milos_bsnider, yeah00:00
milos_bsnider, RAOF WAIT i think i know where I was mistaking: linux-headers-2.6.27-2-generic wasn't installed00:04
milos_bsnider, thnx i didn't saw generic :(00:05
milos_i am going for another try00:05
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ScheissDrogenYou are already using Intrepid Ibex here ?00:10
bsniderScheissDrogen, i know what you're going to ask. no, it isn't very stable00:11
ScheissDrogenwill this be the name ? Intrepid Ibex  as  Hardy Heron ?? gnarf...00:12
milosFbsnider, RAOF works, thx you00:14
bsniderreally? didn't think it qwould00:15
RAOFScheissDrogen: No, the name will be Ubuntu 8.10, of course :)00:15
milosFbsnider, my bad00:15
ScheissDrogenRAOF: hmm, gutsy gibbon, hardy heron... there will be a name I guess00:16
bsniderwho cares what the name is?00:16
RAOFThe code name is indeed Intrepid Ibex.00:16
bsnideri don't care if they call it <expletive> <expletive>00:16
bsnideras long as it work00:16
dupondjewhats the bugnumber of not possible to goto all sites ?00:17
bsnideri didn't copyt hat00:19
bsniderwhat's the question?00:19
dupondjeI saw passing a bug of people not be able to visit all webpages ?00:22
bsniderthere's a bug where fireforks crashes on fl ash sites00:23
EagleSnhello i am thinking in installing Intrepid, is hre too many problems with it now?01:05
rskidunno chek known problems EagleSn01:05
rskithe release notes01:06
carandraugEagleSn: like I was telling you at #ubuntu I did had a load of problems but only with my graph card and wireless adaptor. I also had to use Hardy kernel to solve them and make a small edit of my xorg01:06
rskior bugzilla01:06
EagleSnhttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing isn't?01:06
EagleSni wont have problems with my graphics card or wifi01:07
EagleSni havent wifi01:07
literalEagleSn: I had these problems:01:07
EagleSnand my card is well supported by open drivers01:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264019 in linux "unable to visit some websites and ftpsites with 2.6.27-2" [Undecided,New]01:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267627 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "XVideo is garbled on r300 (dup-of: 267612)" [Undecided,New]01:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267612 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "green lines when playing video" [Undecided,New]01:07
literalbut there are workarounds01:07
EagleSncarandraug i wil ltry only updating GNOME to intrepid version lol01:08
carandraugEagleSn: won't that trigger a lot of dependencies?01:09
EagleSnmay be01:09
EagleSni have no fear to apt01:09
EagleSni am using Debian and Ubuntu since four years01:09
carandraugEagleSn: you'll probably have to end up updating a lot of stuff to get it. Also, in the xorg.conf I had to add the emulate3buttons manually. Somehow it went away01:10
EagleSnok its time to do experiments01:10
carandraugEagleSn: good luck01:11
EagleSni want to see if that option in Intrepid fixes my issue01:13
EagleSni really hate it01:13
carandraugEagleSn: I find it strange. Despite the appearance of that option, my panels didn't use to move around even though I didn't use them on the standard place01:15
EagleSnmay be i am going to break Gnome01:17
EagleSnGnome panels continue swapping in Intrepid version and being locked01:29
carandraugEagleSn: wow! That was fast. Updating to intrepid took me almost 3 hours. Well, I have no idea what to do. Have you googled it? Someone may have tumbled upon the same issue01:31
EagleSni dude it01:31
EagleSni only have updated Gnome01:32
EagleSnnow i have your Gnome panel version01:32
carandraugEagleSn: hmm, ok01:32
EagleSnthe strange is that it only happens when i reboot, not if i logout session or if i restart X server01:34
carandraugEagleSn: I've found a thread about it on ubuntu forums (though he says the panels switch even he logs out) but no one solved it01:40
EagleSni am investigating over it01:41
EagleSni think the first pane lto be loaded is located at the bottom01:41
bsniderwhat do you mean the panels are swapping?01:41
EagleSni think the first panel to be loaded is located at the bottom01:42
EagleSnthey swap possition01:42
bsnideri'd certainly start by blowing away all gconf settings01:42
bsniderthat's where that stuff is located01:43
bsniderit will delete all your user customizations, but you'll start with a fresh gnome desktop01:43
carandraugEagleSn: isn't your problem with the panels moving away from where you placed them? That's their problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=799626&highlight=panel+gnome01:43
bsniderin other words, the .gconfd directory in your home folder01:43
carandraugEagleSn: or you search for the option with gconf-editor before going everything to default. I've been looking for it but don't knew where it is01:44
EagleSnthe panels swap ther possition when both are at the bottom of the screen01:45
bsniderboth shouldn't be at the bottom of the screen to start with01:46
EagleSni want ot have them at the bottom of the screen01:47
bsnidergood luck with that01:48
dupondjeI got 2 network cards01:49
dupondje1 with DHCP, 1 with Static ip01:49
carandraugbsnider: why do you say that? Is it that hard? I never tried myself as I only use one panel on the top but I thought it should be possible01:49
dupondjeand i'm getting 'No host to route'01:49
dupondjewhen trying to wget etc :(01:49
dupondjeapt-get works btw :s01:50
carandraugEagleSn: if placing two bars in the same side of the monitor is that hard, maybe you should ask in ##Gnome01:51
EagleSni was asking in Gnome01:52
rippsEverytime I try to install Intepid Ibex through "update-manager -d" I get an error at step 2 while calculating packages. How do I get past this?03:08
rippsApparently it crashes when marking ubuntu-desktop for upgrade.03:13
DanaGThat's odd... things keep getting OOM-killed.03:23
DanaGBut I'm nowhere near full memory+swap usage.03:24
DanaGI have 2.5 gigs of RAM and 1 gig of swap.03:25
