pooliespiv, hello00:01
pooliespiv, lifeless, igc, jam, call in a sec00:01
jelmer'morning spiv, poolie00:05
jelmerhow should I figure out what the parent revisions of an existing file text revision are?00:05
jelmerCommitBuilder.record_entry_contents() doesn't take any text_parents arguments00:06
jelmerlifeless: ^00:14
jmlabentley: how come I have to do 'bzr up' rather than 'bzr co' in the branches that export-loom makes?00:21
lifelessjelmer: it assigns the value itself00:22
jelmerlifeless: what if the text wasn't changed but inherited00:23
lifelessit may or may not assign a new one based on the per file graph00:23
pooliehello jelmer, lifeless00:23
pooliespiv, oh well that was probably a good place to wrap up00:24
lifelesswhat's the goal here, reimplementing this, or using it ?00:24
* jml waves00:24
pooliegood luck00:24
spivpoolie: :)00:24
jelmerlifeless: but there's no way for CommitBuilder to figure out what the parents of a text are when recording an existing text00:24
lifelessjelmer: it has the parent trees as state00:24
lifelessjelmer: read the code :P00:24
jelmerlifeless, The parents of the text I mean00:24
jelmerlifeless: If you commit a merge for example and the merged revision is a ghost00:24
jelmerlifeless, and one of the texts wasn't changed00:25
lifelessthen it cannot calculate it correctly because the ghost data is absent00:25
jelmerlifeless, is there no way to determine what the parents of the text are?00:25
lifelessso it calculates it based on the available data00:25
lifelessjelmer: you keep repeating this, but I'm really not understanding if you are asking a question, making an assertion, or seeking help solving a problem00:25
jelmerall three00:25
lifelessthe statment doesn't make sense to me00:25
lifelessperhaps you could unpack whats going on so I'm not guessing at quite so much at once00:26
jelmerSo, let me start by explaining the issue I'm trying to solve00:26
jelmerbzr-svn needs to make sure that the parents recorded for a text revision are correct00:27
jelmergenerally, it will induce the parents for a specific text from the information in svn00:27
jelmerif that doesn't help, it'll look a specific svn property00:28
jelmerlifeless, Never mind, I just answered my own question00:34
lifelessjelmer: so commit builder has enough state to look in each inventory that is available to determine the files presence, and last-changed, in that inventory00:34
lifelessjelmer: doing a commit with ghosts should never happen except for an importer from tla00:35
lifelessghosting is something that happens deliberately, after revisions are created, not adhoc00:35
jelmerlifeless: The thing is, bzr-svn uses the commit code also when pushing00:35
lifelessjelmer: when pushing, there should be no ghosts though00:35
jelmerlifeless: There can be - when pushing into svn you're not necessarily pushing merged revisions as well00:35
lifelessalso, there is a hole in our ghost support infrastructure; a last-changed value in an inventory which is the value of a ghost will cause checkout/export to fail00:36
jelmeryes, several people have hit that using bzr-svn00:36
lifelessback shortly, food calls00:37
lifelessspiv: please let me know if my branch hook patch was sufficient unto the tests00:37
spivlifeless: I'll take a look now00:38
jelmerlifeless: thanks for playing soundboard (hope that's a correct translation)00:38
lifelessjelmer: sounding board is probably more common, but soundboard is totally understandable :P00:41
spivlifeless: looks ok to me.  I can't think of any other worthwhile unit tests to add.00:42
lifelessspiv: well, its approved once trunk unfreezes00:43
lifelessspiv: I was more meaning 'does it do what you need'00:43
spivlifeless: Oh I see.  Yes, I think so.00:49
lifelessright, its now yours, enjoy.01:02
* LaserJock crosses his fingers01:03
LaserJocklifeless: james_w set me up with a little hacky script to import both debian and ubuntu source packages01:03
LaserJockI got one to work fine01:04
LaserJockbut 2 have died01:04
mwhudsonah, hi LaserJock01:04
LaserJockhi mwhudson01:05
mwhudsonLaserJock: i didn't do anything about the matplotlib vs python2.4-matplotlib thing01:05
mwhudsonLaserJock: i just confused about what the right thing would be01:05
lifelessLaserJock: oh, shame.01:05
mwhudsonoh, wrong channel01:06
mwhudsonexcept you're not in #launchpad :)01:06
LaserJockmwhudson: I'll join #launchpad01:06
LaserJocklifeless: well, it would be fun if it just worked without any problems01:09
LaserJocklifeless: but it looks like I might be able to help debug bzr-builddeb01:09
LaserJockso that's good anyway :-)01:09
lifelessLaserJock: cool01:13
* markh cheers lifeless on his review-athon :)01:14
jelmer95 % of the memory usage of bzr-svn appears to be in reading ~/.subversion/config01:17
RAOFjelmer: That's with respect to the crazy "eat 1GB of ram on multi-pull" bug?01:19
jelmerRAOF: Yep01:19
spivjelmer: whee!01:20
* RAOF wonders how one can blow 1gb resident on reading a config file :)01:20
jelmerit's parsing ~/.subversion/ for reading every file multi-pull tries to open01:20
jelmerand multi-pull tries to open a lot of files01:20
RAOFAaah.  And no GC gets done?01:20
jelmerRAOF, Nope01:24
jelmerRAOF, Ok, that fixes it..01:25
markhlifeless: in the abspath mail you said to add a test that "sets sys.platform to something windows" - can you please elaborate?01:26
markhdid you mean *checks*?01:26
LaserJockanybody got an idea of what http://paste.ubuntu.com/44717/ means?01:27
LaserJockit looks like it's trying to make a path with non-ASCII characters01:27
markhLaserJock: or possibly even any parent being non-ascii01:28
LaserJockis that anywhere in the bzr branch?01:29
LaserJockor does that just apply to the root directory of the branch01:29
lifelessmarkh: no, I mean sets01:30
