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crevettegood morning08:44
seb128lut crevette08:47
crevettesalut seb12808:47
crevettedo you have ny report on widget coruption on gtk with intel ?08:48
crevetteI do have that specifically on epiphant08:49
seb128I'm using an intel card right now but no such issue08:49
crevetteokay, we see with X guys08:50
crevetteI'll see08:50
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seb128hey lapo09:53
seb128lut huats09:53
huatshey seb12809:53
seb128huats: new gcalctool available09:53
huatsseb128: yep09:56
huatsI know09:56
huatsseb128: I'll take car of it today09:56
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seb128hi Ampelbein10:11
Ampelbeinseb128: hi10:11
seb128Ampelbein: thanks for your excellent bug triage work ;-)10:11
Ampelbeinseb128: thanks. i'm currently trying to build seahorse 2.23.92 with pbuilder.10:12
Ampelbeinseb128: if successful, i will also do seahorse-plugins10:12
Ampelbeinso far, no problem ;-)10:12
seb128Ampelbein: GNOME usually rolls new tarballs often that's why we don't bother backporting non critical fixes in unstable series10:13
Ampelbeinok, i did not know that. now i do, thanks to you.10:13
seb128you can find the schedule on the GNOME wiki, they have a webcal too10:14
Ampelbeinnow i have one question: should i open a new bug with the upgrade-request, set to in progress and attach the .dsc .orig.tar.gz, .the diff.gz and the .changes to it?10:17
Ampelbeinor should i provide a debdiff to the last version in intrepid?10:18
seb128open a bug, subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors10:20
seb128attach the diff.gz and the dsc or the debdiff, that's equivalent10:20
seb128usually we use .diff.gz and .dsc for desktop updates10:20
seb128we know where to find the tar.gz so no need to attach this one ;-)10:20
Ampelbeinok, thanks.10:21
seb128also bonus point if you open the bug, add the lp number in the changelog and attach a diff.gz which closes the bug ;-)10:21
Ampelbeinok, thats no problem.10:21
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #26768110:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267681 in seahorse "Please upgrade to 2.23.92" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26768110:27
Ampelbeinthats where i attached it.10:27
seb128Ampelbein: thanks, looking10:27
seb128lool: wants to do the xdg-user-dirs-gtk update for debian? it's only translations update10:33
loolseb128: commit it in Debian, I'll sponsor it to unstable if it's only translation updates10:34
seb128lool: ok thanks10:34
Debs626Hey guys10:34
seb128hi Debs62610:35
Debs626need some help finding some ubuntu radio streaming softw, something like SAM Broadcaster10:35
seb128Debs626: not the right channel, try #ubuntu10:35
Debs626ooops sorry my bad10:36
seb128Ampelbein: the seahorse update looks good I'll sponsor it10:36
Ampelbeinseb128: thanks.10:36
seb128Ampelbein: thank you for the work on it ;-)10:37
Ampelbeinseb128: another thing, regarding bug #140424, the fullscreen-plugin comes shipped with eog-package. so i think the bug should be fix released?10:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 140424 in eog "eye of gnome: double-clicking to go fullscreen" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14042410:39
seb128Ampelbein: ah right, I though they made a new eog-plugins thing10:40
seb128Ampelbein: btw don't worry if you get build failure mails about seahorse, the buildds are broken due to the gcc update at the moment but the builds will be retried when those are fixed10:42
Ampelbeinyeah, i figured this out when i tried to put a package in my ppa. was wondering what i could have possibly done wrong but then the guys in -devel pointed me to the issue ;-)10:43
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asac^^ chrome security issues ;)10:57
asacwow ... first reports the carpet bombing issue which was fixed long ago in safari and and firefox .... so how do things flow back to webkit?10:59
NCommanderasac, bad merging and lack of regression testing11:02
asacNCommander: hehe. well maybe they should use bzr or git then ;)11:03
seb128hey NCommander11:03
seb128NCommander: how is going the gtkmm update? ;-)11:03
* NCommander grumbles11:04
NCommanderNot well11:04
NCommanderIts on the todo list with "Get rid of insombia"11:04
seb128NCommander: should I find somebody else to do it?11:05