DanaGOh, and my gnome panel keeps hanging on load.03:25
danbhfivesounds like bugs03:26
rippsEverytime I try to install Intepid Ibex through "update-manager -d" I get an error at step 2 while calculating packages. How do I get past this? Apparently it can't mark ubuntu-desktop for upgrade.03:26
danbhfiveripps: you know that intrepid is alpha, right?03:27
rippsYes, I want to help with finding bugs03:28
danbhfiveripps: well, you just found one, ubuntu-desktop is broken  : )    I dunno, you can always use the command line if you want to upgrade.  But keep in mind, you should be prepared to have to reinstall, and lose everything on that partition.  I'm wary of helping you till you confirm that you grok that03:29
rippsdanhbfive: Yes, this isn't the first time I've test pre-release ubuntu software. Should I just wait a couple days to see if it's fixed? I guess I should file a bug report, huh?03:31
danbhfiveripps: I suggest that you upgrade with the alternate cd, which can be found here, and also, there is other good info:http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha503:31
danbhfiveripps: how much harddisk space do you have?03:31
IdleOneare the repos down?03:32
IdleOnehmmm I am getting a error 40003:33
rippsdanbhfive: 120gb03:33
rippsdanbhfive: 90gb free03:33
danbhfiveripps: personally, I think you should make a separate partition, of like 10g, and do a clean install there03:33
IdleOneE: Method gave invalid 400 URI Failure message03:33
danbhfiveIdleOne: whats the address of the repo?03:34
rippsHmm... not a bad idea, but I'll have to find a blank cd to burn an iso on.03:34
IdleOnedanbhfive: main server and also mit.edu is giving the same error03:34
danbhfiveripps: o yeah, I forget that Im using a rw cd.  It makes it easier, less wasteful03:35
literalIdleOne: are you having this problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26401903:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264019 in linux "unable to visit some websites and ftpsites with 2.6.27-2" [Undecided,New]03:35
IdleOneI did not have any issues this morning03:36
IdleOneleast nothing like that03:36
danbhfiveIdleOne: my bad, Im running hardy atm.  I have tons! of trouble with networking and intrepid03:36
literalrepos work fine here in intrepid03:36
IdleOnewell this is very annoying03:38
IdleOnegui and cli give same errors. was hoping it was just a gui thing03:38
danbhfivehave you tried firefox?03:38
IdleOneyes it is working03:39
IdleOneno issues with firefox03:40
chronographer http://pastebin.com/m1c9b242b    i get this error compiling rt73 wireless drivers.. can anyone help?03:50
IdleOnecan someone tell me what this error means E: Method gave invalid 400 URI Failure message?03:51
IdleOneglxinfo and libbonobo closed unexpectedly. when I try to report the bug I get a window that tells me they are not genuine ubuntu packages03:53
bsniderglxinfo cannot close because it is not a program and it is also not  a package. glxinfo is a command03:58
chronographerI have an issue where wireless drops out every now and then, I wonder if there is a way to automatically bring it back up after this happens?03:58
bsniderwhat kind if wifi card do you have?03:58
chronographerusing built in drivers with 2.6.27-1-generic03:59
bsnideris it running right now?03:59
chronographerabove is errors from trying to compile newer drivers... Yeah its running03:59
bsnidercan you hop into a terminal and run lsmod for me please?03:59
bsnidersee if there's a module there called mac8021104:00
bsniderfyi i'm not trying to help you i'm trying to get information for my own purposes04:00
chronographermac80211              217076  2 rt2x00usb,rt2x00lib04:01
chronographercfg80211               32392  2 rt2x00lib,mac8021104:01
chronographeroh really? why?04:01
bsniderif you check iwconfig you'll see a device called "master0" or some such thing04:02
chronographerwlan0wmaster0  no wireless extensions.04:02
chronographersorrym thats wmaster004:02
bsniderthe way mac80211 is supposed to work is it does the heavy lifting and the module it uses is just a softmac driver04:03
bsnideron my system this driver is called ath5k04:03
bsniderit casues hard lockups, aka kernel crashes04:03
bsniderit also loses the connection from time to time04:03
chronographerwhat does this mean? I don't get lock ups, just lost connection... it sucks as if I leave the machine on all night ... internet jsut stops04:04
chronographerso torrents stop torrenting04:04
bsniderthe only difference is that on mine, when it tried to reconnect, the kernel goes kaput04:05
danbhfivei have 2 wifi cards, one is an atheros, and the other uses ndiswrapper.  Both have connection problems04:05
bsniderone is an atheros?04:06
bsniderwhat kind of atheros?04:06
chronographerdamn... thats no good! I guess I should feel lucky then. do you think me writing a a script for a cron job or sometihng would be worthwhile ?04:06
danbhfiveone sec04:06
chronographerto check network is up, set it up if its not...04:06
bsnideri suppose you could do that04:07
danbhfiveits a belkin n adapter, pci connection04:07
chronographersounds hard though, need to get sudo to allow to do stuff without paswrod and stuff...04:07
bsniderright so you'd be using the ath9k driver04:07
bsniderit's not belkin though, it's d-link04:07
danbhfiveoh yeah, that was a brain fart04:08
bsniderare you able to connect to a router using that card?04:08
danbhfivethats hard to answer04:09
bsniderchronographer, you could try uninstalling network-manager and replacing it wiht wicd04:09
bsniderthat does reconnect automatically04:09
danbhfiveI think it connects  (im on hardy atm btw, using madwifi, but its not even connected right now)04:09
bsniderthat card doesn't work with madwifi04:10
chronographerreally? I'm trying rutilt now, it brings me to another problem... I can't add items to my sessions startup. I get 'the command cannot be empty' whatever the command i put in there04:11
bsnidertry it with wicd04:11
chronographeris it in repos?04:12
bsniderit's in the cloud04:13