lifelessmarkh: you have conditional code based on the platform right?01:30
markhso set sys.platform for the benefit of other platforms to be able to test it?01:31
poolieyay bubba :)01:31
lifelessmarkh: set sys.platform so that other platforms test that case, yes.01:31
markhheh - I'd figured that might be a dangerous thing to do, but OK...01:31
lifelessmarkh: look for sys.platform in the osutils tests01:32
markhwill do, thx01:32
lifelessprobably can be cleaner than that is, but its an example01:32
* markh goes to wait in line for an hour at the chinese embassy...01:33
lifelessmarkh: off to china?01:34
markhyeah - brother getting married there next month!01:34
markhI was actually visiting him there earlier this year - quite amazing - but you really need someone who speaks the language close by :)01:35
markh(which he does)01:35
jmlmarkh: does he *read* the language?01:43
=== Spaz is now known as Kittens
lifelessmarkh: when you get back, I have a branch I'd appreciate your testing02:48
Verteroka7p: still around?02:51
a7pbut I won't last more than another 30 minutes02:55
VerterokI'll make it short enough :)02:56
Verteroka7p: I can't reproduce the crash, also I don't see any related error in the log02:56
Verteroka7p: could you check ~/Library/logs/Java?02:56
* a7p starts up a terminal02:56
Verterokif the jvm crashed, there should be a log there02:57
a7pjep, got a couple of eclipse-crashfiles here02:58
a7pshould I attach one to the bug?02:59
Verteroka7p: please :)02:59
a7pVerterok: done03:01
Verterokthanks! I'll keep digging03:02
* a7p keeps supplying useless treasuremaps03:04
Verteroka7p: not so useless :)03:11
Verteroka7p: it seems like a bug was fixed in Eclipse 3.303:12
a7pwould be pritty bad, if they only introduced new ones... *g*03:13
Verteroka7p: http://lists.apple.com/archives/Java-dev/2007/Nov/msg00014.html03:13
Verteroka7p: sorry, "it seems that a similar bug was fixed in 3.3"03:15
a7plooks, pretty much like my problem.03:16
Verteroka7p: the widget used in the commit dialog will be replaced, pretty soon. it's a work in progress03:20
a7pwounderful, nice to hear03:21
a7pif i understood correctly, this is a osx 10.5 issue - other platforms won't suffer from it.03:21
VerterokI'll try to rollout a new build as soon as possible03:22
* a7p looks happily forward to it - Thanks Verterok, that's Bugreporting the way I like it.03:27
a7pand now I'm going to put my tired head to rest03:27
Peng_I should just try this myself, but what does Bazaar do if, when using HTTP, a /.bzr/ directory redirects somewhere else?04:14
* Peng_ tries it himself.04:14
lifelessspiv: http://marc.info/?l=linux-netdev&m=122091500114869&w=204:19
lifelessspiv: details on why coalescing the bytes written to the socket helped04:21
Peng_Oh, good, it works.04:23
spivlifeless: that's a nice clear description of things04:24
spivlifeless: It's a pity I learned that stuff the hard way rather than by reading about it :)04:25
lakinIs there a pdf version of the html guide?04:25
lifelessPeng_: you can redirect a branch, redirecting a repository is likely to die horribly04:27
markhjml: apparently well enough to read signs and stumble through things, but not well enough to comfortably read a newspaper for example04:28
markhlifeless: how can I help?04:28
lifelessmarkh: test my patch04:28
markhwhich one? :)04:28
lifelessthe one I cc'd to you04:28
lifelessthat prominently asks for help :P04:28
markhoh :)04:28
jmlmarkh: when I visited, I found the inability to read the language much more frustrating than being unable to speak it.04:29
markhjml: I doubt we would have survived ordering in some of the places we ate at, for example.  We would have ended up having a much more "westerners" experience I think04:30
markhI remember once thinking "surely I can order a coffee" - and failed misterably :)04:31
markhthe "coffee" part was understood, but trying to explain I wanted it to take away was a sticking point :)04:32
lifelessjust get it, then walk out the door04:32
markhyeah, and just keep walking :)04:33
lifelesswell no, stop and let them change it around now they get the message :P04:33
Peng_lifeless: Well, I'm redirecting both the branch and repo (from /foo/... to /bar/...). Hopefully it'll be okay.04:37
Peng_lifeless: BTW, this is very trivial, but I think bzr-search's cmd_index wastes a transport. It opens one, and then passes the URL to index_url, which opens it again.04:39
lifelessPeng_: patches appreciated :P04:39
Peng_lifeless: Heh. But what should I change it to do? Make index_url accept a transport? Rename index_url to index_transport or something?04:41
=== ajaksu is now known as ajaksu_away
lifelessPeng_: I think there is a transport taking helper already04:46
lifelessPeng_: if there isn't, split the current one in two, and call the helper04:47
markhlifeless: is there a subset of the tests I can specify?  Otherwise things get lost in the noise...04:54
lifeless./bzr selftest --no-plugins osutils win32 walkdirs04:54
markh  File "O:\src\bazaar\bzr\bzr.lifeless\bzrlib\tests\branch_implementations\test_parent.py", line 95, in test_win32_set_parent_on_another_drive04:55
markh    base_url = b.abspath('.')04:55
markhAttributeError: 'BzrBranch6' object has no attribute 'abspath'04:55
markhx7 times04:56
lifelesswell thats unrelated :P04:56
uniscriptanyone know a way of using bzr on an svn project, but with local storage but not the whole history?04:59
markhlifeless: they are the only errors04:59
Peng_Hmm, I think it winds up opening the branch twice too.05:00
lifelessmarkh: cool05:01
lifelessmarkh: care to review it ? :)05:01
markhhaving a quick look now05:01
lifelessuniscript: branch --stacked05:01
uniscriptbut the docs say that that's just a light checkout or am I reading it wrong?05:02
uniscripti.e. can I branch, ci merge etc. with such a branch locally with no access to the svn repo?05:02
