wgranttjaalton: Bug #267611 doesn't look good; they're using the latest versions of things...03:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267611 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[intrepid] cannot see touchpad tab in mouse configuration" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26761103:05
tjaaltonwgrant: there are also bugs where lshal doesn't show the device but it can be manually configured in xorg.conf. maybe this is related05:51
tjaaltonoh, the log shows that it's found05:52
tjaaltonhum no, it's using evdev05:52
tjaaltonthat's because the fdi file doesn't know about SynPS/2 :)05:53
tjaaltonso this bug is easy05:53
wgrantThere's also a patch in upstream git that will probably fix some of the scrolling issues.05:57
wgranttjaalton: What do you mean it doesn't know about SynPS/2? My device name is identical, and it works fine.06:00
tjaaltonhum right, maybe lshal shows a different string06:02
tjaaltonand maybe that user doesn't have hal running?06:02
tjaaltonalthough that would cause more problems06:02
wgrantIt finds the device through hal.06:02
tjaaltonand since he got evdev it should be running..06:02
wgrant(II) config/hal: Adding input device SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad06:02
wgrantIt uses the right driver.06:03
wgrantBut it doesn't work.06:03
wgrantThis is why I am confused.06:03
tjaaltonoh right, it does06:03
tjaaltonbreakfast first, then off to work :) ->06:04
wgrantxorg-server 2: (buildd@crested.buildd) 06:04
wgrantThat's old.06:04
wgrantThat would be the problem.06:04
wgrantI suppose.06:05
tjaaltonit should support properties06:05
wgrantHm, indeed.06:06
wgrantAnyway, eat.06:06
tjaaltonwgrant: btw, let's keep all synaptics bugs in x-x-i-s, because I believe the source package will be renamed before too long08:43
crevettedo you have any report on widget corruption on gtk with intel ?08:51
crevetteI have that specifically on epiphany08:51
tjaaltonnever seen that on my 965GM08:52
tjaaltondon't use epiphany though08:52
seb128I do use it and I've no such issue09:12
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
wgranttjaalton: Didn't we only rename it to match Debian a few months ago?10:32
tjaaltonwgrant: yes, to enable easier merges, but since then the project has adopted the MIT license and is hosted on b.fd.o. I believe Mattia is ready to rename the source now :)11:20
wgranttjaalton: I was pleased to see that it reawoke a couple of months back.11:22
wgrantIt had been looking unpleasantly dead for too long.11:22
tjaaltonyes, that's true.. at least it's maintained now11:26
wgrantIt's unfortunate that float properties such as speed aren't yet able to be exposed through XI properties.11:32
wgrantOtherwise we could easily have a nice complete Synaptics GUI.11:35
wgrantThat doesn't need SHMConfig...11:35
tjaaltonthe driver could use a different scale, like x1000 or so and use constants :)11:36
wgrantIntegers, you mean?11:37
tjaaltonuhm, yes :)11:37
tjaaltonconstant isn't that useful11:37
wgrantNo, not really.11:37
wgrantBut yes, that is one easy option that I'd thought of. But I presume upstream will have a better one.11:37
wgrantDo we know of any sane person who has hardware afflicted by the ultra-slowness bug? That's getting quite a few people annoyed on the forums.11:39
wgrantAnd Launchpad.11:39
tjaaltonthe bug has been updated11:39
tjaaltonand upstream is aware of it11:40
wgrantAh, good.11:40
tjaaltonit can be quirked on the fdi file11:40
tjaaltonbut the real problem is that some code is missing from the new version that used to be there11:40
wgrantUseful, those FDI files.11:40
tjaaltonso it's not a proper fix11:40
tjaaltonwgrant: float support is coming, just not implemented yet12:09
tjaaltonwgrant: something you'd like to try?-)12:14
wgranttjaalton: I'd love to. But I've not looked into how the whole thing works in depth.12:19
wgrantI've remained blissfully ignorant of how things like X operate internally.12:20
tjaaltonme too. I also lack the skill to fix anything12:21
tjaaltonwhich would involve coding, and in C12:21
wgrantMy C isn't bad, but X is formidable.12:23
jcristausome parts are not too bad12:29
tjaaltonbryce: looks like you deleted changelog.Debian.old from the xorg git on Aug 5th ;)12:59
tjaaltonat least that merge deleted it13:00
