owhSalutations, got two emails today that refer to lightning-sunbird. It tells me that I'm receiving the emails (one as a record of upload, the other as a buildd failure on HPPA) because I uploaded the backport to hardy - it says so right here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightning-sunbird/0.8+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~hardy100:53
owhThere's only one thing wrong with all that, I didn't.00:53
owhAs in, I didn't upload anything anywhere, have never done so and have no privileges to do any such thing.00:55
wgrantowh: You didn't request the backport?00:55
wgrantowh: The archive admin who performed the backport put your name there for some reason. I doubt you were unrelated to the request.00:55
owhNot that I recall. I lodged a bug before Gutsy advising that there was a later version available.00:55
owhThat was in response to a brainstorm comment I saw.00:55
wgrantWell, it's not a Launchpad problem, at any rate.00:56
owhOk, then who's problem is this?00:56
wgrantThe archive admin who performed the backport.00:56
owhHow would I find out who that was?00:56
wgrantI'm checking.00:57
wgrantIt was because you filed the bug initially.00:58
wgrantBug #220166 was reused to request the backport, and you filed it.00:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220166 in lightning-sunbird "New upstream version available (v0.8)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22016600:58
owhBut I didn't source the code, so how can I be the "uploader".00:59
wgrantIt should have been attributed to gnomefreak, but I guess they don't check it thoroughly.00:59
wgrantThe person who requested the backport is noted as the uploader for backports.00:59
owhSo, who did it so I can talk to them?00:59
wgrantWhy do you want to do that?00:59
owhBecause at the moment I'm getting buildd logs and failure reports indicating that some action is required.01:00
wgrantCHROOTWAIT requires no action from you.01:00
wgrantHave you not received just two emails?01:00
owhRight now I have, who's to say that's where it stops. Someone was supposed to get those, instead they ended up in my in-box. The person who was supposed to get them didn't. I'm trying to make sure they do.01:01
owhI came here because LP is where the emails came from. If I should go elsewhere, please let me know.01:02
wgrantThere will be no more emails from that upload, unless somebody retries hppa and it fails like that again. But you could poke gnomefreak - he might be in #ubuntu-devel.01:02
wgrantAnd that particular failure mode requires action from nobody but buildd admins.01:03
wgrantAnd I must now depart for a lecture.01:03
EagleScreenhi, i would like to sign Ubuntu code of conduct02:21
EagleScreeni am in the page where i have to paste the content of the code of conduct signed, after that the content appears and at the top there is my my key, i mark it, and at the bottom i click on Verify, and later nothing happens02:22
jameshEagleScreen: you've associated your key with your account?03:41
EagleScreeni think so03:42
EagleScreenjamesh why you asked it to me?03:43
jameshI'm just trying to work out where you are in the process03:43
jameshso, you pasted in the clear signed version of the code of conduct into the form?03:46
EagleScreeni pasted the code of conduct with the sign below, i added a end of line between code of conduct and sign, launchpad rejected it, I gone back, i deleted that end of line, and i tried again, i think it was signed well03:48
EagleScreeni have activated my ppa03:49
jameshEagleScreen: if you're changing any whitespace in the CoC, you need to do so before signing03:50
jameshdoing so afterwards looks like the document has been tampered with03:50
EagleScreenthen you have seen that my code of conduct is bad signed?03:51
EagleScreenhow must I now proceed?03:51
EagleScreeni still have the .asc file03:51
jameshwhat is your Launchpad user name?03:52
EagleScreenor eaglescreen03:52
jameshlooks like you've successfully signed the code03:53
EagleScreenEagleScreen is my display name, and eaglescreen is my user name i think03:53
EagleScreenokay, then, is there any problem?03:54
jameshdoesn't look like it.03:54
jameshEagleScreen: on your profile page (https://edge.launchpad.net/~eaglescreen), it says "Ubuntero:  Yes" at the bottom.03:55
jameshif you click on the word "yes", it should show the signed document stored against your accoutn03:55
EagleScreenyes i saw it, by that i thought i signed well the code03:55
EagleScreenand also i could activate my ppa03:55
jameshsounds like you've done everything correctly then.03:55