uniscriptand then just push / merge upstream later?05:03
markhhrmph - I'm not testing much as I haven't run a build05:05
markhthings are a little uglier when I do :(05:06
markhlifeless: http://pastebin.com/m27ccab4c05:08
lifelessmarkh: could you fix?05:10
lifelessmarkh: the intent should be pretty obvious05:10
markhnot today :(05:10
lifelessNo windows dev environment here at the moment, so I can't05:11
lifelessuniscript: no, no-access requires full history copied, today.05:11
uniscriptOK thanks, at least I know not to go chasing after the wind :)05:11
lifelessuniscript: partial-local-storage is what you asked for :P, sorry that its not enough05:12
uniscriptyou say "today" is  it in the pipeline?05:12
lifelesslong term plans, nothing to hold breath over :)05:12
uniscriptI can imagine that people would like to join an svn repo from some revision onwards05:13
uniscriptOr I suppose it can be part of the ability to consolidate bzr repos05:13
uniscriptdoes that exist?05:13
lifelessI'm not sure what you mean05:13
uniscriptclear out irrelevant history?05:13
uniscriptsay I have 1000 revisions in my repo05:14
uniscriptand I don't want all that history kept, can I say merge 200-300 as one revision and dump all that history?05:14
Peng_Wait, it's just a one-line change to fix this.05:15
Peng_Well, that's to stop it from wasting one transport. There are others too.05:16
Peng_lifeless: Do you mind if I pass "foo/" to index_url instead of an URL like "file:///path/to/foo/" or whatever?05:21
lifelessPeng_: for testing?05:29
lifelessbug 24827505:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248275 in bzr "Crash when pulling with --no-plugins" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24827505:41
lifelesspoolie: ^ is that a bubba alias?05:41
mwhudsoni think it's probably a different mentally ill person05:42
Peng_lifeless: No, because it's the least-invasive way to get rid of that wasted transport (it's just used like get_transport(url).base)05:44
lifelessPeng_: oh. well foo/ isn't a url, its a url fragment or possibly a unicode path05:45
lifelessI'd rather not pass paths to url functions, bad things tend to eventually happen05:45
vilagood morning bazaar !07:01
lifelessman I hate libc maintainers sometimes07:18
lifelessst_mtime is a         def __get__(self):07:19
lifeless            return self._mtime07:19
lifelessbad paste sorry07:19
lifelessst_mtime is a defined macro from bits/stat.h now :(07:19
lifeless10% shaving by using a compiled stat object07:27
=== mark1 is now known as markh
jonnydeehi, I08:21
jonnydee've got a question:  I've got a checkout and did a "bzr ci --local" yesterday. Today I did a "bzr up" and now my local commit from yesterday shows up as a pending merge. Is there any way to get to the previous state where my local commit just will be committed with the next "bzr ci"? without in fact doing a merge?08:21
jonnydee(for the case my last sentence got cut):  Is there any way to get to the previous state where my local commit just will be committed with the next "bzr ci"? without in fact doing a merge?08:22
jonnydeeand what effects does a "bzr update" have on the local repository if it contains local commits?08:23
Peng_jonnydee: (Your last sentence didn't get cut. IRC's line length limit is closer to 500 chars, and many/most IRC clients handle it sensibly.)08:26
Peng_jonnydee: Sorry, but I don't have experience with checkouts, so I can't really answer your question.08:28
jonnydeePeng_: ok thanks for your feedback08:28
bob2it's a lightweight checkout?08:29
jonnydeeno, a normal checkout08:29
jonnydeedoes it make any difference?08:29
jonnydee(in my case)08:29
Peng_jonnydee: My wild guess would be that you can't avoid a merge, because it would require rebasing, and bzr isn't big on that.08:31
Peng_But I don't know the mechanics of local commits in checkouts, so that may be wrong.08:31
jonnydeeprobably you are right... So I'll do a merge... Thanks a lot for your help :)08:33
jmllifeless: you raiding tonight?08:39
sabdflbzr diff -r date:2008-09-09,09:00:0008:49
sabdfldoesn't seem to work08:49
sabdflany suggestions?08:49
uwssabdfl: bzr diff -r date:2008-09-09T09:00:0008:55
spivsabdfl: seems to work ok for me08:55
uwswith a comma it works for me as well08:56
sabdfl./bzr diff -r date:2008-09-09TO09:00:00        ~/software/bzr.dev08:56
sabdflbzr: ERROR: Requested revision: u'date:2008-09-09TO09:00:00' does not exist in branch: BzrBranch7('file:///home/mark/software/bzr.dev/')08:56
uwssabdfl: it's a 0, not O08:56
spivsabdfl: There probably isn't a revison after that time, hence the "no such revision" error.08:56
uwsbut with comma it works fine for me as well, as I said08:56
spivI don't think there's been any commits to bzr.dev since  2008-09-08 07:18:35 +010008:57
uwsyeah, I get it with dates in the future as well08:57
uwsbut the error message is at the very least misleading08:58
spiv(And "-r date:..." calculates using your local timezone, so comparing is often confusing....)08:58
spivYeah, the error message could definitely be better.08:58
bob2and different output for "no commits since that time to compare to" and "no commits at or after that time at all"08:59
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lifelessjml: shutdown night10:04
LeoNerdlifeless: So.. I mailed the mailing list about my "log" range ideas... no response.. :/11:45
kinkieHi all.. I've made a little mess, by inadvertently deleting a branch from a repo. I have the branch pushed-to in launchpad, is there a way to recover the branch in my repo without branching and merging again? Thanks11:54
uwskinkie: if you branch it again, it will (re)use the revisions from your local repo, so it's cheap11:56
awilkinskinkie: bzr heads --all will show all tips in your repo11:56
