* directhex hands slangasek cake00:02
slangasekhmm, not sure how well that goes with the beer that lool was plying me with00:02
directhexwhat kind of beer?00:03
slangasekhe didn't say00:03
directhexi mean, a chocolate porter for example, it could go quite well00:03
* slangasek hehs00:03
directhexbut an american "lager"... less so00:03
directhexanyway, bedtime pour moi00:06
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sistpotyhi folks01:33
__ironnew nvidia non-free driver kills ubuntu01:36
bddebianHeya sistpoty01:36
sistpotyhi bddebian01:36
sistpoty__iron: which one? also, have you checked launchpad yet for bugs?01:37
__irona really nice whitescreen01:37
__ironstill not01:37
sistpoty__iron: which one as in which version?01:38
sistpoty__iron: can you check with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bugs if there are any bugs describing your problem are already there?01:41
sistpoty__iron: if not, would you mind filing a new bug?01:41
sistpoty__iron: thanks.01:42
__ironi take a look01:42
sistpoty__iron: just to clarify, you did install it via the ubuntu package, not the thingy that can be downloaded from nvidia, right?01:42
RAOF__iron: And you're not using Xgl, which is pretty finniky about the libGL that you feed it.01:43
=== xxx__ is now known as _iron
_ironsome bugs01:44
sistpoty_iron: just to clarify, you did install it via the ubuntu package, not the thingy that can be downloaded from nvidia, right? (^^)01:44
sistpoty_iron: non-free, as in ubuntu package?01:45
RAOFThen it's not going to work, for a number of reasons.01:45
sistpoty_iron: hm... I'm sorry to say that we cannot really support you installing the binary drivers directly from nvidia01:46
sistpoty(that's why we package these)01:46
_ironsistpoty i know01:46
_irontherefore nvidia suxx01:46
RAOFAnd the white screen strongy suggests you're using Xgl, which is now removed from the archive, and which cannot support the nvidia.com installer.01:46
sistpoty_iron: however if RAOF doesn't have a clue, you might ask tseliot (probably at ubuntu-devel), but at a better time of day (i.e. when he's not afk ;))01:47
sistpotyRAOF: btw, what's the state of nouveau in experimental?01:49
_ironRAOF: strange01:49
RAOFsistpoty: It's in there.01:49
sistpotyRAOF: will it be fun for me to try it?01:49
RAOFProbably, yes :)01:49
RAOFsistpoty: What card?01:50
_ironi havent read that installer doenst support X01:50
sistpotyRAOF:  8500 GT01:50
RAOF_iron: The installer overwrites libGL and doesn't provide a backup.  Xgl _needs_ the mesa libgl to work, and so fails.01:51
RAOFsistpoty: Hm.  You may be in luck, but not as much luck as if you had a nv4x card :)01:51
RAOFsistpoty: You might find my PPA more useful; it's substantially more up-to-date.01:51
RAOF_iron: A simple solution for you would be to uninstall the xserver-xgl package; it's useles for you.01:52
sistpotyRAOF: oh, cool... I guess I might try this then... thanks! :)01:52
_ironi had buy a ati-card01:52
RAOFA _simpler_ solution would be to use the packaged drivers.01:52
RAOF!nouveau > sistpoty01:52
ubottusistpoty, please see my private message01:52
_ironRAOF: i thought the new driver supports 3d better01:53
RAOF_iron: The driver you're installing is _exactly_ the driver you'd get from installing the nvidia-glx-173 package.01:54
RAOFThe only time I'd recommend going outside the packaged drivers is when your card isn't supported _at all_.  And no cards fit into that category at the moment.01:55
_ironi try to install the package01:57
ajmitchhm, interesting name for 9.0401:58
wgrantajmitch: Ehm, indeed.01:59
_ironother question01:59
_ironit is normal that if i put crtl+alt+F102:00
_ironthat i cannot change to terminal ?02:00
_ironRAOF: is nvidia-glx-173 package include in stable part of ubuntu ?02:13
NCommanderI need someone's assistance on upload packages to hardy-proposed02:50
ScottK-laptopNCommander: What do you need?02:51
* cody-somerville notes we have the UUS queue on launchpad for this.02:52
NCommanderScottK, roughly 20 packages need uploading to hardy-proposed02:53
NCommanderScottK-laptop, to correct the GNAT issue on Hardy. I was working with DktrKats (sp?) on it, but he's been busy recently, so I'm just going to put them in the queue for him for easy approval02:54
ScottK-laptopNCommander: You fix my lpia FTBFS yet?02:55
NCommanderScottK-laptop, not yet, but it will float to the top of the TODO queue ;-)02:55
ScottK-laptopUnfortunately the Universe process calls for approval before upload.02:56
nxvlis good to have a FTBFS killer around02:56
* nxvl HUGS NCommander 02:56
ScottK-laptopLet's see who else is on motu-sru these days ...02:56
* cody-somerville runs.02:57
