martallii think that's a bug, but if you are trying to open wine games, I know the wine devs hate compiz....00:00
martalliYou can always just turn comiz off and turn it back on later00:00
martalliOnce you have the graphics card set right, you don't have to carry that water again00:00
Sixzerojust tryin to play nexuiz00:01
Sixzerohow do i turn comiz off?00:01
martalliwhich distro are you using?00:01
Sixzerokubuntu 8.0400:01
martalliTry going to syste-settings - > Look & Feel -> Desktop and see if there ius a section or tab for desktop effects00:02
martalliHonestly I am looking at my 4.1.1 system settings right now, but I am guessing it is similar.  Another place to look *might* be system settings -> Look & Feel -> Appearance00:03
Sixzeroit has appearance, but nothing about compiz or window behavior.00:04
martallitry going to the command line, type "desktop" and then hit the tab key ("desktop<tab>")00:05
martalliWhat do you get?00:05
martalliI think that's what you need...but I am loath to suggest it.  Just a second00:07
martalliI think that is actually the command...see this release regarding the alpha version of hardy: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha4/Kubuntu00:08
martalliHowever, i think the desktop effects on kde 3.5 in 8.04 are a mixed bag00:10
SixzeroYour suggestion worked.  It allowed me to turn off the effects, at least, without having to uninstall.00:10
martalliI have to get going.  Have a good evening and good luck with kubuntu!00:10
SixzeroYou too.  Thank ya kindly.00:10
ian__I need a little help with my Wi-Fi Card.00:24
CoJaBo_Is there a way to auto-hide the taskbar in Kubuntu KDE4?00:25
ian__@CoJaBo: I don't think so...00:26
ian__@CoJaBo: You can remove it, then add it's contents to your desktop as plain widgets.00:27
CoJaBo_Thats strange :/00:27
ian__@CoJaBo: Then press Ctrl+F12 to access the Dashboard, thus displaying them.00:28
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ian__@CoJaBo: KDE 4 doesn't have all of the features of KDE 3 yet. I'm sure that Hiding the panel will be implemented in a future release.00:29
CoJaBo_Ok, I'm trying to figure out which version to install, are there any other things not yet implemented?00:31
ian__A Few things, but most if it's fine. If you're really worried about it, go with 3.5.9. Otherwise, go ahead with 4.1.100:32
ian__Or, if you're like me, install both :)00:33
CoJaBo_I am testing the KDE4 version, it seems pretty buggy...00:33
ian__Which version are you testing?00:33
mrxmikeim trying to update /reinstall/install mysql-server-5.0 but im getting ..00:33
mrxmikeDbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process00:34
ian__@Mrmike: Are you currently running another apt process? (eg. Aptitude, Adept)00:35
WaSTe[bRe]there is two packages in adept manager for kde4> kde4 package, and kubuntu-kde-desktop < wich one to choose???00:35
mrxmikeian__: nopes, nothing00:35
mrxmikeeven from shell i get this error00:35
mrxmikeits a but it seems > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/18900500:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 189005 in grub "dpkg fails with debconf locked" [High,Fix released]00:35
ian__@Wasre[bre]: Go with "kubuntu-kde4-desktop". It's specifically tailored to kubuntu. KDE4 is just generic.00:36
WaSTe[bRe]ian__ thanks00:37
CoJaBo_I am running the Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4 Remix live cd.00:37
WaSTe[bRe]ian__ do u use kde4?00:37
ian__@Wasre[bre]: Yeah.00:37
mrxmikeLOL, that launchpad file says 'FIX released'00:37
mrxmikebut where is it then?00:38
WaSTe[bRe]what is your opinion of kde4?00:38
mrxmikeits cool, but not done yet00:38
ian__@CoJaBo: I think that's KDE 4.0. Try 4.1.1 on an installed system.00:38
WaSTe[bRe]should i instll kde4, or stay on 3.5.9?00:38
ian__@Wasre[bre]: Install KDE 4 alongside your KDE 3. Unless you're hard on disk space.00:39
ian__@Wasre[bre]: In which case stay with KDE 3 for now.00:39
master_I wish I was an oscar myer weener...00:42
master_(sorry.. just typing out loud while I wait for updates to download_00:42
CoJaBo_Is it easy to upgrade Kubuntu to KDE 4.1.1? Or is there another distro that is better?00:43
ian__@CoJaBo: Not from the live CD. From the installed system, add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main to /etc/apt/sources.list00:44
ian__then, type "sudo apt-get -y install kubunti-kde4-desktop" and answer any questions that come up.00:45
ian__Only, that's kubuntu with a u, not an i00:46
ian__make sure to add everything from the deb to the main to your sources.list file.00:47
EagleSnif u want ot use KDE4 i recommend you tu use KDE 4.1.1 from kubuntu ppa00:47
ian__@master: Wait, how do you type out loud?00:50
ian__By the way, I need a little help with my Wi-Fi Card.00:51
ian__It doesn't want to work after logiing out then in.00:53
ian__But, if I go to Network settings I can get it to work if I cylce between Auto, and Manual.00:53
CoJaBo_If I upgrade to KDE 4.1.1, which version is it best to start from, the Kubuntu with KDE 4.0, or the regular one?00:57
Sixzerodepends on your tastes.  I just installed 4.1.1 from adept and i'm already starting to like it.00:57
SixzeroIt's certainly cool looking, the new one is.00:58
CoJaBo_I think I'll try 4.1.1, but what version of Kubuntu should I start from, would there be a difference?00:59
dr_Willisuse the latest you can.. i would suggest01:00
dr_WillisYou may want to install the normal kubuntu, and just install kde 4.1.1 that way theres no extra older kde4 stuff laying about.  Just kde 3 stuff.01:00
SixzeroCoJaBo_: are you asking which session you should log into?01:01
SixzeroCoJaBo_: as in 3.5 or 4.1?01:02
CoJaBo_Sixzero: What version of the Kubuntu CD, the original or KDE4 Remix?01:03
mefisto__I'm looking for an rss editor, to manually create and edit rss .xml files. any suggestions? anything in ubuntu repos?01:04
SixzeroCoJaBo_: I went with the original and then installed KDE4 through adept, but if you want a completely clean KDE4 install without the old stuff to drag along, then go for the remix disc.  But be warned that some of us haven't had a whole lot of luck with the cd, thats why i went ahead and updated through adept.  Now I can pick and choose which one I log into.01:06
zac_hey guys01:08
=== favafro is now known as favro
zac_where does kubuntu keep the configs for the login screen and kde. I would like to bypass the login and go right into another wm01:08
ccoffeyAmarok 1: I've svn up'd it, but make -f Makefile.cvs throws "libamarok_gst10engine_plugin_la_LDFLAGS: variable `LIB_GST10' is used but `LIB_GST10' is undefined" at me. Any ideas?01:09
ccoffeywrong window. sorry01:09
marcobxbro1How do you change the splash and login screen in kubuntu01:09
zac_or atleast have X load a different wm than kde?01:11
dr_Williszac_,  thats doable. - the kdm config can autologin to a specifi user.01:11
dr_Willisi think the kdm config front end can set that also. (kde3 at least)01:11
geekzac_: select a different WM from KDM. it will ask you if it want it to be default. say yes. IIRC01:12
WaSTe[bRe]i installed kde4, how to use it?01:12
dr_Willisthe login screen has a sessions menu item.. select kde401:13
zac_and marcobxbro1 asked about the splash files, i think i might be interested in that ansewr01:13
dr_WillisTheres some factoid on splash - but i always disablew splash anyway. :)01:14
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork01:14
ubuntu_Hi all, I am attempting to install Kubuntu 8.04 AMD64 on my new PC, but when I get to the partitioning step, there are no devices listed01:15
ubuntu_I have a SATA HDD that already has an NTFS partition with Windows XP x64 Ed. installed01:15
dr_Willis'sudo fdisk -l' from a terminal should show  the hard drives. Unless they are on some unsupported sata controller.01:16
dr_Willisif fdisk -l, isent even showing any hard drives.. well.. theres some issues going on.01:16
ubuntu_I get nothing01:16
dr_Williswith sudo?01:17
dr_Willisthats weird.01:18
ubuntu_I have an XFX Motherboard with integrated SATA Controller01:18
mefisto__ubuntu_: is there a bios update for the motherboard? or are there bios settings related to sata? mine can use sata as an ide drive, so it's easy to install any os01:21
dr_Willisyou may want to do some googling on that exact mb and linux support. You may also want to test out the  next testin g release of ubuntu.01:21
dr_WillisIt could be so new its not got support in the current release01:21
ubuntu_ok, i'll try downloading the latest Alpha01:22
ubuntu_thanks a lot01:22
WaSTe[bRe]is e17 good for kubuntu?01:22
alfonsoalguien habla español01:22
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:23
Dr_willis_WaSTe[bRe],  good for what?01:23
Dr_willis_E17 is its own desktop enviroment. with its own quirks/gimmics. :)01:23
SixzeroI'm having trouble getting the sound to work in some of my apps on kde4 even though movies and songs play fine on the desktop.  anybody got a clue what's up?01:24
WaSTe[bRe]my friend says e17 is good, and it look pritty good01:25
WaSTe[bRe]should i use it?01:25
alfonsopense que me havia equivocado otravez y que aqui no hablan español01:25
Dr_willis_This is 'linux'  make up your own mind and use what you want.01:25
Dr_willis_Install it, try it..   and see.01:25
Dr_willis_I dont care for E17 - havent cared much for any of the earlier E's either.01:26
WaSTe[bRe]i know01:26
WaSTe[bRe]i just want to ask expirienc linux user of their opinion01:26
Dr_willis_I dont see much point in the E# stuff. its alwyas been sort of a 'out there' project that gets attention for a while. then dies down.. then pops back up...01:28
SixzeroThe most popular distro for home users is more often than not Ubuntu.  It comes with Gnome.  You can get Kubuntu instead if you prefer KDE, or even Xubuntu if you want a lightweight desktop manager like Xfce01:28
home_I was wondering how to make the clock in a 12 hour rotation?01:30
home_rather than 2401:31
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:32
zac_ok, I understand kdm, but i dont see where to explicitly set a different wm than KDE. Adding an .xinitrc into $HOME doesn't help01:36
Hamrasomebody tell me that i received a fake email and ubunu 9.04 is not going to be called _jaunty_ :O01:37
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=== shaeffer is now known as shaeffer_
Daniel-MinifigI am trying to install some games and all I get is mf errors about it cannot download, or commit will break packages.  I review changes and all looks fine.  Can anyone help?01:40
Daniel-MinifigI am ready to kill.  Linux is more bull than anything else.01:41
mefisto__killing is probably against the channel rules01:42
Daniel-MinifigYou mean I cannot kill Kubuntu for all its uselessness?  lol01:43
mefisto__are you trying to install from repos?01:43
Daniel-MinifigAdd/Remove Programs - Games menu.01:44
Daniel-MinifigKubuntu Linux 8.04.101:44
mighty-dim trying to log into kde using kdm and xdmcp, auth is done via ldap, if i go to the local computer it works fine, but when i try to log in from the remote client using an ldap user i get01:45
mighty-d xrdb: cant open display 'ws001:5'01:45
mighty-don .xsession-error01:46
DragnslcrDaniel-Minifig- what are you trying to install?01:47
Daniel-MinifigI wanted to see what the game Funguloids is.  I am also selecting a few other games and I keep getting the same error.  I have to go through and select one at a time and it is totally annoying.01:48
Daniel-MinifigTakes forever to install stuff.01:48
Daniel-MinifigThere was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.01:49
Daniel-MinifigDoes that in Kubuntu and Linux Mint KDE CE.01:50
Daniel-MinifigFrozen Bubbles also gives that error in Kubuntu.01:50
Dr_willis_I normally  use Synaptic - it seems quicker then  some of the other package manager front ends Like adept01:50
Daniel-MinifigCan you go through a list of all the games and install them?01:51
Dr_willis_You can also use the apt:// thing in konqueror to browse/search01:51
Dr_willis_synaptic has a front end like adept Daniel-Minifig  correct...01:51
DragnslcrThat's definitely weird. I don't see anything in the dependencies that screams out "will break other packages"01:51
Dr_willis_that add/remove programs thing - is a minimal front end.01:52
Daniel-MinifigI will swap over and see if I can install Synaptic.01:52
Daniel-MinifigIt is VERY slow and annoying.01:52
Dr_willis_swap over>01:52
Daniel-MinifigI am running two computers on a KVM01:52
Dr_willis_heh. You may want to check out vnc, :) ya could have a desktop in a window then of the 2nd pc.01:53
=== minifig is now known as Daniel-Minifig
Daniel-MinifigI did a search for VNC and there were alot of results.01:58
Daniel-MinifigSynaptic is installed.01:58
Dr_willis_Theres a varity of vnc servers out. and a vareity of ways it can be used...01:59
Dr_willis_I tend to use 'vnc4server'02:00
Daisuke_Idonever quite figured out how to use vnc02:00
Dr_willis_I ssh in, run 'vncserver' , connect via any vncclient02:01
Dr_willis_this is on a local lan. :)  doing it over the internet is a little more complex02:01
sancho21_How to free  my Kubuntu memory? It seems that my 2G mem and 1G swap are full02:01
ccoffeyonly caches, everything is fine02:01
Dr_willis_sancho21_,  You may be missreading the information.02:01
sancho21_I use top02:02
Dr_willis_try the 'free' command02:02
* geek thinks it in part a fault of VNC. its slow. i'd suggest (its a little more work) using freenx instead02:02
writherThat explains Linux memory usage02:02
Aardvarks[Mass Message] Everythings back online. have at it.02:02
sancho21_I'm not running big application actually02:03
Dr_willis_Linux uses what it can grab for cache. Its odd that you are using that much swap.02:03
Dr_willis_I rarely ever touch swap on normal ussage, on my 2gb machines.02:04
Daniel-Minifig Depends: ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager  but it is not installable02:05
sancho21_Is it true that memory usage it high although the big application has already been shut down? I mean, it is not automatically cleaned up?02:05
Dr_willis_could be the app is still in cache, and will be freed up when more mem. is needed02:06
Daniel-MinifigThis michine is old.  My other machine is better.02:06
ccoffeysancho21_: you can't compare it to other OS's, it'll be freed when it needs to be02:06