awilkinsAnd uws is also correct11:56
uwsawilkins: What is the difference between "dead" and "alive" heads?11:57
awilkinsMy way is tricksier but requires no network connection ; his way is easy and requires minimal network11:57
awilkinsuws: "Dead" heads are ones that are not in a branch11:57
uwsawilkins: well, if you ask on irc i assume a network connection is available ;)11:57
uwsawilkins: how does it know?11:58
awilkinsuws: I presume it recurses, but I'm not sure.11:58
awilkinsuws: I'm going to try it now :-)11:58
* awilkins randomly deletes a branch11:58
awilkinsYup, dead heads are ones with no branch, but still listed by all11:59
uwsawilkins: it can't know if I have branches somewhere on my machine (or on another machine) that are on that specfic head, right?11:59
uwse.g. a checkout on another machine11:59
uwseh, s/checkout/branch/11:59
awilkinsuws: I think it restricts itself to branches within that repo11:59
uwsah, that makes sense (common setup anyway)11:59
awilkinsProbably very wuick in a no-trees repo12:00
kinkieawilkins: ok, I found the head. What then? (I'm not so big on bzr recoveries yet ;)12:00
awilkinsPretty quick in a trees repo too ; it only has to check .bzr folders12:00
kinkietrunk is 'trunk'12:00
kinkielet's call the branch 'foo'12:00
awilkinsYou should be able to branch it from the listed revid:12:01
kinkieshould I just 'bzr branch trunk foo'? And as long as the name matches, it'll just revive the branch?12:01
awilkinsbzr branch trunk -r revid:<myrevid> foo   ?12:01
uwsawilkins: heads --all shows me a bunch of revisions that have been committed/merged into my branch ages ago. how come?12:02
awilkinsuws: because they're all tips of branches that no longer exist in your repo12:02
awilkinsuws: I suspect if you branch your trunk into another repo and try again they'll disappear12:03
uwsawilkins: I still don't know how it figures that out12:04
awilkinsuws: The help says "revisions without descendants"12:05
uwsawilkins: yeah, but they're merged, so they have revisions on top of them12:05
kinkieawilkins: that did it. THANKS A LOT!12:06
uwsawilkins: (but indeed, creating a new repo makes them disappear_)12:06
awilkinsThere may be more to it than meets the eye then12:06
awilkinskinkie: Thanks for helping me practice that, never done it before12:07
kinkieI honestly hope it's an one-shot affair ;-)12:08
awilkinskinkie: I had a small doubt that it might not work with a revision that was never merged into the branch I'm instructing it to branch, but I just tried it and that works just fine12:09
uwsawilkins: hmmmm. it could be that revisions I've uncommitted show up as heads12:11
awilkinsuws: Aha, yes, I think you've put your finger on it12:11
uwsawilkins: I was triggered by the exceptionally high number of typos in the commit messages :)12:12
Leonidasmaybe I am too stupid, but somehow bzr commit -x does not exclude anything.12:15
poolienight all12:56
james_wLeonidas: it works for me, but it doesn't affect the diff shown by --show-diff, which I will file a bug on, is that all you were looking at, or did you look at the committed diff?14:40
Leonidasjames_w: when I committed it has included the file in the output, so I think it has committed it as well. I did an uncommit, but I'll test it again when I find some time to make sure it is not because I'm too stupid to use it.14:41
james_wLeonidas: I saw it was in the diff, but not the "modified foo" lines it prints, and "bzr diff -c -1" afterwards shows only the changes that I wanted14:42
james_wbug 26813514:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268135 in bzr "bzr commit -x doesn't change the --show-diff output" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26813514:50
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james_wthat's not good: "branch.lock_read()" deleting the branch, there's something fishy going on here16:02
Peng_I was just messing around because of the slow startup thread on the mailing list, I ran "bzr revert" on a single file, and it took like 5 seconds. :(16:04
james_wah no, just me being stupid it seems16:04
Peng_Stupid hard drives.16:04
james_wI have a problem with code I am writing16:23
james_wit does "revid = tree.commit()" and then "other_branch.fetch(tree.branch, last_revision=revid)"16:24
james_wthis works fine when the branches are in separate repositories, but fails when they share one16:25
james_was the fetch detects that it is fetching to the same repo, and just checks that the last_revision is present16:25
james_wthis check is what fails16:26
james_wif I use pdb to pause just before the fetch "bzr log" and "bzr heads" from another process outside can see the revision in question16:26
james_wdo I need to do something to make the current process see the just committed revision, or am I missing something else?16:27
foebrianmorning all16:27
foebrianis there a way to remove a project from bazaar? to unregister it?16:27
Odd_Blokefoebrian: Why do you want to?16:29
james_whi Odd_Bloke16:29
Odd_Blokejames_w: o/16:30
james_wOdd_Bloke: how's the job?16:31
foebrianOdd_Bloke: well i setup bazaar on my home server, and missedtyped the project path, so now 6 projects are considdered one, so i want to unregister it, then fix by adding just one project. if that make sense16:31
Odd_Blokejames_w: Not bad.16:31
Odd_BlokeCurrently work on OO.o. D:16:32
Odd_Blokefoebrian: What do you mean by 'projects'?16:33
foebrianOdd_Bloke: well i have a single project folder /storage/projects then below that i have my project 'branches' like /project1   /project2  /project3, so now all the folders are commited to one 'branch' even though they are seprate projects16:34
foebriandoes that make sense?16:35
Odd_Blokefoebrian: Right, move /storage/projects/.bzr to somewhere else (just as a backup), and then 'bzr init' in each of the separate project directories.16:36
