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davmor2Morning Everybody08:31
unimatrix9hi there08:32
unimatrix9can someone give me the ftp url for iso testing images?08:32
unimatrix9i lost the url some how08:33
davmor2unimatrix9: are you only testing some?08:33
unimatrix9i will test the latest live iso ...desktop version i38608:34
unimatrix9if you sent url...LOL08:34
davmor2http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ just change http:// with ftp://08:34
unimatrix9thank you very much08:36
unimatrix9came back from holiday's and the url was gone...08:37
unimatrix9bookmarked it again...:)08:37
unimatrix9when i try to download from the website, i alway's get an error08:40
unimatrix9that its not there, i used your url, and its downloading now, so thats fine08:40
unimatrix9oh, youre history08:40
unimatrix9off testing08:56
* popey wonders if there are any brainstormers about13:37
popeythe wording on the "process_duplicate_reports" page seems wrong to me.. "The following duplicate reports needs your attention. The ideas in the right column were proposed as duplicate of the ideas in the left column."13:37
popeylooks to me the other way round13:37
popeythe ones on the _left_ are the (newer) duplicates of the (older) ones on the right13:38
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