mwhudsonLaserJock: so it seems broken to have two projects for matplotlib on launchpad01:07
mwhudsoni guess one should be deactivated01:07
LaserJockmwhudson: well, if you want to import the code that actually goes into the released tarball I think  python2.4-matplotlib has the right branch01:07
mwhudsonpython2.4-matplotlib seems a little older and a little more active01:07
mwhudsonbut it has a silly name01:07
LaserJockcan you move that branch to matplotlib?01:08
LaserJockit looks like somebody named the project after the package, not the actual project name01:08
LaserJockor even the source package name, as that's matplotlib too01:08
mwhudsonanother option would be to kill off the current matplotlib project and rename the python2.4-matplotlib to something more sensible01:08
LaserJockcan you rename python2.4-matplotlib to matplotlib after killing the current one?01:10
mwhudsoni can't, but an admin can01:10
LaserJockok, I just wondered if there was some issue with renaming to something that had previously existed01:10
mwhudsonwell, i guess the admin can rename matplotlib to matplotlib-dead or something01:11
mwhudsonLaserJock: can you ask a question for this?01:11
LaserJockwell, I'd rather not have confusing cruft if we can help it01:11
LaserJockand yeah, I'll ask a question01:12
LaserJockshould the question be for launchpad and not codehosting?01:12
mwhudsonLaserJock: rename it to matplotlib-dead, then kill it, i mean01:12
mwhudsonLaserJock: yes, launchpad, this isn't really to do with codehosting any more01:12
LaserJockthanks for the help01:12
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timoSo when you fill a bug you click report and click the bug if there is a duplicate then thats it?01:53
timoany one/01:58
poolietimo: not sure i understand the question01:58
poolieif it suggests duplicates you can click the suggestion for more detail01:59
timook, Say i file a bug01:59
poolieif that is in fact the bug you've encounterd, tick its checkbox and press ok01:59
timoyes but i have reported many bugs but looking at my account says i have 3 bugs reported how?02:00
pooliecan you give me the url of the page that says that?02:01
timoi just reported this bug but nothing has change in the original bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/17387802:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 173878 in totem "totem-gstreamer crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc()" [Medium,Invalid]02:01
timoAm i making sense ?02:02
pooliewhat is it that you want to know?02:03
timoHow do i file bugs02:03
poolieare you 'neptune'?02:03
timoin widows you just click on report , but in ubuntu you have to log on don't you? , then what02:04
timono im tim02:05
poolieare you experiencing the same problem described in 173878?02:05
poolieor do you want to report a different bug?02:06
timosame problems02:06
poolieand do you have a launchpad account?02:07
timoand reported it by clicking on the report icon and clicking send then loged on and selected the bug that i thin it is02:07
poolieok i see02:07
timobut the bug stays the same how do the debuggers know the bug has changes with new info.02:08
poolieand did you press 'ok' after choosing that bug?02:08
pooliemaybe the 'choose a duplicate' page is confusing02:08
timoIt still has the 2007 dates02:08
pooliedid you click the link, or press the radiobutton?02:08
timothe link to the bug itself02:08
poolieyou need to back up in your browser history and pick the radio button02:09
timono radio here bud https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+filebug/x4KFeLG8WJmJBZsA1EUY32fpgql02:09
poolieoh that's really interesting02:11
pooliei think you've found a launchpad bug or at least misdesign02:11
timoHope im the only one02:11
poolieso, basically what i suggest you do is enter your own summary, even if it's similar to what's already there02:12
timobeen reporting some time now02:12
poolielike 'totem crashed trying to play avi file' or whatever02:12
timoand place log files?02:12
poolieit should then automatically attach your files to that new bug02:14
timothing is the crash is a bit random.02:14
pooliei suggest you just report a new bug with the files attached then02:15
poolieand as much description as you can give02:15
timodo you know where the log would be place om my computer for totem02:17