NCommanderseb128, hold on, I have it almost done, let me see here11:05
NCommanderseb128, pangomm was accepted, right?11:12
seb128NCommander: yes11:12
seb128gicmo: hey hey11:13
NCommanderseb128, I can't get it with apt-get11:13
NCommanderseb128, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+queue - please clear the binaries through NEW :-P!11:13
NCommanderseb128, once that's done I can properly test the gtkmm update which is just about done, it builds anyway, but I can't make sure I got all the depends right until its fully accepted11:14
gicmoseb128: ALTER!11:14
* NCommander for some reason thinks of slashdot11:15
NCommandergicmo, you've encountered a random slashdotting :-P11:16
seb128gicmo: alter!11:16
NCommanderALTER USER NCommander GRANT ROLE "archive_admin" :-P11:17
NCommanderseb128, how goes clearing pangomm's binaries out of the new queue?11:18
seb128NCommander: was finishing on something else11:18
seb128NCommander: accepted11:18
* gicmo looks puzzle11:19
NCommanderseb128, ok, I have gtkmm done11:19
NCommander(I just had to finish the tweaks to the control file)11:19
NCommanderOnce they're in the archive and installable, I'll test build and shove this somewhere11:19
NCommanderseb128, maybe its just me, but isn't it a little crazy to have to individually ACCEPT new binaries into the archive from existing source packages?11:22
seb128NCommander: yeah probably, we usually just "queue accept pangomm" to accept all the binaries in one command11:23
NCommanderseb128, sounds like fun, no web based interface to queue administration I take it?11:23
seb128NCommander: there is a web interface but I like the command line one better11:23
seb128NCommander: the queue page has checkbox you can just click the items to accept and click on the accept button11:24
NCommanderNext you'll tell me there is an emacs major mode :-)11:24
glatzorhello mvo11:34
mvohey gl11:59
* pochu waves!12:02
seb128hey pochu, how are you?12:25
pochuhi seb128 :) very well, just finished my exams!12:25
seb128pochu: ah good ;-)12:26
pochuseb128: what about you?12:26
seb128pochu: did that go well for you?12:26
seb128pochu: lot to do but good otherwise12:26
pochuI had 2, and I'll pass 1, so 50% ;)12:26
pochuso I'm ready to start working :)12:26
pochuI'm currently merging pygtk/pygobject Ubuntu changes back to Debian12:27
seb128pochu: are you going to do the vinagre update?12:27
seb128pochu: what changes? debian doesn't have the new gtk12:27
seb128brb restarting session12:28
pochuheh I just finished for 2.23.9212:29
pochuseb128: yeah I can do it (vinagre)12:30
pochuseb128: I'm packaging the new pygobject/pygtk for experimental, and merging the other changes so we can sync12:30
seb128pochu: pygtk requires the new gtk which is not available in debian12:31
gicmoseb128: ejecting the cd drive doesnt work anymore ;-/12:33
seb128gicmo: what do you mean?12:33
pochuseb128: woops, right12:34
pochuseb128: so I'll have to do the update or poke slomo to do it12:34
seb128pochu: I think slomo is on holidays12:34
pochuOTOH since you already did it in Ubuntu it shouldn't be too hard to merge it back to Debian, I guess12:34
seb128pochu: good luck for the update, it's non trivial, the directfb backend needs fixing12:34
gicmoseb128: pressing the eject key on my mac keyboard used to open the drive12:35
gicmoseb128: doesnt do it anymore12:35
pochuhmm, I guess I can break it in experimental... :-)12:35
seb128pochu: I applied incorrect changes to the directfb backend to workaround the issue because we don't use it in ubuntu but that will require proper fixing in debian12:35
seb128pochu: I'm not sure that's a good idea to upload something broken no12:35
pochuwhat is directfb used for?12:35
seb128gicmo: does ejecting in the ui works?12:36
seb128pochu: the debian installer12:36
seb128gicmo: does using gnome-mount to eject works?12:36
pochuseb128: you're right, it's better not to break it12:36
gicmo"There is probably no media in the drive'12:36
seb128gicmo: is there a media in the drive?12:37
vuntzmvo: hi14:22
mvohey vuntz!14:22
vuntzmvo: iirc, you were the one who implemented .desktop file translation updates with gettext, am I right?14:22
mvovuntz: no, sorry. either seb128 or pitti implemented it IIRC14:23
seb128vuntz: pitti did14:23
vuntzah, bad memory. And I'm not as old as you ;-)14:23
vuntzpitti: my dear friend :-)14:23
pittiwhat, what?14:23
