AfrohealerHI all10:43
AfrohealerIs it a simple process to go from ubuntu to Edubuntu?10:44
jsgotangcoright now, you only need to have the add-on CD to be installed on top of Ubuntu10:44
Afrohealerso just do "sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop"  ?10:48
ograAfrohealer, yes11:09
Afrohealerogra:thanks ..11:14
Afrohealerogra: is it possible to have both teh Edubuntu and Ubuntu coincside.. so that the kids get to use Edubuntu .. while the adults can use Ubuntu11:15
AfrohealerOn the same system11:15
ogranot really11:15
ograedubuntu changes system settings and artwork11:15
Afrohealerk ..11:16
jsgotangcoogra: hope you're ok now11:18
ograjsgotangco, yeah, nobody knows what it was though or why it happened11:18
ograi just try to live more healthy11:19
jsgotangcowell yeah things happen just dont overdo it heh11:19
* jsgotangco shudders the thought of a healthy vegan ogra11:19
ograyou wont see me going vegan :)11:19
ograi'm cooking since i got home though ... havent seen any deep fried food sice ages :)11:20
jsgotangcoheh that's good I have been monitoring what I take as well lately11:20
ograi drink a lot, cut down smokig to a minimum and go cycling once  a day ...11:20
jsgotangcowe're not getting any younger hehe11:21
ograi wont turn into a health pope :)11:21
jsgotangcoogra: btw11:21
jsgotangcothese intel classmate PCs11:21
jsgotangcoare so cheap here11:21
jsgotangcothey are under a different brand11:21
jsgotangcobut its the same thing I think11:22
jsgotangcobecause its the same casing, etc.11:22
jsgotangcoceleron cpu11:22
jsgotangcoworth getting one for testing in case?11:22
ograwell, the image is at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/classmate/images/hardy/11:22
ograwaiting for one last SRU for the final image11:23
jsgotangcois it still being actively developed?11:23
ograand then i'm out of cmpc development11:23
ograit will be maintained for the time intel sells that model11:23
jsgotangcothese small laptops have been sprouting out here like mushrooms11:23
jsgotangcoand most sell for like $20011:24
ograhave you seen the one for $98 ?11:24
jsgotangcointel too?11:24
ograbetter :)11:25
jsgotangcothe intel cmpc here is called neo explorer x111:25
jsgotangcothey're like dirt cheap11:25
jsgotangcothey have an updated model with intel atom11:26
jsgotangcooh a china pc11:27
jsgotangcothey use their own chinese CPU called godson11:27
jsgotangcoi currently have an xo-1, an eeePC and an hp mininote11:27
Afrohealer98 laptop!!  damm that is nice..11:31
AfrohealerI coudl build myself a nice DJ system for cheap using two of those11:31
jsgotangcothey are probably as fast as those VIA C7 chips11:31
jsgotangcoif not faster11:32
ograi guess faster11:32
ograbut only 1G local storage11:32
jsgotangcoive seen those chips sold locally, they are not popular but they would be more sellable if done in a package like a $98 laptop11:33
ograits a good idea11:33
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Afrohealerogra: does 'sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop"   .. also install all the edubuntu applications?   or do i have to do that seperately?12:34
ograit pulls in all the edu apps from edubuntu-desktop12:34
ograplus the edubuntu handbook and the artwork12:35
Afrohealerogra: thanks13:00
rhce7320I have just tried my 1st pxe client. No go.13:01
rhce7320I installed wireshark & found that13:02
rhce7320the client ignores the servers DHCP offer & sends out another DHCP DISCOVER packet.13:02
rhce7320Iny ideas?13:02
rhce7320PS pxe boot is new area for me13:03
rhce7320I have the client connected to the server's 'thin client' NIC with a crossover cable.13:04
rhce7320I replaced the x-over cable with a old 10Mbps repeater.  same symptom13:18
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rhce7320UPDATE:  the failing pxe boot box  is a Compaq Deskpro.  I just plugged in my Dell D830 laptop & did a successfull pxe boot.13:35
