seb128on what url?00:00
seb128IntuitiveNipple: gnomevfs-info calls gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_application_for_uri() to display the default application00:01
seb128IntuitiveNipple: so if gnomevfs-info lists a default application the gnomevfs code is likely working as expected, now xulrunner might be giving it wrong datas or not downloading the example or something00:02
IntuitiveNippleFrom the debug logging I've done so far all the values look correct. Hence my question, since it looks like the issue is the return value from gnome-vfs00:02
asacIntuitiveNipple: have you tried to enable the log in uriloader/exthandler/unix/nsOSHelperAppService.cpp ?00:03
IntuitiveNippleThe gnome-vfs mime db is a combo of ~/.local/share/applications and /usr/local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications, is that correct?00:03
seb128IntuitiveNipple: no00:05
seb128IntuitiveNipple: the mimetype definitions are in /usr/share/mime/package/freedesktop.xml00:05
seb128IntuitiveNipple: and then applications can claim handling a mimetype by listing this one in their .desktop which is installed in /usr/share/applications00:06
asacIntuitiveNipple: have you debugged the func above?00:06
IntuitiveNippleseb128: Hmmm, those are the directories and locations of the files strace shows as being opened and read... I did wonder about this though, there's two sets of behaviour going on00:06
seb128IntuitiveNipple: again if gnomevfs-info lists the correct informations on an example the definition side is correct00:06
IntuitiveNippleasac: not so far, no. I wanted to clear up where the mime-types are being resolved from00:07
asacIntuitiveNipple: I'd suggest to step through the func above and check where it returns00:08
asacIntuitiveNipple: for instance: there are two ways of getting mime->app mappings00:08
asacIntuitiveNipple: gnome + mailcap00:08
asacmaybe one works and the other is broken00:09
asacfor me it sounds unlikely that its gnome_vfs that is broken. I'd first look for bugs in xulrunner there00:09
IntuitiveNippleasac: yeah, I know. That's the only clue I have. "text/plain" check mailcap, "application/pdf" doesn't00:10
asacIntuitiveNipple: so its mailcap that is broken? do the openoffice mappings come from there as well?00:10
IntuitiveNippleasac: the entries in /etc/mailcap look fine. I tested with and without them present just in case... what I don't get is, why mailcap was checked for text/plain ... I'd need to strace the OOO files to know if they also hit mailcap (I've got lost in strace comparisons today!)00:13
asacIntuitiveNipple: true.00:13
asacIntuitiveNipple: do you have $HOME/mailcap as well?00:13
asacIntuitiveNipple: try https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=32995600:14
IntuitiveNippleYes, but none of the affected mime-types are listed in it.00:14
asac(if it still applies)00:14
IntuitiveNipplefirefox shows that inline:  content-disposition: inline; filename="diff"00:15
asacIntuitiveNipple: no. thats the patch you should try ;00:16
IntuitiveNipplelol duh00:16
asacIntuitiveNipple: please report your findings about that patch in the bug00:16
seb128asac: did you find a corresponding bug?00:16
asacsomewhat yeah00:16
asaci closed the window ;)00:17
asacand bugzilla doesnt allow me to search reverse for attachments00:17
asaclets see00:17
IntuitiveNippleasac, whats the bug # on that one... I've been on the go for 21 hours... I need to bookmark and get some sleep00:17
asacmozilla bug 44444000:18
ubottuMozilla bug 444440 in File Handling "Unexpected application launched when $HOME/.mailcap contains an entry for the handled mime type" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44444000:18
asaci actually thought that ws checked in already00:19
IntuitiveNippleThe only mime-types in ~/.mailcap are from RealPlayer and vlc00:19
asacIntuitiveNipple: doesnt matter here00:20
asacIntuitiveNipple: i think thats most likely the bug00:20
asacIntuitiveNipple: what matters is that it will still try to use what gnome mime gave even though it found mailcap00:20
asacwhich is most likely empty for our cases?00:20
IntuitiveNippleI'll try it tomorrow00:20
asacotherwise we should certainly build on top of that patch00:20
asacas it will land soon00:21
seb128asac: doesn't seem to be the issue for me00:21
IntuitiveNippleI'll first enable the increased logging/debugging to trace the mime-type handling00:21
asacseb128: what exactly?00:21
asacIntuitiveNipple: that makes sense. if you have that LOG output, please attach that to bug00:21
seb128asac: who has a mailcap entry nowadays? the gnomevfs opening should just work there00:21
IntuitiveNippleasac: I shall... *where* does the log output go?00:21
asacIntuitiveNipple: usually you use NSPR_LOG_MODULES=... then it goes to stdout/err00:22
