..but ummm no shred00:28
grendal_primeits werid i have a machine here...its a debian testing install..it has it...but it has always had it.00:29
grendal_primeI can always just use shred in a terminal..it would just be nice to have it right there in the browser00:29
mefisto__grendal_prime: what you want is a servicemenu for konqueror or dolphin00:31
grendal_primekonqueror would be nice00:32
grendal_primei dont like dolphin much00:32
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:32
grendal_primegot rid of it actually00:32
grendal_primewhat is the big deal with dolphin anyway.. just seemed not complete to me00:33
mefisto__grendal_prime: google "shred servicemenu"00:33
grendal_primewill do00:33
MrKennie_ah it needs an addon.00:36
anom01yanyone know how to get IVTV drivers to work ?00:44
grendal_primethanks mefisto__ i found something with that00:48
mefisto__grendal_prime: was it a shred.desktop file?00:49
grendal_primenow i can get rid of all this damn porn00:49
grendal_primeya that seems to work00:49
grendal_primejust kidding on the porn by the way.00:49
mefisto__those servicemenus can be handy. you can always make your own too. they're just text files00:50
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy00:52
afeijoI have 2 sessions not responding, how to close both? I'm in my third session, lol00:55
dbgltafeijo: ctrl-alt-bkspc in the sessions doesn't work?00:56
afeijodidnt try, wait00:56
anom01yto anyone who knows anything here or cares to know things: the instructions on that IVTV link are useless and screw things up00:56
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:56
afeijodbglt: now both session shows as not used, but they remain in the sessions list00:57
anom01yapparently all you have to do is apt-get install ivtv-utils, not all the rest of the instrucitons there00:57
dbgltafeijo: hrmmm, they aren't running this way, but I'm not sure how to remove them from the list00:59
dbgltafeijo: I would have thought it would be done automatically00:59
anom01yanyone know how to configure ivtv ?00:59
afeijodbglt: ow, one is gone, one to go :) it take some time here01:00
dbgltafeijo: :)01:00
afeijodbglt: the important is it closed firefox, now I can open in other session01:00
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/44371/01:01
dbgltmn: it's fine. Jusrt means it found the server01:02
mndid it update though?01:02
dbgltnm: aye. The last two lines tell you that01:03
anom01yI need help with IVTV anyone here know anything about this ?01:03
mnsorry, linux noob01:04
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy01:04
mnso fetched and reading mean it got the packages?01:05
dbgltmn: yep01:07
anom01yhow do I undo this command: wget http://dl.ivtvdriver.org/ubuntu/80DF6D58.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:07
dbgltand is updating the database01:07
dbgltanom01y: sudo apt-key list, and find the key01:07
dbgltanom01y: sudo apt-key delete <key>01:07
anom01ythe help provided by !ivtv screws up your computer01:07
dbgltanom01y: mmm? Installing a gpg key shouldn't do much01:08
anom01yno, well running the other commands provided by that help would have thank god they didnt work01:08
dbgltanom01y: why would it have screwed it, exactly?01:09
anom01ythanks btw01:09
anom01yok well !ivtv goves you wrong instrutctions, I went in #ubuntu and they told me not to do what I was doing,01:09
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy01:09
anom01ythen again, I dont even know what version Edgy is, I have 8.04 so01:10
anom01yit is my bad I am a complete newb01:10
BluesKajanom01y, none of that rap ghetto talk here please , use plain english so we can understand you01:11
BluesKajlots of people don't know what "my bad " means and it's poor grammar and english usage01:12
anom01yuhh ok, how can I get IVTV working ?01:13
mnBluesKaj, alot of ppl use "my bad"  these days01:13
anom01yI installed ivtv-utils, and then I tried mplayer /dev/video0, but I get nothing but errors01:14
anom01ydo I need mythtv for my hauppauge pvr 150 to work ?01:15
BluesKajwell mn , it doesn't mean that it should be encouraged01:15
mnI agree01:16
ubottuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:16
anom01ywell time to screw up my computer even more01:16
BluesKajwe have memebers world wide who are studying proper english usage and expressions that are grammaticallly incorrect can be confusing for them . I'm guilty of it too , cuz i forget sometimes :)01:17
anom01yglad there are people here who care more about grammar than computer problems01:18
mn:)  Good point Blues01:19
BluesKajanom01y, no there are apps like TVTime which should work with hauppage cards01:19
mnCould be considered idiomatic?01:19
BluesKajmn, I think it's just trying too hard to be cool.01:22
mnlol you may be right :)01:22
BluesKajmn, I'm an old blues musician so I recognize the symptoms :)01:25
Tophi have been having a problem with my network for some time now,,, i have 2 vista machines and 1 Kubuntu, has set up Samba.  i can access the Kubuntu machine from both Vistas, and can see the Vista machines on the Kubuntu, but can't open them,, any ideas?01:27
BluesKajToph, I have to ask the obvious question : do you have filesharing enabled on all machines01:28
anom01yjeesh get more help in #linux then here01:28
TophBluesKaj: i do01:28
BluesKajanom01y, if you think #linux can help you more then ask your question there .. I answered your question but you didn't reply01:31
BluesKajToph, Vista has some odd security issues that we here may not be able to help with, so maybe ##winows can help you with that question.01:33
BluesKajerr ##windows01:33
TophBluesKaj: ok,, thanks01:33
anom01ywell I was told in #linux that I am missing drivers (after executing a dmesg command), so, my question is how do I install the ivtv drivers, I have a fairly recent kernel and am using kubuntu 8.0401:35
dr_willisToph,  try mounting the shares manually from the command line also. Ive seen the kde and gnome file managers 'share browsing' feature - having some issues at times.01:35
anom01ythe instrucitons provided by !ivtv01:36
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy01:36
anom01yare for older versions of ubuntu01:36
dr_willisa bit out of date. :)01:36
BluesKajanom01y, that depends on the file extension of the drivers , if they are deb files then it's relatively easy as are gz or bz201:36
dr_willis!find ivtv01:37
ubottuFound: linux-image-2.6.24-16-386, linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic, linux-image-2.6.24-16-server, libvideo-ivtv-perl, ivtv-source (and 8 others)01:37
Tophdr_willis: could you please give me the command for mounting a share... the Vista machine is 'VistaBox',  the share is 'MyDocuments'01:37
anom01yI am using kernel 2.6.24-1901:37
dr_willisToph,   i dont rember them exactly. its the smbmount command I belive.01:37
Tophdr_willis: ok,, i'll check01:37
dr_willisToph,  at least you dont have silly spaces in the shares names. :)01:37
BluesKajanom01y, have you looked at TVTime ?01:37
anom01yI installed ivtv-utils, but nothing works (vlc)01:37
anom01ydo I need tvtime or mythtv or any of those ?01:38
dr_willisanom01y,  mythtv is overkill for just watching tv.01:38
BluesKajtry tvtime , it won't break anything01:38
dr_willis!info tvtime01:38
ubottutvtime (source: tvtime): A high quality television application. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0.3ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 676 kB, installed size 1928 kB01:38
anom01yI just want to record from the video inputs I plugged in01:38
anom01yI don't really need to change channels or any of that stuff01:39
anom01yvlc's pvr settings don't work on /dev/video0, and the command mplayer /dev/video0 gives me errors01:41
BluesKajI used tvtime with a sat receiver and remote ..worked fine01:41
BluesKajwith a crappy ATI TV Tuner card01:43
anom01yok well I installed tvtime see if that works I guess01:43
anom01ytvtime says no such file or directory /dev/video0 (so Im not on crack)01:45
anom01ythe guys in #linux specifically said I am missing drivers01:45
anom01yhow do I install the ivtv drivers if the instrutcitons provided from !ivtv do not work ?01:46
dr_willisanom01y,  OR the module is not loaded...01:46
dr_willistry a  'locate ivtv' perhaps.01:47
dr_willisor 'sudo modprobe ivtv'01:47
anom01yok those are done01:47
anom01yno errors01:47
dr_willisnow check for /dev/video*01:47
dr_willisls -l /dev/video*01:47
BluesKajanom01y, there are some changes that might need to made to your Xorg.conf file , but I'm not sure what thay are with your card.01:47
dr_willisalso check dmesg output now.01:47
anom01yok /dev/video0 exists, but tvtime doesnt pick anything up there01:48
anom01yalright thanks dr_willis that was exactly what I was looking for01:49
anom01yI got a picture, but its only a fuzzy picture, so I think I need to configure it with tvtime01:49
anom01ytvtime still gives me an error though01:50
anom01ywhat is video4linux ?01:51
WaSTe[bRe]i download icon set [for home, mozilla] icons are in .png how to hcange icons for applications?01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about video4linux01:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about v4l01:52
BluesKaj!info v4l01:55
ubottuPackage v4l does not exist in hardy01:55
anom01ydr_willis: ok now I see a bunch of fuzz when I use mplayer or vlc to access /dev/video002:03
anom01ytvtime still says error accessing /dev/video002:03
edulix_{j #bash02:04
anom01yI remember I used to have to use mythtv and configure the channels everytime to use the tv/tuner card02:05
anom01ybut tvtime doesnt look like it configures the channels02:05
dr_willissounds like its tuning in static. :)02:06
anom01yyeah well I do remember specifically having this issue before, and all I would do is use mythtv, rescan all the channels, then it would work02:06
anom01ymplayer /dev/video0 would work after that,02:07
anom01yso, without mythtv how can I get around this issue ? anyone ?02:07
favrotry googling for channels.conf02:08
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VermuxI boot my comp. with kubuntu live cd 8.04, I have to change the boot.ini in win, how do I do that?02:11
anom01yahh ok I see the prob, I am not using the cable input on the back, I am using the video/audio jacks02:11
anom01yso there is no channel, so, I need to configure it for the video inputs02:12
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Vermux_who can help me02:25
Vermux_how do I mount the windows partition? I boot from kubuntu live cd02:27
Sciscohello folks02:28
master_How can I install flash?02:28
master_I tried even downloading and installing flash myself, but it said it doesn't support architecture x86_6402:28
master_so I removed that obstruction from the installer script and it says it cannot find the path /usr/lib/mozilla/ which does exist..02:29
SciscoI take it you are running a 64 bit os?02:29
master_Scisco: 3 core phenom02:29
Sciscoyour processor can support it but what os you running?02:30
master_Scisco: kubuntu w/ kde 402:32
Sciscookay there are still two types. x86 and 64bit02:33
KiDFlaShhello, do someone knew a videoplayer that can integrate subtitel-files?02:34
wasabiiihello KiDFlaSh02:36
hpladdsMy newly installed wireless driver is bugging me. I can successfully ping www.yahoo.com, but I can not reach yahoo with konqueror02:36
hpladdsI can reach IRC channels though.02:36
Vermux_who can help with mounting?02:37
dh8hello guys, you probably heard this a lot of times, but with 8.04 kde4 am having a problem, knetworkmanager is not finding the devices, i changed / /etc/network/interfaces and added me to netdev but luck any suggestions? thnks02:40
hpladdsVermux_: yes02:41
hpladdsdh8: what hardware02:43
dh8hpladds: its a dell inspiron 6400, intel pro wireless 3945abg amd a bradcom ethernet card02:46
dh8i see the cards in ifconfig02:46
hpladdsdh8: are you dual booting?02:49
dh8yes, with sidux02:49
Vermux_hpladds: ok, how do I find the label of the partition I want to mount?02:49
hpladdsas root fdisk -l02:50
hpladdsdh8: what's sidux?02:50
dh8sidux its a debian sid based distribution02:50
hpladdsdh8: no winders windohs02:51
dh8no, no windows02:51
Vermux_hpladds: ok, it's dev/sda102:52
hpladdsdh8: does the hardware work in sidux?02:52
Vermux_hpladds: waht do I do now?02:52
dh8hpladds: yes, and in ubuntu and in dreamlinux02:53
hpladdsVermux_:  /dev/sda1 isn't already mounted ?02:54
Vermux_I dont know02:54
dh8hpladds: just courious, whats the problem with windows and knetworkmnager?02:54
hpladdsVermux_: what does "mount" say02:54
Vermux_some stuff, it doesnt mention dev02:55
hpladdsdh8: I'm not certain that I understand the question. I was just trying to determine that the hardware worked02:56
