Jordan_Udupondje: Try disabling xv in gstreamer-properties00:00
dupondjestupid question: how ?00:01
hdevalencepwnguin: how would one clear a DNS cache?00:01
dupondjeJordan_U: didn't solve00:02
HinrikAnyone else here had this problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26401900:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264019 in linux "unable to visit some websites and ftpsites with 2.6.27-2" [Undecided,New]00:03
Hinrikit's pretty hard to solve as it prevents me from upgrading anything that might have been fixed00:04
Jordan_UHinrik: You say that youtube.com is one of the sites you can't get to?00:06
Hinrikonly very simple things work00:06
Jordan_UCan you pastebin the output of "dig youtube.com"00:07
HinrikI can google, and see the front page of a few sites, but trying anything else just makes it hang00:07
HinrikJordan_U: wait, let me see if I can pastebin :)00:07
Jordan_UHinrik: Is there any URL that you can find that you can't wget?00:08
Hinrikyeah, most of them00:08
Hinrikfor one, I don't seem to be able to load a pastebin page00:09
Hinrikbut "dig youtube.com" looked normal to me00:09
Jordan_UI mean using the "wget" command00:09
Hinrikdns resolving works just fine, as does pinging00:09
Hinrikok, wait00:09
Hinrik"wget google.com/index.html" works00:10
Hinrikthis bug is very odd; I can view http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu but it just hangs if I try to view any of its subdirectories00:11
Hinrik"Waiting for archive.ubuntu.com"00:12
HinrikAnd yes, I00:12
HinrikAnd yes, I've tried other mirrors00:12
Hinrikworks just fine on the computer I'm IRCing from, which is on the same network00:12
Hinrikas for ssh, I can log into a remote host, but if I do anything complicated like start irssi and connect to a server, it hangs again00:13
Hinrikif I wanted to downgrade the kernel (copy the .debs over via usb), which packages do would I need? just kernel-image-* ?00:15
Jordan_UHinrik: Why downgrade, just boot the old one with grub00:16
HinrikJordan_U: this is a clean install, not an upgrade00:16
Hinrik(I'm not the guy who filed the bug report, I'm the guy with the 'me too' comment)00:17
Jordan_UHinrik: I think you'll get everything if you look at the dependencies of the package "linux"00:18
Hinriklinux-image and linux-restricted-modules then00:19
Jordan_UYeah, and of course whatever they depend on ( if anything )00:21
Hinrikhm, where would I find the .debs? don't see a link to 'em on packages.ubuntu.com00:25
Hinrikah. oops, never mind00:25
dupondjestill green lines in avi playback :(00:26
dupondjedamn :(00:26
Hinrik*crosses fingers*00:30
perilluxI don't have a recording level monitor application00:36
perilluxhow do I install it, I kinda need it now00:36
Jordan_Uperillux: What app?00:36
perilluxin Hardy there was a Applications > Sound > recording level monitor00:37
perilluxand a volume level monitor00:37
perilluxbut it's not here in Intrepid00:37
Hinrikperillux: it is there, but hidden00:38
Hinrikright click on the menu and 'Edit menus'00:38
Hinrikthere you can make it visible00:38
Hinrikand damn, 2.6.27-1 doesn't work either00:38
perilluxHinrik: it's not showing up in that list00:38
perilluxcan I install it via, "sudo apt-get install ...." ?00:39
Hinrikyeah, though I don't remember the name of the package...hm00:40
Hinrikgnome-media is the name00:41
* Hinrik tries kernel 2.6.26-500:42
Volkodavhow do I untar 7z ?00:46
Hinrikyou don't because it's not a tar :)00:46
Volkodavso what's the workaround?00:47
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression00:47
Hinrikget the p7zip program00:47
Hinrikyay! 2.6.26-5 works00:53
Hinrikthanks for the help00:54
Jordan_UIs there a way to stop audacity from disabling pulseaudio when it tries to play audio?01:01
dupondjeJordan_U:  www.dupondje.be/screen.avi01:22
x1250Jordan_U, configuring audacity to use ALSA: default ? Edit -> Preferences01:22
dupondjethis is how my video output looks like :(01:22
Jordan_Ux1250: Doesn't help01:24
Jordan_Ux1250: In fact that's what I was already doing01:24
x1250Jordan_U, strange, it works here. I can listen to rhythmbox while reproducing something in audacity also...01:25
Jordan_Ux1250: Is rhythmbox using pulseaudio?01:26
x1250Jordan_U, is that configurable? I can't find it on preferences01:27
crdlbvia gstreamer01:27
Jordan_Ux1250: It should be by default01:27
Jordan_Ux1250: See if it shows up in pavucontrol01:27
x1250uhm, pavucontrol says connection failed: connection refused, then closes itself01:29
Jordan_Ux1250: Maybe you aren't using pulseaudio for anything :)01:33
x1250Jordan_U, I have "Autodetect" in system->prefs->sound, isn't pulseaudio default?01:34
Jordan_Ux1250: It's supposed to be, but you never know with alpha's what is going to happen :)01:34
literalI think I have this issue: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg1002062.html01:51
literalIs there anything I can do about it?01:51
DanaGWhy does nm-applet insist on showing "Auto eth0" instead of "Wired Network"?01:59
literalhere it shows "Auto eth0" under the "Wired Network" category02:01
DanaGThat's what I meant.02:09
DanaGIt used to show it differently.02:09
DanaGI think 'Auto eth0' looks ugly.02:09
literaledit it then02:11
DanaGI renamed the connection.....02:14
DanaGand it renamed it back.02:15
DanaGIt completely forgets whatever I name it.02:15
bsniderbeware the ath5k driver. it seems my hard lockups were caused by it. i'd love to be wrong, but it seems to work fine with madwifi02:39
d4t4min3rhow far from beta are we?02:46
x1250d4t4min3r, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79174603:03
literalIf anyone's having xvideo problems on intrepid... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/26762703:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267627 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "XVideo is garbled on r300" [Undecided,New]03:37
martalliI upgraded my computer fron hardy heron to intrepid in kubuntu, but I have no desktop effects.  This laptop's graphics in a 7000-series discrete geoforce graphics chip.  Is there a way to turn on the desktop effects?04:25
Jordan_Umartalli: Are you getting accelerated 3D at all?04:26
martalliIm not sure04:26
martalliI don't play games, etc04:26
martalliHmm, glxgears won't run...maybe it isn't working04:27
martalliHowever, I checked jocky-kde and the nvidia 177 driver is in use04:27
pwnguinwhat does it know?04:28
pwnguincheck your xorg logs04:28
pwnguinmartalli: /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:29
martallipwgguin: thx for the tip =)04:30
