asacfta_: does fta@ubuntu.com now work?10:00
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asacbug #22771110:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 227711 in xuxen-eu-spell "hunspell-en-us conflicts with thunderbird (unversioned)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22771110:00
ftano idea, try me :)10:00
* asac sends a mail ;)10:00
ftais it supposed to be a redirection/alias ?10:01
asacfta: not sure :(10:04
asacfta: at least its still not set up10:04
asacbut i am sure its supposed to work10:04
asacmaybe one has to do something?10:04
asacfta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership10:05
asaclooks like it should happen automatically10:08
fta    (reason: 550 5.1.1 <fta@ubuntu.com>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table)10:09
asaceither its a batch10:10
asacor a manual action10:10
asaci'd wait maybe 12 more hours10:10
asacand then bug them in #launchpad10:10
ftawhile talking to mx.canonical.com, so it's not on my side ;)10:10
asaci saw that10:10
ftai will ping daniel10:14
asacyeah ask him ;)10:14
asacfta: that pointer deref looks like art ;)10:15
asacin C you certainly will risk a null-deref ;)10:15
ftadebugging a crash10:15
ftait's gdb, i don't code like that10:16
asacthats in the gdb code? or do you type that in (gdb) ?10:16
ftai typed that in gdb10:16
ftawell, i clicked that in ddd10:17
asacthats ok i guess10:17
ftaddd is still an old ugly motif app, no gtk interface, at least not in ubuntu10:20
asacyeah. but not that bac10:21
fta"It should be working before the end of the week"10:37
IntuitiveNippleasac: debugging on xulrunner... will the configure option "--enable-debug" enable the module logging, or do I have to do something more?10:42
asacIntuitiveNipple: hi10:53
asacIntuitiveNipple: wait a second10:53
IntuitiveNipplethanks :)10:53
asacIntuitiveNipple: http://paste.ubuntu.com/44847/10:54
asacIntuitiveNipple: i'd suggest not to use a package10:54
asacIntuitiveNipple: for that you just get the source tree10:54
asac(either from package or from CVS)10:54
asacand then you add that paste above as .mozconfig in the top level dir of the tree10:54
asace.g. inside mozilla/10:54
asacthen you build with:10:54
asacmake -f client.mk build10:54
asacsudo make -f client.mk install10:54
asacIntuitiveNipple: oh adapt or drop the MOZ_OBJDIRT10:55
asacfrom .mozconfig10:55
IntuitiveNippleso --enable-debug is sufficient then10:55
asaci just use that dir because i have a fast disc there10:55
asacIntuitiveNipple: --enable-debug + --disable-optimize10:55
asacIntuitiveNipple: but take care10:55
asacthe package usually strips10:55
asacwhich might not be what you want10:55
asacthus i suggest just to use make -f client.mk  like above10:55
IntuitiveNippleThe package always gets built since the build-process is shipped off to a buildd - I don't let my development machine get filled up with dev header packages10:56
asacIntuitiveNipple: once you have finished that just take care that the /etc/gre.d entry that points to your system install has a commented out PATH so firefox cannot find it10:56
asacIntuitiveNipple: well. then try.10:56
asacIntuitiveNipple: also pass --disable-strip10:57
IntuitiveNippleInterestingly, the packages are built with that10:57
asacIntuitiveNipple: because dh_strip strips them10:58
asacthats why i say its easier to build the tree ;)10:58
asacmaybe it works well with -dbgsym packages10:58
IntuitiveNipplenever mind... this'll work for my purposes10:58
asacinstall pkg-create-dbgsym10:58
asacotherwise you wont get the -dbgsym packages10:58
IntuitiveNippleas long as the PR_DEBUG is enabled from configure that'll enable logging10:59
asacIntuitiveNipple: NSPR_LOG_MODULES=HelperAppService:511:01
asacis the switch you want to use then11:01
gnomefreakasac: you dont have a nvidia card with 3d drivers i Intrrepid?11:01
asacunfortunately i dumped my nvidia system is rotting in the closet11:01
asacIntuitiveNipple: and add the patch to the package that i gave you ... most likely it fixes this bug. and if not its surely where we want to build on top of11:02
gnomefreakthanks maybe ill find timo today and find out why 3d isnt enabled and cant be for some reason11:03
IntuitiveNippleI'll do that later; for now I just want to track what is happening and why11:03
asacIntuitiveNipple: well. if you want to scrutinize you ;)11:03
asacIntuitiveNipple: my guess is that its really the issue we see fixed in the patch11:03
