favroouass: hi00:09
anom01yhow do I undo this command: wget http://dl.ivtvdriver.org/ubuntu/80DF6D58.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:05
Odd-rationaleanom01y: well, one easy way would be to open Applications --> System --> Sofware Sources and go to the software keys tab... ( I think it is the third tab) and delete the key...01:09
j00baccacan you embed a terminal session into the background?01:23
j00baccayes you can see http://wayofthegeek.org/2008/06/sooo-pretty/01:26
nblbackupPCor Bacula? any imput on what is better?02:10
nblany input*02:12
xindoso anyone in here have an apple slim keyboard on a pc running xubuntu hardy/02:25
xindothere are a few bug reports about it, but can't get it worked out under xfce02:25
RakeerIs there an "OpenGL" wrapper for Xu?04:25
* cody-somerville is off to bed.04:27
cody-somerville\o)   \o/  (o/04:28
Rakeerallright then.04:28
Rakeermaybe I should have asked "is there a way to route opengl calls through CPU"04:29
Rakeer(in apps that are specifically opengl)04:29
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j00baccawhat is the name of the login screen for xubuntu/xfce?08:53
j00baccaand where to get themes08:53
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NillerzHey, are there any MD5 checksums for the iso for xubuntu?09:08
Nillerzhello? Anyone?09:08
R1cocheti believe there is09:08
R1cochetbut i just installed xubuntu an hr ago09:09
Nillerzcan you link me? They aren't in the download repositories, unless I am stupid09:09
Nillerzalso, how is xubuntu?09:11
Nillerzis it like, working?09:11
R1cochetyea it works09:12
R1cocheti removed kubuntu for xubuntu09:12
R1cochetkubuntu gave me some probs09:12
NillerzI'm coming from Fluxbuntu09:12
NillerzThere's minamalism for you, I loved it09:12
R1cochetwhich desktop environment does it run on?09:13
NillerzIts the fastest linux I've tried but sure does have issues with not doing what I tell it to09:14
NillerzI want it to run at 2048x1536 and it never would... but that's X windows for you09:15
Nillerzthere were also issues of it not putting applications on the list of applications after an install09:16
R1cochetdid u update drivers?09:16
Nillerznah, it never updates either09:16
Nillerzit was running 7.1009:16
NillerzAlso, found the MD5 checksums09:17
NillerzI was going to install gentoo thinking it would be a fun all-day project then it said "This could take several days or weeks to install" and I was like "heh..."09:17
R1cochetyea me too09:18
R1cochetbut im not very familiar w/ nix09:18
NillerzKubuntu sounds fun though09:18
R1cochetbut i dont think it will take that long09:18
NillerzMe neither, just a few distro tests here and there,09:18
Nillerzwhich is why I wanted to install Gentoo, I wanted to get the guts and figure it all out bah mahself but jesus...09:18
NillerzThere is no graphical installer (worht mentioning) so you gotta manually place files via terminal09:19
Nillerznow, I'll be right back, I need to partition something over  >>> there09:20
R1cochethow do i add other partitions and drives to file manager?09:20
Nillerzdunno. I'mjust making room for the OS09:21
NillerzI'm using Cute Partition Manager09:21
R1cochetlol not u09:21
R1cochetsome1 else in here09:21
R1cochetthe installer will do that for u09:22
Nillerzreally? Okay, cool.09:22
R1cochetim on dual boot09:22
NillerzBut I already burnt the partition manager. :\09:22
NillerzI'm really getting this because I miss being an elitist Linux head09:23
R1cochetwhy didnt u use a virtual drive09:23
Nillerz"Oh, I  use **LINUX**, so I don't have to worry about hackers on steroids."09:23
Nillerznah, full install plz09:23
R1cochetyea a virtual drive will let u mount the disk w/out burning then u can run from there09:24
R1cochetas long as its an image file09:24
Nillerzwait, you can install linux with a drive emulator?09:27
Nillerzbut that requires an OS to run don't it?09:28
Nillerzlinks plz09:28
R1cochetohh i thought u were talkin bout the app for partitioning09:30
Nillerzyou can run a partition manager through windows?09:30
Nillerzyou're blowing my mind here, continue09:30
R1cochetpartition magic is for windows i believe09:30
NillerzI'm going to see this, if it's true then GOSH DARN09:31
R1cochetu can partition in windows yes09:31
Nillerzit costs monies.09:31
R1cochetnot if u torrent09:31
Nillerzlike, 70 bucks09:31
R1cochetor find one in irc09:31
Nillerzcan it resize partitions? That'd be cool09:32