Nubbiehello everybody, i have made the leap to ibex, but i am very disappointed in X right now.04:31
pwnguinmartalli: do you know what you're looking for?04:32
martallipwnguin: It appears to be loading the nv module04:32
Nubbieit would appear that it is choosing the wrong video driver04:32
pwnguinmartalli: right; and you want nvidia I presume04:32
Nubbiehow can i specify to xorg to use the intel driver if i have no configuration in xorg.conf. this is frustrating beyond belief04:32
martallipwnguin: I would think so, but it appears to be loading the nvidia files right after that04:33
martalliI'm trying to put it on pastebin04:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit04:34
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:34
pwnguintheres a tool04:34
pwnguinthat lets you pipe files into pastebin04:34
Nubbiecan somebody please help me in getting X running to a satisfactory state as it was with gutsy?04:34
Nubbiei am using intel 810i chipset04:35
martallihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/44433/ - tried the ubuntu pastebin04:36
pwnguinmartalli: i dont see how the pastebin service makes a difference ;)04:36
Nubbiepastebin.ca is very reliable.04:36
pwnguinmartalli: at any rate04:36
pwnguinmartalli: can you pastebin /etc/X11/xorg.conf?04:37
martalliI used pastebinit this time, thanks for the tip04:39
pwnguinim glad you figured it out quickly. i never can remember how to make it work =/04:39
martalliIt doesn't seem to have any details about the card involved04:39
bsniderNubbie, you don't need a xorg.conf to use the intel driver04:40
pwnguinmartalli: what we're gonna do is add a Driver "nvidia" in the device section04:40
martalliI tried nvidia-settigns to set nvidia back in heron and it just messed the whole thing up....04:40
Nubbiebsnider: i realize that,  my concern is that X is choosing the wrong driver, and has left me with no way to remedy the situation04:40
bsniderwhat driver is it picking?04:41
DanaGARgh, my gnome-panel stalls at login.04:41
martalliSomething like in my old xorg.conf file from 2007: http://pastebin.com/f1babb88b ?04:41
pwnguinmartalli: right04:42
pwnguinthe options are... optional04:42
DanaGHeh, handy way to trigger a crash and backtrace of a hung app: manually send it the SIGSEGV (segfault) signal -- that way, it'll trigger apport.04:42
nandemonaiHello again guys.04:43
martalliok, basic question here... kdesu kate or kdesudo kate?  I know not sudo kate...04:43
martallibsnider: thx04:43
pwnguinjust make sure line 74 makes its way into your current xorg settings. i've heard it suggested that nvidia might become default04:43
nandemonaiAnyone had a problem with network manager not saving setup after a reboot?04:43
Nubbiebsnider: i'm not sure, but compiz is failing to start04:43
pwnguinkdesu sounds like some kde japanese teaching program04:43
bsniderNubbie, that doesn't mean the intel driver isn't being loaded04:44
pwnguinbsnider: this is why i ask for logs and config files. "just the facts, ma'am."04:45
bsniderNubbie, you upgraded directly from gutsy to intrepid?04:45
bsniderthere's a stable distro in between04:45
pwnguinupgrade manager won't even let you04:45
bsniderhe's obviously borked it04:46
pwnguinmaybe he upgraded to hardy, found it busted and upgraded to intrepid because obviously newer is better04:47
bsniderwhy would he expect hardy to be more stable than intrepid? that doesn't make any sense04:47
burneruhh... i think you're confused a bit in that last statement bsnider, but yes, you're right04:48
Nubbiebsnider: of course i meant i upgraded from hardy to ibex04:48
bsniderok, now it makes more sense04:48
nandemonaiGuy? Network manager saving static setups for you? Should I investigate more and file a bug report or am I missing something?04:48
bsniderxorg 7.4 with the new intel driver will be released and subsequently added to intrepid in 2 days04:48
Jordan_UNubbie: If you have a problem with Intrepid ask in this channel and *only* in this channel, #ubuntu does not support development versions04:49
Jordan_Ubsnider: DRI2 by any chance?04:49
pwnguinyes, lets get snippy04:49
NubbieJordan_U: i realize that, but surely some people in #ubuntu share my problem are not present in this channel.04:49
bsniderJordan_U,  i dunno04:49
bsniderthey had to change it because of the switch from ttm to gem04:50
pwnguinnormally, it's the other way around, people in here asking about hardy =/04:50
danbhfivenandemonai: I think I saw that, its crashed for me...04:50
nandemonaiHmm weird, ok it's just forgot the settings again after a apt-get update..04:51
NubbieJordan_U: here is the pastebin of me trying to start compiz... http://pastebin.ca/119694304:51
Nubbieit's seg faulting pretty hard.04:52
bsnidertry the command glxinfo04:52
Nubbiebsnider: glx extension is missing on my display04:53
bsniderwell, then you can forget compiz04:54
Nubbiebsnider: shouldn't X11 automatically take care of that?04:54
nandemonaiI should probably mention I'm running under VMware, that may have a lot to do with it. Perhaps I'll install on a spare drive and see if it still does it.04:54
pwnguinNubbie: dual monitor?04:54
Nubbiepwnguin: no, just the LCD panel of my laptop04:54
pwnguinNubbie: hmm. and compiz used to run?04:54
Nubbiebsnider: i know X11 isn't configured properly, but my issue is fixing it. xorg.conf is pretty much a useless POS now.04:55
Nubbiepwnguin: in hardy.04:55
pwnguinsadly(fortunately?), ive never owned any intel graphics04:55
pwnguinNubbie: you should have the old xorg.conf lying around?04:55
Nubbiepwnguin: can't say i do, i upgraded.04:55
pwnguinive upgraded plenty of times04:56
bsnideryou mean clean installed?04:56
bsniderotherwise it's there04:56
Nubbiebsnider: i mean my working xorg.conf was overwritten when i upgraded.04:56
bsnidercheck the directory for hidden files04:56
bsnideryou're only one of approximately 500k people having problems with the new x server04:57
bsniderand a lot of them are using intel graphics04:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257809 in kde-guidance "guidance-backends overwrites xorg.conf without confirmation or notification, if video card has changed since last boot" [Undecided,New]04:57
Nubbielol it's there.04:57
pwnguinlook first!04:57
pwnguinthen complain04:57
Nubbiewell i came here knowing there would be nice people who understand where i'm coming from heheh04:58
Nubbiei try to spend some time each month in #ubuntu helping out04:58
bsniderif all you want is understanding try a fight club04:58
bsniderjust because you try an old xorg.conf doesn't mean it will work04:59
