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TheMusoamachu: hah perfect timing.12:00
persiaGood evening.12:00
amachupersia: elkbuntu: TheMuso: Hi12:00
amachulifeless: Hi12:01
amachuSo we are four today12:02
amachulifeless there?12:02
amachubelutz and zakame?12:02
amachuamireldor there?12:02
amachuRafik: Hi12:03
Rafikhi all12:03
amachuWelcome everyone for toady's meeting - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania12:03
amachupersia: elkbuntu: TheMuso: We will start12:04
TheMusoSounds good.12:04
amachuLet wait for first two.. and call upon Rafik12:05
RafikHere I am, ready :)12:05
amachuRafik: Hi. Please go ahead, describing yourself and your contributions to Ubuntu12:05
RafikI'm 23 years old student from Tunisia12:05
RafikFirst, I apologize for my English  level, it's not so good. I'm speaking Arabic (mother tongue) and French fluently.12:06
RafikI am applying here, even if my country Tunisia is in Africa because during the meeting of the EMEA regional board, i will be driving to the city where I study (summer holidays over :-) )12:06
RafikThe main part of my activity is within the Tunisia LoCo as I am one of the core members (member of the management committee) and one of the most active. I am currently on developing the website (demo : ubuntu-tn.homelinux.org)12:06
RafikI have years of experience with building virtual Tunisian communities (forums, chat, blog aggregator,..) and I'm using that to build the Ubuntu one around a website.12:06
RafikI am also on IRC (op on my LoCo channels), I have also written (or  contributed in writing) several articles  about ubuntu in the national /international press and a little on some websites. (The most importants are in my wiki page, the others are or too short or I wasn't the only author)12:07
RafikI also always try to talk about ubuntu in web forums I participate in, some of my loco members joined the team this way.12:07
RafikI am involved in the ubuntu-arabic project (in forums, forum.ubuntu-arabic.org, where I'm finishing style, it will be launched once we have assembled a management team)12:07
RafikI try to follow closely the evolution of the ubuntu community and understand its spirit .. this allows me to ensure that the Tunisian LoCo is at the best level (while trying to keep it close to the international community..)12:07
RafikOtherwise, I'm not in informatics (student in medical biotechnologies, to continue in gene engineering later). That's a good quality as I'm showing, through my activity, that ubuntu is not just for the professionals, it's for everyone (in my LoCo, there is a majority of IT).12:08
RafikFor example, I always ask to do not only focus on informatics universities for install fests but on others disciplines universities too..12:08
RafikI also contribute when I can, via launchpad in responses and translation12:09
Rafikif you have any question, I will be happy to answer :)12:09
persiaRafik: How large is the Tunisian team?12:10
Rafikit's about 70 members in LP, 140 in mailing list and a little more than 20 really active members12:11
amachuRafik: Is Tunisia bi-lingual state? french and arabic?12:12
Rafikno, officially it's only arabic. but we always use french even in education due to colonialism ^^12:13
elkbuntuRafik, you spoke to the government about getting support for the LoCo? how'd that go?12:13
Rafikactually they can't do anything for us as we don't have a legal entity so they can deal with us12:14
Rafikthey encourage us to create it12:14
Rafikend promise to help with that12:14
elkbuntuso it was a positive outcome?12:15
Rafikactually, the only activity the governement is involved in is the organisation of SFD 200812:15
elkbuntusometimes just voicing support is a huge help12:15
Rafikelkbuntu, yes, they promise a lot of good things, such as providing a hosting for a mirror server12:16
Rafikand help us in organizing events12:16
elkbuntuRafik, that's wonderful12:16
Rafikby voicing and also with funds12:16
jsgotangcoRafik: are there gov't efforts towards foss? usually that is the case for them the support groups with legal status12:16
jsgotangco(hi btw)12:16
* elkbuntu hugs jsgotangco12:17
Rafikhi jsgotangco  :)12:17