asacyou cal also specify NSPR_LOG_FILE=00:22
IntuitiveNippleasac: did you see at the end of the bug-report the tracing reports I added? that shows the different paths it is taking00:23
asacIntuitiveNipple: i dont understand those00:23
asacthey are not giving me enough detail00:23
IntuitiveNippleare those Env vars, or #defines ?00:23
asacbut there is a better document00:23
asac(for using that)00:23
IntuitiveNippleasac: I was more concerned with confirming the path the code was taking, but as it takes about 20 minutes to build xulrunner, and I made some silly typos, I didn't get as much done as I intended :)00:24
asactoo bad. after reorganization of MDC its somewhat hidden in google :(00:24
IntuitiveNipplethanks... bookmarking it00:24
asacIntuitiveNipple: yes. but tweaking logging you get better info there00:25
IntuitiveNippleit's a minefield to try and unravel from cold, not knowing the code00:25
IntuitiveNippleasac, increase logging to "7" from "3" ?00:25
asacto 500:25
asacIntuitiveNipple: but check that those log messages are actually in there. some log info can only be retrieved when doing a debug build00:26
asac(for performance reasons)00:26
asacbut i dont thing thats the case here00:26
IntuitiveNippleokay yeah, I';; throw in a few "cerr << ..." of my own, too00:27
asacIntuitiveNipple: feel free to bug me tomorrow in -mozillateam ... i am too tired to look into it now.00:27
IntuitiveNippleI know the feeling... what timezone are you in?00:27
IntuitiveNippleI was going to bed 3 hours ago, but I waited for one final build to complete...!00:28
asacUTC +200:28
IntuitiveNipplegood, we're the same then. I'll try and have it pinned down tomorrow.00:29
* seb128 goes to bed too now, see you tomorrow00:30
asacseb128: sleep well00:30
seb128asac: thanks, you too00:30
IntuitiveNippleI didn't realise it was a bug until today/yesterday. I've been having issue with "Archive Manager" failing when I tried to load tar.gz files for a while now but thought I'd just messed up my local preferences since an upgrade since there were several instances of it in the firefox apps list. Once I'd cleaned them out it became clear, then I found these reports by others.00:30
IntuitiveNipplenight guys00:31
asacits a tricky thing00:34
IntuitiveNippleSleep will help alot... not able to think clearly right now... I was going to sort the logging out now and leave it building but my brain is too fried to be sure I'll get it right00:37
IntuitiveNippleI'll do a minimal app tomorrow, that just calls the gnome-vfs default-app function, see what it reports00:38
huatsmorning here !08:16
huatsseb128: I've put the gcalctool update on LP (and u-m-s is subscribed)08:28
huats(sorry usm)08:29
huatsand salut btw :)08:29
huatsplop seb128_08:34
huatsmorning mvo08:41
loolmvo: Hey, I'm afraid I need to grab you on update-manager questions08:42
loolmvo: persia is blocked on a couple of issues which relate to update-manager08:43
mvohey huats08:43
mvolool: sure, what is the matter?08:43
menaHi there ! ... I'm very happy to reach here any welcome??...08:44
seb128__hey mvo08:46
mvohey seb128__!08:47
menaHi mvo08:47
Hobbseehey seb128__!08:48
mvohey mena08:48
loolmvo: Sorry to jump you straight in the morning08:49
seb128__hello Hobbsee08:49
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mvolool: no problem .)08:52
=== BugMaN is now known as bugman
mvolool: in ~5min all is good, when my green morning tea is ready - until then I'm a bit slow and sleepy08:52
loolIt seems persia catched you already, so my additional pressure was worthless08:53
* Hobbsee runs 240v through mvo 08:53
Hobbseehm, that didn't work.08:54
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looljackalope, that doesn't sound too nice in French09:10
mvoHobbsee: only green tea works on me :)09:12
huatslool: +1 :)09:13
huatsI was thinking the same way :)09:13
crevettelool: what is jackalope ?09:17
crevettea google was my friend09:18
mptmvo, hi09:57
mvompt: hello!09:57
mptmvo, do you know what that "Default" column represents, precisely?09:57
mvompt: I think it its for the default keymap when a new window is selected, then it can be changed via "alt (left) and alt (right)"09:58
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lool* Go back to using powers of 10 instead of powers of 2 for display sizes.10:00
lool« e.g. memory sticks will now correctly report "64MB volume" instead of previous "61.7MB volume" »10:02
loolShouldn't it be MiB?10:02
loolFortunately Keybuk isn't reading this10:02
mptDebating units of data measurement is like mud wrestling10:02
loolWHAT?  NOT AT ALL10:02
loolwoohoo pa 0.9.1210:07
loolI guess it's too late for intrepid10:08
mptmvo, hm, did you already implement the "Use as System-Wide Settings..." button for Network Proxy?10:08
