perilluxRummandinho: do you use the default settings?00:00
RummandinhoNah i just now use Sony Sound Forge00:00
DrValisteven_, do ls --help00:00
perilluxRummandinho: because I get HORRIBLE quality with the defaults.00:00
DrValiread the commands, and see if you can get ls to give you the output you want.00:00
RummandinhoAudacity is a good alternative but it really messes up if you have the W32.pate.b virus.00:00
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:00
DrValiwhen you do, just repeat the command with the "> /home...." part and you'll have your answer.00:00
steven_DrVali: thanks. will do.00:00
zammyking112how do you install flash?00:00
mysterycoolIs there a way to put Applications, Places and System into one menu? I know there is a way but I don't know how. :/00:00
RummandinhoTry changin the KBps and Sample rate perillux00:01
tabakhase_something seems to be strange to my hdd...00:01
Gnea!flash | zammyking11200:01
ubottuzammyking112: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:01
mysterycoolzammyking112: Go to a flash website like youtube.00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about universal00:02
luishey guys, I have a question00:02
Jordan_Umysterycool: gnome-main-menu ?00:02
perilluxRummandinho: that helps a little ya.  But I remember recording in windows movie maker at 44100 Hz and it sounded great.  Now it doesn't sound even half that good at 48000 Hz with audacity.00:02
mysterycoolJordan_U: Is that a package?00:02
erUSULzammyking112: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfre00:03
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KidforkIm having a little troyub'00:03
corunumcan someone help me find out whats wrong with my sound?00:03
Jordan_Umysterycool: Yes, it's basically SuSe's main menu00:03
tabakhase_Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BOIS <- always with that "pci=routeirq" @ Gnea00:03
mysterycoolJordan_U: Oh, thank you :)00:03
MrKennie_corunum: what is the problem you're having?00:03
Rummandinho44100 and 48000 has the worlds difference00:03
RummandinhoIt makes Jim Morrisson sound like Dolly Parton00:03
mysterycoolcorunum: Yes?00:03
D3RGPS31Is there a package out there that allows me to use my command shell in a web browser, remotely?00:04
RummandinhoWait lemme do a bit diggin in wikihow for you00:04
corunummy sound stopped working all of a sudden, I think it may be a problem with the mp3 codecs or somethin00:04
kindofabuzzD3RGPS31, umm just ssh00:04
ulmolavender_Zeus_: Yeah, I restarted all of my routers and stuff, and now it works00:04
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:04
usserD3RGPS31, thats not a good idea, just use ssh00:04
mysterycoolcorunum: It used to work before?00:04
corunummy music player stopped playing songs, it simply doesnt start them00:04
corunumyes mystery, it worked this morning00:04
D3RGPS31usser: I know it's not a good idea, I'd just like to know00:05
mysterycoolcorunum: Wait, it runs them but you hear no sound or the player won't open?00:05
corunumI tried two other music players and they both just crash00:05
RummandinhoI don't have a music player for my linux00:05
RummandinhoI don't have a video player for my linux00:05
corunumplayer wont open00:05
RummandinhoI don't have a player for my linux00:05
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RummandinhoThat's why I am shunned to Windows00:05
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usserD3RGPS31, you could probably write something like that yourself in php i suppose00:05
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mrNotYoucorunum: You use rhythmbox?00:05
usserD3RGPS31, but i never heard of a package that does that00:05
D3RGPS31usser: thank you00:06
corunumyes, that one stopped working so I got audacious then amarok and neither work00:06
jmichelsen_so using the "!!" replicates the last command, is there a way to replace the first part of it, for example i do "vi scripts.sh" and then want to run it, is there something that will remove the vi so "!!" just repeat the last part?00:06
kindofabuzzD3RGPS31, alot easier to just ssh00:06
SchmittyLHCwhats a good command line irc chat client. I looking for something that is probably already installed on a redhat system? any ideas?00:06
mrNotYoucorunum: Go to the terminal and type in rhythmbox00:06
zammyking112How do i get flash player to work?00:06
jmichelsen_SchmittyLHC: irlli00:06
jmichelsen_SchmittyLHC: irssi00:07
mrNotYoucorunum: Tell me the output.00:07
lenswipehow do i install mcrypt on ubuntu so it works with phpmyadmin00:07
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tabakhase_this shiddens me =(00:07
zammyking112How do i get flash player to work?00:07
lenswipeapt-get mcrypt DOESNT WORK! :(00:07
SchmittyLHCwho here is running a command line irc client right now?00:07
corunumit opened rhythmbox :/00:07
tabakhase_I just need my old, sweet 2.6.15 kernel <300:07
mrNotYoucorunum: So, it does work?00:07
lenswipeanyone know anything about mcrypt?00:08
corunumit opens but doesnt play any songs00:08
zammyking112How do i get flash player to work?00:08
kindofabuzzzammyking112, install it?00:08
corunumI think its something with the codecs00:08
kindofabuzz!flash | zammyking11200:08
ubottuzammyking112: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:08
nathanielneallwhere can i get more visualizations for rhythmbox music player00:08
lenswipeMYCRYPT halp please00:08
zammyking112install what and how?00:08
lenswipei cant get mycrpt to work00:08
favro!info mcrypt > lenswipe00:08
ubottulenswipe, please see my private message00:08
jmichelsen_SchmittyLHC: irssi00:08
kindofabuzzzammyking112, read the link00:09
jmichelsen_so using the "!!" replicates the last command, is there a way to replace the first part of it, for example i do "vi scripts.sh" and then want to run it, is there something that will remove the vi so "!!" just repeat the last part?00:09
lenswipefavro: "mcrypt (source: mcrypt): Replacement for old unix crypt(1). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.4-3.2ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 64 kB, installed size 264 kB" means nothing to me, can u expain?00:09
nathanielnealljmichelsen, for terminal you mean?00:09
favrolenswipe: the package mcrypt is in the universe repository ready to be installed00:10
favro!universe > lenswipe00:10
ubottulenswipe, please see my private message00:10
lenswipefavro: i know, i installed it but PMA still doesnt work with it for some reason00:11
lenswipefavro: any ideas?00:11
jmichelsen_nathanielneall: yea00:11
lenswipefavro: im still getting a message from PMA telling me that its not installed00:11
jmichelsen_nathanielneall: for terminal manipulation00:11
lenswipefavro: :=[00:11
KidforkIm having a bit of trouble with Ubuntu, I turned on my computer and everything is B I G. Like the toolbar is big, the icons are big, the programs are big. How can i fix this?00:12
favrolenswipe> apt-get mcrypt DOESNT WORK! :( is what I started with - I don't know mcrypt sorry :)00:12
gaintsurafavro: I think its libmcrypt00:12
jmichelsen_nathanielneall: another example, say I do "cat script.sh" and then want to edit it, can I do !! but replace the "cat" with vi or something? maybe sed can do what I want00:12
lenswipefavro: ok np00:12
favro!info mcrypt > gaintsura00:13
ubottugaintsura, please see my private message00:13
KidforkIm having a bit of trouble with Ubuntu, I turned on my computer and everything is B I G. Like the toolbar is big, the icons are big, the programs are big. How can i fix this?00:13
ToastGuyHow do I figure out what my computer IP address is?00:13
gaintsurafavro: thanks, but why are you telling me?00:13
ToastGuylike on windows ipconfig00:13
FloodBot2ToastGuy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
favrogaintsura> favro: I think its libmcrypt <-- this00:14
lenswipegainsura: no he was right, libmycrypt doesnt exist aparently according to terminal00:14
gaintsuraoh ^_^00:14
lenswipei meant to write mcrypt00:14
gaintsuraman, I'm so tired... and all I want is for 'null address' to stop trying to get into my system00:14
lenswipethe mycript was a typo00:14
KidforkIm having a bit of trouble with Ubuntu, I turned on my computer and everything is B I G. Like the toolbar is big, the icons are big, the programs are big. How can i fix this?00:15
SchmittyLHCdoes anyhere use bitchx?00:15
gaintsuralenswipe: I know what you meant, I frequently type mycrypt too00:15
mrNotYouWhat's the package to put a menu in the panel that has Applications, Places and System in one menu?00:15
tabakhase_KiDFlaSh resolution?!00:15
lenswipegainsura: lulz00:15
mrNotYouKidforx: Resolution.00:15
Jordan_Ugaintsura: denyhosts ?00:15
mrNotYou*Kidfork: Resolution.00:15
KidforkmrNotYou: How can i fix this?00:15
travis_how do i make a list of commands run in every single sistem boot?00:16
gaintsuraJordan_U: ??00:16
mrNotYoutravis_: sessions.00:16
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:16
gaintsuraJordan_U: mind if I pm paste you a line from the log?00:16
gaintsuratravis_: .bashrc is only for when you open a terminal00:16
travis_but this one loads only when the shell program is run00:16
mrNotYouKidfork: Go to System -> Preferences -> Screen resolution.00:16
gaintsurafound that out the hardway00:16
Jordan_Ugaintsura: I would prefer you use pastebin00:16
gaintsuraJordan_U: ok, np00:16
lukinhi there00:16
travis_is there another archive wich loads everytime?00:17
travis_y mean00:17
mrNotYoutravis_: Try the sessions.00:17
favrotravis_: .bash_profile loads after login00:17
mykhihi, i accidently damaged /usr/lib/libGL.so.1, is there any way to fix it?00:17
gaintsuraJordan_U: http://pastie.org/267848 thats 4 recent lines00:17
firiI'm trying to listen to some music, and when I launch Rhythmbox, Rhythmbox takes 30% of my CPU usage and Pulseaudio another 30% of my 2.9GHz CPU. Is this normal behavior?00:18
travis_i actually want to do it by hand00:18
lukinneed help configuring skystar2 on ubuntu guys anyone please?00:18
travis_using vi00:18
mrNotYoutravis_: oh.00:18
ussermykhi, i think u have to reinstall your video driver for that00:18
KidforkmrNotYou: The resolution options are 640X480 (which is set at) and 320X240 (which makes it even bigger00:18
ussermykhi, libGL is part of your video driver00:18
mrNotYouKidfork: You can set the resolution you want.00:18
gaintsurafavro: does that include running command's (the .bash_profile)00:18
mykhiusser, you mean like fglrx?00:18
nibsa1242bfiri: if Rhythmbox is indexing, yes. And yes, Pulseaudio frequently uses large amounts of CPU on my 2.42GHz CPU.00:18
KidforkmrNotYou: How is this possiable?00:19
ussermykhi, yea if u use ati00:19
mrNotYouKidfork: Hang on a sec plz.00:19
gaintsurahey IndyGunFreak ^_^00:19
firinibsa1242b: Thank you.00:19
ussermykhi, then thats the one00:19
IndyGunFreakgaintsura: how goes it.00:19
favrogaintsura: I use it to startx after I login automatically - I don't run a *dm00:19
ussermykhi, in the synaptic look in the fglrx package properties you'll pbbly see libGL file there00:19
gaintsuraIndyGunFreak: not bad, I'm tired as all get up though00:19
mykhiusser, fglrx-kernel-
gaintsurafavro: ahh, is there a way to make a command run every time you login to a gui?00:20
mykhiusser, will dpkg -i do the trick?00:20
zcat[1]gaintsura, system > preferences > session00:20
gaintsurazcat[1]: doesn't work00:20
zcat[1]gaintsura, works here. what command?00:20
mrNotYouKidfork: Did you click on Detect Displays?00:20
KidforkmrNotYou: Yes00:21
gaintsurazcat[1]: trying to get a custom made 'shader' python script to run00:21
ussermykhi, nope u have to purge and its not fglrx-kernel package its another one00:21
gaintsurazcat[1]: its something similar to python /home/gaintsura/new_shader.py <window>00:21
favrogaintsura: in ubuntu there is admin - session - startup for that00:21
gaintsurafavro: negative00:21
ussermykhi, xorg-driver-fglrx00:21
mykhiusser, so apt-get --reinstall install xorg-driver-fglrx? >>00:22
mrNotYou!resolution | kidfork00:22
ubottukidfork: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:22
extorIs there any way for me to send text to my desktop as a pure text overlay that just overshadows any windows I have open? Sorta like this screenshot: http://www.carmosaic.com/weather/scripts/image-overlay-demo.php00:22
steven_Hello all. I just bought a used laptop that I want to set up for my mom with Ubuntu. Can someone point me to a a link where I can learn how to remotely connect to her laptop when I'm off to college in order to update it, install software, and do other administrative things.00:22
eubeyis there a good alternative for windows journal for ubuntu tablets? i've tried xournal but it isn't pressure sensitive00:22
ussermykhi, dont reinstall just yet cause im not sure that libGL belongs to that package look it up in synaptic properties->installed files00:22
zcat[1]gaintsura, wrap the command inside a bash script and run that? That usually works out more reliablethan launching a long comand with multiple parameters from in session00:22
mykhiusser, i wish to know what you're talking about >>00:23
mrNotYou!vnc | steven_00:23
ubottusteven_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:23
ussermykhi, hang on, i'll look it u[00:23
ussermykhi, *up00:24
mykhithanks a lot00:24
steven_mrNotYou: thank you.00:24
mrNotYousteven_: np :D =]00:24
zammyking112how do i make it so my screen aint so big00:24
gaintsuraJordan_U: any ideas?00:24
Decepticonhow do i turn on talkd so i can send the other user a massage00:24
mrNotYoueubey: I am not familiar with windows journal. What is it?00:24
mykhii actualy dont even have xorg-driver-fglrx in apt-get00:24
Jordan_Ugaintsura: No, sorry00:24
ussermykhi, is that the file? /usr/lib/libGL.so.100:25
Jordan_Umykhi: Make sure that you have restricted enabled00:25
mykhiusser, yes00:25
eubeymrNotYou, note taking using wacom pen, like a really specialized paint kind of00:25
gaintsuraIndyGunFreak: you know any security related stuffs?00:25
ussermykhi, how did u install ati driver? envy?00:25
mrNotYoueubey: Oh, sorry, I don't know. :/00:25
mykhinope sid, i could do it on envy00:25
mrNotYouIs there a way to send messages to another computer connected to the same network?00:26
ASrocki am having issues with ubuntu disconnecting from the internet, it works for a little while then it just quits, i have tried 2 different wireless adapters and 2 routers00:26
mykhiso i went for a sec on sid to get newest version00:26
IndyGunFreakgaintsura: other than, use a hardware firewall, disable ESSID, put a good password on your wireless network and change the default ESSID... no.00:26
mrNotYou!wireless | ASrock00:26
ubottuASrock: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:26
gaintsuraneed IPtables/security related stuff00:26
ussermykhi, sid?00:26
mrNotYouASrock: I am not sure if that might help but give it a try. Wireless has alway been a bug in Linux.00:26
mykhiusser, yes i got ati drivers from sid00:27
ussermykhi, what is sid?00:27
ASrockya but what i dont get is that one of my wireless adapters is connected via ethernet port00:27
Jordan_Umykhi: You can't use packages from Debian in Ubuntu00:27
ASrock...just like i wired connection so i wouldnt think that the adapter would have anything to do with it00:27
ussermykhi, are u running debian?00:28
mykhiwell im actualy using debian >>00:28
mrNotYouASrock: Again, it is wireless connected so there could still be a bug.00:28
mrNotYouIs there a way to send messages to another computer connected to the same network?00:28
mykhii hope it doesnt matter too much ><00:28
Jordan_Umykhi: You know there is a debian channel?00:28
EagleScreencan gdebi install more than one package at the same time?00:28
D1sa5t3ranyone have Acer Aspire One?00:28
ehtomhow can I get the number of bytes per sector for a device?00:28
ASrockwell i am shopping for a new wireless adapter for my computer can anyone tell me a wireless adapter that works right out of the box with ubuntu?00:28
mykhiJordan_U,  no i dont, it connects me to here automaticly00:28
ussermykhi, i dont know what the package called in debian the point is u have to reinstall fglrx00:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about talkd00:29
ehtommykhi: then you aren't using debian...00:29
KiDFlaShcan you USE the KAME00:29
tabakhase_it seems like ive got my kernel back...00:29
KiDFlaShthe kame package00:29
KiDFlaShkenn you use it?00:29
tabakhase_booting... *hope*00:29
byte-i'm a bit confused on the init script situation for 8.0400:29
mykhiusser, so if i used fglrx-kernel-src ill just recompile them again00:29
Jordan_Umykhi: Really, xchat in debian connects you here, that's odd. Anyway you can go to the debian channel by typing "/join #debian"00:30
byte-is upstart used by default, or is it sysv still?00:30
KiDFlaShwhy you try to denie it?00:30
Jordan_Ubyte-: upstart00:30
byte-because i don't have an inittab, but i also don't have upstart installed00:30
byte-which is confusing the hell out of me00:30
byte-i don't have any of the upstart binaries, and i don't have any of the configuration files00:30
byte-it seems like a pretty standard install besides the fact that it's inside vmware00:31
byte-any ideas on what's going on?00:31
grendal_primeis there a front end for shred?00:31
axeusAre Wobbly Windows not supported by Compiz?00:31
byte-it boots up fine and everything...00:31
mrNotYouaxeus: They are.00:31
KiDFlaShwho use compiz?00:31
Jordan_Ubyte-: Can you pastebin the output from "apt-cache policy upstart" ?00:31
perilluxis there any way to make audacity record at a lower volume.  Or to make it sort of "auto-level" so that it doesn't go too high and then get clipped making poor sound quality00:31
axeusHmm, I suppose I need to get a separate application to manage the settings of Compiz because I dont' see any type of configuration for that in X.00:32
byte-oops, my bad00:32
byte-i'm guessing the upstart binaries are in /sbin or /usr/sbin00:32
byte-i didn't actually look in there00:32
byte-it says it's installed00:32
tabakhase_How to freeze the kernel now? So that updater dont update him?00:32
ussermykhi, its not the kernel module u need to recompile its the driver itself that contains libGL00:32
mnWhat command is the equivalent of "del" in Win?00:32
SchmittyLHCi typed /join #channel; but i can't see the channel dialog, how can i view the chat inside the channel in bitchx?00:32
byte-but i can't find /etc/init/jobs.d00:32
byte-because it's not there00:32
mykhiusser, yea i just fond out cause it didnt work ;/00:33
SchmittyLHCmn: rm00:33
tabakhase_nm rm?00:33
byte-nevermind, i can't find the upstart binaries in any of the sbins, either00:33
FlannelSchmittyLHC: You'll have to consult your BitchX documentation.  BitchX isn't in Ubuntu due to its horrible security holes.00:33
byte-let me pastebin the output for you00:33
mykhiusser, is it fglrx-driver? or xserver-xorg-video-ati? im confused00:34
SchmittyLHCwhat command line client do you suggest Flannel?00:34
FlannelSchmittyLHC: I prefer irssi personally00:34
SchmittyLHCok, i'll try that thanx Flannel00:34
axeusHmm, Isn't Wobbly Windows supposed to be enabled by default with Compiz?00:34
SchmittyLHCim on a command line kick00:34
Jordan_Uaxeus: No00:34
evilGUIanyone know why I can't resume video in mplayer?00:34
axeusAh ok.00:34
zcat[1]http://pastebin.com/f23d5482e -- 'persistent' drops me into busybox. I have a second partiton, it's etx2 and labeled casper-rw. What else am I missing?00:35
BigBearcan ubuntu corrupt an ntfs partiition?00:35
axeusWell I just shoved a X850XTPE I found lying around in my closet in this box so I figure I can spare the resources.00:35
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darren__wobby windows you have to select when you install ubuntu if your grafics card can handel it00:35
=== zburnsAway is now known as zburns_Away
evilGUII've been trying to find out how to fix this issue for weeks :/00:36
ussermykhi, its probably fglrx-driver00:36
ussermykhi, ati one is a opensource driver00:36
axeusdarren__ I just apt-get Installed KDE on the latest release of Ubuntu.00:36
axeusdarren__ So I just installed Compiz.00:36
JoelitoHi all, is there a SMTP server a light as lighttp web server? I only need to send emails to test my web form from my localhost?00:36
byte-Jordan_U, any thoughts?00:37
FlannelJoelito: From localhost to where?00:37
BigBearcan i use ntfs as the swap file?00:37
yatesquestion: how do you get a touchpad to drag by double-tap-and-hold?00:38
darren__axeus: sorry im new to linux i just know iselected mine in system prefrences apperance visual effects00:38
Jordan_Ubyte-: So upstart is installed, where is the mystery?00:38
BigBeari meant use a swap file?00:38
zcat[1]http://pastebin.com/f23d5482e -- 'persistent' drops me into busybox. I have a second partiton, it's etx2 and labeled casper-rw. What else am I missing? Anybody?00:38
evilGUIthe only thing thats holding me back from ditching windows is a working video player00:38
yatesquestion: how do you get a touchpad to drag by double-tap-and-hold?00:38
byte-Jordan_U, i can't find the configuration file00:38
JoelitoFlannel: Hi, mostly is a contact-feedback form that will send an email either gmail or yahoo00:38
IndyGunFreakdarren__: do you ahve gsynaptics installed?00:38
byte-Jordan_U, and i also incidentally can't find any of the upstart binaries00:38
IndyGunFreaksorry darren__00:38
byte-which seems like it might be related to the missing configuration file problem00:38
FlannelJoelito: using which email address though? something like esmtp can be used as long as you're only relaying it to a "real" smtp server00:39
darren__IndyGunFreak: thats ok00:39
KidforkmrNotYou: Are you still here?00:39
IndyGunFreakevilGUI: what do you mean a working video player?00:39
Jordan_Ubyte-: The upstart binary is named init00:39
evilGUII can't pause and resume in mplayer00:39
evilGUIwith any video type00:39
byte-Jordan_U, fair enough00:39
JoelitoFlannel: I think it'll be to gmail00:39
IndyGunFreakevilGUI: thats because mplayer sucks, use vlc00:39
perilluxwhat's the package name that has the volume level monitor and recording level monitor, I need to install it.00:39
zefyri hate cpanel so bad00:39
zefyri dont see why hosts rely on it so much00:40
FlannelJoelito: gmail has smtp I believe, so that'll work.00:40
byte-Jordan_U, is the default ubuntu upstart config file /etc/init/jobs.d?00:40
darren__Hi does any one know a good music player that you can add skins to00:40
Flannelbyte-: I think its events.d00:40
byte-Jordan_U, that's what the upstart site says, but it also said the binary was named 'upstart'00:40
IndyGunFreak!audacious | darren__00:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacious00:40
chalcedony.pdf fails to open: Unhandled MIME type: "application/x-ole-storage"  i only see a few error reports like this.. and none of them is current. it won't open regular pdf files  on Ubuntu Hardy 8.400:41
IndyGunFreakdarren__: audacious uses xmms skins, google and you'll find plenty of them00:41
JoelitoFlannel: Thanks :), is it "easy" as lighttp? I mean configuration...was really easy to add support to php, python and perl cgi scripts in my server.00:41
darren__Kidfork: ok thanks i wil take a look00:41
KidforkUbottu: I did what you said about the sudo /etc/init.d/?dm, do i start, stop, reload, or what?00:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:41
chalcedonyThis is an error opening the file in Evince : .pdf fails to open: Unhandled MIME type: "application/x-ole-storage"  i only see a few error reports like this.. and none of them is current. it won't open regular pdf files  on Ubuntu Hardy 8.400:41
byte-how would i go about changing the default runlevel00:41
FlannelJoelito: Mail servers are infinitely more complicated than webservers, but for what you're doing, it should be relatively straight forward.00:41
IndyGunFreakvlc is more liek a complete audio/video player... for just music, i'd look at audacious00:41
byte-nothing in /etc/events.d particularly pops out at me00:42
JoelitoFlannel: Thanks, I'll digg in :)00:42
chalcedonyany suggestions on where to ask about Evince, besides here?00:42
Kidfork!resolution | Kidfork00:42
ubottuKidfork, please see my private message00:42
byte-it looks like i can just create an inittab00:42
byte-i'll try that00:42
perilluxwhat's the package name that has the volume level monitor and recording level monitor, I need to install it.00:42
Jordan_UJoelito: Just make sure that you are never an open relay :)00:42
evilGUIVLC has problems with playing some of my h.264 mkvs00:43
chalcedonyat first i thought it was the file, but now i think its evince00:43
D1sa5t3rvlc sucks00:44
zcat[1]http://pastebin.com/f23d5482e -- normal live boot and installer work, 'persistent' drops me into busybox. I have a second partiton, it's ext2 and labeled casper-rw. What else am I missing? Anybody?00:44
evilGUIYeah and mplayer can't resume so linux needs a new video player00:44
Sn007akeHello all Newb ubuntu user here....... I've worked out all my Technical issues with ubuntu and started Using some various applications.  My big thing is I am not to fimiliar with the commands in the Terminal. Is there sort of a noob guide on them? maybe explaining what they are and what they do?00:44
RyanPriorDoes anybody know how to share a scanner from Windows such that I can access it from my Ubuntu box?00:44
midododo11hello can anybody help me00:44
jrib!cli > Sn007ake00:45
midododo11i want to play .dat video files00:45
ubottuSn007ake, please see my private message00:45
chalcedonyfound it .. on gnome.org00:45
perilluxis there any way, using audacity, to record at a high quality like 96000Hz and then convert it to 44100Hz afterwards?00:45
midododo11is there any codec for .dat video files?00:45
anom01yhow can I get my IVTV drivers working ? I tried following the instructions on the Ubuntu web site w/ no luck, one of the commands there gives me an error00:45
IndyGunFreakanom01y: what card are you trying to get working00:46
anom01yHauppauge PVR 15000:46
IndyGunFreakanom01y: that card is easy, it should be pretty straightforward00:46
Jordan_Uperillux: Audacity has a built in volume control and meter when recording00:46
anom01yok, well Im not sure if the instructions are the way to go00:46
IndyGunFreakanom01y: ok, lets start from the beginning...00:47
IndyGunFreakanom01y: have you installed ivtv-utils?(sudo apt-get install ivtv-utils)00:47
midododo11hey any body know how to play .dat video files?00:47
SchmittyDoesItok, Flannel i kinda like irssi00:47
IndyGunFreakanom01y: ok, do ou have VLC installed?00:47
SchmittyDoesItany new user tips00:47
anom01yyes, and mplayer00:47
tj83midododo11, i thing that vlc does... sudo apt-get install vlc00:47
IndyGunFreakanom01y: open vlc00:48
midododo11i have vlc but it dont work00:48
anom01yI tried mplayer /dev/video0 but that gave me an error00:48
tj83midododo11, worked for me in the past... sorry00:48
IndyGunFreaknow int he vlc window, FIle/Open Capture Device/PVR tab00:48
D1sa5t3rmidododo11, xine00:48
evilGUIah mplayer gnome will let me resume00:48
anom01yIndyGunFreak: vlc is open btw00:48
IndyGunFreakafter the pVR tab, just click ok, and see if it turns on your tv00:48
evilGUIcan xine deal with dual audio?00:49
IndyGunFreakevilGUI: why dn't you just install VLC and be done w/ it?00:49
evilGUIlagg issues00:49
Drk_GuyIs there a fsck for ntfs?00:50
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE00:50
IndyGunFreakanom01y: did that work?00:50
=== _LordC is now known as LordC
anom01yIndyGunFreak: no00:50
anom01ygives me errors00:50
IndyGunFreakwhat error?00:50
anom01ysaid something like cannot open PVR://00:51
anom01yit is set to /dev/video0 in the PVR tab settings00:51
anom01yIndyGunFreak: I tried mplayer /dev/video0 and that did not work either00:51
tretle_laptopHi, I recently installed hardy on my laptop and Im getting errors when trying to install anything like updates or new software from apt00:51
cheekyhey i have windows in my machine and i wanna try ubuntu and look into taking up programing as a hobbie do i have to erase windows first and then install it?00:51
tretle_laptopdpkg: failed in buffer_read(fd): copy info file `/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error00:51
tretle_laptopE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:51
IndyGunFreakanom01y: weird, mine worked out of the box everytime.00:51
luccohi i have a little problem00:52
luccoi try to install python00:52
anom01yIndyGunFreak: I did some of the instructions on the ubuntu web site and got half through them, maybe some of the commands I used screwed it up ?00:52
IndyGunFreakanom01y: maybe.00:52
luccobut ir say me that  configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables00:52
anom01y: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy00:52
luccowhat can i do?00:52
khini am trying to install xp on a computer that has ubuntu already installed. does anyone know why the xp boot cd fails to detect a hard drive at all? i know this HD works since i am currently using it...00:53
anom01yIndyGunFreak: I did everything including change the sources.list00:53
IndyGunFreakanom01y: change the sources list?.. there shoul have been no need for that00:53
anom01yok because It said to add something in there, so I did00:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about global-menu00:53
luccosomebody can reply to me pls00:53
dbgltquick, possibly stupid question: where do I get "prepend" (for bash scripts from)00:54
dbgltwhich package?00:54
=== n is now known as Guest61688
=== Guest61688 is now known as SuperG
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:55
anom01yIndyGunFreak: maybe after I install ivtv utils do I have to reboot the computer ? or add the drivers to the kernel ?00:55
ePax!es | stalin00:55
ubottustalin: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:55
SuperGWhat would I need to fix the error of "configure: error: *** GTK+ >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install first ***00:55
dbgltanyone know?00:55
IndyGunFreakanom01y: no, you shouldn't have to do any of that... basically, this is how i've set that card up since dapper on clean installs.00:55
dbgltI thought it was part of bash... appears not00:55
stalinalguien tiene un notebook hpdv5120???00:56
IndyGunFreakinstall ivtv-utils, install vlc, open card up in vlc the way i told you, then use terminal and ivtv-utils to change the channel00:56
IndyGunFreaktakes 45-60sec tops00:56
ePaxkhin: You should install XP foirst and then ubuntu00:56
stalinhp dv5120?00:56
khinePax thats kind of annoying when i have a year's worth of stuff on ubuntu00:57
Drk_GuyHow can i fix a ntfs partition from ubuntu? (can't boot into winbugs)00:57
sotec_prodHuge issue! I switched all of my hardware to a new case, and added a few fans, a cold cathode light, and a dvd-burner. Now neither of the dvd-burners are being recognized in Ubuntu Hardy. I've tried mounting them, creating a mount point, ect. to no avail. Can someone help me out?00:57
SuperGI have tried installing build essentials and download GLIB from source , but the error remains00:57
mnWhat does it mean when I'm getting Hits while apt-get updating?00:59
ePaxkhin: Then use partition magic and do one partition for xp as NTFS... actually i have not done it but i think it should work... then try to install xp00:59
khinePax do you know if it is possible to move my ubuntu partition onto an external, then install xp and simply move ubuntu back using gparted00:59
ePaxkhin: or... i have better idea for you... install xp virtually on ubuntu... with Virtual box (;00:59
ePaxkhin: I think that would be best for you (;01:00
sotec_prodePax: does any virtual software support 3D yet?01:00
sparrCan anyone recommend a good open source photo manager with flickr integration and a good tagging system?  I need to sort, tag, and upload like 15k photos.01:00
khinePax but can you just move partitions around like that or do i need to reinstall ubuntu01:00
ePaxsotec_prod: Not that i know of.01:00
anom01yIndyGunFreak: is there a daemon or something that has to be running ???01:00
sotec_prodePax: except for the Mac version of Virtual-Fusion01:00
sotec_prodVMware-Fusion, excuse me01:00
ePaxkhin: You can do allmost everything you need to do with xp as virtual OS as normal XP installation.01:01
sotec_prodwhich is a moot point considering Parallels...01:01
sotec_prodexcept games ePax.01:01
ePaxsotec_prod: japp01:01
sotec_prodwhich is a huge draw for me, as XP is my primary gaming station01:01
khinwhats weird is XP is not even detecting the drive exists. its not saying, you have a drive but i can't read it. its saying, there is no drive on this PC01:02
sotec_prodthere's a conspiracy here amongst the parallel/virtual software companies, I know it.....01:02
ePaxkhin: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-30794.html01:02
* sotec_prod re-up's his empty beer stein01:03
Drk_GuyHow can i install GRUB to an ntfs partition that hasn't been mounted because of errors?01:03
anom01yI need help with IVTV can someone please help me ???01:04
D3RGPS31How do I convert flv or avi to 3GP?01:04
TerminalErrormy sound is only playing from the left speaker im using 8.04, sound card is MCP55 High Definition Audio, lspci detects it01:04
Drk_Guy!ffmpeg | D3RGPS3101:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg01:04
usserD3RGPS31, use ffmpeg01:04
usser!info ffmpeg01:05
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): multimedia player, server and encoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7.1 (hardy), package size 187 kB, installed size 664 kB01:05
Drk_GuyD3RGPS31, ffmpeg -i flv avi01:05
usserD3RGPS31, just install one from medibuntu01:05
nano_does anybody know of a good alternative to F-Spot that can actually import video files as well?01:05
TerminalErroranyone have a idea?01:05
anom01yhow do I undo this command: wget http://dl.ivtvdriver.org/ubuntu/80DF6D58.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:05
TerminalErroranyone point me in the right direction of what i need to google....01:06
stylianosI am having problems with installing a theme. Help please?01:07
usseranom01y, sudo apt-key list note the ID then sudo apt-key del ID01:07
anom01ybloody kubuntu help screws up your computer01:07
stylianosI downloaded a theme but I don't know how to install it?01:07
Drk_Guyanom01y, system -> Software sources01:08
stylianos!kubuntu | anom0ly01:08
ubottuanom0ly: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE01:08
sotec_prodIs there a better IM client than Pidgin for Gnome?01:08
homeskilletwhat's the best way to run photoshop in ubuntu, wine or vmware+windows01:08
usserhomeskillet, cs2 u can run in wine pretty comfortably01:09
homeskilletdont think there's anythin better than pidgin for anything01:09
sotec_prodAnd if not, is there a better client, period? I don't mind installing additional libraries.01:09
Drk_Guyhomeskillet, vmware slows everything down01:09
ussersotec_prod, yes there is kopete01:09
Drk_Guyhomeskillet, amsn (msn only)01:09
EvolutionXtinctI have a weird problem.... And its forcing me to rethink if i should just do this on Windows 2003..... but for some reason the transfer rates on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS are @ 12MBps.... This is a Adaptec2410SA RAID5 4x500GB Seagate Enterprise SATA 3G Drives01:09
usser!info kopete01:09
ubottukopete (source: kdenetwork): instant messenger for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu1.1 (hardy), package size 6970 kB, installed size 19284 kB01:09
sotec_produsser: how is kopete better?01:09
Drk_Guyusser, according to my experience, kopete FTL01:09
sotec_prodor how is Pidgin better?01:10
EvolutionXtinctI'm transfering from /media/RAID to a sub directory and 32GB's of multiple files is taking 1HR01:10
ussersotec_prod, it supports video01:10
ussersotec_prod, and i like its interface better01:10
D3RGPS31Drk_Guy, usser: thanks01:10
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:10
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes01:10
Drk_Guylol, np D3RGPS3101:10
TerminalErrorso no one has any clue what to do with my sound issue lol01:10
joshuajtlhey folks, can gnome control where an app (gimp for example) opens? (id like it to allways open on desktop2)01:11
EvolutionXtinctTerminalError don't feel to bad... no one does about mine either.01:11
EvolutionXtinctdoes anyone know anything about hardware RAID and integrating it w/ Ubuntu?01:11
nano_does anybody know of a good alternative to F-Spot that can actually import video files as well?01:12
TerminalErrorwell atleast im not alone01:12
TerminalErrorEvolutionXtinct, whats wrong with your sound01:12
EvolutionXtincti don't have a sound problem:)01:12
TerminalErroroh another01:13
EvolutionXtinctI have a RAID problem... or more or less a linux RAID problem cuz it works fine on Windows.01:13
sugiMy m-key is a 0 (zero) and my i-key is a 5.  How do I change it back to the normal setup??? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5746658#post5746658  link with more information01:13