Vermux_ok, how do I mount the windows02:57
hpladdsVermux_: It is unusual that the first partition would not be mounted already if the machine is working02:57
hpladdsnot impossible by any means02:58
hpladdsVermux_: mount | grep sda102:58
Vermux_hpladds: ? Im using my laptop to communicate with u. the issue is the desktop02:58
dh8hpladds: oh, ok thnx, the thing is that i can use my network devices with kubuntu if set them up in the console but knetworkmanager dont regonize them02:58
Vermux_hpladds: nothing02:59
Vermux_hpladds: I booted with live kubuntu cd02:59
Vermux_hpladds: I have to edit somehow the boot.ini win file, because I currently cant boot the machine into windows03:00
hpladdsVermux_: mount /dev/sda1 /name_of_mount03:00
hpladdsVermux_: Ah live cd03:01
Vermux_hpladds: yes03:01
hpladdsthat explains it03:01
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans03:01
hpladdsdh8: Sounds like the modules are not being called03:02
Vermux_hpladds: the comp. was thinking for a while, now Im getting a new line in konsole, nothing is written03:02
hpladdsVermux_: Does mount say anything different03:03
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans when I trype it03:04
Vermux_it is blank line03:04
Vermux_how do I cancell that?03:04
dh8hpladds: thnks ^^03:05
hpladdsctrl +c03:05
hpladdsdh8: You thought of that already didn't you?03:06
hpladdsVermux_:  ctrl + c03:06
Vermux_hpladds: do nothing03:06
hpladdsVermux_: Can you exit the console and open a new one?03:07
Vermux_hpladds: yes, I did that. mount doesnt give new info03:08
Vermux_hpladds: I booted with this live cd03:08
Vermux_hpladds: I have to edit the windows boot.ini file03:08
hpladdsVermux_: Are you running Windows?03:09
Vermux_hpladds: not at the moment because I cannot boot to windows03:09
Vermux_hpladds: the machine is running windows usually, but it has a trojan now and I cannot boot now to windows, I have to edit the boot.ini file03:10
dh8hpladds: yep03:10
hpladdsVermux_: ah I think I know what you're up. What Windows?03:11
Vermux_hpladds: xp03:12
hpladdsVermux_: Version XP, Vista?03:12
Vermux_hpladds: xp sp203:12
Vermux_hpladds: I need somehow to change back the boot.ini03:12
hpladdsVermux_: mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /some/tmp/directory03:13
Vermux_hpladds: why fat?03:14
Vermux_hpladds: it is ntfs03:14
Vermux_hpladds: it says that mount point does not exists03:16
hpladdsVermux_: That was going to be my next try, if you want to try it first03:16
hpladdsVermux_: What did you type?03:18
Vermux_hpladds: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /media/windows03:19
hpladdsVermux_: and you've created /media/windows already (well the windows part?)03:20
Vermux_hpladds: yes03:21
hpladdsVermux_: You were right, sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/windows03:22
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happaned03:22
Vermux_hpladds: I recieve a blank line03:22
Vermux_hpladds: by the way I booted the cd and chose start using kubuntu03:23
hpladdsVermux_: You won't get a message saying that the partiton has been mounted03:24
hpladdsBut it should show up in when "mount"03:25
aotianlongare there any other irc client for linux without konversation03:25
aotianlongi don't like qt based application.03:25
anom01ydo I have to run that modprobe command every time I boot up ?03:25
Vermux_hpladds: it didnt mount it03:25
hpladdsVermux_: grrr03:25
geek_aotianlong: lots. xchat maybe?03:25
geek_aotianlong: why are you using KDE then? ;p03:26
aotianlongthank you , let me try03:26
Vermux_hpladds: what do I do03:26
hpladdsVermux_: I just mounted a ntfs partiton that way03:26
aotianlongi'm using gnome03:26
Vermux_hpladds: running live cd?03:26
anom01yhi I recently had to run a command "modprobe ivtv", do I have to do this every time I boot ?03:26
hpladdsVermux_: You're close here03:26
Vermux_hpladds: ?03:27
anom01yhow do I set up automodprobe ?03:27
hpladdsVermux_: Nope no live cd03:27
hpladdsVermux_: but if you created the /media/windows in the ramdisk it should still work03:28
Vermux_hpladds: it doesnt03:28
hpladdsVermux_: ls -Al /media | grep windows03:29
geek_aotianlong: ahh. #ubuntu might be a little more relavant then03:29
anom01yis there a better place to put stuff besides the kde startup script ?03:29
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans03:30
hpladdsVermux_: ls -Al /media03:30
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans03:31
aotianlonggeek_: when i opened konversation,#kubuntu was automaticaily opened.03:32
hpladdsVermux_: ls /03:32
hpladdsVermux_: you really should see "media" as one of the directories03:33
geek_aotianlong: yeah, thats cause its set that way. just pointing out if you use gnome, (and gtk+ apps) #ubuntu is more relavant ;p03:33
Vermux_hpladds: ok,03:33
Vermux_hpladds: yes, I see it03:33
hpladdsVermux_: cd /media03:34
Vermux_hpladds: yes it's there, the windows03:35
hpladdsVermux_: then ls ./03:35
Vermux_hpladds: ok, nothing is displayed03:35
hpladdsVermux_: I'm stumped03:37
hpladdsVermux_: you have seen the sda1 in the return from the "fdisk -l" right?03:38
hpladdsOh is windows a directory or a file?03:39
hpladdsdid you "mkdir /media/windows" as root03:40
Vermux_hpladds: I dont see now anything with fdisk -l03:40
Vermux_hpladds: Im not sure03:40
hpladdsVermux_: first things first: We don't see the sda1 partition, it's going to be very tough to mount. (smile)03:41
Vermux_hpladds: now we dont see, before that we saw it03:42
hpladdsVermux_: sudo fdisk -l03:43
Vermux_hpladds: ok, now it's there03:43
hpladdsVermux_: great03:43
Vermux_hpladds: /dev/sda103:43
hpladdsls -Al /media03:44
hpladdsVermux_: ls -Al /media03:44
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans03:44
Vermux_just new blank line with no prompt03:44
hpladdsVermux_: That is weird "ls" is a basic command, it shouldn't cause trouble03:45
hpladdsVermux_: "ctrl + c" doesn't get you out of it?03:46
Vermux_hpladds: now I closed the session and opened a new one. there is no windows directory03:47
hpladdsVermux_: we've seen it before though.03:48
Vermux_hpladds: yes, I created it again, tried to mount again but same thing, new blank line03:48
hpladdsVermux_: created sudo "mkdir /media/windows"03:49
Vermux_hpladds: yes03:49
hpladdsVermux_: I wonder what the permissions of the directory are?03:51
hpladdsVermux_: the windows directory03:51
hpladdsVermux_: This just a tmp file right?03:52
hpladdsVermux_: Might as well open the directory wide open03:52
Vermux_hpladds: how do I check the permissions?03:52
Vermux_hpladds: this is using the live cd so I dont know where it opens the file03:52
hpladdssudo chmod 777 /media/windows03:52
Vermux_hpladds: ok03:53
Vermux_hpladds: no mount again?03:53
Vermux_hpladds: now03:53
hpladdsVermux_: I didn't expect to to yet03:54
Vermux_hpladds: ?03:54
hpladdsVermux_: now that the permissions are wide open, lets try to mount it03:54
hpladdsmount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/windows03:55
Vermux_hpladds: nothing happans03:55
hpladdsVermux_: did you check "mount"03:56
Vermux_hpladds: I meant, I got a new blank line with nothing in it03:56
aotianlongVermux_: nothing happans is success03:56
aotianlongls /media/windows03:57
Vermux_I meant, that there is a new line but with no prompt03:57
aotianlongis there any files exists03:57
Vermux_aotianlong: no03:57
hpladdsVermux_: Give me about five min, I'm going to try mounting using a live cd, on another machine03:58
=== Alex135_ is now known as Alex135
Vermux_aotianlong: maybe I should have booted the cd with a different option than TRY KUBUNT"U03:59
hpladdsVermux_: Booting a nt machine with Ubuntu 8.04 disk04:01
Vermux_hpladds: ?04:02
hpladdsVermux_: Sorry I was giving updates of what was happening on my end04:02
Vermux_hpladds: ok, maybe I should burn the ubuntu cd in the meantime?04:02
hpladdsVermux_: It worked04:04
Vermux_hpladds: I dont know wahts wrong04:05
hpladdsVermux_: i can see the boot.ini04:05
Vermux_hpladds: what did u choose when booting the cd?04:05
Vermux_hpladds: Im rebooting04:05
hpladdsThe first option. Something like "try Ubuntu with making changes to your computer."04:06
=== ubuntu is now known as hoofin
hpladdsooo * without making changes04:06
Vermux_hpladds: I have Kubuntu, not ubuntu, is it make any difference?04:06
Vermux_I need "with making changes" right?04:07
hpladds"without making changes"04:07
Vermux_hpladds: rebooting04:07
Vermux_hpladds: I choose trry kubuntu04:08
Vermux_hpladds: or F4?04:09
hpladdsVermux_: try04:09
Vermux_does anybody know what do do to run live cd so I can mount the windows partition?04:10
hoofinhi new to kubuntu anyone know how to get firefox from xp under kubuntu04:10
Vermux_hpladds: where does it save the directories I create?04:11
Vermux_in RAM?04:11
hpladdsVermux_: in memory (ram)04:11
Vermux_hpladds: ok, in a minute kubuntu is up and I'll try again04:11
hpladdsVermux_: here are the step I took04:12
hpladdsfrom the cmd line04:12
hpladdssudo mkdir /media/windows04:13
hpladdsfdisk -l (note the "l" is a lower case L04:13
Vermux_hpladds: how do u get to the command line?04:13
hpladdsTermial window04:14
hoofinI have firefox on xp pro now I have kubuntu how do I get fire fox to run in kubuntu, xp dual boot04:14
hpladdsYou were using it before04:14
Vermux_hpladds: how do u get to the terminal window?04:14
Vermux_hpladds: I was using konsole04:14
Vermux_hpladds: I want to use the terminal04:14
hpladdsVermux_: that will work04:15
hpladdsApplication > Accessories >Terminal04:16
Vermux_hpladds: ok, fdisk -l shows me  /dev/sda104:16
Vermux_hpladds: and /dev/sda204:16
Vermux_ok, how do I mount now the windows partition?04:16
Vermux_it is sda104:17
hpladdsVermux_: Does one have an asterisk indicating that it is boot (most likely sda1)04:17
charleshello guys04:17
Vermux_I have also sdb1 but it is a memory stick04:17
charlesimma HUGE no0b...:(04:17
Vermux_hpladds: ^04:17
charlesanyone willing to help?04:17
hpladdsVermux_: Did you "sudo mkdir /media/windows" yet?04:18
Vermux_hpladds: yes04:18
Vermux_hpladds: what next?04:18
Vermux_hpladds: mount?04:18
charlesanyone...at all?04:18
Vermux_hpladds: r u sure it is mount -t ntfs....?04:18
hoofinI think there is only two people here04:19
hoofinbesides us04:19
hpladdsit worked for me04:19
charlesim here04:19
hoofinme too04:19
Vermux_hpladds: r u sure it is mount -t ntfs....???04:19
hoofin newbe04:19
charlesi just need help understanding Kubuntu,,,commands,scripts etc etc04:19
hpladdsVermux_: It worked for me04:19
gkffjcsis there any documentation on the contents of the .local dir? More specifically is there any documentation on how to externally edit the contents of the kmenu?04:20
Vermux_hpladds: failed to mount04:20
Vermux_hpladds: mount is denied because ntfs is marked to be in use04:21
charlesis there any documentation for noobs on Kubuntu??!?04:21
hoofinthere is a whole lot of stuff for editing you should goggle what you are looking for the truth is out there04:21
Vermux_hpladds: ooo, I need to disconnect the memory stick I think04:22
Vermux_hpladds: how do I force that?04:22
Vermux_hpladds:  it is sdb104:22
charlesANYONe please...help me...im just wanting to learn04:22
hpladdsVermux_: fdisk -l to learn what devise is the memory stick04:22
hoofinim in your shoes here04:22
charlessend me in the right direction to teach myself Linux and etc any docs or forums would help04:22
charlesi believe theyre ignoring us hoofin lol04:23
hpladdsVermux_: umount /the/device/name04:23
hoofinjust goggle linux forums04:23
hoofinI know04:23
Vermux_hpladds: the memory stick is fat16, the page file is ntfs04:23
charlesmy bro-in-law told me to check out www.tldp.org04:24
gkffjcscharles: what would you like to do? In general if you have a specific question ask it, else, there are a tone of resources online, try google, ubuntu forums, and linux forums04:24
hpladdsVermux_: it is not "unmount" just "umount"04:24
charlesim there now but it seems as complicated as what im trying to learn04:24
gkffjcscharles: what are you trying to learn?04:24
charlesgkffjcs...im just wanting to learn the basics04:24
Vermux_hpladds: what about sda2?04:24
charlesim currently running Kubuntu with a GUI...but i want to learn scripts and etc etc and how Linux works and such04:25
Vermux_hpladds: it says it recognized unclean  shutdoesn04:25
hpladdsVermux_: I wouldn't touch sda204:25
Vermux_hpladds: I umount the sdb, it said that it is unmounted04:26
Vermux_hpladds: still same message04:26
gkffjcscharles: if you want to learn about scripting, then perhapse look into bash, bash is the default shell (command line) in kubuntu, you can ask about it at #bash04:26
