ScottKAmpelbein: See http://tinyurl.com/6jjs2k00:04
AmpelbeinScottK: ah, ok. thanks for the hint.00:06
ScottKYou're welcome.00:06
RAOFTheMuso: Ping, re bug #182731 and my patch attached to the Debian bug.01:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182731 in alsa-plugins "Provide a lib32asound2-plugins package" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18273101:03
TheMusoRAOF: Let me catch up on email first, then I01:18
TheMusoRAOF: Let me catch up on email first, then I'll take a look./01:18
RAOFTheMuso: Thanks.  I should have though of it earlier in the dev cycle, but it's only just popped back into my bugmail.  I'd basically like your opinion on whether it'd be worth a FFe.01:19
TheMusoRAOF: Ok.01:20
RAOFIs the gcc buildd breakage fixed?  It seems gtk-nodoka-engine got hit on ia64 and hppa.  The mail to ubuntu-devel seems somewhat ambiguous to me on this point.01:27
TheMusoRAOF: With your pulseaudio oddities, are you using kernel 2.6.27-2-generic?05:15
RAOFTheMuso: Yes.05:15
TheMusoRAOF: And how did 0.9.11 go in comparison? Added to that, have you considered trying pulseaudio git master?05:16
RAOF0.9.11 introduced the pops & craziness; 0.9.10 worked fine.05:17
RAOFI haven't tried pulseaudio git; I will if you like (once internet exists at home again).05:17
RAOFI also haven't tried alsa/alsa-lib git.05:18
RAOF(Although crimsun suggests that alsa git should fix it).05:19
TheMusoRight, I saw that. I'll checkout the latest alsa-lib git commits and see if I can find which one it is, and make a package for testing.05:20
TheMusoIf not upload the aptch directly to intrepid.05:20
RAOFTheMuso: Did you have any thoughts on the "make libasound-plugins generate libasound32-plugins" patch?05:21
TheMusoRAOF: Still not there yet. I am still processing bug mail.05:21
TheMusoMail processing alone has tgaken me all day so far, due to having a week off, and having to catch up.05:21
RAOFAaah, of course!  You're back from holday!05:21
RAOFSorry for adding to the pile.  Feel free to ignore me for a while :)05:22
RAOF(I trust your week off was fun/relaxing/profitable/enjoyable)05:22
ajmitchhe probably spent the week thinking about bugs05:23
TheMusoRAOF: Very refreshing mentally, yes indeed.05:23
RAOFGood to hear.05:25
TheMusoajmitch: I actually managed to spend the week not thinking about work, which was my aim. :p05:25
ajmitchTheMuso: well done, I'm impressed :)05:25
TheMusoajmitch: Its not that hard really. Just don't check ubuntu related email, and get off IRC.05:26
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floamjdong: google implies you know the answer to a question of mine:
TheMusoslangasek: Thanks for the heads up on the debian dmraid work. I was actually going to send my changes to them this week, but they beat me to it. I'll work with them now to get the code usable etc.06:15
floamjdong: basically, how would one trick ubuntu into letting me reinstall all my pacakges as x86 if I'm on an amd64 install?06:15
RAOFfloam: I believe the answer is 'dpkg --get-selections > pkglist', followed by debootstrapping an IA32 install, followed by 'dpkg --set-selections < pkglist'.06:22
floamRAOF: thanks.06:23
floamRAOF: shall I manually remove packages that exist only in amd64 like "lib32gcc" from that list?06:26
floamor will dpkg --set-selections not freak the heck out?06:27
RAOFI don't believe that dpkg --set-selections will freak out, no.  It just won't be able to install it.06:27
RAOFNote that I haven't actually _performed_ this proceedure at any point; I'm quite happy with my x86-64 install.06:27
floamI would be, but this is an install on a 64MB VPS, and I kind of didn't think of the RAM ramifications of 64bits when I first installed.06:28
floamheh, RAMifications. sorry.06:28
RAOFYeah.  More general purpose registers probably doesn't offset doubling the size of all your pointers ;)06:30
floamok, here it goes. I'm going to prey debootstrapping a mounted / doesn't cause fire.06:37
floamRAOF: hm, I'm not sure it worked.06:44
floamno errors, and debootstrap sure did a bunch of stuff06:45
floambut after --set-selections nothing appears to want to be done if I apt-get install, and it's definitely not already occured06:45
floam/sbin/init is x86-64, and anything else I check.06:45
floamand it's going for amd64 debs even if I --reinstall something.06:48
floam(I did a sudo 'debootstrap --arch=i386 intrepid /')06:49
RAOFHm.  I'd've thought that would have worked.06:51
floamapt-get clean might have changed the situation06:52
floamit's now going for i386 if I reinstall something.06:52
floambut it's still not wanting to do that all on it's own.06:52
StevenKInto / ?06:53
floamStevenK: yep06:53
RAOFHeh.  "aptitude reinstall ~n"!06:53
floamit's kind of okay if everything breaks, since I'd have to reinstall anyways to get what I want.06:53
StevenKThat's .... insane06:54
floamRAOF: it sure got a big list of stuff to reinstall together06:55
floam: I wasn't able to locate file for the libgpmg1 package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.06:55
lifelessfloam: please, never ever ever write docs for ubuntu. thanks.06:55
floamI guess that might mean it was something that was amd64 only, so I can nuke it06:55
floamlifeless: I'd never dream of it.06:55
floamnuking worked and it's going.06:56
floamRAOF: it fetched a lot of stuff but "E: Couldn't configure pre-depend coreutils for dpkg, probably a dependency cycle."07:00
floamdon't think I'm going to nuke either of those.07:00
RAOFThat seems like a bad plan, yes.07:00
floamis there a way to have it just reinstall every package irrespective of deps07:00
floamsince they shouldn't really matter, since I've got everything that it will end up needing one would think07:00
slangasekTheMuso: great :)07:11
floamRAOF: I'm doing it manually, I will achieve success at some point, or at least fail honorably07:16
TheMusoRAOF: re https://launchpad.net/bugs/182731 I thought you had attached a debdiff/implementation to the bug. I think its worth considering, but it depends on how much work it is to do it.07:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182731 in alsa-plugins "Provide a lib32asound2-plugins package" [Wishlist,Confirmed]07:20
RAOFTheMuso: There's a debdiff attached to the Debian bug.07:20
RAOFTheMuso: Sorry, I obviously didn't make it clear.07:21
TheMusoRAOF: NP, I'll dig that up.07:21
RAOFI _think_ it applies directly to the Ubuntu package, too, but I can't test it until my internet works again!07:22
StevenKRAOF: You say, connected to IRC.07:25
RAOF...At Uni.07:25
RAOFI'm not entirely sure they'd be happy with me bootstrapping an Intrepid chroot and going buildd-crazy.07:25
StevenKRAOF: Why not? It's like, what, 100MB? :-)07:27
ajmitchwould only take a few minutes to build07:28
RAOFOther impediments include: no root access.07:28
lifelessRAOF: clearly, you should leave uni :P07:28
StevenKRAOF: fakechroot :-P07:29
TheMusoRAOF: It wouldn't apply, as alsa-plugins in intrepid is now 1.0.17. You would also have to drop the jack build-depend.07:29
TheMusoRAOF: Without testing myself however, does any of the resulting new binary packages depend on ia32-libs?07:30
floamRAOF: .. and at some point through this, the system is back to trying to use amd64 packages. I think I'm going to have to reinstall from scratch and give up.07:30