Daniel-MinifigHas anyone checked out Wikipedia Compare of Linux and Windows.  I think they did a great job of it.,02:07
zac_arrrrgh I must have the worst hardware ever02:08
zac_10 different approaches in userspace for disabling ALPS trackpad tapping and not one of them seems to work02:08
edjuTrying to run screenlets under KDE, but it errors out.  I run screenlets.py and it can't recognize the file format of /usr/share/icons/screenlets.svg, a soft link to an existing file.  Any hints how to get this thing going?02:12
Dr_willis_:) when shopping for laptops.. one of the 'must have features' is an Off button for the touchpad.02:12
Dr_willis_edju,  perhaps tghat svg link is invalid.. or the file is bad.. copy some other svg to it.,02:13
edjuDr_willis_, What svg? Any svg?02:14
Dr_willis_pick one...02:14
Dr_willis_its just an iconfile02:14
Dr_willis_file  /usr/share/icons/screenlets.svg02:15
Dr_willis_will tell ya what format the file is now.. It maybe its bad, or wrong, or  somthing weird like that.02:15
Daniel-MinifigI found ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager02:16
Daniel-MinifigHow do I install a deb file?02:16
Dr_willis_best to use the package manager to 'search and install' programs.02:16
Dr_willis_you erally should avoide downloading single .debs and installing them.. BUT... if you must... you should be able to double click on it and install it..02:17
Dr_willis_or 'sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb'02:17
edjuDr_willis_, file says that it's XML.02:18
Daniel-MinifigWell, I want to check out funguloids and I download the file it said it cannot install.02:18
Dr_willis_edju,  hmm.. try file on some other svg files then perhaps.02:18
Dr_willis_!info funguloids02:18
ubottufunguloids (source: funguloids): space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator game. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.06-4 (hardy), package size 14449 kB, installed size 20600 kB02:18
Dr_willis_sudo apt-get install funguloids02:18
Dr_willis_should install it.. or give some info as to why it wont install.02:19
mefisto__svg is xml, that's what you should get with the "file" command. do "cat screenlets.svg" to see. maybe you can find what's wrong and fix it?02:20
Dr_willis_mefisto__,  ok. :) i learned somthing today then i guess..02:21
Dr_willis_xml is taking over the world!02:21
Daniel-MinifigWhat does this mean: W: GPG error: http://ftp.de.debian.org sid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A70DAF536070D3A102:22
Daniel-MinifigI addede a source to the ogre thing,02:22
Daniel-MinifigThis is where I got it: http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager/download02:23
Dragnslcr!info ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager02:24
ubottuPackage ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager does not exist in hardy02:24
Daniel-MinifigThat ogre is demanded for Funguloids game.  lol02:25
DragnslcrHm, might want to report that to the repository maintainers02:25
Daniel-MinifigFunguloids: space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator game02:27
Daniel-MinifigSounds funny.02:27
Daniel-MinifigInstalling the deb package.02:29
mefisto__Daniel-Minifig: so it wouldn't install without first installing ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager ?02:32
Daniel-MinifigIt needs ogre02:32
Daniel-MinifigOne of the dependisies02:32
gabrielwhat is ogre?02:32
gabrielThe big green animal?02:33
Daniel-MinifigShrek.  lol02:33
gabrieldo you speak french?02:33
mefisto__there's ogre-tools and ogre-doc in ubuntu repos. hmm02:34
gabrielsorry. I write french well than english02:34
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gabrielhello How can I do to Installing adobe Flash player on my Kubuntu?02:36
masettilot my taskbar!!!02:36
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:36
Daniel-Minifigpress controll-esc and search kicker.  Kill it and then run kicker masetti02:37
mefisto__masetti: alt-f2, kicker02:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma-addons02:37
mefisto__masetti: assuming you are using kde302:37
masettimay somebody help me find out my taskbar ( kubuntu+fusion)02:37
gabrielok thanks I'm looking  for that02:38
Daniel-Minifig masetti: alt-f2, kicker02:40
Daniel-MinifigI will be back later.02:41
masettiThanks Daniel, I am trying to find a way to launch the kicker, once no menu availlable!02:41
mefisto__masetti: alt-f2. or right-click the desktop, run command...02:43
masettiyou lovely!02:43
masettiita Came Back!02:44
maferdisculpa una pregunta  soy novata y no se porq no me deja kubuntu ingresar en modo administrador02:50
maferasi ponga mi clave sigo sin ingresar y modificarlo02:50
maferayuda please02:50
hdevalenceis there a way to install KDE-edu *without* marble?02:51
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masettiMafer, do que sei Ubuntu nao vem com senha de administrador, basta sudo ___02:54
masettiou crie um adm02:54
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mafer_hola ayuda please02:58
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:59
mefisto__I'm looking for an rss editor, to manually create and edit rss .xml files. any suggestions? anything in ubuntu repos?03:02
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gabrielHello I want to install Dapper Drake on my kubuntu, in the last step, the system ask me the installation path of the Mozilla and find out it and put /urs/lib/firefox. It doesn't want this path. How can I do?03:20
Daniel-MinifigI am having Linux install too many games.  lol03:21
Daniel-Minifig138 files to download.03:21
Daniel-MinifigI am mentaL.03:21
gabrielI see03:21
lufthanzai need a bit of help configuring cups if anyone feels up to it03:22
Daniel-MinifigI installed Linux to see what all the fuss is about.  Why not go mental and get the full service?  lol03:22
Daniel-MinifigI don't know what cups is.03:23
Daniel-MinifigI am new to this Linux stuff.03:23
lufthanzacups= common unix print system03:23
geekgabriel: erm... dapper is a distro.. and an old one...03:23
Daniel-MinifigThank you.  I don't have any printers.03:23
geekwouldn't you be better off with an newer one?03:24
masettiHi Daniel, do you know how to start the cube in compiz fusion?03:25
masettiI say, in 3d03:26
Daniel-MinifigYou need to go into settings and tell it to enable the cube.03:26
masettii did it03:26
Daniel-MinifigI have it on my other PC.  Not sure this one can do the cube.03:27
masettino special keys?03:27
Daniel-Minifigctrl+alt+right arrow or left arrow03:27
Daniel-Minifighold ctrl+alt and press Left or right arrow key.03:27
Daniel-MinifigThat will move the cube03:27
masettitried out, nothing!03:27
lufthanzanevermind, fixed my cups problem myself03:27
Daniel-MinifigNeed to check settings.  I am not good at the special effects.03:28
masettidiego, vc sabe?03:28
Daniel-MinifigI will try it on this PC when I am done installing the games.03:28
Daniel-MinifigI am running nvidia riva tnt 16MB here.03:29
Daniel-MinifigNotsure it will work.03:29
Daniel-MinifigMy other PC is nvidia geforce fx.03:29
lufthanzahave you tried glxgears?03:29
masettiglxgears? for effects?03:30
lufthanzaif glxgears works, most 3d games will too03:30
diegohi everyone, i have this problem, maybe someone know the solution, am using kde 4.1.1 with kubuntu, and i have this problem, i put my widgets in place and every time i reboot i lose that configuration and i have to reorden them everytime i reboot03:30
lufthanzadiego: try locking the widgets03:31
lufthanzadiego: right click your desktop03:31
bobitohey people, could anyone give a quick explanation or point to (or even search keywords that might work) to explain how to use multiple | commands in the terminal?  For ex, If I wanted to take the grep of an ls and send it to another program and/or those results to another?  a simple example might be amarok ls | grep .mp3, but I can't get the syntax quite right03:31
diegolufthanza: i did it but nothing, ^^03:32
lufthanzabobito: apt-search linux-image | grep 2.603:32
Dragnslcrbobito- I think xargs might be what you need there03:33
=== minifig is now known as Minifig
Daniel-Minifigmassetti, what linux distro do you have installed?03:35
bobitoDragnslcr: I thought that that was only to do multiple instances quickly.  Since that was probably the wrong jargon, more of if I wanted to do, say, amarok ls | grep .mp3 && amarok ls | grep .flv && amarok ....03:36
MinifigDo you have a menu item "Compiz Setup"?03:36
bobitodiego: apt-search? I am pretty sure I have the newest grep, is there a way to just use grep to do this?03:36
MinifigWelcome back powertool0803:37
bobitodiego: and by this i mean my original example, not checking the make of my current grep03:37
Dragnslcrbobito- I'm not sure how amarok works from the command line. Did you try amarok *.mp3?03:37
diegobobito: oh03:38
Dragnslcrbobito- it seems like you're trying to do something from the command line that would be a lot easier to do from within Amarok03:38
lufthanzabobito: to run a program and then run another without the terminal waiting for it to quit, you use '&", aka "amarok ls | grep.mp3 & && ...03:38
bobitoDragnslcr: That is awesome, and will definately be useful for the example I gave.  Still doesn't answer the real question though.  what about finding files and putting them in a text file, or searching a file for a list of urls and sending them to firefox, etc03:38
CoJaBo_What do I need to do to connect to a wireless network? I am trying KNetworkManager, but it is not working.03:39
lufthanzabobito: i don't think you can pipe things to firefox from the command line03:39
bobitoDragnslcr: though if its normal for kate, gedit, firefox, or whatever to have a built in function along those lines, itd be pretty sweet03:39
DragnslcrI don't either03:39
lufthanzabobito: maybe with dbus, but that's really hard03:39
DragnslcrIf you want to write grep results to a file, I think it's just something like ls | grep foo > foo.txt03:40
lufthanzayea, that would work ^03:40
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: you may need to install a wireless driver03:41
CrellHi all.  I am having trouble reassociating a bluetooth mouse with my Kubuntu Hardy laptop.  It was previously associated, but then was used with another laptop so disassociatd.03:42
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: type "lspci" into a terminal and copy the results into http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and give me the resulting url.03:42
CrellNow, I can't get the laptop to even scan for BT devices or be discoverable.03:42
CrellWhen I go into KBluetooth, it "thinks" for several minutes and lists no options at all.03:42
CrellAny suggestions?03:42
CoJaBo_lufthanza: I installed a custom kernel that includes the driver, and it sees the card and gives a signal measurement, but cannot connect.03:43
bobitolufthanza: 'firefox www.google.com' works, and say I have a file with www.google.com hidden in it.  grep can find the www.google.com, theres no way to pipe that elsewhere?03:43
lufthanzaCrell: i'm not experienced with bluetooth sadly03:43
bobitolufthanza: that implies that you can only pipe to programs written to accept a piping argument.  am i understanding that correcftly?03:43
lufthanzabobito: maybe03:43
lufthanzabobito: just a sec03:43
CoJaBo_lufthanza: It stalls at 57% IP configuration started before it fails, which makes me suspect it is hanging on DHCP, but this is a static IP network.03:44
bobitoDragnslcr: I was thinking more from a file, to a program.  so finding a url for ex in a text file, then piping that to firefox, or even cooler, finding the name of a file in a file, sending that to grep to search the newly find file, and then sending that to firefox.  I just assumed you could shove a bunh of |s in there and be okay03:45
bobitolufthanza: thanks03:45
lufthanzabobito: yeah, firefox won't accept it03:45
bobitolufthanza: So its a program based thing?03:46
CoJaBo_Is that the problem, and if so how do I give it the correct config?03:46
lufthanzabobito: tested with 'grep -o www.google.com new.txt | firefox'03:46
lufthanzabobito: seemingly03:46
lufthanzabobito: it seems the program needs to be able to accept stdin input on execution03:47
lufthanzabobito: such as using "dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -fc > new.img.gz" to create a compressed image of your hard drive03:48
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: do you have any network encryption?03:49
CoJaBo_Yes, WPA03:50
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: triple check the keys you are using, make sure you haven't blocked yourself with your routers mac address filtering, etc03:51
CoJaBo_lufthanza: Key is correct, MAC filtering is disabled.03:52
nicholasstormanDoes anyone here know how to restore wine menu03:53
bobitolufthanza: okay, that sucks, but makes sense.  oh well.  so how would i input the results of say 'grep examples' to maybe gedit or kate instead of screen output?03:54
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: have you been able to connect with the current configuration before? or is this your first time setting up NetworkManager03:55
bobitolufthanza: or rather 'ls | grep example' --> text file or otherwise03:55
lufthanzaon this computer03:55
lufthanzals | grep example > new_text.file03:55
jyosephhello, quick question.... it's okay if I burn kubuntu iso to a DVD instead of a CD correct?03:56
lufthanzabobito: or use >> to append the output to an existing text file03:56
bobitolufthanza: Does > or >> have a name I can check out?03:56
bobitolufthanza: or is it just greater than?03:56
lufthanzajyoseph: as long as you burn it as a cd image, it should be fine03:56
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jyosephok great, thanks lufthanza... so in K3b I should say "Burn CD Image" but really burn it to a DVD?03:57
lufthanzajyoseph: yes, that will work03:57
jyosephawesome, thanks!03:57
lufthanzajyoseph: i've done it a couple of times03:57
jyosephgood to hear03:57
jyosephi'm a noob, should I stick w/ kde 3 or 4?03:58
CoJaBo_lufthanza: First time setting up with that computer, have tried unsuccessfully 3 times before on the network with another computer and distro, 2 times was the exact same error.03:58
jyosephroger that03:58
jyosephthat's what my gut was telling me03:58