Vermux_hpladds: because windows wasnt shut down in a clean way04:26
hpladdsVermux_: lets try some this: It worked as wellon my machine. "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/windows"04:27
Vermux_hpladds: $logfile indicates unclean shutdown (0,1)04:27
Vermux_hpladds: same message04:27
gkffjcsVermux_: try mount -t ntfs /dev/whatever /media/windows/ -o force04:28
hpladdsI doubt the boot.ini is on the sda204:28
Vermux_hpladds: it says again the log file message and that forced mount, reset $logfile04:29
Vermux_it worked04:29
hpladdsVermux_: I like gkffjcs suggestion04:29
powertool08Can anyone here add m4a tracks to k3b without error?04:30
gkffjcsthanks hpladds04:31
Vermux_hpladds: yay04:31
Vermux_gkffjcs: thanks04:31
Vermux_now how do I change back the boot.ini to its original state04:31
Vermux_currently its forcing the machine to boot into safe modwe04:31
charlesim just wanting to learn Kubuntu,,,anyone know of any tutorials i could download and read?04:32
gkffjcsyou should get a menu an the option the select with mode to start windows in. Select normal boot or whatever it is, and then shut down properly04:32
gkffjcsthat process itself should reset the boot in windows04:32
gkffjcscharles: there a lot, try google, if you keep asking the same question you will keep getting the same answer.04:33
gkffjcsIf you have a specific question feel free to ask04:34
Vermux_gkffjcs: what menu, I cant boot win. I mounted windows partition with kubuntu live cd so I can change manually the boot.ini file04:34
gkffjcsotherwise I don't know how to help you, nore will anyone else.04:34
gkffjcsoh, sorry, what happens when you try to boot windows?04:34
gkffjcsdose it boot at all?04:35
hpladdsgkffjcs: What does the -f option do? I just read the man -- still didn't understand.04:35
gkffjcsin what? ntfs-3g04:35
gkffjcsit force resets the log file, in case of a dirty dismount of an ntfs volume04:36
Vermux_gkffjcs: to make long story short, it is a trojan. couldnt boot to safe mode for some reason, so I tried to force safe mode with superantispyware boot safe, after that I cant boot at all, it gives the options of safe modes, normal, last know conf. etc. but it wont boot it to the operating system04:36
gkffjcshmm, do you have a windows cd?04:37
Vermux_gkffjcs: so I wanted to change back the boot.ini file that I assume SAfeBoot changed04:37
Vermux_gkffjcs: yes, cant use the recovery console because it doesnt accept m password (probably the Trojan action)04:37
gkffjcstry opening /media/windows/boot.ini in a text editor and see what it looks like,04:38
Vermux_gkffjcs: so first, I want to change the boot.ini back so I can boot04:38
gkffjcsVermux_: I don't know how to do that04:38
Vermux_gkffjcs: it says gkffjcs in support msn page the default of the operating system says multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect04:39
Vermux_gkffjcs: I currently have /fast detect /noexecute=optin /safeboot:network04:40
gkffjcsok, here, one second04:40
gkffjcsthis is my boot.ini, compare it to yours, and see if there are obvious changes04:41
gkffjcsother than that this is a linux channel, and I am limited in my win knoledge, there is an unofficial #windows, maybe they can help you better.04:42
Vermux_gkffjcs: ok, thanks. the order is not important right? /fastdetect first or after /no execute...04:43
gkffjcsI don't know.04:43
Vermux_gkffjcs: so if I quit the kubuntu live cd it will save the changes I made with the editor, right?04:45
gkffjcsyou need to save with the editor, if you open the file in a text editor then you ned to save in that text editor, it has nothing to do with the live cd it self, it's just like in anyother program, you change the file you need to click save.04:46
Vermux_gkffjcs: thanks, I Saved it04:46
gkffjcshonestly I don't think you have a problem with your boot.ini, but I honestly don't know what else the problem is also in the recovery console try leaving the password blank and logging in as administrator, unless you specifically set a password for the "Administrator" user in xp it has no password, that might be the source of your password issue04:48
hpladdsgkffjcs: ok now I've reread the man page for mount. It does not detail a "force" option for -o. You made it up *smile*04:52
gkffjcsno i didn't, it's a fuse option, read man:/ntfs-3g04:53
gkffjcsor man:/fuse04:53
hpladdsgkffjcs: ah thanks04:53
gkffjcshpladds: when ever you see a mount command with the form something something -o someoption, the file system is probabily based on fuse.04:54
gkffjcsfor instance curlftpfs mounts ftp locations as a local fs, and you need to user for example -o user="username"04:56
alberthello everyone!04:59
alberti am a new user on kubuntu. Any body could help me?04:59
alberta promble about vim05:00
albertit is can not set sytanx on.05:00
hpladdsgkffjcs: thx. Never heard FUSE before05:01
hpladdsgkffjcs: Can i run a tough one by you?05:01
gkffjcsok, sure05:01
hpladdsI'm currently typing on a machine with a freash install of the lastest madwifi driver. I can ping www.yahoo.com05:02
hpladdsgkffjcs: I can ping any site on the internet, but05:03
hpladdsgkffjcs: I can not gain access to any websites05:03
hpladdsgkffjcs: "error while loading www.yahoo.com"05:05
gkffjcshmm, try putting this in your address bar05:06
gkffjcsit should bring up google05:06
hpladdsgkffjcs: nope05:07
hpladdsgkffjcs: no luck, same error05:08
charlescan someone tell me how to install a theme on KDE 3.5.905:08
gkffjcshmm, well, all that means is that it's not a dns problem, honestly I really don't know much about wifi drivers, dose the mad wifi have any configuration? Also are you using knetworkmanager?05:09
charlesgkffjcs...could you help me?05:09
charlesive downloaded a theme and i need help on how to install it?05:10
gkffjcscharles: is it a whole theme, or just a color or icon theme?05:10
charlesa whole theme05:10
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gkffjcsok, type alt+f205:11
=== charles__ is now known as charles
gkffjcsand then type in "kcontrol"05:11
charlesapp and themes...then theme manager?05:11
gkffjcsclick on Appearance and themes, and sleect theme manager05:11
gkffjcsclick on Install New theme05:12
charleswhen i go to the folder...it shows all the folders...how do i load all of them at once?05:12
hpladdsgkffjcs: I go to System Settings > network. I don't have knetworkmanger.05:12
gkffjcshpladds: um, it's probabily actually in your system tray, it should be a little icon with signel strenth bars05:13
hpladdsps -A shows that it is running05:14
gkffjcshpladds: try your system tray05:15
hpladdsAh, mine is a icon for an RJ-45 (I suppose) outlet05:15
charlesgkffjcs....when i go to where i extracted the theme to it shows the folders...no files to install05:15
hpladdsgkffjcs: in th system tray05:15
hpladdsgkffjcs: wireless devices are only accessible via a right click on the icon05:17
gkffjcsyeah, that's it05:17
gkffjcsdose it show your connected to a network?05:17
hpladdsgkffjcs: Actually it says thatI'm not connected05:19
gkffjcsok, so that means you manually configured your adapter, honestly, this is not where I really know my stuff, so sorry. What I would check is your dns, and see, if other services are able to connect to the internet, you might also check your bwoser settings to see if there is something strange there.05:21
hpladdsgkffjcs: Oh! I signed on from a console window.05:21
gkffjcsyour using a console based irc client?05:22
hpladdsgkffjcs: That definately pointed me in the right direction05:22
hpladdsgkffjcs: Konversation05:22
hpladdsgkffjcs: I guess I don't really know the difference between a termial and a console window05:24
NightSporeI'm using a console client too05:24
hpladdsBut truly I think I configured from a terminal window05:24
NightSporehow do I send "cont" signal to a terminal? hehe05:24
hpladdsgkffjcs: Thanks I must sleep.05:25
sancho21Why can't I see some of Japanese kanji character?05:25
sancho21I just use hardy 8.04 english version05:27
sancho21But as I browse using konqueror to Japanese site, some characters are unrecognized. But they are in Firefox05:28
sancho21Sorry, I meant, they are recognized in Firefox05:28
HenryHeronNeed some help, please. Wish to install kde desktop on to ubuntu 8.04.1 from live cd (kubuntu). Can't find the option to do this. Thanks05:31
gkffjcsHenryHeron: what, so you have ubuntu installed on your system?05:36
HenryHeronHello, any one here, knowledgeable re my above question. Thanks!05:37
gkffjcsHenryHeron: hi, the red means I responeded to you05:37
HenryHerongkffjcs:Yes, correct05:38
NightSporecan anyone enlighten me as to how I can send a "sigcont" signal to tty1?05:38
NightSporeI could simply reboot later but I know there must be an easy way to unfreeze this session05:38
gkffjcsyou cannot install stuff on a live cd05:38
gkffjcsyou can install stuff on an installed system, and can use a live cd as a source of packages if you don't have internet.05:39
HenryHerongkffjcs: well, I have internet connect (dial up) so I got the "live cd" but can find no option to just install kde desktop on current system05:40
HenryHerongkffjcs:any directions would be very appreciated05:41
gkffjcshuh, in a live cd there should be an icon on the desktop, saying install to hard disk05:42
HenryHerongkffjcs:but it only (apparently) offers a full install05:43
gkffjcsoh, don't boot off the live cd, boot into normal mode05:43
favroHenryHeron: if you put the kubuntu cd in and search it for .deb files you'll have what you can install of the cd05:44
HenryHerongkffjcs:in my ubuntu OS or do I boot from live cd?05:45
sancho21Font packs in Kubuntu is not as complete as ones in Ubuntu05:45
gkffjcsno, you want to boot into the installed ubuntu, and add the disk as a repo, then install form the disk05:45
HenryHerongkffjcs:from synaptic pm?05:46
gkffjcsyes, in synaptic there should be a manage repositories option, make sure that the cd is checked as a source, and then refresh the package list05:47
gkffjcsI think that should work05:47
HenryHerongkffjcs:THANKS. I'm embarrassed I didn't think of this... :) & thanks favro!05:48
carutsuI need to install subversion 1.5, where can i find the backport?05:49
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/05:50
carutsunevermind I found a backport in launchpad05:52
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skinnymg1hey hows it going guys07:19
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest40255
skinnymg1i need to find an app that is capable of streaming a desktop in kubuntu07:23
Guest40255when is kubuntu/ubuntu 8.10 going to come out07:26
skinnymg1check the website07:27
emilsedghGuest40255: release versions say: 8.10 means 10th month of 2008.8.04 means 4th month of 2008.07:27
Guest40255i have and its not there07:27
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anipyhow can i learn upgrade-history of a particular package, e.g. kdesvn, and roll-back to an earlier version?08:03
SkEmOshould i forward the ports for my ktorrent?08:13
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konradHow can I disable compiz from CLI? When I boot the computer I'm left with a black screen and mousepointer about 10 seconds after login. Suspecting compiz to be involved08:36
konradUninstalled compiz, but that leaves me without any form of window decoration like title bar or resizeable border. How do I get them back?08:55
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anipyis anyone else experiencing problems with kdesvn on kubuntu 8.04 accessing sourceforge.net SVN service?09:17
anipyi'm getting different error messages that do not make any sense since september 4. on that date sf.net migrated SVN service + it seems i have upgraded to a new svn package from kubuntu... now i do not know if the error is on sf.net or on an error in new svn package09:19
bushwakkohey, I just installed kubuntu, but I've got the old 4.05 thing09:19
bushwakkoI want 4.109:19
jussi01bushwakko: #kubuntu-kde4 for kde4 support09:19
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:21
vikkui have a kernel panic while iam booting krnel of Damn small linux (virtualized)over ubuntu..... it shows values of CPU registers , stack, call trace ,code and says that Kernel panic : Attempted to kill the idle task ..... hmmm what should i do , it doesnt go any further09:21
holycowvikku: thats either a damn small or your virtualization software issue09:23
holycowyou start with a google on your errors and narrow it to one of those two tree09:23
holycowfrom there you contact the teams involved to help09:23
vikkuholycow : alright just found some topics in google09:24
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:28