pittiGood morning07:30
StevenKMorning pitti07:30
RAOFTheMuso: I think they would, actually.  Yes.07:30
TheMusoWell then its no go, as ia32libs is universe.07:31
TheMusoUnless we split out new 32-bit packages for all pieces that ia32-libs is needed for.07:31
StevenKI can't see that getting promoted, either07:31
* TheMuso agrees with StevenK.07:31
RAOFTo be useful we'd need a libpulse32 at least.07:31
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah. This is something to consider for intrepid+1 though perhaps...07:32
StevenKUnless TheMuso and I fly to Germany and threaten pitti with grevious bodily tickling until he gives in, or something.07:32
RAOFTheMuso: Right.  Or when magical dpkg fairies make no-change multiarch a reality.07:32
TheMusoStevenK: I'm of the opinion we just make bi-arch packages for the bits we need, like what RAOF is proposing re alsa-plugins.07:32
TheMusoBut even so, thats for next cycle,.]07:33
TheMusoMorning pitti.07:33
pittiwow, no dist-upgrade today?07:33
pittioh, broken gcc, right :/07:34
RAOFThat's not fixed yet?07:35
TheMusoRAOF: No.07:35
RAOFBummer.  It has, however, lead to my discovery of the "retry" button in launchpad.07:35
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pittihi tkamppeter07:55
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tseliothi pitti08:10
tseliotdid you have a look at my 2 new branches for jockey?08:11
pittihey tseliot; not yet, last week I got again too distracted, but working on jockey this week08:13
tseliotpitti: BTW part of the code (x-kit, the recommended version) is already being tested in envyng 2.0 in Intrepid.08:17
pittitseliot: right, and also from the screen size configuration applet, right?08:17
tseliotpitti: yes. right08:17
pittiit's also in main since last Thursday or so, so we can use xkit in j now08:17
tseliotyes, it's great news08:18
tkamppeterhi pitti08:26
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dholbachgood morning08:45
quadrisproanyone on bug #257215?08:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257215 in fop "Please add dependency on ant-optional" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25721508:49
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cjwatsonliw: python-fstab> you seem to have everything in the .orig.tar.gz, resulting in "dpkg-source: warning: diff `./python-fstab_1.2-0ubuntu1.diff.gz' doesn't contain any patch". Is that deliberate or should it just be packaged as a native package?08:57
liwcjwatson, er, it should be packaged as a native package... I'll see to it, thanks08:58
cjwatsonliw: debian/copyright is inconsistent (v2 vs. v3)08:59
cjwatsonliw: otherwise it's fine, let me know when that's fixed in bzr and I can sponsor it straight from there08:59
liwhm, my build automation can't handle native packages, I thought I'd fixed that09:00
mdzpitti: do you happen to know what's likely to have broken thinkpad hotkeys in intrepid?09:01
liwoh, the version number is not one for native packages, that's why09:01
pittimdz: no idea, I'm afraid; hal and hal-info only changed marginally; are they controlled directly by the kernel?09:02
mdzpitti: they used to generate acpi events via thinkpad_acpi09:02
pittiright, just found /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/30-keymap-module-thinkpad-acpi.fdi09:02
mdzpitti: ought they to show up in lshal -m?09:03
sladensome thinkpads do, some don't.  There's 3 levels of fall-back; however RH were superseding that with a HAL replacement09:03
mdzhmm, no, apparently not09:03
liwcjwatson, pushed the copyright change to bzr; will you build the whole source package from there, or shall I create a new tarball and dsc?09:03
pittimdz: I really don't know, never had a thinkpad09:03
mdzthe one which does work (the soft RF kill switch) doesn't generate an event in lshal -m09:04
amitkWhy doesn't libgphoto2 install udev rules anymore?09:05
sladenmdz: /etc/acpi/events/ibm-wireless is handled by a shell script and doesn't get passed anywhere else09:06
pittimdz: I don't get events for things like volume up/down either, Dells have their own custom smbios wiring for those; I just get lshal events for suspend/resume, lid close, etc.09:06
mdzI do see hal-addon-acpi read an ibm/hotkey HKEY event from acpid09:06
cjwatsonliw: I can just change it in bzr, but I'll need you to adjust the changelog too09:07
cjwatsonerr, I meant "build it from bzr"09:07
liwcjwatson, I thought I did09:07
mdzsladen: how are the others meant to work? via HAL or directly to acpi-support?09:07
cjwatson$ bzr up; head -n1 debian/changelog09:08
cjwatsonTree is up to date at revision 28.09:08
cjwatsonpython-fstab (1.2-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low09:08
liwcjwatson, I didn't change the version, though09:08
cjwatsonliw: I meant that it should be something that's right for native packages09:09
liwcjwatson, oh, right -- something (lintian?) complained when I had it as a native package, but you're right, it should be one09:09
liw(or rather, it should not be one, actually, but that's a bigger change)09:10
sladenmdz: I'm not sure of the status;  acpi-support was supposed to be going away to be replaced by big-shiny-sledgehammer-solution (HAL).  I don't mind other distros doing the work, but it would be good if the replacement worked09:10
sladenmdz: got frustated/lost interest09:11
cjwatsonliw: right, should be properly either one thing or the other :)09:11
mdzvolume keys still work without acpi-support, so that seems to be handled by something else now09:13
mdzthe wifi kill stops working though09:13
liwcjwatson, I'll make it properly non-native, if you can wait a few minutes09:13
sladenmdz: the volume keys are in hardware09:15
cjwatsonliw: sure, thanks09:15
mdzsladen: what causes them to pop up the volume meter?09:15
* StevenK gently prods pitti to do some NBS work.09:18
liwcjwatson, ok, done; I split the .deb packaged version into its own branch (.../python-fstab.deb-packaging); I'll upload to REVU, so you can use the same .orig.tar.gz as I have, if that's ok?09:18
sladenmdz: recent thinkpads; ACPI events; older/fallback is (was) via the NVRAM listener, with both getting converted to keystrokes and ejected.  The keystrokes are listened for by gnome-volume-manager which deisplays the change09:18
mdzsladen: my sleep button is handled by sleepbtn.sh which uses acpi_fakekey which seems to have no effect, even when gnome-power-manager is running09:19
StevenKpitti: evince-gtk-dbg evince-gtk libgucharmap6 can all be killed.09:20
sladenmdz: sleep button is a standard ACPI event;  it'll work without any special thinkpad_blah extras09:20
sladen..or not09:20
mdzpitti: does your sleep button work?09:21
pittimdz: yes, perfectly, both the lid and the button itself09:21
pittiRFKill, too09:21
pittiStevenK: right, and I'll kill the empty ones while I'm at it09:22
StevenKpitti: \o/09:22
mdzpitti: this has all regressed for me in intrepid and I'm trying to work out why09:22
cjwatsonliw: ok, sure09:22
pittimdz: just for testing, could you boot with the hardy kernel and see whether it makes any difference? to check whether it's an user or kernel land problem?09:23