danbhfivebsnider: so this page is wrong?  http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=71824404:13
bsniderit's misleading04:14
bsniderthat driver doesn't work04:14
chronographerwill the hardy wicd package be ok?04:14
bsniderit isn't stable04:14
bsnideryes it will04:14
bsnideri tried ti04:14
bsniderit works fine04:14
chronographeron intrepid?04:15
danbhfivewell, i think you are correct, since it doesnt seem to be picking up an ip address04:15
bsniderthe problem i had with ath9k is htat i couldn't connect to a new-ish d-link router but i could connect to and old apple router04:16
chronographerwhats the command for wicd gui?04:16
literaljockey...is that the crash reporter?04:20
bsniderjockey is the restricted-drivers-manager04:20
danbhfivehehehe, the name changes drive me crazy sometimes!04:21
danbhfiveerm, hmmm04:37
danbhfivebsnider: you are correct, those madwifis dont work at all04:37
DanaGOdd... blueproximity unlocks... but it won't lock.04:37
bsniderthey abandoned that stuff in favour of ath5k04:38
DanaGOdd... blueproximity unlocks... but it won't lock.04:38
literalwe heard04:39
DanaGOh, sorry.04:39
DanaGI thought I put the message in two different channels.  =þ04:39
DanaGAah, fixed it.04:43
pwnguin"need to download 300 MB of updates"04:45
pwnguinguess im off to watch a movie or something04:46
danbhfivebsnider: bah, you were correct.  madwifi is phail04:47
bsnideryeah you have to use ath9k04:48
bsniderwhich is in intrepid04:49
bsnideri wish i could blame the hard lockups on network-manager because i don't want to keep using madwifi04:53
bsniderand network-manager is full of bugs right now04:53
bsniderbut i don't think anybody else has hard lockups with it04:53
danbhfivezomg it is, nm-applet was disconnecting allot, as discussed earlier.  I think even my dhcp client was throwing a few errors.  I've given up on trying to make it work atm.04:56
danbhfivehow hard are your lockups?  when ever my net goes bad, all my apps kinda start to freeze, then keyboard goes, but my mouse always stays movable, even thought everything else is at a stand still04:56
bsniderreally? that's interesting. i also lose the mouse04:58
DanaGOh hey, anybody here use OpenOffice 3 (beta or rc or whatever)?05:23
DanaGI didn't even know about it until I saw somebody ask about it earlier.05:23
DanaGI know it won't be included in Intrepid... but I'm just curious: any must-have new features?05:23
literalman, those release notes are a horrible read05:24
DanaGWow, mega horizontal scroll.05:25
DanaGWow, trendlines.... I had noticed a lack of those... =þ05:26
DanaGWhy the heck do things keep getting OOM-killed?05:39
DanaGArgh, for some reason, things keep getting OOM killed.... even though I'm only at 50% memory usage, and zero percent swap usage.  That exit was one of them.06:04
rskino idea06:04
Reed_Solomonman something seems to be eating all my memory. maybe compiz.. i dunno.  or it could be the driver for my intel GM45 chip.  but its slowly eating into my physical memory06:44
Reed_Solomonand ive got 3 gigs06:44
Reed_Solomonjust an observation, not really complaining.  I guess it could be plasma/kde 4 too. hard to determine really06:45
Reed_Solomonstill better than vista06:45
literalwhy don't you check what's using all this memory then?06:45
literaltop, for example06:45
Reed_Solomonoh yeah06:45
literalshift+m to sort by memory usage06:46
Reed_Solomonxorg/plasma/compiz in that order, then python.06:48
Reed_Solomoneverything seems to be eating memory though.  kmix is at 214m, of all things.06:51
Reed_Solomoncompiz seems really lite in comparison at 261m06:51
DanaGI also keep getting out-of-memory kills.06:52
DanaGIt's really rather irritating.06:52
DanaG... especially when I get an out-of-memory kill while my 2.5 gigs of RAM is only half used... and my swap is entirely empty.06:53
Reed_Solomonyou using kde 4 DanaG?06:53
DanaGNope, I'm using Gnome.06:54
RAOFReed_Solomon: That'd be the virtual size of the programs, I'd guess.  That's the size of their address space, which might involve all sorts of things - all the shared libs it uses, any files it's mmapped, PCI address space it's using, etc.06:54
DanaGI also get an OOM kill when I switch FROM compiz TO metacity.....06:54
Reed_SolomonRAOF:  true06:54
DanaG... it actually killed nautilus and pidgin.06:54
RAOFDanaG: Which is fairly wierd.06:54
DanaGAnother time, I was running an update in update-manager.... and it killed... nautilus, pidgin, and quodlibet.06:54
DanaGOr something like that.06:55
RAOFDanaG: The OOM killer isn't renound for killing the memory hogs, no.06:55
DanaGWell, what's even weirder is, it's killing even when I have plenty of memory space left.06:55
* RAOF wonders idly just why people with ATI and Intel cards install the nvidia drivers.06:55
DanaGIt seems to be doing it when I'm under heavy load, such as with high iowait usage.06:56
Reed_Solomon  http://pastebin.com/d2fd002dd for my top output06:56
Reed_Solomoni installed kinfocenter, and im just watching my free physical memory slowly go from 2.5/3 gigs to 1.2 gigs06:57
RAOFReed_Solomon: Looking at the top output nothing seems to be taking an excessive amount of memory.06:58
Reed_Solomonits really quite hypnotic06:58
Reed_SolomonRAOF: maybe its the driver for my intel card?06:58
RAOFWith the exception of Xorg, for which 300Mb seems unusually high.06:58
Reed_Solomongm45 intel card, so it could be buggy06:59
Reed_Solomonrather onboard but its relatively new06:59
RAOFPossibly.  I'm not really sure what *normal* Xorg mem usage should look like; your card doesn't actually have any vram, for examlpe.06:59
RAOFPresumably the system memory it's using as vram is getting accounted for in Xorg, but I'm not sure.06:59
RAOFIt's also possible it's just a driver bug, of course.07:00
Reed_Solomonhttp://pastebin.com/d702e54b8 (shows dmesg |grep intel)07:00
Reed_Solomonill assume its a bug in my X driver07:01
Reed_Solomonseems the most logical conclusion07:01
Reed_Solomoni guess I could try killing X and see what happens when I restart07:01