Rafikjsgotangco, yes we have a secretary of state called : secretary of state for Internet, Informatics and Free Software12:17
Rafiksoren, there is activities12:17
Rafikespecially since ballmer visit to tunisia last year12:18
elkbuntuRafik, that's an awesome title12:18
amachuRafik: on translations, you do both arabic & french12:19
RafikI can do both yes12:20
amachuare you doing both, I intended to ask :-)12:20
RafikI did12:21
amachuappear you write to magazines in french, and maitain forum in arabic12:21
Rafikbut it's not enough visible on LP actually, unfortunately. I hope I'll have more time to contribute more in arabic12:21
RafikI feel more confrtable with writing in french but I have no matter with arabic too12:22
elkbuntuPersonally, i'm convinced by your dedication and the wide variety of contributions. +112:22
Rafikthank you elkbuntu12:22
persiaRafik: Although this is perhaps an awkward timezone for some, did you happen to bring anyone to cheer for you?12:23
RafikI asked huats and Syntux to come12:23
amachuRafik: I am trying to identify you on the newspaper ;-)12:23
Rafikthey don't seems to be online12:23
Rafikamachu, by top, from the right, I'm the third :)12:24
persiaWell, +1 from me: great LoCo org work, excellent advocacy, clear evidence of lots of user support, and good future plans.12:24
RafikI've written that article after the LoCo approval12:24
TheMusoRafik: +1 from me also, great work, and I hope you keep it up!12:25
RafikThank you, i'll be continuing with more i hope12:25
elkbuntuwe hope too ;)12:25
amachuYes. Got you.. doing great job +112:25
amachuTheMuso: there?12:26
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TheMusoamachu: Yes.12:26
TheMusoamachu: I gave my vote.12:26
elkbuntui think we have all voted12:27
amachuI noticed it noted...12:27
amachuthats great! Welcome Rafiq and all the best for Team Tunisia12:28
RafikThank you very much12:28
RafikYou are doing a really great job for the ubuntu community. so Thank you again12:28
amachuRafik: We all :-)12:29
amachuamireldor an svaksha appear not to be here12:29
RafikQue vive Ubuntu, يحيا اوبونتو :)12:29
amachuany other thing need to be discussed?12:30
amachupersia: elkbuntu: TheMuso ?12:30
elkbuntunothing i can think of12:30
persiaThere was the issue about timing.  Are we all happy with the time?12:30
amachuany thoughts raised on time zone issues raised in mailing list?12:30
persiaDo we think it's extra difficult for those too far east or west?12:30
amachupersia: It is almost good-bye time here in India or just before that12:31
amachuso people will be winding up offices and be back home...12:32
TheMusoI can move the meeting up to 3 hours earlier, or two hours later if need be.12:32
TheMusoi.e I can do those times12:32
persiaamachu: Well, depends where you work :)  Also, it's 10pm in New Zealand, and 11:30 in some parts of New Zealand once Summer comes.12:32
amachupersia: I agree. That to if people are employed at offices with fixed routines..12:33
elkbuntupersia, i think we can worry about daylight savings when it comes to that12:33
* persia hopes amachu will be supportive of the idea of ignoring daylight savings time12:34
elkbuntu3 hours earlier will mean i'll miss it more often, as i sometimes dont get on my train home until that time12:34
TheMusoelkbuntu: Yeah was just stating what I can do in terms of times, should we wish to change.12:34
elkbuntuTheMuso, understood. i was doing the same ;)12:34
amachuhope we all do not have problem with the current time12:36
elkbuntui dont12:36
persiaI'm rather flexible, excepting 14:00 UTC, as I have a standing meeting then.  That said, I'm happy with the idea of having a fixed time somewhere between EMEA and Americas, and this time works well for me.12:36
elkbuntuit's pretty much perfect for me, since i'm home and fed.12:37
amachuelkbuntu: 14.00 UTC12:37
elkbuntuif we get to the point that alot of people from india are getting banked up, we can always deviate for a week to clear the queue12:38
elkbuntuamachu, if that's what time this meeting starts, sure.12:38
amachuTheMuso: how about you for 14.00 ?12:38
* TheMuso calculates.12:39
amachupersia: i can't get ' idea of ignoring daylight savings time'12:39
