tjaaltonis there an ETA for the .27-3 kernel?07:23
cropalato sorry for the newbie question. Where can some one get info about become a kernel developer?14:32
CarlFKsmb_tp: amd64 - if i installed just that (so not apps/modules) would it help any?14:50
CarlFKi wouldn't have network, and maybe even no shell, so I wouldn't be able to upload logs14:50
CarlFKbut I would be able to see if it pauses at the same point 14:51
smb_tpCarlFK, It is just the same code just amd64 version for some others to test. So I don't expect a different behaviour.14:51
CarlFKfigured as much14:51
smb_tpCarlFK, Sure you can try. If that works, then maybe there is a 32/64 bit problem lurking14:52
CarlFKsmb_tp: cat /proc/cpuinfo model name: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-6014:56
CarlFKdpkg: error processing linux-image-2.6.27-3-generic_2.6.27-3.3smb5_amd64.deb (--install):14:56
CarlFK package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i386)14:56
CarlFKguessing it is looking at the current .. um... os14:56
smb_tpCarlFK, Oh yeah. It looks at you installed architecture. You can force it but all your binaries are 32 bit so this probably won't work14:58
CarlFKall we need is for it to boot, not ... um;  be usefull, right ?14:59
smb_tpCarlFK, At some point the ramdisk takes over and that would be 32bit stuff (i don't think there is biarch support), so it might not get very far...15:01
CarlFKum.. magic happend15:04
CarlFKcarl@dv67:~$ uname -a15:05
CarlFKLinux dv67 2.6.27-3-generic #1 SMP Mon Sep 8 22:51:51 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:05
CarlFKshell, network...15:05
smb_tpCarlFK, Oh right, should probably have more confidence in biarch support then. :)15:05
CarlFK[    0.000000] Command line: root=UUID=270934eb-b4c5-4f17-87e4-8ebea9d98ed3 ro highres=off nohz=off vga=6 15:06
CarlFKno pauses - what params do you want ?15:06
smb_tpCarlFK, ok, that combination has worked with i386 kernel too15:06
smb_tpCarlFK, without "highres=off nohz=off" with "apic=debug debug" 15:07
smb_tpCarlFK, Only need to know whether this stops or not. Logs/dmesg only if it happens to _not_ pause15:08
CarlFKwhat is this ´╗┐biarch support?15:08
CarlFKit paused. at least it isn't a surprise :)15:09
smb_tpOk, so in this case i don't need anything more at the moment15:10
dokortg, BenC: apparently neither gcc-4.1 and gcc-4.2 is needed to build kernels in intrepid on community ports. is this correct?15:22
rtgdoko: dunno. I've yet to look at the community ports packages.15:24
rtgdoko: Ben is on vacation this week.15:24
timbbaHello. I have Ubuntu Hardy kernel 2.6.24-21. This kernel is buggy and I know that > 2.6.25 kernels work with my machine. How can I get newer kernel to Hardy and all necessary packages (linux-ubuntu-modules, linux-headers and linux-image)? Some packages are missing from Intrepid and PPA  repositories..15:33
CarlFKtimbba: not 'best' but good enough: wget http://people.ubuntu.com/~smb/bug254668/linux-image-2.6.27-3-generic_2.6.27-3.3smb5_i386.deb  dpkg -i <that>15:34
rtgtimbba: try the kernel PPA at http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ubuntu15:34
timbbaI have tried already PPA kernels.. there are no ubuntu-modules packages, so my wifi isn't working15:35
rtgtimbba: 2.6.27 has LUM folded into the package, so LUM is no longer needed.15:36
timbbaSo I can get kernel packages, but how about those modules for my wifi card (Zydas based)15:36
rtgtimbba: if they aren't in the 2.6.27 package, then they are not supported.15:36
timbbaoh god.. so nobody can't get Zydas wifi to work?15:38
rtgI can't remember. you'll have to look in the kernel source for 2.6.27-rc515:38
amitktimbba: what card is it?15:39
timbbaedup something :)15:40
timbbatimbba@media-timbuktu ~ $ dmesg | grep zd15:41
timbba[   32.583130] zd1211rw 2-2:1.0: eth015:41
timbba[   32.583145] usbcore: registered new interface driver zd1211rw15:41
timbba[  165.221220] zd1211rw 2-2:1.0: firmware version 460515:41
timbba[  165.261183] zd1211rw 2-2:1.0: zd1211 chip 079b:004a v4330 high 00-60-b3 AL2230_RF pa0 g----15:41