asace.g. it finds an app in gnome registry for the extension .txt11:04
asacand then it uses that to get the mime-type and accidentially finds a match in mailcap which makes it use that app11:04
IntuitiveNippleThe 'why' is more important right now since it might point to wider issues, plus, it might indicate a user work-around that doesn't require a new package11:04
asacbut tries to run it with gnome_vfs_mime function11:04
asacwhich causes the app issue11:04
asac"app not found"11:05
asacIntuitiveNipple: we will have an upload soon anyway. so the sooner you find the patch the better. users properly prefer a fix instead  of a workaround hidden in some launchpad id11:05
IntuitiveNipplethe crux seems to be why "gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_application()" fails, or the code converting the result to mozApp fails.11:06
asacIntuitiveNipple: imo it doesnt fail11:07
asacwhat fails is the running of the process11:07
asacand that happens because it tries to run the process with the mailcap way even though it has a struct for gnome11:08
asacor vice-versa11:08
asacbut well. if you verfiy the cause i am happy too11:08
asaci just dont want to waste your time - which would be more or less the case if this patch works - unless you like debugging of course ;)11:08
asaclet me know what  you find ;)11:09
IntuitiveNipple"what fails is the running of the process" - you mean the external handler? No, I don't think that is correct. In my debug logs it shows that the alternative to VFS path is taken, but mDefaultApplication=null ( that is before it tries to execute it)11:13
ftaasac, my email should be fine now.11:13
asacfta: testing11:15
asacfta: did it require manual interaction?11:16
asacfta: send mail btw11:16
asacIntuitiveNipple: i tried the get_default_application for text/plain yesterday11:17
asacit worked11:17
gnomefreakwhere is brusles(sp) its a country i think11:17
asacIntuitiveNipple: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/test/11:18
asacthats the code for it11:18
ftaasac, yes, it's a 2d cron task11:18
asacgnomefreak: most likely brussels11:18
ftaasac, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/7111:18
asacah ... then its their own problem if people bug them ;)11:19
gnomefreakthanks for fixing spelling11:19
asacthey should run it twice a day :)11:19
asacgnomefreak: brussel is in belgium ;)11:19
gnomefreakasac: ah thanks11:19
asacgnomefreak: ^^11:20
gnomefreakthanks looking11:20
asacgnomefreak: its more or less the European capital ;) ... i think the parliament is there ;)11:21
* gnomefreak notes google maps11:21
* gnomefreak was planning on playing with compiz today while i finish chatzilla and push both to PPA11:25
gnomefreakxorg.conf looks right11:26
ftaasac, got it11:29
armin76asac: mozilla bug 440075 <- apply!11:58
ubottuMozilla bug 440075 in Location Bar and Autocomplete "Location bar doesn't encode the address when using UNIX copy/paste (selecting)" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44007511:58
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asacarmin76: please get that landed ;)12:11
armin76me? it needs to be reviewed first :P12:12
armin76but it isn't going to be on 3.0.2 anyway, so better get it applied12:13
ftamy dquilt script is very handy now that quilt is no longer doing those patches symlinks12:53
gnomefreakanyone know the nvidia command to generate xorg.conf?13:10
ftadid you try without xorg.conf ?13:11
ftaor dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg13:11
gnomefreakfta: yes13:11
gnomefreakit doesnt help13:11
fta# You should use dexconf or another such tool for creating a "real" xorg.conf13:13
fta# For example:13:13
fta#   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg13:13
gnomefreakyeah it faile dto help i normally use it but im not sure what went wrong so i used sudo nvidia-xconfig (normally this helps) brb reboot13:14
IntuitiveNippleasac: Would you like to *shoot* the ubuntuforums web admins?!?13:43
asacIntuitiveNipple: i have no connection to them ;)13:49
asacIntuitiveNipple: why?13:49
IntuitiveNipplegood... we can throw cream cakes at them! :D13:50
IntuitiveNippleI'm just writing up a summary in the bug report... basically it is a combination of things. #1 is misconfigured mime-types (plain/text instead of text/plain !!) amongst others, BUT there's also in issue with xulrunner where it fails the "plain/text" lookup, then must look at the file extension, and gets the *correct* mime-type from that, but *then* doesn't store the resulting app that gnome-vfs returns in the mDefaultApplication a13:52