TerminalErrorwell i guess ill come back later when its more active01:13
TerminalErrordo some more googling hopefully figure my other problems out01:13
EvolutionXtinctif i could find some way to install windows on the hardware as a host then as a guest I would love life... but i can't get Enterprise Edition of win2k3 and I have 8GB's of RAM in this lil beaset01:13
=== dmsuperman is now known as skynet
TerminalErrorim getting a tb hd and 4 gig around friday01:14
TerminalErrorgoing to virtualbox01:14
=== skynet is now known as dmsuperman
=== dmsuperman is now known as AgtSmith
sugiI need help with my keyboard layout.  For some reason my m-key becomes a 0 (zero) key and my i-key becomes a 5 key.  How do i fix this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5746658#post574665801:15
EvolutionXtinctthis lil 1U is a Supermicro 6015B-URV w/ a adaptec 2410SA 4port RAID 5 controller 4x 500GB Seagate 3G Enterprise NS drives, and 8GB's of RAM01:15
=== AgtSmith is now known as dmsuperman
EvolutionXtinctand dual 5130 Xeon 2.0Ghz CPU's i'm going to upgrade to 5430 CPU's once the price drops a lil more01:16
anom01ydo I need mythtv to get my hauppauge pvr 150 to work ?01:16
axeusHmm. Cubed Desktop seems to only want me to have 2 desktops. 0.o01:16
TerminalErroraxeus, you have compiz installed01:17
arquebussugi- are you using a US keyboard?01:17
sugiarquebus: yep and it's set to a USA keyboard layout Default01:18
dislohey guys i need to add the noexec to my grub config01:18
TerminalErroraxeus, system -> advanced desktop effects settings > general options > desktop size > virtual size set to how many you want01:19
TobarkHey all....is the version of Ubuntu for Power PC still kicking around? I have an old iBook id like to give it a go on.01:19
cheekyhey guys i need some advice i have 2 hdd on my machine and i want to try ubuntu butcant install it coz i have no DVD rom only an external laptop HDD any advice please ???01:19
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:19
dr_willischeeky,  thers ways of installing it witn no optical drive.01:19
dr_willis!install | cheeky01:20
ubottucheeky: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:20
cheekyok ..let me read that up01:20
nxmehtai'm having trouble connecting to samba on ubuntu 8.04 server from vista... the only things i've done so far are to set browseable = yes, security = users, encrypt passwords = true, run smbpasswd, and restarted the server.  am i missing something else?01:20
arquebussugi- do you have any other languages besides usa layout set up?01:21
sugiin the keyboard layout=no.  I only have USA default01:21
arquebussugi-ok, then Im out of ideas01:21
Salooooomycan anyone help? I cant press shift while in terminal, but I can in other apps01:21
cheekydrwillis thank you that link is  very helpful01:22
sugiarquebus: hahaha, thanks anyways >.<01:23
at28hey guys i download ubuntu-source-extra and i have hard time playing vidoes form you tube anyone can help me?01:24
zammyking111Does anyone know how to make it so everythings not so big?01:24
EvolutionXtinctwow the only article i can find abouty AAR-2410SA my adaptec card is from 200401:24
EvolutionXtinctthis sux lol01:24
axeusTerminalError: Hmm that worked great. :) However, the Panel still shows 2 desktops (even though there are 4). :) Also even though I can select Horizontal and Vertical desktops "Number of Desktops" remains uneditable. :)01:24
zammyking111Does anyone know how to make it so that everythings not so big?01:25
dr_williszammyking111,  clarify the issue/problem.01:25
anom01yplease is there anyone who knows anythign about ivtv, tv/tuners, hauppauge 150 ???01:25
dr_williszammyking111,  'not so big' is very vague01:25
zammyking111like ok i go to www.runescape.com01:25
zammyking111and i start the game01:25
zammyking111and i can only see half of the game not the full thing01:25
dr_willisanom01y,  my hauppage pvr150 worked fine for me under mythbuntu - once i confiured it right.01:25
zammyking111I have to scroll up and down etc to see it01:25
dr_williszammyking111,  increase your screen display size?01:26
zammyking111my music aint working wtf01:26
anom01ydr_willis: do I need mythtv ?01:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:26
dr_willisanom01y,  No.. I just use mythtv to recorde shows and so forth.01:26
dr_willisanom01y,  theres other tv tuner apps   that just  'watch tv'01:27
zammyking111so do you know how to increase the size?01:27
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
Theebwhen i do the recovery mode, there is something has [fail] and i cant read which package because the screen moves fast and when i do the fix package it doesnt work. any idea how to figure out which package i need to fix?01:27
zammyking111how do i change the size?01:28
anom01ydr_willis: well I installed ivtv-utils, and I dont see any ivtv daemon running, and mplayer /dev/video0 doesnt do anything (except give errors)01:28
jkristhekingHEY this is my first..well third time on xchat can someone tell me how to like have a friends list kinda like a pane that shows people that i add ?01:28
skarfacejkristheking: use your notify list01:28
jkristhekinghow do i do that?01:28
skarfacewindow > notify list01:28
jkristhekingokeyy thank youuu01:29
zammyking111how do i change the size of the moniter???01:29
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy01:29
anom01ywhat if I have 8.0401:29
anom01ythe guys in #linux said I am missing drivers (that was determind by a command they told me to execute)01:29
jkristhekingfor the notify list can i make it in the xchat window?01:29
TerminalErroraxeus, your workspace panel still only shows you having 2 sides of the cube but when you use the ctrl+alt right left arrow or left click and drag (if enabled) you have 4 cube sides01:30
skarfacejkristheking: you can type /notify to see who's on01:30
mindrapeanom01y: lspci shows devices and lsmod shows the drivers assigned to each.01:30
anom01ywhy are the instructions provided by !ivtv not helping me set up ivtv01:30
jkristhekingoh okeyyy01:30
sugiI need help with my keyboard layout.  For some reason my m-key becomes a 0 (zero) key and my i-key becomes a 5 key.  How do i fix this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5746658#post574665801:30
dr_willisanom01y,  ive never used mplayer to watch tv. Only mythtv, and xawtv (i think)01:30
anom01ywell I did dmesg and it said01:30
anom01ylsemple@TIR:~$ dmesg | grep ivtv01:30
anom01y[   52.045503] ivtv: Unknown symbol tveeprom_read01:30
anom01y[   52.046089] ivtv: Unknown symbol tveeprom_hauppauge_analog01:30
FloodBot2anom01y: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:31
jkristhekinghas anyone found out how to use all the buttons on a logitech mx 500 mouse?01:31
zammyking111does anyone know how to make the sound louder?01:31
dr_williszammyking111,  if your system is running at a lower then it should res. You may need to install the proper video card drivers. and use the settings tools to select a higher res.01:31
zammyking111how can i find the proper vid card because it came with the comp01:31
anom01ythen I was told I was using ubuntu (which is correct), and the drivers are missing, but I did install ivtv-utils, so what am I missing ?01:31
at28hey guys anyone can help me to install adobe flash player? for firefox?01:31
zammyking111because everything is working right01:31
zammyking111becuase my sound arnt as loud01:31
at28i install ubuntu-extra and installed old version? any idea how to fix it01:31
zammyking111its dimmed down01:31
zammyking111my graphics card wont run high games etc...01:32
_Zeus_zammyking111: what's your video game?01:32
zammyking111what u mean video game?01:32
zammyking111Im trying to run runescape on high detail and it wont let me01:32
_Zeus_(08:31:59 PM) zammyking111: my graphics card wont run high games etc...01:32
kernhello i just installed ubuntu on this new computer and took my other harddrive and put it in this one as well this one was used as storage..and i want to use it as storage again but it wont let me mount it! help01:32
_Zeus_zammyking111: what does it say?01:32
Salooooomyanyone know what shift does not work in terminal???01:33
jkristhekinganyone know how to save overclocking setting for a nvidia card PM me01:33
zammyking111it says... RuneScape was unable to start because your graphics card driver indicated that it didn't have the features needed to play RuneScape High Detail mode.01:33
dr_willisSalooooomy,  you mean terminal as in 'gnome-terminal' or  the 'console' ?  try a different terminal app perhaps.01:33
kbrosnanat28: v9 124  should be the most up to date01:33
dr_williszammyking111,  and your video card is a ?01:34
kernwhen i try to mount it will say you are not priveleged to mount the volume 'E'01:34
Salooooomydr_willis: I have tried both, to no avail :(01:34
dr_williszammyking111,  care to be more specific?    check the  following urls for installing nvidia card drivers...01:34
jkristhekingfx 550001:34
kerni also installed the storage device manager but it wasnt any help01:34
dr_willis!nvidia | zammyking11101:34
TerminalErrorwohooo well i fixed my sound problem01:34
ubottuzammyking111: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:34
zammyking111oh it says this also01:35
zammyking111 Your graphics card driver has the following problems:  Software Rasteriser01:35
TerminalErrornow on to fixing me next problem...01:35
dumbdumhello, how do i remove a program shortcut from the "application" menu? thanks01:36
zammyking111nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE]01:36
zammyking111thats my graphic card now what01:36
kerndumbdum right click on applications then edit menus01:37
=== biglinux is now known as overlord
zammyking111My video card = nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE]01:38
dumbdumOk, great thanks, now how do I remove the programs that it refered to? (The shortcut was for "WINE".01:38
zammyking111what do i do?01:38
arnellI got a black screen on reboot after enabling graphic accel. ATI HD 2900 XT. Does this mean I have to reinstall OS?01:38
kernclick on wine01:39
dr_williszammyking111,  install the proper nvidia drivers for the card. for starters. untill you get them installed/working. You wont be making full use of your card.01:39
kernfind your shortcut u want to remove01:39
kernright click on it and delete01:39
mikejetWhy does firefox always crash on x86_64 ubuntu? I'm running a dual core amd64 64-bit version of ubuntu.01:39
zammyking111ok i found my card which was nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE]01:39
cheekycan i install ubuntu from an external HDD to one of my other hdd in my computer without using the live CD?01:39
zammyking111and i dont know where i can find that thing because the installation disc came with my computer01:39
kernsometimes u cant delete it so just deselect it01:39
zammyking111i didnt buy the graphic card alone01:39
dr_williszammyking111,  theres a hardware-manager tool in the menus that 'should' see/install the proper drivers.01:39
zammyking111i looked in there and nothing came up01:40
zammyking111i went to01:40
mikejetJust create a static .html file on your local disk with >20 embedded youtube links, and Firefox will CRASH on UBUNTU.01:40
kesrehey, I'm a newb trying to setup iwlwifi drivers for my machine - the first step is %make patch_kernel - and I'm already stuck - 'lil help?01:40
zammyking111system > admin > Hardware drivers01:40
cheekycould someone help me install ubuntu from a external HDD?01:40
dr_williszammyking111,  'using a disk that came with the card' is windows thinking.. thers no need for it. It could be that card is one of the problemmatic cards. and you may need to use the envyng tool.01:40
mikejetWho are the people who think this is acceptable?01:40
zammyking111it didnt come with a disc -.-01:40
zammyking111i didnt install the graphic card manually it came with my comp01:40
corben_dallasI think I've borked my flash in FF301:40
corben_dallas<corben_dallas> I added Mint to the repos list, now any site with Flash [and that's about half the interweb...] immediately ping my processor to 100%01:41
corben_dallas<corben_dallas> and the sound is really low too..01:41
dr_williszammyking111,  you need to install the proper nvidia drivers  reguardless...01:41
mikejetVista's death is greatly exaggerated. People need to run flash on webpages.01:41
anom01yvlc's pvr settings don't work on /dev/video0, and the command mplayer /dev/video0 gives me errors, but I have ivtv-utils installed ??01:41
dr_williscorben_dallas,  mint uses flash 10 beta last i looked.. that could be the issue.01:41
zammyking111ok so would i just google nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE]01:41
arnellI got a black screen on reboot after enabling graphic accel. ATI HD 2900 XT. Does this mean I have to reinstall OS?01:41
dr_willis 'need to run flash' - like we all Needed flashy banners and popup ads...01:41
corben_dallasdr_willis: so how would I get my flash back to the way it was?01:41
mikejetI had to pay $300 to upgrade my CRT to a LCD before ubuntu 8.04 would work reliably for me. Thanks ubuntu!01:42
arnellCan someone advise? thanks01:42
jessid!compile | jessid01:42
ubottujessid, please see my private message01:42
dr_williszammyking111,  No.. You would read the !nvidia bot link/url and read a little bit.  its very likely that 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new' will install the drivers.. but You should read and double check for your SPECIFIC video card.01:42
agentocant do sudo apt-get install this error message http://paste.ubuntu.com/44394/01:42
mikejetthe Linux nvidia drivers are SHIT.01:42
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
dr_williscorben_dallas,   no idea.. fire up package manager.. remove the mint stuff.. reinstall the ubuntu stuff.01:42
alpinestrmy synaptics pkgmngr has hung at installation  how do i get out and clean the installation01:42
Salooooomyanyone know why the SHIFT key stops working in terminal app and konsole?01:43
kesrehey, I'm a newb trying to setup iwlwifi drivers for my machine - the first step is %make patch_kernel - and I'm already stuck - 'lil help?01:43
corben_dallasdr_willis: package manager is inside Synaptic???01:43
dr_willisSalooooomy,  as a test. try under a different user. could be some  keyboard setting.01:43
dr_williscorben_dallas,  synaptic is one of the package manager tools...01:43
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:44
agentohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/44394/  could anyone help me with this?01:44
Salooooomydr_willis: I am trying as root (I am the only user of my laptop).01:44
corben_dallasok how do I tell it to just get rid of the mint stuff?01:44
dr_willisSalooooomy,  try as a different user.. if it works for the other users.. then that points to a setting issue.. if it never works.. that points to a hardware issue..01:44
alpinestrhow do you clean the synaptics corrupted installation01:45
dr_williscorben_dallas,  thats a very good question.. could have it show by repository.01:45
alpinestrit just hung at acidlab installation kind of pathetic01:45
khinhow do i see my hardware information in hardy01:45
Salooooomydr_willis, shift key works in any other apps. just not in any shell... under my user...01:45
arnellI got a black screen on reboot after enabling graphic acceleration ATI HD 2900 XT. Does this mean I have to reinstall OS?01:45
agentohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/44394/   please!01:46
Jordan_U!repeat | agento01:46
ubottuagento: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:46
corben_dallasdr_willis: you mean, "Origin" tab at the bottom? I don't see any Mint mentioned there01:46
dr_willisSalooooomy,  how about under 'xterm' ?   I cant think of a setting that would affect konsole and gnome-terminal both.01:46
khini think my upgrade to hardy caused more problems than it solved01:46
anom01ytvtime says no such file or directory /dev/video001:46
khinhibernate doesn't work... that was really useful01:46
anom01ythe guys in #linux specifically said I am missing drivers01:46
cheekydo you have to be a programmer to set up linux?01:46
anom01yhow do I install the ivtv drivers if the instrutcitons provided from !ivtv do not work ?01:46
dr_willischeeky,  no  You do not.01:47
Salooooomydr_willis: i will try under xterm...01:47
monstrfolkcould someone help me with nic bonding01:47
Jordan_Ucheeky: Depends on your hardware :) But generally no, you don't01:47
dumbdumIs there a general search function in Ubuntu? So i can search for files folders on my entire HDD?01:48
jribdumbdum: locate01:48
argosyI've got a USB headset plugged in, and I'm trying to figure out how to get the sound/mike to work with it01:48
monstrfolki have ifenslave setup and created bond0 but from my understanding the bond, eth0 and eth1 need to have the same mac address...the bond and eth0 have the same but eth1 does not01:48
khinanyone know why hibernate no longer works in hardy01:48
dr_willisdumbdum,  'locate' command is handy. but its database gets updated once a day. or by 'sudo updatedb'01:48
khini think im going to downgrade to gutsy cause this is too useful to do without01:48
dumbdumYes thats what i want to do, locate files etc.01:48
Salooooomymonstrfolk: I saw a guide once which i used to create bond devices which was a team of nics load-balanced for redundancy... Ill try and find it for you01:48
Jordan_U!downgrade | khin01:49
ubottukhin: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.01:49
jribkhin: if it stopped working in a more recent version, it would be great if you could check if there is a bug at bugs.ubuntu.com and file one if there isn't01:49
Salooooomydr_willis: xterm exhibits same symptom, no SHIFT in that app either01:49
sotec_prodAnyone figure out how to connect to a Google Talk account with Kopete?01:49
zammyking111i need someones opinion01:50
zammyking111GeForce 6150 LE01:50
jribSalooooomy: so shift does work in another user?01:50
dr_willisSalooooomy,  weirdness.. Id be tempted to try a totally different window manager like jwm , and see if it also shows the same issue.01:50
mikejetsotec_prod: Kopte is not supported in this version. Try nvidia.01:50
Jordan_USalooooomy: try running "dash" and see if shift works there01:50
zammyking111and http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/hcl/data/components/details/2714.html01:50
zammyking111look alike?01:50
khinmy hibernate just causes the computer to shut down01:50
sotec_prodmikejet, what?01:50
Salooooomymosterfolk: http://www.linuxhorizon.ro/bonding.html01:50
jribzammyking111: at least keep it on one line if you are going to be offtopic...01:50
dr_willisJordan_U,  yea. i was thinking that also.. I cant think of any setting that disables shift.   unless its a capslock issue...01:50
zammyking111GeForce 6150 LE &01:51
zammyking111the same?01:51
FloodBot2zammyking111: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
Salooooomydash has no shift, started in same user...01:51
arnellI got a black screen on reboot after enabling graphic acceleration ATI HD 2900 XT. What's going on? Anyone?01:51
dr_willisSalooooomy,  this is using KDE or GNOME as the desktop?01:51
jribzammyking111: I think you missed my point01:51
zammyking111GeForce 6150 LE &01:51
zammyking111the same?01:51
jribzammyking111: stop01:51
FloodBot2zammyking111: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
Jordan_USalooooomy: Try doing an "su - <other user>" from that same terminal01:51
dr_williszammyking111,  that question made no sence.. and thats a SUN web site . so its not ubuntu related at all.01:51
Jordan_USalooooomy:And don't forget the '-'01:52
kerncan somebody help me mount a drive?? or rather teach me heh01:52
zammyking111omg its a drivers question01:52
jribkern: what filesystem?01:52
zammyking111so its related ;)01:52
dr_williszammyking111,  sun is not in any way  goingto apply to linux drivers...01:52
Salooooomyother users do not work01:52
zammyking111look at the link01:53
kernjrib ntfs01:53
Salooooomynither does my user su- root01:53
zammyking111and maybe ull see01:53
dr_williszammyking111,  you most likely  need to install the nvidia-glx-new package, like i stated earlier.01:53
zammyking111ok how would i do that?01:53
dr_williszammyking111,  the package manager tool.. or use the exact command i gave earlier.01:53
jribkern: do you really care to learn how to mount it manually or you just want it to work?01:53
zammyking111what command?01:53
dr_williszammyking111,  No.. You would read the !nvidia bot link/url and read a little bit.  its very likely that 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new' will install the drivers.. but You should read and double check for your SPECIFIC video card.01:53
mikejetdriver questions are the epitome of the bizzare. zammyking111 is being naive. to the extreme.01:53
kernjrib i would like it to auto mount everytime i startup... but yeah it wont mount at all right now01:53
agentodpkg --configure -a doesnt work01:54
dr_willismikejet,  and im about to give up on it. :)01:54
jrib!ntfs > kern01:54
ubottukern, please see my private message01:54
Jordan_USalooooomy: Does shift work in a vt ?01:54
jribagento: "doesn't work" isn't really helpful.  Pastebin your command and the full output01:54
agentojrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44394/01:54
zammyking111there its installing01:54
Salooooomydo you mean in a ssh session from another computer to the laptop01:54
Jordan_USalooooomy: No, ctrl+alt+F1 ( F7 to get back to X )01:55
zammyking111now how would i do that with my sound?01:55
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
mikejetdr_willis : i feel your pain. I spent 100 hours failing to get an nvidia card to work on an old $1000 CRT on ubuntu 7.10(?). Upgrading to 8.04 and a modern LCD FINALLY fixed Ubuntu's problem.01:56
jribagento: what's
SchmittyDoesItanyone know of a speedtest that can run in shell? I like speedtest.net but i need something i can completely run from shell.01:56
Salooooomyshift works in a VT!!!!!!!01:56
zammyking111nope i got the latest drives and its not working01:56
zammyking111i did sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new01:56
zammyking111and denied01:56
jribzammyking111: please stop pressing enter.  one thought = one enter01:56
agentojrib, a kernel that i compiled long time ago... but i uninstall it and im not using it...01:56
zammyking111I did sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new and it didnt work, or do i need to restart my computer for it to update?01:57
dr_williszammyking111,  that !nvidia url/guide i gave earlier - would of told you - to reboot.01:57
Salooooomyok that is BIZZZARE!!!!!! how come shift works in a VT and not when using any of three programs that open shells?01:57
Jordan_Uzammyking111: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers01:57
smm289u usually have to at least log-out, log-in after a major package install dont ya01:57
dr_willisSalooooomy,  im guessing some term setting.  but i cant imagine what one.01:57
jribagento: hrmm.  I don't know how it figures out what it needs to generate01:58
Salooooomyis it in bashrc? I recently modified it to set compix as my defauly WM01:58
dr_willisSalooooomy,  Hmmm... IT could be compiz grabbing the key..   Debugging #1 = disable compiz and see if it stillhappens01:58
SalooooomyI also used the --replace so that it would boot faster and avoid loading another WM01:59
dr_willisSalooooomy,  why did you mess with .bashrc to set compiz? :)  I never had to do that befor01:59
jdolan__hi, anyone have any tips for getting the soundcard to work for multiple apps at the same time with Hardy?  this used to work just fine in Gutsy.01:59
Salooooomytrying to kill compiz...01:59
dr_willisI just use that fusion-icon tool myself.01:59
Salooooomyi cant ps -A or | to find compiz's process and kill it (doh!)01:59
dr_willisSalooooomy,  kwin --replace02:00
jribagento: it's a bash script if you want to read it...02:00
Jordan_USalooooomy: Just metacity --replace02:00
yao_ziyuanwhat are commercial-quality linux games? games like Age of Empires...02:00
Salooooomydr_willis: kwin -- replace worked02:00
jdolan__yao_ziyuan, most of id Software's titles run fine on Linux.02:00
yao_ziyuanand i personally very much like MechCommander 202:00
Salooooomyso im guessing compiz is grabbing shift when in a shell02:00
dr_willisyao_ziyuan,  idsofware has their doom/quake games ported over. and a few other comercial companies.02:00
yao_ziyuanjdolan__: via wine?02:00
d4t4min3rcan someone give me the links to the new beta tests02:00
jdolan__yao_ziyuan, so that's the Quake series and all of it's derivatives..02:00
agentojrib, the problem is that dpkg want to do something in other kernel thats not even installed...02:00
dr_willisSalooooomy,  thats my guess also.02:00
jdolan__yao_ziyuan, no natively.02:01
jdolan__there are linux binaries you can download, and then you just copy in the game data from the Windows installation media.02:01
d4t4min3ranyone know the link on ubuntu where you can download the new beta test versions02:01
jdolan__yao_ziyuan, i'm also the maintainer of a Free game based on Quake, http://quake2world.net02:01
jribagento: are you sure it's not an issue with update-initramfs?  what's in your /boot now?02:01
Salooooomydr_willis: much thanks. can you suggest a way to load compiz at the start which avoids having to load another wm?02:01
Flanneld4t4min3r: #ubuntu+1, and its not beta, its alpha.02:01
yao_ziyuanjdolan__: i can't play first person shooter games02:02
jdolan__there are other kinds?  oO02:02
yao_ziyuanjdolan__: i feel dazzled and fainted when playing fast moving 3d scenarios02:02
jdolan__doh!  i've never had that problem at all, but i know plenty of people do.02:02
agentojrib, ok how do i update initramfs?02:03
Jordan_Uyao_ziyuan: Not sure I'd call it commercial quality, but xmoto is addictive ( 2D motocross game )02:03
smm289is there away to assume root permissions, sudo command but while in a gui file manager, like Nautalis.  A right click Sudo or something02:03
zammyking111I got an error and it said it cuoldnt find out my graphic card02:03
yao_ziyuanlemme see02:04
Flannelsmm289: Install nautilus-gksu02:04
jribagento: 'man initramfs' I'm not that familiar with it.  I do see a -u and -d that looks interesting02:04
dislohey guys how do i set the noexec grub flag to happen everytime the os starts02:04
dr_willisSalooooomy,  i dont use compiz. so No. :)02:05
smm289perfect, ty02:05
dr_willisSalooooomy,  personally i thought if you did compiz --replace  it set  the kwin variable so it did NOT load kwin, then compiz.. but i dont pay much attention to it.02:05
=== _Zeus_1 is now known as _Zeus_
zammyking111anyone know what i can do because its still not working :(02:06
phantomcircuitwho the **** did the ui design on eclipse ?!02:08
mpoz2Can anyone give me a hint on how to install openoffice.org3 in Hardy? I added the PPA (~openoffice-pkgs) to my sources.list but the new version won't show up in aptitude.02:09
favrompoz2: have you updated aptitude?02:10
Pie-rateI have a friend who still has 7.04 feisty, which is out of support october. if she uses the update manager to upgrade, will she get gutsy and have to upgrade again to hardy, or will she get hardy?02:10
dr_willismpoz2,  you did update the repo listing? 'sudo apt-get update' ?02:10
FlannelPie-rate: You can only upgrade one release at a time (except when dealing with LTS), so gutsy, then hardy.02:11
mpoz2favro, dr_willis: yes, of course :) several times02:11
dr_willismpoz2,  You wont belive the # of times ive frogotten to do that. :) and ive seen others.02:11
=== _Zeus_1 is now known as _Zeus_
Pie-rateFlannel: and i have to have her upgrade before october or she won't be able to at all?02:12
yao_ziyuanis there a tool like Norton Ghost that can totally backup my ubuntu installation?02:12
smm289I have 3GB of ram in my laptop but I notice Ubuntu only uses about 275MB, way-to go Ubuntu.  However, is there a tweak or something to force Ubuntu to use more ram.  Guess I have to much ;)02:13
Pie-ratesmm289: it'll use as much ram as it needs...02:13
smm289complete load into ram or something?02:13
xindosmm289: run a lot of programs02:13
FlannelPie-rate: There are ways to do it even after EOL, but that is the easiest.02:13
smm289ya, thats what I figured02:13
xindowatch it go up, you can use it all02:13
yao_ziyuansmm289: install virtualbox and install another ubuntu inside it02:13
Flannelsmm289: Linux will intelligently cache stuff, don't worry.02:13
khinhey, where do i look up what kind of SATA controller i have in ubuntu hardy02:14
Pie-rateFlannel: is running apt-get dist-upgrade the same as clicking upgrade in the update manager?02:14
IndyGunFreakyao_ziyuan: lol, great answer02:14
xindokhin: maybe lspci?02:15
FlannelPie-rate: No02:15
plouffeWhat prog to view DVD's? And is it possible to convert to avi or something?02:15
khinxindo thats it02:15
xindoplouffe: need to install resctricted packages02:16
Kr0ntabkhin, lspci02:16
D1sa5t3ruse google02:16
FlannelPie-rate: there are ways to upgrade using dist-upgrade, but not without other things02:16
Pie-rateFlannel: thanks02:16
plouffexindo and what programs?02:16
plouffewhat packages02:16
D1sa5t3rvlc is best for dvds02:17
sugiMy M-key, I-key (include some more) is messed up.  When I press them, they become numbers.  The M-key is a 0 (zero) and the I-key is a 5.  How do I fix this?02:17
xindoplouffe: what D1sa5t3r said02:17
Cpudan80VLC hear hear!02:17
plouffeand any progs to convert to avi,mp3,etc ?02:18
smm289ok, I desktop that runs Ubuntu 8.04 desktop, all it does is server files and keep backups.  When I click on Network using my Laptop (8.04) I do not see there server listed, however if I type its address into the location bar all its drives are displayed properly02:18
JabI wanna know the same thing plouffe02:18
smm289any idea why the server does not show up in the network browse02:18
Mc_abyssuse memcoder its quicker lol02:18
smm289its running samba, cause it also servers files to a few vista machines02:19
usserplouffe, ffmpeg02:19
Mc_abyssplouffe use memcoder or for flv ffmpeg02:19
plouffethanks usser Mc_abyss02:19
smm289in order to see the server I have to type smb://server289  why wont it show up in the network browse of nautalis.  My two vista machines show up02:20
Kr0ntabplouffe, in addition to what has been mentioned.,.. for audio.. a very good graphical ui for the task is "soundconverter"02:20
johnsmm289 check pm02:21
plouffethanks Kr0ntab02:21
Mc_abyssplouffe in terminal type mencoder filename.wmv -ofps 29.97 -ovc lavc -oac copy -o filename.avi obviously change filetype etc02:21
plouffethanks, copied that Mc_abyss02:21
Mc_abyssnp plouffe02:22
kesrehey, I'm trying to install a driver for my wireless - when I do 'make menuconfig' in lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/build, I get a bunch of errors about no such file/directory02:22
Mc_abyssright on that note im going to bed rofl its 2:20am doh02:22
D1sa5t3rholy crap02:23
Mc_abyssah but i need to be up by 5 rofl02:23
D1sa5t3rme 702:23
Mc_abysslol your as bad as me02:23
OntologIs there any way to set network profiles from the command line (as opposed to using the Network Configuration GUI)?02:25
=== Sephi is now known as Sephi`AFK
grendelsonWhen I upgraded my laptop I was using airco driver for my pcmcia card - now the card is not getting recognized after installation ( I can see it in pccardctl but it won't fire up02:25
grendelsonHow do I troubleshoot this?02:25
grendelsonI can't seem to get itt o start as it isn't recognized as installed when I try pcmcia/network start or anything02:26
grendelsonPrior to the upgrade I jsut had a stanza for it as eth1 in /etc/network/02:26
strategyOntolog, yes, the GUI just wraps over the commands. I don't know it particularly- have you tried ipconfig and such?02:27
TheMaxzillaWhy does AWN show three of each icons?02:27
TheMaxzillaAnd can I make it so it only shows one of each?02:27
slamFISTcuz awn sucks02:27
TheMaxzillaWhat's the alternative?02:27
TheMaxzilla(or) What's the answer?02:28
CShadowRunMy RGB in totem is messed up, yellow comes out as blue, blue comes out as orange, green comes out as purple...02:28
CShadowRunanyone know how to fix it?02:28
slamFISTnothing :P to me it those DOCS suck. anyway i had a similar issue as you did but i couldn't be bothered to deal with such a low rate program. i left it02:29
MTecknologyI wanna figure out how to launch the /usr/lib/gnome-applets/cpufreq-applet from within openbox without needing to run gnome-panel.... Any ideas?02:29
TheMaxzillaShould I just use the dinky little bar instead?02:29
gaintsuraI'm having problems getting multiple workspaces to work on my system, I've tried changing it through the workspace pager, compiz settings, and it will never go to more than 1, its setup to 5 rows 5 columns and I still only get one. Anyone have any ideas?02:29
slamFISTTheMaxzilla: i think it also separates between launchers and active programs that are running.. duno what the third could be02:29
skarfaceMTecknology: you want to control cpufreq from the command line?02:29
MTecknologyskarface: no - I want to be able to use that applet from inside openbox02:30
slamFISTTheMaxzilla: it's clean, simple and fast. that's what i use. if you want to make it look cool i just did the transperencey effect by 50%02:30
slamFISTand it looks good enough to me02:30
skarfaceMTecknology: ah. no. it's a gnome-applet.02:30
TheMaxzillaslamFIST: It makes three icons of my applications, three of the running applications.02:30
TheMaxzillaI tried that for a while, but I wanted more... eye candy...02:31
MTecknologyskarface: I can run nm-applet and gnome-power-manager in openbox02:31
D1sa5t3rwho want eye candy02:31
TheMaxzillaTheMaxzilla wants eye candy.02:31
D1sa5t3ruse vista then02:32
* TheMaxzilla wants eye candy.02:32
TheMaxzillaBut I love linux.02:32
Aragornugh, vista02:32
citizen42alphaI want eye candy == compiz02:32
CShadowRunD1sa5t3r ... are you on crack?02:32
CShadowRunD1sa5t3r ... vista...eyecandy?02:32
CShadowRundude have you seen compiz recently?02:32
TheMaxzillavista = puke candy02:32
D1sa5t3rwell if he want's eye candy02:32
skarfaceMTecknology: ah. didn't realize openbox had that capability at all.02:32
MTecknologyskarface: pypanel02:32
Aragorna lot of idiots fall for vista02:32
skarfaceMTecknology: ah02:32
skarfaceAragorn: fall for?02:33
* dr_willis states the Surgon General Declares that "Eye Candy" Can Cause "Ocular Cavaties".02:33
strategyUhh.. i just ram `compiz' instead of the settings mgr or whatever by accident and because i was bored and it closed and reopened all my windows and stuff.. was i not supposed to call that myself? X.X02:33
TheMaxzillaMore like jump into.02:33
MTecknologyskarface: hilight anything you wanna tell me - I need to walk for a minute (back surgery)02:33
Aragornfall for vista's dirty trickses02:33
vnhai, just trying heron on my mate's laptop and its a dell XPS m1530 and the touchpad has a bug...as soon as I touch it, it moves all across the monitor and clicks...how can I fix that on the livecd?02:33
strategydr_willis, lol02:33
vnnot fall, fail02:33
D1sa5t3ri use ubuntu,lint,arch,xubuntu...02:33
Aragornubuntu for the win lol02:33
FlannelHey guys, mind moving the vista discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic?  This channel is for support, thanks.02:33
Ontologstrange: ipconfig is pretty low level, I'm talking about commands that apply entire network profiles02:33
gaintsurahmm, it works now, nvm..02:33
Ontologerr... strategy02:34
KiDFlaShhello, do someone knew a videoplayer that can integrate subtitel-files?02:34
TheMaxzillavn: Is your friends computer your computer? Unless you have the same computer, the live cd should work.02:34
strategyOntolog, ?02:34
vnTheMaxzilla: nope, I'm on another02:35
KiDFlaShsmplayer can it for sure?02:35
strategyOh wow i sounded like some kind of windows/aol user.. i just have a bad headache and so i cant really think straight.. -_-02:35
KiDFlaShthank you02:35
vnlivecd has this bug, I know hopw to fix it while installed...but I need to show her whats ubuntu, she hates vista02:35
vnand cant install xp02:35
Ontologstrategy: ipconfig is pretty low level, I'm talking about commands that apply entire network profiles02:35
strategyOntolog, ah ok sorry.. im not very good with networking (or linux..)02:36
slamFISTTheMaxzilla left02:36
slamFISTi figured out his issue.02:36
slamFISTfuckin people02:36
FloodBot2slamFIST: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:36
KiDFlaShthx, Disaster02:36
buntunubanyone here tried lotus symphony and liked it?02:36
grendelsonanyone know how to get an aironet wireless pcmcia card started - it was working and then I upgraded and now card is recognized by pccardctl but won't get recognized as installed network device?02:36
D1sa5t3rKiDFlaSh, working?02:37
pznI'm trying to upgrade to intrepid, but "update-manager -d" shows 4 files with "404 not found" and aborts the upgrade. what can I do?02:37
sheysup Ubuntunians!02:37
