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Guillaum3greets. where can i find a list of mobile devices that support ubuntu ?12:08
Guillaum3all i've seen so far was on the HTC Shift12:08
Guillaum3beeing an HTC fan, i loved that bit of news. but what else?12:09
amitkGuillaum3: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/FAQ12:27
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loolOne quick fix for people with the upstart session issue is to remove openvt and redirect to/from /dev/tty714:31
loolexec su -l ubuntu -c ... </dev/tty7 >/dev/tty7 2>&114:31
loolWouah "dpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `bash-completion' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed15:00
loolSame for libgucharmap6 and libcdio715:00
ograout of diskspace ? 15:01
loologra: Argh I hope not15:16
loolStevenK, persia_: I'm not sure it's worth researching the mbf issue right now15:17
StevenKlool: Hmm?15:17
loolStevenK, persia_: I straced hildon-desktop to see whether mbf was reading .menu and .desktop files, but it hangs in gconf15:17
loolDoing rename()s and unlink()s on .gconfd files15:18
loolI think we're hit by the same unionfs issue15:18
StevenKSo we probably want to wait for the new kernel15:19
StevenKlool: Is it uploaded?15:25
loolThe kernel is, but it failed to build naturally15:25
StevenKNow it's needs building15:28
ian_brasilhi..anyone now how to query power policy manager for the current active policies?15:33
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loologra: Hey did you setup a bzr branch with scripts?19:58
ogranot yet, no19:58
loolI have a couple here which might be in the same vein as the one you posted on the wiki19:58
ograhow about creating a branch for the team ? 20:00
loologra: Yup20:01
loolpersia_: Just for the record, I managed to boot the current ubuntu-mid image with unionfs and the i386 kernel21:55
loolStevenK: So I think I found the issue with mbf's menu22:39
loolStevenK: It uses a bogus name for the preferneces menu22:40
loolAnd it does something really stupid when it doesn't find one22:40
lool        context->cat_table = g_hash_table_new (g_str_hash, g_str_equal);22:40
lool        context->cat_table = set_up_cat_table (context, APPLICATIONS_MENU);22:40
lool        context->cat_table = set_up_cat_table (context, PREFERENCES_MENU);22:40
loolset_up_cat_table() returns NULL on error22:40
lool  root = xmlDocGetRootElement (doc);22:40
lool  if (NULL == root)22:40
lool    return NULL;22:40
loolStevenK: Actually it wasn't renamed, it's just in a different package22:49
loolWow the file is only there on my desktop and not on lpia22:51
loolStevenK: So it's actually a gnome-menus upstream issue; we didn't notice because the conffile wasn't removed on upgrades, but it was dropped from the package23:01
loolOr it was removed upstream and not properly in the packaging23:01
loolAnyway, mbf should use settings.menu now23:01
davidmlool, I can test using my Q1 again, power supply arrived, yea.23:22
looldavidm: Good news!23:30
looldavidm: And the images are about to be fixed too!23:31
davidmVery good news, now all we need are working images and an installer. ;-)23:31

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