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hubuntumen merk at: Note: There is no working Chromium-based browser on Linux. Although many Chromium submodules build under Linux and a few unit tests pass, all that runs is a command-line "all tests pass" executable.12:50
hubuntusorry.. wrong vchannel12:51
bladieblanewz2000, are you there?13:47
thorwilnice, just in time, as i wanted to ask, too :)14:31
thorwilnewz2000: seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/IntrepidCountdownBanners?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=tw_intrepid_countdown_04_spiral.png ?14:32
newz2000looking good thorwil14:34
newz2000that is the nicest ibex picture I've seen I think14:34
newz2000but of course we drop all reference to ibex at the end of this month14:35
newz2000I have to show that to Ken14:35
thorwilnewz2000: thank you! it's actually just a rough trace, to show the idea14:35
thorwilnewz2000: everything else in these variations is meant to be production ready, though14:36
thorwilnewz2000: given the preference for the dots, i don't intend to finish the hands. too much work to do both and i'd rather keep that as an option for next time14:37
newz2000the dots are good14:38
newz2000hi qense15:49
thorwilhello qense15:50
newz2000I just got an email from some students in .nl who want to do some usability testing on ubuntu.com for a class.15:51
newz2000Sounds like a fun class15:51
qenseWhat uni?15:51
qenseI know Delft has got dual boots everywhere.15:51
qenseThey told me it was much easier to use Linux for basic tasks, since gcc works much better and faster than Windows' equivalents.15:52
newz2000the email domain is xept.nl and they merely said, "Information Technology student from the Netherlands"15:52
newz2000I encouraged them to sign on here or the email list, maybe we'll hear from them15:52
qenseI don't know a xept :)15:52
qensewho knows15:52
qensefirefox is really slow today :S15:55
newz2000qense: Erik_J is the student I mentioned16:01
Erik_Jahh qense is dutch isn't it?16:02
qenseyes I am :)16:02
Erik_Jnice :)16:02
Erik_JI want to test downloading iso's file, ordering cd,16:03
Erik_J"taking the tour" and some others things16:03
qenseYou already found shipit?16:03
Erik_Jyes, today I found the launchpad blue prints16:03
Erik_JI guess that is what you mean16:04
qenseshipit is the free cd shipping service16:04
qenseI do have some 32bit CDs left though, I also could send you some myself.16:04
Erik_Jnewz2000, understand that you can't implement all the changes, but evaluating is enough :)16:05
newz2000I'd love to see the results of your testing16:05
newz2000Erik_J: how do you plan to choose testers?16:05
Erik_Jehmm we are going to test it with a laptop I can borrow from my work. Two other student and me are going to test average users. I read in the book "Don't make me think" that you should't spend to much time on searching for Target group users.16:10
newz2000Erik_J: are people in your area generally comfortable with English?16:10
Erik_Jbut we are going to test a lot of student from different eduacations ( technical and non-tech)16:11
Erik_Jehmm yes other people are better in English.16:11
newz2000ok, that was my concern16:12
newz2000if the people use test aren't comfortable with English it may provide less useful results16:12
qensePeople in the Netherlands get familiar with English very soon in their lives. :) It's everywhere here.16:12
qenseSlogans, titles, company names, expressions, slang16:12
Erik_Jand al lot of people understand English beter than they speak16:13
newz2000gotcha, I can relate to that16:13
Erik_JI read English every day but I never speak it.16:13
thorwilheh, same here16:14
Erik_JI hope it become better when I chat a lot :) When my English is very bad, please say16:15
newz2000if we have trouble understanding you we'll let you know16:15
newz2000so far all good though16:15
Erik_Jwednesday we are going to define alle the specific parts we want to test.16:16
qenseWhere are you going to publish the results?16:16
Erik_Jehm our plan was to make a report about it but we can also publish it on a wiki page16:17
qenseI think a lot of people here would be very interested in the results.16:17
newz2000how about sharing it with the email list? I think that would be an appropriate location16:17
Erik_Jno problem16:18
newz2000or on the wiki16:18
Erik_Jwich other parts do you like to be tested?16:19
Erik_Jwe have ten weeks :)16:19
newz2000keep it short, I'd pick no more than two if I were you... assuming you have a life outside of your schoolwork. :-)16:19
Erik_J1 or 2 days a week16:19
newz2000because you have to test, then propose a solution, retest, etc16:20
qenseAre you going to focus on 'digibeten'(don't know the English word for this!) or experienced people?16:20
Erik_Jdigibeter = computer novice16:21
Erik_Ji think16:21
thorwilqense: digibeten derived from analphabeten? that would be computer illiterate, then, to be pretty precise16:22
Erik_Jyes from analphabeten16:22
qensethat's the word I was looking for!16:22
thorwilif you say computer novice, most will expect they have at least a clue how to use a mouse ;)16:23
Erik_Jmja I mean people who don't know what open-source, linux enz. is16:23
newz2000Erik_J: so if your tests include shipit you will be including another interesting challenge in your test process, signing onto launchpad, which may include creating a launchpad user account.16:24