amitktimbba: that doesn't help a lot15:41
timbbatimbba@media-timbuktu ~ $ lsusb15:41
timbbaBus 002 Device 002: ID 079b:004a Sagem 15:41
amitktimbba: is it in http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw/devices?15:42
timbbayes it is: Sagem  XG760A  zd1211  079b  004a  AL223015:43
amitktimbba: then please file a bug in launchpad describing how the device is not working. From a quick glance, it looks like intrepid's 2.6.27-based kernel should have support for it. No separate modules needed.15:47
timbbait doesn't find the firmware.. that is the problem. The card itself is recognized15:48
CarlFKtimbba: that would be the "´╗┐describing how the device is not working"15:49
timbbaok :)15:49
amitktimbba: 'ls -l /lib/firmware'15:49
timbbahow about copying firmware from previous kernel?15:49
amitktimbba: exactly... :)15:50
timbbaoh.. I have already removed 2.6.27 kernel so there is just...15:50
timbba ls -la /lib/firmware/15:50
timbbatotal 1215:50
timbbadrwxr-xr-x  3 root root 4096 2008-09-09 17:21 .15:50
timbbadrwxr-xr-x 15 root root 4096 2008-09-09 17:20 ..15:50
timbbadrwxr-xr-x  3 root root 4096 2008-09-02 05:51 2.6.24-21-generic15:50
timbbabut I will give it a try.. I'll copy the firmware after I have reinstalled the kernel... Let's see what happens15:51
amitkrtg: I forget why we moved from /lib/firmware/<kernel version>/* to /lib/firmware/*. And do our packages handle that transition?15:52
rtgamitk: Ben's contention was that firmware didn't change enough to bother keeping separate copies per ABI. For most drivers that's probably true. I assume upgrades are handled, but I've not a dist-upgrade in a bit (since FireFox didn't work on some web sites, I went back to Hardy)15:55
amitkprobably a good idea16:03
pgranerHello Everyone... I'm standing in for BenC today (he is on holiday) for the Weekly Kernel IRC Meeting.17:01
pgranerogasawara: Can you tell us how we are looking wrt to 2.6.27?17:02
pgraner[Link Regressions https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?field.tag=regression-2.6.27 ]17:03
ogasawarapgraner: from my point of view I think we are looking quite good with the move to 2.6.2717:03
ogasawarapgraner: there are the noted list of regressions (link above) but I have gotten good feedback from a handful of those bugs that they will be resolved with the next kernel we release17:04
pgranerLooks like we are sitting at about 30 regressions, with most of them having fixes upstream or plans to get them fixed soon.17:04
ogasawarapgraner: for example the suspend/resume issues should hopefully go away17:04
pgranerogasawara: great17:04
ogasawarapgraner: some of the boot failures will look to also be resolved17:05
pgranerogasawara: we are sitting at about 70 bugs fixed by 2.6.27 17:05
pgraner[LINK https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?field.tag=fixed-2.6.27]17:05
ogasawarapgraner: yup, so if we stuck with 2.6.26 we'd have to consider most of those unresolved then17:05
pgranerSo far the feeling of the kernel team is that there are no real show stoppers and that we are on track for GO decision on the 14th per [LINK https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/2.6.27-kernel-plan]17:06
pgranerrtg: is looking at RaLink RT2860 LP# 210725 issues17:07
tjaaltonwhen will -3 be uploaded?17:07
rtgtjaalton: as soon as -rc6 is in the can.17:08
tjaaltonrtg: ah, thanks17:08
pgraneranyone from the kernel team have anything to add?17:09
rtgpgraner: I think it's Stefan thats looking inti the RaLink driver stuff. He built a DKMS package IIRC.17:09
pgranerrtg: ah, correct for some reason I had you down for it. I guess I'm trying to give you too much to do...17:10
rtgI'm going to start putting some of the DKMS packages on the kernel PPA, so that they are semi-official17:10
pgranercorrection smb_tp will be looking at the RaLink RT2860 LP# 210725 issues17:10
pgranerAny questions?17:11