nicholasstormanI need to figure out how to fix wine No matter what I do03:58
lufthanzabobito: '>' just means to write the stdout of the commands to a file03:58
jyosephthx guys/gals... going to go install now...03:59
nicholasstormanit doesn't work03:59
lufthanzabobito: '>>' means to append the stdout of commands to a file03:59
=== jyoseph is now known as Your_Mom
bobitolufthanza: thanks a bunch luft!03:59
lufthanzabobito: '>2' means to write the stderr to a file if i remember correctly03:59
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: Network manager can be a pain in the ass to work with04:00
=== Guest41989 is now known as Root
CoJaBo_So what do I do?04:01
=== Root is now known as Guest21204
lufthanzamake sure you have the correct method of wpa authentication selected in nm04:01
lufthanzaalso, try with WEP and without encryption to make sure it's just a configuration issue with NM04:02
shane_hey i have a dell printer and everything im reading says it wont work in linux,but then they turn around and say that its because the drivers are win only04:02
lufthanzanote that you should set the router to wep, etc. while testing that04:02
lufthanzashane_: dell printer?04:03
lufthanzawhat make and model?04:03
shane_its the dell 944 all in one printer04:03
lufthanzaer, just the model04:03
shane_should i not be able to wrap the windriver04:04
lufthanzashane_: if you write a utility to do it04:05
shane_it is saying it is a host based printer so its cheaper to build because it doesnt require a fast internall cpu04:05
lufthanzashane_: unfortunately, it seems there are no working solutions for that printer atm04:05
shane_well could i not just ndiswrapp it and the modprobe04:05
CoJaBo_Anyone got any ideas?04:06
shane_or basicly tie it to a rope and use it for a boat ancor04:06
lufthanzashane_: i don't know, but i doubt it. ndiswrapper mainly works on pci hardware04:06
shane_ahh ic.well i have a hp here ill just get it up and workin04:07
lufthanzai would suggest pawning it off on a friend and researching a working printer for linux. Hp ones tend to work real well04:07
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: i don't know what to tell you other than to try configuring it the old-fashioned way04:08
CoJaBo_Any info/guide on how to do that with a static IP WPA network?04:08
shane_yah i will have to, i just hate wasting stuff . ok TY for the quick help04:09
lufthanzagentoo ones will probably work04:09
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: http://www.newlinuxuser.com/howto-use-iwconfig/04:10
CoJaBo_lufthanza: How do I get that to work with WPA and static IP? Could the need for a static IP be the cause of KNetworkManager not working, I don't see anywhere to enter it?04:13
EagleSnjoin /debian-es04:16
smacfarlhello. Stupid question. Id I get the latest kubuntu install will it setup kde4.1 from the door?04:17
CoJaBo_Looks like the KDE 4 is KDE
CoJaBo_There should be an update, but I can't get a network connection to do so :(04:18
smacfarlcojabo_ are you talking to me?04:18
Ashexcan anyone recommend a vnc viewer other then krdc?04:23
AshexIt's not working too well for me04:23
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: to set up a static ip, you would need to do extra stuff04:25
CoJaBo_lufthanza: Like what?04:25
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: try this04:27
lufthanzago to manual configuration in the knetworkmanager menu04:27
lufthanzago to your wireless connection, eth1 or ath0 or whatever.04:28
lufthanzaconfigure it to be static, give it the ip address, plus the essid etc it needs to connect to04:28
lufthanzahopefully that works for you04:30
CoJaBo_lufthanza: It just says "no active device"04:30
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: ???04:31
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: did you right click knetworkmanager?04:32
CoJaBo_Am I in the right one? Manual configuration after right-clicking on the icon?04:32
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: yes04:32
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: that would suggest your wireless card is not actually functioning04:33
goldmetali just created filter rule in evolution, where's the place to check all the filters created?04:33
CoJaBo_Clicking Manual configuration prompts for a password, then does nothing.04:34
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: type your root password in04:36
CoJaBo_I used the pass I entered during the install, was that correct?04:36
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: probably, is it the same password you use to install packages?04:37
=== fignew` is now known as fignew
CoJaBo_lufthanza: I tried running knetworkmanager from Terminal, clicking Manual configuration shows an error (kcmshell (kdelibs): WARNING: Could not find module 'kcm_knetworkconfmodule') and googling that got a bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/knetworkmanager/+bug/211717) How do I fix that?04:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211717 in knetworkmanager "knetworkmanager - manual configuration doesn't load (kde4)" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:46
mighty-d Hi, im having troubles with kdm, im trying to remote login, but so far i can only do it with one user, and i dont know where could be the problem04:47
* SkEmO goes to watch a movie04:54
SkEmOhow can i watch *.divX files?04:56
zac_hey guys04:57
zac_i'm makin my way through pretty good04:58
zac_i installed kubuntu, but wan to go with xfce... how can I disable the kdm auto login to be able to theme the xfce auto login?04:58
CoJaBo_lufthanza: Any ideas, or is this hopeless?04:59
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: sorry, went afk for a sec05:03
CoJaBo_Is there anything else I can try?05:05
mefisto__CoJaBo_: type in konsole: ifconfig05:05
mefisto__that will show you your network devices05:06
CoJaBo_mefisto__: It shows up, I just can't configure it.05:07
CoJaBo_bug 211717 seems to be the cause05:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211717 in knetworkmanager "knetworkmanager - manual configuration doesn't load (kde4)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21171705:07
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: yeah, ifconfig and iwconfig are your best bets for configuring your wireless right now05:07
mefisto__CoJaBo_: what is the interface called? eth0?05:08
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: i would downgrade to kde3 to avoid that bug05:08
CoJaBo_Is there any way to fix it?05:09
mefisto__fix the bug?05:10
CoJaBo_I would hope fixing that bug would allow me to connect?05:10
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: the kubuntu devs may fix it someday05:12
mefisto__it's just a configuration program, you don't need it to connect. you can do it manually. the thing is you may have problems with your nework interface may not work well with linux, which is a separate issue05:12
CoJaBo_Within the <23 hours I have to get this working before imaging it back to WinXP?05:13
mefisto__CoJaBo_: is this a wired connection?05:13
CoJaBo_WPA, Static IP05:13
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: you could try wifi-radar to manage your wireless instead05:13
CoJaBo_I am limited to software I can use/install easily without a working net connection.05:14
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: won't be as friendly as nm, but it's friendlier than configuring through ifconfig and iwconfig05:14
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: there's no way you can temporarily plug this computer into a lan and do 'sudo apt-get install wifi-radar'?05:15
CoJaBo_If I unplug something else maybe. But I still have the problem of assigning the static IP.05:17
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: wifi-radar will handle all of that instead of knetworkmanager05:17
CoJaBo_But how do I install it?05:18
lufthanzain the command line type 'sudo apt-get install wifi-radar'. you can also get it from adept manager05:18
MinifigIs there a command line code for doing updates/upgrades?05:19
lufthanzaMinifig: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"05:19
MinifigThank you.05:19
CoJaBo_Keeping in mind this computer does not have a net connection because I need software requiring a net connection to install to get said net connection...05:19
lufthanzastatic ip can be handled by /etc/network/interfaces05:20
lufthanzawhats the address and the netmask the computer will be using? i'll post an example /etc/network/interfaces05:21
CoJaBo_lufthanza: IP would be, not sure of mask, Vista won't let me see it.05:24
lufthanzaCoJaBo_: this is a file that would probably work for your ethernet connection05:25
lufthanzatype that into nano with this command "sudo /etc/network/interfaces", erase anything else that has eth0 in it, and use ctrl-O to save and ctrl-x to quit.05:26
lufthanzahopefully that will allow your computer to access your network when you plug an ethernet cable into it05:28
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=== rmc is now known as yohann
isleshocky77Am I missing something?  Is there a setting for integration between kopete and Kontact?  I found a ticket, but it says it's closed.05:45
=== mefisto_ is now known as mefisto__
minifig_Is there a way to fix upgrades when they fail?06:24
=== dwidmann_ is now known as dwidmann
minifig_2 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 64 not upgraded.  4 not fully installed or removed.06:25
minifig_ /var/cache/apt/archives/libtunepimp5_0.5.3-7_i386.deb06:27
minifig_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uprade06:28
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:28
frybyeHi - I am running kubuntu 8.04 with both kde3 and kde4.1 - if I use the "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.." to shift to intreped ibex - will I still have access to kde3 and kde4.1 or..?06:40
minifig_I did an upgrade and now I think i is messed up.06:45
minifig_I get alot of errors and some things haven't been properly installed/removed06:46
frybyeminifig_: not useable at all or???06:46
minifig_Also about 64 more items needs to be upgraded.06:46
minifig_Everything is working, except I get alot of errors.06:47
minifig_I don't think everything was upgraded and there are stuff that needs fixing.06:47
frybyeminifig_: so basically you are saying a clean new install would probably be the way to go or...?06:47
minifig_Maybe.  Unless there is a way to fix the problems.06:47
frybyeand or perhaps wait for the final in October...?06:47
minifig_2 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 64 not upgraded.  4 not fully installed or removed.06:48
frybyeminifig_: that is "packages" or??06:49
minifig_sudo apt-get upgrade06:49
minifig_I get alot of stuff listed that wasn't upgraded.06:49
frybyeand you did this first:06:49
frybyesudo sed -i /s/hardy/intrepid/g /etc/apt/sources.list06:49
frybyesudo apt-get update06:49
minifig_My first upgrade was in Synaptic.06:50
frybyeand then...: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:50
minifig_I am new to Linux.06:50
frybyeI am also pretty new - but suspect that the above was missing and that was your problem mainly... dont treat this as gospel though...06:51
minifig_I installed with a CD of Kubuntu Linux 8.04.106:51
minifig_I think what it was trying to do was upgrade KDE.06:51
frybyeright - but the distroupdate source has to go in there.. or..06:51
minifig_sed: -e expression #1, char 5: extra characters after command06:52
frybyeI have god kde4.1 running on hardy8.04 but that is a completly different theme to what I was asking about originally - which was moving from hardy to intrepid06:52
minifig_Isa intrepid Kubuntu 9?06:53
frybyeintreped is (K-)ubuntu 8.10 ...06:53
frybye9.04 is the one after that again and not available at all now.. dont exist.. as such...06:54
minifig_ /var/cache/apt/archives/sysvinit-utils_2.86.ds1-61_i386.deb06:55
minifig_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:55
minifig_I get that E: error alot.06:55
frybyeminifig_: like i said pal - I am a linux newbie myself..06:55
frybyeI have little clue when things start to go wrong....06:56
minifig_No problem.06:56
frybyeand am basically probably going to leave this theme rest for now...06:56
minifig_I appreciate you trying.06:56
frybyeie not do the intrepid update myself...06:56
minifig_I might just redo Linux altogether.06:57
frybyebut to go from hardy with kde3 to hardy with kde3 + kde4.1 is no big deal you will find sutff at kde.org or google on doing that..l.06:57
minifig_Do an immediate upgrade, or none at all.06:57
minifig_I might also have installed too many stuff.06:57
minifig_I loaded Synaptic and installed loads of their games.06:58
frybyebut dont mix up the themes.. a distro upgrade is completly different to adding a new version of kde which is just the grafic interface basically...06:58
minifig_Loads of the educational stuff also.06:58
frybyekde in kubuntu or gnome in ubunto just sorta sits on top of hardy or ibex etc....06:58
frybyemost kde3 apps will run inside of kde4.1 even if not especially made for it...06:59
frybyebut do you know have the option to switch between kde3 "session type" or the kde4 - session type"" on booting/login???07:00
minifig_Have you read the site on Wikipedia comparing Linux and Windows?  I think they did an awesome job at it.  One menioned was backwards compatibility.07:00
frybyethen I am not sure what to advise..07:01
minifig_That is okay.07:01
frybyeif you go to an application and open help | about kde | what version does it show...?07:01
frybyeok - eh this is not so simple either - cos if you are using a version 3 appl it shows that even if in kde4.1 ...07:02
minifig_I am running Konversation07:02
frybyedont be mad with me - but basically i am just quitting for now - I need to get some other stuff done.. yeah in Konversation it is the same here though I am running it in kde4.1 - if you hvae the kde4.1 running and look in dolphin etc.. it should show the kde4 infos - but i am off for now pal - all the best...07:03
=== romunov__ is now known as romunov
romunovany tips on how to remove ooo3b from kubuntu? :D07:08
=== sam__ is now known as slammer
slammerhello all07:19
slammercan someone help me with bcm 4306 wireless card07:20