Nubbiebrb... restarting X04:59
bsnidersorry to break that news to you, but there it is04:59
Nubbiei know, but apparently the only xorg.conf files work with 7,404:59
pwnguinxorg.conf should still work04:59
pwnguinwe're just trying to cut back the need04:59
Nubbieand thank you.04:59
bsniderwould you bet your life onj it?05:00
Nubbiewell the need is still there, cutting back is counter-intuitive to me.05:00
Nubbiewhat would be nice if X had better detection, yet still wrote full configs.05:00
bsniderwe can't have our cake and eat it too05:01
pwnguinNubbie: it'll never have better detection until we get more people testing hardware05:01
Nubbiecutting back on xorg.conf only hurts people who are able/willing to edit it, whereas better detection initially would benefit everybody05:01
bsnideractually now that i think of it it probably does write config files but we don't know where htey are right now05:01
DanaGOh yeah.... now things can be done with fdi files instead of xorg.conf.05:02
DanaGI've moved all my Synaptics options into an fdi file.05:02
Nubbiebsnider: it writes to fdi files in HAL.05:02
Nubbiebut hal lacks one end-all be-all configuration file like xorg.conf was.05:02
bsnideror a gui config app05:03
DanaGYeah... there's no nice GUI for allllll the Synaptics features.05:03
Nubbiewhich does not yet exist lol, and a GUI config app doesn't help with no GUI running :P05:03
Nubbiebut bullet-proof X is a blessing in the fact that if you mess up you still have a running x session to help, rather than rooting around xorg.conf in a recovery console.05:04
Nubbiei will give it that. i just want a full xorg.conf file, whether i need to use it or not.05:04
DanaGI'd rather have the X error log, frankly.05:06
DanaGOnce I accidentally trigger failsafe X..... I can't get back normal X.05:06
DanaGI end up having to reboot.05:06
Nubbieor run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart maybe...05:07
DanaGNope, that doesn't fix it for me.05:07
bsniderno DRI2 until x-server 1.6, which they're hoping to get out by the end of the year, but too late to make it into intrepid05:09
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HeManHi! Is memtest in intrepid patched from the one on http://memtest.org?06:42
HeManWhen I run memtest from intrepid (via GRUB) it finds loads of problems06:43
literalit's broken06:43
literalit's mentioned in the release notes06:43
HeManbut when I run memtest downloaded from memtest.org (via syslinux) it works06:43
HeManGood that I didn't report my "broken" memory to Dell then...06:44
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AnAntWhere do core dumps go ?07:49
fargiolasdoes anybody know how to get rid of emacs-snapshot generating auctex stuff at each boot? it takes almost 10 minutes with heavy disk io08:18
fargiolasI looked in cron scripts but I cannot find who is launching it08:18
fargiolasthe exact command is: emacs-snapshot --no-site-file --no-init-file --batch --load=/usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/auctex//../tex-site.el --funcall=TeX-auto-generate-global08:19
nastasanyone know how to make virtualbox to recognise my wireless?08:24
TheInfinitynastas: you can't at all if network works like vmware in virtualbox08:26
nastasonly throught cable TheInfinity?08:26
TheInfinitynastas: no, it uses the network connection of the host08:27
nastasi see. thnx.08:27
TheInfinityif the host has wireless internet access for example vmware also uses this connection08:27
TheInfinityand I think virtualbox works in the same way08:27
nastasi'll try one more time08:28
AnAntHello, where do core dumps go ?08:40
RAOFTo apport, usually.  /var/lib/crash08:41
AnAntdoes apport work in final releases ?08:42
RAOFUsually we turn it off.08:43
AnAnthow do I turn it on ?08:44
RAOF /etc/default/apport, I believe.08:45
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schmidtmWill there be Ooo3 in intrepid - until now there is only Ooo2 in the repos09:13
RAOFIt's being investigated, but I believe the answer is looking like "no".09:15
RAOFBecause it's not released.09:19
RAOFAnd seems unlikely to be released soon enough.09:19
schmidtmOk, but FF3 was integrated in beta-status09:19
crdlbdidn't have a choice with firefox09:19
DanaGWhat's not released?09:20
crdlbmozilla refuses to maintain older branches09:20
schmidtmand Ooo3 is RC afaik09:20
DanaGOuch.... I can't fall asleep, because my back hurts.09:24
RAOFBeta 2, it appears.09:26
LSD|Ninjacrdlb: FF3 was released a month or two after Hardy hit, surely they (Ububtu) could have held on to FF2 for just trhat little longer if it meant making Hardy at least look as though it had that little bit of extra polish09:35
crdlbLSD|Ninja: and support FF2 without mozilla's help for 3 years?09:36
schmidtmhttp://development.openoffice.org/releases/3.0.0beta2rc1.html says beta2 is rc09:36
LSD|Ninjacrdlb: No, for the two months it would have taken for FF3 to hit09:37
crdlbLSD|Ninja: so do an incompatible upgrade of a released LTS distro months after release?09:38
LSD|Ninjacrdlb: That's what LTS means09:38
RAOFAh.  I see where the "LSD" comes from :)09:38
RAOFschmidtm: Their roadmap suggests otherwise.  In fact, their roadmap suggests that Beta2 is two months late.09:39
LSD|NinjaRAOF: I was so much as told LTS means "release unstable because you have 3 years to fix it"09:39
crdlbLSD|Ninja: firefox 2.0 to firefox 3.0 is not something you push onto a live, released distro09:39
crdlbparticularly not an LTS one09:39
schmidtmRAOF: but on their german download site they provide Ooo3c1 - even a deb package ftp://ftp.rz.tu-bs.de/pub/mirror/OpenOffice.org/extended/3.0.0rc1/OOo_3.0.0rc1_20080904_LinuxIntel_install_de_deb.tar.gz09:42
schmidtmRAOF: according to http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OOoRelease30 the final will be available by September 16th, 200809:57
thefishwhat replaces xlibs-dev in intrepid?10:03
dupondjewhat could be the cause of this: www.dupondje.be/screen.avi (very bad screen output)10:14
gnomefreakdupondje: totem most likely10:33
gnomefreakor the site but i saw it on another site this morning10:33
dupondjegetting bad vid in VLC / MythTV / ...10:34
dupondjeso its not the app :(10:34
gnomefreakthan its the site, some sites work fine i only saw it on your link above and another. but your link if you go further into it its not seem10:35
gnomefreakfurther into it == let it play and it goes away atleast for me10:36
dupondjehuh ?10:37
dupondjeafter 10 mins the screen is still bad :(10:37
dupondjeit keeps looking like that ...10:37