D1sa5t3rsup shemale02:37
D1sa5t3rups sry shey02:38
Drk_GuyWhen i try to boot into winbugs, my machine just reboots02:38
shey1 point for  you.02:38
rand0mi have ubuntu hardy heron dual-booted next to win xp on my laptop.. when the OS choices menu pops up, i have multiple choices to get into my ubuntu desktop..   I dont remember exactly what the options are but there's something in the version number something.. one option is 16, one is 19.. any idea what that means (pardon the bad description)02:39
=== ack is now known as posixninja
=== posixninja is now known as ackstorm
slamFISTrand0m: one could be a failsafe option with a bunch of jibberish numbers on it02:40
puffI dist-upgraded my thinkpad to the latest and greatest for hardy. That puts me on kernel 2.6etc-19.  Hibernate is fixed now, and so far the disappearing-wireless issue seems fixed, but suspend is still broken.02:41
Drk_GuyWhen i try to boot into winbugs, my machine just reboots02:41
steven__where can i find the md5 sum checkfiles for the ubuntu 8.04 alternate (x86).02:41
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
puffAnybody know how about later kernel version?  Is it possible for me to apt a later kernel version?02:41
KiDFlaShdisaster its working02:42
coolpethy guys.02:42
vnhow can I use the top menu in ubuntu only with the keyboard?02:42
vnmy mouse aint working02:43
=== zero is now known as Guest77637
coolpetAnybody have problem to start xorg an asus barebone pundit p1-ph1 computer with ubuntu 7.10 or 8.4?02:43
D1sa5t3rKiDFlaSh, gd02:44
coolpetil be back02:46
Flannelvn: alt-f102:46
spiritssightI need help trying to figure out why I can not get my system to show or access wireless networks02:46
spiritssightit did in the past02:47
ethana2the OmniVision OV2640 in my new Ubuntu Dell is supposed to support a 2MP resolution at 15 FPS02:47
puffspiritssight: Hm, does "sudo iwlist eth1 scan" give you results?02:47
coolpetwhat can i do if i get black screen and the x11 does not start at 7.10 and 8.4, but 7.4 is working?02:47
ethana2but in cheese I'm only seeing some tiny thing like 640x48002:47
Pie-rateanyone know of a USB wireless adapter that will "just work" out of the box with ubuntu?02:48
phixxori'm streaming vlc over a network and the stream periodically disconnects, even though the network is fine. can anyone help me diagnose this issue?02:48
ethana2coolpet: what errors does X give you?02:48
phixxorpie-rate: the wireless documentation contains such a list, I don't know offhand02:48
ethana2Pie-rate: should be anything atheros or intel based02:48
phixxor!wifi | pie-rate02:48
ubottupie-rate: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:48
mbrigdananyone know of any GPU stress test for ubuntu?02:49
ethana2mbrigdan: Phoronix test suite?02:49
spiritssightis there a irc channel for networking02:49
Red-SoxHello...compiz fusion is very slow for me.02:49
ethana2spiritssight: networking is pretty general.....02:49
ethana2Red-Sox: what gpu?02:49
puffspiritssight: You didn't answer my question.02:50
=== t33x is now known as tee
sparris there a channel for F-Spot?02:50
spiritssightI did not see your question sorry02:50
ethana2spiritssight: what are you trying to do with yoru network?02:50
puffspiritssight: Hm, does "sudo iwlist eth1 scan" give you results?02:50
ethana2sparr: probably something on gimpnet02:50
vnspiritssight: what's the question?02:50
spiritssightone sec02:50
Red-Soxethana2: It's an onboard chip..."Intel Mobile 945GM02:50
puffethana2: He can't get it to show or access wireless networks, which ithas in the past.02:50
ethana2try #fspot on irc.gimp.org02:50
slamFISTmbrigdan: try glxgears02:50
puffvo: He can't get it to show or access wireless networks, which ithas in the past.02:50
puffvn: He can't get it to show or access wireless networks, which ithas in the past.02:50
mbrigdanethana2: thanks, i'll look into that02:51
crdlb#f-spot appears to exist on gimpnet02:51
coolpetethana2 sothing :) just black screen. consoles running and i can switch it02:51
Red-Soxethana2: Is that not good for compiz?02:51
ethana2coolpet: could you put your xorg.0.log on pastebin and give me the link?02:51
ethana2Red-Sox: i think it's pathetic...  i'd turn down your effects02:51
vnpuff:k, seen that before, driver upgrade failure02:51
spiritssightpuff: it says that it does not support scanning02:51
ethana2Red-Sox: being intel, shouldn't be any software problem02:51
Red-Soxethana2: That's the problem...I don't have any on!02:52
ethana2Red_Sox: metacity --replace & exit02:52
puffvn: Ah?02:52
Red-Soxethana2: So there's no hope for Compiz on this machine?02:52
ethana2Red-Sox: i dunno, not sure which one the 945GM is...02:52
ackstormRed-Sox, no02:53
coolpetethana2 the first problem is: its a workstation at my work. it is an ASUS barebone Pundit p1-ph1 series computer02:53
Red-Soxall right..thanks.02:53
spiritssightpuff: did you get my respone?02:53
ethana2coolpet: ah02:53
FlannelRed-Sox: intel stuff should work fine.  Are you on Hardy?02:53
crdlbRed-Sox: the hardware is capable of it, at least at a low resolution (and definitely not with multiple screens)02:53
=== luis is now known as corunum
Red-SoxAll I want is AWN...I wish that didn't rely on compiz02:53
mertheris there a better network browser then pyNeighborhood?02:53
puffspiritssight: Hm, "sudo ifup eth1"02:53
corunumhey guys, need help again lol02:53
Red-SoxFlannel: 8.0402:53
crdlbRed-Sox: compiz isn't the only compositing manager02:53
ethana2Red_Sox: all i want is a nice window list applet like xfce's02:53
puffspiritssight: What have you changed recently?  Did you upgrade anything?02:53
ethana2i wish i didn't have to rely on AWN02:53
coolpetnow iinstalled 7.4 and it works fine, but i want to update it. But the proxy does not allow it.02:53
Red-Soxcrdlb: Do you think beryl would work better?02:54
crdlbRed-Sox: no02:54
spiritssightpuff: it says "Ignoring unknown interface eth1=eth1"02:54
corunumI tried to get a new splash theme and made a mistake, it doesn't load, I only see the terminal-like thing02:54
coolpeti tryed to copy the xorc.conf file from another 7.4 ubu to 8.4lts but it does not work after reboot.02:54
ackstormI thought intel chipsets didn't have 3d accel?02:54
the_darkside_986Hello. I'm having trouble getting the front headphone jack working on a System76 Ratel with DGsomethingwhatever mobo on Ubuntu 8.04.1 64-bit. I would try using System76 driver but last time I tried it wouldn't let me use it and the mirrors for it are down anyway... any ideas?02:54
FlannelRed-Sox: and you don't have compiz enabled by default?  that's odd.  You have xserver-xorg-video-intel installd, correct?02:54
Flannelackstorm: They do.02:54
Red-SoxFlannel: Well I haven't installed that, so no unless that was installed with the OS.02:55
FlannelRed-Sox: Beryl won't work better.  Beryl is dead.  compiz-fusion is the successor of both compiz and beryl.02:55
FlannelRed-Sox: Double check that you have it, it should have been installed by default.02:55
spiritssightpuff: when I first setup the system it worked if remember right, then I pluged in the either cable and then I noticed yesterday it was not working02:55
corunumCan someone who can help me with my splash theme pm me?02:55
coolpeti see the config file, but it is near the same as 7.4 default, and the ati driver works fine in 7.4, but i didnt know its the same driver in 8.4 too?02:55
Red-SoxFlannel: I do.02:55
Pie-ratedoes anyone have a usb wireless adapter that they just know to work straight out of the box with hardy? i don't really trust this wiki list02:56
spiritssightI installed ubuntu on sisters computer and thats what reminded me of what was not showing on my which I remember in the pass seeing02:57
puffspiritssight: Hate to ask this, but did you try rebootingit?02:57
coolpetethana2: any suggestion for me? :)02:57
cheekyhey is dr_ willis there?02:57
johnttrying to configure postgresql on ubuntu 8.3 server02:57
cheekyi cant seem to find himin the room kinda hard02:57
ethana2coolpet: ..I need the xorg.0.log02:57
spiritssightpuff: I would agree and thats ok to ask, but yes I have a couple of times :-)02:58
phixxori don't know of any, pie-rate, but if you ask on the forum and give people the chance to answer maybe someone will know02:58
ethana2why are you doing this on work machines?02:58
puffspiritssight: I had a similar issue in the past after an upgrade, and it went away after a reboot.02:58
Red-SoxFlannel: No other suggestions?02:58
puffspiritssight: Have you tried shutting down all the way and then restarting?02:58
spiritssightpuff: how can I check to see if its enabled or disabled02:58
FlannelRed-Sox: Take a look at your xorg, it... should be rather devoid of content.  Make sure you're not forcing it to use some other driver.  Unfortunately, I'm not really an X person, but I'm sure someone can help you out.  It really should work (of course, it should have worked out of the box too)02:59
Red-SoxFlannel: Okay, thanks.03:00
cheekyis it possible to install ubuntu with an external HDD?? coz my live cd doesnt work?03:00
Flannelcheeky: Try the alternate CD instead03:00
Pie-ratephixxor: i don't trust this list because it says the one she already bought and couldn't get to work, 'Works "out of the box"'03:00
cheekyalternate cd the text based one?03:00
Flannelcheeky: yes.03:00
cheekyis it harder?03:00
cheekycoz it gives me an error03:01
puffspiritssight: iwconfig03:01
cheekywhen i try to bootit up03:01
bigredradioThe expected bahavior when selecting my Firefox icon is to launch a new window if the app is already running. That is the case on all my systems. But on one system, I get an error that it is already running. Anyone familiar with this problem?03:01
cheekyand it works fine on my m8s laptop!03:01
Flannelcheeky: It asks the exact same questions.  If it gives you errors while booting, verify the MD5 of the iso you downloaded, and then make sure you burn at the slowest speed you can.03:01
Flannelcheeky: Verify the CD's integrity from the boot menu (penultimate option I believe)03:01
LoganhoupKind of quiet tonight..03:03
cheekyi woudllike some help please03:03
Loganhouphow may I help you?03:04
Flannelcheeky: If it booted fine for your friend's computer, its likely a good burn then. What error does it give you while booting?03:04
cheekyi wanna try ubuntu lol but it doesnt boot from my drive03:04
cheekyits alive cd...works fine on my friends laptop03:04
Loganhouphave you tried the alternative cd?03:04
cheekybut not on mine :(03:04
midnightRmbler cheeky: the drive has to be in your boot sequence03:04
corunumI will award the prize of five internets to the person who can help me fix my splash screen.03:05
midnightRmblercheeky: are you able to navigate in your BIOS?03:05
spiritssightpuff: here is the results of the last thing http://pastebin.com/f1265b4db also if you don't mind PM me as I am missing your response as can not see them fast as I am legally blind03:05
cheekyi did change the boot sequence03:05
cheekyand all03:05
Loganhoupis it giving you an error? is the screen messed up on boot? be more specific so we can help you03:05
midnightRmblerand the very same CD you used in your friends machine wont boot?03:06
N0_Named_Guyhello all :)03:06
cheekywe even saw it for the first time lol03:06
Theebhow do you see your recovery mode log?03:06
cheekynice backgroundand the screen switching03:06
cheekywas awsome03:06
cplxanyone here used any Sun StorageTek products?03:07
cheekyat boot03:07
cheekyit say03:07
cheekylinuxstuff waits ..and then second line03:07
icedwaterHi guys, how do I make usplash stop looking for higher resolutions and go straight to 1024x768 ?03:07
icedwatercplx, can't help you there ;) Sorry.03:07
cheekylinux error.. and i cant remember the others03:07
cplxicedwater - no worrise03:07
nkei0I've got a possible tricky question...  I've got a laptop running windows xp pro, however, it's broken and it's giving me a hard time installing ubuntu, anyone want to help?03:08
icedwaternkei0, how is it broken?03:08
vnhow hard time?03:08
midnightRmblercheeky: you'll need to be specific03:08
coolpetethana2 another question. I have a network proxy at my work, which only accept http request and port80. any possibility to set up ubuntu package manager to work with it?03:08
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: I'm not sure, but i thing it has something about the kernel parameters03:08
corunumicedwater, can you help me with the splash also? I think I'm a few steps behind you03:08
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: so you can do that usplash thing :S03:09
ethana2coolpet: probably not..03:09
nkei0Well, I'm not sure but one of the windows .dll files messed up and almost none of the drivers are working (cd/modems/lan/etc) and it also won't identify as windows so, I tried using my usb stick to transfer the iso and then using daemon tools to mount, but it won't let me.  I then just extracted the iso to the usb stick and tried installing from there and it asked me to connect to the...03:09
nkei0...internet during install and i can't03:09
nkei0I've tried to load the drivers through the usb stick and it refused to work as well03:10
=== mike is now known as Guest98925
icedwaterN0_Named_Guy, would love to help, but I need to know more?03:10
=== Guest98925 is now known as Zaiden
TaoTeShaunI was wondering if anyone knows of ways to speed up the internet. i have a dual boot and guessing that something is not working correctly since i get 4-4.5 mbps in windows but only about 300kbps in ubuntu. also, when pinging yahoo.com XP takes about 80ms where Ubuntu is taking 500-1600ms03:10
nkei0I've googled around and found the program unetbootin, but i'm wondering if i'll still need to connect to the internet during install.03:10
D1sa5t3rnkei0, replace the .dll03:10
nkei0I've tried, it doesn't work.03:11
icedwaternkei0, so you can't boot Windows?03:11
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: at the moment I can't help you more, I'm sleep drunk... :(03:11
coolpetethana2: I just hoped you will not say this :( i tried many ways, but i canno t set up. so its impossible this way. thy03:11
nkei0I can get into windows... but almost nothing works03:11
spiritssightpuff: I sent you a PM03:11
Loganhoupicedwater: if your talking about changing your usplash res. run sudo gedit /etc/usplash.conf and change it in that file03:11
* icedwater smiles at N0_Named_Guy03:11
ethana2coolpet: that's one sucky proxy you got there, sorry03:11
icedwaterLoganhoup, thanks... but I changed it and it still tries two higher resolutions first.03:11
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: I think I have some doc about that, in my files03:11
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: wait a moment plz03:11
ZaidenI installed Wine, but the menu in the applications doesn't show the options for configuring wine or anything, only the program folders. How do I fix this?03:12
Loganhoupicedwater: have you tried updating it with sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu?03:12
D1sa5t3rburn image and boot..simple03:12
coolpetethana2: np :)03:13
icedwaterLoganhoup, I will try that...03:13
vnnkei0: yer not sposed to extract the iso that way afaik..03:13
nkei0D1sa5t3r:  I have the install files on the usb stick and can run it, but it asks to connect to the internet, and since the drivers for the lan won't load up I can't connect...03:13
eubeydid w32codecs get rremoved from the repo?03:14
Jordan_Ueubey: It was never in the default repos03:14
Jordan_U!w32codecs | eubey03:14
ubottueubey: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:14
D1sa5t3rtry burn the image and then boot03:14
D1sa5t3rit should work03:14
D1sa5t3rand u dont need internet03:15
nkei0D1sa5t3r:  So I need to boot from the usb stick?  Should I only have the ubuntu files on there?03:15
D1sa5t3rburn cd the image much easier03:16
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: got it03:17
nkei0the cd drive doesn't work correctly03:17
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: just change the /etc/usplash.conf03:17
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: to the values you want ;)03:17
coolpetHmm i'm fully with question :) I have Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet, but have only windows drivers on asus homepage. But ubuntu can use it by default, debian not. How can i trace down which driver can be used for it(what driver is used by ubuntu)?03:17
D1sa5t3rthen buy new comp :D03:17
D1sa5t3rhave u try to fix the windows with xp cd03:18
icedwaterN0_Named_Guy, I've tried it, it doesn't work.03:19
nkei0yeah, it won't run or boot to it, but with a cd (any cd in the drive) that's the only way I can get into windows03:19
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: does your monitor and vga support that resolution? :S03:19
TaoTeShaunI was wondering if anyone knows of ways to speed up the internet. i have a dual boot and guessing that something is not working correctly since i get 4-4.5 mbps in windows but only about 120kbps in ubuntu. also, when pinging yahoo.com XP takes about 80ms where Ubuntu is taking 500-1600ms. I am using the B43Legacy driver for my wifi03:19
leachim6can someone tell me all what's going on in this pic ?03:19
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: maybe it's some argument that is not passed to the kernel in boot time03:19
D1sa5t3rbut u can't shutdown with cd in?03:19
spiritssighthow do you know which DD-Wrt to use on a WRT54GS v303:20
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: i can't tell the names right now... but I thing it has something to deal with the framebuffer thing...03:20
nkei0I can shut down with the cd in03:20
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: I think you must the framebuffer resolution :S03:20
D1sa5t3rand start?03:21
corunumNeed help getting my boot screen back, I messed it up while trying to install a new splash theme.03:21
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: u must change, I mean03:21
TaoTeShaunlol, my last speed test came to 85kbps down and 636 up03:21
icedwaterN0_Named_Guy, my monitor supports 1024x768, but it tries two higher resolutions first03:21
D1sa5t3rso u can boot with linux disc03:21
TaoTeShaundriver problem i'm guessing03:21
Till10185got a problem with pidgin every time i try to enter a room it boots me off completely from pidgin and it just started recently03:21
nkei0not to the linux disc no03:22
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: in the grub's menu.lst pass to the kernel the arguments to put the framebuffer at the desired resolution03:22
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: that commands in particular I don't know by memory03:22
ice_creami recently found out i have issues with the latest firefox3 package and youtube..it all seems to work ok, but cpu temp shoots up like 20 degrees celsius o.O03:22
D1sa5t3rnkei0, im thinking that u r just evo :D03:22
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: and aren't accessible to me right now :(03:22
corunumcan anyone help me?03:22
ice_creamaka firefox3 and flash03:22
nkei0awesome, thanks for attempting though03:22
ice_cream(and by aka i mean 'in other words')03:22
nkei0I'm going to go hang with the wifey now03:23
icedwaterOh, is it the vga=791 etc stuff, N0_Named_Guy ?03:23
=== mike is now known as Guest51141
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: yes03:23
N0_Named_Guyicedwater: that stuff03:23
Till10185any one know whats with pidgin whenever i try to join a room it boots me off and i got to restart it03:23
corunumyo iced, no names, I did the vga=791 stuff03:23
N0_Named_Guycorunum: and?03:23
corunumand everything the instructions said but I get no boot screen, just text03:24
Till10185any one whatsoever got any idea03:24
N0_Named_Guycorunum: just to clarify you, I'm a guy just begining in this linux stuff03:24
icedwatercorunum, maybe you want to check if the kernel line includes the 'splash' argument?03:24
templaedhe1I can't detect wiereless netowrks unless I'm like right next to em03:24
N0_Named_Guycorunum: so don't expect me to help you out for 100% ;)03:24
=== templaedhe1 is now known as templaedhel
icedwaterTill10185, not very sure about your problem... do you get some error messages?03:25
corunum20% is better than what I know still :/03:25
corunumlet me check ice03:25
D1sa5t3rTill10185, take the pidgin and burn it03:25
Till10185its not the computer  its lan connection or router you are using03:25
D1sa5t3rit sucks03:25
kindofabuzzcorunum, you trying to set framebuffer?03:25
N0_Named_Guycorunum and icedwater: I think there is a kernel option so you can pass a resolution to the framebuffer03:25
Till10185mine i can use up to 6 or 7 blocks away03:25
N0_Named_Guycorum and icedwater: I did something like that in a machine running Puppy Linux03:26
corunumI don't even know what a framebuffer is :(03:26
N0_Named_Guycorunum: LOL03:26
anom01yhi I recently had to run a command "modprobe ivtv", do I have to do this every time I boot ?03:26
Till10185or the usb or card lan connection not detecting it form far away03:26
kindofabuzzcorunum, set the vga=791 in defoptions in /boot/grub/menu.list03:26
N0_Named_Guycorunum: it is like the graphical mode in DOS :P03:26
corunumI shouldn't be messing with this stuff yet, is there anyway to get my original boot screen on again?03:26
N0_Named_Guycorunum: how did it disappeared in first place? :P03:27
corunumI tried putting a new one, and now neither show.03:27
anom01yhow do I set up automodprobe ?03:27
corunumI wouldn't mind the text in the boot, but there are alot of "failed to" in there lol03:27
Till10185im going to ask one more time cant find any info any where about this bug but whenever i try to join a room in pidgin it shuts me off and i have to restart it and it just started recently03:27
Vermux_ok, I need help mounting the windows partition , I booted using kubuntu live cd03:27
arnellHow complicated is it to install a graphics driver for ATI 2900 XT?03:27
N0_Named_Guycorunum: did you follow the tutorial to the end?03:28
kindofabuzz!envy | arnell03:28
ubottuarnell: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk03:28
N0_Named_Guysorry people03:28
N0_Named_Guygotta go!03:28
N0_Named_GuyI am sleepy here03:28
FloodBot2N0_Named_Guy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
=== linux_ is now known as DareDevil
corunumN0_Named_Guy: Yes I did, and I don't know what mistake I made.03:29
arnellthanks I'll check it out03:29
anom01ywhat is the linux script command to wait 2 seconds ? halt, wait, pause ?? none of those work03:30
agentohello, i do sudo dpkg --configure -a and i get this errors update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img- Cannot find /lib/modules/ update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-  dpkg: el subproceso post-installation script devolvió el código de salida de error 1... ive google and didnt find something03:30
ethana2usleep 2 maybe03:30
* ethana2 tries03:30
corunumkindofabuzz: I already did the vga=791 thing, can you tell me if its correct?03:31
ethana2it's 'sleep 2'03:31
ethana2finally, a command that's spelled right03:31
MellowYellowUbuntu is not detecting my ethernet connection. Wifi works great, but I want the extra speed of a wired connection. Anyone know where to start on fixing this?03:32
cgrapskiCan anyone help.  I tried intalling with WUBU and get the option between XP and Ubuntu.  But when I choose Ubuntu I just come back to that screen.03:32
SchmittyDoesItwhere is the config for irssi03:32
bolito_join #ubuntu-es03:33
GneaSchmittyDoesIt: ~/.irssi/03:33
SchmittyDoesItthanx Gnea03:33
Gneabolito_: /join #ubuntu-es03:33
cgrapskiI meant that I get that screen upon boot.  And come back (without booting ubuntu) to that screen when choosing ubuntu.  Booting XP works fine.03:34
GneaMellowYellow: plug a cable in03:34
MellowYellowGnea, LOL, yea did that03:34
GneaMellowYellow: what is your network setup like, physically?03:35
Red-SoxSometimes, when I try to view a YouTube video or other flash content in Firefox, it freezes for a few seconds and then starts playing a little into the video.  Does anyone know of a way to prevent this hiccup?03:35
joshuajtlhey folks anyone know where rhythmbox icons (arrows, play pause etc) are located?03:35
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, try flash 1003:35
spiritssightis it still a bad idea to flash with DD-wrt using FF03:35
Gnea!wubi | cgrapski03:35
ubottucgrapski: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.03:35
MellowYellowcable modem -> router -> laptop03:35
Gneacgrapski: check that first URL03:35
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: Do I need to compile that or is it in the repos?03:35
smm289my laptop runs ubuntu 8.04, my file server runs ubuntu 8.04.  Samba is running fine on the server.  While using my laptop I click on places, network, but the ubuntu server does not show up.  I can access it by smb://server289.  why wont it just show up in the network browse03:35
GneaMellowYellow: is the router a hybrid wired/wireless?03:35
MellowYellowright now I am using wifi to connect with the laptop I want to use an ethernet cable03:36
MellowYellowGnea, yes03:36
cgrapskiGnea OK will try that.03:36
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, no just download it03:36
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, from adobe03:36
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: okay03:36
cplxanyone here used any Sun StorageTek products?03:36
Gneasmm289: is nmbd running?03:36
broken1after changing from kernel .21 back to .2003:36
smm289I have no idea03:36
smm289running on the server or the client03:36
smm289how do i check03:37
broken1I nolonger have the firmware I need for my sound and wifi setup03:37
Vermux_Im frustrated here, need help using live cd to mount a windows partition03:37
MellowYellowGnea, the router is not the issue.03:37
GneaMellowYellow: try these steps: a) disable your wifi connection on the laptop, b) plug the cable in03:37
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: bleh I have to compile it03:37
broken1the live cd works fine though03:37
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, no you don't03:37
MellowYellowGnea, did that, I then have no connection to the internet03:37
broken1how can I recover my system?03:37
GneaVermux_: click on Places->the_windows_drive03:37
GneaVermux_: should put an icon on the desktop - double click on it03:38
MellowYellowtried different ports on the router, they all work for other computers, not this one03:38
broken1which is the current kernel ubuntu is now on, Hardy?03:38
Vermux_Gnea: places?03:38
balleyneI'm having trouble configuration multiple monitors. How can I make 1900x1200 an option? It isn't listed when I go to System->Pref->Screen Resolution03:38
GneaVermux_: between Applications and System03:38
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: How do I install it?03:38
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: nvm I got it.03:39
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, hang on a sec, let's pm03:39
GneaMellowYellow: open a terminal when everything is disconnect and type:  ip a  , then pastebin the results after you re-enable the wifi03:39
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:39
MellowYellowballeyne, that is most likely because either the monitor or the graphics card does not support it, especially in dual monitor use03:39
Red-Soxkindofabuzz: thank you.03:39
kindofabuzzRed-Sox, are you registerd so you can get pm's?03:39
balleyneMellowYellow: hmm, that would make sense in terms of a dual-monitor thing. Then, I'd want to turn off my laptop monitor (so as to use the external only)... any idea how to do that?03:40
Vermux_Gnea: where?03:41
Vermux_Gnea: it is kubuntu 8.403:41
MellowYellowballeyne,  it is a laptop and you are trying to drive both?03:41
GneaVermux_: oh... you should ask in #kubuntu then, they would be able to help you better03:41
broken1which kernel is ahrdy on plz?03:41
manoihow do i install skipe ?03:42
zcat[1]Ummm.. what's the other way of doing a claculation in bash other than $[ $x - $y ]03:42
Gnea!skype | manoi03:42
ubottumanoi: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto03:42
broken1anyone know?03:42
broken1-uname -a?03:42
Vermux_Gnea: not much help there03:43
MellowYellowballeyne, if so then I doubt your onboard graphics card has the ability to drive an external monitor at that resolution either way03:43
MellowYellowGnea, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44421/03:43
zcat[1]http://pastebin.com/f23d5482e -- normal live boot and installer work, 'persistent' drops me into busybox. I have a second partiton, it's ext2 and labeled casper-rw. What else am I missing?03:43
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GneaMellowYellow: yeah, saw it... hrm, it looks like it's okay... are you disabling wifi from the desktop or with a switch on the laptop?03:43
balleyneMellowYellow: yeah, it's a laptop... hmm... damn... I used to do it, but I guess it was with a different (though older) laptop... I'll look into that03:43
broken1this is crazy03:44
MellowYellowwell the switch actually does not disable it in linux (really interesting) so I did it from the desktop03:44
Gneabroken1: ?03:44
Gneabroken1: running 2.6.24-21-generic here03:44
broken1I simply need to know what kernel is Hardy on?03:45
TateradeShe Works!03:45
Gnea!patience | broken103:45
ubottubroken1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:45
broken1Gnea: thanks03:45
spiritssightany good irc channel for wireless issues and also talking about routers with DD-WRT03:45
Taterade@broken Run Terminal and type in...03:45
broken1I was told .21 is experimental03:45
Gneabroken1: i just told you. you could be a bit more patient.03:45
TateradeHold on let me check help pane:)03:45
Gneanotice that it's -21, not .2103:45
MellowYellowspiritssight, ddwrt :)03:45
balleyneMellowYellow: any idea how I'd get my laptop monitor off anyways?03:46
MellowYellowspiritssight, darn, maybe not :(03:46
TateradeType (uname) into the terminal minus ()03:46
D1sa5t3rMellowYellow, where u from?03:46
bcowananyone have alpha5 running in vbox??03:47
broken1notice that you understood 21 as 2103:47
broken1since its the only 21 kernel relevent03:47
ScreaminIkei visited the wiki and followed the directions step/by-step, but am unable to get moinmoin running in apache03:47
MellowYellowFn F5 does it for me if I remember correctly03:47
MellowYellowD1sa5t3r, Mars03:47
spiritssightMellowYellow: ddwrt did not come up as channel it said03:47
vrangWhat does the (number) after a man page name mean?03:47
TateradeIs the RSS feed in Fire fox helpful?03:47
bfighow can i see debug info for fp?03:48
bfigdo i need to install some specific package?03:48
vranglike man ifconfig displays "ifconfig(8)"03:48
vrangwhat's that 8 ?03:48
GneaMellowYellow: if you plug the cable in, does ip a change at all?03:48
MellowYellowspiritssight, yea, sorry I knew openwrt had a good one, and I thought I remebered ddwrt having one as well03:48
MellowYellowGnea, nope03:48
MellowYellowGnea, ifconfig reports nothing different03:49
GneaMellowYellow: what about:  lspci | grep Ether03:49
TateradeAnyone use RSS?03:49
MellowYellowGnea, btw ifconfig does not even show a eth003:49
Gnea!anyone | Taterade03:49
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ubottuTaterade: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:49
GneaMellowYellow: yeah i noticed that too (btw, ip a is just a more advanced ifconfig)03:49
spiritssightdd-wrt is the channel :-)03:50
MellowYellowspiritssight, Yay, they are actually fairly helpful in there, that is when there are people not lurking03:50
puffspiritssight: how's you networking problem?03:50
Theebi love ubottu03:51
Nagarkeu preciso de suporte em portugues ?03:51
Taterade@Theeb ???03:51
bobertdos!pt > Nagark03:51
ubottuNagark, please see my private message03:51
broken1my system has lost the ability to load firmware vital for sound and wifi, how can I recover this functionailty?03:51
mordofhow would i locate/remove a cron task? i've got this cron thing going in the background that keeps doing test emails, and i want it to stop cause it's annoying, lol.03:51
MellowYellowGnea, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44423/03:51
Gnea!sound | broken103:52
ubottubroken1: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:52
Gnea!wifi | broken103:52
ubottubroken1: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:52
Nagarkubottu tanks03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tanks03:52
ubottumordof: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm03:52
Taterade@broken what sound card are you using?03:52
broken1my wifi is not broken03:52
mordofkeppi : ty ^^03:52
broken1the system will not load ANY firmware03:52
Gnea21:51 < broken1> my system has lost the ability to load firmware vital for sound and wifi,03:52
broken1SOUND and wifi03:53
Gneabroken1: you just contradicted yourself - you said your wifi is broken.03:53
broken1thus the canned wifi tort will not suffice03:53
Theebya im having problems with my sound card if i play amarok + any other audio source03:53
Gneabroken1: which is why you were presented with options for *both* problems. help yourself.03:53
broken1I am helping myself apparently03:53
MellowYellowTheeb, what sound server are you using?03:54
Tateradebroken what computer are you using?03:54
Gneagood, because we're sure not getting paid to put up with your attitude.03:54
broken1Taterade: a nforce i68003:54
TateradeTry going to....03:54
Rakeeris there a console command to check uptime?03:55
MellowYellowGnea, so anything stick out in the lspci? it seems like it is a fairly common ethernet controller03:55
TheebMellowYellow, sound server? no idea, im on sony laptop03:55
FlannelRakeer: uptime03:55
bobertdosTheeb: As in Alsa or Pulse?03:55
Taterade@rakeer You mean ping speed?03:55
GneaMellowYellow: okay, see if you can pastebin all of the output from the dmesg command please03:55
RakeerFlannel: maybe I just should have tried it, thanks ;)03:55
Theebthats the only one that works for microphone03:55
broken1Taterade: my system was unstable with .21, so I thought it was the nvidia driver at frist, I uninstalled the nvidia drivers, and rolled back the kernel, and lost sound and wifi. NO wifi firmware will load, no matter the card. These wifi firmwares are in the kernel  blobs. My system worked out of the box.03:55
bobertdosTheeb: You could probably still try Pulse for playback though.03:56
RakeerAny idea why my uptime would say there are 2 users?03:56
Rakeeror is that counting root plus acct?03:56
perilluxwhen using audacity and recording at 96000Hz every once in a while the sound skips when I play it back.  It sounds great and then it suddenly jumps forward about half a second like there's a hole in the recording.  Also, this isn't random, it happens regularly about every 30 seconds.03:56
Theebdoes work for mic :\03:56
GneaRakeer: that depends what the output of the w command is03:56
Theebit does but makes annoying noise when i talk03:57
broken1Taterade: I can boot into desktop, but no sound or wifi, it seems my onboard LAN port is even borked. Serems like all things related to my Nvidia chipset is broekn03:57
perilluxalso, it's not a problem with playback.  It actually gets recorded like that for some reason03:57
Taterade@broken goto System-Prefrences-Sound and check to see if changing those options will fix the sound.03:57
MellowYellowheh lots of output had to pipe to file03:57
MellowYellowGnea, http://paste.ubuntu.com/44424/03:57
broken1Taterade: it won't because the system no longer recognizes that I even HAVE a sound "card"03:57
Theebbecause i have trouble with amarok + vbox sound03:58
Theebi have to close one of them03:58
Taterade@broken broken sound card?03:58
broken1its not a sound card03:58
broken1itsd all onboard stuff that works with the livecd03:58
mordofkeppi: i didn't set up the crontab.. it was done by something else that i must've installed.03:59
bobertdosTheeb: So, do you have System->Preferences->Sound all set to Alsa?03:59
RakeerGnea: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/44425/03:59
TateradeIts still a sound card.03:59
MellowYellowbroken1, we get it, everything is broken. Now what on earth did you do to break it all?03:59
RakeerNot sure what that means exactly...03:59
broken1but for some reason, a change of the kernel has busted the system03:59
mordofkeppi: neither of the links given helped at all with that03:59
noriyukiHI I have this Microsoft keyboard (wireless) connected to my laptop... the F1-F12 are not working properly from the keyboard however the are on the laptop's keyboard so I assume the problem is the wireless keyboard compaqtbility any help??>03:59
broken1the sound "card" is fiine, so is everythign else03:59
Jordan_Ubroken1: Does it work if you boot into the old kernel?03:59
broken1this is not a hardware issue03:59
MellowYellowbroken1, then just downgrade the kernel, not a big deal03:59