* vuntz hugs mvo 14:23
seb128pitti: but you can ask questions on the chan14:23
seb128vuntz: ^14:24
pittioh, that14:24
pittivuntz: yes, that was my fault14:24
vuntzseb128: yeah, just wanted to ping the right person on first try ;-)14:24
seb128vuntz: next time then ;-)14:24
vuntzpitti: hopefully, you'll remember a bit all your thoughts about this14:24
pittivuntz: we originally proposed it as a proper desktop XDG standard extension, but it was rejected (stupidly, IMHO), so we had to go with X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain14:24
vuntzI'm adding this to openSUSE too14:25
pittiit should really become just "Gettext-Domain:", and added to the standard as optional field14:25
vuntzit's based on your patches, with a few changes I believe14:25
vuntzso, I think you use gettext when possible, and the inline translation as a fallback?14:26
vuntzbut how does it work when the user edits a .desktop file14:26
pittivuntz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LangpacksDesktopfiles FYI for some history text14:27
vuntzthere's some kind of conflict here to determine what's the proper translation to use (the one in gettext was not modified by the user; the one in the .desktop file implies that we stop using gettext and thus lose the updated translations for other keys)14:27
pittivuntz: fallback> exactly, we want the gettext translations to get preference, so that we can actually update them post-release14:27
vuntzany reason to not prefer the inline translations and strip all translations from .desktop files by default?14:28
pittivuntz: for this use case that would be better, of course (user-edited translations)14:29
pittivuntz: and by now we could probably do the same, since pretty much all packages are adapted14:29
seb128that would break translated menus on liveCD when the language packs are not installed, but there is no real point to have translated menus when applications are not ;-)14:30
pittiseb128: right, that's rather confusing, and it mostly looks like if hte translations were generally there, but are poorly translated14:31
vuntzI don't have an Ubuntu VM right now, but does it just work when you edit a comment in a .desktop file?14:31
vuntzI don't remember seeing such an issue when I was using Ubuntu14:31
vuntzbut I can't see how it can work14:31
pittivuntz: I can rename them with the right-click menu option if you mean that14:32
pittiwhich is what users will do, I suppose14:32
seb128vuntz: how do you edit it? nautilus? we patched it to write a different Name= and Comment= and not Name[locale] Comment[locale]14:32
vuntzseb128: ah14:33
seb128vuntz: I told you when we discussed the patch some time ago ;-)14:33
vuntzthat would explain the thing14:33
vuntzforgot about it14:33
vuntzman, this is getting ugly ;-)14:33
vuntzbut no other choice14:33
pittiit would indeed be cleaner to not having translations at all by default, but when we introduced the patches we needed some transitional provisions14:34
vuntzpitti: yeah, I understand. We're facing the same issue right now :-)14:34
seb128that would also fix the "can break icons" case14:38
vuntzdo you guys have a list of modules you had to patch to have this gettext-enabled world?14:38
vuntzseb128: unfortunately, no in most cases. FWIW, in the patches I have, gettext translations are only enabled for Name/Comment/GenericName (iirc)14:39
vuntzseb128: I'm saying no because the .desktop files usually don't have Icon[fr], but just Icon14:39
seb128vuntz: cdbs does quite some patching for us so not really14:39
pittivuntz: the three original ones are mentioned in the wiki document, but it doesn't include the "Name=" change hack seb128 mentioned14:40
seb128vuntz: ah right14:40
pittivuntz: list of modules> oh, you mean patches to apply for getting the support for it, or packages to rebuild for adding the tag to .desktop/.server/etc files?14:40
vuntzpitti: yeah, I took those three patches already ;-)14:40
vuntzpitti: the former14:41
vuntzpitti: I'd guess that not everybody is using glib/gnome-desktop to read .desktop files14:41
pittivuntz: indeed KDE doesn't, of course, that was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LangpacksDesktopfilesKDE14:42
pittiI didn't implement it, though, worth asking Riddell14:42
pittivuntz: and we don't care about non-glib/kdelibs programs, they'll just continue to use the old inline translations (if there are actually projects which do it on their own)14:43
