EagleScreeni am using patch -p1 in the root of source folder, but it is not working00:00
EagleScreendirecthex i followe this to create the patch https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff00:01
bddebianSo try patch -p0 ?00:01
EagleScreeni tried00:11
EagleScreenit start working but never ends, never free the shell00:13
lagaEagleScreen: you need to have a "<" between the patch command and the patch itself00:13
lagapatch -p0 < some-patch.diff00:13
EagleScreenlaga thanks you, it works now00:16
lagathat's my second favourite problem with patch00:16
lagathe one i like the best is where i forget to remove "--dry-run"00:16
lagaand wonder why it wasn't working..00:17
EagleScreen i dont know what  "--dry-run" is00:17
lagaEagleScreen: it tries to apply the patch without actually changing the files. that's a good way to see if a patch still applies. but you really don't have to worry about that.00:18
EagleScreenohh it simulates a patch apply isnt?00:20
Elbrusapachelogger: ping02:10
apacheloggerElbrus: pong02:10
Elbrusapackelogger: are you the same that was working on KSquirrel?02:10
Elbrusapachelogger: are you the same that was working on KSquirrel?02:11
Elbruslast one, sorry02:11
ElbrusI am going through the copyrights for the package02:11
apacheloggeruhh, fun :D02:11
Elbrusand in admin there are a lot of files also in the package kapptemplate02:11
Elbrusbut not everything is very well written down there, but kapptemplate is in Debian02:12
apacheloggeradmin only includes GPL, LPGL and one file which which is 100% free02:12
* apachelogger tires to find one of his kde 3 packages02:12
Elbrusyes, but how do >>I<< know that for my files02:13
apacheloggeradmin always inlcudes the same files02:13
Elbrusof course they are slightly different than the current package02:13
apacheloggerit a tempalte directory from KDE for configure/makefile generation02:13
Elbrusso I must trust the makers of kapptemplate..02:13
ElbrusI use the template for the copyright file from http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat02:14
Elbrusany idea how I can mention this admin directory without figuring out all copyrightholders and licenses per file?02:14
apacheloggeryou just need to mention that some files are LGPL, some GPL and that one file admin/am_edit is using a special licensing02:16
Elbrusbut the copyrightholders?02:16
ElbrusThey are all different.02:16
apacheloggerfor admin it doesn't matter, we used that template without copyright holders for all KDE 3 packages02:17
apacheloggerin fact, you don't have to mention minor copyright holders02:17
Elbruswithout special mention of the copyright holders for the individual files...02:18
apacheloggeri.e. just major ones (especially does which have a different license than the main source)02:18
apacheloggerElbrus: yes02:18
Elbrusok, but not sure how that can be accomplished in the http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat format02:18
ElbrusThen I will just copy from your example...02:19
RAOFElbrus: Pretty easily...02:19
Elbrusapachelogger: thanks02:19
apacheloggerElbrus: make sure to check every source file individually02:20
apacheloggerI think a lot of licenses will not be cought due to strange source file formating02:20
apacheloggerat least it was like that for the libs02:20
RAOFFiles: */Copyright: Friedrich W. H. Kossebau/Copyrgight: the other guy/License: GPL-202:20
ElbrusRAOF: so Friedrich W. H. Kossebau is main and than the second line for the other contributor?02:21
RAOFFiles: khalkhiapplet/.../.../Copyrgiht: other person/License GPL-202:21
RAOFElbrus: "Main"?02:21
Elbrusapachelogger: how about for instance bcheck.pl?02:22
RAOFElbrus: I don't believe that CopyrightFormat (or, in fact, copyright law) makes a distinction between 'main' authors and others; either I (and posibly others) have copyright over this code or I don't.02:22
apacheloggerElbrus: in admin?02:22
ElbrusRAOF: main author of admin dir02:23
apacheloggerthere is no main author of admin dir02:23
RAOFElbrus: Again, I don't think the "main author" concept is helpful at all.02:23
apacheloggerin fact there are more copyright holders than listed in the source files02:23
apacheloggerthis directory was maintained for various years by all of KDE, thus almost everyone add something ;-)02:24
RAOFElbrus: The grouping in CopyrightFormat is only there to make things easier for you, so you don't have to list the copyright for each file individually.02:24
Elbrusapachelogger: so if IIUC your example is in fact not complete, and that was not a problem to get it in ubuntu?02:24
apacheloggerElbrus: you can't list a lot of copyright holders in reasonable manner in a maintainable way02:25
ElbrusRAOF: if I understand the meaning of the copyright file correctly it is EXACTLY the meaning of that file to state all the copyrights/licenses in the package02:25
apacheloggermuch more important is that all licenses are listed and that all license requirements are met (e.g. that complete copies of lgpl, gpl and gfdl are available... as required)02:25
Elbrusapachelogger: I agree, just trying to figure out how to do it in a maintainable way02:26
apacheloggergrep for it ;-)02:26
apacheloggerack-grep --ignore-dir=debian --sort-files --nogroup --nohtml -i -u 'copyright (\(c\)|[0-9]{4,4}|by)'02:26
Elbrusapachelogger: licensecheck (from devscripts)02:26
apacheloggerElbrus: won't work02:26
apacheloggeras I said, there are a lot of different formattings02:27
apacheloggerksquirrel upstream follows the theory that everything that is open source can be part of his tarball02:27
apacheloggerso for the libs there were like 5 different licenses and >30 copyright holders IIRC02:27