Reed_Solomonwhat do you think07:01
Reed_Solomonoddly enough my /var/log/ directory was taking almost 80 gigs the other day07:02
RAOFHeh.  That can cause some fun!07:02
RAOFI forget what of mine was filling / with logs.07:03
Reed_Solomonwell i figured it out pretty quickly i forget what I did07:03
Reed_Solomoni was copying a dvd for my sister and im like.. what, out of space? its a new laptop!07:03
Reed_Solomoni deleted it without looking though07:04
Reed_Solomonas i was rather in a hurry07:04
Reed_Solomonstill surprised07:04
RAOFAnyway, I'd _expect_ your free physical memory to slowly decrease as stuff gets cached in; I'm not sure if kinfocentre will count that as 'free' though.07:04
RAOFI'm not yet convinced it's an honest-to-goodness bug, unless Xorg's memory consumption continues to increase.07:05
Reed_Solomonit was 230 before, now its 248m07:06
RAOFWake me when it's > 500 :)07:06
Reed_Solomonif i can still type07:06
Reed_Solomonill let you know07:06
RAOFWhat?  You can't drop 500Mb on Xorg?  How much ram is in that thing?07:07
Reed_Solomon3 gigs07:07
RAOFYou'll easily be able to type with X taking up 500Mb.  That's less than half your memory!07:07
Reed_Solomonyah probably07:07
Reed_Solomonunless something else happens07:08
RAOF(Much less).07:08
Reed_Solomonyes yes 1/6th of my memory07:08
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TamagotonoReed_Solomon: just wondering if you are using a laptop or desktop that has the g45 chipset07:27
Reed_Solomonthinkpad sl40007:27
Reed_Solomonjust got it last week07:27
Tamagotonoyou are able to use the laptop's display?07:28
TamagotonoI just bought a sony vgn-fw140e with x4500MHD and can only use external video with the Intel driver.07:28
rskioh noez =(07:29
TamagotonoI am using the VESA driver at 1024x768 on my 1600x900 display!07:29
Reed_Solomonyou mean the external display is 1600x900 and you can only get 1024x768 vesa?07:29
Reed_Solomonor is that the LCD max07:29
Tamagotonono, external works fine.  Laptop display is 1600x900 but in order to use it at all I have to use VESA and the best I can manage with that driver is 1024x768.07:30
Reed_Solomonim using the latest kernel/Xorg from intrepid and its working with the intel driver with xv and openGL working pretty good, got compiz going07:30
fargiolashow can I restore power button binding to shutdown-restart-suspend instead of fast-user-switch-applet?07:31
Reed_SolomonI haven't tried it on my external monitor, but i did try the HDMI output and VGA output to a vizio TV and with a bit of coaxing worked07:31
Tamagotonointerepid automatically configured it for you no problem (onboard display)07:31
Reed_SolomonTamagotono, i think so..  i suppose you could try doing a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" if you haven't already07:32
Reed_Solomonxorg.conf suggests that07:32
Tamagotonobeen there done that!  :)07:32
TamagotonoI even tried Mandriva to verify that it is not just an ubuntu bug.  No luck there either... :(07:33
Reed_Solomonah. well.. thats the extent of my Xorg knowledge, as I don't really get where things are being configured in ubuntu now for xorg07:33
RAOFTamagotono: Got an Xorg.0.log?07:34
TamagotonoI'm with you there!  A lot more going on behind the scene now.07:34
TamagotonoI can generate one easy enough.. I have never posted one before on IRC where do I put it? pastebin something or other?07:35
Reed_Solomonid use pastebin07:35
Reed_Solomondont wanna flood07:35
Tamagotonogive me a few and I'll post it...07:36
RAOFTamagotono: You're probably interested in the "pastebinit" package.07:36
Reed_Solomoni wouldnt mind at least figuring out how to get my middle thinkpad mouse button to act as a scroll07:36
DanaGHmm, I like the latest Synaptics Xorg driver... it deals much better with moisture (such as water) than previous versions.07:37
Reed_Solomoni dont web browse in the bath07:38
DanaGOh, but what about when you have a glass of ice water or something, and get condensation on your hands?07:38
Reed_Solomoni wipe it on my shirt07:39
Reed_Solomonshirts. the universal napkin07:40
DanaGOh yeah, scrolly thing: there's an option:07:40
DanaGI've moved my synaptics tweaks from xorg.conf into an fdi file.07:41
TamagotonoOK, I just pasted my Xorg.0.log at http://paste.ubuntu.com/44813/ this is with me trying to use the Intel driver.07:42
RAOFTamagotono: Hm.  And what happens?  That looks like it should be displaying something on LVDS07:45
Reed_Solomonyah i dont see why it shouldnt07:46
Tamagotonothe screen turns bright white and if you watch it, you can see it fade to black over a period of 20 minutes or so...  It acts like its working but just doesn't display anything.07:47
RAOFHm.  Sounds like it's not quite driving your LVDS right.07:47
TamagotonoIf I switch to a different VT then back to VT7, I can see an after image of the text on the screen, just in reverse...07:48
RAOFYeah, the modesetting sounds borked.07:49
RAOFBug filing time!07:49
TamagotonoYeah! -- my first bug report!  I'll figure out how to do it, and get it posted tonight.07:51
Reed_SolomonSo now that dpkg automagically generates your xorg.conf, where do you put your mouse configuration stuff like emulatewheelbutton?07:52
Reed_SolomonTamagotono, if you love going to the dentist, you'll love filing bug reports07:52
Reed_Solomonim such a bitter person07:53
TamagotonoI hate going to the dentist... they always use novicane, it dulls the sensation... :)07:53
Tamagotonothats why I just do my own dental work.07:53
Fallenouhi, has somebody tested the 802.1x with the new network manager ? (intrepid alpha) ?07:53
Fallenou802.1x on wired network07:54
Reed_Solomoni gave up on network manager and use wicd07:55
RAOFFallenou: Not that I know of; most places I could plug my laptop into feel that physical access is pretty much enough of a security measure.07:55
zniavre!bug samba07:55
RAOFFallenou: Feel free to test it, though ;)07:55
Fallenoui think i tested it07:55
Fallenouand i never manage to get it work07:55