mdzI think the primary reason is bug 260314, but even when I manually run g-p-m it doesn't work09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260314 in gnome-power "gnome-power-manager frequently crashes with SIGSEGV in IA__g_closure_invoke() or g_closure_invoke()" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26031409:23
sladenrfkill on thinkpads is entirely soft (doesn't even yank the USB).  rfkill on most other laptops is hard for either the USB bluetooth and/or the rfkill on the wifi card09:24
mdzsladen: mine has two (a hard switch and a soft key)09:24
mdzthe soft key seems to only affect bluetooth and 3g, while the hard one kills wifi as well09:24
sladenmdz: the Fn-F509:24
slangasekmdz: the soft key not affecting wifi looks like a regression due to a kernel change09:25
slangasekbecause /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/rf_kill no longer exists for iwl3945, at least09:25
pittioh, I thought that would be a network-manager problem, it stopped working properly as soon as we switched to 0.709:26
pitti(had a quick discussion with asac, but no real debugging yet)09:26
mdzslangasek: I don't have that either with iwl4965, but I do have /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/rfkill:rfkill509:26
mdzinterestingly, if I get gnome-power-manager running, it will sleep on lid close as expected09:27
mdzbut still will not sleep with the sleep button09:27
slangasekyes, that's analogous to what I see; so the interface has changed, I don't know yet if that's intentional09:27
mdzwho's supposed to hear the sleep button if not g-p-m?09:27
sladenmdz: you may have to configure g-p-m with what action it should take on SLEEP prss09:27
slangasekacpi-support did at least /have/ code at one point to suspend iff g-p-m is not running09:27
mdzsladen: this worked fine in hardy09:28
sladenmdz: Power Management->General->Action->When Suspend button is pressed, do: [. .... ]09:28
mdzsladen: 'Suspend'09:29
slangaseksladen: which would still be a regression from hardy if it became un-set09:29
mdzbut pressing the sleep button doesn't generate any activity in g-p-m --verbose09:29
sladenHAL was set to call pmi on Ubuntu;  did pmi get replaced with one of the other suspend frameworks?09:30
sladenbut you're not even seeing the D-Bus call go out from g-p-m to HAL09:30
sladenmdz: do System->Quit...->   do you get shown the Suspect option, as g-p-m queries for the available capabilities an if you get a timeout g-p-m won't have a positive assertion that the suspect capability is avilable to be called09:32
liwcjwatson, it's now in REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=python-fstab09:34
slangasekcurrently, I get ACPI events from Fn-F[1-3] and Fn-F[5-9].  Fn-F4 is the 'sleep' button; I assume it generated an ACPI event in hardy, but don't know for sure09:34
mdzsladen: running /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-suspend-linux manually does work (though the -hybrid- version doesn't, I'm not sure which is actually called)09:34
slangasekand the 'power' button doesn't generate an ACPI event09:34
mdzsladen: we don't have Quit at the moment in intrepid; we have the old upstream gnome logout/shutdown dialogs09:35
mdzneither shows sleep/suspend for me09:35
mdzah, shutdown shows it iff g-p-m is running09:35
pittislangasek: yes, hal has used pm-utils since at least hardy09:37
slangasekI think that was meant for the other sla? :)009:37
pittierm, sladen ^09:37
sladenmdz: sorry, yes, my Intrepid laptop install failed a month ago and I grapped other one when leaving a month ago09:37
seb128mdz: no, we have the new upstream dialog ;-)09:37
pittislangasek: yes, ETABDISEASE09:37
pittiseb128: btw, I find that much more pleasing already than the old upstream one; up to the point where it is actually *bearable* :-)09:38
mdzseb128: oh, i don't yet09:38
seb128mdz: maybe you didn't restart your session since the update?09:38
mdzseb128: btw bug 260314 seems to be fixed upstream, is there a new tarball available with the fix?09:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260314 in gnome-power "gnome-power-manager frequently crashes with SIGSEGV in IA__g_closure_invoke() or g_closure_invoke()" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26031409:38
seb128pitti: good ;-) we could get a variant listing all the action using this model09:38
mdzseb128: probably not, no09:38
mdzthis session started 2 sep09:39
pittiseb128: that would get too big then again IMHO (7 buttons)09:39
seb128mdz: ted is supposed to working on the update, I'll ask him when he's around09:39
seb128mdz: right, might still be using the old dialog then, the new gnome-session has been uploaded the same day09:40
cjwatsonliw: and r29 of python-fstab.deb-packaging?09:40
seb128pitti: right, depends if we want all the actions on one dialog09:40
pittiseb128: well, you know my opinion :)09:41
pittiseb128: but anyway, I think mpt should have the say here09:41
liwcjwatson, that's the right one, yes09:41
pittiStevenK: NBS slaughtered09:43
StevenKpitti: \o/09:43
cjwatsonliw: uploaded09:44
pittiStevenK: your's, libsmbios{1,xml1}, the empty ones, and linux*09:44
dholbachsoren: I think I have bad news for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44484/09:44
StevenKpitti: I suspect the list needs a regen after the next publisher run?09:44
dholbach(hardy amd64 host, intrepid guest)09:44
liwcjwatson, thank you09:45
slangasekseb128: while we're on the subject, have you seen bug #267018? :)09:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267018 in gnome-settings-daemon "regression: g-s-d no longer handles Fn+F7 as xrandr --auto" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26701809:47
seb128slangasek: didn't before now but I'll have a look, thanks for the bug report ;-)09:47
slangasekgreat, thanks. :)09:48
slangasekI investigated it as far as I could, but I don't know how hal is supposed to pass the key from acpid to g-s-d so couldn't check if it was working right09:50
seb128oh, buildds are broken right, going to be fun to upload the new GNOME today09:53
pittiseb128: well, we'll need a giant give-back-everything anyway09:53
pittidoko: btw, I think I can get you an affected buildd chroot, if you need it for investigation?09:54
mdzseb128: ok, meanwhile I've backported that one fix because it's crashing for a lot of people and generating dupes09:55
seb128mdz: please upload, thanks ;-)09:55
mdzseb128:   gnome-power-manager_2.23.6-0ubuntu2_source.changes: done.09:55
seb128pitti: does suspend work for your D430 currently on intrepid?09:56
pittiseb128: yes09:56
pittiseb128: however, I remember BenC saying that 2.6.27-2 has a major regression, and that it is fixed in the coming -3 upload09:56
pitti(regression in suspend)09:56
pittiwas blocked by a509:57
seb128it doesn't for me, it blank the screen but doesn't power down09:57
seb128and doesn't wake up either09:57
sorendholbach: Dear, oh dear. How did you do that?09:58
mdzthe kernel part works fine for me, it's just harder to trigger without the sleep key working :-)09:58
pittiseb128: sudo pm-suspend works?09:58
dholbachsoren: booted it up, started an upgrade09:58
dholbachsoren: didn't do much09:58
seb128pitti: I'll try in a bit09:58
mdzpitti: when you press your sleep button, do you see output in gnome-power-manager --verbose?10:00