poolienot off hand02:17
pooliei filed bug 267971, you can comment on that too02:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267971 in malone "user confusion about how what to do with 'most frequently reported bugs'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26797102:18
poolieor subscribe to it02:18
timoIts prob just me. and my computer nothing wrong with the bug system02:20
timothanks for all the help02:24
* Hobbsee wonders if there's any useful mail from launchpad she actually needs, apart from bugs.05:15
Hobbseeeverything launchpad has a X-launchpad-* header now, doesn't it?05:16
thumperHobbsee: it should have05:18
thumperHobbsee: if it doesn't, then you should file a bug :)05:18
Hobbseewhich would hopefully get fixed relatively quickly, too05:20
* Hobbsee looks at filters05:20
Peng_Hmm, team approval messages don't have an X-Launchpad-* header, just "X-Generated-By: Launchpad (canonical.com)".08:51
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wgrantIs it deliberate that milestones don't have their own set of tabs?10:12
wgrantIt seems impossible to escape from from a milestone's +subscribe, and one can't easily get from the blueprint list to bug list or vice versa.10:13
ftahi, i'm trying to use my new @ubuntu.com address but it doesn't work (yet). could anyone come to my rescue ? :)10:28
gouri've two active gpg keys at LP. is it possible to use 3rd email address and sign it with one of those 2 keys to submit bug-report to LP?10:29
wgrantfta: You want #canonical-sysadmin. They shouldn't bounce you around any more.10:29
wgrantBut it won't happen immediately.10:30
wgrantAs there's a cron job that does it, IIRC.10:30
wgrantgour: I think that the email address needs to match.10:30
gouri see10:30
wgrantDon't quote me on that, though.10:30
gourwell, let's make an experiment :-)10:31
ftawgrant, how often is that cron runing? daily? weekly? any idea?10:31
gourany test address where one can send testing bug report via email?10:31
wgrantfta: #canonical-sysadmin would know.10:32
ftawgrant, i thought it was a channel on a private server, apparently not ;)10:35
wgrantfta: #is the one on a private server.10:36
wgrantEr, "#is is the one"10:36
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Peng_If I want to file a bug about a certain email not containing an X-Launchpad header, where should I do it? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad ?11:10
wgrantPeng_: What is the email?11:12
LeonidasCould someone look into https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/pyparsing/trunk ? It cannot be imported because something is broken, and before fixing that, it's useless to try to import every 5 hours.11:13
Peng_wgrant: Just the "you've been accepted into a team" one. It may not be worth reporting.11:14
wgrantPeng_: That's appropriate for launchpad-foundations.11:14
mwhudsonLeonidas: done11:15
Peng_wgrant: So I should file it? Alright.11:15
Leonidasmwhudson: thanks. Now, is there a way to get it running? I suspected that I use the wrong URL for the SVN-Repo, but I'm not sure.11:17
mwhudsonLeonidas: not with a repo layout like that, i think11:17
mwhudsonLeonidas: unless importing just https://pyparsing.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pyparsing/src/ would be useful11:19
Leonidasmwhudson: thats enough since the other folders are empty anyway.11:20
mwhudsonLeonidas: oh, ok :)11:20
Leonidas(no idea why the repo layout is so strange %-)11:21
mwhudsonrunning the import system you encounter all sorts of strange things :)11:21
mwhudson(cvs is better at total wtf-ness than svn though)11:22
Leonidasmwhudson: thanks. I tried contacting folks via email, but never got an answer.11:24
ryanakcaI was wondering, would having to be both the admin of a team and the owner of a project to be able to set the team as the bug superviser for the project a bug? If someone wants to set a team as the bug supervisor, and the team wants to receive the bugmail, but whoever owns the project isn't an admin in the bug-email team / doesn't want to be, wouldn't they be stuck?12:18
Hobbseefta: re: email:  don't use your gmail account to test it, if it's forwarding to a gmail acccount.12:43
ftaHobbsee, don't worry, i didn't. it's fine now, thanks to elmo12:44