dupondjeI made that screen.avi, of my screen playing something ...10:38
dupondjethats my crappy output :(10:38
gnomefreakdupondje: mine clears up10:41
dupondjemine not :(10:42
gnomefreakgive me a link to the site so i can see10:42
dupondjelink to what site ?10:43
gnomefreakdupondje: where youu got that video, im assuming either you watched it on a site or you downloaded it from a site10:45
gnomefreakunless you made it yourself10:45
dupondjethe video that I play ?10:45
dupondjeits just livetv from mythtv10:45
dupondjebut it doesn't matter10:45
dupondjeother video's are the same ...10:45
dupondjesame crappy output10:45
gnomefreakare all these vidoes that are like that from mythtv?10:46
dupondjeeven if I play it with vlc10:47
dupondjeits same output :(10:47
gnomefreakmythtv is output for tv channels no?10:48
dupondjealso video ...10:49
dupondjeadded Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"10:52
dupondjeand its solved now10:52
mickepHi, I did get random disconnections in 8.04 (both wired and unwired). Now I installed alpha5 and still have these disconnections. Any ideas? The output of lspci is at http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/lspci11:39
SwedeMike what kind of disconnection?11:40
mickephm, the network stops to work.11:40
SwedeMikeand you can't ping your default gateway?11:40
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:41
mickepI did not try. I cannot surf, my ssh connections stop to work and so on. Reacitivating the net via NetworkManager brings itup again11:41
mickepSwedeMike: I will try to ping the gateway next time11:41
SwedeMikehow long in between, and does it correlate to the dhcp lease time?11:42
mickepSwedeMike: I have a feeling that the time to disconnection is random (or at least not constant). Often when the computer is idling. How do I check if it happens with a dhcp lease time?11:43
mickep(i have a feeling it disconnects sooner here at work)11:43
SwedeMikeoki, so this happens at different network locations?11:44
mickepyes, at home and at work. Both wired and unwired.11:44
mickepSwedeMike: I dont really have any ideas of what commands to run to debug, but I happily try and post the output if you have any tips11:46
SwedeMikedo you get any messages in "dmesg" that might be related?11:46
mickep(I should probably say that I did not install alpha5 but run via the liveCD at the moment)11:46
SwedeMikeor in any logs in /var/log ?`11:46
mickepI'll have a check (just waiting for the next disconnection)11:47
mickepSwedeMike: the output of dmesg is at http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/dmesg if it helps11:48
mickep(and right now I am wired, but the wlan is also enabled in network-manager)11:49
mickepzniavre: I will post a bug as soon as I know what to actually write inthere11:49
zniavrewhat is not easy ...11:50
mickepI'm not sure where to target the bug, intrepid?11:53
mohkohnI have Apha2 installed on my eeepc 701 $G. Can I upgrade online to alpha 5?12:07
mohkohnis it "update-manager -d" or just do a normal update/upgrade?12:08
mohkohnI should say Alpha4.12:08
void^normal update12:09
mickepzniavre: OK, so now I made a bug report at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/26771912:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267719 in ubuntu "random wired and unwired disconnection" [Undecided,New]12:13
DanaGHeh, I get the same "RX ReassocResp" thing going on.  It's really annoying.12:18
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mohkohnthanks void^12:20
Notch-1hi all12:37
Notch-1i have installed kubuntu 8.10 alpha 5, but now wich is the best way to update?12:37
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Notch-1please guys, i need just the update command, i think the one i use is wrong...12:48
jribNotch-1: update-manager can update you12:49
Notch-1i see any kind of update-manager-... but no update-manager12:50
Notch-1maybe i need to look another way...12:51
jriboh you're running kde.  You should have some kind of automatic gui updater somewhere12:51
Notch-1i found only update-manager-something ...12:51
jribwhat is the "something"?12:51
Notch-1there is adept but it seem broken...12:52
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:52
jribNotch-1: you can run that command if you want12:52
Notch-1something, like -fd12:52
Notch-1what command?12:53
jribthe one ubottu just said12:53
thefishI have xserver-xorg-dev and libx11-dev installed, but still get configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths! - any ideas?12:53
Notch-1i've done sudo su, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade12:53
Notch-1and now i can't log in12:54
Notch-1xorg crashes while loading...12:54
Notch-1even in the alpha 412:54
jribthefish: I don't have a working intrepid atm, but in hardy I see xlibs-dev and xorg-dev12:54
Notch-1so is that a common bug or have i missed something?12:54
jribNotch-1: you upgraded fine.  You're experiencing a bug in alpha software now12:55
thefishcheers jrib - it seems xlibs-dev is replaced with libx11-dev in intrepid...12:55
Notch-1jrib: thanks, now i beleave :D12:55
jribI have libx11-dev on hardy too thefish12:55
jribthefish: what are you compiling?12:57
thefishjrib: knetworkmanager from svn12:57
Notch-1jrib: just another question: what's the difference with apt-get dist-upgrade and AFTER apt-get upgrade? it should work as well (not considering this bug) ?12:57
jribthefish: if you do: sudo apt-get build-dep knetworkmanager     you should get whatever it needs12:58
jribNotch-1: see the 'dist-upgrade' description in 'man apt-get'12:58
Notch-1jrib: yes but i still don't understand :P12:59
jribNotch-1: dist-upgrade will do everything upgrade would do but may do more12:59
Picidist-upgrade includes packages with new dependencies for one12:59
Notch-1it seems that switching the order is not a problem... but i experienced every kind of problem doing this :D13:00
thefishjrib: it moaned that it couldnt satisfy them :( thats why i was doing it manually - shorsrc also didnt give clues...13:00
jribthefish: heh13:01
Notch-1so why apt-get update before? we could just use apt-get dist-upgrade, right?13:01
Notch-1sorry, i mean upgrade, not update13:01
jribNotch-1: yes13:01
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.13:01
Notch-1perfect :P13:02
Notch-1my memory is working like adept-manager in kubuntu 8.10 :PPPP13:02
thefishjrib: xorg-dev was the winner :)13:03
Notch-1thank you so much for patient13:03
jribno problem13:03
Notch-1you think that upgrading and upgrading i will be able to log in or i have to reinstall everything?13:04