Odd_BlokeIf the projects are related, you should consider running 'bzr init-repo /storage/projects' beforehand, it'll save space.16:36
foebrianOdd_Bloke: so the removal of .bzr will remove it then? unfornately they are not related, seprated things16:37
Odd_Blokefoebrian: Yeah.16:38
foebrianOdd_Bloke: awesome, it worked! thanks Odd_Bloke!16:42
foebrianchaos is removed!16:42
james_wbug 264705 if anyone has any ideas about my problem16:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264705 in bzr-builddeb "merge-upstream fails when shared repository is present" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26470516:42
Odd_Blokefoebrian: No worries.16:43
Odd_Blokejames_w: Are you still working on versioning all of Ubuntu?16:48
james_wOdd_Bloke: yup16:49
Odd_Blokejames_w: How's it going?16:49
james_wOdd_Bloke: it's coming along, spending a week or two bug fixing at the moment before Ubuntu beta freeze, and then back to importing and documentation16:50
Odd_Blokejames_w: Ah, cool.16:50
LeoNerdBy the way guys: I've just built myself a WinXP VM in VirtualBox. First thing I did was installed Bazaar, which has TortoiseBZR. I'd like to report it JustWorks. It's lovely ;)17:00
* kinkie is away: see you later/tomorrow17:01
Odd_Blokekinkie: If you could disable away messages, for this channel at least, that would be appreciated. :)17:04
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jamlifeless: ping me when you wake up, I need you to make a 1.7 branch so I can do 1.7rc117:53
* justizin wonders why the OSX 10.5 installer is an older version of bzr (1.5) than the OSX 10.4 installer (1.6)18:03
justizindoes the 10.4/1.6 not work on leopard?18:03
Verterokjustizin: the installers are builded by the community18:11
justizinfair enough :)18:11
justizinlooks like 1.6 installer wants python 2.5 on 10.4, complains i need python 2.5 even though i have it on leopard18:11
Verterokjustizin: I build the 10.4, and 'ld like to build the 10.5 too, but no leopard nor mac-intel here :(18:11
justizinVerterok: can i run the build for you? ;)18:12
justizini've got three intel macs here running leopard.18:12
Verterokjustizin: the 10.4 installer depends on a user installed python. 10.4 only provides python2.3 by default18:12
justizinlove to help..18:12
justizinyeah i figure as much..18:12
justizinhow does the checking work?18:13
justizinseems it should be possible to look for python in /System/Library/Frameworks as well as /Library/Frameworks or ~/Library/Frameworks...18:13
Verterokjustizin: let me check18:13
justizinbut i know this is a challenge for many mac / python installers..18:13
justizin1.5 will serve my needs for now but i'd love to help make available better installers for mac any way i can.18:14
Verterokjustizin: the 10.4 installer checks CFBundleShortVersionString property in /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/Resources/Info.plist18:14
justizinis it possible to configure alternative checks, or does it only allow one location to provide a dependency?18:15
Verterokjustizin: I think it's possible, but I dont' know if its going to work18:16
justizinis source for the installer accessible?18:16
Verterokjustizin: all the C extensions are compliled against 10.4 dynlibs18:16
justizinfair enough18:17
justizini suppose we can just port it to 10.518:17
Verterokjustizin: I think phanatic builds the 10.5 installer, and have all the required bits18:17
Verterokjustizin: check Issues section at http://bazaar-vcs.org/MacOSXBundle18:18
justizingot it18:18
newz2000in eclipse using bzr-eclipse I've found that if I check out my work into a subfolder of the project (for example, trunk) then eclipse doesn't recognize the project as being managed by vcs. Does anyone know a workaround?18:22
Verterokjustizin: if you don't have a reply, please let me know and I'll push my installer branch to some public location18:23
Verteroknewz2000: Eclipse only support project level team provider mappings18:23
newz2000oh, too bad18:23
Verteroknewz2000: what is the layout you need?18:24
justizinVerterok: i'd like if you published it..18:24
Verterokjustizin: at your service ;) http://verterok.com.ar/code/bundle-10.4/18:25
newz2000well, I was taught an interesting way to manage my project... create a folder, keep my main trunk branch in a sub-folder, and when I'm fixing problems create a branch for the fix and work on it there.18:25
newz2000I've been using it lately and its working out nice18:25
Verterokjustizin: the pmproj file is a work in progress (tm) to include bzr-svn, just remove both bzr-svn entries and it 'll build ok :p18:26
newz2000so my project might include these folders: trunk/ add-openid/ jquery126/18:26
newz2000all branches18:26
justizini was thinking about that challenge myself.18:26
justizinare you just including a copy of svn 1.5 or wha?18:27
Verterokjustizin: most of the work is there, just need the glue :)18:27
Verterokjustizin: I acctually build bzr-svn against both versions of subversion (1.4 and 1.5)18:27
Verterokjustizin: and adds a check like the python-2.5 one18:28
justizin1.4 needs to be patched to work, though, eh?18:28
Verterokjustizin: not any more, bzr-svn now provides it own bindings18:28
newz2000oh, Verterok, you're Guillermo! Nice to meet you and nice work on the project.18:29
justizini've just been using bzr-svn on my ubuntu box, then grab a copy using straight bzr from mac or other servers like RH which don't have bzr-svn yet18:29
justizinstill will keep doing that but it'd be nice to have bzr-svn around other places sometimes :)18:29
Verteroknewz2000: thanks! it's greatly appreciated! :D18:29
Verteroknewz2000: maybe your need can be solved if bzr-eclipse provides a way to branch directly from a project18:30