EagleScreenall right :)03:56
EagleScreeni have a small problem, i uploaded a bad package to ppa, it has been rejected, now i would like to upload the right package and dput tell me that the package is already in ppa.launchpad.net04:08
UrsinhaEagleScreen, maybe you have a .upload file in the package folder04:09
Ursinhai don't remember very well04:09
cprov-afkEagleScreen: or use `dput <my-ppa> -f <changes file>`04:10
EagleScreenyes, now it worked:04:10
EagleScreenSuccessfully uploaded packages.04:10
EagleScreenNot running dinstall.04:10
cprov-afkEagleScreen: '-f' tell dput to ignore the '.upload' file and Ursinha pointed.04:10
EagleScreenyes i removed .upload file04:11
LaserJockmwhudson: ping regarding matplotlib import05:24
mwhudsonLaserJock: hi05:25
LaserJockmwhudson: you thought maybe we imported the wrong dir?05:25
mwhudsonLaserJock: right05:26
mwhudsonLaserJock: i was thinking that maybe http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/matplotlib/trunk/files/5554?file_id=matplotlib-20080907104855-42w1b8pwccpzuzlb-23 was supposed to be the top level05:27
LaserJockmwhudson: yeah, I know what you mean05:27
LaserJockmwhudson: I thought perhaps I was supposed to do trunk/05:27
mwhudsonLaserJock: i should have checked before approving the import i guess05:28
LaserJockbut they've got a bit not-so-nice structure there that really blows up the size of the repo05:28
mwhudsonyeah, so i'm not _sure_ i got it wrong :)05:28
LaserJockin terms of the code we package/ship then matplotlib/trunk/matplotlib would be the real trunk05:30
LaserJockmwhudson: I wasn't sure if you guys have some sort of policy on what parts of a VCS you import05:31
mwhudsonLaserJock: generally, we aim to import the branch that would be packed up to make a release05:31
mwhudsonso yeah, it sounds like i made a mistake05:31
LaserJockwell, I told you wrong too ;-)05:32
mwhudsonoh ok05:33
LaserJockyou just did the URL I gave in my vcs-import request05:33
LaserJockmwhudson: I just downloaded their latest release tarball to make sure and it is from matplotlib/trunk/matplotlib/05:34
mwhudsonLaserJock: ok, thanks05:34
* mwhudson does stuff05:34
LaserJockwhich I think will make the bzr branch very much smaller05:34
LaserJockmwhudson: I gotta run, thanks so much for working on this05:35
mwhudsonLaserJock: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/python2.4-matplotlib/trunk05:35
mwhudson(it was there already)05:35
LaserJockhmm, weird05:35
LaserJockmwhudson: can we rename/copy that branch?05:36
mwhudsonprobably should be reassigned to 'matplotlib'05:36
LaserJockyeah, that name is the package name from like Dapper05:36
EagleSnpackages i am uploading to my ppa are rejected05:44
EagleSnrejection email says: PPA upload path must start with '~'.05:45
EagleSnmy package is sun-java6_6-07-4ubuntu3~ppa_source.changes05:46
EagleSnit is rejected becouse there isnt a number after ppa?05:47
Hobbseewhat does your dput.cf say?05:53
EagleSnhere is http://paste.ubuntu.com/44448/05:55
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Hobbseeah, you didn't follow the quick start correctly.05:56
EagleScreenwhere is my failure?05:56
Hobbseesee https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA?action=show&redirect=PPA - the part that says incomming =05:56
EagleScreenwhat is my launchpad id?05:58
Hobbseeeaglescreen, i'd say05:58
EagleScreenif that were bad, shouldnt dput give me an error?05:58
Hobbseebut you're missing the ~ before it.05:58
Hobbseeno - it doesn't know what's valid and isn't, for the particular server.05:58
EagleScreeni see...05:59
EagleScreenok: incoming = ~eaglescreen/ubuntu/06:00
Hobbseeyes, that should work06:00
EagleScreenmay be quick start guide needs an observation saying that ~ is necessary06:02
spivThat help site is a wiki; you can edit most pages I believe.06:05
EagleScreeni dont know how to do it06:05
gourif the team is driver for the project, will all the members of the team automatically receive all bug notifications for the project?09:35
BjornTgour: no. normally the bug supervisor receives all the notifications. if there is no bug supervisor, the registrant receives it.09:43
gourBjornT: registrant are those who explicitly subscribe to it?09:44
BjornTgour: sorry. i meant "Maintainer" (we used to call it registrant)09:47
gourBjornT: ahh ok. but those which subscribe to project's bug tracker will also receive all notifications?09:47
BjornTgour: right09:48
gouranyone used LP's API to automatically send gpg-signed email (traces for bugs from within app) to LP's tracker?09:54