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I thought it was upload to hardy-proposed after uploading the bug report02:57
ScottK-laptopDid he already approve it?02:57
NCommandernxvl, who held the FTBFS killer title before mine02:57
NCommanderScottK-laptop, yeah, I have all the rebuilt packages with the proper patchs in my PPA02:58
ScottK-laptopNCommander: OK.  Email me a stack of debdiffs and I'll upload.02:58
NCommanderI just need to download each source package, remove the ~ppaX from it, and then reupload if I was an MOTU02:58
* NCommander looks at motu-sru first to see if someone is around who can tell me if one bug is fine, or I need to file multiple ones02:59
nxvlNCommander: i think no one02:59
NCommandernxvl, ?02:59
nxvlNCommander: no one helt the FTBFS killer title before you02:59
* nxvl can cross the hallway and knock on cody's door if he runs to much03:00
ScottK-laptopNCommander: The problem with one bug is then people who are subscribed to bugmail for a particular package get ALL of it.03:01
NCommandernxvl, cody-somerville?03:01
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I think filing 22 bugs is a little overkill though03:02
ScottK-laptopSo while logically one bug makes sense, due to the carefully thought out state of Launchpad's design, it's not a great idea.03:02
ScottK-laptopI agree.  I'd have said one bug, but I lost that argument.03:02
nxvlNCommander: yeah, we are in Boston03:02
NCommanderScottK-laptop, the only problem is I can't put (LP: #XXX) in the changelogs because it will close the bug on the first upload03:04
ScottK-laptopOnly against that  package.03:04
* cody-somerville nods.03:04
ScottK-laptopNCommander: You use also affects to open a task for each affected package.  The LP closing thing only closes it for the particular package.03:05
nxvljcastro: around?03:05
ScottK-laptopNCommander: As an example, the auto-close on 'needs-packaging' bugs doesn't work because the bug isn't filed against that package.03:06
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I didn't know about that "feature"03:06
jcastronxvl: yeah, for a minute03:06
nxvljcastro: http://dev.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/build-instructions-linux03:07
jcastroyeah what about that?03:07
nxvljcastro: just wanted to show you that link03:07
jcastrooh, seen it03:07
nxvloh ok03:08
NCommanderScottK, that was kdenet, right?03:08
nxvljust making sure, since you were interested on chrome running in linux and just found that link :D03:08
pwnguinnxvl: is that page even right yet?03:08
pwnguinlast i checked, it was full of build fail03:08
jcastronxvl: heh, it's not ported03:08
jcastroit's full of fail03:08
nxvlsince a friend of mine posted a copy of that saying it worked for him03:09
pwnguinin wine maybe03:09
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Yes https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kdenetwork/4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy103:09
nxvloh ok03:09
pwnguinoh, they've updated03:09
nxvljcastro: btw, i;m quite sure i will make it for fosscamp! \o/03:09
ajmitchnxvl: there's not even a skeleton of a GUI of chrome for linux03:11
pwnguinchrome is basically a toolkit flamewar waiting to happen03:12
ajmitchpwnguin: the FAQ already says GTK+03:12
pwnguini should find a relevant mailing list to subscribe to03:12
ajmitch"With all of that said, the plan is to use GTK. It's not due to any dislike of Qt, but just because there's more experience on the team with GTK and it matches the existing Firefox dependency on Linux. Please keep calm. :)"03:13
pwnguinwell that was very 'collaborative' ;)03:13
pwnguinbut sometimes, you just gotta recognize the inevitable non-consensus and cut the knot03:14
ajmitchif you expected them to try & find consensus, you have to be smoking something powerful :)03:14
pwnguini expect that they want a contributing developer community, but maybe google can just hire one03:19
pwnguindo you like my hat? it's made of money!03:19
NCommanderScottK, checking if kppp should be compiled... no03:35
NCommanderScottK, I found your problem03:35
NCommanderScottK, checking linux/if_ppp.h usability... no03:36
NCommanderchecking linux/if_ppp.h presence... yes03:36
NCommanderAnd there is your reason03:36
ScottK-laptopNCommander: OK, so what's the fix?03:40
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I'll tell you as soon as I finish downloading the lpia hardy chroot03:40
NCommanderScottK-laptop, (I was scrubbing the log for answers)03:40
NCommanderScottK-laptop, it might need a patch to the kernel headers or something03:40
NCommanderScottK-laptop, which package are the kernel headers on lpia03:41