TateradeBroken touch the motherboard with wet hand with the power cord pluged in.03:59
broken1if it were, it would not play on the livecd03:59
broken1I need to know how to get default functionality04:00
YaKkO_FJValgum br ae?04:00
Nagarki need a free shell04:00
TateradeThen buy new computer.:(04:00
GneaMellowYellow: i noticed that you've suspended your system once or twice.04:00
MellowYellowGnea, yes04:00
TateradeI did that.04:00
Nagarkwhat i do to have one ?04:00
Jordan_Ubroken1: Does it work if you boot into the old kernel?04:00
broken1why buy a new computer when this one works?04:00
broken1I'm feeding you aren't I04:00
broken1sorry I did not recognize you04:00
YaKkO_FJVsomebody knows to liberate door 7000? I find that firewall this not leaving to liberate!04:00
Theebbobertdos,  i have them set to PulseAudio sound server and vbox to alsa04:00
FunkyKarmahey ... any experience here with installing JBoss AS?04:01
Taterade@broken- kidding (Gonna go try using Rss feeds)04:01
YaKkO_FJVsomebody knows to liberate door 7000? I find that firewall this not leaving to liberate!04:01
Aeron|mtfwhat's the command to use to ignore someone in IRC using X-Chat?  "ignore [user] ALL" isn't doing the trick04:01
GneaMellowYellow: okay, it looks like the system is losing the ethernet device when you do that - try rebooting and see if it works.04:01
MellowYellowbroken1, just use the older kernel04:01
Theebbobertdos, and i still have to close one of them, otherwise sound wont work or amarok will freeze  if i open the vbox firs tthen amarok.04:01
MellowYellowheh ok04:02
MellowYellowbummer though04:02
YaKkO_FJVsomebody knows to liberate door 7000? I find that firewall this not leaving to liberate!04:02
EvolutionXtinctanyone familiar w/ Adaptec RAID on Ubuntu?04:02
bobertdosTheeb: Why not let Ubuntu switch to Alsa too? That's what I would do.04:02
GneaMellowYellow: there's still a possibility of fixing it :)04:02
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bfigcan somebody help me with freepascal on ubuntu? i'm desperate and need to hand an assignment for uni tomorrow!04:02
bfigi have my program finished but the debugger won't appear and i don't know what to do04:03
bfigi got two errors in like 5000 LOC04:03
noriyukiHI I have this Microsoft keyboard (wireless) connected to my laptop... the F1-F12 are not working properly from the keyboard however the are on the laptop's keyboard so I assume the problem is the wireless keyboard compaqtbility any help??>04:03
Theebbobertdos,  i will have the same problem. i still have trouble running amarok + firefox flash videos. one of them wont work and amarok will freeze if i start firefox flash player  first04:03
mindrapetry #pascal04:03
bfignobody there04:03
mindrape#delphi ?04:03
Jordan_UTheeb: I think that the new version of virtual box released recently outputs to pulseaudio04:03
EvolutionXtinctso no one is famliiar w/ adaptec?04:03
bfigwhat does delphi have to do with pascal?04:03
Gneabfig: there's some people in there, but do note the /topic04:03
mindrapePascal is kinda... awful.  Maybe if it were C, Java, PHP, or something more common we could help.04:03
SchmittyDoesItfantastico is fantastic04:03
TheebJordan_U, the recording is not clear04:04
bfigit has nothing to do with the lang04:04
Theebwith pulseaudio *04:04
bfigit has to do with the compiler thing... the debug won't output the problematic lines04:04
bfigso basically i only get 'two errors'04:04
=== Wingless-Archang is now known as Nata-Oh
Theebi wonder if the problem in amarok04:05
bfigand i'm alone to find them in my whole code04:05
TateradeJust learned that RSS in firefox is the simplest thing I've seen...04:05
Jordan_UTheeb: Recording?04:05
TheebJordan_U,  i use ventrilo on vbox.04:05
mindrapebfig - well pastebin it... but I'm pretty sure very few people know Pascal.04:05
bfigmy whole code?04:05
mindrapewell unless you can help pinpoint the problem, I'd think so.04:06
MellowYellowwell that brought it back, any clue how to keep it from happening again? As I really like the suspend ability04:06
bfigi need help to configure the debugger! not04:06
Taterade/msg ubottu etiquette04:06
YaKkO_FJVsomebody knows to liberate door 7000? I find that firewall this not leaving to liberate!04:06
YaKkO_FJVsomebody knows to liberate door 7000? I find that firewall this not leaving to liberate!04:06
Tateradethat didn't work...04:06
bfignot debugging the code04:06
bobertdosTheeb: Well, I'd at least let Ubuntu playback run on Pulse..........and yes, as a matter of fact, RhythymBox might behave a little better. It seems to do better for me.04:06
mindrapebfig - you realize this is like asking a Visual Studio.NET debugger question in a #Windows channel, right?04:06
Gnea!repeat | YaKkO_FJV04:06
ubottuYaKkO_FJV: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:06
bfigi have no idea where to ask but here or on #pascal04:07
Theebbobertdos,  will try that. thanks04:07
Taterade@Yakko have you tried going to your routers support page?04:07
bfigmaybe somebody here had the same problem: the debugger doesn't install automatically i think, although i installed all fp packages04:07
bfigi really don't know where to ask mindrape04:07
MellowYellowGnea, well that brought it back, any clue how to keep it from happening again? As I really like the suspend ability04:07
mindrapebfig - how about reading up on http://www.freepascal.org/04:07
r2swhich mobile PC/tablet has 3G capability??04:08
bfigi've tried but i haven't found anything... i've found i have really poor google/browsing skills lately04:08
Jordan_UTheeb: I'm sorry I don't know what ventilo is04:08
bobertdosbfig: We're sorry that we can't be of more help, and we don't mean to be rude, but you'd probably better leave before an op yells at you :)04:08
Cordenguys can you refer me into a website that shows the count of ubuntu 8.04 from older ubuntu versions?04:08
bfigok well, thanks for trying... :(04:09
Cordenjust need it to support my recommendation to upgrade from 6.10 to 8.0404:09
TheebJordan_U, voip, just like teamspeak.04:09
mindrapebfig - when in doubt echo out your variables at random intervals in the code or counts... like put one in each function.04:09
Aeron|mtfwhenever i start up firefox it is set to 'offline'.  where can i change that setting?04:09
Jordan_UTheeb: So the problem is that the audio is not clear, not that it's not playing at all?04:09
rand0mwhen downloading something in transmission (or with utorrent running through wine), once the speed of the transfer seems to peak, my connection dies completely... anyone know what could be the cause?04:09
bfigmindrape: the code won't compile, that's my problem...04:10
TheebJordan_U,  yes.04:10
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
Cordencan anyone pls04:10
TheebJordan_U, just the recording part.04:10
bfigmindrape: i can't find the errors because the compiler doesn't point out which lines they are04:10
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: By default it is set to offline when network-manager thinks that you aren't connected to the internet04:10
mindrapebfig - well like I said earlier I have never used Pascal but pastebin the code and I'll see if my logic from other languages carries over.04:11
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, okay, will look for that next time.  i never had that problem with versions prior to 3.004:11
bobertdosCorden: The count would be 7.04, 7.10, 8.0404:11
jessid!kernel | jessid04:11
ubottujessid, please see my private message04:11
bobertdos Corden: We've been following that same scheme for years.04:11
bfigmindrape: i thank your eagerness to help but that's not the correct approach. even if i paste the code and you help me troubleshoot i won't have solved my problem04:12
bfigmindrape: i need to be able to track my own mistakes04:12
mindrapewell good luck at life then.04:12
Taterade@Corden I did that upgrade then I learned command line. I never want to install programs with out command line plus 8.04 runs a lot faster on my old computer.04:13
GneaMellowYellow: try adding this to your boot line: pci=routeirq04:13
GneaMellowYellow: also, what make/model is the laptop?04:13
Cordenme too im using 8.04 at home, but here in my work place we still use 6.10.04:14
CShadowRunbeen asking about this for 3 days now, my video playback colors on ubuntu are screwed up, will anyone ever help me?04:14
* EvolutionXtinct wants to kill adaptec...04:14
Gneabfig: there's no need for that.04:15
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: You can turn that off with offline apps notify in about:config IIRC04:15
=== jonny_ is now known as Red-Sox
Gnea!guidelines > bfig04:15
ubottubfig, please see my private message04:15
bfigGnea: what do you mean? i have 'two errors' (that's what the compiler says i have) but it doesn't say which line i should look04:15
Cordenbrb guys ill boot my  6.10 :D04:15
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, where is "about:config" at?04:15
Jordan_Ubfig: Can you pastebin the exact errors?04:16
Gneabfig: well perhaps, once you've adjusted your attitude toward those that are making an attempt to help, you might actually solve the problem.04:16
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: In the URL bar type "about:config"04:16
bobertdosAeron|mtf: Just type it in Firefox.04:16
khaotikis there a channel for help with ubuntu servers?04:16
Gnea!server | khaotik04:16
Salooooomycan anyone help with this issue? I have inserted into my .bashrc a script which runs compiz --replace. Compiz starts up, but any shells cant use the SHIFT key. when I run another WM, and then run compiz, everything is fine, but I dont want to use the other window managers, to save on boot time and memory.04:16
ubottukhaotik: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support04:16
=== jared is now known as d4rkmonkey
wick3danyone know why i can't change my screen resolution? its stuck at 800x60004:16
Flannelkhaotik: Here, or #ubuntu-server04:16
bobertdos!fixres > wick3d04:17
ubottuwick3d, please see my private message04:17
GneaSalooooomy: remove compiz --replace from .bashrc - you're basically running it twice04:17
khaotikthank you04:17
wick3dthanks ubottu ill try it out now04:17
SalooooomyGnea: if i remove it, another window manager starts up, not compiz, and to use compiz, i basically have to run terminal, and type compiz&04:18
fused_Can someone please help me with the command to set the background in Eterm?04:18
Aeron|mtfi see no option for offline apps notify :/04:18
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: Did you do a search?04:18
illyscan i speak with some1 i need help :(04:18
bfigGnea: i haven't been hostile towards people trying to help me. I've been trying to explain myself from the beginning!. i can personally find the errors if i get the usual information about where the errors are (line, type of error), and those are not showing up when i try to compile. instead, i just get the 'compile failed, x errors found' thing, without any clue where they are04:18
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: Search for "offline"04:18
Jordan_U!ask | illys04:19
ubottuillys: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:19
GneaSalooooomy: have you checked out any documentation?04:19
illysi am new in linux today i install it in my computer and i cant log in04:21
Hqrsieif my cpu clock is listed as 1600mhz in my /proc/cpuinfo when it's supposed to be 2600mhz and I'm running a retail bios is there any way to change it?04:21
SalooooomyGnea: yes, I have been through many forums (which is where I read to add compiz --replace in .bashrc). I also have been through the walkthroughs in beryl-project.org, and compiz-fusion. I am new to linux, so if there is something simple im missing, my bad. I am only experienced in OS X and AIX04:21
speeneranyone know how i can set amarok instead of rhythmbox to be the default app that launches when i plug in my ipod???04:22
Rakeerdoes anyone offer an OpenGL wrapper for non-acceld video?04:22
bobertdosillys: If you went through the standard desktop install, you should have created a login through the wizard......04:22
Gneabfig: first of all, please bear in mind that this channel is a general support channel for Ubuntu. To ask of any kind of help specific to any program or programming language is clearly beyond the scope, although it is allowed if someone actually knows what they're talking about in regards to that specific subject matter.  I realize you had a deadline, but you're just going to have to RTFM until someone answers in #pascal, or maybe find a web-based forum that04:22
Theebeven tho i have all the playback selected as pulseaudio, i am only able to increase decrease the volume from the volume control under alsa mixer device04:22
bobertdosRakeer: You should find an option for iPods somewere in System->Preferences->Removable Media04:23
Salooooomyin ubuntu, hardy... is there a location where I can specify the WM executable, instead of forcing it to run in .bashrc?04:23
bfigGnea: i understand, thanks for trying anyway. please understand i didn't intend to be a prick to those trying to help providing an alternative answer04:24
GneaSalooooomy: i would highly suggest removing that line from your .bashrc and making sure that you have the desktop effects turned on from the menu correctly: Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects04:24
bobertdosRakeer: sorry!! :p04:24
Rakeerbobertdos: No, I mean an openglwrapper to emulate GL via cpu routines..04:24
Rakeerno worries04:24
FloodBot2Rakeer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
* Rakeer pats FloodBot2 on the head. Good boy.04:24
Gneabfig: as long as they understand that, then that is fine.  have you tried reading the manpage for the compiler, or whatever it is that produces the output, to see if there's a setting or a commandline argument to set for more verbosity?04:25
ASrockmy wireless disconnects after a while, it seems like once after a certain amount of data gets transfered it disconnects me, from both my wired and wireless connections04:25
bobertdosspeener: You should find an option for iPods somewere in System->Preferences->Removable Media04:25
mordofquestion: when i use ls -l, what does it mean if a file is highlighted in yellow?04:25
speenerbobertdos: i checked, but there's no option for it04:26
SalooooomyGnea: compiz does not come up in the prefferences menu. Maybe i missed something during the install? in order to run it i have to execute compiz from within my shell. adding it to .bashrc was my way of having it persistent. adding the --replace was only used to keep from having another WM load up and consume resources.04:26
bfigGnea: the documentation is online and to be honest i really don't know where to look... i've tried finding any reference to 'debugger output' or 'compile failed' but failed miserably04:26
GneaSalooooomy: it's not going to say 'compiz' there. you will get 3 options. try disabling it altogether (so there's no desktop effects at all) and then restart the system, then try to turn them on again from the Visual Effects panel04:27
Gneabfig: what command are you using, exactly?04:27
SalooooomyGnea: Trying that, i hope its that simple!04:27
bfigGnea: i'm using 'Run' == 'Compile and run'04:27
Gneabfig: in your terminal?04:28
arnellupgraded from 7.1 to 8.04 rebooted and system hangs at BusyBox. Anyone know what's happening here?04:28
bfigGnea: in pascal editor04:28
Gneabfig: you'll have to excuse me, i haven't mucked with pascal in over 15 years (and i hated it with a passion). what's the name of the pascal editor?04:28
bfigGnea: 'Free04:29
bfigGnea: 'Free Pascal IDE for Linux for i386'04:29
dunasSo there's a new X Server coming in 8.10?04:30
Gneabfig: and where did you install it from?04:30
Gnea!intrepid | dunas04:30
ubottudunas: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!04:30
bfigGnea: i used sudo apt-get install fp- and every item existing that started with that04:30
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
bobertdosspeener: Nothing under the Multimedia tab for Portable Music Players?04:31
speenerbobertdos: i don't have a multimedia tab04:31
powertool08Does anyone know which package I need so k3b can handle m4a tracks?04:32
speenerbobertdos: i have: cameras, pdas, printers & scanners, input devices04:32
speenerand there's nothing in any of them04:32
KattollikisdI have a problem with my Mozilla Firefox and my Global Menu Applet, can someone help me?04:33
Gneabfig: compiler messages (F12) doesn't help?04:33
GneaKattollikisd: just tell us what the problem you're having is, in detail, and someone might be able to :)04:34
KattollikisdGnea, ok :S ( Sowwy )04:34
bfigGnea: i'm not recieving anything when pressing f12... i don't get an option to see anything that generates... maybe it is not configured to give debugging output? i haven't been able to find anywhere to see this04:35
KattollikisdI can't see the firefox menu ( File..... Edit...... View... ) in my Global Menu Applet, can someone Help me? pleases04:36
kerni have a server setup on one computer a crossover cable plugged into it and the other side plugged into this computer... now im trying to connect to it on this one but what info would i put in for the wired connections GATEWAY address ??04:36
richieI can't remove kubuntu-desktop because that package is not installed, so how do i remove kubuntu programs, leaving me with me originally ubuntu installation04:36
Gneabfig: :)  i pressed alt-F and then scrolled to the right until I got to the Compile menu, it's at the bottom04:37
KetrelQuestion, I know to change your mac address in linux it's "ifconfig eth0 down hw ether <mac address>", but how (other than doing it by entering the number manually) would you change it back to the default?04:37
keppiuse the server address as the gateway address04:37
Flannel!puregnome | richie04:37
ubotturichie: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »04:37
GneaKetrel: i suppose it depends on the amount of time required04:38
=== ratna_cayanx is now known as ce_alone
bfigGnea: i press the button in the menu or f12 and nothing shows up04:39
bobertdosspeener: What about when you go into the file browser and Edit->Preferences->Media?04:39
Nubbiecan somebody  please help me in configuring X 7.4 to use a proper driver?04:39
Jordan_UNubbie: What gfx card?04:39
`MatirDoes anyone know what would cause errors like http://paste.ubuntu.com/44434/ for multiple drives?  SMART seems to find no problems with the drives themselves, and the problem occurs for both SATA drives in the system.04:39
Gneabfig: how big is your terminal window?04:39
speenerbobertdos: GENIUS04:39
richieFlannel: i'll give that a try04:39
NubbieJordan_U: i'm using an intel 810i graphics set, i should be using the "intel" driver04:40
GumbyHi all, I am running ubuntu hardy and I keep getting this message wheneve I install or uninstall a package "scrollkeeper-update: error while loading shared libraries: libscrollkeeper.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"  I've removed and reinstalled scrollkeeper as well as libscrollkeeper0 but the messages wont stop.  Anyone have any ideas?04:40
bfigGnea: default terminal size... i had problems last time i had a bigger window and compiled, when it came back the whole thing went psycho04:40
Jordan_UNubbie: Does your xorg.conf state to use "intel" ?04:40
bobertdosspeener: *phew* You know, they really need to stop moving things around on us like that!04:40
KetrelGnea: what do you mean?04:40
Gneabfig: try this on for size: exit fp-ide, stretch the terminal window vertically so that it's around 80x50 or taller, then run fp-ide04:41
speenerbobertdos: i know, every time a new version of anything comes out and nothing is the same...04:41
NubbieJordan_U: i have an extremely minimal xorg.conf file.04:41
KetrelI mean I know I can just make a script to restore to default and execute it when needed.04:41
GneaKetrel: you could just record the original mac to a text file and recall it later04:41
Jordan_UNubbie: Does it have a "Device" section ?04:42
NubbieJordan_U: it just says "configured <blank>" in the identifier sections04:42
KetrelGnea: yes, but suppose I forgot it, is it actually stored somewhere on the device (where it can't be changed) which I locate it at?04:42
NubbieJordan_U: yes sir it does, and i have specified the "Driver     "intel"04:42
bfigGnea: internal error and must exit :p04:42
Jordan_UNubbie: And it's still not using that driver?04:42
NubbieJordan_U: i am assuming it isn't, because compiz is failing to start.04:43
lordvladimirhello i have a bit of a problem that i cant seem to locate an answer to in ubuntu forums, i normally  use xfce, but was tinkering around with gnome. and for some reason i got this fast user switcher applet error, and then my desktop icons arent there now and when i right click on the desktop it does nothing.04:43
Gneabfig: something's whacked with your ide config then :P04:43
Jordan_UNubbie: Can you pastebin the output of "compiz --replace" ?04:44
Jordan_UNubbie: Your card might be blacklisted for some reason04:44
bfigGnea: i'm checking some compiler preferences... i'll check all the possible config options and tell you if i get them right... thanks for the help04:44
KattollikisdI can't see the firefox menu ( File..... Edit...... View... ) in my Global Menu Applet, can someone Help me? pleases04:44
GneaKetrel: why do you need to change the mac in the first place?04:44
Gneabfig: cheers04:45
bfigGnea: wow... something in 'compiler preferences' was the thing! i got my debugging info!04:45
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, i'm toggling the 'offline' stuff and when i kill the browser and restart it, it's still offline04:46
arnellWhat is the diff btween kernel 2.6.24-19 and 2.6.22-15?04:47
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: Don't change anything but "browser.offline-apps.notify" if you changed anything else make sure you set it back to default04:47
`Matirhas anyone seen lots of problems with "hard resetting link" on sata_sis drives?04:48
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, both browser.offline and browser.offline-apps.notify are set to false04:49
KattollikisdI can't see the firefox menu ( File..... Edit...... View... ) in my Global Menu Applet, can someone Help me? pleases04:50
bobertdosKattollikisd: I think the part that's confusing people is that we don't know what the "Global Menu Applet" is.04:50
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, i can't figure this one out.  it's still setting to offline when i start up the browser again04:50
Jordan_UAeron|mtf: How are you connecting to the internet ?04:51
Aeron|mtfJordan_U, dialup via wvdial04:51
arnellIs there any diff btween booting kernel 2.6.24-19 and kernel 2.6.22-15?04:51
Kattollikisdbobertdos, this is Global Menu Applet http://cache.lifehacker.com/assets/resources/2008/02/uubuntumac_cropped.jpg04:53
danbhfivearnell: hopefully, the later one is better, and it usually supports more hardware04:53
bobertdosarnell: Even if you don't always notice, there are usually significant changes from one version of the kernel to another. So yes, always make sure you boot with the latest kernel version available.04:53
Kattollikisdbobertdos, is the bar that look like Apple in the GNOME Panel04:54
EvolutionXtinctAnyone know how to get better performance outta a Adaptec RAID card?04:54
spiritssightHow can you connect to a router that is behind another router04:55
psilo-anyone awake?04:55
arnellEverytime I boot with the latest version, my system hangs at the Ubuntu orange bar. Any ideas for what's going on?04:55
spiritssightHow can you connect to a router that is behind another router04:56
keppispiritssight: connect the Wan port of one router to an LAN port on the other04:56
psilo-can someone help me with a ralink usb device?04:56
=== mohamed is now known as Guest99953
ubottupsilo-: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:56
danbhfivearnell: try switching to one of the ttyts, with ctrl+alt+f1 or f604:57
spiritssightkeppi: I tryed that it seem not to work04:57
psilo-Please someone help me with a Ralink USB device?04:57
psilo-thats more of a request04:57
keppispiritssight:  Set-up the one with the WAN plugged in to static ip04:57
pasteeaterI want newly created filed to default to 664.  Is it stupid/unsafe to set "umask 0002"?04:58
arnellsorry, what's ttyts?04:58
arnellI'm a newb04:58
sheytalk to you ..... something and something else.04:58
danbhfivearnell: try the short cuts I gave you, and you shall see, use ctrl+alt+f7 to get back04:58
spiritssighton the main router I have the sec one plug into number four port, on the sec router I have it plug into the WAN04:59
danbhfivepasteeater: is this fat32?04:59
arnellIs fl the windows key?04:59
spiritssightalso it has the IP address that it assied using the first router04:59
arnellsorry that's F104:59
sheyf-one arnell04:59
danbhfivepasteeater: well, I don't know the answer to your question, but I thought umask was for non-ext* partitions05:00
pasteeaterdanbhfive: i don't think it is filesystem specific05:01
spiritssightkeppi: I don't understand why its not working it gives me a screen that says can't establish a connection to the server at
bobertdosspiritssight: Look through your router's configuration menus for switching between Router/Gateway/Bridge mode.05:02
pasteeaterdanbhfive: i set it as 0002 anyway ans it seems to be working fine.05:02
keppispiritssight:  is that screen on the router or your computer?05:02
spiritssightits the DD-WRT fireware05:02
spiritssightits on the brower05:02
keppispiritssight:  can you ping the first router?05:02
bobertdosspiritssight:: You'll usually find it under some sort of Advanced Routing section.05:03
spiritssightyes I am login to the first router05:03
spiritssightI want to look back and forth to setup the seting that I did on the first one05:03
keppispiritssight:  on the second router did you set the DNS to the address of the first router"?05:04
spiritssightis that the problem05:04
keppiSet the DNS and you should be fine.  I'm on a computer behind two routers as we type.05:04
psilo-anyone familiar with the manufacturer GXT?05:07
psilo- apparently it doesn't exist05:07
psilo- and they don't make Wifi USB devices, yet i have one in my possession05:07
danbhfivepsilo-: use lsusb with it plugged in05:08
psilo-Bus 003 Device 008: ID 148f:2770 Ralink Technology, Corp.05:08
psilo-is 2770 the chipset version?05:08
danbhfiveno, but sorta05:09
danbhfivebut no05:09
danbhfive148f:2770 is the usb identifier, it uniquely identifies the chipset05:09
DOT3CHhow come my usb speakers work, but i can only turn the volume up about a 1/4 of the way, is their something i need to do to be able to use the full volume of the speakers?05:10
psilo-danbhfive: ah, well how can i find the exact chipset?05:10
spiritssight2ok I am back I am about to try this now05:10
=== linux_ is now known as DareDevil
lowluxwhy is there some stupid assholes charging 40$ or 60$ for some wine rippoff to play your games? has anyone built a open source supper for games in wine yet?05:11
complexityhas anyone here had success runnning Miro?05:11
complexityI am running 7.1005:12
mindrapelowlux - ?  you talking about cedega?05:12
danbhfivepsilo-: well, its an Ralink chipset05:12
lowluxcrossover theat progam05:12
mindrapelowlux - my understanding is that wine is just an attempt at a basic API layer...05:12
spiritssight2It does not seem to be working05:12
psilo-danbhfive: but don't i need a specific driver?05:12
danbhfivepsilo-: i would just figure out how other ralink cards are worked, and see if you can get it working that way05:12
mindrapecedega and crossover and those others try to emulate that and more... ie; so Direct X will work fully and whatnot.05:12
lowluxyou have to pay for it..05:13
mindrapesome people dont want to code for free...05:13
mindrapeyou cant fault them for wanting to put food on the table.05:13
lowluxthats not the linux way of doing things..05:13
mindrapeoh really?05:13
=== SVI is now known as DBO
mindrapeSo RedHat and SuSE shouldn't make money?05:13
mindrapelowlux - I think you have a bit of a misperception about "the linux way of doing things"05:13
lowluxthey ofer there stuff for free.05:14
psilo-danbhfive: thanks, maybe ill give that shot05:14
lowluxcharge you out of the ass for the cds.05:14
mindrapelowlux - yet they seem to be public companies that have an income... how is this possible?05:14
spiritssight2keppi: it seems not to be working on the bottom of the FF it says trying to connect to (D-Link sec router)05:14
mindrapeclearly this isn't the "linux" way!05:14
danbhfivepsilo-: have you tested it?05:14
lowluxsupport... just like ubuntu05:14
psilo-danbhfive: nope, not sure how to do that05:15
smm289I have had ubuntu 8.04 installed for about two weeks.  I want to watch a DVD, I insert the DVD and Totem Movie play starts up and then gives me this error: "Could Not Read From Source"05:15
smm289any ideas ?05:15
mindrapelowlux - thats part of it.  They do charge for RHAS and ES though.05:15
keppispiritssight:  ok, which is your first and which is your second?  Are you able to ping both routers?05:15
psilo-danbhfive: when i pull up ifconfig it doesn't show up though05:15
danbhfivepsilo-: plug it in, and try to use it to connect to the internet,   use commands like iwconfig, and see if it shows up05:15
mindrapelowlux - the "linux" way which I think you mean is the "open source" way doesn't necessarily mean you give your code away for free...05:15
danbhfivepsilo-: guess it doesnt then05:15
thyagusam ... how good is the scratches on the dvd?05:15
psilo-danbhfive: it doesn't show up under iwconfig either05:16
mindrapelowlux - if you want RHAS for free they will give you the source CDs... most people choose CentOS for this reason because those are a pain to work with.05:16
smm289dvd is fine05:16
smm289no scrathces05:16
OntologHow do I view STDOUT / STDERR on startup? The Ubuntu splashscreen blocks all this but I want to debug a problem05:16
spiritssight2ok my first is a Linksys WRT54GS v3 and the sec is a D-Link 2310 I am able to connect right now to the Linksys as I am on the internet with this one05:16
lowluxi never used redhat..05:16
thyagudo you have mplayer? smm28905:16
lowluxnever liked rpm..05:16
mindrapewell it looks like we have something in common hence our arrival in this channel.05:17
lowluxthink there interface is ulgy like a carttoon or somehting05:17
thyagutry it with mplayer smm28905:17
lowluxubuntu is ulgy too05:17
smm289yep, I tried mplayer also, but all that does is run forever but with no video display, I have to actually kill the proccess or it will sit there forever05:17
keppispiritssight:  from a workstation behind the second (d-link) router are you able to ping the first (linksys) router?05:17
jmichels1nI need some serious net help, trying to config a USB net adapter via cli, it was working fine a while ago, moved the pc to a diff network and they cant connect, can someone help me please?05:17
mindrapelowlux - really?  I use CLI mainly... don't theme my xfce away from the generic install when I do rarely use it.05:17
danbhfivelowlux: mindrape: can you guys take it to offtopic?  this channel is for support05:17
thyagu20 question marks above my head... to hear mplayer misbehave05:18
Theebany idea on how to get the shared folder for vbox on ubuntu desktop?05:18
smm289ya, it just sits there05:18
smm289I supose i could try another dvd, just did not want to get up and find one05:18
lowluxhow can i password protect my porn folder?05:18
lowluxso no one can get in it..05:18
smm289good  question05:18
Flannellowlux: You'll need to use encryption05:19
thyagulol.. try that first... smm28905:19
keppilowlux:  "chown lowlux:lowlux porn"05:19
lowluxwhat program>?05:19
Garibaldihi folks05:19
phishHow do i kill a process that's running by it's name? ie nautilus05:19
jmichels1nI need some serious net help, trying to config a USB net adapter via cli, it was working fine a while ago, moved the pc to a diff network and they cant connect, can someone help me please?05:19
GaribaldiI a bit of a ubuntu novice and I'm trying to install kile (a LaTeX editor), and it says I have unmet dependencies05:20
Garibaldihow do I go about properly installing unmet deps?05:20
TACPILOTI have an LVM2 mirror set up, Bonnie++ shows it writing to both drives ,b ut only reading from 1.  Shouldn't LVM mirror stripe read ???05:20
danbhfivejmichels1n: have you looked at the man page for iwconfig?05:20
thyaguuse -f option in apt-get Garibaldi ..05:20
FlannelGaribaldi: How are you trying to install it?05:20
GaribaldiFlannel: apt-get install kile05:20
FlannelNo.  don't use -f05:20
lowluxwhat do i use to protect the folder?05:21
FlannelGaribaldi: try sudo apt-get update05:21
jmichels1ndanbhfive: yes and no, i have read the basics,05:21
GaribaldiFlannel: yeah, I did that first05:21
FlannelGaribaldi: What unmet depends does it say it has?05:21
Garibaldisays:  'kile: Depends: kdelibs4c2a (>= 4:3.5.5-1) but it is not going to be installed'05:21
Garibaldialso on konsole05:21
keppilowlux:  "ch lowlux:lowlux porn"05:21
mindrapelowlux - do you JUST want it so only you can access it or do you want to "hide" it as well?  Because chown and chmod can make it so just you can get to it.05:21
keppilowlux:  "chmod 700 porn"05:21
`MatirDoes anyone know what normal temperatures for a hard drive are?  Or rather, what temperatures I should try to keep it at?05:21
FlannelGaribaldi: Alright. pastebin your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list)05:22
danbhfivejmichels1n: I have had success using iwconfig adapter then whtever options I need to connect, and just ignore the rest05:22
lowluxhide it as well..05:22
keppilowlux:  only you will be able to access it when logged in as lowlux05:22
mindrapelowlux - you should probably consider getting an external drive... thats much easier to hide from your parents.  :)05:22
jmichels1ndanbhfive: it shows the ssid there correct but no IP05:22
lowluxi seem to can't get a 2ed hard drive to work on ubuntu..05:22
mindrapekeppi - technically if his dad is an admin he can gksudo a filesystem browser like thunar and find him out...05:22
tj83`Matir, mine runnin at 41C which is high from the hitachi data sheet.. but it runs fine05:23
mindrapeI guess he could remove his parents from the sudoers file...05:23
keppiwell, I guess that's true05:23
danbhfivekeppi: that just links it to the first user.  any livecd can side step that05:23
GaribaldiFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44441/05:23
`Matirtj83, ahh... I may need to cool mine down... got one up to 4405:24
mindrapeI'd say the easiest is to get an external drive.  2nd best would be to create a 2nd partition and dont automount it and encrypt it.   3rd would be to chmod and chown it and preceed it with a .05:24
keppitrying to hide porn is prolly a bad idea anyways.  The numbers won't add up and parents will wonder where all the missing space is?05:24
tj83`Matir, search for the data sheet on your model.. but i have seen mine as high as 48C but it keeps going.05:25
GaribaldiFlannel: anything look wrong?05:26
`Matirtj83, k, thx05:26
FlannelGaribaldi: hmm, alright.  So, that all looks normal.  What we're going to do is try and install that package (kdelibs4c2a) and then see what error it gives,05:26
hitman1985anyone got a fast idea how to make a txt file out of a directory content ?05:26
smm289well a new DVD is in and its spinning and not doing anything05:26
danbhfivehitman1985: ls?05:26
danbhfivehitman1985: or tar05:26
FlannelGaribaldi: if it continues to give us *that* errr ("but it is not going to be instaled" we go one layer deeper, eventually we'll get an actual error.  Not a "something is wrong!" but an actual description of whats happening.05:26
hitman1985danbhfive, a folder ,  not an archive05:27
smm289nope its playing but it sounds like my computer is possesed and there is no video05:27
smm289sounds like a dial-up modem has taken over my speakers05:27
GaribaldiFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44442/05:27
FlannelGaribaldi: perfect05:27
FlannelGaribaldi: and, what does `apt-cache policy kdelibs4c2a` give?05:28
hitman1985danbhfive, i got a folder full of files like rar files, and some avi files and mp3 as well, but i dont want to type all of it one by one, so i thought there was a little application / script what just puts that info in a txt file or close to txt05:28
danbhfivehitman1985: im not sure what you are trying to do, but ls and tar both work on folders.  ls will list the filenames of the folder contents, and tar has the ability to turn them into a single file05:28
GaribaldiFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44443/05:28
hadi57hi, i just got rokr8 mobile phone, any body know how to sync data to my ubuntu pc?05:28
hitman1985danbhfive, what is ls exactly ?05:29
smm289try and play a dvd, my speakers sound like a dial-up connection and ther eis no video05:29