HollowPointhey ActionParsnip09:31
ActionParsniphey HollowPoint09:31
mrthaosomeone help me avande compiz for kubuntu8.4 pzl!!!09:45
ActionParsnipmrthao: what does avande mean?09:47
ActionParsnipmrthao: do you want compiz installing??09:49
mrthaosorry advance09:49
mrthaothis is my mean09:49
mrthaocan u help me09:49
ActionParsnip!compiz | mrthao09:50
ubottumrthao: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion09:50
ActionParsnipmrthao: it wont work unless you install you graphics drivers09:50
mrthaoi see09:51
mrthaothank you very much09:51
* ActionParsnip hates compiz09:54
romunov_ActionParsnip: turn it off :D09:58
romunov_toolbar disappears? :D09:58
ActionParsnipromunov_: no its just nasty, and breaks stuff09:59
romunov_and only in OOo?09:59
ActionParsnipromunov_: its broken a tonne of things. i prefer fluxbox, gets the job done fast09:59
ActionParsnipromunov_: i dont even have wallpaper, eye candy is lame10:00
RurouniJonesWallpapers are an integrated part of the visual desktop environment paradigm!!!!!10:01
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ActionParsnipRurouniJones: huh?10:03
bluezz_neptI need help..10:03
ActionParsnipwassup bluezz_nept10:04
bluezz_neptI was creating a new partition in Kubuntu..out of unpartitioned space  in my hard disk10:04
bluezz_neptI used Gparted.bt it's saying "hal-storage-fixed mount refused uid 1000".10:04
bluezz_neptwht does dat mean?10:04
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: did you run it with kdesu?10:05
bluezz_nept....I used GUI of gparted..10:05
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: did you get asked for a password?10:06
bluezz_neptI used root password.10:06
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: ok cool10:06
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: you should use your own as you are a member of sudoers and not logging in as root10:07
bluezz_neptbt I am able to see the partition in my storage media..10:08
bluezz_neptbt I can't save anything in it..it shows mount error.10:08
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: did you format it?10:09
bluezz_neptnyway thanks Action..I will try to format it again..let's see how it goes next time.10:09
bluezz_neptI will ask again if the problem occurs again..10:10
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: what command are you using to mount, and what fs you using?10:10
bluezz_nept..file system I am using ext310:10
bluezz_neptHow to mount it..I jst formated it..10:10
bluezz_neptand I thought it will automatically get mounted..10:11
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: not unless you add it to /etc/fstab10:11
bluezz_neptokiee..so how to add it .10:12
ActionParsnip!fstab | bluezz_nept10:12
ubottubluezz_nept: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions10:12
bluezz_neptokiee..Thanks a lot ubottu...10:12
HollowPointanyone know of a good control panel that's OSS other than ISPConfig?10:14
ActionParsnipbluezz_nept: hes a bot,10:14
wesley_how can i know the ip adress off the person who´s black mailing me on a forum and how can i get it in kopete10:19
ActionParsnipwesley_: view the email headers, i dont know how to do that in kopete10:20
ActionParsnipwesley_: plus it may be spoofed10:20
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wesley_its a forum that guy is black mailing my girl and i wanna know who that is10:21
wesley_phpBB 2 is the forum using10:22
dwidmannwesley_: what do you intend to do after you find the persons ip address?10:22
dwidmannwesley_: the admins of the forum probably have access to the ip address, I would think.10:23
wesley_to punch some though in him its realy low to edit pictures off a person and not reveal you indentie10:23
ActionParsnipwesley_: if you view the email headers (normally hidden) you will get some IPs10:23
ActionParsnipwesley_: report him to the authoritys10:24
ActionParsnipwesley_: or block his account10:24
wesley_ActionParsnip its not a e-mail10:25
ActionParsnipwesley_: what is it then?10:27
wesley_a forum10:28
ActionParsnipthen ask the admin for their ip as most forums log ip addresses of loggers10:28
dwidmannActionParsnip: if you have a second, do you think this is good or bad: http://www.xnowherex.com/images/prototype9.html10:30
ActionParsnipdwidmann: looks ok, just the image or is there more/10:31
dwidmannActionParsnip: just the image ..... so it's only okay? Any ideas? If you can't tell by the pages title ... I'm kind of going through a lot of ideas and many of them are not so good.10:31
ActionParsnipdwidmann: this is offtopic dude, this is kubuntu support10:33
ActionParsnip!ot | dwidmann10:33
ubottudwidmann: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!10:33
dwidmannActionParsnip: I know ... but the ot channel is even more dead than this one right now.10:33
ActionParsnipwell its offtopic and ops will kick or ban you10:33
dwidmannmeh, let 'em10:34
mindspinhi, I am kinda trapped. When I boot hardy with 2.6.22-15 kernel, I cannot mount my camera anymore, when booting 2.6.24-21 the soundcard is not detected. any ideas?10:56
jussi01mindspin: you are on intrepid?10:58
testiI want to buy a webcam, how do I know, that it is compatible with ubuntu hardy. Are all logitech webcams compatible?10:58
mindspinbut installed the 2.6.24 kernel because it "worked"10:59
testiis there a blacklist, or a whitelist?10:59
jussi01!hardware | testi10:59
mindspinbut after next boot, sound disappeared again..10:59
ubottutesti: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:59
testithanks, jussi0111:00
MetaMorfoziSHi all is there anybody who have Genius G-Pen 4500?11:26
=== mistrnole is now known as Mistr
octavariumc'è nessunO?12:03
ogzyhow can i get the kde theme info just using konsole?12:09
MetaMorfoziScat /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc | grep Theme12:10
marcosomeone can help me? I've got trouble with screen resolution12:31
Notch-1i have installed kubuntu 8.10 alpha 5, but now wich is the best way to update?12:31
PiciNotch-1: 1) 8.10 support/discussion is in #ubuntu+1. 2) see below12:33
Pici!final | Notch-112:33
ubottuNotch-1: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:33
Notch-1ubottu: i tried but something goes wrong12:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:34
PiciNotch-1: okay, see #ubuntu+1 for supprort then ;)12:35
Notch-1if i update with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade xorg crashes...12:35
Notch-1tnx Pici :D12:35
marcoI install nvidia driver with envyng-qt. I've got the correct refresh rate at kdm, but when I login goes to other refresh rate. I try change xorg, nvidia-settigs withou sucess12:35
Notch-1Pici: i don't think i need support, i was just telling you a problem that might be a bug...12:36
=== basti is now known as basti|off
stdin!bug | Notch-1, we use Launchpad for bugs12:37
ubottuNotch-1, we use Launchpad for bugs: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:37
Notch-1yes, but i'm not sure, that's why i'm asking here :DDDD12:38
Notch-1maybe i used a wrong command...12:38
=== marco is now known as clapton_pt
Notch-1i used: sudo su \ apt-get update \ apt-get upgrade \ apt-get dist-upgrade, is that right?12:39
clapton_ptsomeone can help me? I've got trouble with screen resolution12:40
clapton_ptI install nvidia driver with envyng-qt. I've got the correct refresh rate at kdm, but when I login goes to other refresh rate. I try change xorg, nvidia-settigs withou sucess12:40
warlockhola, no se si alguien ha utilizado el webmin en ubuntu12:41
warlockesque voy al archivo minserv.conf y no encuentro el allow ese12:42
Notch-1warlock: lo siento pero creo que nadie te intenda, tienes que hablar english :D12:44
Notch-1(y yo no conozco webmin :P)12:45
clapton_ptNotch-1: hello, can y help me? :D12:46
clapton_ptI install nvidia driver with envyng-qt. I've got the correct refresh rate at kdm, but when I login goes to other refresh rate. I try change xorg, nvidia-settigs withou sucess12:46
warlockya veo jeje12:47
Notch-1clapton_pt: i dunno, sorry12:47
ghostcubedont use envy12:47
Notch-1warlock: :DD12:47
warlockcrei que estaba en kubuntu-es jjeje12:47
Veliourashow do i compare pdf files in ubuntu?12:48
ghostcubeclapton_pt: u need to set the refresh rtate in ure xorg.conf file12:48
ghostcubejust edit nvidia settings and safe the xorg.conf file to desktop12:48
ghostcubelook into it u will se what to change12:48
clapton_ptghostcube: I change it12:49
g33k_gir1I've installed kde 4.1 (point something? the latest CD image available under releases), and I can't figure out how to move widgets on the bottom taskbar/panel12:49
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde412:49
clapton_ptghostcube: http://rafb.net/p/xQ6KXb88.html my xorg12:50
ghostcubeclapton_pt: u need 1024 ?12:50
clapton_ptghostcube: it's my main resoltuion12:50
ghostcubeis this lcd ?12:51
ghostcubeor normal monito12:51
clapton_ptThis monitor always work with other PCs with ubuntu, only crash with this new. nvida 8500gt12:51
ghostcubeok i saw it 85 hz lol12:52
clapton_ptI don't know what have I to do12:52
ghostcubeclapton_pt: could be an envy prob what happens if u comment modeline ?12:52
clapton_ptI try everything that I know12:52
clapton_ptghostcube: I added modeline recently12:52
clapton_ptworks bad without modeline too12:53
clapton_ptIt's a attempt to fix :D12:53
ghostcuberemove the _85.00 for a test12:53
lokai-linhm, why am I getting an error along the line of can't find stdio.h when I try to compile...?12:53
clapton_ptI added _85 too12:53
clapton_ptwithout _85 works bad12:53
clapton_ptit's same12:54
ghostcubetry _7512:54
clapton_ptMy problem is: I change xorg many ways12:54
ghostcubewithout .0012:54
clapton_ptand redfresh rate always set at 87hz12:54
ghostcubeclapton_pt: u can reconfigure it12:54
clapton_ptnvidia-settings always show me 87hz12:54
JackTopi need help to restore grub after os installs.  i have my root on sda5 (including /boot).  I get an error 15 when trying to boot12:54
clapton_ptI try change to "auto", but always go to 87(interface)12:55
ghostcubeclapton_pt: if it works it is in the range of monitor12:55
ghostcubeso maybe remove this 85.00 and try only _7512:55
clapton_ptmy problem is "I cant change default refresh rate"12:56
clapton_ptmy monitor works at 75 or 8512:56
=== basti|off is now known as basti
clapton_ptbut when I login blows to 87hz12:56
Veliourashow do i compare pdf files in ubuntu?12:57
ghostcubeclapton_pt: cant dcc here13:00
ghostcubeclapton_pt: xorg values are not the sdame as the detected values some times13:00
cojones_hey guys, i just installed KDE 4.1, then in an attempt to get GTK working nicely, installed gtk-qt-engine-kde4 and kde4-style-qtcurve-kdeconfig and now KDE hangs during boot13:01
=== rmblr is now known as Ramblurr
cojones_no one?13:07
dr_williscojones_,  try making a new user. see if it affect them as well.   I dont use kde4. so cant help13:11
cojones_backin a sec13:12
cojones_hey guys, when i try to open a .deb file in KDE it opens Ark13:26
cojones_when I say 'open', the goal is to install13:27
powertool08cojones_: try sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb13:30
cojones_powertool08: yeah i'm aware of that method :) i'm looking for a graphical option13:30
cojones_thanks though13:30
ghostcubegdebi ?13:30
ghostcubeisnt it loading it into gdebi13:31
ghostcubethen its not made well13:31
cojones_nope, not loading into gdebi13:32
cojones_i'll look into that13:32
jussi01cojones_: you are on kde4, correct? Id suggest you might like to ask in #kubuntu-kde4 if so :)13:36
cojones_done and done13:39
powertool08and that its white13:40
powertool08wrong window... ignore13:40
=== marco is now known as clapton_pt
JuJuBeeI use  NIS for login in my room.  It was working fine last week, but today, I cannot seem to get it to start on the workstations.14:05
JuJuBeeNo NIS logins seem to work.14:06
=== vsudilov is now known as lokai-lin
=== lokai-lin is now known as lokai
* lokai me14:21
thefishfirestarter wont do anything with executables and policies for internet access based on application14:23
Picithefish: Is that a question?14:24
thefishthat was me being a complete egg14:24
thefishwrong window *and* wrong time :D ftl!14:25
WaSTe[bRe]i download icons, how to change icons for mozilla, home, mail??14:25
WaSTe[bRe]i download icons, how to change icons for mozilla, home, mail??14:27
_spm_DragetI am the administrator of a PC and wanted the user to not have root rights. So I removed him from the sudoers group. I enabled the root account so I can su to root. But kcontrol does not work when I start it as root and as the user I cannot change anything because it needs admin rights and tries to use sudo to elevate the current user. How can I change the behaviour of kcontrol to use the normal root user instead?14:29