Hobbseefta: ah, cool.  various other people have, and have run into that problem.12:45
jpdsfta: :(12:49
ftaHobbsee, .. and thanks to jpds :)12:49
ftai'm all smile today.. great success with a project at work, and motu since yesterday :)12:51
* fta is happy12:51
* fta hugs everyone12:52
* jpds hugs fta.12:53
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gouris it possible to set 'importance' and 'tag' for newly created bug via email interface?14:48
Hobbseeafaik, anyway.14:48
Hobbseeassuming you have rights to do so normally14:48
gourwell, if i'm member of the team14:49
beunogour, https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface14:49
gourbeuno: not clear from that docs, or if you can point it out ?14:49
Hobbseegour: erm...14:50
Hobbseegour: try the headings marked 'importance' and 'tag'14:50
Hobbseethey're also in the contents thing, in case you missed htat.14:51
gourimportance - Change the importance of a bug. but it's not clear if it can be set for a new bug14:51
beunoAFAIK, those apply to new and existing bugs14:51
* beuno pokes BjornT 14:52
Hobbseeyou can change it all at any time.14:52
gouri know i can change, but i want to set for new bugs which will be forwarded automatically14:52
BjornTgour: yes, you can set them when filing new bugs14:53
gourBjornT: thanks a lot. nice14:53
beunothanks BjornT  :)14:53
* gour had to find workaround for creating bug tickets out of automatic bug-reports sent from within the application. all just for the sake to make project use LP and then move to bzr :-)14:55
ftawhat are "private builds" ?15:33
bigjoolsbuilds done in a private PPA15:38
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* Ursinha looks at the oops16:46
cody-somervillethe link in PPA build failures still uses internal launchpad address16:50
kikocody-somerville, didn't we update the configs?17:06
kikobigjools, ^^^17:06
cody-somervilleUrsinha, in la e-mails17:06
* bigjools looks17:06
bigjoolscody-somerville: can you file a bug and attach the email please17:15
samtbi'm having trouble branching the mplayer bzr - i keep getting "error not a branch" from bzr17:26
samtbother branches work17:26
samtbi have tried launchpad-login but still no luck17:27
samtbsam@wildthing:~/dev/mplayer/bzr/mplayer$ bzr launchpad-login sambrightman17:28
samtbsam@wildthing:~/dev/mplayer/bzr/mplayer$ bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu dev17:28
samtbbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://sambrightman@bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu/".17:28
samtbcould someone please help me figure out what's going on here?17:28
kikolet me check that out17:32
kikoabentley, what's going on in the above?17:33
samtbit doesn't work over http either17:34
samtb(and ubuntu-hardy branch is empty... maybe that's just the way it is?)17:34
LaserJockLaunchpad's munging of changelog entries is very "not nice". Please do *not* represent data as something it's not17:36
bigjoolsLaserJock: can you elaborate please?17:37
LaserJockit's a problem that's been known about for several releases and needs to be fixed now17:37
LaserJockattributing changelog entries to the wrong people17:38
LaserJockprimarily for syncs I believe17:38
bigjoolscan you give me a specific example of that, and I'll look17:38
LaserJockcompare https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/tuxpaint-stamps/2008.03.01-117:38
LaserJockand http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/t/tuxpaint-stamps/tuxpaint-stamps_2008.03.01-1/changelog17:38
bigjoolsperfect, thanks17:39
LaserJocknot only did Launchpad strip the attribution from the right person17:39
LaserJockit fakes somebody else's into it17:39
LaserJocka changelog is *very* easy to get, please use it17:39
bigjoolsLaserJock: please file a bug if you haven't already and I'll push it through17:40
samtbkiko: any ideas?17:40
LaserJocka bug has been around for probably a year on this17:40
kikosamtb, I need abentley to help me out here17:41
kikounless rockstar knows what it could be?17:41
samtbbefore i used lp-login17:41
* rockstar perks up17:41
samtbthe error message was referring to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu/.bzr/branch/17:42
LaserJockbigjools: see bug #55795 for instance, filed in *2006*17:42