mvompt: yes and no, yes its there, but no the UI has not changed yet since you last saw it, I work on this later today or tomorrow (depending on how well the keyboard stuff goes)10:09
mvos/I work/I will work/10:09
mptWhy the heck didn't I use the same wording for the system-wide proxy seetings as for the system-wide keyboard settings?10:10
mptOnly three days apart, too10:10
* mpt slaps self10:11
mpt( Reset to System-Wide Settings ) is a bit long10:11
mpt( Use System-Wide... ) ( Reset to System Settings )10:12
mvompt: that sounds good, thanks!10:14
mptmaybe, but it's not forward-compatible10:14
seb128lool: having 0.9.11 would already be good10:15
lool0.9.11 was suffering from quite some issues which were fixed post release though10:15
loolI thought we would be moving to a post 0.9.11 snapshot in the last weeks?10:16
seb128dunno, I'm not looking into details, I just know the sound situation in ubuntu is the suck since we use pulseaudio10:17
mvoseb128: do you work on gnome-control-center currently? I have some stuff pending for the keyboard settings10:19
seb128mvo: what keyboard settings?10:20
mvoseb128: to make the setting a system wide default (including the console)10:21
mvoseb128: I was just curious if you are currently working on it10:21
* seb128 things he will give up on maintaining this package if people keep adding tons of distro specific changes which makes update harder and harder10:21
seb128mvo: no10:21
mvook, thanks10:22
seb128mvo: and if you touch it you will be assignee for next updates ;-)10:22
mvoit is a problem, I agree10:22
seb128sorry I'm a bit grumpy, but there is like 60 tarballs to upgrades at every new GNOME weeks10:23
mvoI understand10:23
seb128and if doing updates for one tarball start taking hours because of the glade merging to do, etc that doesn't scale10:23
mvoseb128: you know if you want me to update it, I will put it into bzr ;) ?10:24
seb128I'm already stretching my limits late in the night to do those updates10:24
seb128mvo: yeah that's alright ;-)10:24
* mvo hugs seb12810:24
mptmvo, ok, I'm going to update both of those mockups10:25
* crevette hugs sincerely seb128 for all its hard work10:25
mptI'll be done in about ten minutes10:25
* seb128 hugs mvo10:25
mvoI can try to submit it to upstream again, maybe if the dbus backend is done as part of gnome-system-tools it gets more favorable comments ...10:25
seb128I doubt of it, no other distro is using g-s-t10:26
* mvo scratches his head10:26
mptseb128, really? What do they all use?10:26
seb128mpt: their own tool, suse uses yast, mandriva their draketools, fedora they system-* pygtk applications10:27
* mpt should spend more time trying other OSes :-)10:30
loolgentoo uses dd!10:33
mptmvo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DefaultKeyboardSettings updated10:42
mptmvo, silly question: where did I publish the proxy mockup?10:42
EvolutionXtinctthis is a dumb question :( but its been FOREVER since i've used linux and i want to setup a theme for 8.04 does any one got any good tutorials?10:44
Ampelbeinhi! is bug #264538 a candidate for won't fix? the issue is definitely there but upstream does not want to change the behaviour.10:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264538 in totem "Play button swaps places" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26453810:46
seb128Ampelbein: we do not changes software against upstream decision without a good reason, if upstream closes the request do the same on the ubuntu bug10:49
seb128Ampelbein: upstream has a point there10:49
seb128tell the submitter to argue on the upstream bug if he has a strong opinion about that10:49
Ampelbeinseb128: yes, i see the reason, too. the only question for me is invalid or won't fix.10:50
seb128whatever upstream does10:50
seb128wontfix seems to be a good choose for this one10:50
mvompt: I think you just sent it by mail, I can forward it to you again if its not in your send folder anymore10:50
mptmvo, ok, updated version e-mailed10:52
seb128mvo: there is a new vte available, want to do the update? ;-)10:54
mvompt: thanks!10:54
Ampelbeinseb128: gnome-session is still 2.23.90 in intrepid, should i provide an upgrade or are you working on it?10:56
seb128Ampelbein: 2.23.91 was too buggy to be used, I need to look at 2.23.92, let me do it I've already a partial update on disk but I didn't update because of some issues10:57
seb128Ampelbein: looking for updates to do?10:57
Ampelbeinseb128: yes10:57
seb128Ampelbein: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-games/2.23/gnome-games-2.23.92.tar.gz10:57
seb128Ampelbein: not sure if you are fluent in packaging but there is already libgweather which won python bindings if you feel like doing such changes10:58
seb128Ampelbein: http://download.gnome.org/sources/xchat-gnome/0.23/xchat-gnome-0.23.92.tar.gz too10:58