* apachelogger goes to bed02:30
Elbrusapachelogger: goodnight02:35
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RAOFDear TPG: I don't need to be reminded that my time is precious every 25 sec on your hold line.03:03
lifelessRAOF: clearly its not precious03:04
RAOFIt's so precious I get to bitch about it on IRC!03:05
RAOFOr, rather, I get to do something interesting while they tell me that they'll do their best not to keep me waiting long.03:05
* RAOF would prefer that they do their best to keep my ADSL working, however.03:06
wgrantMy head just combusted.03:07
wgrantBug #26732803:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267328 in ubuntu "Fatal system crash with 8.10-alfa5-ubuntu, probable security breach" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26732803:07
ajmitchwall of text03:08
* ajmitch cannot read that, eyes start bleeding03:09
RAOFAlso posted on the forums, es.03:10
RAOFAnd a bunch of slideshows??03:10
wgrantIt's actually a consolekit crash.03:11
wgrantI see.03:11
ajmitchor something like that, I think03:11
wgrantDid he post a copy of another bug in this bug?03:12
tacone"Now being drunk and an absolute UNIX newbie, I could not come up with anything smarter than: (..)"03:12
RAOFBecause he thinks it's definitely not a duplicate of the bug it appears to be a duplicate of.03:13
wgrantDear god.03:13
wgrant2145 words.03:13
ajmitchAnd no line breaks for probably the first 1500 of those03:14
wgrantajmitch: I'm afraid that content outside the superparagraph makes up only 126 of those words.03:16
ajmitchoh well03:17
* wgrant cries.03:19
* ajmitch leaves wgrant to reply to it in detail03:19
wgrantI also note that his screenshots fail.03:19
wgrantThey seem to reference files in /tmp.03:19
taconeactually one of the images loads in one of the slideshows03:20
wgrantOh? I didn't notice.03:20
taconebecause you're on the first slideshow I guess. there are 3 if I am not wrong :)03:21
wgrantI only noticed two.03:21
wgrantBut my vision is damaged from that essayparagraph.03:21
wgrantAh! Indeed, the VBox one has images.03:22
wgrantHas anybody worked out what the security issue was yet?03:23
* tacone is not brave enough to read sequentially03:23
ajmitchthat the password that he was trying to type into sudo was displayed03:23
EagleScreenhello, I am uploading some packages to my ppa repository, i have used dput03:24
wgrantAh, right. He probably wasn't actually running sudo.03:24
ajmitchif you actually scan the paragraph, there are about 5 bugs in there03:24
EagleScreeni think the packages have not the right ppa version03:24
wgrantajmitch: The only sudo password issue I can see is in the other bug.03:25
EagleScreenokay, i am uploading sun-java6 rebuild, I used command: dput EagleScreen sun-java6_6-07-4ubuntu3~ppa_source.changes03:25
taconeajmitch: and random stories and anedocts03:25
wgrantWhich is fully quoted in a comment.03:25
wgrant300 words are dedicated to the 4GB of RAM.03:26
EagleScreenbut in the same folder there is binary deb packages with version 6-07-4ubuntu3, will them take the right ppa version in the archive?03:26
taconehe was also nice enough to copy paste the rest of the page. (including links)03:26
wgranttacone: On the forum, too.03:26
NCommanderwgrant, hrm, copy what to where?03:27
* NCommander is having issues with the backscroll03:27
ajmitchonly source packages get uploaded to the archive, but if 6-07-4ubuntu3 is in the archive, it would be installed in preference to the PPA version03:27
wgrantEagleScreen: Launchpad will build the debs with the same version as the source package, unless you've done very strange things which would cause anybody to inflict great pain upon you.03:27
EagleScreenmy deb (already built) are being uploaded03:28
wgrantYou cannot upload binaries to Launchpad.03:28
wgrantOnly the .dsc, .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz.03:28
EagleScreenit seems as my local .deb files would being upload, see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44420/03:30
wgrantYou didn't upload the _source.changes.03:31
wgrantYou uploaded the _i386.changes.03:31
wgrantThat is a problem.03:31
EagleScreenyes wgrant, you are right, i did it03:32
Hobbseewgrant: i really think that bug should be renamed "launchpad should test that users are sane, have an IQ higher than in the teens, and not be drunk, before letting them touch launchpad"03:32
wgrantI wonder if the bug is that his enter key is broken.03:33
EagleScreenthe sun-java6_6-07-4ubuntu3_i386.changes file is the unique .change file i have, i made a copy called sun-java6_6-07-4ubuntu3~ppa_source.changes (to match with the ppa versions) and I run dput over it03:35
wgrantThere is your problem. Don't do that.03:36
wgrantUse debuild -S.03:36
jmlHobbsee: do we get to decide who's sane? :P03:36
ajmitchjml: that would be interesting03:36
Hobbseejml: i'ms ure you can come up with a good description :)03:36
RAOFI suggest an infinite number of monkeys implementing a turing test.03:37
wgrantThe guy in that bug is not. That is the only definition we need for now.03:37
RAOF(This would be comparable to TPG's technical support)03:37
wgrantHahaha TPG03:37
RAOFWhen it works, it works fine.03:37
RAOFWhen it doesn't...03:38
RAOF(And it almost always works)03:38
EagleScreenthis pcakege was not build with debuild -S, it was build with debuild -b (binaries), it is a patched package, i wish to test a patch i made03:38
wgrantEagleScreen: Right, you must build it with debuild -S.03:38
RAOFEagleScreen: Yes.  But you cannot upload binaries to the PPA.  You _have_ to build it with debuid -S, or launchpad will reject it.03:38