IntuitiveNipplend therefore fails to load the helper13:52
IntuitiveNippleIt'll be clearer in the bug write-up13:52
asacIntuitiveNipple: afaict xulrunner always tries to use the file extension14:01
asacit uses the mime-type to find the file extension and uses that to lookup14:02
asacIntuitiveNipple: anyway. thanks14:02
asacIntuitiveNipple: have you tried the patch?14:02
IntuitiveNippleNo, I've just looked at the logs of my tracing reports. Gonna figure out why xulrunner 'forgets' the launcher that gnome-vfs gives it when it uses the file-type not the Content-Type.14:06
IntuitiveNippleAny idea who the web-server admins are?14:09
VolansIntuitiveNipple: admins of what server?14:12
IntuitiveNippleI'm checking in #ubuntu-website14:12
IntuitiveNippleVolans: ubuntuforums.com14:12
Volansthe admins of the server are the canonical-sysadmins (see the relative page on launchpad)14:13
IntuitiveNipplejust got there, thanks :)14:13
pmatulisasac: update: no change in alpha 5 re NFS/FF3 issue15:42
asacpmatulis: ok.15:51
asacpmatulis: how is network managerd?15:51
asacor ifupdown?15:52
pmatulisasac: one moment, overflowing here15:57
fta1% of french users switched to chrome, mostly from firefox16:14
pmatulisasac: network-manager is looking good (wired and wireless); ifdown eth0 says 'device not configured'16:20
asacfta: how do you know that they switched from firefox16:20
asacpmatulis: maybe this issue just happens with NM? and if you use ifupdown for networking it works?16:20
asacpmatulis: point is that NM still has some issues with tearing down interfaces before we umount nfs shared16:21
pmatulisasac: if you want me to test something, best to let me know the exact steps you want me to go through (i.e. how to disable NM, not sure these days, edit interfaces file?)16:27
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ftaasac, they say firefox dropped 0.7% and ie 0.21%, accounting for the 1% of google16:45
asacpmatulis: 1. ensure that NetworkManager isnt installed16:49
asac2. setup your eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces16:49
asac3. check if its still reproducible16:50
pmatulisasac: that's weird16:54
asacpmatulis: ?16:56
asacfta: how did they measure that?16:56
asacfta: how recent of a ffox 3.1 build are you running?16:58
fta~3 hours old16:59
asacfta: does it crash for you regularly? does jemalloc build work?16:59
ftacrash at shutdown16:59
pmatulisasac: evolution is a reverse dependency of network-manager17:00
ftano problem with jemalloc17:03
ftaasac, but a lot with asound vs p-a17:03
asacpmatulis: hmm of network-manager itself?17:05
asacpmatulis: not libnm-glib?17:05
ftaasac, 3.1~b1~hg20080909r1901217:05
asacok thanks17:06
ubottuMozilla bug 453933 in ImageLib "Crash in [@ start_pass_fdctmgr]" [Critical,Unconfirmed]17:06
ftanope, never seen that17:07
asacpmatulis: for the sake of trying you could also move the NetworkManager files in /etc/dbus-1/events.d/ in some other directory17:10
asacand restart17:10
asacthat should make NM not start (assuming you are on hardy)17:10
asacon /win3017:11
asacsorry that went to wrong channel17:11
pmatulisasac: i actually performed a package removal of NM.  'ifdown eth0' works, 'ifup eth0' complains of missing file: /etc/network/run/ifstate as well as ifup script problem: '[: 164: 0: unexpected operator'17:57
pmatulisasac: however, the interface comes up fine18:00
ftaasac, stats are from xiti: http://www.xiti.com/18:01
asacpmatulis: what do you have in /etc/network/interfaces?18:04
asacpmatulis: did you reboot?18:04
pmatulisasac: auto eth018:05
pmatulisasac: iface eth0 inet static18:05
pmatulisasac: address ...18:05
pmatulisasac: netmask ...18:05
pmatulisasac: gateway ...18:05
asaci dont even have /etc/network/run/ifstate18:05
pmatulisme neither18:06
pmatulisasac: no, did not reboot, will try18:06
asacpmatulis: do that18:06
asaclooks too busted to be true ;)18:06
pmatulisasac: same problem  :(18:09
pmatulisasac: ifdown good, ifup throws errors but interface comes up fine18:09
asacpmatulis: ok. but NM isnt running?18:09
pmatulisasac: NM is not even installed18:10
asacif nfs is properly mount after boot it should be ok to try that way18:10
pmatulisasac: not sure what you mean by 'ok to try that way'18:12
asacpmatulis: when you boot. is all fine? e..g is nfs mounted and system works?18:16