slammeranybody talking07:21
jussi01slammer: whats the issue?07:27
slammeri cannot connet i have read everything im new to this07:29
jussi01slammer: ok, so what happens. what Kind of network (encryption)?07:29
jussi01slammer: have you read the wpa pages? ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo )07:31
slammerdont know where they are07:31
romunovi need some help adding openoffice3 icons to the start menu07:31
jussi01slammer: I just gave you the address...07:31
romunovi've installed kde-integration package, but that didn't help...07:31
slammersorry ill look at that07:31
slammeri cannot get knetwork to open07:35
romunovweird. i navigate to /opt/openoffice3/program/soffice and i get 2.407:35
slammerok it says no wireless netork found07:37
=== shinigami is now known as shinigami_
romunovhow do i change that the command soffie is pointing to /opt/openoffice.org3 and not /opt/openoffice.org?07:41
jussi01romunov: man ln07:46
sebastian_when will kde 4.2 be released?08:16
=== sebastian_ is now known as Sebastianito
jussi01Sebastianito: Id suggest having a look on the kde site for that info08:26
keldronagot a problem, please help me: I try the following wx-config --unicode but it says:08:30
keldronaWarning: No config found to match: /usr/local/bin/wx-config --unicode08:30
keldrona           in /usr/local/lib/wx/config08:30
nicobraingood morning08:50
nicobraini have a problem with a kubuntu 8.04 maschine .....08:50
nicobrainthe wlan doesnt work ... the knetworkmanager shows nothing and "iwlist scan" shows nothing ... but there are many wifis08:51
jussi01nicobrain: which wifi card you have?08:51
nicobrainhow can i get this info?08:53
jussi01nicobrain: is it inside the pc or usb?08:53
nicobrainif i go in the infocentrum there are now wlan card??08:53
jussi01nicobrain: please go to terminal and type: lspci08:54
jussi01(then hit enter)08:54
jussi01nicobrain: then copy it and put it to pastebin for me08:54
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)08:55
nicobrainjussi01  ... idea?08:59
nicobrainhas anibody an idea?09:08
=== mandragor is now known as weedar
nicobrainwhich madwifi driver i need ?09:17
nicobrainfor an Intersil ISL3890 chipset?09:18
kai__any german around?09:19
kai__cool, ich hab mal ne frage..09:19
nicobrainfrag mal, bin zwar kein guru ...09:19
kai__bin kubuntu anfänger und wollte jetzt firefox installieren, hat wohl auch funktioniert aber ich finde jetzt nicht mehr das verzeichnis wo er es hin installiert hat.09:20
kai__irgendwelche ideen?09:20
nicobraines sidn viele verzeichnisse, die ordnerstruktur ist um einiges anders als bei windoows09:21
nicobrainwas willst dud denn in dem verzeichniss?09:21
kai__ich will firefox starten, finde die exe oder wie es in linux halt heißt nciht09:22
nicobrainmüsste doch im Menue unter dem Punkt Internet sein09:22
kai__nein, leider nciht09:22
nicobraindrueck mal "Alt" und "F2" dann kannst du als befehl einfach "firefox" eingeben09:23
kai__"befehl nciht gefunden"09:24
nicobraindann ist firefox nicht installiert09:24
kai__aber ich war ja schon kurzzeitig mit firefox im inet09:24
nicobrainmach mal ne konsole auf (Menue -System - Konsole)09:25
nicobrain"sudo apt-get install firefox"09:25
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kai__konnte lock nicht bekommen...09:26
kai__"is another process using it?"09:27
nicobrainahja ... hast du adept offen?09:27
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:27
kai__ja läd gerade was runter09:27
nicobraindann is klar ;)09:27
kai__updatet gerade das sys09:28
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* abaddon quit10:06
mehdii try to make vhost with apache210:20
mehdii make 2 new file in /etc/apache2/site-available10:22
mehdiand i link withe a2ensite10:22
mehdiwhen i reload apache i have a message10:23
mehdi /etc/init.d/apache2 reload10:23
mehdi * Reloading web server config apache2 [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence10:23
mehdi [warn] NameVirtualHost myip:0 has no VirtualHosts10:23
jussi01mehdi: while asking here is certainly ok, you may get some more help in #ubuntu-server10:24
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=== root is now known as Guest23213
ForgeAuswhats with virtualbox ose's packages?10:34
abby87hello i'm compiling a package from cvs and i seem to get the error FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found10:42
abby87using kde410:42
abby87kde 4.1.0 that is10:43
leneahey all. dolphin suddenly crashed and now it doesn't want to start anymore. i already tried reinstalling it. any pointers?11:01
distccrp-pppoe is not on kubuntu 8.04 as default?11:10
distcccoz i have problem configuring  pppoe, i used to be familiar with pppoe-setup. pppoeconf doesnt do the job for me on kubuntu or ubuntu11:11
distccany idea ?11:11
dazzahi, i'm having trouble installing the proprietary ATI drivers for my new 4870 - I can't get restricted-manager to display any options while following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI11:26
dazzaI can run alt+f2 -> jockey-kde but it shows me a blank list11:27
jussi01dazza: thats an extremely new card, no?11:27
dazzajussi01: yes, I think it is the latest11:27
jussi01!envy | dazza11:27
ubottudazza: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk11:27
dazzaok, thankyou11:28
jussi01dazza: likely the drivers are not in ubuntu yet, try envy.11:28
jussi01Just remember, while we will try to help if things go wrong, it is an "unsupported" method.11:28
dazzai'll risk it :D thanks11:29
jussi01dazza: no probs. let me know how things go. :)11:31
dazzahmm, looks like the linux driver for this card is in beta11:31
jussi01Quite possibly - its a very new card11:32
mohihey friends. how can find which version am I using? command please :)11:51
dazzamohi: cat /etc/issue11:51
mohitanx dazza but I want my kde version11:51
dazzamohi: ah. from console?11:52
mohidazza: yes11:52
dazzano idea, sorry :/11:52
mohidazza: yes11:52
mohi;) ty11:52
dazzajussi01: If you're interested, I followed the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI (installing latest drivers from ati.com) using catalyst 8.8 drivers11:53
dazzaabout to restart... will come back in a tic11:53
jussi01!version | mohi11:54
ubottumohi: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell11:54
mohity jussi01 but I want the kde version ;)11:54
mohiok. this is for kde4: "kde4-config --version" and kde3.5: "kde-config --version"12:00
vikkuiam installing a pkg using apt-get and geting this err ::  Dynamic MMap ran out of room12:02
vikkupls help12:02
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
weylandhi guys! i have a problem running a program from console. if i want to execute it says "bash: ./ptspls: Permission denied" - file has rwxr-xr-x - what am i doing wrong?12:33
writherYou probably need to execute with sudo12:34
writherYou should be able to execute with those permissions.12:34
writherHow are you executing it12:34
weylandjust by "./ptspls"12:35
jussi01weyland: try chmod a+x ptspls12:35
jussi01then ./ptspls12:35
weylandbut i mean the executable flags were set before :)12:36
jussi01right. and who owns the file?12:36
weylandthe user that tries to execute owns the file12:37
jussi01ok, Im out of ideas then. :/12:37
jussi01wait, is it a binary file?12:37
weylandit should be12:38
jussi01or a script?12:38
jussi01yeah, but scripts and binary can be executables...12:38
weylandi think i have the problem: my home directory is a network mount12:40
weylandi moved it to another location and it works12:41
weylandbut i do not understand why they give me network mount for my whole home directory12:41
judibetHi everybody!12:42
weylandthanks for your help!12:43
jussi01weyland: great to hear you got it working :912:43
judibetI've a small problem :(.12:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:43
judibetI have audio Realtek and I can't increase or decrease my sound.12:44
judibetIf somebody can help me please?12:44
frybyeWho has any experiance with doing a distro- update to intrepid from k-hardy?12:51
judibetI have audio Realtek and I can't increase or decrease my sound.12:51
judibetIf somebody can help me please?12:51
jussi01frybye: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid ;)12:52
frybyejudibet: stand further from the speakers?? ;=) - sorry... heheh12:52
jussi01judibet: how are you trying to change the volume?12:52
frybyeokl jussi0112:52
jussi01judibet: have you played with the mixer settings?12:52
fritzi can ping ip address but not the URL name..??12:53
judibetThe mixer idem.12:53
fritzwhy is that?12:53
judibetI can't modify the volume whith the mixer.12:53
fritzso i can't see the websites12:53
nowherefritz: can be a couple of things. check your DNS setup12:53
jussi01judibet: please do lspci so we can see what card you have exactly12:53
judibet00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)12:53
jussi01!intelhda | judibet12:54
ubottujudibet: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto12:54
judibetOk, thanks ;).12:54
judibetAnd nobody know why laptop computers screens go in lower light sometimes ?12:55
judibetAnd how fix that please ?12:56
jussi01judibet: err, that usually happens when you unplug from the mains, to save power...12:56
fritzcan i get help about vbox networking?12:56
jussi01fritz: you can ask, also try in the virtualbox channel12:57
definitelyHello all.13:01
=== dani is now known as Guest5235
fritzvirtualbox, the guest XP can ping the ip adresses of websites but NOT the URL names.. all of the configuration of XP is under default settings now. bridge is ok, i can communicate the guest as well as seeing the shared folders, host Kubuntu has no any problem with internet, only thing is XP can't connect the websites altough it can ping their ip address. is there any suggestion?13:05
geekcheck the DNS server settings of the VM13:06
definitelyAnyone can say, how to add user to group13:06
definitely ?13:06
geekyou can ping, which means its not a connectivity issue13:06
fritzah ok13:06
nowheredefinitely: K->System Settings->User Management, enable administator mode, add to group13:07
geekpossibly set opendns or a local dns server as the dns server and try, but its not likely a ubuntu issue13:08
nowheredefinitely: there's also a way of doing it via the command line if you prefer that way13:08
definitelynowhere: Probably there is no User Managament, coz i installed KDE 4.1.1 there wasnt KDE 3, i was changeing from Xubuntu to Kubuntu so i directly installed Latest KDE withou KDE 313:08
nowherefritz: what networking did you set up? NAT networking?13:08
nowheredefinitely: uhm, ok. I donät know anything about kde413:09
definitelynowhere: Ok no probs, thnx anyway13:09
nowheredefinitely: but the command line command will still work13:09
nowheredefinitely: sudo adduser user group13:09
definitelyheh found problem :P13:09
definitelyKuser wasnt installed. :)13:10
nowheredefinitely: replacing user by the username and group by the groupname13:10
nowhereso how does kde4 work otherwise?13:10
definitelyvery good13:11
jussi01kde4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 thanks :)13:11
nowhereI was getting the impression that it's still very bleeding edge as in "you still do a lot of bleeding"13:11
definitelyi was angry on kde 4 before13:11
definitelybut now i love it :)13:11
nowherejussi01: ok, fair enough13:11
definitely4.1.1 fixed everything i need :)13:11
definitelyDOh have no idea what happened, just got message from friend on skype while was installing kdeadmin package, then X Restarted, and after i loged in again, i dont see KDE Menu icon13:18
jussi01definitely: -> #kubuntu-kde4 ;)13:19
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=== roozbeh is now known as roozbeh_
=== quassel251 is now known as Githzerai
=== roozbeh_ is now known as roozbeh
_jamfx_hi there13:34
_jamfx_i have some troubles setting up my vpn-connection, does anyone know something about VPN?13:35
jussi01!vpn | _jamfx_13:37
ubottu_jamfx_: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD13:37
_jamfx_@jussi01 thank you I will try it, but it is not about gaming.13:38
=== ianc_ is now known as ianc
domi1kenobihow can I upgrade my kubuntu 4.0.3 to 4.1 ?14:06
nico_upgrade 4.0314:06
nico_apt-get update14:06
nico_apt-get upgrade14:07
domi1kenobii did14:07
domi1kenobibut gives me 0 upgraded14:07
nico_one min14:07
domi1kenobibut thx anyway14:07
domi1kenobimaybe the version listed under Konqueror's Help is inacurate?14:08
domi1kenobiAbout KDE Version 4.0.314:11
domi1kenobiI don't get it14:11
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto14:14
nico_apt-get dist-upgrade14:21
WoostaNot sure if this is the place to talk or not .. I did a dist-upgrade to gutsy last week .. and ever since, performance has been really really bad. But it's nothing that's using memory or CPU. So I figured it was the GPU. I use the proprietory ATI driver, and so updated it. It just got worse.14:25
WoostaSo now I've switch to the 'vesa' driver and it's all just fine14:26
WoostaSo it looks like it's something to do with the GPU and the fglrx driver with gutsy14:27
WoostaIs this a known problem? I can't find any google goodness ..14:27
darkwizzard_How come when I click on a link in kopete or any other application I get a KIOExec error dialog ?14:29
darkwizzard_Woosta: did you try using envyng14:30
WoostaI was not previously aware of it14:31
WoostaHow is it any better than just installing the latest version from ATI's website?14:31
darkwizzard_I'm not sure, I haven't used it, but many people praise it14:31
darkwizzard_maybe it sets up things better.14:31
darkwizzard_I had many problems with ATI14:31
Alex135whats a good C++ development enviroment for Kubuntu14:35
darkwizzard_or Netbeans14:36
darkwizzard_Or Eclipse14:36
Alex135i tried Eclipse... or am trying14:36
Alex135cant get it to work right14:37
darkwizzard_what do you want to code ?14:37
darkwizzard_I mean, what toolkit14:37
darkwizzard_cause if you use Qt, then QDevelop is cool too14:37
Alex135general perpous codeing14:37
darkwizzard_try netbeans then14:37
darkwizzard_it has a C++ plugin14:37
darkwizzard_it's available on their site14:37
Alex135so does eclpise, cant get it to work right though14:37
darkwizzard_I didn't have much luck with it either.14:38
darkwizzard_But I prefer netbeans to eclipse14:38