AfrohealerCOmpaq .. ws started with the goal of making compatibel computers.. but they seem to have forgottne that a long time ago13:39
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LaserJockhi HedgeMage17:43
HedgeMagehi, LaserJock17:43
HedgeMagelong time no see!17:43
HedgeMagehow have you been?17:43
HedgeMagejust ok?17:48
LaserJockI'd say so yes17:48
LaserJockcould be better, could be worse17:48
LaserJockhanging in there anyway :-)17:49
=== LaserRock is now known as LaserJock
highvoltagehey HedgeMage19:38
HedgeMagehi, highvoltage19:38
HedgeMagewhat's upL19:38
HedgeMageup? even19:39
highvoltagethe end of the world!19:39
HedgeMageCool!  Does that mean we can open a new one now?19:39
highvoltageif the LHC can make a big enough big bang, then yes :)19:40
* sbalneav crosses fingers and hopes the LHC can pull it off.19:41
highvoltagesbalneav: I think the effects will be smaller, probably19:42
HedgeMageso how have you all been?19:42
HedgeMageI've missed you since I've had so little internet access.19:42
highvoltagesbalneav: my bets are that it will take us to another dimention, and we'll all turn into walking, talking couches19:42
highvoltage(I want to be a blue one)19:42
HedgeMageCan I be a nice, mellow sage green?19:43
sbalneavI sort of picture myself as an ottoman.  My wife thinks I'm a lay-z-boy. (badum-bum)19:43
sbalneavThanks folks, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your servers.19:43
highvoltageHedgeMage: work has been crazy. I'm working on getting out and starting my own things so that I can work on the things I care about19:43
highvoltageHedgeMage: and you?19:44
highvoltagesbalneav: btw, going to mountainview?19:44
highvoltagesbalneav: heh, that reminds me of http://www.lolbuntu.org/2008/03/30/good-evening/19:44
HedgeMagehighvoltage:  busy with work -- my business is really taking off, but with only dodgy satellite at home, keeping up can be tough.  LF started kindergarten, and he's doing great already.  And, I've managed to find repeated excuses to indulge my fountain pen obsession this month.  Life's good.19:45
sbalneavNo, I don't think so.19:45
highvoltageHedgeMage: pity about the internet though. slow internet is annoying19:47
lintoread -sn 1 var1; echo "var1 is <$var1>"; solution; read -sn 1 var2; echo "var2 is <$var2>" -- please test it in bash and press f11: i'm not prompted for the second read! what is the solution()? how do i reset the stdin ("eat" the remainder of the escape) to leave it clean for any next read? can you think of a trick? another command that incidentally eats my stdin? (using another read doesn't work!) or so19:54
lintome stty/tput trick?19:54
sbalneavlinto: f11 to maximise the window?20:53
sbalneavhere's what I get20:53
sbalneavsbalneav@feniks:~$ read -sn 1 var1; echo "var1 is <$var1>"; solution; read -sn 1 var2; echo "var2 is <$var2>"20:54
sbalneavvar1 is <>20:54
sbalneavbash: solution: command not found20:54
sbalneavvar2 is <>20:54
lintosbalneav: use f6 then20:54
lintoso you're not prompted for the second read20:55
lintohow do you fix this?20:55
sbalneavWell, it would help me a bit to know WHAT problem you're trying to solve.20:56
sbalneavi.e. what is your expectation?20:56
lintosbalneav: f6 is just an example of a wrong key that my users could press accidentally. i have to prevent stupid behaviors like the sequence for f6 ("^[[17~") being interpreted as "1" and then as "7".20:56
lintosbalneav: it seems read -n is not designed correctly, it should eat the rest of the escape (or it should even reject the first char in the escape sequence) or it should take the whole escape sequence as a -n 1 (one char) (on some other "--enable-esc-sequences" option).20:57
sbalneavWell, -n says:21:02
sbalneavread  returns after reading nchars characters rather than waiting for a complete line of input21:02
sbalneavSo, since hitting F6 generates 3 or 4 characters, I'd say it's doing what it's supposed to.21:03
sbalneavAre you trying to write something so that users only have to hit "a" instead of "a<enter>" to select something?  Like I say, without context, it's tough for me to suggest something?21:03