seb128Ampelbein: and http://download.gnome.org/sources/gedit-plugins/2.22/gedit-plugins-2.22.3.tar.gz10:58
seb128Ampelbein: you can pick any of those ;-)10:59
Ampelbeinseb128: ok, one after another. gnome-games now.10:59
EvolutionXtinctanyone familiar w/ the themes from ubuntu site.... what system does gnome run.11:00
EvolutionXtinctGTK or metacity... i don't remember anymore :(11:00
Ampelbeinseb128: about the libgweather thing, i think i'll need to learn a bit more before starting on changing dependencies. (if i got right what you meant)11:00
seb128Ampelbein: it's rather adding new binaries and building a python flavor, not trivial indeed11:01
Ampelbeinseb128: i guess i'll pass this one ;-)11:01
mvoseb128: I look at vte later, I think I have some outstanding merges from ember as well that I haven't llooked at11:01
seb128mvo: ok thanks11:05
seb128mvo: doing metacity would be nice too if you want to do that one too11:05
seb128mvo: and compiz will need to be updated to install the .desktop not to the wm-properties directory too, the new gnome-session doesn't look in this one now11:06
EvolutionXtinctanyone willing to help me figure out why themes isnt recognizing a theme install file11:07
seb128EvolutionXtinct: use gvfs-info on the theme install file and copy that somewhere?11:08
EvolutionXtinctwell i'm using Gnome gui 'Appearance' to install it like it says on ubuntu gnome theme section11:08
EvolutionXtinctbut i extract the files to .theme and i'm supposed to go to that location and click theinstall file11:08
EvolutionXtinctand it shows nothing when i browse tothat location as if none of those files are correct11:09
EvolutionXtincthmm don't have thattool11:10
EvolutionXtinctand i see index.theme files11:10
EvolutionXtinctbut it doesn't see them.11:10
EvolutionXtinctwhen i try to grrr11:10
seb128EvolutionXtinct: what format has the file you try to install and how do you try to install it?11:12
EvolutionXtinctwell the file i'm trying to install thru 'appearances' is index.theme11:12
EvolutionXtinctbut when i go to 'appearances' it doesn't find that file11:13
EvolutionXtincteven when i have it view all files in directory11:13
EvolutionXtinctdo i need to use GDM themes?11:14
EvolutionXtinctGDM themes don't seem to work either11:16
* EvolutionXtinct sighs11:20
* EvolutionXtinct thinks he might go back to bed11:20
seb128EvolutionXtinct: index.theme is not something to install11:21
EvolutionXtinctthen how would i install a GTK2.0 theme?11:23
EvolutionXtincti am underlogin screen was able to get GDM installed11:24
pochuhi seb12811:24
EvolutionXtinctbut itsnot the regular teme.11:24
seb128pochu: hye11:25
seb128pochu: are you the updates you claimed going? ;-)11:25
seb128EvolutionXtinct: by dnd the tarball which has a gtkrc, etc11:25
pochuseb128: gnome-utils has a library for the dictionary, libgdict, should I create packages for them? see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=44388911:25
ubottuDebian bug 443889 in gnome-utils "Re: needed something like gnome-utils-dev" [Normal,Open]11:25
pochuseb128: yes, I'm just doing the gnome-utils one11:26
pochuwhich looks trivial ;)11:26
seb128pochu: right, would be nice but that's not a priority, do the update first11:26
EvolutionXtinctya i noticed they have a GTKRC but i tell it to use that but then i can't go under 'local' tab and install the dang theme11:27
EvolutionXtinctit still don't find it11:27
EvolutionXtinctoh you gotta use the .tar11:28
EvolutionXtinctlol damn11:28
pochuseb128: ok, they have been done in Debian just today so we can merge them later11:28
seb128pochu: feel free to merge now if you want11:29
seb128EvolutionXtinct: yes, dnd the tar.gz to the appareance capplet11:29
EvolutionXtincttar.gz it won't do...11:29
EvolutionXtinctwhats dnd sorry :(11:29
seb128drag and drop11:29
EvolutionXtincti think it worked.11:30
EvolutionXtinctwell it froze that app up11:31
EvolutionXtinctwow dragging and dropping made it run like crap now and it said itinstalled itbut itdoesn't show up on the list of themes11:33
EvolutionXtinctwhat happens if the stupid theme file isn't a tar.gz but just a tar11:42
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #268070 - finished.11:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268070 in gnome-games "Please upgrade to 2.23.92" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807011:43
pochuseb128: I'll just do the update and include libgdict later, if that's fine with you11:43
Keybuklool: saying 64MB is right, isn't it?11:44
loolKeybuk: I'm not *remotely* tempted11:45
seb128pochu: sure11:47
seb128Ampelbein: ok thanks, will look after lunch11:47
Keybuklool: we certainly patch things to make them sane :p11:47
* EvolutionXtinct kicks ubuntu11:49