darkwizzard_But I currently use Kdevelop and I like it14:38
Alex135is there a current version in the ubuntu repos?14:39
darkwizzard_not really14:39
darkwizzard_The current one is 6.114:39
darkwizzard_and I only see 5.5 in the repos14:39
Alex135work needs to be done on the repos14:40
Alex135anyone know of any good unoficial repos for ubuntu that are kept up to date?14:40
ForgeAusyeah Kdevelop is nice :)14:41
darkwizzard_you could just download netbeans from their site14:41
Alex135i mean repos for adept14:41
darkwizzard_there are a lot of options14:41
Alex135ya, i am on they're site14:41
ForgeAusI can't wait till KDE apps get all integrated with kparts (if they're going to be)  so you can open your documents in your IDE, browse in your chats, etc etc...14:42
darkwizzard_Also did anyone try the kde4 version of Kdevelop ?14:43
darkwizzard_I don't see that either in the repos14:43
Alex135kde4 is crowding up the repos14:45
ForgeAussame here...14:45
ForgeAusI havn't tried it14:45
Alex135they need to seperate the kde4 stuff from teh kde 314:45
darkwizzard_Err, I think it is separated14:45
darkwizzard_IIRC it's a different depository14:45
ForgeAusthey will in Ubuntu with Intrepid I tihnk14:45
ForgeAusthey're going to make .kde kde4 with no kde3 :(14:45
darkwizzard_you mean kde4 will be the default on intrepid ?14:46
ForgeAusyou can use an extra repo to get closer to cutting edge KDE yes...14:46
ForgeAusie 4.1.1 or something insead of the 4.0.3 in the repos)14:46
Alex135i hate kde414:46
ForgeAusyes intrepid will be kde414:46
Alex135i rather have kde314:46
Alex135i know how to use kde314:46
ForgeAusme too Alex14:46
darkwizzard_same here14:46
darkwizzard_still use kde314:47
darkwizzard_but they say 4.2 will be usable14:47
Alex135besides kde3 is much more realistic for the advanced linux user14:47
ForgeAusI want them to add legacy kde3 in it.. but nobdoy seems to be listening to me14:47
ForgeAusI base my OS on kde3, I like plyaing with kde4 but I don't make it default14:47
darkwizzard_I bet they will support kde3 too14:47
ghostcubekde4 isnt ready14:47
ghostcubethats just the fact and 4.2 wont be too14:47
ForgeAuswell when intrepid comes around kde4 will be better than it is now, but will it be *THERE* yet?14:47
Alex135while kde4 has a lot of fancy crud (even when it is done) they should have an option to switch kde4 to make it look like kde3 (menus act the same way)14:48
ghostcubei run compiz i dont need kde4 eye candy14:48
ForgeAusyou can use the kmenu from kde3 in kde414:48
ForgeAusbut thats not it...14:48
darkwizzard_I don't know14:48
Alex135you know what i mean though14:48
darkwizzard_KDE 4 on OpenSuse is kind of ahead14:48
ghostcubeu will see if the users are complaining about this new kde 4 default thing14:49
ForgeAusactually I prefer KDE4 to compiz except the desktop cube is missing :(14:49
ForgeAusthe panel/kicker isn't as customizable yet...14:49
ghostcubeand i would say they will do14:49
Alex135i didn't like openSuSe because of its menu's more or less14:49
ForgeAusgive it time... see what happens...14:49
Alex135now that kde 4 is going to that im really upset14:49
darkwizzard_I don't like OpenSUSE because of it's package management :)14:49
ghostcubeopensuse is not good last suse was good was 6.214:49
ForgeAusI just hope they do decide to put in a .kde3 (so .kde4 can be default if they want it that way...)14:49
Alex135they will for a bit14:50
ghostcubeif they kick kde3 they will lose users14:50
darkwizzard_I bet there will be some repo with kde3 packages14:50
Alex135but in october 2009 they end all kde314:50
Alex135in ubuntu anyway14:50
darkwizzard_hell yeah, I'd rather use gnome than kde414:50
ghostcubewell see14:50
Alex135it says so on they're site14:50
ghostcubeyep i will switch to gnome too if this happens14:50
darkwizzard_October 2009, by that time KDE4 should be awesome14:50
ForgeAusdarkwizzard I wonder if kde3 will continue to be developed after this latest .10 release?14:51
darkwizzard_no, they don't work on it anymore14:51
Alex135probably not14:51
darkwizzard_only bugfixes14:51
ForgeAusI think its sad that they want kde4 to be the only choice :(...14:51
ghostcubeas far as there is no replacement for an working kcontrol i dont want kde414:51
Alex135just like they arn't working on gnome anymore but the new gnome 214:51
darkwizzard_it will be ok.But KDE4 needs a lot of work :)14:51
Alex135it looks sorta nice right now... but i hate it14:51
ForgeAusyou don't need it in kubuntu ghostcube, kubuntu has a system-settings which does kcontrol for you basically14:51
ForgeAusbut yeah I think its important that they get/have a kcontrol even still14:52
ghostcubei use kcontrol since years14:52
darkwizzard_well they focused too much on the API details instead of porting apps14:52
ghostcubeand i wont use systemsettings ever14:52
darkwizzard_me too14:52
ghostcubethis windooz crap14:52
darkwizzard_I like kcontrol better14:52
darkwizzard_it's more powerfull14:52
ForgeAushehe I have a settings icon on my desktop for kcontrol :)14:52
ghostcubei have kicked systemsettings of kmenu14:53
ghostcubeand use kcontrol14:53
ForgeAuswait not desktop panel14:53
ActionParsnipjust edit .conf files ;014:53
darkwizzard_That explains why I haven't seen kdevelop kde4 in the repost14:53
ghostcubeActionParsnip: heh14:53
darkwizzard_it's not ported yet :d14:53
ForgeAusI should put a kdesu konqueror and kdesu terminal on there too, right now I only got basic user ones...14:54
ForgeAusby terminal I mean konsole of course14:54
ghostcubei run gnome terminal cause it has real opacity14:54
Alex135ill manually redevelop the setup of kde4 to make it look like kde3 myself if i must, but i hate the way it looks like openSuSE and windows vista14:54
ForgeAusis there still a gnome-multi-terminal?14:54
ActionParsnipghostcube: yakuake for me14:54
ForgeAuswhats the diff between that and powershell anyhow?14:55
ActionParsnipForgeAus: terminal suppots tabs14:55
ghostcubeyakuake ?14:55
ActionParsnip!yakuake | ghostcube14:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yakuake14:55
ForgeAusits a quake-inspired terminal for kde14:55
KiDFlaShsomeone know a good, xorg.conf tutorial?14:55
ActionParsnipok basically it like this14:55
ghostcubethe terminal14:55
ghostcubelol yes i know14:55
Alex135wops, my bad14:55
Alex135KiDFlaSh: what do you need?14:55
ActionParsnipghostcube: it uses konsole but moves up and down with a hotkey14:55
Alex135KiDFlaSh: as in what are you trying to do in the xorg.conf14:55
darkwizzard_KiDFlaSh: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is good for basic things14:55
ForgeAusI've never played quake so I guess its like yakuake :)14:56
ghostcubeActionParsnip: yes tried it :)14:56
ActionParsnipghostcube: in gnome the equiv is tilda14:56
ghostcubeforget about the name lol14:56
Alex135darkwizzard_: that doesn't work as well in ubuntu 8.0414:56
KiDFlaShbut i i reconfigure THERE IS NOTHING14:56
ghostcubeActionParsnip: i run the embedded terminal on compiz cube14:56
KiDFlaShno driver nothing14:56
Alex135darkwizzard_: it just scews everything up14:56
ghostcubeso gnome-terminal was needed14:56
darkwizzard_KiDFlaSh: backups ?14:56
ForgeAuscept with an upgraded doom game behind it14:56
darkwizzard_check /etc/X11/14:56
KiDFlaShi show you my xorg.conf14:56
darkwizzard_for older versions of xorg.conf14:56
Alex135use pastebin14:56
ghostcubenvidia-xconfig --add-argb-visuals --d2414:57
ghostcubeisnt this going14:57
Alex135your right, it isn't setup properly14:57
KiDFlaShthere is nothing in14:57
darkwizzard_it's kind of short :)14:57
Alex1351 sec, ill send mine14:57
darkwizzard_should I paste mine ?14:57
KiDFlaShif you want14:57
darkwizzard_I'm an ati user14:58
darkwizzard_unfortunately for me :)14:58
KiDFlaShi use ati too14:58
Alex135are you trying to setup ati or nvidia14:58
Alex135nvm then14:59
Alex135never did ati14:59
Alex135i was gonna post my nvidia xorg.conf14:59
darkwizzard_I'm using the open source radeon driver14:59
darkwizzard_so you need to modify the driver section if you use fglrx14:59
Alex135i have had so much trouble with nvidia that i can setup just about ANY nvidia carde14:59
=== robert__ is now known as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Alex135from all the troubleshooting i do14:59
KiDFlaShi dont know which driver15:00
Alex135atliest on ubuntu anyway15:00
ActionParsnipAlex135: trien envyng-qt?15:00
KiDFlaShi have the preinstalled ubuntu driver15:00
Tm_TActionParsnip: I woudln't recommend it15:00
KiDFlaShdont know which ubuntu uses15:00
Alex135ActionParsnip: what is that?15:00
ActionParsnipTm_T: works fine, except having to roll back the driver to nv after a kernel reboot and rerunning15:00
Alex135KiDFlaSh: look at this.... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI15:01
ActionParsnip!envyng | Alex13515:01
ubottuAlex135: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk15:01
Alex135anyway i gotta head out15:01
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/15:01
Alex135time for class15:01
Alex135bye all15:01
darkwizzard_KiDFlaSh: but you should have your old xorg in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2008whateverdatitwas15:01
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbyer bye bye bye bye bye ybr15:01
ActionParsnipTm_T: I know the works for me deal15:02
=== xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is now known as xxx
ActionParsnipTm_T: thats why i gave him the factoid15:02
KiDFlaShyes i have15:02
=== xxx is now known as fushit
darkwizzard_then you can check the driver there15:02
KiDFlaShi want know which driver i have15:02
=== fushit is now known as darkerwizard
darkwizzard_well open an older one15:03
darkwizzard_and see the driver section15:03
=== darkwizzard_ is now known as DarkWizzard
KiDFlaShi have 315:04
darkerwizardyou can not tell the difference15:04
KiDFlaShloike 2008xxxxx15:04
DarkWizzardwhat's with the spamming ?15:04
=== werner_ is now known as wernerm
darkerwizardbrand new 2008 models15:04
darkerwizardjust testing15:04
DarkWizzardyeah right15:05
darkerwizardmy first time on irc15:05
DarkWizzardanyway I gtg15:05
DarkWizzardsee ya later guys15:05
=== darkerwizard is now known as need_cancer_must
wernermHi! Has anyone here ever built vsftpd from source package (like .tar.gz) ?15:07
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:07
gppower drains in just 45  min15:07
need_cancer_mustoh no15:07
gpi have sony via fa11s laptop15:07
=== need_cancer_must is now known as dyingofcancer
gpi have sony via fa11s laptop15:08
gppower drains in just 45  min15:08
dyingofcancercheck the logs15:08
kunim_anyone ever got a ati/amd hd3200 card working properly under ubuntu? it always hardlocks my pc when playing videos with the latest (and older) fglrx drivers...15:08
gphany power managegment pakage for this ?15:08
gpany power managegment pakage for this ?15:08
=== kunim_ is now known as kunim
gpman my laptop also runs freaking hot15:09
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:09
gppower drains in just 45  min15:09
dyingofcancerthat is why u r loosing power15:09
gpman my laptop also runs freaking hot15:09
gpany power managegment pakage for this ?15:09
KiDFlaShDarkWizzard: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44908/15:09
dyingofcancerput on speedstep15:09
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:09
gpman my laptop also runs freaking hot15:09
gppower drains in just 45  min15:10
gpany power managegment pakage for this ?15:10
gpi have sony via fa11s laptop15:10
dyingofcancer <dyingofcancer> put on speedstep15:10
gpam i invisible ?15:10
gpyo hoooo15:10
gpoks lol :-)15:10
cuznti just do not know the answer15:11
gpdoes ubuntu has power managent issues ?15:11
cuzntnot with me15:11
cuzntbut i have a tower15:11
gpi am taking about laptop15:11
cuzntmaybe your inside is dirty15:12
dyingofcancerhave u googled it?15:12
cuzntpc that is15:12
dyingofcanceru can get a cooler u know15:12
gpi can airtic also15:12
gpor use it in fidge15:12
gpwhat the ubuntu ir channel15:13
gpmaybe people know there15:13
ForgeAusI don't get it Yahoo supports Opera web browser but not Konqueror?15:14
geekprobably cause they only really test the windows based browsers15:15
dyingofcancersafari is windows now15:15
ForgeAusah and safari is now windows, but back when it wasn't yet they still had safari15:16
Tm_Tdyingofcancer: no, that nick is not welcome, I afraid15:21
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:22
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:22
dyingofcancerwhat kind of problems?15:22
Tm_Tgp: no need to repeat, son (:15:22
Tm_Tdyingofcancer: mind to change your nick?15:22
dyingofcancersure go ahead15:22
dyingofcancersurprise me15:22
Tm_Tdyingofcancer: I mean, you change it15:22
geekForgeAus: lol. sad thing is i'm RDPing into a session just for google chrome. its growing on me15:23
gpman my laptop also runs freaking hot15:23
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:23
=== dyingofcancer is now known as notfair
gpany power managegment pakage for this ?15:23
gpi have sony via fa11s laptop15:23
notfairi just googled that - there is no such laptop type15:24
gpi am facing issues with unbu /kubuntu on my laptop15:26
Frekusony vaio ?15:26
gpFreku: do u know how to resolve it15:27
=== root is now known as Guest30873
Frekunope  was just trying to get the name of the laptop right15:28
Frekubecause didnt find it on google15:28
Frekuim a linux newbie15:28
KiDFlaShdo someone know a GOOD xorg.conf TUTORIAL?15:29
=== mcas_away is now known as mcas
Frekuif you search on google  "sony viao kubuntu"  maybe you get something15:30
urbineki've go realy weird problem with my DNS15:33
urbineki can ping them but they aren't translating www > IP ;/15:33
notfairexamine the dns return packet15:34
notfairthere is an error code field15:34
urbinekhow ?15:34
notfairpacket sniffer15:34
urbinekwell, i can't install it now15:35
Frekuuse opendns servers ?15:35
urbinekurbinek@haruko:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf15:36
Tm_T!pastebin | urbinek15:37
ubottuurbinek: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)15:37
urbineki can't browse web, how can i paste code there ...15:37
Frekuautomated response15:37
Tm_Turbinek: how you can irc then? ;)15:39
urbineki can conect with IP15:39
ForgeAuswhy can't you browse?15:39
ForgeAusport80 blocked or something?15:39
urbineki't looks like DNS problem15:40