TheMusoamachu: Do you mean future meetings, or when daylight savings changes12:39
persia14:00 is specifically bad for me, but might be acceptable sometimes if it doesn't happen to be one of the weeks I've simultaneous parallel 14:00 UTC meetings.12:39
persiaTheMuso: It's that there is no "daylight savings time" for amachu and I.12:40
TheMusopersia: Right.12:40
TheMusoWell 14:00UTC is putting it at midnight and beyond for me. I would rather not if possible.12:40
amachupersia: :-)12:40
amachufine then, we shall continue with 11.00 UTC, and also include zakame and belutz in this12:41
elkbuntuuh yeah. unless someone wants to fund the 'reanimate luke and melissa because they died of lack of sleep' fund ;)12:41
elkbuntuwell, i get up at 6:30 so, 'after midnight' is not really a healthy option12:42
jsgotangco14UTC is pretty late for those in south east asia/australia/nz12:42
persiaRight.   Let's stick with the current time, and expect people in India to either be able to make it, or to be able to stay up until the EMEA meeting (or get up early enough for the Americas meeting), with possible future dicsussion if there is a large backlog.12:42
amachupersia: thats fine then12:45
amachuwe shall wind up for the day12:45
amachushall we?12:45
amachuor do we think of day change than time?12:46
elkbuntui think this should involve the people who are not here more than it should involve those who are -- so lets take it to the ML12:46
amachufine then. We will wind up.12:47
amachuThanks for participating12:47
amachuOur next meeting on 23 Sep 08, 11.00 AM UTC12:48
elkbuntuthanks for chairing yet again, and not disconnecting! (/me hits the wooden table repeatedly)12:48
amachuelkbuntu: :-)12:48
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lifelesssorry guys13:57
MootBotMeeting started at 09:03. The chair is mdz.15:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]15:03
mdzthe fridge calendar doesn't seem to be updated, though I saw some email which indicates that's being sorted15:04
mdzthis is the bi-weekly technical board meeting15:04
mdzScott is ill today and won't be able to attend15:04
sabdflnothing on the agenda15:04
sabdflanything from the floor?15:05
mdzopen issues I'm aware of: cdrtools, converting interim ubuntu-core-dev members to per-package upload rights, board membership/nominations15:05
sabdflon cdrtools15:05
mdz[TOPIC] cdrtools15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  cdrtools15:05
sabdflwe've engaged with Sun legal, and the SFLC, and will speak in detail to them over the next two weeks15:06
sabdfli don't know how long it will take to get a firm legal opinion15:06
sabdfljoerg has been open to the engagement, so hopefully we get a clear statement from SFLC on whether we can ship it as joerg describes, or not15:06
sabdfland if not, hopefully joerg is open to the guidance they provide, to the extent he can resolve issues of licensing with his own contributions15:07
sabdfland also, hopefully, Sun will adopt the same approach with OpenSolaris15:07
sabdflnothing further from me on that front this week15:07
mdz[TOPIC] migration from interim core-dev to ACLs15:07
MootBotNew Topic:  migration from interim core-dev to ACLs15:07
mdzI've sent out email to the two ubuntu-core-devs who are in this transitional state15:08
mdzI've heard back from one, who has some questions and concerns which I'll work on15:08
mdzthe other I haven't heard back from and need to ping again15:08
mdz(and have just done, now that I remembered)15:09
mdz[TOPIC] board membership/nominations15:09
MootBotNew Topic:  board membership/nominations15:09
cjwatsonI'm interested in those questions and concerns, but perhaps offline15:09
sabdflwe shortlisted 4 candidates for the TB15:09
sabdfli wrote to each of them asking if they were willing to stand, and also if they were willing to face a competitive selection process with votes from ubuntu developers selecting 2 out of 4 candidates15:10
sabdflhave heard back from 315:10
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sabdflall willing to serve on the TB (yay!) and all open to a competitive vote (yay!), but one who has asked for his candidacy to be deferred till he can make some space for it15:11