danbhfivehitman1985: are you working from the command line?05:29
smm289tried using Mplayer05:29
Mba7ethhi ... is there any java specific room here in IRC ?05:29
FlannelGaribaldi: alright, there's our problem.  You've enabled hardy-backports, and that's whats causing the issue.  It's not in your sources.list, check to see if you have any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and if they have hardy sources in them.05:29
hitman1985danbhfive, not to advanced with ubuntu yet, so i run regular gnome or gui i guess thats what you call that ?05:30
GaribaldiFlannel: ah, ok, I have a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unison.list05:30
Garibaldi(don't know what that might be)05:30
tj83hitman1985, cd to your dir05:30
smm289try and play a dvd, my speakers sound like a dial-up connection and there is no video.  Any ideas ?05:30
tj83hitman1985, and then ls > file.txt05:31
Garibaldibut it does have hardy-backports in there.  Should I remove that, re-run the apt-get update, and try an upgrade?05:31
bangershi is there a serial console client for ubuntu? I need to connect from my serial port into another ocmputer05:31
bangersin solaris I just use t0p05:31
GaribaldiFlannel: ^05:31
FlannelGaribaldi: You'll have to do some manual tweaking of packages, because that one is already the hardy version.05:31
GaribaldiI see05:31
smm289try and play a dvd, my speakers sound like a dial-up connection and ther eis no video.  Any ideas ??05:32
tj83hitman1985, is that what you were trying to do?05:32
sheysmm289: which movie player?05:32
hitman1985tj83, just one sec05:32
sheyhave you tried other players?05:32
smm289still no good05:33
sheysmm289: sudo apt-get install xine-ui05:33
hitman1985tj83, does that also work with subfolder ?05:33
smm289what is xine and why do i want to install it05:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine-ui05:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine05:33
tj83hitman1985, i dont think so05:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libdvd05:33
smm289google here I come.  ty05:33
sheysmm289: make sure you have all the codecs installed.05:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine05:34
smm289can i get the codecs i need from synaptic05:34
smm289package manager05:34
sheysmm289: let me check something..05:34
hitman1985tj83, danged :(  i got a external hdd filled with stuff and need a list of all the files on there in one txt or word file :(05:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gxine05:35
tj83hitman1985, sorry, i thought i had you fixed :( sorry, i tried it with the -R option it didnt work.05:35
GaribaldiFlannel: hum, I removed the currently installed version of kdelibs-data (after removing the backport thing you pointed out)05:35
Garibaldiand now it seems to be playing nicely05:36
sheyis ubottu broken?05:36
hitman1985tj83, any applications that would do something similar available ?05:36
arnellcan't find any documentation on swithing ttyS. Can someone help me out?05:36
tj83hitman1985, not sure.. googling05:36
arnellTrying to boot from kernel 2.6.24-19 and hangs at BusyBox05:36
arnellWhat's happening here?05:36
nathanielnealli have an urgent issue05:37
smm289according to synaptic libxine1 and various are already installed05:37
hitman1985tj83, tried that :) but ill try some more thx anyways05:37
nathanielnealli get an error while priniting from open office or gedit05:37
sheysmm289: check for libdvd* and libcss05:37
smm289What I found:05:38
smm289Most DVDs on the market today are play-protected by the Content Scrambling05:38
smm289System (CSS). libxine does not provide any code to descramble those DVDs,05:38
smm289because of legal uncertainties. If you still want to play those DVDs, you'll05:38
smm289need a CSS decryption library like libdvdcss that is supported by libxine.05:38
FloodBot2smm289: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
danbhfivearnell: did the ctrl+alt stuff work for you?05:38
danbhfive!medibuntu > smm28905:39
ubottusmm289, please see my private message05:39
sheysmm289: yeah, that was my next suggestion, Medibuntu.05:39
nathanielneallanyone know a fix for an error while printing?05:40
sheynathanielneall: telepathy tells me... nothing... what is the error?05:40
danbhfivearnell: also, if the earlier kernel works for you, I don't think there is much issue with just using that05:41
nathanielneallit just wont print any documents at all05:41
arnellno tried all the F-keys and still the same result... hanging at BusyBox. But booting 2.6.22-15 seems to boot okay.05:41
hitman1985tj83, i ll just ls every folder then put it in one :) thanks, i ll take the time to do it, at least not to much typing that way05:41
nathanielnealltheres not a loat to say05:41
hitman1985have a good one cya05:41
danbhfivearnell: but you are able to switch to different ttys?05:41
TACPILOTI have an LVM2 mirror set up, Bonnie++ shows it writing to both drives ,b ut only reading from 1.  Shouldn't LVM mirror stripe read ???05:41
arnellYes, thanks05:41
Dfcnvtnathanielneall, I assume you couldn't get your document to print to your printer machine.. correct?05:41
tj83hitman1985.. i might be onto something gimme a sec05:42
KetrelGnea: I need to change the mac because at my school, you have to register your computers (and they identify by mac), I want to register my xbox (they do consoles separately) and their backlog for this is about 3 weeks.05:42
arnellAre there any surefire fixes for my ATI 2900 graphics probs?05:42
arnellthat you know of?05:42
KetrelMy trial subscription will be over by then, so I'm just gonna spoof as my xbox, register it myself and then go back.05:42
nathanielneallshey, a flash of what looks like a printing operation comes up properly and is immediately replace by a dialog box that reads cannot print05:42
danbhfivearnell: on bootup, tty1 and tty6 will show you what is happening.  That ubuntu status bar just hides it all05:42
Dabbuwhen i enter sudo wvdialconf in my terminal my computer hangs but if i enter wvdialconf everything goes well...but this is not able to write to /etc/wvdial.conf...any help05:42
Rakeermulti-user Whiteboard software in ubuntu?05:42
nathanielneallerror while printing05:42
Dfcnvtif so, check for any connection to see if the printer is actually connected to your computer or whatever it is that should be set up.05:42
Rakeerubottu whiteboard05:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about whiteboard05:43
sheynathanielneall: is your printer setup correctly?05:43
nathanielneallDfcnvt, thats right05:43
nathanielneallshey, it should be how can i tell?05:43
poccoKetrel:  why not use a router?05:43
danbhfiveRakeer: whats a whiteboard?05:43
cyixWhere should I start looking for info on file sharing between 3 cpu's, all linux, 2 wired, 1 wireless.05:43
ykphuahDabbu: you can get wvdialconf to write to another config file and copy it over to /etc05:43
Ketrelpocco it's not supported on their network05:43
sheynathanielneall: system > adminstration > printing05:43
Ketrelhubs and switches yes, but not routers05:43
Ketrelthe double natting doesn't work well with them05:44
tj83hitman1985... i dunno what its doing but its looking awfully hard for something lol hdd going crazy!05:44
DfcnvtIs your printer is connected as usb/parallel-port/ethernet(rj-45)05:44
Ketrel(I actually have a router, but I have to use it as a hub)05:44
Dabbu ykphuah:how to do that05:44
nathanielnealli tried to print a test page05:44
GaribaldiFlannel: Thanks again for your time -- I think I got everything straightened out05:44
nathanielneallgot an error05:44
GaribaldiFlannel: I really appreciate it05:44
nathanielneallCUPS server error05:44
FlannelGaribaldi: Sounds good.  Also know that Feisty is reaching EOL soon, you should think about upgrading.05:44
nathanielneallThere was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-document-format-not-supported'.05:44
Rakeerdanbhfive: Its kind of like multiplayer paint :P so people can remotely share ideas on a simple whiteboard like you would have in a presentation room05:44
poccoKetrel:  oh05:44
Dabbu ykphuah:there is a .wvdial.conf file in my home directory...what is this05:44
sheynathanielneall: what kind of printer??05:45
danbhfiveRakeer: so, real time multi user text editing?  or graphics editing?05:45
hadi57hi, any body know can help me sync data between motorola E8 and ubuntu?05:45
nathanielneallcanon BJS75005:45
GaribaldiFlannel: yeah -- I inherited this machine and it's in active use.  Hopefully come December I'll have a chance to backup the data and upgrade05:45
danbhfiveRakeer: I've seen it for text, but not for graphics05:45
ykphuahDabbu: try wvdialconf /tmp/wvdial.conf05:45
axeusIs there a way to get Compiz to allow you to "toss" or "flick" windows with your mouse? Wobbly Windows seem to stop when you let go of the mouse button.05:45
GaribaldiFlannel: but thanks for the heads up05:45
Rakeerdanbhfive: No, its just a space to draw simple things with lines...05:46
arnelldanbhfive: do you know of any definite fixes for ATI cards? I've looked in the forums and everyone seems to have the same prob as me.05:46
brian_are there a program that i can use my hava with it is a recording device for my tv05:46
DfcnvtUncomment application/octet-stream in /etc/cups/mime.types and uncomment application/octet-stream in /etc/cups/mime.convs05:46
dataspyhow can I figure out the biggest directory in / ?05:46
danbhfivearnell: no clue, sorry05:46
sheynathanielneall: you sure thats the correct model??05:46
arnelldanbhfive: K, well thanks for your help.05:47
nathanielneallit has also been refered to as s75005:47
Dfcnvtnathanielneall, maybe this will solve your problem. http://mindspill.net/computing/cross-platform-notes/cups-client-error-document-format-not-supported.html05:47
BenalexHello all... I am dual booting Ubuntu and Debian... and each time ubuntu upgrades Linux Kernel.. it updates Ubuntu's grub menu.lst .. how can I make it update Debian's grub menu.lst?05:47
brian_are thier a program i can use that i can record live tv thier a box called a hava05:47
EvolutionXtinctquestion.... when i unmount a USB thumbdrive do i have to powerit off to unplug it? or is it fine cuz mine has a light and when its unmounted in windows the lightshuts off here it doesnot05:48
arnellHas anyone used Envy to solve ATI graphics probs?05:48
EvolutionXtinctarnell you using like fedora or somethin?05:48
Dabbu ykphuah:what about the .wvdial.conf file in homw directory,why and for what this is there05:48
nathanielneallDfcnvt, that kind of helps but im not using windows05:48
danbhfiveRakeer: from google: http://coccinella.im/05:49
nodemongerAnyone know of some good resources for learning how to install and configure Beryl. Beryl's own wiki was defaced and is un-available...05:49
arnellEvolutionXtinct: ubuntu 8.04 kernel 2.6.22-1505:49
favroEvolutionXtinct: you right click it and select unmount first05:49
sheynathanielneall: did you goto system > adminstration > printing??05:49
GaribaldiFlannel: thanks again05:49
johninlexhas any one used envy before???05:49
sheysee if your printer is there listed or if it says it sees anything at all.05:49
nathanielneallshey, yes05:49
sheynathanielneall: its there?05:50
nathanielneallshey, wont print test page and the driver isnt on the list05:50
error404notfoundHi! is there any shell extension for svn on ubuntu like there is scplugin on mac?05:50
danbhfivenodemonger: its compiz now05:50
sheynathanielneall: try using the generic driver, and remove postscript if the option allows you too.05:50
dumbdumHi. Does anyone know of a "desktop sidebar" proggy like that in Windblows Blista?05:51
nathanielneallshey, ive been using generic05:51
nodemongerHow do I trigger the answering machine bot around here?05:51
nodemongerIs it ?05:51
Flannelubottu: tell nodemonger about yourself05:51
ubottunodemonger, please see my private message05:51
nodemongerHow do I see your private message?05:51
cyixok, how about this then... what is th elinux equiv of Samba?05:52
sheynathanielneall: your going to have to try to use one of the other drivers somewhat close to it, I cannot find anything on that orinter for linuz at all.05:52
nodemongerubottu: info beryl05:52
ubottuPackage beryl does not exist in hardy05:52
danbhfive!beryl | nodemonger05:52
ubottunodemonger: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz05:52
`MatirTwo of my drives are throwing errors like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44434/.  Anyone seen something like that before?  The drives seem to be woking fine.05:52
kobkritubottu : info tinyos05:53
ubottuPackage tinyos does not exist in hardy05:53
nathanielneallDfcnvt, what say you05:53
sheyisnt Hardy default with Compiz-Fusion?05:53
nodemongerThanks danbhfive... I need to learn that syntax05:53
nathanielneallDfcnvt, that looks like my error but without windows05:53
craig_shey yes but you need to add the program still .. its packaged .. just not installed05:53
voraistosHi, I have a question from noob land regarding encryption... I'm not judging the quality of the cipher one could use, but the "password". example: i boot my PC, it asks me about the luks passphrase, which is 20 letters long and made out of any possible character my keyboard can do... This seems fairly weak. I mean a bruteforce attack could find my passphrase rather fast, dont you think ? Thus making any super high grade encryption05:53
Theebshey unless you upgraded, because i had some trouble activating it.05:53
DfcnvtI think you can apply the same to your linux box.05:54
sheywhat exactly does Compiz-Fusion do?05:54
danbhfive!usage > nodemonger more usage goodness05:54
ubottunodemonger, please see my private message05:54
Dfcnvtshey, it's the special effect for the desktop05:54
nathanielneallDfcnvt, how?05:54
Theebshey desktop effects05:54
craig_does anyone know what would cause the Desktop Cube/Rotating Cube to not work in Compiz Fusion?05:54
sheylike the liquid motion when you move windows?05:54
nodemonger!feisty | nodemonger05:55
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
ubottuIt is spelt "FEIsty" :)05:55
sheyI just noticed in gnome when you (windows key) + e it drops all your desktops down for selection05:55
nodemongerAh ok...05:55
RedFrosti'm been on05:55
sheythats awesome05:55
Dfcnvtnathanielneall, I tried to find which pages would help you get to work for your problem.. http://jmatrix.net/dao/case/case.jsp?case=7F000001-17918F0-10C13CE7D87-C405:55
cyixWhere should I start looking for info on file sharing between 3 cpu's, all linux, 2 wired, 1 wireless.05:55
RedFrostthe ubuntu server?05:55
nodemonger!info FEisty05:55
ubottuPackage feisty does not exist in hardy05:55
Dfcnvtlook at the bottom of the page for the uncomment section..05:56
voraistosand the bot loses it :P05:56
danbhfivevoraistos: I can explain in offtopic05:56
voraistosthat would be great danbhfive05:56
RedFrostomg xchat is so cool05:56
HeManHi! Can GRUB change memory timing or such?05:56
=== zero is now known as Zero___
shey!info compiz05:57
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.4-0ubuntu7 (hardy), package size 33 kB, installed size 68 kB05:57
Theebxchat hurts my eyes :\05:57
HeManWhen I start memtest from GRUB i finds lots of errors but when I start it from syslinux (on a USB stick) it doesn't find any error05:57
FlannelHeMan: no, GRUB doesn't do any of that, it just boots your computer.05:57
shey!info compiz-fusion05:57
ubottuPackage compiz-fusion does not exist in hardy05:57
Zero___hey, i just installed xubuntu-desktop metapackage from gnome, i HATE thundar, how do i replace it with nautilus?05:57
Dfcnvtshey, you never tried compiz?05:57
sheyI dont know...05:57
sheyhow do I play with it?05:58
Dfcnvt#apt-get install compiz05:58
sheyits installed I know that05:58
RedFrosti'm using compiz-fusion right now05:58
RedFrosti prefer it to enlightenment05:58
Theebgo to appearance > visual effects05:58
sheyDfcnvt: like I said, I accidently hit windows+e and it dropped my windows down, neat trick.05:58
tj83shey sudo apt-get compizconfig-settings-manager05:58
RedFrostyeah but it work only05:58
sheyTheeb: yeah that I know05:58
RedFroston gnome05:59
RedFrosti gtg05:59
RedFrosti hav school05:59
FloodBot2RedFrost: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:59
tj83shey then click on system, preferences,advanced desktop effects05:59
HeManFlannel: any ideas on my problem then?05:59
RedFrostbyebye guys06:00
Dfcnvtapt-get install gnome-compiz-manager06:00
Dfcnvtthat's where the manager is in System/Preferences06:00
sheytj83: THANKS!06:01
Dfcnvtoh sorry, I wasn't paid attention06:01
Zero___hey can i replace thundar with nautilus?06:01
Zero___thundar dosnt let me access the network at home06:01
tj83Dfcnvt, compizconfig-settings-manager resolves all the dependent packages including the one you listed06:01
valentinexhello file sharing problem when i try to share a file it gives me error06:01
dsmith_ctril-alt S shades the current window06:01
Dfcnvttj83, thanks, I'll keep that in mind06:01
christozhello, a friend of mine while is booting on ubuntu ,a screen appearing with these written:06:02
christozbusybox v.1.10.206:03
christoz(ubunt 1:1.10.2-1 ubuntu)06:03
christozbuilt inn shell cash06:03
vnixsomeone can help me with this "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" Thanks06:03
christozmeta (initramfs) [9.283382] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb]06:03
christozassumng drive cache : weite through06:03
crdlb!build-essential | vnix06:04
ubottuvnix: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:04
christoz[9.283382] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb]06:04
christozactually he cannot boot to ubuntu06:04
christozany help please?06:04
Driveninsane1Proxy IP address06:04
DfcnvtI guess it's grub fault06:05
Theebdamn i missed up my xchat font, what is the default size again?06:05
christozis there any relation with this?Malone bug 47768 in initramfs-tools "Mount Root Files System Failed" [Critical,Confirmed]06:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 47768 in initramfs-tools "Mount Root Files System Failed" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4776806:05
Driveninsane1does anybody have experience with Nvid drivers?more so the Nvid configged xorg? it would seem my screen stays at the proper 1280x800 (16:9) ratio.. but when running games its uses 4:3 ratios.... it dont show all of my screen... but the desktop seems to extend beyond the base of the lcd06:05
Dfcnvtchristoz, boot on livecd and chroot to the hard drive and work on grub-install06:05
christozwhat is chroot?06:06
christozany how to guide for this?06:06
christozDfcnvt, ?06:06
tj83christoz, if what you need to do is fix grub.. then do this :http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/06:07
christoztj83, i have no idea what to do06:07
Dfcnvtchristoz, I'm not sure it might be grub's fault with the case you're describing.. here's this site if it is the problem you have. http://ge.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=22435106:08
tj83christoz, not sure about your error.. but,, preforming those actions will NOT HURT the system. try it06:08
christozok, i;ll try thanks06:08
floamI've got an amd64 install of 8.04, and I'd like to try to change over to x86 without doing a real reinstall.06:09
floamis it possible just to tweak some string somewhere and do like a dist-ugprade or something?06:10
axeusWouldn't that require a different kernel?06:10
floamamd64 kernel can run 32bit x86 binaries.06:10
axeus*shuts up then* :)06:10
vnix"sudo apt-get install auto-apt06:11
vnix" what this use for thanks.06:11
Dfcnvtfloam, all I can do is give you this reference to see if there's a points to your answer... http://www.unix.com/answers-frequently-asked-questions/15284-32-64-bit-filesystems-files-oss-cpus.html06:13
floamDfcnvt: this doesn't look particularly useful, I'm well aware of the architectual differences between x86-64 and x8606:14
owen1what is a .package extention?06:14
floamwhat I'm more interested in is where in debian/ubuntu the architecture is defined06:14
DfcnvtI'm not sure which kernel will handle for both.06:15
Flannelfloam: We'd be happy to discuss it with you in #ubuntu-offtopic, we like to keep this channel limited to support only.06:15
owen1what is autopackage and how do i open a .package file?06:15
tj83floam, if what your asking to how to tell what version your system is running.... uname -a?06:15
nwmI had to restore my boot.ini file, but I have lost wubi as a result, what do I need to add to get my Ubuntu install back?06:16
floamtj83: that's not my question06:16
tj83floam, k sory06:16
* tj83 sorry*06:16
Flannelnwm: You should be able to edit it and make it work (but I don't know what to add)06:16
floamFlannel: okay, I sort of thoght I was looking for support.06:16
donnygreetings all. i have some questions about 802.11 device support. i've got a Linksys WUSB54G here, and I've built and installed the rt2500 module using module-assistant. i also have wireless-tools installed (apparently; the iwconfig command is available) but when i plug in my WUSB54G, although its lights turn on and dmesg shows some infos about a USB device, i have no new networking interfaces named /dev/ethN. can anyone help?06:18
therockst4r /msg ubottu etiquette06:19
Dfcnvtdonny, perhap you're looking at the wrong interface.. maybe it's ath0 interface?06:20
tj83donny, what reason do you have to believe that the interface is "ethN" ? that is not typical.. more like "wlan0" or similar, but i dont know about your adapter06:21
hmlwhta's a good tool for keeping all your emails local / writing them locally, and having them be automatically sent whenever you connect to a network06:21
Daisuke_IdoDon_Miguel: or ra0, i've seen that common among ralink chipsets06:21
Daisuke_Idodonny even06:21
amt2hi, my ethernet connection is not working; the little lights in the port don't blink so i think it's not even being recognized. I'm in a Toshiba P305-S8842. Any help would be appreciated.06:21
donnyDfcnvt, i will check for "/dev/ath*" tj83: in my past experience, it was eth1 after my wired nic eth0 (it was wlan0 on mac os x 10.3 though)06:22
donnyDaisuke_Ido, i'll check all of those. still i assumed the iwconfig command would know which devices to examine06:22
Dfcnvtdonny, it's not on /dev directory.. only iwconfig or ifconfig would show the interface for that..06:23
tj83amt2 if you dont get a link light.. its likely a bad cable or a crossover cable type06:23
donnyoh right, they don't have fs nodes in /dev anymore06:23
vnixchecking for mysql include path... configure: error: not found, please install the MySQL headers.. I have MySQL 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1 installed06:23
vnixsomeone can tell me what error is that thank you06:23
Daisuke_Idovnix: where did you install it from?06:23
Dfcnvtjust type iwconfig and find which one is used.06:23
Orchid`Hi! i am looking for a way to find out if i can run Spore on my UBuntu computer, will someone please help me figure this out, or point me to a directory assistance table?06:23
amt2tj83, but evyerhting works when i'm on windows, and the lights do blink there.... i don't think it's the hardware...06:23
Daisuke_IdoOrchid`: write to the company and ask for a linux version06:24
vnixDaisuke_Ido: from src06:24
Daisuke_IdoOrchid`: if that fails, go to #winehq06:24
Daisuke_Idovnix: why?06:24
vnixDaisuke_Ido: PVPGN06:24
donnyvnix: you're configuring to build some application. it wants to include MySQL headers when compiling. it hasn't found them in the obvious locatinos. you can provide it on the command line. please see ./configure --help for more info06:24
tj83amt2 i will try to help.. i only have a few moments /join #SeaPhor06:25
Orchid`Daisuke_Ido:  i have WINE, however when i try to find otu if i can mount my cd-rw drive it says htere is no media in the drive, and thus cannot mount it.06:25
Daisuke_Idovnix: probably mysql5-dev06:25
Daisuke_Idobut i won't swear to it06:25
vnixi am using ./configure --with-mysql -prefix=ASDASA06:25
vnixI try to access to my sql and it's fine.. I can create database and query ^^06:25
donnyvnix: IIRC, the --prefix= option has to do with installation directories (can anyone else confirm or reject this?)06:26
danbhfiveOrchid`: Spore Creature Creator?06:26
dumbdumHi, does anyone know of a sidebar app "ala" Windows Vista? Thanks06:26
dataspyhow can I tell how big a directory is on the command line?06:26
Orchid`danbhfive:  it jsut came out in my area last night.06:26
danbhfiveOrchid`: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=758806:27
DfcnvtOrchid, you can make a images of it.... dd -if=/mnt/cdrom0 -of=/img/Spore.img06:27
donnyvnix, connecting to your database server proves that your database server is running, and your command-line client works properly. if, however, you want to *compile* source code that incorporates mysql header files, you'll probably need to install mysql-server-whatever-devel package06:27
Dfcnvtfor a mount....06:27
Flannelnwm: C:\wubildr.mbr="Ubuntu"06:27
vengerdumbdum, you mean like widgets?  there's a kubuntu kde4 remix CD that I know of06:27
Daisuke_Idodanbhfive: probably SPORE.  not the creature creator, since he asked about spore, not the creature creator, and again, winehq.org or #winehq06:27
vnixso donny what I should do now? change mysql?06:27
dataspydoobie doobie doo06:28
Daisuke_Idovnix: no, install the dev packages like i told you.06:28
vnixerm.. can you please guide me thanks06:28
Orchid`thanks guys, bad night tonight forgot its not on my autojoin...06:28
Orchid`thank you for th epatience! really.06:28
veyneis there a way to enable wine run prograqms to access the web?06:28
Area_51what is a good dvd player06:29
Theebveyne, have you tried vbox?06:29
Daisuke_Idovnix: best start is to: sudo apt-get install libmysql++-dev06:29
EK9totem sorry06:30
Daisuke_Idothen try to configure again06:30
dataspydoes anybody know how to tell how big a directory is in mb throught the command line?06:30
Area_51what other special codecs and stuff do i need besides w32codecs and the libcss06:30
veyneno sir, what does vbox do?06:30
vnixDaisuke do I need to shutdown mysql first?06:30
=== blan_ is now known as blan
Daisuke_Idovnix: nah06:31
Theebits virtualbox, you can install windows xp, or vista on it, even mac i think.06:31
vnixalright installing06:31
SkinnYPup_Looking for the name of the onscreen keyboard for use with tablets, anyone ?06:31
stralytici'm having some problems with nat when using bridging, could anyone lend a hand?06:31
Daisuke_IdoTheeb: good luck forwarding any ports to it.  why not help with his actual question?06:31
vnixdone... so what is the next step? daisuke?06:31
dumbdumHi Venger, yes like little apps that run on a sidebar to do various tasks. Like widgets06:31
Daisuke_Idovnix: try ./configure again06:32
vnixconfigure not found now06:32
Daisuke_Idoveyne: programs run under wine should be able to access the net just like any other program06:32
Daisuke_Idovnix: are you in the right directory?06:32
vnixerm hold on06:32
donnyvnix: you could try the libmysqlclient15-dev package if your'e using mysql 1.506:32
vnixoh thanks if work06:33
vnixit work...06:33
Kurtdataspy: try ls -lh06:33
donnyvnix :)06:33
dinarhow to turn on/off ircd-hybrid?06:33
vnixthere is one config warning from config.status. I can just ignore it right?06:33
vnixit's not error06:34
Kurtdataspy: in the parent directory...if you want to be more specific, you could do ls -lh | grep <name of directory>06:34
Daisuke_Idodepending on the warning06:34
vnixWARNING:  'Makefile.in' seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting06:34
donnyvnix, you will have to ask the developers of the software you are building :)06:35
vnixi see thanks^^06:35
vbhidehi there, how do i add pci=assign-busses to my boot options ?06:35
dresvnix: coming from the po subdir?06:35
veyneyeha, i had no problen runnin gSL offa my old windows backup and it ran like a dream..06:35
vnixI am sorry dres I don understand ><06:36
vnixanyone good with PVPGN here?06:36
Daisuke_Idoemulates battle.net?06:36
Kurtvnix, add  datarootdir = @datarootdir@ to the Makefile.in will probably fix that warning06:36
vnixokie i'll try06:37
* Daisuke_Ido is trying to figure out why it needs to be built from source06:37
vnixKurt is okie to add it to the first line?06:37
Daisuke_Idobefore you compile it, is there something wrong with the version in the repos?06:38
vnixi just download from the offcial site06:39
vnixnot using SVN06:39
vbhidehi there, ubuntu cannot read my sd card... i don't know how to add pci=assign-busses to my boot options !06:39
donnyvnix, you could see if it's already in the ubuntu repository and install it without having to compile it from source code06:39
* Daisuke_Ido blinks06:39
Daisuke_Ido!info pvpgn06:40
vnixya but it's 1.8.106:40
ubottupvpgn (source: pvpgn): Gaming server that emulates Battle.net(R). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-1 (hardy), package size 744 kB, installed size 2260 kB06:40
HeManIs memtest in intrepid patched from the on http://memtest.org/?06:40
donnyvnix, but i had assumed you already explored that possibility06:40
donnyvnix, ah, ok then06:40
vnixis okie... Maybe i try to update it and see how it goes06:40
vnixIf there's any problem can I find you again?06:40
Kurtvnix, should be fine there.06:40
Daisuke_IdoHeMan: ask in #ubuntu+1 for intrepid help06:41
Kurtvnix, there's usually a section in Makefile.in for system configuration settings which is where it would ideally go, but it shouldn't actually matter if you put it at the top06:42
HeManDaisuke_Ido: ah! thanks06:42
vnixAlright thanks Kurt I have bypass the warning^^06:43
Kurtvnix: congrats :) what's the package if I may ask?06:43
dataspythe problem: I'm locked out of my system because / is full, I've now booted into safe mode and was trying to move stuff to my home directory so that / has more space and I can boot back into my comp.  What can I delete without messing up my system?  Can I delete /var , it seems like a really big dir ?06:44
legend2440vbhide: in terminal type   gksudo /boot/grub/menu.lst    then add that  to end of this line    kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=0f094f73-619c-40ca-b941-07b4e479838f ro splash quiet06:44
dataspyI actually don't care about messing up my system I just want to get some data off of it06:45
Kurtdataspy: if you have things in /tmp/ they can almost certainly go safely06:45
lowluxi can not play any of my raideo on vlc... puse auideo sucks06:45
dataspykurt: thanks, I'll try that :)06:45
vnix_Kurt when I use "make" then it's compiling right?06:46
Kurtdataspy: things in /var can probably go as well, but I'd look at the subdirectories (common ones like /var/mail are important to many people even if not system important)06:46
Kurtvnix_, yes06:46
vbhidei simply can't figure out y my sd card is not working!06:46
vnix_how I specify which directory I want the compile files go to?06:47
vnix_make /dev0 ?06:47
dataspykurt: ok, I delete temp but I still have no room in / , is there anything else I can possibly delete, possibly in /var06:48
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest9637
donnyvnix, i believe you're thinking of the --prefix= option of the configuration script. then use "make install" to install the software you've built.06:50
icewatermani am getting a badsig error06:50
Kurtvnix, no, arguments to make are targets06:50
icewatermanwhen trying to update06:50
Dfcnvtgood god, what the hell are you doing? don't delete your root!06:50
Kurtvnix, usually you would do something like ./configure, make, make install06:50
icewatermanhardy-updates will not update because of that error06:50
Kartagiswhat repo do i get frostwire from?06:51
donnydon't listen to him. do it. delete your root. no one needs warned against this. a legitimate warning would be "that will erase your root." but that wasn't applicable.06:51
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire06:51
spiritssightDoes any one know where I can get the dirver for the GUI ndiswrapper it ask for a inf (the driver is for "0b:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)" ??06:51
Kurtdataspy: if you don't care about possibly losing personal info (like if you have mail in /var/mail), then you can delete stuff in /var/ without affecting your system06:52
spiritssightor is there a easer way to install this06:52
donnyspiritssight,  i think you have to download that from microsoft's website06:52
donnyspiritssight, check the ndiswrapper website, i think it's http://ndiswrapper.sf.net/06:52
vnix_/usr/bin/install -c -d -m 755 //Desktop/pvpgn-1.8.3/build/sbin <- This one I get. Something wrong with the directory when i using "make install"06:53
dataspykurt: thanks for the help!!!06:53
vnix_the //desktop06:53
obsidiethtpg victoria, i feel sorry for you smmagic.06:53
smmagicI feel sorry for myself06:54
obsidiethyou been dropping out the last few days?06:54
smmagicdumb squid proxies06:54
obsidiethmine has been shocking06:54
obsidiethi have a pretty basic question06:54
smmagicIm bannde from sites I've never been to06:54
Kartagiswhich one is better? limewire or frostwire?06:54
obsidiethbut ive got an ipv6 entry in my ifconfig, and i cant remove it.06:54
=== Dedicated is now known as dedi_away
smmagicKartagis, It doesn't make a differece.06:54
obsidieththey both use gnutella dont they?06:54
obsidiethnow, back to removing my entry.06:55
obsidiethi tried ifconfig delete ipv6-he06:55
obsidiethwhich is what its called apparently.06:55
obsidiethbut it says 'unknown host'06:55
obsidiethcome on06:58
=== dedi_away is now known as Dedi
bazzwhy the hell would ld be telling me cannot find -lXmu when i have libXmu.so.6 in /usr/lib and ldconfig -p confirms that it's there and 'findable'07:02
obsidiethit seems im the only one here, but sorry i have no idea07:02
bazzheh, that's okay07:03
DfcnvtMaybe it's not only a file is actually there in your /usr/lib directory.. but a program that can't do the job correctly by using your libXmu.so.6 file...07:04
obsidiethi am sorry to ask again, but this is really bugging me.07:05
obsidiethhow do i remove an entry from my ifconfig.07:05
obsidiethim new and stupid, ill admit that.07:05
Dfcnvtok, if you want your interface disappear, then reach your hand in the computer case and pull out the network interface card.. and try ifconfig command...07:06
bazzobsidieth: ifconfig should only report things that are actually *there*, so what do you mean by remove07:06
obsidiethive got an ipv4in6 somethinf something07:07
obsidiethipv6 tunnel i guess07:07
obsidiethbut i want to remove it and add a different one07:07
Dfcnvtmaybe you don't understand what's ipv4 & ipv6 means in this era?07:07
Dfcnvtthey work anyway for your networking..07:07
iamasdoes anyone know how to get Japanese text support on english Wine? (I am running an English version of Ubuntu and trying to run Japanese programs)07:08
obsidiethoh mayne07:08
obsidieth-d was all i needed.07:08
obsidiethim pretty damn new at this:p07:08
AnAntHello, where do core dumps go ?07:09
dewmanguys how do u find the Ubuntu 8.04???07:09
Dabbuin wvdial.conf what does baud means.....?????/07:09
AnAntdewman: very nice07:09
thutohi there, is there anyone here connecting via vodafone hsdpa, i just installed ubuntu and am new to linux, I still cant get my wireless connection to work, been to a few forums and followed the commands in detail but still hitting brick walls07:10
AnAntDabbu: baud rate, modem speed that is07:10
AnAntthuto: you got a sim card reader ?07:10
DabbuAnAnt: so if this is 9600..what is my modem speed07:10
Abusadoque rede é essa?07:10
AnAntDabbu: why such a low speed ?07:11
yu7230954upgrade so   slow07:11
AnAntAbusado: #ubuntu-br ?07:11
thutoyep all is ready, i tested it on my windows machine07:11
DabbuAnAnt: i don't know it is configured automatcally....what is the speed means in kb/s terms07:11
AnAntDabbu: 9600 bps (bits per second that is)07:12
dewmanAnAnt, does firfox crash in urs???07:12
AnAntdewman: no, I use firefox 3 btw07:12
AnAntthuto: you using linux now ?07:12
Dabbu AnAnt: i have 2 mbps modem connection so what i should do ?07:13
clarencehow to enable ubuntu 8.04 of the effect?07:13
dewmanAnAnt, me too...in 8.04...but its already crashed a few times07:13
AnAntdewman: dunno about that07:13
thutoyep i am on Ubuntu as we speak but i am connected via WiMax at this point07:13
AnAntDabbu: try increasing baud rate, maybe the modem manual gives out some numbers07:14
AnAntthuto: ok, do you have any /dev/ttyS* ?07:14
DabbuAnAnt:i don't know...to what number should i change ?07:14
agentohow do i change group, owner and permission of files in a folder?07:14
iamasdoes anyone know how to get Japanese text support on english Wine? (I am running an English version of Ubuntu and trying to run Japanese programs)07:14
christozis there any ubuntu installation guide for absolute idiots?I'm so tired with the stupidness of someone07:14
Dfcnvtiamas, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Japanese_Input_and_Fonts_in_Ubuntu_7.0407:15