ScottKHobbsee: If sobriety was a requirement, my Launchpad usage would go way down.03:39
EagleScreenokay, it is the first time i use my ppa, i thought i could upload directly the .deb packages03:39
EagleScreenthen i can cancel the upload right now isnt?03:40
EagleScreenone thing more, next time, before i upload .change file, have i to rename it to ppa version rules isnt?03:41
wgrantDo not rename changes files.03:41
wgrantChange the version in the changelog before you rebuild, but do not rename changes files.03:42
EagleScreenthen debuild will use the version in changelog to build package? great!03:42
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liwScottK, sorry, wasn't around during the weekend, am around now07:21
Ergo^i got redirected here from #ubuntu07:55
Ergo^im having a strange problem with hardy, i cant install python-dev package07:56
Ergo^seems there is some version mismatch and i cant downgrade the python2.5 package :/07:56
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dholbachgood morning08:45
Laneyhi ho08:49
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huatsmorning all09:05
\shdamn....green it ... harhar... just got 2 MSA60 with 24 hds...and it produces so much of waste....09:10
stefanlsdIf i would like to propose a fix to a project that is currently maintained in bzr.  How do i submit this up if i dont have permission to do so.   Should I be  1.  pulling the current bzr repo.  2. making the change.   3. creating a new repo on my lp bzr area.  4. pushing my code up to my bzr area.   5.  ask the bzr team to consider my branch and merge my fix  ?09:27
RAOFstefanlsd: That's one possible workflow, yes.09:30
RAOFstefanlsd: You can also send a merge directive ('bzr help send' for details), or just a patch.09:30
RAOFIt depends on the project which they'd prefer.  Perhaps ask them! :)09:31
stefanlsdRAOF: kk. thanks09:34
_rubenhmm .. seems dkms doesnt provide a way to distrib binary packages, only build-when-installing packages .. unless there's some functionality missing the from the help.u.c community site regarding dkms10:11
karoogai'm getting complaints that I certain libraries shouldn't be linked because they use none of its symbols.  Is this a normal?10:15
karoogathis is when I'm using pbuilder.10:15
joaopintokarooga, that is normal10:21
karoogajoaopinto: ta10:22
ScottKliw: I don't recall exactly what I left in my ping before, but when I asked you why your cruft cleaner should get an exception, I think "Approved spec for Intrepid." would have been a good answer.11:10
ScottKliw: So personally, I'd be up for an exception on that basis if you want to put in for one.11:11
directhextesting... is ksirc behaving?11:13
directhexno, i'm getting a new window for every message. sigh.11:13
lagadirecthex: oh really?11:14
laganew window?11:14
lagaSRSLY? ;)11:14
directhexnah, i just have /topic and the user list in one window, this discussion in another11:14
directhexgarbage client, tbh11:15
lagairssi ftw11:15
* NCommander likes irssi actually11:15
directhexi'm restricted to what's installable11:15
lagawhat distro is that?!11:15
directhexsled, i think11:16
lagaand it doesnt have irssi?11:16
lagai can't believe that ;)11:16
lagamaybe in some third party repo..11:16
directhexoh lord, i also have an empty user list every few seconds telling me " Users on #ubuntu-mono: @directhex"11:16
directhexand again11:16
NCommanderdirecthex, it could be worse11:20
NCommanderdirecthex, I once got the disturbing error message on an IRIX box "System Administrator Not Found"11:20
NCommanderI was right there!11:20
directhexwhat a coincidence, i'm in sgi's offices11:22
NCommanderdirecthex, please send me a MIPS box so I can port Ubuntu to it?11:23
NCommanderThat way, instead of "System Administrator Not Found" we can have "lp0: Printer on fire"11:24
directhexor "aieeeeeee"11:25
* NCommander just made a comment suggesting emacs should have a major mode for archive administration11:25
NCommanderI should be shot11:25
directhexand an irc client built in!11:27
NCommanderdirecthex, M-x irc11:28
directhexsles is a bit smelly. but it does use the "slab" gnome menu, which is cute11:29
NCommanderdirecthex, sles?11:30
karoogaHow does one set pbuilder up for intrepid on hardy?  I don't see any scripts in /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/11:30
NCommanderhttp://xkcd.com/396/ - rofl11:30
NCommanderkarooga, cp -r /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/hardy /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/intrepid11:31
NCommanderkarooga, pbuilder --distribution intrepid create11:31
directhexkarooga, do you have hardy-updates on?11:31
karoogadirecthex:  I have hardy-updates man restricted on.11:32
karoogadirecthex: yes i do.11:33
NCommanderhppa      0 builds waiting in queue11:36
NCommanderHppa caught up11:36
sorenIt'll pass.11:37
directhexwho runs ubuntu desktops on pa-risc?11:37
sorenNoone except people wanting to prove a point.11:38
sorenI'd love to be proven wrong on that, though.11:39
NCommandersoren, we have people^W someone who wants a Ubuntu MIPS port11:39
sorenNCommander: I'd put that in the "trying to prove a point" category.11:40
directhexi mean, ubuntu ps3 i can see a use case for. mips & hppa et al seem more the job for debian11:40
* NCommander wants to do a port of Ubuntu to every Debian architecture*11:41
NCommanderGiven enough hardware11:41
NCommanderI'll probably do it too :-/11:41
NCommanderI want to port Ubuntu to m68k :-/11:41
NCommanderAnd that really isn't a joke11:42
NCommanderI have enough machines to run m68k emulators to make it possible11:42