EvolutionXtinctwhy is it it shows my themes as successfully installed yet they don't show up on the list....11:49
EvolutionXtinctwow this one theme finally worked11:52
EvolutionXtinctlol outta 411:52
seb128lool: no hurry but you will do the cheese update at some point right? just going through the list of outdated desktop packages12:50
seb128lool: you or somebody in the mobile team12:50
TheMusovuntz: Greetings. I was talking to seb128 about the gnome-session logout/shutdown dialogs Intrepid currently has, taken from bugzilla, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507101. He pointed me in your direction. It turns out that these dialogs are not accessible with assistive technologies eg orca. Is this known?13:00
ubottuGnome bug 507101 in general "New UI for logout/shutdown dialogs" [Minor,New]13:00
seb128Ampelbein: where did you take your changelog summary?13:00
seb128Ampelbein: oh, the changelog? we usually use NEWS for new GNOME versions13:00
seb128Ampelbein: it already has the changes summary13:01
vuntzTheMuso: no, it's not known13:01
vuntzTheMuso: how is it not accessible?13:02
TheMusovuntz: Its impossible to tab through the dialog and get audible feedback from orca, and orca's flat review mode doesn't give out any information either. I'm currently not running the latest orca/at-spi, but I doubt that would make a difference.13:06
loolseb128: Well I'd love to13:06
loolseb128: It's on my "really hot list"13:06
loolNow I actually have a webcam which makes it possible13:06
seb128lool: worded differently "should I try to assign this update to some contributor or is somebody going to do it before intrepid", there is still several weeks before freezing GNOME versions so no hurry13:07
loolWell I think I can do it before intrepid, but if you find anybody interested, they should do it13:08
vuntzTheMuso: hrm. I have no idea why this would be happening :/13:13
vuntzTheMuso: are you able to easily test another patch?13:15
TheMusovuntz: Yes, just a matter of rolling a custom gnome-session package, which I can do easily enough.13:16
pochuseb128: when I upgrade from gnome-utils/intrepid to gnome-utils/2.23.92, I get this:13:17
pochuWARNING: Failed to parse default value `' for schema (/schemas/apps/gnome-screenshot/take_window_shot)13:17
pochuWARNING: Failed to parse default value `' for schema (/schemas/apps/gnome-screenshot/delay)13:17
pochuthat's the dpkg output, any idea what's wrong?13:17
vuntzTheMuso: ok, give me 30 minutes (need to finish something first)13:17
TheMusovuntz: Sure, no hurry, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.13:17
seb128pochu: upstream translation issue13:18
pochuseb128: but       <default></default>13:18
vuntzTheMuso: just wondering: is the automatic log out an issue for accessibility?13:18
vuntzTheMuso: I mean automatic log out after a timeout?13:19
pochuseb128: but /usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-screenshot.schemas hasn't changed this time, so it was already present?13:19
* pochu looks if that was the case13:19
TheMusovuntz: Hmm. Not personally, but you'd have to ask other members of the accessibility.13:19
seb128pochu: likely13:20
pochuyes it was already present13:26
Ampelbeinseb128: sorry, was away shortly. so should i only point to the bugs fixed in changelog and let all other stuff be in NEWS?13:26
seb128Ampelbein: we usually copy the NEWS entry, users like to see the changes in the new version when reading the changelog13:27
Ampelbeinseb128: ok, will do that and reupload.13:27
seb128Ampelbein: don't, I sponsored your update already, just a note for next one13:27
Ampelbeinseb128: oh, ok then.13:28
pochuseb128: the update looks good, I've tested all the binaries in the package and everything seems to be working fine. is emilio.pozuelo.org ok for you or do you prefer attachments in launchpad?13:32
jpdshi pochu113:32
pochuhey jpds :)13:33
seb128pochu: launchpad is better, thanks13:36
pochuyeah, but it's slower ;)13:37
* pochu uploads it to launchpad13:37
pochuhey huats13:39
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #268079 - the next one. i hope this one is ok.13:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268079 in xchat-gnome "Please upgrade to 0.23.92" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807913:39
seb128Ampelbein: looking13:39
huatshey pochu13:39
pochuseb128: bug 26811013:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268110 in gnome-utils "New upstream 2.23.92 release" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26811013:40
seb128pochu: thanks13:41
ftaseb128, (nautilus:31766): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_canvas_item_request_update: assertion `!item->canvas->doing_update' failed13:45
ftanautilus: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:77: _XGetXCBBuffer: Assertion `((int) ((xcb_req)13:45