AnAntDabbu: dunno07:15
thutoyep /dev/ttyS0  /dev/ttyS1  /dev/ttyS2  /dev/ttyS307:15
AnAntagento: chgrp, chown and chmod07:15
iamascheers Dfcnvt07:15
AnAntthuto: what's the output of: dmesg | grep ttyS07:16
DfcnvtJust apt-get the fonts..07:16
agentoAnAnt, is it possible to change all those setting at once?07:16
AnAntagento: maybe via nautilus, the GUI file manager that is07:16
thutoAnAnt: [   29.280589] serial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A07:16
thuto[   29.282272] 00:07: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A07:16
agentoAnAnt, yeah but.... there are a lot of files...07:16
AnAntagento: you want to give them all the same owner/group/permissions ?07:17
AnAntagento: select all those files ( you know how to do this ?), then right click, select properties, go to permissions tab07:18
agentoAnAnt, i want to be owned by root group root and that everyone can read files07:18
Flannelchristoz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation firs tfour steps on the page07:18
AnAntthuto: probably that's your sim card07:18
dewmanpls suggest me a good traffic/data transfer monitor software for ubuntu07:18
Ergo^im having big trouble installing python-dev in ubuntu 8.407:19
clarenceUh......Excuse me....07:19
AnAntagento: probably you need sudo to do this07:19
Ergo^'Depends: python2.5 (=2.5.2-2ubuntu4.1) but 2.5.2-2ubuntu5 is to be installed" , how can i fix that ?07:19
agentoAnAnt, cant change owner if i select them all07:19
AnAntthuto: you know how to use minicom ?07:19
agentoAnAnt, i do gksudo nautilus /folder, then i select all files crtl A and try to do it but there are files and folders so i cant change owner07:20
thutoAnAnt: minicom? no but i dont mind reading up, how can it help07:20
AnAntthuto: just to make sure that /dev/ttyS0 is your sim card reader07:20
AnAntthuto: minicom or any other serial comm. program07:21
spiritssightOk, I am having no luck having any wireless networks show up when I left click on the network icon on the taskbar07:21
AnAntthuto: it's something like HyperTerminal in windows07:21
spiritssightplease help07:21
FlannelErgo^: do you have hardy-proposed enabled? or intrepid?07:21
Ergo^Flannel: i have hardy proposed07:21
FlannelErgo^: Turn it off07:21
AnAntagento: dunno then07:22
rsc_what's "hardy-proposed" for?07:22
Flannelrsc_: testing packages before they're stable enough to be put into -updates07:22
Flannelrsc_: Its not fit for the general public, lots of breakages with versioning and stuff.07:22
thutoAnAnt: well the sim does work though, cos I tested it on my PC and Mac07:23
thutoAnAnt: I even turned off the pin07:23
dubhowto empty trash07:23
AnAntthuto: yes, but I want to make sure that /dev/ttyS0 is your sim07:23
AnAntthuto: that's the point07:24
Ergo^Flannel: i did, reloaded packages in synaptic, but didnt have any success07:24
spiritssightIs there any one that knows about wireless here?  I am not able to go on wireless with my system or see any wireless network in my area when I know there is some07:24
FlannelErgo^: Do you already have 2.5.2-2ubuntu5 installed?  apt-cache policy python2.507:25
thutoAnAnt: oh okay, let me try this out, i will get back to you then, thanks..07:25
Ergo^Installed: 2.5.2-2ubuntu507:25
dubis it possible to manually empty the trash07:25
FlannelErgo^: right, so we're going to have to force that to downgrade.07:25
Flannel!trash | dub07:25
ubottudub: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash07:25
thutoAnAnt: by the way can i still use the same commands like atdt and stuff07:26
Ergo^Flannel: something changed recently ( i installed python-dev) on another pc few days ago :D07:26
tsoloxi tried to install virtualbox-puel in Ubuntu, but it is looking for libqt4-core..i could not find libqt4-core in synaptics...help07:26
dubFlannel, so you just delete from there?07:26
Flanneldub: yeah07:26
AnAntthuto: yes, that's what I want to try: ati07:26
dubFlannel, thanks07:27
FlannelErgo^: Either that machine didn't have -proposed enabled, or the new version was added to proposed.  Either is likely.07:27
Ergo^Flannel: so what do i do now ?07:27
FlannelErgo^: We force it to downgrade. Go ahead and begin editing /etc/apt/preferences07:28
skinnymg1hello people i was wondering if someone could help me find a app to stream my desktop with07:28
clarenceme too!07:28
Ergo^Flannel: ok, i have pico ready07:28
MzLDid this server had a french channel please ?07:29
FlannelErgo^: you mean nano, but sure.  Add this to that file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44460/07:29
Flannel!fr | MzL07:30
ubottuMzL: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr07:30
Ergo^Flannel: pico ;-)07:30
MzLthank u :)07:30
Ergo^ah nano07:30
FlannelErgo^: Unless you compiled it yourself, you're using nano.07:30
Dfcnvtskinnymg1, you want to remote desktop? click on System/Preferences/Remote Desktop...07:30
Ergo^heh.. right you are07:30
Kartagishow do i increase my swap partition's size?07:31
skinnymg1no i want to stream my desktop to show what i am doing07:31
Flannel!swap | Kartagis07:31
ubottuKartagis: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:31
DfcnvtQuestion, if you use swap on your system, would it work without a ram? I wouldn't think so..07:31
FlannelDfcnvt: no07:32
FlannelDfcnvt: you can have a system without SWAP, you can't have a system without RAM07:32
Ergo^Flannel: ok i have that saved, what now ?07:32
Dfcnvtsuppose you have 256 megabytes.. with a swap of 2 gigabytes.. would that help any?07:32
Dfcnvt256 of ram..*07:32
FlannelErgo^: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:33
FlannelDfcnvt: That'd be a bit of overkill on swap space.  You probably want about 512MB of swap.07:33
Ergo^Flannel: ok, its done07:34
FlannelErgo^: now you should be able to install python-dev07:34
Theebis it possible to see the log of the "recovery mode" because i saw a "[Fail]" and i couldnt read which package, screen was moving fast. i need to fix that package but i dont know what package is.07:34
FlannelErgo^: also, delete the stuff we added to /etc/apt/preferences, we don't need/want that anymore, now that its done its job07:34
Ergo^Flannel: im not, is it possible polish servers are put of sync somehow ?07:34
FlannelErgo^: You're not why?  What error?07:35
nuccohi, does anybody know where my epiphany downloads disappear to?07:35
Ergo^Flannel: same error, but apt cache says that i have a "candidate" pinned, but installed is still newer wersion07:35
clarenceWho can help me solve the problem?:-/07:36
FlannelErgo^: do you still have proposed enabled?  Pstebin the output of apt-cache policy python2.507:37
KartagisFlannel> in that FAQ, count is 512. if i make it 1024mb, will count be still 512?07:37
DfcnvtClarence, you hasn't stated what problem you're having07:37
clarenceI was said!07:38
FlannelKartagis: no, itd be 1024, that page explains it on the next line07:38
Ergo^Flannel: no i dont have proposed enabled....07:38
Ergo^Flannel: http://paste2.org/p/7125807:38
Dfcnvtwell, refresh my mind07:39
clarenceI said how Ubuntu 8.04 on the use of additional special effects?07:39
FlannelErgo^: huh.  Ok, lets try this.  open up your preferences again, change it from 4* to 4.1, and change the pin priority to 100207:39
Flannelclarence: What makes you think you're not already?07:40
Kurtclarence: go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance, select visual effects tab, and choose extra07:40
Ergo^Flannel: the same result07:40
lbshi,who knows ubuntu liveusb ?07:40
Dfcnvtoh... you mean compiz?07:40
Archonwhat is exit status 134?07:40
Archonwith regards to apt-get07:40
FlannelErgo^: pastebin sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-cache policy python2.507:41
Kurtclarence: if you want more customization, run a terminal and type in sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager07:41
Kurtpeople can't dist-upgrade to intrepid currently, can they?07:41
KurtI thought gcc was broken07:41
AnAntWhere do core dumps go ?07:42
FlannelKurt: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks07:42
Ergo^Flannel: http://paste2.org/p/7125907:42
lbswho knows ubuntu liveusb?07:42
KurtFlannel: I'm not really asking a question, merely commenting on the dist-upgrade if it was to intrepid :)07:42
FlannelKurt: oh, dist-upgrade isn't used in normal operation to switch versions.07:43
Mercury-anyone got wireless working for ubuntu?07:43
AnAntMercury-: yup07:43
FlannelErgo^: Hmm, and can you pastebin your preferences file?  Maybe I did something wrong.07:43
Mercury-apparently ubuntu is unable to locate my wireless components07:43
AnAntMercury-: try System->Administration->Hardware drivers07:44
AnAntMercury-: what's your card type?07:44
Ergo^Flannel: http://paste2.org/p/7126107:44
clarenceok, I give it a try07:44
Mercury-02:04.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (rev 05)07:44
Mercury-        Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Compaq nw8240/nx822007:44
Mercury-        Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 64, IRQ 2207:44
Mercury-        Memory at d0000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K]07:44
Mercury-        Capabilities: <access denied>07:44
FloodBot2Mercury-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:44
iamasdoes anyone know how to get Japanese text working in Wine?  I have the MS fonts installed but they don't work07:45
Mercury-sigh, tis not my day07:45
cplxMercury- all good.. we've all done it atleast once :P07:45
NineTeen67CometHello all. I've asked this in Vbox too, but that room is silent tonight. Where else can I look to get Shared Folders to work in VirtualBox (not OSE) with Guest Additions added (USB works already) .. I have added chmod 777 to the directories I would like th loan out, but still nothing ..07:45
DfcnvtClarence, apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager  --- I can't remember the last time that have the whole packages for it..07:45
Mercury-"AnAnt, - no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"07:46
AnAntMercury-: nevermind, you don't need it with your card07:46
Dfcnvtwhen you're done with it, check in System/Preferences/Advanced Desktop Effects.. for the special effect to play with...07:47
AnAntMercury-: what does iwconfig give you ? please paste the output in private chat07:47
MikeSethMercury-: this card works for me with WPA2/PSK and wpa_supplicant07:47
iamasdoes anyone know how to get Japanese text working in Wine?  I have the MS fonts installed but they don't work07:47
Dfcnvtiamas, didn't you apt-get the japaneses fonts?07:47
iamasI did07:48
iamasthere were 2 that I couldn't get off the repositories07:48
AnAntMercury-: aha, so your wifi card is recognized !07:48
iamasbut other than that I followed the instructions07:48
Dfcnvtso, did it show the japanese fonts on the window side?07:48
iamasI'm sorry what do you mean?07:48
AnAntMercury-: what's your problem then ?07:48
nirupamafrom where does ubuntu take the translation work07:49
Mercury-i can't see my home wlan07:49
xTheGoat121xEvening all... I'm trying to get my USB headset to work... but getting issues07:49
nirupamaI have some translated stuff07:49
nirupamafor gnome07:49
AnAntMercury-: that's wierd, are you sure that the rf switch is on ?07:49
nirupamawhere I can upload them for review07:49
nirupamaand acceptance07:49
AnAntMercury-: yes, it's off !!!07:49
Mercury-can't turn on wireless components physically :s07:50
AnAntMercury-: eth1      radio off07:50
Flannelnirupama: Its done through Rosetta I believe.  Try asking your LoCo team07:50
nirupamaany body language team here07:50
AnAntMercury-: ?!07:50
nirupamaFlannel, any id or channel07:50
Mercury-anant - can't turn on wireless components physically :s07:50
AnAntMercury-: why's that ? HP laptops have a switch07:50
Flannelnirupama: What language?07:50
nirupamathrough which io can communicater07:50
Mercury-yeah i know, it's just not responding07:50
Flannelnirupama: and/or country07:50
Mercury-ive got dualboot07:50
Mercury-works fine in winblowz so it is indeed still functional07:51
Ergo^Flannel: is everything set up right ?07:51
nirupamaFlannel, 18 indian languages07:51
Flannelnirupama: Try #ubuntu-in07:51
AnAntMercury-: well, it works fine with me, I got 2 HP lappies07:51
iamasI installed the MS fonts, rebuilt my cache, and changed the order as suggested07:51
AnAntMercury-: how about looking at dmesg output when you press the switch ?07:52
FlannelErgo^: As far as I can see... it's gotta be something wrong with the version match thing.  Since it shouldn't be giving that priority to the other versions.07:52
Mercury-good idea07:52
AnAntMercury-: again paste the last few lines in private chat07:52
iamasI have very limited functionality in MS Word but system menus are still garbled07:52
Ergo^Flannel: so is there any path i can follow to fix tjhat ? i kinda need that package :]07:52
AnAntAnyone knows where do core dumps go ?07:52
xTheGoat121xI keep getting a warning, whenever I try to test the device, about it not being available for use07:53
chilli_hello can anyone help me i have a problem with firefox and youtube07:53
chilli_when i got to play a video on firefox07:53
chilli_it will play then pause every 2seconds even if the vid is loaded fully07:53
Dfcnvtiamas, if you're running Ubuntu, click on System -> Administration -> Languages Support07:53
Dfcnvtiamas, maybe that will help to install new fonts.. i dunno..07:54
hickophi, i cant empty my trash because of a folder, how can i fix this please ?07:54
FlannelErgo^: I'm sure its fixable yeah, but I have no idea what the issue is.  This *should* be working.  Uh, while its not really on topic for that channel, you may have luck in #ubuntu-motu.  Another thing you could try is setting the bigger version (-ubuntu5) to priority of -1, but with the way the matching has happend thus far (seems to ignore anything past the -?  past the -ubuntu? I'm not sure) I'm wary of suggesting that.07:54
iamasI have Japanese support enabled07:54
iamasit works fine in Ubuntu07:55
iamasbut Wine is still messed up07:55
kindofabuzzuggg anyone got a solution to ubuntu unability to cauto connect to wpa2 at startup?  annoying!07:55
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ericoin #asterisk07:55
=== eric is now known as talntid
FlannelErgo^: the other solution is to wait until that package moves into -updates, which will happen at some point soon.  But that's obviously not really a solution.07:55
jareth_ kindofabuzz: is wpa2 supported any way? In my experience I stick with wpa-psk.07:56
susa24could someone please tell me how to save the alsa mixer sound settings so i dont have to keep putting them up every time i reboot?07:56
kindofabuzzjareth_, well it works, but i have to manually connect each time07:56
satynhi, is there any email client similar to mail ?07:56
kindofabuzzand then it may take 3-4 tries07:57
Ergo^Flannel: if i commented out the preferences file and do apt-get upgrade will it return to previous state ?07:57
jareth_ kindofabuzz: ic, that's odd. no idea  what could be the cause of that.07:57
FlannelErgo^: Uh, define previous state?07:57
Ergo^Flannel: before i got package pinned07:57
FlannelErgo^: with the default package priorities?  Yeah.07:57
kindofabuzzjareth_, is wpa-psk pretty secure?07:57
Ergo^Flannel:  thanks for all the help07:58
jareth_ kindofabuzz: secure enough |MHO :)07:58
Archonhas anyone here successfully installed java5, but had troubles installing java6 on ubuntu or some linux distro?07:58
FlannelErgo^: man apt_preferences for all you need to know (except the answer to this conundrum, of course) about pinning07:58
Mercury-how do i find out what ver of ubuntu im running?08:03
FlannelMercury-: lsb_release -a08:03
Mercury-Flannel, thanks :)08:03
iamassorry I just got the 8.04 random crash of death twice in a row, is the person I was talking to about Japanese text still here?08:05
thutoAnAnt: Hope you are still around, i installed and ran minicom but it would not dial anything out, the port I used is \dev\tty808:08
anubus69Hi everyone, my eth0 or network connection isn't working? it also shows grey out in network manager, any advice?08:13
Greyspacebt3I have a Never Asked question:08:15
Greyspacebt3How do get my Ubuntu to see and use my Nvidia "BFG Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Video card" as I am sick of 800 x 600 resolution.08:15
shabdaI have installed firefox via, apt-get, I got firefox 3 beta 5. Now when I run apt-get upgrade, or apt-get update, my install of firefox does not get upgraded, what can be the problem?08:16
Flannelshabda: What version of Ubuntu are you using?08:17
=== Ardha is now known as raNgGa
Greyspacebt3Nvidia has a driver and I got it; however, sudo shutdown now still doesn't kill X enough .. .and  init 3 doesn't give me a terminal08:17
shabda8.04 I guess, the latest one08:17
Kartagisshabda> use upgrade instead of update08:17
Greyspacebt3same here08:17
=== SoulSlayer is now known as anewbie
Flannelshabda: pastebin the output of this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:18
anubus69can anyone help me with my wire network on ubuntu 8.04, it doesn't appear to be working?08:18
shabdaKartagis: Already tried, might be I have some wrong repository selected, and and old version of FF exists there?08:18
l3d how well is clamav and what kind of viruses does it scan for ? as in linux  or windows?08:18
BrettGrey, I. Can't get nvidia drivers working either, I want my widescreen and cool animations08:18
Kartagisshabda> I believe so08:18
shabdaFlannel: http://dpaste.com/76574/08:19
Greyspacebt3Brett,,, me too08:19
Flannelshabda: Wow.  You have all sorts of important updates turned off.  Pastebin your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list)08:19
l3d how well is clamav and what kind of viruses does it scan for ? as in linux  or windows?08:20
Greyspacebt3Brett, I bought this card to play Nexuiz and it sucks08:20
Flannell3d: It does all kinds of viruses08:20
BrettWhat card do you have?08:20
Greyspacebt3How do get my Ubuntu to see and use my Nvidia "BFG Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Video card" as I am sick of 800 x 600 resolution.08:20
l3dso how offten should i update it08:20
shabdaFlannel: http://dpaste.com/76575/08:20
Greyspacebt3brett, Bfg stands for Big Blank Graphics08:21
BrettDamn, I got the 9800 gtx08:21
Greyspacebt3Brett.. I only have 800x600 resolution08:21
Flannelshabda: alright, go ahead and open that with sudo, and we'll replace it with a functional one.08:21
Greyspacebt3Brett, it really really sucks08:21
BrettI have something around there08:22
eccentricityhey all: anyone got a god way to browse and connect to wireless networks from a command line?08:22
Greyspacebt3Brett, Ubuntu doesn't even see the Nvidia card in restricted modules/hardware08:22
BrettBut I tribooted with winxp and winvsta so until a solution is found I can still use it08:23
Flannelshabda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44467/08:23
BrettAnd my itouch hates typing long phrases, brb08:23
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity... google "Back Track 3"08:23
Dryantaok how do i delete .gvfs on my home dir?08:23
Dryantaeven when im root i get root@drybook:~# ls .gvfs08:24
Dryantals: cannot access .gvfs: Permission denied08:24
eccentricitythanks greyspacebt3, I'll try and let you know.08:24
BrettBack haha08:24
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity its linux that you don't install, it is a live DVD or a Live Flash drive08:24
shabdaFlannel: Done. Now I should run apt-get upgrade?08:24
Blackholdhello, I have installed a firewire HD and ubuntu don't detects it... is an ubuntu server 2.6.22-1408:25
Flannelshabda: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and then... go get a drink or something, since it'll take a while.08:25
Blackholdbut in fdisk -l HD don't appear08:25
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity, if you forget your password it will help you pull it off of your router too08:25
BrettGrey how do I liveboot a USB 40gig harddrive?08:25
shabdaFlannel: To confirm, You just want these three lines, in my sources.list?08:25
eccentricitywow man08:25
Flannelshabda: Yep.  That's all you need.08:25
Greyspacebt3Brett Put Back Track on it08:25
Dryantaim just trying to delete the home dir08:26
Greyspacebt3Brett it is only 4 GB OS08:26
Dryantaso i can symlink it somewhere ese08:26
Dryantahow do i get rid of that gvfs?08:26
BrettHer I can't exit my irc app to look at it online08:26
Dryantai cant even ls or stat it :P08:26
shabdaFlannel: Ok great. Thanks. I really need to get FF 3, so that I can get Firebug working, to fix some pesky Ajax issues. :)08:26
Flannelshabda: there's actually more important updates you'll be pulling in.08:27
BrettOr how bout a windows so live boot?08:27
eccentricitygrey, this is fascinating, very cool stuff08:27
Flannelshabda: So, be thankful for your need for FF3 final, its going to patch some important vulnerabilities.08:27
Flannelshabda: (not in firefox... well, maybe in firefox, I have no idea)08:27
Blackholdcould someone help me on attaching firewire harddisk please?08:27
eccentricitybut really, all I'm looking for here is a simple utility that's gonna let me connect to my wireless network from a command line08:28
Greyspacebt3Eccenytricity,, I know.. and its all hush hush.. as they are all cops08:28
BrettWinxp and I don't like my itouch irc08:28
shabdaIs there a way I can just upgrade FF first, and get started with my work, while I ask the other stuff to upgrade in the background?08:28
eccentricityDig it. Already downloading.08:28
=== kuckurucc is now known as adac
Greyspacebt3Eccenytricity, I have learned so much.08:29
Flannelshabda: sure.  Sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox08:29
Flannelshabda: this can all be done through the GUI tools too, of course.08:29
InHisNametrying to install drivers for NVIDA card in Hardy.  Driver wants X-server off to install.  How do I do that ?08:29
gatestoneI tried shrinking my Windows XP NTFS partition with Partition Magic, but it failed. Any other suggestions?08:29
dahitokiriwhen is intrepid due for rtm?08:30
Flannel!intrepid | dahitokiri08:30
ubottudahitokiri: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!08:30
Dryantaummm what to do?08:30
dahitokiriFlannel, thanks.08:30
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity,, remember start with the Wiki... then the newbe forum... then ask question worded as if you are one of them.. or you will get kicked for saying something like "I hack my friends wireless"08:30
Dryantai just need to delete this shit so i can move my home dir08:30
dougskoeccentricity: keep in mind that basically everything in BT3 is also in the ubuntu repos :)08:31
FlannelDryanta: Are you logged in with that user?08:31
DryantaFlannel: as root08:31
Dryantaroot@drybook:~# strace -e trace=lstat64 stat /home/phocking/.gvfs08:31
Dryantalstat64("/home/phocking/.gvfs", 0xbf921d14) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)08:31
eccentricityok guys, is it open source stuff?08:31
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity,, Doug,, has no idea what he is talking about...08:31
anubus69can someone please help with with my wire connection?  my network manager shows my wire connection as grey out?08:32
dougskoGreyspacebt3: huh?08:32
FlannelDryanta: How are you logged in as root?08:32
Dryantadoesnt work as that user either08:32
eccentricityI'm working on a Linux From Scratch right now too. I'm sure I could use some of it.08:32
DryantaFlannel: sudo bash08:32
shabdaFlanne: Looks like my FF got upgraded, http://dpaste.com/76576/, but starting firefox still runs FF beta 5. Do I need to restart/log off etc?08:32
FlannelDryanta: right.  That won't work.  Reboot, go to the recovery console, then do it.08:32
susa24could someone please help me with this problem, My remote or reciever is picking up keyboard commands instead of actual remote commands. Ive tryed everything still nothing. Can someone please help?08:33
=== bubbles is now known as Dimsler
Dryantaso if i reboot to the recovery console i can delete the home dir and sym link it to a different volume?08:33
Kasra[K]I want to translate in lunchpad... witch license i must to chose?08:33
Kasra[K]BSD license?08:33
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:33
jareth_shabda: what does -> help -> about say ?08:33
FlannelDryanta: Yes, because right now you're still using the homedir, because you're logged in as you.08:33
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity, BT3 has put it together and made a configured package know to work together with support ... Ubuntu or what doug said is true but you would have to re-invent and configure and research for ten years to get the same result as just loading the live DVD... sorry doug08:33
jareth_shabda: after restarting ff08:34
Flannelshabda: Hmm, that... should work.  You restarted firefox, right?08:34
linuxhelpanubus69 did you check lsmod for listed driver?08:34
shabdaFlannel: http://dpaste.com/76577/, Yes :)08:34
eccentricityok grey: is it open source?08:34
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity, * known08:34
BrettIf I installed ubuntu on a portable harddrive then set that highest in boot priority in bios, it would boot ubuntu?08:35
co0lingFir3hello, how do i "love songs" for last.fm in banshee?08:35
anubus69no I didn't let me check08:35
FlannelBrett: yes08:35
eccentricityI figured an exploitation based distro might have qualms with being open08:36
dougskoGreyspacebt3: sure some things are pre-config'd, but there isnt anything you can do in BT that you cant do in *buntu, and you dont have to stray into slax. that was my point08:36
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity, however, BT3 is a collection of what is out on the net all on one dvd... however, you have to google the net to use the tools on the dvd...08:36
BrettWould it also boot grub? As in see winxp or something too?08:36
obsidiethmy keyboard layout is goin wack on every restart08:37
linuxhelpif you always have problems of hardware at ubuntu try lspci as root and lsmod this shows loaded hardware state08:37
obsidiethnow its on usa, but i cant get @ sumbols and stuff08:37
Greyspacebt3doug Eccentricity.. yes,,, however, my way is quicker08:37
shabdaI think I had mucked around with path sometime, can that be a problem? Though "which firefox" gives me "/usr/bin/firefox"08:37
FlannelBrett: That'd depend on your menu.lst, it doesn't do autodetection at boot or anything.08:37
BrettI just saw the @ symbol08:37
eccentricityc0olingFir3, in my experience, music players typically don't play nice with features like that of last.fm08:37
Greyspacebt3How do get my Ubuntu to see and use my Nvidia "BFG Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Video card" as I am sick of 800 x 600 resolution.08:37
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linuxhelpif you want to check the hardware working with ubuntu boot the pc always first with a LIVE CD of wanted ubuntu/xubuntu version08:38
Chunky_KsEvening everyone08:38
obsidiethBrett, im on my laptop now:p08:38
BrettOh I thought it might08:38
shabdaOh! I ma using Chatzilla client, so might be closing FF did not close it off completely, let me log off from here, and try. :)08:38
KartagisFlannel> when I did sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/1024Mb.swap bs=1M count=512 it made a file which is 512mb large. should I have did count=1024?08:38
FlannelKartagis: yes.08:38
linuxhelpif this works you can setup it perfectly if none try a older ubuntu live cd08:38
Chunky_KsI just upgraded my ATI graphics card. I was using fglxrx just fine before. I took the old card out of the epci slot in this machine, and put the new one into the same slot08:38
anubus69linuxhelp what should I be seeing in lsmod ?08:38
eccentricitynice to know its quicker, greyspace, but the truth is, I'm also interested in this stuff for building my own systems.08:38
Chunky_Ksand now ubuntu's hardware drivers thing doesn't offer me the ati drivers08:38
Chunky_Kscan anyone suggest how to fix this?08:39
crdlbChunky_Ks: what model are you using now?08:39
dougskoGreyspacebt3: do you have the restricted nvidia drivers installed?08:39
carrerais there problem with using "sudo bash" instead "sudo -i", "sudo bash" keeps my aliases?08:39
BrettHow hard would it be to make ubuntu look like Linux?08:39
Greyspacebt3doug brand new install08:39
BrettWe like windows08:39
FlannelBrett: Ubuntu is Linux08:39
Chunky_Kscrdlb: 485008:39
linuxhelplook for your ethernet chipset card listed like "nvidia ethernet XXX" or other name08:39
Greyspacebt3doug there is a list of restricted drivers which one08:39
Chunky_Kswas a 2400xt before08:39
BrettI meant windows, not Linux08:40
Greyspacebt3doug,,, I'll search and ask for conformation here brb08:40
eccentricityaccording to randall munroe, ubuntu is vista with some custom themes.08:40
linuxhelpanubus69 have a closer look at ubuntuusers.de / wiki08:40
dougskoGreyspacebt3: either nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new. one of those should work for you08:41
carrerais there problem with using "sudo bash" instead "sudo -i", "sudo bash"?08:41
shabdaNo, that does not fix the problem. :(08:41
FlannelBrett: Ah, its sort of easy, depending on how much you want it to look like it.  There are themes and stuff out there you can use.08:41
BrettUbuntu could kick windows over Steve jobs house08:41
dougskoGreyspacebt3: then in your xorg.conf, you need to set your device to use the driver, 'nvidia'08:41
eccentricityseriously guys, a command line utility to browse wireless networks, and connect to mine. Anyone know one?08:41
anubus69Linux help: I don't see it? I have Intel 5100, but I'm also running Ubuntu in VMware along with fedora, and Fedora is working, but ubuntu isn't08:41
linuxhelp@ALL how likes Windows they should try ICEWM for replacement with XP Style08:41
dougskoGreyspacebt3: you might also want to install, nvidia-settings, and use that to config your card once X is using the nvidia driver08:41
BrettFlannel I just need it to look convincing to a teacher walking by08:42
Greyspacebt3doug I have Nvidia-glx-new-envy installed08:42
linuxhelpat our school we have changed ALL PCs to Ubuntu08:42
dougskoeccentricity: iwlist is the most basic08:42
Greyspacebt3doug and nvidia-settings08:42
FlannelBrett: yeah, that should be easy.08:42
dougskoeccentricity: see also, kismet08:42
crdlbChunky_Ks: I don't think ubuntu's fglrx is new enough08:42
linuxhelpUbuntu is now a very good replacement for XP+Vista... i think..08:43
BrettThat's good, because I love ubuntu overall but I want to get away with it at schol08:43
Greyspacebt3doug  then in your xorg.conf, you need to set your device to use the driver, 'nvidia',,, <<<< thats what is missing08:43
eccentricityI'd rather my linux not be a replacement for windows or mac, to be honest08:43
=== Omar1 is now known as Omar87
BrettLinuxhelp, I have all 3 on my desktop08:43
linuxhelphave all a close look at the new Netbooks Asus EEE 1000H with ubuntu08:43
Chunky_Kscrdlb: gyuh08:44
Chunky_KsI have unstable/experimental/canonical repos enabled08:44
linuxhelpthey are very fast and runs over 10 hours without power08:44
carrerais there problem with using "sudo bash" instead "sudo -i", "sudo bash"?08:44
BrettHow wud u her it on the see?08:44
dougskoGreyspacebt3: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the file to edit. under the Device section, youll see a line for the driver08:44
linuxhelpthe only thing i miss a replacement for M$ Frontpage08:45
BrettGet it on the see08:45
zetherooI started downloading Ubuntu Ultimate and the download went to 900+MB out of 1.7 GB .... then the internet connection had a hickup and it just stopped downloading and all I got was an incomplete ISO ... I am in South Africa with limited downloads so this is very frustrating. ... is there a program like the one in Windows which enable you to resume a stopped download?08:45
linuxhelpNVU and Kompozer didn't work easy and don't like PHP Sites..08:45
dougskoGreyspacebt3: *back it up first before editing it*08:45
Chunky_Kszetheroo: wget -c08:45
linuxhelpDell also offers NEW Inspirion Ubuntu PCs08:45
zetherooChunky_Ks: what is that?08:46
dougskoGreyspacebt3: after you install that stuff and change that line, youll need to restart X with ctrl-alt-backspace. if X doesnt startup right, cp the old config back, let us know what happened08:46
Chunky_Ksit continues a stopped download08:46
linuxhelpyou can add 8GB RAM for vmware use..08:46
Greyspacebt3Eccentricity, I have to say this about that:08:46
Greyspacebt3The reason that I recommend BT3 is because there is not a Hard Drive Install therefore if you get caught doing something wrong you actually have no tracking or traces... or proof...08:46
Greyspacebt3but if you do a hard drive install of these applications they cashe the stuff that you wouldn't want there if you were sitting in court... enoff said...08:46
Flannelzetheroo: Don't use "Ubuntu Ultimate"08:47
zetherooFlannel: why?08:47
Greyspacebt3Thank you doug08:47
Flannelzetheroo: It's a hackjob and dangerous.08:47
=== sean is now known as Guest56966
linuxhelpwhats Ubuntu ultimate?08:47
Drag0nLordanyone know anything about the MP-BIOS: Timer not connected.... error?08:47
zetherooFlannel: really? ... I have seen numerous people use it and they love it ....08:47
Flannelzetheroo: and on top of it being horrible quality, we don't support it.08:47
linuxhelpa new version?08:47
crdlblinuxhelp: no08:47
Flannelzetheroo: There's nothing it offers that isn't in the official repos08:48
crdlblinuxhelp: it is an unsupported derivative08:48
Flannelzetheroo: or, installable through non-horrible methods.08:48
zetherooFlannel: well it seems to come with a lot more ...08:48
Flannel!worksforme | zetheroo08:48
ubottuzetheroo: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/08:48
linuxhelpok thanks i will read about it08:48
Flannellinuxhelp: Don't waste your time08:48
linuxhelpok :-)08:48
* crdlb agrees08:48
dougskoGreyspacebt3: yep. and there's an easy fix for not getting in trouble for anything...practice on your own systems. vm's are nice to mess with08:48
Greyspacebt3doug,, you won't give up will you... lol08:49
zetherooFlannel: yes ... but Ultimate comes with a lot more built in with it ... I wish Ubuntu had more themes and extras built in ...08:49
Flannelzetheroo: as for your original question, many, many things offer resuming downloads.08:49
Greyspacebt3doug i am the same...08:49
dougskoGreyspacebt3: nope. i dont like slax, i do like ubuntu, and i always practice safe auditing :p08:50
linuxhelpquestion to all, i setup a laptup with Luks encryption and without LVM (alternate setup) how can i made i run with only one luks password question?08:50
Greyspacebt3doug I don't want to prove a point with you, I just want to help him make up his own mind with some extra knowhow08:50
zetheroohow can I get Windows to read EXT308:50
WoofWoofWoofI'm using Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop edition on an Acer 5920. Earlier, I shut it down and went away and when I came back a few minutes later, it was on, with a blank screen and a blinking cursor. It turned off when I pressed the power button. Now when I turn it on, it's not booting. It turns on and stops at the blank screen with the blinking cursor and does not proceed further. Right now I'm using the Live CD08:50
linuxhelpfor every mounted partition i must set password at boot08:50
Flannelzetheroo: Well, you're free to do whatever you want, but if you use ultimate edition, you'll get zero support through any Ubuntu resources.  It's got bad things going on, and doesn't offer you anything you can't do with an official Ubuntu install.08:50
nathanielneallanyone know how i can update google earth to 4.308:51
DryantaFlannel: thanks08:51
zetherooFlannel: I would like to understand what those bad things are ... otherwise I am just left in the dark08:51
linuxhelpLaptops have much problems with ACPI of 8.04 many bugs there try 7.1008:51
linuxhelpi have 7.10 at all thinkpads here..08:52
Drag0nLordbut...why would you want to look at ext3 from windows?08:52
Flannelzetheroo: Bad configuration choices, it uses automatix, I... don't have a list at hand or anything.08:52
Drag0nLordjust remove windows....more space for linux08:52
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Greyspacebt3doug your way ahead of us .. we want to see it work ... and then figure it out.. just the way you did as you said that you have used Slax and had a overview first.. later he or I will choose your way... lol08:52
WoofWoofWoofIt had been working fine until now08:52
linuxhelp8.04 is always buggy now08:52
WoofWoofWoofHow can I fix this?08:52
Flannelzetheroo: Simply the choice of *matix should raise red flags.08:52
linuxhelpsame with wireless cards RT6108:52
Drag0nLordext2ifs gives you read/write access from windows08:52
jareth_zetheroo: automatix was well known to ruin your system when updating...08:52
eccentricitywoofwoofwoof, mount your hard drive and browse around and look for some specific errors08:53
