kwwiimoin moin06:04
rsc_moin moin?07:16
kwwiigood morning07:24
rsc_oh, right.07:25
rsc_what time is it there?07:25
kwwii8:25 am07:25
rsc_well, 2:30 in the afternoon here in the Philippines.07:28
njpatelkwwii: ping14:43
* _MMA_ waves at Neil. :)14:44
njpatel_MMA_: hey dude14:44
njpatel_MMA_: how are things?14:44
_MMA_Um, busy. Lots of "life" stuff.14:45
_MMA_Nothing dire. Just things to work through.14:45
_MMA_Ill bbl. Im gonna upgrade the lappy to Intrepid.14:47
kwwiinjpatel: hey man14:47
njpatelkwwii: hey dude -- a quick question (which I think I've asked before): do you have hi-res (or at least 48x48) for applications-graphics & applications-games for Human icon theme?14:48
njpatelwe need them for UNR as the launcher has to scale the 24x24, and they look bad14:49
kwwiinjpatel: nope, sure don't14:50
njpateldammit :-)14:50
kwwiithe graphics icon is amazingly close the oxygen version14:50
kwwiiI never realized we stole that :p14:50
njpatelkwwii: any reason there's no hi-res?14:51
* njpatel goes to find another orange icon theme14:52
kwwiinjpatel: because we paid icon factory to make those and they wouldn't give us the files14:53
njpatelkwwii: oh, right14:53
kwwiinjpatel: but, there is an effort started to make new icons14:53
kwwiibut it just started, so don't expect anything there either :p14:54
njpatelkwwii: good to know :-)14:54
andreasnnjpatel: you need a orange icon set that have scalable (48x48 canvas) or High Res like 256x256?14:54
njpatelandreasn: 48x48 would do fine14:54
njpatelandreasn: png is fine14:55
andreasnnjpatel: perhaps tangerine-icon-theme is your friend in that case14:55
pwnguinnjpatel: ive been thinking about a wider community icon project14:55
* pwnguin would prefer svg icons ;)14:55
njpatelandreasn: on hardy, tangerine has no category icons....are there updates?14:55
njpatelandreasn: and if so...where do I find the latest? :-)14:56
njpatelpwnguin: that would be cool. Human covers it okay, it's just these two category icons which seem to lack14:56
andreasnnjpatel: it falls back on gnome-icon-theme that have those in all sizes needed, tangerine is just the orange folders + some other orange elements in some icons14:57
pwnguini need to get my power cord back and test your netbook stuff some more14:57
pwnguinpngs are okay at netbook sizes, but my tablet is 14" and svgs do a better job ;)14:58
andreasnnjpatel: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gnome-icon-theme/trunk/scalable/categories/applications-games.svg?revision=1669&view=markup14:59
njpatelandreasn: right, thanks15:00
njpatelandreasn: I'm wondering why GtkIconTheme isn't giving me an icon from gnome instead15:00
njpatelas Human inherits from gnome too15:00
njpatelI think it finds the icon in Human 24x24 and just thinks that it'll be better to use that then a completely different icon15:01
andreasnnjpatel: yeah, that's how it works I think15:01
njpatelandreasn: thanks, I'll see how it looks with the gnome icons15:01
njpatelpwnguin: running UNR on a 14" screen (i'm guessing it's a res > 1280x800) is not going to be fun :-)15:09
pwnguinwhy not?15:30
pwnguinit almost works quite well i find15:30
rsc_hey guys! :)15:42
thorwilhi rsc_15:42
rsc_oi, thorwil!15:47
rsc_whatcha think?15:47
rsc_(about the min-max-close buttons.)15:47
thorwilrsc_: the left edge is unclear15:48
rsc_left edge?15:49
thorwilthe symbols are problematic as you see such arrow heads on scrollbar buttons15:49
thorwilrsc_: where the min button starts15:49
rsc_that was kinda the point.15:51
rsc_i figured it'd be something new, but not hindering the functionality much.15:51
rsc_I thought, at least :)15:51
pwnguinfound in a text book explaining how dpi and lpi affect quality: "this book was printed at 150 DPI..." <followed by a graphic comparing an image at 300 dpi, 200 dpi and 150 dpi>>15:59
thorwilpwnguin: so they squeezed space by using a gravity field?16:00
pwnguini think the idea was the source image was higher resolution16:05
pwnguinso you16:06
rsc_so was there any difference between 300 vs. 200 vs. 150?16:06
rsc_if the book was printed at 150, it should theoretically look the same.16:06
pwnguinthey claimed there was, but it must take better eyes than I have16:06
thorwilrsc_: almost. but different means of down-sampling should lead to subtle differences16:07
pwnguinbut a 300 dpi to 150 dpi should basically be fantastic16:07
DanaGMy next laptop will be 1920x1200 at 15" -- nowadays, DPI scaling works pretty well.18:21
dilomohay I have a question about laptops18:22
dilomowhat's the best laptop for designer and a student( long battery life)18:23
thorwilwelcome back _MMA_19:51
* _MMA_ is still wrestling with Intrepid issues. Is on a temp machine.19:51
_MMA_But hi.19:51
thorwilwell, i'm still wrestling with the countdown images :)19:54

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