directhexto what end?11:42
broonieglobal warming :)11:42
NCommanderTo turn into Ubuntu buildds ...11:42
NCommanderI can almost see myself kidnapped by the archive admins at UDS, locked in a closest, and beaten into submission11:43
NCommanderdirecthex, its either porting Ubuntu, or the (Un)offical MOTU trading card game11:45
NCommanderI just need to figure out which one to do first11:45
directhexi buggered my mp3 player. i seem to do that a lot11:45
* NCommander can picture directhex as a card "Has +4 against mono packages, but -2 on successful sponsorship of said packages"11:47
lagai'm glad i'm not a motu yet ;)11:47
directhexncommanser, don't forget the "runs an unofficial repo" penalty11:47
* NCommander can see himself11:47
lagadirecthex: ouch!11:47
NCommanderNCommander: "Can resolve any FTBFS, at cost of two sanity points. After ten sanity points, randomly kills another developer with illogical arguments"11:48
directhex(no tab completion, except on 4 specific users. thanks ksirc!)11:48
directhexmake that five11:48
NCommanderPitti: "Is Greater Than Chuck Norris. Can instantly win the game if you (the player) rip off your shirt, and submit to the greatness of pitti"11:49
NCommandersomeone is going to read this backscroll and just go WTF11:50
ScottKNCommander: Up for another FTBFS (this is on Hardy lpia)?11:53
ScottKNCommander: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17090849/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-lpia.kdenetwork_4%3A3.5.10-0ubuntu1%7Ehardy1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz11:53
* NCommander checks his sanity points11:53
NCommanderI got four left11:53
ScottKNote: It FTBFS in 3.5.9 too.11:54
NCommanderA KDE package using autoconf :-P11:54
NCommanderScottK, I assume it builds find on i386?11:55
ScottKNCommander: Yes.  All other archs are fine.11:56
ScottKAll the 3.5 packages use it.11:56
NCommanderWell, it appears kppp isn't being built11:57
NCommanderNow why that is the case is kinda confusing11:57
NCommanderScottK, have you made any debugging attempts?11:59
ScottKNCommander: Stared at the source for a while, did a bit of grepping and didn't reach any useful conclusions.12:00
* ScottK will be back in a bit.12:01
NCommanderDoes it go boom on intrepid?12:01
pochuhi all!12:02
ScottKNCommander: Doesn't exist on Intrepid (it's the KDE4 version there)12:03
* ScottK really going AFK now.12:04
NCommanderoh yay12:04
sorenwhat would be an appropriate version number for a new, native package? I can't really decide. I want it to be < 1.0, and also show that it belongs to ubuntu, but 0.1ubuntu1 seems to suggest that there's a 0.1 version in Debian.12:09
sorenPrior art seems to suggest "0.1". I'll do that.12:15
devfilpersia_: can you please add me to ubuntu-universe-sponsors team?12:31
stefanlsdI havent heard persia speak for a while. I suspect he may have been kidnapped.12:35
karoogado i put my own details for Maintainer: in the control file or ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com ?12:50
karooga...if I'm the one doing the packaging :-)12:50
stefanlsdIf its for Universe, you leave the motu one12:50
directhexubuntu-motu for universe packages12:50
stefanlsdthere is an update-maintainer  script which is also useful for this12:51
karoogaand for achitecture?  I was using 'any' but maybe it should be 'all'?  Package is python bindings for a c program.12:53
wgrantall implies that the same binary will work on all architectures.12:54
karoogawgrant: i see.  Cool.12:54
directhex"all" is something cross-platform like documentation or .net apps12:54
stefanlsdwhats the difference between an SRU and a backport?12:54
directhex"any" is "compile this for i386 and amd64 and x and y and z"12:55
pochudevfil: congrats for your MOTUship :)13:02
directhexin celebration, you get to sponsor all my stuff13:03
devfilpochu: thanks :)13:04
devfildirecthex: ehm....13:05
* devfil hides :P13:05
directhexactually, my TODO currently only contains packages in main13:05
pochuwhich means, devfil has to apply for core-ship then sponsor you ;)13:06
devfilno no :P13:06
directhexor you could volunteed, pochu :)13:06
stefanlsdIf there is a package in Universe in Hardy which is broken - would i be doing an SRU to get the Intrepid package in its place, or a backport?  If i understand backports correctly, they are more optional as long as the user is subscribed to backports?13:10
wgrantstefanlsd: You should be doing an SRU with a minimal patch to get it working.13:10
wgrantstefanlsd: You will not put the Intrepid package in its place.13:10
wgrantBackports are not for fixing important bugs.13:10
stefanlsdwgrant: ok. so backports are updating versions to add new functionality...13:11
directhexpochu: infact, this is a package you're in changelog.Debian.gz for. it'd be a blast from the past!13:11
wgrantstefanlsd: This is correct.13:11
stefanlsdwgrant: thanks. would i be building a diff between the intrepid and hardy version for the SRU then?13:12
wgrantstefanlsd: No, between hardy and hardy-proposed.13:13
wgrantIntrepid has nothing to do with an SRU.13:13
stefanlsdwgrant: ok, although the package in intrepid has been upgraded and fixed. there is also a security update that prob should  go into hardy - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openvpn/+bug/26505813:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 265058 in openvpn "openvpn2.1~rc7 fails to pick up the CN of certificates" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:15
pochudirecthex: which package is it?13:16
wgrantstefanlsd: You need to identify the absolutely minimal patch that fixes the bug, and apply that to hardy.13:16