urbinekurbinek@haruko:~$ ping google.pl15:40
urbinekping: unknown host google.pl15:40
urbinekurbinek@haruko:~$ ping
urbinekPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.15:40
urbinek64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=241 time=47.4 ms15:40
urbinekhttp:// will open google but http://google.com not ...15:42
Frekuvery odd15:43
urbineki know, i think that problem is at my lan serwer side but admin says no15:44
gx009any links to kubuntu 8.10 alpha3 ?15:45
Frekuif you have an admin  let him solve the problem  :)15:45
nighty_is there a way to install kubuntu on an external harddisk from an existing kubuntu system wich is actually booted?15:45
nighty_like gentoo etc...15:45
urbinekFreku: hehe right but i he will be at home about 00:00 ... (16.46 here  in Poland :) )15:47
Frekuno way for you to solve the problem, unless you reorganise some cables15:48
urbinekFreku: so it's hardweare side ?15:48
Frekuprobally not15:49
Frekui thought if you connected your pc directly to internet15:49
Frekuyou can try15:49
urbinekit's quite impossible :P15:49
gx009any links to kubuntu8.10 with the 2.6.26 kernel?15:50
Frekuwell leave the admin a note and watch some tv / sleep15:50
urbinekmhm :)15:51
Frekumaybe try a livecd15:51
gx009time to test this debian 4.0 then15:51
urbinekdon't have any right now ;/15:52
Frekueh  download it15:52
Frekuill try to find ip15:52
urbinekmy neiber have one :D15:53
Frekuah ok15:53
urbinekbrb 15 min15:53
Frekuill be gone by then15:53
urbinekmhm, thanks cu15:53
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slammer25can anyone help with a bcm 4306 wireless card16:15
vikkucan some one help me install the headers ... iam getting following err msg http://paste.ubuntu.com/44932/16:16
stethoHi - I have three folders of MP3s on my machine. Each folder has the structure some_folder>artist_name>album_name>some_tracks.mp3 - is there any way to merge these three folders or is it a manual task?16:22
MarcoBXBRO1what is the best vnc program for remote usage16:23
notfairdepends on ur needs16:29
=== richard is now known as Guest98160
MarcoBXBRO1remote on kde16:31
numberiWhenever I create any samba shares, I can see the shares both locally and from other machines on the network, but when I try entering any shared directory I get this message:16:45
numberiThe file or folder smb://machine/blah does not exist16:45
numberinow i can access folders in win XP from linux16:47
v6luris it normal, that hardy offers to upgrade "linux-libc-dev (2.6.24-21.42 => 2.6.27-3.4)", as hardy's kernel is 2.6.24 ?16:58
callewhat is the ip address to quakenet?16:59
=== asdffiojugkf_p is now known as Pulseczarster
ForgeAususe the command /dns irc.quakenet.org (assuming thats a valid server) and it should tell you calle17:06
ForgeAusfor most IRC clients the /dns command resolves DNS <-> IP afaik...  I could be wrong there...17:07
ForgeAusok well doesn't work here ...17:13
ForgeAusanyway: is one irc.quakenet.org server17:13
ForgeAus(I found out by pinging it from cli)17:13
numberii have questions anbout samba17:14
gadoffhello people17:15
AardvarksQuestion: How can I boot directly into a shell without starting X?17:16
numberiload without x?17:17
AardvarksHow do you mean?17:17
ForgeAusone way is to boot to recovery mode17:20
ForgeAusanother is to simply switch virtual terminals (ie use control + alt + F keys to switch between tty's) but that will still load X if you boot normally17:20
ForgeAusyou just get to switch to a CLI that isn't in X17:20
ForgeAusyou can try it even now if your in X try ctrl + alt + F1 (to get back afaik it should be ctrl + alt +F7 by default...)17:21
ForgeAushowever I don't know how to stop X once its started so I can't help you there... and the only way I know to not enter X with kubuntu to begin with is using recovery mode...  (or fudge up your xorg.conf but I don't suggest doing that)17:22
rayluyou can stop x11 in a tty using killall Xorg17:24
rayluor killall kdm17:25
numberiWhenever I create any samba shares, I can see the shares both locally and from other machines on the network, but when I try entering any shared directory I get this message:17:26
numberiThe file or folder smb://machine/blah does not exist17:26
numberii can access folders in win XP from linux17:26
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jiMMiE_bOhey folks17:26
raylunumberi, consider using openssh-server17:27
jiMMiE_bOwhich player do you prefer to play your dvds?!17:29
BraveSpearI have a question about preventing devices from being mounted at startup. Any one know about it?17:40
GreenPeaceHello! I did activate propiretary drivers for my wirless and it became very slow.17:40
GreenPeaceI can't find propiretary drivers tool  in kmenu to disable drivers.17:41
GreenPeaceWhat is the name of command to run this tool?17:41
lakshmananhi, how do i install compiz fusion in kubuntu. i have kde 3.517:42
lakshmananhi, how do i install compiz fusion in kubuntu. i have kde 3.517:42
venikWhen I type Cntrl-Alt-F1 I should get a terminal session, but I don't.  DOes this have to do with the fact taht I am running KDE4.1.1?17:43
rayluvenik, no17:44
venikhow do I fix it?17:44
raylu!ask | BraveSpear17:45
ubottuBraveSpear: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:45
rayluvenik, i actually have no idea :P17:45
jerome_hi all17:45
crazy6My wireless card doesn't show up under KNetworkManager menu ; the only thing I changed recently is that I did a _manual_ config of the essid through the System Settings panel17:46
venikthis used to work until I installed the dreaded KDE417:46
venikand has not worked since then17:46
emilsedghGreenPeace: System Settings->Advanced17:46
venikeverything else SEEMS to work OK17:46
raylucrazy6, does ifconfig show it?17:46
emilsedgh!repeat | lakshmanan17:46
ubottulakshmanan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience17:46
crazy6raylu: yeah, I amusing it right now (did command line iwconfig essid blah, dhclient wlan0)17:47
rayluhaha, that's an interesting command17:47
crazy6well you know what I mean17:48
GreenPeaceemilsedgh there is no such tool in kde4 system setting dialog, may be you know command name?17:48
rayluno, i meant !repeat, sorry17:48
crazy6iwconfig wlan0 essid blah && ifconfig wlan0 up && dhclient wlan017:48
jerome_raylu: probably you will find information in your /var/log/messages file17:49
jerome_or the /var/log/boot.log17:49
rayluer...what? i didn't ask a question17:50
jerome_ho sorry raylu it's for crazy617:50
GreenPeaceSo, how can I disable propiretary driver for my wifi card under kde4.1?17:51
crazy6jerome_: ? what am I looking for? my wireless does work, it's just that knetworkmanager won't show it17:51
lakshmananhi, i want to install compiz fusion in kubuntu, i have kde 3.5 version ..please help17:52
jerome_crazy6:  ok, but if the knetworkmanager won't show it it's probably because it don't work well17:52
jerome_crazy6: so you need to undestand if the log file contain information about it17:53
jerome_no undestand sorry but see17:53
jerome_my english is not so good sorry17:53
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jerome_lakshmanan: aptitude install compiz in a terminal as root17:54
lakshmananwhats the exact package name17:55
jerome_with sudo in fact  ( bad reflex with debian)17:55
jerome_patitude search compiz you will find it17:55
jerome_aptitude sorry17:55
vaio__Привет всем! Руские есть.17:55
lakshmananok.. then how do i configure the settings of it17:55
ForgeAussudo apt-get install compiz17:55
lakshmanani mean compiz effects17:55
ForgeAusI would recommend17:55
venikWhen I type Cntrl-Alt-F1 I should get a terminal session, but I don't.  DOes this have to do with the fact taht I am running KDE4.1.1?17:55
crazy6hrm might be related to booting up with the wireless switch off17:56
ForgeAuslakshmanan what video card do you have?17:56
jerome_you need to install emerald to17:56
ForgeAusif its NVidia or ATI you might want to make sure your drivers are installed correctly first (go to #compiz-fusion for more assistance)17:56
lakshmananForgeAus:i don have a video card..probably the one that intel gave me...17:56
jerome_ForgeAus:  your right17:57
ForgeAusand or compiz-kde-decorator (or whatever the kde package is)17:57
jerome_be careful with the drivers of your video card17:57
ForgeAuslakshmanan even if its integrated onboard, then you still have video display hardware17:57
ForgeAuswhich is essentially a built-in video card17:57
jerome_ForgeAus:  i think that the other pakages come with the dependancies17:58
lakshmananany prob with that17:58
ForgeAuslspci should list it, but I think you need a | grep (that I wouldn't know how to format for you but... )17:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:58
ForgeAusthere should be more details there in that website...17:58
ForgeAusjust check if your card is ATI or NVidia (or Matrox) if so you need to read on, if not then you can relax as long as you can turn composite on without an error compiz will work for you :)17:59
jerome_ForgeAus:  and make a small script bash in your /home/user/.kde/Autostart to start it at the beginning of your session if you don't want that every user use it18:00
ForgeAusjerome :) nice ...18:00
ForgeAusatually it would be handy to have a prompt or something to turn it off but perhaps leave it on by default?18:01
=== nico_ is now known as caransac
jerome_ForgeAus:  it's what i do because my girl friend don't like it so.... :)18:01
ForgeAushehe :)18:03
jerome_ForgeAus:  for my user it sztart at the beginning of my session and i never have to stop it for my session but ...18:03
jerome_ForgeAus:  it's the only way i found to start it automatically for me and not start for my girlfriend18:04
jerome_ForgeAus:  in the script you have just to put 3 line like that18:06
jerome_compiz --replace &18:06
jerome_emerald --replace &18:06
v6luris it normal, that hardy offers to upgrade "linux-libc-dev (2.6.24-21.42 => 2.6.27-3.4)", as hardy's kernel is 2.6.24 ?18:06
[Relic]Hello :)18:06
jerome_hi [Relic]18:06
Darkrift2isnt there a gui drive mapping software for linux that shows you which folders are the largest etc?18:06
v6lurDarkrift2: in konqueror: view -> mode -> file size view (or similar)18:07
BraveSpearHow do I prevent any drives (other than the cd rom) from being mounted when booting a livecd18:07
ForgeAuskdiskfree? I think...18:07
Darkrift2that sounds like it18:07
jerome_Darkrift2: i don't now but a small script can do that18:07
ForgeAustheres another one or two too that give you graphical views of disk usage I can't remember any of them offhand tho18:07
Darkrift2its a one time use, so ill try the first one18:08
jerome_BraveSpear:  you can use the mount command18:08
ForgeAusjerome he wasn't to prevent18:09
jerome_ho sorry18:09
ForgeAusshort answer BraveSpear is you can't18:09
ForgeAussince its a LiveCD you can't change the data on it, all you can do is unmount them after boot18:10
ForgeAusor remaster the LiveCD18:10
jerome_exactly ForgeAus18:10
jerome_hummm what is the french channel?18:11
ForgeAuscome to think of it DVD was a silly acronym, I often put non-video data on a DVD :) hehe18:12
jerome_parceque bon en anglais j'essaie mais je dois pouvoir aider davantage en français18:12
Sixzero_DVD was supposed to stand for Digital Versatile Disc.18:12
ForgeAusahh ok well I've only seen it called Digital Video Disk18:13
Darkrift2i had heard that but guess it never went through18:13
ForgeAusbut the classic one that made me laugh the hardest was whne I heard about DDR :)18:13
ForgeAusDouble Data-Rate :)...18:13
Sixzero_Digital Video Disc just seems easier to identify it by considering the format's main use.18:13
ForgeAusI asked them if they were serious when they first told me... nowerdays it sounds kinda normal but back then it was absurd!18:14
[Relic]finally some work on getting coretemps for 45nms working, just no clue on how to work this patch to test it  :(18:14
[Relic]https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/235119   <-  Am I just recompiling the kernel for this one to test it?18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235119 in linux "Coretemp outdated / can't show 45nm core temps" [Medium,Fix committed]18:17
jerome_ForgeAus:  sorry but i don't undestand what you want to say18:17
mixed1234hello gurus, how do I find out where my USB drive was mounted to???18:20
jerome_nobody can give me the channel for french?18:20
Pici!fr | jerome_18:20
ubottujerome_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr18:20
jerome_think ubottu18:20
jerome_mixed1234:  yes you to?18:21
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr18:21
BraveSpear<ForgeAus> I have remastered a livecd, but need to prevent any devices from being mounted during bootup and afterwards. Any idea how to do that?18:24
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amerigo! dual-boot18:40
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:40
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JackWinteri have a problem with kded "racing" and consuming much cpu.  any ideas ?18:47
BraveSpearI have remastered a livecd, but need to prevent any devices from being mounted during bootup and afterwards. Any idea how to do that?18:47
ubuntu_hi all18:48
JackWinteram on hardy, if i sighup the process the media manager no longer works18:48
ubuntu_who could tell me whats better kubuntu or ubuntu?18:50
JackWinteri have read of a similar bug, but that included attaching usb media, all usb media is turned off and still have the problem18:50
=== ubuntu_ is now known as deamoon
jerome_ubuntu it's just the grapghic environement change ubuntu is on gnome and kde is on KDE18:51
deamoonhmm and whats the diferents betwen kde and gnome18:52
deamoonsry forthese question but im new on this18:52
jerome_deamoon:  it's not the same, somone prefer KDE it's look like near windows, gnome is more lite but you can try18:54
deamoonok i c18:55
jerome_deamoon: but you can on a ubuntu installing kde a start the graphical environnement you want at the beginning of the session18:55
deamoonnewer saw that18:55
deamoonguys help me with partitions greation18:57
jerome_deamoon: and uninstall the graphical environnment you don't use after. you must undestand that the base of the system is the same it's just the windows manager is différent18:57