newz2000I wonder if it would be better to file a bug/feature request on eclipse, though I'm not sure how responsive they are18:30
newz2000so that vcs can just live in sub folders18:30
Verteroknewz2000: like: right click on on trunk --> branch as new Project. and create add-openid project18:30
Verteroknewz2000: that could work for your workflow?18:31
newz2000yeah, that would work, but the only prob is the directory structure might become a mess18:31
newz2000let me think it through for a second18:31
Verteroknewz2000: you cound place the new project in any directory you want, i.e: like a share repo18:32
newz2000so for example, I'm working on a project called XYZ18:32
newz2000it would go into workspace/XYZ18:32
newz2000and that would be the root of my project (no trunk/ folder)18:33
Verterokjustizin: poke me if you need some help to get the whole build process working (I know it need documnetation)18:33
newz2000and to add a feature I branch from there to a new project at workspace/XYZ-feature23/18:33
newz2000does that sound right?18:33
justizinnp doing a few things atm but will prod a bit and see what errors i get if i try a build18:33
Verteroknewz2000: that is one approach, actually, you could do taht with current bzr-eclipse18:34
newz2000yes, I believe so18:34
Verteroknewz2000: also, you can place the projects inside /whatever/path/you/like :)18:34
newz2000oh, really? I just use the default options usually18:35
newz2000then let me try that, it is probably the easiest solution18:35
newz2000and fixes another problem I'm about to experience since the python-path in pydev is set per-project18:35
Verteroknewz2000: also, if you want the "branch from project into a new project", please file a bug :)18:36
newz2000ok, thanks for your time Verterok, I appreciate the help18:36
Verteroknewz2000: np, glad to help18:37
* newz2000 just tried it - it works!18:37
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ericvwIf I have standalone branch, but I want to migrate it into a centralized development work-flow because I will be on multiple computers, how would I go about migrating?19:54
fullermdPush it up to your central location, and use 'bind' or 'reconfigure' to turn its current location into a checkout of the central branch.19:55
ericvwfullermd: and it will know from the push where to update from and commit to?19:56
sabdflhey beuno20:08
beunohey sabdfl20:10
beunohow's it going?20:10
sabdflgroovy here, thanks. you?20:10
beunobetter now that I have internet again  :)20:10
fullermdericvw: No, from the bind/reconfigure.20:14
fullermdericvw: The push just sets up the data in the central location.20:14
ericvwfullermd: thanks!20:30
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strkcan a repository be downgraded to an older version to be compatible with older bzr clients ?20:53
jelmerstrk, generally, yes20:56
jelmerstrk: "bzr upgrade --old-format" (where old-format is the name of the format to downgrade to)20:56
strkCould not load movie 'http://request/remote.php?theme=touchscreen.swf'20:56
willyyamany reason why bzr is a bad choice as a backend for a versioned backup system?20:58
strkwillyyam: it's too new for debian stable users :)20:58
strkis also slower then CVS20:59
willyyamor, to put it another way, are twice-daily large binary blobs a problem over a long time (5+ years)20:59
willyyamactually, I use it on debian stable daily20:59
strkthat one ships 0.11 it seems20:59
strkwe're using 0.16 and somewhat lost compatibility21:00
strkso you can't fetch gnash sources from debian stable, unless you upgrade bzr21:00
strkit sucks21:00
jelmerstrk: Lenny will be out soon hopefully :-)21:00
jelmerstrk, performance is pretty bad with old formats though21:00
strksoon == few monts21:00
strkjelmer: I'm talking about performance with 0.16 unfortunately21:01
jelmerstrk: but yeah, bzr upgrading to an older format should work21:01
strkI guess downgrade would make it even slower ?21:01
strkit takes from 15 to 30 minutes for a simple commit on a GPRS connection21:01
strkabout 1 minute on a DSL21:01
strkthe GPRS experience makes you hate it :)21:02
strkbut you can commit to a local branch while out-of-the-office and merge when back on high bandwidth, which is a bit harder with CVS21:02
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beunois this what I'm suppose to be looking at?  lp:~pickscrape/loggerhead/directory_breadcrumbs21:54
beunomwhudson, I'm trying to remember what was wrong with lp:~pickscrape/loggerhead/directory_breadcrumbs22:00
beunobut everything seems fine22:00
beunodo you remember why we didn't merge that in the end?22:00
pickscrapebeuno: yes, I think that was it22:03
lifelessjam: made22:03
jamlifeless: thanks22:03
beunopickscrape, it looks fine to me. You fixed everything, didn't you?22:03
lifelessthe losas have that documented too FWIW22:03
pickscrapeProbably some hideous use of METAL that would have made the loggerhead codebase horrible :)22:03
pickscrapeI think I did, but it probably needs a really good test and review to make sure I didn't miss anything or code it into a hole or anything like that22:04
beunopickscrape, fire off the merge request, I'll take a look at the code22:04
beunoI've been using it, and can't find any problems with the UI at all22:04
pickscrapemerge request via LP right?22:05
mwhudsonbeuno: maybe i just haven't got aroudn to looking at the lastest version22:10
beunomwhudson, yeah, me neither, but trying to get up-to-date today with LH stuff  :)22:10
mwhudsonbeuno: good idea22:10
pickscrapeMerge request sent22:10
pickscrapeJust reading my commit comments on that branch, I was concerned about having to create an inventory object for the annotate view.22:11
ivantishow do i log in with bzr to launchpad? i need to push some code22:14
