StevenKlool: So mbf needs a patch?00:15
loolStevenK: Your inbox has one00:26
loolAnd I'm in bed00:26
* StevenK hadn't quite got to his ubuntu mail yet00:26
slytherinAnyone with enough knowledge of bluetooth so as to comment on current state of bluez stack in intrepid?12:07
persiaslytherin: It's up-to-date for 3.x excepting bluez-gnome, which is fairly heavily patched.  I looked at moving to 0.28 last month, but think it might be easier to cherrypick stuff from upstream rather than merge all the Ubuntu patches forward at this point.12:09
persiaI've tested it for comms with a couple phones, and organised some testing for other phones that had problems mine didn't expose.  It seems to be working.  I've not tested bluetooth input or bluetooth printing.12:10
slytherinpersia: The bluetooth package seems to be slpit in different binary packages. Some of which are in universe, like bluez-input, bluez-network. I was wondering if anyone is working on moving them to main and having installed by default.12:11
persiaslytherin: Not as far as I know, although to be honest, I mostly work on universe flavours.  You probably want to talk to the Desktop team.12:12
persiaThey would be the ones to decide if it ought be installed on the Desktop by default (which is what most people mean by "installed by default".12:13
slytherinpersia: I will talk with StevenK who is last uploader12:13
persiaslytherin: If you like :)  I was involved in that upload.12:13
slytherinpersia: In my opinion at least input service is essential. Sadly I don't have any bluetooth mouse to do any tests. :-(12:14
persiaslytherin: I suspect it's about CD space.  There's arguments over as little as a megabyte sometimes.12:15
persiaTruly, if you want it on the CD, you'll do best to talk to the Desktop folk, regardless of the fact that it tends to be touched by Mobile people.12:15
slytherinpersia: I doubt that space is a concern because these were part of standard bluez stack previously. Only recently they have been split as plugins. So it must be only few KBs of overhead.12:16
persiaslytherin: It may just be oversight then, but it's the Desktop team that controls the Desktop seed: nothing we can do :)12:17
slytherinpersia: And what I don't understand is why those packages in universe in the first place. I will file a bug to move them to main.12:18
persiaIf there is something specifically buggy about the packages, we'd like to help, as there are a number of critical use cases for MIDs and subnotebooks for bluetooth.12:18
persiaslytherin: They are probably in universe because nothing in main depends on them.  If you want to move them to main, remember to follow the MIR process.12:19
slytherinpersia: The reason nothing in main depends on them is because the packages were non-existent in hardy. Do I really need MIR? They come from same source. bluez-audio is in main which also comes form same source.12:20
persiaSometimes if the source is in main, you don't need an MIR: it depends on why the binary is in universe.  For the situation you describe, it sounds like a regression from hardy to keep them in universe, and so they ought be seeded, or recommended, or something.12:22
persiaThe desktop team can help you understand if they ought be included, and help get them in the right place.12:22
slytherinpersia: They out to be in 'recommended' for bluez-utils. I will file a bug so discussion happen there.12:24
persiaslytherin: Could you subscribe me to the bug?  I'd be interested in following the conversation.12:25
slytherinpersia: sure12:25
ogra_the question is if there is space on the CD :)12:25
persiaPlease also point the Desktop team at the bug, as they may not see it otherwise, and it ought get sorted pre-Alpha612:25
ogra_if you add them as recommends it will be pulled on the CD so one should determine the size that eats for such a proposal12:26
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StevenKslytherin: I know next to nothing about bluetooth, and have no plans to get it promoted12:26
slytherinogra_: few KBs. Will let you exact size once I am done with filing bug12:26
ograslytherin, just add that info to the bug (also dont forget to look for deps they might pull in)12:27
slytherinha ha ha, the guy who split the packages i from Dell - Mario Limonciello <mario_limonciello@dell.com> :-)12:28
persiaslytherin: You may also find him around as superm1, when he's not at Dell (and perhaps wearing his "Leader of Mythbuntu" hat).12:29
