gnomefreakanyone else see n-m crash on loading gnome on intrepid10:32
asacgnomefreak: the applet?10:48
asacor the daemon?10:48
gnomefreakapplet i think but give me a sec10:49
gnomefreakim assuming the applet since i stayed connected10:49
gnomefreakbut im getting bug10:49
gnomefreakit is applet10:50
gnomefreakbug 26768010:50
ubottuBug 267680 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/267680 is private10:50
gnomefreakoh damn10:50
gnomefreakstack shows nothing10:51
* asac looks10:52
asacgnomefreak: can you try to retrace that CoreDump locally?10:53
asace.g. isntall the -dbgsym packages10:53
asacthen run apport-unpack10:53
armin76asac: bumb!10:53
asacand gdb -c CoreDump /usr/bin/nm-applet10:53
asacarmin76: what needs to be bumped10:53
gnomefreakcan try in a few just need to finish what im doing10:53
asacarmin76: give me some examples ;)10:54
armin76google chrome! :P10:54
asacarmin76: oh ... now i see ;)10:54
asac^^ first security issues in chrome ;)10:56
armin76you fix them10:58
asacarmin76: the first has been fixed in safari weeks ago11:00
asaci now wonder how things flow back to webkit and others :/11:00
* gnomefreak brb i need to smoke i cant remember shit11:05
gnomefreakhistory | less11:11
gnomefreakoh damnit11:11
gnomefreakit did fail i spelled it wrong in term11:45
gnomefreakits not working11:54
gnomefreakapport-unpack fails it seems11:57
gnomefreakusing /usr/bin/apport-unpack and just apport-unpack  (no need for sudo i cp'ed it and changed permissions on the copy)11:58
* gnomefreak has idea11:58
gnomefreakthat doesnt make sense. if i use <sudo chomd a+x file> it still has sudo permissions if i use <chmod a+x file> it fails to change permissions12:00
gnomefreakchmod: changing permissions of `_usr_bin_nm-applet.1000.crash': Operation not permitted    is the error12:01
asacgnomefreak: you need to run that on the .crash file12:19
asacgnomefreak: if you download the CoreDump.gz12:19
asacyou just need to gunzip that12:19
asacand run gdb on that result12:19
gnomefreakits | 2&1 to pipe to a file12:26
gnomefreakits dont look right12:26
asacgnomefreak: ^^12:27
gnomefreakah thanks12:28
gnomefreakasac: still nothing (gdb) bt12:37
gnomefreak#0  0xb7568699 in ?? ()12:37
gnomefreakthats with every debug package12:38
asacgnomefreak: ok so you ran gdb -c CoreDump /usr/bin/nm-applet?12:45
asacgnomefreak: then try to reproduce it with nm-applet run in debugger12:45
asacgdb /usr/bin/nm-applet12:45
asac(gdb) run12:45
gnomefreaki cant12:45
asaconce it crashes you can bt full12:46
gnomefreakit happened on login to gnome12:46
asacyeah you can ;)12:46
asacill think a bit12:46
asacat best do a full reboot12:46
gnomefreaki will when im done so i dont forget what im doing ;)12:46
gnomefreaki love scriptassist ;)13:16
gnomefreakbe back in a little while i have laundry to start13:17
huatsfta : congrats !14:59
huats(you were wondering the other day how long it would take)14:59
fta2"You have been added to motu"15:21
fta2almost 4 weeks15:23
fta2huats, thanks. indeed, it took longer than the announced 12 days but now it's behind me :)16:17
huatsyou deserve it16:17
huatsI've been really impressed by your aplpication16:17
huats(I am speaking as a non MOTU myself)16:17
fta2it seems my application was a bit unusual, too specialized for some16:19
sebnerfta: congratulations \o/16:35
=== asac_ is now known as asac
fta2sebner, thanks16:50
armin76fta2: that means you can commit?17:44
IntuitiveNippleIs anyone looking at the issue raised in LP #239952 ?17:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239952 in firefox-3.0 "firefox - the associated helper application does not exist" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23995217:44
Jazzvafta, fta2: I just saw the e-mail. Congratulations :D17:47
asacJazzva: o_o ?18:25
asacfta made it?18:25
ftayep, thanks for your support18:25
ftai own you a beer18:25
asaclet the upflow begin ;)18:25
asacfta: no need to ;)18:26
asacbut i wont say no ;)18:26
ftado you like guiness ?18:26
asacfta: i am not a fan of ale's but i still wont say no ;)18:27
sebnerfta: you are a mozilla guy but I suppose you now the process with merging and syncing?18:33
sebnerfta: what about your first sync ACKs as MOTU? ^^18:33
ftai assume that's part of it, try me in an hour or 2, i just came back from work18:35
sebnerfta: sure. THX. I wouldn't bother but u-u-s is missing my older sync requests and I thought a nice beginning for you :D18:38
asacsebner: what is u-u-s?19:53
sebnerasac: you are a motu. Shame on you :p19:54
sebnerasac: ubuntu-universe-sponsors :P19:54
asacsebner: i know about that one ;)19:54
asacusually i get nagged about u-m-s ;)19:55
sebnerasac: ^^19:55
asacbut i would have recognized it from that  ;)19:55
sebnerasac: another reason to join the group/fun :P19:55
pmatulisanyone here know anything about problems related to exporting /home (and hence .mozilla) over NFS?  i have a 100% reproduceable issue whereby FF3 is unusable after sudden/cold shutdown.20:14
asacpmatulis: so are there lock files in the .mozilla/ directory?20:18
pmatulisasac: there are FF profile locks, i'm keeping that as a separate issue20:19
pmatulisasac: after deleting them i can at least start FF20:19