pittimdz: yes, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44488/10:01
sorendholbach: "it"? :)10:01
mdzpitti: ah, so the event is coming from hal10:02
dholbachsoren: I the intrepid guest10:02
pitti11:02:24.277: computer_logicaldev_input_1 condition ButtonPressed = power10:02
sorendholbach: Ok. Hardy host, still?10:02
pittimdz: ^ lshal -m for power button10:02
dholbachsoren: yeah10:02
mdzpitti: is your power button set to suspend or something?10:03
pittimdz: it triggers the logout/switch user dialog10:03
pittijust like ctrl+alt+del10:03
mdzpitti: oh, I am talking about the sleep button (moon symbol) which is supposed to suspend immediately10:03
pitti(which is wrong, it should trigger the shutdown/reboot/suspend dialog)10:03
pittimdz: oh, I pressed the hardware power button10:04
pittimdz: ok, trying10:04
mdzI would think that with evdev, this would actually have a *better* chance of working but it seems not10:05
pittimdz: I see an applet for switching off, but not one for suspend?10:05
mdzpitti: applet?10:05
pittimdz: well, which moon symbol do you mean then?10:05
mdzpitti: the one on the keyboard10:06
pittioh, that10:06
mdzpitti: on my F4 key, there is a blue moon, and Fn+F4 in hardy put the system to sleep10:06
mdzpitti: sorry, I should have said key rather than button10:06
pittimdz: right, I tend to forget about it, I mostly work docked with my kinesis :) trying...10:06
pittimdz: however, in ealier verrsions, the moon was hibernate (since suspend is already lid close)10:07
pittitrying, brb10:07
mdzpitti: I have a separate key for that10:07
pittimdz: right, confirmed; moon (Fn+F1 for me) does nothing, no gpm output either10:08
mdzpitti: do you know if it worked in hardy?10:08
pittimdz: and Fn+F3 (battery status) doesn't work either any more (worked fine for hardy)10:08
seb128_pitti: suspend seems to work today10:08
pittimdz: yes, definitively worked in hardy (both keys)10:09
mdzpitti: I think evdev has broken this, but I'm not sure where to file the bug (hal-info?)10:09
seb128_I've sometime the boot stopping on a corrupted flashing screen, does anybody knows what information could be useful for a bug report?10:09
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
slangasekevdev has also toasted my media keys, and my compose key :/10:09
pittihm, I don't know about the evdev plumbing either, so it's as good as any for a starting point10:09
pittimdz: watching hal in debugging mode might probably help, too10:10
pittiif hal reacts to the key, it sounds like hal-info problem; if nothing triggers hal, it's a lower-level -evdev problem10:10
pittiseb128: through normal lid close and g-p-m, too, or just with sudo pm-suspend?10:11
seb128pitti: I tried pm-suspend and then the gnome dialog10:12
mdzpitti: [5352]: 10:12:24.864 [D] addon-acpi.c:195: event is 'ibm/hotkey HKEY 00000080 0000100410:12
loolHmm would someone be so kind to lookup why linux-lpia wasn't accepted yesterday evening and during this night?  I tried pushing it twice from remote hosts, but I realize the process to prepare the .changes was special10:12
mdzlool: if you didn't get an email, I think you need to ask the soyuz team10:13
loolmdz: I didn't; will do thanks10:13
pittimdz: ah, a sign of life at least10:13
mdzpitti: however I know acpi-support is converting that into an input event10:13
mdzand I don't see anything receiving that10:13
mdzI think this all supposed to work through standard evdev events10:15
pittihow do those look like? (I don't know evdev at all, I'm afraid)10:15
mdzpitti,slangasek: the closest bug report I've found so far is bug 25817710:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258177 in ubuntu "Special keys (dim display, lock screen) don't work anymore on intrepid wiht my X61s" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25817710:17
mdzbut that might be bug 255008 in disguise10:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255008 in xorg-server "Up arrow key mapped to Print [screen]" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25500810:18
mdzshall we open a new bug report about ths and figure out where to put it later?10:18
pittisure, as a place to collect all the debug info so far10:19
mdzpitti,slangasek: bug 26768210:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267682 in ubuntu "Hotkeys no longer working in Intrepid (evdev?)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26768210:25
cjwatsonlinux-lpia> sorted elsewhere10:25
cjwatsonclassic "unsigned .changes => no mail telling you it went wrong"10:26
loolI generated the checksums by hand and signed the .dsc then updated the .changes then forgot to sign it ah it's really to hard by hand; I should write some helper to do this10:29
loolSimply the reverse of debrsign10:29
loolcjwatson: thanks again10:29
StevenKlool: It needs a --backward option? :-)10:29
pittilool: debsign -r ?10:31
pittilool: works fine for me10:31
loolpitti: Oh yeah, that's more like it10:32
loolKeybuk: Hey, we have a couple of issues with the upstart script we are using the start the Xorg session in ubuntu-mid images; the first issue is that when we moved to intrepid, startx would fail if called directly because the xinit "was this called from console" check was failing, this was solved by prepending the command with openvt; now the issue is that upstart seems to spawn multiple of these10:47
loolcurrently it's exec openvt -w -s -- su -l ubuntu -c "startx -- -br"10:48
Keybukerr, I don't know anything about the first one10:48
Keybukthat sounds like xinit/startx voodoo10:48
Keybukand I've _never_ understood why there are so many ways to start /usr/bin/X10:48
loolKeybuk: Could it be that the upstart behavior with vts / consoles changed slightly?10:48
Keybukif Upstart is spawning multiple, it sounds like your command is exiting?10:48
KeybukUpstart doesn't really *have* any "behaviour" in this regard10:49
Keybuk       -w     wait for command to complete. If -w and  -s  are  used  together10:49
Keybuk              then  openvt  will  switch back to the controlling terminal when10:49
Keybuk              the command completes.10:49
Keybuksounds like openvt exits in the foreground ;)10:49
Keybukcan you really not start x from /dev/console?10:49
loolYeah, I suggested -e instead of -w, but wasn't sure whether upstart was happy with that, but I guess it would be10:50
Keybukwhat is the exact error you get if you just do exec su -l ubuntu -c "startx -- -br" ?10:50
loolKeybuk: Perhaps we can, I could try with </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&110:50
loolKeybuk: If we just do this, we see nothing10:50
Keybuklool: stdin/out/etc. should already be /dev/console!10:50
Keybukyou have "console owner" in your job file, right?10:50
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
loolKeybuk: One I added /dev/tty redirects, I started seeing the permission check for user is on console thing10:51
loolKeybuk: We don't, but I tried using that10:51
loolbefore coming up with openvt10:51
Keybukpermission check?10:51
Keybukwhat does that look like?10:51
loolI had to add console owner and dev/tty redirections to see the error spit by xinit10:51
loolKeybuk: I mean the "is user on console" Xorg permission check10:52
Keybukhow does it check that?10:52