sabdflso, we have at least 2 willing and able shortlisted candidates15:11
sabdflam waiting for a final word, then we can decide whether we want to hold an election or confirmation votes15:12
sabdfli'd prefer to have a 2-out-of-4 election than a 2-out-of-3 election, so am still open to more shortlist candidates15:12
sabdflnothing further from me15:12
mdz[TOPIC] AOB15:13
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB15:13
mdzanything else?15:13
sabdfl -15:13
mdzthanks, all15:13
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:13.15:13
sabdflcheers all15:13
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* nxvl waves15:56
sommerhey all15:57
* jdstrand waves15:58
mathiazhi folks !16:02
mathiazlet's get this started16:02
MootBotMeeting started at 10:02. The chair is mathiaz.16:02
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* mathiaz woahhh16:02
mathiazToday's agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting16:03
* nijaba cheers at mootbot's return16:03
mathiazLast week meeting minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2008090216:03
mathiaz[TOPIC] Ubuntu VM builder16:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu VM builder16:04
sorenThat would be me.16:04
mathiazsoren: status ?16:04
sorenAs you may have noticed, I never posted my blog entry about it.16:04
sorenThat's because of a parted bug that would bite a *lot* of users of it, so I wanted to wait until I could get that fixed.16:04
mathiazsoren: ok16:05
sorenThe alpha freeze delayed that a bit, but I'll be uploading a fix today, and when that's built, I'll submit my blog post.16:05
mathiaznijaba: still on track to write the tutorial ?16:05
nijabamathiaz: some progress16:05
sorenI've been spending some time since last meeting ironing out some of the regressions from the old ubuntu-vm-builder, and it's going quite well, I think.16:05
nijabamathiaz: can been monitored at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder16:05
mathiaznijaba: is that based on the JeOS tutorial you wrote last year ?16:06
nijabamathiaz: it is a rewrite to show how to use vmbuilder instead16:06
mathiaznijaba: great16:06
mathiazsommer: are you waiting for soren's post to update the Ubuntu Doc guide ?16:07
sommermathiaz: not really, just didn't have as much time last week16:07
mathiaz[ACTION] soren to write a blog post about vm-builder once it's available in the archive16:07
MootBotACTION received:  soren to write a blog post about vm-builder once it's available in the archive16:07
sommermathiaz: should get that updated this week, or once the new package is in the repos16:07
mathiaz[ACTION] nijaba to write a tutorial on vm-builder - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder16:08
MootBotACTION received:  nijaba to write a tutorial on vm-builder - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder16:08
sorenOh, the vm-builder is in the archive.16:08
mathiazsommer: great16:08
sorenIt's the parted fix that needs to be uploaded.16:08
mathiaz[ACTION] sommer to update the virtualization section of the server guide with references to the new ubuntu-vm-builder16:08
MootBotACTION received:  sommer to update the virtualization section of the server guide with references to the new ubuntu-vm-builder16:08
sommersoren: yep, sorry I just wasn't sure last week what package to use16:08
sorensommer: Ah, yes. I remember something about that. It's all sorted now, right?16:09
mathiazThe new package is called vm-builder16:09
sommersoren: should be good to go16:09
mathiazand the source package name is actually python-vm-builder16:09
mathiazsoren: is there anything else to report wrt to vm-builder ?16:10
mathiazok. Let's move on16:12
mathiaz[TOPIC] Review ServerGuide for Intrepid16:12
sorenWell, lots of cool details, but nothing I want to spend meeting time on.16:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Review ServerGuide for Intrepid16:12
* soren shuts up now16:12
mathiazsoren: sure - we'll get all the juicy details in your blog post16:12
mathiazsommer: did you get reviews ?16:13
mathiazI haven't had time to review the openldap guide.16:13
sommerjdstrand reviewd the ufw section, other than that nope16:13