ScottK-laptopNCommander: If that's what needs to be done, it's not worth it.  They aren't going to path the Hardy lpia kernel to make KDE work on it.03:41
NCommanderScottK-laptop, if its not a possibility, I can just patch it so it doesn't install kppp03:42
NCommanderScottK-laptop, everything else compiles just fine, so we disable kppp03:42
NCommanderScottK-laptop, it also may be a defective test03:42
ScottK-laptopNCommander: One that one arch sounds good.03:42
NCommanderScottK-laptop, huh?03:43
ScottK-laptopDisable kppp on lpia.03:43
NCommanderyeah, should be easy enough to do03:43
ScottK-laptopThat sounds good.03:43
NCommanderWell, if I can properly fix it, I perfer to do that first03:43
NCommanderScottK-laptop, grabbing the build-deps03:46
NCommanderIs there any device that ships with lpia yet?03:47
ScottK-laptopI'm just picky about being complete.03:50
ScottK-laptopIt also then becomes another reason why 3.5.10 in hardy-updates is an improvement over what we have now.03:51
ScottK-laptopBut I've also got the flu, so I may be completely out of my mind at this point.03:51
NCommanderThe header appears to be partially broken03:51
NCommanderIt probably needs a dependency03:51
ScottK-laptopBe nice or I'll cough on my screen.03:52
* Hobbsee puts ScottK-laptop in a sealed box.03:52
Hobbseeproblem solved.03:52
ScottK-laptopAh, sweet, sweet silence.03:52
Hobbseeso, for this intrepid+1, will bzr be *required* for committing to ubuntu?03:56
pwnguini hope so03:57
ScottK-laptopHobbsee: No.03:57
ScottK-laptopHobbsee: Long thread on -devel that it'll all be optional for ages to come.03:58
HobbseeScottK-laptop: oh, good.03:58
pwnguinoptional on a per package or per upload basis?03:58
ScottK-laptopPer upload03:58
ScottK-laptopYou'll be free to keep working just like you do now if you want.03:58
Hobbseei wouldn't mind if it made the process easier, and was fast, but...03:59
ScottK-laptopYeah.  That was kind of my point in said thread.03:59
ScottK-laptopI was accused of being obstructionist.03:59
NCommanderI don't want bzr packaging mandatory04:00
ScottK-laptopIn the end we settled that making it not suck before making it mandatory would be a good idea.04:00
pwnguinso basically, if you do a normal upload, it'll make a big commit in a bzr repo on your behalf somewhere?04:00
NCommanderScottK, well, I'm making progress, the header appears usable once you define a lot of other crazy headers04:01
NCommanderScottK, I can probably force the test, and then make changes to the includes04:01
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: Something like that.  We discussed it to death on -devel.  Near the end of the thread there's a link to a spec.04:03
NCommanderScottK, and what seems to be a possible typo in a header04:03
NCommander#define aligned_u64 __u64 __attribute__((aligned(8)))04:03
NCommanderAnyone else see the mistake?04:04
pwnguinone of the reasons you do bzr/git/svn is to make it more accessible to people not using your code. i think a nice collaborative future might include commit emails on packages hitting upstream mailing lists04:04
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: Personally, I don't have enough time to learn the details of a new VCS just for Ubuntu.04:06
NCommanderScottK, I found the bug it seems, now its a matter of figuring out how to fix it04:06
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Great.04:06
ScottK-laptopNCommander: What's the bug in?04:06
NCommanderScottK-laptop, appears a -DDEFINE is required to make the right type information be activated04:07
NCommanderI need to look at the config log and see what I need to add04:07
pwnguinok so about xournal. the DD developer is basically mia and the last NMU'er has said they dont have time to help out reviewing patches for upstream inclusion04:10
pwnguindoes MOTU basically adopt it and hope debian recognizes ubuntu as upstream?04:12
* NCommander sighs04:12
NCommanderWhat a headache04:12
NCommanderScottK-laptop, ok, there appears to be a good way to fix this04:13
NCommanderHold on04:13
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: How interested in the package are you?04:14
pwnguinim not sure it matters; vicenczo (sp?) seems to be taking decent care of it04:16
pwnguinbut theres a request from sponsors on a merge that we get ubuntu nonspecific patches upstream somehow04:17
pwnguinits mostly packaging at the moment, so i don't care a whole lot -- i just got my replacement ac cable for the tablet to test again04:17
NCommanderScottK, testing fix04:18
pwnguinScottK-laptop: i'd like to see xournal continue to be up to date in ubuntu, but honestly, the thought of me being the main contact is a bit intimidating04:23