slytherinsuperm1 is about to become core dev right?12:30
persiaHe has submitted an application.12:31
slytherinpersia: if you are interested we can work on bluez-gnome update over weekend.12:50
persiaslytherin: I'm interested, but I'm just not sure the upstream fixes are valuable enough to break FF, and haven't dug through them enough to verify they don't break FF.12:51
slytherinpersia: 0.28 is the last release corresponding to bluez-utils 3.x series. Since it is unlikely that we will pull bluez 4.x in, it is better to get bluez-gnome updated.12:52
persiaslytherin: That was precisely my thinking last month :)12:52
slytherinLet's do it then. :-D12:53
persiaOK.  Catch me saturday then.12:53
slytherinpersia: What are your views about asking FF for bluez-firmware package? It was never synced from Debian. It has 'can-distribute' binary blobs for some broadcom bluetooth chipsets. Theer are few bugs in LP asking for that package.13:32
persiaslytherin: I actually don't have any devices that need it, nor any specific feelings one way or the other.13:52
persiaIf we don't provide the firmware somewhere else, it's probably worth checking with MOTU Release if it can go in multiverse, assuming the devices are prevalent.13:53
persiaI very much doubt it is suitable for restricted, as there's *lots* of hardware out there that doesn't require special firmware.13:53
slytherinpersia: I am not qualified to decide where it should go. Anyway, should I send a mail to motu-release list?14:01
persiaNo.  If you can't catch a member in #ubuntu-motu, send it to ubuntu-motu@14:02
* slytherin looks up the list of members of motu-release team.14:03
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persiaogra: What does "(EE) config/hal: couldn't initialise context: (null) ((null))" mean to you?17:55
Celtiorehi from france17:59
Celtiorewhere can i find the 'how to' for the evtouch driver to calibrate touchscreen on aigo mid18:00
persiaHey Celtiore.  How's the aigo working?18:00
persiaWell, except for the touchscreen :)18:00
Celtiorewifi working now on
Celtioretouchscreen is working now18:00
Celtiorei just need to find how to calibrate it18:00
persiaAh.  It's the same HOWTO as for any other evtouch, which basically means fiddle with the numbers until you get something that works.18:01
Celtioreif someone can help me :)18:01
Celtioreok, but where can i find the SAME howto :) :)18:01
persiaThe person working on getting evtouch data for calibration is usually in this channel, so there's a good chance of that, but he's away right now.18:01
persia(or at least not responding to me: perhaps he'll be back in a moment)18:02
Celtiorecan you give me the nickname ?18:02
persiaIt's ogra, but you might find someone else who also knows, so it's not likely best to repeatedly highlight just to ask the question.18:04
persiaAnyway, the trick is finding the right values for MinX, MinY, MaxX, and MaxY.  Aside from trial and error, or deep reading of techspecs, I don't know any way to accomplish this.18:05
persiaOnce someone has done it, the results can be fed into an automatic calibrator.  The essential data are the output of lshal and the known working xorg.conf with the correct calibration.18:06
persiaThere are some calibration tools, but from what I understand, they all work less than optimally, in different ways.18:06
Celtiorethe problem is : i install the calibration script18:07
Celtiorebut i can't finish correctly18:08
persiaYes, that seems to be how the calibration tools generally work :)  I've not heard of any that work cleanly.18:15
GrueMasterStevenK: Ping - Where is the kernel source for 2.6.24-18-lpia?  Do I need git or is tehre a tarball that can be downloaded for rebuilding/modifying?18:24
persiaGrueMaster: It's quite late there, but you might find some luck from http://archive.mobile.ubuntu.com/pool/um-hardy-updates/main/l/linux/18:27
persiaThere's probably a git tree as well, but I don't happen to know the location.18:28
persiaAlso, are you sure you want to play with 2.6.24-18 ?  I suspect that 2.6.24-21 is more interesting (as it matches the current download with -updates installed)18:28
GrueMasterNot for me.  Someone is pinging me for it, and I am not at Intel anymore, so I don't have all my links.18:44
GrueMasterThanks, I passed it along.18:47
ian_brasilare the long(er) term plans for UME to continue with Hildon (if not what are the thoughts about alternatives?) 22:01

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