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to review the ldap section of the server guide16:13
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to review the ldap section of the server guide16:13
jdstrandit looked great. thanks sommer!16:13
mathiazkirkland: still planning to review the RAID section ?16:13
kirklandmathiaz: yes, definitely16:13
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to review the RAID section of the server guide16:13
MootBotACTION received:  kirkland to review the RAID section of the server guide16:13
mathiazsommer: when is the deadline ?16:14
mathiazsommer: IIRC there is a string freeze at some point16:14
sommermathiaz: october 2nd16:14
sommerabout 3 weeks16:14
mathiazok - this week's freeze is UI freeze16:14
mathiazsommer: anything else to add to the Server Guide ?16:15
nxvlmathiaz: are we affected by UI freeze?16:15
sommernope, I think that's all the news16:15
mathiazsommer: great - thanks for all the work16:16
kirklandsommer: yeah, thanks a lot16:16
mathiazWe're mainly looking for reviewers now16:16
mathiaznxvl: yes - but to a lesser extend than the desktop team16:16
nxvloh ok16:16
mathiaznxvl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserInterfaceFreeze16:17
mathiaznxvl: ^^ that's the definition of UIFreeze16:17
mathiaznxvl: it's mainly oriented towards desktop16:17
mathiaznxvl: but we could probably adapt it to server applications.16:18
nxvlyeah, that's what i thougt, just making sure16:18
mathiaznxvl: now is a good time to review the server guide and make sure that command line are correct16:18
mathiaznxvl: they should not change until release, unless we ask for it as we're in UIFreeze16:18
mathiazThat's all from last week minutes16:19
mathiazis there anything else to add ?16:19
nxvlto the las week minutes?16:19
mathiaznxvl: yes16:20
nxvlthen no16:20
mathiazok - let's move on then16:21
mathiazReview progress made on the specification listed on the Roadmap16:21
mathiazthe Roadmap: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap16:21
mathiaz[TOPIC] Boot Support for Degraded RAID16:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Boot Support for Degraded RAID16:22
mathiazkirkland: anything new there ?16:22
kirklandmathiaz: funny you should ask :-)16:22
kirklandmathiaz: i just installed a new VM with the ubuntu-server ISO that was just built a few minutes ago16:22
kirklandmathiaz: i'm testing a minor fix to grub-installer16:22
kirklandmathiaz: i think this should be code-complete at this point16:23
kirklandmathiaz: and fairly thoroughly tested16:23
kirklandmathiaz: the next thing to test would be crazy combinations and layers16:23
kirklandmathiaz: of lvm + crypt + raid16:23
mathiazkirkland: ok - sounds like testing is the next step for this topic.16:23
kirklandmathiaz: jumble the order of those, and retest16:23
kirklandmathiaz: yeah, i'm going to write another blog entry calling for testing16:24
mathiazkirkland: did you blog about it ?16:24
kirklandmathiaz: unfortunately, this subject requires very thick skin16:24
kirklandmathiaz: lots of people are very negatively vocal about it16:24
mathiazkirkland: right - the bug is no longer useful16:24
kirklandmathiaz: rarely much technical topics to argue...  just griping mostly16:24
kirklandmathiaz: anyway, i'll blog again16:24
mathiazkirkland: I think we should blog about it and ask for testing16:25
kirklandmathiaz: there's one more little thing that i think would be worth asking16:25
mathiazkirkland: also document it in the release notes for the next alpha and bet16:25
mathiazkirkland: beta16:25
kirklandmathiaz: there should be a debconf question posted in the installer, asking for what behavior you want, BOOT_DEGRADED=true|false16:25
kirklandmathiaz: i will do that...  there was a known issue in Alpha5, so i didn't add it to the release notes16:25
mathiazkirkland: have you discussed that with the installer team ?16:25
kirklandmathiaz: yes16:26
kirklandmathiaz: i owe cjwatson that code16:26
kirklandmathiaz: he suggested adding it fairly close to (or even in) partman16:26
mathiazkirkland: does it require a FF exception ?16:26
kirklandmathiaz: the "easy" solution is just to make that debconf question "high" in the mdadm package16:26