jerome_and you system can work without graphical environnment like a serveur with only console18:58
jerome_deamoon:  explain what you want18:59
deamooni whant install this kubuntu18:59
deamoonbut i need have windows on disk c18:59
deamoondisk d is free18:59
deamoon168593 free space18:59
deamoonon d18:59
deamoonhdd partition19:00
jerome_so for partition you need to select the d but is name is not like that  is hdd19:00
jerome_and you need 2 partition on minimal19:00
jerome_one for the /19:00
jerome_and one for the swap19:00
jerome_fior the size of the swap let the default value19:01
deamoon168593 from this space how much i should give to it19:01
jerome_how size do you want to offer to your kubuntu?19:01
deamoon10gb enought19:02
deamoonor more?19:02
definitelyhow to save session config which is loaded at the moment ?19:02
jerome_the system probably use 1 GB so the other is for your datas19:02
wernermAnyone using KDE4?19:03
deamoonso it should be ok19:03
=== kasper is now known as kasper_
jerome_ok and probabbly 1 GB for the swap19:03
definitelywernerm: me19:03
jerome_kasper_:  hi19:03
jerome_deamoon:  or 9 and 1 as you want19:04
deamoonwhat u mean 9or 119:04
jerome_9 for the / and 1 for the swap19:05
deamooni did 15 on /19:05
wernermdefinately: I have been using KDE3 for last couple of years (I only use linux) but I can't get used to KDE4 - it's foreign and a bit unstable still  (though fast) but I can't figure out how to do stuff (like basic stuff) to customize it Thus, my question:  Is there a *good* online guide to KDE4 written especially for KDE3 users??19:05
jerome_or 10 for the / and 1 for the swap but in ths way it's 11 for linux19:05
deamoonand 1 swap19:05
jerome_deamoon:  good19:05
definitelywernerm: I dont think there is any full guide, i didint used guide, in btw kde 4.1.1 is more stable :)19:06
amerigo! wubi19:07
wernermdefinitely: I'll use any version that Hardy can provide19:07
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.19:07
wernermWhy would you want to run *nix apps on Windows?19:08
amerigoit's refered to me19:08
wernerm(I'm just curious, not against the whole idea or anything, I think it's wonderful that it *can* be done)19:08
rjune_because you like *nix apps more then the win32 counterparts?19:09
wernermYeah, but then why use windows? Because some crucial win32 apps are not ever being ported to *nix? (lol)19:10
wernermDamn, wubi is actually quite cool, just been through the site. If I had Windows, I would use it.19:24
wernermYeah, well I did not know about it19:25
=== minifig_ is now known as Daniel_Minifig
ForgeAuswhats it do exactly? I thought it just installed ubuntu19:25
Daniel_MinifigAnyone familiar with VLC?19:25
wernermI was taken aback by finding out that such technology (apps) exists. Very interesting19:26
ForgeAuspersonally I like AndLinux for an embedded Linux if not Vmware, etc...19:26
=== berruer is now known as esbe
Daniel_MinifigWhen you close Amarok, it goes by the clock.  Any way to do that with VLC?19:26
frybyeDaniel_Minifig: use vlc a bit but no expert...19:26
ForgeAusDaniel I use it but I aren't familiar with its intricacies possibly19:26
wernermWell, the fact that it *just installs Ubuntu* on freakin' Win32 is quite cool, I must say. I thought it installed *nix apps on windows, almost kinda like another cygwin type of clone19:27
ForgeAusuh its Amarok that I'm even less familiar with! rofl19:27
Daniel_MinifigKaffeine does that but shuts off the music.19:27
ForgeAusno wernerm I think you need to exit windows to run them19:27
ForgeAusessentially its a dualboot right?19:27
wernermDaniel_Minifig: You mean you want to minimize VLS to the system tray?19:28
ForgeAusnot sure what it does in the way of partitioning19:28
frybyewernerm: VLC - or?19:28
Daniel_MinifigYeah and have it of the taskbar.19:28
ForgeAusor if it has some kinda wrapper to host ubuntu on ntfs19:28
Daniel_MinifigIhave it on constantly playing a radio station.19:29
wernermForgeAus: Oh, ok - Still kewl that you don't need to partition your drive. Wonder how the speed of it *really* is when installed that way?19:29
ForgeAusyou can put any app in the taskbar if you want...19:29
wernermDaniel_Minifig: Can realplayer not do such a thing?19:29
ForgeAuswernerm ok no partitioning? so how do they mount with grub4dos?19:29
ForgeAuserm boot not mount...19:29
Daniel_MinifigWhen you minimize it goes to the taskbar.  I am trying to getit to stay on but show by the clock.19:30
ForgeAusthat would make my kubuntu partition redundant lol19:30
ForgeAusthen again so does andlinux I guess19:30
wernermForgeAus: http://wubi-installer.org/19:30
wernermForgeAus: I don't have Win32, so I just find it facinating that it can be done. Since I only use Linux, I don't really need to make anything else run anywhere :D19:31
ForgeAusthat site doesn't answer any of my questions lol19:31
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=== gary_ is now known as scarygary
ForgeAusahh ok wubi hosts ubuntu as a single file on ntfs19:33
ForgeAus(or fat32 presumably but you'd probably have size issues that way)19:33
wernermYeah that seems to be the worst file system19:34
ForgeAusso essentially its AndLinux... only boots natively to it presumably by adding a boot.ini entry to something like grub4dos that mounts it19:34
ForgeAusactually I don't mind fat32 for the most part, the only 2 things I likea bout ntfs is the size handling isn't limited to 4gig files (or whatever) and that it has built in compression :)...19:35
fdovingso, is intrepid usable?19:36
ForgeAusI think its still in alpha unless tahts changed over the last day or three19:36
scarygaryI just upgraded to kde 4.1.1 and all i get when i log on is a terminal.19:37
scarygaryUhm.. Wuut?19:37
scarygaryWhat did i do wrong?19:38
scarygary4.1 worked fine before.19:39
fdovingdid you select the correct session from the kdm logon screen?19:39
scarygaryYou mean what window manager to use?19:39
fdovingscarygary: yes.19:41
scarygaryAll i have is Default(Previous) and Failsafe19:42
scarygaryNo KDE or KDE419:42
katcitahey, I've just upgraded to latest intrepid and I get 'no greeter plugin found' when kdm starts and then it just freezes, any idea how to fix that?19:43
zanberdoI'm running kubuntu 8.04.1. I have the NVidia GeForce 7600 card installed.  I have been running with the restricted drivers but wanted to try the latest driver from nvidia.  I installed 173 but it failed to load.  After many attempts to get it working I found it might be better to restore my previous drivers.  I ran the uninstall for the new nvidia driver and reinstalled nvidia-glx-new.  However my display is still broken.  How can I19:45
zanberdoremove/reinstall the packed drivers and get the kernal modules loaded?19:45
kottletthi! for hardy - what do I need to the sources.list for the development repository?19:48
SeanTaterHow do I get Network Manager to forget my manual configuration (and use automatic again)?19:52
BraveSpearI have remastered a livecd, but need to prevent any devices from being mounted during bootup and afterwards. Any idea how to do that?19:58
acocanyone here have a ubuntu-kubuntu duel boot20:00
ForgeAusyou just need to specify the root being on hda2 or sdb3 or wherever the partition is20:01
ForgeAus(and hd0,3 vs hd1,2)20:02
ForgeAusits all modifyable in /boot/grub/menu.lst20:02
ForgeAusbut I find an ubuntu/kubuntu dualboot unnecessary since you can install ubunut-desktop + kubuntu-dekstop without dualbooting20:03
acocI'm specifically interested in calling the linux-images different names20:03
ForgeAusyou simply chose from the kdm (or gdm) menu which desktop you wish to boot into....20:03
acocI'm actually using OzOs and Ubuntu20:03
acocOzOs is a derivation of kubuntu20:04
ForgeAusif you wanted different ones I'd go for something more radical like suse & ubuntu or Mandriva & Kubuntu20:04
kottlettSeanTater: try using knetworkmanager, manual config -> configure device -> (X) Automatic20:04
ForgeAususing enlightenment yes?20:04
acocyep OzOs uses enlightenment20:05
ForgeAusI'm guessing all it is is ubuntu + OzOs's own custom repository20:05
acocit's surprisingly stable20:06
ForgeAusthe base ubuntu enlightenment packages for hardy I think are still e16 not so good, so the Oz.Os ones are probably newer20:06
ForgeAusbut other than that not much different I'm guessing20:06
acocthe enlightenment packages are cvs based, so they allow the user to update the windows manager from cvs whenever the'd like20:07
SeanTaterkottlett:  Thanks20:08
acocthe repos also have themes and modules specific to ozos20:08
acocbut back to the problem, as of now I just renamed the images from ubuntu and ozos to distro specific names and edited the menu.lst to be able to duel boot20:09
acocbut as I upgrade it will just overwrite these changes20:09
acocI was hoping there would be a way to set the name on installation within apt20:10
BraveSpearDoes anyone know what script creates fstab when the livecd is booting?20:12
sammcan someone help with a bcm 4306 wireless card20:14
sammits the only thing i cant seem to get working20:14
ForgeAusargh not again why does apt-url want to bring along half of gnome with it?20:17
=== baibhav is now known as Robbinwilliam
diredCan i manually enter the modes my LCD Laptop Screen should run at? The frequency is wrong20:21
acocForgeAus, I think I found what I was looking for, /etc/kernel-pkg.conf has options that affect how the kernel name is created20:23
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:26
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Robbinwilliamhey new guy in Kubuntu...20:33
RobbinwilliamHi to all of u there...20:33
diredcan you help me? I would like to enter the modes for my LCD manually, I am fine with the standard driver20:35
Robbinwilliamhi dired..20:35
diredit's an ati xpress 1250 card and I don't get the driver working properly20:35
RobbinwilliamI'm also here with some questions....20:37
Robbinwilliamcan anybody help me with brightness issue in HP?20:37
Robbinwilliamlol :D20:38
GreenPeaceHello! How can I find drivers utility in kde4? What is the name it have? I did install driver with it and now want to unistall but can't find that utility.20:50
JackWinterwhat would be the appropriate place to discuss a kubuntu/kde problem with kde --new-startup and the process racing ?20:51
JackWintersorry kded --new-startup20:51
GreenPeaceHey anyone on the chanal?20:52
dwidmannJackWinter: Well, you probably need to file a bug on launchpad and/or bugs.kde.org ... apart from that you might be able to borrow someone knowledgable in #kubuntu-devel20:55
JackWinterthanks dwidmann, i haven't found any relevant info on the kubuntu forums20:59
michael__does anyone know of a program that will let me stitch together two or more pdf pages into one document?20:59
definitelyHow to save session configs21:01
definitely ?21:01
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snooopsi got a little problem i relogged my notebook with the new Kubuntu and i didnt got my panel ...21:09
snooopshow can i get my panel back?21:09
jussi01snooops: with kde4?21:09
snooopsjussi01 yes21:09
jussi01snooops: jump over to #kubuntu-kde4 and we can see what we can do21:10
snooopsjussi01 thx ^^21:12
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estanhum. i don't get it, i have both kopete and kopete-kde4 installed, and in krunner i see both kopete for kde3 and for kde4.. but no matter what i choose only the one for kde4 is launched.21:19
estanhm.. launching /usr/bin/kopete worked for some reason.. wonder how come /usr/lib/kde4/bin is first in the path.21:21
KRFbecause you're in kde4? $PATH is prefixed with your current $KDEDIR21:22
KRFthat is /usr/lib/kde4/bin21:23
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estanKRF: hm. okay. then it was just krunner that wasn't smart enough..21:24
estanit gave me the choice of launching Kopete from KDE3, but it didn't work.21:25
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verduzI'm in trouble with Kubuntu's partition table. I tried to install kubunto with automatic partitioning but something went wrong. Now I'm trying an other installation but the automatic partition doesn't work...21:29
verduzI'm trying to install kubuntu in the same partitions created with the previous installation, but I don't know how to do it manually.21:30
Robbinwilliamhi this is Robbin...21:35
Robbinwilliamu need help on manual installation?21:35
verduzHy robbin, i desperately need help on manual installation21:36
Robbinwilliamso tell me about ur hd and how do u want to install in it?21:36
verduzWhell i wanted a dual boot windows/kubuntu21:37
verduzDuring the first installation I decided to use 12 GB for Kubuntu and 65 GB for windows21:37
Robbinwilliamok thats kl...21:37
verduzSomething went wrong. Lilo tries to boot Kubuntu but it doesn't start21:38
Robbinwilliamso while doing man..partitioning so u should recognize...it21:38
Robbinwilliamprobably by its size...21:38
Robbinwilliamor u can use free space...21:38
verduzNow I am in manual partitioning21:39
verduzI have only hda21:39
verduzhda1 fat32 65 GB (i think it's windows)21:39
Robbinwilliamno other partition all?21:39
verduzhda5 ext3 12 GB21:39
verduzhda6 swap 608 MB21:39
verduzwhat's next?21:40
Robbinwilliamok then whats the matter go ahead...21:40
verduzIn manual installation, i have those partition listed and I don't know how to go ahead21:40
Robbinwilliamu've chosen them as their proper type thats..fine,,,21:40
Robbinwilliamis hda5 chosen as root?? thats "/"21:41
verduzI don't want to dele my Windows partition. I only want to install Kubunto in the previous created partition21:41
verduzIt' says /dev/hda621:41
Robbinwilliamur confusing me..21:42
verduzand /dev/hda521:42
verduzi'm sory21:42
BraveSpearI have a livecd I have mastered and need to have kmix load into the systray at boot up.  I have created a soundmixer.desktop and placed it in /etc/skel/.kde/Autostart -- the command it execs is "ksystraycmd --hidden kmix" but it does not start hidden to the systray as it is supposed to. If I manually run the command after it boots it loads minimized.21:42
gerard_o et puis merde21:44
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BraveSpearNobody has a clue?21:47
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v6luris it normal, that hardy offers to upgrade "linux-libc-dev (2.6.24-21.42 => 2.6.27-3.4)", as hardy's kernel is 2.6.24 ?21:53