ivantisi already have an account22:14
beunoivantis, https://help.launchpad.net/BzrHowto22:15
kwahhi everyone22:17
kwahI tried to ask on a mailing list... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2008q3/047006.html22:17
kwahbut got no reply22:17
kwaheither I could not find relevant information myself22:18
kwahor it is the lame question22:18
kwahany comments?22:18
mwhudsonkwah: well, if you have a shared repo upgrading the repository is a separate thing from upgrading the branches22:19
mwhudsonkwah: the main negative impact of upgrading is that people using older versions of bzr won't be able to access your branches22:20
kwahmwhudson, and what about branches that were checked out?22:20
kwahnot branched, I mean22:20
mwhudsonthe branch/checkout distinction is basically irrelevant here22:21
mwhudsonor do you mean lightweight checkouts?22:21
kwahI am wondering, because some people are working with repo and I do not know, what they will see22:22
mwhudsoneither way, the only impact would be better perfomance :)22:22
kwaherror message upon checking in22:22
kwahno, not lightweight22:22
mwhudsonactually, the conversion process is kind of slow22:22
mwhudsonso using a knit branch that's a checkout of a packs branch, say, might be a little tedious22:23
mwhudsonbut it would _work_22:23
kwahso it will be just transparent for the user?22:23
kwahhm... I guess I have to experiment myself more.22:24
kwahanyway, it would be nice to have some points about this in documentation22:24
kwahhelp messages are kinda cryptic22:24
mwhudsonfile a bug, maybe?22:25
kwahmwhudson, thanks for the explanation22:25
kwahmwhudson, I may try22:25
jamlifeless: you created the 1.7 branch, but didn't give me authorization to commit to it.22:34
lifelessjam: fixing22:34
lifeless7am :P22:35
lifelessyou forgot to time just python22:38
lifelessto get the delta for locale22:38
jamlifeless: sure, replied22:41
beunomwhudson, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17058288/loggerhead_changes_path.diff22:54
beunorelated to: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/26036322:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260363 in loggerhead "unable to generate a link showing a file changes based on its path" [Undecided,New]22:55
beunowe're doing that everywhere else in LP22:55
beuno+1 to apply that patch?22:55
beunoI'm starting to get dizzy  :)22:55
mwhudsonbeuno: s/not path is None/path is not None/22:55
mwhudsonand if we're really doing that EVERYWHERE in LH, i guess it should be in TemplateView22:56
beunoI knew this wasn't going to be that easy...22:56
beunolet me see how this can be refactored...22:56
mwhudsonbeuno: it seems all the views a pretty consistent about how they handle 'args'22:59
mwhudsoneither it's <revid>/path22:59
mwhudsonor they ignore it22:59
mwhudsonso we could change the signature from22:59
mwhudsonget_values(self, h, args, kwargs, response)22:59
mwhudsonget_values(self, h, revid, path, kwargs, response)23:00
beunomwhudson, good idea. Let me change that and see how it looks23:02
mwhudsonbeuno: thanks :)23:02
beunomwhudson, LH seems to be acting up again: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk/annotate/3697?file_id=setup.py-20050314065409-02f8a0a6e3f9bc7023:05
beunoVerterok, w00t!23:18
beunothanks for that23:18
Verterokbeuno, mwhudson: ^23:18
* Verterok just send the review request23:19
mwhudsonah right23:19
Verterokmwhudson: Bug #24341523:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243415 in loggerhead "Tracebacks go to console but not log file" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24341523:19
pooliegood morning23:20
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beunomorning poolie23:20
Verterokmwhudson ,beuno: the template needs some love, but it would be great to get some early feedback23:20
james_whi poolie.23:21
Verterokhi poolie23:21
beunoVerterok, I can give it some love. That's the easy part  :)23:21
* poolie feels welcome23:21
james_wpoolie: a friend told me that the "topics" thing on the mailing list doesn't seem to be working correctly, merge requests seem to be delivered even if the merge topic isn't desired.23:22
lifelessabentley: bb is down?23:24
james_whey lifeless23:24
Verterokbeuno: it would be *really* appreciated23:24
abentleylifeless: restarted23:25
beunoVerterok, I'll try and get to that after the refactor I'm doing23:25
lifelessabentley: thanks23:25
Verterokbeuno: no hurry. thanks :)23:26
* lifeless waves around23:26
pooliehello lifeless23:26
beunohowdy lifeless23:27
lifelessturns out that the vodafone system allows their helpdesk line to be put in as the 'notify me that a bill has been emailed' number23:27
* lifeless is satisfied23:27
james_wif I have two branches which share a repository, and commit to one, should the commit be instantly visible in the branch.repository of the other?23:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264705 in bzr-builddeb "merge-upstream fails when shared repository is present" [Critical,Confirmed]23:29
mwhudsonpickscrape, beuno: i think that now History objects only last for the duration of a request, get_inventory should cache the inventories it returns23:29
lifelessjames_w: if the other branch drops its read lock to 0, then ups it, yes23:31
lifelessjames_w: but while locked the other repo may not refresh its indices list23:31
lifelessjam: ping23:32
pickscrapemwhudson: my worry was whether the breadcrumbs code adds an inventory object to the annotate page that was not needed before23:32
mwhudsonpickscrape: it was created anyway23:32
pickscrapemwhudson: in that case I'm not worried :)23:32
mwhudsonpickscrape: in annotate_file, and possibly in get_file_path23:32
mwhudsonpickscrape: but it would be better to create it only once, hence the caching suggestion23:33