Notch-1i other words: the fix fixes all things or i have to do something manually?13:05
jribno idea Notch-1.  I don't know what the issue is13:05
Notch-1ah, it depends on the specific bug? there is no general rule?13:07
jribmore like "how much time are you willing to spend"13:08
Notch-1it's one of my biggest fear, since i'm using a unstable distro...13:08
Notch-1on doing what? :DD13:08
jribit shouldn't be your main operating system13:08
jribput it on its own partition or virtualized13:09
Notch-1yes, now, but in the future...13:09
Notch-1it may become more stable, i guess...13:09
jribin october when it's released it is stable (only security updates).  Then everyone gets an option to upgrade their hardy13:10
Notch-1yes yes13:10
Notch-1i'm waiting for that day :D13:10
Notch-1but my question was a little more general13:10
jribduring this time it usually comes down to "will fixing this problem take me longer than a reinstall?"13:10
Notch-1on bug and fixes13:10
Notch-1yeah, good question :D13:11
Notch-1but since the first time i installed a linux distro i was wandering if the update system can fix bugs AND other problems created by the bugs itselfs...13:12
Notch-1if it simply update to "unbugged" version, or if it can correct problems13:13
Notch-1on what depends? :D13:14
void^usually most problems can be fixed with simple updates13:15
Notch-1forgive me, but i didn't found a clear answer, from years :P13:15
Notch-1if for example a bugged sw create some wrong unuseful files, the update is teached to remove it?13:16
void^it's possible13:16
gnomefreakyes it replaces the old package13:18
Notch-1i know that expecting answer to void is useless, but can you tell me more ? :PPP13:19
gnomefreakwhen using term to upgrade it tells you preparing to replace $version with $version13:19
Notch-1FROM void, sorry13:19
* gnomefreak hopes that isnt a question :(13:19
Notch-1it was an "errata corrige"13:20
Notch-1anyway, gnomefreak, i don't understand your answer13:20
PiciNotch-1: I dont understand your question13:22
gnomefreakNotch-1: when a new package version is avalible it overwrites the old package version13:23
gnomefreakNotch-1: than what is your question13:23
Notch-1i'm asking if it correct any other problem that the may occur when there is a bug13:23
gnomefreakNotch-1: it only corrects what was corrected in package13:24
PiciNotch-1: Only if the new package version corrects that bug.13:24
gnomefreakNotch-1: not all new packages fix all bugs13:24
PiciI find it very handy to have apt-listchanges installed to see what bugs are fixed and what new features I can expect when I do upgrades...13:24
Notch-1yes, it's a good way13:25
Notch-1give me just a minute to try to explain myself :P13:25
gnomefreakPici: too much output for me13:25
gnomefreaki use Lp if i want to know changes13:25
void^to elaborate, every package comes with a number of scripts that are ran when the package is installed/upgraded/uninstalled13:26
gnomefreakor changelog of course13:26
void^so it's possible to fix "collateral damage" of a bug in a new version, if necessary13:26
Notch-1void^: thank you so much :D13:26
Notch-1this is a good answer, tnx13:27
Notch-1there is a easy way to get info on this script? as an apt-something...13:29
void^extract the package with dpkg13:31
gnomefreakmakefile == script for most packages all debian files are files13:32
Notch-1ah fine, thanks again13:33
* gnomefreak really hating bash today13:34
gnomefreakbecause im getting exceptions while trying to run scripts13:34
Notch-1(i hate bash everytime i make a script :D)13:34
Notch-1exceptions? :D13:35
gnomefreakNotch-1: errors/crashes13:35
Notch-1i understand you :D13:35
gnomefreakeh ill look at it later, i take break now its been long morning13:36
Notch-1if you know where is the origin paste the code, maybe i can help on this13:36
Notch-1call me, i've solved thousands of errors for my scripts...13:38
Notch-1it will be a pleasure to return the help13:38
thefishanyone managed to get network-manager working in kde4?13:50
thefishi can use the gnome nm-applet, but knetworkmanager doesnt play13:52
DavidTalbothi, i have a funny problem with 8.10 it seems that there are some routing problems so can i connect to internet if i define a local proxy in my homenetwork, is this a known bug?14:48
hubuntuhello... has the dark human theme been changed for  lighter theme as of lately or is it just my system?14:48
pwnguinhubuntu: check the alpha5 release notes14:54
hubuntuOK, SORRY14:56
gx009so i want to install kubuntu 8.10 .. so far have not found a good .iso; so i tried installing ubuntu 8.10 and then add kde...  a mess.. i wanted a kde only system so i manually purged gnome.. but i still got traces of it like, synaptics, is still hanging around. adept is majorly buggy and wireless is not operational..15:13
gx009i wasted about 7 discs trying to burn a good copy of kubuntu 8.10 from different sources, all failed. even when the integrity check was good too15:15
gx009i just got a tip that burning such .iso in windows yields good results ..  meh15:24
thefishgx009: you are doing the integrity check from the disk? ie boot to install, then check from there?15:24
gx009that too15:25
thefishif that passes, then it means the disk is burned correctly15:26
thefishyou cant burn it any better than perfect15:26
gx009yet it failed to run15:26
thefishfailed to run what?15:26
gx009the install15:27
woogensAre there any read errors? In this case it could be due to a defect cd/dvd drive.15:27
thefishwhere does it fail? does it give an error?15:27
gx009it does not run15:27
woogens(At least it remotely sounds like that)15:27
gx009execution fails15:27
thefishthat really could mean anything15:28
thefishwhat error?15:28
thefishmaybe we dont mean the same thing with the cd... did you go to the "check CD for errors" once you booted to it?15:29
gx009you dont get it.. there is no error.. installation halts as soon as it begins15:29
thefishtry looking in the other ttys, cant remember which but there is a log there15:29
thefishtry CTRL+ALT+F(1-9)15:29
thefishthat may give you more of a clue15:30
thefishbut again, if you have done a disk check from the installer, and its come back as OK, the problem is not likely to be the cd - and re-burning will not help no matter what os you use15:31
gx009am running 2 versions of linux and windows xp on that machine already..  the puter is not the problem15:34
thefishof course not mate15:36
karoogaanyone familiar with the fortran libs?15:59
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soundrayI'm thinking about testing intrepid on my Eee PC 900. Looking for hints, tips and general encouragement...16:44