WaSTe[bRe]i download icons, how to change icons for mozilla, home, mail??14:37
_spm_DragetI am the administrator of a PC and wanted the user to not have root rights. So I removed him from the sudoers group. I enabled the root account so I can su to root. But kcontrol does not work when I start it as root and as the user I cannot change anything because it needs admin rights and tries to use sudo to elevate the current user. How can I change the behaviour of kcontrol to use the normal root user instead?14:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnucash14:46
lokaiis there a tool that sends user-specified keystrokes to the terminal?14:46
DennisBagleyhello all - i am using kubuntu hardy kde3 and have just got compiz working with custom (compiz custom settings manager) config - i cant find where to enable dragging a window round to another face of the cube - also i cant right click on a window and send to desktop x - anyone know where to enable this - or is it a kde thing14:46
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion14:49
DennisBagleycheers - will off to #compiz-fusion14:49
=== JanMalte_ is now known as JanMalte
gx009looking for kubuntu 8.10 DL link15:06
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
ghostcubethere are all mirrors15:10
g33k_gir1help! i upgraded from kde3 to kde4, and now I can't run firefox from the K menu -- I get the KDE Crash Handler popup15:13
ghostcubeg33k_gir1: firefox in terminal works ?15:14
g33k_gir1yes, but with errors in the terminal15:15
g33k_gir1errors at http://paste.ubuntu.com/44559/15:15
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde415:15
ghostcubetry it here15:16
ghostcubeno idea15:16
ghostcubeseems the libaries are missing but i dont know why15:16
=== mtowne is now known as Razorcloud
Razorcloudhello everyone15:16
g33k_gir1oh well... i suppose its not a catastrophe, as long as I can run it somehow :)15:16
Razorcloudi just installed kubuntu 8.04 yesterday and i LOVE it15:16
g33k_gir1will submit as a bug-repro15:16
gx009i have tried a number of .iso images for the 64bit version (8.10) and  all have failed so far15:18
g33k_gir1gx009: are you burning the images from linux?15:18
g33k_gir1gx009: I had the same problem over the weekend. worked perfectly when I burned it from a windows machine.15:19
g33k_gir1go figure15:19
g33k_gir1i know15:19
Razorcloudwait are people having problem burning CD images?15:20
gx009i'll give that approach a try.. just never really thought about it.. what program did you use to burn .iso to disc in windows15:20
Razorcloudif im not mistaken, its not just as simple as burning the file to the disc15:20
Razorclouddefinately use infrarecorder15:20
Razorcloudit has an option specifically for creating CDs using isos15:20
Razorcloudand its free15:20
lexhi guys. can i somehow optimise kernel for i686 architecture?15:21
Pliskinhello :)15:23
PliskinSuperkaramba doesn't display my widgets15:23
PliskinI don't  understand why15:23
Pliskincan somebody help me?15:23
Pliskin(sorry for my english)15:24
PliskinIt display the widgets but they seem hidden by the background15:24
Pliskin I am using KDE 3.5.1015:24
MaliqueHey guys, any chance I could get a hand working out why I can't get network CUPS printing working?15:24
g33k_gir1Razorcloud: I think the issue is in burning isos in linux15:25
g33k_gir1Razorcloud: or at least, that was the problem I had. worked fine if I burned the image in windows15:25
g33k_gir1gx009: I used InfranView in windows15:25
Pliskinlex : the15:26
MaliqueI have a printer connected to my desktop, and am trying to get it working on my laptop through the network. I can find the printer as a remote CUPS printer, and can add it with the right driver, but it won't print, it gets stuck "processing" it forever15:26
Pliskinthe kernel is already optimised15:26
Pliskinif you use kubuntu15:26
neWbieZhi guys ivegot a prob apparently with flash, could you help? when i watch a videoclip (i.e. youtube) there's an horizontal line in the centre of the screen, like if it's switching frame, it's pain in... and my eyes hurt. can you help?15:27
Pliskinkonqueror ?15:27
Razorcloudyea i had some problems with flash15:29
=== Sbucatino is now known as sbucat
Razorcloudi used a solution i found online15:30
neWbieZsame that i do?15:30
=== mcas_away is now known as mcas
Razorcloudno mine just says i have no flash plugin15:30
Malique*sigh* why do I always feel invisible when I come to this room for help :(15:30
Razorcloudwhen i very clearly spent a good amount of time in konsole15:30
Razorcloudhaving it install15:30
Razorcloudeh dont worry about it15:30
lexPliskin: yes, i use kubuntu 8.04 and konqueror15:30
Razorcloudmost people dont watch their IRC15:30
neWbieZor they just dunno the answer :D15:30
Razorcloudi guess15:31
Razorcloudbut the flash thing is annoying15:31
neWbieZso how did u solve ur prob razor?15:31
Razorcloudi didnt yet15:31
neWbieZyes it is!15:31
Razorcloudi mean i found a simple konsole command15:31
Pliskinlex, I asked neWbieZ about konqueror ^^15:31
neWbieZbut apparently we're the only two i heard of15:31
Razorcloudthat seemed to install a flash player15:31
lexi do not like dolphin, it has no functionabillity like old konqui. lol15:31
=== JonathanD is now known as Jonathand
Razorcloudbut on another visit to youtube15:31
Razorcloudit said i didnt have the plugin15:31
Pliskinanyway, if you are using kubuntu, the kernek is generic and optimised15:31
MaliqueWell, if anyone knows anything about CUPS sharing over network, feel free to give me a hand15:31
neWbieZno no now it works but the quality and this line15:32
neWbieZits not just with youtube though15:32
neWbieZwith all the streaming video shares15:32
Razorcloudyea i figured that15:32
neWbieZso no solutions?15:32
lexany good book recommendation for network administration?15:33
Razorcloudnope sorry15:33
neWbieZoh if flaccide was here... he knew how to help lol :D15:33
Razorcloudnormally i just read wikis15:33
neWbieZalright though thank you anyway :D15:33
Razorcloudthat sort of thing15:33
neWbieZyes i tried but...15:33
neWbieZhavent found much15:33
Razorcloudwhat problem are trying to fix again?15:33
neWbieZusually i always read the wikis b4 to get here15:33
Razorcloudoh the video thing?15:33
lexRazorcloud: wikis are kinda for pros only. i am intermediate sysadmin if that exists :)15:33
lexneWbieZ: what kind of problem do you have?15:34
neWbieZhi guys ivegot a prob apparently with flash, could you help? when i watch a videoclip (i.e. youtube) there's an horizontal line in the centre of the screen, like if it's switching frame, it's pain in... and my eyes hurt. can you help?15:34
lexneWbieZ: try purging the package and reinstalling flash codec15:35
neWbieZi did twice15:35
neWbieZits the same15:35
lexneWbieZ: or: the problem is in your graphic driver maybe. can you screenshot it on imageshack?15:35
lexneWbieZ: other coded videos? eg. divx xvid etc???15:36
MaliquePLEASE can anyone help?15:36
lexMalique: what is it?15:36
neWbieZlex: well i guess so but the thing is that this horizontal line appears only when the subject in the video is moving vertically, if you understand what am saying15:36
neWbieZi dunno how to explain it better15:36
lexneWbieZ: mhm.15:37
lexi understand15:37
neWbieZdu have a sol?15:37
Maliquelex: I can't get CUPS to print over the network, I can add the printer, and I can send jobs to it, but they get stuck on "processing" forever15:37
lexneWbieZ: what is your refresh rate? what graphic card is it?15:37
neWbieZthe driver is correctly installed15:37
lexMalique: what printer?15:37
neWbieZi followed the wikis15:37
lexneWbieZ: sol?15:38
neWbieZanyway it's a geforce 9600 gt which drivers i installed following the wikis (sol=solution)15:38
Razorcloudif your helping with a graphics problem15:38
Razorcloudi might as well have you help me also15:38
Maliquelex: it's a Samsung CLP-300. The drivers work, the test page works from the desktop printer where the printer is connected, just not from the laptop. It used to work, then I did a reinstall of the desktop system and now the laptop can't print anymore15:38
Razorcloudbut i can wait until your done with malique15:39
lexneWbieZ: on other video formats does the same problem happen, or not?15:39
neWbieZif i watch one of my videos for example on vlc nope15:39
lexMalique: sorry, no idea. try looking through config files for cups...15:39
neWbieZit's just on the net thats why i think its a flash prob15:40
Maliquelex: the config file should be default, I haven't touched it. I have looked at it, everything is set to Allow All. I don't know enough about CUPS config files to tell much more than that15:40
lexneWbieZ: try going on topgear.com or bbc.co.uk/topgear and open a realmedia or wma stream.15:40
lexMalique: i really have no idea, sorry :(15:41
Razorcloudlex im sure you probably have gotten my problem a dozen times so you might be able to help me quickly15:41
Malique:( its ok15:41
Razorcloudi just cant do flash in general15:41
neWbieZlex: ok one sec15:41
MaliqueAnyone else? It's kinda urgent, sorry to be a pain15:41
Razorcloudi can help a little malique15:41
=== [MrPresident] is now known as jasmins
=== jasmins is now known as jazmin
MaliqueRazorcloud: any help is appreciated right now :) any ideas on what to do? The laptop can SEE the printer fine, and jobs sent from the laptop get to the desktop CUPS server, but just get stuck processing forever15:42
lexRazorcloud: what type of problem do you have?15:43
MaliqueIt used to work fine until I reinstalled the desktop system, now it just plain won't work over the network15:43
neWbieZlex: weird.. the clip doesnt start plus twice it says underneath "not yet supported"15:43
lexneWbieZ: just a sec..15:43
lexneWbieZ: what browser?15:44
lexok... wait a sec... trying to play it15:45
Razorcloudokay sorry15:45
neWbieZi was on http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/ and could watch the clip but no fullscreen which is where usually happens15:45
Razorcloudmy TA for matlab was right over my shoulder15:46
Razorcloudcouldnt tab into IRC15:46
neWbieZusually this line is just on fullscreen15:46
lexwma works for me15:46
Razorcloudi will wait until yiou adress me again lex15:46
lexRazorcloud: ok15:46
Razorcloudwait are you ready for me?15:46
=== rocknzen is now known as RocknLnX
MaliqueRazorcloud: any help is appreciated right now :) any ideas on what to do? The laptop can SEE the printer fine, and jobs sent from the laptop get to the desktop CUPS server, but just get stuck processing forever15:47
lexRazorcloud: yep15:47
neWbieZlex: what do i do then?15:47
Razorcloudbe with you in a sec malique15:47
Razorcloudokay lex15:47
Razorcloudmy problem is flash in general15:47
Razorcloudi cant seem to get it in anyway15:47
Razorcloudi read multiple places that claimed my version (8.04) broke flash15:47
Razorcloudi found a colution online that was a konsole command15:48
Razorcloudand it seemed to install a flash plugin15:48
Razorcloudbut alas, youtube still didnt work15:48
lexneWbieZ: i really have no idea. try downloading a flv video and playing it from you pc. if it is the same, it is flash if not i dunno really :(15:48
jussi01!enter | Razorcloud15:48
ubottuRazorcloud: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:48
lexRazorcloud: please, let me think...15:48
neWbieZalright thanks for ur help15:48
Razorcloudk thank you lex15:48
lexRazorcloud: install for firefox is in kubuntu-restricted-extras flash plugin from the repository.. it must work. it works for me, with no manual setup whatsoever15:50
=== mcas is now known as mcas_away
Razorcloudlex: this is the command i used after removing the flash nonfree, as the tutorial instructed15:50
Razorcloudsudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper flashplugin-nonfree lib32nss-mdns15:50
Razorcloudi didnt have flash nonfree before hand anyhow but you know what i mean15:51
lexRazorcloud: why did you remove flash-plugin nonfree. that one works15:51
Razorcloudi dont think i HAD it before15:51
jussi01Razorcloud: try installing kubuntu-restricted-extras15:51
Razorcloudkeep in mind mine is the 64bit distro...15:51
lexRazorcloud: oh. well, try reinstalling it from adept.15:51
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava15:51
ccoffeyI have a quick question, and it's incredibly noobie, but I'll ask anyway. On a frsh install of 8.04, I installed the windows effects from the k menu (nvidia driver). Should the title bar of my active window be 100% opaque, as the title bar on my background windows is translucent? Is that the way it should be15:52