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Macarsewhat can cause that my pushs to lp doesn't show me with a link to my profile: https://code.launchpad.net/~pyweek-0ai/0ai/core-base15:00
beunoMacarse, you are committing with a different email address15:03
beunoyou have to set it with:  bzr whoami "You Name <you@email.com>"15:03
beunoand the email has to match the one on your LP account15:03
Macarsemacarse@MacaHome comes from the ssa key.15:05
beunoright, but it's not your email address15:05
Macarseoh, bzr whoami is changed.15:06
Macarsebeuno: thanx15:06
MacarseI will try now15:06
beunoMacarse, welcome'15:06
Macarsebeuno: working! thanx.15:11
beunoMacarse, np15:14
Qballhi all16:13
QballI tried importing a translation I got from launchpad into launchpad (I synced my local repo with launchpad  and then back to launchpad )16:14
Qballnow it complains about a string not being propperly terminated16:15
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Rafikplease, is there any Drupal plugin to enable LP OpenId in a loco website ?18:17
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OgMacielI need help figuring out how to a) remove and b) edit code series from my existing project19:53
OgMacielanybody around who can lend me a hand?19:53
beunoOgMaciel, series are a sticky subject19:54
beunoonly an admin and remove/edit them19:54
beunoso, filing a question to have that done is the appropriate way to go19:54
OgMacielbeuno: cool... thanks a lot :)19:55
beunoit's not ideal, but it's on the list of things to change soon-ish19:55
OgMacielI could always buy Rinchen a beer :)19:55
beunoyeah, beer-bribing works as well19:55
beunokiko-fud is bribable as well, but he's more of an orange juice guy19:56
OgMacielbeuno: the advantage is that I can sweet talk kiko-fud in his natibe Portuguese19:56
beunoOgMaciel, hahah, that's right!19:56
OgMacielbeuno: weird... I can search for answers but... where can I ask them?19:58
* OgMaciel looks and looks19:58
beunothe big blue button is often missed19:58
beunothat's something I want to change with the new design19:58
OgMacielI only see a big red button: Take a tour19:59
beunotop-ish right-ish blue button19:59
OgMacielnot on edge19:59
beunoyou're not logged in on edge!19:59
OgMacielI am... at least it says so20:00
OgMacielI was there20:00
beunoyou where missing the /launchpad20:01
beunowhich project to file the question against20:01
OgMacielI went directly to LP's home page20:01
OgMacieland clicked the Answers link20:01
OgMacielbtw, I see the button now :)20:02
beunosay hi to kiko for me20:02
OgMacielbeuno: I have never met him but will do the first chance I have :)20:03
beunoOgMaciel, :)20:03
OgMacielI must be missing something here20:04
OgMacielI don't see links and/or buttons that I'm supposed to see20:04
OgMacielturns out there is a question about deleting branches20:04
OgMacielit mentions about the existence of a delete button20:05
beunosure, but you want to delete a series, not a branch, right?20:05
OgMacielI must confess that I'm a bit confused20:05
OgMacielseries != branches?20:05
beunoquite different, yes20:06
beunodo you want to point me at what you want to delete?20:06
OgMacielI basically want to delete all entries except for the trunk20:06
beunoah, ok20:07
beunoso you want to delete branches20:07
OgMacielthen I want to edit trunk20:07
beunowhich, good news, you can do20:07
OgMacielit is pulling from the old repo20:07
OgMacielam there20:07
beunodo you see an edit and delete icon next to the title?20:08
OgMacielthe tiny little miniscule red icon?20:08
beunoyes, sorry about that  :)20:08
OgMacielno worries20:08
OgMacielI was truly looking for a button or word/link20:08
beunoyou're not the first person to miss it20:09
OgMacielbeuno: this one does not have those icons20:10
OgMacieli.e. cannot edit20:10
beunobecause you don't own it20:11
hubuntuis the your_launchpad_id@ubuntu.com redirection automatically activated once you are part of the LP Ubuntu Members team? Or how does it get activated? I can't find any resource with specific info on how to proceed...20:11
beuno~vcs-imports does20:11
beunoso, mwhudson, abentley or thumper to the rescue20:11
hubuntucouldn't think of any other channel where to ask :)20:11
OgMacielbut I register it I'm sure20:12
beunohubuntu, they get redirected automatically. It takes a few days20:12
hubuntuah, ok. Gracias beuno :)20:12
beunoOgMaciel, I'm sure you did. It's just that code imports have some unknown magic to me.20:12
OgMacielblack magic box20:12
beunothe sun should be high enough in new zeland soon enough20:13
beunoyou could wait for a bit20:13