james_wlifeless: thanks. Any suggestions for how to solve this bug?23:33
pickscrapemwhudson: oh, you mean it doesn't actually do the caching at the moment?23:33
mwhudsonpickscrape: right23:33
lifelessjames_w: what bug23:34
james_wlifeless: 26470523:36
lifelessjames_w: as I said, drop the references to the branch after the merge operation23:37
YasumotoI'm working with the fiveadayapplet, does anyone happen to know what error code 104 is?23:37
lifelessno idea, we don't use numeric error codes23:37
lifelessso its either not related to bzr, or coming from the OS23:38
james_wlifeless: doesn't that introduce a race condition?23:38
Yasumotokk, that'd make sense why Google wasn't showing anything related to bzr, thank you :)23:38
lifelessjames_w: you say you have branch A and B, you do something on A, and then B fails to see the data?23:38
james_wYasumoto: /tmp/5-a-day-applet.txt may help you to debug23:39
lifelessjames_w: if B is locked prior to doing the task on A, B will not see new data introduced by A until B has been unlocked23:39
lifelessjames_w: what races are you worried about ?23:39
Yasumotojames_w: awesome, thanks for the heads up23:40
james_wlifeless: well, if B is unlocked and locked again isn't there time for the branch to be modified leading to trouble23:40
lifelessis B write locked or read locked?23:41
james_wwrite locked, it needs to do a merge of this new revision23:41
lifelessand sure, someone else could grab a write lock23:42
james_wperhaps I don't need the fetch there, and can move it up a function23:42
lifelessbut if you do rev = B.tip, B.unlock();b.lock_write(); check B.tip == rev23:42
lifelessyou can be sure noone has altered the tip23:42
lifelessI don't understand why you would mutate branch A while holding a write lock on B23:43
lifelesswhich branch are you actually working on :P23:43
mwhudsonpickscrape, beuno: i made a few more changes: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/loggerhead/directory_breadcrumbs23:43
mwhudsontake a look?23:43
mwhudsonpickscrape, beuno: here's the diff of all of em http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/loggerhead/directory_breadcrumbs/revision/216?remember=211&compare_revid=21123:44
james_wlifeless: A is the "upstream" branch and B is the "packaging" one, this command commits the new upstream, and then merges it to the packaging one, so we need to write to both23:44
james_wlifeless: it locks B early to check there are no uncommitted changes, and get some info from it, but it could do the unlock I think.23:45
lifelessjames_w: to me they are separate steps, is there any need to make the aggregate atomic ?23:45
beunomwhudson, lovely.  +123:45
mwhudsonbeuno: i guess i'll merge23:46
james_wlifeless: I think having it as one command makes sense. Is that what you mean by atomic?23:46
poolieabentley, thanks for reading and replying to my mail23:46
beunomwhudson, yes please!23:46
lifelessatomic - all-or-nothing23:46
abentleypoolie: np23:46
lifelessindivisible etc23:46
pooliei have to admit the content of the reply was at first discouraging23:47
james_wlifeless: it doesn't really need to be. However the upstream branch is ephemeral, so currently it "disappears" on any error.23:48
lifelessjames_w: ok, well I'd either patch bzrlib to have a public refresh-view method to trigger a refresh, or drop and reacquire the lock23:48
lifelesspoolie: what email was discouraging?23:49
pickscrapemwhudson: all looks ok to me23:49
mwhudsonpickscrape: good, because i just merged it :)23:49
mwhudsonpickscrape: thanks!23:49
pickscrapehehe :)23:49
poolieaaron's re what do we do now23:50
abentleypoolie: I'm sorry for any hurt feelings.  I felt it was important to be frank.23:50
poolieit is23:50
pickscrapeFunny how someone who is picky about whitespace can be picked up on whitespace by someone else who is also picky about whitespace :)23:50
james_wlifeless: thanks, it's late now, but you've probably given me enough to fix this tomorrow, thanks.23:50
pooliei'd prefer that to folks just smiling and nodding23:50
lifelesspoolie: ah right23:52
lifelesshadn't found that reply at that point23:52
lifelesshmmm food, that will make me smile and nod23:52
abentleypoolie: I was a bit surprised at your suggestion, because I thought we agreed that too many cooks contributed to our problems with stacking.23:53
Verterokmwhudson: I added a --reload option to serve-branches (mainly to ease dev's life :): http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eguillo.gonzo/loggerhead/reloader/revision/22023:53
beunoVerterok, :O23:54
mwhudsonVerterok: ah, you look like someone that knows somethign about paste!23:54
beunoVerterok, gazillion thanks!!!!23:54
Verterokmwhudson: not at all :)23:55
beunomwhudson, we need that merged. Now!23:55
beunomillions of hours spent restarting LH....23:55
Verterokmwhudson: just readed some docs, and the source ;)23:55
mwhudsonbeuno: you have the powah23:55
mwhudsonVerterok: :)23:55
* beuno excercise it23:55
beunomwhudson, don't believe Verterok. He knows plenty, he's just shy23:56
Verterokbeuno: before merging, let me update serve-branches.123:56
Verterokbeuno: hehe23:57
* Verterok hides23:57
beunoVerterok, sure. Push, I'll pull, etc23:57
james_wmorning igc23:58
beunomorning igc!23:58
igchi guys23:58
beunoall the cool people are around today23:58
Verterokbeuno, mwhudson: it's the --reload help description ok?23:58
Verterokhi igc23:58
pooliehello igc!23:59
mwhudsonVerterok: i guess it should be clear that the application gets restarted when the application changes23:59
igchi poolie23:59
mwhudsonVerterok: you could possibly think that it was something to do with the branch changing23:59
beunoVerterok, and, I'd also add this is only really useful for development23:59

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