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: Then just fix it up here and send patches in bugs to Debian.  What happens after that, isn't essentially your problem.  If you get ambitious you could NMU the package in Debian.04:24
pwnguincurrently xournal's up to date with xournal upstream, but debian has some changes to the packaging that people want04:24
NCommanderScottK, poke?04:25
NCommander(I pinged you on the wrong channel)04:26
ScottK-laptopYeah.  Filing it now.04:26
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Bug 26799104:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267991 in kdenetwork "kdenetwork FTBFS on lpia" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26799104:26
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I changed the code to hook against the glibc PPP interface vs using the Linux one directly (its standardized, its just the glibc interface has proper headers)04:27
pwnguinScottK-laptop: how does one contribute patches via BTS against a debian package without pissing off the developer that might be paying attention?04:28
NCommanderScottK, the changelog has to target hardy-proposed, right?04:28
pwnguini recall having a not good experience with thinkfinger04:28
ScottK-laptopNCommander: hardy-backports.04:29
ScottK-laptopNCommander: That's where 3.5.10 is right now.04:29
NCommanderYou are not the bug assignee nor the maintainer of kdenetwork (Ubuntu), and therefore cannot edit this bug's status.04:29
NCommanderThat's a new error04:29
pwnguinare you logged in?04:29
pwnguinhave super powers (i forget the team -- triagers?)04:30
NCommanderThere it goes04:30
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: It depends a lot on the Maintainer.  Most are happy to get a good, well explained patch.04:31
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: If the maintainer is pretty well MIA, odds of him being annoyed are low in any case.04:31
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I have a patch against the 3.5.9 FTBFS, not backports, but I can spin that one easily if this works04:31
ScottK-laptopShould be the same.04:32
NCommanderLEts do the SRU one first, that one targets hardy-proposed first, right?04:33
ScottK-laptopNCommander: I want to get all of 3.5.10 into -updates, so I'd rather just do it once.04:34
NCommanderDoes 3.5.10 meet SRU requirements?04:35
ScottK-laptopSort of.04:36
NCommander"Sort of"?04:36
pwnguinok, so i sorta subscribed someone to a bug to get their opinion04:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 245828 in xournal "Please merge xournal (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]04:38
pwnguintheir reply is that they're too busy -- should i unsubscribe them?04:38
ScottK-laptoppwnguin: You can't.04:40
pwnguinthat makes it both easy and embaressing =/04:41
dholbachgood morning06:09
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fabrice_spHi. Even is Intrepid is frozen, does it make sense to follow up on uploading new packages in REVU?06:43
NCommandercody-somerville, you around?06:56
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Adri2000bug #85266 for motu-sru :)07:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 85266 in ngircd "ngircd refuses to start automatically through sysv init" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8526607:55
mok0jaunty jackalope08:13
huatsmorninh everyone08:16
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huatspochu: are you around ?09:11
directhexaha, i wasn't far off in my predictions!09:18
directhex2008-08/#ubuntu-motu.27.log:27-08-2008 14:02:48 > directhex: there are three* places a given package can be available, excluding a PPA. if we say 1. 0 is in the main repository for intrepid, then 1.2 is in the main repository for jilted jackalope, then 1.2 can only end up available in intrepid vi a the backports repo, updates repo, or a ppa (and you won't be in updates without good reason). the version that comes in via backports/upd09:18
directhexto be older than the version in jilted jackalope,09:18
stefanlsdi had named it jumping juniper in my head.09:23
stefanlsdbut jackalope sounds cooler09:23
directhexof course, there's one minor issue with jackalopes09:23
directhexthey have this terrible habit of NOT EXISTING09:24
stefanlsddirecthex: they do..09:25
stefanlsdits like a rabbit thingy09:25
stefanlsdwell, in folklore anyways09:25
directhexa non-existent rabbit with horns09:25
stefanlsdwell... its kinda like santa.  lots of people think he exists.  or maybe religion09:26
directhexooh, don't start THAT flame war09:26