fta- (dpy->request)) >= 0)' failed.13:45
ftaAbort (core dumped)13:45
seb128fta: yes?13:45
seb128fta: what do you do to get this?13:45
ftaopening sftp:// urls from Places13:46
seb128not confirming13:46
seb128what libeel2-2 and nautilus version do you have?13:47
ftacrashed ~5 times since this morning. i'm trying to get a traceback13:47
ftalibeel2-2                     2.23.91-0ubuntu113:47
ftanope, wired eth13:47
seb128fta: try updating to the current version maybe?13:48
ftait's not ? hm13:48
ftahm 44 new updates in the less than 10h13:49
seb128fta: right, the buildds were broken for some days so every built when they got fixed13:50
seb128and new GNOME version this week too13:50
seb128Ampelbein: alright, some notes about your xchat-gnome issue13:55
seb128Ampelbein: first describe your changes in the changelog, ie you added a build-depends on libcanberra that should be described there13:56
seb128Ampelbein: you don't need to list remaining patches those are not changes in your update13:56
seb128Ampelbein: the new version doesn't use gnome-vfs so those requirements should be removed13:57
seb128Ampelbein: and the libglade requirement should be update13:57
seb128Ampelbein: hint, diff the configure.in between the versions to see the requirements changes13:57
Ampelbeinseb128: ok, will do that. thanks for the hints. should i reupload?13:58
seb128Ampelbein: yes, please fix those and update the bug, I changed to incomplete for now14:00
=== andreasn_ is now known as andreasn
Ampelbeinseb128: should i note which patches were dropped?14:03
seb128Ampelbein: yes, the purpose of the changelog is to log the changes ;-)14:03
Ampelbeinsounds reasonable.14:04
Ampelbeinseb128: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/391852/ my new changelog, ok?14:11
seb128Ampelbein: you need to update the libglib requirement to >= 2.16 due to gio14:12
seb128Ampelbein: and somewhere write why you drop those patches, ie "those changes are in the new version"14:13
Ampelbeinthanks for being so patient with me.14:13
seb128Ampelbein: no problem don't worry ;-)14:14
seb128everybody needs to start and we appreciate contributors ;-)14:14
Ampelbeinseb128: next try: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/391853/ ;-)14:25
seb128Ampelbein: you also need to update the libglib2.0-dev build-depends to 2.1814:26
seb128Ampelbein: otherwise looks correct14:27
Ampelbeinok, now i got everything. i try build again.14:28
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #268079 next try14:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268079 in xchat-gnome "Please upgrade to 0.23.92" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807914:41
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #268077 finished, too.15:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268077 in gedit-plugins "Please upgrade to 2.22.3" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807715:00
seb128Ampelbein: there is an issue in the xchat-gnome update, looking into details, the notification and sound-notification plugins are not built15:03
seb128configure:26508: WARNING: xchat-gnome compiled without libcanberra support, plugins sound-notification will not be available15:03
seb128configure:26524: WARNING: xchat-gnome compiled without libnotify support, plugins notify-osd will not be available15:03
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Ampelbeinseb128: hmm. i'll look into it to see why.15:14
seb128Ampelbein: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55151515:21
ubottuGnome bug 551515 in general "the libnotify and canberra plugins are not built" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:21
Ampelbeinseb128: ok. then i put your patch in debian/patches, change changelog accordingly and try again?15:22
seb128Ampelbein: you need to put the patch before the autoconf one and to update the autoconf one15:23
seb128Ampelbein: gedit-plugins is an universe package btw, I'm changing the sponsoring team subscribed ;-)15:26
Ampelbeinseb128: btw, how to you see the failed configures? with pbuilder it compiled and i can't see the logfiles anywhere.15:29
seb128Ampelbein: debdiff current and new versions15:29
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emberseb128 a shlibs question: do i need to update shlibs because of this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/44919/ (python stuff)15:49
seb128shlibs is not a python thing15:50
emberok thanks15:51
embermvo it's alright then15:51
Ampelbeinseb128: your patch does not enable the two plugins, unfortunately: configure: WARNING: xchat-gnome compiled without libcanberra support, plugins sound-notification will not be available15:59
Ampelbeinconfigure: WARNING: xchat-gnome compiled without libnotify support, plugins notify-osd will not be available15:59