directhexpochu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/monodoc/+bug/25685313:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256853 in monodoc "[merge request] Please merge monodoc 1.9-1.2 from Debian Unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:16
pochulet me have a look13:17
stefanlsdwgrant: ok. thanks. i guess i'll try work on identifying that.13:17
pochudirecthex: don't you need a feature freeze exception?13:19
pochudirecthex: or is it bug fix only?13:19
directhexpochu: it's not bugfix, it's an upstream update to match the rest of the stack13:20
directhexpochu: and i've been told conflicting info on FFe or not13:20
directhexpochu: i have all the FFe required info attached though, e.g. log of package in use, build log, etc13:21
pochudirecthex: so subscribe ubuntu-release and put a rationale explaining why we need it13:21
pochudirecthex: oh, I'm not core-dev, can't sponsor you13:22
directhexit's remarkably hard to get non-broken packages into intrepid13:22
directhexjames_w: since webkit# got its MIR approved, and a test build of a sync seems to work, do you have any objections to requesting a sync for mono-tools?13:23
james_wdirecthex: not at all13:24
james_wdirecthex: I hadn't done it yet because I hadn't tested it, but if you are confident then please go ahead13:24
james_wdirecthex: and thanks13:24
directhexjames_w: also going to need a FFe, isn't it :/13:24
james_wI expect so13:25
stefanlsdhow can i download a hardy source package while using intrepid. I have got the hardy deb-src in apt-sources and tried apt-get package=olderversion  but doesnt seem to be working?13:31
pochustefanlsd: have you updated the cache?13:32
pochuit works fine here13:32
stefanlsdpochu: mm. apt-cache policy  doesnt have anything hardy related...13:33
stefanlsdpochu: do you know if i need the normal deb http://  - not just deb-src?13:35
riot_lehi i have an newbie-question about bugfixing, how long does it usually take when i subscribe u-u-s to an bug till i got a comment back?13:36
pochustefanlsd: deb-src is enough13:38
pochustefanlsd: have you executed 'sudo aptitude update' ?13:39
stefanlsdpochu: mm. weird.   yeah. def.   does apt-cache policy show you hardy entries?13:39
ScottKriot_le: It varies a lot.  It can be a few hours or sometimes days/over a week.13:40
riot_leah ok, i started with bugfixing after dholbachs great Sessions about it at the UDW last week13:41
dholbachriot_le: don't lose patience yet, after hitting Feature Freeze (everybody was busy with lots of stuff), we're slowly catching up with sponsoring items again :-)13:42
pochustefanlsd: yes13:44
pochuerr no13:44
Hobbseedholbach: how many have you sponsored today?  :)13:44
pochustefanlsd: apt-cache madison does though13:44
dholbachHobbsee: up until now I was busy catching up with emails, so none yet13:45
pochuhi dholbach13:45
dholbachhiya pochu13:46
riot_lewhat is more stressfull the time for or after an release ;-)13:47
Hobbseedholbach: get to it!  :)13:49
Hobbseeriot_le: before?13:49
dholbachriot_le: it's like soccer games, after the release^Wgame is before the release^Wgame13:50
riot_leyes famous german soccer phrase13:50
stefanlsdpochu: i think i found out. i didnt have a src for hardy-security and the package is now in there. checking...13:51
riot_lei understand. I just saw the Harvest-List with all the Patches witch are  available and said to myself - damned who can control such a huge list13:53
directhexjames_w: you're probably getting mono-tools spam round about now13:54
Hobbseeyay, spam!13:54
stefanlsdpochu: furthermore i am an idiot and it was in main and not universe.   :)13:58
directhexokay. james_w, does it look like anything's missing from that bug?14:03
james_wdirecthex: let me check14:05
directhexfrankly i object to the "include a debdiff" bit, since it's meaningless for known major upstream changes14:05
james_wdirecthex: I'd change the title and description14:06
directhexjames_w: how do i retitle a bug?14:06
james_wdirecthex: click the little pen icon next to the title14:09
directhexthat's a pen? i thought it was an exclamation mark O_o14:10
mterrydirecthex: Seems to be a common mistake  :)14:10
jdstrandsoren: re 0.1> I have taken the approach that if it is ubuntu only, it's native versioning, otherwise add ubuntu114:16
sorenjdstrand: Gotcha. :)14:17
directhexokay. subscribe ubuntu-release on these then?14:20
james_wdirecthex: I believe so, yes14:26
directhexokay, done. i'm not sure now more noisy & obnoxious i can be about these packages really14:27
directhexbut i want to avoid something like the hardy ada transition14:27
coolbhavihello... how to get pbuilder log file output?14:32
directhexi think using --logfile /path/to/output14:32
coolbhaviexample please...14:32
coolbhaviis it like --logfile /home/bhavi/pbuilder.log?14:34
StevenKcoolbhavi: I usually redirect it to tee14:35
StevenKpbuilder .... | tee logfile14:35
directhexor that. both work.14:35
coolbhaviokay thanks14:36
nxvlcoolbhavi: nice to see you around14:37
nxvlcoolbhavi: how is your motu jorney going? everything fine?14:37
coolbhavinxvl, fine14:37
nxvlcoolbhavi: is cool to hear that :D keep up the hard work14:38
dholbachKoon: congratulations!14:42
Koondholbach: yay !14:43
dholbachiulian: congratulations! :)14:48
nxvldholbach: they get their 3th ack?14:50
nxvlthey did14:51
nxvlKoon: congrats!14:51
nxvliulian: same to you!14:51
Koonnxvl: thank you :)14:51
coolbhavinxvl, but I am learning14:54
coolbhavinxvl, the hard way by making mistakes :)14:54
stefanlsdgrats Koon and iulian :)14:54
slytherinKoon: Congrats. You are getting lot of praise for the java server stack work. :-)14:54