directhexthere are lots of proud santaologists in here09:26
lagajackalops can exist, it's some kind of disease09:27
lagapoor rabbits09:27
stefanlsdby the time you realise, we already have 9.1009:27
directhexso ubuntu 9.04 has painful tumours?09:27
lagaouch ;)09:27
stefanlsdwell. its on wikipedia. and anything on wikipedia is true and thats good enough for me09:35
directhex'The legend of the jackalope has bred the rise of many outlandish (and largely tongue-in-cheek) claims as to the creature's habits. For example, it is said to be a hybrid of the pygmy-deer and a species of "killer-rabbit".'09:36
directhexthat rabbit's a killer!09:37
pochuhuats: I am now (more or less)09:48
huatshey pochu :)09:49
huatsdon't worry if you don't have lots of time...09:49
* james_w hugs directhex 09:54
james_wthanks a lot for sorting out mono-tools09:54
directhexjames_w, of course. debian-mono aims for quality service!09:57
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lagaand i thought the jaunty jackalope thing was a joke10:19
ftadholbach, hi, is the @ubuntu.com redirection automatically created for motus?10:25
dholbachfta: it should be for everybody who's in ubuntumembers10:26
dholbachfta: if it doesn't work, best to talk to the folks in #launchpad10:26
jsgotangcofta: ubuntumembers in launchpad automatically get it10:26
ftadholbach, it doesn't work for me10:26
ftai'll ask there10:26
dholbachgreat, thanks10:26
wgrantOh dear. A 3500 word reply to something complaining about the 2000 word bug report.10:27
jsgotangcohello dholbach :-)10:27
dholbachhiya jsgotangco10:28
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mok0TheMuso: ping10:59
mok0sispoty, ping11:01
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mok0WHAT is going on with packages.debian.org??11:16
directhexit's broken again. i suggest running around screaming, flailing your arms11:17
jpds...in #debian-devel.11:17
directhexi meant in your office. perhaps both!11:18
mok0directhex: I was doing that, didn't help11:18
mok0It's not like it's down, it's more like a DOS11:19
mok0Is there a mirror somewhere?11:21
mok0Of packages.debian.org I mean11:21
azeemI don't think so, but most/all of the functionality is provided elsewhere, though at several different places11:22
mok0yay! packages.qa.debian.org works11:30
azeemif you know the source package you want to have information about, packages.qa.d.o is the better choice usually11:31
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mok0azeem:  I will use it in the future, for sure11:35
TheMusomok0: What can I do for you?11:47
directhexsing and dance11:48
mok0TheMuso: oh, I just want to check with you that it's ok to upload the merge from bug 26108912:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261089 in atlas "Please merge atlas 3.6.0-22 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26108912:05
TheMusomok0: Sure go ahead.12:06
mok0TheMuso: great, thx12:06
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Cheetahhey folks12:42
Cheetahi have a problem with ubuntu hardys qt4 package12:43
Cheetahit's supposed to include the headers for Phonon, but it doesnt12:43
Cheetahwhat do I have to do to get this fixed?12:43
mok0Cheetah: headers are normally only in -dev packages12:43
Cheetahlibphonon-dev does not include the includes for qt412:45
mok0Cheetah: better chance if you ask on #kubuntu-devel12:45
directhexwhich includes specifically? it installs to /usr/lib/kde4/include/12:47
Cheetahhmm.. libphonon-dev provides includes in /usr/lib/kde4/include/phonon/   but qt4 expects them in  /usr/include/qt4/phonon12:47
directhexso alter your -I12:47
Cheetahmeh, that's dirty12:47
Cheetah#include <phonon> is what the qt documentation says12:48
mok0Also, it doesn't work if the code has include <qt4/...>12:48
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directhextalk to debian-qt-kde, they're the original maintainers12:49
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karoogahi, how does one incorporate existing docs+examples in a new package?13:55
mok0karooga: add a package in debian/control and install the docs in that13:56
jpdskarooga: Which package?13:56
asomethingif using debhelper you'll likely need to call dh_installdocs and dh_installexamples in debian/rules14:00
slytherinScottK: TheMuso: Does anyone of you have some time? I wish to discuss FFE for a package that has not been synced ever from Debian (non-free).14:08
directhexcoo, what?14:09
directhexbleh, i'm suffering PPA weirdness again.14:22
directhexhardy-updates problems. why don't PPAs depend on foo-updates?14:45
Hobbseedirecthex: since when is this a ppa support channel?14:46
Hobbseedirecthex: we don't do ppas - #launchpad does14:46