R1cochetyes i think so09:32
R1cochetbut again the ubuntu installer will do that for u!09:32
R1cochetjust run the installer and ull se09:32
NillerzIt will resize a partition?09:32
R1cochetrun the installer09:33
NillerzI'll do that09:33
NillerzThat's some fucked up shit, pardon my french09:33
R1cochetno fucking problem09:33
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:33
NillerzI saw that coming09:34
R1cochetso sorry09:34
Nillerzokay so I'm gonna make sure I don't break shit then I'll burn this shit09:34
NillerzSORRY! My bad, that was an accident09:34
Nillerzbut anyway, I gotta check some things then I'm gonna run the live CD09:34
R1cochetwhat u gonna burn?09:34
Nillerzthe iso09:34
R1cochetyea try it out09:35
Nillerzbut first, checksums09:35
MyrttiI'm going to pretend I didn't see that this time, but this time only09:35
R1cochetis there a way to ad my other drives and partitions to thunar file manager?09:35
Nillerzthank you. I love you forever09:35
Nillerzhashes match, yey09:38
Nillerzso yeah, xubuntu, it's like, easier topronounce than Fluxbuntu09:39
R1cochetbut not easier than kubuntu09:39
NillerzIs it ZOO BOON TOO or is it ZOO BUN TOO09:40
R1cochetubuntu with a zoo i think09:40
R1cochetbeen wondering myself09:40
NillerzI'm concerned about the _bun_ part09:40
Nillerzlong u or short u09:40
R1cocheti say boon09:40
NillerzI've always said bun09:41
Nillerzis it possible to backwards construct a file out of an MD5 hash?09:43
R1cocheti dunno09:43
NillerzThat'd be interesting... probably take several days at the least though09:44
R1cochetonly used md5 about 3x09:44
Nillerzare you in this chat from xubujntu? If so what browser are you using, or IRC client?09:45
R1cochetright now im on pidgin but it sux09:46
R1cochetim dling wine so i can run mirc09:46
R1cochetand utorrent09:46
R1cochetim gonna remove pidgin asap09:46
NillerzEver use Opera?09:46
NillerzHas built-in bittorrent client and chat client for IRC09:47
R1cochetabout 2 yrs ago but that was on winblows09:47
NillerzThe bittorrent client leaves something to be desired but the irc client is swell09:47
Nillerzalso, its gotten insanely good since 2 years ago09:47
R1cocheti think mozilla has built in irc client09:47
R1cochetor at least addon09:47
Nillerzchatzilla yeah but it sucks09:47
R1cochetok i dunno09:47
R1cocheti only like mirc09:47
NillerzFirefox is horrible because it's making open source applications look bad09:47
Nillerzhow are you running uTorrent without wine?09:48
R1cochetim not w/out wine09:48
Nillerzoh okay09:48
R1cochetthats y im dling wine09:48
R1cochetmy connection is slow atm so its gonna take some time to dl09:49
R1cochet30min more :(09:49
TheSheepwans't there a linux version of mirc?09:49
NillerzI'm using Roadrunner cable it is awesome09:49
NillerzI don't think there is...09:49
R1cocheti used to have rr09:50
R1cocheti liked it09:50
R1cochetbut where im at now i cant get09:50
NillerzI remember because it's hard enough to find a decent windows IRC client, linux is usually much harder09:50
NillerzAh, that's horrible, I know how it is09:50
NillerzWe have it now since they built windmills around us and needed internet up there09:50
NillerzWe were on dialup for YEARS09:50
R1cochetim stuck with either verizon (no FIOS) or charter09:50
TheSheepNillerz: irssi is very decent09:50
R1cochetima go w/ charter 10m down09:50
R1cochetive written some scripts for mirc so i dont want to lose them09:51
Myrttixchat is quite good if you want a gui09:51
Nillerzgui's are for pussies.09:52
Myrttias long as you remember not to mix it up with xchat-gnome which is bad09:52
NillerzFluxbox could run Gnome and KDE apps. It was neato09:53
MyrttiNillerz: OH, really? Well then I have to change from irssi back to xchat, NEH?09:53
TheSheepNillerz: you can run gnome and kde apps in any window manager09:54
Nillerzis it justme or does this window manager look EXACTLY like gnome?09:57
TheSheepit uses the same window toolkit and themes, so you might get this impression09:59
Nillerzbut you say it is faster, right?09:59
R1cochetis there a way to get file manager to see my other drives and partitions?09:59
Nillerzalso, Gnome is just u g l y09:59
TheSheepNillerz: question of taste, if you don't like it then use fluxbox10:00
TheSheepR1cochet: it should see them without doing anything special10:00
R1cochetwell for some reason thunar doesnt show them10:01
TheSheepR1cochet: what kind of partitions are those?10:01