pittiwe care about XFCE, but that's using glib14:44
vuntzpitti: ah, well. Was wondering what would break if we strip translations from the .desktop files14:44
vuntzthanks for the help14:44
pittiI guess one can do it locally with some seddery and test14:44
vuntzwe should probably try adding Gettext-Domain to the spec14:44
pittiI guess there *will* be at least one in the 25000 something packages which will break with that14:45
vuntzwith a note that it's mostly useful for distributors14:45
pittiit would be useful for upstream as well14:45
pittisimplify the build system a bit, make the installed files smaller, and remove redundancy14:45
pittivuntz: it's still on our long-term wishlist to do the same to gconf help, etc.; there's a huge potential there14:45
vuntzwe'll want to do it too14:46
pitti(there's a bug about it with some details)14:46
seb128 14:49
seb128anybody doing version updates, ask on the chan first to not duplicate work14:49
seb128ember: ^14:49
embernot doing anything, just updated sj14:50
seb128right, that's why I tell it, before people start duplicating work again14:51
mptmvo, did you see the message about tidying up the codec purchase option?14:51
mvompt: yes, but I haven't had a chance to work on it yet, sorry :(14:52
mptvuntz, hi, did you get my message about the hackfest? Gmail's confusing and I'm not sure whether it got sent14:52
vuntzseb128: fwiw, the Icon issue would be fixed if we translated things with a translation context14:52
mptmvo, ok14:53
vuntzmpt: hrm, I think I didn't14:53
seb128vuntz: right, I though about that but that's sort of a workaround14:53
vuntzmpt: or it got caught as spam14:53
vuntzmpt: but I was supposed to ping you today about this :-)14:55
mptok, re-replying14:57
mptmvo, do you know if the same system is also used for DVDs?15:07
mvompt: I think it does, I'm not sure however15:08
mptpitti, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CodecInstallationIntrepid15:08
mvohey glatzor!15:08
glatzorhello mvo!15:09
glatzorYou enjoyed your holidays?15:09
mvoglatzor: yes, very much so, it was great15:11
glatzorhopefully we can talk about at ubucon15:12
mvooh, right - ubucon! when is it again?15:12
glatzorMvo: I will know the day after tomorrow if I can come for sure15:12
glatzor17,18 and 19th october15:12
glatzormvo, oh my god one of my patients is ringing all the time. I will get mad here soon :)15:13
glatzorLuckily I have to a Zivi who does all the running tasks :)15:13
mvoglatzor: you are at work right now?15:13
glatzormvo, having my break and pushing my latest packagekit changes from today's train ride :)15:14
mvoheh :) cool!15:15
seb128hey tedg15:18
seb128tedg: not sure if you read your bug mails but bug #266931 is something you should look at, it seems to be due to your changes15:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 266931 in fast-user-switch-applet "fast-user-switch-applet crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26693115:19
tedgseb128: Yeah, was reading that yesterday.  Seems to be only on the Live CD.15:20
tedgseb128: Is GDM running on the live CD?15:20
seb128tedg: yes, it's using the gdm autlogin I think, you might want to confirm though15:20
glatzormvo, so the break is over. See you!15:21
tedgseb128: Is there a way to build a Live CD with a debug version?  Is there a good way to debug the Live CD (I've never tried before)15:21
mvobye glatzor!15:21
seb128tedg: the liveCD is a standard system, you can apt-get install a dbg package or dpkg -i a deb you build15:22
tedgseb128: Oh, okay, I didn't think I could write to it.  I thought it was read only.15:23
seb128pochu: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-utils/2.23/gnome-utils-2.23.92.tar.gz15:24
pochuseb128: alright, will do it in a bit15:24
tedgseb128: Also, is the archive open, if so, can you sponsor the GPM in my PPA?15:25
tedgseb128: Oddly upstream didn't include Mario's patch.  Unsure why, I did though.15:26
tedgseb128: Hopefully in the next release.15:26
seb128tedg: which one? the timeout one?15:26
seb128it's in svn15:26
seb128tedg: you might need to change your ppa version to include merge the change mdz uploaded this morning15:26
seb128tedg: and you should open sponsoring bugs and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors when you have updates ready so people know about that, mdz backported a patch because you gave no news about the update15:27
