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HovefirseHiya folks. I'm trying to apply a patch to my dvb-drivers, and just want to make sure that I´m on the right track. I'm running 8.04 in command line mode, uname -r gives me "2.6.24-19-generic". I've fetched the source to /usr/src with the commands "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)" and "sudo apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)", which gives me the directory "drwxr-sr-x 22...20:20
Hovefirse...root src       4096 2008-09-08 22:06 linux-2.6.24" with lotsa stuff in it. I'll do the patches, right, and compile the whole shebang with a make-command. Will that be it, or is there anything else I should consider?20:20
smb_tpHovefirse, Have you already looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ?20:23
Hovefirsesmb_tp: yep, read it through, but since this is my first time I wanted to have some Live Aid along the road!20:24
smb_tpHovefirse, The best way to start the compile is to call "fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic" (if you want a generic kernel. You better not use the make commands directly (especially NOT "make mrproper")20:26
Hovefirsesmb_tp: OK. So, will the fakeroot...-command take care of the compiling process?20:27
smb_tpHovefirse, fakeroot helps for the packaging (where you need some files with root privileges). The compile is controlled by debian/rules which is a makefile20:28
Hovefirsesmb_tp: Hmm...OK. It's all a bit new to me, but hopefully it'll clear in time. My situation is simple: I have a driver (dvb) that I want to patch - do I really have to recompile all and everything, or is there anyway of just remaking this particular driver?20:30
smb_tpHovefirse, You will get a *.deb package in the directory above the kernel directory20:30
mkrufkyHovefirse: im curious which driver you want to patch20:30
Hovefirsemkrufky: The patch is for the following file: --- linux/drivers/media/dvb/ttpci/av7110_ca.c   2007-05-19 13:44:15.000000000 +020020:31
smb_tpHovefirse, Not if that driver is inside the kernel. You always need the complete symvers rebuild. Which doesn't get done if compiling only parts.20:31
mkrufkywhat feature are you trying to enable by the patch, Hovefirse ?20:31
mkrufkyit's in the kernel, smb_tp20:32
mkrufkyhe'll have to rebuild the entire kernel if thats what he wants to do20:32
Hovefirsemkrufky: It's needed to enable the functionality of a conax-card reader. vdruses it20:32
mkrufkyit makes SOOOOO much more sense to just use the development tree on linuxtv.org20:32
mkrufky...and it will work with your ubuntu kernel... the only problem is that it will break cx88-alsa and saa7134-alsa, and maybe a webcam driver or two (or three)20:33
Hovefirsemkrufky: Hey, I'm ready to buy that ;)  Mind telling me more?20:33
mkrufkybut if all you care about it dvb stuff....20:33
mkrufkyHovefirse: see here:  http://linuxtv.org/repo20:33
smb_tpmkrufky, Most likely since the dvb stuff is back in the kernel and not in lum anymore. :)20:33
mkrufkywhen was dvb-core and all its drivers in lum ??20:33
mkrufkynever that im aware of20:34
smb_tpmkrufky, not the core, but we had the cx88 and saa7143 there because of the alsa parts. Hmm, probably they are not dvb drivers. I admit I lack the fine difference (its somehow video)... ;-)20:36
mkrufkyas per my recommendatiom, yes, saa7134-alsa and cx88-alsa were in LUM separately, because ubuntu used a new alsa subsystem20:36
mkrufkythat doesnt affect av7110, smb_tp20:36
Hovefirsemkrufky: Hmm...does that page do what I aim to do? My vdr-system works. I want to watch pay-channels (I have a paid card and a cardreader), but I have understood that the dvb-drivers have to be patched in order to enable this (together with the sc-plugin for vdr). 20:36
mkrufkywhat i CAN tell you how to do, is to patch a dvb driver and install that into your ubuntu kernel20:37
mkrufkyand yes, if you use the repository on linuxtv.org, you can apply your patch, build the tree, and install the new drivers into your ubuntu kernel20:37
mkrufkyplease note:20:37
Hovefirsemkrufky: I wouldn't want to know anything about paid channels, you see - all I want to do is patch my driver 20:38
mkrufkyany time you get a kernel update from ubuntu, you will have to do "make distclean" inside the v4l-dvb tree from linuxtv.org, and repeat the process20:38
mkrufkyyup... i cant talk to you about pay channels20:38
mkrufkyanyway... now this is off-topic... i'll be in #linuxtv if you have questions about that build process20:38
android6011how is support for ar5007eg wireless cards coming in intrepid?23:06
android6011the last alphas i have tried dont recognize the card at all even though it says atheros driver installed23:06

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