beunoor, file a question for that  :)20:13
OgMacielguess I'll have do that... or sweet talk kiko-fud20:13
beunohubuntu, de nada!20:13
OgMacielthanks a bunch beuno20:13
beunomy pleasure20:14
kiko-fudOgMaciel, you can always sweet-talk me20:37
kiko-fudwhat's going on20:37
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OgMacielkiko: hehehe20:44
kikoOgMaciel, updated. now let's see if it will work :)20:45
OgMacielkiko: thanks man... more sweet talking next time I see you :)20:46
OgMacielkiko: it stills seems to be pulling from the old repo21:04
kikoOgMaciel, sorry, the bad news department is closed for the day. we're happy to take your call tomorrow!!21:04
OgMacielkiko: hehehe :P21:04
* OgMaciel is persistent and will call tomorrow21:05
mwhudsonOgMaciel: that move cannot be made because the svn repositories have different UUIDs21:10
OgMacielmwhudson: hmmmm... what can be done?21:11
kikoOgMaciel, nuke and recreate but I hope mwhudson is actually offering21:13
mwhudsonOgMaciel: right, request a new import, but...21:13
OgMacielI got no feelings for that branch, so nuke it21:13
mwhudsonis the branch on bzr-playground.gnome.org ?21:13
OgMacielmwhudson: nope21:13
mwhudsonhttp://bzr-playground.gnome.org/billreminder/trunk/files ?21:14
mwhudsonseems a bit out of date21:14
* OgMaciel looks21:15
OgMacielmwhudson: should be svn.gnome.org/svn/billreminder/trunk21:15
mwhudsonOgMaciel: ?21:15
mwhudsonfor svn.gnome.org we generally recommend people use the bzr-playground mirrors at the moment21:16
OgMacielmwhudson: the code resides in svn.gnome.org/svn/billreminder/trunk and it should be revision 63121:16
OgMacielmwhudson: so in order for me to get my project "mirrored" in LP I'd have to sync up with bzr-playground?21:17
mwhudsonOgMaciel: the revision numbers won't line up, because svn revision numbers count all revisions in the repo, whereas bazaar revisions only count revisions in the branch21:17
mwhudsonOgMaciel: there are all kinds of assumptions in that sentence that i don't understand :)21:18
mwhudsonOgMaciel: forgive me for butting in late to this conversation before i've had my morning coffee, but21:18
mwhudsonOgMaciel: what are you trying to do?21:18
OgMacielmwhudson: no worries... there are a lot of assumptions from my part that I'm not sure about myself21:18
OgMacielmwhudson: basically21:18
OgMacielmwhudson: when I registered billreminder in LP, its source code lived in sourceforge21:19
OgMacielmwhudson: it has since moved to gnome svn21:19
OgMacielmwhudson: all I want to do is update the branch to pull from gnome and not sourceforge21:19
mwhudsonOgMaciel: ok, have you heard about bzr-playground.gnome.org before?21:20
OgMacielmwhudson: but take you time and drink your coffee... this is not urgent and I really do appreciate your effort sans caffeine :)21:20
OgMacielmwhudson: yes... got an account there21:20
mwhudsonOgMaciel: so given that more or less everything on svn.gnome.org is mirrored into branches on bzr-playground, it doesn't really make sense to have ~vcs-imports from there21:23
mwhudsonas then you'd have two incompatible bazaar mirrors of the branch21:24
mwhudsonso in some ways, it would be better to get the branch on bzr-playground up to date and then set up a mirrored branch pulling the bzr-playground import into launchpad21:24
OgMacielmwhudson: so far I understood that projects get mirrored... is it safe to assume that it is done automatically?21:25
mwhudsoni think so...21:25
OgMacielI most certainly did not do it21:25
OgMacielmwhudson: ok... with that cleared, shouldn't it then be up to date with its counterpart in gnome svn?21:25
mwhudsontrying to find out why it isn't now21:26
OgMacielmwhudson: lemme take a *closer* look  at the files and see if they are ok and maybe just the revision number that is throwing me off21:26
OgMacielmwhudson: yup... definitely not in sync21:33
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mwhudsonOgMaciel: does http://bzr-mirror.gnome.org/billreminder/trunk/ look more up to date?21:58
mwhudson(not running loggerhead, so use bzr to check :)21:59
* OgMaciel checks21:59
OgMacielmwhudson: definitely closer to reality22:02
mwhudsonthumper: hi!22:04
Ursinhahi thumper :)22:04
mwhudsonthumper: please explain to me how bzr-playground works :)22:04
thumpermwhudson: kinda22:05
thumpermwhudson: although lifeless did all the import scripting from jc2k's scripts22:05
mwhudsonthumper: is there a log file i can look in at least?22:05
mwhudson(maybe this conversation should be somewhere else)22:05

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