Koonslytherin: thank you :)14:55
Koonstefanlsd: thanks14:55
slytheriniulian: congrats :-)14:56
bddebianHeya gang14:56
dholbachfta: congratulations!14:58
Hobbseedholbach: another day, another motu? :)14:59
huatsKoon: congrats !15:00
dholbachHobbsee: I don't think that's the rate we're at :-)15:00
huatsiulian: congrats too15:00
coolbhavinxvl, thanks :)15:00
Koonthx huats !15:01
nxvldholbach: what that's the rate we should have :D15:01
dholbachnxvl: more! :-)15:01
nxvl"And today's motuship goes to...."15:02
huatsdholbach: and nxvl you know... if someday you haven't anyone : you can ping me... :P15:02
nxvlmy head is killing me i really hate planes15:03
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Hobbseedholbach: is it only every second day?  :P15:07
lagai'd volunteer ;)15:08
dholbachHobbsee: not yet :)15:08
\shguys..can someone enlighten me what has a higher prio in a bug report: confirmed or triaged15:09
Hobbsee\sh: triaged.15:10
dholbachthey have a different meaning15:10
nxvldholbach: can i congratulate NCommander already or should i wait for one more ack?15:11
Hobbsee\sh: that's why it's closer to the fix released, which trumps all.15:11
dholbachnxvl: we usually wait 7 days so everybody can have their say15:11
\shthen I don't get it15:11
nxvldholbach: after the 2 ack's?15:12
RainCTiulian: congrats!15:12
\shwe have a bug about seahorse not working with smartcard readers...the upstream bug is confirmed, but upstream can't or won't work on it, because of missing hardware...how can we set it to triaged? (if triaged is a higher prio then confirmed...well, from the meaning i still think confirmed is higher then triaged..but that's me)15:12
dholbachnxvl: if after 7 days it is +3, we can process the application15:13
iuliandholbach, nxvl, slytherin, huats, RainCT: Thank you guys.15:14
nxvloh! 7 days from the application15:14
nxvlok ok, got it15:14
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
karoogaany ideas why a package would build fine in hardy but not in intrepid?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/44561/15:21
karoogathe only difference I can think of is the changelog, which would have s/intrepid/hardy/ or have I missed something?15:23
devfilfta, iulian, Koon: congrats :)15:25
Koonhey devfil, congrats too :)15:25
stefanlsdkarooga: many things change between releases. It would depend on the build error. Can you paste it to pastebin?15:29
karoogastefanlsd: it can be found at http://paste.ubuntu.com/44561/15:30
coolbhaviI m not getting how to output pbuilder log ...:(15:31
stefanlsdcoolbhavi: --logfile filename15:32
stefanlsdcoolbhavi: sudo pbuilder build --logfile logfile dscfile15:32
stefanlsdi think15:32
stefanlsdkarooga: its a dependency error. So one of the deps specified in debian/control are incorrect.15:32
karoogacoolbhavi:  pbuilder --build --logfile ./pbuilder.log *.dsc15:33
stefanlsdkarooga: it will be a Build-Depends and the offending one is libg2c0-dev15:33
karoogastefanlsd: so perhaps this library is not in intrepid?15:34
stefanlsdkarooga: that doesnt exist on my intrepid. not sure where it went or why, but i think it might be related to gcc 3.4.15:34
karoogastefanlsd: as far as I know it's the fortran compiler15:35
karoogastefanlsd: you're right, lp, doesn't have any details of it.  What is the right channel to ask about this?  #ubuntu-devel?15:40
stefanlsdyeah, here or there.   :)     sorry i cant help, not to familair myself.   What is useful though - if you can find a hardy package that used it, and a new intrepid version - and see what they did between the versions15:41
karoogastefanlsd: it would seem this package just doesn't exist in intrepid.15:42
wgrantstefanlsd, karooga: g2c is the old fortran library used by g77 (IIRC). gfortran uses gf.15:42
wgrantEverything should be using gfortran these days.15:42
karoogawgrant: thanks.  I don't see any devel packages for gfortran though?15:46
=== StevenK changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: GCC un-broken. Long buildd queues as they catch up.| https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Feature Freeze: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | QA targets available from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com | TODAY - Steady on: We're in Feature Freeze! | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, September 19th 04:00 UTC
slytheringeser: there?15:54
NCommandernxvl, ?16:06
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
geserslytherin: yes16:17
slytheringeser: In case you are not too busy, can you please ack 267204, 267203 and 267202?16:18
directhexand 243093 and 25685316:19
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sebneriulian: Koon : Congratulations \o/16:35
Koonsebner: thanks !16:36
RainCTScottK: Do you happy to know how I can install an executable into /usr/games with distutils? (Nobody answers on #python :()16:37
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iulianThanks sebner.16:41
tech2000Hi guys...16:44
=== Awsoonn_ is now known as Awsoonn
ScottKRainCT: Look at the setup.py for pypolicyd-spf (that's the source package name).  Would what I used for data_files work?17:17
RainCTScottK: Yeah, I've thought about using that but I was wondering if there was a "proper" way to do it. Thanks17:22
* ScottK is more into 'working' than 'proper' generally.17:23
ScottKDunno which that qualifies as.17:23
RainCTheh yes that saves time :)17:24
sebnergeser: yeah, you are my ACK hero :D \o/17:49
gesersebner: looks like I'm again in a sponsoring spree :)18:03