=== Awsoonn_ is now known as Awsoonn
mok0I just tried to install intrepid alpha 5 from the iso image, but no matter what I do it boots into busybox.17:10
Oli```Anyone have any experience migrating from comipz-git to repo-compiz? I'm getting glitches and slow screen updates so want to check it's not just my build but every time I try I seem to get broken packages =(17:11
mok0Oli```: sorry, haven't had much luck with compiz17:14
soundraymok0: have you got an unusual drive setup? RAID? A rare SATA controller?17:29
mok0soundray: no. The ubuntu installer works, not the kubuntu ditto17:30
mok0... and it still has the Heron background...17:30
soundraymok0: artwork is usually changed late in the pre-release phase17:31
mok0yeah, I know...17:31
mok0Just making a fuzz here...17:31
soundraymok0: does hardy boot okay?17:31
mok0soundray: yes, and intrepid does in ubuntu version17:32
soundraymok0: just kubuntu fails? That's weird17:32
soundraymok0: the kernel or initramfs packages must be out of step between ubuntu and kubuntu. Worth a launchpad report.17:33
mok0soundray: no matter what I do, it comes out in busybox with an (initramfs) prompt17:34
mok0soundray: what should I file that under17:34
soundraymok0: don't know. Perhaps search for similar reports first, then file against the same package. It will also let you say "don't know"17:35
mok0soundray: ok, I'll search LP for something relevant17:36
mok0I tried doing apt-get dist-upgrade from hardy -> intrepid; it trashed the system17:41
soundraymok0: did you do a full update first, and did you have ubuntu-desktop installed?17:43
mok0soundray: I am a kubuntu user, so probably not17:44
mok0I did a full upgrade first17:44
soundraykubuntu-desktop, then?17:44
mok0soundray: yes17:44
mok0soundray: perhaps the kde4 one, even17:44
mok0soundray: The install eventually died on some gtk components17:45
soundrayWhat did you do then?17:45
mok0soundray: download the intrepid installer ;-)17:46
mok0soundray: the problem with these things is that you can't repeat it17:46
soundraymok0: if it got stuck on gtk stuff, it should still have been bootable, no?17:47
mok0soundray: probably17:47
mok0soundray: but the whole system was a mix of old and new, so I went ahead17:48
mok0soundray: this is not my production machine, fortunately :-)17:48
soundraymok0: it better not be ;)17:49
mok0However, I had done incremental upgrades on it since edgy, so it's kinda like loosing a good friend17:49
soundrayI know exactly what you mean17:50
mok0soundray: I am worried that the libc 2.7 -> 2.8 upgrade had something to do with it17:50
soundrayI'm thinking about testing intrepid on an Eee PC 900. Looking for hints, tips and general encouragement...17:54
mok0soundray: I am thinking of the EEE 90117:56
soundrayYou can't get that without XP, can you? If you can't, that would stop me...17:59
mok0soundray: I think so17:59
mok0soundray: I don't want XP either18:00
mok0I think the 901 has better battery life18:00
mok0due to the Atom processor18:00
soundrayBattery is a problem on the 900. Mine came with a 4400 mAh one that lasts ~2h. I bought a 6600mAh, which sticks out the back and prevents the display from opening 180 degrees, but gives decent stamina18:02
mok0Ah, you already have the 900?18:10
mok0With a hard disk or a SSD?18:10
DanaGHeh, this morning I got 14 new e-mails about new bugs being marked as duplicates of 192888.18:23
mpHi all, I have a serious problem: I am running Intrepid and now it doesn't recognize my nVidia graphic card anymore, meaning that I only get GNOME running in minimal resolution18:23
mpFunny thing is, it all worked fine in Hardy18:23
s0u][ighthello is linux-image-2.6.26-5-generic deleted from the repos?18:35
mphow do I downgrade to Hardy without wiping my harddrive?18:39
x1250mp, you can't18:42
IdleOnemp: you move your /home to a separate partition then you do a clean install of hardy without formating the /home partiton18:52
mpIdleOne, what tool can I use to create a seperate partition for /home/ ?18:53
IdleOnemp:  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome18:53
mpthank you, I'll look into that immideately18:53
IdleOneno problem18:53
gx009if i have wireless connectivity on gnome it should also connect if i switch to a kde session, right?18:58
gx009am paranoid about knetworkmanager18:59
gx009tried burning 10 kubuntu 8.10 alpha 5 discs and all failed..  popped this ibex alpha1 disc and runs ok19:02
gx009shredder smells like burned plastic19:03
gx009am just going to install this alpha 1 with gnome, get it updated to current, and then try running kde419:06
gx009hopefully wifi will be intact this way too19:07
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carandraugmp: I had the same problem with my ATI graph card but I solved it by using the kernel I had with Hardy19:48
void^looks like there's a new feature in gnome-terminal: can't change keyboard shortcuts for 'switch to tab #x' ..20:07
s0u][ighthello i'm using ubuntu's intrepid release20:13
s0u][ightand when i try to compile compat-wireless i get20:13
ph8nicely done20:13
s0u][ightthere were no problems with linux-image-2.6.27-5-generic20:14
s0u][ightoops i mean 2.6.26-5-generic20:15
MrKennieadding module options to modprobe.d/options for iwl3945 seems to have no effect, has this changed in intrepid?20:21
MrKennieI'm actually trying to enable debug output so I can submit a bug report because I have a packet loss issue that has existed since hardy20:23
ToHellWithGAi used the "kcontrol" package to turn off sounds and change from single-click to double-click mode in kde applications running in vanilla ubuntu20:32
ToHellWithGAit no longer exists.  has it been replaced with something else which i can use to turn off sounds and change from single-click to double-click mode?20:33
ToHellWithGA!info kcontrol20:33
ubottuPackage kcontrol does not exist in intrepid20:33
ToHellWithGA!info kcontrol hardy20:34
ubottukcontrol (source: kdebase): control center for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu7.3 (hardy), package size 2841 kB, installed size 9096 kB20:34
MrKennieToHellWithGA: nothing under system settings?20:34
ToHellWithGAi like double-clicking in k3b20:35
ToHellWithGAMrKennie: now i know what you meant20:39
ToHellWithGAthe package is now called "systemsettings" rather than "kcontrol"20:39
MrKennieToHellWithGA: under keyboard and mouse20:39
ToHellWithGAthanks :)20:39
baastruphey there im having an unresponsive keybord bout only under X/gdm, on my laptop what can that be?20:39