loolI didn't look it up, I thought it was looking at permissions of current tty10:53
Keybukthere is no current tty10:53
loolwell the one of startx10:53
Keybukthat's what I mean10:53
Keybukupstart doesn't actually activate any ttys10:53
Keybukyou're just on /dev/console at that point10:53
Keybukwhich is whatever that's plumbed into in the kernel10:54
Keybukit's not a tty itself10:54
loolKeybuk: So I reverted to console owner + su only (no openvt), the error message displayed in loop after "start session" is "X: user not authorized to run the X server"10:56
loolKeybuk: This wasn't the case in hardy, so either Xorg or upstart changed in that respect; perhaps the check was changed10:57
StevenKlool: Actually, in Hardy, ume-config-common ran sed on Xwrapper.conf10:57
loolStevenK: ahh that explains10:57
StevenK    sed -i -e 's/allowed_users=.*/allowed_users=anybody/' /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config10:58
loolso we were disabling the security check, nice10:58
StevenKAnd you wanted reasons to boot ume-config-common out of the archive.10:58
loolOh the gconftool calls in postinst were good enough for me10:58
loolOk, so I'm really looking at a problem which exists since gutsy and was worked around by disabling security checks10:59
norsettoAny archiver willing to help with bug 263863? It just needs to accept a new binary from hardy NEW.11:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263863 in claws-mail-extra-plugins "Some plugins don't load with the new 3.5.0 version" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26386311:00
NCommanderhey StevenK11:02
* StevenK waves11:02
* NCommander waves back11:02
NCommanderHow goes your $TIME_OF_DAY StevenK ?11:03
* StevenK is about to cook curry for dinner11:03
NCommanderDamn, I haven't had good curry in years :-/11:03
wgrantNCommander: How do you survive!?11:10
NCommandernot easily11:11
loolKeybuk: The "is user on console" check is a Debian one it seems (xorg/debian/local/xserver-wrapper.c) and is implemented with a fstat on stdin to check whether it's a char device with VT_MAJOR_DEV as major11:33
loolKeybuk: I'm not sure /dev/console satisfies, it's major 5 instead of 411:34
Keybuk. o O { xinit-blacklist }11:34
loolKeybuk: But we could add support for /dev/console in this Debian wrapper11:34
Keybukthat would seem sane11:34
loolI first thought it was based on utmp info as login was setting this up before calling into pam, but it seems not11:35
Keybuknever rely on utmp ;)11:35
loolYeah utmp stuff is scary11:36
Keybukit's not scary so much as wildly inaccurate11:36
loolLike it strips "/dev/" and then "tty" to setup your utmp record11:36
Keybukthat's pretty usual11:37
loolI find it weird to rely on pathnames11:37
aliensabdfl: ping11:38
Keybukutmp dates back to the days when you could trust your fellow users ;)11:38
loolExactly how it feels11:38
Keybukit's from the security thought processes that gave us NFS11:38
loolThe ordering of calls isn't very paranoiac11:38
Keybukutmp is intended to tell you which user is on which console11:39
Keybukand it's so good at it, and so reliable, it's been reinvented at least twice :p11:39
Keybuk(pam_foreground, ConsoleKit, etc.)11:39
loolbryce: Mind if I push to the ubuntu branch of git.debian.org:/git/pkg-xorg/debian/xorg?11:56
loolbryce: Or would you rather review and pull?  I never pushed to the ubuntu branches11:56
* pochu waves12:02
* ion_ substitutes pochu’s wave function with one without aliasing.12:03
* NCommander uses his COM magic to generate a return_wave callback12:04
pittio/ pochu12:07
pochuhey pitti :)12:10
tjaaltonlool: what do you mean by push?12:24
looltjaalton: to git.d.o/git/pkg-xorg/debian/xorg.git (ubuntu branch)12:24
tjaaltonlool: you have changes?12:25
looltjaalton: git.debian.org:~lool/public_git/pkg-xorg/debian/xorg12:25
tjaaltoncool, I'll have a look12:25
loolI'm discussing with jcristau (hey) whether it would make sense to merge in the Debian branch12:25
looltjaalton: When building the ubuntu branch, I get ./debian/changelog.Debian.old: no such file or directory; is this something missing from git, or shall I be running something before building this branch?12:34
loolIt's mentionned in debian/x11-common.install12:34
dokopitti: now that infinity is around, maybe it is more straight forward to have a look at the buildd12:38
tjaaltonlool: seems like it was dropped recently12:39
tjaaltonlool: I'm unable to use that repo of yours..12:43
tjaaltonlool: and the changelog was mistakenly dropped for some reason I fail to see12:48
ogramumble ... evolution doesnt like me anymore :(12:56
davmor2ogra: turn your top shelf ornament 20 degrees counter clockwise should work fine then :)13:01
* ogra tries ... 13:01
* ogra cries ... now the ornament fell off 13:01
tjaaltonlool: changelod.Debian.old added back13:02
ogradavmor2, it has a print on the back "only turn clockwise" :P13:02
davmor2ogra: are you by chance trying imap into an account?13:03
ograno, i subscribed my evo cal to my google cal last friday13:03
davmor2ogra: np's turn it 340 degrees clockwise ;)13:03
ograsince then i expericence hangs and lockups ... and none of the google appointments show up13:04
davmor2ah pass I never got that to work properly so quit :)13:04
ograwell, it works for various distro calendars and for the fridge schedule13:05
ograso i expected it to work with my googe cal as well ... but apparently i'm wrong :P13:05
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
looltjaalton: What's the issue with my repo?14:03
mdzdoko: what is the latest news on un-breaking intrepid builds?14:04
looltjaalton: Oh sorry, handed you a ssh:// link; try with git://git.debian.org/git/users/lool/pkg-xorg/debian/xorg14:04
tjaaltonlool: yeah, thanks14:06
tjaaltonlool: but still, it only has the .git directory if I clone it?14:06
looltjaalton: Didn't set a HEAD, you can either check ubuntu or my feature branch14:07
tjaaltonlool: ah, much better14:08
looltjaalton: There, I've setup a HEAD for you (pointing at ubuntu branch)14:08
loolI also pushed the dev-console-support branch if like jcristau you mind the way I merged in ubuntu14:09
ogratjaalton, seems nsc has the same issue as the vga drievr14:17
ogratjaalton, (with Xorg -configure)14:18
tjaaltonogra: yes, is -nsc still needed?14:21
ograno idea14:21
tjaaltonogra: I know geode doesn't support all hardware yet..14:21
ograwe'd need to ask Q-Funk14:21
ograi updated bug 26503514:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 265035 in xserver-xorg-video-psb "Xorg -configure breaks on  undefined symbol: xf86GetPciVideoInfo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26503514:22
ograpsb doesnt seem to be causing the hang14:22
tjaalton-nsc recently got support for pciaccess though, so it's fixed upstream14:22
ograi dont even get any message about it anymore14:22
ograneeds a sync i bet14:22
tjaaltonit'll likely get removed from debian ;)14:23
ogra-nsc ?14:23
ograi thought that was the new one14:23
tjaaltonno, -geode14:23
ograwasnt -amd split into -geode and -nsc ?14:23
tjaaltonogra: I'm not sure but don't think so14:25
ograi think it was14:25
\shhmm...something seems wrong with the detection of raid controller on HP hw...14:25
Riddellmvo: synaptic question, should this work?14:26