* Hobbsee expects you'll get some answer about pockets and the phrase "not yet implemented"14:46
Hobbsee(same answer as why it doesn't build against backports)14:47
siretartanyone else feeling uncomfortable with having advertisments to a commercial service in /etc/motd?15:10
Hobbseesiretart: what does it say now?  i've not upgraded.15:10
mok0siretart: what service is that?15:10
directhexhotmail and msn live search!15:11
mok0directhex: yddrrk15:11
mok0... and it isn't even April 1st15:12
gaspadoko: there's something that explain the build system of gcj package?15:16
gaspai'd like to understand how build-depends are generated.15:16
siretartHobbsee:   Graph these measurements at https://landscape.canonical.com15:16
dokogaspa: I don't understand the question15:16
asomethingsiretart: was it just updated? don't see that here...15:17
gaspadoko: gcj has b-d generated somehow, but there are some weird outputs: as "[]" and "[!none]"....15:17
gaspai'm guessing how the rules of gcj works, in brief.15:18
doko$ apt-cache showsrc gcj-4.3 |grep Build-Depends15:18
dokoBuild-Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.14.15), debhelper (>= 5.0.62), gcc-multilib [amd64 i386 mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 sparc kfreebsd-amd64], libc6.1-dev (>= 2.5) [alpha ia64] | libc0.3-dev (>= 2.5) [hurd-i386] | libc0.1-dev (>= 2.5) [kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64] | libc6-dev (>= 2.5), libc6-dev-amd64 [i386], libc6-dev-sparc64 [sparc], libc6-dev-s390x [s390], libc6-dev-i386 [amd64], libc6-dev-powerpc [ppc64], libc6-dev-ppc64 [power15:18
dokopc], libc0.1-dev-i386 [kfreebsd-amd64], lib32gcc1 [amd64 ppc64 kfreebsd-amd64], lib64gcc1 [i386 powerpc sparc s390], libc6-dev-mips64 [mips mipsel], libc6-dev-mipsn32 [mips mipsel], libunwind7-dev (>= 0.98.5-6) [ia64], libatomic-ops-dev [ia64], m4, autoconf, automake1.9, libtool, gawk, dejagnu [!none !hurd-i386], lzma, binutils (>= 2.18.1~cvs20080103-2) [mips mipsel] | binutils-multiarch (>= 2.18.1~cvs20080103-2) [mips mipsel], b15:18
dokoinutils (>= 2.17cvs20070426) | binutils-multiarch (>= 2.17cvs20070426), binutils-hppa64 (>= 2.17cvs20070426) [hppa], gperf (>= 3.0.1), bison (>= 1:2.3), flex, gettext, texinfo (>= 4.3), libmpfr-dev (>= 2.3.0), locales [!hurd-i386 !m68k], procps [!hurd-i386], sharutils, libz-dev, fastjar, libmagic-dev, libecj-java (>= 3.3.0-2), zip, libasound2-dev [!hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64], libxtst-dev, libxt-dev, libgtk2.0-dev (15:18
doko>= 2.4.4-2), libart-2.0-dev, libcairo2-dev, libgconf2-dev, xulrunner-1.9-dev [!none !hurd-i386], g++-4.3 [armel], gcc-4.3-source (>= 4.3.2), gcc-4.3-source (<< 4.3.3), realpath (>= 1.9.12), chrpath, lsb-release, make (>= 3.81)15:18
dokoBuild-Depends-Indep: gjdoc15:19
dokohmm, don't see any of these15:19
RainCTdholbach: thx :P15:19
dokogaspa: look at debian/rules.conf15:19
gaspadoko: gcj-4.2, i meant15:19
jpdssiretart: I don't see it either.15:19
Hobbseesiretart: ah, right15:19
dokogaspa: do these hurt?15:19
gaspadoko: actually i don't know. It's not policy compliant, and nobody knows how build-machine behave in this cases.15:20
dokodoes policy even say something about this?15:21
dokoand apparently it did build15:21
gaspayes, it builds,though policy says that bracket should specify all not-negated or all negated... so empty bracket are  confusing.15:22
gaspai saw them running edos-debcheck, that's a bit 'fussy'...15:23
gaspadoko: perhaps it's not important nor urgent, but i'd like to understand and make it better, if I'll able to.15:24
mok0Has anyone here their own buildd system running?15:29
AndyPhi folks, do you have a good example of a well-written freeze exception request bug i can look at?15:37
RainCTdholbach: Btw, I watched to the first of the packaging jam videos yesterday (it's quite similar to what I did, but mine was through creating a single-file package from scratch instea of fixing 'colour') :). What is the second part about?15:39
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dholbachRainCT: there were three tasks we worked on: generating a debdiff from a very small change, updating a package and then somebody asked me to show how to package something from scratch15:41
AndyPthe reason i ask is, a new upstream bugfix release of pybackpack went into debian today and would fix 5 launchpad bugs if ubuntu syncs it, so i guess i'll need to request an exception15:43
asomethingAndyP: if it's only bugfixes, not new features, it doesn't need a FFE15:45
AndyPasomething: oh, great, so what's the process?15:46
karoogawhats the best way to include docs and examples in a package.  e.g. I have my_package/docs/some_docs.txt15:46