sebnergeser: :D though I'm afraid since everbody is missing my older sync requests (>1 week old)  :(18:04
geserScottK: does a sync request bug count as documentation for getting a bug fix release into intrepid?18:43
ScottKgeser: Yes.18:44
sebnergeser: big points for me, hmm? ^^18:47
geserI was just acking the sync request for bitlbee18:48
sebnergeser: filed 35 minutes ago, ACked 5 minutes ago. you're like a machine :P18:51
ScottKsebner: Please don't be manually sync'ing the entire archive ....18:58
sebnerScottK: bah don't complain, the last few weeks I was *just* syncing from the RC bug list :P18:59
sebnerScottK: though running autosync longer would be a great idea ;)18:59
gesersebner: looking at bug 263093: what's your reason to want it synced right now?19:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263093 in recoverjpeg "Please sync recoverjpeg 1.1.1-1.2 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26309319:14
* sebner looks19:14
sebnergeser: true, in this case mainly package cleanups but I'm just afraid my older syncs will be lost/forgotten ^^19:15
nxvlNCommander: ping19:16
uni dunno if this is a good channel to ask, but my Makefile.am keeps generating a 'dist dist-all' rule when it should be 'dist-all' only... anybody got any ideas, or *channel19:18
gesersebner: I try to look also at older bugs. It depends on my available time how much time I want to invest to check if it's worth syncing now (a clear reason e.g. in the changelog makes it easier).19:19
sebnergeser: I appreciate. I just want to make clear that I'm not forcing you ;) It's just that you are my sync hero now but I only see my never requests ACKed. so don't worry and please, no stress :)19:20
gesersebner: what should I do with bug 263091? It's worth an ACK but Debian has a new upstream version now :(19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263091 in r-base-core-ra "Please sync r-base-core-ra 1.1.1-2 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26309119:24
sebnergeser: you are the MOTU :P , well I'd check if new upstream is worth it and if yes I'll file a fFe19:25
sebnergeser: hmm ^^ ra_1.1.2 Sep 3 200819:26
sebnerPorted to R 2.7.219:26
unanybody know of a better channel to ask in? I'm sure im floodin ur space... im not motu, nor motu material...19:26
verwilsti want to make a package that's marked as pre19:27
verwilstwith a revision nr19:27
verwilstfor my ppa19:27
verwilsthow do i do it?19:27
verwilst1.5.4 was the previous beta19:27
verwilst1.6 will be the stable version19:27
verwilstis this 1.5.5-pre5966~ppa1 for example?19:27
verwilstor 1.0-pre5966?19:27
verwilsti want it to be higher than 1.5.4 and lower than 1.6 :)19:28
sebnergeser: well, some new things but 3 times more bugfixes19:28
sebnergeser: /me is going to prepare a FFe19:28
gesersebner: I guess I go hunting for the version you wanted on snapshots.d.o19:29
ScottKverwilst: How about 1.5.4+pre5966~ppa119:29
verwilstooooh fancy ;)19:29
verwilstthanks :)19:29
verwilstthat will be higher than 1.5.4?19:30
sebnergeser: I don't understand O_o19:30
gesersebner: the Debian time machine: http://snapshot.debian.net/19:31
ScottKverwilst: Yes19:31
geserand upload it directly19:31
verwilstScottK: and orig tarball will be zabbix_1.5.4+pre5966~ppa1.orig.tar.gz?19:31
uni know all (most) 211 of you know how to make Makefile.am files, can some bored person throw me a link19:54
PiciI dont.19:55
uni've just been asking in at least 40 channels for some autotools help, i can't even find a channel on autotools19:55
torkelun: try google:autotools+irc+channel19:57
untorkel: thanks, but i just get ubuntu-programming and the like... i know autotools, it's just that one of my files is behaving irradically and I can't figure out why...19:59
mnemoapparently, the old games "heretic" and "hexen" has been released under the GPL now --> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=864305  would be nice to have them packaged in debian/ubuntu... I've filed this bug to track the request --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/26788520:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267885 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Games "Heretic" and "Hexen" are now GPL" [Undecided,New]20:02
torkelun: you can always ask about you specific problem in the (appropiate) channels instead of asking for where to ask for help20:04
geserpersia_: any idea what to do with bug 261986? you acked it before FF, but ubuntu-archive didn't get subscribed20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261986 in gnurobots "Please sync gnurobots 1.2.0-1 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26198620:05
untorkel: sry for trolling this channel but I can't find any help... anywhere... ill leave now20:06
ftadevfil, thanks.20:08
jimcooncatthis is probably offtopic, but someone suggested I try here:20:31
jimcooncatI want to package a custom configuration, for example, openssh-server. I just want to have my custom /etc/ssh/sshd_config and a postinst to reload the running sshd. Should openssh-server be a depends of my new package, or pre-depends?20:31
jpdsjimcooncat: /etc/ssh/sshd_config belongs to the openssh-server package I believe, and dpkg will not allow you to change it unless you conflict on your custom package.20:36
jimcooncatoh, so I'd have to make a whole copy of the openssh-server package?20:38
jpdsjimcooncat: I suggest making changes directly to openssh-server itself and appending: "+0local1" to the Debian package versioning.20:39
jimcooncatmodify to my taste, and tell it that it conflicts with openssh-server20:39
jimcooncatok, thanks much jpds!20:40