Riddellgksudo "echo libxine1-ffmpeg i | synaptic --set-selections --non-interactive"14:26
\shI have a p400i and a p800 (additional card)...p400i is the default boot controller regarding the bios...but our kernel just don't want to boot from /dev/cciss/c1d0 (which is somehow the p400i in our kernel)14:26
ogratjaalton, dropping it would mean that we lose all GX1 geodes14:28
ograthat would be a pretty bad idea14:29
ogra(-geode only suports GX2 and LX)14:29
tjaaltonogra: right, so we won't drop it until geode supports those14:31
mvoRiddell: yes, is it not working for you?14:32
Riddellmvo: no, just exits here14:33
mvoRiddell: and libxine1-ffmpeg is not already installed?14:33
Riddellmvo: nope14:33
mvoRiddell: let me check14:39
mvoRiddell: its possible that gksudo is playing tricks here, when I run this as regular root it works fine, I check further14:43
mvoRiddell: could you please try  gksudo "sh -c 'echo \"2vcard i\"|synaptic --non-interactive --set-selections'" ?14:45
mvoRiddell: out of curiosity, what do you need it for?14:45
Riddellmvo: that works14:47
Riddellmvo: it's for amarok's codec install script14:48
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
tjaaltonlool: btw, what's the use case for the change?15:21
tjaaltons/use case/motivation/15:22
looltjaalton: See also above discussion with Keybuk: when we try to startx from an upstart job in ubuntu-mid images, we fail the "user is on console" permission check15:23
tjaaltonlool: ah, ok15:23
looltjaalton: This is because stdin/stdout/stderr point at /dev/console, not ttyN15:23
looltjaalton: I don't quite know what the intent of the console check is in startx though; perhaps it's opening too much if we allow /dev/tty?15:24
StevenKpitti: Can you please bump the priority of linux-lpia so it builds before the backlog?15:35
tkamppeterpitti, I have answered all your stuff about CUPS today in the morning. Did you see it?15:36
HobbseeStevenK: bumped.15:36
StevenKHobbsee: Danke15:37
Hobbseeyou're welcome15:37
kwwiipitti: Andreas and lots of others have suggested using a newer snapshot of the murrine engine which apparently fixes bugs15:54
kwwiipitti: the original snapshot I made was just a random day early in the cycle15:54
pittitkamppeter: yep, saw it, thanks! the only missing thing is re-proposing the (recommended) patch upstream, other stuff was settled15:56
pittiStevenK: done15:56
Hobbseepitti: i presume you've got a fixed version of buildd.py somewhere, that lets you rescore?15:58
pittiHobbsee: I didn't touch it in weeks15:58
pittiit just works15:58
* norsetto hugs doko15:59
pittikwwii: sure, if you tested it and it works well15:59
Hobbseepitti: strange - 'im not sure if it does, as i just manually rescored them.  And i bumped the prio's before via buildd.py, but nothing happened.15:59
pittiI'm off for a long phone call15:59
tedgShould debian/change log be chronological or sorted by version number?16:04
Hobbseetedg: uh?...16:05
Hobbseetedg: both.  but primarily version #.16:05
tedgHobbsee: So if someone added a patch to an older version, but one wants to merge that patch in, where should that person's changelog entry go?16:06
StevenKtedg: One should ignore it, and add a new changelog entry16:06
Hobbseewhat steve said.16:06
StevenKtedg: Also stating the work came from "x"16:06
Hobbseetedg: the idea is that the only changelog entries there are teh ones where the package actually went into the archive.16:07
Hobbsee(which then makes the question void)16:07
tedgHmm, but when I've merged stuff from Debian previously I've kept their changelog entires, should I not be doing that?16:08
tedgI've kept them, but put them in bellow a top one which explains the complete change.16:08
Hobbseeer, excluding debian stuff, then.16:09
Hobbseeor where archive = {debian, ubuntu} archive.16:09
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
tedgHobbsee: Okay, thanks.16:13
Hobbseetedg: y/w16:15
StevenKtedg: Sure, but that's merging stuff from Debian which exists in another archive. This is a patch from someone else, which hasn't been seen by either16:15
tedgWell, actually in this case the patch was pushed to the archive, but my changes haven't been.  So I think it's clear that I should include their entry, and then view mine as deltas against theirs as users (turns out there are some people who don't follow my PPA) would view it as a change.16:17
Keybuk 16:33:30 up 1 day, 19:20,  6 users,  load average: 58.62, 39.70, 19.2216:33
KeybukI need a unicode "eep" character16:33
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
vinu76jsr3I have a jar file and I want to convert it to debian package(.deb) what are the steps16:36
=== asac_ is now known as asac
geservinu76jsr3: first find the source code for it16:39
vinu76jsr3I have the jar file of the app and I created it myself16:39
vinu76jsr3so I have .java source also16:40
geservinu76jsr3: then read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/ and if you have questions please ask in #ubuntu-motu16:41
tedgKeybuk: No, we just need to wait for Intel to sponsor a little line in there "Upgrading to Intel's new 64 core processor will help" :)16:52
Keybuktedg: heh16:53
KeybukI suspect the real problem is that it's a UML16:53
Keybukand the ultrasuperhypermegavisor isn't bothering to give the guest any time16:53
sorenKeybuk: Linode?16:54
geser@archive admins: do we need to sync the last version from debian where the only reason for the upload was to get it moved from contrib to main before we can move it from multiverse to universe?16:54
Keybuksoren: Bytemark16:54
sorenThose things look pricy.16:55
cjwatsongeser: no16:59
cjwatsongeser: it might confuse somebody a bit less down the line if we do, but it's not mandatory17:00
=== Awsoonn_ is now known as Awsoonn
* calc will be uploading OOo 3.0rc1 later today to ppa17:21
keesgeser: does your experience of 262843 include NFS?17:46
geserkees: no, I don't have NFS here17:49
keesgeser: okay, good -- that removes some variables from the issue.  :)17:49
geserkees: I've only seen this happen with 2.6.27-2.3. I currently using 2.6.27-1.2 again.17:53
keesgeser: ah, interesting.17:55
tkamppeterpitti, about the (recommended) patch, I think it will not be possible to convince Mike to revert his step of filtering out (recommended).18:28
pittitkamppeter: are other distros carrying it as well?18:37
pittibye everyone, have a nice evening18:39
* ogra pokes todays archive admin ... mighty slangasek 19:11
ograslangasek, i'D like to close bug 261873 partially19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261873 in xf86-input-evtouch "make evtouch devices work with hal-input in intrepid" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26187319:12
ograsorry wrong bug19:12
ograbug 263493 rather19:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263493 in ubuntu "Please package applications from netbook-remix" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26349319:12
ograthree apps are sitting in NEW19:12
ogra(window-picker-applet, go-home-applet and maximus)19:12
slangasekwell, a number of other things are sitting in new ahead of them. :)19:13
ograall had a REVU review and i am the release manager for ubuntu-mobile to allow FFe's19:13
ogra(which i did at the bug)19:13