kirklandmathiaz: but that would make that question prompt sometime *much* later, after the partitioning has been accomplished16:27
kirklandmathiaz: probably would require an FFe...  I'll try to do it today16:27
kirklandmathiaz: it's not much code16:27
mathiazkirkland: right - seems like partman is the best place to ask for it.16:27
kirklandmathiaz: right, i have a local partman-md branch16:27
kirklandmathiaz: i've done the code, haven't tested it16:27
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to write another blog post asking for raid testing16:27
MootBotACTION received:  kirkland to write another blog post asking for raid testing16:27
kirklandsounds good16:28
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to add a question to the installer about the default behavior16:28
MootBotACTION received:  kirkland to add a question to the installer about the default behavior16:28
mathiazanything else on RAID ?16:28
kirklandmathiaz: fyi, my tests of the current server iso just succeeded!!!!16:28
kirklandmathiaz: blog post can happen immediately16:29
kirklandmathiaz: I don't think so16:29
mathiazkirkland: awesome. Thanks for the work.16:29
mathiaz[TOPIC] UFW Package Integration16:29
MootBotNew Topic:  UFW Package Integration16:29
kirklandmathiaz: you bet :-)16:29
mathiazjdstrand: ^^ ?16:29
mathiazjdstrand: I ran into some issue when doing alpha5 testing16:29
* mathiaz looking for the bug16:30
jdstrandit's likely one I am working on _right now_16:30
mathiazjdstrand: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/26509716:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 265097 in debian-installer "openssh-server fails to install when preseeded with pkgsel/include" [Undecided,New]16:30
jdstrandmathiaz: that's a dup of one I have fixed and will be uploading today16:31
mathiazjdstrand: ok16:31
mathiazjdstrand: anything else ?16:32
jdstrandnope, just bug fixing. I may be able to get case-insensitivity matching for app rules, but might not16:32
jdstrand(thanks to didrocks)16:32
mathiazjdstrand: awesome.16:33
mathiaz[TOPIC] Ubuntu Manpage Repository16:33
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Manpage Repository16:33
mathiazkirkland: ^^ ?16:33
kirklandmathiaz: \o/16:33
kirklandmathiaz: big thanks to lamont jones for rolling it out to production, as well as to kees, jdstrand, and cjwatson for reviewing the code along the way16:34
kirklandmathiaz: i've gotten an enormous amount of positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism16:34
didrocksjdstrand: you're welcome (again) :)16:34
kirklandmathiaz: i'm encouraging people to file bugs against the Launchpad project16:34
kirklandmathiaz: I'm fixing those as I can (this is a night/weekends/after-hours project)16:34
kirklandmathiaz: i'm going to ask lamont to roll out a batch of updates later this week16:35
kirklandmathiaz: i could use help, if anyone else is interested :-)16:35
mathiazkirkland: IIRC you've also blogged about it, right ?16:35
mathiazkirkland: what kind of help ?16:35
nijabakirkland: what language did you use?16:35
kirklandmathiaz: yes, and it got picked up by Digg, so the traffic has been overwhelming16:35
kirklandmathiaz: 1) man should be patched to optionally fall back and pull missing manpages from the web archive (that will need to be C code)16:36
kirklandnijaba: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Shell, Perl, and Python :-)16:36
nijabakirkland: 618 diggs now16:36
mathiazkirkland: are these tasks recorded somewhere ? in LP bugs ? or a wiki page ?16:36
kirklandmathiaz: 2) the search.py search engine could be improved...  right now, exact title matches only16:37
kirklandmathiaz: i have a wiki page, i will add to-do tasks to it16:37
Koonkirkland: I agree with Bryce comment on the ML: at first glance, I thought it was empty.16:37
kirklandKoon: yes, i'm going to make a nice front page16:37
kirklandKoon: lesson learned, i should have done that ahead of time16:37
Koonotherwise it rocks !16:37
kirklandalso, the doc team would like a reverse proxy, serving all of this via help.ubuntu.com/manuals16:38
kirklandthere have been some negative criticism about hosting at manpages.ubuntu.com16:38