jussi01Razorcloud: you need the specialness...15:52
lexi am really sorry, but i have to go now. my roommates are hungry, and so am I. I wish you guys luck in solving the probs. :)15:52
jussi01Razorcloud: see what ubottu said15:52
Razorcloudi did thank you15:52
Razorcloudim not currently at my computer, at a lab computer15:53
Razorcloudbut will i be able to do the !flash64 command and my compy>15:53
=== Jonathand is now known as JonathanD
jussi01Razorcloud: just log into irc, then /msg ubottu flash6415:53
Razorcloudokay thank you very much15:53
jussi01no probs :)15:54
Razorcloudyea see im not sure why im running 64 bit version15:54
Razorcloudi dont recall having a choice between 64 bit and 32 when i was DLing the CD image15:54
Razorcloudand imagine my horror when i installed onto my XP computer, after partitioning off 100gigs for linux and seeing the arch as x86_6415:55
Razorcloudim not a gigantic fan of 64 bit seeing as how, well in windows at least, its totally unstable. Are the linux 64 bits relatively stable?15:55
PiciRazorcloud: It stable, but as you can see some proprietary software is not available for 64 bits.15:56
jussi01Razorcloud: yes, but often things that are from closed source (like flash) are not available for 64bit15:56
Razorcloudyes that is what i imagine15:56
MaliqueRazorcloud (and anyone else): My CUPS error log is filled with stuff about being unauthorised (on my laptop). Not sure why, it was working fine on my laptop before: http://pastebin.com/m506f750815:56
WaSTe[bRe]i download icons, how to change icons for mozilla, home, mail??15:57
Razorcloudchange the icons in general you mean, or in a dock?15:57
WaSTe[bRe]on dektop15:58
Razorcloudtry right clicking on your desktop and there might be an icon option. You might also trying going to system settings in the K menu and going to one of the appearance menus15:58
Razorcloudi havent tried it, but it might also be as easy as right clicking on individual icons and finding a change appearance/icon option15:59
WaSTe[bRe]right cvclick on icon16:00
Razorcloudmalique, i have been thinking and i cant decide what i think is causing that problem16:00
WaSTe[bRe]but there is not a button its picture of icon and i must presed on it, how did i mised that16:00
Razorcloudit sounds like a permission issue to me but im not totally sure16:00
Razorcloudnot sure waste16:00
MaliqueRazorcloud: yer, but even printing a test page as root doesn't work :(16:00
WaSTe[bRe]me too16:04
mrxmike12when i start doom, it only shows up as a little part of my screen16:06
mrxmike12im using nvidia twinview for (pcscreen+tv), how can i solve this?16:06
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=== tindor_ is now known as Tindor
JackTopa question. i'm thinking for a multiboot system doing xp, osx, kubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntustudio etc, it might be better with a separate /boot partition.  how do i go about moving the one from one of my root partitions to it's own?  until now i only have xp/osx and kubuntu installed.  /home is on it's own partition16:49
Razorcloudis your hard drive currently partitioned?16:52
Razorcloudquick question, im trying to copy two files (needed to install flash) into my firefox plugin folder, and it says i dont have permission16:55
Razorcloudi am the only user on this computer and i am currently logged in so i dont see how it could be something like that16:56
jussi01Razorcloud: sudo cp /path/to/file /path/to/where/you/want/it/16:57
TindorRazorcloud, type ls -l in the parent directory to see who's the owner16:57
WaSTe[bRe]i instaled kbfx and program loads i choosetheme click apply and nothing happedns! [using kde .3.5.9]17:00
WaSTe[bRe]i instaled kbfx and program loads i choosetheme click apply and nothing happedns! [using kde .3.5.9]17:04
=== ubuntu4alexej_ is now known as AV1611
emilsedghWaSTe[bRe]: you added it to kicker?17:06
emilsedghWaSTe[bRe]: right click, add applet17:06
Razorcloudwell jussi i got one file to copy over17:06
emilsedgh(right click on panel)17:06
Razorcloudbut the actual installer wont budge17:06
minifigI just installed Kubuntu on my other computer and then updates.  I changed the Monitor in System Settings and now I cannot get into Linux.  Not even the Login screen.17:06
minifigKubuntu Linux 8.04.1 CD install.17:07
Razorcloudi type in the command to sudo it and it doesnt give me any errors but its not actually moving it17:07
minifigIt is stuck on a text screen.17:07
WaSTe[bRe]what is kicker?17:07
minifigKicker is the taskbar17:08
WaSTe[bRe]add aplet to pannel?17:08
Tm_Tno, kicker is the whole panel, which contains also taskbar (if you choose so)17:08
WaSTe[bRe]it is added17:08
minifigI know when I lose the taskbar I have to kill and run kicker.17:09
minifigUnless that is wrong.17:09
WaSTe[bRe]i have now 2 kde start buttions :D17:09
minifigHow can changing the monitor stop me from getting into Linux?17:10
minifigI had to change monitors to see if I can change the 800x600 resolution.17:10
minifigDarn Linux crap.  rofl17:10
minifigStill on the text screen.17:11
Tm_Tthat cannot stop you getting to Linux, but it can stop you getting to X17:11
Tm_Tthat IS linux, son17:11
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto17:11
minifigAll I did was change the monitor from "Plug N Play" to "Dell P780" and now I cannot even get to the login screen.17:12
minifigBeen about 10 minutes on a text screen.17:12
minifigJust sits there doing nothing17:13
Tm_Tlog in ;)17:13
minifigI can't17:13
Tm_Tyou can, if you have text screen, hit enter once?17:14
Tm_Tyou get "login:"17:14
minifigIt starts up, does some Kubuntu graphics thing, shows text about loading this and that, then it locks up unless I press control-alt-delete17:14
Tm_Tlocks up?!17:14
minifigIt sits there doing absolutely nothing,17:15
Tm_Tyes, because you don't command it to do anything17:15
minifigEverything says ok but nothing happens17:15
Tm_Tmmmmm, alt-ctrl-f1 -> login17:15
minifigStarting this and that screen17:15
minifigLet me try it.17:15
minifigOkay, that did something but I am all in text screen.17:16
minifigLoged in too.17:16
minifigHow do I get the graphical thing back?17:17
Tm_Tyou have to fix your xorg settings17:17
minifigCan you help me please?17:17
Tm_Tminifig: first, do following command: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:18
minifigLinux only likes 1024x68 or better which is what I am trying to do.17:18
Tm_Tminifig: and use...17:19
Tm_T!paste | minifig17:19
ubottuminifig: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:19
minifigI get 1 II and two EE messages17:19
minifigI am on a KVM so I have to keep swapping back and forth.17:19
minifigVirtual Height (1374) is too large for the hardware17:20
Tm_Tmmmm, there you go17:20
minifigscreen(s) found but none have usable configuration17:20
Tm_Tsome resolution settings are trying to push too high res for you17:20
Tm_TI think I repeat myself but...17:21
Tm_T1911.52 < ubottu> The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto17:21
minifigI only changed monitor because running it before I cannot get the "OK" "Apply" "Cancel" etc buttons at the bottom.17:21
veritas_konsole is so laggy =X17:22
minifigOkay, I have it back, but just as before.17:31
minifigI am going to try again, this time change monitor and resolution before doing the restart X server thing.17:31
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WaSTe[bRe]what is linux komand in terminal to copy file?17:32
veritas_cp /loc/file1 loc/file217:32
WaSTe[bRe]how to copy more file [6 of them]17:33
WaSTe[bRe][in windows copy *.* /loc/where/to/copy17:34
WaSTe[bRe]how is command in linux?17:34
alberthow can i change my default login manager?17:35
haruuser management17:36
harujust setting usr management17:36
alberti'd prefer to do that in text mode, in case i'm not running kubuntu, but suse17:36
haruKDE desktop?17:37
albertbut i want to switch do gnome17:37
albertto gnome*17:37
harusudo apt-get install gnome-desktop17:38
alberti'll try , but i remind, im using opensuse17:38
albertand i'm not sure if there are such metapackages17:39
haruI think you need to read the suse's documents17:39
albertsomeone once told me here how to that in terminal17:40
albertmaybe you know how?17:40
albertit should be possible on my distro too17:40
harususe wiki??17:42
minifigTim_T, I am back to the problem again.  Any way to get 1024x768?  I wrote down what System Setting says my video card it.17:43
WaSTe[bRe]what how is command in linux?[to copy multiple fffiles?]17:44
albertWaSTe[bRe]: maybe just try with 'cp' ?17:44
haruuse bash17:45
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veritas_newb q, how do i copy everything inside a folder recursively except for my .svn folder17:58
jussi01veritas_: just 1 place at a time please ;)18:01
WaSTe[bRe]yes it is cp [in winows i usecopy *.* where/to copy] [how to cpy file in linux ]all file in a directory]]?18:05
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=== minifig_ is now known as minifig__
minifig__Thank you Tim_T18:08
minifig__My problem is the onboard video.  I need to replace it.18:09
minifig__Is a 16MB ATI Rage good for Linux?18:27
minifig__Right now I don't care if I get any of those special effects.18:28
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:28
minifig__Thank you.18:28
minifig__I am trying to setup an old computer for Kubuntu.18:29
minifig__900Mhz 256MB memory18:29
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=== mcas_away is now known as mcas
BluesKajminifig__, 256 RAM is a bit low , but it will work..cpu speed is ok18:37
BluesKajbbl... gotta do some painting18:38
mitin gone there is "session" i can add app to so they'll start on log in, is there a similar feature in kde?18:40
mu91thi can anyone please help me regarding the default totem media player....It shows an error message whenever i try to run any media(even supported)18:41
powertool08mit: put a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart/ directory18:41
mu91thi can anyone please help me regarding the totem movie player18:44
powertool08what is the error specifically?18:44
mu91tpowertool08: it shows failed to connect stream:invalid argument18:45
powertool08mu91t: are you using pulse audio or alsa?18:48
mu91tno i am using totem player : the default one with ubuntu18:49
powertool08mu91t: Yes, totem is your player, but what is your sound system? You can check with K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System -> Hardware tab18:50
mu91t powertool08: ok ya I am using alsa18:52
powertool08mu91t: I don't know what it is. I was looking at this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/191027 could be something related to that18:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 191027 in totem ""Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument"" [High,Confirmed]18:54
powertool08mu91t: Another person fixed it by removing and reinstalling totem18:56
minifig__trying to play an internet radio?18:56
minifig__I use mplayer.  Gives an error but works.18:56
powertool08minifig__: Its with all audio, totem gives him/her "Failed to connect stream: invalid argument"18:57
minifig__I will zip it.  lol18:57
minifig__I never used that one.18:57
powertool08mu91t: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=825148 <- forum thread where the reinstall fixed it18:58
mu91tpowertool08: can i do this  reinstallation of totem using ubuntu cd.... i couldn't find such option18:58
powertool08me either, I user mpd + ncmpc for my audio player18:58
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powertool08mu91t: you shouldn't need a cd18:59
minifig__I use mplayer to play an http radio and whatever wants to run to play other formats.18:59
powertool08mu91t: I see what you mean tho, I don't have a totem package to remove either18:59
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mu91tshould i download it fresh from the ubuntu web and then tryian install19:00
powertool08mu91t: totem? or something else?19:01
Daniel-MinifigThat would get you the latest version.19:01
JampiterHi, quick noob question19:01
JampiterHow do I change my keyboard mapping? It's got stuck on the US one and I need the UK one19:01
powertool08mu91t: sure, or any other media player you wish to try out VLC is always good to have around, it plays almost any codec without issues19:01
mu91tis there vlc for ubuntu on the synaptic19:02
Daniel-MinifigI used VLC in WIndows.  Great player.19:02
powertool08mu91t: yes19:02
powertool08Jampiter: K Menu -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout19:03
JampiterThanks :)19:03