ograoh, did you plan to do more today ?19:13
* ogra wasnt expecting :)19:14
uni dunno if this is a good channel to ask, but my Makefile.am keeps generating a 'dist dist-all' rule when it should be 'dist-all' only... anybody got any ideas, or *channel19:15
ograun, -> #ubuntu-motu might be a better one19:17
unogra: thnks19:18
slangasekogra: hmm?  it's still before noon my time19:22
ograheh, yeah, i need to stop judging by daylight i guess ... dark here19:22
unogra: i think they are busy... do you know of an autotools specific channel?19:25
asaccjwatson: does NM detect your driver name with 2.6.27 kernel properly now? or do you still see this "NULL(info.linux.driver)" thing in syslog?19:25
ograun, not really19:26
cjwatsonSep  4 11:09:16 sarantium NetworkManager: <info>  eth1: driver is 'NULL(info.linux.driver)'.19:26
cjwatsonasac: it seems to be *working*, but ...19:26
unogra: thx anyway19:26
cjwatson(well, aside from it leaving both eth0 and eth1 up simultaneously)19:27
asaccjwatson: damn. so the driver still isnt fixed :(19:27
asaccjwatson: is that b43?19:27
cjwatsonasac: I think this is with wl, FWIW19:27
cjwatson0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI (rev 01)19:27
cjwatson        Kernel modules: ssb, wl19:27
cjwatsonb43 may well have been fixed, can't easily tell right now19:28
uncjwatson: i just installed b43 from the fwcutter and im wifi'ing right now...19:28
asaccjwatson: ok. thanks. do you know what will be the default in intrepid? (me confused about the broadcom mess)19:28
cjwatsonun: sure, like I say it works19:28
cjwatsonun: (I'm not looking for wireless help here; this is a continuation of an old exchange with asac)19:29
cjwatsonasac: I can't swear to the exact state; I suspect it depends on the exact PCI ID19:29
uncjwatson: sry...19:29
cjwatsonun: (the point of wl, BTW, is to get rid of the need for fwcutter)19:31
uncjwatson: schweet...19:32
alex-weejdoes anyone know what happened to the multi-arch stuff that was planned for debian? it was my understanding at the time (handful of years ago) that it would be the end of the need for things like an ia32libs amd64 package19:38
loolslangasek: When you have some time, I'd like to discuss elisa 0.5.x19:39
johanbrcjwatson, asac: Adam Williamson made an interesting point on the bcm43xx list: maybe it'd be possible to cut the firmware out of the wl driver, since that's redistributable and the firmware by itself isn't ?19:41
cjwatsonI can't say I know any of the details myself19:43
cjwatsonpresumably whether that's worthwhile depends on whether the wl driver is pretty inside19:43
mnemoapparently, the old games "heretic" and "hexen" has been released under the GPL now --> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=864305  would be nice to have them packaged in debian/ubuntu19:47
ogramnemo, try #ubuntu-motu ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages19:48
unanyone know of a decent autotools channel?19:53
torkelun: you already asked it about half an hour ago19:55
untorkel: fine...19:56
slangasekogra, StevenK: the debian/copyright in go-home-applet is wrong, it says GPL v3 "or any later version" and the source only says v320:15
slangasekogra, StevenK: can I get a reupload with this fixed?20:16
s0u][ighthello is there somewhere i can find linux-image-2.6.26-5-generic20:16
s0u][ightbecause it is removed in the intrepid repos20:16
s0u][ightand 2.6.27-2-generic refuses to compile compat-wireless20:17
s0u][ightor is there someone who could help me with it20:17
gesers0u][ight: LP has it still, you need to dig a little to find it there20:17
ograslangasek, is dropping "or any later version" ok for you for now ?20:17
ogracause i know upstream is massively busy :)20:18
slangasekogra: that's what needs fixed, yes20:18
s0u][ightsomeone who knows what the problem is with the error i get20:20
gesers0u][ight: my quick guess is that the kernel interface changed in the meantime20:21
s0u][ightany suggestion to fix the problem?20:22
ograslangasek, ubuntu2 uploaded20:23
slangasekogra: heh, why not a reupload as ubuntu1?20:24
ograbecause i want to keep a record of the change :)20:24
ograversion numbers are so cheap :)20:25
s0u][ighti'm not familiar with launchpad can someone help me finding the image and headers for intrepid 2.6.26-5-20:25
slangasekogra: for maximus, I see several source files with copyright holders that aren't listed in debian/copyright...20:25
slangasek./src/eggaccelerators.c: * Copyright (C) 2002  Red Hat, Inc.; Copyright 1998, 2001 Tim Janik20:25
ograsigh ... i really thought they were proper20:25
slangasek./src/tomboykeybinder.c: * Copyright (C) 2008 Novell20:25
slangasekthat's, er, roughly half the source code in the package :)20:26
* ogra grabs source and adds names ... 20:26
ograslangasek, err20:28
ograi'm not sure we look at the same debian/copyright20:28
s0u][ightfound something i think20:28
ograsrc/eggaccelerator.{c,h} are Copyright Red Hat, authored by Havoc20:28
ograPennington and Tim Janik and are under the terms of the LGPL 2 or later.20:28
ograsrc/tomboykeybinder.{c,h} are Copyright Novell, and are also under the terms20:28
ograof the LGPL 2 or later.20:28
ograthats in debian/copyrght here20:28
cjwatsons0u][ight: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux should be a good place to start20:29
slangasekogra: checking again20:29
s0u][ightcjwatson, i need binaries :)20:29
slangasekogra: whoops, you're right; sorry20:29
s0u][ightbut found it never mind20:29
cjwatsons0u][ight: yes, you can get to it from there. the bit that may not be obvious is that at some point (once you've clicked through to the version you want), you need to select "build for i386" or some such20:29
cjwatsons0u][ight: ok20:29
slangasekogra: I don't find it very clear to list the licensing blurbs interspersed between the copyright statements like that :/20:30
s0u][ightbut i have allready installed 2.6.27 will these 2 conflict20:30
s0u][ightmeaning with gcc or so?20:30
cjwatsonthey shouldn't20:30
cjwatsonyou can coinstall images and headers of different versions20:30
cjwatsonin the specific case of the kernel, anyway; that's not true in general20:31
s0u][ightdo these kernel images and headers need any other dependencies20:31
ograslangasek, yeah, agreed, i'll fix that with the next upload if thats enough for you20:31
s0u][ightmeaning can i install them just like dpkg -i20:31
slangasekogra: I've accepted it, if you agree that it should be fixed then feel free to do so at any point :)20:32
ograi surely will, its confusing :)20:32
cjwatsons0u][ight: if you already have another kernel image and set of headers installed, their dependencies should be sufficient; the dependencies don't change often20:33
cjwatsons0u][ight: you may need to grab the corresponding linux-restricted-modules as well if you rely on those20:33
s0u][ightcjwatson, yes i was going to download that .deb package too20:34
s0u][ightbecause i installed that one of intrepid's latest too20:34
slangasekogra: ok, all three accepted20:37
ogragracias :)20:37
s0u][ightcjwatson, is it normal that i only find x86/86_64 version of the kernel headers?20:37
* ogra sends a hug in slangasek's direction20:37
s0u][ightwill it cause problems?20:37
cjwatsons0u][ight: you're looking on the wrong architecture then, I presume. Yes, it will cause problems20:38