Nillerzso the partition manager can re-size pa0rtitions right?10:01
TheSheepNillerz: yes, with some luck10:01
TheSheepNillerz: make a backup10:01
TheSheep!ntfs | R1cochet10:02
ubottuR1cochet: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE10:02
NillerzI don't have a hard drive to back up to...10:02
Nillerzoh well.;10:03
R1cocheti had no problems with resize nillerz10:03
R1cochetbut when i restarted winblows it checked hardware for changes cuz of resize but all was fine10:03
Nillerzokay, I'll only give it about 5 gigs or so.10:05
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/10:05
TheSheepthen again, it has gotten stablier in the recent versions10:06
jarnosDo you have to use Alternate install CD to be able to install grub to boot sector of a partition?12:28
returnCodehallo fols12:51
returnCodehallo folks12:51
returnCode I need to install a vnc server on my laptop running xubuntu12:51
returnCodecan anyone suggest one?12:52
returnCodewhere I can find docs et similar?12:52
favroI use vnc4server12:52
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX12:52
returnCoderunning on composite desktop12:53
returnCodeis 's run on composite desktop?12:53
favroit'll run if you have compositing12:54
returnCodeI use vino server, but seems not work when I try to connect by a win pc12:55
returnCode I use vino server, but seems not work when I try to connect from a win pc, pardon12:56
ablomenreturnCode, are you trying to log in from windows with a vnc client or remote desktop?12:56
returnCodeMy xubuntu laptop running vino-server12:57
returnCodeI try to connect using thight-vnc client on win pc12:58
returnCode@ablomen: some hints12:59
ablomennah sorry no idea why it wont work13:08
returnCodethanks anyway13:12
returnCodethanks anyway13:13
codycome si cambia la risoluzione della schermata di login in xubuntu hardy????14:57
codyhow to change login screen resolution in xubuntu hardy????'14:57
codydisplay,xml contains:14:59
cody<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>14:59
cody<!DOCTYPE mcs-option SYSTEM "mcs-option.dtd">14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/bgamma" type="int" value="100"/>14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/ggamma" type="int" value="100"/>14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/rate" type="int" value="60"/>14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/rgamma" type="int" value="100"/>14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/size" type="int" value="5"/>14:59
cody<option name="XDisplay/syncGamma" type="int" value="1"/>14:59
TheSheep!pastebin | cody15:01
ubottucody: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)15:01
codyhow to change login screen resolution in xubuntu hardy????'15:59
jarnoscody: do you have an edited xorg.conf?16:14
codywhat can i modify in display.xml?16:15
jarnoscody: whrere is that?16:16
jarnoscody: I don't have such file in respective location.16:19
codyin xubuntu ?16:19
jarnoscody: yes16:20
codyhow to change login screen resolution in xubuntu hardy????'16:21
thread_auhow can I start a concurrent session from xfce?16:23
thread_austartx -- :1 opens a new session, but doesn't let me see the login window16:24
thread_aujust auto logs me in as whatever user ran the startx command16:24
jarnosTheSheep: Applications > Quit > Switch user16:25
thread_authere is no "switch" user in my quit box16:25
thread_aujust log out, restart, shut down16:26
codywhy so hard to change resolution in login screen?16:30
steven__hello all17:45
Odd-rationale!hi | steven__17:47
ubottusteven__: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!17:47
steven__i've been on once or twice before... LOL17:48
definitelyHello, how to run thunrar as root18:30
definitely ?18:30
Odd-rationaledefinitely: gksudo thunar18:36
Odd-rationaleBut please BE CAREFUL!18:36
definitelyok second quesstion, what about editing startup list ?18:37
Odd-rationalestartup list?18:38
definitelyyeah StartUp programs18:38
Odd-rationaledefinitely: Applications --> Settings --> Autostarted Applications ?18:38
definitelyaaaa ok18:39
definitelymy mistake18:39
definitelydidint saw it18:39
definitelyHow to edit Applications menu lisat19:01
definitelyis it possible ?19:12
steven__any ideas?19:34
bringatowelhey is there some where to download more panel items?19:47
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bytor4232Is there a way to set up network manager before I get to a wireless site?21:50