mathiazkirkland: all of this seems great16:38
kirklandmathiaz: thanks16:39
kirklandmathiaz: it's been on my little home server so long, and i couldn't really tell anyone about it there16:39
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kirklandmathiaz: now that it's production hosted, we can get feedback and improve it16:39
mathiazkirkland: excellent.16:39
kirklandmathiaz: i have a bit to say about Encrypted Private16:39
mathiazlet's move on.16:39
kirklandmathiaz: if there's a spot for it here16:39
mathiaz[TOPIC] Encrypted ~/Private Directory in Each User's Home16:40
MootBotNew Topic:  Encrypted ~/Private Directory in Each User's Home16:40
kirklandmathiaz: cjwatson added a debconf question to the alternate installer16:40
kirklandmathiaz: i know you raised a question about the appropriateness on the Server CD16:40
kirklandmathiaz: we can discuss that here, or elsewhere, at your discretion16:40
mathiazkirkland: we can discuss that later16:40
nxvlkirkland: did you already thought about how the hardy -> intrepid upgrade will be on that topic?16:40
kirklandmathiaz: okay16:40
kirklandnxvl: yeah, so i wrote some code that would attempt to migrate data from a non-encrypted directory to an encrypted one16:41
kirklandnxvl: as well as back16:41
kirklandnxvl: it used rsync16:41
kirklandnxvl: however, i found many corner cases where things could go wrong, and there could be data lost16:41
mathiaznxvl: we've just started to test upgrades16:41
kirklandnxvl: ie, if data were being written to the source, unecrypted directory while doing the encryption migration16:42
kirklandnxvl: so instead, i added a check to ecryptfs-setup-private16:42
mathiaznxvl: what do you mean by upgrade testing ?16:42
kirklandnxvl: that requires that ~/.Private and ~/Private be empty in order to proceed16:43
kirklandnxvl: it'll tell the user that they should move this data out of the way, or do their own migration after the fact16:43
kirklandanyway, that's it from me on this, mathiaz16:44
nxvlmathiaz: as in, i have hardy, without ~/Private encrypted directory, the i upgrade to intrepid, will i get an ecrypted dir or will i we supposed to configure it by hand16:44
nxvlkirkland: souind fair16:45
mathiaznxvl: good point - I don't think that intrepid will have a Private directory by default on new install.16:45
mathiazkirkland: ^^ ? Am I wrong ?16:45
kirklandmathiaz: right, the default answer to that question is "No"16:45
kirklandmathiaz: that's what's highlighted in the debconf question in the alternate installer16:45
kirklandmathiaz: I haven't seen Ubiquity and the graphic installer16:46
kirklandmathiaz: i don't know if the quesiton is there too or not16:46
mathiaznxvl: so I don't think we should add a Private directory on upgrade if a new install won't have it.16:46
mathiazall right - let's move on.16:47
mathiaz[TOPIC] Tomcat6 server stack support16:47
MootBotNew Topic:  Tomcat6 server stack support16:47
mathiazKoon: ^^ ?16:47
nxvlmathiaz: oh! ok, i just saying that in some point, if we are going to have it by default we need to think on that16:47
KoonThe two remaining issues in Java dependencies were fixed yesterday, bringing the total dep count from 87 packages down to a more reasonable 27 packages.16:47
mathiaznxvl: agreed.16:48
Koonzul seeded the packages yesterday and they made it to the server CD  daily build16:48
Koonresulting in a net increase of about +20Mb in size16:48
mathiazKoon: excellent. So the next step is to add a task ?16:48
Koonthere are still a couple of deps that could be removed (gcj recommends) but that should rather be in intrepid+116:49
Koonmathiaz: yes16:49
Koonbasically the tomcat6 task would install tomcat6, tomcat6-examples tomcat6-docs and tomcat6-admin16:50
mathiazKoon: are we going to get oversized cd with tomcat6 now in -ship ?16:50
Koonmathiaz: CDs are at 637 Mb with them in16:50
mathiazKoon: right - I've added landscape-client this morning and that will bring in additional package.16:51
mathiazKoon: so we may have to look into the recommends as we're approaching the limit.16:51
Koondo you know if we can skip recommends in the CD ?16:51
mathiazKoon: I'm not sure. I don't think so.16:51