thorwilwell, that's pretty specific knowledge16:24
Erik_Jthat's also a thing I'd like to improve. I have tested ubuntu.com on 6 friends who have no idea what ubuntu is and it was very hard for them to figure out what all the words mean. I think we can make that better by adding acronym tags16:27
Erik_JA few months ago I already did a test just for fun.16:28
newz2000those results will be interesting to see16:29
Erik_JI was to lazy to translate the results in english16:29
newz2000that's ok16:29
newz2000I mean future results16:29
newz2000I believe you about the acronyms being confusing16:29
qenseDid you also look at www.ubuntu-nl.org ?16:30
qensegot to go, dinner time!16:30
newz2000see you later qense16:30
Erik_Jhave a nice dinner16:30
Erik_JThe first sentence on the ubuntu site for example: Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers.16:31
Erik_Ja lot of people don't know what linux, laptops, desktop and servers are16:31
Erik_Jthey won't continue reading because they don't understand it16:32
Erik_Jadding the <acronym> tags can solve that a little bit16:32
newz2000mpt: You might be interested in this conversation16:32
newz2000(mpt is the usability lead for ubuntu and formerly for launchpad's UI)16:33
newz2000do you have a way to test this? (effectiveness of acronym tag)16:34
Erik_JI'm not a expirienced interaction designer. I have only read the books "Don't make me think" and "User centered website development" and I'm working at a dutch usability company as php/html/css dev (beside my study)16:35
Erik_JI will ask at my work about the effectuveness of acronym tags16:36
newz2000There has recently been discussion on this on the web16:37
Erik_Jthey pop up slow and I think that a lot of users don't know thet exists :P16:37
newz2000better is to not use unrecognized jargon on pages like this16:37
Erik_Jyou mean don't user words like linux etc?16:38
Erik_Juser = use16:38
Erik_JI agree16:38
Erik_JI found the document with the ubuntu.com test results16:41
Erik_Jthey are from jan. 0916:41
Erik_Jehh 0816:41
Erik_Jwrong, it's 4-08. I have translated it to english. I will check the English and I can send it to you16:43
newz2000sure, send it to the list, introduce yourself and your plans16:43
newz2000you don't have to write a lot, just a brief intro is fine16:43
newz2000I'll bet you get a lot of encouragement16:43
thorwili don't think acronym tags are the solution, whatever they are exactly. rather a complete rephrasing. this is of course not simple, if can't even assume people know what an operating system is16:45
thorwilah, that. slow. user must move the pointer there. i bet inexperienced users will not do so16:48
newz2000I don't know if that's relevant or not, but skimmed the headline a few weeks ago16:48
newz2000thorwil: I showed ken your banners and he really likes the dots16:50
thorwilnewz2000: cool :)16:50
thorwilnewz2000: 30 to 15 for all 3 flavors are pretty much done. rest only need numbers scaled to fit. but i have to figure out a sane way to export all this16:52
newz2000are you doing it in inkscape?16:52
newz2000yes, this is a challenge16:53
newz2000I'd say wait just a little longer before you do all the work, someone inside Canonical named "Kat" had some comments16:53
newz2000unfortunately she's not online now so I can't figure out when she'll speak up16:55
thorwilnewz2000: speak out about what exactly?16:55
Erik_JI'm gone, I'll be back later this evening16:55
newz2000ok, nice meeting you Erik_J16:55
newz2000thorwil: I'm not sure, colors maybe16:55
thorwilnewz2000: luckily i'm using tiled clones :)16:56
newz2000oh, cool16:56
Erik_Jnewz2000, nice to meet you too16:56
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thorwilallthough i consider to try a background that brightens up with dropping numbers16:57
newz2000she said something about trying to get away from red, but I asked her what color in the palette to use instead and she never replied (and there just aren't any other dark colors available to us)16:58
thorwilnewz2000: how exactly should the countdown images be named?20:50
newz2000thorwil: anything will work, as logn as it's consistent and uses a two-digit day as part of the file name.21:06
newz2000for example, for 804: 804countdown_07days.jpg21:06
thorwilnewz2000: you can use plain rects in inkscape as "targets" for export. rectangles added in a row have rising id numbers. always plus 221:09
thorwilso i write a script to replace these numeric ids with filenames inside the svg :)21:09
newz2000that's the beauty of svg21:09
emunkkithorwil, would that script be usable by the kubuntu folks as well? ;)21:10
newz2000I can't wait until browser support is consistent and at least on par with what ff3 can do21:10
thorwilemunkki: perhaps. it's really a bloody hack, though21:10
thorwiland not done since i don't even know how to zero-pad, yet21:11
thorwilwhich has to wait for tomorrow21:11
emunkkiwe're also working with the countdown banners21:11
thorwilhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/Website/IntrepidCountdownBanners ?21:12
thorwiloh, a copy21:13
thorwilgotta run, good night :)21:13
Erik_AFKTime for some sleep. Good night/day/morning/whatever23:07

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