wgranttjaalton: Well, X doesn't seem to like 64-bit property values, but I've got it working rather well converting -synaptics' doubles to/from floats.14:45
tjaaltonwgrant: whoa, excellent :)14:53
wgrantA few changes in xinput and -synaptics, and defining XA_FLOAT in Xatom.h (although there must be something like that already...).14:55
tjaaltonyou could send those to the list for a review14:58
wgrantOnce they're less pathetic, perhaps.14:59
tjaaltonheh, you could also ask peter directly (whot on irc)15:00
jcristauwgrant: sending floats over the wire?15:24
jcristauwgrant: might want to do fixed point instead15:24
wgrantjcristau: What is the benefit of that?15:26
jcristauprobably less architecture dependent15:27
wgrantGrumble. But then one of course has the issue of differing ranges. And who knows how much precision is required...15:31
jcristauright. integer properties are easier15:31
wgrantUnfortunately, some of the more useful -synaptics properties aren't integers.15:34
* wgrant gives up and goes to bed.15:41
wgrantNight all.15:41
Ampelbeinhi! what is the right package for bugs in xkb? like bug #224649 ?18:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224649 in control-center "limited to 4 alternative keyboard layouts - any reason?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22464918:59
jcristauAmpelbein: "yes, there's a reason"19:03
jcristaumight be fixed at some point, but, since it's xkb...19:10
* jcristau wtfs at bug 26786719:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267867 in xterm "Catastrophic xterm behavior !" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26786719:31
bryceideas on bug 267682?19:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267682 in ubuntu "Hotkeys no longer working in Intrepid (evdev?)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26768219:37
bryceah hell, brb19:39
tjaaltonjcristau: heh19:42
brycetjaalton: you about?21:08
tjaaltonbryce: yep21:40
seb128hi there22:08
seb128is current intrepid known to be broken on intel?22:09
tjaaltonin what way? my laptop works22:09
tjaaltonsure there are bugs too22:10
seb128xglinfo segfault on startup but I just noticed that nvidia-glx-173 got installed and diverts libGL, let me remove it and restart my session22:11
seb128that's an intel laptop why the heck does the binary nvidia get installed?22:11
tjaaltonbeats me :)22:12
seb128Recommends: nvidia-glx-173 (>= 173.14.12)22:14
seb128doesn't explain why22:15
crevetteseb128: doesn't crash here22:16
seb128crevette: do you have nvidia-glx-173 installed?22:17
crevetteI have this message when running glxinfo -> Failed to initialize TTM buffer manager.  Falling back to classic.22:24
tjaaltonignore it22:25
seb128alright fixed now22:29
seb128I still would like to now why those nvidia packages got installed22:29
seb128that will teach me to use mvo's toys, I updated using update-manager ;-)22:30
tjaaltonwell, can't answer that one.. :)22:31
crevettetjaalton: framerate of glx* tools is synced on vertical freq of the screen?22:32
tjaaltoncrevette: something like that22:33
crevettetjaalton: sorry, I don't know much22:33
tjaaltoncrevette: no worries, me neither22:34
jcristauyes, sync to vblank is on by default on intel22:40
jcristauso gears fps addicts will be sad22:40
* wgrant wtfs at the response to tjaalton's closing of bug #26786722:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267867 in xterm "Catastrophic xterm behavior !" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26786722:57
brycehi tormod23:06
tormodhi bryce23:14
tormodyou and brian have done some rocking -ati bug work lately :)23:14
brycetormod: thanks, yeah I've been really focused on it23:20
brycetormod: there were a number of bugs you had asked for updates 1 month ago, that have received no response, that could probably be closed as expired at this point23:21
bryceon the 14th we could do another review - that's the 1 month anniversary of bdmurray's request for updates, so I guess we can expire many of the bugs that still have no received word23:22
brycetormod: also I don't know if you saw, but I did up a patch to allow us to quirk fixes for the AGPMode issue.  I think I caught all the cases where people were reporting applicable symptoms and requested they test, but please keep your eyes open for more such cases23:23
bryceI suspect the AGPMode bug is going to be fairly pervasive23:23

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