samtbwhich colin suggested was old layout or something?17:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 55795 in soyuz "+changelog includes misleading information related to package versions and authors" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5579517:42
bigjoolsLaserJock: thanks17:43
rockstarsamtb, there seems to be a problem with that branch.17:44
samtb:( isn't it the main/current branch?17:44
samtbintrepid's ubuntu15 seems to be from that plus one change from nhandler17:44
samtbfrom what i can tell17:44
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samtbbut as i said, ubuntu-hardy is empty and ubuntu-intrepid doesn't exist17:45
rockstarsamtb, let me take a look at this.17:45
LaserJockbigjools: see also bug #139162 and bug #247456 for related17:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 139162 in soyuz "Store the pristine debian/changelog for each SourcePackageRelease" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13916217:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247456 in soyuz "changelog listing are incomplete and/or undiscoverable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24745617:45
LaserJockchangelog entries are such an unbelievable simple thing for Launchpad to do utterly wrong17:46
samtbrockstar: i'm gonna have to leave for the night very shortly, can be back tomorrow17:47
rockstarsamtb, alright.17:48
samtbrockstar: what time zone/eta?17:48
rockstarsamtb, well, not sure an the ETA, but it's a high priority.17:49
samtbi mean when you'll be around here :)17:49
emethey about karma17:50
samtbor shall i just leave you to it and keep trying - anything i can do?17:50
emetdoes karma take a while to update?17:50
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beunoemet, yes, it updates every 24hs17:51
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\shis it planed to have a check against "application name" inside lpapi for apps which are already approved under the same name?18:01
ubuntuserWho help me? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/mail-notification/+question/4426118:03
\shor is it possible to "reserve" some consumer_key idents for "special" apps?18:03
ubuntuseris about mailing lists18:03
ubuntuserjcastro: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/mail-notification/+question/44261 - Help us! Please....18:04
jcastrobarry: help!18:05
barryjcastro: hi18:05
jcastrook, I believe this list was declined initially, and then after that it was decided to have it on launchpad18:06
jcastrobut when they reapplied it came up with that error18:06
ubuntuserinitially.. yes..18:07
barryjcastro, ubuntuser question updated18:08
jcastrobarry: thanks!18:08
barryjcastro, ubuntuser let me know if you need more info18:08
jcastroI suspect that fixing it now would require mangle-age that isn't allowed. :p18:08
ubuntuserthe same problem: The application for this team's mailing list has been declined. Please contact a Launchpad administrator for further assistance.18:10
jcastroubuntuser: he meants subscribe to the bug, once it's fixed you'll apply again18:10
ubuntuserAhh.. ok!18:11
jcastroubuntuser: go here and click "subscribe" https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/23721018:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237210 in launchpad-foundations "should be a way to delete/disconnect a mailing list" [High,In progress]18:11
ubuntuserthanks jcastro and barry18:11
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patpiiiiany admin available?19:16
patpiiiiI'm in great need of this reassignation https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4401819:17
patpiiiiis this possible?19:17
abentleykiko: Sorry, was on lunch.19:20
kikoabentley, no problemo19:20
kikopatpiiii, hangona19:20
kikopatpiiii, the right way to fix that problem would have been to merge the accounts!19:21
abentleykiko: Do you want me to look at this now?19:21
kikopatpiiii, I'll reassign to kamil fwiw19:21
kikoabentley, I'd like to understand how a hosted branch can fail bzr branching, yes19:21
abentleykiko: There's no branch there, just a repository.19:23
patpiiiibut the first Arvanil account was deleted19:23
patpiiiinow it is Kamil Dziedzic19:23
patpiiiiso merge is impossible19:23
patpiiii(i think)19:24
patpiiiiso if you can pleas assign this to me, "patpi"19:24