zniavrehello all of you07:55
Fallenoubut i will try again i'm not sure of my tests07:56
RAOFYou're testing the 0.7 packgages in Intrepid right now?07:56
DanaGReed_Solomon: try looking in /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-x11-input.fdi   -- copy it to /etc/hal/fdi/policy and edit it.07:56
DanaGYou'll have to add x11_option things:07:56
Fallenouyes it's 0.7.0 on intrepid alpha 407:56
FallenouRAOF < on my campus (university neighbourhood) i enabled 802.1x wired authentification with password/login/mac address over ldap server07:57
Fallenouand it works well with the network manager of Hardy Heron07:57
DanaGor look at other ones in 10osvendor, such as the synaptics one.07:57
Reed_Solomonthanks DanaG07:58
Fallenoui added an entry in the menu of the network manager (on hardy) and i just have to click on it and it does the authentification + dhcp request and i'm totally OK, btw i never found out how to make it automatic07:58
Fallenouif someone know (i know i'm not on the right channel for hardy :p)07:58
RAOFWow.  The fluendo guys are really responsive.07:58
RAOFFallenou: I'd file a bug if you'd like Intrepid to work; I don't think too many people are testing wired authentication.07:59
Fallenoui will do more testing tomorrow07:59
Fallenoui'm not on the campus right now07:59
Fallenoui'd like to thank you the UI for new network manager is really good08:00
Fallenouthere is pretty much all the thing about network in there o_o08:00
FallenouRAOF < do you know how to add a VPN connection ? all the buttons are disactivated (in grey) "Add" "Edit" "Delete" etc :o08:01
RAOFFallenou: You'd need to install the various network-manager-*vpn packages, I think.08:04
Reed_Solomonhttp://mvogt.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/xorg-evdev-and-emulatewheel/ <- google rules, thanks again danag08:05
Reed_Solomonhuh, without capitalization, that looks like "da nag"08:05
Fallenouit would be great to be done automatically if i click on "Add" :)08:05
Fallenoujust like totem recognizes missing codec and download it08:05
Fallenoubecause all i see is disactivated buttons08:06
RAOFRight; that would probably require PackageKit to be useful.08:07
FallenouRAOF < last question (i think :p) is there specific network manager for Xubuntu ? (xfce) ?08:07
Fallenouok, i use the one from gnome08:07
RAOFAt least, I don't think so.  nm-applet is gtk, it should fit nicely in Xubunut.08:07
Fallenouyes it does08:07
Fallenouok i thank you a lot for answering my questions :)08:08
Fallenoukeep going ubuntu team you do nice work :D08:08
Reed_Solomonyes im quite impressed with intrepid.08:09
Reed_Solomonanyone started speculation on the next j series names?08:09
Reed_Solomoni figure its either jumping jaguars, or jiggly jellyfish08:09
Reed_Solomonwhat else is there08:10
zniavreThe Jaunty Jackalope08:10
Reed_Solomontheres no such animal08:10
zniavreit's kind of rabbit no ?08:10
Tamagotonomy vote is for Jovial Jackel08:11
Reed_Solomoncoulda gone with jackrabbit then08:11
DanaGhow about a jackal?08:13
DanaGoh, already got it.08:13
* DanaG goes off to bed.08:14
DanaGwtf... power button isn't initating shutdown.08:18
zniavreDanaG:  you should disconnect your session come back to gdm and rebbot with option menu08:19
zniavrehe found alone ...   :o)08:20
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TamagotonoOK, it took me a while but I finally posted my first Bug report!  Bug #26803608:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268036 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Solid white screen that fades when using INTEL video driver on X4500MHD" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26803608:48
x1250my vote goes to: Jovial Jackal09:14
sveri_hey folks, i cannot install kdebase-runtime anymore: kopete: Depends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.1.1) but it is not going to be installed09:17
Tamagotonosveri_: try sudo apt-get install -f kdebase-runtime09:35
sveri_Tamagotono:  Depends: kdebase-runtime-data (>= 4:4.1.1-0ubuntu4) but it is not going to be installed09:43
Tamagotonoodd, the -f should have it get what is needed.  try sudo apt-get -f install kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-data   see how that works...09:51
sveri_yea, works out the same: Depends: kdebase-runtime-data (>= 4:4.1.1-0ubuntu4) but 4:4.1.1-0ubuntu3 is to be installed Depends: kde-icons-oxygen (>= 4:4.1.1-0ubuntu4) but 4:4.1.1-0ubuntu3 is to be installed09:54
sveri_ah, but it seems like apt-get -f install kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-data kde-icons-oxygen works, at least he's downloading and not breaking09:56
sveri_now he breaks with: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime_4%3a4.1.1-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/ksvgtopng', which is also in package kdelibs4-dev09:57
Tamagotonosounds like they have some broken packages.  not much to do until they fix them.10:05
TamagotonoSorry to leave you in a learch, but I am going to bed.  Good night.10:05
TamagotonoThanks to everyone for your help.  especiall Reed_Solomon and RAOF10:06
nachoI was wondering... why did you remove the svn_version.h file from libsvn-dev package?10:46
nachoI asked the package mantainer and he said me that he made the package for debian and in debian that file exists10:46
nachothis file is needed for detection in gtranslator and anjuta (in a near future)10:47
void^file a bug against the package10:53
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frybyeI have kubuntu 8.04 with kde3 and kde4.1 - if I do a sudo distro update.. will I have to install everything again or will i still have my stuff and or will both kde be avail etc etc..?12:54
frybyeah ha - I have just read the #-header - better forget this for now...12:55
gnomefreakwhhat is the command to use nvidia to generate xorg.conf?13:11
remuHey everyone, I installed Intrepid last night, because I just got a brand new HP dv4t, and using Hardy, neither my wireless, nor my sound functioned properly, however running the latest alpha gets me a working wireless card, but I am still having problems13:11