tedgtedg: Okay.15:28
mptvuntz, sent15:36
seb128the wiki is used again to do updates, feel free to work on any update listed there as unclaimed15:38
vuntzmpt: got it15:39
pochuseb128: I can do vino and vinagre when they are out15:49
* pochu kicks ember for submitting bug 260550 ;)15:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260550 in vinagre "Please sponsor vinagre 2.23.90 (main) into Intrepid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26055015:50
pochuember: this was very funny :) --> The "Emilio's gonna beat me to death release"15:50
pochuyou should have put it in the changelog :P15:50
emberbtw welcome back pochu16:08
pochuseb128, soren: looks like we will need gtk-vnc 0.3.7 for Vinagre 2.2416:08
pochuwhich is bug-fix plus "New features: o Add API to allow down-scaling to be enabled (Jonh Wendell) "16:11
pochuI'll look into the update16:11
* soren hugs pochu16:12
* pochu feels the love in the air ;)16:13
tedgseb128: The patch that mdz added was already in the upstream release.16:32
tedgseb128: I'll update the changelog though to make sure the bug number gets in.16:32
seb128tedg: right, he did add it to stop crashes while you were working on the upgrade16:32
seb128tedg: ok thanks16:32
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LaserJockpedro_: question for you regarding bug #25559316:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255593 in gnome-panel "gnome-panel locks up" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25559316:40
LaserJockpedro_: I had that same behavior but it went away with a fresh install16:40
pedro_LaserJock: what about it?16:40
LaserJockis that worth adding to the bug report?16:40
pedro_LaserJock: if you think it could help the reporter, yes maybe,  otherwise i don't think so16:41
pedro_like a workaround i mean16:41
LaserJockok, no, my workaround was a fresh install ;-)16:42
pedro_why you didn't commented on that bug before ? ;-)16:42
LaserJockbecause I was wanting somebody to fix it :-)16:42
LaserJockat the time I didn't have time to waste on a freezing production machine16:42
pedro_alright, well next time would be nice if you may comment on such bugs too, since seb128 was asking for more info there and nobody replied :-(16:43
LaserJockright, I didn't see the question for more information16:45
LaserJockalthough they are trivial questions16:45
LaserJock"any time you click on the clock applet gnome panel freezes"16:45
mvois someone working on gnome-control-center?16:49
tedgOkay, so I made an updated GPM with the proper changelog, but now my PPA is rejecting it.  :(17:14
tedgHow do I "really delete" the old version so it doesn't think there's a conflict?17:14
lapois there a ppa with inkscape trunk around?17:47
emberseb128 pygtk-codegen-2.0 was supposed to be in py-gtk2-dev right?18:00
seb128ember: right, what version do you have?18:00
emberah ok, i was running ubuntu2, sorry18:01
mvompt: hello! I'm making some good progress with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DefaultKeyboardSettings I think, one question:might "Use as default .." be confused with the "default" table above? I wonder if we shouldn't make it some more like "Make system default" or so19:37
seb128pochu: new vino and vinagre available for you20:19
cjwatsonanyone mind if I do a sponsored upload of gtk-sharp2? bug 254855 looks plausible20:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254855 in gtk-sharp2 "Fix memory leak in IconTheme.LoadIcon" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25485520:20
seb128cjwatson: you can upload, nobody is really active on the gtk# stack in ubuntu and there is no pending changes20:24
loolseb128: codegen moved away from pygtk, it's only in pygobject now20:25
seb128lool: right but pygtk has a pygtk-codegen-2.0 -> pygobject-codegen-2.0 wrapper to not break compatibility20:26
seb128lool: I changed pygtk to ship this one this you didn't list in any .install and that was breaking some builds20:27
cjwatsonseb128: thanks, will do; forwarding it to Debian as well20:27
loolseb128: exactly, I don't recall including that20:27
cjwatsonheh, yeah, oem-config was broken by that20:27
loolThis is what I get for not running debdiff because I don't have the previous upload20:27