pmatulisasac: but what i get is borked20:19
asacpmatulis: do you know if thats a regression over ffox 2 ... or an issue that existed all the time?20:20
pmatulisasac: good question, i have not yet tested FF220:20
pmatulisasac: however, based on what i've read, this really sounds like an sqlite issue.  and that's FF320:21
asacpmatulis: do you have a bug for that open?20:29
asac(sorry if i forgot the context)20:30
pmatulisno, i have not yet opened a bug20:30
pmatulisthe context is very simple: just export /home over NFS20:31
asacpmatulis: ok. lets do that now, so we can get a place where we can put all that info20:31
pmatulisasac: public or private bug?20:31
pmatulisseems there is one already open20:32
pmatulisone sec20:32
asacok. subscribe me to it then ;)20:32
asacpmatulis: but maybe show me the bug20:32
asaci dont want to take over another bug ;)20:32
asacbug 23797020:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237970 in firefox "firefox-3.0 breaks with NFS home directory" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23797020:33
asacpmatulis: ^^ that one right?20:33
pmatulisthere was another one (the one i pinged you on last week) but that one wasn't in an NFS context20:34
asacpmatulis: that one is fixed in 3.0.120:35
asacsure you are trying 3.0.1?20:35
pmatulisand the bug above seems to imply that there is *always* a problem (not just upon cold shutdown)20:35
pmatulisyes, i'm testing 3.0.120:35
asacpmatulis: are you on intrepid or hardy?20:37
pmatulisasac: hardy20:37
pmatulisasac: you want me to test alpha 5?20:37
asacok. the bug above is linked to mozilla bug  Bug 41703720:38
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 417037 could not be found20:38
asacok. the bug above is linked to mozilla bug 41703720:38
ubottuMozilla bug 417037 in Storage "mozStorage chokes on databases over AFP" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41703720:38
asacwhich is only fixed for MacOSX20:39
asacbut not in firefox, in sqlite itself20:39
asacso maybe it was fixed in sqlite we have in intrepid20:39
pmatulisthought so -> sqlite20:39
asacpmatulis: so yes. would be worth a try. if intrepid sqlite has this fixed then we might be able to cherry-pick that20:39
pmatulisbackport sqlite you mean?20:40
asacpmatulis: lets check whether its fixed ;)20:41
asacpmatulis: if it is we can try to cherry-pick whatever fixed it20:41
asacpmatulis: but i doubt its fixed :(20:42
asacmozilla bug 43673720:42
ubottuMozilla bug 436737 in Storage ".mozilla on a unfsd NFS mount leads to zero-sized .sqlite files and diverse range of failures" [Normal,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43673720:42
asacthats most likely our bug20:42
pmatulisasac: k, shift now over, will test alpha 5 tomorrow (downloaded it today actually)20:44
asacpmatulis: ok cool. just let me know20:44
pmatulisasac: but your bug suggests run-time problems all the time20:44
pmatulisasac: for me, just after bad shutdown20:45
pmatulisasac: and it then becomes completely unusable20:45
pmatulisasac: no buttons20:45
asacpmatulis: ok. i have to stop for today too --- too long a day alredy. will be back to lurk in a few hours, but otherwise cu tomorrow20:49
pmatulisasac: yup20:50
crimsunfta: WRT ff-3.1 and audio, are you using the pcm+ctl pulse alsa-lib plugin via alsa.conf?20:54
posingaspopularhello asac can you tell me if 64 bit flash works in hardy?21:29
crimsunnon-Free 64-bit Flash?21:30
crimsunthe 32-bit version (flashplugin-nonfree) certainly works with nspluginwrapper21:31
posingaspopularmy understanding was that the flash 64 bit was somewhat flaky... my brother asked me to come in and get a second opinion. thanks crimsun21:33
crimsunposingaspopular: it can be flaky, yes.  Intrepid is better in that regard.21:33
posingaspopulari appreciate it21:36
ftacrimsun, hm, alsa.conf ? i don't think i touched that23:23
crimsunfta: that would have been the modified system-wide asoundrc from my alsa-lib branch (/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf)23:36
asacis the pulse plugin enabled by default nowadays in intrepid?23:38
IntuitiveNippleIs anyone familiar with the xulrunner /gnome vfs interaction, or know for sure where the gnome vfs mime database is located?23:39
ftacrimsun, i'm currently running 1.0.17a-0ubuntu123:42
fta1a80dc4d2fba9a9f869813bb875f0085  /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf23:42
asacIntuitiveNipple: it uses gnome_vfs api23:43
ftacrimsun, and if rhythmbox is playing when i start ff3.1, i get tons of "ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1008:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave" when i visit a page with flash or <video>23:44
IntuitiveNippleYeah, I know... but the VFS is returning bad results and causing handler failures, so I want to be sure where the data is supposed to be coming from23:45
asacIntuitiveNipple: ok. seems like you are in -desktop. thats a better place ;)23:49
IntuitiveNippleyeah, it looks like it is gnome-vfs that is making xulrunner fail23:51
IntuitiveNippleI dropped some debug code into xulrunner to make sure I know where and what it is doing23:51

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