kikoabentley, but visiting the page I see revisions19:24
patpiiiior to kamil19:24
\shkiko: is it planned to package launchpadlib for intrepid?19:24
patpiiiican kamil later add another admin to this project?19:24
kikopatpiiii, indeed it is impossible now. I can reassign to kamil as he requested it.19:24
kiko\sh, absolutely 100% yes19:24
patpiiiiok, but then he would be abble to add me also to admins19:25
patpiiiibecause i will setup those trabnslations19:25
\shkiko: ok..I'll have httplib2 0.4.0 handy...so UVE is on its way19:25
kiko\sh, ah, you are the man, thanks so much -- if you can help packaging that flacoste and leonardr have a much easier life19:26
\shkiko: har...I'm glad that I found the time to integrate lplib now into leonov (at least the approval stuff)19:26
\shI'm really busy regarding company life19:26
\shok...off I been19:27
kiko\sh, thanks19:28
abentleykiko: My guess is that the mirrored copy is broken but the read-write copy is not.19:28
kikoabentley, except that.. well, using bzr+ssh didn't work either? it's weird weird weird.19:28
abentleykiko: I don't have write permissions on that project, so I always see the mirrored copy.19:29
kikoI see19:29
abentleykiko: Even over bzr+ssh.19:29
kikoabentley, thanks, at least now I know what the problem could be19:29
abentleykiko: Do your superpowers allow you to see the read-write copy?19:30
kikoabentley, probably not me either, but give me the branch URL and I'll find a writer to test for us19:31
abentleykiko: It's the same bzr+ssh URL.19:31
cody-somervillelinks *on* launchpad are pointing to the internal domain name19:31
kikoabentley, it scrolled off my screen :)19:31
abentleykiko: run "bzr info bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu/".  It should not say "Unshared repository with trees"19:32
patpiiiiso, kiko, can you assign it also to me?19:32
kikoUnshared repository with trees (format: unnamed)19:33
abentleykiko: Right, sorry.  I meant for the writer to run that.19:33
abentleykiko: It's supposed to say "Standalone branch"19:33
kikoabentley, cody-somerville tells me it's Standalone branch (format: unnamed)19:39
kikoabentley, so something's broken in the mirrorring19:39
abentleykiko: Okay, I'll get someone to stomp on it.19:40
kikothanks aaron19:40
abentleykiko: Is there a bug #, or someone to notify?19:42
kikoabentley, well, all I had was scrollback, so I don't really know -- don't think so. cody-somerville, did you submit a question for that?19:43
cody-somervillefor the links issue? no19:46
patpiiiithanks kiko, bye19:47
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DnaXHow can i remove a wrong Ubuntu package link?20:26
kikoDnaX, it depends. for some it works in the UI, for others, it requires a DB run. where's the wrong link?20:28
DnaXexits only Intrepid package20:28
DnaXkiko: so?20:32
kikoDnaX, it requires a DB patch. good grief20:32
DnaXand... who can this?20:32
DnaXcan do this*20:33
psycosei use dput to upload a package on my PPA, the *source.upload says everything ok but nohing happens on the PPA builder ... that is still idle ... any tips ? thanks20:34
cprov-afkpsycose: were you notified by email about the upload acceptance/rejection ?20:37
DnaXkiko: who can do this DB patch?20:38
psycosecprov-afk: no in fact i launch the dput this more than 12 hours ago ...20:38
kikoDnaX, i'm trying to find an OSA but they are not here, so I'd ask you to use answers.launchpad.net/launchpad20:39
cprov-afkpsycose: uhm, do another upload and I will trace it for you.20:39
psycosecprov-afk: woops i'm sorry ... i did not saw the mail saying it was rejected ... (hide by debian-release mailing list so hudge)20:40
cprov-afkpsycose: np, let me know if you need any help to sort out the rejection issue.20:41
psycosecprov-afk: ok thanks for your help20:43
cprov-afkpsycose: you're welcome.20:43
DnaXkiko: ok, I ask there21:01
kikoDnaX, thanks man21:03
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abentleykiko, samtb: ~/ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu is working now.21:49
abentleycody-somerville: Please consider upgrading ~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu to packs.21:50
cody-somervilleabentley, it isn't my branch :P21:51
abentleycody-somerville: You have write access :-P21:51
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