sbalneavlinto: You could, perhaps do something along the lines of:21:13
sbalneavif read -n 1 -s ; then21:14
sbalneav   KEY=$( echo $KEY | od -t x1 | awk '{ print $2}' )21:14
sbalneav   if [ $KEY = '1b' ]; then21:15
sbalneav     # escape sequence like F6, discard rest of input21:15
sbalneav    read -t 1 $GARBAGE21:16
sbalneavthen loop back around.21:16
sbalneavsorry, first line should be if read -n 1 -s $KEY; then21:16
lintosbalneav: i don't understand awk, what does it do in this context?21:17
lintosbalneav: you did consider the fact that "read -n 1" reads only one char at a time, not the whole sequence, didn't you?21:21
sbalneavright, but when you hit "f6" you generate several characters21:25
sbalneavan escape, a right bracket, a couple of numbers, etc.21:25
sbalneavif you read only ONE of those characters, the rest of them are still sitting on the input buffer, waiting to be read.21:26
sbalneavDepending on what you're doing, and since I don't KNOW what your doing, I may tell you that bash and shell scripting isn't really a good tool to solve the problem.21:27
lintosbalneav: is there any way to reset the input buffer?21:29
lintosbalneav: i prefer to use another command between the reads21:29
lintosbalneav: it can be a perl or python one-liner all right21:29
sbalneavWell, the "read -t 1 $GARBAGE" will, after a one second timeout, clear out the input buffer.21:33
lintosbalneav: other than read -t 1, that is, as -t 1 slows down my script and -t 0 doesn't work in bash21:34
sbalneavI'm not sure.  I doubt this would work, but you could try something like 0> /dev/null21:35
sbalneavWithout knowing what your doing, I can't help much21:36
lintosbalneav: it's easy to explain: i have a menu accessible by pressing numbers and i should prevent the function keys from being processed because they include numbers in their escape sequences21:39
lintosbalneav: and my menu is in a while loop. and i can't swallow the escape sequences with read -t 1 because this slows down my script.21:40
sbalneavThere are several curses-based menu applications available, written in C, or alternatively, there are some X based menu creators out there.21:43
lintosbalneav: dialog?21:44
sbalneavand besides, the read -t 1 will ONLY slow down the script if they press a wrong key, so you might pop up a message saying "please don't press the function keys" or whatever, and the pause will allow them to read it.21:44
sbalneavdialog's one of them, yes.21:45
sbalneavI beleieve it has a menu option.21:45
lintosbalneav: but is there any ncurses application that is installed by default on most distros?21:46
sbalneavdialog --menu "foo" 20 20 10 foo1 bar1 foo2 bar2 foo3 bar321:48
sbalneavseems to work ok for me21:48
sbalneavlinto: Most distros these days aren't doing too much with ncurses applications, so probably not.21:50
sbalneavbut if you're producing a package that can be installed, you can just depend on the dialog package.21:51
lintoi know21:52
lintoi didn't want it to get that complicated though :)21:52
sbalneavWhy not do this?21:52
sbalneavif [ -x /path/to/dialog ]; then21:53
sbalneav   fancy dialog menu21:53
lintoi don't even know how to create a deb21:53
lintoi never studied about it but it always looked complicated21:53
sbalneav   Older way to do a menu, with the one second pause on wrong key entered.21:53
lintothanks for the suggestion though21:54
sbalneavUltimately, if you're doing some kind of interactive program, /bin/sh is going to result in SOME compromises :)21:54
sbalneavYou may want to look at python or perl, they may have some stuff that can help you21:55
sbalneavof course, THEN you have to worry about if they're installed, if the library you're going to use is installed, etc, so you're back to the same problem as with dialog21:55
sbalneavheading home for the day.21:57
sbalneavGood luck21:57
lintothanks a lot21:57

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