slangasekogra: hope that can make it through customs unmolested :)20:38
s0u][ightcan you help me with finding the i386 version20:39
cjwatsons0u][ight: start at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.26-5.17/+build/69376820:39
cjwatsons0u][ight: also https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules/2.6.26-5.12/+build/69034720:40
s0u][ightcjwatson, no binaries?20:40
cjwatsonthey're there20:41
cjwatsonlook in the "resulting binaries" column. Yes, you have to follow a bunch of links I'm afraid20:41
cjwatsonbehind those links, there's a "Downloadable files" section20:41
jpdsCan somewhere remind me where the -dbg builds are?20:42
s0u][ightonly the headers remained to download :)20:43
s0u][ightcjwatson, installing atm :)20:45
cjwatsonjpds: ddebs.ubuntu.com20:46
jpdscjwatson: Thank you very much.20:47
s0u][ightcjwatson, while installing the headers i get dependency is not satisfiable20:47
cjwatsonok, sorry my prediction was wrong, but you'll need to sort that out on your own system; #ubuntu may be able to offer help20:48
s0u][ightbut what is wrong?20:49
s0u][ightanyway this sucks and i need to go20:49
s0u][ightso anyway laters20:50
cjwatsonthe problem you're having with 2.6.27-2 is likely to be best fixed by updating compat-wireless from somewhere, or bugging the ath5k maintainer if there's no update20:50
cjwatsonrather than by reverting20:50
NilbusI'm the president of NCSU LUG, and we're looking to host linux installfest right after the 8.10 release.  Any idea how early or late in the month that is likely to be released?20:50
cjwatsonNilbus: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule20:50
s0u][ightcjwatson, it is the latest compat-wireless20:50
Nilbuscjwatson, thank you.20:51
NilbusOct 3020:51
Nilbusso late :P20:51
jpdsNilbus: All good things take time.20:51
NilbusI am excited anyway20:51
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loolKeybuk: Hmm I finished investigating the other way we were starting the MID desktop (the openvt thing), and using openvt's -e fixed many issues, as you guessed -w was causing forks, but I face a stupid problem:22:01
loolKeybuk: the xorg vt is switched to near the end of the boot, I see Xorg starting up, and then I'm moved back to one of the other ttys, presumably because they startup as well22:02
loolKeybuk: Nothing particular in syslog, I guess this is just racy; I guess the only option is to explicitely trigger an event after the other ttys are all loaded if that's what I care to keep, to then trigger the xorg session job?22:03
android6011how is support for ar5007eg wireless cards coming in intrepid?22:15
Haeginsuggestion for the next possible version of ubuntu:22:50
NCommanderHaegin, Jumpy Jackrabbits22:50
Haeginwhen going into recovery mode, don't mount anything other than /boot and / and don't check discs22:50
NCommanderoh, features ;-)22:51
NCommanderNot names22:51
Haeginno, a feature22:51
Haeginthought i would mention it while i wait for ubuntu to finish failing to check my 200GB partition I am currently trying to get to root mode to check22:52
Haeginjust a good thing it isn't my 500GB drive else I might be here all night22:52
NCommanderHaegin, you can Ctrl-C the disk check ...22:52
NCommanderWOrked fine for me the other night22:53
Haeginhangs for a moment if i hold the button down but keeps on trucking22:53
slangasekHaegin: why should /boot and / be treated differently than the others?  If there's a fs recovery issue, it could be on either of those filesystems as well22:53
Haeginill try the othre 2 keyboards that are pulgged in22:53
Haeginslangasek: because you need them to get to the root terminal to fix problemn22:53
slangasekyou certainly don't need /boot for that22:53
slangasekand there are various rescue activities one can do without first mounting / ...22:54
Haeginyou need boot to boot the system though which is necessary to get to mounting /22:54
Haeginslangasek: i don't care if they are not checked22:54
slangasekno, you never need to mount /boot as part of the boot.22:54
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Haeginbut /boot and / shouldn't take long anyway to check as they should never be too big22:55
Haeginwhereas my media drives take forever22:55
slangasekwell, I think that's an arbitrary line between /boot and $other_filesystems22:55
Haeginand are certainly not needed for me to get to the root shell22:55
Haeginslangasek: fine, don't check boot22:55
Haeginjust don't check $other_filesystems either, it is pointless as far as i can see22:56
Haeginspending 30minutes waiting for something to fail is annoying to say the least22:57
slangasekHaegin: I think the right place where this would need to be changed is in sysvinit; perhaps you could file a bug report?22:58
Haeginok, will do, thanks22:59
android6011so noone know anything about ar5007eg atheros wireless support?23:04
slangasekandroid6011: no, at any given moment #ubuntu-devel is not likely to be the right place to ask about support for a particular piece of hardware; you could try #ubuntu-kernel, or else you might want to file a bug report against the kernel (or if one is already filed, subscribe to it)23:05
android6011ok thanks23:05
Haeginandroid6011: also try #madwifi for that23:06
android6011Haegin: I know there is a working driver, I am just looking to see if it is in interpid at all23:07
Haeginandroid6011: ah, compile it in if it isn't23:07
android6011ya i know, i have in several disks, im also just wanting to know for live cd use23:08
calccool! suspend/resume works on my laptop finally on amd64 arch23:11
calcjust booted up intrepid alpha5, i think i will upgrade to it since i can run amd64 now, whee! :)23:11
* calc thinks the logout window is a bit of a downgrade from the old one23:14
calcall wordy and stuff23:14
wgrantThe italics and bad icons are particularly odd.23:14
mathiazslangasek: jdstrand told me that you've granted a FFexception for landscape-client.23:15
slangasekmathiaz: yes23:15
mathiazslangasek: is there a bug number somewhere ?23:16
slangasekno, it was verbal23:16
slangasekis that still not uploaded?23:16
mathiazslangasek: ok - I'm about to upload the package23:16
slangasekok, yes please :)23:16
mathiazslangasek: ok. thanks for confirming this.23:17
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slangaseklool: do we still need to talk about elisa 0.5, if I just approved the FFe? :)23:28
LaneyAre we getting the Hardy logout window back?23:29
loolslangasek: haha well if you'd approve it we'd both skip discussing it :)23:31
slangaseklool: ok :)23:31
* lool hopes the beer / FFEs exchange rate isn't too bad these days23:31
slangasekit gets better the more beers I have, right?23:32
loolslangasek: For you, yeah23:34
slangasekI was thinking supply and demand :)23:34
loolseb128: Do you mind if I defer testing and pushing of pango1.0 to tomorrow?  packaging committed, but I'm a bit tried TBH23:39
seb128lool: not at all, I'll go to bed soon too, there is still around 18 tarballs to update tomorrow + the new that will be rolled later23:39
loolslangasek: thanks23:48
* lool waves 'night23:48
* slangasek waves23:48
seb128'night lool23:49

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