seb128Ampelbein: did you run autoconf as I said?16:00
seb128Ampelbein: can you add the diff.gz you are using to the bug?16:02
Ampelbeinseb128: i'll add it.16:02
Ampelbeinseb128: added16:03
Ampelbeini think i missed the autoconf-thing16:04
seb128Ampelbein: right the autoconf patch has not been refreshed after applying the new change16:09
Ampelbeinseb128: i don't understand yet, what i have to do to refresh it. it applies cleanly. do i have to run autoconf after applying your patch?16:12
seb128Ampelbein: yes, sorry if that was not clear, copy my patch, and cdbs-edit-patch 98_autoconf, run autoconf, rm -rf autom4te.cache and exit 016:12
Ampelbeinok, now i get it.16:17
Ampelbeinits a good exercise though ;-)16:18
Ampelbeinnow we have it all. diffs attached.16:24
Ampelbeinthanks seb12816:24
tjaaltonseb128: is gnome-settings-daemon maintained in bzr? debian/control wouldn't suggest that16:24
seb128tjaalton: no, why?16:28
seb128Ampelbein: you're welcome16:29
tjaaltonseb128: I need to update it and drop the evdev patch, once hal/xkb-data/x-x-i-evdev are uploaded16:29
seb128tjaalton: alright16:29
tjaaltonseb128: because there's no need to force the model anymore16:30
seb128how does it work now?16:30
tjaaltonI mean after those uploads. xkb-data upstream has a new evdev rules (instead of the old 'base'), and so the driver will force that instead of the model. the old method broke ABNT2/jp106 keyboards so that they couldn't be fixed16:32
tjaaltonbut this will allow fixing those when using the evdev driver..16:32
tjaaltonand the user can change the kb model again16:33
tjaaltonlike before input-hotplug16:33
tjaaltonI know it sounds confusing, but the terminology is16:33
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cjwatsonwhose bug is bug 267255? it isn't ubiquity's18:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267255 in ubiquity "unable to change the appearance, visual efects from none" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26725518:15
seb128cjwatson: looking18:21
seb128cjwatson: what the title means is "compiz doesn't start" and the description suggests it's an nvidia-* bug since it works using the upstream nvidia driver18:22
cjwatsonseb128: so tasks on nvidia-graphics-drivers-{173,177}?18:28
seb128cjwatson: I would do that, or reassign to compiz and ask for a compiz --replace log for details18:28
cjwatsonseb128: ok, I did the latter, thanks18:30
seb128you're welcome18:30
NCommanderseb128, ping18:44
NCommanderseb128, I have gtkmm for you18:54
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Ampelbeinagainst what package should bugs about missing file association be filed? nautilus? gnome-control-center?19:50
seb128Ampelbein: details?20:02
seb128lool: bug #268250 if you want to have a look btw20:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268250 in cheese "Please sponsor cheese 2.23.91 into Intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26825020:03
Ampelbeinseb128: bug #25593620:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255936 in totem "totem should be associated with 3g2 videos" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25593620:03
seb128Ampelbein: what mimetype is displayed in nautilus for the example?20:08
Ampelbeinseb128: 3GPP multimedia file20:09
seb128Ampelbein: the way it works is that shared-mime-info define mimetype, if nautilus displays a likely mimetype the definition is good, otherwise the mimetype might not be listed or described correctly (in which case shared-mime-info should be changed)20:09
seb128alright, so it looks like the mimetype is defined there20:09
seb128Ampelbein: so whatever the short mimetype description "ie something/sometext" the totem-gstreamer.desktop should have it listed in its mimetype list20:10
Ampelbeinseb128: so its generally an application issue, not nautilus.20:10
seb128right, nautilus has nothing to do in there usually20:10
Ampelbeinseb128: ok, thanks again.20:10
seb128shared-mime-info has the definition and the applications should have the mimetype listed20:11
seb128you're welcome20:11
NCommanderseb128, poke20:24
seb128NCommander: hello, sorry I read your message between was in middle of dinner and just passing in front of the screen and forgot to ping back after dinner20:25
seb128NCommander: how are you?20:25
NCommanderseb128, I'm fine. Have gtkmm and pangomm for you20:25
emberlool any news on getting hamster-applet on Debian?20:36
NCommanderseb128, there's irony for you, Debian just accepted the broken pangomm :-)20:57
seb128ah ah ;-)20:57
seb128NCommander: where is your gtkmm update btw?20:58
NCommanderseb128, on its way to my PPA20:58
NCommander(probably should do that one first)20:58