powertool08Jampiter: if you check the enable layouts box and add at least two layouts then it puts a flag in your kicker bar and you can change layouts with one click on the flag19:04
mu91tpowertool: yeah i found it...jst tryian to install19:04
JampiterAh great :) Thanks!19:04
powertool08Jampiter: The settings are under the switching options tab19:05
JampiterThanks :D19:05
Daniel-Minifigbrb checking on my other computer.  I re-installed kubuntu.19:05
Daniel-MinifigChanged the video card.19:06
mu91tpowertool: thanks a lot man19:06
Daniel-MinifigAnother satisfied camper.  lol19:07
powertool08ha, yep19:07
powertool08I wish I were a satisfied camper :/19:07
Daniel-MinifigDo you think a 16MB ATI video card is good enough to be using in Linux.  I doubt it can handle effects though.19:08
jerome_hi all19:08
JampiterI have something like that :p19:08
powertool08Daniel-Minifig: i would think so, like you said, it wouldn't work well for compiz19:09
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: it's depend of what you wxant to do, if it's for a server it's ok19:09
Daniel-MinifigI installed a PCI card to scrap the onboard video.  Ubuntu forums says there is problems with the i810.19:09
avihayb_I have an ATI radeon 7200 with 32MB. the 3d effects stop working if I push the resolution above 1024x76819:09
Daniel-MinifigI am new with Linux.  Special graphical effects are not important.19:09
mu91tpowertool: is there any player to play an .ape file19:09
powertool08lol, usually thats the first thing on the list after initial install19:10
avihayb_then you can use an ol'e cyrrus logyc with 4mb19:10
jussi01mu91t: vlc plays most stuff, you tried that yet?19:10
powertool08mu91t: What's an .ape file?19:10
avihayb_won't be fun tough19:10
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: if it's for a old computer you want to put as a server whith no mouse no screem, no keyboard, no problem19:10
Daniel-MinifigYeah, I heard all about Linux and the special effects like cube.  I say I want to try out the OS and be used to it before trying to get the effects working.19:11
mu91tpowertool: vlc doesn't play that....ape file is an audio file(lossless)19:11
master_ok.. I switched from 64-bit kubuntu to 32-bit, since I otherwise couldn't get a number of things working, like flash on firefox 319:11
master_problem: 32-but kubuntu only sees 3.21 GB of my 4GB RAM19:11
Daniel-MinifigThis PC can easily handle the effects, I just haven't figured uot how yet.  lol19:11
master_How can I fix this?19:11
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powertool08mu91t: try mplayer and make sure you have all the gstreamer plugins/codecs19:12
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: if you want to learn put the pc like a server, and try to configure administre it,19:12
mu91tpowertool: hey buddy for how long are you using linux.... u seem to be a geek19:12
powertool08mu91t: About a year and a half, somewhat of a geek, but I have decent google-fu :)19:13
=== holymoly is now known as holycow
Daniel-MinifigI don't know what a server is.  I just want to setup the older computer for Linux so I can try it out.19:13
powertool08mu91t: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34433119:13
mu91tpowertool08: hey whats this man19:14
Daniel-MinifigI guess it is working.  rofl19:14
jerome_Daniel-Minifig:  a server is a computer whitout screem, mouse, keyboard, with services like ftp server, ssh server, samba and all of that19:14
powertool08mu91t: its the forum with the thread to play .ape with mplayer19:14
* powertool08 loves my ssh19:15
mu91tpowertool08: hey very fast yar19:15
powertool08err... s/my/his19:15
Daniel-MinifigThank you jerome_19:15
jerome_powertool08: me to ssh ...haaaaa yes19:15
jerome_for nathing Daniel-Minifig19:16
jerome_nothing sorry19:16
powertool08I went to my compsci class last week and my school login is all jacked up so I just ssh'ed back home to do my assignment19:16
mu91tpowertool08: you are in school???? and you know this much ....great19:17
powertool08and then I could enjoy my irc :D19:17
jerome_yes powertool08 and with the piblic key just login with password one time19:17
powertool08mu91t: ha, I know people 5 yrs younger than me that put me to shame19:17
powertool08jerome_: yep, I've got the regular password disallowed, must have key or no entry19:18
mu91tpowertool08: you are putting me to shame i am in final year of my graduation19:18
master_My guess is, even if I recompile my kernel to support more than a pathetic 3.21GB of RAM, that fix will be overwritten by the next set of kernel updates...19:18
powertool08mu91t: graduation? College?19:18
Daniel-MinifigBe back later.  I am swapping to the other computer to se if it worked.  I will try not to kill it this time.  lol19:18
master_small memory limitation is a BUG in ubuntu!19:18
master_and a stupid one, too19:18
mu91tpowertool08: kinda surprising ! ya i know19:19
powertool08mu91t: I'm in my 5th year of undergrad19:19
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:19
Tm_Tjust to remind you (:)19:19
mu91tpowertool08: you are in which standard in school19:19
Tm_Troot: hi, are we rooted now?19:19
powertool08which standard? as in major?19:20
=== root is now known as Guest12143
jerome_root as joined this channel mouahahaha19:20
powertool08haha, oh noes! #kubuntu was hacked19:20
mu91tpowertool: i am not getting you..., probably you guys have a different education system there...19:20
=== kal is now known as kalenedrael
Tm_Tok, I repeat...19:20
jerome_hehe probably a newbie to login as root19:20
Tm_T!ot | mu91t && powertool0819:21
ubottumu91t && powertool08: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:21
jerome_he will learn.....19:21
powertool08mu91t: Probably, if you mean what am I studying, then its Tech management19:21
powertool08mu91t: PM?19:21
mu91tpowertool08: lets talk inprivate space19:21
Tm_Tmu91t: powertool08, please feel free to join #kubuntu-offtopic19:22
jerome_powertool08:  you are a student?19:23
Daniel-MinifigIs there a way to disable the i810 video card in Kubuntu?19:24
Daniel-MinifigIt is onboard.19:24
powertool08jerome_: Yep, undergradate19:24
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: you must do it in bios19:24
powertool08Daniel-Minifig: check in your Bios settings19:24
jerome_powertool08: to late :)19:25
powertool08jerome_: yep19:25
Daniel-MinifigNone in BIOS. Just says "Primary Video (AGP/PCI).  Thank you.19:25
powertool08jerome_: I'm multi-tasking :P19:25
jerome_powertool08: same for me like my debian19:25
Daniel-MinifigI did it again.  Killed Linux.  I thought a different video card would work.19:26
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: check more in other menu19:26
Daniel-MinifigI checked all through BIOS.  The PC is an old emachines.19:26
Daniel-MinifigSeems alot of people hate it.19:27
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: an alod like what a celeron 400 ?19:27
Daniel-Minifig900Mhz.  Might be Celeron.19:28
Daniel-MinifigThis PC is 2ghz Dell P4.  512MB memory and 128MB nvidia video.19:29
jerome_my last server is a celeron 400 a change it 6 month ago it work during 5 years every dys withut any problem with a suse 8.219:29
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Daniel-MinifigIf you want a laugh, I have an old old P166Mhz still up and going.  DOS/WIn98SE.19:30
jerome_Daniel-Minifig: in fact when i change my PC my client is the same as your PC and i put it like a server and buy a new one19:31
Daniel-MinifigMaxes out Packard Bell.19:31
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:31
jerome_Daniel-Minifig:  laught..... to do a server to learn it's ok19:31
jerome_you don't need more19:32
jerome_for learn19:32
jerome_it's depend of what you want to do with linux19:33
=== marco_ is now known as clapton_pt
jerome_if it's to use the system it's impossibe but it's it's to learn how linux work it's ok19:34
KRF900mghz? impossible to use? no19:35
jerome_KRF:  of course you can but only on terminal19:36
KRFlol, jerome_. 900mghz is a lot19:36
jerome_KRF: hehehe19:40
mitmy sansa clip is not being recogized.19:45
mithow can i fix that?19:45
sbucatmit: ?19:46
sbucatdo you have sansa view or something like that?19:46
jerome_what is sansa?19:46
sbucati think a mp3-mp4 player19:47
jerome_have you some message in you /var/log/message went you plug it?19:47
jerome_ /var/log/messages sorry19:48
jerome_unplug, open a konsole as root do tail -f /var/log/messages19:49
mitsbucat: no, its called sansa clip19:49
jerome_plug it on show19:49
mitits an mp3 player19:49
sbucatmit: but you have said your  sansa clip are not recognized so.... it's a movie plauyer too?19:49
sbucatdo you haveconverted a movie and your sansa doesn t want play it?19:50
mitSep  8 21:50:01 mit-desktop kernel: [159917.284574] usb 5-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 1219:50
mitget these19:50
jerome_ok and just hat?19:51
KomiaPoikahow do i display which graphics card i have19:51
mitjerome_: yes19:51
sbucatKomiaPoika: lspci | grep VIdeo19:51
sbucatKomiaPoika: if it doesn t work try only : lspci19:51
mitlspci | grep vga19:52
KomiaPoikasbucat: thanks19:53
sbucaty are welcom19:53
jerome_mit have a look at this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31219619:54
sbucatmit: but it's an hardware problem , your device is not recognized or your clip , i mean with clip movie film or that stuff  , are not recognized by your sansa player19:54
mitthe device is called sansa clip19:55
mitand it just appeared19:55
mitin my device bay19:55
mittook it a while19:56
KomiaPoikawhat package should i install to have linux kernel sources19:57
JampiterHow do I uninstall the 386 kernel?19:57
SkEmOshould I forward my ports on ktorrent?19:57
SkEmOdownload speed is awesome as it is, but upload is poor :/19:58
jerome_KomiaPoika:  make a aptitude search kernel-header19:58
KomiaPoikajerome_: kthx19:58
KRFSkEmO, if dl is ok, its okay :)19:59
jerome_KomiaPoika: for ntothing19:59
* Jampiter asks for help here :p19:59
SkEmOi see20:00
KRFJampiter, dpkg -l | grep image*386*20:00
KRFthen apt-get remove <pkg>20:00
KRFJampiter, dpkg -l | grep *image*386*20:00
JampiterThanks, but I don't know the package name :p How do I find that out?20:01
KomiaPoikajerome_: i have install linux-libc-dev, but nvidia drivers still can't compile a kernel interface for me. what package am i missing?20:01
KomiaPoikalet me install kernel-package20:04
jerome_KomiaPoika: try a aptitude search nvidi20:11
jerome_nvidia... of course20:11
jerome_my english is so bad ...hahahahahah20:12
KomiaPoikajerome_: it's ok after i install libc6-dev, i could install nvidia's appropriate drivers20:16
nixboxkubuntu does not come with madwifi wireless drivers?20:16
skinnymg1hello irc realm20:26
jerome_KomiaPoika: ok20:27
ToHellWithGAhas something replaced the kde control center in intrepid ibex?20:36
ToHellWithGAthe "kcontrol" package is mysteriously gone so i'm stuck in single-click frustration20:37
jerome_ToHellWithGA: welcome in linux :)20:38
KRFToHellWithGA, try `systemsettings`20:38
ToHellWithGAthanks y'all20:38
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master_kubuntu 7.04 on my laptop just stopped logging in.. I enter the password, the screen goes dark, and then it bring me back to the login screen.20:59
master_What can I do?20:59
powertool08master_: I'd check your Xauth logs in /var/log/ for clues21:02
master_powertool08: each try adds another 27 lines to /var/log/Xorg.0.log but that includes no explicit errors.21:13
powertool08master_: look at "dmesg | tail" and i believe kdm also has a log file in the /var/log/ directory21:14
sputnickhi there21:14
sputnickcan I install kde4 from packages but no replacing kde3 ?21:15
sputnickI would like to keep both if it's possible21:16
powertool08sputnick: I'm pretty sure it keeps both by default, at your login screen you can click on sessions and choose21:16
sputnickI'm under Ubuntu hardy21:16
master_powertool08: dmesg doesn't show anything for each login attempt..  the kdm log adds 6 lines each time.. stuff like synapticsDeviceOn called  and synapticsDeviceOff called and SynapticsDeviceInit called..21:17
master_powertool08: at the end of Xorg.0.log, it also said synapticsDeviceOff called..21:18
master_Might that mean anything?21:18
powertool08master_: I think its referring to your trackpad mouse21:19
powertool08master_: can you log in as another user without problems?21:19
master_let me try21:19
sputnickthat's ok, http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/kde4 I can keep both21:20
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Tm_T!away > mcas_away21:24
ubottumcas_away, please see my private message21:24
