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MootBotMeeting started at 21:00. The chair is barry_.03:00
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barry_yay mootbot!03:00
barry_hello everybody and welcome to this week's asiapac reviewers meeting.  who's here today?03:01
thumperI have the laptop in the kitchen :)03:01
jmlpresent and accounted for!03:01
* barry_ uses his laptop in front of the political shows :)03:02
barry_== Agenda ==03:02
barry_ * Roll call03:02
barry_ * Next meeting03:02
barry_ * Action items03:02
barry_ * Queue status03:02
barry_ * Mentoring update03:02
barry_ * Review process03:02
barry_[TOPIC] next meeting03:02
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting03:02
barry_week += 1?03:02
barry_[TOPIC] action items03:03
MootBotNew Topic:  action items03:03
barry_i have none from last week03:03
barry_[TOPIC] queue status03:03
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status03:03
barry_doesn't look to bad to me.  any comments from y'all?03:04
mwhudsoni haven't looked at the queue in weeks :)03:04
* barry_ skips mentoring update03:05
barry_[TOPIC] review process03:05
MootBotNew Topic:  review process03:05
jmlI'm all in favour of having one.03:05
barry_we had a long discussion about pre-impl calls at the ameu meeting03:06
barry_cprov and i need to email the list about it, but briefly:03:06
barry_we'd like to include some new sections, such as the q/a plan, and an extended demo section03:06
barry_(the latter which might go in a user story)03:07
jmlnew sections in the cover letter?03:07
barry_jml: probably for the q/a plan.  Rinchen will love that03:07
barry_i'm not convinced the demo section shouldn't go in a user story doctest03:08
barry_but we'll take the discussion to the ml03:08
mwhudsonbarry_: as in, part of the branch?03:08
barry_mwhudson: yep03:08
mwhudsonbarry_: user stories are slow and fragile as a rule03:08
jmlbarry_: ok.03:08
mwhudsonbarry_: we want less slowness and less fragility in our tests, not more03:08
barry_mwhudson: the way we do them, yes <wink>03:08
barry_we want to move a lot of what is currently going in pagetests into faster view tests03:09
barry_but those aren't user stories03:09
mwhudsonok, then they're not stories :)03:09
* thumper waits for the definition of a user story03:09
mwhudsonanyway, i'll save this for the list discussion03:09
jmlalso, although I'm not sure it's relevant for these items, we should be aiming for faster turn-around of branches, and more paperwork can work against this.03:09
barry_thumper: the way i think about it is almost exactly like an extended demo section.  usually one url doesn't cut it03:09
thumperI tend to use more than one url when needed03:10
barry_jml: i'm very keen on your thoughts about that.  both kiko and i feel there's too much overhead in our process03:10
barry_especially for some types of branches03:10
mwhudsonpart of this seems like it could be summarised by saying "make sure you and your reviewer both understand the intent of the branch"03:10
barry_hence, kiko's push for post-landing reviews03:10
barry_mwhudson: yep03:11
* jml isn't so sure about that one :)03:11
* barry_ isn't either03:11
* mwhudson is fairly sure about that one03:11
jmlbut I'll think about it.03:11
jmlmwhudson: heh03:11
barry_but i understand /why/ kiko is thinking about them03:11
jmlme too03:11
jmlI think the first thing we should do is get more lean-style metrics03:11
barry_jml: what kind of metrics would you find helpful?03:12
jmlbarry_: for branches, time from creation to review submit, time from review submit to review response, time from final response to landing etc.03:13
jmlbarry_: things along the lines of the percentage value adding stuff that the Poppen*s got us to do.03:13
* barry_ nods03:14
jmla lot of the info is already there in Launchpad, and we'll only get more as we dogfood.03:15
jmlanyway, this is probably another discussion.03:15
barry_that's really all i have.  let me open up the floor to you guys.  anything you want to bring up?03:16
* mwhudson can't think of anything03:16
thumperI don't really have anything either03:16
thumperabentley is working towards review diffs03:16
barry_i hope you guys still find these meetings helpful ;)03:16
barry_thumper: rock03:16
jmlbarry_: I do.03:17
barry_jml: excellent03:17
thumperI think it is important to have someone that is able to sync the two review groups03:17
thumperbarry_: so, are you still thinking of shifting to AU/NZ?03:17
barry_we'll see on november 4th :)03:18
mwhudsonoh right, since my flight change i won03:18
thumperI see the republicans are 4 points ahead in the polls (so says my local paper)03:18
mwhudsont actually be in the us on the 2nd03:18
* barry_ feels ill03:18
barry_mwhudson: that'll be fun03:19
thumperbarry_: I take it you are barraking for the democrates then?03:19
mwhudsonemma will be though03:19
barry_i'm an independent, but yeah i don't think grampa simpson is the best thing for us03:19
barry_annnyyywayyy.  thanks everybody!03:20
thumperthanks barry_03:20
MootBotMeeting finished at 21:20.03:20
barry_have a good day everybody03:20
mwhudsonyou too barry_03:20
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