WoofWoofWoofIs something wrong with the bootloader?08:53
zetherooFlannel: can't one just get rid of it?08:53
WoofWoofWoofHow can I look for errors?08:53
jareth_zetheroo: it fucks it up badly08:53
WoofWoofWoofI'm very new to Linux08:53
eccentricityyou mean it isn't even beginning a boot process?08:53
Flanneljareth_: Please watch your language08:53
Greyspacebt3doug, I am still confused over a video and sound.. do you think I would be able to configure a slax like system smartly on Ubuntu in seconds.. nope08:53
eccentricitycheck /var/log/messages08:53
linuxhelp<WoofWoofWoof> did you make a start without usplash look for errors08:53
Flannelzetheroo: No.  automatix is one of those things that does damage in ways only reinstalls can fix.08:53
WoofWoofWoofeccentricity: Yes. It's not even beginning a boot process08:53
Dryantaim fine at 8.04 but i wouldnt run it on a clients server or anything hah08:53
zetherooFlannel: does it take over from Synaptic Package Manager?08:54
Drag0nLordi'm using 8.1008:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about googletalk08:54
Drag0nLordso far, 8.10 is excellent08:54
Flannelzetheroo: It conflicts with regular package management.08:54
ubottugtalk is an instant messaging program from Google. Currently, Google does not have an official standalone gtalk client for Linux (though you can chat via your browser in gmail) but supports connections from third party clients such as Pidgin. See: http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html08:54
dougskoGreyspacebt3: its all good. just be patient. doing things the right way will teach you 100 times more than doing them the quick way08:54
linuxhelp<WoofWoofWoof> might a problem with UUID of HDDs and the RESUME UUID inside /etc/initramfs-tools/resume08:54
FlannelKartagis: google talk is just jabber08:54
* WoofWoofWoof checks those files08:55
linuxhelpsometimes the UUID is not the same and the PC looks for a not listed partition (Upgrade Bug)08:55
eccentricityflannel's pretty much right, there08:55
Greyspacebt3doug thanks I'll try to get the video card and sound card working on ubuntu08:55
Kartagiswhy does XMPP appear in pidgin even though I choose google talk?08:57
dougskoGreyspacebt3: well ive gone through the crap of configuring X a million times so i can probly help with that08:57
Drag0nLordany hardware g33ks here?08:57
netsurf3hmm two questions: 1) is there any way i can force a switch to a tty if xorg has crashed or is there some sysrq combination that can kill x? also is it possible to unlock my LVM encrypted root, home and swap with a usb key and fall back to password if unavailble08:57
Greyspacebt3Thanks doug, I know you mean well08:57
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dougskonetsurf3: ctrl-alt-backspace will restart X. ctrl-alt-F# will swith your tty08:57
netsurf3dougsko, i am refering to a locked up xorg08:58
linuxhelpyes i read about usb-stick and unlock luks partition08:58
Drag0nLordwhich agp video card should i use, the 3dforce2mx-32 or the ati rage 128 32?08:58
linuxhelpi prefer NVIDIA cards at all PCs08:58
netsurf3dougsko, it wount be killed if xorg is locked up and i could not switch to tty either08:58
Drag0nLordme too...but which would be faster/better on 8.04?08:58
linuxhelpi use a 8400GS with driver of nvidia08:59
dougskonetsurf3: if your keybaord is locked up, youll probly have to reboot08:59
netsurf3linuxhelp, hmm any linkage for the source? problem is it does need to fall back to passphrase from console just incase ;)08:59
WoofWoofWooflinuxhelp: There is no  /etc/initramfs-tools/resume08:59
Drag0nLordspecifically, which would allow faster video playback on youtube, etc08:59
Drag0nLordmy vid card is a 7300GS08:59
WoofWoofWoofThere is a  /etc/initramfs-tools/ but there's nothing called "resume" in there08:59
netsurf3dougsko, it was perculier, mouse worked, nothing else and gkrellm output locked up aslo09:00
linuxhelp@ALL /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume09:00
WoofWoofWoofAh, okay09:00
Drag0nLordmy wife, who uses Ubuntu 8.04 as her only OS, needs to be able to view vids and such without the choppiness09:00
WoofWoofWoofAnd what should I compare that with?09:01
eccentricitynetsurf3, if you can ssh into a machine with a locked up x from another machine you can use chvt... but in that case I guess you could just kill x the easy way09:01
netsurf3eccentricity, hmm cant ssh into it currently09:01
dougskonetsurf3: yeah thats weird. you might want to check your X log to see if anything stands out09:01
netsurf3shame :(09:01
linuxhelpmy wife use a DELL Inspiron 531 with a changed NVIDIA 8400GS works perfect with 8.0409:01
netsurf3dougsko, probably some wine weirdness09:01
dougskocould be09:01
Drag0nLordi don't have the option of the 8400GS09:02
netsurf3i was running half-life naturalselection09:02
linuxhelpi plugged in two HDDs with MDADM-RAID 1 and 2GB RAM09:02
Drag0nLordmy wife is on a legacy pc, 800mhz p3 with 512 megs of pc-13309:02
linuxhelpwhy socket?09:02
A_I_Is it possible to force a device name (sdc for my external USB HD) ?09:03
linuxhelpok this i use at work, with Nvidia MX400 AGP 64MB-RAM09:03
Greyspacebt3doug I installed nvidia-glx?? and sudo gedit xorg.conf and pressed C+Alt+backspace and this message popped up09:03
WoofWoofWoofeccentricity, I can't spot any errors, but I'm very new to Linux: http://pastebin.com/m5c90155a09:03
Drag0nLordso the nvidia would be the better choice?09:03
linuxhelpthen you must use NVIDIA DRIVER 96,XX of NVIDIA Sites09:03
WoofWoofWooflinuxhelp: What do I do with the resume ID?09:03
Greyspacebt3doug Configure low-graphics mode09:03
linuxhelpdo remove restricted-modules for setup nvidia09:03
dougskoA_I_: no. the device name is based on the driver that runs the device09:04
Drag0nLordi am very familiar with the installation of nvidia drivers09:04
nnullanyone tell me how i get my onboot splash thing back? like when i used to boot while it was loading it would say welcome to blah and u could see the programs loading09:04
A_I_but USB HD takes sdb when hotplugged09:04
linuxhelpwrite UUID  on paper and look at /etc/fstab for same09:04
A_I_but takes sda on reboot09:04
dougskoGreyspacebt3: ok, pastebin your xorg.conf09:04
WoofWoofWoofOkay, linuxhelp09:04
Drag0nLordi have these two cards to work with, and i'm not sure which is better09:05
eccentricityWoofWoofWoof: unfortunately, looks good to me :-)09:05
Drag0nLordi can't find useful specs on either of them09:05
dougskoA_I_: dont quote me on this, but i think thats buggy behavior09:05
eccentricityLH is more likely to be able to help you09:05
Greyspacebt3doug,, we are close... as I have a list of Nvidia Drivers to choose from ... ummmmmmmmm hard to pick09:05
dougskoGreyspacebt3: what do you mean? what are you looking at?09:05
linuxhelp@all i have to go for Questions look www.linuxonlinehelp.de THANKS09:05
WoofWoofWooflinuxhelp: UUID=07a29f46-5813-4716-878b-3547954816e1 none            swap    sw              0       009:05
WoofWoofWoofOkay, eccentricity. Thank you :)09:06
A_I_but it is logical, on hotplug system takes the first available and on reboot system do it in the "right" order09:06
Drag0nLordusb shouldn't be the first to load either way09:07
dougskoA_I_: yeah youre right, it is actually the "sd" driver09:07
Greyspacebt3doug After Crl+alt+backspace ,, it restarted and ubuntu had a configure Video Window popup... and now I am looking for the model that matches my  GTX 260 card..09:07
linuxhelpif your UUID is listed inside fstab it must run09:07
nnullanyone tell me how i enable the splash screen in hardy?09:07
WoofWoofWoofOkay, linuxhelp :(09:08
nirccan someone tell me the difference (if any) between openssh that's in ubuntu server and the openssh in esx?09:08
adammw111Can someone help me fix my network card? It's a generic card and has worked previously, but i can't even ifup it.09:08
WoofWoofWoofThanks :)09:08
linuxhelpnnull > see aptitude search usplash for installed09:08
dougskoGreyspacebt3: ok, this may or may not work, but give it a try. just pick the most logical choices and let me know if something is ambiguous09:08
nnullusplash is for grub splash screen tho right? linuxhelp09:08
linuxhelpif not install it now and run #initramfs-update -u -k all09:08
FinnishIs EMU 0404 USB working with Ubuntu?09:09
mm2000How do I add an user with root privileges from the terminal?09:09
Greyspacebt3doug your right there isn't a geforce that I understand: my choices are:09:09
Drag0nLordwhy would you add a root user?09:09
dougskoGreyspacebt3: this page might help too, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia09:10
Flannelmm2000: You mean add a user who can use sudo, yes?09:10
nircbasically i'm having this problem where when I transfer files via sftp to openssh on esx, my file is corrupt (yet the correct size), where as my file transfered to ubuntu server are not corrupt09:10
Flannelmm2000: sudo adduser username then sudo adduser username admin09:10
nircvia ssh and sftp09:10
A_I_is there a way to configure the sd driver to tell him which to take for sda and which for sdb (internal hd and USB hd for ex.)09:10
dougskomm2000: this page will show you how to work with your sudoers file, http://www.go2linux.org/sudoers-how-to09:11
Vezirhow do i reset an sd socket09:11
Vezirlike a /dev/sdd109:11
FlannelA_I_: that's determined by the BIOS and hardware.09:11
Veziri got it to come iup with this, but when i reseated the cable, it didnt show up09:11
ricticWhy might I be getting a shell labeled BusyBox (initramfs) when trying to boot from the ubuntu 8 install/live cd on a new computer?09:11
D1sa5t3ranyone have acer aspire one?09:11
dougskorictic: busybox is a stripped down bash09:12
WoofWoofWoofI'm using Acer Aspire09:12
adammw111How can i get ubuntu to find my network card. I keep getting "error while getting interface flags: no such device" when trying to ifup.Thanks=]09:12
D1sa5t3rWoofWoofWoof, pm?09:12
vnixAnyone know how to use SVN?09:12
dougskorictic: you see it a lot in places where there isnt much memory for full-blown bash09:12
D1sa5t3ri need one user :D09:12
WoofWoofWoofOkay, D1sa5t3 :s09:13
dougskovnix: yeah, whats the problem?09:13
ricticdougsko: Fair enough.  I was expecting the GUI installer, which is what comes up when using this CD on other machines I think09:13
vnixin windows I use SVN tor. where I can right click and auto update but in Ubuntu how? thanks ^^09:13
dougskorictic: hmmm...dont know why thatd be09:14
dougskovnix: cd to the top level of the svn project you checked out, and type, svn up09:14
Greyspacebt3Geforce; Geforce (fbdev); Geforce 256 Generic; Geforce 6 series; Geforce 6800 generic; Geforce 7 series; Geforce 8 series; etc... I have a 300.00 card called ""BFG Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 " umm09:15
FloodBot2Greyspacebt3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:15
Greyspacebt3doug one more line and I would have gotten kicked09:16
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dougskoGreyspacebt3: hehe :p honestly, i never had any luck with that ocnfig screen youre in. if youre using gnome, i would try the method described in that link i posted earlier09:17
vnixdougsko: svn command not found09:18
livingdaylighthola ubunteros09:18
dougskovnix: you need to install subversion09:18
livingdaylightcan someone tellwhether i need to install medibuntu to install ~Google Earth?09:19
dougskolivingdaylight: nope09:19
vnixdougsko can you give me the command?09:19
Greyspacebt3doug.. ok09:19
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:19
livingdaylightdougsko: what do i do with the Google Earth .bin file ?09:19
Flannellivingdaylight: You don't need to install the medibuntu repository to use packages from it.09:19
webDEViLvnix, apt-get install svn09:19
Flannellivingdaylight: don't use the bin, use the package from medibuntu09:20
vnixthank you09:20
dougskolivingdaylight: just run it09:20
dougskovnix: that package name is actually, subversion, not svn09:20
vnixcouldn't't find package09:20
vnixoh okie09:20
UbubeginI used the google earth bin, and my comp went WHITE Screen...09:20
vnixyeah it's running thanks09:20
livingdaylightFlannel: so, go to mediubuntu instead of Google earth website ?09:21
ogzyhow can i install an archived icon set just using terminal and set it the default icon set for the current desktop instead of using the Install button at the Theme manager windows09:21
Flannellivingdaylight: Yeah, you can browse the packages they have, download google earth, and then install it09:21
livingdaylightFlannel: i see a bunch of choices :/09:21
* livingdaylight scrathches his head09:22
vikkui have a kernel panic while iam booting krnel of Damn small linux (virtualized)over ubuntu..... it shows values of CPU registers , stack, call trace ,code and says that Kernel panic : Attempted to kill the idle task ..... hmmm what should i do , it doesnt go any further09:22
dougskovnix: run, synaptic, some time. its a gui for installing packages. aptitude is my favorite though because it removes orphaned dependenceies when you uninstall something09:22
crdlbogzy: A) extract it to a subfolder of ~/.icons (~/.icons/THEME_NAME)09:22
Flannellivingdaylight: you'll need googleearth-4.3 or -4.2 and the corresponding -data package: http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy/index.html09:22
ogzycrdlb, i know that part but i want to make it the default icon theme also, do you know where its info is kept?09:22
livingdaylightFlannel: gracias09:23
crdlbogzy: gconf09:23
alrex021how do I go about reinstalling the nvidia driver on 8.04? I ran apt-get remove nvidia-glx-new then tried to reinstall but it reinstalls way to quickly and doesnt work09:23
dougskovnix: google it09:23
vnixi can't find it under add/remove. I will google it then09:23
alrex021i'm reinstalling because it stopped working and doesnt pickup the driver any more09:24
ogzycrdlb, no i dont want to use gconf or any other gui. i am writing my own icon setter for the user so i dont want to show anyother popup windows09:24
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:24
crdlbogzy: gconf is not gconf-editor. gconf is a configuration system09:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gconf09:25
ActionParsnip!info gconf09:25
ogzycrdlb, then i should check how will use gconf to set the icon theme thanx09:25
ubottuPackage gconf does not exist in hardy09:25
crdlbogzy: it has a C api, and bindings for many languages including python. there is also gconftool-2, a command line client09:25
ogzycrdlb, i am using python, thats nice09:25
livingdaylightFlannel: i'm wondering why there isn't one package with all the depnedencies in them? like a .deb instead of having to run around satisfying a multitude of requirements?09:26
Kartagisfunny, ubuntu made a 3gb swap on my home computer with 1gb RAM, whilst it made a 1gb swap on my work computer which also  has 1gb RAM09:27
alrex021How do I get my nvidia driver to appear in the "Hardware Driver" list?09:27
goldmetalKartagis, that sound gay09:27
ActionParsnip!nvidia | alrex02109:27
ubottualrex021: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:27
crdlbogzy: the key name is /desktop/gnome/interface/icon_theme09:28
bahbanyone have practice and experience making cairo-dock bend to their every whim?09:28
ActionParsnipKartagis: id use double your ram amount as the amount of swap space09:28
ogzycrdlb, ok thanx will check it now about the usage with gconftool09:29
dougskoKartagis: i would use about half, if you have a gig or more09:29
KartagisActionParsnip> I just did, because I was sick of having-to-reboots09:29
ActionParsnipKartagis: what does the system get used for?09:29
Kartagisdougsko> at the moment, it is 2gb of swap09:30
KartagisActionParsnip> are you asking how much the system uses?09:30
dougskoKartagis: yeah but how much ram do you have?09:30
Kartagisdougsko> 1gb09:30
ActionParsnipKartagis: no, what do you use the ubuntu install to achieve?09:30
KartagisI don't like windoew09:31
ActionParsnipKartagis: games? image / video editting? web browsing?09:31
alrex021ubottu: "Go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and check the box to enable the restricted drivers for your NVIDIA card if the option is provided. " -> The Nvidia card does not appear in the list. (It used to last friday. But something broke the settings I guess) ...is there a manual way to install or a better way to remove exisitng installed drivers?09:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:31
ActionParsnipalrex021: tried envyng-gtk?09:32
dougskoKartagis: personally, with a gig of ram, id use only about 512mb for swap. but like ActionParsnip's saying, it depends on what your doing09:32
KartagisActionParsnip> not games, definitely09:32
alrex021ActionParsnip: what is envyng-gtk?09:33
ActionParsnipdougsko: considering most folks have 200Gb hard drives or similar, im sure they can lose the space09:33
ActionParsnip!envyng | alrex02109:33
ubottualrex021: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk09:33
dougskoActionParsnip: yeah i guess, but thats not really a reason to waste it09:33
ActionParsnipdougsko: true enough09:34
Kartagishttp://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=499804#c6 <--- how do I do what he says?09:34
ubottuGnome bug 499804 in gtk-vnc "Cant type @ or \ sign (german keyboard layout)" [Normal,Needinfo]09:34
Stonekeeperhi. my friend is having an issue with his ipod/8.04.1 : http://pastebin.ca/1197034 : any ideas?09:35
ActionParsnipdougsko: i have 1gb ram with 1gb swap and i run fluxbox to reduce ram footprint09:36
Greyspacebt3doug no luck today,,, i'll try again later,, thanks for your help.. must eat... lol09:36
dougskoGreyspacebt3: cool, take it easy09:37
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: what version of gtk-vnc do you have?09:37
dougskoActionParsnip: yeah im the same way, but ive found over the years that i barely ever even use the one gig of ram that i have, so 512 swap is really all i need. thats me though09:38
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: sorry, minds all over09:38
bahbdoes anyone know how I can change application icons in cairo-dock?09:38
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: is the ipod in disk mode?09:38
ActionParsnipbahb: do you mean the app list or just the icons for the current apps?09:39
bahbcurrent apps09:39
bahbxchat doesn't want to class with its launcher09:39
bahbso I end up with a nice grey launcher and a bright orange app icon09:40
bahband it makes me sad09:40
ActionParsnipbahb: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45599609:40
StonekeeperActionParsnip: ooh, i'll find out. Don't you normally just plug in your ipod and it mounts?09:41
Stonekeeperi don't think i put my ipod in disk mode to access it09:41
PrivateRolfStonekeeper: Yes.09:41
ActionParsnipbahb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CairoDock09:41
PrivateRolfStonekeeper: Usually an icon appears on your desktop.09:41
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: no idea, i dont own one09:41
Mc_abyssI just plug my ipod in and an icon appears on desktop09:42
ActionParsnip!ipod | Stonekeeper09:42
ubottuStonekeeper: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod09:42
Stonekeeperit's more a usb question09:42
PrivateRolfOh god I love Rockbox.09:42
ActionParsnipipod + rockbox = sweeet09:42
PrivateRolfStonekeeper: You should still be able to access it like you would on Windows.09:42
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: sup09:42
PrivateRolfAction: I love Rockbox. It makes torrenting so much easier. :D09:42
ActionParsnipPrivateRolf: my fileserver does that, ktorrent web interface :)09:43
StonekeeperActionParsnip: seems like a corrupt FS. Are there tools for formatting/recreating?09:43
PrivateRolfActionParsnip: You mean that once the torrent finishes, it automatically updates to your iPod? :O09:43
ActionParsnipStonekeeper: again, im not familiar with ipods as i think they are garbage, if yu webbowse round im sure there will be guides09:44
PrivateRolfStonekeeper: What's the question, exactly?09:44
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vnixAnyone is familiar with PVPGN here?09:44
PrivateRolfNo sir.09:45
ghostknifeWhere can I edit the global path variable. Basically, I want all users to have a certain path element, and when I sudo, I want it to also be there, though I don't want the existing path to be preserved. sudo should continue as normal (resetting the path), but the new path should also contain this desired element09:45
StonekeeperPrivateRolf: The question is - is there a tool to diagnose an ipod fs? the kernel is basically saying "corrupt fs".09:45
dougskoGreyspacebt3: use /etc/profile09:46
PrivateRolfStonekeeper: You can try connecting it to Windows, resetting the firmware, and trying again.09:46
PrivateRolfI've never had the problem.09:46
dougskooops, i meant ghostknife: use /etc/profile09:47
ricc101hi I'm new to ubuntu can anyone help me with my sound?09:47
PrivateRolfRicc101: Sure.09:47
ricc101thanks :)09:47
PrivateRolfWhat's the problem?09:47
ricc101basically I'm trying to get HD audio working, the volume contol is there plus it shows it working09:47
ricc101but still get no sound09:48
PrivateRolfHave you tried adjusting the PCM?09:48
ricc101how do i do that09:48
PrivateRolfRight click the sound icon.09:48
ActionParsnipricc101: try selecting alsa in sound prefs09:48
PrivateRolfOpen Volume control.09:48
PrivateRolfFile---> Manage Device, I can't exactly remember.09:48
PrivateRolfEEEBuntu doesn't come with gnome-volume-manager. :[09:49
dougskoalsamixer will work09:49
dougskoand should be installed on all *buntu09:49
ricc101i can turn the volume mixer up and down but i get nothing09:49
PrivateRolfDougsko: I have alsamixer.09:49
PrivateRolfJust not gnome-volume-manager09:50
dougskoPrivateRolf: ok. i was just throwing out an alt app in case someone wasnt using gnome09:50
PrivateRolfDougsko: No problem.09:50
ricc101i have 5 devices on the change device menu09:51
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ricc101HDA intel09:51
ricc101realtek alc88209:51
ricc101alsa pc on front09:51
ricc101then 2 capture ones09:52
ricc101i've tried using all 3 but i get nothing09:52
ricc101i can turn the volume up and down no problem but nothing comes out09:53
ActionParsnipricc101: speakers on and loud?09:53
PrivateRolfTry setting ALSA in System--->preferences--->sound09:53
ActionParsniphi clayton09:53
claytonis there an italian channel?09:53
PrivateRolf!rockbox | PrivateRolf09:53
ubottuPrivateRolf, please see my private message09:53
ActionParsnip!it | clayton09:53
ubottuclayton: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)09:53
ricc101I know the hd works as  i duel boot with vista09:54
ricc101and it works there09:54
ricc101but i use an optical cabl09:54
claytonis this the normal irc chat or it's another kind?09:55
elzoogHello everybody.  I am having a problem with Firefox in Ubuntu 8.0409:56
aRahimcan i ask some pppoe-setup questions here as i am using zenwalk09:56
PrivateRolfClayton, this is generally the support chat.09:56
PrivateRolfIf you're looking for off topic...09:56
PrivateRolf!offtopic | Clayton09:56
ubottuClayton: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:56
aRahimzenwalk room is dead and not getting any response :(09:56
PrivateRolfElzoog: What's the problem?09:56
claytonok, but in the past (when i had windows) i chatted on irc, with bigfun program... now i want to join some channel, but i don't have success...09:57
claytonùhow can i do?09:57
dougskoclayton:  /j #channel09:58
PrivateRolfClayton, type /join #ubuntu-offtopic09:58
ActionParsnipclayton: /j #<name of channel>09:58
askvictorI've got two jre's installed - sun and openjdk. I think the system is using openjdk - how can I change it to use sun?09:58
aRahimmods plz reply if i can ask queries about ZenWalk here??09:59
elzoogThe problem is, I upgraded from Ubuntu 7.10.  After I did that, the navigation toolbar and history don't work.  I have already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Firefox09:59
unop!multijava | askvictor10:00
ubottuaskvictor: To set which java version/implementation is to be used as default, use sudo update-java-alternatives10:00
ubdi have just installed ubuntu via guided install however i am suspicious if i have a swap partition how do i check it?10:00
ActionParsnipubd: sudo fdisk -l10:01
aRahimubd cheack system monitor10:01
ubdallright i got one10:01
ActionParsnipnp ubd10:01
aRahimok upd10:02
Dream-Ub1got an error http://nexer.net/gnome.png10:02
ubdone more question, is it possible to configure max processor speed in ubuntu ?10:02
ActionParsnipaRahim: why have to open a gui app when a single line command outputs it?10:02
ActionParsnipubd: how do you mean?10:02
ubdActionParsnip: vista had this option to decrease the processor max mhz, i was using it to avoid heat...10:03
aRahimActionParsnip: i kinda thought him being a noob10:04
ActionParsnipubd: id underclock in bios, ive not seen that in a desktop OS before10:04
Blackholdhow to say to dmesg to use an other level of showing messages, for example, when loading a module, shows any info10:05
ubdok ActionParsnip thanks10:05
ActionParsnipBlackhold: grep10:05
ActionParsnipBlackhold: dmesg | grep module10:06
elzoogCan anyone help me with my Firefox problem?10:08
subtwoubd: Otherwise you maybe should look at cpufreq package if your CPU supports frequency scaling!?10:08
Dryantaelzoog: whatup?10:08
ubdallright subtwo ill install it10:08
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)10:09
elzoogI upgraded from Ubuntu 7.10 last night.  The problem I am having though is that the navigation bar, history, and bookmarks don't work in Firefox10:10
sushanthi am getting error cant mount volume when i insert my pen10:10
Dream-Ub1http://nexer.net/gnome.png  any way to fix that gnome error?10:10
elzoogubotto:  There are hundreds of other distributions besides Ubuntu.10:10
ActionParsnipelzoog: hes a bot10:11
Dryantaelzoog: delete your .mozilla and try again10:11
ActionParsnipelzoog: id rename rather than delete10:11
ActionParsnipelzoog: you can then copy stuff over10:11
BlackholdActionParsnip: now is not showing nothing!10:11
elzoogDryanta:  The entire .mozilla directory in my home directory?10:11
Dryantaelzoog: or rename it10:11
Blackholdwhat I need is to change the level of errors in dmesg10:11
Dryantai just delete mine when stuff like that happens10:11
Dryantabut i dont have huge important stacks of links or anything10:12
Slasher`hey all could anyone tell me if there's a command to list all unmounted drives please?10:12
unopBlackhold, see -n in the dmesg manpage10:13
unopSlasher`, sudo fdisk -l10:13
ActionParsnipBlackhold: grep basically takes all that output and only shows lines with the text you specify10:13
Slasher`thanks unop10:13
elzoogThanks Dryanta, that seemed to work10:13
unopActionParsnip, grep filters things out .. he wants to change the level of logging10:13
ActionParsnipelzoog: mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla_old10:13
ActionParsnipunop: i thought he just wanted to see module activity10:14
=== niki77 is now known as nikola77
Dryantaelzoog: np10:14
unopActionParsnip, seems so .. but with more verbosity i assume10:14
elzoogWell, first I did "ps x | grep firefox" to make sure that firefox wasn't still running.10:14
ActionParsnipelzoog: killall firefox works too10:14
ActionParsnipelzoog: or pidof firefox10:15
Kate_MinsHello , i need help please, i installed apache on my server & i would like to know how i can enable (mod_read_write) ?10:15
nirupamahow does ubuntu update from one ubuntu version to another10:15
nirupamaI mean upgrade the system10:15
ActionParsnip!upgrade | nirupama10:15
ubottunirupama: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes10:15
elzoogSo, why did I have to delete the .mozilla directory (actually, I moved it to .oldmozilla)10:15
ActionParsnipnirupama: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:15
ActionParsnipelzoog: that hold all your firefox preferences and settings10:16
nirupamaActionParsnip, but will it really upgrade whole of my base system and the applications10:16
ActionParsnipnirupama: yes10:16
nirupamaActionParsnip, I want to upgrade from 7.04 to 8.0410:16
unopnirupama, not really, use the update-manager-core package10:16
ActionParsnipnirupama: no, you need ubottu's link for that10:16
nirupamaActionParsnip, so can I get 8.04 just by apt-get upgrade10:16
nirupamaActionParsnip, what is ubottu's link10:17
OntologI have a 1.80GHz processor however cpuinfo_cur_freq is only 600MHz. Why is this and how do I change it?10:17
elzoogAlso, I am wondering why did I have to search really hard to find an Ubuntu 8.04 DVD iso?  Is Ubuntu gradually getting rid of having DVD isos in favor of only offering the CD?10:17
nirupamaActionParsnip, you mean repository path10:17
ActionParsnipnirupama: as i said if you are going between versions then use ubottus link, if you want to upgrade the version you have, use my command10:17
unopnirupama, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes10:17
WoofWoofWoofAsked this earlier, but no one was able to solve it: I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop edition on an Acer 5920. Earlier, I shut it down and went away and when I came back a few minutes later, it was on, with a blank screen and a blinking cursor. It turned off when I pressed the power button. Now when I turn it on, it's not booting. It turns on and stops at the blank screen with the blinking cursor and does not proceed further. Right now I'm using the Live 10:18
ActionParsnipelzoog: the dvd just has more fluff on it (like multiple desktop managers and the like)10:18
nirupamaActionParsnip, please explain me ubottus10:18
hanaI was just trying to test Photoshop in Ubuntu. I put in the CD and attempted to see if wine would respond to it and get it to run. After installing Gecko and attempting the setup process, now Ubuntu will not even read the CD.10:18
ActionParsnip!upgrade | nirupama10:18
ubottunirupama: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes10:18
ActionParsnipnirupama: that link there ^10:18
nirupamaActionParsnip, ok10:18
ActionParsnipnirupama: will upgrade you to the latest release (hardy heron)10:19
nirupamaActionParsnip, ok10:19
ActionParsniphana: try a reboot, id try photoshop through wine or even cedega if you dont mind spending the cash10:19
ActionParsniphana: gimp is pretty sweet10:19
hanaActionParsnip, gimp is not sweet in my experience. But I did try a reboot and it's the same problem. I am trying photoshop through wine, as I mentioned already.10:20
elzoogAction:  Yeah, but I would rather have stuff that is not commonly used, but I would like to try on the DVD (for example, Rosegarden) so that I don't have to download a file from the internet every time I want to try something odd10:20
ActionParsnipelzoog: not very much in linux is common, all systems are unique10:21
hanaActionParsnip, I just needed to install gecko because the Photoshop setup.exe uses IE, which requires wine's Gecko component. But after I did that it seems like Ubuntu will not read the photoshop CD.10:21
ActionParsniphana: try remounting it10:21
hanaActionParsnip, I did. I remove the CD and put it back in and close it and it doesn't reead.10:21
hanaActionParsnip, it read the very first time.10:21
ActionParsnipelzoog: if you want all the extra stuff then the dvd is for you, id try and get it via torrents as its faster and you give back tothe community by seeding10:22
elzoogAction:  Well, I would say that firefox and openoffice are examples of programs that are common.  But for example, I have QCad on my machine.  That would be an example of something probably not common10:22
ActionParsniphana: you need to unmount the cd using sudo umount /mount/point/of/cd10:22
ActionParsnipelzoog: i use neither10:22
hanaActionParsnip, alright. I'll try that.10:22
=== zero is now known as Guest48126
hanaActionParsnip, actually, I'm not sure what the mount point of my CD is.10:24
elzoogAction:  What do you use instead of Firefox?  I use Firefox because it's common enough that web developers are more likely to support it than, for example, Galleon10:24
ActionParsniphana: run mount on its own10:24
hanaActionParsnip, ok/10:24
ActionParsnipelzoog: opera, its way smaller in ram10:24
elzoogAction:  Yeah, I hear Opera is popular.10:25
hanaActionParsnip, I don't see any /media mounts.10:25
obsidiethopera is swoi10:25
Slasher`i like opera10:25
elzoogAction:  But if I were a web developer, I would only test my sites on Internet Explorer, and Firefox10:25
kindofabuzzActionParsnip, wrong. look up some tests10:26
ActionParsniphana: id have the cd out, reboot, then once you are back in, insert the cd10:26
hanaActionParsnip, ok.10:26
hanaActionParsnip, I'll be back if it doesn't work. Thank you.10:26
ActionParsnipkindofabuzz: well it doesnt make my system drag like firefox does when it runs, thats my test10:26
Slasher`elzoog, i test mine on opera as well as those two and sometimes in konqueror too if i'm bored :P10:26
kindofabuzzActionParsnip, my FF barely ever get's past 100m10:26
ActionParsnipkindofabuzz: its how it runs on MY system that counts, not some test / benchmarks10:26
Slasher`well said ActionParsnip10:27
kindofabuzzActionParsnip, true, you should have said Opera uses les memory on my system =)10:27
Slasher`it was the mouse gestures that grabbed my attention to it to be honest10:27
elzoogSlasher:  If I notice a web site doesn't look good on Konqueror, I close konqueror and pull up firefox10:27
ActionParsnippeople rely too heavily on benchmarks when they can test software for free and see how it performs10:27
Slasher`i do that if a website doesnt look good in opera elzoog lol10:27
ActionParsnipand make their own choice10:27
=== Ardha is now known as co_moslim
kindofabuzz3.1b1pre rocks my socks with JIT10:28
=== richard is now known as Guest27681
=== ubuntu_ is now known as br0kkN
elzoogSlasher:  I don't bother.  Rather than take the time to run konqueror, see that a web site doesn't look good so I have to run firefox anyway, I'll just save myself the hassle and just run firefox in the first place.10:29
ActionParsnipi have firefox on my work lappy so i can control amarok via xul10:29
stimpiedoes someone know how to 'circle workspaces' ex. go to workspace 1 from workspace for when going to workspace on the right?10:29
stodanwhat is opposite to cat? i want to write stdin to file, but i have to do it via pipe, not redirect10:29
ActionParsnipstodan: tac10:29
ActionParsnipstodan: no foolin10:30
stdinstodan: tee10:30
elzoogAlso, I went ahead and used the "not supported" Flash program from Adobe because the "free" alternative didn't work right10:30
Slasher`stimpie, ctrl+alt+left/right arrow keys?10:30
stodantee is better, thx10:31
hanaActionParsnip, I tried what you suggested and still no success.10:31
unopstodan, cat can help.  command | cat -> file10:31
hanaActionParsnip, perhaps if I explain exactly what I did before this problem happened, maybe you can help me understand what happened?10:31
stimpieSlasher`, they stop when you are at the edges and dont go the start again10:31
ActionParsniphana: strange, what if you manually mount it?10:31
Slasher`ah i see what you mean10:31
hanaActionParsnip, how do I do that?10:31
Slasher`stimpie,i don't know, sorry, i use compiz10:32
spookhow do i connect to irc in ubuntu?10:32
stimpieits a minor inconvenience10:32
ActionParsniphana: sudo mkdir /mnt/cd; sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cd10:32
ActionParsnipspook: you are on it now10:32
hanaActionParsnip, Alright.10:32
spookno, i want to connect to irc10:32
stdinspook: this is IRC10:33
br0kkNhi.  i removed a failing sata drive from my system, and get grub error 22 now.  i am fairly sure i can fix that (am on livecd now).  but i wonder is there some way to make it not die when the hdd order changes?  that os i kicked off my personal gear some time ago seems to handle this better for my brother.  is there a nicer way to config it?10:33
FloodBot2Greyspacebt3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:33
spooksuccessful troll is successful10:34
ikoniabr0kkN: raid mirroring is the best way10:34
ikoniaspook: please ignore it10:34
WoofWoofWoofAsked this twice before >.<10:34
WoofWoofWoofI'm using Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop edition on an Acer 5920. Earlier, I shut it down and went away and when I came back a few minutes later, it was on, with a blank screen and a blinking cursor. It turned off when I pressed the po10:34
hanaActionParsnip, I just hear the same sound I hear when I just put the CD in. The drive makes noise like it's trying to read it, but it doesn't successfully mount.10:35
ActionParsniphana: do you have 2 cd drives/10:35
ghostknifeIn which configuration file can I edit the global BASE PATH environment variable?10:35
ikoniaghostknife: I'm not aware of that varible10:35
ikoniaghostknife: what application wants it ?10:35