ToHellWithGAi don't have full kde, it was getting the package that had me hung up20:40
ToHellWithGAlater gators20:40
laughtearhello everyone, i need some help20:53
laughtearintrepid is installed, it's working well, but the hardware drivers of nvidia does not work properly. i just installed the alpha 5 this evening..20:54
laughtearthe installed hardware driver is the 177th one of nvidia. but i also tried the 173 one before, nothing changed. i use this samsun 226bw in 800x600 now without 3d support (it should be 1680x1050)20:56
laughtearanyone have any idea about it which could help me?20:56
laughtearanybody here???20:58
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oxigenno one knows how to help you apparently..21:01
TamagotonoSorry, I just got here myself.  Is your monitor being detected properly but not allowing native resolution or is it just using default monitor settings?  Does it allow native resolutions if you use the NV driver?  Did it work with 8.04?21:01
laughtearwell, when the system is starting a window appears (in low resolution) and says your graphic settings are not proper, i choose my graphic card and the monitor in that window but it fails..21:03
laughtearTamagotono: thank you for you response...21:04
laughtearit does not allow the default res. of the monitor. but it was okay in hardy21:05
laughtearthe restricted drivers are not working, the nvidia xserver settings program says so21:06
laughtearwhat will i do?21:06
Tamagotonoread through your Xorg log file and see if it is detecting a usable monitor.  I am using a Viewsonic monitor with the 1680x1050 resolution but the Nvidia drivers cannot detect it.  It caused me a great deal of trouble until it gave it an EDID file to use.21:06
laughtearthere my monitor is, looks like the screens and graphics settings put some lines for that...21:08
TamagotonoI don't understand.  are you saying that it is detected and is being used by the driver or it is failing, according to the xorg log?21:12
laughtearit's there in xorg.conf21:12
laughteari don't have so much knowledge like you do... mean i'm a little dummy for these things21:13
laughtearwell, one more thing, i can see nothing about the nvidia drivers in xorg.conf file...??21:14
supriei've upgraded to alpha 521:17
suprieand now , there is no sound on my laptop21:17
supriemy soundcard is intel HDA21:17
Tamagotonolaughtear: if you are running with the NV driver you will need to look at a log that was generated when trying to start X with the NVIDIA driver so the errors will show up.  You are currently using the nv drivers, correct?21:19
suprieokay forgot what i've said :D , it's working actually21:19
suprieit play sound now21:19
bsnideranybody here using an lcd?21:20
Tamagotonobsnider: probably lots of people.   You have a question about one?21:20
bsniderwhat do your fonts look like without subpixel smoothing?21:21
bsnidermine look like homer simpson's blindfolded scribblings21:22
TamagotonoI don't notice much difference personally.  But it does look a little nicer with it enabled.21:22
Tamagotonorough around the edges?21:22
bsnidertry freesans21:22
Tamagotonobsnider: give me a minute.  my laptop is not running intrepid right now.  I'll boot into it and check out freesans21:24
Tamagotonoare you running alpha 4 or 5.  did you notice any difference between them?21:25
bsniderno difference21:25
bsniderthis is a known bug but i wondered if everybody had it or it was specific to the graphics card21:25
Tamagotonowhich graphics card?21:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264254 in cairo "subpixel rendering in intrepid" [Low,Confirmed]21:27
bsnideranybody here have an atheros wifi card, by any chance?21:32
TamagotonoOK, just checked it out on my laptop with an intel chipset.  It looks fine.  Unfortunately, it is using the VESA driver at 800x600 on a 1600x900 display so the results are somewhat subjective. :)21:35
anmarHello Guys. I am testing Intrepid on my AMD G780 chipset board and it can't find my SATA drive. Any help gettting me further along so I can file some bugs?21:36
TamagotonoThat reminded me of why I came here in the first place! :)  Anyone using the INTEL driver with a x4500MHD (aka Cantiga, aka G45) video chipset?  I can only get external video on my laptop unless I use the VESA driver.21:38
bobesponjais there anything (badly) broken in intrepid today?21:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264019 in linux "unable to visit some websites and ftpsites with 2.6.27-2" [Undecided,New]21:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 150274 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "XVideo doesn't work" [Low,Fix released]21:46
literalI had these problems, but they have workarounds21:46
bobesponjaok thanks literal21:47
literaloh, oops, that second url is wrong21:47
literalI meant this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/26762721:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267627 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "XVideo is garbled on r300" [Undecided,New]21:48
gx0092.6.27-2 does not boot up on mt-3422 (laptop)21:58
bsniderwhat happens instead?21:59
bsniderTamagotono, new intel driver being released on the 10th, will be merged shortly afterwards22:00
gx009i kept thinking it was the cd images of kubuntu that didnt work but the problem was that the puter couldnt boot up that specific kernel .. too bad i wasted 10 discs before figuring that one out22:03
Tamagotonokool, thanks.  I just bought the laptop and was thinking about returning it if I couldn't get a working display soon.22:04
bsnideryou could try it with another distro22:12
bsniderlike mandriva22:12
bsniderthat one's closer to a stable release22:12
gx009in case you're talking to me.. 8.10 works well with my wireless card .. i just wanted to add kde .. which i have done under 2.6.26-222:14
dupondjeis duplicate22:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267627 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "XVideo is garbled on r300 (dup-of: 267612)" [Undecided,New]22:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267612 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "green lines when playing video" [Undecided,New]22:14
bsnideri wasn't talking to you22:15
dupondjeI know :)22:15
dupondjejust some information ...22:15
bsniderbut why would you want kde?22:15
bsnideri don't get it22:16
anmarHello guys... it seems that intrepid has a problem with AMD 780G onbaord SATA controller.22:16
anmarI am gonna try the Alpha 5 first to get more information22:16