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Robbinwilliamhey wanna ask someone about mic volume issure?22:19
Robbinwilliamcan anybody help?22:19
Agent_bobwhat is this line of code trying to do in this shell script "var=$(/lib/udev/vol_id -t $1)" ???22:20
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rickestit's running 'vol_id -t <arg>' and putting the results of that command into $var22:24
Agent_bobi know that and the result is "error open volume"22:25
Agent_bobi mean what is it trying to do?    i.e.  what kind of output is it looking for ?22:25
rickestprobe filesystem type and read label and uuid22:26
Robbinwilliamhey help me to adjust mic volume..22:26
Robbinwilliamwhere can I adjust it?22:26
Agent_bobRobbinwilliam slider 'igain'  'mic'  and  'input'   in kmix  or alsamixer22:27
rickestso it's trying to determine if the file system of arg 1 (i.e., /dev/sda1) is 'ext3', 'reiserfs', etc22:27
Agent_bobrickest ok.   does it work on your system with you root fs as $1 ?22:27
favroI ran   /lib/udev/vol_id -t   in a terminal and it needs a filesystem type as an arg22:28
rickestAgent_bob: I don't know how $1 gets derefed22:28
rickestsudo vol_id -t /dev/sdqa122:29
rickester, /dev/sda122:29
nicolaquale programma riesce a convertire i file mpe wev22:29
Agent_bobhda: error open volume22:30
nicolavolevo dire mp322:30
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:30
Agent_bobdoesn't seem to work on my system.22:30
Agent_bobtty24 [root@dell.~] /lib/udev/vol_id -t hda22:30
Agent_bobhda: error open volume22:30
Agent_bob /dev/hda: error open volume22:31
jiMMiE_bOsilly question but, I want to change my desktop backroundpic and downloaded and "installed" a few, but now I don't know where I can find em?! so wazzup!? Ò.ó22:31
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favrosudo /lib/udev/vol_id --export -t /dev/hda6 got a result here Agent_bob22:39
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Agent_bobk testing22:39
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Agent_bobk it does seem to work with export  thanks.  tty24 [root@dell.~] /lib/udev/vol_id --export -t /dev/hda22:40
Sag_erIs this the right place to ask for help about installation problems?22:41
BlackDragonBEI would think so22:42
BlackDragonBESo what's the problem Sag_er?22:43
Sag_erit throw me into a shell when I try booting through live cd, after it identifies the hard drive and two dvd drives.22:44
Agent_bobSag_er two dvd drives... try booting it in the other drive ?22:45
Sag_erthe initial menu (kubuntu ... ) loads, I can choose to "start or install Kubuntu": should I still try to do it through the other DVD drive?22:48
BlackDragonBEyeah, put the LiveCD in the other drive and see what it does22:48
Sag_erOK - trying... thanks for now22:49
Sag_er(will be back soon if it does not work :)22:49
Wastet[bRe]how to set user to be root?22:51
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:51
ubottuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)22:51
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BlackDragonBEjust type 'sudo <your_app>' in a terminal and type your password, don't do this for just any app though, or you'll be almost as vulnerable as a windows user22:55
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Agent_bobBlackDragonBE are you going to fix it when they run   sudo konqueror   and start moving files in and out of $HOME ?22:56
Agent_boband changing setting o.O ?22:56
BlackDragonBEI said 'not just for any app', that includes konqueror22:57
Agent_bob ^  ubottu22:57
Wastet[bRe]i uses clamav , [testing] and [uses kde frontend] and i click update virus database, and says no root privilegues22:58
BlackDragonBEso you mean klamav?22:59
Agent_bobheh yeah clamav is or at least has been really screwed up.  it won't run for root (that's a feature) and yet needs root perms on some things... (that's an oxymoron)23:00
ChainedGX2i installed plasmoid-lancelot but i don't see it in add widgets. any ideas?23:00
Agent_bobChainedGX2 i have an idea that the kde4 specific channel would be a better place to ask that23:01
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde423:01
BlackDragonBEklamav needs root privileges to access the dazuko device23:03
BlackDragonBEnot really safe if you ask me23:03
Sag_erOK, I'm back...23:09
Sag_erthe second DVD does not work, so I disconnected it23:09
Sag_erstill, gets stuck in the BusyBox Shell23:09
Sag_erthe last thing it shows before throwing me into it is:23:10
ubuntu_hallo, ich b in gerade dabei kubuntu zu installieren, leider geht es seit zwei std. nicht mehr weiter. er häng bei 99% "instalationsprotokolle werden kopiert" kann mir mal einer weiterhelfen, danke!23:10
Sag_er"/build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: USB HID core driver"23:12
Agent_bob!de | ubuntu_23:12
ubottuubuntu_: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de23:12
Agent_bobSag_er that's not a usb dvd drive is it ?23:13
Sag_erIt's an internal dvd drive...23:13
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Wastet[bRe]can i log in as root instead of my created login?23:14
Wastet[bRe]or can i put my login with root privilegues23:14
Sag_erI tried adding "nousbstorage" to the boot options, still get the same thing23:14
Agent_bobSag_er anyway we can talk while you are in the busybox shell ?   have more than one computer ?23:15
Wastet[bRe]on user manager i set primary group root23:15
Agent_bob!sudo | Wastet[bRe]23:15
ubottuWastet[bRe]: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)23:15
Sag_erAgent_bob: yes23:15
Agent_bobSag_er ok in the busybox shell do this  ls /dev/scd*23:16
ahmeddrirasvp  c  est  quoi la meilleure machine virtuelle  que  je  peut  installer sur  mon Kubuntu23:16
ign0ramus!fr | ahmeddrira23:16
ubottuahmeddrira: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr23:16
Sag_erNo such file or directory23:16
ign0ramusahmeddrira: also, Virtualbox23:17
ahmeddriraso  i am  sory what  is  the  best  virtuel machin23:17
Agent_bobSag_er ok.  mknod /dev/scd0 b 11 023:17
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox23:17
ahmeddrira  i  try  it  but  it  dont  detect  usb23:17
ign0ramusahmeddrira: what is your guest machine (windows xp?)23:18
Agent_bobSag_er type in "exit" and see if it continues to load or loops back to the busybox prompt23:18
Sag_erback to busy box after:23:18
ahmeddrirayes  i  try  windows  xp23:19
Nyadhow do I change my root pwd? I tried sudo passwd  but it hasn't changed a thing, my pwd is still the same23:19
Nyadas my user pwd23:20
Sag_erunable to grab IRQ6 for the floppy drive, tried mounting /sys and /proc and /root/dev, but failed on all23:20
ign0ramusahmeddrira: PUEL (Personal Use & Evaluation License) Version - "Without this, your USB devices can't be used in the guest OS and you cannot use Windows Remote Desktop as a server in the guest OS."23:20
Agent_bobSag_er ok.   modprobe scsi-mod ;modprobe cdrom23:21
Sag_er"Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init" may have been the important line23:21
MrKennieNyad: why do you need to change your root password?23:21
Sag_erexit again?23:21
NyadMrKennie:  I set a bad one initially23:22
Agent_bobSag_er  mount /dev/scd0 /root ;exit23:22
ahmeddriraok  thanks  i  wil  try other23:22
ign0ramusahmeddrira: get the .deb file from Sun23:22
MrKennieNyad: it's better to use sudo rather than change the root password.23:23
Agent_bobSag_er ?23:23
Sag_ermount: cannot read /etc/fstab: No such file or directory23:23
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Sag_er(before I tried "exit")23:23
Agent_bobok.   and exit just loops ?23:23
ign0ramusahmeddrira: http://www.sun.com/software/products/virtualbox/index.jsp23:23
Sag_er"Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init"23:23
NyadMrKennie: but you need the root pwd to use sudo23:23
MrKennieNyad: no, it's asking you for your password23:24
MrKennieNyad: that's how it works23:24
ign0ramusahmeddrira: if you get the "virutalbox-ose" package through APT, you won't be able to use usb function23:24
Agent_bobSag_er i can tell you what the issue is, but i don't think i can solve it.   you need to modprobe a module for your hardware.... but i have no way of knowing which.23:24
MrKennieNyad: and unless you add other users to the admin group they can't use sudo23:24
Sag_erwhat is modprobe?23:25
Nyadcan't they use sudo and then type the root pwd23:25
MrKennieNyad: no, unless they manage to guess roots scrambled password23:25
ahmeddriraok  thanks  ign0ramus23:25
Agent_bobSag_er modprobe is a command that inserts module into the kernel    (module = small peace of code that add support for a specific peace of hardware)23:25
ign0ramusnp ahmeddrira23:25
MrKennie!sudo | Nyad23:25
ubottuNyad: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)23:25
Sag_erhow do I figure out which part of the hardware is problematic?23:26
ign0ramusroot is disabled by default in (k)ubuntu23:26
ign0ramussuperuser != root23:26
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Nyadoh, that's what had me confused23:28
Agent_bobSag_er you could ask in #ubuntu maybe someone in there is better versed in this sort of thing.     you can check the wiki/bug reports    to see if it's a known issue with that install cd   you can also try the "alternate install cd" which is a textmode (ncurses menu driver) installer and is more flexable.23:28
Agent_bobsuperuser == root   by default23:28
Sag_erThanks, Agent_bob!23:28
MrKenniesudo id -u and see what you get :P23:29
Agent_bobroot login is disabled    the account is locked so that you can't login as root.     but the superuser account is still there.23:29
MrKennieAgent_bob: didn't it used to be a scrambled password or something? unless I'm thinking of gentoo but anyway.23:30
Agent_bobMrKennie sudo -i id -u    or   sudo us - -- id -u      maybe.23:30
Agent_bobMrKennie no it's a locked password23:30
MrKennieAgent_bob: ah, k23:30
MrKenniehense the ! I guess23:30
Agent_bobx set and see shadow     ! locked     blahblahblah set and clear text md523:31
Agent_bob* set and blank23:32
Agent_bobiirc   ^23:32
MrKennieusing Linux for 8 years and still learning new stuff.23:32
Agent_bobme too23:32
ian__I'm running ubuntu, and I loaded kubuntu-desktop-kde4, and it was horribly horribly broken23:40
ian__the package kde4 wasn't installed, is this a dependancy issue in the repository, or do I need to calm down and wait for it to stabilize?23:40
MrKennieian__: hardy?23:41
ian__yep, hardy23:41
MrKennieian__: do you get any errors?23:42
MrKennieian__: rather, any errors during installation?23:42
ian__well, no, but I have issues like the panel vanishes, it starts loading multiple instances of things I have in my gnome session startup, etc23:42
master_There's no way to undelete a file I just deleted using the rm command, is there?23:42
ian__no, install was clean, used apt23:42
MrKennieian__: ok23:43
MrKenniemaster_: not as such23:43
ian__but theoretically kubuntu-desktop-kde4 should make a complete, default kde desktop, correct?23:44
Agent_bobmaster_ if you emediately alt+sysRQ+u    then yes there might be.23:44
MrKennieian__: are you using the ppa repository?23:44
master_What's sysRQ ?23:44
ian__I have a ppa.launchpad.net repo, but I believe thats only for a specific application23:44
Agent_bobmaster_  often shared with print_screen  if it's not highly valuable  i doubt it's worth it tho.23:45
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although a method that might work in some cases is described at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html23:45
MrKennieian__: is it kde 4.0.x ?23:45
ian__did I somehow mix newer kde4 bits into my system by accident?23:46
master_Agent_bob: sysRQ is a key that only exists on mainframes?23:46
ian__mrkennie: its deb version is 1.75 :-/, how can I be sure about the actual version?23:46
MrKennieian__: any kde help just go to help -> about kde23:46
ian__I can't load my kde desktop at all, its completely unusable23:47
MrKennieian__: you should be able to run konsole23:47
master_I do have a sysRQ key.. wow.. It's FN+end23:48
master_Agent_bob: Well.. It appears that key combination causes kde to take a screen snapshot.. I my work is lost.23:50
master_Agent_bob: Saved!!  The file deleted was AAL.lyx but its contents are still in AAL.lyx~23:51
MrKenniethat was lucky :)23:51
MrKenniemaster_: at least from now on you'll be more careful using rm :)23:52
Agent_bobonly rm what you want to destroy  ;)23:53
katcitathe install of intrepid went fine but it doesn't mount /home and when I try to mount /home it says /dev/sda3 already mounted or /home busy, yet 'mount' doesnt list /home as mounted23:54
ian__ok, sorry for the lag23:54
ian__konsole: help->about says 3.5.9, which I'm guessing is part of the problem23:54
geekAgent_bob: lol. true. only rm -rf when you bloody know what you're doing23:55
geekian__: i think 3.5.10 is in backport23:55
ian__so I've somehow mixed two versions, possibly from different repositories and I should probably leave you all alone until I sort that out? does that sound accurate?23:55
Agent_bobkatcita mount lists the content of /etc/mtab   check what's in   /proc/mounts   to see what is really mounted.23:55
master_MrKennie: Or.. buy more drives and use a filesystem that stores diffs..23:55
MrKenniehah, yea23:56
master_I diffable filesystem makes a lot of sense for office-type documents..23:56
Agent_bobgeek -f is default in debian and it's dirivatives23:56
master_They are never all that big, anyway23:56
Agent_bobkatcita also   df -h   is handy for disks23:57
katcitaAgent_bob: neither show it as mounted23:57
master_now, somewhere out of the blue.. my entire home directly became a read-only filesystem..  wtf?!23:58
master_touch: cannot touch `it': Read-only file system23:58
MrKenniemaster_: alt+sysrq+u will do that23:58
master_MrKennie: ah.. how can I undo it?23:58
Agent_bobkatcita ok.  if you'll pastebin the output of this command i'll see what we can do.  cat /etc/fstab /proc/partitions ;sudo fdisk -l23:59
Agent_bob!pastebin | katcita23:59
ubottukatcita: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:59
MrKennienot sure, I use it in vary rare occasions23:59
MrKenniewhen nvidia locks up or something23:59

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