pwnguinyou know what would be neat? a totem pole from ubuntu animals04:57
DanaGWhy the heck do things keep getting OOM-killed?05:39
DanaGer, wrong tab.05:39
Cimikwwii, ping10:49
Cimitell me when you'll be available this afternoon/evening, in CEST timezone10:50
kwwiiCimi: pong11:08
kwwiiI am avaiable now (and later probably as well)11:08
Cimikwwii, maybe I'll change a bit the background of scrollbars and progressbars with the new contrast function, and maybe the highlight of the notebook11:39
kwwiiCimi: cool, I was just working on getting a package ready...I can wait if you'd like and put in the newest stuff you have11:40
Cimialso, I've seen one recent version of newhuman, and I have to admit I prefer the earlier versions, where the base color was saturated (not plain white) and where scrollbars were not colored11:40
kwwiiyeah, both of "my" themes need work...been busy doing other stuff unfortunately11:41
Cimikwwii, you can do a new package tonight or tomorrow, because if I will change something, it will be only notebook highlight and progressbar/scrollbar background11:41
Cimibecause with the new contrast function it changes color, and I don't want it11:42
Cimiif you wait 10 minutes I do tat thing for the background11:42
kwwiiCimi: cool, go right ahead :-)11:43
kwwiiI can wait until tonight, if that's enough time11:43
Cimikwwii, could you try rev 59?11:55
Cimibtw I'm not sure of this11:56
Cimion low contrasts it could look odd11:57
kwwiiCimi: sure, which svn are you using now?12:03
Cimiit is not looking odd at low contrasts12:04
Cimirev 59 does not change the background of scrollbars and progressbars12:04
Cimi58 does12:05
Cimi(when tou change the contrast)12:05
Cimiplease try both and tell me which behaviour you think is correct for a contrast function12:05
kwwiiCimi: compiling now12:14
kwwiilet me restart my desktop12:20
kwwiihrm, hard to tell the difference on a running system :p12:26
Ziroday-tempkwwii: ping13:30
kwwiiZiroday-temp: pong13:50
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rsc_oi, thorwil. :)18:37
thorwilhi rsc_18:37
rsc_anything fresh? the mailing list has been quiet lately.18:38
thorwilwell, i'm still working on the countdown images18:38
* _MMA_ will have some more Breathe icon set info this week.18:39
rsc_ah, swell18:39
rsc_i can't wait to see progress on the icon theme.18:39
thorwili'm somewhat disappointed that apparently no one cares about bg colors for breathe. not exactly surprised, though18:39
rsc_re: bg colors for breathe, i didn't really bother making noise in that thread since I knew there was no way to do it anyway :/18:40
thorwilno way to do what?18:40
rsc_but it really has been quite a problem that's plagued me whenever I make icons, and a solution for it would be wonderful IMHO.18:40
rsc_having a different slightly-adjusted icon for different bg colors?18:41
thorwili was referring to the set of bg colors, not the post about automatic adjustment18:41
_MMA_thorwil: I think most are like: "OK. Sounds good. Now give us new icons!" :) I hope to have the technicals done this week so I can get people submitting icons for a base set this weekend.18:42
thorwilcould be18:43
_MMA_thorwil: What would you consider a "base set"? folder, computer, home, hardrive, trash, CD and CD-ROM?18:47
thorwil_MMA_: maybe the set used on gnome-look?18:48
_MMA_No no. I'll have a call for replacements of Oxygen. A starting point.18:48
thorwil_MMA_: your list sounds good, though18:48
_MMA_thorwil: You might want to kill you perspective idea on the wiki if we're gonna follow Oxygen there.18:50
thorwil_MMA_: i think it should be brought up at least18:51
thorwilexcept if you are suddenly sure it's the right path18:51
_MMA_I'm sure about following Oxygen and improving where we can.18:52
thorwil_MMA_: i removed my note about trying gradation curves for adjusting to varying backgrounds. box and sphere make sense even just to pick up how oxygen does it18:57
thorwillooks like "trivial change" means you will not get a notice18:58
_MMA_thorwil: Sure. Could you look through them so you can make an image people can look at and understand?18:58
_MMA_thorwil: I tend to do that as I make alot of small mistakes. :)18:59
_MMA_"trivial change"18:59
rsc__MMA_: Why not include some standard toolbar buttons too? (Back, forward, stop)19:20
rsc_it's going to be visible a lot (ff/nautilus) on an average user's computer time.19:20
_MMA_rsc_: Sure. I think that will go in the next round.19:24

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