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:55
favrohttp://img204.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dategr1.jpg - how do I fix a display that looks like that? hehe22:21
bytor4232favro: I have wireless networking set up already on the laptop.  What I'm trying to do is pre-configure the Network Manager so I don't have to configure it on site.22:24
favrobytor4232: I don't use wireless myself but isn't there a profile you can set for diff connections?22:28
bytor4232No, the network manager finds the access point, then asks you for the key.22:29
^paradox^hello everyone23:21
Odd-rationalehi, ^paradox^23:22
^paradox^ive been using ubuntu linux for about six months now. im still very new to linux23:22
^paradox^i have ubuntu with installed on my machine. i recently installed xubuntu-desktop and have been running into problems with it23:23
^paradox^the problems seem to be totem related23:25
Odd-rationalek like what?23:25
^paradox^when i play a song of any format i get no sound. when i play a video i get only video, no sound. when i insert a cd totem comes up to open it and i get error location not found23:26
^paradox^these things dont happen in ubuntu with gnome23:26
^paradox^whenever i just left click in the file browser or a folder totem is what opens up the media by default23:27
^paradox^i have vlc media player and mplayer which i access with a right click and they play videos and songs just fine23:28
^paradox^under xubuntu23:28
Odd-rationalethat sounds like a strange problem... :|23:29
^paradox^ive been told that xubuntu can run any app that gnome can, but that doesnt seem true at this point23:30
Odd-rationalewell it should... that's the point...23:30
^paradox^but like i said im a nix noob so im afraid i dont really understand exactly whats going on23:31
Odd-rationale^paradox^: is it 8.04?23:31
^paradox^i have 8.04 of ubuntu. i installed xubuntu thru synaptic and reloaded synaptic first. i assume i got the latest version of xubuntu desktop23:32
Odd-rationaleyes you would have23:33
Odd-rationalemy guess is that it is pulseaudio/gstreamer related...23:33
^paradox^ive been told that23:34
Odd-rationalehold on. i'll be right back and see what i can do...23:34
^paradox^okie dokie23:34
Odd-rationale^paradox^: ok. well let's try to replace totem-gstreamer with totem-xine. Same interface, but just different backends. open synaptics and search for totem. mark totem-gstreamer for removal and mark totem-xine for install. then select apply.23:37
Odd-rationalexine handles dvd better than gstreamer anyways... esp. encrypted ones with the libdvdcss2 package from medibuntu repo23:38
nubuntuanyone got a minute to help me troubleshoot this sound problem (no sound) on a new hardy install?  heres a paste of terminal output: http://pastebin.com/m7a44351a23:39
^paradox^Odd-rationale: did that23:41
Odd-rationale^paradox^: have sound in totem now?23:42
^paradox^let me test23:42
^paradox^with a video yes. let me test a song too23:43
^paradox^alright have sound with songs too23:44
Odd-rationalecool. i guess it is gstreamer related...23:44
Odd-rationalehow about rhythmbox. do you have sound in that?23:44
Odd-rationale^paradox^: ?23:44
^paradox^ill check23:45
^paradox^with rythmbox it keeps flashing back and forth between the two songs i have in that folder23:47
^paradox^when right click to play with vlc vlc works23:48
Odd-rationale^paradox^: must be a problem with gstreamer and maybe with it's pulseaudio integration...23:49
^paradox^if were to reinstall gstreamer would it remove xine?23:50
Odd-rationale^paradox^: well, i don't think you can have totem-gstreamer and totem-xine installed at the same time...23:51
Odd-rationalebut you can have the gstreamer engine...23:51
^paradox^how does that work?23:51
^paradox^and what name would i be looking for in synaptic?23:53
Odd-rationale^paradox^: for what?23:54
^paradox^this gstreamer engine23:54
Odd-rationaleyou have it installed...23:54
^paradox^oh lol ok23:54
^paradox^any idea whats up with the CDs, why i get this error location not found?23:55
Odd-rationale^paradox^: is it when you select cd from the totem menu?23:57
^paradox^its when i insert a cd. after its in the drive totem comes up and then i get error loaction not found23:58
Odd-rationale^paradox^: hmm. try using sound juicer to autoplay cd instead...23:59

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