stdinghostknife: for your user or all users?10:35
Greyspacebt3dougsko, I have sound and I have video10:35
ghostknifeikonia: the PATH variable?10:36
ghostknifestdin: all users10:36
stdinghostknife: /etc/environment10:36
ikoniaghostknife: ooh PATH - I thought you where asking for BASE10:36
ghostknifestdin: that's what I meant with global10:36
hanaActionParsnip, no. Just one.10:36
ActionParsniphana: does it show up in bios?10:36
stdinbut they can override in their ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile10:36
ghostknifestdin: problem with that one is that it doesn't affect SUDO10:36
dougskoGreyspacebt3: awesome10:37
ikoniaghostknife: you may want to put something in /etc/skel to for new user creation10:37
hanaActionParsnip, I would just have to check. I just took the CD out and put it in my other computer and it works fine, so I know it's not the CD.10:37
stdinghostknife: sudo has a built-in "secure" path, you can't change it10:37
hanaActionParsnip, I'm going to try another CD in this one and see if it mounts.10:37
ActionParsniphana: good test10:37
dougskoghostknife: there's also /etc/profile10:37
ActionParsniphana: another good tets10:37
ghostknifestdin: I understand all those, I'm just trying to get SUDO to also include this when resetting the PATH env variable (don't want it preserved, so that a user can take on the new environment of the sudo'ed context)10:37
ikoniastdin: isn't there an option at sudo invokation to source a file for things like environment variable10:37
ghostknifestdin: oh10:37
stdinghostknife: at least not in Hardy (maybe for intrepid)10:37
Debs626Hello guys10:37
ActionParsniphi Debs62610:38
br0kkNikonia: yah, and we intend to make the server a central raid soon.  but for my desktop, where i often trade drives in and out to 'work on' or fix for friends, tinker, what have you...  that drive order thing is a pain when i go from 6 to 5 hdds and suddenly can't boot... and it wasn't either my bios boot and / drive or the drive with /boot that was pulled.  since i do this sort of thing a lot, i was hoping for some idea on how i might10:38
br0kkNconfig better to avoid this.  like how /etc/fstab can use uuids, mabye there is something like that for grub config???10:38
ikoniabr0kkN: make sure your grub /boot partition is always on drive 1 then10:38
stdinikonia, ghostknife: the -E variable to sudo should preserve PATH, but I think you need to edit /etc/sudoers to make it work (not sure)10:38
ikoniabr0kkN: then always swap out any other drive rather than drive one, leaving drive 1 in place10:38
ikoniastdin: thats it10:39
br0kkNikonia: okay, so it is having the /boot on the 250G IDE and bios-boot and various /10:39
=== Dream-Ub1 is now known as Dream
hanaActionParsnip, I put in another CD and it mounted on this computer. So I guess the CD drive is also working. My guess is that it's a problem with wine because before wine would run the autorun.exe fromt he photoshop CD, but after I tried to install gecko following online directions so that wine would complete the setup.exe process, this problem occurred.10:39
ikoniabr0kkN: thats the idea10:39
Debs626needing some help finding some internet radio broadcasting SW for ubuntu, something like SAM Broadcaster from Special Audio, I'm new to ubuntu and this is the only bit of SW thats holding me back from installing it on all of my pc's10:39
br0kkNroot installs on the 60Gig IDE... the split is causing my failure then?10:39
ActionParsniphana: now you have mounted a different cd can you mount you PS cd/10:39
stimpieDebs626, you may want to look at vlc10:40
hanaActionParsnip, that was my next step.10:40
=== neuro_ is now known as neuro
Debs626it dosnt broadcast does it stimpie ?10:40
hanaActionParsnip, itt worked. Good good.10:40
=== neuro is now known as neuro_
ActionParsniphana: sweet :D10:41
br0kkNstdin, it would not be sudoers because i am in the grub boot-loader environment when i get my error10:41
br0kkNnot linux10:41
ActionParsniphana: cedega works ok with photoshop but its gonna cost you :D10:41
kindofabuzzuse wine, it's free10:41
hanaActionParsnip, how does it cost me?10:41
stdinbr0kkN: that response was not to you10:41
ActionParsniphana: cedega isnt free10:42
br0kkNikonia: well thing is my /10:42
hanaActionParsnip, oh. That sucks.10:42
hanaActionParsnip, how much?10:42
damohow do i see what motherboard i have in ubuntu?10:42
stimpieDebs626, depends on what you call 'broadcast'10:42
ActionParsniphana: neither is crossover office, you can try them for a while but then they want paying10:42
ActionParsniphana: not sure about cedega, crossover is 25 GBP10:42
br0kkNikonia: thing is my root partitions are on a 60Gig IDE and the other drives are usually SATA that I remove... but they come earlier to GRUB for some reason, methinks.  I would have to check to be sure, i haven't gotten that far this time yet10:42
morganI am a ubuntu blogger10:42
Debs626needs to be compatable with shoutcast stimpie10:43
ActionParsniphana: you'll have to check for your country10:43
hanaActionParsnip, where are you?10:43
ActionParsniphana: uk10:43
hanaActionParsnip, alright.10:43
=== morgan is now known as Shewdiz
ActionParsniphana: gbp == great british pounds10:43
hanaActionParsnip, oh yeah, GBP10:43
br0kkNikonia: but i am going to put my boot on the same disk now, for sure10:43
=== morgan is now known as shewdiz
damohow do i see what motherboard i have in ubuntu?10:44
hanaActionParsnip, well, now my CD is mounting, so I'm back to square one trying to get wine to run Photoshop if possible.10:44
shewdizI own a ubuntu-related blog, I always post about ubuntu and I have many posts to come....10:44
ActionParsniphana: indeed, look at some walkthroughs, someone may have had succdss10:44
hanaActionParsnip, indeed.10:44
ActionParsniphana: and keep that other cd handy if it borks again10:44
hanaActionParsnip, alright.10:44
ghaleb hello, I want to export variables forever, each time I open a console I need to export them again, is there a solution ?10:45
shewdizhere is my blog about ubuntu, http://blog.shevin.info10:45
damohow do i see what hardware i have using ubuntu10:45
ActionParsnipdamo: lspci10:45
br0kkNstdin: sry, just saw that reply... np . thx10:46
=== Ardha is now known as co_cr_pngalaman
Greyspacebt3dougsko, for the Records this was the page that resolved all issues with Video and Sound on Ubuntu, Motherboard is a EVGA 132-CK-NF78-!A 3-Way SLI S-775 nVidia nForce 780i10:47
=== Ardha is now known as co_cr_pnglmn
* Kondensuotas_pie labas rytas10:48
Greyspacebt3dougsko,,, * _Big Thanks_ * your a great person and you know it... Thanks10:49
Greyspacebt3dougsko, I am installing Nexuiz now... lol10:50
dougskoGreyspacebt3: heh thanks. nice work finding that though. i have a prtty old nvidia card so i wouldnt have thought to look on their site for their newest drivers10:50
dougskoGreyspacebt3: good stuff. thats a fun game10:50
ikoniabr0kkN: apologies, my front door went10:50
ActionParsnipdougsko: nvidia-legacy drivers will do you if its old10:50
ghaleb hello, I want to export variables forever, each time I open a console I need to export them again, is there a solution ?10:50
Greyspacebt3Book mark it I am sure more people like me will ask for it again10:50
ActionParsnipdougsko: envyng-gtk is good for nvidia drivers though10:50
ActionParsnipghaleb: put them in ~/.bashrc10:51
dougskoActionParsnip: i was actually able to use just the regular nvidia-glx package10:51
ActionParsnipdougsko: awesome10:51
ghalebActionParsnip: thank you10:51
Greyspacebt3dougsko this is a 350.00 dollar gaming card.. and that means people expect it to work in Ubuntu10:51
bob1I have a new Dell that I duel booted. I put a HD from another Linux PC in it but it would only mount for the session. I went to "Places", "properties", "Volume", "settings" and "Mount point". I typed /media/drive Now I cant mount the drive at all....help10:51
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: not if the devs havent made support for it yet10:52
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: with open source you cant expect anything, there are no garuntees10:52
dougskoGreyspacebt3: i know id want it to work. but yeah, sometimes it takes a while before theres support for newer hardware like that10:52
Greyspacebt3www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_177.13.html * if you book mark this for the EVGA 132-CK-NF78-!A 3-Way SLI S-775 nVidia nForce 780i * many people will be happy10:53
=== [ID]-6509 is now known as georgeZl
Greyspacebt3dougsko,,, your the support10:53
Greyspacebt3dougsko, lol10:53
ghalebActionParsnip: should I restart sth ?10:53
Greyspacebt3dougsko, you helped me find this, however, it took hours..10:54
=== h is now known as brettt_
ActionParsnipghaleb: no, just close all terminals, next time one is loaded it'll be set10:54
Greyspacebt3dougsko, * Big Thanks *10:54
brettt_had god as my identd, wouldn't let me join ;p10:54
dougskoGreyspacebt3: well im glad you got it working. messing with X is never fun10:54
brettt_Anyone here good, familiar with Cairo-Dock?10:54
Greyspacebt3I didn't have to touch X,,, it auto configured it10:55
dougskoalways a bonus :D10:55
Myrttidoes anyone have any ideas about where one can find more information about the 60 day trial of Canonicals Landscape?10:55
Greyspacebt3dougsko, say no to check Nvidia for a kernel at the start.. the rest of the questions are the default10:56
ghalebActionParsnip: it didn't work10:56
unopghaleb, how did you export the variable in ~/.bashrc ?10:56
dougskoGreyspacebt3: easy enough10:56
ActionParsnipghaleb: did you put export on the line, if you look through the file you'll find stuff10:57
ActionParsnipMyrtti: you could install webmin instead10:57
ghalebActionParsnip:  yes10:57
bob1I duel booted my Dell and Ubuntu works great! but it sometimes restarts several times on boot up? any ideas?10:57
ActionParsnipMyrtti: its free forever10:57
MyrttiActionParsnip: it's not for me but for a friend who has tried to enroll for the trial and has some problems/questions about it10:57
ActionParsnipMyrtti: oh then ive no idea, ive used webmin a little10:58
ghalebI copied the exported variables into the shell, it worked10:58
Greyspacebt3dougsko, yeah,,, after 4 hours ,, then another 2 hours with you and dinner,, and then 30 minutes retrying it until I figured out "not to request new kernal... and let it rebuild a kernel... yeah it was easy10:58
ghalebbut it doesn't when  opening a new terminal10:59
ActionParsnipghaleb: type source ~/.bashrc10:59
ActionParsnipghaleb: in terminal10:59
unopghaleb, what's the exact line you used in your ~/.bashrc ?  maybe there's a syntax error in the export?10:59
zockyanyone know how I can turn off a usb device, as opposed to just allowing it to be suspended?10:59
dougskoGreyspacebt3: heh thats all part of the fun. if everything just worked all the time, there'd be a lot less (forced) learning opportunities haha11:00
Greyspacebt3dougsko, easy question how to I install a super terminal or root terminal11:00
dougskoGreyspacebt3: there isnt such a thing. what exactly are you trying to do?11:01
Greyspacebt3dougsko, but my head hurts11:01
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: no need, just sudo when you need root priveledges11:01
Greyspacebt3Actually there such a thing11:01
unopGreyspacebt3, you don't need to install one .. you can create a launcher that runs this command.  gksudo x-terminal-emulator11:01
lmgGreyspacebt3: actually, there is one installed11:01
zockywhat unop said11:01
lmgGreyspacebt3: just enable it11:01
lmgsystem > preferences > startmenu11:01
Greyspacebt3lmg.. your right.. but I don't rememeber where it is11:02
lmg> main menu that is11:02
Greyspacebt3lmg.. too funny11:02
vampurhello every one11:02
Cheiron  Not in scope: `is'11:02
Greyspacebt3lmg... thanks11:02
lmgGreyspacebt3: there under "system tools" > "root terminal"11:02
Greyspacebt3Thats the one11:02
Greyspacebt3lmg... you rock11:02
lmgbut what the others said is perfectly right too. it's just another launcher11:02
unopzocky, what king of a USB device is it?11:03
lmgno big deal. hth11:03
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: gksu terminal & will sprout a root terminal11:03
Greyspacebt3lmg there she is11:03
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: but its not needed as you are a member of admin so you can sudo stuff11:03
zockyunop, a builtin webcam11:03
unopif 'terminal' is indeed a valid command i.e.11:03
zockyunop, on a laptop11:03
dougskoGreyspacebt3: you can also do a 'sudo -i' in any terminal to get a root prompt11:03
vampuri am having problem with my pendirive when i installed the slux in my pendrive and now the pendrive is not reading it only shows me the removable disk can any one help me how can i regain it ??? thanks11:03
Greyspacebt3sudo -i11:03
lmggot a problem here myself. random system freezes with firefox (64bit system)11:03
Greyspacebt3whats -i11:04
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: man sudo11:04
dougskoGreyspacebt3: check the man page :)11:04
lmgdougsko: or sudo su -11:04
Dryantaor sudo bash11:04
dougskolmg: or sudo bash :)11:04
clarenceI'm register #ubuntu ,when  will the comfirm mail will send to my email?11:04
lmgto also get the environment of root (if that's needed)11:04
unoplmg, sudo su -  is crazy11:04
Greyspacebt3lol sudo us11:04
lmgunop: maybe, but it works :)11:04
ActionParsnipimg: is it with flash pages or any pages?11:04
zockylmg, I had random reboots with firefox for a few days last week and it somehow just went away. I updated some firefox addons in the meantime, though.11:04
Greyspacebt3lmg I like sudo us11:05
Greyspacebt3sudo su11:05
unoplmg, it works .. yes,  _unsafely_  .. use sudo -i or sudo -s to setup the environment properly11:05
lmgActionParsnip: not sure. since it freezes before displaying the page11:05
vampur i am having problem with my pendirive when i installed the slux in my pendrive and now the pendrive is not reading it only shows me the removable disk can any one help me how can i regain it ??? thanks11:05
lmgunop: that's for that. will try to remember11:05
clarencehow to set ubuntu kernel?11:05
ActionParsniplmg: try renaming you ~/.mozilla folder after closing all firefoxes, just to test11:05
lmgunop: s/that's/thanks11:05
ActionParsnipclarence: in menu.lst11:06
lmgActionParsnip: you think it's a plugin problem?11:06
Greyspacebt3I don't mind sudo for a session... but running sudo every command drives me nuts11:06
ActionParsnipimg: no idea, just testing11:06
clarencewhat meaning?11:06
brettt_can anyone help with cairo-dock?11:06
lmgActionParsnip: had to do some wierd stuff to get the flashplugin32 wrapped and output sound to pulse11:06
ActionParsnipGreyspacebt3: once you sudo you dont have to type the password again11:06
neggevampur: you mean you can't access the drive anymore?11:06
lmgActionParsnip: it's L mg, not i.11:06
ActionParsniplmg: took me a while eh11:06
vampurnot even it's being formatting11:07
lmgActionParsnip: heh.11:07
unopzocky, not sure your webcam would support this -- but you could try adjusting hal properties .. see hal-set-property and hal-get-property11:07
neggevampur: and you want to remove the flux thing from it so it's empty again?11:07
ActionParsniplmg: try nspluginwrapper with the adobe 32bit plugin11:07
lmgActionParsnip: that's what I have. + libflashhelp11:07
clarencehow to set the ubuntu kernel?11:07
zockyunop, will try, thanks11:07
ActionParsnipclarence: you select it in menu.lst11:08
vampuri just want to access my pendrive and is dere any way i can do so as when i try to read from either win os or linux os both it says removable disk but couldn't read11:08
ActionParsnipclarence: i told you11:08
neggevampur: you probably have to reformat it. You can use gparted for this11:08
ActionParsnipclarence: that file tells the system how to boot and which kernel to use11:08
michaesaurWhat's the Package called to apt MySQL?11:08
ActionParsnipclarence: /boot/grub/menu.lst11:08
vampurcan u help me gparted11:08
neggemichaesaur: mysql-server11:08
ActionParsnip!sql | michaesaur11:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sql11:08
lmgmichaesaur: server? mysql-server11:08
michaesaur!mysql | michaesaur11:09
ubottumichaesaur, please see my private message11:09
lmgmichaesaur: apt-cache search mysql11:09
clarenceI saw  the Internet , someone say use "make menuconfig"11:09
neggevampur: open a terminal and write "sudo apt-get install gparted", after it is installed go to System --> Administration --> Partition editor, select the appropriate device and format the partition (or remove all partitions and create a new one)11:09
ActionParsnipclarence: thats compiling the kernel11:09
ActionParsnipclarence: well, part of11:09
bob1My PC has a hard time starting. Sometimes restarting several times. any ideas?11:09
clarencebut it was faild11:10
ActionParsnipbob1: run the memory scanner and fsck your partitions11:10
neggebob1: start without the splash screen so you can see where it goes wrong11:10
lmgguys, not really an ubuntu-question, but: how hot are harddrives expected to become? mine are 40,42 and 43 deg celsius. is that okay?11:10
ActionParsnipclarence: you need the kernel source as well as the build-essential package11:10
|ns|nR8yeah its fine lmg11:10
mm2000hit there, how can i install locale en_GB (not UTF8) from terminal?11:10
ActionParsniplmg: sounds ok11:10
bob1negge, how do I satrt w/o the splash screen?11:11
lmg|ns|nR8, ActionParsnip: ok, thanks. I was a little worried.11:11
unopmm2000, dpkg-reconfigure -plow locales #probably11:11
RichiHlmg: anything above 30 degrees celsius is bad, but in reality, 40-ish is an OK value11:11
|ns|nR8lmg, ive had drives taht would burn your hand if you left it there11:11
clarencehow to speed up the Ubuntu 8.04 of the boot speed?11:11
lmgbob1: remove "quiet" and/or "splash" from the boot-line in menu.lst11:11
neggebob1: when you get to the GRUB screen, press E to edit the boot line, then remove the "quiet splash" part at the end11:12
lmg|ns|nR8: yeah, they _are_ hot.11:12
bob1Thanks Everyone11:12
ActionParsnipclarence: fewer startup services, more ram, faster hard drives11:12
vampurcan any one help i am unable to see and mount my pendrive11:12
ActionParsnipvampur: sudo fdisk -l show it?11:12
vampurwether in the wins os and linux11:12
neggevampur: did you install gparted?11:12
vampureven not showing in gparted11:12
neggevampur: tried another USB port?11:12
ActionParsnipvampur: what /dev is it and what file system?11:13
lmgvampur: did you set the right device in gparted? (to right pulldown iirc)11:13
lmgtop right11:13
vampurdear i am saying my pendrive is fat32 format and yestd i installed slux in it11:13
ActionParsnipvampur: what /dev is it in the fdisk output?11:13
lmgwhat's slux? a mix of slax + ubuntu?11:14
Greyspacebt3Is there a install that will show you your temperatures11:14
lmgGreyspacebt3: lmsensors11:14
ActionParsniplmg: if you run sudo fdisk -l you will get an output. Which /dev is the pendrive (e.g. /dev/sdb)11:14
lmg+ the applet + the driver for your mobos chip11:14
|ns|nR8does that report temps on sata drives lmg or just IDE11:14
Greyspacebt3lmg... hate to be a leach... but that was too easy11:15
clarencebut I found drag start-up rate for drivers is, how to solve11:15
vampurUnable to open /dev/eda11:15
ActionParsnip|ns|nR8: all hard drives are IDE, i think you mean PATA11:15
lmgActionParsnip: thanks for trying to help, but I don't have any troubles with my drives ;)11:15
ActionParsnipvampur: ok cool11:15
vampurit's unable to read the drive11:15
vampurcan i just format and make it fresh11:15
ActionParsniplmg: sorry wrong nick11:15
lmgActionParsnip: no prob, I figured.11:16
lmgGreyspacebt3: what motherboard?11:16
ActionParsnipvampur: ok sudo mkdir /mnt/stick; sudo mount /dev/eda /mnt/stick vfat11:16
ActionParsnipvampur: does all that work?11:16
Greyspacebt3EVGA 132-CK-NF78-!A 3-Way SLI S-775 nVidia nForce 780i11:16
Greyspacebt3This Motherboard is the best that I have ever had11:17
subtwodoes anyone know of a good online backup service that works with ubuntu, I've been looking at rsync.net and bqbackup - any other suggestions?11:17
Greyspacebt3it is pricey 245.00 but its built for today and for next month11:17
lmgGreyspacebt3: do you have a binary (script) called "sensors-detect" in your path (prolly after installing "lmsensors") ?11:17
vampurwith stick vfat ntn happen11:18
lmgsubtwo: g-drive for small files.11:18
vampurand with only stick one it did nothing11:18
ActionParsnipvampur: cd /mnt11:18
ActionParsnipcd stick11:18
Greyspacebt3I am still searching for lmsensors11:18
subtwoImg: thanks, but I'm looking at somewhere between 50GB and 100GB11:18
vampurnow what11:18
lmgGreyspacebt3: since this is not too ubuntu-specific, you can PM me if you want to.11:19
ActionParsnipvampur: do you see files?11:19
ActionParsnipvampur: ok11:19
Greyspacebt3lmg.. thanks I will for UBuntu specific its called lm-sensors11:20
ActionParsnipcd ~/ sudo umount /mnt/stick11:20
* lmg grins evilly11:20
vampurnow den11:20
ActionParsnipvampur: cfdisk /dev/eda11:20
ActionParsnipvampur: with sudo11:20
ActionParsnipvampur: then delete any partitions and recreate11:21
clarencehow to speed up the driver loading in the booting?11:21
lmgvampur: and make _sure_ you're using the right device11:21
vampurit says cannot open disk11:22
lmgvampur: does `df` list your drive?11:22
vampurpardon me lmg dear11:23
lmgdf is a command11:23
ActionParsnipvampur: then sudo fsck /dev/eda11:23
lmgbut since ActionParsnip is takin' care of you - I'll try to shut up ;)11:23
vampurfsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:23
vampure2fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:23
vampurfsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/eda11:23
vampurhey i can only be honoured if i can just only format it and can read and access it11:25
ActionParsnipvampur: can you repartition it in windows?11:26
unopfsck won't run on a physical device11:26
lmgvampur: pull out your drive, tail -f /var/log/messages and plug it in again.11:26
unopfsck /dev/eda1  #perhaps11:26
lmgthis is what happens here if I plug in a FAT32 stick -> http://pastebin.com/d53134c6c11:26
MetaMorfoziSHi all, is there anybody who have Genius G-Pen 4500 ?11:26
ActionParsnipvampur: try unops command11:26
vampurdear actionparsnip i trid a lot in win in all ways11:27
vampurbut couldn;t11:27
ActionParsnipvampur: did you right click my computer -> manage -> disk management ?11:28
encodehi guys. I'm trying to use pbuilder to build an updated package of clamav, but I can't even get it to build the source of the original package. It fails to find the dependancy libmilter-dev, even though it's installed11:28
encodeany ideas?11:28
ActionParsnipvampur: how big is this stick?11:28
vampurgaurav@Gaurav:~$ fsck /dev/eda1  #perhaps11:28
vampurfsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:28
vampure2fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:28
vampurfsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/eda111:28
FloodBot2vampur: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:28
vampurit's transcand 4 gb11:29
ActionParsnipvampur: run unops command without the #perhaps bit11:29
unopvampur, what is the device name?  eda ?11:29
vampurgaurav@Gaurav:~$ fsck /dev/eda111:29
vampurfsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:29
vampure2fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)11:29
vampurfsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/eda111:29
FloodBot2vampur: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:29
unopvampur, stop pasting in here11:29
AbracadabraCan anyone tell me how to list recursively with folder ?11:30
Abracadabrals -ltrR | grep icmpInSrcQuenchs | grep 2008-09-08 | more but I need it to list the folders11:30
unopAbracadabra, list what though?11:30
ActionParsnipvampur: just tell the last line, scrolling isnt cool11:30
unopAbracadabra, what are you trying to do?11:30
unopvampur, it /dev/eda  the device name of your harddrive?11:31
unopvampur,  eda doesn't sound right11:31
Abracadabraunop, I am trying to find all the files icmpInSrcQuenchs, recursively by a specific date and to find out which of those files are in which folder11:31
vampurdear unop how may i get the right name of the drive11:32
unopvampur,  sudo fdisk -l11:32
ActionParsnipvampur: id get testdisk installed. I think yuo can write a FAT to the device11:32
unopAbracadabra, you should use find instead.  something like.   find /path -iname '*icmpinsrcquenchs*' -type f -newer $SOME_DATE -exec dirname {} \;11:33
Abracadabraunop, so I start in /usr/folder (inside folder, there are over 200 subfolders, all named by numbers .... in each of those folders are the file icmpInSrcQuenchs). I need to list the ones that have been updating today, and in which folders they are in11:33
ActionParsnipvampur: yes, testdisk can write an mbr to the device which may or may not make it work11:34
ActionParsnipvampur: you can always uninstall it11:34
vampurdear action i installed testdisk now what to do11:35
ActionParsnipsudo testdisk11:35
unopAbracadabra,  find /usr/folder -iname '*icmpInSrcQuenchs*' -type f -mtime -1  #should list files modified in the last 24 hours11:36
vampurnow dere are option for creat log append file and no log11:37
unopAbracadabra, if you just want the directories these files belong in.  find /usr/folder -iname '*icmpInSrcQuenchs*' -type f -mtime -1 -exec dirname {} \; | sort | uniq11:37
ActionParsnipvampur: no need for a log11:37
brettt_can anyone help with cairo-dock?11:39
ActionParsnipvampur: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step11:39
vampuronly one media is being displyed11:39
valentinexHello i am new i want to install flashplayer11:39
Abracadabraunop, ty, and if I want to check files that have updated in the last 30 mins for eg ?11:39
Abracadabrainstead of the last day..11:39
lmgvalentinex: google "medibuntu repository" add it following the directions and install "flashplayer-nonfree"11:39
carreracan anyone tell me if there's a problem with using "sudo bash" instead "sudo -i", "sudo bash"?11:40
valentinexlmg: how to add directions11:40
unopAbracadabra,  hmm, see the  -newer option to find11:40
unopAbracadabra, also the -?time options11:40
valentinexlmg:  its in .tar.gz extension which i downloaded11:40
unopcarrera, sudo bash does not set the environment up in the same way  sudo -i does .. the former is not recommended11:41
unopcarrera, if i remember right,  sudo bash  is somewhat like  sudo -s11:41
unopthough not exactly11:41
carrerathanks unop, why isn't it recommended?11:41
carreraunop, so I shouldn't use it to run commands like "make install"?11:42
valentinexhow to handle a downloaded .tar.gz file?11:42
Abracadabraunop, ok, ty11:42
lmgvalentinex: that is for local install ~/.mozilla/firefox/plugins/11:42
mrglinuxare there any mail client program that it can separate each account in side bar (like outlook 2003) not each email from each account stand in a inbox ?11:43
unopcarrera, because the environment still has variables referencing your files, directories, etc .. and if any files are created (in your directories), only root will be able to open them -- which is almost never what you want.11:43
carreraunop, man page says:  The -s (shell) option runs the shell specified by the SHELL envi‐11:43
carrera           ronment variable if it is set or the shell as specified in11:43
carrera           passwd(5).11:43
unopcarrera,  sudo make install #should be enough11:43
valentinexlmg:  i am totally new . i should enter that in terminal? i dont know much about computer too11:43
carreraunop, so it seems like sudo -s is exactly like "sudo bash"11:43
carreraunop, thanks. I used to do "sudo -i" before I ran make install11:44
lmgvalentinex: extract libflashplayer...11:44
vampurthe media i mean the pendrive is not being displeyd in testdisk11:44
unopcarrera, it's safer to use sudo -i  unless you really really want otherwise11:44
lmgvalentinex: cut it. goto /home/valentinex/.mozilla/firefox/plugins/ and paste it there.11:44
unopcarrera, though it doesn't make sense to sudo -i just to run make install .. as you can just run make under sudo11:45
zachaWhat's "menu>quit..." called? I want to find out how to add more options to it (hibernate + sleep etc)11:46
carreraunop, so which is better, to just run "sudo make install" or to login to root interactively?11:46
unopcarrera, sudo make install11:46
lmgcarrera: sudo (without any switches) preserves your environment (display, path) which is needed by some programs.11:47
cabi #ubuntuusers11:47
valentinexlmg: home/valentine etc after that i am unable to find mozilla11:47
vampurnow wthat can i do just to format my pendrive as it's not able to read11:47
carreralmg, thanks. Isn't it best to use root's env for make install as in other Unix/Linux?11:48
lmgvalentinex: note: it's .mozilla11:48
xr600Anyone here got experience with getting Symbian phones to work with Ubuntu ?!11:48
lmgvalentinex: a hidden file with a .(dot) in front11:48
unopvampur,  what name does   fdisk -l   report about your device?11:48
valentinexlmg:  should i type that address in terminal?11:48
Slasher`xr600, my nokia 6300 just works when i plug it in, i use data storage mode11:48
lmgvalentinex: you can type in nautilus adress bar, or show hidden files (CTRL+H iirc)11:49
unopcarrera, not really, you just need to be root to run 'make install'11:49
unopcarrera, meaning, you need root's privileges11:49
valentinexlmg:  found it doing11:49
carreraunop, thaks11:49
xr600Slasher`Hm... How about Sync+uploading MP#'s to the bastad ?!11:50
xr600Slasher`Mine is a Samsung i45011:50
Slasher`xr600, MP's?11:50
lmgvalentinex: sorry, mistake. it's /home/valentine/.mozilla/plugins (strip the firefox/ parrt)11:50
darrenHi does any one know how to set up hotmail in evolution11:50
xr600Slasher`... Whoops, that would be MP3's :D11:50
valentinexlmg: after firefox there is not plugin folder11:50
darrenHi does any one know how to set up hotmail in evoloution11:51
valentinexlmg:  after mozilla there is also no plugin folder11:51
Slasher`xr600, when i plug my phone in it just gives me 3 options, nokia mode, something else and data storage, i pick data storage and can use it like a pen drive11:51
carrerawhat's in the medibuntu repository?11:51
xr600Slasher`My 'old' SE phone would show up in Rythmbox...11:51
lmgvalentinex: create one. put libflashplayer... in there.11:51
lmgvalentinex: restart firefox, flash away11:52
Slasher`xr600, hmm just looked about and can't see anything, so i can't help you there, sorry :(11:52
carreracan anyone tell me how I can add medibuntu repository?11:52
carreraI don't see it in the Software Sources list11:52
bastid_raZor!medibuntu | carrera11:53
ubottucarrera: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:53
ben34what is the program called which you can install a copy of xp emulated under ubuntu11:53
xr600Slasher`No prob... IRC is'nt my first cry for help either ;)11:53
bastid_raZorben34; vmware or virtualbox11:53
carrerathanks bastid_raZor11:53
ben34virtualbox was what i was thinking of11:53
carrerabastid_raZor, isn't VirtualBox better for running XP?11:54
valentinexlmg:  Thanks :D it worked11:54
bastid_raZorcarrera; i use VMWare and i've never used VirtualBox.. so i can't really say.11:54
darrenhi does any one know how to install hotmail in evolution11:54
unopdarren, hotmail does not support POP/SMTP/IMAP -- so my guess is you can't11:55
Badboy_Is it possible to write a recursive Macro(function like) in C11:55
carrerabastid_raZor, VMWare runs really slow on my laptop11:56
darrenunop: what does hotmail support11:56
carrerabastid_raZor, to the point that I gave up11:56
unopBadboy_, write a macro where exactly?11:56
bastid_raZordarren; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200408&page=211:56
valentinexHi there is a bird messenger. pidgin in buntu how to upgrade it to the new?11:56
unopdarren, as far as i can tell -- webmail only11:56
reaperanyone wanna help me with a wireless issue?11:56
Badboy_Actually I want to say that Can a macro call itself?11:57
carreraBadboy_, good questions but why would u want to do that when ANSI C recommends against macros11:57
darrenunop: ok thank you11:57
clarencehow to speed up the driver loading speed in the booting?11:57
Badboy_Oh no! actually this is only for experiment11:57
carreraBadboy_, then just experiment with it!11:58
dooglus!ask | reaper11:58
ubottureaper: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)11:58
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
clarenceWhat does that mean?11:58
Badboy_Actually I had to find an answer for my exam! I found a question to differentiate macro and function in C11:58
lmgthink I'll dump linux64. givin' me tooo much trouble11:58
lmgvalentinex: cool :)11:59
Badboy_Now I thought whether macro supports recursion or not11:59
michaesaurlmg: you should try from source.  Crux is a good banker.11:59
dooglusBadboy_: C preprocessor macros can't be recursive, but recursion can be achieved using C++'s template mechanism11:59
AlexCONRADwhat would you recommend as an client app that handles FTP, SFTP, etc ...11:59
lmgmichaesaur: come again. crux, banker?11:59
dooglusAlexCONRAD: GNU Emacs12:00
Badboy_thanx dooglus12:00
michaesaurlmg: i am the oracle.  you will follow directions because.  you are the one.12:00
* lmg nods in agreement12:00
AlexCONRADdooglus: I need a more GUI app :)12:00
d0c5i5I'm having a problem getting ubuntu to connect to our PIX, my pcf file works on windows, but when i try to import it into KVpnc, it keeps insisting that I enter a username/password (as opposed to group password)... Any suggestions?12:01
lmgI will do as you command, oracle, sir.12:01
dooglusAlexCONRAD: how about filezilla then?12:01
michaesauroh.  i'm in #ubuntu.  oops.12:02
AlexCONRADyeah, I was using this before under windows, but it's a win32 client ... I thought there might have more "linux" alternative12:02
dooglus!info filezilla | AlexCONRAD12:02
ubottualexconrad: filezilla (source: filezilla): Port of the famous Win32 graphical FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 926 kB, installed size 2468 kB12:02
=== molgrum_ is now known as molgrum
y3ki've got a question regarding syslinux and grub error 17, anyone wish to help me?12:04
y3kok nevermind, i need sleep. goodnight12:05
lmgcan one use gparted to edit the systems / partition?12:05
lmgguess not while it's mounted.12:05
lmgbut how would I do that then?12:05
y3knope, you have to use gparted live CD or some other source12:05
y3kor an ubuntu liveCD would work too (i think it does have gparted on it)12:06
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
lmgy3k: yeah, I figured.12:07
lmgwhat If I dropped to single user mode. unmounted / and ran gparted from said live-CD?12:07
d0c5i5lmg: you would have to switch root12:08
d0c5i5lmg: why not boot the live CD?12:08
y3ki still don't get why my gparted Live USB gives me grub error 1712:09
d0c5i5lmg: there are also gparted boot isos12:09
=== eddie is now known as Guest48233
goldmetalis there a terminal version of 'system monitor' with cpu / ram / network graph12:11
lmgd0c5i5: just thinking about it.12:12
dashavoogoldmetal, try htop12:13
dashavoono network thing, but cpu and ram things12:13
goldmetaldashavoo, kick ass!!!12:14
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:15
ElemonGWhas anyone managed to make this motherboard work (http://ee.giga-byte.com/products/mb/specs/ga-ep43-ds3l_10.html)? i am thinking of buying it but i have heard there are no drivers for it in linux...12:15
kooothor_dashavoo, never heard of conky ?12:15
dashavookooothor_, no12:15
kooothor_then google it12:16
kooothor_it's pretty nice12:16
ActionParsnipElemonGW: just checking now12:16
dashavoocool, I will have a look, ta12:16
kooothor_dashavoo, look at my conky : http://xs231.xs.to/xs231/08371/screenshot4587.png12:17
ActionParsnipElemonGW: looks supported enough, intel loves linux12:17
ActionParsnipElemonGW: the sound is supported too but can need a bit of work12:18
=== Dedi is now known as dedi_away
clarencewho can answer my question?12:19
ElemonGWActionParsnip: nice... a bit of work could be what? using a newer kernel than the one provided with ubuntu? will ubuntu 8.10 have more luck as it has a more recent ((& unstable) kernel?12:19
dashavookooothor_, that looks cool, but its an X11 app =(12:19
ActionParsnipclarence: what is the question12:19
jribclarence: best to just repeat instead of asking that12:19
cheekyany one up ?12:20
kooothor_dashavoo, yeah, you're not using x11 at all ?12:20
ActionParsnipElemonGW: theres a few packages you'll need, theres documentation about it everywhere, it may even work out of the box12:20
kooothor_dashavoo, so try htop12:20
cheekywhao for a moment thought this roomwas dead12:20
ActionParsnipcheeky: ive been up 5 hours now12:20
cheekyhey how can verify that ubuntu will run smooth with my hardware i have before i install in permenantly ?12:21
ActionParsnip!hcl | cheeky12:21
ubottucheeky: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see h