karoogasorry, i mean best way to install docs in my package?15:46
asomethingAndyP: as it seems that it would be a simple sync from Debian and not a merge, file a sync request bug. it would probably be good to post the debian and upstream changelogs since the last ubuntu version to show that it's only bugfixs15:48
karoogai'm guessing just something in debian/rules?15:49
AndyPasomething: ok, thanks for your help15:50
asomethingAndyP: if it will closes specific bugs on lp list those as well, helps get quicker attention15:51
asomethingkarooga: dh_installdocs and dh_installexamples15:52
karoogaasomething: shots.15:58
asomethingkarooga: if there are things not being picked up automagically you can create a debian/your_package.docs file16:02
karoogaasomething: the files are pretty straight forward, a txt file in the docs dir and some py scripts in an examples dir16:04
pochunxvl: hi, any plans for terminator 0.10 in intrepid? :)16:18
nxvlpochu: nope, it doesn't involve any bug fixing, so it's quite difficult to get ACK's from the sru team16:19
nxvlpochu: i already packaged it and i'm seeking for a debian sponsor, but that's it, it will need to wait until jaunty16:19
pochunxvl: fair enough, thank you for the info16:20
directhexwhich repositories do PPAs use?16:20
directhexnm, it's in a build log16:24
bddebianHeya gang16:25
geserHi bddebian16:28
iulianHi bddebian16:28
bddebianHi geser, iulian16:29
bddebianiulian: Congrats! :)16:29
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Adri2000bug #85266 is looking for a motu-sru person17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 85266 in ngircd "ngircd refuses to start automatically through sysv init" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8526617:12
NCommanderScottK, ping?17:27
fabrice_spHi. bug 262694 reference the package pam-pkcs11 that I'm not able to install in Intrepid. Is it normal?17:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262694 in pam-pkcs11 "pam-pkcs11 required dependencies not met" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26269417:30
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fabrice_spAlso, I've been ading debdiff to bug reports, with packaging changes, but without checking debian first. Is it wrong? Or debdiff for packaging are independent from Debian?17:40
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norsettofabrice_sp: was it you that raised bug 262694 ?18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262694 in pam-pkcs11 "pam-pkcs11 required dependencies not met" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26269418:39
sebnernorsetto: \o/18:40
norsettosebner: /o\18:41
NCommander!o! - sebner & norsetto :-)18:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:41
sebnernorsetto hides O_o18:42
* NCommander smacks the bot18:42
norsettoNCommander: don't get ubottu excited, he is DANGEROUS18:42
NCommandernorsetto, :-)18:42
nxvlis there any way to check a package copyright from a .deb?18:50
nxvlusing dpkg maybe18:50
NCommandernxvl, the copyright is installed to /usr/share/doc/*package*/copyright18:51
NCommanderPop the package open and take a look18:51
nxvlNCommander: i want it to be done without installing the package18:52
norsettonxvl: just use dpkg -x18:52
NCommandernxvl, dpkg -x18:52
nxvlthenk you18:52
* nxvl HUGS norsetto and NCommander 18:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about o!18:52
norsettothere we are again ...18:53
* norsetto calms ubottu down18:53
sebnernorsetto is the bot domesticator :P18:53
norsettosebner: this thing *bites*18:54
sebnerubottu: are you a bad toy?18:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:54
sebnerdefinately not xD18:54
fabrice_spnorsetto: no. I was just trying to help, reproducing the bug (bug 262694)19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262694 in pam-pkcs11 "pam-pkcs11 required dependencies not met" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26269419:08
norsettofabrice_sp: ok, could you reproduce?19:08
fabrice_spI'm not able to install the package: apt-get tells me that it doesn't exists....19:09
norsettofabrice_sp: indeed, it doesn't19:10
norsettofabrice_sp: its a bogus bug report (probably trying to install from a PPA)19:11
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nxvlnorsetto: btw, i'm having problems with my e-mail accounts since canonical redirected all my ubuntu.com to my canonical e-mail, so i'm still in account migration and i don't find where i'm getting the mentoring e-mails19:11
sebnernxvl: Foss fun \o/  <----  ^^19:11
nxvlnorsetto_limbo: so i will we not that active for a week or so until i migrate account19:12