remugnomefreak: sudo nvidia-xconfig13:11
gnomefreakremu: thanks13:12
remuThe issue I seem to be having with my sound is that it seems to be repeating in short bursts, I have to mute my speakers to be able to function, because GDM will set it off, and I just get this "ding ding ding ding" kind of sound, like a repeat of the first little bit of the startup sound, I tried this:http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5587712&postcount=472 in the hopes that that might fix things, but that didn't help13:13
gnomefreakremu: you need to uncomment it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist13:15
gnomefreakit should be the last one in that file13:15
gnomefreakbe back in a few13:15
remuhttp://pastebin.com/d714ea78c thats my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, does anyone know what gnomefreak was talking about? because all of my options are uncommented, do i need to add something to it?13:26
Piciremu: He was referring to the snd_pcsp entry13:29
remubut thats already uncommented, so I take it I'm outta luck with that attempt eh13:29
Piciremu: It may not be related to that bug then13:31
remuwell that sucks, lol13:36
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nastasanyone knows about tvtuners?14:19
nastasi'm on a laptop trying to make my pcmci tv tuner to work14:20
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IdleOnehttp://imagebin.ca/view/zG2MXbcx.html was told yesterday that glxinfo is not a program therefore can't be closed unexpectedly. so why do I have this screenshot?15:44
MrKennieof course it's a program15:53
cbrhello, l10n in intrepid still seems to be broken (at kde4 at least)15:54
JontheEchidnacbr: broken? Is this with this morning's updates?15:56
cbrno, it has been like this all the time with kde4 in intrepid15:57
`MatirIn intrepid, what's the best java plugin available for amd64?15:57
MrKennie`Matir: does openjdk work?15:57
`MatirMrKennie, does not seem to work properly... trying to use a java-based ssh/console client and I just get a grey box... the java test page on Sun's site shows stuff (version info and all), but the animation flickers ridculously15:59
MrKenniehm, there's icedtea too, not sure what the difference is though16:00
void^probably little difference. sun doesn't have a 64bit browser plugin so existing plugins are all based on gcj code afaik16:00
`Matirany idea how can I make firefox use icedtea instead?  I've installed the packages, but it still uses openjdk, and I can't find an alternative in /etc/alternatives16:00
void^xulrunner-1.9-javaplugin.so in alternatives16:01
`Matironly offers /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/amd64/gcjwebplugin.so16:01
void^!info icedtea-gcjwebplugin16:02
`Matiractually... hrrm16:02
ubottuicedtea-gcjwebplugin (source: icedtea-gcjwebplugin): Java plugin based on IcedTea and gcjwebplugin. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 63 kB, installed size 164 kB16:02
`Matiryeah, I have that installed16:02
`Matirwhat's weird is that file is actually part of the icedtea package and not an openjdk package16:03
void^meh, just link to it manually.. doubt it will work better anyways16:03
`Matircan one nspluginwrapper the 32-bit java from sun?16:04
`Matirah, apparently not16:05
`Matirwell, that sucks for java options for amd64 :\16:05
MrKennieyea, like a lot of stuff16:06
void^i usually end up using 32bit firefox if i need flash or java16:07
frank2424anybody know if the latest intrepid daily iso boots in VirtualBox?16:07
carandraugHi! I can't use the left and right mouse buttons at same time to copy paste text as I used to in Hardy and before. I've checked the xorg.conf file and the option "Emulate3Buttons" "true" is there16:09
`Matirvoid^, does a 32 bit ff require a chroot?  I know it used to, but haven't tried it lately16:10
unavailablehaving problems with hibernate16:10
unavailablei click the power button and choose hibernate, it locks the screen16:11
unavailablei type sudo hibernate, it complains about a tuxonice binary not found16:11
void^`Matir: no, but i'm not sure if the 32bit libs package includes all dependencies on ubuntu16:11
unavailable Tuxonice binary signature file not found16:12
unavailableanyone get hibernate working?16:12
MrKennieI've not tried with intrepid but it mostly works in hardy16:13
MrKenniefor me that is. I can't speak for everyone16:13
unavailabledoes your usb fail after hibernate?16:14
unavailablethis was a problem I had in hardy16:14
MrKennieI actually got rpc crashes but that's a known bug anyway16:14
MrKennieusb seemed fine16:14
MrKennieI just don't bother using it because it's just as fast to shutdown and start from cold when I need it.16:15
MrKenniesometimes faster16:15
unavailableyah, I was notified about this because of the bug I subscribed to while in hardy, and I want to see if it still exists16:15
unavailablebut i cannot hibernat16:16
unavailablee  at all16:16
MrKenniehibernation is currently an ongoing issue anyway16:16
MrKennieprobably will be for a long time too16:17
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carandraugHi! I can't use the left and right mouse buttons at same time to copy paste text as I used to in Hardy and before. I've checked the xorg.conf file and the option "Emulate3Buttons" "true" is there16:38
`Matircarandraug, odd, I have no problem even without that option16:40
`Matirdoes your Xorg.0.log show anything?16:40
carandraug`Matir: what do you mean by anything? I can pastebin it16:42
carandraug`Matir: ohh, ok. Didn't seen you were talking about the log. One minute16:42
carandraug`Matir: should I be looking for something specific? I grepped mouse but can't find anything special16:47
`Matircarandraug, anything mouse related starting with (WW) or (EE)?16:48
carandraug`Matir: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44941/  <-- only these lines16:49