mathiazKoon: but we can blacklist packages.16:52
mathiazKoon: I don't mean that we'll have to trim tomcat6. We just need to be aware of this issue and try to see where we may be able to gain space.16:52
persiaSkipping recommends on the CD is technically possible, but it can cause a confusing package state when handling support later, as you have two different possible "default package selection"s16:52
mathiazKoon: as we're approaching the limit.16:52
Koonmathiaz: basically we can remove the *gcj* packages. they get pulled in through a libecj-java -> libecj-java-gcj recommend that doko wants to keep in that cycle16:53
mathiazKoon: ok. We'll see what happens in the next -server iso builds.16:53
mathiazKoon: if they're oversized we'll have to look into that issue.16:54
Koonin related news, I've started fixing the tomcat5.5 packages16:54
Koonmainly backporting fixes I've implemented in the tomcat6 packages.16:55
mathiazKoon: are you in contact with the debian maintainer team ?16:55
Koonmathiaz: I'll send them the patches16:55
mathiazKoon: are these bug fixes ?16:55
dendrobatesmathiaz: we need to review all packages that are on the iso to see what does not belong.16:55
Koonmathiaz: it's mostly adaptations to the new java virtuals names16:56
mathiazKoon: would you need FF exceptions ?16:56
mathiazdendrobates: yes. We can do that this week.16:56
Koonmathiaz: I don't think so. That fixes bugs like "tomcat 5.5 won't install"16:56
Koonand security issues16:56
mathiazKoon: ok.16:56
Koonmathiaz: I'll make you review them so that you can tell me if there is a risk16:57
mathiazKoon: ok.16:57
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to review Koon patch wrt to FF exceptio16:57
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to review Koon patch wrt to FF exceptio16:57
mathiazKoon: anything else on the topic of Tomcat ?16:58
Koonmathiaz: no.16:58
mathiaz[TOPIC] Open Discussion16:58
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion16:58
mathiazAnyone wants to add something ?16:58
kirklandmathiaz: i have one....16:59
dendrobatesmathiaz: landscape-client has been uploaded.16:59
kirklandmathiaz: anyone who has an intrepid system, run:16:59
kirklandservice --status-all17:00
kirklandthat'll show you what init scripts have a status action, and which ones don't ;-)17:00
kirklandvery revealing, since we now have a real "service" script!17:00
Koon * Loading kernel modules...17:00
Koon* Loading manual drivers...                                             [ OK ]17:01
Koonthis one probably has a broken status action  :)17:01
kirklandKoon: looks like a bug in that script ;-)17:01
kirklandyeah, revealing17:01
* kirkland yields the floor to dendrobates for landscape-client17:02
mathiazkirkland: Koon: LP is your friend then17:02
dendrobateslandscape-client will be on the next alpha17:03
dendrobateslandscape-sysinfo output will be included in motd.17:03
dendrobatesComments, and fixes are very welcome.17:04
dendrobatesas well as new modules.17:04
mathiazdendrobates: ok - I'll write up a blog post about this.17:04
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to write a blog post about landscape in intrepid.17:05
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to write a blog post about landscape in intrepid.17:05
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mathiazanything else ?17:05
* nijaba thinks that's it...17:06
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time17:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time17:06
mathiazNext week, same time, same place ?17:07
nijabaerr...  I won't be there.  I'll be at VMworld17:07
mathiazall right - see you all next week, same time, same place17:08
mathiazkeep up the good work17:08
nijabawarning: i is not initialized17:08
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:08.17:08
nijabathanks mathiaz17:08
sommerthanks mathiaz, later all17:08
* nxvl waves17:08
nijabal8r all17:09
cjwatsonmathiaz: FWIW I wouldn't consider 637MB anywhere close to your limit17:54
cjwatsonthat's loads of headroom17:54
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shaunjonesfzrhi all23:57

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