seb128cjwatson: you can build retry I fixed that today20:27
loolI do between debian uploads, I should do between ubuntu uploads20:27
cjwatsonseb128: it didn't break the build, unfortunately - it's ok, already reuploaded to use pygobject-codegen-2.0 instead20:28
loolI should script something to pull the current versions of the debs and debdiff them20:28
seb128cjwatson: ok20:28
loolcjwatson: sorry about the breakage20:28
seb128lool: I've an ugly script which does that20:28
seb128lool: it compares dpkg -L and dpkg -c lists20:28
loolseb128: I'm taking :)20:28
loolseb128: Ah20:28
loolThat's an idea20:29
seb128lool: I need to clean it and push to ubuntu-dev-tools so other people can use it20:29
seb128it usually works fine20:29
seb128it just lists conffiles which have not been cleaned as a diff but that might be a feature since you know your upgrade didn't clean deprecated conffiles ;-)20:30
loolseb128: Happy to have a look, but I didn't think of this and it sounds really simple to implement with my current scripts20:30
loolseb128: I just notice we have pango1.0 1.21.3-1 in Debian but 1.21.3-0ubuntu1 in intrepid; perhaps we can sync20:31
seb128lool: it's already a few minutes ugly job, http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/debnbfiles20:32
seb128lool: just run debnfiles in the build dir and it'll diff all the deb there and the installed versions20:32
seb128lool: pango can probably synced, we need to update to 1.21.4 though now than we have the new libcairo20:34
lool1.21.6 you mean :)20:34
seb128lool: right ;-)20:36
seb128lool: want to do the update? ;-)20:37
loolI guess I could do pango20:38
loolNew week!20:38
loolPlus I owe you one for the pygtk-codegen upload20:38
seb128if you own me one for this one I own your a zillion for the pygobject and pygtk updates ;-)20:39
* NCommander lives21:44
NCommanderhey seb12821:44
seb128hello NCommander21:45
NCommanderseb128, I'm finishing gtkmm now21:45
NCommander(sorry, had to go out for a few hours)21:45
NCommanderseb128, I aim to please ;-)21:46
NCommanderUh oh21:46
NCommanderUnpacking libpangomm-1.4-1 (from .../libpangomm-1.4-1_2.13.7-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb) ...21:47
NCommanderdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libpangomm-1.4-1_2.13.7-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):21:47
NCommander trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libpangomm-1.4.so.1.0.30', which is also in package libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a21:47
NCommanderUnpacking libpangomm-1.4-dev (from .../libpangomm-1.4-dev_2.13.7-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb) ...21:47
NCommanderdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libpangomm-1.4-dev_2.13.7-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):21:47
NCommander trying to overwrite `/usr/include/pangomm-1.4/pangomm/private/attributes_p.h', which is also in package libgtkmm-2.4-dev21:47
NCommanderThat was more verbose than I expected21:47
* NCommander sighs21:47
NCommanderVery odd, I have conflicts/replaces lines21:47
seb128NCommander: you managed to screw the replaces version ;-)21:48
NCommanderReplaces: libgtkmm-1.4-1c2a (<< 2.13)21:48
NCommanderConflicts: libgtkmm-1.4-1c2a (<< 2.13)21:48
seb128NCommander: libgtkmm-2.4-dev is the conflicting one there21:48
seb128NCommander: and libpangomm-1.4-dev has no replaces21:48
NCommanderDamn it21:49
NCommanderNot my day21:49
NCommanderI'll kick a patch for it in Debian upstream, then port that patch to Ubuntu21:49
seb128NCommander: right, just change the debian version as you did for this one21:50
NCommanderSomeone corrected it in the Debian SVN it seems21:50
NCommanderEr ...21:52
NCommanderThe Ubuntu version also has the right conflict/replaces21:52
seb128NCommander: not it doesn't21:52
NCommanderIn the -dev?21:52
NCommanderYeah it does21:53
NCommanderPackage: libpangomm-1.4-dev21:53
NCommanderReplaces: libgtkmm-2.4-dev (<< 2.13)21:53
NCommanderConflicts: libgtkmm-2.4-dev (<< 2.13)21:53
seb128NCommander: you forget the epoch number21:54
NCommanderseb128, you can commit to the Debian SVN, right?21:54
seb128that's a classic ;-)21:54
seb128NCommander: yes, can't you?21:54
NCommanderseb128, no, not directly21:54
seb128ok, doing the change in a minute, restart my session to try updates before21:55
seb128grrr, upgrade didn't work correctly22:08