carandraug`Matir: the only stuff with errors and warnings were graph card and fonts related16:52
`Matircarandraug, hrrm, using current intrepid updates?16:56
`Matiranything special about your mouse?16:56
carandraug`Matir: updated to intrepid yesterday. Mouse is from microsoft. Never seen anything special bout it16:57
`Matirk, just making sure it wasn't one of those special mac mice or anything16:58
carandraug`Matir: there's one thing though. I have to use the kernel 2.6.24-19 (the one I used with Hardy) to get decent resolution, even though I'm using metacity16:59
`Matirhave you tried the more recent kernel (at reduced resolution) to see if it works there?  I don't think kernel version should change much, but you never know17:00
carandraug`Matir: no. It hurts my head. With the latest kernel my resolutions drops to 640*480 with a crap refresh rate17:01
`MatirI was just thinking to narrow it down, but like I said, I doubt that could cause it.17:02
carandraug`Matir: and using the middle buttons is killing my scroll. It's a pain to scroll now and I've only used the middle button yesterday and today.17:03
carandraug`Matir: yeah, you're right. I'll try it when I reboot17:03
`Matirhow does it kill your scroll?17:03
carandraug`Matir: I mean kill in the sense that the scroll gets stuck every once in a while now. Never happened before, scroll was always smoth. Only now I understand why my brother's mouse scroll is crap. He always used the middle button instead of emulating it17:06
`Matirweird... I use middle button/scroll for click and haven't had any trouble... guess it depends on the mouse though17:07
`MatirI'm looking at changelogs now to see if I see anything that's changed since hardy17:08
carandraug`Matir: probably. My brother's mouse is the same model as mine so it's probably related.17:08
`Matircarandraug, it seems that input devices moved to evdev beginning with intrepid, so I suspect that's related... trying to find more now17:10
carandraug`Matir: where do you see that? Can you give me the link?17:11
`Matircarandraug, http://mvogt.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/xorg-evdev-and-emulatewheel/17:12
carandraug`Matir: it's probably this line <merge key="input.x11_options.Emulate3Buttons" type="string">true</merge> but I only have preferences.fdi there17:15
`Matirmaybe you can create one like that and just update the info.product string17:18
carandraug`Matir: he mention the need of a very recent xserver-xorg-input-evdev Wouldn't the one from INtrepid be enough?17:18
`Matircarandraug, well, that's for his scrolling fix, not sure if it's required for emulate3buttons17:18
`Matirtrying to find more17:18
carandraug`Matir: I was thinking about doing that. But I don't know what I should place on info.product17:19
`Matircarandraug, actually, looks like you might be able to disable evdev per this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/19992317:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 199923 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "evdev grabs all devices even if it's disabled" [Undecided,Fix released]17:20
`Matirit's not very clear to me17:20
`Matircarandraug, also, this has a lot on the new FDI files: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config17:23
carandraug`Matir: guess I'll have to learn a new trick. edit fdi files. As if xorg.conf wasn't already an hassle :p17:24
`Matirwell, I'm hoping that by the time Intrepid comes out there should be sane fdi files for most hardware :)  hoping.17:26
gx009if installation hangs/fails in amd machines try: http://deekayen.net/fedora-core-5-io-scheduler-cfq-registered-hang-fix17:29
gx009interesting that an alpha1 disc booted up alright and the newer alpha5 needed this boot option17:33
PiciAlpha1 didnt use 2.6.2717:33
gx009am ecstatic about jumping into 2.6.2817:36
gx009i wasted too much time on 2.6.27..17:37
gx009yay! finally am booting up into kubuntu 8.1017:40
bobesponjagx009: I'm upgrading to kubuntu 8.10 right now, how is it going so far for you?17:52
gx009its going ok.. but i forgot to format the partition so am going over it again17:54
fatalIf anyone is willing to triage the iproute bugs you have open in launchpad to see if they are still valid, I'd be willing to see if I can help solve them (if they are general enough to also apply to Debian which should be most that are actual iproute bugs rather then kernel or net-tools bugs).17:54
fataldoes anyone know if there's a way to link launchpad bugs to debian bugs and/or if a random user like me can close bugs in launchpad? See bug #26030117:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260301 in iproute "routef is missing a man page. "routef --help" executes the script. It is DANGEROUS!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26030117:56
carandraug`Matir: it's working. I added a file to policy, edited it. path to device was /dev/input/mouse1 :D So happy18:02
carandraug`Matir: thanks a lot for your help18:02
cbovyI found a regression with evolution in Intrepid, anyone can help me to confirm?18:08
milos_hi allll18:10
cbovyhi milos18:10
milos_how we are doing today?18:11
cbovydo you know how to tag a bug in launchpad so that it is listed with Intrepid?18:11
milos_not really, i am using launchpad but I am not so god at it18:12
cbovyI'm having some problems with Evolution. S/MIME in evolution composer doesn't work anymore since upgraded to intrepid.18:13
cbovyI filed a bug report, but it isn't shown within the Intrepid list.18:13
`Matirwhich intrepid list?18:14
milos_i usually go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid and than click on 'Report a bug'18:15
cbovywhen I go to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid and then show bugs, my bug is not present in the list.18:15
cbovyI did, but it seems that it is not nominated for Intrepid.18:15
cbovyI filed this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/26787918:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267879 in evolution "Evolution S/MIME fails" [Undecided,New]18:16