gx009but it looks cute too.. lets say am bored with the look of gnome22:16
bsnideranmar, amd doesn't have good linux support22:18
chris062689I know it's still in Alpha, but.. how stable is it?22:19
dupondjeits stable22:19
dupondjejust sometimes crappy problems :)22:19
chris062689I know Alpha software, your not supposed to use on Development Machines, etc.  But, for real life use, how stable is it?22:19
bsniderit is unstable22:19
anmarbsnider: yeah... they seem to heading in the right direction. This issue I think is a bug, cause my heron has been working without a hitch22:19
void^chris062689: if it eats all your data, will you be sad?22:20
anmarchris062689: I would listen to bsnider.  Use it for testing you code, if you want but don't develop on it.22:20
gx009small issues like not being able to boot up the latest kernel22:20
anmargx009: or not finding your HD :)22:21
bsniderthere's not anything like a stable kernel yet, lots of people can't boot it. use hardy22:21
gx009at least you got something to look at , anmar22:21
bsnideri would be totally shocked if intrepid meets its final release date22:21
chris062689Ibex doesn't seem.. all that amazing.22:22
anmargx009: Yeah... I have a calling to figure out what is going on and log a bug against it.22:22
chris062689Has anything been leaked about the new designer that's designing the theme?22:22
gx009i just use 2.6.26-2 .. that one still works.. hardy is oldschool already22:23
bsniderif you're bored with the human theme, use new wave22:23
chris062689Well, I want all of the neat new features22:24
chris062689Is Ibex really that unstable?22:24
chris062689Doesn't seem like much has changed aside from the kernel and new GNOME22:24
gx009i think it is easier for me to use kde4 now that it looks more gnomish22:24
chris062689How does KDE look GNOMEish?22:25
bsniderthe kernel they're using is not a stable jernel release22:25
bsniderit's rc3 or 422:25
chris062689Still, it's a RC.22:25
gx009the taskbar and icons are alot slimmer for once22:25
bsniderchris062689, boot the livecd and check how stable it is22:26
chris062689Yeah, that's probably the best way of doing it :)22:26
chris062689Whens beta come out again?22:26
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule22:26
chris062689It just looks like the Known Issues list keeps growing with each Alpha :(22:27
chris062689Does Alpha 5 include the new Compiz Fusion git?22:30
RAOFI'm not sure what you mean by "the", but there certainly is a git snapshot of Compiz in there.22:31
bsnideri can check the version22:31
bsnideraugust 7 i guess22:32
bsnideror july 822:32
chris062689Please tell me they've fixed all of the Pulseaudio bugs? :(22:34
bsniderso you want me to lie22:34
chris062689Why did they put such a cripled system in a LTS?22:35
bsniderpulse 9.10 works ok i guess but 9.11 hasn't been added yet22:35
bsniderif you want a good pulseaudio you might have to go over to fedora i guess22:39
RAOFWhat do Fedora do differently?22:44
crdlbRAOF: employing lennart? :)22:47
bsnideri gues shtey don't have glitches and so forth, and they took the time to creat the "perfect setup" situation so users wouldn't have to do it themselves22:50
bsnidernow supposedly they're trying to integrate it more and make it look more transparent with gnome instead of this clunky thing that's out there22:52
* RAOF doesn't really notice the clunky thing.22:54
bsniderwell, i don't think it's ideal to have two tray icons both having to do with the sound system22:55
bsniderand the pulse icons controls all sorts of stuff that's not terribly necessary  to show users22:55
bsniderthat's more than clunky, it's confusing especially to first-time users22:56
RAOFbsnider: Right.  The advanced controls could do with some polish.23:02
RAOFThe simple controls are exactly the same.23:03
RAOF(As the regular GNOME ones)23:03
bsniderthere is no master control channel on the pulse volume control window23:04
bsniderthere is no program volume control list on alsamix23:04
bsniderso you now need 2 tray icons to do what one should23:04
bsnideri want one tab that controls everything, like in vista23:05
bsniderexcept i don't want to use vista23:05
RAOFRight.  But the things you're asking for are new features of pulse; the old UI still controls the old features.23:05
RAOFThat's what I meant.  If you don't care about the cool things pulse can do, you don't have to.23:05
bsniderwho says i don't care about all the cool things pulse can do?23:06
bsnideri do like pulse23:06
bsnideri would like a program that mixes alsamix and pavucontrol23:07
RAOFSo would I.23:07
bsnideror merges i guess is how it should be said23:07
RAOFWell, not alsamix.  Gnome-volume-control ;)23:07
bsniderfrontend for alsamix23:08
bsniderfrom what i've heard, this is what fedora's developing23:08
RAOFProabably.  It's the obvious thing to do.23:08
carandraugit seems that many people use the middle button to select and then paste that text or to open firefox tabs in new tabs. To do that I use right and left click at the same time (or I used to). I updated to Intrepid and that option no longers work. Anyone knows how to restore it? I think it's called middle click emulation. I didn't even knew that as it has always worked for me that way23:21
milos_i can't manage to make nvidia-glx driver work with kernel 2.6.27-2-generic, is that normal?23:27
RAOFmilos_: Which (of the 4) drivers have you tried?23:28
milos_RAOF, 17723:28
bsniderroaf is the one to go to23:29
RAOFmilos_: Works For Me(tm).23:29
RAOFYou're not trying from nvidia.com, are you?23:29
milos_RAOF, then I am doing something wrong. No, this is how I tried:23:30
milos_RAOF, 1. boot with 2.6.27-2-generic, 2. reinstall nvidia-177-kernel-source23:31
carandraugI've found how to do it myself. I have to add the line "Option "Emulate3Buttons" "true"" in my Xorg. here's more options in the man page of "mousedrv"23:31
RAOFmilos_: That sounds about right.23:32
bsniderand nvidia-glx-17723:33
milos_RAOF, when I do this it's it breaks installation showing some error about nvidia.ko I can't remember everything23:33
milos_bsnider, of course,this is automatically installed23:34
milos_does anybody now how to run 'apt-get install nvidia-177-kernel-source' so the error is written in file?23:36
RAOFmilos_: "aptitude reinstall nvidia-177-kernel-source > mylogfile".  Yay console redirection!23:36
milos_RAOF, ok I will try now23:37
=== milosF is now known as milos_
milos_RAOF, here is the the log http://pastebin.com/m2143b24a23:57
bsnideris linux-headers installed?23:57

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