ftaseb128, i had a look at cairo for the lcd stuff. the code committed is not exactly the same as our old patch. I also notice some weird stuff such as the use of old FT_LCD_FILTER_* instead of FC_LCD_* and also the fact that FT_LCD_FILTER_LEGACY=16 while FC_LCD_LEGACY=3. it is later on used as a 4 bits value to build a hash so 16 is obviously wrong22:11
NCommanderReplaces: libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a (<< 1:2.13)22:15
NCommanderConflicts: libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a (<< 1:2.13)22:15
NCommanderseb ^22:15
NCommanderer, seb128 ^22:15
NCommanderStill doesn't work22:15
seb128fta: did you talk to upstream about it? they are responsive on #cairo usually22:15
ftaseb128, and by default, they now use FT_LCD_FILTER_LEGACY while we had FT_LCD_FILTER_DEFAULT..22:15
seb128fta: btw could you report your rhythmbox locking issue upstream, it's not likely anybody will tackly it in the ubuntu bug triagers22:16
ftanope, i'm not sure i understand the code enough22:16
seb128NCommander: what error do you get?22:16
NCommander trying to overwrite `/usr/include/pangomm-1.4/pangomm/layoutrun.h', which is also in package libgtkmm-2.4-dev22:16
NCommander(I have the right -dev lines too)22:16
NCommanderseb128, any ideas?22:21
seb128NCommander: how do you install the deb?22:22
NCommanderdpkg -i22:22
NCommanderthe 0ubuntu2 ones anway22:22
* NCommander is stumped22:24
NCommanderfor now anyway22:24
seb128NCommander: dpkg -I *.deb | grepl Replaces22:24
NCommanderI did edit control.in, and it didn't show up22:25
NCommanderArgh, because I used debuild -nc so the clean target didn't get called to update control22:25
seb128NCommander: you need to debuild clean to update control and then debuild to build22:25
crevetteseb128: is ather a know bug about black tootltips in gtk ?22:28
crevetteah too late22:28
seb128NCommander: alright, I fixed my upgrade issue, do you need those changes commited to the debian svn?22:31
NCommanderOh, I just finished the patch :-P22:32
NCommanderseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44674/22:32
NCommanderseb128, any chance you can also upload to Debian?22:33
seb128NCommander: no due to the stupid 'don't accept source only uploads' rule they have, but lool will probably be happy to sponsor the typo fix there ;-)22:35
NCommanderyou can't do a source only upload into Debian?22:35
seb128they decided that people would not test their builds or something if that was allowed22:35
NCommanderSo the opposite of us22:36
seb128things are often complicated in debian, lot of people and opinions ;-)22:36
NCommanderThere are times where I wish you could do binary uploads into the repo here on Ubuntu22:37
NCommanderlool, ping22:37
NCommanderseb128, care to commit it for me then?22:37
NCommander(I assume you'll also need to commit my gtkmm update)22:37
* crevette tries to upgrade using packagekit22:39
NCommanderwhat is package kit specifically?22:40
loolNCommander: pong22:40
crevettesalut lool22:41
crevetteNCommander: a framework to install & remove packages22:41
crevetteand now this is a dpkg backend22:41
loolNCommander: Hey why don't you ask something along the ping to allow me to reply to you faster?22:45
NCommanderlool, sorry, got distracted. I require a package sponsorship into Debian; mostly because seb128 can't build the package himself ATM22:45
NCommanderlool, could you help me?22:46
loolNCommander: Depends of the package22:47
looldo you have a debdiff or something already?22:47
loolIs it suitable for lenny or meant for experimental?22:47
NCommanderlool, seb128 was commiting it to GNOME's SVN22:47
* NCommander pokes seb128 22:47
seb128NCommander: I'm commiting it a sec22:48
NCommanderseb128, I'll be back within 20 minutes, sorry, got to jet for a minute22:49
seb128NCommander: see you later22:49
NCommanderoh yay, my laptop's suspend broke on the last alpha update22:49
seb128lool: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44674/plain/ basically22:49
seb128lool: pangomm in debian experimental has replaces version which don't consider the epoch numbers22:50
seb128lool: ie, typo fix, my debian disk just crashed some time ago and didn't manage to reinstall yet so I can't build the binaries22:50
NCommanderseb128, I could build the binaries if you want to sign the changes file then22:51
loolseb128: Yup please commit22:51