Laneyseb128: Do you think it's a good idea to backport the fix to bug #265055?21:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 265055 in pidgin "Pidgin backport segfault in libc.so" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26505521:25
Laney(or wait until 2.5.2?)21:26
seb128Laney: I've nothing to do with backports21:27
seb128Laney: that's what stable users get for trying to run on new cracks, there is a reason why we don't update versions in stable21:27
Laneyseb128: I don't mean hardy-backports, I mean to backport the fix to Intrepid21:28
seb128Laney: that said I'll try to update 2.5.2 to intrepid this week then you can speak to the backport team about getting the new version in hardy21:28
Laneysorry, should have been more clear21:28
Laney2.5.2 isn't out, but when it is that fix will be in it21:29
seb128Laney: and the fix is not in 2.5.1?21:29
LaneyI was proposing to take it from pidgin mtn21:30
LaneyI don't know how frequently pidgin release bugfix updates, and whether we'll get 2.5.2 in time21:31
seb128Laney: that's something to backport when doing the 2.5.1 update then yes21:31
* Laney nods21:31
seb128you are welcome to work on the update, attach a debdiff to the bug and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors if you want ;-)21:32
Laneyseb128: The 2.5.1 update? I'm not sure if I'm hardcore enough to be able to do that right now... (the symbols stuff is scary)21:39
seb128Laney: no, somebody else did that but once the update is uploaded the debdiff for this specific change21:39
LaneyOh right, yes I'll do that one21:40
LaneyPing me when you upload it and I'll take care of it21:40
seb128alright thanks21:40
NCommanderseb128, gtkmm is in my PPA now BTW21:43
seb128NCommander: ok good, did you test it?21:43
NCommanderseb128, yes, I have it installed now21:43
Ampelbeinseb128: just if you are curious, i put gnome-session 2.23.92 in my ppa. you said earlier you wanted to test it.21:47
seb128NCommander: excellent, will have a look in a few minutes then21:47
seb128Ampelbein: does it work for you?21:47
Ampelbeinseb128: the main issue why i tried it (adding startup commands) seems to be fixed.21:50
Ampelbeinseb128: what other issues did you encounter with .91? i can try out if you like.21:53
LaneyAmpelbein: What about the xdg-open issue?21:55
AmpelbeinLaney: some more hints? can't follow atm.21:56
LaneyAmpelbein: xdg-open's gnome detection was broken in previous versions of gnome-session21:56
Laney(one of) the symptom is that 'xdg-open "http://www.google.com"' doesn't launch the right browser - for me it always launches Epiphany21:57
LaneyYou can verify it's fixed by setting your browser to something else and running the above command21:57
Ampelbeinno, thats not fixed.21:58
LaneyAmpelbein: Bug ##25562121:58
Laneybug #255621 even21:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255621 in xdg-utils "xdg-open's Gnome detection is broken" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25562121:58
LaneyBah, did the patch not get committed upstream?21:59
Laneyor was it before the tarball was rolled21:59
LaneyNope, it was in gnome-session 2.23.9122:00
Ampelbeini'll test on another install.22:00
Ampelbeinbb in 222:00
LaneyAmpelbein: You probably need to restart your session for it to take effect, if you haven't lready22:01
AmpelbeinLaney: can confirm it's fixed.22:04
LaneyPlease close the bug in the changelog then22:04
Laneygood work22:04
Ampelbeini always forget restarting X. should probably use windows more often so i get used to it ;-)22:05
seb128Ampelbein: one issue was that compiz was not used after a session restart and gnome-wm not installed22:05
Ampelbeinseb128: i'll enable compiz and try.22:06
seb128Ampelbein: don't bother too much I've a good idea about what to change and 2.23.91 which I packaged locally previous week and some other pending changes already22:08
Ampelbeinseb128: just tried it and compiz gets disabled upon restart :-(22:10
seb128Ampelbein: right, that's what I said, they stopped shipping gnome-wm in the new version22:11
seb128and changed the gconf key too22:11
Ampelbeini guess i'll downgrade again in that case. would have surprised me anyway if this had worked in the first place. today everything tends to get messy. the xchat-gnome thing was, my coffee-machine is broken and my cat peed on the carpet.22:12
seb128Ampelbein: the xchat-gnome was a good one, you learnt some things on the way and it got uploaded ;-)22:19
Ampelbeinseb128: ok, you got a point there. always look on the bright side of life. ;-)22:21
seb128NCommander: the gtkmm in your ppa didn't build apparently?22:55
seb128NCommander: no pangomm build-depends?22:56
NCommanderseb128, gah, whoops23:05
NCommanderseb128, I screwed up and dint' regenerate the gtkmm source package >.>;23:06

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