jpdsjimcooncat: That's what I learnt reading this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1593270690/20:41
jimcooncatso I take it that apt won't let one package overwrite a conf file that another one provides?20:42
jpdsNo, dpkg won't allow it.20:42
jpdsjimcooncat: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-files.html#s10.7.420:45
jimcooncatjpds very good, I got some of the book showing on Google books search20:45
jimcooncatso I use versioning, rather than renaming the package, I just have to be careful that upstream doesn't plug a security update -- or I won't be notified?20:46
jpdsjimcooncat: You'd have to keep the package in sync with Debian/Ubuntu.20:47
siretartsomeone knowledgable with elisp around?20:51
sebnersiretart: still interested in mlt? Will work on it tomorrow. A little bit tricky especially since I have to decrease the d-p on the codecs to make it build20:52
siretartsebner: well, it is pretty broken atm. I'd love to see it usable :-)20:53
sebnersiretart: well, at leasts it's building if I decrese the b-p :P but t20:54
sebnersiretart: but I have to sort the other stuff. remaining changes ,...20:54
sebnersiretart: If I have question I'd ping you? though you are hard to reach ^^20:57
siretartsebner: try email or jabber20:59
sebnersiretart: then mail though last time you responed 3 days later and I suppose you want buildable stuff :P20:59
siretartsebner: make sure to CC the launchpad bug!21:07
sebnersiretart: of course :)21:25
* NCommander lives21:42
NCommandernxvl, ping?21:44
nxvlNCommander: you have experience rebuilding entire repos, right?21:54
NCommandernxvl, yes21:54
nxvlNCommander: what did you use (as in what dak script)21:54
NCommandernxvl, mini-dak21:54
NCommandernxvl, http://git.debian-ports.org/21:55
* nxvl HUGS NCommander 21:56
NCommanderwhat did I do?21:56
* NCommander has also use the fullblown dak suite21:57
norsettohuats ...21:58
huatsnorsetto: !21:59
NCommandernxvl, why do you ask?22:00
nxvlNCommander: rebuilding a set of packages and don't want to write a script if there is already one22:01
NCommandernxvl, you could just use dpkg-scanpackages, mini-dak may be overblown unless you need incoming support22:01
* nxvl checks22:02
nxvlNCommander: i already have a Sources.gz and stuff22:02
NCommandernxvl, if you have all the debfiles, use apt-ftparchive or dpkg-scanpackages22:03
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karoogahi whats the best way to test one's package attempts?  dpkg -i mypackage.deb seems a bit dangerous.22:19
RAOFkarooga: That's what I tend to do.  But "test" can have multiple meanings.22:19
LaneyI usually test in a VM if I'm at all concerned22:20
RAOFYou can list the contents that will be installed and where, and you can print out the various maintainer scripts (dpkg --info)22:20
RAOFAll my packages are perfect!22:20
karoogaRAOF:  I use my laptop in a production environment so I don't want to nuke it and have to reinstall.22:20
RAOFOr, at least, don't contain maintainer scripts running rm -r /22:20
LaneyHeh, I saw a SRU a few weeks ago where a maintainer script could do that under some circumstances22:21
RAOFkarooga: I've never hosed my laptop by installing one of my testing packages.22:21
nhandlerDoes anyone know if it is possible to run lintian on a package in the repositories, without first downloading the package to your computer?22:22
karoogaRAOF: yeah, i'm pretty sure this won't either.  Just trying to learn to do thing the right (TM) way. :-)22:22
Laneynhandler: The PTS shows Lintian status if it's in Debian22:22
LaneyI don't know of similar for Ubuntu22:22
RAOFkarooga: VMs if you're paranoid; bare metal if you're not :)22:23
nhandlerLaney: I know that. I'm interested in manually running lintian on a package in the repositories.22:23
LaneyAs in running it on-demand? I doubt it22:23
karoogaRAOF, thanks.  And when I'm sufficiently confident that it works?  Do I pop over to revu?22:23
nhandlerOk, thanks Laney.22:24
RAOFkarooga: If it's a new package, yeah.22:24
karoogaRAOF: the packaging / maintenance / suitability review - must all three pass before inclusion into the repos?22:31
RAOFWell, we don't do much of a suitability review, and maintenance is hard to judge ahead of time!22:34
karoogaRAOF: just concerned maybe I'm wasting my time22:35
karoogaRAOF: I'm just doing the packaging, I'm not the developer.22:35
RAOFThat's the normal state of affairs, yes.22:36
RAOFkarooga: Why would you be wasting your time?22:36
RAOFkarooga: Although it's worth noting that it's very unlikely that a new package will get into Intrepid, given FeatureFreeze.22:36
karoogaRAOF: I know about FF.22:37
karoogaRAOF: typically would you dev for current and current+1 for a new package?22:38
RAOFI'm not quite sure what you're asking.22:40
RAOFTypically I'd try to fix bugs in the packages I touch, and some of those will involve new upstream versions.22:40
karoogaRAOF: I'm just trying to get an idea of timelines...22:42
RAOFNow we're more interested in bugfixing, and will be until the release.22:43
RAOFThen there's a month or so of craziness/UDS/etc, and after that there's a couple of months for new packages etc.22:44
karoogaRAOF: so new packages will only get accepted during that period?22:45
RAOFNot necessarily, but usually.22:45
karoogaRAOF: and they would only be accepted for the current devel release?  i.e. packages in stable and past releases typically stays the same22:47
RAOFkarooga: Indeed.22:48
RAOFkarooga: New packages will only make it in to releases via the current development release (through backports), yes.22:49
karoogaRAOF: cool22:50
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