master_powertool08: I created a user "guest" using the command line.. tried loging in via kdm and got a blue screen with an error dialog (forgot what it said).. So I also created a /home/guest and gave guest ownership of that.. Then I tried loging in guest and black screen, followed by back to the login screen..21:24
fredrikanybody knows whats wrong when kaffeine can't run proberly?21:25
ubuntusalut a tous21:25
master_powertool08: I have serious work I need to get done.. and this is really hurting.21:25
master_Is there some way to kill kdm so I can try using "startx" from the command line?21:25
powertool08master_: I don't know of anything else, sorry :/ somebody in #ubuntu might be able to help more21:25
powertool08master_: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop21:26
fredrikanybody got WoW to work in Kubuntu?21:26
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* powertool08 doesn't play WoW21:26
master_powertool08: thanks!21:27
powertool08master_: np21:27
fredrikmy kaffeine says: loading of Xine failed.. or something... anybody knows what's going on...?21:27
zetherooI downloaded the Kubuntu 8.04.1 ISO and was installing it in Virtual Box ,, I got a popup window saying that the session was locked and its asking for a password to unlock it..... whats the password?21:32
ghostcubehmm is there a reason why bitchx isnt anmore in repo21:39
CapitalT_Any eclipse users here?21:49
CapitalT_Does the side panels minimize vertically (like on Windows) or do they look like this http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/3/9/8/f_snapshot1m_e1a3c62.png&srv=img2621:49
powertool08I've heard of it :)21:49
RurouniJonesEr, don't know what you mean byt he screenshot but AFAIK they minimise to the left21:50
CapitalT_RurouniJones: the panel should've minimized vertically (sideways), not horizontally. It wastes space this way21:52
CapitalT_RurouniJones: it already does that on Windows, and since Eclipse is written in Java I fail to see why that's not the case on Ubuntu21:53
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mrxmikecan i install linuxmce on hardy?21:59
maennelhey guys22:01
maennelsomebody knows about the "sudo dolphin"-bug?22:02
maennelone of its effects is, that there is on every dolphin closing an error message that says, that it hasn't the rights to write to the bookmarks.xml file22:03
maennelin my case i can't even write anymore at all to any file on my ntfs data partition22:04
voltyhi, I don't see in font selection dialogs (for konsole, system wide ...) Fixed [Misc] font, but it's here, how can I enable bitmap fonts?22:09
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SixzeroOk, I've got one for you guys.  I just got my E-MU sound card working with Kubuntu, but for some odd reason, the pitch is a little high on the sound.  Is there a way to adjust this?22:16
powertool08maybe in alsamixer?22:17
Sixzeroi'm installing to see.  Kmix isn't much help with it though22:21
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morghanphoenixHow well do the kde4 games packages run when you're using kde3.5? Seems like the repos have a ton of packaged I had installed before upgrading, but now they all say kde4 on them.23:02
spike__how do I mount an hfs+ filesystem on a CD?23:06
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favromorghanphoenix: do your repos include any for kde4?23:07
morghanphoenixany what for kde4?23:09
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morghanphoenixkatomic, kbattleship, kbounce, kmahjongg. They all say that it is a part of kdegames-kde4 on the description, and I don't have kde4 installed.23:11
favro!repos | morghanphoenix23:13
ubottumorghanphoenix: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories23:13
favromorghanphoenix: I'm just guessing that maybe you are set up to grab kde4 packages ...23:14
morghanphoenixyeah, I have no problem getting the right one using apt on the command line, it's just the gui that seems to want to give me the wrong one.23:15
morghanphoenixBrowsing the list in read only gui, and installing in yakuake :P23:15
BluesKajmorghanphoenix, that's cuz the latest aren't in the repos yet23:16
ForgeAusto mount a (second?) hfsplus partition on a CD do you have to unmount the .iso part first? and how to mount the hfs part?23:16
favro!info hfsutils ForgeAus23:17
ubottu'forgeaus' is not a valid distribution23:17
ForgeAusI know the -t hfsplus part, but now what /dev/??? to use23:17
ForgeAusor if its a block device?23:17
favro!info hfsutils | ForgeAus23:17
ubottuforgeaus: hfsutils (source: hfsutils): Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.6-11build1 (hardy), package size 73 kB, installed size 228 kB23:17
ForgeAusI have them favro23:17
ForgeAusbut its a mixed-CD not a whole hfsplus one23:17
ForgeAusI acn mount the cd part23:18
ForgeAusjust don't know how ot refer to the hfsplus bit23:18
favrowhat's on the rest?23:18
ForgeAusnormal .iso23:18
ForgeAusI don't know if the hfsplus is embedded in the iso or on a separate track or what tho23:19
ForgeAusI just know that there is one there, and I don't know how to mount it lol23:19
favrowith hfsutils if you mount the cd you should be able to browse to it and read/edit - mount with no options23:20
ForgeAus(good to know that I'm not a valid distribution tho rofl)23:20
favroe.g sudo mount /dev/cdrom /somewhere23:20
ForgeAusok I'll try that, I'll unmount the cd device already there23:21
ForgeAusthanx! it worked!23:21
kierenI'm having trouble connecting wireless to my router23:22
kierenI think the entered key is wrong23:23
Sixzerowhat kind of wireless card do you have?23:23
kierenHow do I edit the stored one?23:23
kierenBT thing for laptop23:23
kierenInstalled fine with drivers23:23
Sixzeroare you in KDE at the moment?23:24
alebocohi guys, how do i change the name of my machine? (ex. from antonio@antonio to antonio@laptop)23:24
kierenaleboco: it's located in /etc/hosts23:24
Sixzerook, look to the bottom right of your screen on the bar.  To the left of the date and time you should see a white icon that looks kinda like a white popsickle, even though I'm sure it's supposed to be a plug.  Do you see it?23:25
favroI!hostname | aleboco23:25
favro!hostname | aleboco23:25
ubottualeboco: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab23:25
kierenSixzero: yeah, i clicked that and selected the router23:25
kierenEntered my WEP key23:26
kierenBut wont connect23:26
alebocothanks to all23:26
skinnymg1kieren; what kind of router is it23:26
SixzeroOk, so you've gone that far.  You're wanting to know how to change the saved key?23:26
kierenI think maybe the key is incorrect23:26
skinnymg1what kind of router is it23:26
kierenskinnymg1: Wireless belkin one23:26
kierenDoes work, am connected to a wireless access point at the moment23:27
Sixzerook, go to that icon again, right click and select manual configuration.23:27
skinnymg1certain belkin routers cannot be decyffered by linux for some odd reason23:27
kierenOh :/23:28
Sixzerohighlight the wlan0 interface and click configure interface23:28
skinnymg1but try this once23:28
ForgeAusso its not embedded you just mount it as the CD device23:28
SixzeroI'm on a belkin router.23:28
ForgeAusodd that it knows how to detect23:28
skinnymg1i said certain ones23:28
Sixzerowhen you click configure interface you can change the essid and the wep key from there.23:29
skinnymg1one i know is the one that comes with laptops sometimes23:29
ubottukmix is KDE's soundcard mixer program. Though small, it is full-featured. The program should give controls for each of your soundcards. KMix supports several platforms and sound drivers. Go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kmix for complete information.23:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ksystray23:30
Sixzerokieren: any luck?23:30
skinnymg1kieren try this23:30
skinnymg1right click the knetwork manager23:31
kierenBrb, let me try the previous suggestion...23:31
SixzeroDoes anyone here know about configuring multiple soundcards in KDE?23:32
Kieren2No luck23:34
Kieren2Just saying cannot connect to <router>23:34
Sixzeroat least you're sure your key is right, so you're halfway there.23:34
Sixzeroyour card can see the router, yeah?23:35
skinnymg1ok try this23:35
Kieren2Yeah, can see the router23:35
Kieren2And asks for the key23:35
skinnymg1right click on the knetworkmanager23:35
martalliI know that this channel is still for versions 7.04 -8.04, but I have to say that the new version of Kubuntu is grrrrrreat!23:42
Sixzeroyou talkin' bout kde4 martalli?23:44
martallikde 4.1.123:44
martalliI had some initial bumps, but I think this is looking great.23:45
martalliAnd the distro release is still in the alpha23:45
Sixzerowhats up with that lil dodad in the top right corner?  i installed it once and it lasted me 5 minutes.23:45
martalliJust wanted to be a gushing faboy in #kubuntu, since #ubuntu+1 is sullied by the gnome drudges23:46
martalliwhat doodad?23:46
SixzeroThe orange curly thing in the top right corner, I think it has something to do with widgets.23:46
skinnymg1kieren sorry had to take care of something23:47
martalliSixzero: Yes, its for adding widgets23:48
martalliThey don't seem to have a lot of widgets yet, honestly.  Personally, I don't care much for widgets...My wife has a mac and we haven't changed the widgets on that at all.23:49
Sixzeromartalli: as soon as i clicked on it the first time i installed kde4 it crashed my comp so I had to reinstall kde323:49
martalliSixzero: When was that?23:49
martalliI think the 8.10 alpha is fairly stable...although adept only started working for me this week (I prefer the CLI anyway lol =)23:50
Sixzeromartalli: about 2 weeks ago23:50
Sixzerosorry, i'm still kinda new23:50
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal23:50
martalliIt has been working for me....But I think I will keep our office on 3.5.x for the next iteration again, or until I am sure all the bugs are worked out.23:50
martalliSixzero: No problems.  Instead of using adept or update-manager, you can simply run the update from the command like (from the konsole app) by running the command "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"23:52
SixzeroIt was a real pain to get everything installed right on my shuttle box, even moreso on my compaq with a radeon inside23:52
martalliThe first command updates the packages in the repositories, and the next command does the update23:52
* martalli doesn't have any radeons23:52
martalliBut I thought that hardy and intrepid were going to work better with ati23:52
Sixzeroi hadn't caught the abbreviaton for command line interface, that's what threw me off23:53
Sixzero<-- = dumb@ss23:53
martalliSixzero: no problem =)  Did you come from the mac or pc world?23:53
martalliThey don't use the command line much, unless you hail from the days of DOS23:53
Sixzeromy compaq is a hackintosh dual-booting with kubuntu 8.0423:53
Sixzerothe last time I messed around with command-line heavily was dos 3.1123:54
martalliAh, sounds like you know your way around fooling with a computer, then =)23:54
SixzeroI'm young, but I started even younger.  I used to have a real authentic copy of dos 1 for atari 800, lol23:55
martalliLinux is great for fooling around with the system, although stable distros like ubuntu, fedora, and mandriva should be able to do a lot for you with just a standard, stable install23:55
Sixzerothe system installed great.  it's getting the graphics cards set up that hurt you at first.23:55
Sixzeroit took me an entire week to get just the right install/setup for that radeon card flrgxconfig would read it right23:56
martalliI started with Linux around 2003, but now the default installs are very useful and rock solid23:56
martalliDo you have an older radeon?  I think the work on the radeons for linux is mostly with the newish cards23:56
SixzeroI had similar birthing pains with the shuttle box.  It's got an onboard geforce 7 and getting a stable driver for it was quite a chore.23:57
martalliYeah, only after I wondered why I didn't have desktop effects did I realize that my laptop running 8.10 kubuntu was using the vesa driver.  The resolution was fine, but the eye candy missing =)23:57
SixzeroDoes anyone here know about configuring multiple soundcards in KDE?23:58
martalliyeah, this lappie has a geoforce go 7200...Somehow ubuntu just woulnd't recognize it, but with enough fiddling it seems to be working now23:58
martalliSixzero: got me there23:58
martalliI wonder if the forums would have something, or the ubuntustudio folks23:59
SixzeroNow that I've installed compiz on my shuttle box, i'm starting to wish I hadn't.  Now none of the games will open correctly in full windows.23:59

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