nxvlnorsetto_limbo: sorry about that19:12
nxvlsebner: :D19:12
nxvlsebner: fosscamp is fun19:12
sebnernxvl: Dunno, just saw your comment and made my laugh :)19:12
fabrice_spnorsetto: the package seems to exist: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam-pkcs1119:12
fabrice_sp(for norsetto_limbo)19:13
nxvlsebner: that's the idea19:13
sebnernxvl: now you need a suit and canoncial will also hire you :P19:14
nxvlsebner: i work for canonical19:14
sebnernxvl: damn xD19:15
nxvland have 2 suit i already left in my closet until i need to use them, that i hope won't happen soon :D19:15
* sebner needs a suit :P19:15
nxvlyou don't need one19:19
nxvlwork from home, phone interview19:19
ssaboumhi everyone20:08
highvoltagehey ssaboum20:09
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norsettonxvl: no problem, thanks for letting me know20:12
nxvlnorsetto: :D20:13
norsettofabrice_sp: thats a source package20:14
mok0norsetto: atlas still fails to build on the lpia arch20:16
norsettomok0: ah20:16
fabrice_spnorsetto: I really thought that all source packages were compiled in binary package automatically. I'll pay more attention next time20:16
mok0norsetto: it was the same for hardy20:16
norsettofabrice_sp: np, you have done well, its the reporter that wasted our time20:17
norsettofabrice_sp: all source packages should provide at least a binary package, but the name is not necessarily the same (as in this case)20:18
fabrice_spnorsetto: I've just understood (thanks google!) that as it was a library, the package name was libpam-pkcs11.20:19
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shaunjonesfzrOR HAVE A CRUMBLE LOL23:38
YasumotoDoes anyone know what error code 104 on the five-a-day-applet is?23:44
Riddell\sh, jdong, TheMuso: awake?23:45
TheMusoRiddell: Yeah I'm around.23:47
RiddellTheMuso: motu-sru question on bug 23002723:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 230027 in libtranslate "libtranslate doesn't translate english/italian" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23002723:47
Riddellthe patch uploaded is different from the one attached on the bug23:47
TheMusook will have a look23:47
RiddellI'd say that motu-sru need to ack it again, NCommander thinks that's not necessary23:47
Riddellwho's right?23:48
NCommanderRiddell, I thought you were on SRU23:48
* NCommander runs away23:48
NCommanderYeah, SRU needs to ack it23:48
RiddellNCommander: don't run away, we need you to attach the new patch!23:49
NCommanderwhat new patch?23:49
shaunjonesfzrasl ! all23:49
Riddelloh, wait, failure23:49
Riddells/ NCommander / devfil /23:50
Riddellclearly, I need to sleep23:50
* NCommander uses his chainsaw on Riddell 23:50
TheMusoRiddell: its already ben ACKEd.23:50
NCommanderRiddell, wait, I need you to upload kdelibs!23:50
devfilRiddell: ?' you re-scared me!23:50
RiddellTheMuso: yes but it has changed.  so the question is does it need to re-ACKed?23:51
TheMusoI wouldn't think so23:51
Riddellwhy not?23:51
Riddellsurely the job of motu-sru is to review patches and make sure they work23:51
devfilTheMuso: motu-sru ACKs the debdiff or decides if the bug is a sru?23:51
TheMusowell firstly I don't see any additions after Luca's ACK in the bug, so I don't know whats changed.23:52
devfilRiddell: I think motu-sru decides only if a bug is a sru or a backport23:52
TheMusowe do review diffs as well23:52
TheMusobut since there is no new diff after the ack in the bug, I don't know whats changed23:53
Riddellpoke devfil23:53
devfilRiddell: ouch, I need to re-do the package as the other pc is broken...gh23:54
Riddelldevfil: if you don't have it I can try and extract it23:54
devfilTheMuso: the change is that it uses patch from -5 instead of patch from -623:54
devfilRiddell: if you can thanks23:54
TheMusodevfil: what do you mean?23:55
RiddellTheMuso: new diff paste on bug 23002723:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 230027 in libtranslate "libtranslate doesn't translate english/italian" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23002723:56
TheMusothats the bug I'm looking at...23:56
devfilTheMuso: in a first moment I've uploaded a patch (taken from -6), but patch from -5 works very well and is the bugfix only, so I've uploaded it23:56
TheMusodevfil: Right. So the only real changes are in the changelog entry, or are there parts of the patch that have changed also?23:58
devfilTheMuso: also the patch is changed from -5 to -623:58
TheMusodevfil: Oh in the patch name, right.23:58
devfil-6 includes a new patch that also includes the -5 patch23:59
TheMusowhat is this new patch?23:59

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