asacpmatulis: can you then still reproduce?18:17
asacpmatulis: or did i wrongl assume that a nfs unmount/reboot is involved when it happens?18:18
pmatulisasac: i believe you mis-assumed, yes.  don't believe this is related to NFS18:19
pmatulisasac: you want me to double-check?18:19
asacpmatulis: so how do you reproduce this bug again?18:20
asacjust stopping and starting firefox?18:20
asacor is there something else involved?18:20
pmatulisasac: ok, ok, me thinks we are mixing up bugs18:20
asacyeah most likely.18:20
pmatulisright now i'm talking about ifup throwing errors, not related to NFS18:21
asacpmatulis: right. i am talking about the final goal ;)18:21
asachow do you reproduce the firefox issue again?18:21
pmatulisother issue still survives: when user home mounted via NFS and cold boot occurs then FF3 is unuseable18:21
asacok ... cold boot18:21
pmatulisworkaround: mv .mozilla to /tmp (say) and mv back to ~18:22
asacpmatulis: is that 100% reproducible?18:23
pmatulisasac: yes18:23
asacpmatulis: ok. and you tracked it down to the places.sqlite file right?18:24
pmatulisasac: unfortunately not18:24
asacpmatulis: oh. i think thats likely18:24
asacpmatulis: at least there were other bugs that said that the places.sqlite was the broken file18:25
pmatulisasac: it said 'locked' when i issue .tables command but then i tried on working system and gave same msg18:25
asacmaybe try to just move the places* files away and back into the location18:25
asacto narrow down the cause18:25
pmatuliswill do18:25
asacpmatulis: is there anyway to preserve that file in such a "locked" state?18:25
asaci have the feeling that tarring up and untarring would also resolve it :(18:26
pmatulisasac: heh, yeah, don't know18:26
asacpmatulis: i am sorryy, but my day ended already ... and now i have to go18:26
asacpmatulis: which timezoe are you in18:26
pmatulisasac: EDT (13:23 right now)18:27
pmatulisasac: hmph, didn't happen just now, make that 99% reproducible18:28
armin76asac: appppppppply the patch! works fine here18:57
busyfingersgot a question about outgoing smtp on thunderbird running under ubuntu. ,cananyone offer assistance?18:58
busyfingersquestion is as follows.......19:01
busyfingersi have thunderbird running on a dual boot system  windows xp home adn ubuntu 8.07 LTS19:02
busyfingerson windows i can send and receive emails perfectly.19:02
busyfingershowever as of the beginning of september, i can only receive under Linux despite the fad that settings are identical in bothoperating systems.19:03
ftaasac, [reed]: flash10 is barely usable for me... it sky rockets my cpu and look at this: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/flash10.gif21:15
Jazzvafta, the same is happening here...22:11
Jazzva(regarding flash 10)22:11
ftawell, sort of22:12
ftado you remember when it started ?22:12
Jazzvayeah, at least you know you're not alone ;)22:12
Jazzvaumm... well, it is like that for a while22:12
ftame too :(22:12
JazzvaI can't remember exactly how long, but I'd say a week or two for sure...22:12
ftaapprently, the liferea bug was about that too22:13
ftaBug 20315722:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203157 in liferea "Liferea uses a lot of CPU at times" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20315722:13
ftaand i have the same with prism22:13
ftathe commom thing is xul + flash22:13
Jazzvayou're not using nspluginwrapper?22:13
Jazzvayeah... then it's xul or flash... (I'll be evil and blame flash :P)22:14
ftarestarting X, brb22:16
ftayouhou, new irc cloak22:19
Jazzvayay :)22:19
ftai'm no longer unaffiliated ;)22:20
Jazzvai hope I'll have a cloak soon ;)22:20
ftahmm http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5754265&postcount=422:29
ftabug 19288822:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288822:30
fta"This bug has 62 duplicates"22:33
ftaand 261 subscribers, oh my.22:34
ftacrimsun, you don't use your ppa for your alsa-lib ?22:43
ftahm, strange, i already built your branch but i'm not running it22:45
ftaoh, it's older22:46
ftaموزيلا فايرفوكس23:15
ftait's supposed to mean Mozilla Firefox23:15
fta[reed], today's trunk: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.23:27
fta0xb7754003 in JS_GetClass () from /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b1pre/libmozjs.so23:27
asacfta: looks like quite a generi backtrace ... you have more context?23:32

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