loolOr I can commit if you like22:52
seb128lool: please commit if you are not too busy, I'm in the middle of something else and would like to finish that before going to bed ;-)22:52
seb128lool: thanks22:54
loolseb128: Hmm I have a mistery22:55
loolgnome-menus 2.23.91-0ubuntu1 on my desktop ships settings.menu22:55
loolgnome-menus 2.23.91-0ubuntu1 in the lpia ubuntu-mid dailies doesn't22:55
loolOnly the preferences and applications .menu22:55
seb128lool: weird, it's installed in the .install22:57
seb128should be there on lpia too22:57
loolactually appears in the buildd log22:57
loolI mean it appears the file is *missing*22:57
seb128and it's listed in the deb summary after the build log22:58
loolOh sorry the missing file is preferences.menu not settings.menu22:58
loolI keep mixing the two22:58
loolseb128: hey I don't see a layout/preferences.menu22:59
loolAh i suspect it went missing22:59
loolseb128: It's not in any arch23:00
seb128lool: right, you probably still have it since that's a conffile23:00
loolIt was just kept because I have it23:00
seb128vuntz: ^23:00
seb128        * layout/preferences.menu:23:00
seb128        * layout/settings.menu:23:00
seb128        Updated for those changes. Also remove preferences.menu and directly23:00
seb128        include its content in settings.menu.23:00
seb128lool: ^ ah23:00
seb128ok, gnome-menus need to do some preinst cleaning23:01
seb128lool: thank you for pointing that23:01
vuntzseb128: I guess you unpinged me, right? :-)23:39
seb128vuntz: correct ;-)23:40
IntuitiveNippleDoes anyone know the location of the gnome vfs mime database?23:40
seb128it's using shared-mime-info23:40
seb128what is the question exactly? are you sure you want to use gnomevfs and not the new gvfs?23:41
IntuitiveNippleseb128: I'm hacking through LP bug #239952 affecting xulrunner apps (firefox 3, epiphany, etc.)23:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239952 in xulrunner-1.9 "firefox - the associated helper application does not exist" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23995223:43
seb128could be that your webserver is returning a buggy mimetype information?23:44
IntuitiveNippleI've spent several hours backtracing all the various mime-types file locations, with the help of strace, but want to be sure where VFS is looking for its DB since it is VFS failing to report the handler for text/plain and others that is causing the issue23:44
seb128you can use gnomevfs-info on the file to get details23:45
seb128gnome-vfs is using shared-mime-info mimetypes informations but might be special casing the text case23:46
seb128is the issue specific to texts?23:47
IntuitiveNippleNo, there's a range of mime-types where firefox (xulrunner actually) will report no handler... I've traced it to the fact that it fails when VFS doesn't report a handler. It does report one for PDF, but I've yet to find any differences whatsoever in the mime-types definitions of the two23:50
seb128well, download the file and use gnomevfs-info on it23:51
IntuitiveNippleYeah, done that, no clues anywhere23:51
seb128but it might be that the webserver is returning a mimetype which is not a known one23:51
IntuitiveNippleFirst thing I checked, I wish it were that easy!23:52
seb128no clue what?23:52
seb128gnomevfs-info will tell you the mimetype and the default application23:52
IntuitiveNipplexulrunner calls gnome vfs to ask what the helper application is for "text/plain" and somehow that fails to get a successful reply. The same for "application/pdf" is successful.23:53
seb128do you have an example which is not textplain?23:53
seb128text is a special case, I would not use it for debugging23:53
IntuitiveNippleodt, ods, gz23:55
IntuitiveNippleSee LP bug #239952 - the reporter lists them and links to a forum where they can be tested, and several people are experiencing it.23:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239952 in xulrunner-1.9 "firefox - the associated helper application does not exist" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23995223:56
seb128IntuitiveNipple: gnome-open /tmp/file-downloaded works correctly?23:58
IntuitiveNippleseb128: Yes23:59
IntuitiveNippleThe xulrunner code, in its gnome-vfs interface, calls "gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_application()" to get the app to launch23:59

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