pgranerOk I guess we'll call this meeting over for today. If anyone has questions or follow up questions you can post them here and I will answer or you can email me at pgraner@canonical.com.17:12
johanbrI've been bitten by a usb bug which has existed upstream since 2.6.25 and which prevents me from connecting to my Motorola phone. A patch exists, but is not yet accepted upstream. Is there any chance this patch could go in?17:16
lagajohanbr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/linux/+bug/263217 ?17:16
johanbrlaga: Probably not. 2.6.24 works fine for me, but later kernels don't, which is the opposite of what's stated in that bug report.17:19
johanbrThere's a discussion archived at http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.usb.general/853217:20
lagathere's a test PPA17:21
lagamaybe you can try that kernel17:22
lagathe problem sounds familiar ;)17:22
johanbrI doubt it'll work, but I could try.17:25
Bor_Edevening. is it too late to request v4l-dvb/mantis driver to be included for intrepid yet? the driver gives ~270 dvb card and stick drivers available and builds currently without issues on 8.1017:54
laga270 *new* dvb boards?17:58
CarlFKBor_Ed: is 270 a count or a model number?17:58
Bor_Edmodule count17:59
Bor_Edincluding frontend, jingles and bells17:59
lagaand how is it different from the v4l-dvb tree included in the current kernel?18:00
Bor_Eddoesn't support the dvb-c or dvb-t devices around europe that well18:00
lagaso you're basically suggesting that the kernel devs should include regressions? ;)18:01
Bor_Edwell, I was pointed to here from #ubuntu-devel since the driver level stuff belongs to you guys (I heard, no pun)18:02
* laga is not a kernel dev, just for the record18:03
Bor_EdI read that mantis is getting to v4l-dvb kernel tree but not in time for release of 8.1018:03
lagabut as one of the mythbuntu guys, i'm interested in better DVB support18:03
Bor_EdI had to fetch and compile the mantis tree but it worked as a charm on first trial on stock intrepid with build-essential&the rest of the deal18:04
lagaif it's not even in v4l-dvb yet then changes are probably slim18:04
lagamaybe it'd be possible to cherry-pick certain (new) device drivers18:04
lagabut that's just my opinion ;)18:05
* Bor_Ed is long time linux user and spotted the lack of feat in current ubu... servers still stay on debian, sorry :D18:05
Bor_Edafaik, mantis is getting merged to v4l-dvb at some point in the future, the prob is though that currently v4l-dvb kernel driver doesn't support much more than couple of dvb-s decoders18:06
Bor_Ed<RANT> and ati binary driver still refuses to build so I could have DRI </RANT>18:16
BenBhi... I'm trying to install the latest Linus kernel. I have the kernel compiled, but can't get an initrd generated.20:09
BenBI would really like to avoid make-kpkg and creating and installing deb packges. lacking another way that I knew of, I tried that, and it doesn't work....20:09
BenBfirst,  the -append-kernel-version freaks out on the -rc5 plus my -foo20:10
BenBso, I dropped that20:10
BenBsecond, it aborts with "arch/xen/ not found". well, yes, that dir does not exist in latest kernels. why does it have to try to build a Xen kernel? I just want an initrd!20:11
BenBso, I pass --arch "x86_64", but then it fails with "I do not know where the kernel image goes to [kimagedest undefined] ... Please specify a subarch, and try again.."20:11
BenBI am stuck20:11
BenBnevermind the last one. I accidentially passed "x86" as arch20:12
BenBit still trips over the -rc5, though, even without --append-kernel-version20:13
BenBI had to clean everything and rebuild from scratch. that'll take almost 1h *sigh*20:14
BenBis there any way to create an initrd without make-kpkg? that takes 20 minutes for me *without* any code or config changes. i.e. first make-kpkg takes 1h20m, second (directly afterwards) takes half an hour (!). creating in initrd takes seconds (e.g. on suse).22:06
mjg59BenB: mkinitramfs22:07
BenBmjg59: thanks!22:07
BenB(I wish I'd have known that 2 hours earlier)22:07

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