milos_check that bug, maybe is tagged as private18:16
milos_if shows it's private, maybe is that the reason18:16
`Matiri think you have to hit "Nominate for release" and select intrepid there18:18
PiciI'd ask in #ubuntu-bugs, I don't think that is necessary.18:18
cbovyPici: I'll ask it overthere.18:18
CarlFKi just installed today's daily build  in qemu - when I shut down, it hangs after NetworkManager: <info? eth0 taking down device  http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/a/qemu1.png18:21
CarlFKis this worth reporting somehwhere, or is it a bit too goofy?18:21
`MatirCarlFK, one off or reproducible?18:25
CarlFK`Matir: haven't tired.  i guess I can kill this session and boot/shutdown again18:26
flutefluteHas anyone else got an issue with firefox opening in a semi-fullscreen mode?18:34
carandraugfluteflute: no. But have you tried checking about:config to check for some fullscreen option and change it?18:36
flutefluteWell its not actually firefox's fullscreen mode, just a normal firefox window which covers the panels and doesn't have the window border. I'll take a look though...18:38
mirakare the multiproto drivers included in ibex interpid ?18:44
CarlFKmultiproto or biarch support?18:45
mirakCarlFK: what is it ?18:45
CarlFKbiarch = running 32 bit stuff on a x64 kernel18:46
flutefluteI've reported a bug incase anyone else is having a similar problem: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/26825318:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268253 in firefox "Firefox opens in a 'semi-fullscreen' mode" [Undecided,New]18:49
CarlFK`Matir: kinda reproducible - I booted to single, and did #halt, and it didn't exit qemu either, but did get to "System halted"   http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/a/qemu2.png18:50
crdlbfluteflute: that is a compiz problem18:50
crdlbwell, metacity has the feature too, but it seems to be a tiny bit less broken there18:51
fluteflutecrdlb: thanks, thought it might be, i'll reassign18:51
fluteflutewhats the command for metacity replace again?18:51
crdlbfluteflute: compiz-fusion-plugins-main provides a Workarounds plugin18:51
crdlbwhich you can disable (or just disable 'legacy fullscreen support' within it)18:51
CarlFKin 7 min I can try going all the way to the GUI login like I did before18:52
crdlbpersonally, I hate that feature18:52
fluteflutecrdlb: thanks so much!18:52
crdlbit's only still enabled for wine, which is the only app I know of which still isn't EWMH-compliant18:53
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ToHellWithGAis remote desktop/vnc broken now?19:44
ToHellWithGAi tried to turn it on but i cannot connect19:45
pwnguinquestion: which distro is most likely to be unpatched in the wild?20:38
rskipwnguin: lfs20:38
pwnguinwoa, wrong channel20:38
miloszwhat's the best way to update to Intrepid?20:45
miloszupdate from an installation CD?20:46
miloszor simply using apt, and changing all the sources to "intrepid"?20:46
pwnguinupdate manager20:46
pwnguinit has a flag you can use at command line20:46
pwnguin-c or -d20:46
pwnguinthe cd will have outdated packages anyways20:47
pwnguinso this saves a bit of bandwidth perhaps20:47
miloszpwnguin, ok i got it running, thanks20:48
miloszhmm 1.2GB updates20:48
miloszgood i have a 30mpbs connection ^^20:48
bsnideranybody getting that lovely thing where the video codecs reverse the blues and reds?20:53
pwnguincmyk versus rgb?20:54
bsniderno it's just all the colours are normal except blues and reds are reversed, so everything that should be blue is red and vice versa20:55
edgyHi, firefox doesn't play sound in flash like in youtube, is it only me?20:56
rskiedgy: same here21:00
rskidunno why, sound works elsewhere21:00
edgyrski: thanks for the confirmation21:01
vistakiller1same here with flash21:15
rskiFailed to initialize TTM buffer manager.  Falling back to classic.21:19
rskinot working yet >&21:19
doggymenzthere was an xorg-server-input-evdev update, and now my keyboard works strange21:28
doggymenzarrow keys, page up/down, winkey, etc21:28
Turmsi'm having problems connecting to internet, first of all network-manager wishes i use dhcp, while i use static, but even if i configure it manually when i restart i doesn't preserve my settings, so i disinstalled network-manager21:37
Turmsbut problems are still there, in fact i can ping an address but if i launch apt-get update or firefox it doesn't connect, route -n gives the right settings21:38
Turmsobviously the problem existed with network-manager as well21:39
Turmsapt-get update21:39
bsniderTurms, everybody's having trouble with network-manager22:01
rskinot mw :)22:01
cbr_0.7 isnt connecting to wifi22:02
cbr_for me22:02
cbr_0.6 works22:02
dupondjeTurms: try playing with the 'System Device' checkbox22:06
dupondjewhen u tick it off22:06
dupondjeset static ip22:06
dupondjeand then save it22:07
dupondjethen tick the System device checkbox22:07
dupondjeit sometimes remembers the static ip settings :p22:07
Turmsbsnider , dupondje thanks22:16
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots22:33
miloszhmm virtualbox-ose modules are not available for the current Intrepid kernel?23:10
rskinot that i know o23:11
rskiwas looking for it today23:12
miloszyeah strange23:14
rskinot really, just not done yet :)23:15
rskior uploaded23:16
miloszhmm i hope they'll appear soon-ish23:22
miloszbut i was warned before the upgrade to Intrepid :)23:23
miloszabout not using it on production systems23:23
miloszthankfully this is not my work system23:23
bsniderjust use the non-open source one23:35
miloszas in directly from Sun?23:37
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katcitaI installed intrepid alpha523:54
katcitathe install of intrepid went fine but it doesn't mount /home and when I try to mount /home it says /dev/sda3 already mounted or /home busy, yet 'mount' doesnt list /home as mounted23:54
katcitaany idea?23:54

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